“I’m a drug trafficker” Game

Reader Fernando P recounts a funny story about a game tactic he tried on a girl.

I think I read in here a response to the famous female question “so what do you do for a living” being “I’m a drug dealer”. I tried it.

I quit my job, finally made up my mind regarding what I want in life. Decided I’d come visit my brother in Ukraine. I’ve been here for three months.

I’ve been seeing two girls, 20-21, I’m 25. I’m coming back to my country in a week, so I decided I’d do a little experiment.

In the middle of our deep conversations I told them I had something to tell them. That I had not been honest with them, etc. “What, Fernando, what?”.

“I’m a drug trafficker”

Given my nationality, looks and thanks to my brother’s apartment and car, they bought it. They were in shock. When things calmed down and after my surveying, one of them told me “you’re crazy, but perhaps I’m crazy too, I want you” or the likes.

Female rationalization hamster spotted in the wild.

The other said nothing but when I told her she could leave, I wasn’t going after her, she said no, she stayed too.

Aloof Alpha Attitude spotted in the wild.

It’s crazy, really crazy what girls will do if they like a man. Fear the day when your daughter meets a real drug trafficker with tight game.

Sadly I have to go back, but I’ll come back and marry one of these porcelain skin beautiful daughters of bitches.

A major psychological obstacle that hinders beta males from achieving more success in the dating market is their quasi-religious conviction that girls must be wooed by the ostentatious burnishing of one’s career credentials or they will run to the next man with a better job history. The typical beta male can’t comprehend how a ZFG, cavalier confession that one is a drug trafficker could in any way light a fire in women’s loins, let alone not send them running for the exits.

This explains why it’s a more civilized culture in which fathers regulate their daughters’ dating options. (Cf., moving to a nice White suburb in order to influence the quality of her social peers.)


  1. Having known a dealer, it helps to have a little blow to grease the panties, we, skids.


    • I hate auto correct….


      • Sorry to change the subject, but everyone MUST SEE this short video. Egyptian media commenting on Obama’s climate change speech.

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      • Egyptian ex-general:

        America is getting weaker by the day under this president. Your enemies no longer fear you. Your allies no longer trust you.

        Wow those Egyptians nailed it.


      • Moses, America’s allies quit trusting her around the time Bush used all that sympathy they had for the US post 9/11 to lie about Iraq and then appointed that Bremer idiot who was more concerned with privatizing Iraqi assets than stabilizing the country


    • I agree; see below. I’m currently forming a long-range plan to take down Vegas (sexually speaking) during the AVN awards. It involves a lot of moving parts, but the basic goal is obvious: to nail as many porn stars during the AVN awards as possible. Without paying them (all porn stars are escorts on the side).

      And I think some blow and E will be part of the logistics. As well as some mary jane. In addition to liquor. How much is still a question, I’d love some input, as I don’t do blow, E, or MJ myself, so how much to secure for these drug hoovering-wenches is yet to be determined. Thoughts?

      Plan for the debauchery rape!


      • Thoughts?

        I’m gonna do the same thing. Stealing great idea rape!

        In terms of cost, MJ’s the cheapest, but the “hotter” ones might call for some stronger shiite.

        What’s a general gameplan: spot them en route to awards or after, then work some game, roll in the hay, rinse and repeat?


      • Well, I’ve been reading the Vegas manospherers, as well as the gamesmen who have written about one-off trips to Vegas. So I’m trying to get a sense of places to stay, best normal game for Vegas, etc. Finding a reliable local dealer will be key.

        The general game plan, for now, IS what you describe, except that 1) the bitch shields will be WAY up due to the princessy nature awards shows bring out in women ; 2) the girls will be exhausted during the convention from working the floors; 3) the girls will also be sick of ALL the thirsty men who come to vegas for the award show and going nuts over them and pawing them; 4) the girls are extreme head cases; and 5) porn stars, like all hookers, are extremely hypergamous; they will drop a man for a hint of betaness, or alternatively bleed him dry, while the flashiest, loudest dude will get them, despite the dude’s obvious flimsy-nature. So things must be calibrated.

        I also have a few possible wrinkles to throw in, mostly on which girls to approach, when, and how. Basically, my thinking is that a dude’s best options may be to hit on the older ones, not because of ease (older ones are just as bitchy, and can often be more so), but because such older ones will quickly age out to unfuckable soon enough—and that, since we these days have often “grown up” with certain stars as our favorites, we will actually regret not banging them when they still passed the boner test. Or they may just disappear into drugs, depression, and tattoos and quickly fall apart.

        A big regret of mine is not nailing Nina Hartley when she was still fuckable. Her porns now are disgusting: she looks like a grandma, and looks like she smells like a grandma. In her day she was the top draw, and even as a milf she was delectable; now she looks like she bathes in Estee Lauder and wears depends between shoots. It’s so sad.

        So I think I’m going to draw up a list of “older but still fuckable” porn ladies whom I’ve had a thing for and target them, if only because I don’t want to regret not nailing them before they become unfuckable (or die from whatever crap their lives are going through). Like when Frank Langella talked about nailing Rita Hayworth when she was old and a wreck but still boner-worthy—he was lucky to get it in before Gilda fell to pieces.

        unless I’m persuaded to change course. Thoughts?

        P.S. this plan is not for this coming AVN convention. This is at least 1-2 years off.


      • #1, why in the hell would you want to bang porn stars?

        #2, do you REALLY THINK that “game” is gonna faze a pro? Look, man, pros are like this- you either PAY THEM or you get no play.

        Try this, go to LV now, find some obvious escorts and try to game them. Do your best. See what happens. These are lower-cost escorts than porn stars.

        You will need an 8-ball a night.


      • Good God man, get a grip. Try to think this through – the reality bears no resemblance to your ludicrous fantasy. Veteran porn stars don’t have 1000 cock stares, they have 10,000 cock ennui; they are incapable of divorcing sex as commerce from sex as communion – the sex act long ago got reduced to perfunctory mechanics – notwithstanding however much Ecstasy they consume to stimulate what remaining dopamine receptors their Swiss cheese brains still might possess.

        You actually think that you’ll game not only porn stars – but veteran, almost hag porn stars!?? Wait until you see them in person – you are in for a big disappointment. 35 year old HB7s in your local watering holes are a better catch. Read the news lately? Charlie Sheen inform you of anything? A few dozen of your targets were paid – that’s right, PAID, five figures sums to go party with an A-list television ‘star’. How’d that work out? And you want to pick-up the dregs that Sheen discards. Meh. They will see you coming from ten miles away and there isn’t anything original you could come up with to lure porn stars that have been shepherded around in Gulfstreams.

        Here’s a much better idea. book a flight to Geneva, Switzerland. Stay at the Hotel Kenpinski. Prostitution is legal there. Quite a few ladies are in the neighbor if you want to go slumming OR talk to the concierge and tell him you want top of the line. You’ll save money and have a much better and more memorable time.

        Just as an aside, prostitution is illegal in Clark County and LVPD loves luring fanboys into traps. You might discover that you go on vacation and come home on probation for a bad drug bust. A lot of the . . .Vegas manospherers, as well as the gamesmen who have written about one-off trips to Vegas . . . have a great deal in common with the people who wrote letters to Penthouse magazine back in the day. Nice fantasy. Leave it at that.

        Be careful what you wish for . . .


      • ROFL.

        CHarlie Sheen got AIDS from having sex with dudes. The Enquirer released a tape of him blowing a trannie while high on crack.

        Sheen, like many past Roman-era rich men in the decline, succumbed to an orgy-lifestyle where anything goes. I’ll bet he not only has banged dudes and sucked them off, he’s probably had his chicks use strap ons on him (don’t forget, he is Latin).

        As for game working on them, clearly you haven’t read Styles’s classic, or Mystery’s work. Both found that game worked easiest on these broads, so long as you approach them from the right angle.


      • I would hesitate to buy blow, but it’s whorenip, that’s for sure. Luckily, so is E, so you may wanna go for that. MJ is relatively safe, but as you said, it’s effect on hos is more limited.


      • @trav777 the autistic troll:

        #1: See my name. Or meet any man on the planet. I’m sorry you will jerk off to them but will turn up your nose at banging them IRL. Weirdo.

        #2: Porn stars escort on line, not on street corners. When off the clock, out “partying” or drinking they’re just like a stripper or any other sex worker: gameable. If you think such low-rent sluts aren’t gameable, you haven’t read Styles’s book and are being autistic. Anyone that did demand payment I would eject from and move onto another one.

        But otherwise, the train is fine, trav777. The train is fine.

        Autistic tard rape!


      • on November 26, 2015 at 4:33 am Facepalm to the Max

        Using drugs instead of shekels to pay for sex is still paying for sex…


      • Offering a girl to go back to your room for a drink or a line of coke is not leaving the money on the table.

        Think it through rape!


      • They already have all he drugs available to them they will ever need. Why risk multiple felonies(every separate bag/pill is a separate felony, BTW ) by buying/transporting/dispensing narcotics if you do not indulge in them yourself? They want money.

        FWIW- Stick with coke if you attempt this.

        Good luck rape!


      • WF, have you considered going to an AVN beforehand to get a feel for it all, or have you done similar? It’s good to plan this out ahead of time like you are but I figured that getting some recon of the actual event would also help.

        Ah, Nina Hartley, one of the golden era babes, with a booty. Yeah, she’s chapped leather that’s been in the sun too long.

        Also, in one or two years some girls will be out of the biz! Or aged with the quickness. I live in the Valley and wonder how many I might have passed by. Then again, I’m sure they’re like vampires, only coming out at night. Been meaning to run the “fake porn producer” game on them.

        Sure I’ve got contacts, but they need to see what you can do first. Take off your skirt


      • Now that Charlie Sheen has retired from ‘the lifestyle’ and can only teach, you could go to his new School of Party Ho Mojo. Or you will simply need to learn from experience with such women. Don’t be a beta provider. If she uses up 1k of blow and leaves, you gonna call the cops? lol I doubt there are shortcuts to being the coveted porn queen alpha. Ever try porn pro camera game? Field reports encouraged.


      • The drugs in the room are just a deal sealer—“let’s go to my room and have some fun”—no different than having alcohol in your apartment to invite a girl back for some. Not that a porn slut needs some ego-covering excuse, but if you’re in the room and she’s doing some blow and you don’t make a move on her, that’s on you.

        Besides drugs, like alcohol=sex fuel.


      • @ mendozatorres, by blood-soul brother:

        have you considered going to an AVN beforehand to get a feel for it all, or have you done similar? It’s good to plan this out ahead of time like you are but I figured that getting some recon of the actual event would also help.

        That;s not a bad idea—except I live in the northeast U.S. (near a major Blue city), so any trip to Vegas is gonna cost some dough and take some time. I wouldn’t want to come just for a recon—I’d at least have to have some buddies for a trip with me, but most of my buds have steady jobs and gfs, and so can’t take a week in January off for Vegas. So basically if I’m just there scouting out how I can hit it up the next time it’s a lot of wasted effort for simple info. I figure the Vegas-living bloggers and/or some reports of the AVN convention from other bloggers can give me a good enough low-down,

        And, before you ask, I’ve not done recon on closer porn events (like the ones in Atlantic City and N.J./NY). Different locales, different levels of interests, and fewer girls—that’s like trying to figure out the nightlife in Los Angeles by checking out the nightlife in San Francisco or Miami.

        If i lived in CA or AZ I might be tempted to recon the AVN awards, but not from here.

        Basically, my plan right now is to arrive the Sunday before the AVN starts, have normal visiting Vegas fun, figure out where the girls party afterwards or before the AVN and the booth-work start, and target there. But of course, I may change it if information changes….

        As to the girls who might leave in 1-2 years—-not what I would target. I’m talking about targeting well-known girls who do it for 4 years or more (lifers), the ones you get a jonsesing for sometimes and look up only their porn for 2-3 days, only to get bored then and switch to another genre/girl. The ones with long-term name recognition. I already have a few classic models in line who are just about to age out, and so I’d like to plant my flag in one before they go Nina Hartley. Not getting oneitis, mind you; I’ve drawn up a long list, and if one blows me off, I’d switch to the next one I saw ZFG. It’s about fulfilling a fantasy (or 2 or 3) before that fantasy becomes impossible.


      • If you don’t go raving, an ecstasy or two a night should suffice if they’re good quality and you’d need 2-3 grams or so of cocaine if it’s good quality.


    • any dude with coke can pull 10s. Chicks dig coke like crazy


      • The hotter the broad the more she fiends it too.


      • Why do I hear “game is only for low-self-esteem bar sluts” in your voice?

        Denier rape!


      • Chicks dig it because they have no impulse control. That’s why they love all drugs, any drugs, but especially uppers(omg, my feels). Similarly, if you made her panties wet, she’s yours unless you fucked up. And sluts love cocaine because they pay with pussy which is cheap. Here a gram of cocaine is $100 and you risk it being shit while only the prettiest hookers charge $100 an hour. Lol


  2. Yeah, some guys have routines to pick up strippers (Mystery being the famous example). No hatin’ here.

    But there’s a much more efficient line that works:

    “Let’s go do some blow and E.”

    And if that fails…..well, you guys know what my standard backup plan is….

    Stripper rape!


    • P.s. although I don’t do either drug, I usually secure a small amount of each before hitting a strip club.


      • Out of curiosity, if you don’t use drugs, how did you meet dealers? Or you handle peer pressure well and tolerate drug using friends without being high yourself?


      • I have far too addictive a personality to mess with drugs; I would most likely end up hooked on both meth and heroin if I dabbled. I’m quite aware many people can casually use cocaine and E and not let it become the beginning of an after-school story, and I’m good with letting them, but not me.

        As for getting supplied, let’s just say that, in addition to friends who dabble, I have quite a colorful offline life that puts me into contact with all sorts of folks who can secure for me these things.

        The issue for the AVN trip would be getting a reliable contact or two of this type in Vegas, as my contacts are up here in the northeast; I’m not about to get on a plane with a pound of coke.


  3. “This explains why it’s a more civilized culture in which fathers regulate their daughters’ dating options. (Cf., moving to a nice White suburb in order to influence the quality of her social peers.)”

    No joke… establish a no dating policy from day 1. Never deviate from it [your wife will try and make exceptions, even if she agrees with it LOL]. By the time they are 18, they have much less interest in boys…

    Try and go the private school route, much better group of parents and kids. By no means perfect, but far better than public schools


    • The intent is good, but I have to disagree. Other than a girl growing up fatherless, the most reliable way to breed her into a cock hound is to put up artificial boundaries on her behavior *in front of you*.

      One way or another, she’s going to get that zap the first time she encounters real Chadliness and there’s a 90% chance she will follow through on it and discover that fucking jerks is actually REALLY FUN. The harder you attempt to limit her exposure to Chad just increases the chances that she will let him destroy her ass while she’s “Over at Mary’s house for a sleepover”.

      I saw this first hand growing up very conservatively. Of all the attractive girls in my church, all but ONE went on to slut it up with shitty dudes by the time they were 19 and half of them had kids before most of us guys had even had our first girlfriend (that we didn’t fuck).

      Another family I knew put super strict limits on their girls. As soon as they reached college, these chicks were gaga over bro-type dudes as those tingles nuked every bit of the values they grew up with in a split second.

      Later on in college, all us guys in the Christian group couldn’t figure out why every. single. one. of the top 20% attractive girls in our group were fucking non-Christian guys while we were trying to abstain from porn. Why didn’t these girls find us attractive?

      After Red Pill not a single bit of this surprises me now.

      Only way to raise a good girl is to be a strong alpha dad that cares for his daughters and connects with them in a strong, alpha, loving way. When she reaches adulthood, she won’t have a gaping alpha-male sized hole in her psyche that she then tries to fill with loads of strange penis.

      The baby boomer generation were generally NOT this kind of dad. They were distant, emotionally unavailable, beta, focused on their careers. Being a “good dad” meant putting food on the table and not being a jerk. That’s all well and good, but little Sally who grew up with dad as the “nice man that provides for us” grows up to become Sally The Sorority Slut.

      Alpha, caring dad. The few girls I know who manage to behave and control themselves as young women all had alpha dads who connected with them and lead them the same way he did with his wife.


      • on November 25, 2015 at 5:26 pm Livin' on a flayer

        See N. Ire girl from conservative protestant household who goes to Ibiza and sucks 23 cocks in under 5 mins


      • You are very close with this. My father is a strong alpha male but caring. I could not date until a certain age and when I did there were rules. It was important to me to not let my father down, even still to this day. When a daughter has a father that she looks up to, loves and most importantly… respects…that much, then she compares all men to him. It isn’t always a good thing (for her) as the bar is set high but if she is not unrealistic she can usually find a suitable mate. At the very least she doesn’t lead herself to a path of self destruction.


    • “Only way to raise a good girl is to be a strong alpha dad that cares for his daughters and connects with them in a strong, alpha, loving way.”

      Agent X – I have 4 daughters 12 to 23… establishing a no dating policy on DAY ZERO is the first step – of many others – you will need to take to protect them. They are not immune to RP, but you go a long way in setting the right frame. They are qualifying to YOU, if you break it down in game terms, more than they are qualifying to Alpha cock….

      A father’s love is eternal and irreplaceable.


      • Sentient,

        What steps have you taken to prevent your daughters from mudsharking, now into the future?


      • I’m not trying to put you on the spot, I’m genuinely curious.


      • on November 25, 2015 at 5:30 pm gunslingergregi

        its a trap my comments last time never posted


      • they hot?

        you have a lot of X chromosome in you


      • Philo… Just told them when they were 18 they could date if they wanted to but they would have to bring the boy round for approval and meet me. And that they could only bring white guys.

        They moaned a bit… Conditioned to believe everyone is equal bla blah. Typical stuff. Just told them flat out not negotiable. And also mentioned the ark, animals paired two by two for a reason.

        The important thing is you have established a frame by this point as Vicky says, where they will do anything for your approval. You get to that point by holding them accountable, being an unmovable rock on things, disciplining them with consistency and rewarding them (slightly) when they behave well. Basic game stuff works a charm on daughters.

        They will move on one day, but do your job and they will be better off when they do. Have a 23 yo leading the way… Zero problems from her. In fact I almost wish she went out more… Lol.


      • Thanks man


      • I let my daghter date two black boys early in high school when the boys couldn’t drive. I told her how each would behave, and predicted correctly. She hasn’t dated a black boy since.

        Sometimes the live virus is required for full immunity.


      • on November 27, 2015 at 7:14 am Captain Obvious

        > “In fact I almost wish she went out more… Lol.” ——— It’s time for her to start getting serious about her 0varies. Start matching her up with quality young Tradcon Alpha Stags and get them together and feeling the urge & the necessity to rut. If you don’t, then in the blink of an eye, your 23yo baby will suddenly be a 33yo spinster with only a couple of years of fertility left in her w0mb.


      • on November 27, 2015 at 7:19 am Captain Obvious

        PRO-TIP: Initially, there might be a lot of friction between you and the right guy for her. You’re Peak Alpha, and she’s gonna need Peak Alpha to replace [or at least to replicate] you, and {Peak Alpha} x {Peak Alpha} == positive ends of two magnets repelling one another. Look beyond the superficial tension and try to sense whether he has a quality inner core of Tradcon values.


  4. doesn’t this mean you have to give them blow, instead of the other way around?


  5. on November 25, 2015 at 2:36 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Unrelated: I noticed you Tweeted about the flash mob robbery at the Georgetown store Diesel. So far, no media outlet has released surveillance pics or video showing who this was. No footage has appeared on YouTube nor have any photos emerged.

    So I’m asking if any readers out there have images as to who exactly this was. The media is calling it “juveniles,” but what does that mean? 13-year-old girls named Hayley?

    I have family who plan on shopping there in the next few days and it’d be nice to inform them as to who to look out for. How irresponsible is the media and/or the police in not releasing descriptions of the criminals, especially since a woman and her baby were assaulted by a similar mob days ago?


  6. on November 25, 2015 at 2:43 pm Each Pond Gone

    Real tight with a dealer way back when; powder for free, generally bad news long-term. I used to nonchalantly say I “gave him official counsel” in decision-making to women around for the same. Simultaneously down and up-plays perceived involvement/puts imagination on overdrive.


  7. Cucks News glorifying dindus threatening and harassing Chicago cops.

    Those who control the media will not stop until they get a real race war. Cucks News throwing out ideas like all LEOs should quit. That’s what dindus (think they) want.

    Keep your rifle ready.


    • Cucks News throwing out ideas like all LEOs should quit.

      That would be the absolute best thing that could happen to this country, because it would mean the end of our nigger problem. Because those stupid fucking shaven-headed porkers exist to protect niggers from white men, not the other way around. No white man who has given serious thought to the matter believes otherwise.

      Keep your rifle ready.

      I prefer my Mossberg Persuader for urban social work. And it’s always at the ready.


  8. It was a red pill moment when I found my love life improved rather than suffered when I was living out of my truck. Girls were fascinated by it.


    • Yes this is the point of the post… that you don’t need to project a high status credentialed job, that by itself does not interest women.

      It’s not to give drugs to women in exchange for sex. That’s no different than buying them drinks, meals, jewelry (with receipts), paying for a car or rent. That’s no different than paying them – prostitutes, escorts… CH is not suggesting this and it is certainly not game.

      Will it work, give drugs for sex. Of course, much like giving her $1,000 will work.

      “now that we’ve established what you are little lady, let’s talk about terms” is not game.


  9. I think it should be qualified a little bit, as Ukrainians have a very high level of tolerance for criminality, implied, apparent, or real. Since it is tough to have a middle class or upper middle class life just on your official earnings, criminality is tolerated in order to earn more.


  10. […] “I’m a drug trafficker” Game […]


  11. “Hello. My name is ____. I’m unemployed and live with my parents.”

    Seinfeld game rape!


  12. My pat answer to the job question is: “I deal drugs, run guns to 3rd world countries and do some pimpin on the side” – which is even better b/c I’m a 50 something white professional type.


    • on November 25, 2015 at 5:18 pm Livin' on a flayer

      Tongue in cheek FTW.


    • I’ve used “i’m a pimp” quite a few times with varying degrees of success. Works well around texting activity. It’s also surprisingly easy to maintain seriousness about it; particularly, when you take an attitude of mild annoyance towards both your mark and the job.


  13. I’ve had somewhat of an epiphany today. I realised that my “game” is “best” (such as it stands), in the couple of hours after I’ve been for a swim.

    I’ve found that when I’ve been for a swim, had a really good work out, as well as concentrated hard on my technique, and then finished with a nice warm shower, my head completely clears and I find I’m really relaxed.

    Such that when I was in the supermarket this evening I struck up a conversation with a young lady, and i found that I was able to think of an opener really easily, that my body language was relaxed, and that I was talking purposefully without rabbiting at 100 mph.

    The girl I was talking to was working in the refrigerated section of the supermarket, and to open I noticed that she was stacking items without gloves, so I said “Aren’t your hands cold?” (combined with a look to convey that I was surprised that she hadn’t worn anything to ameliorate the cold on her hands). I think this served as a soft neg? And also contained some thoughtfulness there too?

    I got talking to her for 5 minutes or so before she had to get back to work, but I was pleased because she asked a few questions about me (if only I had read this article earlier) rather than rattling on about the soap opera of her life.


    • Endorphin release produces a tranquilized state. One of the reasons that guys drink to game as well, same effect… tranquilized state. Shuts off the forebrain interference. Also a reason why game can be very productive when you are just exhausted…

      Once you get used to managing the dopamine and adrenaline levels naturally, via experience, you will feel the same when you game.


      • Thanks for the insight Sentient. So when you’re approaching girls now, do you find that your mind is completely clear, but focussed, and fully perceiving the body language and behaviour of those you are talking to?


      • very true, im quite introverted but today after 3 days of no sleep and pretty zombified i just started flirting with the girl at the cashier randomly, its out of character for me, i didnt even think bout it i just did it


      • Chunky – it depends… If I am just out and doing my thing and some girls come into my path… no issues at all. easy, focused, relaxed. If I have a block of time and I set out specifically to “run game” then it takes some warming up to be comfortable. That is why the advice exists to warm up, open everyone for the first hour, men and women, just get your brain used to being social and relaxed. Just open women randomly at first, ask for directions, recommendations to eat or drink with no attempt at pick up for example… Open guys up and just be in a social mood. Then follow the 3 second rule when you are warmed up, don’t think about opening just act. tricks your brain into a relaxed state. check out the archives on approach anxiety or AA and Yareally Archive.

        As far as watching their reactions, almost real time at this, but can still miss some things when not paying attention or set in my way (i.e. the Burning Monk field report… LOL).

        Have fun!


      • If adrenaline levels are high, be more aggressive. If dopamine levels are high, be more playful. It’s more effective if you ping different emotions, so a mix of aggression (produces fear/cortisol), playfulness (tingles/dopamine), sorrow (over some pet she lost/some chemical mix), and Dread (fear of loss/some chemical mix) is what you want to aim for. Whipsaw her. Ping all her emotions.


    • on November 25, 2015 at 5:16 pm Livin' on a flayer

      Different (breast)strokes for different folks, but in terms of weightlifting workouts, the sympathetic system is in overdrive afterwards, and muscle-damage as well as inflammation is at large. Swimming would allow the body some parasympathetic respite, as all the limbs and spine are non-weightbearing. A lot of pro-athletes do their strength work in pools in-season, as they don’t want to fry their nervous system prior to matches, or have to deal with eccentric muscle damage. They’ve got plenty of parasympathetic input, with daily masseur treatments. Boxers avoid busting a nut for months due to adrenal stimulation and contractures/fasciculations.


  14. The Russian plane never entered Turkey. Turkey shot and killed one of the parachuting pilots, a war crime. It was a premediated act.

    Exactly how many people worldwide now realize that it is white people versus semites? The white Russian people are not our enemies.

    How do we cause CH to become a mainstream source that is read by 150 million English-speaking adults?


  15. Endorphin release produces a tranquilized state. One of the reasons that guys drink to game as well, same effect… tranquilized state. Shuts off the forebrain interference. Also a reason why game can be very productive when you are just exhausted…

    Yup. I’m a long-distance runner and after I complete a 6-mile run is when my game is best. ZFG.


  16. on November 25, 2015 at 4:36 pm gunslingergregi

    since everyone in my area is a drug dealer i kind of stand out by not being one


  17. on November 25, 2015 at 4:36 pm Livin' on a flayer

    Just what one of the last bastions of porcelain skin needs – darkness in all its hues. At least it appears to be merely a white lie, like the dress she’ll wear on the purported wedding day.


  18. on November 25, 2015 at 4:39 pm proposals and denials

    some idiot libtard on my FB feed suggested everyone learn about and bake a Syrian side dish this Thanksgiving out of solidarity with the poor poor refugees, since we we and our ancestors were all refugees at one time


  19. on November 25, 2015 at 5:06 pm gunslingergregi

    drug dealer game does work all the bitches on drugs lol got to meet with someone to get their drugs


    • on November 25, 2015 at 5:31 pm gunslingergregi

      course talking about chicks who can’t escape to white wonderland maybe


    • It works on girls who don’t use if you know how to frame it because the point isn’t trading drugs for sex. I find girls who are relatively innocent about drugs to be a chore to do drugs with anyway.


  20. off topic
    an eskimo satirically interviews 2 eskimos and their black pet

    kinda sums up america as it is now


  21. For the reasons covered here daily, beta white tax paying males — and white cops — should be on the streets threatening to “shut down the system”.

    Yet tonight it is dindus terrorizing Chicago and PROMISING to disrupt Black Friday “by any means necessary”, with Fox News gleefully promoting these events.

    Goodbye America. Like some have said, we get the country we deserve. Apparently whites do suffer from a testosterone problem. Brown and black men are fighting for what they want, fueled by food that we paid for, while we sit.



    • For the reasons covered here daily, beta white tax paying males — and white cops — should be on the streets threatening to “shut down the system”.

      Beta white males and cops are on opposite teams, dude. It would make no sense for them to cooperate like that. Police are an integral part of “the system” you speak of, the system that has utterly fucked over and disenfranchised white beta males.


  22. on November 25, 2015 at 6:56 pm gunslingergregi

    well happy thanksgiving tomorrow
    im thankfull to all the wild woman who made the time i had to spend here a bit more bearable and gave me some support


  23. “40% of the female students who attend high school in the Mexican state of Michoacan (west) dream of having a romance with a drug trafficker, said Maria Luisa Calderon, the district’s policy co-ordinator and sister of the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, reports the newspaper Milenio .”


    There was a commonly-seen T-shirt caption long ago:
    “I used to be disgusted. Now I’m just amused.”


    • In the 80 a survey of high school female students in England showed that 40% of them replied to the question “what would you like to be by age 30” with “a rich widow”. Same old same old. Note: not “married to a rich guy”.


  24. I’m pretty sure the Jews did it, whatever it is.


  25. OT – Cucks sharpening their knives to take out the Trump. Eskimos in the forefront. Max Boot rolling out the “fascist” meme.


    Trump never said he wants to register Muslims. That is the MSM leaping to an inference and running with the lie.

    And libs wonder why no one trusts the MSM…

    Trump has plenty of flaws, sure. But better Trump than criminal Hillary.


  26. Red pill movie that shows niggers as they really are: BLACK HAWK DOWN

    Reality is red pill.

    And yet 23 years later it is niggers protesting in the streets of Chicago tonight, not whites.


  27. Wherever you find trouble you will find beautiful women. That’s just the way it is.


  28. 3 bitches on Fox News debating concealed carry laws even though women should not be able to vote. All 3 are highly fuckable and enjoy getting tied to the bed I guarantee you. That is their skill, not discussing the Constitution.


  29. on November 25, 2015 at 8:28 pm Corporal Hicks

    That French chick who shacked up with the Mexican drug dealer and got involved with kidnapping and ransom, was sentenced to 60 years in a Mexican prison, got off on a technicality, was repatriated to France, and now has the gall (pardon the pun) to demand $36 million dollars in damages from the Mexican government.

    Check this photo of her, and burn the face of this woman into your brain forever. THIS is the true nature of women right here: (poor sap white-knighters)


    • That’s a cute broad…..but there’s something fucked up about her face…

      But seriously, you’re right. That’s the face of “I had my cake (cock) and I ate it too.”


    • on November 26, 2015 at 7:52 am Each Pond Gone

      It’s their nature, but it’s part of nature. Learn to love, and use it for your ends like a pleasure boat. At its core, it’s a genuine thirst for adventure. This woman’s crazy eye represents the sea


    • She has the 1,000 burrito stare.


  30. Slava Rossiyy


  31. “What do you do?”
    “Ah, you know, I trade the big three…”
    “What’s that?”
    “Guns, girls, drugs.”


  32. Horst Wessel Lied, Greek 21st century style.

    I did promise CH some high-T videos while he’s sidelined from the gym.


  33. My girlfreind weighs 106 lbs. Her name is/was Kristy Cass.She hanged her self.


  34. I usually say “I’m an escort for bored, lonely housewives.”

    Most chicks, as you would expect, take it as a flirtatious joke, and they will give me a bunch of follow-up questions about my “work” but you can tell they know I’m bullshitting them and it’s just a fun little game we’re playing. But I am shocked how many really seem to believe it.


  35. http://freedompowerandwealth.com

    Getting rid of convictions is hard for everyone – for betas nearly impossible.


  36. Given that the wealthy, criminal, aspiring oligarch is a sought after archtype, long romanticized in Russian Pop, this is hardly surprising.


  37. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/04/oligarchy.html

    America is officially an oligarchy.


    • on November 26, 2015 at 4:57 am gunslingergregi

      If policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.”””””””’

      yea hasn”t been like that forever
      but yea its to point of ludicrous they don’t seem to give a shit that people know
      in fact the push in on for people to do something about it to be able to smash them


  38. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-25/why-we%E2%80%99re-sliding-towards-world-war

    Get ready for war boys. It’s what Wall Street wants.


    • on November 26, 2015 at 5:04 am gunslingergregi

      Given that China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa have joined together to create a $100 billion bank based in China,”””””””””””””’

      might be a little awkward with all the indians and chinese in us
      be fucked up if every chinese and indian resteraunt owner and indian and chinese engineer decided to do some dirt after being activated
      along with russian chicks


    • on November 26, 2015 at 5:09 am gunslingergregi

      but yea allready told my family i love em and my woman know we meeting up in the afterlife so got it covered as much as i can i guess


    • on November 26, 2015 at 6:07 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      We’re in a curious position of being stuck behind enemy lines, as it were.


      • Yep. Obama is now disarming local police. This is a good and bad sign. The good part is that it shows that the communists think that local LEOs will be part of the state militias who fight on the right side of this civil war. It will not be local LEOs cracking down on their neighbors when SHTF. Enough of them get what’s going on, and the feds know this too.

        The bad news is that, for now, the war is not hot, we all just go about our daily lives, and Obama is actually successfully disarming the states, giving the federal army that much more of an equipment advantage.

        The good news corollary of that, however, is that Obama is pissing off local LEOs even more, making it that much more likely that they will be anti-federal government narrative and be on the right side using whatever gear they still have.

        Most local LEO departments don’t have a lot of gear anyway, but this is symbolic if nothing else.


    • Been calling it for 5 months.


  39. Leafy suburban human rights lawyer: The privileged woman who dedicates her life to helping losers. This is the woman I will certainly inform of my previous arrests.

    Prole women or foreigners? Generally I go the other way. Tell her that I’m a professional polo player.

    Feign being a bad boy if she’s bourgeoisie and geeky with a father who’s told her “no” to bad boys, feign being someone classy if she’s working class and streetwise with a father who probably does not give one solitary shit.


    • Plus I’d never be able to carry it off. I won’t convince a council estate girl that I’m a hardened criminal just as surely as I will not convince a posh girl that I’m actually a professional polo player.

      Unless you’re really hard only play at being a bad boy around middle class women who don’t really know what one is. These woman fantasise about bad boys more than any other woman. This is why women with high self-esteem – self-esteem correlates with wealth – have the most rape fantasies.

      I believe that America being so middle class is the reason why American game revolves so much around the bad boy pretense. The softest environment with the lowest social intelligence is the most enthralled to the charlatan bad boy. Being honest bad boy game is an invention of middle class nerds for picking up middle class nerds: it’s the socially blind leading the socially blind.


      • I believe that America being so middle class is the reason why American game revolves so much around the bad boy pretense. The softest environment with the lowest social intelligence is the most enthralled to the charlatan bad boy. Being honest bad boy game is an invention of middle class nerds for picking up middle class nerds: it’s the socially blind leading the socially blind.

        There is a good observation re middle class and bad boy pretense.

        However, your use of the word “nerd” is wrong. A nerd cannot pull off being a bad boy. That is exactly what a nerd cannot do. Nerd culture is the most branded and inescapable cultural affinity – anyone who is a nerd is a nerd because they can’t get out of it – if they have the option of something else, they will take it. Nerds are the lowest of the low. No one chooses that.

        Nerd culture sort of enjoyed some ascendancy what with the rise of the computer age, but that ascendancy was artificial and short-lived, and now they are back in the basement where they belong. But there is a bunch of other people there in the basement with them now too – so there’s that. That’s because cultural decay and where else to go?

        I went Uptown last night, which i rarely do anymore. Made an offer to a girl who was out of my league – i thought she might have been a “woman of the night” but i guessed wrong. Shot down, again. Gutter tripe bitch.


    • Adapting a bit your story to her background may work a bit to raise her superficial interest, and to provide her with some but it is a small thing.

      All “typical” women pre-menopause are attracted to men only in one way: a man’s potential to give her sons that will give her many healthy grandchildren, as Heartiste some time ago pointed out.

      All “typical” women before menopause have extremely powerful instincts that drive them to compete hard with other women to outbreed them. Women whose instincts don’t drive them that way will be outbred by the women who do, and will become extinct.

      To outbreed other women every “typical” woman before menopause wants sons who are very attractive to other women’s daughters, and will outcuckold other women’s sons. Women’s instincts want sons who are cold, smooth, driven, pump-and-dump players.

      And women’s instincts are also that “like father like son”, and that a large part of SMV is probably inheritable (for example traits like being tall, good looking, cold, persistent, emotionally unavailable).

      For a “typical” woman before menopause a man’s SMV is in effect the potential SMV of his genetic sons, and sine that is largely inehritable that means that a man’s SMV is more or less his *genetic* SMV (a less circular statement than it appears).

      That’s why typical women before menopause hate PUAs and “love” naturals: because their instinct tells them that the sexual success of a PUA are learned and thus not inheritable by his sons, who are likely instead to be fundamentally “nice guys” like he was.

      The drive to outbreed other women is so strong for typical women before the menopause that when they find a “natural” smooth, old, driven pump-and-dump player they go in “crazy” rut, to the point that experienced alphas often get the impressions that typical women don’t have free will in making reproductive choices. But I guess that unlike pussies-on-heat, women do have free will even in mating, but their instincts are still so strong that it takes them exceptional willpower and focus to exercise that free will, and they rarely expend the effort.

      So the “gina tingle” is what tells typical women before menopause that a man is likely to be a good sperm donors for her cold, smooth, driven, pump-and-dump player sons her genes want, and that applies to every typical woman before menopause of every background anywhere on the planet.

      And that’s why they get turned on by “I’m a drug trafficker” Game: drug traffickers who survive tend to be cold, ruthless, opportunistic players too, with access to a lot of women, and the instinct of typical women “tells” them they want to have sons like that.

      Whether a man makes her happy, or even whether she hates or despises him, don’t matter much to her instinct: what matters is his value as sperm donor for potential sons who are going to outcuckold other women’s sons.


  40. on November 26, 2015 at 6:05 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    OT: I just finished reading Houellebecq’s ‘Submission’. I couldn’t put it down. It’d almost as if he’s a visitor at the Cheateau.


  41. on November 26, 2015 at 6:26 am gunslingergregi

    Political Correctness is a Political Stand Point that does not allow Political Opposition , This is actually The Definition of Dictatorship
    Gilad Atzmon

    it would be crazy if that is what actually stopped it

    The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato



  42. It has always been so…

    I found in a book and then online this beautiful quote from a letter to an agony aunt, from nearly 80 years ago

    “1937 October 12

    I am 20 years old. Married at 17. Have a little girl 2 years old. My husband is as good a man as anyone could find. Has not bad habits. He is kind and affectionate and devoted to me. Very thrifty and provides generously for me. But I am dissatisfied and don’t know what to do. Don’t even know whether I love my husband or not.

    Think I don’t because I get no thrill from being with him or from his caresses.

    I want to go places and have good times and stay young. He wants to stay at home. I have a high school education and could easily get a college education if it were not for him. I want to go in training for a nurse. Could leave my little daughter with my mother. At the time I was married 1 saw marriage as a free life, a way to escape the close rules my family had raised me my and a way to get out ot this small town, which I always hated.

    If I leave my husband and become a trained nurse and go my own way, will my child have as good a chance in life as if I stayed with my husband who can provide amply for us? There is no other man in the case.
    Perhaps I have never known love, only childish fancy. Perhaps I love my husband and don’t know it. Who knows? And how am I to choose the right path? TROUBLED.

    That’s all in one: “no thrill” for a loving beta nice guy sexual attentions, the yearning for the cock carousel, the plan to go eat-pray-love already at 20 after 3 years of marriage, marrying only for her convenience.


  43. I am not sure I like this idea. Now he has to continue to lie about being a drug trafficker. Something about lying in order to be viewed as a type of person from the bottom rungs of society strikes me as a bit bizarre. People in that business probably wound up in it because they fell out of the market, hence why drug dealers are often for example arabs, or jamaicans.


    • Unless he’s hanging with the same bunch all the time, it’s not sot so. Liars adapt, and run their game on others willing to buy into it.
      Caveat Emptor.


  44. CH this warrants a new post: go fund me has deleted the account of the wife of the cop in Chicago, who had raised $80,000 already at the time of deletion.

    white people are not allowed to give each other money on narrative-controlled crowd funding sites now

    I know you get my point. this warrants a separate post. it’s just further proof that there is no real 1st amendment for whites because the globalist system means that the MSM and private corporations who control everything “are” part of the government now.

    the communists are tightening the vise

    re: the last 4 dindu/LEO incidents, and Zimmerman, we know that the good guys were able to raise money.

    now they are shutting even that down.


  45. As I noted to the original posting by Fernando, I do not fully buy his story. That said, one important point that I made was that, because of his Spanish/swarthy looks, he already mostly likely fit the stereotype in the goofy girls’ heads of a drug dealer, which is why they were OK with it. Had he been German, they would have been attracted to him because of a different stereotype, and may have been turned off by the “I’m a drug dealer” comment. So, it helps that your looks match the stereotype.

    On an unrelated notes, I was watching NOVA last night, regarding mathematics and various discoveries, and was amused when it was pointed out that, “in the 19th Century, scientist were the pop stars of their days. Their talks were often sold out, with tickets hard to come by.” How amazing is it when the scientist and thinkers are the stars, and idolized? Is it any surprise that those are civilizations on the rise? Now the scientist are ridiculed as losers and nerds (e.g., Big Bang Theory), and profane beasts are instead held in high acclaim.


    • A classic comes to mind:


    • That’s also because most of scientists of today are virgin nerds who don’t actually pioneer anything combined with people having nothing to do back then besides reading. Back then, scientists were far more manly and respectable. I’d go to paid lectures by plenty of scientists, but not the vast majority because most are just inconsequential number crunchers, grant application fillers and the like. There’s a reason physics minded people watch Feynman’s lectures decades later.


  46. So what do you do for a living?

    “I make fun of people on-line.”

    “Casting director.”

    “Sell pictures of little girls.” (tasteless, or funny?)

    “Potato farmer.”

    “Worm store proprietor.”

    “I am a dreamer baby, and you’re a vision. Now how about we retire to my double deluxe waterbed. Yeah it’s right out back, in the trailer.”


  47. I am 51 (but look 40 maybe even less) and retired. What happened is that I was pretty good at investing while I worked, and I grew my portfolio to the point where I no longer needed a job.

    What should I tell the women? The plain truth? I suspect women may view not having a job as a minus, in spite of a sizable investment portfolio.

    What do you guys think?


    • I’m another guy like you who looks much younger than I really am. I just turned forty, but could easily pass for 30, or probably even younger if i put some Just For Men on my temples. There have been times when young girls were going gaga for me with IOIs, but then turned suddenly cold. I suspect that this is because they found out my age and it turned them off. I’m wondering If I should just go ahead and lie about it. What does everyone think?


      • on November 26, 2015 at 12:47 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        I’m in a similar position. I just tell them (if it comes up). So far, most don’t care. It’s awesome.

        @WRB – Why don’t you just tell them you’re an investor or private consultant?


      • Age is what makes men men. Without it you’re a boy. Your problem is that these girls can smell your insecurity. Your worrying and overthinking are showing on your face. Stop caring. Right now. Give each girl you’re into a number, so that Laura becomes number 23, and refer to her that way from now on. Give the next one a consecutive number. It’ll keep them from gaining traction in your head and you will absolutely reap the benefits.


      • Never lie about your age. It’s just a huge shit test… Pass it and legs will part.

        Pass it via game. First rule – DO NOT give a straight answer….!

        How old are you?


        1000. I’m a vampire. Have you seen my movies?

        Its not the years its the miles baby…

        You can’t count that high. Math is hard!


    • “I’m a playboy. I live off the family fortune.”


    • Well, do not try online dating, WRB, because women in the age group that I assume you seek (around 26-35) will shoot you down solely on your age, even if in person you would win them over, without even looking at your profile. The ones who may respond are damaged and/or desperate and/or in serious debt, which you want to avoid anyhow.

      I would not brag too much about the sizeable investment portfolio too quickly, because that will attract gold-diggers galore, unless you are just looking to jump from one girl to the next (which, with all the STDs floating around, is not too intelligent either).

      Gym game, grocery store game, unique hobby game, all work. If you are religious, you could meet a wifey at church socials.


      • Yeah, Tom Leykis advises against online dating for pretty much anyone, and I agree. I tried the OKCupid thing a couple of times and it was a total desert, probably because every single bangable chick had her preferences set to exclude all but the top 0.000000000000000000000000001% super apex alphas. If you think that the IRL dating apocalypse is bad, just wait until you see what happens when computers are involved.

        Online dating is a total waste of time unless you’re 6’5″, have a face like Brad Pitt and make over $200,000 a year. Don’t even waste your fucking time with that shit. You’ve gotta get out there in meatspace and talk to bitches IRL. I know it’s hard but that’s the only way.


    • First, stop giving a single fuck about what they think. Second, American Psycho game. Tell her you work and Pierce and Pierce, as though she ought to know what it is. Literally, quote anything Bateman says. Drop names, mention that you know the maiter’d at Sfuzzi. Easy breezy.


    • What would you say to some fat whorehound with a posse of United Nations kids? Something flip or DGAF, right? Give the same answer to some sweet young thing. What you “do” for a living doesn’t matter – what you do in life does.

      At worst simply say something flip like you’re a part-time pimp and full-time investment consultant – or better – tell her it’s a secret and that she doesn’t have enough points yet to know the answer (Easy segue into points game)


    • No. that’s your money. What the hell are you looking for, a damn goldiggin’ bitch ? Find you a good Godly woman, that will make you progeny and loves you , regardless of finance.


  48. Slouching toward a criminal low class element to pick up some skanky American ho is no way to live your life. If some trashy slut doesn’t like you because you’ve educated yourself, developed a skill, have a good job, kept yourself in shape, and aren’t a dirtbag convict then to hell with her and her cats. Don’t sink to their level. Ive worked too hard my whole life to pretend I’m some D-Bag moron. Get a passport and get the hell away from these shrikes.


    • on November 27, 2015 at 8:32 pm gunslingergregi

      yea it is dumb bullshit but game was created by the powers that be to fuck up woman and men so that gives ya an idea
      or to get em out the house but whatever
      cause no matter what you think you are getting ya dont know unless your families know each other and then it will probably last since it is not based on fucking which doesn’t last but family does last