Using Uber Data To Avoid Sausage Fests

A neuroscientist working for Uber (the GPS-based personal taxi service) has compiled and analyzed its in-house data (your secrets are safe with them, they promise) and uncovered some interesting rider patterns in San Franswishco. Of particular interest to players on the make is the data that shows where in a city the girls are going out at night.

We used Rapleaf’s Name to Gender API to assess the likelihood of a rider’s gender given their name, only accepting a match if the probability was >= 95%. So someone with the name of Leslie remains unclassified because there’s only a 94.1% chance the name is from a female, whereas a boy named Sue would be misclassified as female with a 99.2% probability.

Any deviations above this line means that a neighborhood has more women taking rides into it than what we would expect given the number of men that take rides there. Deviations below that line are places where we see more men than we would expect given the number of women (actually, technically, places where we see fewer women than we would predict given the number of men).

What’s the gist?

– There are 35% more women in the Marina and 47% more women in Pac Heights on weekend nights than expected.

– Conversely, there are 23% more men in SoMa, 16% more in the Castro, and 14% more in the Financial District.

So if you’re looking for a guy, head to SoMa on a Friday night. If you’re looking for a lady, check out the Marina or Pac Heights!

This is the kind of information that is invaluable to PUAs. (Or really to any normal red-blooded man who wants to go to where the girls are, and not to where the sausage fests gather.)

I suppose you’d need some way to get your greasy mitts on Uber user data to geolocate the certified fresh sex ratios, unless an enterprising matrix hacker could design an app that pilfers such data for personal use.

Something like this would only work for a short while, as long as supply is limited. Once enough men get a hold of this dame data you have maybe a few hours before the sweaty hordes descend upon your vaghalla. And then the women leave.

And why do the women leave when too many men show up? Aren’t they there to meet men? That is a seeming paradox of female behavior that I will explain for you:

One, women don’t like to be reminded of their beauty ranking among other women. An audience of a few men zeroing in on the hottest three girls is bearable because it can be rationalized as happenstance. But a small army of men all gawking at the same three hotties is dispiriting to the lesser ladies.

Two, women don’t like to be around men stinking of sex-hungry desperation. They prefer the company, tangential or otherwise, of men who act as if they have their choice of the litter. And venues where the sex ratio is favorable to men tends to prime those men with the right proper attitude of choosiness that women love. A venue teeming with try-hard men ten strong to every one halfway-decent woman has the opposite effect on those women: It repulses them.

Three, women start to feel a little insecure when the testosterone reaches critical mass. Most notably, they begin to fear closing time solicitations from sloppy drunks. If the number of sloppy drunks exceeds the number of sober men and fat cockblock friends, it could be a real challenge to leave the place without a scene erupting.

Four, women subconsciously assess a place full of men as the sort of place that doesn’t attract ALPHA men. After all, an alpha male will know where to go, and where he goes is NOT where every other guy goes. Women intuitively grasp this unspoken rule of nightlife, and will compensate by heading to female-friendly venues that are also hot spots for smart (and efficient) alpha males.


  1. Heh. I had an idea to increase the ratio at my venue of choice, rather than heading out to find the chick-venue of the night.

    Open up a fake Tinder account and tell dozens of women that I’m going here, now. Most won’t show; some will. The ones that will are horny, dtf, and disappointed their date didn’t show. Let them enjoy my company for a bit.


  2. “Two, women don’t like to be around men stinking of sex-hungry desperation. They prefer the company, tangential or otherwise, of men who act as if they have their choice of the litter. And venues where the sex ratio is favorable to men tends to prime those men with the right proper attitude of choosiness that women love. A venue teeming with try-hard men ten strong to every one halfway-decent woman has the opposite effect on those women: It repulses them.”

    Ding ding ding.


  3. “16% more in the Castro”

    they named a street after me in sanfrancisco…

    It’s full of WHAT?


    • “16% more in the Castro”

      It’s arguably not that bad, considering much of the male excess there isn’t into women.


    • Like

      • Fun fact: Left-wing darling Ernesto Guevara (calling himself “Che”), aside from enjoying shooting men and teenagers bound and gagged by his bodyguards and stealing mansions for himself, also enjoyed putting homosexuals in labor camps. He and Castro hated homosexuals. They and anyone dressed in a “degenerate” way (like hippies) were rounded up in the streets without a trial and sent to camps. The sign over the camp gates said Arbeit Macht Frei … no, it said “We Will Make Men Out of You”.

        One of those little details that don’t fit the Left’s history telling, so it has been purged. Along with Mahatma Gandhi’s preference for an armed populace and disdain for the Blacks in South Africa, and along with Ernesto’s bullying of a Black revolutionary who he called a dirty pig.


      • who gives a fuck if Che Guevara wasn’t politically correct?


  4. I lived in Bay Area 5 years ago and met up a number of times with other guys to go sarging in San Fran. It was fairly well known that if you wanted to be surrounded by good looking women then the Marina was the neighborhood to go to. It was also understood that your game better be on point, cuz although the ratios were very favorable, every good-looking guy with money hit up the same spots and the competition was solid. Hence the reason why the Marina, at least in my time there, was labeled the “douchiest” scene in the city by most other guys (basically hipsters and SWPL libs who couldn’t cut it in the competition).


  5. it is impossible to measure lost productivity of the slaves (white men with jobs and children or ex wives) in our offices forced to read this shit all day

    got damn it, it is time we give them the “fight” they think they have but do not yet have.

    fuck this gay earth.


  6. This is absolutely incredible. Well done for finding it and reporting. I think the second option above explains why women avoid crowds of men. But really this data is attempting to answer an age old question, where are the women, it is probably for the best that it is locked up but still, it is incredibly exciting to think that the data exists AND ( I cannot stress that “and” enough) there is a tangible pattern to the data. The fact that there is a tangible pattern is enough for this post to be worthwhile. There is so much hiding in this. Also, on a related note, you should read up on what the uber ceo was planning on doing with private data to ruin the life of an sjw who smeared his company in the gawker.


    • The PUAs and lotharios already know where the women are (see my comment above) on any given weekend; this data is just betas being beta trying to gain a miniscule advantage on the other beta competition through the use of intellect, although it will ultimately backfire.

      If you’ve been gamin’ like you should be, then this data is redundant.


      • You said “It was fairly well known…the Marina was the neighborhood to go to”. So you had some sort of information you could leverage. Having no information, and randomly picking a location to try to meet women would take too long. What should people do who have no information and are starting from nothing? Whether the information comes from a web app or from knowledgeable people should make no difference, but I think it is impressive none the less how people glean information from the data. Apart from that, we can learn more about how humans behave.


      • “The PUAs and lotharios already know where the women are”

        lol ya. We collect this data by going out to a variety of venues on a variety of nights. If I’ve lived in a city for a few months, I can tell you what types of girls are at what venues on what nights, what the male competition at those venues will be like, how DTF or bitch-shieldy the girls are, which bars have industry nights on which nights, which bars have drink specials (cheap pints = sausage fest, cheap cocktails = chicks), whether the vibe is more ONS or if you want to be running social circle game, which venues have the best/worst logistics (music too loud? nowhere to isolate? lighting too bright? too crowded on certain nights?), which bars people start at and end at, which bars people bar-hop between (so I know girls will start at Bar-A sober having dinner, but they’ll go to Bar-B to dance because it’s across the street and has no cover, but once midnight rolls around and all the dudes who were drinking liquid courage at Bar-C come to Bar-B, half the girls will head to Bar-D to escape them and end their night there, so my prime windows for my style of game are Bar-B early on and Bar-D) etc.

        Like literally the first few months in a new city is all mapping out the nightlife. If you DON’T know all the shit I just described, about your city, you aren’t going out enough or you aren’t paying enough attention lol

        This also helps when you’re planning out group events too, you can lead the group and know where to take them to make sure everyone has a fun time.

        Pro-tip: Wherever women say is awesome sucks dick. Wherever normal guys say is awesome sucks dick. lol People tend to love/hate a venue based on how much success/failure or the good/bad memories they’ve had there, rather than objectively.

        RSDJeffy’s method was to look up online reviews for the club. If the reviews all say “this club is full of douchey guys and stuck-up bitches” and like “the bouncers wouldn’t let my friend in they said she wasn’t dressed right, they’re assholes” etc., then he knows it’ll be a good venue lol There’s a lot of truth to that. The venues that normal people hate tend to be the venues that normal people just don’t know how to vibe in and feel out of place and uncomfortable because the girls are hotter or you need more group theory or the guys are higher-status, etc.

        “this data is just betas being beta trying to gain a miniscule advantage on the other beta competition through the use of intellect, although it will ultimately backfire.”

        Yup. The reality is that most of the guys who would nerd out over this data are just going to be standing at the bar choding out with drink up at their chest except there’ll be more girls around them that they aren’t talking to lol


      • Quite. It takes about 2 days in SF to figure out the Marina district is where to go for a night out amongst good looking people (for frisco) without the unwanted “edginess” of other areas. In my time the intersection of Fillmore &
        Greenwich was known as “herpes corner.” The Balboa cafe became the

        My best nights were after sailing all day on the bay and then going somewhere with my crew – an actual crew! You walk in a little sunburnt, hair
        uncombed, and tired but you’ve got the look of someone who’s been having a blast all day not standing in front of a mirror getting ready for your big night out. Catnip.


      • Shaming in the hallowed halls by a (Jewish) PUA-poseur?

        I mean …. Really?



        P.S. I see ya’ll changed ya’ll monikers to from shkotzim names to shkotzim names + numbers


      • Sweet Jesus, folks. Not everything bad is caused by Jews…


      • @Martin

        when you are new to an area in addition to Yelp etc. talk to nightlife people. Talk to the bartenders, bar backs and wait staff of places where they go to and why what the places are like etc. You will get a lot of useful info from them.

        Also stop random hot girls on the street and ask them what;s a place they hit on Xday and what time etc. First it is a good indirect opener, second you can get some good tips. Make sure you are only asking the hot girls.


      • Re San Francisco and the Marina. @Martin as Col Nicholson says, it will take to five seconds of talking to girls in SF to realize they head to the Marina. Then it’s just a matter of going there and checking it out. Most districts like this, small neighborhoods really, have the same kind of set up – dinner places, (until 9PM usually) then meet up places, more bars and lounges, usually split between focus on beer (and cheap vs craft$) or wine (champagne) and cocktails and then a “club” or two, place with a dance floor of some kind.

        Marina progression people end up at a “club” called The Matrix at the end of the night if they are still looking to party (really just a cheap bar with a small dance floor). Last chance to grind and hook up. But all is within walking distance. So that’s where a lot of people go. The bars BTW are notorious cougar liars. It’s hysterical to watch 40-50 YO ex wives (invariably in great shape but with aging faces and skin) get roaring, roaring drunk on successive goblets of white wine, courtesy of the San Fran “alpha” – a white 6’2 triathlete venture capitalist. Buying wine for their targets however is about as good as their game gets… don’t be dissuaded by guys looks. and 90% of these guys go home with their buds.

        A field note since we are talking about the Marina… Out there recently, after the cougar fest at the Balboa (by 10PM these ladies are blasted), one 45 YO blond, can barely walk, is being “taken home” by a SF VC type, he is quick to grab her and totter her out towards the street. There was a purse on the stool she got up from (Me and some other guys were taking the seats) so I went out after them to see if she left it. I was calling to the guy and he keeps looking and me and pulling her faster down the street… LOL I catch up and tap his arm and he is like guarding his drunken prize, like “Hey man she is mine!” LOL Wasn’t her purse, very funny though to see a good looking trim rich guy ostensibly an alpha guy, running away with his prize. LOL

        Later at the Matrix I saw this – a tall Bindi girl, with a hot body, long black hair and a big nose (always!) making her way around the crowd. Now in San Francisco she is like a 9, there is such a dearth of female talent there (damn brain city – no fashion or entertainment) she is getting all sorts of guys hiting on her, and she is loving it. Dancing, grinding, making out with different dudes ( including a tall frat type) and what happens at closing… she leaves with none of these guys.. see her walking down the street with a short non descript guy, holding his arm. some guy I didn’t see her with all night…

        Then there was a guy there, like a California surfer type, muscle shirt, tall blue eyes curly blond hair – objectively a good looking guy, pretty confident manner. He is talking to two really hot asian girls (looked like Thai) about 5’2″, could almost be twins. I don’t know if they spoke any english. He didn’t get anywhere with them and it was flipping him out. BOTH these girls were there with a skinny 5’7″ dude who weighed maybe 135 lbs soaking wet, with a big nose as well. All night the two girls were dancing with each other, grinding and making out with each other and with this guy. who was really laid back. As the night starts to come to an end, surfer dude keeps trying to interject with these girls, skinny guy eventually pulls them in to himself and turns his back to the surfer guy, with his arms spread wide blocking the girls. remains chill and making out with the girls. Bouncers come and remove the surfer dude. he is next to me asking me if I can believe this shit! He couldn’t handle the rejection and that this skinny little guy had TWO girls.

        TLDR – nightlife is fascinating… good looking rich guys go home alone. Indian chodes go home alone… asian dudes go home alone… Frat “douches” go home alone… Most GIRLS also go home alone… Only tight game and riding the wave of emotion (with solid logistics) will get the pull…


      • Sentient- I have a couple questions about that since you mention talking to random hot women. I have this idea in the back of my mind to avoid any subtle appearance of desperation, women are apparently very good at detecting it. I would imagine hot women aren’t so stupid they believe you just happened to stop them randomly out of a number of people to ask about nightlife, they have some idea it has something to do with how they look. So I have done this to a hot woman once, I didn’t get a number, but it seems impossible to conceal any desire for women (desperation) and at the same time talk to attractive ones. So I thought, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to conceal intentions, and flat out say something like “you are attractive, what do hot women like you do for fun”? What do you think?


      • @martin
        “What do you think?”

        Go try it 50 times and let us know how it works.

        You can’t learn game theorizing behind your computer screen. Go out and try it over and over till you know the answer to whether it’s a good approach for you or not.


      • @Martin “you are attractive, what do hot women like you do for fun”?

        Martin that’s not bad if you can hold your frame. You are really just looking for info though, so if you can’t hold frame in this kind of interaction, just relax and ask her like you would if you were a tourist asking for directions = “hey I have a few nights in town this week, where are some cool places I could go out to at night, bars clubs, places like that. Where do you go out for example”? Don’t think at all about picking her up or her number etc.

        And then just ask her about the places she mentions, what nights are good when does it get crowded, what type of girls go there, etc. Just a normal conversation. Then if the vibe isn’t right or you can’t hold frame, just thank her and walk on. Try this with some guys a few times just to warm up. it will get you in a natural frame.

        You got this!


  7. > “I suppose you’d need some way to get your greasy mitts on Uber user data…”

    Even very high IQ people have no earthly idea as to the omnipotent power which they are willingly handing over to the Uber-Shylocks who run these social media sites. Anyone who uses social media is a Racial and Civilizational TRAITOR. And don’t even think about marrying a chick unless she is smart enough to realize this herself. Fuckerbook pages, Clitter pages, Tinderer pages, Incubustagram pages – any of those immediately disqualify a chick as being “Mother of your Children” material.


    • Damn right, Zombie.
      I’ve met ONE in my entire life that is able to see it for what it is.
      Ain’t many of them these days though.


  8. They prefer the company, tangential or otherwise, of men who act as if they have their choice of the litter.

    Though they won’t put it that way. They’ll say they prefer the company of men “who go out to have fun, not to obsess over sex.” Sure, men like to jerk spasmodically to noise blaring on the dance floor because they just “love to dance”, not because that’s where the women are.

    Women are hypocrites in this regard. They say they “go out to have fun”, but why exactly is it fun? Do they really enjoy the dancing and overpriced drinks for the sake of the dance and the drinks? No, it’s about affirming their being part of the group. And about getting attention from men, which they instinctively crave since they have always survived through men.

    Some honest women will admit this, though. That going out for them is about group bonding and attention as much as it is about finding sex for men, while all pretend that it’s really about “having fun”. The club scene runs on dishonesty. “Hey, where are you from? What do you study? You been here long?” As if anyone would care about the answers to the questions they ask.

    Note: “sausage fest” is an anti-male word. Used to mock men for gathering without women. Consider how you are not allowed to use a mocking word for women gathering without men.


    • Reminds me of the old joke about the blind lesbian at the fish market


    • Sometimes we go out just to have fun. That’s why you see women in gay bars.

      @CH: “Three, women start to feel a little insecure when the testosterone reaches critical mass. Most notably, they begin to fear closing time solicitations from sloppy drunks.”

      That, and it’s just somewhat intimidating when the ratio is radically skewed. We feel like a piece of meat surrounded by semi-hungry dogs. (Which can be hot in some situations, but not this one. Lol)


    • Omega brainsmoke overthink.

      Pick a place with decent talent.Walk up to the hottest one with a sly grin and tell her you think it’s kinda gross how all these girls are trolling for wiener.

      Make her laugh, be bold, act. At some point stop thinking and talking and just do it.

      C’mon dude, I’m trying to coach ya here, lets look alive.


      • This might be the best post I’ve read lurking here, and that’s saying a lot. Funny, to the point, and on point. Kudos, Tili


      • LOL I’ve been rightly calling the old lonely loser Tilikum an omega several times, as he is one, and the idiot is too dumb to find any reply that isn’t a copy. Pathetic.

        Um, Tili-cum, I don’t give a fuck about what you say about game, since you have none. It is laughable to hear an idiot like you pretending to have something to say when you are just repeating things from online forums. You don’t even know what the inside of a gym looks like as you have revealed. You hate women with the typical intensity of the omega. And you can do NOTHING else here but flame, you’re obsessed with me since I called you out on your bullshit a YEAR ago. Really pathetic. I really hit a nerve. It’s fun to see.


    • Easy on the salt there, Arbiter


    • “I love dancing, with or without the presence of attractive women” -no heterosexual man ever

      Truthfully, the overpriced drinks don’t affect any woman who’s decently attractive at all because some chump will likely be funding her consumption all evening with the hopes of docking his space shuttle at Kennedy.

      Also, women are just as interested in sex with alphas as men are at fucking hotties. They will NEVER admit this. This is where the “I just love to DANCE!” Detritus originates. The issue is that the female preferences are present and strong, and yet unspoken so very few men are good enough to shag because women are more picky by their birthright. The attractiveness threshold for “passable for a one-off fuck” is much higher for a woman than a man.

      Sausage fest is an anti-male word really only used by men to express irritation at m-f ratio. I wouldn’t call it a slur.


      • If you are defining your reality by women you already lost.

        I’ve gone out a lot of times with the sole intention of ‘just dancing’ and had tremendous success unintentionally with girls.

        When you are the only guy dancing at first, the ‘dont give a fuck’/confidence is attractive to women.


      • The treshold might be higher, but I think it’s mostly because sex is a currency for women to buy commitment with. Instinctively they know that they have to be miserly with that commodity. You only have so much value and it decreases steadily.
        You can still score like crazy by just pretending to be interested in a LTR, heh.


      • manofmystery, I always remember a story by a guy who worked as a bartender. The hot girls always did the same thing. Early in the evening a hot girl would order the cheapest bottle of beer to nurture. Then she’d let some dweeb hit on her and make him pay for a drink. She’d turn to the bartender and order the most expensive drink, and as her gaze met the bartender’s she would have a smug smile on her lips. She knew that he knew. She knew he had seen it many times before.

        She’d get her drink and let the dweeb talk to her for a while, then tell him she “had to go looking for her friends” or “use the ladies’ room” or something and ditch him. It’s a cynical arena.

        As for “sausage fest” – yes, many guys use it because they are irritated, not as a slur. But a slur is how it started. And even though they aren’t thinking about it, they are reinforcing the view that it’s okay and cool to denounce men gathering without women, while there is no equivalent for women doing so. That’s why the media don’t denounce it as “sexist”. It reminds me of something I think was in a CH tweet, that the downfall is marked by how men’s clubs became something negative while women’s clubs are something positive.


    • Women go out first and foremost to EXPERIENCE emotion. That’s it.

      Music elicits raw emotion, dancing is just an expression of that. That’s why they ALL do it, i.e. all those SWPL girls “dancing” (invariably awkwardly) to rap music, they can’t help themselves. It’s not that girls are better at dancing than men, it’s just they get swept up in that emotional place that it takes to let go and dance and just feel and emote. (BTW at a concert recently, all ages show, so kids like 8 through grandmoms, every single female was dancing and jiggling regardless of age, looks or status).

      Guys are better coordinated, they should be able to dance better than most women, but they can’t detach. Butcept the gay guys. They channel emotion the same way.

      So a GNO is just a raw emotional roller coaster. Meeting Guys, validation from guys, grinding, making out and sex are just differing degrees of experience and expression. A girl is there for the emotions regardless of the “outcome”. They are not thinking as much as we are about hooking up explicitly. But if you can spike the emotion and ride it, you will find success.


      • “Women go out first and foremost to EXPERIENCE emotion. That’s it.”

        This. Women are basically masters of unstifling themselves. When they see eachother and scream and jump around and hug eachother, when they run off to dance to Miley Cyrus, when they do most of the shit they do on a night out, they just keep themselves constantly unstifled and expressing their emotions in the moment while “cool” guys are trying to act reserved and put on a front all night totally inside their heads and not expression themselves or their emotions, thinking of all the shit that could go wrong if they approach and worrying what people think of them.

        First group on the dance floor is rarely a dude or a group of dudes…the vast majority of the time it’s a group of girls who are just doing what they want with no fucks given what anyone thinks. There’s a lesson in that. That’s kind of the equivalent of you doing your first cold approach warmups to get yourself in state where you’re forcing yourself outside of your comfort zone and outside of your head for a greater overall benefit for the night.

        This isn’t conscious of course, but you can learn a lot from observing the way girls keep themselves in state through the night.

        That’s why girls shit a brick over a guy who isn’t even good at dancing but just doesn’t care and is having fun dancing all by himself…he’s unstifled and expressing himself and that means he’s a guy who can overcome social pressure, insecurity, gives no fucks about being judged, has no outcome dependence if he makes an ass of himself, etc. In that moment, that guy is more attractive than the James Bond leaning against the bar posing trying to look cool and turning his nose up at the dance floor guy.

        (I don’t dance, but I have buddies who do…some are good at it, some are shit but don’t care, both types get massive attention and girls up on them from it just because they aren’t doing it to impress anyone, they’re having fun and the girls are there to be around fun energy…now whether those guys actually man up and take the silver platter opportunity to actually escalate and try to fuck those girls or not is another story lol)


      • Sentient, yes, they go out and dance to experience emotion – but where does the emotion come from? The euphoria originates in being part of the herd.

        It’s not only the emotional roller coaster, either. It is very much about confirming their social standing in the group, too. Speaking of status, I just came to think of something a female relative told me when we were both in junior high school. “Girls laugh at the popular guys’ jokes because they are popular. You guys have NO clue what is going on. Status is so important to girls and being liked by the popular guys.”

        I mentioned that to another girl later and she denied it vehemently. But asking around the topic a bit I got her to admit that yes, they get status from being liked by the guys, and yes, status matters very much among the girls in the class. She just hadn’t thought of the word “status” before.

        I come to think of the fact that women like living in cities more than men do. Women like vacationing in crowded places – like popular beaches – more than men do. Women in a couple like going out to restaurants and movie theaters more than their partners do. Women like exercising in group more than men do – just look at yoga classes and aerobics classes at the gym. Herd, herd, herd.

        They have always survived through the group, for tens of thousands of years. They need the men for food and protection. They need their mother-in-law to like them because she controlled the household in the Stone Age. They needed the other women to like them because women helped take care of each others children. No wonder they vote Left more than men, and are more religious than men in a religious society, but more secular than men in a secular society – while looking for spiritual mumbo-jumbo groups to replace the religion. And in European referendums you always see women choose group solutions more than men do. Women network more in online forums, too. This is the key to so much. Being part of the group is enormous for women’s everyday life – no wonder they get that emotional roller coaster you talk about!


      • You guys bring up some great points. Good info!


  9. “fish market” is the term for too many girls. I’ve never heard it used seriously though.


  10. Question then: Taking the cluster of alpha men out of the equation, what environment is the Marina? Perhaps there are interesting attributes that make it a go-to place and that can be used to predict the next “in” place if/when the Marina is no longer.


  11. Am I allowed to post yet? Is my double-secret-don’t-inform-whorefinder-why-or-even-warn-him probation over? Rape?


  12. Beta data..gbfm kick a freestyle



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    • It’s really disappointing. His father was obviously racialist but stayed away from race. It’s okay to keep quiet about it. It’s not okay to suck up to criminals. He pretends to believe their lies, and he advocates shorter sentences to cater to them – a betrayal of the victims.

      Does it work? Never! They will always vote overwhelmingly Democrat; why should they take a chance with a right-winger, and one who wants to reduce welfare?

      As Steve Sailer has shown, what a Republican candidate really needs is to increase the number of White voters going to the booth to vote Republican. Shocking, isn’t it? If Romney had increased his number of White votes just a few percent he would have won the presidency in a landslide. While in the pro-Latino strategy, he would have needed more than HALF of the oh-so-coveted Latino vote to win. Not even Bush got that, and he was a guy who advocated mass amnesty.

      So a libertarian candidate should emphasize the idea of country as citizens’ property. That way he can keep his low-government rhetoric to hide from the racist charge if he wishes, while still advocating closed borders. “It’s the property owners’ wishes, that’s all I care about. I’d advocate open borders if the property owners wished it so, but they don’t.”

      If Rand Paul did that, he’d have far more White votes, and that’s how he would win the presidency.

      I have to wonder what the NSA has on Rand Paul. We live a long time and we all do and say things that could sink a political career. And the NSA knows all those things.


  14. You wanna go where all the hotties are?
    Take an entry-level class at a high-end yoga shop – no fatties there, either.

    Plenty of bat-shit crazy vegans though – if you can deal with that..


    • Vegetarian girls are massive hit or miss, but typically you can filter them early, the good one will be really ‘caring’ in the sack.

      Thinking back on it, I would actually say my better fucks were with girls more on the vegetarian side, where the more conventional diets were not nearly as good.

      Anyone notice anything similar?


      • Hate vegetarianism. It shows they have swallowed the rights-based morality hook, line and sinker. This means a complete rejection of the goal-based morality that conservatism is instinctively and nationalism is consciously – to move the people forward and to measure things by how well they promote that. Ultimately this is Life’s instinct to survive, without which no other values can exist. When you deny the goal-based morality because it’s “fascist” and mean to the weak, then you need to answer the question why people shouldn’t just steal and rape and do whatever they want since nothing matters, there’s nothing to achieve. Then they invent the idea that “we have rights”, as if that would exist hidden in the atoms somewhere.

        If you accept that there are no goals other than letting everyone do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone directly … well, then you have no reason to value animal life less. If no life is worth more than any other – which they can only be if there is something living creatures need to accomplish, a goal against which people’s worth is measured – then you have no reason to say that a rat is worth less. It can’t do what you can, but there’s nothing to accomplish so that doesn’t matter.

        And from there we have vegetarianism. “All are equal! Animals too!”

        That’s a person who will never help her people when the going gets tough. She thinks two rats are worth twice as much as one human.

        Such a person can’t understand anything that needs to be done. Such a person aids those whose policies ultimately mean misery and death for all.


      • I agree with some of what you said, but I think you are confounding ‘nothing matters’ with the idea we have rights.

        I agree that we do NOT have intrisinic rights, but far far more often it is the right/conservative that espouse ‘natural rights’, its the left that is more ‘nihilistic’ if I can call no rights nihilistic.


      • “Take an entry-level class at a high-end yoga shop”

        high level classes are even better if you can hang. almost no men. the girls smell your T and will pounce. i have been actively pursued on several occasions. they are dtf.


    • I was actually thinking of doing this as a way to kill two birds with one stone: meet women and get a good yoga workout.

      Which reminds me: I took a class on the cinema of Hitchcock and the professor shared a story about the production of The Birds. Since they did have actual birds on the set, Hitch told Tippi Hedren that should one of them fly up her skirt, to grab it, as a “bird in hand”..and then he walked away.


  15. The expert knows tactics, the Master knows logistics.


    • Tilikum spewing out nonsense as usual, trying to sound tough. Note how he never has anything to say other than cliches he is copying. That and whining about how “you guys talk about things that don’t matter!”


  16. on November 25, 2014 at 6:02 pm Dat_Truth_Hurts

    Who’s up for some more Fergidishu chimpout action? Hoping 2 see some CNN anchor get hit in the head with something bigger tonight.


  17. Not on topic but is anyone here surprised to hear that the 13 guards involved in the Baltimore prison scandal were all female? 4 of them were impregnated by the gang leader, you couldn’t make this stuff up. The other question I have is how many of those females were african-american?


  18. on November 25, 2014 at 7:12 pm basically_b0nd

    This is priceless.

    I concur also, that the truly coveted women shine much harder when in the environment that proves their SMV ( ones with many young attractive-10 rated women). I love it.

    If I don’t find this data readily available for Boston/NYC tonight, who knows, maybe I’ll have to crack open some api’s?!


    • NYC/Boston/DC have the most lopsided single female to single male ratios in the country. Most places are probably good in those cities.

      As a side note to heartiste, San Francisco data is only meaningful when it comes to females. If a bunch of males are gathering in San Francisco, there is at least a 25% chance they are gay and thus not competition for women.


      • the women in DC are self-entitled cunts…save your money.
        These cities are full of career wymyn. the black women here tho are borderline desperate


  19. beep boop


  20. Why do women leave when too many men show up? Because it’s San Francisco, land of the limp wrist. They fear they have mistakenly entered a gay bar.

    Just kidding, women love faggot game.


  21. I went to a gay dance bar the other night…..and had a choice of like 3 girls to pick from for who to hook up with. I even yelled to them (over the music) “I’m not gay!!” And one of them still went home with me….it was so much easier wtf?!


    gay bars are essentially all-female bars.]


    • She had such beautiful Adam’s Apple too…


      • @sentient have you been to a gay bar? I’m just curious b/c I had like 3 hot girls approach ME and tell me I was “hot” or “cute”. And that doesn’t happen all that much at straight bars then I hooked up with one of them who was actually from out of town. And we hooked up in her hotel room.

        Haha but I did briefly talk to a tranny that night about what it was like…being a tranny ha. That was weird


  22. don’t know these places but i learned though


  23. Data illustrates a good point, but any guy should know his local go-to areas. And San Fran is a grim place for the ladies- only Portland’s worse.

    The key is to start early, not staying in the one bar and start approaches earlier in the night. You don’t want to start at midnight in a club


    • Only Portland, eh? Ever been to Gary, Indiana? I know it’s in fairly close proximity to Chicago, but fuck if it isn’t full of the most ghetto hillbilly tatted up fatass freaks and immigrants I’ve ever seen.


      • Sounds like a hell of a place.

        Funny how some places just bring out the ugliness.

        On the other hand, Tallinn in Estonia has a 10 every five yards


      • on November 30, 2014 at 5:25 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

        Gary, IN? Seriously? Shit, why not just got to Detroit or Lagos? There’s some decent small town girls in the surrounding suburbs, all the white flighter daughters, but you have to go to the city(that’d be Chicago) for the serious bar scene.

        Or better still, go to the colleges. Favorable ratio win.


  24. “Two, women don’t like to be around men stinking of sex-hungry desperation. They prefer the company, tangential or otherwise, of men who act as if they have their choice of the litter.”

    Easily seen in any strip club. Women don’t show up even though they know there’s tons of men there eager to talk to women.


    • on November 26, 2014 at 9:23 am Holden Caulfield

      The average woman knows she can’t compete with the competition at a strip club. Therefore, the number of men there won’t matter to her.


      • She could probably compete if she was at least average looking, because a visitor would know that he can’t take a stripper with him.


  25. Speaking of Uber, that’s an interesting example of how private business comes up with solutions few could have imagined. I wonder what the cab industry would look like if it was a government monopoly.

    Cab fares would be increased in classy districts to pay for lower fares in poorer districts. Soon cabs would be overpriced so no one could use them. Then they would be subsidized in order to make sure everyone could afford them. “We have finally fixed the price problem”, we would hear, and price ceilings would be praised while those opposing them would be the bad guys.

    Then the number of cabs would be increased as a way to provide jobs, whether the increase was needed or not. Make it a program where the unemployable were given training to become cab drivers – and soon you’d have more cab drivers on the payroll than there were cabs. Annual goals for number of passengers would be set, and competitors like Uber would be banned as they would ruin the statistics.

    Cabs would be forced to go everywhere in a city, no matter how dangerous the streets were. When cab drivers were killed, the killings would first be covered up. Then they would be used to call for increased surveillance. Cabs would also be used for political messages plastered on the doors and on signs on top. There would be a deal with magazines of the right persuasion to put them in the backseat of every cab.

    Cabs would also be used for extra functions like driving ex-cons to job interviews and driving kids from poor districts to schools in another part of town. Any political use you could think of would be tried. Republicans couldn’t complain, because cabs would also be used to drive around wounded veterans. Cabs would be renamed CABs, Community Aid Bringers. They would be integrated in all sorts of government activities at the urging of the CAB union and the CAB administrators as that would increase their importance and paychecks. Ordinary passengers would be all but forgotten.


    • Lol. Like buses. Good one


      • Honestly, writing that I’m surprised there is no central program for government car ownership. Now it’s spread out across the departments, but if you would have one single bureaucracy for owning all the cars, that’s one more chance to politicize and to pay people for being bureaucrats. At least there could have been such a thing when cars were new.

        In fact, why not have government produce cars? “It’s too important to be left in private hands.”


  26. What’s your take on the trust factor of meeting someone through mutual friend? Does that take off a part of the shit test? Why does it slightly disinhibit women? Obviously the danger is that people, men and women alike, don’t trust “friends” choices for them, since they usually turn out to be nice people but aren’t hot at all. Still, sometimes one can be pleasantly surprised. Although rarely.


    • Pre-selection. She doesnt have to vet you as much if someone esle already did it. Women are lazy like that.


    • Meeting a girl through a girl you know? That almost never happens, so it’s hard to have stats on that.

      The reason it rarely happens is that a girl wins nothing from setting you up with her friend. And she knows that the vast majority of dates do not lead to a relationship. So you’d both be embarrassed around her again when you, the daters, stopped talking to each other. Especially embarrassed if you slept together once or twice before you ended things.

      And if you’d start a relationship – well, most of those come to an end. And then both of you would know that the mutual friend has heard the other partner’s side of the story. Heard of what you did, from the one person who will make it sound as negative as possible. Embarrassing.

      But if you do end up together and stay together – well, we know what happens when friends start relationships. They have much less time for their friends.

      So really, a girl has little reason to set up a male friend with her female friend.


  27. More on whiteknighting re: the Coz.

    The allegations are stupid.

    One woman says he “forced” her to give him a handjob. riiiiight.
    The other says he put her hand on his junk and then gave her a “hard kiss” after taking her home for the night — oooooooooh.
    Another says she was partying with him, blacked out to realize she was “about to” engage in oral sex and just left/went to the bathroom — yeah, what a rapist, he just lets his prey leave without incident.
    Another whines about being drugged, but apparently kept on seeing him every night while she was in town….
    Another one who was “raped” and then put up in a Penthouse, then kept in touch with him for 20 years and had consensual sex with him at least one other time…
    One of them says he drugged her after she ended a consensual sexual relationship. etc. etc.

    Look at what nearly ALL OF THEM SAY: “he made me feel used,” “he didn’t make me feel special.” lol….


    • Black leftist Scray defends his Black hero, just like he probably defends the Black robber Mike Brown, the Black drug dealer, thief and would-be murderer Trayvon Martin, and the Black repeat criminal Rodney King. For Blacks, criminals are heroes.

      Ohh, and a Yahoo link. Yes, that leftist website must be unbiased.

      Funny how you conveniently leave out the original story of multiple rapes. Instead you lie by only mentioning “hard kiss” and the like. Filthy fucking liar.


      • You don’t even make sense. The “leftist” media is sinking Cosby and latching on to these allegations. So, if the link is biased…it’s likely to be biased against him.

        Go ahead, bring up one of these “multiple rapes” that you think sounds legit.


      • “You don’t even make sense. The “leftist” media” –Are you trying to claim the media aren’t leftist by putting that in quotation marks, nig? And what does it matter in this case that the media are leftist? The point is YOU are trying to cover for your fellow Black who raped White women. Now you are squirming like a little worm gripping for irrelevant shit to bring up to cover that.

        “Go ahead” I don’t have to do anything you say, nigger. The first woman to come forward described how she was raped, as you well know. You lie about that pretending you don’t know. You’re probably jerking off to the story. Disgusting.

        And I note how you conveniently don’t say anything about your fellow nigs rioting and burning Ferguson. I mention that, it’s the hot topic right now, and you don’t say what side you stand on. Of course, you will not say anything against the robber since he was Black.


    • Why now though? Cosby hasn’t said anything threatening to the Narrative in a long time. Doesn’t make sense for a smear campaign to just materialize out of nowhere.


      • Because he’s making a comeback now.


      • “Because he’s making a comeback now” Scray once again tries to defend the Black rapist, now with a conspiracy theory. Pulls up a link from the leftist Yahoo propaganda machine to “debunk” the many women who have come forward. Them White bitches gotta know they place, right Scray?

        Lying is of course what Blacks like Scray do when their racial kin attack Whites. Here Blacks are shown lying and changing their testimonies in the Ferguson case:

        Even pretending to have seen the criminal Michael Brown being shot in the back, when he was never shot in the back. And being caught lying about being on the scene at all. But of course Scray will stay far away from this case. Instead he’ll bring up the rapist Cosby’s case and try to bank on an Evil Women vs Men narrative because this is a manosphere forum. Nice try.

        Scray’s idol raped Barbara Bowman several times, and Scray pretends he doesn’t know the story. Here it is.

        She describes how he assaulted her. But Scray pretends that the only allegations are things like “a hard kiss” as he writes above. Too bad for you that people can read, Scray. You have now been exposed as a liar.


      • John, you can’t seriously believe Scray when he defends the Black rapist. He probably loves stories of White women being raped by Blacks. His kind never say anything about that and call the victims liars while laughing at them and jerking off to the stories. Here is Barbara Bowman’s testimony of how she was assaulted. Scray pretends he doesn’t know about it and hopes people won’t read it. Just like he hopes people won’t learn about the many lies being told by his fellow Blacks in the witness stand in the Ferguson case, or about the riots. Funny how he stays silent about that, the hot issue today.


      • How do you know he’s a rapist? Women lie sometimes.


      • From your own link “The final incident was in Atlantic City.”

        How many “incidents” were there? Why did she keep going back for more?

        In her words, “I got the royal treatment. I’d fly to wherever he was. I was met at the baggage claim curb by his right-hand man. Then, I’d be handed off to Bill’s bodyguard, who would take care of me until Bill was ready to see me. I was always met by one of his men. I was never alone.”

        She can never recall penetration because was either drugged or brainwashed during all of the many times they had sexual encounters.

        ‘In fact, Cosby so believed in Barbara’s talents, that he moved her into a small apartment in Manhattan to take acting classes at HB Studios in the West Village.

        ‘Bill was my benefactor for sure. Though the agreement was that once I started booking jobs, I’d repay that loan.’

        For someone so keen on not being played by feminist tropes and whatnot, you sure are willing to fall into it when it’s placed in your racist blindspot.

        Such a WK, arby’s.


      • Cosby sold his soul to the devil (jooz) now its harvest time and he has to pay.


      • The nig Scray now predictably calls it white knighting to oppose a Black man raping White women. Go fuck yourself, nig.

        Your last post is just ridiculous shit not worth replying to. She was drugged unconscious so then you claim “THAT MEANS SHE WASN’T RAPED!” What a fucking idiot. Okay, that’s how you want it mulatto, don’t think you’ll get away.


      • arby’s continues operating with a switched-off criticial thinking switch. for some reason, arby’s assumes that these women are telling the unfettered truth. arby’s finds nothing suspicious about a woman repeatedly subjecting herself to the same “rape” encounter over and over again. arby’s finds nothing suspicious about the woman taking advantage of monetary favors while subjecting herself to these “rapes.” why? because arby’s is a racist WK.


    • “Look at what nearly ALL OF THEM SAY: “he made me feel used,” “he didn’t make me feel special.” lol….”

      The lesson to take from all the shit going down lately with high-profile dudes being accused of shit is how important it is for guys these days to have a VERY thorough understanding of avoiding/diffusing Buyer’s Remorse.

      It didn’t matter much in the past, because there wasn’t the Internet and social media SJW mobs and easy anonymous accusations and the ridiculous fear-mongering of feminism toward men, being able to post real or fake screencaps of text convos and chat logs, pics to show who the guy is and dox him, instant expulsion of men from universities for accusations with no evidence, etc. So if a chick felt shitty after having sex, it didn’t really matter for the guy.

      But NOW you’d better make DAMN sure the girls you fuck leave the interaction feeling like special snowflakes about it and collect a fuckload of txts before and after getting her to admit she loves/loved what you’re gonna’ do/did. Letting her crash overnight and taking her for an Egg McMuffin in the morning is gay but it could be the difference between her anonymously accusing you of rape 10 years later when you come into money/fame, or you being able to enjoy your success worry-free.

      If you’re running proper game, you shouldn’t be getting Buyer’s Remorse. BR generally comes from the girl feeling used or not special, which is usually because you either didn’t qualify her hard enough (so she didn’t “earn” you and could have been just any random girl), or you didn’t built enough rapport/comfort with her where you two have a personal little bond…or you fucked up both of those things.

      If you happen to pull quickly for sex without much comfort/rapport, cuddle afterward and run your comfort/rapport there so she feels special, otherwise odds are pretty good that she’s going to feel slutty and shitty about what she did when she gets home.

      Ramp this up a thousand-fold if you’re into rough BDSM shit with girls…if you go through an emotionally intense rape roleplay sex session, you need to cuddle with her for like an hour stroking her back and joking around and shit (the first time for sure, after that you can calibrate how much she needs) and let her adrenaline come back down with you so you can re-enforce that that was all just play stuff and that outside of the roleplaying you like and appreciate her bla bla bla

      Again, it’s all gay I know, but letting your girls get Buyer’s Remorse these days is like playing russian roulette. Even the chick in the slutty outfit dancing up on the bar who puts out on the first night without knowing your name wants to feel special lol


      • You might be able to make sure she feels special in the moment but what’s gonna happen 10 years later is ooc, especially when it wasn’t a ONS.


  28. an alpha male will know where to go, and where he goes is NOT where every other guy goes

    I learned long ago that I hate playing the “competition” game – I would rather do my own thing, my own way. That’s why I decided that when it came to meeting women, the best way to do it is on your terms. So I started to take control of my environment, whether that is through teaching a class (that young, attractive, women always out-number men at), or playing in a band. Sure there may be other guys there – but by being the center of the attention and in control, all of the other guys were lower than me and obviously so. That meant that when it came to the women, I had my pick of those that were interested. Over the years I got better at getting the ones on the fence interested.

    That is why those shows where there are several men competing for one woman would never work for me. I would walk out the first day as I don’t play those games – I’m not some monkey to amuse a woman. It is her job to attract me – and that is way that I like it. Competition is beneath me. I much prefer to stack the deck in my favor. 🙂


  29. Successful frame holding?

    Melbourne party kid. Maybe this lady can talk to some of the protesters at Ferguson.


  30. Re: the “This is what happens when people have no discipline, honor, morals, respect or values…” tweet.

    And here’s the lib response: “@MSM_Buster Oh, sure. Because YOU know that #MikeBrown supporters did this & not anyone else. Riiiight. #everydayracism #ppllikeUrtheproblem”

    Like Fred Reed says, just partition the country and get it over with. These people are not my fellow Americans.