COPROP Update: “Nuclear Memes: Messages from the Alternative Right”

This ebook deserves a plug. Support your Alt Rightist/Right Artiste. Take the fight to the enemy.

Related: Samples of Realtalk memetic images from A. L. Baxtery. The origin of the term COPROP.

PS Radio Derb gave a generous acknowledgment to this ‘umble outpost of un-sugared pills.


  1. Wow. Great, great site.


  2. Dear Porn Apologists, eh?

    [CH: although i’m far from a prude, i do think evidence will slowly emerge that mass consumption internet porn has had deleterious effects not just on the functioning of the dating market, but on society at large. (same goes for female porn, e.g. “fifty shades of billionaire sadist cock”.]


    • Porn (and I’m talking the hard core, Gonzo stuff here, not nekked lady pinups) hollows men out. All morals aside, men should resist porn because it damages them. It is scientifically proven that the chemicals released in the brain from masturbation are different then those released by sex. Internet porn users are fapping their life force away.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 8:13 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        Pörn is in the Protocols. It is produced and promulgated by the Jéws.

        First they started off with lesbian porn in the 80s to brainwash a nation of men into thinking that (one side of) homosexual sex was “cool.” I remember being shocked by lesbian pörn the first time I saw it. Now that form of homosexuality became mainstream.

        Then interracial, bombarding millions of white heterosexual men with repeated images of white women getting savaged by savages, often several at a time. (Combined with black professional sports for maximum effect).

        Now efforts are underway to get straight men into transsexual pörn. Gay and bi porn is similarly “slipped into” the various tubes.

        This is literally destroying and warping the minds of tens of millions of straight white men, and it is definitely intentional.


    • Hey, glad to see you back. I guess you’re taking a break from banging your MILF mom?


    • From Lavrenti Beria, Georgian Eskimo and former Head of the NKVD in the USSR.

      “Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel…”


      • Interestingly, if you go to Wikipedia, they of course claim that Beria was Orthodox Georgian. The article cites two web pages written in Russian, neither of which say that. It also cites a book, I don’t know what that says.

        Beria personally contributed to quite a bit of degradation of morals.


  3. on October 27, 2015 at 1:07 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    Awesome! It looks as if the Alt-Right is finally starting to get it.

    Enough with the HBD-derping and lengthy academic essays.

    It’s memes, shitposting, art, graphics, poetry, marketing, branding, and propaganda that will change the world.

    [CH: there’s a place for the hbd wonkery, but there also needs to be equal space given to the shock troops, the street artists, the mischievous jerkboys, and the samizdat hellraisers. it has to be an all-fronts attack. the hivemind won’t go easily.]


  4. Mostly good stuff. But I must strongly disagree with the dear-cop-haters one. What would actually happen if all cops disappeared is that white men, their hands freed at last, would form militias and extirpate all traces of that vile race which is the cause of most crime in this country.

    Pigs exist for two reasons and two reasons only: to generate revenue from productive white citizens and to protect black scumbags from would-be white vigilantes. They are not your friends.

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    • “would form militias and extirpate all traces of that vile race which is the cause of most crime in this country.”

      Maybe in your dreams.


      • Yeah, it’s only in my dreams that a obnoxious minority of only 12%, with an average IQ a full standard deviation below the majority ethnic group, wouldn’t last five minutes without police protection.


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      • Every good thing starts as a dream.


      • That’s spelled ‘Mohammed’, bro…


      • You can’t extirpate a whole race you moron, least of all one that is a billion strong.

        If you refer to coons in America, you can’t extirpate them either. Nobody would be willing to do it, even if they were able. (questionable)

        How many completed genocides do you know of?


      • Muzzies aren’t a race, dipshit.

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      • You can’t extirpate a whole race you moron, least of all one that is a billion strong.

        LOFL! There aren’t anywhere close to a billion niggers in the U.S., idiot. The entire population of this country is only about 300 million. Perhaps you thought I was talking about extirpating all niggers everywhere. I wasn’t. Just the ones on the North American continent.

        How many completed genocides do you know of?

        Once upon a time, white Australians came pretty damn close. Same with white Americans. And the tools of modern warfare weren’t available then.


      • Muzzies aren’t a race, dipshit.

        I am not talking bout Muzzies, dipshit.


      • Some Guy, I think Mohammed was referring to his fellow jihadists…


      • I hate words like “can’t.” Of course we can. White men just need to remember the art of the possible.


      • Nigger may be dumb, but they’re not made of paper.

        What’s more, what are the FUCKING odds, of whites not growing weak once significant inroads are made? The will will be gone after initial successes and people will relent. No way in hell will a complete genocide of AfAms happen.


      • “How many completed genocides do you know of?”

        Spoken to any Amalkites lately? Thracians? Illyrians? Hittites? Pontic Greeks? Ionian Greeks? Sumerians? We are very close to the elimination of Chaldeans–who have been in Iraq since the days of Nebuchadnezzar.


      • Prussian (the ones who spoke a Baltic language, not the German-speakers who replaced them… who are no longer there either.)


      • Didn’t Europeans cause the complete extinction of the Arawak people?

        Didn’t the Spanish cause the quasi total extinction of the Incas or Mayas ( or whatever they were called )

        Didn’t Europeans cause something close to the extinction of the native Indians?

        I’m sure those who know about history will come up with other examples.


    • +1. Very solid except for the bootlicking/cop-sucker nonsense.

      A policeman can be a good guy (most probably are) and a good friend. The Police are an occupying force loyal only to themselves and in service only to an oligarch-controlled state; a militaristic, roving band of tax collectors with a license to kill you with impunity. Period.

      They are most definitely not your friend. Avoid them whenever possible.


      • I have a cop in the family.

        There are some good guys on the force, this is more true in white, rural areas and definitely less true in big cities where the police departments are increasingly full of ethnics, drug-dealing Wops, Greeks, and Spics, blacks, butch women, and now (in Canada) muzzies.

        They exist to protect the state, take their guns home but would do away with private gun ownership, generally hold their local populations in disdain, can’t live in the community they police, shoot/taze white people far more than they do blacks, and, generally aren’t that bright. They’re also fat trade unionists who extract big pay/benefit/pension increases out of increasingly squeezed municipal taxpayers, and rack up tons of questionable overtime, also at the taxpayers’ expense.

        Don’t count on these fat, overpaid slugs in a time of collapse. Consistent with their culture of entitlement, in a crisis they will sooner shoot you, take your wife, and loot your valuables than stand up for what is right. Many white cops on the New Orleans PD looted and deserted during Katrina. Katrina, in fact, is a dry run for a collapse: blacks will run wild, cops will act with impunity, and weak whites will shuffle into government camps hoping for protection, only to be let down.

        PS – boycott cop shows/movies. They are another arm of the propaganda effort.


    • You are kinda right, except that “they know not for whom they work”. A good example was “occupy” a few years ago, before it got corrupted by YKW. The cops, for the most part, are just decent plebes like the rest of us. Many with military background. What else are they going to do? They did not come from money. When they enlisted, they did not know they were signing up to fight the Jew’s (apostrophe is not misplaced; done intentionally) wars. As cops, they don’t really understand that the modern government is communism. Just as 90% of all Americans don’t really understand these things.

      The #blacklivesmatter thing causing 85 IQers to execute cops in cold blood as they were eating their lunch, just hoping to get home to their children that night, was fucking bullshit.

      The media has taken it too far and it’s amazing the revolution has not already started.


  5. The alt-Right has the momentum, creativity, and confidence. Chateau Heartiste has been playing a vital part in this.


  6. Lol at the claim that Antifas want to import millions of religious fanatics that want to kill anybody that doesn’t believe in their religion.

    Seems like they aren’t the only ones who went full retard.

    (hint: if that was true, you’d have noticed)


    • The anti-injun one is also weird. What is more natural than a conquered tribe seeking revenge? It should be directed at whites who indulge in it. Why would a redskin NOT give whites shit? If “whining” is what gets shit done and damages the white man, then it’s reasonable to whine.

      As for the porn slide, anyone who refers to grown women who can vote as “vulnerable” needs to get the meat hooks. Go worship ovaries elsewhere, pussies.


  7. on October 27, 2015 at 1:33 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    For some good Alt-Right memes and posters, check out the French tumblr blog ‘The Most Forgotten French Boy’:


    • Beautiful and (a cliche but) though-provoking photos. Countercurrents for the latest article on Guillaume Faye, but French Boy for illustrations of archeofuturism. This kind of propaganda is exactly what could make American white youth decide that “this” is where they want to be, that the left and its diversity are for asexual losers, and turn them into a generation identitaire.


    • Some nice photography there.


  8. […] COPROP Update: “Nuclear Memes: Messages from the Alternative Right” […]


  9. Btw, a strong reason why MPC are scum, despite their positive sides:

    These faggots (or at least a large part of them) would call you a pussy for opposing this travesty.

    [CH: i don’t agree with everything mpc huwhytes say, but i agree with a lot of it. plus, they have style. and style wins a lotta points in the sphere of public influence.]


    • What is MPC?


      • MPC = (surprisingly hard to Google)


      • I think that The Occidental Observer has really improved its editorial standards over the past few years. It, along with VDare, are the sites I find to be reliable. I found this site through TOO, and stayed b/c it, too, seems politically sound, and the game posts are useful to me. Amren and Takimag are a mixed bag, but have some good stuff.

        Glancing through MPC, they are elitists, and some of them even seem to be elites (though bullshit isn’t always easy to sift on forums), but to some extent, they seem to suffer from the same problem that other white elites have. They are too proud and too embarrassed by low status whites to admit a comprehensive group interest.

        I come from a white subgroup with an illustrious history but who also suffer from a lot of self-delusion. The truth is we are nowhere near as accomplished as modern Germanic people (in IQ, among other traits). I’ll add the caveats that I think our diaspora has a higher IQ than in the mother country and that my family members generally have pretty high IQs. Nevertheless, I love my culture and I will do what I can to promote it despite its flaws.

        All peoples are works in progress anyway and are either reproducing in eugenic or dysgenic fashion. Moreover, all white subgroups share common history, culture, and Christian heritage to some extent. Maybe it’s not always the case that a rising tide lifts all ships, but for white people, were to the point where smashing a hole in our neighbors boat is just going to create wreckage that will sink our own. We can no long afford for Russian/Polish, Romanian/Hungarian, Croat/Serb, Greek/Bulgarian, Castillan/Catalan, or English/Irish animosity. Albanians and Bosnians are a special case b/c their religion/culture ties them to a massive horde of people with hostile intentions to us. I wish we would prod them along the Emir Kustirica route of cultural consciousness.


  10. French all-girl band Les Brigandes does realtalk songs. Ones with English subtitles include “antifa” and “the great replacement.”

    They wear eye masks to show that real artists have to be anonymous under a hostile state. One of the really nice things they do choreographically is standing shoulder to shoulder and swaying like reeds in water.


  11. You are getting SOOO redundant and boring. Everything is a teal deer and you’re really getting left behind, social climate wise.


  12. RE: But, but, they are not aligned with ME 100.000% percent!

    one should be happy find himself shoulder to shoulder with people he agrees with 80%; and one should be ecstatic should he find a gang of brothers he’d agree on 90%.

    Quest for ideological purity is nincompoopery, and how you end maneuvered by TPTB into (easily controlled) groups of folks that agree 40% on average.


  13. The Radio Derb shout-out was awesome.

    Derb was my gateway into the political Red Pill. I read NRO’s The Corner around 2000-2004 and he stood out among the participants, with his patented wit and obvious impatience with cant. I also liked his two weekly columns there. What made him an eye-opening writer for me was that he did RealTalk, styled to suit the time and place and his target audience, in such a way that pried the hairline cracks on the establishment-Right’s wall of taboos. Literally, thanks to Derb I stopped feeling alone with my raciss id-monster and doubting my sanity or character on account of harboring dark thoughts about the human condition. Maybe I’ll have an opportunity to say Thank You in person on some occasion.


  14. on October 27, 2015 at 8:58 pm mendozatorres

    OT: just came across Washington DC test results. Some laughably sad shit but not surprising. It’s a powerpoint pdf.

    Look at the graph on page 8…

    For English 2, only 25% met or exceeded expectations. 17% approached. The more I started looking at the graph, the more I saw it broken down by class.

    The 17% folk are the ones that are affected the most by entitlements and high tax spending. The middle class, in a way.

    The 18% and 7% are the upper upper middle class and elite and/or stupid wealthy, respectively.

    The final two are level 1–did not meet expectations and level 2–partially met, coming in at 37% and 20% respectively. These are the welfare and generational welfare, low iq, mainly minorities, refugees.

    The 17% pays the most in taxes for the 20%, while the 18% altruistically pays slightly less for the 37%.

    The 7% knows enough to hide their money well to avoid paying anything, if at all. And every time they want to tax the 7% more, it falls on good old 17%.


  15. The memes about Christianity and Judaism are evidence of ignorance and hatred from that ignorance. They were enough to convince me not to contribute.

    For example, the OT Scriptures about the Messiah going to Sheol are that he went to Abraham’s Bosom, not the burning side of hell. Reference the story of the RichMan and Lazarus. Even if the Messiah was to go tothe burning hell side, the Scriptures also point out he did not see corruption.


  16. on October 28, 2015 at 10:28 am Les Saunders, Protestant

    Another reason wives should not be in the workforce:

    The silly and absurd concept of “work spouse” first started making the rounds in the 2000s, and apparently the masses have not been sufficiently conditioned to accepting it, so, more propaganda such as the above piece.

    My favourite line:

    “Paul is a huge source of support — but nothing would ever happen between us.”

    Reminiscent of the thunderous “we’re just friends” women issue to signal that this man isn’t worthy of getting in their pants.

    The article dances around the subject of your wife spending her days getting emotionally invested with a man at the office while barely, and finally, alluding to massive elephant in the article:

    “But this summer, Richard told Angela he was falling in love with her. “Since then, things have been awkward, both between us and among our colleagues, who can all sense the friction.” So much so, that Angela is applying for a new job: “Having a work spouse seemed like a good idea, but I’ve learnt the hard way that it comes with risks, too.”

    Newsflash, all normal men will develop “feelings” (also known as getting a hard-on) for their work-wife. The work-spouse routine is an elaborate charade, a game of adult make-believe, where men pretend to “build collaborative, understanding, “”relationships”” with womyn at work, in the faint hopes of boning them, while women allow these “partnerships” to blossom for the same reasons, which have been thoroughly discussed, of having orbiters.

    A caution to all men: don’t for a second let these situations develop, and for god’s sake, don’t invite the work-hubby to your home for dinner, (unless you want to poison him). That is a first step to cuckoldry. Basically aal yourself, what would a caveman do?

    A favourite line:

    ” ‘Paul adds: “There is a chemistry between us in terms of trust and friendship — but no sexual vibe.’ ”

    Yeah right, Paul. Another liar or chemically-castrated male.

    Another gem:

    “It would be easy for their real-life spouses to feel unsettled, but Emily, married to digital marketing consultant Will, 34, with whom she lives in London with their daughter, Matilda, three, says her husband isn’t jealous: “Will trusts me implicitly. He and Paul are similarly calm and considered.”

    Unsettled. Please. Any normal husband would want the guys throat, or be delivering the back of his figurative hand to the emotionally wandering wife. Note how the wife starts makin comparisons between real- and work-hubby, essentially equating them. She clearly has no respect for her husband. She should have been effusive in her praise of her real hubby, but no, he’s basically as good as the work-hubs. Real hubs ought ought to be worried.


  17. “Dear conquered peoples – the history of humanity is one of constant conflict and competition for resources like land, food, water, and women. You whine about the fact that Europeans were and are better at this contest than any other race of men in the world. You losers want us to regret being better at conquest and exploration than you were. You want apologies and reparations from people who were stronger and smarter than you, people who unequivocally won. We aren’t sorry and we owe you nothing. Deal with it.”

    I needed that.

    I went to college and spent four years arguing with leftists, digging for true facts to prove the Crusades weren’t about forced conversion, Western imperialism wasn’t about racism, Europeans didn’t steal from natives, so on.

    But I felt a nagging twinge of guilt – maybe the left had a point, maybe Europeans had no right to their victories. I couldn’t shake off the cancerous equalist premise.

    This blog and other sources of Forbidden Truth have enlightened me.

    I was missing the point. Why should I apologize for ancestors who kicked ass and took names? Why should I regret being a son of winners? Why am I defending when I should be celebrating?

    There are winners and there are losers. My ancestors were winners. Great!

    I have a long way to go. But I’ve learned a lot.


  18. At least 417 black on white murders last year.

    None of these have any possible aspect of self-defense, unlike Saint Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, etc where there is no question that some aspect of self defense was happening.

    These are home invasion/kill-a-random-stranger type scary stuff. We let ferals live among us. They are useless and we house and feed them, and then we get the treatment we get in the mainstream media.

    It’s disheartening at a screamingly outrageous level.


  19. Lying leftist liars say there is no such thing as race.

    Compare and contrast:



  20. Great article. Some SJW’s were protesting “Kimono Wednesdays.” So, some Asian women decided to wear their kimonos and protest and educate the SJWs.

    Love this photo:

    Here’s the article:


  21. on October 30, 2015 at 8:27 am long time lurker

    Nuclear memes – fantastic product, can’t wait to read it but my ancient Kindle won’t support it. I may be alone in this predicament but might I suggest making it available on a print-on-demand site, eg so that anyone interested can order a physical copy.

    It would make a killer coffee table book, quite the conversation piece.