Comment Of The Week: Game, Distilled

Commenter PA writes,

My red pill Game breakthrough was very simple: interact with women in ways that men would find annoying or even insulting: tease them, put them into defensive crouches, don’t give them straight answers. It works like magic, both in romantic relationships and in professional ones.

Of course, I’m not s sperg so I can do those things in a calibrated way.

This is about as pithy a description of the heart and guts of game (aka learned charisma) that you will read.

Last night, I had a beautiful dream. I dreamed a dream that all CH commenters were as insightful, succinct and coherent as PA. No homo. Then I woke up and saw an ASCII world of femx’s and thwacks. Le sigh.


  1. Re: your twitter about the Duggars, why do leftists hate the Duggars? I admire them actually and I think their children were raised well. They also struggled very hard to get to where they are today. They are an admirable family.


    • on July 30, 2013 at 12:14 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      My red pill Game breakthrough was very simple: “lotsas cokas 4u. . . sploogezlzoozo in your face zlozozozozo!”



      • on July 30, 2013 at 12:55 pm Zombie Shane

        > PA: “interact with women in ways that men would find annoying or even insulting: tease them, put them into defensive crouches, don’t give them straight answers…”

        > Heartiste: “No homo”

        In other words, ENJOY yourself around women.

        Don’t be uptight.

        Just relax*, kick back, and enjoy life.

        And especially enjoy life as it is lived the company of a woman [or, from the Alpha’s point of view, the joy which she experiences when she’s in YOUR company].

        Because if you behave like that around the guys, then you ARE a homo.

        *Cause nothing makes the pussy get all cold and dry and withdrawn like sensing that it’s in the presence of a beta who’s hopelessly uptight and CAN’T relax, no matter how hard he tries.


    • Leftists hate them because they’re white and reproducing.


    • Leftists hate everything.


      • @ Earl – Yeah, since their moronic, evil ideas don’t work, the fault must lay with the world…


  2. Just an observation that doesn’t have much to do with this post.

    I was at a wedding this last week, and there was this gorgeous blonde girl there. Well, should WOULD have been gorgeous. She was the sister of the bride- who was also gorgeous

    She was a HB 9 or 10, but she had these tattoos all over her legs. Pointless tattoos like rosaries and flaming skulls, and not in ideal places. She looked great otherwise and was dressed nice. Her family was clearly wealthy. Probably about 21 or 22. Her dad caught me looking at her legs (he looked as if he had been stabbed in the heart when he saw me looking, and was clearly embarrassed).

    It really bothered me to see that she had ruined herself with those tattoos. Why the hell would she do that to herself? I am rarely shocked at much anything anymore, but this has been eating away at me for days. I understand a well placed tattoo, but on a gorgeous upper middle class girl like that, in places on her legs that made no sense??! She didn’t seem like an attention whore, but maybe I’m wrong. It angered me to see it, frankly. Angry. Like Hulk.

    Any commentors please let me know what you think.


    • Tattoos, like tanning, are the emblems of sluttitude; a trend that indicates a society has gone far down the path of cads n lasses.


      • The recrudescence of primitive markers and forms of behavior in advanced socities is a telltale sign of decadence and decay.


      • Most men claim they hate tattoos on women…. yet most women today get tattoos, which leads me to believe it has minimal effect on whether men hit on them. I wish men who hate tattoos would just boycott women with tattoos.

        Disclaimer: I would benefit greatly from this scenario.


      • Most men prefer not to have tattoos on women…that they would have a serious relationship with. Most of those men would still bang a girl with tattoos. Myself I’m an outlier because it’s rare that I would bang a girl with tattoos. A small subtle one in a non-exposed place, maybe I can look the other way, but otherwise it’s just a turn-off. It’s a rare case that a woman looks more feminine with a tattoo, whereas a man can easily look more masculine with a tattoo (or a scar).


      • on July 30, 2013 at 4:47 pm Modern Primitive

        Depends on the tatt and the placement, but generally I’m not a fan


      • on July 30, 2013 at 6:27 pm suppressedtruthsociety

        I think plenty of men do like tattoos on women, but they aren’t the types who would be drawn to a blog of this nature.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 6:37 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Well I hang out in a lot of disreputable, or maybe alternative places. Which means a lot of people from different scenes, not the stereotypical bikers but from the Punkrock to Psychobilly to Rockabilly scene. I don’t dislike tattoos, as long as they’re well done and not too tacky.

        Of course it’s not a girl I would introduce to my parents or start a family with. Neither of which I’d ever do, parents are dead (well one half) and family is out of the question.

        The sad thing is, tattoos used to tell a story. Now they’re just accessories.


      • I hate tattoos and my main girl is covered in them. Sleeves, stuff on her back and sides, and she even has the face of a porn star tattoo’d on her leg.

        What the fuck is wrong with me!


      • on July 31, 2013 at 2:04 am gunslingergregi



      • You like the bad girls. 😉

        Isn’t the conventional wisdom that bad and/or crazy girls are the better in bed? Maybe tattoos are kind of a “sex tell”.


      • Tattoed chicks for the bang, no tats for wife material.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 12:37 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Do you really think so? Twenty, thirty years ago, that may well have been the case, when any visible tattoo of a woman—regardless of subject matter—might as well have read “Property of the Hell’s Angels.”

        But at this point, they’re so mainstream they’re not in the slightest bit noteworthy anymore. (Unless, of course, they’re awful. The tattoos that Veritas is describing sound fairly awful.) There are, what, at least three current prime-time TV shows devoted entirely to tattooing that I can think of off the top of my head…and they’re not “Hoarders”-style come-gawp-at-the-freakshow formats, either.

        Honestly, in 2013, it’s more shocking to *not* have a tattoo than it is to have one. And with the practice as widespread as it is, the law of averages rules that most of the women sporting ink aren’t going to be sluts, just average women with average notch counts.


      • …just average women with average notch counts.

        IOW, sluts. lulz


      • on July 30, 2013 at 12:43 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        That was good for a chuckle, GE, but brings up a serious question: What defines a slut? How would you define it?


      • Just because the age we live in has defined all of our behavior down, does not, in fact, make the average tattooed woman a virtuous creature. Your attempted rebuttal should just serve to show you how far the median woman has fallen these past hundred years. Slut is context-independent. If you came across an isolated island where every woman had a partner count of exactly 100, guess what, you’ve found an island of slutty women.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 1:58 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        OK, so in your opinion, the definition of “slut” is independent of context. I can respect that; I’m something of an absolutist myself. But how do you, personally, define it? Is it based on number of partners? Or is it an attitude?


      • It’s based on number of partners.

        However, the attitude may be the main information source for determining that.


      • on August 1, 2013 at 2:00 pm OralCummings

        You might say its based on the number of partners she has–while she’s fucking YOU!! Hopefully that should be ZE-ro.If she has a tatoo(s) it seems to “ratchet” the odds up a bit.


      • OK, so in your opinion, the definition of “slut” is independent of context. I can respect that; I’m something of an absolutist myself. But how do you, personally, define it? Is it based on number of partners? Or is it an attitude?

        If she’s a virgin but has more than 2 slut tells, she’s at high risk for sluttiness. If she’s not a virgin and has more than 2 slut tells, she’ll be a slut soon. Regardless of how many slut tells she has, if her notch count is greater than 3 outside of wedlock, then she’s already a slut. None of the above is LTR material.


      • >It’s based on number of partners.

        >However, the attitude may be the main information source for determining >that.

        When I was in Iran, I saw guys digging holes like that for themselves.

        “I wish a girl would want to marry me, because I want to have sex finally…” – said a 22 guy-virgin – “But if my sister looks at you, I have to kill her, I will not tolerate a slut in my family”


      • on July 30, 2013 at 4:52 pm anonymous does not forgive

        Any woman who has had sex with more than one man (exception, remarried widows)


      • Am I a slut? I’ve only had sex with two guys but I’ve made out with a lot more than that (~25) without going any farther. I have only given a blowjob to one man in my entire life though (the man I am with now).


      • 25 guys visited your mouth. Yes you are.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 2:17 pm Hugh G. Rection

        2013 it’s also far more shocking to meet a virgin over junior high age.


      • Spin, hamster. Spin.

        Tats = slut tell


      • on July 30, 2013 at 2:37 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        If we’re going to make this personal, Heywood, this is the part where I do the Big Reveal: I don’t have any.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 2:59 pm Hugh G. Rection

        We’ll just need full body shots to confirm.


      • Good for you. Keep it that way and you’ll be much more of a go-your-own-way individualist than the herd of skanks covered in ill-advised ink.


      • Tattoos are definitely the mark of the whore, even the discreetly placed ones. Good girls don’t have tattoos.

        “Honestly, in 2013, it’s more shocking to *not* have a tattoo than it is to have one. “

        There are still girls that don’t have them; I don’t and proud of it, even though some of my acquaintance do. LOL, they always look at me with guarded reservation. Like, I look down on them; I do… kind of. But, these girls are lots of fun too. So they’re good to party with, just don’t behave like them and get into slutty situations.

        “And with the practice as widespread as it is, the law of averages rules that most of the women sporting ink aren’t going to be sluts, just average women with average notch counts.”

        What’s average notch counts? 10, 20 guys?


      • on July 30, 2013 at 3:13 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I don’t know what the average notch count is for women, and I doubt they’ll ever be able to establish same, because (cue Dr. House) everybody lies. Even when they think they’re telling the truth.

        My point is just that I think the slut-ink correlation has broken down in the last couple of decades. Back in the 80s, you almost never saw a woman with a tattoo who wasn’t riding on the back of a motorcycle. Now I see high-school students who went out and got them on mother-daughter bonding trips.

        Full disclosure: I don’t have any, either, and I’ll tell you why. Back when I was in college I had a good friend who was an incredible artist. On a few occasions, before we’d go out, I’d bribe her to use these multicolored laundry markers that she had to draw fake tattoos on me. Beautiful, 3-dimensional, trompe l’oeuil designs—the kind of stuff that would cost thousands of dollars from a top-end artist if it were permanent.

        She’d actually make me into a real-life Rappaccini’s Daughter. Morning glory vines up the backs of both legs, like the seams of stockings. A briar patch’s worth of thorns on my sides. Love-lies-bleeding from the base of my spine to my hairline; atropa belladonna trumpets flowing from my collarbones up the sides of my neck.

        The effect was gorgeous. And men treated me like an idiot. No matter what sort of conversation we were having, they’d speak to me as if I were a developmentally delayed 3-year-old.

        No thanks!


      • The effect was gorgeous. And men treated me like an idiot. No matter what sort of conversation we were having, they’d speak to me as if I were a developmentally delayed 3-year-old.

        Ah, if only the rest of The Sisterhood™ could think ahead more than an hour or two like you did …


      • “Now I see high-school students who went out and got them on mother-daughter bonding trips.”

        Mothers are encouraging their daughters to get them, which means the culture has been sluttifed. Moms are supposed to educate their daughters against slut-dome. Instead, they abandon such talks with their daughters because they think it’s antiquated and archaic, and encourage them to experiment sexually. So, the moms are no better in the slut department from the daughters, and that’s a very bad development. It’s contributing to the decline of society. Usually, any decline in society starts sexually and goes downhill from there. I am happy to report my mom wouldn’t encourage me to get a tattoo, and my dad will kill both of us.


      • “The effect was gorgeous. And men treated me like an idiot. No matter what sort of conversation we were having, they’d speak to me as if I were a developmentally delayed 3-year-old. ”

        Maybe because you had magic marker drawings all over you?


      • on July 31, 2013 at 7:47 am RappaccinisDaughter

        You couldn’t tell that they weren’t real ink, Femx. Her designs fooled everybody, including an actual tattoo artist. (Said tattoo artist was also a woman and owned a shop, and tried to offer my friend a job on the spot.)


      • RD, sarcasm doesn’t come across on the interwebs well 😦


      • Your observation proves my point. The normalization, to the point of banality or ubiquity, of previously deviant behavior (not just ink, but across the board.. we all can come up with many examples) is the way civilization slips away. Tats may be a somewhat superficial sign of this phenomenon, which cuts through many areas of society.

        But on the other hand- maybe you’re right. I am of that generation that, in childhood, viewed tats as only for biker gangs or inmates. today’s suburban kids go to the malls to get them with no thought of that. So I’ll concede that as markers of decadence go, ink may be a harmless (if unsightly) one.


      • As a bit of “eternal optimist” spin I would point out that decadence and decline are not what you might have expected in your worst nightmares. This was brought home to me at the Australia Grand Prix this year. Some friends and I had entry to a private section there, spoiled rotten with service by waitresses-cum-aspiring models. One of the waitresses was sporting ink all over the place, yet she moved with such grace I couldn’t stop looking at her. She eventually came over to serve us and I started a conversation with her. I expected her to be one of these loony lefty hipster chicks, bursting with anti-knowledge, but to my surprise she was charming and insightful in a more traditional sense. This really caught me flat-footed. I think what may be happening is that these girls are fed the idea that they have “every right” to be complete sluts by feminist warpigs like Andrea Dworkin (which no man in his right mind would want) but their beauty attracts so much male attention that they have had plenty of opportunity (at least some of them) to discover what “works” with men, and that coming across like a complete slut is generally not one of them.


      • I met an otherwise nice looking girl with incredibly horrible tattoos, like put there by a stoned monkey flailing around with a needle horrible.

        She was heavily wealthy, from the nation’s asshole, I mean capital. I’m sure her daddy was proud.


      • Tanning is unattractive too? I know a lot of women overdo it and obviously it’s terrible for your skin, but is pale really preferable? I’ll admit to getting a little color at the beach in the summer… I think it makes me look much better. Healthier.


      • Pale is cold, a little tanning is definitely a good thing.


      • Pale is immensely better. Tanned is low class.


    • You’re a man after my own heart… it’s akin to seeing someone spray paint graffiti on the Venus de Milo.

      It’s one thing if some skank lowlife defiles herself… who cares?

      But when you see an otherwise (apparently) fine specimen of femininity ruin herself, well… something curdles the soul, and a piece of us dies.

      I try to be philosophical about it (lest, as you say, The Hulk looms) and chalk it up to a sign o’ the End times.


      • self flagellation? i’ve met this out of this world hot+cute 16yo that took up gym recently and aims to – get this – build muscle, lots of it. she’s a slut too, so my guess is she blames her looks for her slutiness and the resulting emotional turmoil. this way she’ll get tougher lololololol

        anyhow, will bang, legal here lolz, maybe i even manage to persuade her not to ruin her most powerful asset


    • on July 30, 2013 at 11:57 am Customer Service

      The dad was probably a pansy. The girl takes after the mom. What type of woman is able to slag a rich upper class man? Well either he picked his wife (unlikely) or the mom was high T and snagged the father, in which case the daughter would also be high T and act out sexually with tattoos against her beta father. Done. Answered.


    • I understand a well placed tattoo,

      Tattoos are trashy, period, and scream “Not mother material” on women. Granted, if you’re not looking for a mother, have fun.


    • someine one called into rush today talking about how women are socially conditioned to snag guys up and use them for their resources. she said this in reference to Weiners popularity in the under 25 woman group. weiner doesn’t strike me as beta or alpha. anyways, tats are a sign that women will hurt themselves to get even or get ahead. dont confuse this with struggling for something positive like saving for a house.


    • I would just like to add that I got to see her at the rehearsal, hence “she dressed well.” The bride made sure that the bride’s maids dresses were floor length. I felt itchy just looking at this girl.

      I can’t believe I got physically angry at seeing this girl.


      • i can understand it… the guy worked away the better part of life to put his daughters through school in return they show their appreciation by buttsexing, carousel riding, and getting tatted up… at some poin it became ok to take our gifts from God and give them to someone else to raise and teach.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 3:58 pm Zombie Shane

        > ” in return they show their appreciation by buttsexing, carousel riding, and getting tatted up…”

        You left out the ne plus ultra: Dating n*ggers.


      • Well hell’s bells… I think she was saying the black guy who was at the wedding… you pegged that one.


      • *Dating


      • on July 30, 2013 at 8:32 pm Alec Leamas

        Time to invoke the Roman right of paterfamilias.


      • In any situation, the most racist thing you can think of to say has a high probability of being true.


    • on July 30, 2013 at 7:09 pm Alec Leamas

      One of the most erotic things in the world is the smooth, immaculate clarity of beautiful female skin. Think about the first time you set foot into a Gentleman’s Club and your eyes feasted – not on faces or tits or asses, but on the skin itself, so smooth and flawless. (perhaps the result of body makeup, but . . .)

      A young, beautiful woman is like a Ferrari or a Porsche. I did not put bumper stickers on my Porsche’s bumper, mush less in random locations, for obvious reasons. These reasons are, perhaps, not yet obvious to foolish young women.


      • Pure skin, yes! This is my feeling exactly. I once said to a girl with a tat that you can’t improve on perfection. We males are wired to appreciate female skin, not fricken billboards. Tats are a travesty.

        My belief is that, just like any crowd following behavior, tats are a sign of insecurity and need to be accepted.


      • Around these parts, it appears to be state law that every girl must be tramp-stamped. The nurse pulls her out, says, ‘Yup, it’s girl’ , and off she goes to the ink shop to get at least a butterfly on her ass. They get ink before they get mother’s milk.


      • I assume you mean, “the need to be accepted,” not, “need to be accepted?”



      • what they need to accept is a good archie slap (not pimp slap, more like educational one, although pimp slaps are the bullet proof option lol)

        i really have no idea how to start practicing it without picking fights yet would like to be able to deliver a perfect one just for insult value should i be faced with a guy who’s willing to punch me in the face

        or do i? O_o


      • Yup, meant they are seeking acceptance so they follow the crowd.


  3. “learned charisma” is not limited to behaviors that annoy, tease, neg, or insult people. That’s one subset of behaviors that establish dominance and outcome-independence, but there are others. Different tacks work in different situations and for different people. “learned charisma” is actually a better, broader way to think about attraction and game than the usual MM script, precisely because it’s more open to context and personality. The dogma that you should never compliment a woman, for example, is more or less wrong. It’s the way you do it that matters. Push pull, not only push all the time.


    • “but there are others” means nothing w/out details.


      • the “mensch”- the larger-than-life, standup guy who effortlessly takes care of everyone.

        the protector- cop, military. to protect and serve, without being an asshole or abusing power. (some cops do one or both- I’m talking about the other kind)

        the genius/artist- visionary, sensitive, expressive. creation is essentially transgressive, but it need not be mean.

        the entrepreneur/titan of industry. with our without big bucks, this has elements of artist and mensch and is also aggressive, transformative, commanding.

        there are others- but you get the point. These are all masculine archetypes, that women reliably and forever go apeshit for, which are *not* bound up with the aloof asshole “chicks dig jerks” dogma, or (necessarily) teasing or annoying or insulting. the aloof asshole is a narrow sort of behavior, with a narropwer appeal, a subset of attributes of lotharios, rebels, etc. drawn from a set of historical types (opr stereotypes). Even then, the greatest seducers seem to always have had a certain feminine quality (a distinct subtheme on this blog from time to time).

        And yet that exaggerated, caricatured “aloof asshole” behavior does seem to attract the poon. Chicks do dig jerks. to spool this out and theorize a bit more, maybe that’s because traditional masculinity has been systematically demonized, caricatured, quarantied, and stamped out of society in the current 40+ year reign of feminism. So when women encounter it, it’s in the concertrated does of the jerk, rather than spread throughout the male half of the species (including the above archetypes) as had always been the case.


      • I get what you’re saying. These are all masculine “stock” characters that the girls can readily I.D. Yeah, you don’t have to be a jerk or an asshole. But ya gotta be unshakable in your resolve


      • So what you’re saying is women don’t actually go apeshit for these other archetypes. Only in chick fantasy land when the roles are played by a Chippendale with thwack’s package.
        IRL asshole game FTW.


      • on July 31, 2013 at 8:11 am What in the Bloody Blue Hell is a Barack Obama?

        I had a hard time internalizing asshole game, because I’m not an asshole. But nice guys do finish last.

        So here’s what works for me: I treat ’em like I did my sister growing up. Tease them relentlessly, find their buttons and push ’em mercilessly. Make up with them, then make them cry again. I learned all these lessons by the time I was 10. Being an asshole? hard. But driving my sister crazy? easy.

        But nobody wants to fuck their sister, so when they can’t decide whether they love you or hate you, switch to kino.

        If any of you guys had sisters growing up, you’ve got game.


  4. The way that I’ve learned to remember it is to imagine that you are playfully teasing your bratty little sister.

    Granted there is also the flirty, sexual undertone that I would hope you don’t have with your sisters, but it works to get in the right mindset.


    • on July 31, 2013 at 8:14 am What in the Bloody Blue Hell is a Barack Obama?

      absolutely. I posted above without seeing yours. Great minds think alike.


  5. “Then I woke up and saw an ASCII world of femx’s and thwacks. Le sigh.”

    Whaaa? Ur so mean! Am I supposed to love you more now?


  6. Game sho aint for anybody, and I sho aint winning any beauty contest anytime soon, but my married life has been happier (on both sides) since I have been minimally employing some of the most basic concepts and it has her chasing me.

    Hard to argue with results. Haters can spew forth all manner of unpleasantness, but nobody would be using it if it did not work.


    • Absolutely spot on, game concepts once properly internalised will bleed into every aspect of your life. I have friends and acquaintances that are completely owned by a woman who controls every aspect of their lives. Orders are issued that they know will be carried out without question, but what is worst about this is how they are despised for their complicity. Neither the man or woman is happy in these situations and the contempt in her eyes for his supplicating is glaringly obvious. No woman ever respected a man who jumps to her command, and men that behave in this way are the subjects of pity and derision among their peers.


  7. If his handle is “PA”, maybe he should spruce it up a bit, say, to “Pencilvania”.


  8. B-but what if you are a Sperg?



  9. I recently had the same thought myself. If another man spoke to me in the same manner as I do to girls on a date, I’d be irritated.

    As far as not giving straight answers, I usually give a funny, terse reply but then I get accused of being evasive. I usually just smirk and not say a word. Is there a better way to handle?


    • on July 30, 2013 at 1:42 pm Zombie Shane

      > “I get accused of being evasive. I usually just smirk and not say a word. Is there a better way to handle?”

      I’m so sorry, but I must have slept through the part where we got married.

      Do you know a good divorce lawyer?


  10. On a similar vein, my fav way of describing sexual escalation comes from Gambler, which is basically: “Is what you’re doing with her something that you would do with a male friend? No? Then you’re creating sexual tension.” So it’s kind of a continuation of the “do with her the shit you wouldn’t do with your buddies” idea.

    Are you talking about what she does for a living and if she comes there often? No sexual tension, you’d do that with male friends. Are you standing 2 feet away? No sexual tension, you’d do that with male friends. Is your hand on her lower back? Sexual tension, you wouldn’t touch your bro that way. Are you up close, staring into her eyes and down at her lips as she talks? Sexual tension, you wouldn’t do that to your bro.

    Anyway, massive value-dump for y’all over here:


    • Great value. Are you Tyler himself?

      I see it’s great that you’re respecting the experience of 55 year old millionaires.

      But don’t tell me that a 55 year old alpha will have no sugar babies in his harem. “Leading with your money is wrong because she’ll leave you when you don’t have it anymore” is not something an alpha worries about when he knows the sugar babies, among his regular harem, need replacing every six months because they grow old so fast.

      You don’t have to love and be loved back by every hot girl in the harem.

      I previously had the idea you rejected richer older guys because you had such a thing against men dating outside the US. Now you seem to be saying you respect the millionaires who stick around (and pay lots of taxes). If you could only lose that nonsensical disrespect for the international men of mystery. 😉


      • Dude, you might be the gayest troll over. The same way AVD was told, please see these rules.

        1) Start going out
        2) Start cold-approaching attractive women
        3) Add value on this comment board.

        I saw how you qualified yourself earlier in regards to talking about your little harem. Might have been the gayest thing I’ve ever seen. If you’re such a self-assured pimp-daddy. Why are you arguing in circles on this blog?

        Oh wait…


      • You’re not an international man of mystery. You’re a guy who buys hookers lol


      • Great stuff, YaReally, thx


      • Sugar babies are not hookers and you can have them and non-mercenary marriageable girlfriends at the same time.

        You seem to be Tyler himself spending a lot of time here trying to earn money and get customers for RSD. Are times so tough?

        You are the same age and write the same way. He’s short and acts like he’s trying to compensate. You seem to have the same issues. At the least you’re an affiliate on commission for traffic from this blog and a few others.

        You should be disclosing your financial incentive to be here.

        And you are stuck in the false assumption that guys here aren’t better than you are at game.

        We don’t go hungry at night clubs cuz they won’t let us go back in if we eat.

        I do go out and collect a lot of numbers without going hungry. My regular girlfriend and 3 sugar babies really are hard to top, however, so I often don’t call for second dates. I don’t dump anyone though. I’ll still gladly listen to what Tyler has to say about kissing girls instead of getting their numbers. I tend to just get their numbers and go on traditional dates. I’m all ears for good advice but not the fake beginners pablum you keep repeating.

        You just wrote a long rant about how you admire Hugh Hefner who has been paying for sex since 1959. Obviously, you know the difference between sugar babies and hookers.

        You would also know that finding good sugar babies requires opening them and gaming them and, thus, doesn’t threaten the advice products you sell. So you don’t have to qualify your man love for Hefner by saying it’s because he’s over 80.

        Instead of reading faggy Paul Coelho books, why not read up on Hefner.

        Hugh Hefner has had sugar babies since the 1950s. Don’t try to lie and say that you’re giving him a pass now because he’s over 80. You would have given him a pass in 1959.

        Hookers have had more partners than your average night club chick. A good sugar baby has had none or much less than the girls you troll for in clubs.

        If you admire Hugh Hefner, you admire me. My girls are better looking however. Real breasts for starters.

        But then you’ll say you admire him for becoming a famous left winger. Well, you have me there.

        RSD isn’t threatened by men acting life Hefner did in his forties. They will still have to open women, possibly kissing them in night clubs like Tyler says he does, in order to recruit for themselves. They are still your market if you don’t get your panties in a bunch for no reason and try to insult them.

        Meanwhile, remember that you aren’t being threatened by the manosphere concept that some foreign countries are better to live in and date in. Expats could be your customers as well if you didn’t go out of your way to show that they make you feel insecure and hostile.


      • And only 13 year old girls use the term LOL.

        Just like Tyler over-uses swear words so his customers see “value” in what he says, the use of LOL on a manosphere blog is really gay.


      • twice in your post bitch


      • lol

        “You should be disclosing your financial incentive to be here.”

        For the record and as I’ve said before, I’m not Tyler and I don’t work for RSD in any way. I recommend any product from any pickup company that will explain whatever I’m talking about or will help whoever I’m helping.

        Yes, surprise, surprise, some people just help other men because they want to help them fix their lives the way other men helped them fix their own, instead of for financial incentive or to get e-props. The PUA community was built on this concept of men helping eachother, before it got commercialized.

        RSD just puts out the most free content and Tyler is a freak of nature who’s able to break down and teach social dynamics in easy-to-understand videos. Other companies do a good job of rehashing already understood game concepts, but the RSD guys are pushing the limits and breaking new ground.

        And if you think there weren’t girls lined up to fuck Heff just for the chance to say they’ve fucked Heff (up till he became a wrinkly old raisin), then you haven’t been paying attention to this site. Maybe you’ve been too busy fucking hookers to pay attention lol

        Got a Day 2 with a 22yo super-feminine esthetics industry chick tonight. She’s cooking me breakfast in the morning. Total $ spent? $0. Because she likes me and I don’t have to pay her to pretend she does. Hooker-fucker. Lol


      • Again, you need to read the CH post that recognizes that, IF YOU ARE ALREADY DOING OK WITHOUT PAYING, there is nothing wrong with augmenting your schedule with, for instance, fucking your secretary whom you pay.

        When a boss fucks a secretary, that’s paid sex. When a father fucks his child’s nanny, that’s paid sex. When you fuck your 19 year old virgin housekeeper, that’s paid sex. Anyone working for Playboy who fucks Hef, that was always paid sex.

        We should be able to agree that, recognizing that women want to fuck their employers (like Hef), the only paid sex that is wrong is that which happens with actual professional “hookers” who are high count and non loyal by definition.

        Arnold was wrong for fucking his housekeeper because she wasn’t hot. Bruce Willis was right for fucking his nanny because she was hot.

        You’re a male feminist YaReally, if you wouldn’t fuck a secretary, nanny or housekeeper. Obviously, you’re giving Hefner a pass that you’d also give yourself. So I know you wouldn’t be a fembot in any of these situations. You’re just a hypocrite, trying to AMOG as usual when a reasonable

        You can call the women in these situations hookers if you want, but in the end they are just normal women.

        22 with a job is old. I wouldn’t spend a dime on that demographic either. I’ve seen the tramps you find attractive. I noticed you didn’t say she was a virgin or low count.

        On the other hand, I have to thank you for getting me out yesterday to do some extra day game. I quickly got a kiss close from an 18 year old and, later, a number close from a 21 year old.

        Also, you’re still unable to understand the concept of walking and chewing gum at the same time.

        If Hefner got fucked a few times only because he was famous and not because the woman wanted something out of it (which is paid sex), that still doesn’t take away from the fact that he has paid playmates for decades where fucking him was in the job description. There’s nothing wrong with that.

        Just recognize that this is what happens. At a certain point, if you have any status to work with, you will be having sex with a mix of those who like you for “yourself” and those who want something out of you besides an orgasm. Female orgasms, meanwhile, are not necessarily related to whether the woman was being mercenary or not. The secretary can really get off on submitting to the boss.

        What’s going on is you’re living in a deeply feminist culture. You seem proud that your 22 year old date has a job and can pay for herself, as if that makes her better than her 18 year old self.

        Also, I doubt that an American 55 millionaire would ever confide in you the facts of life which is that he’s fucking the hired help in addition to anyone else he’s gaming, because of the feminist sexual harassment laws that could shut him down if word got out.


  11. It really is two different languages you have to learn with men and women.

    Men…short, straight, respectful, and to the point.
    Women…slower, winding, authoritative, and who cares about the point.


  12. on July 30, 2013 at 12:33 pm Amanjaw Marcuntte

    Game can be summed up in two words: amused mastery. All else is commentary.


    • Detached, sarcastic, freewheeling…those are the attributes I believe are necessary for every man to navigate the sea of troubles in modern Western decadent society. With those three traits alone, and a healthy dose of Game, you will be able to avoid most of the snares and pitfalls that unwitting men gleefully step into throughout the course of their lives.


    • Amanda Marcotte with her cat


    • I can sum game up in one word: dick.


  13. on July 30, 2013 at 12:39 pm Obvious Troll is Obvious

    Got a question.

    Does game really only work on women with below average IQ? I say that because when I’ve tried to pull game on women that are of above average intelligence, like doctors, lawyers, STEM, etc., the women quickly become very annoyed and pick up on it right away. They usually roll their eyes and say “great, another stupid jerk”.

    [CH: Nice try, feminist, but the truth is that game works even better on smart girls, because those are the kinds of girls who better appreciate a well-executed seduction. Higher IQ = larger imagination = more love for novelty.]


  14. on July 30, 2013 at 12:52 pm Love's Orphan

    It is funny how far you can go by taking a risk. You push the limits little by little and you get that “I got away with it haha” smirk. Which then turns into “Ah, let’s see how deep will I go with this one” smirk when you approach the next time/one.


  15. I’ve never commented here before, but this post has inspired me to share one of my recent success stories due soley to the stuff I picked up on this site. Recently a super hot little twenty year old blonde prom queen type I work with started flirting with me. Up to that point I hadn’t really shown much interest due to the fact that I’m thirty four. I hadn’t shaken the Blue Pill mentality that it would be creepy to be hitting up a girl almost young enough to be my daughter.
    Anyway, she’d do things like nudge the back of my knee while I was getting a drink at the water cooler, causing me to spill water all over myself, playfully act like she was going to knock things out of my hands when I walked by her, etc.
    So to get back at her, I snuck over and smeared hand lotion all over the reciever to her phone while she was at break. When she came back, I gathered all my friends together and told them to get ready for a show. I called her number. She grabbed the phone and put it up to her ear.
    “Hello? Hello?”
    I watched from across the room as the look on her face turned from confusion to the dawning realization that something wasn’t right. She jerked the phone away and stared stupidly at it for a second before glancing up and seeing me across the room, leaning against a desk with my arms crossed smirking at her, surrounded by a group of hysterically laughing guys. Her face instantly turned beet red.I gave a little wave and turned around and went back to work as she frantically looked around for a kleenex to scoop the lotion out of her ear with.
    About an hour later she came over and knocked some stuff off my desk. I gave a slow shake of my head and deadpanned “Not cool, Jill. Not cool.” Again she turned beet red, her mouth fell open, and she stuttered something about how I had started it. Just then someone came up and interrupted us, and while I was talking to him, she disappeared.
    The next night she took off early. After I got off, I went out to the parking lot and found that she had smeared lotion all over the door handle of my car. I immediately sent her a text that said “Watch your back, woman. You just made my list…”
    She came back with “I don’t know what you’re talking about. LOL!”.
    The next couple of days I just made comments every time our paths would cross.
    “Are you ready?”
    “It’s coming…”
    “Be afraid. Be very afraid…”
    She’d laugh and say things like “Ohhh. I’m scared.” and, “You’ve got nothin’.”
    On the fourth day, I snapped a picture of her pickup in the parking lot and posted an ad on Craigslist with her cell phone number. “Must sell! Need cash immediately! $7,000 OBO” I posted the ad, and fifteen minutes later I got a text from her. “You devious bastard!”
    Me: Hahahahahaha
    Her: “Shit. I’m getting another call right now…”
    I didn’t see her again until three hours later when we took our break. She came up and punched my arm. “You’re such an asshole! I have sixty seven messages on my voicemail!”
    I laughed.
    Her: “Any idea when you’re gonna’ take the ad down?”
    Me: “Hmmm. I hadn’t given it much thought.”
    Her: “Seriously? I think you’ve made your point.”
    Me: “I’ll tell you what. Admit defeat, bow to my superior intellect, and awknowledge that you never should have screwed with me, and I’ll think about it.”
    Her: laughing “Screw you!”
    Me: shrug my shoulders “Suit yourself.”
    Her: “Okay, fine. I admit it. You win. I accept defeat.”
    Me: “That’s all I needed to hear. Why don’t you come have a beer with me after work and help me celebrate my victory?”
    Her: laughing again “God, you’re such a douche. Fine. Where do you want to meet?”
    We went out to the bar after work, and I literally didn’t have to do anything. She was all over me. We had three beers, I invited her over to my place, and fifteen minutes after we walked in the door we were going at it.
    A year ago, I would have been fawning all over her, asking her out to expensive dinners, and listening attentively like a good beta, trying to come off as caring and sensitive. And probably would have ended up with nothing to show for it but a pair of blue balls. This stuff seems so obvious to me now, but it never even would have occurred to me to act this way until I found the manosphere sites. Particularly the Chateau. Amused mastery, cocky douche, and flirting like a little kid on the playground pulling a girls pigtails.


    • *IF* true, then kudos.



    • on July 30, 2013 at 5:00 pm Hugh G. Rection

      On the note of pranks, you can actually order Jehovas Witnesses online to come to someone’s house.


    • I’d say congrats on not screwing it up, and congrats on your being attractive to her in the first place, but basically none of you later behavior (other than not screwing it up as I mentioned) had anything to do with you getting laid. The very fact that she was nudging you in the back of the knee and other things means she was not only showing the so-called IOI (indications of interest), she was showing IOFMN (Indications of Fk Me Now.) If a chick is doing that sort of stuff there is no reason to go into an elaborate “alpha” dance.


  16. “Then I woke up and saw an ASCII world of femx’s and thwacks”

    The mirror above the bed was a bad idea.


  17. on July 30, 2013 at 2:28 pm Phillyastro

    Used the CH line “you girls have the best fake smiles here” line last weekend. Unfortunately, the girls seethed and their white knight friend threatened to fight me. I just mentioned it wasn’t worth getting bruised over a chick you’re not fucking. He looked confused, and I walked away. Que sera sera.


  18. I was wondering. what do men do when game doesn’t work. I think there are exceptions when no matter how much you game a woman, it’s not going to make her yours. She might like you.. but the way game is described could be very frustrating if it was so consistent.

    For example if I were interested in a man, and he were never to give me a straight answer I would walk away. It’s not that a part of me would not buy into it and like him, I would just get frustrated. Sometimes in life we have to be serious, how could a woman possibly understand if a man was mature enough to be a husband of father of her children if he was constantly up and down playing with her emotions.

    My point is, to draw the woman in, for sure, it can pluck her attention, but there has to be a limit to game, game is not necessarily synonymous to being an Alpha male. For that there has to be a balance, never getting straight answers would play with my head too much.. I think I would be aware that a man is using game tactics, then again, maybe I’d be oblivious to it, and in the end logic would win because I know there would be no possible way I could live being constantly gamed. In my opinion, being an Alpha male is knowing when to turn off that game sometimes, I like to live in harmony with a man, and know he is strong and in charge, but also not being a nervous wreck that he cannot ever give me a straight answer ever. Straight answers are Alpha.


    • If you were really really really interested in him and he did’nt give you a straight answer then what? Hamsterisms in 5, 4, 3….


    • on July 30, 2013 at 3:02 pm Hugh G. Rection

      Well that’s how you think you would react.


      • Well, I once liked a man, so much. This was a few years back, anyway, I felt crazy about him, but he was so hot and cold. He always was so lovely to me when he called me, we had great conversations, and then suddenly he wouldn’t call me for 2 weeks. And then he would call me again, and this continued for a long time. Calling often, then suddenly no calls. It was too stressful for me and I knew if I continued to have contact with him, or dated him he would break my heart. He was just so inconsistent, so I got tired of it. I said to myself no more contact, and when he called again I told him I thought it was best we stopped speaking.
        Then he got crazy and wouldn’t leave me alone, even now he calls me 3 years later. I changed my telephone number and he got hold of it.
        Being constantly inconsistent and me never understanding what was going on felt so horrible. So I understood the right thing to do was not get involved, as much as it pained me at the time.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 3:52 pm Hugh G. Rection

        (Cyber)Stalking is neither game or alpha. Nice try though.


      • No he was from my country. but he was in another town, I knew him from a Church I went to there.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 5:19 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Oh yeah, church people are masters at game.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 5:45 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Which is now totally out of line with the kind of character you try to portray here. Probably made the guy up, too.


      • Why would I make him up? Many men go to Church but are not as devout as they should be. It’s very common.


      • on July 31, 2013 at 4:37 am Hugh G. Rection

        Some of them even work on the Sabbath. They should be put to death.


      • Talking on the phone for a long time is like being in a rocking chair or taking drugs.

        You are doing a lot of something that ends up as nothing.

        For men…the phone is to set appointments…not talk.


      • I suppose that makes sense.


      • on July 30, 2013 at 6:44 pm Alec Leamas

        Did he have an awesome mustache? I heard it said once on a television program that a Cretan man without an impressive mustache is no man at all.



        If you’re doing it right, you’ll be less beta early on when the girl needs to feel your masculine sexy energy, and more beta later on when the girl needs to see more signs of commitment. You’ll be more alpha up front, less later (as a function of time spent together), and the beta behavior that is more like a pleasantly surprising seasoning during the early stages of courtship will become more of a staple in an LTR.


    • When game fails, you move on. Also, what “good game” is, changes with every step of the interaction. That’s why some of the advice seems contradictory. For example “never giving straight answers,” is best early on when you’re building value, whereas “terse game” is better later once you already have value to the girl. “Turning off,” game is far from “oh ya, now I’ll give straight answers.”

      When a man uses too much of a particular game tactic, that is what we all call “overgaming.” It usually stems from a failure of calibration. Calibration is one of the biggest skills in game, and it gets to this next point:
      Straight answers when warranted, are Alpha. Someone who views every entreat for his thoughts and desires as worth time will fail at this whole endeavor.

      Calibration, according to history:

      ““The better part of Valour, is Discretion; in the which better part, I haue saued my life”

      — Henry IV, Shakespeare.

      “Any one can get angry — that is easy — or give or spend money; but to do this to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time, with the right motive, and in the right way, that is not for every one, nor is it easy.”

      —- Aristotle.


    • I’m not going to call you a liar, but woman are amazingly inept at introspection. On a mission trip some months back, I asked one of the older chaperones to list three or four qualities she looked for in a guy, then asked her how many of those qualities were in the last five guys she dated. I kid you not, her answer was zero. The difference between what a woman says she desires, and what she actually desires, is (often times) one hundred and eighty degrees.


      • That’s really true. I am not saying I didn’t desire him, I did, and I’m sure him not calling made me like him even more. And if I wasn’t a Christian I would have fallen into it. But I knew some things that told me this wasn’t a man who was good for me. I also prayed on it a lot and I knew I had to detach myself from the situation. Game is no weapon against a woman of faith, because a woman of faith seeks God’s will for her in every situation.


      • With respect, a woman of faith is still a woman. Game works. Before marrying my wife, we dated for some time, and about two years into the dating stage, I found game, or at least learned to treat girls I was interested in the same way I always treated girls I wasn’t. Completely changed the relationship. She used to be super paranoid, and a border line control freak, now, not at all. My (now) wife is a deeply religious woman, but game principles still work.


  19. This is a good point… You MUST strike a balance. Seamless transitioning. It can’t be obfuscate and tease day and night 24/7… You have to be able to smoothly calibrate to your surroundings, girl and situation, always being aware and present in the emotions of the moment.

    She may need to see a softer real emotional side from time to time, a 20 minute session of fun and ass-smacking-teasing followed immediately with a long hard hug and a kiss on the forehead. Mixed signals is the key.

    This all depending on if you actually “like” a girl for more than a 2 or 3 week bang-fest… But since your example and question revolved around actually LIKING someone, that’s what works for me.

    As CH has said many times… teasing and joking and fucking around all day long makes Jack a dull boy. You must strike a balance.


  20. Embracing, I think the “never give a straight answer” advice is more for the initial approach, when he’s trying to get the girl interested enough to engage with him. A little mystery is fun and intriguing. If it progresses into dating, of course the guy has to start actually answering some questions. A little mystery is one thing, but worrying about whether the guy is a fugitive or a sex offender is another.


  21. Just glance over the girls comments. It’s theory about themselves anyway and not abstract ideas.


  22. […] Comment Of The Week: Game, Distilled […]


  23. Ya know: ‘game’ wouldn’t draw nearly so many haters if it was called ‘learn how to be the charming rogue that women love’. Of course, that’s harder to type.


  24. Most men. If you hang out with a group of naturals, though, this is all they do to one another. Coincidence? Probably not. Maybe men could develop better game by learning to thrive in one of these groups. I notice most people who can’t hang kind of come in and out of the circle (ya man, you and those guys are cool but I just don’t like the constant shit talking all the time you know?). And to date none of those men are the type of men getting laid regularly (when I say get laid, it’s by girls as good or better looking).

    The entire experience just toughens you up and provides constant motivation to always get better. Constant competition. I’ve grown to enjoy it to the point of sort of looking down on other male friends who aren’t as competitive….


    • Ha, yeah, I used to be intimidated by it in my beta days, but now I wish I could find some brahs to hang out who did “shit talk” on each other. Or at least more regularly. Once in a while I get to, and I feel energized.


      • Yeah, I think the big wake up call for me came when a natural buddy was like….’ya man, you know why I fuck with you so much, man?’ I just shrugged. “Because you give a fuck. Like, who gives a fuck what I think? Honestly. Seriously. Who gives a shit. Stop giving a shit about anything I say or do about you.”


      • The good thing about rolling with these guys (I’ve lived with a few in NYC the past years) is that it’s constantly forcing you to develop a really quick wit. You learn how to talk shit back to the bro-mogs and to do it in a way that is friendly and displays that you “get it.”

        I don’t know if the ratio of knowing the “bro-talk” translates 1-to-1 into PUA, but I’d say that it definitely helps you carry yourself out and helps you to befriend that kind of person.

        A few years ago (Year 2010 BG) *BG = Before Game*
        Bro-Mog: Hey, Immoral, when was the last time you got laid, brah.

        Me: Ah well, it’s been a while, maybe a month or two. I was seeing this chick but she went cold on me. I def need to build up my pipeline for the winter.

        Nowadays (Year 2013 AG)
        Bro-Mog: Hey, Immoral, when was the last time you got laid, brah

        Me: (Pauses, checks invisible watch on wrist) Shiiiiiiiiiiet, bro, it’s been 4 hours since 5 o clock.

        ***The group and the bro-mog laugh***

        And it all makes sense now too. Agree and amplify, make the bro-mog qualify himself, learn to go with the vibe of the group and be rambunctious when it suits you. Yeah, at first it depersonalizes the interaction when you’re thinking about this stuff, but hanging out with the fratty guys over a few years and it becomes second nature.

        One thing I notice though, each and everyone of them has a thumbscrew, a sore spot, or some kind of weakness that they’re insecure about. As alpha as they may appear at the college bar, some of it can be tied to covering up a deficiency that they don’t know or don’t want to fix.


    • Yeah, it just gets back to this general attitude people have of running from bad situations. That’s what society in general teaches — “those people don’t like you for you? well screw them, leave and find your reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal friends.” The true translation: you are hanging out with people who are either higher value than you are or perceive themselves to be, go tag along with people who are in your league.

      And that’s a fine attitude for a woman to have, I imagine. They can “just leave.” But, as a man….you gotta stay and fight. If you’re that big of a bitch, that you can’t even earn your keep or carve out a nice in your little circle of so-called friends….how will you be able to do anything?


  25. @Scray

    Wow your words hella hit a spot with my social circles. Particularly this sentence – “ya man, you and those guys are cool but I just don’t like the constant shit talking all the time you know?). And to date none of those men are the type of men getting laid regularly (when I say get laid, it’s by girls as good or better looking).”


  26. What does “s sperg” mean?