Comment Of The Week: Tight As A Kite Edition

Anonymous (probable troll, doesn’t matter) proudly declaims,

I am a psychiatrist who recently prescribed the main girl im fucking [who is a 26 yo former full time model] wellbutrin bc she was feeling depressed regarding the fact that id never marry her….but she feels like she cant leave the relationship. So in essence I have control of this bitches mind psychologically AND biologically. Its tight.

Keep it unreal, my friend.

I wonder if there are certain occupations that provide the practitioner with a skill set suited for chronic womanizing? I think psychology and psychiatry would qualify, even if half of what’s taught in psychology is bullshit, (in the arena of picking up women, that’s a feature not a bug). Or it could just be that womanizers are interested in fields like psychology, which attract a disproportionate share of them. Male-oriented occupations like IT, manufacturing, or the trades tend not to be filled with many mindfuck masters of the pussiverse. Among the men who have carved out a living in female-oriented or unisexual fields that require more verbal facility than math ability or hand-eye coordination are some of the most talented and ruthless of pussy slayers. Show me a face-time guy at a PR firm and I’ll show you a man whose biggest problem is keeping his mistresses quiet.


  1. First!?

    Quite rare a psychologist who doesn’t end up having an affaire with a patient.


  2. It’s tight? Hell yeah… size matters to men also lol…


  3. We like em tight fo sure whoohoo


  4. Would you consider a male elementary school teacher among those ranks? Seeing as that’s a primarily female field, you are surrounded/bombarded by teachers, secretaries, and single moms on the daily.


    • It can be.


    • even better, a high school teacher or college professor. why would you even bother with the teachers/secretaries/single moms when you are surrounded by scores of young, hot, tight and light girls with daddy complexes?


      • Because unlike female teachers who do it with boys…if a guy does that and gets caught he’s looking at 20 years in the pen at least.


      • Agreed. If you’re a male teacher you’d better be pegging the adults. Mess around with the young ones and you’ll be behind steel bars for the remainder of your life.


      • on September 4, 2013 at 12:39 am Too Smart To Fail

        Or twilight moms with underage boys.


  5. Not sure I agree, mon petit Heartiste. My experience of men in girlyman professions like psychology and the like is that they tend to attract not only girlymen, but manipulators of the basest kind.

    What do I mean by that? I have no problem with the concept of men playing with women’s instincts in social settings (bars, parties, etc). I have a serious problem with men who manipulate vulnerable (i.e. sick) women. A doctor will be a better vivisector than a carpenter, but it doesn’t change the fact that vivisection is pretty fucking terrible.

    Your commentor/troll’s little diatribe actually made me sick to my stomach, because anyone who can derive such obvious pleasure in controlling another human being is at best borderline psychopathic.

    Let’s all remind ourselves that this is GAME. (Regard the word in its fullest meaning — fun, not serious, not life-threatening.) Turning Game into full-blown mind-control is bullshit.

    And by the way: if I were emperor of the world, all psychologists and psychiatrists would be forced to wear wizard’s hats. “Bullshit” is too weak a word for what they do; “semi-informed guesswork” would be a better description of their pseudo-science.


    • If you think psychiatry is a pseduo-science — and it is — why would you deploy one of its most risible terms?

      A person deriving obvious pleasure from controlling another person is about as simple a description of temporary victory in the erotic agon as it is possible to conceive. There is nothing “psychopathic” in a man seeking to be Proust’s kissed cheek, rather than a pair of chapped and thirsty lips.–

      I don’t think the writer of this passage is any kind of troll — like most psych quacks, he’s nothing more nor less than amiably sleazy and certainly more honest than most in his profession.

      It’s better to encounter dirty honesty than the atrociously dull preening of the moralizer.

      Excelsior to this shrewd and crass warrior in the trenches of cunt.–


    • “Not sure I agree, mon petit Heartiste. My experience of men in girlyman professions like psychology and the like is that they tend to attract not only girlymen, but manipulators of the basest kind.”

      That’s his f*cking point you troll.


    • only when you assess how things work from an amoral perspective can you truly understand the reality of nature.

      once you know the truth, you are free to use only the tools you see fit for the ends you find civilized.


    • Women are attracted to psychopaths, so it works out just fine in the end.

      “I have a serious problem with men who manipulate vulnerable (i.e. sick) women.”

      Ahem, these men who are willing to do such a thing are in the gene pool because women found these qualities attractive. Females are the filter for deciding what genes pass on to the next generation and which are discarded. So, you’ll have to excuse me for not caring if women are preyed upon by the same psychopaths they allowed to reproduce.


      • on September 4, 2013 at 12:45 am Too Smart To Fail

        Ugly people are horny too, which explains why ugliness still exists.
        Filters only apply to the upper eschelon.


    • If this guy is not a troll he is in for one massive malpractice lawsuit if the girl ever tires of him, or finds out he has been fucking other girls


    • on September 4, 2013 at 6:14 am Hugh G. Rection

      I put on my robe and wizard hat…


  6. also, chicks dig power. with the number of women on meds, the power to prescribe basically makes psychiatrists drug dealers.


  7. 1. A position of power with lots of young women looking up to you? How about college professor, for example CH favorite Hugo.

    2. Once again, Seinfeld has this covered:


  8. Heterosexual male flight attendant on an Asian airline might be fun. Forget American airlines, of course, home of the flying hags and fags. Though a few months back I was on a U.S. flight with three hot young attendants. It was like going back in time.


    • A few American airlines are trying to shed their “hags and fags” stigma. I’ve noticed that too: they’re starting to hire college girls again. I think the airline bankruptcies have something to do with it, as it enabled them to break their contracts with the hags and fags’ flight attendants union.


      • For some airlines, female FA’s have a distinct advantage simply by being shorter on average. On a plane like the MD-80, the interior height is only around 5’8″, so a typical man will constantly be stooping in the aisle. I don’t think airlines can directly hire for shortness, but they can have regulations about max height & weight, which ultimately favors women. (disclaimer: I work for an airline but not as flight crew)


    • >>>home of the flying hags and fags

      I am not sure why, but this almost had me in tears from laughter.

      About 10 minutes after I stopped somebody in the office played “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by Johnny Cash. Somehow I heard “Fudge Packers in the Sky” and had to hold my jaw shut to prevent from laughing again.

      Thanks for the best part of the day!


    • on September 3, 2013 at 4:15 pm Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

      wrong. The psychological situation with the other stew’s is: brother/sisters. And flight attendents are VERY low wage in Asia. The 24-year old female stew knows she needs to capture a PILOT…. not another stew.


  9. Off-topic:

    Diana Nyad, the 63-year-old who just broke the world record for endurance swimming, had an alpha badboy father:

    “My father was a desperately immoral guy — a liar, a professional thief, a polished lowlife,” she says. “He was also gorgeous. Women died when he walked into a restaurant — and some men. And because my mother was so meek and needed him so badly and took his side in everything, I took charge of myself early on.” – from an OUT magazine article in July.

    She has said she thinks of herself as a Spartan warrior. She’s a lesbian (very high testosterone). Square jaw and masculine build. Dedicated herself to an obsessive quest for glory that has lasted decades.

    Alpha genes can do some funny things to female offspring.


    • Seems logical to me, and the reason why traditional cultures expended so much energy getting men to be men and women to be women. Alpha males have masculine sons and daughters; the opposite is true for feminine women. Of course, since alpha males get feminine women, and omega males get masculine women, the kids wind up as luck of the draw.


    • Nyad – did she choose that name herself ?

      “In Greek mythology, the Naiads (Ancient Greek: Ναϊάδες) were a type of nymph (female spirit) who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of freshwater.”


  10. Doctor, particularly orthopedic surgeons and plastic surgeons. Surrounded by nurses and assistants who all think he’s God. Also I think being in sales would help, in terms of the art of persuasion.


  11. How about marriage counselors? They are like psychiatrists only with 80% more BS.


  12. A key word here in “Wellbutrin.”

    Most antidepressants are called SSRIs and boost serotoin action in the brain. That mellows you but it usually blunts or kills your libido.

    Wellbutrin is the exception. It boosts dopamine and noradrenalin -the pleasure and drive neurotransmitters respectively. It can be a VERY effective libido-enhancer, the closest thing to pharmaceutical aphrodisiac.

    I once had a girlfriend on Prozac. She claimed to have a very strong libido but the Prozac pretty much smothered that and made it impossible to orgasm. After I moved away, I checked in on her on the phone and she say “Mr. BroadsMan, YOU should be HERE! I’m on Wellbutrin now.”

    For a shrink to prescribe Wellbutrin to a patient he is interested in boffing is rather self-interested although she may indeed benefit.


    • on September 3, 2013 at 11:03 am RappaccinisDaughter

      He wouldn’t “have control of [her] mind” on Wellbutrin, anyway. I took Zyban in an ill-fated attempt to quit smoking—Zyban is nothing but Wellbutrin, rebranded for a former off-label use—and it really didn’t make me feel or behave differently than normal. There was a very, very mild “speedy” feel to it, and it gave me insomnia if I took it at night, but otherwise…no change. (And it actually made me want to smoke more, if you can imagine.)


      • The anti-smoking dose is lower than the anti-depressant dose and individual responses do vary. Was your libido and mental state OK prior to taking Zyban?


      • on September 3, 2013 at 11:29 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Yes—before, during, and after.

        But even with a higher dose, Wellbutrin isn’t exactly a “mind control” drug. This commenter is so full of it, he squeaks going into a turn.


      • By “this commenter” you mean the shrink and not me (I hope!)

        Per Wikipedia: “There have also been a few studies suggesting that bupropion can improve sexual function in women who are not depressed, if they have hypoactive sexual desire disorder.[“


      • on September 3, 2013 at 11:54 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Oh, no, I didn’t mean you. My apologies: I should have been clearer about that.

        I mean the “shrink,” although I seriously doubt he is one or will be one. His comment reeks of the undersides of bridges, and of Billy Goats Gruff.


      • I thought he might be feministx’s bf…


      • lzolz hahaha that was funny then and is funny now as well


    • on September 3, 2013 at 11:08 pm Imperial Leather

      so in your opinion is Wellbutrin a sort of female viagra, or could it be marketed as such


    • on September 4, 2013 at 6:22 am Hugh G. Rection

      I once took bromocriptine as an experiment, which is also a dopamine agonist. It had quite the libido enhancing effect. But also a lot of nausea and vomiting…


  13. on September 3, 2013 at 11:01 am Lucky White Male

    True. If you are a guy born with a high Verbal IQ, count your blessings not your troubles

    You have the potential, if you’re not doing already, to flourish in today’s economy and pussy.

    Marx and Freud were both total bullshitters. Yet look how each of their massive cons, executed purely through words, have taken in millions of human beings (billions?)

    Oy vey the power of Verbal IQ. Even the traders on Wall Street rely on the high Math IQ of the quants to rake in their own millions


  14. In psychology and cognitive science, the positivity effect is the tendency of people, when evaluating the causes of the behaviors of a person they like or prefer, to attribute the person’s inherent disposition as the cause of their positive behaviors and the situations surrounding them as the cause of their negative behaviors. The positivity effect is the inverse of the negativity effect, which is found when people evaluate the causes of the behaviors of a person they dislike. Both effects are attributional biases.


  15. re: polyamory tweet

    there are women there?


  16. The OC has the same writing inability and ghetto thug attitude as gunslingergregi. Hmmmm.


  17. I never met a dame who didn’t like the naughty schoolgirl masquerade.


  18. Anonymous sounds like a malignant narcissist aka a typical sociopath, who abuse their occupational position for shameless selfish exploitation. It’s disturbing that the weak and gullible trust anyone in the position of power and assume that sociopaths have their best interest at heart. This is textbook Sociopath Nextdoor case.

    Other occupations populated by these “types” according to Kevin Dutton.

    1. CEO
    2. Lawyers
    3. PR/mad men
    4. Sales… aka all businessmen
    5. Surgeons
    6. Journalist/Media
    7. Military/police officer
    8. Clergy
    9. Chef
    10. Civil servant aka politicians

    Dishonorable mention: Psycho-therapist according to Robert Hare sociopaths are attracted to positions of power, hence found more in politics, business, medicine, law and military.

    Who is going to believe the “crazy” victim? It’s the perfect venue and crime.

    Having no “con”science is an advantage in all these fields and the master Don Juan can sell himself to anyone. It’s the ability to lie, gain sympathy and play on people’s hopes and dreams.

    But most importantly it’s about selling the fantasy of the perfect soul mate.


    • on September 3, 2013 at 8:51 pm Frank Meyer Lives

      Speaking with over a decade’s experience in the corporate world, I think the successful-businessmen-are-sociopaths argument can be overstated, but I understand it.

      The most important skill needed for being a manager is the ability to get rid of people who aren’t productive. This doesn’t come easy to very many of people, but of course comes naturally to a sociopath, who’s willing to shove aside anyone who gets in his way, by whatever means he can get away with.

      The upshot is that a sociopath able to fire people without being a total psycho who does it capriciously and having enough social/business skill to trade-up after he gets rid of somebody, can be thoroughly average in every other managerial competency, and still have a more productive group then a manager who does most managerial things well, but who can’t bring himself to get rid of the slackers and whiners slowing everybody else down. This is doubly true if the sociopath is smart enough not to interfere with the actual work, so long as he gets the credit for “setting the vision” or some such managerial bs.


  19. A friend’s son is a professional dancer – and he’s straight. He’s also a very happy guy.

    “I wonder if there are certain occupations that provide the practitioner with a skill set suited for chronic womanizing? I think psychology and psychiatry would qualify”

    The radical 60s psychiatrist R.D Laing fathered ten children by four women. He was surely a Dark Triad guy.

    “On a visit to New York he agreed to meet an American psychiatrist, Gene Nameche, to discuss the possibility of collaborating on a biography of Jung. In Laing’s suite at the St Moritz hotel the two men began drinking. Something triggered Laing’s temper and he began beating Nameche, eventually hurling a marble coffee table at him. Fortunately, it missed, smashing to pieces against a wall, but then Laing decided that the television must be destroyed and started throwing shards of the coffee table at it. When it eventually exploded, the hotel security guards burst into the suite, guns drawn. Laing, suddenly sober, persuaded them that Nameche was suffering from a psychiatric disorder and was responsible for the damage. Nameche was handcuffed and escorted from the premises.”

    “Many of Laing’s friends and colleagues speak of his extraordinary intuition and say he could read people with disarming precision.”


  20. What is the point? Sounds like Oneitis disguised as Look At Me I’m A Bad Boy.

    No broad is worth this legal risk (although I cede that Webutrin isn’t crack). License yanked and a possible prison sentence, in order to keep a dingbat broad? How is that not core “I can’t let her out of my life” Beta game?

    Color me not impressed. If he is not married and she psyches out, dump her ass, there are fifty more behind her willing to take her place, if the guy was truly a player. Personally, he didn’t strike me as intelligent enough to pass an actual medical board, from his posts.


  21. White People and their sexual deviance.


    and now ……sadomasochism !

    perverts !!


    • I don’t know, I always thought maledom/femsub was pretty alpha. Most girls look better in a leash. ;)>


      • Police were notified because he used to take his girlfriends shopping on a leash :

        “A sex slavery cult based on a series of 1960s science fiction novels has been uncovered by police in Darlington.

        Durham Police discovered the bizarre sect after raiding a home in the area, after receiving complaints that a woman was being held against her will. “


  22. on September 3, 2013 at 12:52 pm Cuckinglinguist

    Priceless. I have no doubt this is happening , however I don’t think this champ would jeopardize his career over some ass. Lets say he’s probably off duty.


    • If you start dating her first and become her doctor 2nd, the doctor won’t get into trouble. Only when they start dating after the doctor treats the person will they get into trouble.


      • False. The second he writes her a prescription, they have a “physician-patient relationship” in the eyes of the law. If she ever launched a complaint, he would certainly lose his license, would likely be found liable for malpractice damages, and could be found guilty of an actual crime in many states (which have laws on the books specifically banning sex between psychiatrists/therapists and current OR former patients, no matter how much time has elapsed since termination of treatment.)


      • Technically what you say is true but these laws are loosely enforced and there are a lot of grey areas as well. Likewise, many of the psychiatric residents are protected by their residency programs and I have known many that fucked up and went into rehab or therapy and were allowed to continue their residencies.It is really not all that uncommon for a psychiatrist or resident psychiatrist to prescribe meds. to girlfriends or friends. This can also be done by giving samples where there is no real proof a prescription was written. If this poster is indeed a psychiatric resident and not a troll then it is pretty clear he is a sociopath. His posting is sheer braggadocio and adds nothing useful to how to implement game. It is not a great achievement for a physician to prescribe Wellbutrin to a girl he is fucking and it is questionable whether this drug is going to increase her libido to any significant degree. Psychiatry tends to attract either slacker physicians because it is an easy specialty that doesn’t require much on-call work but doesn’t pay that well. It also attracts a great many foreign medical graduates because it is an easy residency to obtain. Most psychiatrists augment their income with secondary jobs and earn decent salaries. A few that enter this field are sociopaths, like the poster, and use the field as an easy way of making money and having status. He is the exception rather than the rule and while some psychiatrists do abuse their power and engage in all sorts of despicable and unethical practices, from fucking patients to child molestation, (or shooting up soldiers on a military base), most are simply true believers in their medical model of operation and recognize that many of their diagnoses are constructs based on observation of a constellation of behaviors and not proven scientific categories. Most are doing the best they can to treat people who are often extremely fucked up. It is sociopaths like this guy that help give the profession an even darker reputation.


      • And any psychiatrist would know that. For that reason, I’m voting troll.


  23. Working in a predominantly female field will either be the best or worse thing. If your game is tighter than a gnats chuff and you fuck like sex god you will have more pussy than you know what to do about because the word will spread like the plague. The downside is the accompanying aggravation of work earache and awkwardness and the real danger of prospect damaging complaints about you if one or more of them get resentful about your non-exclusivity. It is worth remembering that a big group of women working together day in and day out is a hormonally driven stew of mood swings and bitchiness. Fucking where you work is not for the faint of heart or the weak of crotch but can provide the most capable player with short term abundance if handled well.


    • One should avoid workplace females like the plague. Perhaps being a regular delivery-man to a female-dominated workplace would be the answer, like the pop machine guy or the potted plant waterer.


  24. I have a gay friend who majored in psychology who can meet a girl and, 10 minutes later, talk to them about anything and get them to pour out the hearts.. Sure, it helps that he’s gay, but he speaks with complete authority about something he’s obviously studied a lot. Some of it could be BS psycho-babble but it’s a subject that definitely appeals to women. They sure don’t want to hear a lecture from me on software algorithms.


  25. on September 3, 2013 at 1:10 pm Stg58/Animal Mother

    Wide Thighs Shut, in the case of the female readership?


  26. on September 3, 2013 at 1:21 pm Life at Calhoun's Lake

    My career’s not known for swimming in poon but I certainly know how to present it so that I am. When asked what I do, I calmly explain that I dabble in crime. The drug trade, racketeering, laundering, embezzlement, graft: I’ve seen it all. Then I hush up and say no more. Doesn’t hurt that I got that white ethnic look.

    Only after I’ve bedded her a couple times do I reveal that I’m a criminal prosecutor. Play up the alpha cred, remain mysterious, and only later reveal I’m a well educated attorney with serious provider ability and social status. Works like a goddamn charm every single time. The key is to prevent her from looking me up as I’m quoted semi-frequently in the news. Not revealing my last name “for career reasons” congruently accomplishes this.

    Some times I’ll point-blank respond, “I put people in jail” when asked what I do. This works well.. but not as well.

    Point is, it’s not what you do but how you present it.


    • Yes. I worked as a business analyst. Whenever I presented it as “I work in private intelligence,” which is true, it went over excellently. Let them play the impossible-to-prove-a-negative game of “Does he work in the CIA?” Note: I seem like someone who might be CIA. Never complain about or deprecate your job to a woman (I’ve done this too — nothing but a lazy mistake).


      • on September 4, 2013 at 4:44 am Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

        The CIA (and some other Intel-community agencies are actually quite interested in hiring good business analysts. The three big problems are

        1. Really a lot of the raw data is open-source. You won’t necessarily be reading reports that came in from James Bond and Ms Moneypenny.

        2. These agencies pay MUCH less than Hollywood likes to imply. And you are stuck living in a DC or other high-cost-of-living areas.

        3. It occurs quite frequently, that the best research is the most ignored product. Remember: data does NOT equal information; information does NOT equal knowledge; knowledge does NOT equal wisdom; and wisdom does NOT equal getting re-elected.


    • Did you hide the provider ability because it increased your fucking success, or because it didn’t matter much and you wanted to filter out those seeking a free ride?


      • on September 3, 2013 at 4:41 pm Life at Calhoun's Lake

        Mainly the former. Although that later is not a bad side effect.

        But the benefits of dropping some stories about activities I’ve been “involved” with and then hushing up and changing the subject as she tries to dig in cannot be described in writing. Hooks em’ in real good.

        I only reveal what my angle is if I’m interested in a relationship. Otherwise I just disappear. I still get random calls from some of these ladies months or years later. I swear they think they’re dealing with a mafia boss. It’s cute.

        Sometimes I’ll drop that “I met with federal agents earlier” if a date asks how my day went. (I often do discuss matters with the FBI) Really gets the hamster spinning when I change the subject and say no more.


    • Call it “Godfather game”. The man who pulls the strings. Senator Corleone, Governor Corleone…

      But this might be selection bias. You are in a position (elected?) which is a natural path for people who aspire to political power, and the Dark Triad is probably inherently strong in you.

      This just isn’t workable for that many men. But I’m impressed anyway with your approach to it.


  27. “I wonder if there are certain occupations that provide the practitioner with a skill set suited for chronic womanizing?”

    A gourmet chef. It requires constantly sharp management skills. It’s an effortless, eternal magnet to social climbers enamored with the proximity of glamor. It plays to the feminist illusions without any tangible demands on his part.


  28. My experience is that the female-dominated professions produce careful feminist men, who want to supplicate their way to acceptance and the occasional torch song. In respect of psychiatry, medicine, or psychology, there is the problem, again, of 100% of their training occurring in feminist institutions, on top of which that schooling and training is so intensive that they never learn to function socially.

    Female dominated businesses are so ruthless in rooting out the independent man — who is, after all, a threat to their professional success — that they attract weak guys and homosexuals.

    Our subject commenter (the cynical shrink) I think is a total fraud. Because unless he was a sociopathic personality of a very high order, he wouldn’t get through his pre-med or med school curriculum without being exposed as the Master Flash Lady Killer he says he is. Then he would be ejected.

    The professional guys I know who have more women than they can handle are in male-dominated fields, genuinely like women, and attract them with their worldly authority. IOW, it’s the man, not the trade. There aren’t that many of them because most have already transitioned into provider/greater beta mode, even if they were once quite the lady killer. I don’t think we have anything to learn from our trolling “psychiatrist.”


  29. Show me a face-time guy at a PR firm

    Man, they shoulda plastered that one on my academic advisors wall.


  30. lol, psychiatrist mindfuckers??
    mindfucked more likely, since all of them enter psychiatry trying to solve their own problems.
    And also, dear CH, not only 50% of all psychology is bullshit, 100% of all psychology AND psychiatry (random drug bombardment) is bullshit and only a matter of opinion.
    Oh yeah, sincerely yours,

    Former psychiatrist-now surgeon (All the bullshit in psychiatry and logical holes made me gave up, + internet-pumped fad)

    It also fills my heart of joy reading about the good intentions of my colleague (hope troll). But not here to discuss morality.


  31. This man is not a psychiatrist. I worked in mental health field for twenty-five years. He cannot even use a possessive apostrophe and writes like a teenager with an IQ of 80. Sexual liaisons between clinicians and their patients do happen but they are actually infrequent and no psychiatrist that’s doing it is going to be posting it online. It’s an offense much more common among actual therapists such as social workers and LPC’s (Licensed Professional Counselors). Most psychiatrists see patients for about eight minutes to do a perfunctory med. check and see 4-10 patients per hour.


  32. To maintain a rugged alpha male persona in a femcentric occupation like nursing would be tough i think…lots of pussy but the job would be too beta..wiping asses listening to thier gossipy banter all day.

    Teaching would be good…like Indiana Jones and that scene of him in the classroom..girls painting ‘i love u’ on their eyelids. Either way being/maintaining alpha is the key.


    • I remember giving a guest lecture to a bunch of middle schoolers once. It was on a topical technical issue and I came dressed in a business suit and tie There were three well-developed girls (aka “jail bait”) in the front row just flirting away at me. I was shocked!

      The teacher told me afterwards that he had noticed this going on and my non plussed reaction. This was not uncommon and was something he had to deal with the flirtation regularly.


    • Isn’t for me, but I have a couple of male friends who work as ER nurses. One is exactly a year older than me, is in very poor shape so looks like there’s a decade between us, but he has serious game to the point where it’s worth sitting next to him at a bar just for the gals he brings over (he’s married).

      The other, (they’re both in their 40s), has been living with this woman whom everyone in my little town loves for years. They can also jump into action in a heart-beat if need be.

      A third guy, who, also chases tail with the best of them, is himself studying to be an ER nurse.


  33. A similar story i have is one time in college i had to give a presentation at the very end of this course and there were 2 arab sisters (foreign exchange students from a wealthy family) in the class. I dressed well and my presentation was interesting and a hit. Later outside i noticed one was looking at me with this weird look..kind of like intense lust and horrible pain on her face while her married sister was kind of holding her back. lol. I didnt realize what was going on at the time and never saw her again..too bad she was probably a virgin.


  34. on September 3, 2013 at 3:03 pm lagunabeachfogey

    Client-facing investment or banking role.

    Or, tennis instructor at private club.


  35. Doctor, lawyer, stockbroker, CEO/Executive/Officer, Entrepreneur. Those are jobs where the typical archetype you think of is an alpha (real life is a different story tho).

    For some reason ‘therapist,’ ‘psychiatrist’ is where I imagine the omega-cum-alpha ends up. Sitting there, having found a dynamic that forces a woman to give him dominance, in a shaded corner, clicking his pen, and ruminating on the exact dosage it will take to start his revenging of the world for a misspent youth.


    I’ve notice this said a lot at CH — in a relationship, a woman will be doing most of the talking. However, while I like a girl who can talk…I much more enjoy a girl who listens, hanging on and loving my every word.


  36. How about lawyers? Let me tell you everything I go to court the womenfolk loveeee me


  37. I had a dorm mate in engineering school who was very bright but creepy, no girlfriends, no dates, but he planned to be a gynecologist. The reason was obvious, then he would have access to lots of pussies.

    He did go to med school but ended up in internal medicine instead.

    A lot of women prefer a male gyno. I suppose that seriously might be an option, you take care of that sensitive part of the woman already so she trusts you … is there some professional rule against gynos dating their patients?

    It’s a measure of how sick psychology / psychiatry is that dating the patients is not a violation of professional ethics and criminal law. But hey, we don’t make the rules, we only live among them.


    • Two consenting adults dating shouldn’t be considered criminal. It might be bordering unethical if professional and client date, but hey if both want to, why do we need the State to label it unethical, criminal, and have the person with the license (usually the guy) be stripped of it?

      Why do people always assume some governmental or professional body knows better and it’s there to protect the public? People assume it’s an unfair balance of power, but maybe it’s what the two were attracted to from the start?

      I say, the Government needs to get out of people’s business, and too much regulation need to stop.


      • “Why do people always assume some governmental or professional body knows better and it’s there to protect the public?”

        Because they are scared to think for themselves…they need some corrupt groups to do it for them.


      • Partly, but also something else is at play here. It’s the lack of taking responsibility for one’s actions, so indicative of the sickness of the culture.

        People need to be the authority on themselves. Each one needs to know what’s good for him/her. Yet, people fall into the trap of the left, and its assumption the Government knows better. Yet more anti-citizenry action has been committed in history by governments against their own people. Why trust the government? People need to relay on themselves and know what’s good and what’s bad.

        Another thing, the Government’s “policing” gives a false sense of security. People think they can’t be taken advantage of, or be the victim of a crime, because certain things are illegal. They substitute the illegality of something for their own diligence and vigilance in protecting themselves.

        Finally, the government policing could get out of hand. Every aspect of life shouldn’t be policed.


      • With a gyno, I don’t think it should be prohibited. The woman has her ability to make decisions.

        With a shrink, I think at least there should be a professional stricture against it in the appropriate cases, which would be many. The woman under that sort of care cannot be assumed to have all her reasoning and decision making faculties. And the therapist is peculiarly empowered to affect her thinking which could affect her decisions about an outside sexual relationship. In this case we should doubt that she can consent properly.

        That’s what I think anyway. I have no truck with all the bullshit excuses I hear from feminists, but mental patients, having a relationship with their own therapist, are another story.


      • “The woman under that sort of care cannot be assumed to have all her reasoning and decision making faculties.”

        Trust me, a woman cannot be assumed to have all her reasoning and decision making faculties when she is in the vicinity of a man she fancies, shrink or no shrink.

        Most women go to see a psychiatrist because they need attention (someone to whom they can tell what’s on their mind and he seems interested) and/or for recreational mind altering drugs under the guise of needing to treat anxiety or the like. Of course, there are the real mentally ill, but I assume a normal person wouldn’t want to have sex with a nutjob. So I can’t see a psychiatrist having sex with a psychotic mother who killed her kids.

        Most of the time it’s women from cosmopolitan areas that hear from their GFs that going to this or that shrink could helped them cope with body image problems, or issues with their mom, or trying to get off an addiction to bad boys, or what have you. And, they also discuss how cute he is. There was a young dermatologist in NYC who was all the rage for a while. Women made appointments with his office just because they heard he was hot. Not because they really needed any derma care.

        Women need protection alright, but in our society it has been replaced with the government.


    • on September 3, 2013 at 4:25 pm RappaccinisDaughter

      I’m pretty sure there are professional rules about GYNs dating their patients. I know that my (male) GYN won’t even come into the room until a nurse has come in first; she’ll remain in the room throughout the exam and leaves when he does.

      Somewhat O/T but building from the previous graf: What’s weird is that I’m far more comfortable with him than I have been with any of my previous female GYNs. In my experience, female GYNs are kind of rough and unsympathetic. Male GYNs tend to be much gentler. You’d think it would be the other way ’round, but…nope.


      • “I know that my (male) GYN won’t even come into the room until a nurse has come in first; she’ll remain in the room throughout the exam and leaves when he does.”

        Two things on that.

        1) Most GYN don’t date their patients because they see pussy all day long, and it becomes indistinguishable. They’re desensitized to it. And most women’s pussies don’t look that great on the table. Only sex-crazed PUAs could imagine a GYN swimming in pussy all day long. The thought is hilarious.

        2) Mmost doctors have a female nurse when they see a female patient and clothing has to be removed. And that is because of all the sex harassment /rape lawsuits. So doctors are pretty careful not to lose their license over something stupid like this. But I know that sometimes doctors do date patients. Just that the tete-a-tete isn’t done at the examination room. It’s done later in the office, and usually develops when the patient is seeing the doctor often for procedures like plastic surgery or similar situations.

        That’s why Psychiatry is so ripe for it. Here you have a woman that comes to see you twice a week, and you’re alone together to boot. Hell, what could be a better setting for these things to develop?

        Again, I say, Government stay out and let people be.


      • on September 4, 2013 at 9:13 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Agreed on keeping the State out of the private lives of consenting adults. But the rules aren’t generally Government rules; they’re set by the accrediting professional associations. it’s much the same way that it’s perfectly legal for a college professor to date a student who is 18+, but that being caught could result in them losing their tenure and/or position.


      • I was using the word Government to mean authority, including the professional associations. As long as it’s consenting adults I don’t like regulating sexual behavior.


  38. This guy is full of bullsh*t. This is criminal sexual conduct and he will go to prison for it. It makes a good game story


  39. 1. Wellbutrin is of low order difficulty to obtain. Any psyche provider with prescribing ability would write for it in a heart-beat if a semi-good story of depression was told. It is pretty safe stuff, easy to get a new source for. I mean, if that was really a real issue.
    2. In real life, this situation would provide all the leverage to the chicky. As in, marry/fuck me or I will incinerate your Medical License with all the emails I kept plus my tears.
    Also, the Law Suit would be easy money.
    Maybe, his Alpha essence is so overwhelming that her mind is incapable of going to these places…
    Maybe; maybe not.


  40. A psychiatrist prescribing medication to someone they know, let alone a partner… Isn’t that a major crime?


  41. A friend of mine, whom I’ll call Aleister, is a dapper, well-educated man in his 50s working for the government. He also has in recent years found a strong, genuine interest in spiritualism and unusual religious practices of various sorts and has an unshakable frame.

    When we’re out and chat with women of any age, it’s very much like they fall under a spell, utterly fascinated with all the smooth, intellectual yet emotional superstition. It’s rather quick. Meanwhile, their youthful companions after a short while are cowed into abject silence while Aleister spins his web, and may slink off as their situation becomes clear. Works like a, well, charm. (This scenario may of course seem familiar to some of you.)

    Hence, I’ll say being a spiritual guide (or cult leader, if you can hack it) can be a pretty nice ride.


    • on September 3, 2013 at 11:16 pm Imperial Leather

      most dudes that get into new agey stuff, particularly the teaching side of it, think yoga, tarot, astrology, reiki etc etc…is so they can bang pussy….irrespective of whether they believe it or not……..because they couldn’t be rock stars…bwahahahaha


  42. Glengarry
    Yes, indeed. Aleister Crowley was the real deal. I mean, the utterly fake real deal. But the warmth of the eager orifices available to him was real enough.
    Crowley was typical of the genre he inhabited. He was, in a deeply cynical way, a true idealist. I have to think of I.B. Singers short story, “The Magician of Lublin”. The hero there was a professional BS Artist mostly in it for the poon, but he could not stop caring about The Big Picture.


  43. If only “depression” drugs worked that well.

    Pimps know how to control the mind chemically, your favorite homless man pissing on your sidewalks knows how to control the mind chemically, bar tenders and all da kids in da club know how to control the mind chemically, star buckz, Marlboroz and mack Donaldz know too.

    Cocain and all its derivatives, opium and all its derivatives, alcohol, weed, caffeine, sugar, nicotine etc. Mostly hedonistic dead ends due to addiction and the need to up dosage over time, but they are the real deal.

    If this doctor were a real player he would be giving it to her up the ass and the nose.


  44. Being a pimp provides the skill set for womanizing more than any other occupation.


  45. on September 3, 2013 at 6:46 pm Lucky White Male

    Re: Greg Cochran

    The Ron Unz expose of Jewish favoritism in Ivy League admissions is incredible

    Since the 1980s, American Jews have been admitted to Ivy League at 13X the rate they should be based on SAT scores. Look at that number again. There are way more American Jewish Ivy League grads since the 1980s than actually deserved on merit.

    Turns out “merit” in college admissions was another massive con. It was ethnic networking in the admissions office. Who was shafted? High IQ white Gentiles – the so-called “white males” Vastly underadmitted based on SATs. Here is your fictional white privilege.

    There are 4 X more White Gentiles than White Jews over 135 IQ, as confirmed by Lynn a few years ago.

    Over a half century ago – H. L. Mencken ribbed his Jewish friends in the media for years about the so-called superior Jewish intelligence. As usual, Mencken was right on the money


  46. He lies in his first sentence. He claims to be a psychiatrist, but in a later post claims to be a resident. You are not a specialist until you’ve successfully completed a residency. That’s a crime right there; any resident knows that. I’m calling bullshit: a failed medical student living out his fantasies online or a guy so insecure he even lies anonymously to boost his stature.


    • Failed med student living out fantasies online? Seriously? If this constitutes as a fantasy to you then your mind would explode if you heard about the crazier parts of my life. What exactly is so unrealistic about this scenario? What would be the goal of someone making this up? What would be the benefit?

      Nothing about this is very mind blowing. Wellbutrin isnt pcp or propofol. Just like a commenter stated above…it has minimal effects on the mind.


  47. anonymous resident psychiatrist here: i didn’t lie. i simply clarified what level of training i was at in my later posts. it really didn’t matter whether i said i was a psychiatrist or resident psychiatrist in my initial post, because I figured it would be passed up in a swarm of 1000 other posts. i only clarified because of the large response it received.

    to people who think poor punctuation on an internet message board means im lying and i have a 80 iq….i am just speechless. i will write as shitty as i want.


    • Stop qualifying yourself, asshole


      • Its an internet message board… what does it matter. Not like my response will change whether I get my dick sucked tonight. I will qualify myself all I want.


      • Every time you try to explain or defend yourself you debase your original comment.


        Sam: “Hey Bob,what is it that you said you do for a living?”

        Bob: “I’m a janitor at the Cumberland Mills High School.”

        Sam: “Okay cool”

        Sam: “Hey Bob,what is it that you said you do for a living?”

        Bob: “I’m a janitor at the Cumberland Mills High School. But I’m not the kind of guy who focuses on his career for the money or prestige. That’s never been me, man. I’m happy doing this and the hours are pretty good, besides, free tickets to the football games and the team is doing awesome this year.”

        Sam: “….Okay, cool”

        See the difference here, Anonymous? If you would have just left your original comment and not tried to explain yourself (and keep doing so over, and over, and over), then the perception of you would have been a little more solid. Not that perception matters, hey.

        But think about it. You could have even just said “Hey, this is what I am, I don’t have to explain myself to you” and left it at that, even.

        But there you go, responding (without a decent handle) to people poking your sides on the internet. And your jimmies are quite rustled obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t respond. What is this glaring chink in your armor that causes you to qualify yourself to strangers on the internet?

        1) Agree & amplify
        2) Ignore
        3) Re-frame
        4) Get a handle other than “anonymous”
        5) Live free and prosper


    • Bullshit. Stop playing doctor and go back to playing minecraft.


  48. i also wrote that initial post on my cell phone, in the midst of multiple consults at the hospital. i read this site and its comments section every chance i get; usually during small periods of downtime at work.


  49. OK psychiatric resident. I actually believe you. Do your mind control powers extend to members of a jury?


  50. on September 3, 2013 at 9:35 pm Gotterdammerung

    I hope this guy enjoys his license. I know a shrink with model clients who used to “live on” cum. Fill in the blanks. He would often get offers to “drink him.” Fill in the blanks.

    Girls used to walk in his office after blowing ten guys.

    Like being thirsty in the Pacific, however, because rule #1 for shrinks is don’t bang the client. And, they aren’t exactly sane enough not to rat you out to the board. My buddy had to drop his psycho model flypaper act.

    These girls are completely batshit. Typical mid-20s psycho hot chicks with entitlement complexes, yet failed to land prince charming because they turned him down or freaked him out. Then, after untold alpha facial blasts, became ragingly psycho and self-destructive. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and hot chicks fall big by late 20’s into gorgeous cum gulping machines.


    • on September 4, 2013 at 2:05 am Too Smart To Fail

      “They failed to land prince charming because they turned him down.”
      I think you’re on to something as most woman are completely batshit, but keep in mind that all men are not worthy of facial blasts in the minds of most over-inflated, egotistical american obese woman, which happen to be the majority these days.


  51. on September 3, 2013 at 11:43 pm Flashing Lights

    I’ll throw my vote to the idea that female dominated fields actually tend to produce or employ beta supplicant men.

    The client services division of my company has a lot of women. I’m in sales and do relatively middle of the road (too conscientious to lock in a sale and move on, so my deals are slower moving, but tend to be worth more). Whenever I go over there I just run a LITTLE bit of game… a little teasing, some agree and amplify, whatever, and I see the girls light up every time I walk by.

    Meanwhile, the beta’s in the room are giving the look like, “why do you like him when he just told you that color looks terrible on you? I think you look great!”

    One of them is a pal and I’ll occasionally give him female advice… in front of them. They jump over each other to say “oh my god he’s SO right, women like a guy who can give it to them straight.” And I’m like… see?

    One common thread I’ve noticed in careers that women like/respect, and careers that produce men that women are naturally attracted to, are careers that produce something from nothing. This is generally the man’s realm. He produces something that wasn’t there before.

    Sales does this, entrepreneurship, all of your classic business/empire building roles. Engineering does this too (the engineering that involves going out in the field and putting your ideas on the ground). To some extent art and music does this as well. Architects, painters, sculptors. It gives women something tangible that they can put their hands on that came out of nowhere, that YOU made.

    Careers that involve persuasion (law, sales, psychology/psychiatry, etc) also get this to some extent, because you are getting people to do something they wouldn’t have done, or getting them to give you something (money) they wouldn’t have.

    Careers that DON’T get this are abstract careers like accounting, IT, computer programming (which ironically enough, are all high paying careers in their own right). A woman can’t really put her hands on a computer program. She can’t really say, “wow, this morning there was a blank canvas, and now there is a sculpture of a nude woman” She just sees some abstract numbers and letters on a screen. Even if those numbers and letters define the interface for her inane tweets. Oh well.


  52. on September 4, 2013 at 1:43 am Too Smart To Fail

    How amusing, a psychiatrist uncovers a tight method of seduction and amazed by his groundbreaking discovery.
    Omega’s have been employing roofies for years on skank bar-whores who give it up for free.
    I think this brilliant pseudo-scientist deserves a medal.


  53. Civilization = the average female wanting to fucke the average male. Everything else is noise.


  54. Pretty obvious that the supposed ‘psychiatrist’ is jus’ nuddah phony keyboard jockey. Online, they’re all screwing 19-year old HB10’s, 3 of them daily, at a minimum.
    It’s not so much the job, skill set or line of education that gets the chicks, it is, as always, the height, looks, youth, money & social status.
    College basketball playah from a rich/well-known family ought to be top no. 1 pussy slayer, at least in the US.


  55. 2nd and last comment of the day: Here is a good version of this song. I estimate that this is about 8,073 times better than the original and this girl is about 8,535 trillion time sexier than Miley. Miley and her generation’s sheeple twerking followers need to take a lesson.


  56. Speaking of tight:

    “Just went to jail. #yolo,” she tweeted from her cell at 9:33 p.m. She followed an hour later with: “Blew a .341 in jail.”

    With her gloating starting to circulate, at 12:07 a.m., she added: “I’m going to get .341 tattooed on me because it is so epic.”


  57. the real purpose of anti-depressants like wellbutron, prozac et al.