What An Alpha Male’s Soft Harem Looks Like

Two girls fighting over one man. This delightful menage a twat won’t be the theme of any mainstream rom-com any time soon, because the alpha male these two babycakes are fighting over is, allegedly, Arron (sic) Lewis, mystery meat marekiller currently suspected of murdering Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter.

“Well I guess you made up your mind cuz you are still texting him.”

Chicks dig jerks. Chicks dig taken jerks. Chicks, at least as far as we can tell by their actions, dig taken jerks who lie to them. Bonus digging points if said jerk has a rap sheet.

Indignant white knights nursing an excessively protective instinct toward women which helps themselves feel useful in the world will doubtless wail, “But he lied to her! She didn’t know he was a jerk!” This sort of thinking betrays a lack of exposure to the jungle dating market. I don’t see either of these cute-ish girls giving their sex to honest, law-abiding beta males. I see them fucking a lying, murdering sack of filth. And getting into girlfights over who will be his number one. The alpha male soft harem in action.

If you have any sort of experience with cute girls, you know that when they hook up, and stay hooked up, with lying assholes they know on some level with a quickness that these guys are lying assholes. Now of course their spinning hamsters will rationalize away their gnawing suspicions and oddly exciting discomfort, because these sexxxy bastards are just so intriguingly sexxxy and arousingly bastardly. It’s similar to how a smitten beta male, unable to think straight because his brain is awash in nutritious fresh squeezed pussy juice, will spin or ignore or sugarcoat evidence that his hot girlfriend is drifting out of love with him.

Hm, she hasn’t texted me since yesterday. Probably forgot to charge her phone.

The pricked self-preservation senses of the jerk-loving girl and the girlfriend-loving beta male tell them one thing, while their captured hearts tell them another. As love is the second most powerful emotion in the universe after jealousy, and tied with hate, the heart usually wins these contests of wills. And never really stops winning, even when it is finally denied the satisfaction of fulfillment.


A confused commenter avers,

The women we’re talking to each other about LEAVING him not about how much he makes their vags tingle from the power.

This is exactly the kind of misreading that one would expect from a Pollyanna pedestal polisher. Women don’t argue with each other in novella format over a man they don’t love anymore and truly wish to leave. A woman who has fallen out of love and wants to leave a man won’t turn over her decision a thousand times, nor argue about it with the man’s other lover. She’ll just leave, and her reasoning, if her spurned boyfriend demands it, will be uncharacteristically — for her sex — perfunctory. “I just don’t feel it anymore. I wish you the best.”

Only experience with women will enable a man to understand their different reactions to men they no longer love, versus men who have hurt them but whom they still love. Let’s put it this way: If two girls are fighting exhaustively over how to leave you, you’re in the gina seat.

Ya gotta read between the id-storm of lines, brethren. Or should I say sistren. *eyebrow raise*


  1. […] What An Alpha Male’s Soft Harem Looks Like […]


  2. The main point is not necessarily that chicks dig jerks with rap sheets, its that chicks dig POWER, in all its forms, and the hamster doesn’t care if that alpha male’s particular brand of power is good for civilization or her own health.

    Sure, only a small number of women actually pursue serial killers. But all women are LIKE THAT, namely their vaginas are homing devices for male power, of which the physical power of a killer or fighter is just one form, albeit the rawest.


    • Good points. Also, both of those chicks look fat. Now let’s apply shart’s discussion to that fact.

      A middling SMV chick craves power, like any other chick. But, they have to settle for less. So it is here, that they must settle for a liar-with-rap-sheet-criminal. Lying, criminal behavior, etc. both demonstrate a limited amount of power.

      Higher alphas don’t need to lie. Kings can afford to be generous and forthright.

      Lesser alpha — lies to several women to juggle the women
      Greater alpha — the women indirectly know that other women exist
      Greatest alpha — the women know about all of the other women

      Lesser Alpha — rebel, punished by society, criminal
      Greater Alpha — manipulates society’s rules to push his own agenda
      Greatest Alpha — makes the rules


    • Quite right that women like power, as power means survival for them and their offspring. But different kinds of women will like different kinds of power. It is not all who are so foolish that they like the bottom-of-the-barrel guys whose “power” is all an act. Those who are loud and aggressive but never amount to anything. I do not believe that “all women dig jerks” if “jerk” is a destitute alcoholic with a pock-marked face ruined from years of drug use. The women in this story liked a man with no education and no money, yes. But probably because they were on the same low-prole level.

      There is also another factor to consider: The wish to master a difficult situation remembered from childhood. There is a certain kind of woman who will go from one alcoholic to another. Very likely her father was an alcoholic. She looks for the same type of man because she seeks to master the situation once and for all. (Much like many homosexual men were molested by a homosexual in their childhood.)

      And also, because it’s all she knows and all she thinks she’s good for. She is afraid to look for a normal man because deep down she doubts she can keep that man.


      • A, you’re just guessing what motivates them. For all you know, it’s in their genes, and they’re experiencing their lives in a way that you couldn’t experience even if you tried [simply because it’s not in your nature to experience those kinds of experiences].


      • Freudian psychodumb shit.


      • sigh…this site should be rechristened “Betas in the Mist.”

        The dude had a big dick, ok? JFC…there is a massively positive correlation between bodycount and size and between size and perceived alpha.

        if you can get a bitch off, she will pretty much deal with ANYTHING you do to her.


      • trav’s close.
        I won’t speculate the size of some dude’s dick, but what chicks dig MOST are HEIGHT, LOOKS and YOUTH. This guy’s probably pretty tall, and is reasonably attractive and under 30.
        That’s it.
        No ‘game’ no ‘Alpha’ no ‘frame’ necessary.
        MONEY and SOCIAL STATUS are 2 ways men have of escaping the tyranny of heightism, lookism and ageism, but you better have a LOT of it to keep her from straying back into the basketball team’s locker room.
        As for ‘Betas in the mist’, I’m thinking that most posters here probably have more Omega in them than they are willing to admit (even to themselves) and that we would probably also know instantly why they have trouble with women if it was required to post a picture of yourself and some vital stats.


      • travis is the dick expert around here fellas


      • I know a hung short dude…fucked over 100 chicks. He complains about being short, sure, but he married a chick 4″ taller and 15 yrs younger. He’s also wealthy.

        Know a dude that this first dude says is “embarrassingly large”…he gets flown places to fuck other guys’ wives while they watch. Not particularly tall nor goodlooking.

        Do you idiots think that these fat, ugly nigs banging blondes are “youth, height, looks”?

        Tall pretty guys can attract chicks, but dudes with the skills or tools to get it DONE are the ones who end up with women fighting over them.

        Women talk; if you’re good and you have it, you get referrals


      • Oh boy. Seriously @trav777 and @wolfie65 you guys need to lay off the latent homosexual projection.

        First – if you have a bigger than average dick and fucked more than one woman, you will soon come to realize that it is as much of a burden as not. Banging her cervix is not fun for her. Think about the most powerful ways women get off, squirting etc. Most of the time that is done from the hand… so ease up on the gay fetishized porn that is so popular these days. Anyone can become a “Sex God”, just read the book and practice… It’s far more important to be able to build up anticipation, get her brain engaged in sex, surprise her and tap into her emotions while you read her body’s reaction to stimulation, swirling and building and teasing and prolonging and then finally when it’s almost unbearable relenting and allowing her to throw herself into her pleasure…

        Second – you keep coming up with this nonsense about height, looks and youth. By your measure 20 YO male models should have all of the hottest girls. And yet they don’t (talking about only the straight guys , for the Spergs), there are lot’s of short, below average old guys who actually nail these girls.

        Here is an example, the artist James Conran

        Now you have layered on wealth and social status onto your list of shortcomings… Worked for Elliot Rodger right? Step back and look at social circles and you will quickly find most of the guys are homogenized and then a couple of outliers (old 80/20 rule). Sooooo if that circle is a frat at a “good school” (for @Will) guess what, there is no advantage among that circle of being in the frat, everyone has that going for them… And of course what do you see but not all of the frat bro’s out pulling the hottest girls with ease… Only a few actually.

        Same thing on a sports team. All the guys on the college football team are not pulling the hottest girls with ease, only a few.

        Same with being rich. Rich people hang out with other rich people and at a point it really is just extra zeros. Same schools, neighborhoods, vacations, same restaurants, same hobbies etc. Homogenized.

        Taken in aggregate, nearly all women will shit test these guys you adore and throw up ASD and LMR. That doesn’t go away just because someone is “conventionally” good looking, or 6’2″ or 22. That may be an advantage in initial interaction, so sure an easier IOI and all girls will say they like that (remember the part about watching what they say vs what they do though?), but what really HOOKS a girl is not an IOI.

        What really lights up their eyes is when they know you get it and you know they know you get it. That moment when she says “I’m not that easy, I don’t fool around with guys I just met” and you are standing there in a cocky hand on hip full Alpha projection pose, casually take a sip of your low slung drink, not looking at her, look up and with the faintest of smirks casually say “well we’ll see how you play your cards” and then give her the full eye contact… and her jaw literally drops and her eyes go two sizes bigger. That is when you have them. and that shit is just straight up game. Talking about your school, or your flashy car, or your job or gym routine is so much noise… They are waiting for a connection with a guy that gets it, not a cardboard cut out.

        Things like height, looks, money, status etc. they are good cards to have in your hand, but you can still be beat or beat yourself. Study game like a job and that will shift the odds in your favor. Cultivate and interesting, passionate, authentic persona + game, well you will have as much of women as you want. It is attainable to all.


      • Great post by @sentient

        I actively tell girls I’m not boyfriend material, and physically I’d say I’m a 7. So why do they have casual sex with me instead of a better looking guy? Because it’s about how you make them FEEL, and the dominance you exert over them. That’s what really matters.


      • I’d just add to Sentient’s post. The group’s homogeneity neutralizes whatever status boost group membership confers, when you are interacting with individuals within the group. For example, few people would disagree that being a doctor confers high status. What people have to realize, however, is that hanging around other doctors neutralizes whatever benefit the title confers.

        That’s why, among X only a FEW will consistently pull. It’s those few who have OTHER attributes in their favor.

        Of those that pull, I would wager 80% are just “better looking,” and that 20% just have “better game.”

        So if you’re looking to leverage your status, just pull from a lower status group. Hypergamy, brahs.


      • on October 2, 2014 at 6:34 pm Mean Mr. Mustard.

        As Sentient suggests, unless a woman is an outright “size queen”; there are things that a man’s hands, fingers, mouth, lips and tongue can do that the cock simply cannot do.


      • A, you’re just guessing what motivates them. For all you know, it’s in their genes, and they’re experiencing their lives in a way that you couldn’t experience even if you tried [simply because it’s not in your nature to experience those kinds of experiences].

        I”m not guessing, this is well established.


      • Freudian psychodumb shit.

        Aw, anon’s head hurts when reading strange things he can’t understand.

        Freudian? Um, no. But I guess that’s the only word you know when it comes to psychology. Evolutionary psychology is as far from Freud’s theorizing as it gets, it explains how our instincts are shaped by survival. If you weren’t too dumb to see it, you would know that’s what the scientific studies CH presents also show.


      • First – if you have a bigger than average dick and fucked more than one woman, you will soon come to realize that it is as much of a burden as not. Banging her cervix is not fun for her.

        This is very true. A bigger dick also means it is more difficult for the woman to perform oral sex. And small women will not want to do doggie style, or want you to push up their legs in missionary. It limits the sex.

        “Age, looks, youth.”
        “The dude had a big dick, ok?” How do you know? And how do you know that’s what motivated the women, instead of his game as CH says?
        “No ‘game’ no ‘Alpha’ no ‘frame’ necessary.”

        Well, it looks like you two don’t need to read CH anymore, Trav and Wolfie. It’s all about things we can’t affect, right? So you can move on to PUAhate, they say the exact same thing and attack PUA sites and the Manosphere for disagreeing.


    • on October 2, 2014 at 10:11 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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  3. Ok. I’ll be ther first one to say it. Is he like our American President?


    • on October 1, 2014 at 1:45 pm Reservoir Tip

      He doesn’t really look like it to me.


    • If you’re asking if Arron Lewis is a mulatto, no, it doesn’t appear so. Although his shaved head, skin coloration, and broad facial features imply that he’s a mulatto there are photo’s which clearly show he’s white.

      Example 1(Note his eyes are open and looking away while she’s kissing him and hers are closed):

      Example 2:

      [CH: I stand by my assessment. The first pic is a bad angle and washed out, so you can’t tell much from it. The second pic is clearer and you can see his penumbras of mulatto more clearly in that one. Also he’s holding Katie Holmes. Anyone check if she’s still alive. :)]


      • On this picture, the dude looks like your basic German/Dutch guy to me.
        They have, stupily, also started to shave their heads.


    • > “Is he like our American President?” Well, he’s a murderer. And neither Donald Young nor Lt Quarles Harris Jr committed suicide.


    • Check him out on YouTube,he looks a bit like Jay Z.He must have some nigger in him.The son of a lowlife pos white ho.


      • You guys are in deep trouble when I become president of racism.


      • let me interject that straight up white people kill too…the ones who do look like this guy, a fuckin cretin. I live in the city with pretty people, my kids are pretty. We are occasionally out in the country, places like TN or PA, where there are farms and open spaces and shit. White people there are cretins. I’m afraid they may eat us or something, as they are obese as pavement apes and have rampant facial disproportionality. Yes, these people kill, not as frequently as blacks.

        There is a correlation between disproportion in facial structure and crime.


  4. on October 1, 2014 at 1:45 pm Reservoir Tip

    I feel that I had one girl who would fall under the “one that got away” category. She was the type who was loyal, and smart enough to know not to put up with cheating bullshit on my part. Only thing is, you only find out whether or not they’re willing to put up with the cheating bullshit until you’ve cheated.

    Perhaps the ones that get away aren’t meant to be had to begin with.


    • Maybe if you found a way to tell her what you realized after she was gone, she would give you another chance.


    • For every one who gets away there should another one coming your way. You’re right, though. If she was meant to hang around, she would still be around — girls do what they want to do, for the most part.


    • Were her parents still married?


      • on October 1, 2014 at 4:10 pm Reservoir Tip

        No. Fucked up family. Big Daddy issues. Normally a big red flag, I know.


      • on October 1, 2014 at 4:20 pm Reservoir Tip

        I’ve noticed that kids with messed up families normally go one of two ways, however:

        They either end up degenerates like their parents, or they end up with a decent head on their shoulders, and much more maturity than their peers. I always fell in the latter category growing up, and knew a few other kids who did as well.

        Of course, I knew many more kids with split parents who ended up turning into total trash with daddy issues, drug habits, and teen pregnancies.


      • Thank your lucky stars that she got away. SRSLY. But if you ever meet her match from a stable family, then BUNS -> OVEN!


      • In that case the solution is to make her a good girl and put buns in that oven.


      • Zombie, you keep extolling these pet virtues without revealing any compelling context. You seem to believe that “put buns in oven BECAUSE white,” “wife up a good girl,” and “be a good father” redounds to a better world. But, you couch these proclamations in appeals to our better angels when this blog is Darwin’s den: it makes you look like you walked into the wrong bar.

        Annnnnyway, there’s a better, more practical narrative to push:

        “”The fathers have eaten a sour grape and the children’s teeth are set on edge”. (Jeremiah, Book 31, Verse 29) This quote from the Bible represented the power of the father as the primary authority of the family for many centuries. His word was unquestioned, his decision final, his influence dominant in all matters relating to family. What he was not seen as was a caretaker of the children – that rested with (or was vested in) the mother, or mother substitute.

        The world began to radically change with the social, economic and technical changes of the 20th Century and, with those changes, came a basic change in the structure and function of the family — with a consequent shift in the authority of the father. His influence was increasingly seen as minor, even negligible, and his importance was defined by how well he provided for the family.”

        “”Fathers and Their Impact on Children’s Well-Being”:
        “Even from birth, children who have an involved father are more likely to be emotionally secure, be confident to explore their surroundings, and, as they grow older, have better social connections.

        The way fathers play with their children also has an important impact on a child’s emotional and social development. Fathers spend a higher percentage of their one-to-one interactions with infants and preschoolers in stimulating, playful activity than do mothers. From these interactions, children learn how to regulate their feelings and behavior.

        Children with involved, caring fathers have better educational outcomes. The influence of a father’s involvement extends into adolescence and young adulthood. Numerous studies find that an active and nurturing style of fathering is associated with better verbal skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement among adolescents.”

        Being a better dad confers a significant survival advantage to your children. So, the diversion of “alphas” from dads to cads by this societal change — you may charge — goes against Darwin.

        Just saying. Hearing stuff like that would probably give hope to the disillusioned men here.


  5. I get the point but not the best example.

    A little googling revealed they’re both fat chicks somewhere between 30-35.


    • i tried searching for the girls too, but came up empty. their head shots look cute in their avatars, though that’s not telling us much.


    • on October 1, 2014 at 8:18 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      My guess is that the two chicks are at least a couple SMV points less than the dude they are “fighting over”.
      Two women with (real or at least percieved) limited options scrapping over a “Alpha” (or at least in their eyes.)
      As long as the gina tingles, the hamster spins, and vice versa.


  6. These girls are what I would call ‘ratchets’. Instinctively all chicks are like this. But only the ratchety of ratchet hoes get fully submerged in shit like this. At least from my experience.

    To add: one of the chicks is not hot. She looks like an emo, wear too much masscare, daddy issues hoe.

    I don’t have problems getting girls like that. which makes me wonder


  7. on October 1, 2014 at 1:52 pm The Spirit Within

    That convo felt fake to me.


  8. The women we’re talking to each other about LEAVING him not about how much he makes their vags tingle from the power.


    • LOL. Of course you could tell they meant every word.

      That no good man is a player and hurts everyone. He also lies so don’t be a victim. Now I got to find his phone to turn back on the data, talk to you more about him in a minute…

      OK I’m back so as I was saying he is a no good player. I won’t be his toy anymore. ..oh hold on this is him calling…


    • on October 1, 2014 at 4:06 pm Master Blaster

      That’s what women do, fool…..talk talk talk….no matter their smv….especially about their fear of losing, to them, a higher smv male who makes them tingle.

      When women’s only options are tingles or no tingles, guess which one wins, despite the man’s ‘character.’


      • The only time women don’t “talk it out” is when they don’t care about the man who would be the presumable topic of their talks.


      • “The only time women don’t “talk it out” is when they don’t care about the man who would be the presumable topic of their talks.”

        isn’t that the truth.

        and this doesn’t only apply to girls to talking to other girls about you. if a women is not trying to resolve an issue with you that she was clearly upset or disturbed by, she might be shutting down and starting to think it’s time to move on.

        i’m not talking about pouting around and giving you the silent treatment when she doesn’t get her way. girls will do that but if she does care about you, you can see it on her face. and girls can’t maintain the silent treatment for any length of time if they care about you anyway. they will always break before you and will tell you what’s on their mind whether you want to hear it or not.

        i’m talking about when a woman just stops bringing things up or explaining herself or trying to change your mind about issues that are unresolved and eating away at her. hell, women talk things to death even when they are resolved.

        sure, some girls (the good ones) will quiet down and stop trying to dredge up old issues if you can come to a resolution that she can live with but she will always want to talk about it first…at length.

        so if there is an unresolved issue that you know your girl was or is upset about and she isn’t talking about it or giving you any other indication that she’s upset or unhappy, beware. you can’t fool yourself into thinking you got lucky and you’re off the hook just because she’s not bringing it up. a woman who is okay with not talking it out is a woman who is probably starting to think you aren’t worth the fight anymore.


    • CPC, think about the women that “left you” in your past, or more precisely, didn’t notice your existence. How many words did they use to explain to you that they no longer accepted the reality of your existence? No, how many words did they use with female enemies to discuss that you do not exist?


    • The first girl is concern trolling. She’s pretending to be concerned about the second girl getting hurt by her husband, but in reality, she’s just hoping to scare the second girl away so that she can have him all to herself.

      “You need to leave MY husband alone and find YOUR OWN man.” (emphasis mine).


  9. They both look likes 4s from their profile pics.


  10. “I told him you won’t find any woman who is willing to allow there man to cheat on them.”

    Um, I know of at least one.


  11. Nearly half of women in relationships have ‘Plan B’ man they can run away with http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/sex-relationships/relationships/nearly-half-women-relationships-plan-4323872


    • Half? More like every, single one.

      They don’t even need to have one ready just in-case. All they have to do is pop on any social / dating website, and bang, THOUSANDS of males right there willing to drive across the country to see them at 4am, (even I’ve been asked many times, cheeky cunts).

      They can still get literally hundreds of messages, without even a picture or any info up. And they can do all this without anyone knowing about it. (In my parents generation where we lived in / had contact with people only in small villages, this sorta thing wasn’t possible).

      To keep a woman nowadays, she has to be well and truly hooked, otherwise anytime she’s feeling a lil down, she knows she can order in a man anytime she wants.


    • I feel I am likely a plan B for an ex-gf pre-heartiste.
      But if it comes down to it she better have a plan C because I will P&D that shit.


    • Nearly half of women in relationships admit to having ‘Plan B’ man they can run away with. FTFY

      Which begs the question, is it better to:

      (A) Have her see NOT see you as her Plan B and is too insecure to go that route (As in, she secretly likes you better than her BF and has a crush on you and “OMG I would totally do him, but he’s not into me like that -twirls hair around finger-“)

      (B) Have her see you as her Plan B (As in, she knows she could sleep with you, you’re a sure thing, and has,more than once, come THIS close to texting you for a post-BF-argument hookup)


    • on October 1, 2014 at 3:57 pm midnight toker

      yep. women are plate spinners just like us.


      • most men aren’t plate spinners. that sort of activity is reserved for successful cads.


      • Women don’t spin plates as much as they monkey bar. One hand on the next rung before letting go of the last


      • “Women don’t spin plates as much as they monkey bar. One hand on the next rung before letting go of the last.”

        After all, she can get dressed up all slutty, go out to a bar/club and get hit on within a matter of minutes.


      • ^ Or just sit in the comfort of her own home and log on to Tinder or any social network site, and get hit on by thousands. Then ask one to drive over.

        (Replied to wrong post).


      • And the best part is they can still maintain plausible deniability because they don’t have to initiate. Of course age and inevitable weight gain chip away at that advantage pretty fast.

        tl;dr: Don’t get married.


      • no; they aren’t. Women are dominated by TWO emotions: desire for sex/intimacy, and fear.

        The FEAR factor is too high for them to really act like men, plus sex without intimacy isn’t particularly attractive. Women, to their credit, want some real emotion out of the relationship. Men are ok to just hang out and fuck.

        This is why women have to suppress their feelings with alcohol to get anywhere. It’s why you tools are on this website trying to learn how to get into their pants and get around all their cockblocking friends and angles they throw. MOST guys don’t know how to and won’t, and most women simply are not hot enough to attract a player’s attention anyway. So they go nowhere.


  12. “Im just ready for him to move out and stop playing me but he won’t leave cuz he has no job no money and nowhere to go”

    Penniless alpha thug lives rent-free with pussy on tap and allowed to play the field. A million beta providers wept over their fancy restaurant reservations…


    • Did you also see that she’s paying for his cell phone and data plan?

      Sometimes I really loathe paying taxes


    • Hahaha very true… this is why you should never pay for dinner if you aren’t seeing a woman. But it’s these women’s own fault for getting played… their idiots and idiots lose out on the game of life. Not our problem!


    • Penniless alpha thug lives rent-free with pussy on tap and allowed to play the field. A million beta providers wept over their fancy restaurant reservations…

      These women are fat proles. They haven’t gotten an invitation to a fancy restaurant in their whole lives.


      • You’re missing the point, bro. The point was about betas trying to get with whatever chick by spending tons of dough on them.


      • The point was about betas trying to get with whatever chick by spending tons of dough on them.

        I know that part. But the point here was that these particular women would have ignored men with money and good jobs in favor of this one, which I doubt. These particular women are almost on the same low level as the guy who sleeps at the one woman’s place because he has nowhere else to go. Other pictures show that both are fat and trashy. This story doesn’t show the dating market in general.


  13. Are these girls worth having? If not, who cares? Skanky girls fight over wannabe thug. Just another day in paradise.

    It’s like me complaining that beta losers chase after strippers. I don’t understand why strippers are attractive as mate potential, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it because I don’t care what beta losers do.


    • What’s the difference between a stripper and you? Sacrilege count within some arbitrary range?

      Not that I’d want a stripper either.


    • that’s cool…so what are you wearing right now?


    • To some extent, the mystique strippers, escorts, porn actresses and similar ladies have is cultural. They’re not nearly as big of a deal to Europeans, where social mores aren’t as stringently 17th century Calvinist as they are in theeezhe Yoo-nited Shtatezh.
      I’ve been to a strip club precisely once in my life, a DJ friend of a friend wanted to go there for lunch (!), because he had a crush on one of the girls. Lunch was actually better than expected, and the DJ got mad because the girl – who was almost naked – he was lusting after ended up talking to me about movies and did her lap dance for him rather half-heartedly. Aside from the implants and extra-heavy make-up, the girls there were in the 5-6 category.
      I’ve seen my share of prostitutes, and you couldn’t get me to touch any of them with a barge pole. The majority are gross, sickly, used-up trash, and they start looking that way after only about 6 months in ‘The Life’.
      Some years ago, I looked at some of the local escort services websites, and couldn’t find any girls I would actually be interested in.
      Back out into the real world, which is often depressing, but still the best we’ve got.


    • Yeah this is pretty much why I’m getting at too


  14. I would never go below a 6.

    I find it difficult rating girls in the 1-5 range but I can rate girls 6-10 with surgical precision.

    Anyone the same?


    • ye im the same…once they are below 6 they are all 1s to me ha


      • Now think about it in terms of IQ; below about IQ 90, a person can’t reliably read or write or perform the most basic of arithmetic calculations. So how do you design a test to distinguish between the various IQ strata? IQ 80 – can tie their shoes? IQ 70 – can use toilet paper? IQ 60 – can use a spoon but not safe with a fork?


    • Amazing how much men think alike. I have the EXACT same opinion. I wanna have a family someday, lowest I’ll go is a 6, but even then, she has to have some great tits. Ass I can fix with workouts.

      A woman who is a 6, facially speaking, would be ‘cute’ but not scaldingly hot. She might get a rose, but she’s no Helen of Troy, no one’s launching a thousand ships for that ass.


  15. These girls are low-class trash. This is what serves as entertainment for the underclass.


    • This is what the Roman Empire would have looked like in the post 200 AD period, had it had facebook and twitter. Lot’s of worthless, degenertate whores sleeping around with a few alphas, with only a small group of True Believing Christians offering morally upright women for marriage and relationships.

      Probably one factor that accelerated the growth of Christianity–and a factor that is little mentioned these days—is that the vast majority of Roman women were considered sluts, and young men (like those here) saw little hope in finding a chaste wife and worthy life amongst, them, so many, like St. Augustine, became libertines—-and then discovered that Christian women were something worth fighting for, but were vanishingly few.

      After all, most of us here, if given the choice between a society full f chaste, feminine women who only had sex with their husbands, and the degenerate whores we have now, we would actually choose the first category. It is merely circumstance that makes us deal with the debauchery of females today.

      Too much thought rape!


  16. read this review of ‘the Lucifer principle’


    very interesting read, explains alot of what CH says here about how its normal for different tribes of humans to be hostile towards each other. also ties in the pickup artist aspect of males mimicking alpha male behavior to get mates

    anyone read the whole book?


    • on October 1, 2014 at 8:45 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      I read The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom some ten years ago.
      Although he makes some generalisations; Bloom is right on the money (even about Islam) and it is well worth a read.
      His best book and thoroughly Red pill.


  17. Now HERE is some serious hareming….32 and 24 yo female teachers arrested after videotaped 3 way with 16 yo male student – and the teachers aren’t horrible looking either.



    • fuckin hell, are the majority of these teacher/student hookups with black students?


    • Is it just me or has there been a rash of these lately? Why?


    • lol. I don’t know whether to high-five the little kneegro or throw both those teachers into a black party and watch a rape-train get run on them and they scream for whitey to help them,

      Prolly both.

      I hope they both end up having little zebra half-human, half-ape babies that keep them in poverty, and that some dickless beta “mans up” and marries them while they start making kneegro gangbang porn.

      The suicides they commit will be epic.

      Enjoy the decline, fellas!


      [CH: the entertainment value of this comment is very high. *applause rape*]


      • Don’t hate the players, hate the game.


      • lol. poor wittle kneegro; he thinks that he can one day become human if enough human women sleep with his kind!

        he forgets that merely being with a kneegro makes a human woman unworthy of civilization, family, or protection. She is debased by their very touch.

        So run your train, boy! make sure you strangle them to death afterwards. Its the one thing we both agree with: women who sleep with apes deserve death at their hands. lol

        Subhuman rape!


      • Thank you, dark lords.


      • videotaping…no mention of manufacturing and possessing child pornography? nope…just “carnal knowledge of a juvenile” whatever that means LOL

        let’s look at the other side of the media’s depiction of this kinda thing…


        Cuffed and walking out in shame, head down. A seemingly legitimate publication opens up with “A nerdy teacher..” That dirty dirty evil man. At least beyond the girls loving every minute of it I’m sure…they even got good grades out of it. WINNING. War against men rages on fellas…

        “Good grade prostitution rape”


      • I would think the murder-suicides the betas eventually commit would be even more epic.


      • It honestly blows my mind. Every time I think that my outlook on women is too bleak, something like this comes to light. A threesome with a 16 year old? What are the odds that two women working at the same school are this damaged? Or is this what women really want…


      • Take a stiff drink, sit back, and enjoy the decline, mein friend.

        As a semi-religious believer, I can only say that I believe we are destined to lose this world in favor of the next.

        Niggers in the back, of course.

        Eternity rape!


      • @cryo

        This board has been trying to tell you AWALT… but will you listen?


  18. this is a much better example:

    pretty women dig thugs, or in CB case, men who beat their women senseless.


  19. lol even JewNN is forced to report this story, but of course inserts the OPINION that “gender was not an issue” when the female security officer got “knocked down” by the intruder.


    the left’s policies are getting people hurt and killed. every day.


    • on October 1, 2014 at 3:56 pm The Spirit Within

      The right has killed many more people through a half century of unnecessary wars. And I’m not talking about American citizens.


      • it must suck to go to sleep each night knowing, deep down, that everything you believe is a lie.


      • The right doesnt kill people. It kills leftists who should not exist.




      • lmao. you make me giggle at your stupid these days.

        Mao. Stalin. Lenin. Pol Pot. Kaddafi. The Kim Jong-Il family. Hitler. Leftist thought killed more people in the 20th C. than any other ideology, liar.

        And, yes, National Socialism is leftist ideology—government subsidized businesses, government-run and paid for healthcare, government-run retirement, government-run corporations, government pro-unionism, etc.

        Don’t even bother trying to lie your way around that one. Don’t even try to say “leftism doesn’t believe in extermination” or some tripe. All leftism needs an enemy to steal from and blame for all problems; the Nazis blamed Slavs and jews and blacks; the soviets blamed “rootless cosmopolitans” and “wrekcers” and “capitalists” for all communisms failins, Pol pt initiated ethnic cleansing, etc.

        Face it, Fa66ot within: you’re one of the bad guys of history.

        Fact rape!

        [CH: Leftoids believe in extermination of the wrong kinds of white people.]


      • on October 1, 2014 at 10:32 pm The Spirit Within

        Let me put a finer point on it:

        The military-industrial complex.

        A conservative president warned against it in 1959. We didn’t listen. Are you really going to tell me that its existence — and its murder of hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians — is a lie?

        Really, Heartiste?


      • “Fact rape” lollololozlzolz


      • Whorefinder…

        The Nazis did almost nothing to blacks. The nazis were mainly concerned with Jews because that was the competition for them in Eastern Europe. The Jews in the East were an elite, and a hostile one at that.


      • nobody else even gave you the correct rebuttal: the “right” you are talking about is a myth. the wars are all for the old money YKW banks. Duh.

        YKW is “the left” that has caused all the problems.


      • I mean, fucking egg dude. While we’re on the subject of the Secret Service, imagine the low morale of the regular men who do the real work, with this woman as the boss. Morale matters. YKW bullshit is just bullshit. The head of secret service should not be a woman, period. Period.

        Then add the “scandal” re: the prostitutes in Colombia. The stand against that was unfair TO THE WOMEN, who have no other skills other than selling their bodies and were perfectly happy to get some money to have sex with the big strong secret service men.

        That’s how the world works: women sell sex, in one form or another. There are professionals and amateurs among the world of prostitutes. That’s another “realtalk” FACT that the left wants to deny.

        The only scandal with the prostitute in Colombia thing would be if the guys were using “company credit card” or expensing the cost, which I don’t think they were.

        If they were off duty, using their own money, it was perfectly fine for them to donate some money to Colombian prostitutes.

        The LEFT screams radical leftist feminism and homosexual agenda crap 24/7 and the MORALE effect on regular, white, normal, beta (mostly) men who do the WORK of society suffers in such a way that it’s either not measurable or could perhaps be studied in some kind of high end scientific paper.

        YKW within, you are an idiot.


      • Even if you want to count Nazis as rightists, they were nonetheless schoolboys in the genocide business compared to the reds…

        Of course, a first-order dweeb like SpitWithin only sees the horns which gore his own oxen…

        To the point where even the master of the chateau has to skewer the boy’s sophomoric scribbles.

        SW continues along the path which he has well-worn, to wit: the walk of shame from getting laughed out of the chateau….

        Oh, the shame of it all! lzozlzozlzozlzozlozlzolzolzol


  20. All I can say is:


  21. Women would rather share a cheating Alpha than be saddled with a faithful Beta.


    • Unless that faithful beta calls himself an alpha and puts some buns in the oven to make her stay faithful. ‘Cause no mothers of white babies are ever unfaithful.


      • “No mothers of white babies are ever unfaithful”

        Not sure if trolling or wishful thinking


      • How about half-white babies? Hmmm????


      • Looks like Ive finally got an impersonator; does that mean Im alpha?

        Should I get some jerseys made for them to wear around the house?


      • If getting impersonators is a mark of status, ZombieShane is the team captain, thwack… all you’ve done is gotten called off the bench during a blow-out.


    • Wonder if the inverse would apply:

      Men would rather share a cheating 10 than be saddled with a faithful 6


      • No. A man should not put up with any cheating whore regardless of her smv.


      • MZ- agree – but the question isn’t what a man ‘should’ do, it’s what a man ‘would’ do.


      • If you’re alpha enough to get a 10 you probably have your own harem and have no concern whether she sees other guys unless you’re a beta core celebrity.


  22. I love this site’s perspective. Thank you. But this guy is no man. Suspected of murder, it is a sad insight in to the human psych that 2 women are fighting over that. But I am also skeptical that this is only woman thing, animals will be with other animals. We are people that gather with those the same as us.
    I would fight for my man if it came to it, maybe passive agressively but it is because my man is a REAL man I would fight for him because he is respectable and above decent human being.

    My thoughts – “Chicks dig jerks” – with in a limit I think. There is un doubtedly “jerk” like factors women are attracted to in men. But there are limits, if a woman wants a murderer – the ethics of the woman should be questioned. For many women, a “neg” would be enough, for other women simply the man being in charge is more than enough. Within in different circumstances, different kind of genes/people, different social development, etc, the demonstration of masculinity or agresion required to generate attraction will vary greatly. Invite feminism and stupidness in to the equation and women are needing more and more overt expression of masculinity to feel attracted to a man. (That is why the rise of 50 shades of grey books etc. in my opinion), and why some women are loving these killers.
    Fundamentally, men and women are different. The posts here always go to the heart of the matter and articulate it so well, I appreciate it I gain a lot of understanding from it.

    I consider myself to be introspective of the female psyche, so much that sometimes I think human nature can be so horrible, God have mercy. (Though it has it’s beauty). So I would write here if I was, (to my knowledge), thinking I could be remotely attracted to a cold killer. I can only say what my mind acknowledges, and I think of these men and I think they are animals who are a disgrace to human kind. I can only conclude this not a purely women issue. It is problem with certain kinds of humanity. It is a kind of gross exaggeration of what women require in men.

    Women will fight over men, women will be jealous. It is natural. But most women will fight over a man who is healthily masculine and not killer.


    • “Invite feminism and stupidness in to the equation and women are needing more and more overt expression of masculinity to feel attracted to a man. (That is why the rise of 50 shades of grey books etc. in my opinion), and why some women are loving these killers.”

      Agreed. In a feminist wasteland of androgyny and metrosexuals, more women are drawn to the warped or extreme forms of masculinity. They don’t know what natural male dominance looks like.


      • killing another is pretty well masculine and demonstrates actively throwing rules completely out the window. Boys will emulate the “prime masculine” behavior to be this way…they play call of duty 24/7, aspire to military glory, love guns, jack off to 300 and argue who is more tough, spartans or SEALs…KILLING someone is pretty well masculine. It’s also the side of masculinity that doesn’t fit the current model of a society but you know, this guy’s mentality vs. yours 1000 years ago. He’d have a legacy and you’d fade. He’d crush his enemies. See them driven before him and hear the lamentations of the women hahaha. yea he is seriously a piece of shit and definitely not someone you want your boys to grow up to be but I don’t think he cares about that.

        Just like the ultra feminine is dangerous in the form of unrestrained hypergamy and protecting her young at all costs, the ultra masculine has drawbacks….more animal like though…


      • And “Spartans v Seals” ? Is that even worth a question. 😉 .

        “Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks” !!!! (I do not know who said that quote). 🙂 .


    • Amy, thank you. Agree with your comment. 🙂 .

      Interesting comment, Knowbody. Some boys aspire to military glory, and it is not necessarily a bad thing for a society. In fact, we NEED it to have any hope as a society. A country is only as strong as its armed forces. We should be kissing the feet of the soldiers who have fought for our countries, and for what is GOOD. (Not literaly kissing the feet – but I think you understand 🙂 ).

      Instead what happens, there is little respect for the courage of the soldier now. Because, for example, in countries where has been mass immigration soldiers are being greeted with being spat at by those who say they are nothing more than murderers.
      Political correctness/ more love for the enemy than one’s own, has caused many men to not even want to enter military. They are told it is wrong to have the agression they have, and they direct it elsewhere. On innocent civilians. And we are breeding psychopaths in this way. And some women love them because they they have also been influencd by the modern society also. It is a perversion of both masculinity, and femininity.

      How long do you think these killers and rapists stay in prison? (Not as long as they should, and they will have a good life there with 3 meals a day and the security many other people can not afford). In the mean time soldiers are made to feel like prisoners every day, by the disaproving citizens of the very countries they fought to protect.

      Of course the ultrafeminine can also be dangerous. But “protecting her young at all costs”. – I will have to agree to disagree. There is nothing wrong with protection of those we love, it should be the absolute female imperative to care for the babies and children, and ensure our men are adequately supported also.

      ” She who faces Death by torture for each life beneath her breast
      May not deal in doubt or pity—must not swerve for fact or jest.
      These be purely male diversions—not in these her honour dwells—
      She the Other Law we live by, is that Law and nothing else.”

      We are trying to change biology and human imperative with unnatural things such as feminism, political correctness, less love for one’s own people. All of this is a fine formula for having people rebel against it in a less healthy way. Take away a man’s masculinity? Some women will have the masculinity they so crave in a psychopath. Instead of supporting healthy gender roles we desperately try to supress it until it erupts in destructive form.


  23. O/T: at times I’d say that we — alt-Right, nationalists, anti-globalists — need our own inspiring anthems and ballads. Our own “Imagine”. And now it seems that in mainstream recorded music, we’ve got something: Morrissey, “World Peace is None of Your Business.”

    The lyrics can for the most part be appreciated by both us and by Lefties, except that in a few places Morrissey sticks in a few shards of glass. In particular in the first verse when he says “Work hard and sweetly pay your taxes” … and toward the end where he disses the holy sacrament of liberalism: “Each time you vote you support the process.”

    Morrissey (a great voice BTW, forgot all about him since my Smiths phase in the early 90s) has been in the news in the past for racisss utterances, posing with skinheads, and criticizing immigration.

    Good song musically too. Check it out. Was released last year.


    • He was an archetypical lefty back in Smith days
      Yet this song brings somehow nostalgia when contrasted against the oppressive ugly background of today (and of tomorrow even more)
      That may well be the quintessential definition of decay, a sequence in which ugly is always followed by uglier, the sequence in which the ugly of yesterday
      is illuminated by an aura of nostalgia


    • on October 2, 2014 at 9:18 am Joachim Peiper

      After Viva Hate, Morrissey went to hell quickly. The Smiths put out about 2 decent albums, which are really good- The Queen is Dead and Strangeways, Here We come. Viva Hate, took that sound and brought it to its full potential with really biting lyrics. He wrote a song called Benghazi in Platforms on Viva Hate that tells the poor Paki to shelve his Western Plans, please shelve them. That was right up there with “Complaining bitterly, women only love me for my mind…” None of it can move me to tears with its beauty like Swan Lake these days.


    • Trouble is, he’s a flamer of the first order, isn’t he?


      • I don’t know if he is or not. If he is, then that’s the cards he was dealt. As far as I know, he was never an anti-family activist or propagandist.

        The point is, that he is a RealTalker and he wrote a song we need more of.


  24. Unnecessary & delusional adoration of sociopaths.

    [CH: There’s plenty of realtalk here about American women getting fatter. Does that mean I adore fat chicks?]

    And yes, some chicks dig jerks.

    [Which should tell you something about the average woman’s sexual psychology.]

    Not few commenters seem to fall with headcases, which explains suffocating & bleak,
    almost desperate atmosphere suffusing this place.


    “Wisdom” of the site, based on junk science like evo psych, would be:

    [The wisdom is based first on real life experience. The science — junk only to those whose ass it chafes — is appended to get under the skin of spergy equalists.]

    Use all your energy to become *someone* (it means accepted by a society, not a serious, trans-egoic revolutionary like Lenin or artist of Stravinsky or Kafka type); then get riches & get laid as much as possible; stay away from marriage &, finally, croak.

    [Men want to get laid. Men want to know if there are ways to improve their odds of getting laid. We aim to please the customer base.]

    That’s your ethics. Well- I piss on it.

    [My feels are hurt.]


    • BK
      Just so we understand you… do you have on offer a higher, purer form of ethics (that you would not piss on) that will make young girls wet their pants?
      I am being serious. I mean, if your particular version of ethics will lead men straight to involuntary celibacy hell; at least find the nerve to say it out loud. That way, men can at least check out the thing that you are trying to sell to them,.


      • commenter like this remind me of leftoids/fundy conservatives in their weakness of mind.

        if you cant take care of yourself when the lights go out, then you literally need the group cohesion of a social order to survive.

        their appeal to “ethics”, “morality”, and “community” can be considered code for “i need firm leadership because i’m terrified to think/live/act on my own”


      • not you Rum, the one above you BTW


  25. “Jerks” don’t exist in a vacuum. They are the logical product of many a female’s sexual lust. In other words, many many women actively REWARD the worst men they’re always bitching about as some united “oppressed” collective in the form of feminism. If all women really wanted “nice” guys, my guess is that more men would actually….you know…have an incentive to NOT be like the murderer those two hoodrats are arguing about.

    As it stands, thugs and criminals of every shape and size seem to get women fairly easily while many “nice” and perfectly decent men struggle HARD and are often blatantly ridiculed by the female “victim” class for their efforts. Indeed, many many women wouldn’t know a good man from a slimy snake coiled up at the threshold of Hell. But it gets worse than that: Many women seem to completely understand the choice in front of them and still wholeheartedly PREFER the latter (while later on adapting the pose of a cosmic victim after their own stupid choices come back to bite them and society as a whole in the form of dysgenics). And shameless male geldings (hoping to enhance their own stock with the opposite sex) fall for this “little ole me” game or at the very least opportunistically indulge such posturing.

    Even after Hoodrat A in the exchange is warned by Hoodrat B, Hoodrat A seems determined to copulate with the murdering rat bastard “alpha” male. And the feminist lounge went crickets. It’s no wonder so many fathers “cock blocked” when the patriarchy reigned. If we have more murdering rat bastards in the world today per capita due to all the “SteveOh29″s in the world, certainly a series of dumb sluts being willing and eager recipients of such a person’s seed does nothing to stem a tide moving in such an unfortunate direction; as such, feminism has certainly done nothing to mitigate dysgenics.

    My guess is that that real estate lady (probably a nice enough, productive citizen on the whole) is dead today because some dumb slut copulated with a man of dubious distinction and created “SteveOh29.” Just a hunch. The difference is that people in the world actually call out men who are scoundrels at least SOMETIMES (especially when it fits a feminist narrative). Calling out dumb sluts for the effects of their behavior gets YOU vilified, the world over be damned.


    • on October 2, 2014 at 9:34 am ape with haircut

      “many many women wouldn’t know a good man from a slimy snake coiled up at the threshold of Hell”

      good and bad are arbitrary religious constructs. this world doesn’t reward anything but adaptation and survival. women are base and know this. they can rationalize ANYTHING and as a result are generally the stronger sex of a species that isn’t particularly strong, fast or well suited to any environmental niche. our advantage is our cleverness and our women are clever to the point of doublethink.

      right/wrong, good/bad are products of a weak mind in a world that is totally indifferent to our survival.

      in any given situation ask yourself what a woman would do. answer: whatever is in her best interest at the moment.

      i’m not saying this is good for society. i’m not saying society is good for human beings.

      homosapiens are a recent experiment. it has yet to be seen if cleverness is a trait this world will favor.

      think like a woman (selfish, impulsive, no moral compass) if you want to plow a lot of them.


      • “good and bad are arbitrary religious constructs.””

        Not exclusively. You’re trying to sound intelligent. And you’re punching way above your weight class.

        “this world doesn’t reward anything but adaptation and survival.”

        Maybe. But what survives is contingent upon many factors.

        “women are base and know this.”

        lol No, they don’t. They don’t know why they do what they do.

        “they can rationalize ANYTHING and as a result are generally the stronger sex of a species that isn’t particularly strong, fast or well suited to any environmental niche. our advantage is our cleverness and our women are clever to the point of doublethink.”

        You really want to make this about semantics don’t you? Which is completely beside the point. I’m not going to argue “good” and “bad” and “stronger” with you.

        “right/wrong, good/bad are products of a weak mind in a world that is totally indifferent to our survival.”

        They are based on value judgments. Human value judgments, at that. Nothing “religious” or “arbitrary” about that assertion, punchy.

        “in any given situation ask yourself what a woman would do. answer: whatever is in her best interest at the moment.

        i’m not saying this is good for society.”

        Well, based on what you said earlier, you have no grounds to even use that word “good.”

        “i’m not saying society is good for human beings.”

        I’m not sure anyone knows what you’re saying.

        “homosapiens are a recent experiment. it has yet to be seen if cleverness is a trait this world will favor.

        think like a woman (selfish, impulsive, no moral compass) if you want to plow a lot of them.”

        Thanks, dad.


  26. TRUE Alphas have no need for a harem. They hone their mad PUA skills on the inter-webs and lay in the cut waiting to pounce on the “right girl” from a good family. They announce their alpha-tude to her and she assumes the position wiht her oven door wide open. Once the buns are in, the True alpha can relax and live happily ever after.


  27. Just a poor example of society’s worst. Healthy, well adjusted 10’s don’t engage in this claptrap. This is based on a paradigm of sickness, not health.


  28. So I called my wife a stupid bitch because she sassed me with a shit attitude…..should I apologize or….she is really mad…


    • Nah, bring her over to my place. My homies and I will run a train on her. Serve her right. ‘Course afterward, she won’t be any good to a little white guy like you…


  29. on October 1, 2014 at 8:24 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Me thinks these need to make a comeback.



  30. this guys a clown and has no value, these “babycakes” are probably sluts and never had a quality guy. Who cares about some locked up goonie


  31. Theyre ugly, it’s nothing to be proud of.

    I can get girls like this fighting over me easily, show me some real cute chicks fighting over a dude then i’ll be impressed.


  32. Z Shame means well.. He problaby lives in Dallas or WACO. Selah.
    It is just that I am very sure that he never got around to the place of having to kill and butcher another, human; ie, once-was-another human “being”.
    There is eugenics that makes sense for the good people and there is eugenics that makes sense to J. Stalin.


  33. on October 1, 2014 at 11:15 pm Alex Jones SuperFan

    Maybe I ought to join a skinhead league after-all.


  34. on October 1, 2014 at 11:37 pm JenkPac Shakur

    Reason has been locked out. Devious cowards have stolen the keys and locked themselves inside your house. The only thing you can do is burn it down.


    They knew you might reach that conclusion, so they’ve launched preemptive salvos at you. ‘Diversity’, Ebola, etc..


  35. on October 1, 2014 at 11:40 pm JenkPac Shakur

    Humans will martyr those who think and speak what they think but don’t speak.

    You could fill an audience with people who’ve “White flighted” their way into the distant suburbs, and then have an individual speaking who explained why it happened; they will jeer and attack him. Therein lies the reason for the status of our ‘civilization’.


  36. Just read John Gay’s ‘The Beggars Opera’ from the 1720s, it’s about two chicks fighting over a highwayman. Full of hilarious red pill type information, “red pill” being what passed for common knowledge for pretty much all human history save the last 60 years. Fucking bizarre.


  37. Or it looks like this: http://wgno.com/2014/10/01/police-destrehan-teachers-had-a-three-way-with-a-student/

    Black 16 year old high school football star performing a ménage à trois with his two bangin teachers. It’s every high school boys fantasy!

    Yet what nightmares lay beneath the shiny facade… The older teacher, Defresne (32), is married, with three kids, and is the daughter of St. Charles Parish Judge Emile St. Pierre. The younger “teacher” had graduated the same high school in 2008.

    One bored housewife experiencing “the problem with no name” (I’d call it sluttery, but, hey, hypergamy could suffice) and another lost young lady who probably couldn’t bang the football star when she was in high school, but damned if she won’t now… I’m sure their respective hamsters can gloss up the motivations a bit, but either way, the rot goes deep. Not just in the souls of these two witches, but in society at large.

    Tales like this should chill the hearts of betas everywhere – polygyny is on the way, fast and hard, with the full force of a gynocentric State chugging along behind it. Game or die, gentlemen.


  38. No alpha has a woman who decides whether his data connection is on or off.


  39. Here is another example that was given on Steve Sailer’s site:


    One of DeBlasio’s aide’s is shacking up with a convicted murderer who openly brags about hurting women


  40. She was with only one other guy and they were broke off? Yet I don’t see anything about a divorce or the marriage being terminated.

    She’s a cheater.


  41. Chateau Heartiste,

    Heads up. 2 white teachers arrested for fucking some 16 yo BBC.



    • white whore teachers arrested for fucking a 16 yo male. Not confirmed, but local rumor has it it was Jamal.


  42. on October 2, 2014 at 7:26 am Gurney Halleck

    “Alpha male” in this case, as in so many others, amounts to “good looking masculine man.” The “good looking” part is essential. Always droning about alpha male this alpha male that without mentioning that looks are critical when it comes to the quality and quantity of women you attract is nothing more than the male hamster in action.


    • I’m sure you’re only interested in guys who are attractive. But then, that’s kinda how gays roll, no?


    • keep tellin yourself that. Women constantly say confidence is attractive. If you’re ugly with a small dick, it’s not surprising that you’d have no confidence. Just get a fat woman and settle like she will.


  43. “-Hm, she hasn’t texted me since yesterday.
    -Probably forgot to charge her phone.”

    But wouldn’t assuming the worst be beta as fuck as well? Isn’t it more alpha to assume that her phone is not charged than assuming she has an affair?


  44. on October 2, 2014 at 9:15 am Kanju Washmakokoff

    “I just don’t feel it anymore. I wish you the best.”

    LOL, they’re lucky to even get the second sentence.


  45. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/secret-service-requires-female-agents-meet-lower-physical-strength-standards-male-agents_808441.html#.VCxtNDqUXs0.twitter

    Yes, and a side aspect of this is that there is a MORALE problem among actually-qualified men in the secret service and military and everywhere else because of “PC” feminist crap. And even among office dwellers….everyone knows in their heart “reality” such as the stuff CH writes about here, but then we have to face a constant man-attacking bullshit radical feminist barrage 24/7 day after day while we are expected to “take it” and do the real work.

    Morale matters. Radical feminism and leftism has literally damaged the economy probably in an unmeasurable way in the past 15 years.

    I just did a long comment about it.


    • The same lower standards apply everywhere. Women have more “issues.”

      My daughter was a supervisor in a nursing unit. She much preferred the male nurses. They came in, worked their shifts, and went home. The women? Always had problems requiring some adjustments on the job or on the work schedule.

      I see in with professionals (physicians). The women are parasitic on men. They work fewer hours. No system staffed and run by women could ever compete fairly with a system staffed and run by (white or Asian) men. Which goes a long way to explain our “discrimination” laws.

      Which is just one more reason to sharpen your game and approach women objectively.


  46. Warning to betas: her longing for her ex could result in this scenario! http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/02/baby-looks-like-ex-research


    • Telegony is real, bitchez!!!!


      • We’re going to have to canonize Lysenko as patron saint of cheating wives.



    • on October 2, 2014 at 3:10 pm ZombieShame(the original)

      That just ruined my whole day! Get a virgin…a nice girl..from a good family…make sure the Darknes is not in her…if so Run Forrest Run…if she is good,tho,you know whats coming…wait for it…PUT SOME BUNS IN DAT OVEN!!!. I dont want to raise Quantavious keeyud! “Daddy gibs me dat allowance nomesayne fo ah come up da side oh yo hayed!”


  47. OT: It looks like Liberia is more concerned about ebola coming to the States than the U.S. is.

    I fully expect that ebola will spread to Western nations because the governments are afraid of appearing racist more so than containing a pandemic. Look at what happens whenever there is an outbreak of mad cow which has killed far fewer people than ebola, countries lock themselves down and imports are banned.


  48. The Enigma virus is far worse for you guys; it makes blacks read books and study-n-shit…


  49. on October 2, 2014 at 2:54 pm OldDogNewTricks

    Here’s a conversation I had last week at the bar at an upscale restaurant in the River North area of Chicago:

    ME (spotting open seat next to semi-intoxicated blonde, sitting NEXT TO HER HUSBAND): Is this seat taken?

    HER: It’s yours, but only if you’re good.

    ME: I’m not good. I’m not good at all.

    HER: Even better! Are you bad?

    ME: (Ignoring her question, of course) Are you a bad girl?

    HER: Ummm . . . a little, yes . . .

    ME: Are you a dirty little whore?

    Her: I can’t believe you just said that!

    ME: Well, are you? Are you a dirty little whore?

    HER: Yes . . . .

    Remember, guys, she was SITTING NEXT TO HER HUSBAND!

    So, lessons:

    1. Thank god for alcohol. Duh.

    2. Girls love bad boys. Again, Duh.

    3. If you TELL a girl you’re a bad boy, she’ll believe you. Why? because she WANTS to. You don’t have to actually DO anything like rob a train or kick a puppy to establish your bad-boy bona fides. Just tell her you are, and she’ll believe it.

    4. If you tell a girl you’re a bad boy up front, she’ll feel more comfortable being a bad girl, up front. You’ve established a frame that lets her feel comfortable being bad. Even if she’s sitting next to her husband!


    • did you bang her tho? Otherwise, who cares


    • on October 2, 2014 at 3:05 pm ZombieShame(the original)

      This was a funny little anecdote,as opposed to some of the Bible length screeds these wannabe PUA’s put up. Not that I am hatin’,mind you,just sayin,a nice story. I may try this.


    • In other words, you didn’t get butt hurt and start to rail against the feminist hegemony while waxing nostalgic for the good ol days of the patriarchy which you never knew…

      More guys here should take note…

      Dominant yet playful frame, being direct, flipping the script and sexualizing the conversation right away leads to a beautiful beginning… Stuff to learn here.

      But they will just post stupid Tits or GTFO replies instead… until their Mom gets dinner ready that is, can’t miss meatloaf night!


  50. i wont deny hes tuff but dam he looks like an inbred tard


  51. […] Two girls fighting over one man. This delightful menage a twat won’t be the theme of any mainstream rom-com any time soon, because the alpha male these two babycakes are fighting over is, allegedly, Arron (sic) Lewis, mystery meat marekiller…  […]


  52. […] On the other hand, real alphas have harems – Two women are arguing in a facebook comment thread over some asshole who, at the end of it, turns out to be in jail. A real alpha gets all the women. […]