Alpha Of The Month: Errol Flynn

“Anonymous” compiles an extensive list of Errol Flynn’s exploits for consideration in the AOTM contest.


Submitting Errol Flynn for Alpha of the century award

a few interesting facts

>expelled from 3 schools by age 15 for having sex with the school laundress and constant fighting

>went to new guinea at age 18 to be a slave trader and gold prospector amongst other jobs and ended up killing a native in self defense, being tried for murder and being acquitted

>had a job as a sheep castrater in Australia but had to flee after his boss found him in bed with his daughter and threatened to shoot him with a shotgun

>nearly died after overdosing on medication to cure gonorrhea

>had his belly slashed open after getting into a fight with a rickshaw man over not paying him a tip

>had an affair with an 45 year old rich married woman in his early 20s and ‘borrowed’ her jewels off her bedside table before legging it, later when he became famous he attempted to track her down to pay her back

>when he first moved to Hollywood he let everyone assume he was from Ireland because it was ‘easier that way’

>When banned from drinking on a film set, he would inject oranges with vodka and eat them during his breaks

>beat the shit out of an extra on a film set because he knocked him off a horse

>One day on the set, director Vincent Sherman was dismayed to find that Errol had failed to appear on time for a scene. He got a female extra to go and retrieve him. 15 minutes later there was still no sign of Flynn. Sherman, irate, barged into Flynn’s dressing room – and was shocked to find him stark naked, having sex with the woman.The film in question? The Adventures of Don Juan!

>had to climb out the back window of a brothel in Cuba after a local girls school found out he was inside and all the students and teachers stood cheering and dancing outside waiting for his exit

>was constantly involved in bar brawls and fights with police throughout his life

>While filming an action-packed scene one day, famed director Michael Curtiz, a stickler for realism, ordered an army of extras to throw authentic spears at Flynn. In a fit of anger, Flynn, dodging a hail of lethal projectiles, raced across the set – and headed straight for Curtiz. The director’s response? He beat a hasty retreat – and promptly called out: “Lunch!”

>While visiting a lesbian bar in Paris one night, Errol noticed his girlfriend slow-dancing with a tough dike. Flynn stepped in to pick a fight – and was promptly punched out. “If they hear about this in Hollywood,” he gasped from the floor, “I’m finished.”

>once went waterskiing with his best friend David Niven and Davids girlfriend. He then cut the rope on Niven leaving him stranded in the sea full of sharks then zoomed off in the motorboat to have sex with his girlfriend

>hosted cockfights in his house

>once his beloved dog fell overboard and drowned and a snide columnist wrote a cheeky article about flynn failing to rescue his dog….When Flynn seen him in a restaurant one night he flattened him with a single punch, however he got a fork in the ear for his troubles off the columnists wife

>once tricked a Washington diplomat into showing up to one of his partys naked promising him a sex fueled orgy. He was let int he front door by a naked maid and instructed to remove his clothes. He did this with a big smile on his face at the sight of this beautiful naked maid. He was led into the party room where there was 30 fully clothed people all in uncontrollable laughter.

>bugged the ladies bathroom of his Hollywood mansion so he and his friends could hear what women were saying about them in the toilet. (from what he heard he concluded that women are much dirtier than men)

>Gossip columnist Hedda Hopper told a story about how Errol Flynn, angered about an item she put in a column about him, appeared on her doorstep. When she answered the door, he was facing her… masturbating.
“I began laughing,” Hopper said, “and continued laughing until he finished with a dramatic flourish all over my doorstep. I’ll say one thing for Errol. He’s the only man I know who can ejaculate in front of a fully dressed woman who’s laughing derisively during the entire process.” Flynn then said ”Will you invite me to come here again?”

>rejected from the US army for a number of health problems including a bad heart, malaria and numerous venereal diseases

>Was tried on 2 counts of statutory rape in 1942 but was acquitted

>met his second wife aged 18 years old while she was working at a snack counter in a courthouse during his statutory rape trial [ed: doubleplusheh.]

>the phrase ‘in like Flynn’ is coined after him referring to his success with women

>when he sold his mansion due to being in debt the new owners had 3 trucks come to take away the empty vodka bottles Flynn and his drinking buddies threw out the window into the ravine behind

>was a big supporter of and drinking buddies with Fidel Castro

>was rumored to put his own semen in the omelets he sometimes made for his guests

>loved to sail aboard his yacht. An admiring fan once got herself invited aboard and Errol showed her the view from below the deck. The fan’s husband angrily boated out to the yacht and demanded his spouse. The wife dove off Errol’s yacht and started to swim to her mate’s boat. Before she made it the husband sailed off. So did Errol.

>Flynn’s yacht was such a hotbed of sexual activity that he frequently flew a flag reading “FFF” – short for “Flynn’s Flying Fuckers.” Flynn kept tabs on everyone’s conquests in a score book, and presented notable performers with a badge depicting a penis.

>was nearly killed on multiple occasions at gunpoint after being caught by a man in bed with his wife

>stated that his behavior in brothels throughout his life had been exemplary and they were about the only establishment he was never thrown out of

>after John Barrymore’s death in 1942, director Raoul Walsh, actor Peter Lorre and a few other jokers, dragged his corpse into Errol Flynn’s living room while he was off drinking and sat it in a chair.When Flynn returned home from the pub, he took off his coat, nodded to Barrymore, took three steps toward the bar, and froze.”Oh, my God!” he cried, before cautiously approaching Barrymore and poking him. Flynn and the others promptly burst out laughing and they all had a well-needed drink.

>drank over a litre of vodka a day

>was a chain smoker his entire life

>bought a small island in the Caribbean but then lost it in a poker game

>died at age 50 from multiple organ failure due to alcoholism, autopsy showed he had body of 75 year old man when he died

>most famous quote ‘if i have any genius at all, its a genius for living’


According to the Gay Or Straight gaydar, Errol Flynn is very straight compared with other celebrities. (Although Flynn didn’t mind being rumored as bisexual. Rumors of that nature can actually work to a man’s benefit if he has a history of bedding thousands of women. What woman can resist a mystery, or a challenge?)

If even half of these tales are true, Flynn was a larger-than-life super alpha. I would call him a specific breed of super alpha, the Hell-Raiser. Reckless and self-destructive, the Hell-Raiser is the alpha male who constantly tempts danger and lives on borrowed time. His lack of concern for anything resembling good sense extends to his own well-being; Hell-Raisers often die young from the excesses of multiple vices.

Most Hell-Raisers are volatile and stupid (and highly attractive to good girls and women surrounded by weak and boring men). Flynn was that rare combination of the clever thrill-seeker who enjoyed the spectacle of fucking with the heads of his adversaries (and his friends). Still, like most impulsive, present time oriented Hell-Raisers, he couldn’t curb his drinking to prevent his premature death. Despite his love affair with the bottle, he was fortunate to have lived as long as he did, given his penchant for getting caught bedding the wives of angry husbands pointing handguns at him.

The Hell-Raiser with fame, looks and money is a force of nature few women can resist, at least not at first before self-preservation kicks in. His kind can rack up truly epic notch counts, partly on the strength of his allure to women, partly by the heedlessness with which he capitalizes on that allure. Live fast, die young, leave a thousand bastards (or broken hearts) behind.


  1. “I loved him anyway and he was, as everyone suspected, an endearing rascal.”

    First wife, Lili Damita

    “The only time he wasn’t living was when he was asleep, and even then I think he dreamt well.”

    Second wife, Nora Haymes

    “Errol had the capacity to make everything an adventure – Even a quiet stroll through a simple country lane came alive either through a quick remembrance or a philosophical thought or a simple observation of the ecological patterns of the earth trees and flowers and their support system. His was a mind relentlessly searching.”

    Third wife, Patrice Flynn


    • AND:

      “In the late 1950s, Flynn met and courted the 15-year-old Beverly Aadland at the Hollywood Professional School, casting her in his final film, Cuban Rebel Girls (1959). According to Aadland, he planned to marry her and move to a new house in Jamaica but he died of a heart attack before this came to pass.”


  2. Just the mental image of in like flynn cut’n off some sheep balls…


  3. Fucked up women like men who are also fucked up, but women have much more preservation sense. Hence the need to appear fucked up until she realizes you ain’t.


    • not really. all women are fucked up and women cant trust their own judgement cause it sucks so they lay up as a defense.

      beta game works for an Alpha because it synergizes with a woman’s own impulses.


      • Exactly why Error Flynn is the poster child for the decline of Western Civilization.


      • I’m finding more that women crave beta game from alphas…but taking care to notice that in fact those men or alphas or jerks but they don’t normally operate in the beta mindset…


      • my standard line is “I’m a really bad person but im trying really hard to be better!…not working though” (said with a frown)……its fucking chick crack and works….EVERY time.


    • ….so then do also fucked women like men who aren’t fucked up or fucked up men like women who aren’t fucked up…or women who aren’t fucked up like fuckity fuck fuck fucked up men…well fuck…


  4. When blacks do this stuff it’s just “degeneracy.”


    • That’s more because of a lack of class and style than any bias.


    • No, when whites do this stuff it’s degeneracy.

      When blacks do it, or at least the negro equivalent, the term we use is “normal”

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    • Not an “alpha” at all, just a Nazi spy and a sex pervert who liked close-to-prepubescent girls. The Nazi in the movie “The Rocketeer” was modeled after him.


      • …always wanted to be that guy…


      • What is wrong with being a Nazi? You Americans fought on the wrong side in WW2 btw and we are all paying the price today. The Germans were fighting Communism 40 years before Red Dawn. Nazi society encouraged feminine beauty a super race where warriors were rewarded – a race to the top. Nazism was mre realistic and in tune wirh natural selection and order. Women live lije this all the time even the fake feminist liberals today. Communism gave us multi culturalism and feminism.


      • Thanks for informing me about his Nazi sympathies. Definitely makes me like him even more.


    • Yeah…the panache of having white skin while doing the same shit lol.


      • Percentages, kid… percentages.

        The thing you negroes have to come to grips with, aside from Rosa Parks not doin’ nuthin’ but sittin’ her black ass down, is that overblown Hollywood legend does not equate to truth, and the stuff that is true closes out of town in normal society.


      • Per usual, Greg doesn’t make any sense. Apparently, it’s alpha because only x percent of whites do it as compared to y percent of blacks. And also, the fact that ‘well most of it isn’t true, and what is true happens far out of sight.’ Okay? it’s either supposedly “alpha” behavior (fabricated or not) or it isn’t.


      • is this thwack sockpuppeting as scray or did you go full “muh grievances” too


      • If by grievance you mean amusement, sure.


      • Per usual, Greg doesn’t make any sense.

        I wasn’t aware your reading comprehension was so poor… you usually fancy yourself as quite astute… leastwise, for a mischling.

        Apparently, it’s alpha because only x percent of whites do it as compared to y percent of blacks.

        You yourself admitted you didn’t comprehend what I was saying, so why attempt the interpretation? (which is totally wrong, btw).

        You will note that NOWHERE in this thread did I agree that “alpha” was the correct term for Flynn’s alleged exploits. I leave that debate to others.

        My original point, which “made no sense” to you, is explained below… if only for the sake of the peanut gallery watching in silence.

        And also, the fact that ‘well most of it isn’t true, and what is true happens far out of sight.’ Okay? it’s either supposedly “alpha” behavior (fabricated or not) or it isn’t.

        That’s not what was said… what was said is that the stuff that IS true, if true as reported, is not tolerated in “normal” society… whose standards, I’m sure even YOU are quick enough to grasp, do not reflect the profligacy of Hollywood stars.

        And I repeat, I myself have made no “alpha or not” argument… though I tend to agree with the posters here who do not find these outlier film star examples worthy of emulation.

        In the future, don’t comment on what you yourself admit is beyond your comprehension. Giving these sort of lessons becomes tedious, along the lines of the maxim about teaching pigs to sing.


      • So then you were just off-topic and not responding to my point at all. Gotcha.

        By the way ‘far out of sight’ means outside of normal society, whether hidden or removed.

        In the future try to stay on point, Greg. Or at least to say something…you admit here that you said essentially nothing.


      • You’re obtuse, even by negro standards.

        Quit while you’re behind, kid… all your attempt at mimicking my smack down of your inanity just reeks of tried-but-failed.

        Either that, or continue and fail more.

        (((shakin’ it here)))


      • My point was about the implications of idealizing this behavior as alpha. You admitted that your response had nothing to do with whether the behavior was alpha. So you weren’t responding to my point. You were just on with the same stupid shit about “normal society” that you usually are on about. That’s cool, old people are usually tangential.


      • As I said, fail more, and so you did.

        I responded to gainsay your claim that, when YT does X, he’s lionized, but when darky does it, he’s vilified.

        I corrected your presumption by saying that normal society, that is, outside of Hollywood and the tabloids, ESPECIALLY then, but even now, does NOT consider it exemplary behavior… regardless of all the PUA Lochinvars on this site given Flynn a high-five-in-memoriam.

        And you, in your usual dimness, think that what I said had nothing to do with the topic at hand… indeed, insisted numerous times, even though it was already explained.

        Stick with the muh-dik braggadocio… at least then you’re within your shallow depth of the chateau’s pool, and only slightly less tedious.


      • If the disconnect here is that my term “exemplary behavior to normal society” means TRUE alpha (at least alpha worthy of emulation and lionization) is what went over your head, well… let me make it simple for you:

        I, and many here, do not call these more lurid exploits of Flynn “alpha”… and indeed, doubt much of what is claimed… as can be seen by numerous posts here.

        And whether a white or black man does such things, said jackanapes would meet with the same approbation…

        … which addresses and gainsays your initial post.

        Don’t make me expose your dimness again.


    • Sorry but Flynn didn’t hafta drug bitches


      • oh you mean bitches like these?
        ‘Bill knew that I knew. I could feel it. I had known the truth since that memorable night in 1981. Bill had drugged my close friend, whom I will call Sandy, and then had sex with her.

        Bill met Sandy in the casino at the Las Vegas Hilton around 1979 or 1980. She was in her late teens or early 20s, thin and medium height with hazel eyes and straight brown hair that fell just below her shoulders. They immediately began a consensual intimate relationship. At the time, Sandy was sexually adventuresome, dating a number of men around town.’

        lol, whiteknights, weekend red-pillers, etc. etc.


  5. And yet, he never bedded Olivia deHavilland, the one who gave Don Juan so much trouble with his tights (see the kissing scene at her window).


    • It wasn’t for lack of infatuation on her part.

      Also fought a major brawl over her with John Huston in the 40s


    • After the looks she gave him in The Adventures of Robin Hood, I would have bet money she was a notch on his bedpost.


    • Quoted from a biography:

      “De Havilland denies any serious hanky panky but loves to recount the practical joke she played on Flynn during the filming of Robin Hood. In a particularly erotic kissing scene, De Havilland purposely kept flubbing her lines so that the scene had to be shot over and over again, causing nature to finally bulge through under Flynn’s green tights.


    • Olivia deHavilland remembers every moment with Flynn. Alpha Widow? LOL


  6. For some reason, even how brilliant Flynn was, due to alcohol usage I will always look more up to people like Adrian Carton de Wiart and Giacomo Casanova.

    Casanova reads similar to Flynn just without as much of alcohol but Carton de Wiart is in league on its own in my mind; maybe not as much of women, but in other areas of life I think he is above everybody else.


  7. on December 1, 2014 at 4:07 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Aussie band, Australian Crawl (mid 80’s-mid 90’s) wrote a song about Errol Flynn.

    I will also post the lyrics as even most Australians often found it difficult to follow what was being sung by the band’s lead singer.

    Convict state
    It just don’t rate
    He want to get higher
    Apple Isle
    The inbred smile

    He’s going to get by’a
    His mother’s hand
    He could not stand
    He left for the islands

    To fish and hunt
    He take a punt
    The New Guinea Highlands

    Woh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him

    He had to go, the Sirocco
    He’s sailin the high seas
    Hollywood, Captain Blood
    He’s billing the Nazi’s

    Took a rebel stand
    Coast of Mexico
    He want to pounce
    Like an animal
    To girls he just can’t say no

    Woh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him
    Woh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him

    He had them all
    Screamin’ for more
    He play the wild scene
    Ah scandalise
    No compromise

    He’s down on his knees
    He was the king
    The toast of Tinseltown

    They build him up
    They took it all
    And then they
    Just cut him down

    Oh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him
    Oh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him

    Don’t tell me it’s true
    I don’t wanna hear about it
    Don’t tell me it’s true
    I don’t wanna hear about it

    Don’t tell me it’s true
    I don’t wanna hear about it
    Don’t tell me it’s true
    I don’t wanna hear about it

    Oh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him
    Oh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him

    Oh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him
    Oh, Errol
    I would give everything
    Just to be like him


    • Big Audio Dynamite “Hollywood Blvd” … some of the cleverest lyrics by these guys…

      “Flynn and Reed in conversation, renowned throughout the land
      Used a calculator, workout who’s the better man

      Now Errols’ got the looks and Ollis’ got the strength
      One is talking numbers and the others’ talking length”


  8. LR for all you fags. I’d never hooked up with a girl that insisted on an STD test before she’d have sex.

    tl;dr: She didn’t need a test to fuck. I told her to give my dick a visual inspection. I did it right off the bat too cuz, “it’d be awkward if we have to do this later.” 15 minutes into the date her hands are already on my dick and balls.

    *Saturday night*

    Met this girl at a house party on saturday. Full of mostly church friends, a buddy was friends with two of the girls there and we brought good booze and crashed it. Started rolling and immediately met girlie, an early/mid 20s 7. Chat, flirt, chat. We go dance downstairs and I lead her around and do what I can physically while all of her church friends are around. My verbal game is getting pretty solid, massive forward projection and us frame, already talking about what our first date is going to be and speculating on if she’s going to be a good kisser, telling her she looks super innocent and making her qualify sexually.

    Friends come up, make good and flirt with them. Remember their names, lol. A couple times I pull her to different locations and try to make out with her. She’s not down yet but having fun. She insists that I call her before she’ll go out with me, not just text. This girl is actually a really good person, which is refreshing after dealing with a lot of bar sluts with shitty personalities. I’m used to expressing myself really forcefully (eg. she says something shit testy and I reply “oh fuck off *smirk* blah blah…”) but that habit almost blows up in my face a few times. Girlie really doesn’t like that, so every time I pull her back, apologise and keep the conversation going. “I know I’m offensive. It’s just that I feel like I can express myself honestly around you. I don’t promise not to fuck up, but I will catch it if I step over the line.”

    One of the guys I rolled in with, a natural, got called out for being “handsy” and was actually a little butthurt about it. Haha fucker it’s called calibration.

    I roll around the party and chat with other folks. Eventually girlie and I ended up sitting in a living room area with her friends, her leg up against mine and me discreetly stroking her back. She swats my hand away every time I try to put it down the back of her pants. Slowly the friends go to mingle more. When they’re all gone I pull girlie into a little cubbie area and make out a bunch.

    Logistics are fucked, and my natural buddy wants to go hit on bar sluts so we peace out. Probably an hour of total interaction with the girl.

    *Late sunday afternoon*

    My text game is normally shitty, but man having a hot lead makes it so much easier.

    Me: Not ruling out . I like your moves. I’ll call ya tonight but we’re doing a drink and fireworks tomorrow
    Her (10 min later): I see. I was beginning to think you were all talk, Lumpy.
    Her: And my moves are by far not the best part of me!
    [I don’t bite on the sexual innuendo there]

    Called her that evening. Talked for about an hour about a ton of shit. Told her our plans for the next day fairly early into the conversation, then went on a sexual deep dive. Her taste in underwear. What she had and hadn’t done. The non-judgemental frame is sooo soo powerful. I got her to talk about a super hot hookup she had once, egging her on to be more explicit and dirty. Told her at the end that I thought it was fucking hot. Threw some role-reversal stuff in there too. “I’m hard as fuck. I know you just soaked your panties too, but that’s your own damn fault.” “And? I *do* know how to take care of that.” Lol.

    “This is pretty forward, I barely know you, but have you ever squirted?” “Yup.” “Awesome, that’s super fucking hot.”

    This girl is decently religious. All girls are sluts. 😀

    She was very insistent that I get an STD test and actually show her the papers before we have sex.

    Pulled back and just talked feelings and chode-y shit for the last few minutes of the phone convo before confirming the date, so as not to provoke ASD.

    *Monday afternoon*

    Dammit, the std check clinic was closed.

    Me: You want the good news or the bad news?
    Her: Um, both?
    Me: Bad news is that I’m helping a new crossfit gym find a space. [she hates crossfit]
    Her: Oh. Well are they paying you? Take advantage of them haha
    Me: Duhh. I’ll tell ya the good shit later. My address is ____. Text when the game gets out
    Her: Will we be going out for drinks?
    Me: And fireworks
    Her: Nice!
    Her: Where are the fireworks?
    Me: Stashed at mine. We’ll toss em in a backpack and head out from there
    Her: Haha oh lord okay.
    Her: Btw I’m still deciding if you’re a trustworthy person so don’t blow it tonight
    Me: Haha you too, literally.
    Her: Haha wow okay.
    Her: But seriously you haven’t answered my question, where are we going to set off fireworks? I have work early tomorrow lol
    Me: I caught that. I’m the man, you’re the woman. Your job is to look cute, be girly and have fun. I got the details 😉
    Her: Oh, well when you put it that way I have no further questions.

    *Monday eve*

    I got antsy she’d flake that night, so I pinged her.

    Me: Bring your foosball skills too.
    Her: What? Okay. Game just ended so I’m headed over.
    Me: Cool.

    Got her parked, made out a bit, and as we were walking to my place, I told her I wasn’t able to get an STD test yet. That she should give me a visual inspection, and if she had any doubts we could wait for my test. She’s like “yeah, no problem”. Go up to my place and make us fancy drinks (from simple pickup’s simple mixology thing. It’s a little gay but it is something nice to have in the repertoire). Lol, she asked for a glass of water while I was making drinks and pops a BC pill right in front of me.

    Sit on the couch, talk, make out, flirt more. Push her up against the wall with my hand on her cunt.

    Moment of brilliance: Get on my coat as we’re getting ready to leave, then tell her that if we fool around later it would be awkward for her to have to check my junk out then. Drop trou in the full light of my living room. She bends over and looks at it. I’m like, “if you’re actually concerned you should actually look. I’m not gonna freak out if you put your hands on it.” Aaand she’s playing with my dick and balls 15 minutes in to the date. It’s on.

    Zip up, go out, and set off some fireworks. She gave me a little shit at one point so I picked her up and held her over a trash can and made her apologize. Always a crowd pleaser.

    There were a number of times where I said something offensive or with a little too much “push”, but every time I apologized and just brought it back. Hilariously, it was never the fast escalation that offended her.

    Walked back to my house. Mixed up a mind obliteratingly strong drink. “This is really strong so I only made one. We’ll share and you can take sips when you like.” I take a sip and put it into her hand. Go into my room, shut the door. Head off the door protest at the pass: “I gotta close it. I’m not gonna be an asshole if my roomie needs to hit the kitchen.” Take off my shirt and made her straddle me and do some massage shit she was talking about all night. Apparently my back is all fucked up lol. *Zero* LMR. She did insist on condoms. We can work on that. 🙂

    Texted her a bit the next day with random comfort stuff ’cause she’s definitely the type to get buyers remorse. They were a little gay/shitty but I think I got the job done. I’d post em for the chateau but it’s hard to strip the personal stuff out and keep the vibe.

    I asked my natural buddy what he thought of the std test. She had been dating a guy for 5+ years. Natural buddy said his guess was that guy had cheated and given her something. Made sense.


    • Lol. DUDE. People like you are the worst kind of purple pill dickheads out there. Your story is so fucking cheesy that I feel embarrassed for you bro. True game is subliminal and natural and doesn’t even come off as “game” I’ve had many beautiful women in my life and I’ve never talked to a woman like this. It’s corny and so try hard that a true alpha female would pick you apart in seconds. IF this story is true, then that girl was either dumb as shit or some mediocre bitch barely scratching a 6 on the scale. GFY.


  9. Love this post, and ones like it. It gives this married father of 4 something to dream about for my next life…….


  10. Dude should’ve read Ecclesiastes.


  11. Very playful


  12. So he was a leftist and you respect him, CH? Or do you think he was a dickead, but that said he was an alpha?
    (He was proof that leftists can be alphas.)


  13. When talking about super alpha … good-looks seem to be a must. Unless maybe that Russell Brand qualifies as not good-looking. Johnny Depp … good-looking.

    [CH: no, to become a super alpha, fame and attitude are musts.]


  14. This post is proof that frame is everything. If a nerdy, underconfident beta dude tried doing most of this stuff he’d be labeled a creep and not get away with it (Especially the masturbating on the front step and bugging the bathroom). People respond to charismatic, charming, or funny people, so if you can charm someone or make them laugh you can usually get away with anything.

    A small example – One time I went to a party and decided to be overly outgoing than I usually was. I was cracking jokes with people and making them laugh and people wanted to talk to me. So as the drinks flowed I had to piss. And where did I do it? I walked over to the kitchen sink, which was in plain sight, and pissed in it. The owner of the apartment was pretty angry, but everyone else thought it was fucking hilarious. And for the rest of the night the owner of the apartment had to prevent everyone else from trying to piss in the sink. But had I been a creepy wallflower who was sitting in a corner by myself or not the center of attention? That would be FUCKING WEIRD if I just stood up silently and pissed in the sink. Be bold and confident and people will let you get away with tons of shit.


    • on December 1, 2014 at 7:57 am Hammer of Love

      Dude, if you pissed in my kitchen sink at a party, you’d be laying face down in the front yard in no time. Don’t equate being a dumb fuck asshole, with Alphaness . Its definitely not the same.


    • The Holy Trinity

      Balls : Charm : Confidence


  15. That was beautiful writing.


  16. on December 1, 2014 at 8:02 am Hammer of Love

    You lost me with this example. Any guy who masturbates into people’s food is just a drunk loser, with tinges of negro behavior. I think the the Chateau crowd can come up with a better example.


    • Agreed. The fact that society lets you do stupid shit because you are famous does not equate to the fact that you would have to be looked up to, or seen as an example how to behave. Rockstars also behave like shit, but get vaginas throw’d at them from every angle, but it is just because the position they have been but in by society around them. It will be extremely hard to “normal” human being to push himself to a position where he can behave like Flynn.

      That said, there are few professions where you can behave like that without being approved by fame.

      Alpha of the century should be Adrian Carton de Wiart. He would also compete with Giacomo Casanova in the “alpha of the millenium”-category.


    • Agreed. There is no “game” that you can use to get into position to behave like he did. Rockstars are the same, I do not know how “alpha” that is; famed by society so you can behave anyway you like. He might’ve been alpha in a sense, but not a “super” one.

      I’d nominate Adrian Carton de Wiart for alpha of the century. He could then battle it out with Giacomo Casanova to see which one is alpha of the millenia.


    • I’m betting some queer made that story up out of whole cloth… it seems to be some sort of favorite meme of theirs.


  17. Dark triad is strong within Errol


  18. “[A]fter John Barrymore’s death in 1942, director Raoul Walsh, actor Peter Lorre and a few other jokers, dragged his corpse into Errol Flynn’s living room while he was off drinking and sat it in a chair.When Flynn returned home from the pub, he took off his coat, nodded to Barrymore, took three steps toward the bar, and froze.”Oh, my God!” he cried, before cautiously approaching Barrymore and poking him. Flynn and the others promptly burst out laughing and they all had a well-needed drink.”

    I’ve always declared shenanigans on this one.


    • The first thing a corpse does is crap all over itself.

      This is why you always read about ritual cleaning of the dead.

      So, the story has to be bogus.

      To top it off, in most jurisdictions playing with dead bodies is a crime.

      It’s deemed disturbance of a (possible) crime scene.


      • To top it off, in most jurisdictions playing with dead bodies is a crime.

        Yet it is seldom prosecuted, due to lack of official criminal complaint registered by the plaintiffs.





    Inclusive fitness and sexual conflict: How population structure can modulate the battle of the sexes


    Competition over reproductive opportunities among members of one sex often harms the opposite sex, creating a conflict of interest between individual males and females. Recently, this battle of the sexes has become a paradigm in the study of intersexual coevolution. Here, we review recent theoretical and empirical advances suggesting that – as in any scenario of intraspecific competition – selfishness (competitiveness) can be influenced by the genetic relatedness of competitors. When competitors are positively related (e.g. siblings), an individual may refrain from harming its competitor(s) and their mate(s) because this can improve the focal individual’s inclusive fitness. These findings reveal that population genetic structure might be of paramount importance when studying the battle of the sexes. We conclude by identifying some new lines of research at the interface of sexual selection and social evolution.

    The last 20 years or so have seen an explosion of studies of the battle of the sexes. As a result of this vigorous effort, we now understand how sexual selection can drive the evolution of male competitive traits that harm females. Surprisingly, however, we still lack a framework to explain the staggering diversity of patterns of female harm observed across species and populations. Here, we discuss recent theoretical and empirical work suggesting that inclusive fitness mechanisms might play a fundamental role in modulating harm, and we argue that because of these mechanisms, interpreting patterns of variation in female harm requires explicit consideration of population ecology and structure, which has often been lacking in most research of the battle of the sexes [113]. Population structure ultimately determines group size and the relatedness of competing males, thus dictating patterns of direct and indirect selection on male competitiveness and female harm. We identify some key questions in the rapidly emerging field at the interface between sexual selection and social evolution. Five avenues appear particularly promising for future research: (i) the mechanisms underpinning male cooperation and reduced female harm; (ii) the evolutionary stability of cooperation amongst male relatives; (iii) conceptual differences between pre- and post-copulatory sexual competition; (iv) the role of population demography and (v) the study of natural populations.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 3:46 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      This is hardly surprising. When a population is homogeneous, it makes far less sense to exert yourself mate guarding by controlling female behavior. Even if she cheats, the kid won’t be that dissimilar to you. It also allows you a more egalitarian social structure.

      I think Western women screwed themselves over because even ‘beta men’ in Europe aren’t really into marrying used up women in their 30s.

      This comes from a guy who streams and uploads Youtube videos of his gaming to make ends meet. What’s funny is that my purpose with game is never having to do with women over 30 until I’m at least 50.


  20. Over the top. Especially the omelet part.

    There’s a line, somewhere, between being a cad and being a nutcase. If Flynn did all the things described here, he was way across the line.

    On the other hand, if only half of it is true, well . . .


  21. on December 1, 2014 at 8:58 am The Spirit Within

    I had a college girlfriend who told me that her grandmother (!) had banged Errol Flynn. She had been a flight attendant in the 1930s, and he’d been a passenger.


  22. “>loved to sail aboard his yacht. An admiring fan once got herself invited aboard and Errol showed her the view from below the deck. The fan’s husband angrily boated out to the yacht and demanded his spouse. The wife dove off Errol’s yacht and started to swim to her mate’s boat. Before she made it the husband sailed off. So did Errol.”



  23. on December 1, 2014 at 9:16 am When Negroids ATTACK!

    Apparently, Flynn had a guest room with a mirror on the wall that was actually two-way, so he and others could watch his guests fuck. I presume this was the basis of the penis performance awards.


  24. Erroll’s a great example of what I would call the distinction between alpha state and superlative game.
    Alcoholism, wanking off in people’s food, ill health – these things are definitively not alpha in my book. But Flynn had peerless natural game which allowed him to elide or gloss over these sub-alpha faults.
    I draw two conclusions from this: the first is that true alphas aren’t the only people to live an action-packed life full of adventure and agency (though they make up the majority of those who do). And secondly, Flynn offers hope to all aspirant betas that there is no fault, no flaw, no character void which cannot be compensated for with superlative game, except for lack of game.


    • I think you are wrong Skinner, you are putting a beta’s view of Alpha on Flynn (and your example of Alpha)…

      Alpha = dynamic, passionate and authentic. What politics, religion, morality, civility or conscious matter not. All that matters is the degree of dynamism, passion and authenticity.

      So you have Manson on one end of the spectrum and the Eagle Scout Evangelical Astronaut CEO on the other end… They are both 10X Alpha. Game is the mimicry of this Alpha.


      • There are incel omegas who are dynamic, passionate and authentic about World of Warcraft. Doesn’t make it remotely alpha.
        And I don’t abhor alcoholism or ill health particularly. I just insure I don’t embody them because they are inherent weaknesses.


      • Skinner – I guarantee you a girl would not only sit and play WoW, but gush over it, if an Alpha was into it…

        Dynamic, Passionate and Authentic – in life, not just a facet of life.


      • There are exceptions to every rule and it is just about possible that some land whale somewhere might tolerate a couple hours sperging out over WoW in the hope of getting her blubber tingled. But that still doesn’t make it alpha.
        Don’t get me wrong – I fucking love Errol Flynn. Love his movies, love his approach to life. But I think in key areas he was sub-alpha, and I’ve identified those and they clearly aren’t alpha traits. What he had to make up for those shortfalls was pure, natural, 110% superlative game. And I think that’s worth focusing on for anyone who either isn’t alpha, or who doesn’t have top level game.


      • @Skinner – still missing it… “There are exceptions to every rule and it is just about possible that some land whale somewhere might tolerate a couple hours sperging out over WoW in the hope of getting her blubber tingled. But that still doesn’t make it alpha.”

        It’s not about WoW or video games, it’s about passion, and being self possessed and self amused enough to pursue your passion for its own sake. That is attractive. That is what game is trying to emulate. Flynn didn’t need “Game” he was game personified. That’s what an Alpha is. Alpha’s don’t “do game” Alpha’s ARE game.

        Think about why Alpha is sought after by females? Because Alpha = SURVIVAL and survival = propagation of HER genes. Alpha doesn’t mean you hold conservative views, lift weights, and act the tough guy. It can be that but it is much, much more than a Madison Avenue caricature.

        I’ve known Alpha’s who were criminals and Alpha’s who were youth pastors. Alpha’s in shape and Alpha’s fat. CEO’s and factory drones. What is true is they are dynamic, passionate and authentic.

        Break it down a little more. Dynamic = a bias for action, for doing. Not sedentary, not watching. leading not following. Passionate = invested. cares about something, puts effort into things often at great personal cost. Authentic = real, honest with yourself. Doing something because it is what they do or want. Can be depended on not to change.

        These traits are all good for mating. So women are excited by this. A lot of what you read on manosphere boards is just a cardboard cut out of alpha, mixed with latent homosexuality (LOL). And a lot of guys in game can nail the first two – dynamic and passionate – but fail at the authentic (what YaReally calls congruence), so you get the paper Alpha’s – the six pack handsome sales guy who is nervous and needy and insecure at heart (not authentic) and hence fails too many shit tests.

        Look around you – look at naturals. You will be surprised at what you see. Yeah you may find an MMA fighter, but you will also see hair stylists, chef’s and Physics professors. And guys of all ages, colors, looks and SES.


      • RSD Julien talks about congruence to being weird for the first five minutes in this video. What would it take for a magic-card playing neckbeard to tap a ten? Trying to fake being anything else would be horribly incongruent, but if he actually rolls with being a magic playing nerd 100% unapologetically he can definitely get her attracted.

        My neighbor and I have been rewatching the old pokemon tv show. Some hot-ass girls we drop pokemon shit on end up trying to qualify themselves on their fucking pokemon rep. It’s fun as hell.


      • I think rather it’s you missing my point, Sentient. Which was, to reprise, that Flynn was unimpeachable, superlative, effortlessly natural game, but that he was short of alpha.


      • Alpha’s don’t “do game” Alpha’s ARE game.

        That is a good summary but it is marred with punctuation.

        For the love of god please know that plurals are not formed with apostrophes. Yes there are exceptions, but still.


    • Sentient is right. The fact that you abhor those behaviors is what elevates them into the Alpha stratos.


  25. And on the other hand, here is a candidate for beta of the month:

    Although calling him a “beta” is being generous. Self-loathing loser is more like it.


  26. How would Eroll Flynn have reacted if his best friend slept with his ex-girlfriend / wife he met at 18? Situation I have at the moment. Already used fists before. My inner calm tells me to wait until I can really end the fucker. Put on a nice oblivious smile in the meantime.


    • He did have sex with his best friend’s girlfriend and even left the best friend in shark infested waters.

      So maybe fists would be the answer.

      That or he would shrug and just say “next” both to the best friend and the gf

      OR he would get back at the best friend by fucking his girl this time


    • Understandable, but do mind the bars.


    • You don’t get it. Flynn lived in an abundance and self amusement head space. To an epic degree. He would not give two shits about someone trying to sleep with his girl. Take note.


      • well my ex-girlfriend needed me ex-friends dick to try and replace mine.

        Everyone has different sides, and my ‘goodfellas’ side tells me to not put up with this level of disrespect from the friend.
        The girl doesn’t matter anymore.


    • be a ghost, find a new one. takes about 10 min if you are skilled.


    • Get over it. He did you a favor.


    • VERY Important question: did the tryst(s) occur before or after you ended it? If before: I’ll gladly look away while beatings commence. If after: it sucks, but you ended it, and with it, your friendship non-compete ended.


      • yeh it sux. wise words tho. The aftermath ay – annoyin that she’s only doing it cause I was talking to her friend lol


  27. on December 1, 2014 at 9:36 am Laguna Beach Fogey



  28. beta males always say guys who fight and get arrested all the time are “lifeless creeps”…


  29. His son Sean Flynn was also a verified bad-ass and adventurer…did war correspondence in Vietnam, as mentioned in Michael Herr’s “Dispatches”. The swashbuckling gene runs strong in that bloodline.


  30. on December 1, 2014 at 10:53 am Hymen Mingesky

    Beat down by a dyke….Alpha status, granted.


    • on December 1, 2014 at 2:07 pm The Spirit Within

      A natural alpha that I know — incredible athlete, outstanding drinker, always positive, the life of every party — got dragged into the only fistfight of his life by a huge butch dyke. She charged him on the side of a freeway after a minor fender bender.

      He’s a huge barrel-chested guy, but this rhino was so aggressive that she managed to break his rib. It’s a running joke in his family now.

      Lesbians: IMO, mostly miserable creatures with massive chips on their shoulders.


  31. well, I had sex with Kim Kardashian and the Queen of england in a threesome once. I was drunk too because I drink 1,5 liters of vodka aday and somehow penis still works lol. Yes, it’s all legit what I say. Right now, I’m typing this while free falling with parachute in himalaya. gg losers


  32. Flynn is, if nothing else, a useful corrective to those deluded Boomers (and younger) who seem to believe that they invented sex…


  33. Looks like a movie was recently made about his last days w/ the 15yr old


      • on December 1, 2014 at 1:58 pm The Spirit Within

        Spend a lot of time with 15 year old girls, and you’ll be cured of the urges described in that link. Trust me on this.


      • Spend a lot of time with 15 year old girls, and you’ll be cured of the urges described in that link. Trust me on this.

        We of the chateau, yet again, defer to your superior experience on the cited endeavor.


      • “Spend a lot of time with 15 year old girls, and you’ll be cured of the urges described in that link. Trust me on this.”

        maybe 15 year olds today, but pre social media 15 is another story.

        15 is (was) peak. so fresh and clean and perpetually wet/excited/eager.

        to the young guys (15 and under) here: get as much of it (virgin) as you can while you can because 20s and 30’s women are just… old.


      • That link was awesome, and somewhat relieving. 😉


      • on December 1, 2014 at 5:18 pm The Spirit Within

        @azz juice

        Get out of here with that ‘old’ crap. I just finished a week of banging a 31-year-old with an unbelievable hourglass figure. Best part: she has a low notch count, is multi-orgasmic, and submissive. It’s next to impossible to meet 18-22 y/o American girls with those qualities.

        Granted, I’m not in the U.S. right now, but still…


      • “Get out of here with that ‘old’ crap…Best part: she has a low notch count, is multi-orgasmic, and submissive. It’s next to impossible to meet 18-22 y/o American girls with those qualities.”


        it’s funny how these guys talk so big about the young ones being the cream of the crop and so fresh and pure. most of them can’t cook, can’t act like a lady if their life depends on it. they talk and act like sailors and have at least two or three times the notch counts of women decades older. no thanks.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 4:40 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        @Heisenberg, the reality is that the vast majority of women in their 20s and 30s are quite incompetent cooks and they are about as immature as women in their late teens are, unless you count baggage as maturity.

        @Lumpy, I don’t get what’s so morally wrong about it. Nobody ever explained it to me without a lot of feminist sophistry involved. lol


      • Heh, heh… that deserves a meme and a T-shirt:

        Attention, Ladies! Baggage =/ Maturity


      • Just to continue my Nazi fanaticism lol – Himmler wanted German girls and boys to start dating at 16 and start to have sex in order to create a healthy super race. He encouraged this at youth events, girls are at their most fertile from 16 up to 25. He also viewed homosexuality stemming from young dudes not hanging out with girls enough at an early age. I was personally at my horniest as a teen and wasted those years. The Germans wanted to create a high cultured alpha society where fit and healthy feminine women stay at home to manage the house, kids and finances. Men work or fight.
        Natural roles both sexes were very happy in play in. Himmler also wanted to reward brave warriors by providing multiple women like middle age societies.

        Beauty and health were the ultimate values. Masculine men and feminine women. It’s a tragedy they lost the war. Look at what we have now.
        A race to the bottom in degenerate societies.


  34. there’s a difference between being an alpha male and being a ladies’ man, labels that have been conflated in the pua world.

    think of a film like ‘scarface’: you have al pacino, clearly the decision-maker and leader, and you have steven bauer, his taller, better-looking sidekick, fucking everything that moves. which guy is more alpha? ch probably argues bauer simply off the strength of his conquests. no fucking way unless alpha is strictly defined as the guy banging the most women. but pacino calls the shots. and bauer defers to pacino. pacino clearly the alpha dog, bauer clearly the sidekick.

    how is this reconciled? the leader is not always the guy banging the most women. and most would classify the decision-makers and leaders as the alphas. for all the biological and evolutionary arguments one could construct to defend the notion that the guy banging the most women is the alpha male… there’s that glaring absence of present leadership and present control. the leader of men is the alpha male. that doesn’t automatically make him the most attractive to women, though it is an undoubtedly attractive trait.

    confidence + adventurousness + looks + charm. that’s the total package for getting women, hence flynn nailing the presumably much older school laundress at 13-14 years old, long before he had any celebrity or money. in my mind this exists, at least partially, outside of the “alpha” calculus. it’s the only way we can explain those dumb-as-rocks sidekick dudes we all know who have fuck all going for them but who fuck more women than any of us.


  35. On MSM videos like this, even ones that manage to show the race of the torturers/killers/pieces of shit (that’s an understatement), you see, there are never comments allowed.

    Because everyone knows that 100% of the comments would be “real talk” along the lines of “if we didn’t have Africans in our country, this kind of thing would not happen.”

    The left is the enemy of truth. The left literally cannot even stand to allow free speech. That alone is proof that the left is evil. The left, which controls the government, media, and internet, literally MUZZLES normal people who want to say things that are simply obvious facts that everyone knows from simple observation during their years of life in this world. Every normal person knows exactly what the problem is in this country: violent, sub-85 IQ Africans males between the age of 14 and 30, and yet we are literally not allowed to speak on the subject!

    It’s very demoralizing, to say the least.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 4:12 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Who really cares if the comments are enabled or not? In the end, they would have been the vapid ramblings of idiots anyway, just like they are on most online videos. I wish you’d need some certification to use the Internet and not be allowed unless you do more than regurgitate other people’s mental vomit. The only possible benefit I could see is if such videos would make all the people who have a compulsion to bring this crap up everywhere would confine themselves to commenting on only where it’s relevant, but I don’t see it happening.


  36. Speechless…was it really his reckless , backstabbing behaviour that got him laid…any thoughts on ” fucking best friends girl and leaving him in sea full of sharks ” …what type of motherfucking degenerate is that …is there something else in his persona ?
    How the fuck did game come naturally to him?
    Why is Rubirosa not AM of century …at least he had some principles.


    • You guys are really hung up on this part…. don’t you get it? It was a JOKE? I bet Niven laughed his ass off. Don’t you have guy friends you pull shit on? Aren’t they worth so much more than any girl? Especially when you both can go snap your fingers and pull 10 more?

      These lessons are being lost here today…


    • niven actually wrote about this story in his own autobiography and had a laugh about it….

      his words on flynn were: ”you could always depend on flynn because he always let you down, he let himself down too from time to time but it was his prerogative and he thoroughly enjoyed to cause turmoil for both himself and his friends”


  37. i dunno. alpha in some situations for sure but he had multiple statutory rape cases and had other very young girls.
    as most of us know, the super young ones are the easiest to get so i wouldn’t exactly call that the behavior of an alpha. i’d say that’s what pervy betas do when they need to have girls who are easy to manipulate.


    • the girls he statutory raped were girls who aggesively chased him and came aboard his boat lying about their age

      after these debacles flynn demanded all chicks that came aboard be ID’ed


      • okay, i could maybe buy that the girls lied about their age…maybe. but it’s not that hard to tell how young a girl really is. seriously not that hard. especially when you are a grown man.

        besides, that Beverly Aadland chick he was with later on was 15. he obviously had a pattern of being with underage girls.

        like i said before, he was alpha in some ways for sure but a man who uses his advanced maturity and power to prey on young people is a beta perv in my book. no ifs ands or buts about that.


      • on December 2, 2014 at 4:08 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        @blart, yes, and maybe he just didn’t give a shit about the laws some insecure fathers who did a crappy job with their daughters and some bitter past the prime feminists considered appropriate sex.


    • “as most of us know, the super young ones are the easiest to get so i wouldn’t exactly call that the behavior of an alpha. i’d say that’s what pervy betas do when they need to have girls who are easy to manipulate.”

      can’t really disagree with that. when i come across a young guy who is really struggling with girls, i almost always tell him to go younger because the young ones are a lot easier to handle when you’re a beta schlub with no game.


  38. This seems a rational explanation , nice .
    BTW how the fuck does game come naturally to him …and we’re trying to learn it ?


    • By skinner I mean.


    • You asking me this? It’s a natural state of his, I’d imagine, just like alpha is a natural state of some men.
      If we run with CH’s definition of game as acquired charisma, then every scenario Flynn moved towards, he acquired the charisma to function and thrive within. He gamed it naturally, in other words.
      I think alpha is a lot harder state to acquire than game, as it’s a more wide-ranging profound lifestate than game. But game can be a route to alpha for those who aren’t naturals.
      Flynn isn’t quite alpha for me because for me alphas don’t drop dead from addiction at 50 with the body of a geriatric. But that’s not that big a deal since, in the sort of industries and circles Flynn found himself in, ie Hollywood, there’s effectively little difference between superlative game and alpha behaviour, since excess and some degeneracy are required traits in that environment.


      • on December 1, 2014 at 2:03 pm Hammer of Love

        I would think an alpha can control his frame and moderate his self-damaging behaviors. I think we all know people who are fun as hell, to be around, when drunk, but totally different sober. Addictions are so alpha. lolz


  39. This is what we need to aspire to men!

    Because women like it.


  40. David Niven (Flynn’s best friend and room mate) always said the “semen in guests’ omelettes” story was bullshit, for the simple reason that Flynn NEVER cooked anything — “The only time Errol ever went into the kitchen was to fetch ice.”

    As with so many alphas, many of the stories about them are pure fiction, cooked up by the envious or journalists [some overlap]. Robert Mitchum (possibly the only man ever to rival Flynn) used to encourage people to make up stories about him, and he never confirmed or denied them — pure alpha.


    • on December 1, 2014 at 1:51 pm The Spirit Within

      Mitchum died from alcoholism too, banging his head on a coffee table after falling down drunk.


    • on December 1, 2014 at 2:05 pm Hammer of Love

      ” many of the stories about them are pure fiction ”

      Granted. So how do we tell where the truth lies ??


    • David Niven (Flynn’s best friend and room mate) always said the “semen in guests’ omelettes” story was bullshit,

      Those kind of stories invariably stem from some homo’s imagination… it seems to be some sort of ongoing meme with that crowd, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the originator AND the writers giving legs to those anecdotes weren’t found to be of that cloth… present company CH exempted, of course.

      On a side note, if you want to see the ultimate “game” alpha movie, dig up the little-known I Remember Archie, starring Robert Mitchum as the protagonist and Jack Webb as narrator and his wingman.



    No MSM, the entire international WHITE community is upset, and you damned well know it.

    The pathological left is so stupid they cannot even stop themselves from pushing way too far.

    Every normal person knows he was beaten to death for being white while the animal attackers were screaming “kill all the fuckin white people.” There’s a video showing it.

    We are not stupid. MSM acts as if we are all 6. We know; it’s just we are silenced.

    The left does’t understand there is going to be a reaction? That’s how stupid they are.


  42. I’m not on twitter. Somebody please tell this ignoramous that jews are not white.


  43. Now I know what Jimmy Buffett meant when he said “if I only had a pencil thin moustache . . . ”

    Next month you need to do an entire Heartiste profile of Gone With the Wind. Before pretty lies infected our modern minds, Margaret Mitchell, and at least the GWTW screenwriter knew exactly all about alpha-beta-etc. In short, GWTW is an Heartiste masterpiece.

    Rhett Butler … uber alpha (as Atlanta was under seige, Rhett was laughing poolside with his shades on, or rather partying at the whorehouse)
    Charles Hamilton & Frank Kennedy … White Knight buffoons
    Ashley Wilkes … Beta weakling
    Melanie Wilkes … Definitely worth marrying
    Scarlet O’Hara … proto-feminist nightmare

    Give it a watch with the red pill in mind.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 4:02 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Rhett Butler combined both mystery and being a bad boy. That seems to work wonders, at least for me.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 10:45 am When Negroids ATTACK!

      Agreed; was thinking the same thing watching GWTW on the weekend on AMC.

      Rhett Butler is definitely the height of alpha (take it easy…but take it) in general, and in the way he handled Scarlett’s bullshit throughout, including the ending where he dumps her.


  44. A quick field report: I was invited to two work parties, there were no single women at either, they all came accompanied by their boyfriend. I am not sure what percent of women aren’t tied up in relationships, either it is small or I am not going to the right parties, it is worth noting this as part of how women act. I did get attention from some of these women nonetheless, one called me creepy in a mildly antagonistic way, I still don’t have a great comeback for that but I just agreed and made light out of it and ended up getting laughs. For example: Her: “That was creepy”, Me: “Ya, that sounds right”. Later, this same girl asked me what my lastname was and I said “You don’t know, that’s shameful”! with a grin. Then she started asking me what various other party-go-ers surnames were and it turned out I knew them so she looked silly. I also went shopping and decided to talk to a woman who is a solid 9. She is not my type because she looks half or full Arab or perhaps even Indian, but nonetheless tall, thin, and pretty. I was extremely tense and could barely think about what I was saying or talk much. She may have known it. She didn’t appear friendly, rather haughty but it turned out she was friendly and nice. I asked some questions about the clothing in a vaguely personal way and she responded to my questions with questions. Me: “What sort of ties do you think are in right now”? Her: “Why do you want to know my opinion”? She was friendly though and did not try to end the conversation but I didn’t move it past just a few questions, I wasn’t feeling like risking it beyond that. What I learned was I need to get over my nerves. The funny thing is I have talked to people who are far more important and intimidating and felt less tense then so it truthfully doesn’t make a lot of sense to be afraid of her.


  45. Another example of what a runt male is.


  46. Difference between men and women…. Men have many “lives”… you can be a hellraiser, benefactor, father, etc. all in one life and all before age 50. You can re-invent yourself many times. Viagra and other technologies change everything for older men. Expect to live to 120 (and live pretty well until close to the end) and live accordingly. Destroying your health by your late 40’s is no way to go through life.


  47. Women are the exact opposite. They have only one ideal life course.. marry young and age gracefully as a (great)grandmother. The experiences of life “sadder, but wiser” don’t do them any favors. Modern technology has not cracked older women having babies (but give it a few decades). Even then, babies are for girls, not women (who feign interest). So, women are locked into an old-fashioned lifestyle while technology freed men of this. Social mores notwithstanding, women physically and mentally struggle mightily with pregnancy over 30, dictating their entire lifetime in what could be viewed as cruel tyranny or a helpful impetus to grow up.


  48. A wild alpha, not a civilized alpha. Civilization is imposed by civilized alphas. Tapping without taking ownership creates metastasizing misery (yah, not his). Casual sex is ‘doing the Lord’s work’ now if it speeds the decline, but its virtue won’t be forever. Hordes of broken women, that would be a nightmare. See what I mean. Is the sex even that good for all you alphas who would know. lol She will stab you in the back with government force, give you VD, warp your son, lay on a guilt trip, get you fired, etc. With the legal age restriction and the above, I’m guessing cad ‘alpha’ is not all its cracked up to be.


  49. Alpha? No.

    [CH: Yes. Alpha. I’m sorry if this fact chafes your hide. (which by your comment history here it seems it does)]

    An Alpha has to be the leader of a pack and play by the packs’ rules

    [wrong. alphas often remake the rules to suit their favor. and “leader of men” is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for alphaness.

    rest snipped for repetitive repetitiveness.]


  50. I knew someone like this, his funeral was the only one I’ve ever known full of people laughing.


    • Last year I gamed a hot girl who was at her sister’s funeral. Been fucking her off and on since despite the long distance.


  51. Reminds me a little of my hero…James Hunt


  52. Remember, alpha does not mean admirable. Any admirable nominees for alpha of the month?


  53. not sure if his record with chicks qualifies him as an alpha. i think errol flynn was gay.

    that’s what i’ve always heard from people who were alive during the time. my mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. always said that everyone knew the relationships with girls were staged and sometimes fabricated by his agents to squelch the gay rumors. same thing we see with some actors now and what they all say about cary grant.

    pretty sure he even mentioned his exploits with men in his autobiography.


    • “not sure if his record with chicks qualifies him as an alpha.”

      yeah, a lot of those stories were probably fabricated and he definitely wasn’t an in-his-prime-alpha for the last 20 years of his life…at least.

      his health and career were failing because of his lack of control and self-respect (not alpha)

      his second wife left him for a man she’d been having a long term affair with. his third wife filed for divorce because of his alcohol and drug problems.

      this was during a time when women hardly ever left their husbands and he had TWO wives who left him because they thought they could do better (also not alpha)

      he may have had a no-fucks-given attitude but he wasn’t keeping himself or his career and livelihood under control and he obviously couldn’t keep his women loyal, devoted and begging for more. seems pretty non-alpha to me.

      wait a minute…

      his first wife filed for divorce too. IMMEDIATELY after their first child was born. so that’s three. count them…THREE women he couldn’t keep. so i guess he had a lifetime track record of NOT being able to keep his shiz together and his women loyal and devoted.

      now what was it that made this guy alpha again? i think i missed something.

      [CH: try-hard comment of the week.]


      • K may be sperging a little here but the point is absolutely sound. Errol was an all-time-great playa with world-class game, but he definitely fell short of alpha.


      • Women leave alphas all the time, typically due to horrible alpha behavior. There is a certain set of alphas that get dumped a lot, for the simple reason that they never bother to do the breaking up themselves. Why should they?

        Relationships and commitments don’t slow this type down at all. Instead, whether they are in a commitment or not, they continue to do exactly what they want: cheating and womanizing with reckless abandon, time after time, until finally the one that they are nominally committed to heads for the door. It’s in the nature of the thing.

        Unless Errol was crying and begging for them to come back, I’m not sure he loses his alpha status simply because his wives threw in the towel.


    • “pretty sure he even mentioned his exploits with men in his autobiography.”

      yeah, i think he said he was bi-sexual which is code for…i’m gay but not ready to come out of the closet yet. i even read somewhere that some young boy had tried blackmailing him over a fling they had once but it never turned into anything.

      that explains a lot of the outlandish stories about girls i guess. this guy had his PR firm working overtime to cover up his deviant, reckless behavior.


  54. Another great story I read about Errol Flynn was that he was so drunk once he walked into the ladies bathroom to take a piss. While he’s in there pissing in the sink a woman walks in and gasps: “This is for ladies!!!” He turns around with his cock out and says dryly: “And so madam…is this”.


  55. You might want to look into David Niven’s Alpha qualifications. Forced out of the British Army in the 30’s after asking a General to cut a meeting short so he could make his theater date, Goes to the States and becomes a Hollywood star then goes back into the British Army when WW2 starts out. Led an Intel unit into Normandy and fought into Germany. Told his men that no matter how tough it got in the war it would be worse when he had to it over again in a movie, with Errol Flynn. Then back to Hollywood. Bedded a string of hotties, but was a bit more discreet than Flynn.


    • I always found it puzzling (or perhaps not) that his lone Oscar came about playing a very omega sort of character in Separate Tables… almost as if the film industry wanted to make sure he would kowtow when needed, or (in the best Freudian manner) make the more aristocratic of whites show their ass on occasion.


  56. If every White man behaved like him, Western Civilisation would no longer exist. In fact, all historically White nations would turn into Zimbabwe. I don’t know why you praise bad-boy alpha males like him and praise Western Civ (built by White ppl) at the same time. You cannot have both simultaneously.

    [CH: Hitler was Time magazine’s man of the year in 1938.]


    • on December 2, 2014 at 3:59 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I don’t see what’s so complicated. You can respect a man’s ability even if you disagree with what he’s using it for. Stop being a woman and moralizing everything.

      I’m a Real Madrid fan and I can tell you that Messi is an incredible player. See? I praise him despite Messi pretty much carrying the arch-enemies of the club I’m a fan of on his shoulders. I don’t know about CH, but I do appreciate such people because they are exceptional. Silly beta boys do build comfortable societies, but they’re not to be admired since they are banal and they don’t push society forward. They just have to be ruled over and that’s what civilization is.

      Plus, men like this actor probably had more to do with Europe conquering the world than good beta boys. I’m pretty sure this guy would be more likely to be part of Columbus’ crew than your typical office worker, for example.


      • It’s not about morality; it’s about results. I simply don’t want the historically White nations to turn into ZImbabwe. White people are just as capable as Black people at behaving badly;

        [CH: define “behaving badly”.]

        the only reason Western civilisation still exists is because most Whites are making the conscious choice to be law abiding, hard working, and disciplined.

        [or they’re genetically disposed to be those things.]

        God forbid, but if the majority of White people started to behave like Errol Flynn, I would have no choice but to move to Israel or somewhere in East Asia.

        [i agree a nation of errol flynns wouldn’t be a paradise for the few remaining non-errol flynns, but it’d still be better than rwanda.]

        I really like Western civilisation but I do have backup plans in case everything goes wrong.

        [if your backup plan is geographic relocation, you’d better get a move on. supplies are running out!]


    • SC, my friend, you have encapsulated the cognitive dissonance Achilles heel of the chateau… as have several before you.

      Some of us here are still trying to work out a suitable compromise.

      In the current case of Flynn, it’s hard to dismiss the PUA lionization of such types as a mere generational thing… but then again, remember that most of these exploits of his were kept from the public eye… otherwise his career might easily have been terminated early on, and with extreme prejudice.

      Today, said exploits would have been splashed all over the media, even celebrated… and his asking price per film might even have risen…

      … so long as he kept his mouth shut about, well… you-know-who.

      That’s the one peccadillo that will NEVER be overlooked.


  57. In a more civilized society, he’d have been put to death dead by the chief of the tribe for property rights violations (against the wives of other men), or else the target of a blood feud leading to his death. Possibly he could have been the chief himself for a while, but his psychology makes him unsuitable for rule and would have destabilized the polity. He most likely would have died by violence at a far younger age than 50.

    Reify this guy if you want, but he isn’t an alpha to me. Some women will fuck anything and are fundamentally uncivilized. That doesn’t mean this guy could have held a tribe together.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 3:49 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Which is irrelevant. Who is alpha is determined by who is more popular with women in a given environment. Yes, if he would have lived in the stone age, he probably wouldn’t have been an alpha due to getting himself and his followers killed quite early. He didn’t live in those times.


    • Yeah man that’s some tight game bro.. Cheers


  58. “reify”… Yeah. I sort of remember far enough back to when a person using that word was not an example of try-hard self-castration enthusiast. Unlike today. UNLIKE TODAY.

    I earned my living for while as a performer; and I have hung out with rock and roll gods.

    The most intense chemical reaction producing energy will free up 4-5 electron volts per atom. A good clean nuclear reaction will spit out 200,000,000 electron volts per atom. = Anyone on the main stage at the end of the show.

    Get on stage you fools


  59. I have something I was looking to get feedback on. I don’t struggle much with hooking up with a hot girl, or game, and my SMV is somewhat high. My problem is every time I fuck a hot girl I start consistently fucking her (naturally by gaming/hitting her up to hang). But this is when I get extremely attached….I have an issue with attachment. I feel like a chick it’s annoying as fuck. The attachment is kinda like oneitis I guess.

    The shitty thing is I haven’t consistently banged a girl without getting this oneitisy attachment bull shit.

    What is the solution to this? I currently went radio silence for quite some time now on this hb 9 b/c she didn’t respond to a text (we fucked quite a bit. I was a pretty big jerk negging her a lot etc). But now I can’t stop thinking and craving this girl. It’s fucking annoying.

    I know best solution is fucking another girl.
    How do you prevent this though? Just don’t pursue a girl once you fuck her once?? And let her chase?

    Ive been caught up in the “what do you want from me” phase like 5 times with hb 8-9s. In all honesty what does this telll you guys about what I’m fucking up? because I want to fix this. Any input helps thanks
    Oh also I was hurt bad from a past break up so I’m a very cynical thinker when it comes to relationships now. Should I have such a high guard up? or do I open up more like my past broken relationship. It’s hard for me to believe in things working out so I hate stepping that LTR line


    • Probably something you can hash out over Appletini’s with one of the tranny’s at the gay bar.


      • @sentient not sure why you’re so bitter. Just trying to get some thoughts here


      • Haha. @Will, not bitter, nice try. amused though. You see, your post reeks of try hard, so it’s not a good faith attempt at soliciting advice. At best it is a humblebrag, and worst it is pure fabrication.

        Let’s play it back shall we. You are so high SMV that you are regularly banging 8/9’s yet you have a scarcity mentality and chronic oneitis, right? Yeah, if you were actually banging 8/9’s with abandon your game would be so tight you would have moved on from this predicament long ago. Because a big part of the high SMV package is having the right frame.

        If you were banging 6-7’s and the occasional 8, well everything you right will make more sense.

        FWIW – here is an image of a 9


      • *write


      • @sentient why the fuck would I be bragging on an anonymous blog? I’m genuinely lookig for help because it’s something that affects a lot of areas in my life. You do have good advice usually and you’re a good writer so Id appreciate your thoughts.

        My smv is based on CH’s smv test.

        I say a little about myself and smv so that people who are willing to give advice have knowledge of who I am/ my background.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 11:16 am The Spirit Within

      I used to be the same way re: attachment. My solution has been to fill my life with a lot of different passions, so that whatever woman I’m currently with is my 4th or 5th priority on any given day. In fact, once in a while, be sure to let her see you ignoring her as you occupy yourself with other tasks. They love it.

      Also, I don’t know how old you are, but it gets easier to put women in their proper place as you age into your thirties. I suspect it will get even easier in our forties and fifties.

      And yes, keep that guard up. 98% of women will ruthlessly take advantage of any flaw they spot in a man. Sooner or later, they all play whack-a-mole with our weaknesses.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 11:18 am The Spirit Within

      Keep that guard up. Women play whack-a-mole with your weaknesses.

      Fill your life with other passions. Show her that she’s your 4th priority. Once in a while, let her see you ignoring her for other tasks. She’ll eat it up.

      Also, get older. As you age into your thirties, it’s easier to put women in their proper place. I suspect it’ll become even easier as we enter our forties and fifties.


    • on December 2, 2014 at 11:19 am The Spirit Within

      Sorry for double response, I thought my first comment got lost.


      • Thanks for this input @spirit within…

        I agree with getting more passions.

        I guess I’m just stuck in this: I’d rather have a relationship than spin multiple plates. Don’t get me wrong I can and do have plates, but it’s more work to manage multiple plates than even the heavy LTR work. So, I guess my correct cynical thinking is making me unhappy? Transitioning to other passions will probably be good


  60. Extremely charismatic actor.


  61. Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are merely famous and good looking betas. Also Russel Brand is a try hard clown who’d probably still be a virgin if he wasn’t famous. No man who consciously spends time putting on eyeliner in front of the mirror is “alpha”.

    Errol Flynn is an example of a true alpha (if getting women is your standard) ,who could get any woman even if he wasn’t famous, as he could. I agree with another commenter who said that looks is a requirement here. Those are 1 in a million, and mostly they’re ‘nobodies’ because they lack the evolutionary incentive to get their shit together.

    I know a guy like that. He’s very good looking and incredibly charismatic, both to men and women. Doesn’t have his shit together financially, though he’s clearly intelligent and well mannered – but lacks discipline and restraint. Trust me, when he walks into a room all these ‘paper alphas’, who in reality need either money or fame or popularity to attract women, fade into insignificance in the eyes of women. (no, I don’t have a mancrush on him)


    • on December 2, 2014 at 10:59 am The Spirit Within

      Brand has a thousand times more charisma than Depp and Pitt combined. That’s why he performs before audiences. The other two don’t.

      It’s plain that his charisma and sexual conquests caused his fame, not the other way around. You may disagree, but go ahead and show a picture of him to the women in your life (age doesn’t matter). Watch their pupils closely.


      • (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Only because of his (Brand’s) public persona/image. But if he wasn’t famous he’s just another dude, without any natural charisma.

        His sexual ‘conquests’ only started after he became famous, and yes, they contributed to his image and fame, but practically any male celebrity can endlessly stack up hotties if he wanted to, doesn’t matter if he’s ‘alpha’, ‘beta’ or ‘omega’.

        A true alpha can get women because of his intrinsic qualities, like Flynn. Otherwise every, even accidental celebrity is ‘alpha’.

        [CH: brand has charisma, despite his leftoid worldview. it’s apparent in every interview he does. he’s a natural jerkboy. the fame doesn’t hurt him with the ladies, either.]


  62. i’m beta because i’m afraid to be imprisoned
    but i fuck a lot


  63. on December 2, 2014 at 4:45 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

    IS wordpress bankrupt or why is their commenting section perpetually broken? Did they hire some incompetent chimpanzee to write their code?


  64. on December 2, 2014 at 8:27 am coolstorybro.txt

    The rickshaw man apparently outalphaed him.

    [CH: lifetime achievement matters.]


  65. “At one Hollywood party, Flynn tapped out “You Are My Sunshine” with his famously well-endowed penis on a piano keyboard.”


  66. on December 2, 2014 at 9:12 am cointelproagent

    Not tipping thats whats up. Tipping is a huge beta male tell, yeah bitch Im gonna pay you extra to open a beer or bring me a burger.


  67. little story about flynn which i read from his autobiography

    he started his acting career in plays in london. he was spotted and asked to come to LA for an audition. he got on a boat to the US as a nobody. on that ship he first met a lily damita, his 1st wife.

    he talked about his initial approach, she (a world famous actor at this time) was with a group of orbiters sitting laughing and drinking in the ships bar. he mentioned that he noticed that she gave him a few glances (approach invitations). flynn described his approach anxiety but made the approach anyway asking her to dance with him she replied ‘perhaps, come back later’ indifferently. he took it as a rejection but he met her a few weeks later in hollywood and fucked her


  68. “Flynn’s parents were from Tasmania … and both had long convict family histories, which was the case with many Tasmanians at the time. Yet he grew up relatively wealthy…But he was a hell-raiser…”

    Lots more scandal detail here:

    I can’t believe anyone would bother to question his alpha-ness.

    When you have common expression in the English language attributed to you: Alpha

    When you have song lyrics written in your honor: Alpha
    (…The trouble was started by a young Errol Flynn…(Genesis))

    About the fork attack, Flynn’s own account:
    “Fidler told one too many lies about the motion picture business … That’s why I went up to his table and told him what I thought about him. I put my left fist up against his chin and gave him a slap with my right hand on the side of the head. I said ‘You’re not worth a fist.’”:

    That his wives left him is irrelevant (no f—s given): Alpha.


  69. Been watching this show “Vikings” and so many demonstrations in alpha behavior in this show. Ragnar is the uber alpha in the show, Vikings are known for being generally alpha across the board but there are lesser and even beta Vikings in the groups, that’s nature. Look at the guy’s facial expression. Constant smirk and twinkle in eye..even when killing, arguing, etc. his relationship with his brother, others, be a leader, even those who hate on you can be won over even if you have to do it regularly.

    Watch how he treats his wife scene just made me think to post here. Season 2 episode 1, wife finds he fucked some chick and he handles it exactly like you should in real aware. Hold frame, dodge her shots, don’t lose frame, smirk at her fits of rage, pin her down, speak calmly and direct, make love to her. She’ll forget abt it eventually.

    Show has me longing for a time like this…really appreciate your ancestry, not just Norse but the timespan in general man, if you’re white, your heritage, your people, they lived very hard lives and never stopped moving forward. Dealing with things that would shatter a modern mentality. Pillaging, plundering, whatever..fuck any white guilt, it was for the best down the line. Warring breeds advancement and achievement. Stagnation gets you Sub Saharan Africa in 2014. More deaths and struggle there in a year than say a generation in 700 AD given the population has exploded in numbers. What’s 5000 people conquered and crushed in big bad evil imperialism vs 100000 dying in filth, aids, and starvation in 2014.


  70. Reiterating part of the discussion I had with another commenter I’d like to stress that fame has to be taken out of the equation when judging is someone is ‘alpha’ (if attracting women is your primary standard).

    Otherwise every celebrity is ‘alpha’, since even William H Macy or Paul Giamatti can effortlessly stack up hotties merely due to their fame.

    More than that: remember that experiment where an ordinary dude is followed by some fake paparazzi in a shopping mall, to falsely create an impression that he’s some kind of celebrity? These stupid women obviously fell for it and were all gushing and screaming after him merely because they THOUGHT that he was famous. Does a beta in such an experiment then become alpha for the duration of the experiment? That’s ridiculous.


  71. on December 3, 2014 at 12:48 am Days of Broken Arrows

    Wikipedia doesn’t mention this, but he gets a shout-out in a Clash song, “If Music Could Talk.” They wrote a song about his son, Sean Flynn, on their next album.