How To Handle Girls Playing The ‘Poor Me!’ Act

Beta bait. It’s a trap!

Beta bait and shit tests are similar concepts with some notable distinctions. Shit tests occur with the most regularity and intensity during early game, and at times when the relationship is on the skids. They are normally loaded up front to help the girl quickly take the measure of your alphaness. Beta bait happens at any time while dating a girl, and are spread out evenly in a relationship as a sort of low level boyfriend diagnosis script.

Beta bait is basically a type of leading question or leading suggestion employed by women as part of their subconscious female algorithm to elicit evidence of low value beta male psychology. It often takes the form of “poor me!” solipsistic martyrdom, a kind of damsel in distress ploy that thirsty beta males and white knights find hard to resist.

Chomping down on stinky beta bait lowers male SMV by a fraction of a point. The more chomps, the more SMV deductions, until enough demerits have been ignominiously earned that the girl can no longer stand to be in the beta’s company. The only way to decrease the frequency and intensity of beta bait is to demonstrate, through various verbal sleights of tongue, an unwillingness to tolerate them.

And that means learning how to respond to validation-thirsty girls playing gotcha! head games.

Commenter Mr. Meaner writes,

One piece of beta-bait I still occasionally fall for is when a girl, who has a great body, utters empty complaints about her body. “I’ll never be as thin as her/I wish my ass looked like hers/She has really nice boobs…” etc

If you try and reassure her it always backfires. Every. Single. Time.

It shits me that I still fall for this one. This is such a hard trap to avoid for the logical male brain, probably one of the most dangerous shit tests of all.

Beta Bait Rule #1: Don’t reassure a girl playing the ‘poor me!’ act.

There will be vanishingly few times in a man’s life when reassurance is the charismatic response and won’t backfire on him. If a cute girl is whining about her looks, and suggestively leading the witness with statements like “I wish I had her boobs”, refrain at all costs from putting her doubts to rest.


Disagree with her.

“No, you are totally the thinnest girl here!”

Soothe her.

“You’re being way too hard on yourself.”

Badmouth her competition.

“Her? No way. Her boobs are way worse than yours.”

Everyone has heard betaboys say this kind of stuff. It is the coin of the realm for inexperienced men who were raised on presumptions that supplication or therapeutic pep talks are the ways to win a girl’s heart.

Beta Bait Rule #2: Think two steps ahead of self-effacing women.

As Mr. Meaner noted, the male brain is logical and linear, and thus easily exploited by the more socially intuitive and serpentine female brain. A woman asking what sounds like a logical question, or making a statement that implies a logical assessment, is not actually interested in a logical reply. The details of womantalk are secondary to the emotional subtext. Call it… girlsplaining. (Even better, call it “girlspleening”.)

A woman’s beta bait is like the Bene Gesserit Pain Box: Crisis and observation is the objective. The man is presented with a crisis — the woman’s needy exclamations of phony self-doubt — and then he is observed by her hindbrain for evidence of his appeasing beta maleness or, if he passes, of his alluring alpha aloofness.

This is why a man must train himself in the art of thinking circuitously, like a woman. To seduce a woman, you must first embody her instincts. Then, informed by the power of her wiles, you “flip the script” and hack into her arousal center with the password she unwittingly gave you.

Thinking two steps ahead means avoiding the logical response for the funny or witty or condescending response that is more precisely directed at the subtext of her words. Her subtext is her true animating force, the hamster behind the curtain.

Beta Bait Rule #3: The two best responses to “poor me!” ploys are 1. Agree & Amplify and 2. Dismissive Provocation.

Agree & Amplify:

GIRL: “I’ll never be as thin as her.”
DESPICABLE YOU: “Nope. You are one HYOOGE beach ball. Do you walk or roll?”

Dismissive Provocation:

GIRL: “I wish my ass looked like hers.”
DESPICABLE YOU: “Try to be more subtle when you’re fishing for compliments.”

There are many ways to evade self-martyrdom beta bait and come out looking like a sexy beast, but based on my experience these are the two best methods. If you go with A&A or DP, you will never be mistaken for a chump beta, and the number of times you have to hear “poor me!” crap from women will markedly decrease. A&A will usually incite the open-mouthed mock indignation, amazed half-smile from girls that is so indicative of their uncontrolled arousal. DP will cause girls to react more like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar; she’ll pout a little, squint, frown and proclaim her innocence of such nefarious manipulations. Again, like the reaction from A&A, these are the facial cues that betray vaginal inflammation.

Two final thoughts. Beta bait of the “poor me!” variety is usually the province of attractive girls, although older, formerly hot cougars are known to utilize the scam for real reassurance from older men who have more sexual market options than the aging beauties.

Girls who are aware at some mental level of their attractiveness have the ego to spare to parlay obviously false confessions about fears of their subpar looks. Truly hideous girls will rarely beta bait in this manner, (or any manner), because it will be hard for them to express self-doubts without it sounding like real pain. “Poor me!” ploys aren’t ploys when the confessor really is a poor specimen of womanhood. Try to picture a fatty saying “I’ll never be as thin as her.” It is to laugh. Her ballast isn’t some phantasm that even supplicating beta males can reassure out of existence; her ballast is taking up real world space. I have seen sordid spectacles play out where a chubster would pull this stunt on a pudding pop beta male buddy for whom she has long held a torch, only to realize too late her bait would get no traction as the betaboy just stood there blankly staring at her and muttering “oh”.

However, when a fatty or fug does attempt to sling “poor me!” bait, reassurance should still be avoided. Why would you want to reassure a fat girl that she’s perfect just the way she is? That’s adding ugliness to the world. The best response in those rare cases is “Encouragement by Tacit Shiv”:

FATTY: “I’ll never be as thin as her.”
MOTIVATIONAL YOU: “Sure you can. You just gotta stop talking about it and start doing.”

If she isn’t reaching for the bottle of pills after that, consider it a lesson well-learned!

Lastly, there are times when women in long-term relationships will defecate “poor me!” turds on your serenity. A&A and DP are acceptable responses, but once in a while — these rare moments determined at the discretion of your intuitive grasp for relationship harmony — a guileless reassurance is what she desperately needs. If your wife is beginning to worry about her wrinkles, and there’s nothing about her you don’t like, then a calming dissuasion will fit the moment perfectly.

Just don’t overdo it. These “beta male reassurance” moments should be the seasoning to relationships, never the stew. A little goes a long way. Tragicomically, it’s usually incorrigible beta males who lean on the crutch of “reassurance game” to excess, the very last men who would derive any benefit from it, and often the men who experience befuddling negative blowback when their appeasement isn’t met with the gratitude from their girlfriends or wives they mistakenly believe is coming.

Women in LTRs needing expressions of acceptance are usually moved into that position because their lovers are alpha men who are a little short on beta vulnerability game. Such women are sexually bonded to their alphas, but their emotional bonds may fray if, over time, their men — and remember these are men with options — don’t supply them with sufficient sweet talk to allay their gnawing fears of future abandonment.

If your wife or girlfriend really is getting fat or ugly, then “poor me!” ploys are a dangerous game which could blow up the relationship. Unattractive women in relationships — especially those who were formerly attractive when they met their partners — are mentally lubed by a toxic mix of superficial security and comfort coupled with a fearful sensation of impending romantic loss. This emotional turmoil drives them to seek constant reassurance of their prettiness as their men used to know them.

But it’s a catch-22. Reassure these women, and they are never incentivized to improve themselves. Dismiss their concerns, and the same results. Agree with them, and they withdraw spitefully. It’s a minefield and the best way to navigate it is the ol’ “Butter her up before delivering the bad news” tactic.

WIFE WITH POWER OF STATE AT HER BECK AND CALL: “I’ll never be as thin as her.”
DEVIOUS YOU: “You were the prettiest woman I had ever met. And hopefully always will be. I can help make that happen.”

The only other scenario in which it makes any sense to “beta up” and reassure a fat or ugly girl steeped in legitimate self-doubt is one where you want to bang the fug. But then the question has to be asked… WAYB? (Why are you banging?)


  1. “Try to be more subtle when you’re fishing for compliments.”

    Works every time


    • Puts them on the defensive crouch – that’s why


    • Don’t forget the other classic: “does this X make me look fat?” A friend of mine learned to reply with some complete non-sequitur like “I prefer beef tacos to chicken tacos”. She would flip out like ‘what the **** are you talking about?!’ and he would reply with something like ‘what the **** did you expect me to say?’ Silence…

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      • There’s a meta-observation to be made here: By denigrating herself, she is necessarily denigrating the man in her life, because If her man were a true Alpha, then he would have had more options than to have settled for a cottage-cheese-assed, itty-bitty-tittied, hook-nosed outcast like she.


      • So by belittling herself, she is actually belitting her worthless man who can’t do any better, and she has implicitly reframed the entire relationship from “YOU ARE THE PRIZE!” [which you are, if you are an Alpha] to “SHE is the prize which you had to settle for”.


      • From that point of view, if you are in a desperate situation [ are involved with the looming spectre of industrial divorce rape], then you might consider dropping the Mjolnir of Hard Negs: “Honey, if you’re really such a lousy gal, then I guess I oughtta trade you in for a better one.”


      • on August 21, 2014 at 5:08 pm The Spirit Within


        The year 1955 called. It wants the words “honey” and “gal” back.


      • Jew Within, you should remember what I just said when Rabbi Cohen starts kvetching about “Why do you keep coming back to a haggard old man like me for your fellatio when you could have a young hot tight piece ass like Rabbi Levi?”


      • At which point you say, “You know what, Rabbi Cohen, if you really give such lousy bris, then maybe I should go to see Rabbi Levi and discover what kind of tongue action he can offer.”


      • “I guess I oughtta trade you in for a better one.”

        You can split the difference between this and a non sequitur with, “You’ve got a point.”
        Her head will go into full boost turbo spin trying to connect it up.
        At the very least you’ll buy yourself a few seconds of silence before the blades fly off.


      • Zombie

        The year 1955 called. It wants the words “honey” and “gal” back.

        1955 called me too. They said you’re a faggot


      • I got so tired of this shit, I would just respond, “well lose some weight, then.”

        Disdain gets the better of me sometimes


      • Proper answer: “Yes.”

        Even more proper answer: ” No, it doesn’t make you look fat.”

        Nuke the hamster: “Honey, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your weight. Don’t you think it’s time you went on a diet?”

        Whorefinder: “Rape.”


    • yeah, timeless. i’d usually go with

      girl: do you think my ABC is too XYZ?
      me: i see you’re going fishing
      girl: ????
      me: fishing for compliments

      accompany with pantomime casting/reeling of fishing pole for overkill

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      • I realized by about my 4th LTR (still years before finding the red pill) that every single girl runs some variation of this and that there is no “correct” reply. So my standard response became simply: “Yes.” Then I would immediately return to whatever it was I was doing. As long as you’re pretty deadpan about it they tend to realize that they’re being absurd and they eventually stop asking it. If, on the other hand, they blow up, well that in itself is a pretty good weeding-out test.


    • I prefer a simple “want a compliment?” said with a Rick Perry smirk.


    • Shane lol do you hate Jews… did a Jew steal your precious princess?


      • Apparently Jews (aka YKW) are an obsession with ZS. Literally everything bad about our society discussed here is apparently part of a master plan by them to destroy us…


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  3. “I’ll never be as thin as her.”

    “Who? Where?”

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  4. I’ll never be as thin as her

    You’re right, you won’t. You should probably focus on your personality.

    I wish my ass looked like hers

    So do I.


  5. This is why a man must train himself in the art of thinking circuitously, like a woman. To seduce a woman, you must first embody her instincts.—-

    So then learn to “tell stories” not elucidate facts…roles as you will…


  6. “I’ll never be as thin as her”

    I can help you with some aerobic activity followed by a protein shake to help you drop a few pounds.

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  7. Her: her boobs are better than mine

    You: then maybe I should date her?

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  8. on August 21, 2014 at 2:17 pm gunslingergregi

    when they play the poor me act its kind of fun
    but to really see a woman with all power stripped away is


  9. Been messaging [snipped]

    [CH: do you trolls really think i can’t smell your stink coming a mile away?]


  10. I’ve used both examples to good effect. Never gotten me laid but I’ve always gotten a smile and some added conversational investment.


  11. “As Mr. Meaner noted, the male brain is logical and linear, and thus easily exploited by the more socially intuitive and serpentine female brain.”

    Funny, fancy, factual.


  12. Reassurances should only be made out of a position of generosity (superior men can afford to be generous). And they should be brief, to the point, and honest. Maybe even a bit understated.

    Au contraire to the writings from some of the bitterer corners of the manosphere, if you want to be in a relationship, or you are in a relationship, with a feminine girl who sees you as high value, you’d better be ready to lay it on smooth.

    [CH: right. the important qualifier here is high value alpha male. if she admires you and loves you and can’t get enough of your cock, she’s gonna want occasional reminders that your manly goodies are for her and no other woman.]


    • i’ve always thought of “beta bait” as more of a tool than a pitfall to fall into. all about context.

      used spontaneously/unexpected intervals to show you’re not overly cad and might stick around for the haul if she proves worth it, its gold; you’re unpredictable and “d’aaww actually nice guy deep down”

      it is poor form to always “how high?” when she says jump.
      if she fishes for the sweet talk and you’re always parroting the lines on command it becomes rote, which we know to be antithetical to dem tinglez

      could even be the same lines/gestures but the impact varies significantly in the timing and who initiates


      • and i will add to this pro comment that if you are a serious bad ass, you can beta up pretty much at will. of course you don’t because its not in your nature…..well, you get the point.


      • watch Casablanca; the archetypical Alpha told the woman to go with her husband instead of with him, because he loved her and it was better for her that way.

        Being real alpha is not about getting the damned pussy for a one-night bang; it is about being a fkin MAN with honor and courage and principles.


      • Regarding Casablanca, the husband had the prestige and fame adding to his SMV, but when it came down to it in the end he had totally lost his wife’s interest. She knew he would die or jump if she said to – he had no real conviction more important than her. The man she wanted? The one who could tell her to go away.


    • on August 30, 2014 at 11:52 pm Le Petite Princess

      That’s so true. The men most women are fighting for a generous with their compliments. Not too many or it turns off the ladies especially the beautiful ones.


  13. Do we confine this strategy to complaints about looks? Or would this apply to any sort of melancholy blabbering about her job, etc. I fall into that trap of wanting to know what’s wrong just because it’s annoying and draining.


  14. Um….how about the variation of this game, where the empowered career woman complains about her job and how unfair it is? Not that I’m trying to lay these dumb broads. I’m just tired of listening to it, when I am forced to interact with them.


    • “It’s called ‘work’ for a reason”

      Of course, actually saying that is a good way to never work again. I’d probably just say “yep” drawn out into two or three syllables.


    • on August 31, 2014 at 12:00 am Le Petite Princess

      Get her talking is awesome. You get close to her. How is someone sharing her issues with you a bad thing, doesn’t that mean she likes you (fair enough if she is only using you to be her sounding board, that’s annoying). So long as you’re a warrior and you show her you can lead, she will see the best in you.

      This website is great with stats and extracting information from resources such as scientific experiments but the way you analyse the information seems to be similar to a person with a mental disorder. It’s common sense, your men need to be BOTH beta and alpha (yes both) so you show yourself as multi dimensional. Aim for the Omega and you’ll have us loving you for the amazing guy you are.

      I like this Mysogynist Cult Leader’s website because I take information away from this website but I hope most of you have the ability to use your logical brains to work out ALL humans male or female want confidence and comfort, that means BOTH alpha and beta….find your balance and you’ve made it!


  15. The reason women ask these questions is that they have conflicting wishes. On the one hand they want praise, or reassurance, for obvious reasons. Men need the group’s validation too, but women need it even more since – again – their instinct is to survive through the group.

    But on the other hand, they need a man who is stronger than themselves, and that means a man who doesn’t take orders or act on cue.

    How to solve this is to give her compliments when she isn’t fishing for it. And not all the time, of course – ah, when and where and how much and how inconsistently and with what color on your tie is another question.


  16. “Yeah, but she’s lousy in bed”

    Bonus points if the girl in question is her bff/sister/mom


  17. Only thing worse than “poor me” stuff from the gals is when they do it after you ask for some action. After the old lady put the kids down, she came into the bedroom and blah-blah’d about how much shit she still had to do that night and the next day. I interrupted her and said, “come here so I can rub that stress from your pussy.” She blah-blah’d more about why that wasn’t a good idea, so I agreed and amplified with, “Yeah you’re right, I think we need to get a nanny … so I can rub HER pussy.”


    • good. well played.


      • Yeah, but I didn’t get the ass. And as you mentioned before, it’s all about getting the ass, and tearing it up so good when you do that anything else becomes irrelevant. When you allow yourself to be beta for years, it takes away the animal that used to be inside you – the animal that used to ravage the girl while fucking. Beta turns one into (as the Sex God Method states) a gynecologist just blandly going through the sex motions. And it’s hard to get the animal back when she’s hit the wall too.


    • @newlyaloof my crazy ex gf used this all the time. After a certain number of times it became obvious that these were not “beta bait” but waif-like behaviours that were designed to set me up for future arguments. Too beta: lose sexual attraction and become her boy-toy…too much asshole (which I erred on in this case) and it was “YOU DONT CARE…YOU”RE SO SELFISH”—but she would continue banging me.

      Problem here is if you continue down this path it’s a no win situation.

      Too much of a sympathy ploy is evidence of a possible Borderline Waif. It taps into co-dependant and rescuer tendencies in certain types of guys—myself included. It’s something I had to fight. But ultimately whatever I said lead to more fights and distancing and a painful break up.

      I would say that guys need to learn to recognize this behavior. Too much and it’s evidence of a deeply insecure girl.

      On the other hand I went out with another girl who would use these sympathy gathering ploys once in a while and I would employ the strategies above. But she once went in for minor surgery to have pre-cancerous tumours removed. She didn’t tell anyone—myself included. She reluctantly told me a few days later and then blew it all off. I was amazed at how she took steps to AVOID me and others feeling sorry for her.


      • Dude, you need to quit posting about your “crazy ex gf” Let it go.You seem to use her as a benchmark in every one of your comments. It’s good to learn from your mistakes though


      • @MZ yes. Huge learning. Many of the original posts reflect some of the stuff I went through so I post on that. Mostly I post about how any recent situation has reflected so blokes who face that same stuff can learn from it.

        Her behaviours were extreme. Much of the standard game advice was like putting a bandaid on a hemmorage so using that experience hopefully can serve as learning to others in similar situations.


      • @Wala: I appreciate your comment, but since I’m married, I’m basically in a no-win situation already. Two kids, the wall, and some beta past make for some hard to fix situations.


  18. Quick and easy response to a shit test is no response at all.


    • This here. If in doubt STFU. Or as the partner said to the associate, better to be quiet and have them think you are an idiot than speak and remove all doubt…


  19. on August 21, 2014 at 3:14 pm Col Nicholson

    Many times I’ve gone with the cheesy faux-wisdom “Desiderada.”

    “If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain or bitter,
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

    You can deliver this a million ways but the underlying message is: “shut up and stop being a silly brat.”

    Come to think of it, a couple times I just blurted out: “shut up with that crap;”
    but you’ve got to do it like she’s your little sister who won’t stop talking about shoes. Fake exasperation.


  20. “If your wife is beginning to worry about her wrinkles, and there’s nothing about her you don’t like, then a calming dissuasion will fit the moment perfectly.”

    Sweetheart, your wrinkles are beautiful. They’re like tiny little canyons all over your face.

    Would that do it?


  21. on August 21, 2014 at 3:30 pm gunslingergregi

    so if you break up with chick and she goes lesbo what does that mean?


    • on August 21, 2014 at 3:38 pm gunslingergregi

      clarification she never went lesbo before now holding hands with another chick


    • you wrecker her dude.

      ive seen it before….her ego fears she cant replace you soooooo….she doesn’t


    • She’s trying to mess with your head.


      • on August 23, 2014 at 7:53 pm gunslingergregi

        actually when I decided to not give a fuck about her as much
        I told her I wanted to see her eat a bitches pussy
        she said she would do it that she would do anything for me
        I guess she was proving that or some shit potentially
        I didn’t follow through though


  22. on August 21, 2014 at 3:42 pm gunslingergregi

    fucking sucks I had to rip off my captain save a ho insignia and
    put on captain destroy a ho patch its more accurate


  23. on August 21, 2014 at 3:42 pm Bitchesaintshitbuthoesandtricks

    Timing of this post was perfect. Just last night the gf comes pouting out of the kitchen and said, “do you see a difference in all the working out I’m doing? You never validate me.”

    Old pussified blue pill me from 5 years agowould have fallen for the bait and validated/complimented. Instead i smirked, rolled my eyes (she hates when I roll my eyes) and smacked her ass. She went back to the kitchen defeated…then we fucked later.

    In my experience sometimes silence or nonverbal communication is the best response in these beta bait situations. It can create more mystery, frustration, Gina tingles… whatever. It makes them feel shit and we all know they love to feel feel anything.


  24. Does this outfit make me look fat?
    Of course not dear, just frumpy

    Can you tell I’ve been exercising?
    Why yes I could go for an ice cold beer


  25. “I’ll never be as thin as her.”

    Hmmm… You’re right.

    Feed her insecurities – then she’ll try harder… It’s as simple as that. When a woman is satisfied she HAS you, she’ll start looking for the guy she doesn’t. So always keep her competing for your attention. That will make her happy, and keep you happy as well.


  26. “Does this outfit make my ass look fat?”

    “No, your ass makes your ass look fat” *deviant grin*

    If she pointed out some other woman to me, I would look at other woman, agree with her and then use the external hotness to fuck the ever loving shit out of her.

    My ass will never look as good as hers”

    “Lemme see baby, oh look at that ass!” *spank spank spank” “oh now I want that ass, give it to me” pick her up, throw her down, have my way


    • Damn this reminds me of Costa Rica when I had some game with a 20yrold Latina chick. This stuff don’t come across in Canada because these social conservative white knights & Marxist feminists are doing anything to suppress heterosexual desires in Canada.


      • Mort,

        Whatever the liberals pay you to post anti-Harper/anti-conservative shit, it is too much as you are not even good at it.


      • In fact it is so bad I wonder if it is not computer generated…


      • dude if you need “game” in Latin Am, you’re just doing it wrong. Game in latinoland is “i am a white man.” Act like one, that’s all you need to do.

        What CH should spend time doing is advising you people to become more interesting instead of how to play games on the internet with “negs” and PUA lingo and this other bullshit which is intended to HIDE who you really are.

        Seriously, if you did badass shit you’d feel like a badass and act like a badass and you won’t be so worried about pickup lines. Ever wonder how laconic military guys get so much pussy?


      • on August 22, 2014 at 12:46 pm The Burninator

        travv777 does have a point. When you’re doing badass stuff, you do in fact feel like a badass. That means you’re confident and couldn’t give a shit about the opinion of others. A finer cologne to attract women than overwhelming confidence has yet to be invented.

        [CH: doing the actual bad stuff isn’t necessary. overconfidence — confidence without real world merit — is itself attractive to women. check the archives.

        ps game is “faking it” for men as much as makeup, fashion, and exercise to stay thin is “faking it” for women. that is to say, not at all.]


  27. on August 21, 2014 at 4:26 pm Joachim Peiper

    Off Topic but interesting article. It tip toes around the reasons of course but they inadvertantly say why anyway.


  28. on August 21, 2014 at 4:28 pm Creeper Mitts

    I’m married with kids, routinely cheat, wouldn’t mind a divorce but don’t want to fuck up the kids. Wife doesn’t give me a boner anymore due to weight even though she works out every day. She just eats too much.

    She knows not to ask me if she looks good because I’ll give her a smartass answer so instead she asks which outfit looks best.

    My question is how do I get her to push away from the plate. I think I need to have a serious talk with her but that’s gonna end up making her “feel” bad. I feel like I’m being a big pussy about it but at the same time I’m getting younger tighter on the reg so I’m not that motivated. I’m not even sure I’d stop cheating even if she were smokin again. But it does embarrass me. That’s why I haven’t introduced her to anyone at my new job yet.
    Insights appreciated my brothers.


    • on August 21, 2014 at 5:56 pm Charlesz Martel

      Go to GNC and buy Almased protein drink. The stuff really works. Combine that with a Gluten free diet. I lost 30 pounds and literally was not hungry, as long as my meals (1 a day plus 2-3 shakes) were salad or lean meat and vegetables. Dieting is easy if you’re not hungry- murder if you are. I didn’t even exercise. The theory is that it stabilizes your blood sugar. Worked for me, anyway.


    • on August 21, 2014 at 6:30 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      She needs a diet overhaul. Clear out any bad food in the house. No more Ho-Hos, Cheez Whiz and Jack-in-the-Box. From now on, she’s buying organic, whole foods at Trader Joe’s and preparing your meals at home. It’s gonna cost more, but if she values her health and well-being, she’ll fork out the extra cash.

      If she doesn’t cook, teach her. She’s gonna have to learn if she wants that fat to burn. Cut out simple sugars like white bread and replace them with smaller portions of whole grains like brown rice. Up her vegetable intake and skip the fattening salad dressing and opt for organic apple cider vinegar, instead. Lean meats like chicken breast and sole fillets will replace your pork sausages and meatloaf. She needs good fats from flaxseeds and avocados, not that saturated shit from double bacon cheeseburgers and fried chicken. Google healthy eating habits and make her accountable for changing those bad habits into good ones.

      Make resistance training a priority at the gym. She’ll burn more fat doing squats, deadlifts and bench presses than she will walking for an hour on the treadmill. If she’s on the treadmill, she should be doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio, which is short sprints with timed rest periods, repeated over and over again. If she needs motivation, then have her train with her friend who’s in better shape than her or tell her to get a personal trainer to keep her on track.

      If she’s not willing to put in the effort, then why should you?


      • on August 22, 2014 at 4:09 pm Creeper Mitts

        Thanks man. She already cooks dinner and it’s mostly healthy. Her workouts lately are a half hour a day on the elliptical at home. She breaks a sweat but nowhere near where she needs to be. I’m gonna keep the weight set up for her on the squat rack in the basement. That might encourage her if it’s all ready to go.

        “If she’s not willing to put in the effort then why should you.”

        Kids. I don’t want their childhood fubarred like mine was so I want to keep it going. She is putting in effort, but like most women, she has no concept of how much work it actually takes to lose weight.


    • First: Clear your computer history before your wife finds out your post and #2, make sure she doesn’t travel to Toronto, D.C. or some third world country where the putty worshippers will do anything to access her holes.


      • on August 22, 2014 at 4:15 pm Creeper Mitts

        Lol, thanks. I use my phone and have locks on it.

        Maybe it’s cuz I get so much better on the outside, but I do forget that other guys would want to bang her.

        The irony is that if we divorce she will probably work her ass off to lose weight and I’ll be attracted to her again.


    • Have your kids poke fun at most conspicuous fat/flab. Poke mommy’s muffin top, jiggle her belly or (horror!) Fupa. Shake those sagging smile arms.

      Apply shame liberally. Check back in 2 weeks from once defeated. Calorie restrictions, and +++ protein diet next

      ‘Fat camp for Hubby’s chubby Lil secret’ has begun in earnest…..


      • on August 22, 2014 at 4:23 pm Creeper Mitts

        Heh. The shaming already happens, just not as overt. Mostly accidental on the kids part. She’s not disgusting fat tho. In the right light (dark) and angle she looks bangable.
        She hamsters it up or puts it out of her mind, dresses to cover it. So shame seems not to work. Just like when you call out any other woman on weight it becomes about the rudeness of the observer.


    • You’re cheating on her. You ask for advice how to make her stop eating too much. You even admit that you don’t know if you would quit your silly habit of cheating? Why should she show effort for such a miserable fool?

      [CH: cause and effect. she gets thinner, he gets hornier for her. the cheating abates.]


      • But they are married and promised faithfulness to each other.

        [CH: he made his marital promise to her when she was thin, and thus there was a tacit understanding that his promise was conditional on her thinness and could be revoked if conditions stopped being met.]

        Besides he said that he’s not sure if he would stop cheating on her. What is he offering her?

        [his renewed love.]


      • on August 22, 2014 at 3:34 pm Ripley the feminist troll

        And about what love are you talking? Loving somebody for the body the person owns?

        [CH: it’s a prerequisite. there’s no such thing as unconditional love.]

        I doubt that you’re aware of what love means.

        [you’d like to believe that.]

        I mean, some guys are only able to love with their dick, but these guys should not marry and have kids with a woman who believes in the fidelity of her husband.

        [a man who is able to love without his dick is called a really good friend.]

        And why are you assuming that the promise is only guilty under certain conditions? Never heard of that. It’s a promise for the whole lifetime and only such conservative and high values can be applied to a marriage. A wife also has to endure certain changes of her husbands appearance. A bald head? The marital promise doesn’t count anymore!

        [the ravages of aging are known and expected by all parties entering a marriage. getting fat is not. that is the difference. hth.]


      • Why are you calling me a troll? Just because I have not the same opinion as you? I really appreciate traditional values. And some woman gain some weight when getting older. You can’t assume that the woman you marry stays as thin as she is when she’s a young woman.


      • The only acceptable thing would be to tell her that she’s too fat and has too lose weight. You don’t get fat over night. This means the guys has looked at it for some years.


      • on August 22, 2014 at 4:41 pm Creeper Mitts

        Lol, why are you here?

        Am I not allowed to be happy too? She gets everything she wants: car, house, two kids, private school for kids, every god damn whim and no worries about money.
        I get 60hrs of work a week, stress about money, a fat wife and awful sex. Have you banged a fatty? I have to avoid looking at parts of her to maintain an erection.
        The woman I married was 5’8″ 120lbs. She is now 180 with no sign of stopping. That is a resounding “go fuck yourself” to me. The ONLY reason I’m with her is the kids. It’s charity at this point. I am in relationships with girls much younger and thinner and funner right now and the only thing holding me back is that there is still a tiny possibility that the woman I married will respect me enough to want to be her best, most attractive self.

        If you’re still appalled, then there is no hope for you. Oh, btw I regularly bang one of her best friends from church.


    • Just sit her down and tell her the truth: that you aren’t attracted to her and if she doesn’t change her behavior it will lead to either cheating, divorce, or celibacy. Celibacy is thrown out the window immediately, so she’s left with cheating, divorce, or lose the weight.

      If she wants to lose the weight, show her how to eat less each meal, 10% and then ramp up until she’s really eating a lot less. Also show her what to eat and make small changes with big impacts = mustard over mayonaise.

      It worked with my wife even though she protested at first and put up some serious resistance, “why should I have to lose the weight”. I maintained frame and stuck by the options listed above. She chose lose the weight and has been happier for it.

      Good luck. If you go down this path, there’s no turning back.


      • But the truth is that he’s already cheating on her. So he has to tell her what happened several times in the past. Good luck!


    • She’s the one that’s ‘cheating’ if she got fat.


    • on August 22, 2014 at 3:57 pm Creeper Mitts

      Thanks for everyone’s help. I need to do something cuz if she ain’t getting thinner, she’s getting fatter.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 9:29 pm Blueplillprofessor

      Paleo diet. She can eat as much fruits, veggies, and meat as she wants, just no processed bullcrap. The weight will fall off her if she is also working out.i


  29. How bout:

    Her: I’ll never be that thin.
    Me: K, I’ll think of her next time we fuck


  30. on August 21, 2014 at 5:21 pm malum prohibitum masculinity

    I’ve had this shit thrown at me from multiple hos, and my go-to response to her ” I wish I had her ass/tits” etc. has always been “Go ask her if she wants a threesome with us, then we can both have her ass and tits”.

    Then, just to punish her for throwing the beta bait/shit test my way, when she inevitably refuses to go ask the strange girl for a threesome, start walking toward the girl yourself and tell your ho that you’ll ask the strange girl for a threesome on her behalf. Your hofriend will reel you back in and and say “leave the poor girl alone”.

    Most times your girl will be so defeated/wet from your dodging of the beta bait, that she won’t try anything similar for a while.

    One time I had a girl call my bluff, so I had to sack up and go talk to the other girl. Being that my hofriend at the time couldn’t make out our conversation I didn’t actually have to ask for a threesome, so I asked for phony directions, making sure to point in the direction of my hofriend, then made her laugh. I walked back to my hofriend and told her “she only wants me”.

    Don’t just pass beta bait/shit tests, crush them, and don’t just crush them, go that much further to punish her for ever doubting your sack.


  31. “Does this outfit make my ass look fat?”
    “I can’t tell. Get naked so I can see your ass”


  32. “I’m gonna fuck the weight off you”


  33. on August 21, 2014 at 6:08 pm When Negroids ATTACK!

    “I’ll never be as thin as her.”

    “Try eating less and exercising.”


    “More cock, less cake.”


  34. Timeline post. Not sure how well I handled it but here’s the context and interaction. This is from the 26 year old theatre student with the long-term beta bf I gamed, then escalated, k-closed and finger-banged at my place. I couldn’t close because of logistics she had to leave, her dad had called asking when she was coming home so we had to leave.

    She flaked on me a week later saying her rehearsals ran late, so this past week I shot her a text about meeting up over the weekend.

    She agreed if she didn’t have rehearsals and would get back to me… then this:

    Me: How’s Esmerelda (The crazy Character she’s playing in her upcoming production)

    Her: she’s fine. but I broke up with my bf, not ok. feel awful

    At this point I didn’t know how to play it—asshole game would have been over-gaming considering she broke up just after I escalated. Caving in would be supplicating. I punted:

    Me: I know the feeling. (This was empathy but also an attempt for me to spark her curiousity. I didn’t want to feel sorry for her, nor did I want to seem like a completely uncaring asshole since she is already attracted to me and clearly told me this as both a reason she can’t come out and a signal that she’s open when she can. What follows is interesting)

    Her: Like everything is dying

    Me: Sorry to hear (Again here it was an attempt at empathy without sympathy or feeling sorry for her. Her breaking up is a good thing but I’m not going to do a victory lap here because as with most things I still want to bang her and nothing is in stone at this point)

    Her: But I know i’ll be fine, just hurt and lost. hahaha sorry to tell you this…

    I think she told me quite deliberately to let me know it’s on but she needs some time.

    Me: Watermelon (our nonsense word we use—inside joke)

    Her: Watermelon

    Me: (Changing subject) Went to Captain’s Bar for Daquiries tonight

    Her: Sounds good. Let’s try when I’m not in rehearsal…

    Some chit chat and off…

    So that’s it: “I know the feeling” and “Sorry to hear” in the context of her feeling bad.

    Up for any feedback.


    • I think you could have done with out the empathy in this case, been a bit more cocky and pressed her to go out.

      Me: I’ve been there too. Meet me at XYZ and you can cry on my shoulder while I have a drink.

      10-1 if she comes out it’s on.

      She doesn’t need more time, more time will be more thinking for her – about her ex BF. You already fingered her. Swoop in, she wants action.

      Girls always do the monkey branch thing, she started with you, grabbing on to your branch while she had a BF (who she knew she was dumping). be the branch and she will latch on. If not you she will be on some other dude real soon.

      don’t wait if you want it.


      • @Sentient. Solid post. In fact that is what I did. She’s up for meeting again and sorting out a time that works with her rehearsal schedule—which may be bullshit but is plausible.

        I do notice something. I’ve been gaming and banging girls under 30 recently. They are very different than the 34 year olds I was having a terrible time with who tend to be more pushy and shit-testing.

        These 26 year olds are flakier but also more genuine in that if they can’t make it they can’t but leave the door open.

        My modus operendai is now after one flake, I re-engage after a few days if it sounds legit. If I get a second flake—as in this case, I leave it with them to re-engage.

        The younger ones are more free-spirited and genuinely busy so meeting up with a bloke requires that bloke to have tight game and a calibrated level of persistence without being needy.

        I find it much more fun to be with these girls.


    • “I couldn’t close because of logistics she had to leave, her dad had called asking when she was coming home so we had to leave.”

      Heh heh, this is an example of why your daughter should live at home, dads. Keeps the N count down.


    • feedback: couldn’t care less. Women are like buses, there is another one coming shortly.


  35. on August 21, 2014 at 6:42 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

    Mother shares alpha with eleven year-old daughter, results in pregnancy. More news at 11.


  36. “honey, do these pants make my ass look big?”

    “why no dear, your ass makes those pants look big……..” smirk…..



  37. Hi, CH! I love when you fatshame feminists! Could you please write an article about this: ?


    • ” “Fat” is just a body shape.”

      No, it isn’t. It’s a metabolic state.
      And the author seems to know nothing about exercise, nutrition, or even food shopping.

      But she certainly knows Every Outfit Shelley Long Wears in Troop Beverly Hills, so she’s got that going for her, which is nice; I guess.


  38. Beta males, manginas and white knights are a menace when they form part of the Canadian government. Roosh V stated in one of his videos that he didn’t get that much action in D.C. and he would prefer Toronto in 2014. I say good luck Roosh V, beta males are like flies to the rotten feminists in Canada.

    The men in Canada are censored from expressing their emotions to women, and while the beta males lose in the first lap, the beta males end up with the alpha widows and playing child support if she has a Wile Coyote moment.

    These hoes aint loyal!


    • *The men in Canada are censored from expressing their emotions to women, and while the beta males lose in the first lap, the beta males end up with the alpha widows and PAYING child support if she has a Wile Coyote moment.

      These hoes aint loyal!


  39. on August 21, 2014 at 7:35 pm Harcourt Mudd

    What I learned a long time ago, even before reading the Rossian scriptures was to not play into their game. The interesting thing is, once you have higher standards, you become unafraid to hold your woman to a higher standard. My girlfriend is still, esp. compared to your average American (even some girls who are not “big” but skinny fat), TINY. But I remember someone on here saying that girls with ultra-feminine faces often suffer more with aging because the (Good) fat in their faces sort of fall, their small and dainty chins are not big enough to hide an increase in under-chin fan like a manjaw might, and they generally take some time to recover and reach a suitable mature stage of facial beauty. That is where my woman is now, she was just beautiful as a 20 year old and is still cute but needs to be VERY thin and small to retain her looks, whereas women who are 50 lbs heavier often look beautiful (IN THE FACE) because they are overall taller and larger people who do not retain the facial weight like others.

    I do not denigrate her in conversation but when it comes up, I do not shy away from saying that her body is still fine (though would be better with 10 lbs off) but her face needs the weight loss to look as good as she did when we met. It’s weird when you become alpha (even contextually) because you’ll find yourself having to struggle to offer compliments where a beta would fall over themselves to reassure a woman, even one they are not banging. Show don’t tell remains the name of the game. You can be passionate with your woman but don’t go all giving up plot because you think she needs your help. Be YOU and stand firm, she’ll follow even if she has to have a crying fit because you’re so insensitive. Oddly enough, I’ve never been in a relationship where a woman has cried so often and yet been SO happy and content overall. Her wanting to stay with me after finding out about my other relationship (at the beginning of ours) seems like further evidence that CH is right…


  40. GIRL: “I wish my ass looked like hers.”
    YOU: “Me too.” *shiteating grin*


  41. CH brings up a good point in a LTR. The difference between a shit test and a loyalty test. These can be hard to suss out if you are an alpha or ironically, a beta who has learned game and is alphaing up. But treat a loyalty test like a shit test and you wound attraction, however smash a loyalty test out of the park and its “doggy dinner bell” look all over again.

    I don’t know of any hard and fast rules to tell the difference universally, I just treat these tests as shit tests if she has been “misbehaving” and reward them as loyalty tests when she is behaving, i.e. post sex, post fun…

    My wife is quite attractive was Hollywood pretty 8 in the day, now an attractive mid 40’s. But nothing cuts a beauty as deep as a women’s own criticism of her aging self. Believe me, she knows every wrinkle, every sag (and she is still size 0, 125 lbs 5’7″, with abs) and I get these with some regularity.

    Post sex, in the shower:

    Her: “will you still keep me around now that I am old and wrinkly?”

    Me: Embrace, deep eye contact, hands on sides of head – ” babe, remember, I CHOSE you.”

    Her: Swoon, tears, embrace….

    End Scene

    Generally passing a loyalty test, she is emotionally into you. Past a shit test, she is turned on, but you still need to run the interaction.

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  42. on August 21, 2014 at 9:50 pm KuKluxKlan Knights of Templar Aryan

    remember guys if youre white aryan gfs and wives suffer from constipation, you have to do anal without a condom and she will thank you later.


  43. Spare an old man a few reminisces.

    Her: [Bending over to show me her very nicely rounded feminine derriere whose beauty she occasionally refers to.]

    Me: You know, they can really do a lot with surgery these days. You don’t have to go through life looking like that.

    You can offer reassurance without being too sugary. Keep it light and just not serious. It is really true. A light touch is all they need or want. When you are not serious, they know they don’t control you and you don’t control them. I knew a girl who was very attractive but had no breasts to speak of. She over compensated with extensive ink work. After a while, I just told her that after being with her for a time, I decided big breasts just looked stupid. She liked that. And, you know, it is true, at least at the time I thought it was. Later I hooked up with an amazingly proportioned young woman (See the short dialogue above). Imagine the fantasy babes you see in the ads for computer games sold to young men, only better and more anatomically correct. I don’t think those computer artists ever saw anything this good. I told her about my former friend and her peculiar mammary gift, but reassured the new one, “But, now that I have known you for some time, I hate flat chested women.”

    As an aside, those flat chested girls seem to bounce back from pregnancy in excellent shape. Something to think about if you are thinking long term.


  44. on August 21, 2014 at 10:13 pm Reservoir Tip

    Here’s a story, and a lesson I learned from it:

    Met a girl, went out with girl a few times, fucked her every time. Anyway, one evening we were out and she seemed a little upset/down/sick/female, so I tried to make her feel better by giving her lots of compliments.

    This totally strayed from how I had treated her before. Before, she paid for every date, I played 100% aloof asshole. She asked for my kids. What happened was, I broke alpha frame. I ended up paying for my food, and getting no action that evening.

    I received a text later and she explained,

    “I know I wasn’t feeling well tonight, but your compliments made me feel weird and insecure. Sorry.”

    Obviously she valued me enough to apologize, and I have banged her since then, but it was particularly eye opening to me. She knows she’s only a little bit above average, and getting compliments from someone of higher value throws her off. More importantly, however, breaking alpha frame throws her off.

    A man in charge shouldn’t feel compelled to compliment anybody. He should do it freely, by his own accord.

    That way, a woman isn’t ever expecting it, even despite a shitty mood, or if she were to appear in your doorstep looking like a million dollars.

    Compliments are rewards to be earned.


    • +1 making sense, must try that.


    • @Resevoir Tip A lot has been written about the neg. We also comment a lot about congruency and authenticity. The shift from aloof asshole to caring guy seemed like a ruse to her, it seemed insincere and made her feel “weird”.

      That fine line between rapport and attraction is something that needs to be constantly monitored.


  45. Last time I got ‘beta bait’ is was in a club. Chick I didn’t know pulls the ‘wish I had that chicks ass and/or tits’ shit test. It never occurred to me until this post that that was a shit test. I think beta bait is a type of shit test, not a separate thing. Liberated women are non-stop schemers and work. No wonder they get worn out by 35. The only answer to work overload without exiting game is to tune them out like background noise without leaving the moment. I am starting to learn how to do that on purpose. I think it will truly demonstrates indifference. I just need to figure out how to deploy it. Beta bait scenarios seems like a good time for tune out testing. And I mean turn off audio processing, not simply ignoring. Body language counts. Anyone use that?


  46. on August 21, 2014 at 10:33 pm beta schlub pond scum

    her: “i wish my boobs looked like hers”

    you: “that makes the two of us”


  47. She: “Her ass is better than mine.”
    Me: “Really? Hmmmmm…”
    She: “But what do you think?”
    Me [after very long pause]: “I think I’d like a pastrami sandwich. Do you think they’ve got any here?”

    She: “Does this dress make my ass look big?”
    Me: “Do I look like a fashion consultant?”
    She: “I just want your opinion!”
    Me: “My opinion is… [long pause]… there’s no way the 308 is the most beautiful car Ferrari ever made.”

    Repeat until she gives up.

    Never ever respond to the “poor me” with anything other than non-committal comments and deflection.


    • ” . . .there’s no way the 308 is the most beautiful car Ferrari ever made.” ”

      I’ll go along with that, but third isn’t really that bad.


  48. “Whatever.” “Okay. Stop it .” “O Shut up.”

    Flat out dismiss her. Any of the above when delivered through a playful annoyed tone will give her oxytocin orgasms. If she tries to reiterate herself. Deny her the audience again.


    • I’m not sure that’s advisable. I don’t think it’s adequate to just abstain from playing. It seems to me that the conversations have some reason to be, else she’d sit silent or discuss something else. Her remarks are an invitation to play a game. Your goal is to win the game, but to leave her dignity intact while simultaneously inviting her to play another game, more physical than verbal.

      Also, if you’re out hunting girls, presumably you’re at least filtering for “beauty” and “crazy,” so you’ll want to run through several scripts to check for “crazy.” Girls dig “deep, penetrating” conversations and (her)self-revealing moments. Use that to get at her anxiety and measure it against your lust. that takes more talking than any man ought be obligated to perform, but I’m afraid the task remains what it is. Remember, there are worse things in life than talking to women, like prostate exams, for example.


      • exactly kid. i’m leaving her dignity intact while asserting psychological dominance. There’s also a touch of ambiguity if you think about it further. There’s a lot of plays to deploy but this one works best for me and how i usually talk to women.


  49. Quick question: how the fuck am I supposed to expect a girl to chase me when she has 50 other somewhat alpha guys trying to get at her and texting her and inviting her to do things… Even after I’m having sex with her it still seems hard.

    Isn’t that equivalent to 50 other plates for a guy. Why the fuck would he chase down 1 girl when she goes cold?

    The sad thing is that I am this confused and I’m not even really that beta…I have 15-20 notch count with 7+s only and scored lower alpha smv…

    It’s either I come off as to beta, or I come off as too alpha? Fuck I don’t get it, I haven’t noticed girls chasing all that much. Do I just need to work on the beta/alpha balance. Advice on this would help…sorry to bitch


  50. “O Shut up.”

    I think that’s good. As CH once said, the more you can talk to a girl like you’re her catty homo friend, the better off you’ll be as long as you aren’t too effeminate overall.


  51. She: “Her ass is better than mine.”
    Me: “Really? Hmmmmm…”
    I think that’s gold. Make yourself the distant arbiter who is on the fence because you see things on a deep and subtle level, and you know your opinion means so much that you need to commune with the image of God within before even considering the possibility of sharing it with the world. Girls think it’s dreamy when a guy puts himself in that position relative to her.

    It’s God game.


  52. I must say I don’t like girls who are trashy enough to talk about other girl’s boobs and asses. Was the beyotch raised in a locker room?


  53. When, in the light of red pill you really start to understand how women think (I’m using the term loosely) and behave, most of their behaviour becomes either disappointingly or amusingly predictable.


    • 2nded most of my problems are when I start pretending again that girls can live up to even 10% of my ideal/fantasy for who they are

      just a bunch of dumb lizardbrain with tatas
      or smarter lizards
      but still lizards smart or dumb


  54. How about.
    Her: I wish my boobs looked like hers.
    You: And then what …..
    She: blah blah blah…..
    You: You’re an idiot.


  55. When a woman once said, “I was my behind was a little smaller”,

    a gentleman which I’m presuming to be her boyfriend or husband responded with,

    “Some men like a woman with a big arse, and you certainly have lots to love!”


  56. When she goes compliment fishing, I answer her question with the question my dad used to ask me when I would ask silly questions as a child, to wit:

    “Would you like the truth or just an answer?”

    Then quickly change the subject while she mulls it over.


  57. This is solid advice but the other night I kind of broke this rule. She was all like: “I’m just insecure and afraid that you’ll hate my body and uuuugh”

    And then I was like: “If I had my way with your body it would erase those notions from your mind”

    And she was like: “Weeeell what are you doing tonight”

    And then I smashed. So maybe you can get away with a little comfort as long as you keep it sexual.

    [CH: absolutely. and also context matters. if she was already into you, and her beta bait and shit tests were notably decreasing in frequency, then comfort game can work wonders.]


  58. Reblogged this on A Life Un-Lived and commented:
    For your consideration, the female mind at work.

    I’m sitting on a restaurant patio, eating lunch with my wife, when I see a woman pass on the sidewalk. The woman’s lipstick is a particularly odd expression of faux-flesh orange. I remark, with an angered tone, “I don’t understand why a women paints her lips a shade no cunt would ever have.”

    My wife responds, with a look of shock and anger at my coarse language, “Women can choose lipstick for colors other than their ‘cunt.'”

    “Perhaps,” I reply.

    “And I hardly wear any lipstick,” she adds.

    “Besides all that lip balm.”

    “And your mother wears very bright red lipstick.”

    To which I can only manage a raised eyebrow.

    Gentlemen, if we are to avoid so-called beta-bait, I recommend initiating the beta-bait conversation early and often in the manner above. She will compare herself to other women. You may as well construct the so-called conversation to your advantage. So, if you’re on the receiving end of, “I’m so fat,” may I suggest a response along the lines of, “Perhaps. But you know I like to slap-around thin girls.”


  59. How do you guys handle the “that guy is so hooot!” shit test?

    I am a 7-8, sometimes an 8+ (when well trained and dressed well) currently working with a male model 9+/10.

    Some coworkers (female dominated workplace, 90% women) will tell me how hot they think he is and I just can’t get the right comeback. These women (reacting) are mostly low SMV with some rare high SMV wooing.

    Her: “He is so hooot!”
    What should I say?

    Me: “You should ask him out.”
    Me: “I don’t think you are his type.”
    Me: “He only goes for cute girls.”

    Or there is the AA approach:

    Me: “So hot. I think I am gonna ask him out.”
    Me: “He makes me want to be gay.”

    Input greatly appreciated. I really can’t handle it. My comebacks sound butthurt at times.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 10:05 pm Blueplillprofessor

      Butthurt is the LAST thing you want to convey. That is failing the Shit Test not passing it. You pass it by not giving a fuck. Own the fact that some guys are super hot, use those visual stares to get your woman’s pussy wet, and then fuck her, hard. Al Bundy on married with children showed us one possible answer with his wife swooning to a hot Latino guy he just rolled his eyes- “I’d pick ‘hot Latino’ (instead of uber Beta teenage son) over Bud…AND your mother.”


    • […] . Researchers at the University of British Columbia have concluded that daughters whose fathers contribute to household chores are more likely to pursue careers that are not perceived as stereotypically feminine. […]

      So much is wrong with that, I don’t know where to begin.

      Emasculated dads produce “manly” daughters, how is that a good thing unless one is a lesbian feminist man hater?

      Career women have less children, how is this good for the slowly vanishing white race?

      and there are dozens other reasons why this is wrong


    • And every survey ever done has revealed that career women of today are less happy than women of previous generations.

      More than half of those women after a few years quit their “non-traditional for a woman” career to have kids

      And then when their husband is too nice, too beta – the type who does a lot of household chores wearing a cute apron – those women eventually stop being attracted and cheat on him with an alpha bad boy and then divorce rape those nice men.

      Most of you know all this already, so no need for me to go on.


    • god helm the men and the women who buy into that shit


  60. From the Twitter box and brutally awesome CH:

    “Race cuckold whites are performing a facsimile of autoerotic asphyxiation. Choke their senses to pleasure their egos. End game is death.”


  61. “I wish I had her boobs/ass”, is a little strange.

    Because when you say that you are basically drawing attention to another woman’s boobs/ass. Which is strange.
    Okay, even if a man notices a beautiful woman and looks at her, which if she is very beautiful, maybe it is difficult not to, but you still do not acknowledge that he is looking. You just feel uncomfortable and a little jealous, and do not say something, if it is something that can not be helped. To say Ahh I wish I had her boobs/ass, is making him look, and making you look bad comparison.

    “Do I look fat in this, or nice?” I did not think that is a poor me thing. It is asking for honest opinion, I think. Though admittedly, I have stopped asking my fiance because he would just say yes, you look fine. So now I do not ask, and when he wants to tell me I look nice, he tells me, and I appreciate it.
    You can count on your father to be more brutally honest, in that respect, if you look bad, he probably tell you.


  62. Re, beer post on twitter feed.

    Do you think 2 or 3 beers a day is bad for a man?

    [CH: yes. 2 to 3 per week is what men should shoot for, if they like beer enough not to quit drinking it.]

    Surely it is not going to make such big difference, if he also exercise.

    I know a man close to me, who drinks about 12 beers a night. Every night. And he is very thin. I think it is because all the beer has made him malnourished.

    [ultimately, calories in-calories out matters. if he’s substituting food with beer, the net gain in calories may be very small. also, how old is he? naturally lean early-mid 20s men can get away with. but after that, it’s beer gut time.]

    It might sound silly, but when I drink about 3 beers a week, I eat less when I drink a beer. Because it makes the stomach feel so full. (I never understand how men can drink beer with their dinner.)

    [It’s the same reason men can fuck two women at one time.]


    • He is in his late 60’s.

      It is a long story, so I will not say it to go off topic, but I think he has reached the point of malnourishment. He is eating lunch, which is high calorie lunch (800 calories about), but he will not eat dinner because he is already drinking beer by that time. He eats a snack after 10pm, I estimate his calories to be about 2500. He is 6’2 tall.


      • I should also mention he is sedentary. He is my neighbor. But I know many other men the same as him. Bless him.

        [CH: i think you’re asking a different question than the one you’re asking. the doctor is in. that’ll be 5 cents.]


      • He has a doctor. He obviously needs to stop drinking so much, but at later age I think it is pointless to take away the one joy a man has left. That might seem cruel. But imagine what suddenly stopping would be like for a man at that age. The stress would be too much.

        I was more, thinking how, after a certain point and number of beers, I do not think it is the cause of obesity. I was not clear enough, I was thinking as I type.

        Thank you for your input.

        [CH: if he has a genetic disposition to longevity, he won’t need to quit the beer. if it really bothers you to see him drinking so much, just casually mention during conversation that you know a guy who quit beer and got a six pack a month later, and the ladies loved him for it. maybe he’ll take the hint.]


    • on August 22, 2014 at 2:56 pm Col Nicholson

      I think every man over a certain age, say 25, should give up alcohol for 3 months as an experiment. You’ll find out in a hurry what role booze REALLY
      plays in your life. It can be VERY interesting.

      You’ll see, as never before, how this society floats along on a fucking river
      of alcohol. You may be surprised that it’s not as easy as you thought. Some of your friends will get pretty annoyed because, on some level, they know they’ve got a problem but it’s not yet manifesting itself in a way that anyone would identify as alcoholism . . .yet.

      As the person at the table not drinking you’ll understand, again, as never before, how worthless and trivial so much bar talk is. But, like the alpha you are or aspire to be, keep all this to yourself. Don’t be a sanctimonious dick.

      If anyone asks why you’re doing it, just say you were curious. Alphas are curious about everything, remember?


      • I think every man over a certain age, say 25, should give up alcohol for 3 months as an experiment. You’ll find out in a hurry what role booze REALLY
        plays in your life. It can be VERY interesting.

        I did that for Lent a couple of times. It’s difficult, but not impossible. It became easier once I realized that my game is actually better when I’m stone cold sober. One reason being that you don’t run off at the mouth. Another is that your judgment is running at 100%.

        Also, alcohol is overrated. Under certain circumstances, it can be very hard not to overdrink. I think that’s one point of watery Bud Light — so men can drink and drink but not get very drunk. Although, in my case, the problems occur more when people ply me with drinks, which has become quite common recently, possibly as my transition into a sigma male runs to completion.


    • Do you think 2 or 3 beers a day is bad for a man?

      [CH: yes. 2 to 3 per week is what men should shoot for, if they like beer enough not to quit drinking it.]

      Seconded, especially if you define beers as “microbrew pints”.


      • I think of a beer as the 330 ml bottle. I am surprised by the 2 to 3 per week guideline.

        But, Americans do not seem to drink as much as Europeans. In Moldova almost 20% of the population are alcoholics. I think Russia, Ukraine are about 17%. Most people have at least 1 alcoholic in the family. Maybe it is genetically predisposition? What is fascinating is, the countries with highest alcoholism do not have the highest rates of alcohol related death. This could be because of less advanced health care, but how advanced does the health care need to be to dry out, or cut down gradually under doctors supervision?

        If you go in the butcher store at about 10am in the morning here, you can see the butchers having their first shot of the day.

        I think it is just considered normal, people know that if a man works hard, he is entitled to drink too. And if there is a problem, many Americans probably just go to therapist, many our men are too proud for that so they just drink instead.

        I think there is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation. But a lot of people take this verse very much to heart. Proverbs 31:6.

        “Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more.”

        The good thing is, during Lent, wine/any alcohol is not permitted on any day except feast days.

        Col Nicholson is right, probably quitting for some time is one is just casual drinker, it could have very good effects. People tend to look healthier without alcohol. Heavy drinkers also retain water, due to the dehydration, so they will probably de-bloat right away, even if it is not fat loss.


      • “What is fascinating is, the countries with highest alcoholism do not have the highest rates of alcohol related death.”

        What I mean here is, above CH said if one has the genetic disposition to longevity they do not need to quit alcohol. Which is interesting in light of the fact that the countries with the highest alcoholism are not all die of it prematurely.

        I also read recently that white people have higher tolerance to alcohol. Specifically blue eyed people. I will try to find the link for where I read it.


  63. Canadian friend I’m not a paid liberal I despise liberals and conservatives just as the libertarians hate the Democrap and Republican political platform.

    Stephen Harper and Trudeau are pawns in the FemiNazi game


  64. Woman: I’ll never be as thin as . . . cute as . . . or Is my butt big etc etc

    Man: Appraising look . . . pause, direct eye contact, pause, “ALL THE MORE REASON TO WORK ON YOUR ATTITUDE”.

    Woman: ?!? slack jaw dilated pupils end of program.


  65. “Maybe so, but I’d still hit it.”


  66. Dread Game FTW!


  67. […] Beta bait. It’s a trap! Beta bait and shit tests are similar concepts with some notable distinctions. Shit tests occur with the most regularity and intensity during early game, and at times when the relationship is on the skids.  […]


  68. One piece of beta-bait I still occasionally fall for is when a girl, who has a great body, utters empty complaints about her body. “I’ll never be as thin as her/I wish my ass looked like hers/She has really nice boobs…” etc

    Her: “I wish I was as ____ as her”

    Look at her wistfully, like she is a sad puppy, tousle her hair, give her a quick squeeze to comfort her and then:

    “Yeah. I know. I do too.”


  69. My wife is overweight. So am I. She never asks me if something makes her look fat. If she did, I would hold up my wedding ring and say, “Does this make me look stupid?”


  70. A woman’s beta bait is like the Bene Gesserit Pain Box: Crisis and observation is the objective.

    Good DUNE reference!


  71. Easy to remember:

    Just stay with: “So true!”

    This takes the issue off the table.

    Chronic (wet) blanket agreement takes the vibe out of the oral project.

    One can also go with:” That’s a shame/ tragedy/ a loss for all humanity…”

    “Will you be needing professional help?”


  72. Guileless reassurance: lift her chin, kiss her neck slowly, nibble her ear lightly, then wink cheekily as you move away

    I know, late to the plate hah!


  73. This, in practice, means that indirect approaches on hot girls should theoretically work better than direct solicitations,

    Are we talking social circle game or meat market?

    [CH: indirect approach just means plausibly deniable flirting.]


  74. […] “Women in LTRs needing expressions of acceptance are usually moved into that position because their lovers are alpha men who are a little short on beta vulnerability game. Such women are sexually bonded to their alphas, but their emotional bonds may fray if, over time, their men — and remember these are men with options — don’t supply them with sufficient sweet talk to allay their gnawing fears of future abandonment.” Source: Chateau Heartiste – […]