A Message To Frenchmen: Hate Is As Natural As Love

This is so sad, but not for the reasons ankle-biters think. A Frenchmanlet (you’ll understand the appellation in a minute), lost his wife, a fetching White woman, to the Muslim murderers in Paris, and now raises his infant son alone. He has what he imagines is a dispiriting message for his wife’s killers.

Dear beta males afraid to hate,

CH has a message for you that I hope will stir as many hearts as your message has lulled to sleep:

There is no virtue in denying your hatred of those that would kill you and yours. Cowardly shirking mincing mewling faggot shitlibs think your high-mindedness and your determination, or stupidity, to “not cast a distrustful eye to your fellow [Muslim] citizens” is the stuff of true heroism.

But it’s not. Hate is the yang to love’s yin. Your refusal to allow a healthy hate to course through you, and enliven your spirit to action, is surrender. It is retreat from a vital emotion that, when welcomed as circumstances require, will motivate a man to protect his family, his friends, his countrymen.

Maybe that’s the cause of your descent into hollow calls for impassive stoicism in the face of grave threat from outsiders.

There are no White countrymen with a sense of shared heritage worth preserving in the West anymore. Diversity™ saw to that. And there are no White families anymore. Diversity™ is seeing to that, as well, as native birth rates plummet in reaction to the loss of public space. We have our friends, but they disappear behind blue screens and shut-in lives enabled by internet delivery services. So what is there to protect, besides one’s moral posturing? If all you have is desolate ego validation from faceless, deracinated defeatists on social media, then it follows naturally to throw the memory of your pretty wife under the bus for the reward of the one thing that matters anymore in your shattering world… your grandiloquent moral rectitude.

Necessity is the mother of rationalization.

Refusing to hate murderous aliens in your midst who laugh at your haughty self-righteousness as they draw the knife across your throat is not noble

not heroic

not admirable

not morally superior.

It is the payment of meekness for comfort. Of weak-minded shibboleth for solace. Of saccharine platitude for avoidance of conflict.

White European Man, this is, if you’ll pardon the pun, your Darkest Hour. If there is a light at the end of this tunnel, it recedes to a pinpoint, flickering and threatening to extinguish… or to explode suddenly at its densest gravitational collapse, like a supernova, flooding your eyes and your conscience with the true nature of the war being waged against you.

La haine est aussi naturel que l’amour.


PA explores an angle that has bothered me, too. What was this Frenchmanlet’s wife doing at a death metal disco? Without him, presumably?

I don’t know anything about that man’s marriage but I can say with confidence that most Western men have never known the love of a woman because most Western women’s capacity for love is strangled early and often. In this case, his wife, an ageing mother, died at a disco. How do you love a woman who does not submit herself to you?

Did that French man ever sit on his couch sipping his favorite poison, while she curled up on the floor and snuggled up to his feet? Do you miss a woman who never showed you, with every gram of her devotion, that you own her fully?

If she did that, how would you mourn a woman like that? Would you go mad with sorrow? Would you coldly plot something that would land you in hell except for God’s mercy in this particular case?

She is gone. I don’t know what his wife was like and how he felt about her before she died. But he has a small child, to whom he can’t explain that mama is never coming back.

A wife and mother in her 30s spending her leisure time head-banging at da club, while beta hubby and infant child wait for her at home, is a powerful symbol of Western White decline. The message has to get out, otherwise White women will head-bang their way into race oblivion, and ultimately fulfill the White race cuckoldry fantasies of the degenerate reptile mafia.


  1. on November 22, 2015 at 6:10 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    They can’t hate, because they can’t love.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 6:35 am Captain Obvious

      Freud must have understood the Darkness in women – how it enters their hearts and destroys them – the female desire for ever greater ravishing and punishment and abuse from the newest Most Alpha Cad to briefly pass through their lives. But for men, did Freud also understand the power of demasculinization and effeminization as the flip side of the coin? Or was it Marcuse? Alinsky? Socialism/Bolshevism used to be a very masculine phenomenon – think Stalin and Hemingway and Meyer Lansky’s Longshoremen thugs. Did any single Eskimo Psychiatrist realize the power of The War on Boys, or did it evolve more slowly, over time?


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:44 am Captain Obvious

        We’re certainly in a race to the bottom, straight into the sewer of R-Selection. As scrotial media unleashes ever greater attention whoring and Cluster B insanity in our women, leading to an ever more urgent desire to be brutalized by one-night-stand flings with Alpha Cads, The War on Boys – the propaganda and brainwashing and humiliation in John Dewey’s Gubmint Indoctrination Centers and the Ritalin/Adderall/SSRIs from Weaponized Eskimo Psychiatry and the retreat of little boys from the real world and into computer games – The War on Boys is decimating what would have been the next generation of masculinity in young men, leaving fewer and fewer Alphas to service all of those white-hot Cluster B nether regions…


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:50 am Captain Obvious

        There has to be someone [or some “school of thought”] in the literature which was targetting Occidental K-Selection for destruction, to be replaced by Semitic R-Selection. And they must have realized that they had to attack Occidental Masculinity in order to destroy K-Selection. I can remember isolated TV shows and movies, as far back as maybe 1980, attacking e.g. the masculine White high school football players as being cruel to the poor thoughtful compassionate Eskimo or ghey-confused high school boy, but was there an organized school of thought mounting this attack?


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:56 am Captain Obvious

        Even in the late 1970s, Eskimo Henry Winkler was allowed to portray an uber-masculine WOP, Arthur Fonzarelli, in “Happy Days”. But then in 1980, I have the very vaguest memory of a movie called “Fame”, and a TV series of the same name, where the Eskimos tried to sneak in a ghey character as a role model for little boys…


      • The incestuous molester dad was a huge theme in 80s thru early 90s movies. It began with the 1984 made-for-television film “Something about Amelia” and ran thru 1994 with Jenny’s father in “Forrest Gump.”


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:13 am Captain Obvious

        PA, it was sometime around 1980 when they started targetting Occidental Masculinity. It was very subtle at first, just a slight ding here and a dart there, but by 1994, with “Friends”, it was pedal-to-the-metal anti-Masculine poisoning. Now only nogs and mystery meats and talentless Eskimo hacks like Sean Penn and Shia LaBoeuf [The Beef?!?] are allowed to portray masculine role models, and even that is increasingly rare.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:19 am Captain Obvious

        It’s weird that we both zeroed in on 1994 – I wonder if that was The Singularity in Eskimo Psychiatry’s poisoning of the culture? A White college senior today, in 2015, class of 2016, would very likely have been born in 1994/1995, and demasculinization and effeminization is all that he has ever known in his entire life.


      • It was the election of Bill Clinton in 1992 that sent the signal that the world was now safe for the Frankfurters. Since then it has been all downhill, except for an all-too brief revanche after 911, a moment squandered by W and the philo-Saudi bias of the elites.


      • Freud’s work had more to do with Talmudic rabbis. Maybe not the exact part you mentioned but that’s what his analysis was towards.


      • Re : Freud…I can recommend reading up on Eskimo shrink Wilhelm Reich.
        I discovered a better understanding of women from him before I discovered the manosphere.


      • Eskimos are intelligent and cunning but not physically strong. Physically strong whites with a similar high level of intelligence are a threat to them (look at the German’s compulsory fitness of the 1930s). So this white masculinity was a threat and needed to be eliminated.


      • I am a straight male but have been to gay bathhouses to watch the dynamics.

        [CH: !]

        I recommend it for anyone who wants to study sexual dynamics and raw natural R selection as long as viewing gay sex does not disgust you.

        An alpha male tall with a big dick will walk around and he will literally have ten guys around him worshipping him. There is a huge shortage of alpha masculine males in the gay world and all the femmes compete for it and will stab each other in the back to gain alpha’s attention. It is raw and stripped down. Substitute women for femmes and you see reality in the real world . You see through the farce which is the social constructs.

        [sloppy backdoor anti-game troll attempt. pun intended.]


      • The incestuous molester dad was a huge theme in 80s thru early 90s movies.

        That was one of the ubiquitous memes of NYPD Blue, a show ostensibly catering to the white male demographic.


      • And it was always the WHITE middle- and upper-class fathers… never lower class negroes and Hispanics who, in Real World, make up the vast majority of such cases.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 12:28 pm Captain Obvious

        But suppose R-Selection is a terrible vortex of Death for men – just as The Darkness is a vortex which lures women into an ever increasing obsession with being ruined by Alpha Cads – suppose that for Men and Masculinity, the further you get away from K-Selection, the more the Betas and Gammas just hang their heads in shame and give up. In 2001 and thereafter, the USA soldiers were shocked at the ubiquitous effemininity and soft h0m0sexuality of the average Afghani man, after decades of Taleban control had vanquished any hope that the average man could have a chance at a wife. In strictly Koranic societies, the top 25% of the men get 100% of the women [4 wives each], and the bottom 75% of the men sit around giving each other bl0wj0bs.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:16 pm The Spirit Within

        And it was always the WHITE middle- and upper-class fathers… never lower class negroes and Hispanics who, in Real World, make up the vast majority of such cases.

        Let’s see a source on this.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:53 pm Facepalm to the Max

        @ Captain Obvious: In Koranic societies the bottom 75% of men are supposed to go and invade infidel lands and steal their women….just like what is happening to Europe right now

        @ The Strapon: Do you own homework boy. Even a nog like you must be able to use google.


      • 1989 was the year Aerosmith released Janie’s Got a Gun. Pretty white girl raped by her rich white daddy, then she kills him.


      • this video already made the facebook rounds for its applause tour. People said “powerful” and clicked Like.

        I said HE SURE SHOWED THEM. I have no respect for someone unwilling to fight for his family and kin.


      • Do your own homework, Strapon… I’m not going to go citing links that your peabrain is just going to ignore anyway. Check out the areas where girls as young as 11 seem to be getting pregnant.

        Besides, you well know a lot of stuff in the ‘hood DOESN’T get catalogued… for that you’ll have to talk to social workers and LEOs familiar with the areas. I worked with bail bondsmen in a previous life, and I saw much firsthand myself.

        So, if you’re truly of an inquiring mind, go forth and investigate. But we know you’re not, you’re just up with the usual squid ink of “source, please”.

        You fairy.


      • on November 23, 2015 at 8:52 am The Spirit Within

        Generalizations without data. especially from the likes of you, will be discarded.

        Doncha hate it when someone holds your feet to the fire? Asking for something as simple as evidence for your assertions?

        Stop blasting your bullshit all over the website.


      • lozlozlzlzoz Sunstein Within, who thinks that Jezebel, the Atlantic, the Jew York Times, and the Washington Post are credible sources, is asking for a source. And he admits that he won’t consider it credible unless it’s one of the obvious communist-propaganda MSM sources. I’m starting to think that Sunstein Within has been to journalism school, too. I once had the misfortune of “dating” an uppity journalist who attended a “prestigious” school. She was the same–the most libtarded leftist one could ever (not) hope to meet. These lizards actually pretend to believe that the Jew York Times is a neutral reporter of news, even though 100% its reporters are named Greenberg or Feinstein.


      • on November 23, 2015 at 2:21 pm Livin' on a flayer

        Musically, GnR had fought their way to the top, with (frequently caricature) masculinity, only to be sideswiped by suicidal Nirvana (FooFighters were henceforth ‘anti-illuminati’) and topple like a house of cards. In the late 80s, you had fantastic rock bands and virtuosos who could make people (particularly white men) dream (Van Halen, Genesis [eg “Driving the Last Spike” and “Fading Lights” c.1992], Bon Jovi, etc). Even listen to Bryan Adams’ mega-hit “I’d Die For You”. Ultra-savvy playaz will dismiss it as “white-knighting” (an unintended slur on the white race perhaps? – I propose “gallant” knighting), but it’s some pretty unadulterated north european/american idealistic masculinity.
        The 90s gave way to “chart-toppers” like the Cranberries, the Corrs, Hootie&the BJs, “do it like they do on the discovery channel”, “remember to wear sunscreen”, “that’s me in the corner, losing my religion” (sexually ambiguous), “I’m a freak, I’m a weirdo”-Radiohead (demoralised britpop). A whole host of inane electronic music appeared “I’m blue”, “hey ho captain jack”,”wallawalla bing bang”, but the replacement of idealistic love and subtle song meanings, with prison culture was devastating.
        Great songs like “In the air tonight”, and “that’s just the way it is” were used as vehicles to bring thug culture to the masses. That actually seriously demoralised blacks too. When great melodic and musical musicians like Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie (to name just two), were suddenly in Niggers With Attitude’s sinister shadows, there was no way back. Look at examples of Dre & B Real “Puppet Master” to see how overtly demon worship had been shoved into the mainstream*. Meanwhile, deadly sirens taught virgins to sacrifice their purity.
        *It’s worth noting that hip-hop had some redeemable features upon its inception but was quickly used as the weapon with which to destroy white musical hegemony. Just look at the sheer lack of musicality that rap displays now, having achieved its goal. Gil-Scott Heron, the man often credited as “the first rapper”, regarded rap as a braggart’s empty posturing. Blacks thought they were being empowered by prison inmate’s parlour tricks, but were ultimately debased by it (a bit like women with feminism).

        Quickly, TV shows like McGyver, Baywatch, etc, gave way to Dawson’s Creek, My So Called Like Life… and all the way up to Glee and the other debauched stuff seen today.


      • Generalizations without data. especially from the likes of you, will be discarded.

        Then start with your own, you disingenuous little dweeb.

        Doncha hate it when someone holds your feet to the fire? Asking for something as simple as evidence for your assertions?

        You don’t seem to mind it.

        As I said, your Chomsky tactics of asking for “source” are old hat, and we don’t play that shit here at the chateau… save it for your Sunday brunches.

        Google is your friend. You’re holding your own feet to the fire when you try to squid ink by making someone prove what everyone already knows, and is easy enough to find out.

        Here’s a quick taste of investigative activity… merely a sample, mind you… that will take you all of 30 seconds…

        Look up the stat of pregnancies by race between the ages of 10-14. And then use that self-vaunted intelligence of yours to discern that pregnancies are a mere tip of the iceberg in calculating the amount of sexual child abuse that goes on.

        And don’t try your usual shitlib bullshit squid ink of claiming that pregnancies of girls younger than 15 do not ipso facto equal sexual abuse of children by adults. These aren’t pre-15 year old children fucking pre-15 year old children as a rule, you ass, and you know it. Just like a smoking gun doesn’t PROVE a murder, it’s a large piece of evidence and further investigation of other sources and stats will corroborate the findings.

        Stop blasting your bullshit all over the website.

        Physician, heal thyself… before someone punches your stupid nose down your stupid throat.

        You fairy.


    • This is one of the core truths of life these anti human voids will never get.

      Ever, apparently.

      The opposite of love is indifference – not hate.

      Hate and love are two sides of the same coin…the source of passion, creativity, beauty, and all truth seeking.

      These people aren’t really even alive – I think that’s why they hate the living so much.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:25 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        They’re characters straight out of a Houellebecq novel.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 11:32 am Captain Obvious

        But with ubiquitous demasculinization & effeminization in the culture, and Weaponized Eskimo Psychiatry handing out Ritalin/Adderall/SSRIs/Benzodiazepines like candy, and little boys no longer actually playing tackle football, but instead “playing” John Madden video games of it – do young men nowadays even retain the capacity for HATE?!?


      • on November 22, 2015 at 11:38 am Captain Obvious

        I’m tempted to take LBF’s original comment and restate it as “They can’t hate, because they can’t love, and they can’t love because they can’t hate.” I.e. “LOVE if and only if HATE”. When you strip masculinity out of the equation, you get Beta Orbiters who never get their rods wet in [email protected] River, so they have no “love” in their lives, but likewise, without masculinity, and narked out of their minds on SSRIs, and with free p0rn downloads to take the edge off any testosterone building up in their bloodstreams, they equally lack the capacity to hate the lives they lead.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 12:46 pm Captain Obvious

        Ed Meese, back in the 1980s, tried to take on the Eskimo P0rn0graphers for the Reagan Administration, and Senator Al Gore’s then-wife, Tipper, also went after them, but then we got 20 years of Bush/Clinton/Bush, which unleashed the floodgates of Eskimo p0rn and filth and poison. I wonder whether the CIA was telling Bush/Clinton/Bush to back off of the Meese/Tipper initiatives in order to emasculate and effeminize USA boyz? Or maybe Bush/Clinton/Bush didn’t need to be told – maybe it was an outcome they already wanted?


    • Alpha RUSSIA SEND PUSSY FRANCE A PUPPY AS “SHOW OF SOLIDARITY” , irony goes completely over REGRESSIVES(cuz they aren’t liberals and they sure as hell are not contributing to humanity progressing) Heads. Rofl



    • & to love is to elevate one person to a higher position than another, which flies in the face of equality.


      • on November 23, 2015 at 12:13 am The Night Porter

        That is absolutely true. Love has no place in a society where everyone belongs to everyone. Love is anti-democratic.


    • If I were him, I’d make the exact same video. Or something even more pathetic.

      Man needs an alibi, doesn’t he.

      Then I’d bomb the fuck out of those allahuakbar sessions. Silently yet ruthlessly smite them. While posting on FB about the badwhiteshaterzzzzz.z. Hatecriminalz.z.z.z..zzz.

      This I’ll probably end up doing anyway.

      Then again, my wife wouldn’t be in a nightclub or disco period. I’d be there myself alone, or neither of us would be there. But my wife? No way.


      • You know if you really wanted to have fun with this… The group these refugees will hurt the most is the blacks. Blacks have had it easy the last few decades, now they will have competition for their squalor.

        Around where I live a drunk guy or female could run a red light kill someone and maybe spend a year at most in prison. Seems to me they always are driving an early 90s car or truck with a reinforced bumper that could really do a number on one of those newer plastic cars. Some even get good attorneys and never serve prison time. Such a shame……


    • “It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence.”

      – Gandhi


    • I grew up watching The Fall Guy and the A Team. Guys with guns who liked broads. Some Marxist themes began to immerse- BA in the A team for example but overall – they were masculine shows for boys.


  2. Without hate, love is impotent. Without love, hate is cannibalistic.


    • If the French president had any balls, he’d have given this speech to his countrymen the day after the attacks


    • PA: Without hate, love is impotent. Without love, hate is cannibalistic.

      Unz’s Lin Dinh posted a conversation with a French, 21 year old tranzi who had rediscovered his patriotism post massacre. The Frenchman had plenty of hate but it directed to French “racists” who had taken the flag “for their racism,” now he was reclaiming it.

      Anyway, his hate was cannibalistic, directed against his own, maybe because his trans nationalism had severed his ability to love.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 6:19 pm The Spirit Within

      “In time we hate that which we often fear.” – Shakespeare


      • Well, DUH!

        Threats to well-being, let alone survival, ARE to be feared.

        Funny how all your quotes about hate and love never quite seem to get around to Scripture, which has a plethora on the wisdom of both love and hate… up to and including the numerous things that God Himself hates.

        Again, territory covered often, here at the chateau, but which you refuse to accept… it’s so much easier mouthing your namby-pamby platitudes of Cathedralese.

        Avaunt, pismire… your lances are but straws… thou thimble… thou thread.

        /hoisted on own Shakespeare petard


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:56 pm Facepalm to the Max

        If you don’t fear those who want to cut your head off and gang rape your women then you must be completely retarded


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:02 pm The Spirit Within

        We inhabit utterly different worlds. I fear nobody, especially the ones who would hurt me. Better just to face them, intelligently and tactically.


      • You fear nobody, do you? Good, I have need of creatures like you. You make good canon fodder and distractions while more intelligent men can get about the business of making the enemy die with as little loss to us as possible.


      • on November 23, 2015 at 8:53 am The Spirit Within

        Clearly you don’t know the words “intelligently” or “tactically”.


      • We inhabit utterly different worlds. I fear nobody, especially the ones who would hurt me. Better just to face them, intelligently and tactically.

        Well thank you, Captain Obvious III…

        Strapon, you don’t need to tell us how different your cocooned existence is…

        You, who obviously never heard a shot fired in anger or even a bloody nose outside of a schoolyard, if even then.

        You’re the poster boy for the Cathedral shmucks who first coined the term White Privilege.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  3. Yes, this aversion to hatred, now always simplified as “hate”, is a peculiar thing. It is definitely not a normal, logical development. It was invented, no doubt in the academia, and then promoted as ever by the eager leftist beavers in the media. That it isn’t natural can be seen in that it didn’t occur in different languages, different countries – but originates from one country, the U.S.

    There are actually other invented words in other languages that fill the same function, to demonize the people’s reaction to immigration. “Stranger hostility” – sounds absurd in English, doesn’t it? Just like “hate” as something completely negative sounds strange until you have had it pounded into your brain by the media and school system. With the pervasive influence of American media, “hate” has spread while “stranger hostility” and similar have not – showing that they weren’t real after all. If they were real phenomena they would occur in all Western nations as a natural observation.

    “Feminism”, “racism”, same thing. Using “they” for a hypothetical person instead of the time-honored “he”, despite the gross inaccuracy of using a plural form for one individual. “Sexism”. “Homophobia”. None of these words are natural. “Nationalism” is a natural word, and the word nationalist parties call themselves, but instead they are called “racist” by the media.

    The same media who otherwise insist in telling us that we must not say Eskimo but Inuit, and not say Gypsy but Roma, because “that’s the word in their languages!” Despite the fact that we have always used those words in OUR language. (You don’t say Nihon-Jin for a Japanese or Chongguo-Ren for a Chinese, do you?) And Negro has always been the word for Blacks in languages all over the world. If the words are seen as negative, that is because of the negative behavior of the so-named peoples. But the words are changed as a leftist power demonstration, and as a way to find and target dissenters in case they refuse to humiliate themselves by switching words.

    Unnatural language. One of the many leftist ways of compensating for not having the facts on their side.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 2:13 pm Captain Obvious

      > “And Negro has always been the word for Blacks in languages all over the world.” ——— It’s actually the NAME for two sub-Saharan nations, Niger and Nigeria:


      • on November 22, 2015 at 2:15 pm Captain Obvious

        Although I don’t know why Cote d’Ivoire [the Ivory Coast] isn’t called Cote d’Ebene [the Ebony Coast], unless maybe it was where they were butchering the poor elephants for their tusks.


      • It was where they exported the ivory from, but not where they slaughtered the elephants.


      • Re the poor elephants-it may have been from Sailer or the Derb I picked this up-but in a class I once asked whether Hannibal had used African elephants or Indian ones in his army: the answer is Indian ones-the African elephant has always been untamable. To the pregunpowder tribes of Africa, a scourge and destroyer of agriculture. Only from our relative position of power to that of a manual labor farmer, does it seem that the elephant is helpless against all those humans. In what era do humans tolerate a competitor? Ah yes, the western occidental post WW2 one.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 6:20 pm The Spirit Within

      “Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love.” — Buddha


      • What does the Talmud say about hate and love of outgroups? Honest question.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:43 pm The Spirit Within

        No idea; I’m Catholic. Judging by your handle, you’re better equipped to answer that question.


      • on November 23, 2015 at 12:25 am The Night Porter

        To answer Moses’s honest question, here is a short selection from the Talmud:
        Abhodah Zarah (22a) — Do not associate with gentiles, they shed blood.
        Iore Dea (153, 2). — Must not associate with Christians, shed blood.
        Abhodah Zarah (25b). — Beware of Christians when walking abroad with them.
        Orach Chaiim (20, 2). — Christians disguise themselves to kill Jews.
        Abhodah Zarah (15b) — Suggest Christians have sex relations with animals.
        Abhodah Zarah (22a) — Suspect Christians of intercourse with animals.
        Schabbath (145b) — Christians unclean because they eat accordingly
        Abhodah Zarah (22b) — Christians unclean because they not at Mount Sinai.
        Iore Dea (198, 48). — Clean female Jews contaminated meeting Christians.
        Kerithuth (6b p. 78) — Jews called men, Christians not called men.
        Makkoth (7b) — Innocent of murder if intent was to kill Christian.
        Orach Chaiim(225, 10) — Christians and animals grouped for comparisons.
        Midrasch Talpioth 225 — Christians created to minister to Jews always.
        Orach Chaiim 57, 6a — Christians to be pitied more than sick pigs.
        Zohar II (64b) — Christian idolators likened to cows and asses.
        Kethuboth (110b). — Psalmist compares Christians to unclean beasts.
        Sanhedrin (74b). Tos. — Sexual intercourse of Christian like that of beast.
        Kethuboth (3b) — The seed of Christian is valued as seed of beast.
        Kidduschim (68a) — Christians like the people of an ass.
        Eben Haezar (44,8) — Marriages between Christian and Jews null.
        Zohar (II, 64b) — Christian birth rate must be diminished materially.
        Zohar (I, 28b) — Christian idolators children of Eve’s serpent.
        Zohar (I, 131a) — Idolatrous people (Christians) befoul the world.
        Emek Haschanach(17a) — Non-Jews’ souls come from death and death’s shadow.
        Zohar (I, 46b, 47a) — Souls of gentiles have unclean divine origins.
        Rosch Haschanach(17a) — Non-Jews souls go down to hell.
        Iore Dea (337, 1). — Replace dead Christians like lost cow or ass.
        Iebhammoth (61a) — Jews called men, but not Christians called men.
        Abhodah Zarah (14b) T — Forbidden to sell religious works to Christians
        Abhodah Zarah (78) — Christian churches are places of idolatry.
        Iore Dea (142, 10) — Must keep far away physically from churches.
        Iore Dea (142, 15) — Must not listen to church music or look at idols
        Iore Dea (143, 1) — Must not rebuild homes destroyed near churches.
        Hilkoth Abh. Zar (10b) — Jews must not resell broken chalices to Christians.
        Chullin (91b) — Jews possess dignity even an angel cannot share.
        Sanhedrin, 58b — To strike Israelite like slapping face of God.
        Chagigah, 15b — A Jew considered good in spite of sins he commits.
        Gittin (62a) — Jew stay away from Christian homes on holidays.
        Choschen Ham. (26,1) — Jew must not sue before a Christian judge or laws.
        Choschen Ham (34,19) — Christian or servant cannot become witnesses.
        Iore Dea (112, 1). — Avoid eating with Christians, breeds familiarity.
        Abhodah Zarah (35b) — Do not drink milk from a cow milked by Christian.
        Iore dea (178, 1) — Never imitate customs of Christians, even hair-comb.


      • Not true. The opposite of hatred is not love. Love and hate are but two sides of the coin, “I give a shit.” The opposite of hatred is apathy. And that is what this Frenchman has promised. Which will be him and his people’s undoing. You have to give a shit before you’re going to do something about it.


      • You’ve never read the Old Testament? LOL.


      • Point isn’t to eliminate hatred.


  4. […] A Message To Frenchmen: Hate Is As Natural As Love […]


  5. And all the time—such is the tragi-comedy of our situation—we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. You can hardly open a periodical without coming across the statement that what our civilization needs is more ‘drive’, or dynamism, or self-sacrifice, or ‘creativity’. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.


    • Indeed, but one correction: “we” do not do these things. It is done by socialist school teachers, socialists that occupy the social sciences, and it all begins and is pushed by Jewish media owners and Jewish “sociology” professors. Egalitarians will exist in every generation, but under normal circumstances they will be few and mostly powerless. Allied with the media owners, however, they can push their agenda.

      What I’m thinking of is: You often hear people say online that “Look, the Jews in the media can do this because ‘we’ let them!” I didn’t do that. It was the egalitarians, never the majority.


      • The quote’s not original; it’s CS Lewis, in his essay/book The Abolition of Man.

        You are correct about the egalitarians and socialists (aka Hegelians) by the way. I’m reading The Camp Of The Saints at the moment; the hatred for Western culture and insidiousness of the egalitarians was entirely foreseen in detail, and the consequences are, unfortunately, not surprising.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:06 am Captain Obvious

        Except that they personally are most certainly NOT egalitarians. As soon as they destroy Occidental K-Selection [which is the single most EGALITARIAN phenomenon ever to arise in mammalian biology – the idea that EVERY male has the right to a mate], they’ll replace it with Semitic R-Selection, and then seize all of the shiksas for themselves [bankrolled by all the fake money they create at their Federal Reserve and horde unto themselves].


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:29 pm Vagina dominator

        “the hatred of Western culture” = multiculturalism

        Ah, this is the key to the whole scheme, which has developed over some time.

        Subsequent to their expulsion from England by Edward 1 in 1290, the bankers decided to remove the old royal families of Europe from power. To do this, two issues were central, Succession and Legitimacy.

        The problems of succession were solved by imposing democracy, where the politicians could be easily paid off agents of the bankers or those with interests in common with the bankers while establishing a permanent bureaucracy that would answer to the bankers behind the democratic facade. See “democratic” under Goldman Sachs Europe for how that has developed.

        The first target was England. The Dutch bankers paid for the English civil war to establish a parliament. It was a good result for them except that Cromwell the Dictator came with succession problems. So he was removed and replaced with Charles and James, the Stuart brothers, who solved both the succession and legitimacy problems. Unfortunately, during their stay i France, they had been infected with the virus of Divine Right, and they also wouldn’t pay their private debts to the bankers.

        So the Stuarts were murdered and were replaced with William from Holland and Mary (for legitimacy), who then in gratitude established the National Debt (so that borrowings were became an inescapable and eternal national rather than a private royal obligation) and the Bank of England (1694). Thereafter, with complete control of the national money (a boon FOR THE Jews unmatched until the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913) , the bankers married into the British nobility so that today it is effectively a Jewish nobility. Issues of succession and legitimacy resolved.

        This same process is now in operation in the United States, as exemplified by the intermarriage of the Clintons and Trumps with Jewish money.

        Moving on to take over rulership from the European royal families, fully-compromised parliamentary bureaucratic terrors were also established in France, via the Revolution, with the legitimate or traditional nobility – standard bears of French cultural memory – widely murdered. World War 1 served to remove the House of Hohenzollern in Germany, the Hapsburgs of Austro-Hungaria, the Romanovs of Russia and some minor royalties as well. (The Japanese royals would be dealt with later and in their own way)

        The Romanovs – genuine and much loved symbols of cultural continuity – were exterminated by the new bureaucratic terror in Russia, traditional Christian culture was brutalized with sword and flame by the Jew Bela Kun in Hungary and in Germany perversion became the official policy of Weimar.

        Through all of this, however, the bankers continued to be faced with problems of legitimacy, as evidenced by the rise in each post-revolutionary period of a “great man” who would successfully unify each country around its unique and deeply felt cultural traditions.

        The bankers could not totally control these individuals because their appeal was to a commonly felt national greatness: Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin. We might even mention De Gaulle, and today perhaps Putin or Orban.

        Note that this is not just a racial issue. After all, Napoleon was Corsican, Hitler Austrian, and Stalin Georgian. But in each case, these men were legitimate in the eyes of the people because they promised cultural continuity.

        So the bankers saw, and some time ago, that to get the complete control they desire, it would be essential to not just capture the apparatus of government, but also to destroy and potential rallying points of the subject culture (issues of legitimacy).

        Enter multiculturalism. Import very different people who know nothing of your society’s culture or history, or can’t understand it and or simply don’t care about it. Importing the most stupid of the world is a good approach to destroying cultural unity and cultural memory.

        And who better as culture destroyers than Muslims, who have a long track record of taking a scorched earth approach to other cultures.

        And so here we are.


      • Vagina Dominator – I’m not usually a fan of too much tinfoil hat conspiracy theorism, but sometimes, I do wonder if some of them aren’t correct. Recently read up on the Swedish royals, Sweden used to be a fairly major power until King Gustav Adolf’s death at the battle of Lützen, which was followed by an increasingly inbred and useless string of monarchs, until Napoleon gave them a French Basque, whose descendants are still (not) ruling what is today the Sultanate of Swedistan. Similar applies to most, if not all, the royal houses of Europe who were pretty much on their last legs by the time it all went to hell in WW 1.
        As for the French guy, what else do you expect the mainstream media to show? People vowing revenge to the desert scum invaders? Teddy bears, candles, tears, White girls holding hands with Black guys in a prayer circle, Old White geldings hugging their Muslim neighbors (who are too infirm to further participate in Jihad), White boys getting excited over the prospect of having the first girl president (of the US), and ‘nuddah’ TV ‘sitcom’ with a clueless, spineless, dickless, cowed and nominally ‘politically incorrect’ White dad. Bidned as usual.


      • on November 23, 2015 at 11:31 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

        Excellent comment Vag D…


  6. summa dat “fight hate with love” bullsit.


  7. My question to this poor beta is: where he was when his wife was in a concert hall having fun? if he was with her, i imagine she protected him from fire, but my guess is that he was at home. my guess is that this poor guy is idealizing his own marriage, his own wife and that he, poor bastard, thinks (he really thinks, OMG) that the terrorists would feel baad when they see the video he made.A really sad story, the telltale of the beta white man. it´s sad to realize that the west is formed by a mayority of grown-up children really proud of their moral rectitude, even though that would means they would allow others to rape them their families and their ideology.


    • There has been something wrong with Frenchmen for a very long time. By that I mean the apathy toward ones own destruction that started with at least WWII, where they literally sat idle while watching a powerful enemy mobilize next door. It is as if they hoped that by closing their eyes it would go away. I don’t know if this has ever been studied, but it seem like a national case of depression.

      If someone so much as harmed my pet dog or cat, I might behave OUTWARDLY like the coward in that video. But it would only be a ruse to deflect blame when the perp turns up skinned alive.


      • Enemy? So you must like how it turned out.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 2:21 pm Captain Obvious

        The allies put a terrible beatdown on them at Waterloo, and then they suffered catastrophic losses in WWI. We always talk about how WWI decimated the very best of UK society, but it was far, far worse in France. If our God is indeed a just God, then all the leaders of White Europe, who allowed the catastrophe of WWI to ever have transpired in the first place, are now burning in He11.


  8. But you are supposed to believe all white men are guilty of institutional racism, while even the concept of institutional terrorism is inherently racis. And if there was something like it all real muslims would be innocent of it. Funny how collective guilt sinks in certain groups better than others.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 2:24 pm Captain Obvious

      > “collective guilt sinks in certain groups better than others” ——— Quakers, Unitardians, Lutherans, Churchians, and Jesuits – very early on, the Eskimos spotted all of them as being easy marks for brainwashing and intellectual/spiritual enslavement.


  9. gladcuck signaling at its self-abasing worst.


  10. That frog should be bathing in Hajji blood with a string of dead sand nigger ears around his neck not posting on facebook like a fag


  11. That was one of the most powerfully repulsive presentations I’ve ever been sickened by. The existence of people who think like him is what killed his wife.


    • This is the guy babysitting while his wife goes out to a concert with a male friend, who probably fathered the baby.


      • If you read the NY Post article it says,”…Surveillance video from inside the building shows two men carrying Cerveny down the stairs and into the lobby, one holding her upper body, the other her legs, sources said.

        It’s not clear when they dumped her in the doorway, but both were caught on a separate camera leaving the building around 8 a.m., sources said.

        One of the men was questioned by cops but released shortly afterward without being charged, according to a law enforcement source…”

        Holy Jesus. Men caught on camera carrying dead Women’s body AND THEY LET THEM GO!!!!!


    • It is either calculated ‘1st gen’ propaganda, resonant ‘next gen’ propaganda,or hybrid. But propaganda it is. I don’t care if subyumons pretend or really believe it. I think DGAF about propaganda to take the edge off. Fear is the mind-killer. Attachment to most Westerners, even most whytes, is blue pill. Tough to do I know, but it is the truth. No club is special w/o standards.


      • Although the frenchmanlet is truly beta and his feelings are genuinely beta, from a game perspective his video could be seen as shrewd game.
        Once your grieving subsides..great game to advertise your new single status:

        Hivemind approved video gets major airplay.
        Beta provider vibe.
        Widower victimhood, with beautiful motherless baby included.
        White knight personality…facebook approved altruism.

        He’s probably collecting numbers now. #cant let them win must GFTOW


    • Has this one been posted here yet? Prepare for the bile to rise:


      • Wow they just try to get the kid to bury his head in the sand.

        If ostrichs had hands, they’d grab their ankles while bending over…


      • They’be been running this snippet on the ABC Nightly News for a few days in a row, to close out the show and leave that Big Impression.

        Great propaganda, sure to tug at the heartstrings of all but the most callow and hardened soul, amirite?

        Me, I thought the little chink speaking frog was adorable. lzozlzolzolzlozlozl


  12. This french”man” is of course very traumatized due to the loss of his wife but fact remains, he has succumbed to fear. How can he honestly look his son in the eyes and say “I dont hate the invaders who killed your mummy”?
    He is saying that he wont hate and thus resolving him from responsibility from a reaction that that hate would require. He is so terrified of taking the red pill, open his eyes and take action against the invaders, so instead he is cloaking his cowardice by taking a stance as a moral rolemodel of some sort.
    His son will scorn him for this treason when he grows up.

    On a side note, the victims in France were all SWJ/SWPL/hipsters, the area were the restaurants and cafees were located in a “vibrant” community were everyone voted for the left. Oh….the irony…they got killed by the very same multiculturalism they voted for.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 9:41 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      This is a live PRO-REFUGEE demonstration by French happening now in Paris:


      • on November 22, 2015 at 9:45 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        I wouldn’t find it difficult to hate these traitors and collaborators.


      • This is haunting.

        I’m watching, via livestream over the internet, the slow, self induced suicide of my race, heritage, and legacy.

        A little comparison of generations shows just how far we’ve fallen:

        December 7th 1941 – The Japanese Empire bombs Pearl Harbor, killing 2,000 Americans thinking that we were a weak culture and ripe for conquering. 5 years later the The Third Reich and Japanese Empire are nothing but smoldering ruins, castrated and humiliated by Allied forces, lead by America.

        September 11, 2001 – Radical Islamist Jihadist Destroy the World Trade Center, killing 3,000 Americans telling the west that they will stop nothing at wiping us off the planet. 14 years later, we are inviting them into our countries to suckle off the teat of Welfare, we answer the mass murder of our citizens at their hands with flowers, candle light vigils, hashtags and Solidarity marches.


      • Amen. However, there is the possible twist of earning some extra cash. The meaningful property of the economy is cntrd by the estableeshmint. I can see doing it for the money. Desparate times. Phuqthozewhobelieveitthough. I expect paid shills to be more and more necessary for maintenance and more common until the end.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:13 pm gunslingergregi

        December 7th 1941 – The Japanese Empire bombs Pearl Harbor, killing 2,000 Americans thinking that we were a weak culture and ripe for conquering. 5 years later the The Third Reich and Japanese Empire are nothing but smoldering ruins, castrated and humiliated by Allied forces, lead by America.

        September 11, 2001 – Radical Islamist Jihadist Destroy the World Trade Center, killing 3,000 Americans telling the west that they will stop nothing at wiping us off the planet. 14 years later, we are inviting them into our countries to suckle off the teat of Welfare, we answer the mass murder of our citizens at their hands with flowers, candle light vigils, hashtags and Solidarity marches.

        well in the first one the victors were allowed to rape the shit out of the defeated peoples woman
        after sep 11 and kicking shit out of iraq they weren’t even allowed to drink
        but the smouldering ruins are evident if you would of flown over iraq in a helicopter
        think it is a giant shit test by elites who thought people would do something but then realized to their horror they actually dont give a shit they want to die


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:14 pm gunslingergregi

        following the rules he he he


  13. Never going to understand this… Get some molotovs a ski mask an escape plan and after a year or two just throw it like a mad men in the streets of Pari when they occupy the streets to pray. And i have no doubt that there are some men out there who would help you in this… Not avenging your loved ones tells that when they were alive you would not defend them also. Blood for blood.


  14. I was reading of one woman’s response to the death of Jihadi John. He had slit her son’s throat, but she said J.J.’s death caused her no pleasure; that her son (and thus her, I presume) would rather have talked and reasoned with J.J. Noble perhaps but utterly unnatural. Just how one might think and act if one were locked in a bank in Stokholm.


  15. I don’t know if I’m the only one but this is actually the HAPPIEST I’ve felt about Western White civilization’s prospects. Reading these blogs used to fill me with dread because I could see how our civilization was falling apart. The Trumpenning shows that there is still some fight left. Even when I see stories about what happened in Paris, I don’t feel despair anymore. The next year of American politics will be so much fun to watch.

    IMO the biggest concern for us should be staying out of sight of the Eye of Sauron and the cultural revolution that’s currently enveloping American colleges. Many whites will become social justice victims in the next year. Oddly enough I feel SAFER talking to people in real life about Trump, etc. than I do talking online.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 7:58 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      As odd as this sounds, events such as the Paris massacre are good for our cause and help recruit supporters. We don’t have to lift a finger. They’re doing it for us. We simply need to have the infrastructure and organization prepared for the influx.

      The Eye of Sauron is not as all-seeing as some would have you believe. The regime simply doesn’t have the manpower and resources to monitor every single comment section. It’s not happening.


      • It’s not about monitoring comment sections in real time, LBF, its about having a massive database of thoughtcrime to search after something is actually done.

        Unless we get to a point where we are no longer surrounded by traitor faggots like the above, this is a major problem.

        “He” and his ilk would cheer on the persecution of those who would avenge his wife’s murder.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:31 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        Yes, and the same is true for our side. Some of us are taking notes.

        AltRight remembers.


      • Your Eye of Sauron comment reminded me of a scene in a movie: prisoners are being held (believe it’s a war film) and one of the prisoners comes to the conclusion that there aren’t any bullets in the soldier’s guns. At the right moment, he decides to call their bluff and rushes the soldier, who presses the barrel to his head, pulls the trigger: nothing. Another prisoner shouts, “they’ve got no bullets” and bum rush the fools.


      • Me?

        Im gonna laugh like a motherfucker.


      • @MT

        That’s from snowpiercer. Chris Evans character.

        Perhaps it has been in other movies as well.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:58 pm gunslingergregi

        The regime simply doesn’t have the manpower and resources to monitor every single comment section. It’s not happening.”””””’



      • on November 22, 2015 at 10:39 pm gunslingergregi


        Your Eye of Sauron comment reminded me of a scene in a movie: prisoners are being held (believe it’s a war film) and one of the prisoners comes to the conclusion that there aren’t any bullets in the soldier’s guns. At the right moment, he decides to call their bluff and rushes the soldier, who presses the barrel to his head, pulls the trigger: nothing. Another prisoner shouts, “they’ve got no bullets” and bum rush the fools.

        whats funny about that is in real life when we were on the train in bosnia there were no bullets in our m-16’s
        and we were the advance party
        guarding the train with all the army equipment for the battalion on it
        and stopped at every train station in bosnia
        took like two days to get through it
        and when we got off still no bullets
        we only got rounds when we actually got to the camp we were supposed to get to

        i have said that before


      • on November 22, 2015 at 10:44 pm gunslingergregi

        maybe that was what the punishment was for those who were crazy enough to volunteer to go
        if anything would of happened would of been a bunch of guys having to skullcrush people with empty weapons which at that time i was certainly physically able to do
        they tried to make me stay out of it and just chill with my girlfriend in germany and do nothing but my mission came first i got my way and got to go


    • Y’know,

      I’m heartened by this as well. It shows multiculturalism hasn’t changed who We are.

      I’m reminded of an old Revilo Oliver speech, I think it was in “They Shall Not Go Unpunished,” that he talked about the Christian convention of “Turning the Other Cheek.” Even if he was premature at that point in history.

      It’s a White thing, that Browns and Eskimos just… don’t get. Not soon enough anyway. The sense of superiority Liberals feel over Conservatives comes from “getting it” deep inside. I know how that feels. And I get it.

      I think we’re forgetting something here. In judging White men by the standards of non-Whites, we’re forgetting who we are.

      “Turning the Other Cheek,” gentlemen, is a moral test for our enemies. You see, we racist, cis-hetero White patriarchs have this thing where we need to be sure our enemies deserve our wrath before we pull it out.

      Can I tell you something funny?

      When a Socialist becomes a Nationalist,

      ….that’s exactly what you get.

      It’s funny. You’ll get it.


  16. on November 22, 2015 at 7:50 am Edmund Roughpuppy

    O what a beautiful morning. All praise to CH for unveiling the glorious power of hating that which deserves hate.

    Remember this, fellows of the patriarchy: We who recognize reality rule. We always have and always will. Let the lemmings impale themselves in masses. We will walk through rows of awkward, kneeling bodies, enjoying the silent space.


    • Wow. We think alike on something socially fundamental. Not sure this has happened for me before. Of course you are wise and eloquent. If others don’t see the game plan, let them kneel in ignorant exhaustion (as I won’t do any more). FTW not mine.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 6:27 pm The Spirit Within

      Hate has caused a lot of problems in this world…

      …but it has never solved one.

      We can take revenge on those murderous ISIS psychopaths without hating them. Just detach yourself emotionally, focus on the task at hand, and act. You think Special Forces waste time and mental energy hating their enemies? Be practical. Detach and act.


  17. on November 22, 2015 at 7:51 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    He’s like writing a love letter to a Terorist who just broke his heart or something.

    As if ISIS dumped his ass.

    Hey Mon Ami, these dune coons just murdered your wife.

    It’s okay to hate them.


  18. on November 22, 2015 at 7:54 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    We should see if this guy gets any SJW pussy offers based on this video.

    The ladies might be disgusted but others may well fling vag his way based on the statement.

    The most sickening thing is that he sounds like he’s telling an ex that he doesn’t hate her (even though she ran a train on the football team)…


  19. Hatred is one thing. Retribution another.


    • Patience. First let the sheeple and savages kill each other. Napoleon was not first to the French Revolution either. There is a season. All we can do is plant for it. It may not be our season to harvest, but you are right on point. In the words of the new poz: “Dah, winning.”


  20. You should save your advice, our own SJWs are doubling down on the push to bring Muslim “refugees” into the USA


  21. “Hate is the yang to love’s yin.” Perfect.


  22. I must respectfully disagree with CH on this one. One does not hate cockroaches. One squashes them, and gets on with ones life like a free, strong man. That, I think, is the gentleman’s message here. I respect his dignity and courage in his grief. Hunt them, kill them, move on.


    • Erm. The East (specifically Islam) vs West battle has been going on for literally millennia. The individuals involved here are merely foot soldiers in what they correctly perceive is a grand struggle. If there is any real-world naturally occurring nemesis for Western civ more deserving of real hate, then I don’t know what it is.


    • Please – this faggot wouldn’t squash a fruit fly.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 8:18 am Captain John Charity Spring MA


      He looks like someone shoved a dildo up his ass.

      The letter he wrote also resembles something you might write to a lover who’s just jilted you too.

      “You fucked my bestie but I refuse to hate you for it”

      He looks like a sloppy cunt as a result of this. The words remind me of Adele’s stalkiest lines in her love lorn songs.


    • On this one, I must also disagree with heartiste. By hating them (or at least by acknowledging your hate for them) you’re giving them exactly what they want: the knowledge that they’ve irreparably hurt you and dragged you down to their level.

      [CH: that’s not how human nature works. righteous, focused hate isn’t confession of hurt. it’s promise of love for one’s people.]

      Don’t give them that satisfaction. As the old saying goes, don’t get mad, get even.

      [you can’t get even without first getting mad.]


      • I never really grok’ked this shame at admitting hurt or “dragged down to their level” stuff.

        God Himself was hurt and sorely vexed by the filth and degradation evinced in Sodom and Gomorrah… (not to mention that little rainstorm thing)

        … and so, because He is the God of Justice as well as Love, He eradicated the entire cities with extreme prejudice.

        (no true Love if you don’t show Justice to those who hurt that which you love, amirite?)

        Wha choo gonna do… call God “butthurt” or boast in grim satisfaction that the queers of S & G “took Him down to their level”?



      • Well said, GE.


      • merely acknowledging the reality is now considered hate. the way the laws are set up now in the USA we just have to do nothing. Meaning dont stamp their passport at customs… Just sit in your chair and dont move, literally.

        We have a leader who does not value our nation, is it any wonder crime is up. At every available turn they marginalize and betray everyone. Even those stupid enough to willingly go along with it.

        I live in small town rural BFE. We have been the type of community where people leave doors and windows open. We talk to our neighbors, and waive at everyone who drives by. This summer we have been hit by our worst crime spree ever. Tools, equipment, wire, copper, everything and everything that thieves could get their hands on in peoples garages, houses, outside has been gone. We just had a huge drug bust in a decent part of town. We have keys broke off in locked doors. They cut hinges on locked doors. People are buying trail cams and taking things into their own hands because law enforcement wont do anything about it. with some 100m people not working and a president who does not value this country what do people expect?


      • Guy Dudebro, who the hell moved in and ruined yall’s town?


      • God Himself was hurt and sorely vexed by the filth and degradation evinced in Sodom and Gomorrah… (not to mention that little rainstorm thing)

        … and so, because He is the God of Justice as well as Love, He eradicated the entire cities with extreme prejudice.

        True enough, but the bible also said a few things about heaping coals of fire upon heads and how a prudent man covereth shame.


    • Pull the trigger with calm detachment, dear froggy, but pull it you must.


  23. On the flip side, I don’t think the Irish will take as kindly to the muslim horde. I suspect there are other areas in Europe that won’t either. But yes the defeatist “pus*” response is disgusting to see.


    • Ireland is pozzed for the same reason Quebec is: the Marxist wing of their independence movements came to dominate, and neo-Marxism (‘the earth’s dark hordes are the REAL global proletariat’) follows Marxism as sure as night follows day. Ireland, a tiny country, already has several mosques. It also has over 50,000 nogs.

      Europe’s hope lies in the east, where under the surface, everyone hated Marxism. We Westerners have become better neo-Marxists than the Slavs and Magyars ever could’ve.


      • was talking to a russian bouncer in dublin the other night about the hordes of dindus and muzzies invading our countries. for just some random russian bouncer he was well in tune with whats going on and even mentioned that ‘white civilization is under attack’

        i gave him some realtalk about racial differences and the ridiculous leftism our people engage in and how the shit is going to hit the fan soon. he shook my hand and said if there was any sense you would be running this country

        a statement that warmed my heart to hear from him was…when all is said and done, we (european nationalists) will be the only ones left


      • You are somewhat correct about Quebec but bear in mind the Montreal intelligentsia drives the lemmings to the cliff.
        There is actually a backlash happening right now in areas that weren’t blessed with much “diversity”.


      • Insightful (esp. W/r/t the IRA) and absolutely right.


      • I4cen4ire: I hope you’re right, but I’ve been extremely disappointed in Quebec nationalism. The province traditionally takes its political cues from France, yet 43 years after the founding of the National Front and several years after the youthful French Identitarian movement began, any off-shoots in Quebec are minimal. Quebec nationalism found a fiscally successful formula in parasitizing The Rest Of Canada, and cannot seem to rise above this Negroid-Jewish behavioral blend. White Niggers of North America indeed.


      • Sean: guilty on all account.
        The multiculticult is strong here because for some reason the nationalists chose that avenue as a core talking point when defining Quebec’s identity in North America. Like we were special snowflakes even more so in contrast to the evil US. and ROC. A premise flawed at so many levels, whether you consider it’s veracity AND its end results.
        Maybe demographics allowed it 40 years ago. Now it’s just more lebensraum waiting to happen. But we can’t say that.


      • Christian Magyars were never marxists. Shit, they tried to win their freedom and bravely revolted against the Soviets in 1956, before anyone else.


    • The Irish humour, intelligence and ability for critical thinking has gone into free-fall since the surge in mobile technology and computers. This was once known as ‘the land of saints and scholars’. It’s quite horrifying to watch people devolve into morons right before your eyes.


  24. Pathological altruism among whites in every nation is getting worse everyday.

    From that French man above to that American father who had forgave the black men who had raped and murdered his daughter, this mental disease is getting worse everyday in every white nation. Like a virus it is spreading fast.

    I doubt this has ever happened before.

    It is hard to explain why it is getting worse…there must be a combination of factors …women are generally more altruistic, woman’s liberation has feminized men and feminized our civilization, that is one big factor… it is also possible chemicals in our water or in the air are affecting us, making us softer, more feminized thus more altruistic ( female hormones from contraceptives end up in our drinking water, this is a fact ),…

    but I think the age of information is one of the biggest factor because those who took control of it are anti-white.

    Those who made the photo of that little Syrian boy drowned on a beach go viral – whomever they are – knew exactly what they were doing. They knew this would put white people’s altruism into a sort of hyper mode, like altruism on steroid, and that would make whites everywhere desperately want to welcome millions of Syrians.
    But they also killed a second bird with that one stone; it is a diversion away from the fact most refugees are fighting age males – not women and children, and that ISIS has told us many of their members are hiding among refugees, and that many of those so called refugees are not even from Syria, and that many of those refugees are either violent, have raped women.

    While whites are shedding a tear for the drown little boy, they forget that those millions of refugees are turning the West into part of the new Caliphate a little more everyday and that 50 years down the road, their gand-children will live under sharia law.

    White people altruism is used against us to destroy us.

    The French man in the video above has been totally brainwashed and this has put his altruism gland in over drive ( I know there is no such gland, it is figurative )

    Back in the 1940s, during WWII the media was pro-American, pro-white and always showed a positive image of the US military ( they showed short films before the main feature in cinema since there were no tv nor computers then )and this had the result of making most American pro-USA, pro-WAR and pro-white.

    Then in the 1960s around the time of the Vietnam war the media made a 180 degree move; it was suddenly anti-American, Anti-white and anti-War; it always made the USA look like the bad guy in every conflict. With the internet this has gotten worse and now most white people are anti-American, anti-white and anti-war because they are being brainwashed 24/7.

    More than one group benefits from brainwashing us into hating our own race, our own civilization, Blacks, Jews, Muslims, feminists, all of them ( and a few other groups ) get something out of it.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying they work together, but they push in the same direction; they do not agree with each other but they agree they should push us over the cliff.

    And the more the brainwashing makes us soft, altruistic and makes us feel full of guilt the more it makes us tolerant, so the more we tolerate whatever they do to us that is destroying us; we feel like we deserve it.

    The more we tolerate anti-white brainwashing, the more we tolerate anti-white brainwashing ( nope that is not a typo).

    The only reason I refuse to put all of the blame on Jews is that it takes attention away from other groups who are participating actively in our destruction. For example, ISIS and La Raza are incompatible and disagree on almost everything but they both want to push us over the cliff…. a vulture and a hyena are not friends, they do not conspire together, but they both want the wounded animal to die as they both want a bite of it.

    The West ( and the white race who built Western Civilization ) right now is that wounded animal. Every one wants a bite of us.


  25. on November 22, 2015 at 8:30 am Each Pond Gone

    There is now some credible talk of the majority of suicide Jihadis not even being practitioners of religion… just let that sink in a moment. Neither actual love or some fear-based “love” touted by this Frenchman will hold sway at all over these animals.


    • Just like the secular Jews being the most destructive. We’re in an eternal RACE war–religion is just one expression of a group’s racial soul.


  26. Just doesn’t feel right sometimes to be a dick after a murder, but why the Hell was this guy’s wife at a nightclub on a Friday night without him?


  27. The purblind foolishness here is that this person truly believes he is discomfiting his enemies by not naming them as such. His reaction is exactly the one they want, and expect. They are laughing at him. They hold him and his weakness in contempt, and see him as a proxy for the entire West. They may be right. Our culture pats itself on the back for its passivity in the face of aggression, and congratulates itself for showing “restraint”. Ultimately though, it does not really take courage to be a coward.


    • I’m afraid the common response to this measured nobility (in his head) is just “slap him again, mo”.

      It seems all those hours of holocaust movies and school and museum visits and what not didn’t take. This guy’s last words would be “I’m on a train [LIKE]”


  28. This video is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. Nothing could invite future attacks more effectively than this pansy pledging that he won’t do anything do defend himself. WWCMD – What Would Charles Martel Do? Until every French leader and citizen is thinking like Charles Martel, France doesn’t stand a chance.


  29. “The Muslims that committed the Paris murders weren’t Syrian they were French”. So it’s okay to let a load more Muslim immigrants into France to have children that may well grow up to be murderous Muslim terrorists.


  30. I am starting to think the semi-anarchic state that will result as the Muslim population reaches a tipping point is preferable to the authoritarian leftism that was able to create this emasculated subhuman wretch.


  31. Of course he hates those bastards. He is playing Blue Pill Nice Guy Game, but in the political realm instead of the socio-sexual realm. This is the display of a man who is afraid to show anger as an emotion in the same way a hover-handing beta is afraid to display attraction.

    Plus he is status-signalling like mad to his liberal cohort. This is common among many otherwise-almost-sane American Christians, who prefer the Public Display of Forgiveness, which is a loathsome thing to behold.

    The other element here is the “busy funeral planner” effect. People who are grieving such a loss often throw themselves into funeral arrangements and other associated activities with great gusto, as a way of distracting themselves. It also makes the deceased seem as though they are still among the living for a little longer. As long as there is a relevant reason to talk about her, she is not “really gone”. She’s only gone once everyone has moved on, and he is then fully alone.

    Just once, however, I’d like to see a guy in this position call for the immediate punishment of the wrongdoers, and an immediate voter recall or even imprisoning of the traitorous politicians who made this tragedy possible. He should call the government a bunch of cowards. He has perfect moral cover, but is too much a moral coward himself to use it.

    Confidence, like justice, requires moral certainty. Without moral certainty, all that is left is the blue pill (in all its forms) and its agonizing and irritating relativism.


    • Very well said.


      • Thinking about it, for most humans, “morality” is transmitted through status signalling withing the group. Adherence to in-group norms is the primary reason most people hold moral viewpoints, since most of them are far to lazy to exercise the intellectual rigor necessary to arrive at a moral conclusion through introspection.


  32. “Let the hate flow through you”

    Lol ok emperor palpatine


  33. on November 22, 2015 at 8:57 am Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Hate can be a trap.

    For instance, if this man channels all of his anger at his wife’s murders into hatred for Muslims, he will be easily manipulated by Jewish controlled Counter-Jihad movements such as the EDL.

    A man has a responsibility to maintain his rationality in emotional circumstances, reach correct conclusions about the interests of his family and his nation, and take action, steadily and over a long time period, to promote the interests of his family and his nation.

    Ultimately, this man’s wife is dead because French Jews, like Jews in all Western nations, have used their positions of power to promote mass immigration, multiculturalism, and the demoralization of the core ethnic group over a long period of time.

    If WWII proved that fascists cannot be trusted with power, all of subsequent history has proved that Jews cannot be trusted with power in European Christian nations.

    If this man wants his son to live a life of joy, a life not controlled by hate, if this man wants his son to have the same bright future that awaits Hungarian and Polish children, he should start taking action.

    National conservatives need to come to power, and Jews need to be removed from positions of power.

    It is a daunting, but necessary, task. Patience, self control and steadiness of purpose will be needed.

    He proved that he can hide, behind a facade of serene indifference, his righteous anger against the men who pulled the trigger.

    He would be a great asset in the necessary struggle to depose those who imported the killers into France in the first place.


    • On the Jews… I pretty much loathe Jews from Europe and America. They are all of the things that Captain Obvious writes about. Jews from Israel though seem different. For one, they loathe European and American Jews just as much… I have some good Israeli friends and they don’t hide their utter disdain for tribe members from the US.

      They also tend to be very conservative – at least the ones I know. They are reflexively anti-gay, don’t have any tolerance for the shitskins, and dislike liberals immensely.

      I was having a conversation with an Israeli friend of mine just this weekend and he said something that could just as easily have been posted here. He said that the world is divided into tribes – each with their strengths and weaknesses. Mixing of the tribes in the pursuit of multiculturalism is always a bad idea because it accentuates the weaknesses of each tribe, not the strengths.

      Interestingly, he also added that white European genetics and Ashkenazi genetics are unquestionably the most superior genetics on earth. He basically said, “we won the lottery… And we need to act like it.”

      Interesting conversation.


      • Well, modern prog-lib thinking is a flower that can only survive, much less grow, in highly unusual and un-natural conditions. There needs to have been 2 or more generations go by without any trace of existential FEAR. There needs to have been effortless prosperity for as long as anyone can remember.
        The IDF flirted (a carefully chosen word) with putting Zhoueseh teenaged girls into combat situations – back in the day. They discovered that the guys made protecting their XX chromosomal colleagues in arms their main priority. And so they ended the practice in, like, 1956.
        Find someone else to hate.


      • Interesting observation on the Israelis.

        The difference between Euro whites and Israelis is the Israelis *do* act like it.

        Hence an emphasis on keeping the out-groups out of Israel and, in general, out of Judaism. There is pretty much no non-Jewish or dark “Jewish” immigration there. Judaism is the only major religion I can think of that actively discourages conversion. And, after conversion, Jews do not consider converts to be “real” Jews.

        Some years ago it was made public that the Israeli government was giving Ethiopian “Jews” (whom most Israelis don’t consider to be Jewish) an injected contraceptive without their knowledge.

        I can’t imagine the self-hate shitstorm what would erupt in the US if a similar policy were discovered in the US. But not much more than a blip in Israel.


      • “Interestingly, he also added that white European genetics and Ashkenazi genetics are unquestionably the most superior genetics on earth. He basically said, “we won the lottery… And we need to act like it.”

        Strange. I mean some half jewesses retain some beauty, Scarlet JohAnson comes to mind. But most are lower SMV fugs. And in general what the askenazi jews gain in intelligence they lack in moral judgment; or show a willingness for deception that history shows us is a parasitic ailment for nations. Hence them being kicked out and hated all the time.

        Of course there a varying levels of Jewry between Israel and europe/us jews. But one thing is for sure, jews always back jews over all else.

        Also I wouldnt put it past your Israeli Friend to be running smoke screen in making you think he dislikes euro/us jews but his dislike is paper thin.

        Besides Ashkenazi jew vs Israeli jew tension I don’t think has ever come up here at CH or not that I can remember.


    • on November 22, 2015 at 9:12 pm gunslingergregi

      He proved that he can hide, behind a facade of serene indifference, his righteous anger against the men who pulled the trigger.

      He would be a great asset in the necessary struggle to depose those who imported the killers into France in the first place.

      good idea do it the legal way the only way white men can seem to do it


    • Pro comment.


  34. A creature who’s totally alien from your way of thinking is hard to hate – you need to identify with them in some small way. You couldn’t hate a dog that attacked you the way you’d hate your own brother if he betrayed you. It’s hard to feel anything for the savages who bombed Paris except a desire to annihilate them. But as to the members of our own race who let them in…now they are people you can hate from the very depths of your soul.


  35. Not to go too far off into Eskimo boogeyman land, but sometimes I get the feeling these attacks are just the end result of careful manipulation. Mossad / cia spook ops where they use enough middlemen and help bring the weapons and resources in to get it done.

    This helps paint the ‘bad angry Arab muslim’ stereotype to further one side of the agenda and maintain the illusion of conflict.

    The right gets up in arms about closing the borders while the left screams about tolerance and Diversity all the while the next major war moves are being laid out on the chess board.

    The middle east has been a chaotic shit hole forever but the only group that seems to benefit the most are the jews. Slowly annexing land, weapons and money from the west while getting to maintain a homogenous state and push the garbage fallout of their agenda back on the west.

    The more dust they can kick up on both sides of the street the easier it is to deceive the masses.


    • Correction, it’s the jews and the Arab muslim oil states. Saudi, UAE etc…

      It’s like they’re stacking the deck against the west to incite a war with russia.


      • Truly you overestimate the ability of Mossad. Attacks on the West by Arabs never reflect well on Israel because people (the Left and far right) will assume that we are targeted because of our support for Israel. This is obviously a contributing factor, but its foolish to think that ISIS would pack it up if we stopped sending money to Israel.

        Israelis have acted on behalf of American foreign policy countless times – see the many operations of bombing nuclear powerplants in iran/iraq. Lucky we have yet to see a jihadi detonate a nuke in our homeland.

        Why is it that the only “secular” nations in the middle east have good relations with Israel (Jordan and Egypt)? – Maybe because “Bad angry arab muslim” is actually a thing and threatens any country that is not under sharia law.

        In addition, Israel gains nothing from mass Muslim migrations. Europe/Israeli relations are already strained they have nothing to gain from more of the population voting to legitimize a Palestinian government i.e Hamas.

        The answer is not complicated. Saudi Arabian money has been invested in Wahhabism across the globe. This investment has turned into a cancer which has come full circle back to its source, and now even the Sauds are dealing with terror attacks. America is impotent because of the petro dollar.

        Homegrown terrorists are not an Israeli problem. These people are motivated by an ideology plain and simple.

        Feel free to go down to Eskimo Boogyman land though. It’s almost a compliment to think that Jews control the world while the white man stands around waiting for his Jewish puppet master to pulls his strings. Psychiatrists might call that “wish-fulfillment” but then again they are all Jews.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 11:07 am Captain Obvious

        Islamic State booby-trap dolls in twisted bid to kill kids… Iraqi forces seized almost 20 dolls after foiling a major ISIS bomb plot to target Shia Muslims… http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3363675/posts


      • on November 22, 2015 at 11:09 am Captain Obvious



      • on November 22, 2015 at 11:10 am Captain Obvious


      • Israelis have acted on behalf of American foreign policy countless times – see the many operations of bombing nuclear powerplants in iran/iraq.

        You mean AIPAC foreign policy as enacted from this side of the pond.

        Nice try, but I’m not convinced it’s in American interests to stop other nations from developing their own power sources… nor even their own national defense, if you want to make that Cathedrally-stretched logic that these nations don’t really want electrical power, the want Da Bomb.

        One might even forgive them their paranoia, seeing as how they’ve been living under the shadow of (ahem) others who already gots the Big Fire.

        Sigh… I wish you JIDF lamers would come up with better material. :mad


      • Geez ‘Eskimo boy’. Might as well have your handle be JIDF Troll.


      • Hi Eskimo Boy,

        What you say makes a lot of sense. From many angles it seems that mass Muslim immigration to Europe and the USA is a net negative for Israel and Jews.

        How do you square that with the fact that Jews are often at the forefront of promoting multiculturalism and non-white immigration into Euro and North America and not Israel?

        Either Jews are foolish (which I doubt) or there is something else at work.


      • Eskimo boy here is your Chief Rabi from Eskimo chronicle

        He said: “While the thought that a terrorist could use the guise of a refugee is a horrific one, the vast majority of refugees are the victims of evil.


        We all hope that sooner than later the day will come when all counts will be settled asshole

        [CH: this refugee business is such a blatant load of shitlib status signaling horseshit. hey, there are people suffering from evil all over the world. i guess america should just take them all in, and there should be no limit imposed. as long as one child suffers, america’s borders and small towns are open for resettlement!
        fuck this gay earth.]


      • Eskimo Boy and Moses: whether disingenuously or not, you overestimate the power of human will. Look at National Socialism from a two-decade perspective, say to its apogee just before Stalingrad, and one sees a Triumph of the Will that continues to inspire some Whites with what can be accomplished when one of the most talented ethnic groups on earth thinks and acts collectively.

        Looked at from a century-long perspective though, say from unification in 1871, and one sees a Germany ultimately powerless to improve its geopolitical situation against Russia and the West, and its economic situation against Jew-dominated Western finance, since the latter proved capable of financing the Bolshevik side in the Russian Civil War, and the Soviet side in WW2.

        Looked at from a millennial perspective, and the picture becomes even grimmer: Nazism was one of the last gasps of racial consciousness of Western, ie Germanic, civilization.

        All the world’s a stage and all the PEOPLES, players. Ashkenazim are mostly just acting out their genetic code and cultural programming in dominating all the key MENTAL and BEHAVIORAL features of our society. Our leaders are chosen from people of poor or evil quality, like Jeb and Hilary, in these decadent times, so yes, they can be dominated by the Few. In this, our leaders are acting out our own, end-stage Western genetic and cultural programming. The Jewish hand in multiculturalism, from Jews like Soros sponsoring Jews like the despicable Barbara Spectre, is unmistakable, so do not try to weasel-speak out of it here.

        Last point: no one should take this as defeatist, only explanatory to any readers susceptible to these Jewish interlopers. A man has only one life to leave whatever mark he can on this world, and this idea has always been the single most important key to the Aryan soul. We cannot choose the times we are born into. When the time comes to act, we too must play our part, however history uses it. Learning is a prelude to acting.


      • Wow Greg really? “Cathedrally-stretched logic that these nations don’t really want electrical power, the want Da Bomb.”

        You think it’s a stretch that these nations who piss oil only want nuclear energy and have no incentive to make a bomb? I’ll forgive them of their paranoia when their leaders stop opening and closing speeches with “Death to America!”

        If you want to throw Jews in the liberal shithead pool, go for it. A lot of them are. It’s not any different from whites who suffer from pathological altruism: Jews are terrified of being on the wrong side of history “does rejecting refugees make us look like nazi’s?” As CH says ” blatant load of shitlib status signaling horseshit”

        But the idea that “something else is at work” i.e a jewish conspiracy… ugh, spare me the sob story about how we make better movies than you.

        Jews are everywhere… if you want to see wanna see a nasty little Jew behind the scene pulling the strings, it won’t be hard to find one nearby and proclaim that your fellow white has been compromised. Is Merkel jewish? is Hollande jewish?… A tale as old as time…

        Is Orban jewish? No… OMG THAN WHY IS HE MEETING WITH JEWS!!!


        Yet when Trump runs for president everyone forgets that his daughter is Jewish convert (orthodox no less…), and his Political Director Michael Glassner was Southwest regional political director at AIPAC, Jan. 2014-July 2015… or maybe that just gives you a [dare I use the word] scapegoat when he loses the election or fails to live up to your white nationalist dreams when he takes office. (almost forgot about Carl Icahn might as well throw him in there)

        Maybe you guys can all bond with our Jihadi overloads about how you’ve “like totally hated Jews too! Amirgiht Muhammad” Perhaps they will spare (enslave) you instead of decapitating you.

        Also a side note, Obama has strained Israeli US relations more than any other president… but that’s just what… a coincidence?


      • on November 24, 2015 at 6:00 am Livin' on a flayer

        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRbbEQkraYg more status signalling. At the end it’s like a magician revealing his trick and waiting for applause


      • Sean’s comment is spot on.

        Eskimo boy, fuck off. The only way you can even begin to say that attacking Iraq and Iran are “American” interests is if you acknowledge that what is thought of as “American” is the Jewish money creators and the 7 million Jews who are “Americans” after World War II.

        When the rest of the world complains about “Americans” and “American policies”, they are complaining about Eskimos.

        Henry Ford proved this very clearly in 1912.

        Starting with World War I and World War II, and regarding every other war in which white American troops have died on foreign soil, the majority of Americans were against the war. This is often presented in the MSM as “liberal hippies” who are anti-war, but the “hippies” are actually advocating a “conservative/nationalist/isolationist” view, even if they don’t realize it and self-identify as communists. It was the same with the beginning of the “occupy” movement, in which many people who think of themselves as “liberals” protested the Wall Street bank bailout. They were protesting the NWO globalists, who are the true “left”. That was the first few weeks. Then MSM used their megaphone to ask “What do they want? We don’t know what they want?” and they killed the movement and then it was invaded by dreadlocked black homeless people.

        Israeli Jews, ordinary ones, might just be ignorant (no reason for them to know) about just how fucked up “America” is, thanks to the very obvious *secular* Eskimo control that seeks a world with no nations, no borders. The NWO exists, regardless of what label is attached to them. Ordinary Israelis might not be aware of the double standard we talk about a lot here (Israel for the Jews, but white countries for everyone). That’s not a defense of them (all they care about is themselves), but just facts. I too have met ordinary Israelis who seem “conservative”. I think they simply don’t care or think about the problems that European peoples in Europe and America face, as discussed daily on this blog.

        This is not “conspiracy” theory. It’s out in the open now. The forced bailout of the big 6 banks in 2008 and everything that has happened since then was pretty convincing proof.

        Obama just predictably “pointed the finger at Russia” after Turkey shot down a Russian plane. It is beyond clear that Obama does not represent the interests of the majority of Americans, especially the productive class.

        There are supposedly only 7 million Jews in the United States, and 6 million in Israel. The ordinary ones are decent enough people (many of them benefiting from Jewish privilege that they don’t even recognize, let alone give thanks for), and there should be no genocide, but it is simply out in the open that among those at the top who control all mainstream media, the government, the legal system, multinational corporations, and every single thing our women and children see on a TV or movie screen, a certain tribe is vastly over-represented. That tribe is vastly over-represented in doing such activities as fighting against the 1st (at least for white people), 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th amendments’ crystal clear language (and historical context). They are wildly wrong on every issue.


  36. 1488


  37. Gaming a girl at work. We haven’t hung out at all, and have just shared a few flirty quips back and forth over the past two weeks. She bizarrely texts me (this is without either of us exchanging phone numbers so she must have gotten my digits from a coworker). need a funny, witty reply to this:

    “Hey Fowler! Sorry I’m writing so late but I’ll forget if I don’t haha. would you mind switching saturday shifts? Could we swap? I want to try and surprise my best friend for her birthday over the weekend :)”

    I’m fine with her switching but I’d rather have a better response than my default which I was thinking was.

    “That’s fine”


  38. there won’t be any time for public service announcements or even hate once the change is upon us because we’ll be too busy pulling the trigger

    it will be all business and very little emotion at that point


    • The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.

      Indifference allows one to do just about anything with a smile.

      People just need to be pushed far enough, often enough.


  39. Though hate is the emotion designed to inspire killing, it doesn’t matter whether we hate them as long as we kill them. Or at least kill enough of them that the rest give up. General Sherman had the right idea: “a hard war and a soft peace”. To try to mix the soft peace into the war, as Obama has in effect been doing with his glorified hand-wringing about “innocent civilians”, merely prolongs the war, which is ultimately more cruel than kind.


  40. I agree. I felt the same way about those black people in Charlestown nc forgiving that WHITE TERRORIST Dylann Roof for massmurdering thOSE innocent blacks while in bible study.

    I don’t get that forgiveness crap. I think when people forgive others who haven’t asked or repented for it, they inevitably take the bad karma meant for the perpetrators by not allowing them to accept the responsibility of their actions.

    While you are complaining about white men forgiving Muslims remember all the black people that forgave the white man for his EVILS around the world.

    Same shit different color.

    [CH: neecy’s comment, condensed:
    blackity blackity black black blackity black.
    same shit brown color.]


    • Last I checked the FBI crime stats, I wasn’t seeing much forgiveness of the White folks.

      Between welfare and revenge, I would say you coloured folks have gotten a Big Payback (Shout!) since the days o’ happy darkies singin’ in de fields.

      And all the forgibness in de woild ain’t gonna save this Roof miscreant from White Justice… or negro revenge, depending upon the lockdown environment.

      But nice try, my little chocolate drop.


      • CH loves the chocolate drops…until it is socially convenient to flip flop.

        …but this is why we warn our daughters about European American men. They’ll turn on you as soon as some social pressure is applied.

        Good job, Greg, on being part of that social pressure…which leads to another theory of mine about what happened here. You are the Tartuffe. 🙂


      • Neecy is, at heart, a good enough girl with her head in as good a place as haids kin be, for your people.

        And I can’t begrudge her sticking up for her kind, since it’s done in a relatively fair way…

        … and her posts often sprinkled with a bit of feminine charm from time to time… something you, harridan, either forgot or never knew.

        And I can’t remember her EVER spouting Cathedral bullshit as if it’s gospel, and then when getting called on it, shooting out more squid ink than all the calamari at the base of Mount Etna.

        Telling to see, though, that you retain a bit of feminine characteristic, and get a tinge of jealousy when I pay attention to another black dame. lzlzozlzolzolzolzolzolzolozlozlolo


      • Looks like our resident harridan does, in fact, retain a modicum of female characteristic, namely… a twinge of jealousy when I pay attention to another gal of her kind.

        Neecy gets the velvet gloves because she’s not an agitprop minion or total Cathdral stooge… she merely tries to stick up for her own kind with, alas, the flaccid lances given her by today’s narrative.

        And she hasn’t forgotten to sprinkle her posts with feminine charm, on occasion… no surprise, since she’s more of a looker and obviously has had her share of beaus.


      • Velvet glove treatment is being called a shit skin?

        You really are a nutbar, Tartuffe.

        I was merely pointing out that CH’s disdain for African women is a new thing that either came about because of social pressure from the likes of you, or because of something that happened that we don’t know about.

        My cynical side suspects that it was because of people like you who want to regulate male sexuality.

        I used to think that he was the bad shepherd leading others to doom, but now I see that he’s a tool.

        So this is no longer fun.


    • [CH: neecy’s comment, condensed:
      blackity blackity black black blackity black.
      same shit brown color.]

      “I loved how aesthetically pleasing was the contrast between the white jizz and the black skin. Like modern art, the geometric arrangement and bold ejaculatory strokes set against the dark canvas of her smooth skin prompted me to admire my handiwork like I was pausing in front of a particularly abstruse painting in a museum to contemplate its majesty. Plus, it made finding the mess easier for cleanup. We drifted apart quickly, but it was the outlook difference — or maybe my poor bump and grinding dancefloor skills — not the race difference, that was primarily responsible. Though in thinking about it, I wonder if we had stayed together the racial differences wouldn’t’ve intruded at some point. We didn’t date long enough for any “race issues” to potentially become a factor. Nevertheless, I have fond memories”

      [CH: show the studio audience where any CH writer stated that there a no attractive black women at all.
      ps exceptions prove the rule.]


      • Heheheheh…and I was going to thank you for your honesty.

        [CH: this isn’t an impenetrable concept. on the far off chance you aren’t being disingenuous and are just confused, let me spell it out for you:
        imagine a room of 100 white women and 100 black women. all are height-weight proportionate.
        in this room, say, 80 of those 100 white women will be considered bangable by the majority of white men.
        but only 20 of the 100 black women will be considered bangable by the majority of white men.
        this means that, no matter how “hard” or “easy” the black women are, they will have far fewer white men approaching them or interacting with them in a romantic way, as their attention will be directed to the white women in the room.
        it also means that there are still a few attractive black women who will get attention from white men.
        so in the big societal picture, if the conditions of this room are multiplied a million times, what you will readily observe is a glut of black women receiving no attention from white men, along with a few exceptionally attractive black women beating the odds of attracting a white lover.
        therefore, there is no contradiction between stating this obvious rule of life and indulging in one’s personal life the exception to the rule.]


      • You didn’t say we’re all shit brown except the attractive ones. You threw that crap out pervasively.

        [CH: you mean perniciously. and yes i did. it hit its mark, i’d say.]

        We are not pathologically altruistic. If we’re all monkeys to you, then fucking a pretty monkey is just beastiality to you.

        So thank you for showing us why our parents warn us about European men. My aunt told me when I was a girl that you people turn your feelings on and off like a faucet, and that if one of you is being nice to us, it’s only because you want in our pants, but you’d hang our brother for a mere accusation.

        I understand you’re not all like that, but enough of you are, yourself included, that we have good reason to be cautious, just as European women should be cautious of African men.

        So thank you for putting the truth in print. You are not an exception to the rule. Be proud of it. Your little friends here will praise you for it.

        [your comments read like outtakes from bizarro world, where up is down and black…. is white.]


      • Spin, spin…

        I don’t even know why you care about this at all. If I’m just in bizarro world and making no sense at all, then pay it no mind.

        [CH: the only thing that makes sense about you is how predictably you dissemble when the topic under discussion is race. your kind is quite simply constitutionally incapable of discussing hard truths about race without resorting to ego assuaging nonsense.]


      • Oh sure…I am not able to logically parse “shit colored skin”.

        [CH: sometimes it’s purple. like butt naked’s lips.]


      • Well, I can only release you from one color at a time. I am not as good as my grandmother. Make sure to look at it closely, and in a relatively short time, you will begin to be released from all brown-ness.


      • Re: Nicole

        “[CH: the only thing that makes sense about you is how predictably you dissemble when the topic under discussion is race. your kind is quite simply constitutionally incapable of discussing hard truths about race without resorting to ego assuaging nonsense.]”

        And thats just it. FTW.


      • Do you feel that you are being treated unfairly?


  41. on November 22, 2015 at 10:04 am Teutonic Antagonist

    Liberals understand the true power of hatred. That’s why they always scapegoat white males, to stoke the fires of hatred.

    At the same time, they disarm us by mocking us as “haters” and shame us out of hating. We have been disarmed and demoralized. We need to regain our vitality by embracing our hatred and mocking those who would disarm us.


    • I never found that Cathedral bullshit shaming language “hater” convincing.

      I actually think it started with the negroes… anyone who called them on their bullshit, whether it was crime, general insolence, idiotic pop music, etc., was called a “hater”.

      Also note how our resident whipping boy, Strapon, often tries to shame with that “hater” nonsense.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:48 pm The Spirit Within

        Because it corrodes you from the inside. Surprised, at your advanced age, you haven’t become aware of that yet.

        See one of my above comments re: hatred’s uselessness.


      • Please… stop with the flaccid shibboleths already. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        God hates that which merits hatred, and He loves that which merits love. He has not been “corroded”, just the opposite, He always was, always will be, and is always becoming (the literal meaning of His name, btw).

        We were made in His image, and exhibit the same traits…

        There’s much to love in this world, and most of us here are loving a lot of it as we speak.

        But righteous anger at outright Evil and being on guard against threats to one’s nation, one’s family, and one’s self is what you dweebs try to term “hate”…

        … but you’re just being useful idiots for the Cathedral or outright minions of Satan himself, when you try to shame us out of the survival mechanisms that God Himself bestowed upon us and within us.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:07 pm The Spirit Within

        So you believe that modern warriors function better when frothing at the mouth with hatred? Newsflash! Alert covert ops; they’ve been going about it ALL wrong.

        [CH: still as disingenuous and shitlibby as ever. there’s an obvious distinction between feeling righteous hatred and the tactical coolness often needed to channel that hatred into successful vengeance.]


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:55 pm The Other Anonymous

        I must accept that the government has a franchise on vengeance – but truth be told, if Bin Laden’s head were rotting on a spike in the middle of the Ground Zero memorial – I’d feel a whole lot better about that arrangement.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 8:47 pm The Spirit Within

        there’s an obvious distinction between feeling righteous hatred and the tactical coolness

        Yes, and the distinction is that the former is useless while the latter is necessary.

        [CH: wrong in every way. without the former, the latter is at best less effective than it could be and at worst turns against those ordering the tactical killing coolness.]


      • So you believe that modern warriors function better when frothing at the mouth with hatred? Newsflash

        What’s this “frothing at the mouth” Cathedral-speak? How many times do I, several others, and even the proprietor of the chateau have to smack you around before you give up the knee-jerk shitlib stereotype babble?

        If anyone is frothing, it seems to be you and your ilk.

        Stop embarrassing yourself to the point where even CH has to slap you around. Geez, Louise.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Yes, hate is simply the desire to destroy. It doesn’t necessarily involve foaming at the mouth, though it could. It can be a slow, cool, calculated hate. Special forces, or soldiers in general, are in the business of destruction, and they could do it without hating, or with hating.
        If you love something, it is only natural to seek to destroy that which harms or threatens it.
        For the Frenchman to not want to hate, suggests an absence of love, suggests an absence of a motive force; of will. A passivity and helplessness. And it is this catatonia even in the face of loss and disaster, rather than the absence of mindless raging, that CH despises, and rightly so. All the technology and weaponry of civilisation sit useless before a simple terrorist with a knife, absent the will to survive and defenf what is valuable.


  42. I agree that we should love and not hate our enemies, but that does not preclude righteous anger. Of course, love (i.e., caritas) as admonished by Christ is not the effeminate feelings urged by shitlibs. As such, we can love those who we must hang. Prior to hanging, we can offer them the choice of repentance, and the hope of Christ the King’s mercy.



  43. I became politically aware at age 16 and have been sharing opinions such as these since. I’m now 44. My position on things has cost me family, friends and money.

    What the hell has prevented others from catching on all these years?

    I was at a punk show in Tampa. There was a sad, D&D nerd looking guy with big glasses standing alone outide the show quietly offering pamphlets to passersby. He offered no response to those who offered insults and jeers to him in teturn. I felt kinda bad for him and he had balls for standing out there so I took a pamphlet. The topic was questioning the Jewish narrative of victimhood. I’d never been exposed to that perspective and had never had reason to question the “facts”.

    The 80s brought the tremendous push for and normalization of diversity. The school I attended had black on white violence occur regularly with no repercussions. Not hard to see where things were headed so I became a skinhead around this time hoping that being openly defiant of what was to come would make a difference. No such luck as most of my peers have become ordinary white men who watch sports and stay quiet.

    I think I still have the pamphlet. I should scan it and send it to CH.


  44. Kai Murros “on hate”, addresses this very problem. Love and hate are conceptually intertwined. Without love there is no hate. The beta french guy is really just showing a sort of indifference towards the murdering of his wife.
    He will barely even grieve her death.
    This stance is life denying to its very core.


    • I don’t know anything about that man’s marriage but I can say with confidence that most Western men have never known the love of a woman because most Western women’s capacity for love is strangled early and often. In this case, his wife, an ageing mother, died at a disco. How do you love a woman who does not submit herself to you?

      Did that French man ever sit on his couch sipping his favorite poison, while she curled up on the floor and snuggled up to his feet? Do you miss a woman who never showed you, with every gram of her devotion, that you own her fully?

      If she did that, how would you mourn a woman like that? Would you go mad with sorrow? Would you coldly plot something that would land you in hell except for God’s mercy in this particular case?

      She is gone. I don’t know what his wife was like and how he felt about her before she died. But he has a small child, to whom he can’t explain that mama is never coming back.


      • I can say with confidence that most Western men have never known the love of a woman because most Western women’s capacity for love is strangled early and often.

        Truth. Since my first girlfriend I’m not sure I’ve had another woman love me. A couple of cuties from some of the passionate European countries may have had the potential if time had allowed, but in my own country women seem broken. This is why 9/10 times I just want to fuck then leave. I yearn for a woman who gives me a reason to stick around.


  45. You got the gender wrong, Heartiste. It’s “La haine est aussi naturelle que l’amour”.


  46. This attitude isn’t something that wells up from the bottom, it’s imposed by the French government, by Brussels, by Washington. ISIS didn’t bring these terrorists here the Western elite did, and ISIS doesn’t protect these terrorists and the population that supports them, Western governments do. His supplication isn’t aimed at Muslim terrorists, it’s aimed at the establishment.

    Speaking of terrorists and supplication:

    He knows his aunt would have pushed her family to forgive her killer.

    “I guarantee she would have forgiven him immediately. I’m telling you she was full of love. She doesn’t know the word hate,” he said.



  47. Ignore the fact that the singers are beatniks in the opposite phase of history and outlook to where we of the Red Pill now find ourselves and just relax and enjoy. Then think about the message of the ancient words. If only M. Leiris had known his Torah as well as some atheistic Judeoskeptics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4ga_M5Zdn4


  48. I was in Paris last week and it felt like NYC in the weeks after 9/11. My first taxi driver asked where I was from and when I said New York he immediately expressed his gratitude for America and Americans. Not exactly what we’ve come to expect but he was deeply grateful for American sacrifices at Normandy and elsewhere “to save Paris”. He went on and on about his love and respect for Americans, and it occurred to me that the French have a lot more backbone than they are given credit for, because they are united around defending a culture that they are (rightfully) proud of. They’ve got their share of colonial guilt that’s driven the influx of non-assimilated immigrants, and they are losing control of the banlieues – but when they are pushed they act decisively like in Mali and in response to ISIS. I can’t knock the guy in the video to hard, after all he’s lost his wife and has to go on living, but there are plenty of French that do not buy into self defeating drabble.


    • Where’s the backbone in repetitive supplication to a foreigner for the troops his grandfathers sent to ‘save’ his country, at relatively low cost, from an invader welcomed by many French and tolerated by almost all, that represented the last stand of Western man against the parasite that is destroying it?


    • Indeed.
      I have had the opportunity to hang around rural (redneck) French People. They get it. They have always gotten it.
      The main difference between France and the UK, and especially America, is that they have lived in their valleys since from time out of mind whereas the anglophone world have migrated over and over.


      • on November 22, 2015 at 7:09 pm The Spirit Within

        The French colonized large swaths of Africa, parts of SE Asia, and some of the Caribbean. They got out just as much as the Brits did.


      • Two things: The tribes living in the UK today are for the most part new arrivals. Anlgles and Saxons(from the continent beat up the native Celts comprehinsiliby 200. They were in turn beaten up by the normans 1066.


      • Rum: the Celts weren’t native to Britain. They were an earlier group of Aryan invaders, from about 800 years before the Germanics. Your idea of ‘new arrivals’ has merit, but the real picture is a little different. Because of the eternal reproductive value of women and the tendency of Aryans to form warrior elites rather than replace populations, it’s rare for the populations they conquered, even in successive waves, to be effectively replaced genetically. So today, France consists of one particular blend of pre-Aryan, Italo-Celtic and Germanic peoples, and Britain consists of a somewhat different blend, both of about equal age (at least in northern France), and both varying by region with each country.

        I think your idea of ‘living in their valleys since time out of mind’ has some chronological merit, since Europe was reconquered from the Ice beginning mostly in the south of course, but I think the main merit is geographic. France is the richest agricultural territory in the most dynamic continent on earth: it’s a land that has always tended to BLEND people culturally: Celts + Pre-Aryans became the Gauls, Gauls plus Romans quickly became Gallia, Gallia plus Franks and other Germanics fairly quickly became the French.

        In contrast, Britain is a very large island very close to continental Europe, and so has always exercised a powerful hold on the military Aryan imagination because of its strategic position. Whichever group conquers it tends to have more of a will to dominate (culturally more than genetically) than a willingness to blend. There is less feeling of an ancient, unified, tie to the soil. This is also a major source of enduring British notions of class relative to elsewhere in Europe.


  49. I could not even begin to watch that clip. There is nothing so vile and despicable as a man who fails to rise up and protect his family/country/identity. The French are proving, once again, that they do not have to capability to survive on their own. Only this time there will be no Patton to roll in to save their asses.


  50. better to be disciplined than blinded by rage and better to act than to emote.


  51. Anti-whites HATE HATE HATE white people.

    Anti-whites are intolerant of a future that includes white children.


  52. Good God. Isn’t it bad enough that she was shot without humiliating her after death by showing the world the kind of loser she married?


  53. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2015/11/22/black-activist-punched-at-donald-trump-rally-in-birmingham/

    It’s time to openly and brazenly support Trump – the only White presidential candidate in the past 20 years with the balls to stand up to black thug “protesters” like this. Buy a t-shirt, get a window sticker, make a donation, whatever. Not because the needs your money, but to make a point.


  54. on November 22, 2015 at 12:05 pm Eric Deslauriers

    “Today we need more than morality. We need hypermorality, the Nietzschean ethics of difficult times. When one defends one’s people, one’s own children, one defends the essential. Then one follows the rule of Agamemnon and Leonidas… what prevails is the law of the sword, whose bronze or steel reflects the glare of the sun.”

    —Guillaume Faye


  55. Porter put it best:

    I believe the time for measured debate on national topics has passed. There are many erudite books now decorating the tweed-jacket pipe-rooms of avuncular conservative theorists. And none as effective at convincing our opponents as a shovel to the face. But setting that means aside, there is no utility in good-faith debate with a side whose core principle is your destruction. The “middle ground” is a chasm. It is instead our duty to scathe, to ridicule, to scorn, and encourage the same in others. But perhaps foremost it is our duty to hate what is being done. A healthy virile hate. For those of you not yet so animated, I can assure its effects are invigorating.

    As a vocal advocate, I’m sometimes asked how one can walk around all day feeling hate…as if this were bewildering. The answer, of course, is because one walks around feeling love. I love my family, even perhaps some of my friends. And I hate the dark future coalescing around them. Hate dissolves lethargy. It clarifies and emboldens. It is spitting out the lotus blossoms. Any who encourage you to eschew hate have one hand around your wallet and the other your neck. For hate is the sword that protects love. And the moment it is lost, so is the man—a zombie with a beatific smile.

    So for those of you perturbed by our blossoming dystopia…All I am saying is give hate a chance.



  56. Well, nobody’s said it yet, but the Bataclan nightclub slaughter occurred with the band “Eagles of Death Metal” headlining. Check their “upstanding” lyrics. I love the part about kissing Satan’s tongue. Coincidence so many got slaughtered at this venue? Satan worship has its price, folks. The Eskimo owners of the club just “happened” to sell the club 2 months before the Satanic slaughter. The French Army just “happened” to be training for a multi-site terrorist act THAT EXACT DAY. Echoes of 9/11 “Is this real or exercise?”

    Put it together brothers. The Paris attacks were FALSE FLAG all. the. way. Hollande imposed a national curfew for the first time since 1944. I think we can see which way THIS wind is blowing.


    “Kiss The Devil”

    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll song his song?…
    Who will love the devil and his song?…
    I’ll love the devil!…
    I’ll sing his song!…
    I will love the devil and his song!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll kiss his tongue?…
    Who will kiss the devil on his tongue?…
    I’ll love the devil!…
    I’ll kiss his tongue!…
    I will kiss the devil on his tongue!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll sing his song?…
    I will love the devil and his song!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll kiss his tongue?…
    I will kiss the devil on his tongue!…
    Who’ll love the devil?…
    Who’ll sing his song?…

    Wotta riot. Gotta love those “pro-life” lyrics. Stay away from all this shtye, boys. Stay away.


    • Go to see a band called EAGLES OF DEATH and then cry when a few bullets start flying.



      • Eagles of Death and kissing the devil’s tongue? Dafug.

        Maybe these jihadists have the right idea after all…

        … and wouldn’t THAT be embarrassing!


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:02 pm gunslingergregi

        well im fleeing to a muslim country where ill prob get my head chopped off at some point slowly and painfully but still seems better than living under white rules and insanity he he he


      • on November 22, 2015 at 6:12 pm gunslingergregi

        i realized nothing was going to change about child support when price on the mra thing talked about yea guys need to keep paying he he he
        cause ya know he had paid everyone had to suffer the same is the way i thought he was coming from


  57. I’m quite heartened by this discussion.
    It reinforces something I’ve been telling anyone who will listen.
    The problem isn’t them. “Them” being blacks, illegal Mexicans, Muslims, trannies, radical fags, feminists, liberal hipsters, hypocritical progressives, gun grabbers, race baiters, and the current occupants of the White House and its administration.
    All these defective, self hating, delusional, jealous, resentful, damaged clumps of biological debris are just doing what they do.
    A rabid dog will attack you. A bull shark will bite you. A monkey will fling poo.

    The problem is us.
    We have lost the will to survive.
    The will to protect our culture, our civilization, our way of life.
    Our freedoms…of free speech, of association, of thought itself.
    And most sickeningly, we have lost the will to protect our families.
    We turn our children over to the authorities…to have their minds rotted with PC equalist garbage. We would rather our children be fucked by Pakistani pedophiles than for ourselves to be accused of intolerance.

    I mourn what White man has become, and what he has lost.


    • 50,000 Polish protestors marched against the POZ, EU and mooselimb immigration and burned a faggy rainbow sculpture to the ground last month. Explicitly nationalist parties are making yuuge gains all over Europa and Marine Le Pen is out front in national presidential polls. The inevitability of a Trumpening which includes the retwatting of black crime states is coming into focus. Nice young white girls in my social circle are throwing around the words shitskin and dindu nuffin.


    • The war is not yet lost. Never lose faith. Never lose courage.


      (I know I post this here a lot. I am not it’s author. I’m just a big fan of it.)

      I keep posting it because I am sure CH gets new readers who are ready to wake up every day.


  58. That video is some delusional bullshit.


  59. PA’s quote still holds true:
    “Love and hate go together. Hate is what you feel to those who’d harm that which you love. Without hate, love is impotent. Without love, hate is cannibalistic.”


  60. Hate, of course I get that.

    But how’s about Cold Anger?

    Go here if you haven’t already to the most pro-Trump site on the net and search for “cold anger”.



  61. “West Europeans will need a little of that south-and-east-of-hajnal line self-preservation.”

    Purely the result of ancient incest. Can’t wind back the clock.


  62. La haine est aussi naturelLE que l’amour.


  63. The selfie-loving sisters who’ve been sent £75,000 of designer goods from complete strangers just for posting photos of themselves online.



  64. “naturelle” actually,


  65. “Love is one of the most intense feelings felt by man; another is hate. Forcing yourself to feel indiscriminate love is very unnatural. If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love. Repressed hatred can lead to many physical and emotional aliments. By learning to release your hatred towards those who deserve it, you cleanse yourself of these malignant emotions and need not take your pent-up hatred out on your loved ones.”
    ― Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible


    • on November 22, 2015 at 6:21 pm gunslingergregi

      imagine in indo i weighed a 190 pounds less than i was when i went in the army when i was running 5 miles a day
      didn’t develop any type of racism against indonesians
      it is like a healthy way to live or something
      wasn’t even exercising
      there is something disfunctional going on in the us and spreading


  66. on November 22, 2015 at 4:42 pm gunslingergregi

    A thousand points of blight. zerohedge.com/news/2015-
    Others end up in smaller cities like Boise, Idaho or Erie, Pennsylvania, but regardless of where they are taken they are free to move once they find their footing. After 90 days new arrivals are no longer eligible for the State Department-funded support through the resettlement agencies, but some join support programs run by the Department of Health and Human Services.””””””’

    so yea everything is being culturally enriched even idaho
    got to make sure there is not one single place in the us for anyone to go to escape or just have a culture or live a life


    • on November 22, 2015 at 4:47 pm gunslingergregi

      RT @socialmattermag: Hidden, Subtle Underclass Coddling socialmatter.net/2015/11/22/hid””””””’

      but it is creating national jobs for the liberals getting degrees in womans studies and such and a reason to ask for bigger budgets to help people
      but really when it reaches the whole dam country and not just parts how is it going to work then having an entire country of people working to create need for their services in helping people
      when they said us going service economy they really meant it


    • on November 22, 2015 at 4:54 pm gunslingergregi

      the poor need to form a union start throwing their weight around so many people depending on them to make money
      go to say the people ya got to respect in this the mexicans since when they do shit they completely take over
      they want to imigrate they take over the government jobs in immigration in texas and the poor help type jobs its pretty smart
      get a foothold in a company replace everyone with themselves


  67. This is a promotional video for ISIS depicting how weak the West really is….I can see these hairy muslim maggots sitting around in a mud hut laughing at this faggot and chomping at the bit to inflict their next mass murder. ISIS will gain strength from this video…ISIS will gain confidence from this weak willed mangina. Yet, the retarded horde gives it a million thumbs up while dune coons rub their hands in anticipation of the next wave of violence.


  68. White European Man, this is, if you’ll pardon the pun, your Darkest Hour. If there is a light at the end of this tunnel, it recedes to a pinpoint, flickering and threatening to extinguish… or to explode suddenly at its densest gravitational collapse, like a supernova, flooding your eyes and your conscience with the true nature of the war being waged against you.

    The latter scenario is also how I visualize the not-too-distant future.


  69. If you have any doubt that women are the main force preventing us from destroying Islamic extremism, see this :

    This women is not some actress or anything, she is very high up in the Canadian government.

    If you want to fight radical Islam, don’t do it for white women. This is just another version of “let’s you and him fight”.


  70. I think this is just like the man that admits to his wife that he will remarry should she die. Of course the wife goes ballistic on hearing this. And betas usually go into their shells and retract the statement.

    The intent is a pragmatic plan if the bad should happen. But women interpret this a bit differently. I believe most women would see statements like this “won’t hate’ puss as “Don’t count on me to defend you or your offspring”.

    Probably cause most gals to go desert dry on him.

    Perhaps this is the way of things. A culture does not protect their women by keeping them indoors, allows them to party and do other risky behavior. Boom less women and less offspring thus sealing the fate of the culture to the dust bin of history.

    As the old joke goes:
    French WW2 rifle for sale. Never fired, dropped once.


  71. This “You killed my wife but I will not hate you” meme is indeed nothing but weakness and cowardice.

    This is similar to the “I forgive you” meme popular with Christians and shitlibs. It’s nothing but status whoring.

    No one can “forgive” the crime of murder, except perhaps God.


  72. Had to skip to the comments
    If you read history you will read about savage attacks against a people (*the rape of Nanjing, Pearl Harbor, Bataan Death March, the invasion of Western Europe etc) and then the devastating reprisals, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Dresden.
    It’s hard for civilized people to imagine the occurrence and necessity of the reprisals but such are needed.
    Hate and righteous violence are needed to cleanse the psychic record. The peace-niks used to say “Better Red than dead” but they were wrong.
    Our reaction to cruelty defines us yet unfortunately when dealing w/ savages who lack civility and intelligence only brute force can remedy things.
    But hmmm didn’t the French create the Neutron Bomb that can kill people but leave buildings (and oil, hopefully) intact?
    …..maybe they have a few lying about……


  73. Perhaps we should have some compassion for this french man. In a way he indicated that in the end vengeance would be his (and his son’s), in the way he imagines the afterlife. He probably knows (like all of us know, upon examination of the deepest recesses of ourselves) that an idea like the afterlife, is only within the realm of imagination because the full expression of this idea is truly beyond human comprehension.

    But what is this man to do (a man who seems to desire the egalitarian) – how is he to reconcile the sharp dagger of violence that resides at the heart of the egalitarian, for which the existence of the egalitarian depends? As a man of the egalitarian how can he discharge this egalitarian requirement for vengeance? There is no one left to kill. The killers are all dead (or peripheral complicits will hopefully be rounded up and confined and will therefore be beyond this french man’s personal capacity to personally do anything about it).

    This is the quandary of the modern man isn’t it? The dictates of the modern world, of this human civilization, deeply burdens a man in this respect. We are asked to sublimate our deep need for vengeance – we must choose to comply to sublimation (the alternatives are really not options – tear ourselves and our lives asunder in fury? Stew in unresolved vengeance until we make ourselves over as bitter and brittle and therefore half dead?).

    What is this french man to do? Sacrifice this need for vengeance at the alter of virtue, like a gift, like an offering (via religious convictions or otherwise), as seems to be his proclivity at first attempt for reconciling the dissonances of his masculine nature? Martyr the exuberant fire of vengeance, in attempt to kill it? As so many have already counseled here – if you do this, (martyr your masculine nature) you will slowly kill yourself (not now in bitterness but by way of bittersweet melancholy – growing impotence in the face of the challenge of a man’s life).

    So what is this man to do? To continue to be of value to himself, his son and others, he must choose to comply to what civilization asks of men, – to sublimate the rightful need for masculine vengeance, into something useful – to remake it into a sharp arrowhead to pierce the abstract frontier, we find all around us. Only he can do this. Only he can decide. No one can do it for him. He most choose all of the abstract elements for himself – how, what, why – all by himself, if he succeeds – as an ultra-personal adventure. But success is not guaranteed. Perhaps we should have some compassion for this french man.


  74. The best book ever written about the reality of WAR was “Dispatches” by Michael Herr.
    He was a correspondent in the Viet Nam conflict. (From the magazine Esquire — so what).
    Money shot quote: “For an awful lot of guys who were there, fighting in that war made up for a dysfunctional and unfortunate childhood.”
    In other words, killing the fookers is not actually a means to an end… But, on a good day, you just might find, it is the end itself.


  75. I’m glad that I submitted this guy for the BOTY contest first, but I have to admit CH – you made the case better than I did. 😀


  76. The problem with all this talk is that it’s all just talk.

    So shut the fuck up and let your actions speak for you.

    Talk less. Do More. Repeat.

    The other day my blonde-haired, blue eyed, biological son asked “Why are you so quiet Dad?” I told him. “Because a man only speaks when he has something important to say.”

    Here’s all that I will say about this “I forgive you” bullshit. If you cannot hate, you cannot love and to be able to love greatly means that the hate can be equally deep.

    When someone takes away something you love, you put it down the way you would a dangerous animal.

    Anything else is weakness manifest.


    • Anonymous
      The problem with all this talk is that it’s all just talk.

      So shut the fuck up and let your actions speak for you.

      Talk less. Do More. Repeat.
      I’m not arguing about a damn thing you said, But will you lead from the front, or behind ? We don’t need a behinder, you get my drift ?


  77. “I am a straight male but have been to gay bathhouses to watch the dynamics ”

    [CH: !]
    (ahem ) doing research for your thesis ? Yes, you are one straight Jake, you is.

    “We inhabit utterly different worlds. I fear nobody, especially the ones who would hurt me. Better just to face them, intelligently and tactically.”-guess who sez dis ?
    The prey has cornered itself. Now, you androgenous bitch, fight or flee. I’ll be back with your queer ass in a minute or so.


  78. ok, weirdo, you damn betcha we inhabit different worlds. your’s is a fucked up mess, but we all know you’re gonna makes it much mo’ betterer. Right ?
    Who’s these people trying to hurt on ya, demento ? I detest you, but I don’t want to hurt you .( but if we were chatting head to head, that would prolly go out the windee )
    Better to just face them, intelligenly (you ? intelligenty ? Shim, please.)
    Ye know nuffin’ about tactics, so your bullshit yappin’ dont apply.


  79. […] Heartiste discusses a video of a Frenchman whose wife was killed by the latest terrorist attacks in Paris. Here is my comment: […]


  80. Chirp, crikkit, chirp.


  81. “When someone takes away something you love, you put it down the way you would a dangerous animal.

    Anything else is weakness manifest.”


  82. ” Here’s all that I will say about this “I forgive you” bullshit. If you cannot hate, you cannot love and to be able to love greatly means that the hate can be equally deep.”
    Amen to the twice.


  83. If this had been me, I would be boarding the next plane for Syria and take brutal revenge.


  84. on November 23, 2015 at 12:15 am The Night Porter

    The Nordic women of Europe subconsciously welcome the possibility of migrant rape. What is happening is even darker than this website assumes.


  85. on November 23, 2015 at 1:13 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Nuggets of GOLD here…


  86. In the closing hours of the 2nd WW in Europe, there was an interesting, and dare I say relevant, dynamic.
    German teen-aged fanatics were eager to fire at advancing American forces. Whenever they did, the Amis would stop and set up their artillery and proceed to destroy utterly the town/village from which the annoyance came.
    In no time, in every case, the grown-ups in the next town/village did whatever it took to prevent this.
    Hint: Muulslums of the world: Control your idiot children or


  87. Hate it that this is funny bc it’s true.


  88. I want to put a bullet in his head for being a pussy. He should be dressing up like Rambo and go lone Syrial killer.

    “No matter what you do, i won’t reach inside and pull out my gonafs and make you pay for being ultimate douche bags.”


    • Would you?

      Somehow dying for a cause is exactly what we don’t have. We don’t have a cause, so what is the point of dying for nothing.


  89. Or, izz itt? isnt love (the sun the most natural feelin of em all??

    and all the otherszzz.. r just clouds, hidin da sun..

    whatcha say, fatherrr.. 90.89-0

    Hello, Father,,
    darn it n dang it!!

    Think I’ve semi-fallen 4 a narcopath,,

    well, why tell yah bout it.. guess i just feel
    sejf n trusting on ur helthy judgement..on.

    krown – jewel .

    Father Cristmaszzz!!! YOOO-..HOOOOEEE!! wiieiiy.y

    oohhh… shajt, ,SHARK..!! *snore*… GOSSIPING!! ?=?)

    ps. im a lil it too much, aint I!! jusxx lajk it supposed 2 be. PAWS UPP!!

    katts will be katts n katts gotta MEOW½½!! meow with me now, daddy-oo.!!9


  90. World War Two: Internment camps for resident German/Japanese.
    War on Terror/ISIS: Internment camps for……..?


  91. I found this on the comment section , and took it with permission from a guy named Christopher Olivier

    Bombing camp sites in the desert is not fighting ISIS. Rape and homicide rates steadily increasing with immigration and SKYROCKETING directly after the migration of “Syrian refugees” is not a coincidence, neither the sudden outbreak of attacks on non-Muslims.

    It is also not a coincidence that almost all of the “refugees” are prime-aged men, none of you shitlibs seems to think it’s curious that it is not woman and children fleeing but men. Only about 10-20% of the Muslim population consists of radicals, as you love to repeat. Out of a population of 1.7 billion, ( https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islam_by_country)
    that makes 170-425 MILLION people committed to your destruction that you so readily welcome . That means that there is a radical for EVERY single person in America and then some more, that you would like to fight with ❤LOVE❤ and tolerance. 9/11, the Paris attacks, tube bombings and beheadings every few days is the work of that 10-25%, the peaceful Muslim majority is IRRELEVANT. Last week ISIS clearly stated that the gunmen that caused the Parisian massacre walked right into Paris as part of the refugee hordes. You can’t spot the difference between a mass murdering Muslim radical and a peaceful one. Muslim distrust is NECESSARY. The shariah laws these people follow condone and actively ENCOURAGE the SLAUGHTER of infidels like you and me. All muslims follow shariah law. All muslims support these practices by following these laws.

    Finding the problem here is a simple logic exercise.

    Western countries + western natives = peace.

    Muslim countries + Muslims = war.

    So I wonder what the answer to this one is:

    Western countries + muslims = ?

    Observing an obvious pattern is not racism, ignoring blatant facts is idiocy and refusing to defend your own is cowardice.


  92. This Frenchman and his admirers remind me of a remark attributed to, of all people, the poet Robert Frost: “A liberal is someone who cannot bring himself to take his own side in a dispute.”


  93. You really knocked it out of the park with this one, CH.


    • I just broke my own nose with the *facepalm.*

      Are these people talking nonsense due to shellshock? Is the press just fabricating those statements of forgiveness?

      He is quoted saying:

      — “Though everything inside of me wants to hate, be angry, and slip into despair I choose the route of forgiveness, grace and hope,” he said in a statement. “If there is one thing I’ve learned from Amanda in the 10 years we were together, it’s this: Choosing to let my emotions drive my decisions is recipe for a hopeless and fruitless life. Today I am deciding to love, not hate.” (End Quote)

      There it is again, love not hate.


      • LOL at the idea that a woman taught a man to not let his emotions drive decisions.


      • well in his defense, he is a pastor… how else could this have gone down?

        Churchians cuck themselves every week, who is the head of his household?


      • If that’s a serious question, a pastor should understand that forgiveness is only meaningful when the offender expresses sincere contrition.


      • Question wasn’t serious however your response underscores the point… Churchians are masochists or wanna be martyrs – hence their love for constant cucking…


  94. Maybe we need a name for those widower cucks – any ideas?


  95. Truth and love is the answer to everything. Falseness and hatred is the answer to nothing.

    Easier said than done, but that is how the world works.


  96. Ah theeenk zat U er all meesunderstandang ze Fraench.
    I know them. Tough as brass fittings. Fuckit, they play soccer and rugby to parfection.
    I heard matey on ‘t wireless t’other day. I distinctly recall his declaration that his commitment to his 17-month-old son outrode any quantum of concern over that boy’s mother’s murderers.
    He said that he refused to waste any more time over their imaginary concerns, hate or otherwise.
    It was a classic French riposte.

    “I fart in your .. general direction”


  97. “There are no White countrymen with a sense of shared heritage worth preserving in the West anymore.”

    This. Because of the Putnam-diversity effect on social capital, you don’t know who you can trust. Think you tell your real feelings on mystery meat to the white guy at work? WRONG. He’ll stab you in the back and get you fired.

    White people can’t trust each other anymore. Too many anti-racists and opportunists out there. This isn’t a new problem.

    George Lincoln Rockwell had more stones and brains than all CH readership combined. He first tried to bring white people together as a “respectable conservative” but all he found were masochistic pussies who liked being “secret patriots” and were far more worried about their tax-levels than their civilization’s total destruction.

    And that’s why GLR went balls out Nazi. And we saw what happened then.


    • <>

      It appears that Noel Ignatiev, founder of RaceTraitor.org (motto: “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”) is succeeding, at least for now. Alas.


      • This was supposed to appear above:

        “The white race is a historically constructed social formation…”

        “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race, which means no more and no less than abolishing the privileges of the white skin…”

        “The existence of the white race depends on the willingness of those assigned to it to place their racial interests above class, gender, or any other interests they hold. The defection of enough of its members to make it unreliable as a predictor of behavior will lead to its collapse.”


  98. La haine est naturelLE…


  99. If he has forgiveness in his heart for those who killed the one person who loved his son more than anyone, he can forgive me for pooing on his dead wife’s cold body.


  100. i’m starting to think that maybe European women WANT to have muslim man as their husbands; comparing to pussy a** european men, they sure look mad alpha… to the women that is.


  101. This is one of my favorite Chateau Heartiste posts.

    I believe all White Men should study history, and study it well. The world has a long and rich history of White Male conquerors, warriors, adventurers, inventors — it’s in our DNA to be masters of this world. We only need keep this truth ingrained in our psyche.


  102. White women will head-bang their way into race oblivion

    White women already have abrogated their place among women by trying to be men. Sure I’ll have sex with them when they are young, but that’s cheap and easy – like the women themselves. But when I finally get too old to party, I’ll retire to some Asian country where the women are attractive and feminine and find a couple to enjoy till I die and leave a bunch of kids.

    Heck, I try to get to China every few months, not only to renew various businesses acquaintances, but also to improve my communication abilities and enjoy the women. It’s so different 18 yo’s in the US are bangable, but certainly not marriageable – whereas Asian women are both. That is what will lead to the extinction of the White race – all of the men will take up with Asian women and viola…

    Seems that most White women don’t get it till they are almost too old to reproduce – in their 30’s they start looking for a beta to milk for money. Personally, I like them when they are young and milking the alpha cock instead.