Stanley Kubrick On Game

Hat tip: Sunny Bunny.


    • on October 11, 2014 at 10:59 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      da gbfm teaches gamesz!!!!

      naturally i gottas keep a mask on as DALROCK and his frankfartianz flock is after da gbfmz zlzlzlzlzo



    • on October 11, 2014 at 11:05 am Just Went Rogue

      Eyes Wide Shut is basically “Naming of the Jew: The Motion Picture”


      • C’mon…don’t give the Jews credit for that theatrical performance. That’s full blown Satan.


      • Indeed… Praise the creator, not the creation.



      • I never saw a Kubrick film which was not rank purposeless anti-human nihilism. And none of them stand the test of time [nor do any of Spielberg’s movies]. I know of no evidence that Kubrick was not a monster.


      • Blah blah blah… rank purposeless anti-human nihilism works wonders for the Sociopath Alpha looking to pump-n-dump the bar whore… blah blah blah…


      • Well when the emotions are constantly beaten out of existence from a tyrant…what’s a humanist to do but concoct a Molotov cocktail of lust, anger, and despair to throw back at society. Depression isn’t always bad feelings…it can be a lack of emotions and you’ll do anything to get those emotions back. Even if it means pumping and dumping, get addicted to drugs, or going out and blowing up the established order.

        On the flip side…I believe in God who cares about my being and backed it up with actions. If that’s an opiate…then shoot it into my veins.


      • Uhh, earl: KUBRICK IS THE TYRANT.
        [audio src="" /]



        Well how do you think tyrants get their training…they aren’t born in a vacuum.


      • Actually, Biological Calvinism says precisely that they were born in a vacuum.


      • I never saw a Kubrick film which was not an exposition of the rank purposeless anti-human nihilism that is all around us and largely controls our lives.

        I know of no evidence that Kubrick was not a monster hunter.


      • on October 13, 2014 at 11:08 am Just Went Rogue

        “I never saw a Kubrick film which was not an exposition of the rank purposeless anti-human nihilism that is all around us and largely controls our lives.
        I know of no evidence that Kubrick was not a monster hunter.”



  1. My first date, Barry Lyndon. 3 long hours long. I should have paid closer attention. It was all right there. After the red pill you start noticing it’s all right there in all the old movies.


  2. on October 11, 2014 at 10:38 am The Southerner

    What happens if she refuses the kiss?


    • on October 11, 2014 at 11:22 am anus the bitter incel

      you go Elliot Rodger or Sodini because you have read manosphere blogs for 3 years

      [CH: rodger did nothing but bitch and moan over at]

      and did everything they told you but somehow it didn’t work,

      [false premise. rodger and sodini did not do “everything they told you”.]

      actually because it’s all bullshit and the only thing it matters is that you are a socially savvy,

      [charisma matters.]

      normal person

      [iconoclasts get laid.]

      with good looks

      [looks matter less to women than they do to men.]


      [bill clinton was in his 40s when 21 yr old monica fell in love with him.]

      and with social dominance,

      [getting warmer.]

      all things deriving from an optimal birth and puberty,

      [and social context + environmental noise.]

      with a lot of social life, no nerd gay shit and mostly never had the need to google: “how do I fuck women”

      [einstein read the works of physicists before his time.]

      + never had to fuck his mind with idiot theories about red / blue pills because women fucked him up,

      [the only blue piller here is you.]

      because he never had problems with women, he may have had problems but he just rationalized them as “she’s a slut” “her loss” “gonna fuck someone else now” or just grieved a pair of days and then went on with his life.

      [there are plenty of men who “had problems” with women and learned how to stop having problems with women.]

      Again, all things deriving from being a normal socially inserted individual without any emo teenage needs

      [you sound upset. semen backing up?]


      • Umm, nice little lies there. The truth: Elliot Rodger had nothing to do with the Manosphere. He did however post at the “PuaHate” forum which I bet you come from. You losers (and yeah, PuaHate is a forum for losers) are unable to understand simple facts about human nature. Even when they are backed by overwhelming scientific evidence over and over again. Laziness, stupidity and inability to carry on anything sucessfully in life prevent you from reading. They also prevent you from writing, other than in long, ungrammatical ramblings like the one you just wrote.

        Your hero Rodger never mentioned the Manosphere in his very long “manifesto”, and he only mentioned “pua” in reference to your PuaHate forum. “But he wanted women!” And communists want money – that doesn’t make them capitalists. Claiming that he has something to do with the Manosphere is like saying a communist is connected to capitalism because he posts at a communist forum that attacks capitalism.

        Oops. Truth hurts dumb minds like yours.


      • Welcome to the those-of-us-who-dared-mention-the-Emperor’s-bareassedness club.

        Hope your flame suit isn’t out for cleaning.


      • Cut deeper next time.


      • I didn’t get the purpose of approach week until I read this. I figured actually applying things was a given.

        Try going out tonight and talking to women within your attractiveness threshold, applying some of the tips and tricks you might have gleaned between asspained ramblings and work your way up.

        The problem with Rodgers wasn’t that he read this shit, it was that he read it, didn’t try any of it and scurried off to PUAHate when hot blondes weren’t instantly falling on his whiny manlet hapa dick for virtue of the fact he read a damn blog post.

        RE: If she refuses the kiss, keep the same shit-eating grin as you had when you went in, shrug and go back to contemplative detached smoking.
        Outcome independence is the true heart of why its called “game”; its supposed to be a fun diversion and if you happen to take a loss, who cares?


      • Sperg.


      • @ch
        You dont think that dimorphic looks give you automatical social dominance over an androgynous nerd? Have you ever been in school


    • Tell her you play hockey and she’s a whore. What could possibly go wrong there?


    • > “if she refuses the kiss?” Scray had a good attitude:


  3. Try this on No Girl and see what she says.

    This is my pipe. There are many like it, but this pipe is mine. My pipe is my best prop. It is my game. I must master it as I must master my game. I must blow straighter than my date, who is trying to nag me. I must blow at her so that she will blow me. Before the Château I swear this creed: My pipe and I are the masters of the sets, we are the rippers of corsets, we are the fillers of holes. So be it, until there are no more sets, but after-sex cigs. Light up.


  4. Barry Lyndon was always talked up as a great movie, but I could never sit through it, back in the day.

    Guess I should give it another chance… but I’d wager Ryan O’Neal at the height of his stardom would get a better reaction from a lady with whom he was acquainted, especially in a movie, than some half-assed stranger on a train blowing smoke.


    • on October 11, 2014 at 11:03 am Just Went Rogue

      It is a great movie if you can appreciate the visual craft involved, rather than the plot mechanics.


      • appreciate the visual craft involved, rather than the plot mechanics

        Talking about every Stanley Kubricks movie made except Full Metal Jacket


      • Dr. Strangelove and especially Paths Of Glory had more-than-adequate plot mechanics.


      • “Dr. Strangelove and especially Paths Of Glory had more-than-adequate plot mechanics.”

        Paths of Glory is another great Kubrick film that sometimes gets swept under the rug. Its final scene with the singing German girl and the catcalling French soldiers is one of the most powerful that he ever made, in my opinion. Not to mention inspirational for those of us who are of an ethno-nationalist persuasion. Pitch perfect.


      • Kirk Douglas (yeah, yeah… I know) was seldom better. His “go to hell” to the general was one for the ages.


    • Barry Lyndon is a truly beautiful movie, hard to describe. It’s been many years since I have seen it, but I remember thinking that it’s almost like an old portrait come to life.

      Naturally, being what he is, though Kubrick manages to capture an astonishingly beautiful and elegant European aesthetic, he also can’t resist mucking it up every now and again. Just filter the few bad scenes out, and enjoy the rest. Still one of my favorite filmmakers.

      One realizes just how much has been lost in our world of leaping bonobos and twerking afreakins. The orcs are definitely within the gates, and the war between beauty and ugliness has been decided, at least for now. Ugliness won.

      The modern world: a constant assault on one’s aesthetic sensibilities.

      Separation is the only solution.


    • Worshipped it from the start. Cinema’s purest “motion PICTURE”: like painting in motion, but also a great novelistic examination of a society, with ultimately shattering dramatic effect.

      But with due respect to the Chateau, it must be pointed out that Redmund and Lady Lyndon’s relationship is quite unsuccessful. The last romantic moment they share onscreen (a couple of minutes after this scene in the carriage) is a rapturously overexposed but chaste kiss after he poignantly whispers, “I’m sorry.” The rest of their marriage is treated without ‘heat’ of any kind; and the film’s final scene shows Lady Lyndon signing off on the pittance of an annuity her spiteful son has agreed to in order to be rid of his mother’s husband forever.

      Her pensive pause and distracted look betoken pain, but her marriage to the handsome Irish rogue has, like their lamented little boy, met its grave.


  5. Saint/Sinner game: Rust Cohle


  6. on October 11, 2014 at 11:32 am Lurking_Gorilla

    Heartiste, this is off topic but I come straight to you when I have a question: what effect does the size of your city have on your game? No one (to my knowledge) has brought this up.

    Both day game and night game seem to require some different approaches depending on how big your city is. In bigger, more anonymous cities you can experiment more, but in smaller places where everyone knows everyone it’s harder to pull off a lot of womanising without being tarnished as a player and cockblocked by exes and white knights


    • Roosh addressed some of your concerns:

      My thoughts:

      Yes, the urban scale and power does matter. Cities tend to be ‘blue’ and country ‘red’, but that is more sheeple style than substance. Superstition prefers the boonies and statism prefers the city. The best women go to the city: pussy goes to power, and it’s in the major cities. I think there is an order of magnitude or more difference in game required for same results.

      ‘Tarnished as a player’. You have more blue pill to excise. Women are the greatest natural players. They are compulsive manipulators, can’t help it. You are cockblocked because you are not player enough! White knights are coward men who need a safe outlet for stifled manly aggression, like NFL. If you look over you shoulder and identify a ‘leader’ WH and make example one way or another but get submissive body language, they all usually back down for fear of having to face alone someone ready to go. Social norms are becoming more primitive. Violence and threats as can be sneaked between the police state gaps are and will be increasingly the norm. Women like men who can and will defend them, but with insufficient political rights be careful and tactical. Might makes right, not paper but the faith in paper: riddle of steel.

      Resistance to changing your social acceptance is a bad thing? You think they care about your success or theirs?

      If everyone knows everyone else where you are, you should be patient with targets/sets. Try to get into people’s heads, try to connect with the sheeple emotions/instincts. Men are sexually needy; women are emotionally needy. I don’t think the friend zone is a bad place. I think it is a great place! Once there, if a guy can start saying yes or no for his personal gain and not give a shit about the zone queen one way or the other, she will hurt when you leave without giving her anticipated comfort, which is attraction if you aren’t simply trying to hurt her by animosity (over social standards that won’t work) as your priority but are loving yourself with no animosity in the primitive way the animals can understand. It is not your country. They are not your people. Sheeple are sneaky parasites who catch as catch can. When in later Rome, do as the later Romans do. If you are ever in a position to found a new Rome, then you might actually impose civilized values. With the uncivilized, do not have civilized intent.


      • ‘Tarnished as a player’. You have more blue pill to excise. Women are the greatest natural players. They are compulsive manipulators, can’t help it. You are cockblocked because you are not player enough! White knights are coward men who need a safe outlet for stifled manly aggression, like NFL.

        Yeah, yeah, yeah. What does that have to do with what he said? His point is that making a large number of cold approaches, or even a large number of approaches in social circles, is much more likely to give you a reputation as a “shark” cruising the waters when you are in a smaller town. This is very true. Women will always be eager to warn each other of a shark, and once you have that reputation no woman can say yes to you even if she would want to. Because the other women will see her leave with the guy who is known to hit “on anything that moves”.


      • @Arbiter We just disagree. In my experience, and per my self-consistent theory, all women want to fuck the same few guys. You are either one of them or you are not. It is a lie women (and men by echo thinking) tell to maintain undeserved reputation and undue control. In my experience, if any chick wants to fuck you for some time, her friends want to fuck you to. I have a theory on that, but to keep it simple, no woman wants to get left behind as undesirable compared to her friends. You can either fuck ’em all, or you can’t fuck one. That’s the small town. In the city, it is true enough, but if everyone knows everyone, you can be sure some guy is fucking all of them at will. I say be that guy or fail trying and don’t settle for second best because it is a negative prize. I think you and LG are giving too much credit to women. They are more animal than you think. Attraction is not a choice.


  7. Not going to help. Denialists will say, correctly, that Barry Lyndon was a man who did everything wrong in his life and was held up by Kubrick as a cautionary example.

    The whole film only came about because Kubrick at some point had a huge fetish for THE DUEL WITH PISTOLS AT DAWN and wrote a movie so he would have an excuse to film such scenes.


  8. Barry Lyndon is rarely cited among Kubrick’s best films, but I think it stands up as well as anything. Yes, it has its own aesthetic, as do all his films….if you can appreciate the pace, it’s a beauty.


  9. “Barry Lyndon” is an excellent example of a man’s progress in life from middling beta to alpha / cad / blithe womanizer. Let us count the ways:

    Redmond Barry steals several identities until he seduces Lady Bullingdon (the babe in the video), causes the elder Lord Bullingdon to die of pulmonary failure, takes his riches and his wife, dominates young Lord Bullingdon, lives high on the hog, squanders his new-found wealth on wine, women and song…ah, those were the days!


    • ^(I meant Lady Lyndon, but the point holds: he stole a high-status male’s wife and fortune).


    • I have totally missed this film. Now I must download it.

      Kubrick also wanted to make a movie about Napoleon, but he died before that. Too bad. Would have been interesting to see his take on that topic.

      I would like to see a movie that shows people the full French history of that period, though. Today most people think it went like this: “Republican revolt against royal oppression. Went just a little bit wrong with Robespierre. But then came Napoleon who was so cool and fascinating. Then there was a republic again. The end!”


      • on October 11, 2014 at 12:15 pm Just Went Rogue

        He canned the Napoleon project because of budget limitations, not because he died first. Just saying.


      • The entire shot sequence for the Napoleon movie exists, and indeed was on tour in Amsterdam, LA etc last year as part of a Kubrick exhibition. For those who want more, there is the novel he commissioned Anthony Burgess (of ‘A Clockwork Orange’ fame) to write – Napoleon Symphony.


  10. This short “bee in a glass” scene from “Decalogue” 2 is one of the most powerful in film.

    In terms of the movie’s plot, it’s a metaphor for the cancer patient fighting his way back to health. Can it be scaled up and allude to, I dunno, national survival against all odds…


  11. This scene from Decalogue 2 is one of the most powerful in film.

    In terms of the movie’s plot, it’s a metaphor for the cancer patient fighting his way back to health. Can it be scaled up and allude to, I dunno, national survival when things seem bleak…


    • Kieslowsky is a genius and whole Decalogue is a masterpiece
      but Short Film about Killing is the one of the best directed films ever
      A few ever mastered the language of film as he did, even fewer had talent to turn a simple story into the powerful visual narration

      Must see


    • Kieslowski was one of the best. My interpretation of his work, which culminated with the French-language Three Color trilogy (Red in particular) is that it expressed the Communist-era intellectual’s hope that Eastern European faith will inspire the materialistic West toward a kind of Christian humanism.

      No less a genius is composer Zbigniew Presisner, who wrote scores for most of Kieslowski’s films.


    • Kieslowski was also master of colors
      The only one I can think comparable in that department is Almodovar

      Preisner,Red and Irene


  12. Up next…how Jack Torrence used the Dark Triad to keep Wendy in line.


  13. on October 11, 2014 at 12:47 pm Pervert from a high school playground

    In other news,

    a woman in love in action.

    Notice the multigenerational (genetic) blueprint at play.

    Also notice the requisite beta-looking husband.

    Can’t win situation as-is.

    Hence the necessity for subscribing to alpha + game masterplan in life.


    “I’m one of the lucky ones: I’m married to my soul mate…

    The first time I ever saw Nige, my heart caught in my throat and my stomach dropped faster than you can say “love at first sight.” I was captivated, awed and knocked sideways by the depth of my attraction to him…

    Today, my secret is this: I love my husband, but I often want to cheat…

    It frightened me that my hunger for a cheap thrill had the power to overshadow the vows I took on March 16, 2012. To throw away the trust, intimacy and love that we’d worked so hard to build felt unnervingly easy, so easy to throw away…

    What drove this attraction was a subconscious drive, handed down through generations of women in my family, to sabotage happiness and push love away.”


  14. I laughed at the video clip, because that’s basically how I ended up with Mrs. Troubadour stuck to me like glue for more than 20 years. “That fat chick who follows me around is annoying. She doesn’t smoke. I’ll blow smoke in her face every chance I get.”

    I’ve been trying to adapt that strategy to hot chicks, and the situational dynamics just never work out the same way. They would if I could ever get a hot chick to chase me, to want me more than I want her, and that is the key to everything.

    Oh well, it is what it is. You guys wouldn’t believe how much I’ve gotten done since I gave up the quest to get side pussy and went back to living life.


  15. on October 11, 2014 at 2:45 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh


  16. Shoot yer jism in my face and I am yours for the nite.specially if yer a nigger


  17. on October 11, 2014 at 4:03 pm The US of A has Anal Prolapse



  18. different topic but I need help: if a girl is constantly complaining about her co-workers (some are males), what the best way to respond? I don’t know any of them personally.

    [CH: “sounds like you’ve got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”.]


    • You mean that some are men. “A male” is feminist-speak to make men sound like animals. That is the way to refer to animals. Not men. The only time you should use “male” for men is as an adjective before a noun, like “two male scientists discovered….” since “two scientists who are men discovered” would be too cumbersome.

      And if you ever say “sausage fest” to mock a gathering of men I will hunt you down and kill you.


  19. on October 11, 2014 at 5:29 pm Mean Mr. Mustard



  20. Of course, the latter part of the movie is all about Barry’s downfall..seemingly brought about by his hubris.


  21. Speaking of Kieslowski, below is the final six minutes of “Blue”, the first of the Three Colors trilogy films. “Blue” deals with liberty. The choral music, composed by Kieslowski’s long-time collaborator Zbigniew Preisner, is titled “Song for the Unification of Europe”, and the soprano sings the well-known passage from Corinthians 13 in Greek.

    The EU is a hideous anti-European failure, so we can reinterpret “unification of Europe” however we want to. I like to think of it as a dream of a one-day free peoples.

    In the clip below, the various scenes make sense if you saw the movie; they are all characters from the film. One of my favorite scenes is at 2:00, when a young man awakens and touches his crucifix.

    There is a scene there as well where an old woman dies and another woman smiles while looking at her sonogram.


    • Indeed. One of the most lying pieces of Newspeak today is when politicans and media talk about the EU organization as “Europe”. “The U.S.-funded Ukrainian coupsters are going to sign the immigration deal with Europe”.

      Imagine referring to an organization encompassing some of the countries in North and South America as “America”. “Today, America has decided….” Or an organization in Asia as “Asia”. Or one in Africa as “Africa” does this or that. Absurd.

      The EU is not and never has been Europe. It is a temporary bureaucratic organization meant to destroy European nations through mass immigration.


  22. Cleaning your own G.d Da.M Toliet Properly..
    There will be 3 Things you will need,
    Yu are are as if a Guy are in wrong umless


  23. on October 11, 2014 at 10:07 pm Master Blaster

    You know your top shelf.

    Hard to reach.

    It’s what makes you so good.


  24. Okay, so over the years this blog has been a refreshing haven as I went from a neophyte to having some modicum of game.

    Figured id give back in a small way(also because Im moving over to a different one now) : Ive used it to bag a few notches off of OKC;

    Every time I go drinking with my buddies, I spam online OKC profiles in my tiny college town with the following opener “Dragons or direwolves?”
    Given the modern female’s obsession with Game of Thrones, a few chicks reply.

    If we pick the same choice, alright. If not, I down a beer.

    Move on to the next question. and the next. and the next. Embed negs, build rapport, tease, hook em, get their phone numbers, move the convo to text. close.

    Excellent way to experiment with different types of personas : ive had serious philosophical conversations, extremely nasty exchanges, gotten to know some really cool chicks..I could go on.
    Great way to improve text game, insert false time constraints, push-pull, abundance etc

    90% of chicks who respond to the second message will give you the number if you play well.

    Ive brought up shit from these conversations three weeks later in our mini relationships and gotten those “omg im falling in love” doe eyes from chicks.

    Sprinkle judiciously. Only caveat is youll find you need to delete your OKC messages regularly to avoid reaching the 300 message limit.

    over and out.

    [CH: bringing up some sparkling memento from an old conversation is a surefire way to inspire that doggy dinner bowl look in a woman. a woman’s love blossoms when fertilized by these tiny signs of a man’s emotional attachment.]


  25. Alpha of the century: Former 87 year old governor met hot, young blonde wife while in prison and she gave him a son.

    No excuses for anybody…


  26. Any version of house of cards also nicely captures the reality that chicks dig power.


  27. Interesting clip from Canadian television circa 1965. Writer Hunter S. Thompson and some Hell’s Angel going at it…Spot the AMOGging…and also note how the audience cheers when the biker says “Sometimes you have to beat your wife like a rug…” Discuss…


  28. O/T a bit but…What.If: What if our women are behaving so badly because their biology is telling them we’re unfit as mates/offspring fathers because we’re not men enough to conquer them, never mind defend. They’ve conquered us and never been so miserable. Or unbearable. These women are running off to join ISIS, or fucking the nearest criminal.

    What does that actually say about our civilization? that our women’s instincts incline them to fuck criminals? It says we’ve taken a wrong turn and become entirely too civilized. This must be undone, and we can begin by not asking anyone’s permission especially any woman’s. Even your sacred mothers [they’d better be] must be told calmly but firmly it’s men’s business now.

    It means you might want to consider not telling Beta’s how to get laid and be manipulative, but that traditional methods of man raising until at most 50 years ago and were universal worked better. Still plenty such out there, mind you in America they hide.
    They hide more in Europe because America conquered Europe, when our forefathers were still men.

    As for the feminists and the problem dramas, FEMEN etc the solution is simple: DO IT. Give them the Equality they demand. Treat them as you would men who so crossed you.
    Let them feel equality’s tender embrace.


    • Pretentious writing style with zero knowledge. Just pulling shit out of your ass.

      “These women are running off to join ISIS, or fucking the nearest criminal.”

      Nice try, little ignorant boy. Those are not “our” women as you write, they are Arab women. You don’t know that because you have only read a title in some neocon rag and that’s all. Too lazy to learn.

      “because we’re not men enough to conquer them”

      Idiot. The reason there is mass immigration and feminism is Jewish media control. Those who fight back have their careers destroyed. Their windows are smashed in the middle of the night by communist gangs, their cars are burned, and the media hide the attacks so that they can continue without media sympathizing with the victims. But again, you are too dumb to read up on these things. And too lazy to be active in any organization, so you know zero about what is going on.

      “They hide more in Europe because America conquered Europe, when our forefathers were still men.”

      LOL Bragging little kid trying to sound macho. Those “forefathers” (such a cool word! Right?” were conscripts who had no choice but to fight for Roosevelt’s Jewish advisers’ goals. They were the ones who wanted mass immigration, feminism and the other tools for destroying the West. You praise them but complain about the state of things today, and you are too much of a retard to see the connection. In the 1930s, despite Jewish media propaganda 90 percent of Americans opposed the Jewish plans to invade Europe. They were silenced only when the anti-White Roosevelt strangled Japan’s economy by stopping their oil supplies and illegally freezing their assets in the U.S., forcing them to fight back by attacking Pearl Harbor, the tool for military control of Asia, or be destroyed and starve as they would only have been able to keep their industry going for at the most two more years without oil.

      Dumb ignorant sheep like you are the reason feminism is rampant in the West today. And then you complain about all men, when its people like you, whether men or women, that support those who hold men down.


  29. @HABD/YaReally and anyone else… this is just to share some recent game moments…take from it what you will. I’m seeing 3 girls I’ve banged and a 4th who is more an outlier who i haven’t. There are a number of other girls that I treat as “orbiters”–they have bf’s or i would otherwise NOT want to bang them.

    Over the weekend went out with two different girls I’ve been banging. Friday one of the girls i’ve been taking and I went to a play, dancing, drinks…then we were all over each other. We’re usually all over each other straight or after drinks. She revealed to me that she’s actually 23…not 26 which I thought. She asked my age; “Do you really care?” I asked, she waffled. Then she asked “What is our relationship?” I said: “We are lovers….I think we see the world the same way.” She asked me about a girl I’m friends with and whether we were together. It’s interesting because many people I know THINK we’re banging—i do nothing to dispel that notion. But I told her “nah…she used to go out with a friend of mine, so I’m loyal to my friend.”

    Then between grabbing at my balls and making out with me….she told me she was still hurting from her recent break up and was taking meds and seeing a therapist. Again, normally this type of talk would freak me out…but i take it as stupid shit young girls say for dramatic effect. I just looked at her, pulled her close and said “I think you’re doing a lot better now….” and she grabbed me and began making out…I took her home because she’s predictably got a curfew…

    Saturday we saw each other casually at a bar, but I left without her to meet some friends. Sunday I texted to meet up. She said she had plans to do some work on something: “So I have a date too late”…. The reality is—two other girls have asked me to take classes with them, one is smoking hot 10/10–who is engaged but again…people see me with a hot girl and they immediately think we’re banging. I have no reason to get upset at stupid shit anymore.

    I reframed and texted back a short blast about a thing happening in my life. I thought it some type of cunty shit-test but am now adopting an attitude of amuse mastery where i ignore stupid shit and just talk about whatever i want to at any time.

    The second one was much easier to deal with—26, a nanny who is only free certain Sunday’s. This was more interesting. No drama. No shit tests. She sees me as high-value and the amount of game required is minimal.

    Finally one of the girls–24 year old– who asked me to take some dance classes with her was at my weekly party. I went over to scoop her up and she pretended she didn’t see me—the idea was to shit test me while her friends watched to see what i would do.

    Instead of walking away. I stood there smiling…then when she did get up…I pulled her hair in front of her friends like a 5 year old boy would. She laughed and laughed…then kept punching me and laughing more.

    So…the “amused mastery” is really not getting to much inside my own head about “respect” and shit….letting stupid shit girls do wash over…and otherwise having a good time.

    Also, I’m starting to see this “shit-test” as truly a “test”—girls just having a weird go to see how you handle it. I have lost my shit with my crazy ex gf and now see i was overly invested and losing my shit because I felt a loss of control. Funny how now i really don’t have that same sense of powerlessness because it’s kind of all a big pile of fun for me.

    I’m sure there are things in these stories where i could do better…but honestly it’s not the content it’s the attitude that has kept me afloat. It’s like it doesn’t matter what i say…but how i say it that makes the impression. Say something beta—wait for reaction= low value…Say something beta like a boss and go for the make out…and you are the boss.


  30. Been a LONG time since I saw ‘Barry Lyndon’, iirc, there was some uproar back then over a (very mild) homosexual scene. Other than that, I seem to remember that it was about a young & very good-looking cad-in-training playing gigolo for a significantly older woman. No ‘game’ required.
    And that it was really boring, at least 1 hour too long.


  31. Ebola in Texas

    “Officials ‘very concerned’ that Dallas hospital worker who contracted the disease while treating the America’s first Ebola casualty was following guidelines for staying safe “


  32. help. [snipped]

    CH: obvious troll is obvious.


  33. As an aside. I thought that Barry Lyndon was one of the most visually beautiful movies ever made, despite the unfortunate casting of Ryan O’Neal. The indoor scenes were actually shot in candle light. Worth watching simply for the art of cinematography.


  34. This is why I love game. Out the other night, run into some married guys I know. We are all hanging out, sitting at a table in a large sports bar/restaurant. Good venue because it’s not too loud but still gets a good crowd.

    I go up to the bar and order a round for us. While there, gaming the bartender (have been for a while, it’s getting pretty funny) and there are three girls, all friends, sitting in a row. Call them Near, Middle and Far (and they were white, before all the threads start). I am waiting for my round to come, and I start balling up the little cocktail napkins. Ask Near, “you think I can sink this?” and gesture to Far’s glass. she laughs. I pop a shot to Far’s glass, and miss… So I am like “oh man. my arm is stiff, I need another shot”, Far is like “what?” I roll another and this time intentionally hit her in the face with it… like a 4th grader with a spitball. Near is laughing and Far is laughing. Now Middle pipes up “Nice going LeBron!”. I keep laughing roll a few more up. My round is coming.

    I pivot around Near and dunk one right in Middle’s drink. She is like “whaaaaaat?”. I say “You’ve never seen LeBron dunk one? Hmmmm.” Now Near and Far are dying. And even Middle is cracking a smile at this.

    I go get my round, pop a couple more toward Far’s glass, hit the rim, but no baskets. Give them a nod and go back to my table.

    They keep looking over every 10 minutes and when they look back, I lob a 3 pointer over to them, hitting heads, bar etc… and I then add in another table of 4 hot girls who are watching this, keep peppering their table with rolled up cocktail napkins…. Goes on for an hour and then a manager comes out with a broom and sweeps up.

    Now pre game, I would have gone up to the bar, ordered a round. waited quietly for it, snuck a few glances at these young lovely’s and gone back to my seat… what a waste…

    and BTW who do you think watched this funny little episode? Hmmmm? Yup… my bartender target.

    Game on…


    • It’s interesting how girls don’t care about the content, they’re more curious about the attitude. “Who is this guy?” But you have to spark that attraction otherwise bouncing napkins off their heads will just annoy them instead of intrigue them.


  35. on October 13, 2014 at 5:57 am Mean Mr. Mustard



  36. on October 13, 2014 at 6:00 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Ohhh and who can forget …


  37. This is tight game bro’s


  38. Wise words


  39. Kubrick is the master. Anyone who appreciates intelligent, carefully made, artful cinema should love Kubrick’s films. He also understood women better than most. Other films that illustrate Kubrick’s knowledge of women include Lolita and Eyes Wide Shut.

    In the latter, the scene in which Nicole Kidman tells Tommy about her infatuation with the sailor she saw at a resort illustrates one of the key Heartiste maxims: “5 minutes of alpha is worth 5 years of beta”.