A Theory For Where It All Went Wrong

Reader electricangel, inspired by the story of Pajamaboy (born in the year of president Butt Naked, in pajamas, cradling a mug of hot cocoa, winner of the 2015 Most Punchable Shitlib Face contest), offers a theory for where it all went wrong.

“dear God, Where did we go wrong?”

Maybe sending our 27-year-old men in 1943 out to kill to make Eastern Europe safe for Stalinism, and to make China safe for Maoism had something to do with it? At a time when Europeans had begun to allow contraception (1930, Church of England), they still elected to kill off what Scrooge called “surplus population” and each other, and withdraw from the conquered planet that they had subdued.

PajamaBoy is what results when generation after generation you take the men whose high testosterone would have them reject a bad split in the ultimatum game and send them into a charnel pit. The men left behind literally lack the balls to take unreasonable stands in favor of injustice being punished that may, nonetheless, damage themselves.

I know computational geneticists tend to scoff at theories of wartime culling to explain postmodern European man’s effeminacy and race cucking, but thinking about it I can’t see why it’s so implausible. In 1918, France’s total male population was ~20 million. World War I inflicted ~1.4 total military deaths on the French male population (we can safely assume the vast majority of military dead were men). That’s a pretty significant 7% reduction in total Frenchmen, and an even greater proportionate reduction in the number of prime age Frenchmen who would be most likely to marry and have kids. (Back of envelope calculation, figure Frenchmen aged 20-40 in 1918 numbered around 5 million. WWI would have thus exacted a toll of a 28% reduction in the number of prime age Frenchmen! A poosy paradise for any men still alive at the end of the war!)

Assuming (and it’s a big assumption based on the notion that masculine men make riskier choices, especially in war) that the bulk of military men who died in the WWI flesh ripping machine had on average higher testosterone levels than the military men who laid low and survived, it’s not a huge leap to infer that 28% of prime age, post-WWI Frenchwomen had to go it alone or settle for one of the surviving low T betas. They would have kids with these beta males and, multiplied millions of conceptions later and then again as the process repeated itself through the meat grinder of WWII, bequeath White Europe the founding population of über betas who would, ninety years later, become bronies and race cucks and open borders nutjobs and Matt Yglesias.

Not a sermon, just a thought.


  1. Decent theory. Merry Christmas CH and thank you for a great 2015 of reading when I should be working.


    • on December 26, 2015 at 10:32 am Captain Obvious

      Don’t kid yourself – pondering the horrific Nihilism of modernity is a full-time job. Yesterday [Christmas], I opened up a little, to a chick whom I know pretty well, about some of the sh!znat which is lurking just beyond the horizon, and she called this morning to tell me that she had a Night Terror about it last night – she woke up screaming bloody murder.


    • J3w Culture has sanctified the victim above all. After two generations of J3wish cultural dominance in The West, we see the effects of striving toward ever greater weakness.

      Reject J3w morality, embrace Master Morality. Serve as an example to those who would be great again.


      • on December 27, 2015 at 4:36 am Mean Mr. Mustard

        Their masterstroke as a culture is simultaneously being able to play the victim while also being in a position of influence and power; economically, politically and culturally.


      • Dumb people admire the jews,middling people envy the jews,but people who have a clue hate the sons of bitches!


  2. on December 26, 2015 at 9:22 am Drive Them Before You

    Lots of devastating wars with high casualities have been fought throughout history without a consequent pussiness death spiral. For instance, if your theory is correct, the American War of Northern Aggression would have created a much stronger pussiness spiral here.

    We have to look at what was different in the 20th century. Contraception and IQ-fertility inverse correlation, the welfare-state induced relaxation of darwinian selection pressures, xenoestrogens in the water supply, simple fattening leading to low T, or some other unique feature of the 20th century are the only causes we can plausibly blame.


    • I agree. My comment in mods basically argues its the welfare-state and overall ease of living. R v. K.

      Moderation rape!

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    • Yes, and the Soviet Union lost the most soldiers in WW2. They should have it the worst.


    • Well, America lost relatively few during both WWI and WWII, and pretty much all of those supposed he-men returned from the war.

      So from a genetics standpoint, the USA should be chockful of T and have several generations advantage over our European brethren…

      … yet we’ve become as pussified as any European nation.

      Hell, to the point that, during the height of our so-called Golden Age, the president sent Airborne troops to force White folks to allow their children to become victimized by negroes starting at an early school-age, and no shot was heard ’round the corner, let alone the world.

      It’s not about who died on the battlefield… it’s all about how soft you have it back home.

      Give him a bee…, a “super” market… a couch… and a TV to watch somebody, somewhere throwing, kicking, or hitting a ball… and yesterday’s Lochivar of the trenches gives birth to a gaggle of pajama boyz.


      • That should read “give him a beer…”


      • the shift of male bodies from farming type work towards industry, and eventually towards the key-punching jobs of today undoubtedly impacted their T levels.

        there’s a good chance your average male in 1943 started working when he was 5, grew up branding cattle, carrying bricks up 6 flights of stairs for his pops, chopping down trees (with an axe) compared to the prolific pajama boy-type of today who’s still bottle feeding (formula, not even real breast milk) at age 27, and is basically only physically adapted for keypunching:


      • Audie Murphy was one of these hard working farm guys. Yet, early on, he was too young and too small to be taken seriously. He took care of his mother and siblings before the war by hunting, farming, odd jobs, etc. Pajamaboi and those he represents undoubtedly lack the fortitude and drive to take care of themselves on a farm, much less produce enough for a family. Especially when they are 15 years old. It makes me sick. I wonder what Murphs testosterone levels were like. Also, would love to see a remake of ‘To Hell and Back’. If it were done honestly and without any magical negroes. I’m rambling and enjoying Christmastime Piper Heidsieck. Merry Christmas.


      • The so-called ‘best generation’ went off eagerly to fight the ‘evil’ Nazis and Japs, but came back home, and within a relatively short period (a span of 10-15 years later) sat by while the government passed laws against their race and allowed the Basketball-Americans to start running riot. Although they fought bravely, I will be glad when the last ‘Nazi killer’ is in the grave. A generation of intelligent suckers, who held up the lie in order to make their stupid battle not seem so meaningless.


      • had a college professor who fought in ww2. i’d ask him questions about his experiences over there and all he ever responded with was what an incredible waste of time his war years were, and the war in general. i was shocked to hear this at the time because it contradicted everything I’d been taught about the war. now i know better. he was a known anti-semite and JADL was non too relieved when he passed on and stopped poisoning young minds like mine

        he was such a savvy bastard though. he would invite delegates from Israel and the Jewish lobby to come speak to our class, shills for the zionist cause basically, making them fair game to the students

        but, being all thoroughly indoctrinated at that point none of us American students knew enough to challenge these guys. but there was this one dude, Boris, a fat Russian exchange student with thick coke bottle glasses. he would just lay into the Israeli guys, calling out their bullshit lies and hypocrisy, and he was thoroughly pissed off while doing it. it was great

        back then I thought “how come this guy knows so much more than we do?” now I know. it was really eye-opening


    • You forget that the bulk of the deaths in the WoNA, were from disease, not combat and that due to the inefficiencies of the weapons at the time, the death rates for combat was relatively low, with the wounded pretty much precluded from returning to combat units; unlike WWs I & II where the wounded were patched up and re-sent back to the front lines.

      Thus a lot of restless, high testosterone survivors got very adventurous and went West to conquer the “Great American Desert”, either as cattlemen or farmers.


      • It is my recollection that due to the terrible conditions unique to trench warfare, just as many men died from disease in WWI as from bullets and shrapnel.


    • Not to mention that usually the people drafted to stay in trenches aren’t exactly the bravest and smartest people and due to regression towards the mean, even if they were the bravest, the impact on the bravery of the next generation would be trivial anyway. Genetic change explanations over a century or two seem silly to me. I mean, I suppose if you killed a third of black people, the rest would become as smart as white people. If the rationale applies to bravery, it works for this too.


    • This is why I don’t buy this theory at all. Seems to me we would have been estrogen filled men a lot sooner with the amount of wars we had over the years.


  3. on December 26, 2015 at 9:29 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    I suspect there are remnant European populations of high-T men in the colonies (and former colonies) that did not experience such a culling.

    Maybe an immigration / breeding program could be set up to help re-populate Europe with more virile European men from abroad?

    Just a thought.


    • on December 26, 2015 at 10:37 am Captain Obvious

      CH: “Assuming… the bulk of military men who died… in… WWI… had on average higher testosterone levels…” ——— In WWII, they definitely had higher IQs: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn16297-intelligent-soldiers-most-likely-to-die-in-battle/


      • on December 26, 2015 at 10:53 am Captain Obvious

        Obviously Darwinian Nihilism says that being a snivelling coward [or finding some bullsh!t excuse not to serve – flat feet, asthma, stuttering, WTFE] is the best survival strategy for male of the species. But the more your most noble & virtuous men are killed in war, the more what’s left behind becomes an R-Selected cesspool, with a handful of Big Men hoarding all the p00ntang and the great swath of Little Men giving one another bl0w j0bs.


      • on December 26, 2015 at 10:57 am Captain Obvious

        K-Selection – which has only ever occurred in the White Race, and which tends to denote a strong and robust “Middle Class” – is exceptionally rare and precious in human history, and we need to ponder the very real possibility that the Eskimos & the Bohemian Grove traitors are motivated by an ancient biological Evil which seeks to eradicate K-Selection and the “Middle Class” once and for all.


      • Lots of fallacious assumptions in that article: as war got more technical, the technicians were in the rear preparing and repairing the machines.

        The grunts upfront who were the “tip of the spear” and did the bulk of the actual fighting, needed to know no more than how to fire a rifle and keep it clean, as well as how to close and win a hand-to-hand fight.


      • on December 26, 2015 at 12:35 pm Cap't Tautological

        NO!!! The USA DOD has required a minimum IQ of 93 since forever [it’s about the only USA institution which wasn’t Griggs-v-Duke-Power’ed]. Increasingly warfare is only for the High IQ, and there is no purpose for cannon fodder anymore. PS: Arguably, these drone strikes against the Mohammedeans are selectively removing the SMARTEST amongst them – the engineers and lawyers and doctors and whatnot [which is yet another huge WIN-WIN-WIN for the Israe1i Eskimos].


      • on December 26, 2015 at 12:43 pm Cap't Tautological

        What our Elites seem to want is a Brazilian form of the Hindu caste system – a tiny handful of High IQ Brahmin [the “Top 1%”] and a swarming seething stinking cesspool droid army of Low IQ Untouchables [the 0bama voters], with just enough of a White middle class to make the trains run on time [but no more than is absolutely necessary].


      • Tautological is right…brazil is the future and always will be


    • To preempt that very possibility is why Western governments make it virtually impossible for such men to immigrate while encouraging every turd world parasite to set up here. Virile racially-aware White men are our overlords’ worst nightmare.


      • on December 26, 2015 at 1:42 pm Captain Obvious

        > “Virile racially-aware White men are our overlords’ worst nightmare.” ——— THIS.


      • +1

        picked up a chic the other night who just moved from canada. A hot white chic got a job transfer. She was talking about how hard it was to get the transfer approved and he hard it is to get financing for a car and apartment. I was honestly shocked.

        it’s no joke. The system is rigged against whites. White collar dot Indians and asians flow in much easier than white people.



      • on December 27, 2015 at 7:06 am Captain Obvious

        > “Unbelievable.” ——— BELIEVE IT.


    • I’d love for someone to explain Argentina then to me. It’s a 97% European country that hasn’t had a major war for ages, but went from being one of the richest nations 100 years ago to becoming a third world banana republic with food riots, kidnapping for profit, runaway inflation, and sociopathic strong man dictators in tall brimmed saucer caps frowning upon the peasantry from the Presidential balcony as their rivals mysteriously disappear. It’s like an all white ghetto. By all this HBD science, it should be the economic and social North Star of the Western Hemisphere, rule by law and contract, not the whim of men, a European Hong Kong. Socialism? Than at least it should be another 1970s era Sweden. Europe burned through its political fanboi of strong men phase 60 years and 50 million dead ago; our Argentine DNA cousins can’t seem to function without a boot on their European heads (witness the Hilary clone they just finished having run the joint, amazing a general didn’t take over when she finished). How c