President-Elect Trump Likely Won The Popular Vote, Too

Shitlibs are hanging their egos on the wispy reed of the popular vote, claiming (wrongly) that Trump’s electoral win is illegitimate because he (narrowly) lost the popular vote.

They are wrong whether their premise is true or false. Remind them that their beloved Bill Clinton won his 1992 election with 43% of the popular vote…meaning, quite correctly, that 57% of Americans did not want Bill for President. Bubba then went on to win his 1996 reelection with 49.2% of the popular vote.

Was democracy subverted by Bill Clinton’s back-to-back Presidencies each won with under 50% of the popular vote total?

Regardless of shitlib historical ignorance and incoherence about American republicanism and the electoral college championed by Alexander Hamilton, the reality is that Trump likely won the popular vote, too.

Not all the states have finished counting. MI is still tallying as of this post. Once counting up Trump’s states is done, the current popular vote difference will narrow.

More crucially, it is probable that thecunt’s national vote total is padded by the votes of millions of illegal aliens. Right now, she leads the popular vote by 300-500K. Toss those illegal alien votes (of which she doubtlessly received the overwhelming bulk), plus any felon votes and fraudulent votes (I see dead Democreeps), and Trump takes a 2-3% popular vote lead.

For this reason, President Trump should use his Golden Mandate to immediately send to Congress a Voter ID law. It’s time, for the sake of American democracy, to crack down on vote and election fraud.


A word on Trump’s successful campaign strategy. Trump didn’t follow the advice of cucks, for if he had he would have lost as assuredly as cucks have been losing for so long. Trump focused on galvanizing the Forgotten Whites vote, eschewing the cuck template of “reaching out” to Diversity and expecting (futilely) Diversity to return the embrace. This meant, on the ground, Trump maximized his White vote share in the Rust Belt and Appalachia, at the cost of losing White cucks and beaners out West.

“I Love Carbs” has a great write-up on Trump’s path to victory.

Trump’s low popular vote surprised me initially, but after giving it some thought, I think I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. After all, he was running an obviously skinflint campaign — spending $5/vote vs. crooked’s $20 — and sought to get the highest ROI for campaign resources. By implication, he didn’t bother much with states he thought weren’t worth it. I’m sure if the election was decided by overall vote he would have campaigned differently and obtained different results.


Now, WY is a state where, as an R, your vote matters, so unsurprisingly, Trump got basically the same amount of votes there that Romney did, ~170k. CA is a different story. Romney got 4.20M votes there, which was worth exactly nothing save for padding his total popular vote. Trump hardly bothered with CA, and unsurprisingly, only got 2.97M votes.


Also, you have to expect that plenty of voter fraud went on, especially with illegals, but, like with NeverTrumpers, this mostly happened in states that didn’t really matter anyway.

All of which is to say that the monster vote was indeed real, but Trump only tapped into it where necessary. And boy oh boy, that worked bigly…


…it’s pretty clear now that we really are in the midst of a yuge realignment. Trump did indeed bring out a ton of new voters, but he also lost a ton. Basically, he swapped the cucks out for the deplorables — the deal of the century, if you ask me!

Carbs argues that Trump ran at just the right moment, because America had to endure eight years of Gay Mulatto before they’d be ready for Trump, but analysis done by of all places National Cuckview found that Trump likely would have beaten Obama in 2012 using the same vote targeting strategy he used to successfully end the Clinton crimenasty.

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  1. […] President-Elect Trump Likely Won The Popular Vote, Too […]


  2. I still can’t believe we fucking won

    [CH: it really is amazing. each new day the amazement is as fresh as the first day following the election.]

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  3. If they say America has 13 million “undocumented aliens” they who are in control of the MSM, the reality may be closer to 26-35 millions ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

    If you factor that in, CA is so RED it’ll make shitlibs eyes and vaginas weep.

    Just deporing more than 60% of CA population(ILLEGALS) would be a pussy grab that will turn CA from a herpes riddled whore to e lithe young beauty queen.

    Source: Lived in CA for 4+ years of college.

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  4. What’s even better is pointing out to shitlibs that Obama didn’t win the popular vote in the ’08 Democratic Primary. Didn’t seem to bother them at the time, no?

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  5. The people who voted for Trump. A tribute.


  6. Yeah, deal of the century.

    And in Art of the Deal, Trump talks about waiting for the right moment and that the best deals are made when one is patient–not jumping into it just for the sake of it.

    And damn, $5 vote. Not even fast food is that cheap! Shit, mot starcucks drinks go for more than that.

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  7. To all the liberals claiming “hillary got the popular vote”, trump didnt even try to get it. Trump knew chasing the popular vote in the north east and on the west coast is a waste of time. The electoral college is all that matters, that’s why trump will be in the white house.

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  8. Fuck them all. Show no mercy. Your lives and culture and country would’ve been destroyed by these assholes. Show. No. Mercy. Ever.

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    • I fear he will start to compromise. You are exactly white. They want to genocide us, literally.

      Fuck (((them))).


  9. Not only that, if people knew that the popular vote was the thing that determined the winner, Trump would have won by about 5 million votes. Millions of conservatives in California and New York stay home because they know their votes are meaningless in those states.

    Announce that the popular vote is the determining factor, and Trump wins by millions of votes.


  10. I’m not on twitter.

    CH, please continue to destroy these shitlib retards there.


  11. The popular vote is essentially meaningless anyway because everyone knows we use the electoral college system. Thus, we’ll never know how many Trump supporters in California (or how many Hillary supporters in Oklahoma for example) stayed home knowing that their votes didn’t really matter. So it’s pointless to try and deduce anything from the popular vote.

    That said, given that California and New York are the big states with the most voters and both are reliably democrat, it seems likely that without the EC, Trump would have won the popular vote.


  12. on November 14, 2016 at 3:38 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “They are wrong whether their premise is true or false. Remind them that their beloved Bill Clinton won his 1992 election with 43% of the popular vote…
    meaning, quite correctly, that 57% of Americans did not want Bill for President. Bubba then went on to win his 1996 reelection with 49.2% of the popular vote.

    Was democracy subverted by Bill Clinton’s back-to-back Presidencies each won with under 50% of the popular vote total?”



    • on November 14, 2016 at 3:44 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      But then again..

      If I were a shitlib, I’d wiggle out of that rhetorical headlock by saying that America was more white/evil/racist back then.


  13. There are some upcoming anti-Trump protests in my area. I’m planning on showing up with a big sign that says “losers”, and mocking shitlib faggots. This will be good fun, but given the “””vibrancy””” of the area in general, showing up alone might not be such a great idea.

    What is the best way to organize counter demonstrations in order to get a sizeable turn out?

    Beyond that, (((soros))) and his (((team))) have openly declared war on the God Emperor. Who’s interested in forming SA style squadrons to deal with the lackeys of foreigners attempting to subvert the democratically manifested will of the American people?

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  14. we should be careful about this. There’s some people on twitter throwing around Trump won popular vote by mixing up old clinton/trump numbers from last week.

    1. Not winning the popular vote is meh. It’s why we have electoral college. Voter fraud bad apples doesn’t destroy whole barrel.

    2. who cares.


  15. So happy, so, so happy.


  16. He pulled off the greatest victory probably in the history of the world when even his own party sabotaged him a month before the election .

    Have all the overseas ballots been counted? I would assume the army would vote for him?

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  17. I doubt he’ll win the popular vote. Most of the uncounted votes are in California and New York.


  18. It’s like waking up as a kid on Christmas, every day.

    That’s exactly the feeling, and as a foreigner I don’t even vote

    To see Steve Bannon in the White House is like finding a nice video game below my window on Christmas Day


    When do the f*cking marines occupy Caracas?


  19. Theres also the absentee ballots. In most states they won’t count votes on those ballots if the margin of victory exceeds the number of absentee ballots. Or they only count the votes on the ballots in races that they could possibly affect. Absentee ballot voters tend strongly Republican, so in the deep red and deep blue state those are often not being counted.


    • I doubt the absentee votes tend strongly Republican in California and New York. Perhaps they are more Republican than the other votes but they are probably still majority Democrat.


  20. Of course the popular vote count was a lie. The douchy libs needed to save face somehow.