Comment Of The Week: Delayed Obsolescence Edition

everybodyhatesscott (poor scott) writes,

If women had 300 years of quality pre-wall existence, they’d spend the first 298 years partying and the last 2 looking for a husband.

And they’d go through 50 litters of cats.


  1. Comment of the week?? LOL this should be a sticky post at the top of the site!


    • close to it, yes. but i’m thinking ‘younger tighter thirty pounds lighter’ would be a better choice.

      i am currently living in the self-made hell of dating women in their thirties that are looking for a soft place to land after their complete irresponsibility concerning mate choice, children, a plan for their future, a recognition of the coming wall, etc. and there is no end of tears and guilt they will lay on you to make you feel like you are less a man for not picking up their baggage and carrying it to your grave.

      i have developed a decent stoneface to combat it but that’s all i’ve got. i gotta shoot younger.


      • i am currently living in the self-made hell of dating women in their thirties that are looking for a soft place to land after their complete irresponsibility concerning mate choice, children, a plan for their future, a recognition of the coming wall, etc. and there is no end of tears and guilt they will lay on you to make you feel like you are less a man for not picking up their baggage and carrying it to your grave.

        Can I frame this and install it inside every men’s room in America?

        +1000 on the stoneface


      • with my compliments and a free signed photo of what stoneface i can actually muster, yeah absolutely.


      • Well, at fifty-five the thirty somethings aren’t too bad. I just tell them that I’m in no hurry to force anything and that I’ll settle down when the “right one” comes along. Works like a charm, and it’s not even a lie.


      • i am with you there. in my mind (it’s a ways off yet) i think at 55 i will be ready to take the plunge and attempt to raise a son. so some childless late 20s to early 30s gal will be in my sights at that point.

        for now i need to try to get back to women in my same stage of no-future-lifestyle 🙂


      • I’ll take the plunge by the time I’m 40-45. At my peak, that is. I won’t be setting for a 30 year old used up woman, I assure you that.


      • “and there is no end of tears and guilt they will lay on you to make you feel like you are less a man for not picking up their baggage and carrying it to your grave.”

        I just had flashbacks …. the horror …….. the horror.


      • “…there is no end of tears and guilt they will lay on you to make you feel like you are less a man for not picking up their baggage and carrying it to your grave”

        Buddy, you said a mouthful!! I feel bad for the straits they’re in (modern American women have been sold a bill of goods), but that sentence bears repeating. Rarely do you see that much high octane truth crammed into a sentence.

        I avoid the ones you refer to and social climbers (nest featherers) at all costs. Great post.


  2. Only in dystopias.


  3. Lobsters, anyone? Lobsters appear to be functionally immortal — that is, they don’t age (and apparently only die from external causes). They do this by becoming more fertile as they get older (so selection favored longer lifespan).


    • One more reason to eat more lobsters.


      • If I was a lobster I would eat myself.


      • Crabs will do, in a pinch.


      • If you’ve checked the CDC stats, crabs are already alive, well, and drug-resistant – one of the reasons I’m actually glad to be off the market.


      • How the hell can someone still catch crabs? I have no hair down there, and won’t fuck anyone that does.


      • I knew a gal who worked the clinic at a university, and the week after Spring Break was always labelled on her clinic calendar “STD Week.” Not because they were being snarky, but so the people working there remembered to log extra hours and order in lots of extra supplies.

        I’m pretty solidly in Beta-Land right now, focused on bringing up my daughter not to be one of Heartiste’s example posts, but I am really glad my “fucking everything that moved” days were before things like drug-resistant gonorrhea came on the scene.


    • on September 22, 2013 at 8:52 pm Third Beta from the Sun

      I was gonna bring up ‘larry the lobster’ from sponge bob, but thought best of it.


  4. on September 22, 2013 at 12:31 pm everybodyhatesscott

    It’s the small things in life.


  5. Would we be able to meet the demand for yoga pants?


  6. They’d spend 298 years getting ‘educated’ thinking it makes them more attractive. No, being a 40yo human resources manager with MA in women’s studies doesn’t make you sexier than a thin, illiterate 20yo cleaner.


  7. With human life extension (and/or immortality) at least a possibility in the 21 st century, that’s at least a possibility. A post-scarity, post-mortality world would look very different than today. I wouldn’t mind it myself, it’d be pretty great to have unlimited time to learn unlimited things. Humans for the most part probably wouldn’t be very human long after, for all kinds of reasons.


    • Watching a lot of scifi, are we?


    • Unless you can extend your 20’s and 30’s by an extra decade each; the whole life extension biz is bullshit.


      • on September 22, 2013 at 7:16 pm depressed_danny

        It will probably wind up extending the ass end of middle age. Everyone thinks OMG I CAN BE 20 FOR 40 YEARS! No, you’re still going to have to work and get a job, which takes stress out on your body. You’re still going to get in accidents and shit, giving you scars and deformities. You’re still going to drink and do drugs which warp your skin and looks. Remember awhile back some pics from girls who were hot at 19 and the after photo at 23 after only 4 years of partying hard and riding the carousel? Grotesque. Life extension just means you’ll be able to physically work longer for the man, it isn’t going to turn us all into a bunch of Vampires who look 24 forever with clear skin and no disease. Odds are your mental capacities will still degrade at the normal rate, so we’ll have a bunch of people living to 200 who have been crazy since they were 80.

        Sure sounds like a Utopia.


      • on September 22, 2013 at 9:34 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        Professional actuaries are the ones who are qualified to discourse on that. i’ll record your own comment in the Peanut Gallery


    • how many NASCAR races for morons before they realize it is boring? Or just about any type of sporting activity. Post scarcity, post mortality – saw that movie, it’s A Clockwork Orange.
      Do you never visit a WalMart on a Friday night and see what most of America is like? And the rest of the world is worse.


    • Exowombs and sexbots. In the early days of the brave new world, men will be more satisfied than women because their primal urges are more transparent, and technology will cater to them. Back to nature movements for women will proliferate among the wealthy. None, however, will be universallly popular because none will be able to articulate the nature of women in the language of women. Androgynous offspring will be officially encouraged, but concerned parents will bribe genetic engineers and exowomb nurse technicians to endow their progeny with masculine traits. Eventually women as we know them will be forgotten. Their spirit will live on, though, in viral software programs designed to infect sexbots with irrational quirks and transmitable drama. Japanese geeks, who regard such imperfections as charming and sweet, will become the world’s connoisseurs of infected sexbots. They will dominate the market for sexbots, and over time all sexbots will come to vaguely resmeble Japanese chicks, as far as anybody can remember.


    • Human Life Extension; if it ever happens will most likely be available (affordable) to the rich.

      I can only hope that if it does ever happen that those who have undertaken the “procedure” reach about 150 and then start suiciding do to boredom and disillusionment.


  8. Women could have everything they want on this planet…and then complain they still don’t have enough.

    Why…because they will never have a Y chromosome.


  9. on September 22, 2013 at 2:55 pm Never Mind the Balzac

    “If women had 300 years of quality pre-wall existence, they’d spend the first 298 years partying and the last 2 looking for a husband”… And screaming – WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE.


    • And screaming – WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE.

      They are back in your 20s where you left them.


      • It’s only a matter of time before they all start withholding sex until men build them a time machine to right this.


      • As if someone needs their rotten sex when they are about to hit the wall!

        Once you decide to give it away for free when you’re young, no smart man is ever going to pay for it.


      • Withholding sex…HA!

        Sex is the only thing they got.

        My grandfather told me if it wasn’t for their tits and puss…men would have killed them off a long time ago.


      • Only the nagging whiny ones. Modern eugenics is easy though: leave them to their cats.

        It’s a difficult period to get through, but eventually the smart ones will be gone. They’re literally too smart to breed.


      • In this age any woman who withholds sex places herself into the category of expendable. Not talking about the virtuous types, rather the acid spitting harpies.


  10. on September 22, 2013 at 4:58 pm Modern Primitive

    Wouldn’t you?


    • Cats aren’t my thing but I’m pretty sure I’d spend the first 100 years fucking around… the next 100 years giving birth to 50 or so kids and then the last 100 teaching them how to fuck around by example.


    • Yeah, that comment is crazy. What would really happen is that they would spend 500 years fucking around and then complain men are afraid of commitment.


  11. Putting on a helmet and strapping yourself into a race-car for the purpose of competing on an oval track is quite a bracing experience.
    The first thing you realize is that, at every single second, you are driving straight towards a concrete wall.
    Then you realize that there are no safe run-offs.
    Then you realize that the promoters of the race event are perfectly content to expend your life for the goal of selling a few more tickets.

    But it is the most fun in a car you can have with your seat-belt on and hot chicks want to worship your cock.
    Nothing needs any explaining.
    God be praised.


    • Meh… just keep turning left.


    • on September 22, 2013 at 6:20 pm Modern Primitive

      It’s more fun on a motorcycle.


    • I have never understood the allure of car racing. It’s like commuting to work at Encorpera every day.


    • Not complaining here and no disrespect, but why did you bring up this topic?

      I love driving fast, when I was younger I had a muscle car and I used to street race just for fun ( not for money )

      I was a daredevil, came close to killing myself a couple of times. But always managed half by luck and half by skill, to avoid tragedy.

      But I loved the thrill of it all, I got a “high” from it that can not be described and that is better than any drug, I still like it but I now own an ordinary car ( although I installed headers and cold air induction ) and am much older ( 54 next week ) and speeding tickets nowadays are from $400 to $1200 and I risk losing my license, so I rarely drive fast anymore.

      when I was in my 20s a ticket was like $50 bucks and they did not take away your licence.

      But… why did you mention racing ?


  12. German women are very thorough, in what they do, and so they swallow every spurt.
    I like the fact that the last used car I sold is now in a high-profile private museum in the Fatherland. A lot.


    • What type of car was that?

      Cars used to be my passion, especially cars from the 1970s.

      I have watched the car chase in the movie “Bullet” about a hundred times

      I used to drive almost as wildly as they do in that movie.


  13. OT,

    “Buffie the Butt model” proving she was once a skinny girl:


  14. Get your daughter on a strong, crazy, dangerous horse by the age of 3.
    There will be no chance she will turn like the above.
    Wake up and smell the history. Diana Spencer was not exactly a failure of lookism. Neither are any of the other girl children of the Elite.
    S Speilbergs daughters rode Dressage competitions against the daughters of D. Trump. Makes them all Smoking hot, and sane.
    My own daughter won enough important equestrian events by the age of 16 that she was getting checks instead of me having to write them.
    Open your eyes and push ahead. There ARE things that work.


    • There’s a column on Return of Kings that claims that women who are into horses are batshit insane…


      • copy that. every one


      • I can ABSOLUTELY CONCUR that is 100% accurate.
        If she is “into horses”… RUN (don’t walk) away from her.


      • Don’t know about that.

        Bearing in mind that 100% of women, period [heh], are batshit insane, my experience is the opposite – that horsey chicks (and, by extension, rural types in general) tend to be more down to earth and sensible than supposedly intelligent ‘sophisticated’ urban/non-outdoorsy females. The latter are more likely to be the ditzy, stupid, crazy ones, imo.

        What horsey chicks are, which can be mistaken for craziness, is seriously devoted to their animals. And I mean seriously. Obsessively so.

        So long as you can accept that – and that you will always be of secondary importance to a horse – I would highly recommend equestrians. They’re a lot of fun and – bonus! – tend to be in good shape, since looking after horses requires a lot of hard, physical work.

        I’ll take a trim, horse-riding gal in tight jodhpurs, who likes to spend her time outdoors in the fresh air or up to her knees in manure mucking out stables, over the typical bar-hopping, self-obsessed, polluted city skank any day of the week.


      • Tell me something. I always wondered if their talent for riding horses would transfer well to riding dicks.


      • My ex-wife is a horse chick. They live at the stable and care only for their horses. I too will run like hell from any woman who mentions horses.


      • Your experience is not the standard for that kind of woman. In fact it is the opposite.


      • got a hot cousin totally into horses
        some day, man, some day


      • jodhpurs

        So thats what them things are called?



      • They are indeed crazy as fuck, more than nurses. They are fun for a while before they melt down.

        My theory is that a horse is like a massive vibrator, plus they learn at an early age how to be control-freaks.


      • No matter if they are into horses, cats, shoes, vegetarianism, poetry or pottery et cetera, at least 95% of women are batshit crazy.

        it is in their nature.


    • I’m batting 100% in my experience of horse girls being crazy. Heard this from friends too.


      • If by Diana Spencer you mean the former Princess of Wales, her looks left me completely cold.
        Besides, what applies to royalty, nobility & celebrities does NOT apply to the 99.99999% of others.
        Ditto on horse girls being batshit nuts.


    • Why do you keep repeating this on different threads? It’s stupid. No, I would never put my daughter into horseback riding.

      1. It’s dangerous.
      2. It’s dirty.
      3. Girls can lose their virginity on a saddle.
      4. Waste of money.
      5. Girls obsessed with animals (any kind) are nuts.

      I would rather put my daughter in singing classes or something feminine like that.


  15. CORRECTED, albeit in a minor manner: “And THEN they’d go through 50 litters of cats.”


  16. I think the quote would be more accurate if it said spent 300 years partying, five years banging losers who blow smoke up their butts, and then the next 100 bitching about not being able to find a man.

    Two years implies at least some rationality and planning.


  17. on September 22, 2013 at 9:02 pm Never Mind the Balzac

    “If women had 300 years of quality pre-wall existence, they’d spend the first 298 years partying and the last 2 looking for a husband.”

    Just as women have difficulty visualising how a small car will fit into a big parking space, they also seem incapable of visualising how a short period of attractiveness fits into a relatively long life.


  18. Women are optimising their happiness nothing wrong with that. As long as beta crowd hails the pussy women will continue to delay marriage. Golden age for alpha unlike caveman who risked his life for a fuck. Now you can fuck and rest assured the women will abuse a poor sod for the last penny or his resources.


  19. on September 22, 2013 at 9:19 pm redpillsetmefree

    Just as women have difficulty visualising how a small car will fit into a big parking space, they also seem incapable of visualising how a short period of attractiveness fits into a relatively long life.

    Perfectly stated. They always assume they’ll have the same level of attractiveness at every stage of life.


  20. All else aside, any woman that will stay home and home school and take care of your children for their first 13-14 years is about all a guy can ask for these days. If we can get enough womenz to do that, and do a decent job of it this country could straighten out in a few years.

    Until we make smarter children this liberal utopian nightmare will never cease.


  21. The truth of the OP comment is proven easily by spending a few weeks on


  22. Weekend Fuckup/FR-

    This weekend I went out of town to visit a friend in another city. Considered it to be a perfect time to get in some approach practice. My friend is kind of unsure about getting into the game, but we worked together to reach some new heights. My goal for him was to achieve his very first cold approach (usually he just jumps into my convos in a pretty uncalibrated way ((we never discussed a wingmanship gameplan)) and the goal for myself was to acquire as many fuckups as possible. Missions accomplished.

    Tried some chessy Simple Pickup lines from their latest video:

    “Do you have a bandaid? I scrapped my knee falling for you.”

    ‘Kiss me if I’m wrong, but do dinosaurs exist?”

    And just regular approaches with “hey, I think you’re cute”.

    Results-wise, I did pretty terribly. But if we’re talking how many attempts I made to get my head out of this fearful mindset, I did a lot.

    I’d say around 20 approaches max.

    Also picked up the ring-finger routine and have been practicing it a lot. Very potent in comfort.

    Nighttime Appoaches

    Approached groups of girls, some mixed sets. Had many girls just walk away. Talked to a HB8 at a stoplight:

    Me: Hey I think you’re cute.
    HB8: (Not looking at me) Thanks
    Me (in my head): Shit this is exactly what Mystery said would happen!
    Light changes, she walks off.

    Opening with negs. Gotta try that sometime.

    Approach 3-set at local bar/club:

    Me: “Hey guys who do you think lies more, girls or guys?”
    One of the girls responds: I think guys.
    Me: “Really? I think girls for sure.”
    And then I go into this talk about how girls are always trying to impress other girls and they all sort of back away from me and I’m like oooookay I’m boring them, I’m outtie.
    Me: “Have a good night guys”

    Go back to my buddy and he says “Thats right, you’re a boring mothafucka.”
    I laugh and realize it doesn’t matter. I instantly approach this blonde and ask her to kiss me.

    HB6: It’s her birthday (points to her friend).
    Me: I said kiss me.
    HB6 kisses me on the cheek and I try to dance with her (no grinding yet). She spins around goes back to her friend. I don’t push for much more after that.

    I keep approaching girls in different groups. I don’t acknowledge the friends that much and things fall apart. I know this is the issue, but I’m trying to get as much experience as I can bashing my ego’s head in so it’s fine by me.

    Another approach:

    Me: Hey, you’re crazy. Let’s dance.
    HB: Uhhhh, anyway (turns back to friend). I
    Me: I try taking her arm to dance but she resists. I go to the next set.

    I approach one of those girls that are dancing on the higher platforms above the regular dance floor.
    I hold out my hand to dance, she refuses by shaking her head no, face is stone cold bitchy. I laugh and say “Yeah right!”. I step up to her level and rub my ass on her crotch. Her bitch shield crumbles and she starts laughing with her friend. I say something along the lines of “I’m so glad you decided to dance with me” or something, can’t remember. I turn her away from her friend and she says “I’m good, thanks!” I, for some reason, say no prob and step down.

    After that, me and my friend leave the club and I go across the street to approach a big titty asian walking with her friend.

    Me: “Hey do you have a bandaid?”
    AsianTits7: “Why?”
    Me: “I scrapped my knee falling for you.”
    A7: Awww lol
    Me: You want to dance with me don’t you? (I walk with them and hold my hand out while she’s arm and arm with her friend)
    A7: (Sort of reaches over but is confused lol as if her body and mind are working against each other.
    Me: See! I knew you wanted to dance with me lol Wherre you guys headed?
    A7: (Some club I forget the name of)
    Me: I think we’d work really well together.
    A7: Sorry babe.
    Me: No prob (okay, reading this back, I give up WAY too easily for no reason).
    A7: Touches my arm (fake IOI) and I let em walk away.

    And this other chick I do the ring finger routine on gives me two kisses and asks if someone dared me to do this. I say lol no, but my mind goes blank cuz I’m like fuck what do I do from here? Obviously stack forward, but I eject again.

    Ejecting remains a big issue I’m still working on. The rest of the night I task my friend with getting high fives from random girls (he couldn’t even do THAT before) since he was way too self conscious to talk to strangers without me opening them first.

    I deemed the night a success for approaching and the kisses 😀

    Daygame Approaches

    Some girls were flattered some ran away (lol), some shittested me (I think one that I failed):

    Me: “Do you have a bandaid? I scrapped my knee falling for you.”
    5: Haha ohhkay.
    Me: “I just thought you were cute. I’m actually from X”.
    5: On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give that about a 6. (shit test)
    Me: Yeah, just thought you were cute. (had no idea it was a shit test)
    5 (awkwardly inching away): Okay then…
    Me: Alright, I can see you wanna leave, so see ya.

    Stopped this Australian chick on her bike. Ejected from that even though she was flattered and into it. Fuck me.

    My second night there we didn’t spend much time approaching, spent some time with my buddy’s high school friends.

    Watched some RSD Blueprint earlier in the day after the daygame session and started putting into practice the part where Tyler says to screen girls. So I open a 2-set, start with a screening opener lol:

    Me: He guys, do either of you like Digimon? I love anime, and I like girls who watch Digimon.
    4: No, I don’t watch it (no smile).
    7: No me neither (now she’s smiling).
    Me: Aww man… that really sucks. Anime’s awesome.
    4: Well maybe you’ll find some girl who’s really into that.
    7: (Stands there smiling)
    Me: Yeah good idea, have a good night (facepalming reading this)

    My friend bugs me to approach and I’m kind of sick of him telling me to approach people (gave him the permission to, for both our sakes – he can see how easy it is to approach, and I can force myself into approaches). So he finally approaches (to be fair, he approached 3 other girls, one of which during the day). We leave soon after that ends.

    We walk outside and I see a cute Asian chick with her friend outside a different bar.

    I walk up to them and ask if they like Digimon, cuz I like girls who watch anime. Less attractive girl says no, my target says no… but she likes some anime (yay lol).

    So i’m talking about the kinds of anime I like and my friend randomly walks in the set lol but i guess he sort of helped by pushing me closer to my target since we were talking across from each other (my friend engages the obstacle at this point).

    I ask HB6 if she can dance and I pull her close and we do a little dance outside the bar. I back away and say, yeah there’s no music. I cold read and guess pretty close to her major. She asks what I major in, and I say marketing… and then I sort of go back to the anime thing again lol.
    Me: Good thing you like anime tho
    Her: Obviously 🙂
    At this point my buddy does keep the other girls interest and she interrupts our convo to tell my target she’s going inside. My target says she wants to stay outside with me (basically) and it’s me and her and my buddy… and he’s the only one with a car so I’m like uhhhh, great.
    Me: “Well we gotta go anyway, but I’m here for the night, I’ll grab your number. Whats your name?”
    Tells me her name. I tell her to ask me my name and I get her number.
    We go back to our friends house to hangout with other people. Pretty much it.

    After writing this out, my main problem is still ejecting when I get token resistance from the girl(s). I think the approaching went really well. Now that I’m back in my city, approaching will probably be easier for me.

    Anyway, have a date this week. Met through a friend. We’ll see how it goes, might as well.

    Be back soon.


  23. Interesting post. A girl I’ve been seeing for the last 9 months is 34, hot, great body but,,,,about to be 35.

    She broke up with me a few days before my birthday. I split and ignored all her birthday texts and outreach.

    She showed up at a party and I gamed other chicks in front of. She burst into tears and left.

    we ended up meeting up later and I banged her.

    She kept babbling on about how I had ignored her bithrday wishes and was talking to other girls.

    It hadn’t dawned on her that she had broken up with me.

    Even when i pointed out to her….”What did you expect?”

    She still hadn’t been able to link the two things: her breaking up…me moving on.

    Anyone who wants to understand game needs to understand this last sentence.

    Any guy who wants to understand how to get his gf back or to revive a flagging relaionship needs to understand that point above: she couldn’t understand the link between breaking up and me moving on.

    When you understand that women think like this you will understand the concept of hypergamy.


  24. To illustrate this point, I must share with you a personal experience of a girl I’ve been going out with for 9 months. She’s just turned 35, still hot but has a lot of issues. I think for a while I overlooked or managed her general brattiness through tight game.

    Like clockwork, every 2 months, usually around some holiday or festive occasion: valentine’s day, my birthday, her birthday etc…she has some melt-down: blaming, withdrawing etc etc. My response is to withdraw attention, disappear, reply selectively.

    During the last one 2 months ago, she broke up with me a few days before my birthday. She made a big production of coming over to pick up her stuff etc etc.

    Then my birthday came and she saw all the FB wishes and chimed in sending me texts and greetings etc. I ignored.

    Then I saw her at a party and ignored her, gamed other girls. She left crying.

    We ended up meeting up later that night and I banged her.

    She said to me without any irony: “You ignored me and my texts and were talking to other girls.””

    Me: What’d you expect after you broke up?

    The thing about hypergamy is she could not like the idea that she broke up with me and that I would move on.

    This is the wall: it’s denial. IF you want to understand game and a woman’s illogical emotions that’s the story: girl breaks up, girl can’t understand why you’re acting so aloof and distant after that….

    I pity the guys who don’t understand this. I was one. The idea she’s moved on is absurd. Women aren’t like this at all. But they do love attention.

    So this concept of not seeing the consequences is embedded.

    It’s not an excuse to accept bad behavior. But it is a clue to how to manage girls you’re gaming.


  25. Classic beta move….

    The Break Up – watch more funny videos


  26. Nothing wrong with cats.
    If it wasn’t for sex, I’ll take cats over women any day.


  27. It is certainly true that teen aged girls tend toward obsessive when the Horse Love gene is activated. But first of all, high performance horses generally don’t live so long, there will always be other horses she is caring for, and a new horse is like a new puppy for curing dead-pet-angst. Altogether, they figure it out and the crazy part subsides.
    Besides, what other thing would you rather your nubile woman-child be fixated on and desperate to please?
    The tights worn for competition are absolutely merciless in the way they display any unsightly ass shape. Thus, young women who ride seriously will do what it takes to fix that, even if throwing hay bales around isn’t enough.
    Some good ;lessons there, imho..


  28. on September 23, 2013 at 2:55 pm Holden Caulfield

    Relevant to the much needed and always appreciated bashing on slutty chicks bitching about being single in their 30s:


  29. I didn’t read this article closely, but this stood out.

    “Marrying at age 30-35
    If it’s true that 30 really is the new 20, then you’re a woman with many opportunities ahead of her.”