COPROP: The Whinority

I had the misfortune to overhear a La Raza ingrate whine in a loud, grating voice about “having no voice” in America, the country she hates so much that millions of her peasant kin invaded and squatted on its soil.

Add another term to the dissident COPROP lexicon: The Whinority. Definition: A favored non-White minority, currently dispossessing White Americans from their homeland and institutions, whose members constantly whine about being dispossessed.

If only these invading vibrants had no voice, America would be a much more pleasant place to live.


  1. Amen. How exactly do you say GTFO in their language?


  2. They are just like president butt naked, mindlessly repeating things they heard once.

    Say, reminds me of the Sierra Club guy…”uh 97% preponderance of evidence. I have no capability for spontaneous thought.”


  3. This is how much the left hates the country, they think that cholos are better than rednecks. And the churches in USA have apparently given up with whites, so whatever, jesus wants the wogs to move into former first world countries.


  4. I explained to some clueless coworkers yesterday–just for fun–that 85% of people in this country do not deserve a vote and should simply shut the fuck up.


    • on October 8, 2015 at 10:13 am Violator Invictus

      I don’t do things like that at work, but I do enjoy explaining to shitlibs and cucks outside of work that their version of democracy cannot and does not work. When asked what it should be replaced with, I say fascism or monarchy depending on the audience and calibrated for maximum sputtering.


      • “We are the strong…. Libtards are losers. Neckbearded atheists. Bug-chasing queers. Pale, skinny vegans or overweight feminists. Foreigners with no connection to this nation through either blood, faith or soil. They dye their hair strange colours and disfigure their faces with strange piercings. They loathe themselves and think you should too. They think they are dangerous, edgy rebels but really they stand for increasing globalisation and the deculturing of the society. These people are agents of the state, the growing globalist empire and they conspire against us, the nation. If you can voice your bizarrely leftist opinions without risk of punishment then you are not a rebel. We are the rebels, those who oppose modernism, seek a return to traditionalism and stand for the nation.

        The protestors only survive because they are protected by better men. They are only warm at night because better men than they are working the oil rigs and power plants. They only eat because better men than they work the farms and seas. These people are not dangerous individually, but in large groups they are dangerous. They are dangerous enough to wreck civilisation, and that is exactly what they are doing.

        A good indicator of how important your job is to civilisation is to consider what would happen if you and everybody who did your job was to strike or disappear overnight. If you’re a lazy hipster making disgusting ‘art’ out of garbage, dead animals and bodily fluids the world would become more beautiful by your disappearance. The military, the police, oil and gas workers, farmers, truck drivers, doctors and nurses and other essential workers would wreck civilisation if they shrugged and gave up. Except they would not wreck civilisation. They would just take it away and it would follow them and reappear wherever they went.

        Abandon The Left

        Imagine if these better men and women realised just who these protestors were and what they thought of normal, hard-working straight white families.

        These assorted leftie protestors are demonstrating against democracy itself.

        (as did the treasonous majority in the Obergefell case, as Scalia noted)

        This is dangerously short-sighted of them. The left have enjoyed riding the wave of increasing leftist narrative but now that public opinion is beginning to turn on them they resent it. They are too weak and stupid to realise not only that democracy protects them from the wrath of the right, but it is not worth defending from people who would only subvert it and destroy it. The righteous charge of Iron Legionnaires will destroy these degenerates and scatter them to the winds.

        They are still alive only because of the tolerance of moderates and the failure of militant reactionaries to organise themselves into an effective resistance.

        But now we are organising, and these people’s days are numbered.


      • All leftists are parasites.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 10:43 am Violator Invictus

        That is a great blog. Thanks for the share.


    • “A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.” – Theodore Roosevelt

      Fred Reed had a good column recently about requiring intelligence testing for voting:

      (Hopefully this post won’t be interminably stuck in moderation *fingers crossed*.)


      • Speaking of rifles, here is the official law of the land in the United States of America regarding rifles of any type, including modern sporting rifles:

        1. The right of the people to keep and bear any type of rifle that is equivalent to whatever the government’s army can have shall not be infringed.

        2. “The rifle has ever been the companion of the pioneer and,
        under God, his tutelary protector against the red man and
        the beast of the forest.”

        3. Every person has an unalienable, natural-law, God-given right to openly carry a firearm for lawful self defense.

        District of Columbia v. Heller, 128 S. Ct. 2783, 2807 (2008).

        So suck it, International Jew. This is not your nation.


    • ..the police…and other essential workers would wreck civilisation if they shrugged and gave up.

      The function of the police is to generate revenue and suppress vigilantism against the establishment’s precious dindus. If they ever catch any real criminals, it’s on accident and for all the wrong reasons. We’d be much better off without them.


    • Indeed:

      It is a waste of breath, energy, and time to attempt to debate using logic and facts with either women or libtards.


  5. on October 8, 2015 at 10:10 am Violator Invictus

    Whinorities. I like it.


  6. on October 8, 2015 at 10:14 am mendozatorres

    How fat was she? How many rolls of blubber? If not, was her voice accented, the annoying kind, not the sexy French accent kind.


    • on October 8, 2015 at 1:58 pm Buddhist Mestizo


      Mendoza, dude, you are a glutton for punishment to come posting in the WhiteBread MudHater’s club. You know, I really agree that white America is [1] fucking crazy, [2] ruining the world, and [3] waiting to be toppled with the debauched masochism of a poz chasing homo. Sure, I agree with El Sr. Heartiste on all of these counts – and, in fact, have seen this my entire life and am a bit fascinated that white America is finally waking up to all of this – but can you really identify with those that want to disenfranchise us and our kind? Come on, man.

      Then again – I mean, shit. Maybe the blog’s proprietor is justified in his racial extremism. Given the level of bat-shit crazy that white America has produced so far, that might be necessary just to counteract the decadence. Regardless, if we don’t get genocided away(and we aren’t easy to get rid of, señores,) or just deported back to our motherlands, I imagine that this blog will be one of the treasures of modern thought translated into America’s new idiom – both the Spanish of the lower castes and the Mandarin of our new masters.

      Oh, white man, your genes will live on in us! May his house be gotten into order and he “Git’R Done without igniting the atmosphere! 😀


  7. Like

    • on October 9, 2015 at 10:10 am Franz Ferdinand's Jugular

      There were sovereigns that did not mind jews, on the contrary, knew how to put them to very good use.

      We would not want to dig into THAT scab, would we know?


  8. The fastest way to shut up a female SJW at work who whines about The Donald is to accuse her of having a crush on him.

    [CH: nice. that line works in so many similar situations, too.]


  9. I really don’t care what they have to say, it’s that they are saying it here. They can go back home and say what ever they .


  10. Whites wanted and created the evil welfare state, thus deserve to suffer for it. Normal people can go to hell.


  11. You’re a rabbit. You fear mortality salience.

    The daily black on white rape score is 100 to zero. Lincoln killed 1 million slaves. Black population increased 45x in the US. Blacks do better in white schools. Black leaders are half white. Bantus rape, eat and enslave pygmies.

    Christian high IQ white European men, capitalism and patriarchy built civilization.

    Fiat central banking destroyed the pound and soon the dollar.

    I drop truth like blood diamonds.


  12. This would be a nice thing for Muslims. With a bacon snack and a shot of whiskey on the side.


  13. Criminorities?