Reader Mailbag: Visualize Alpha

Reader Email #1

I started going out with someone I met. Not exclusively, but she blew away the competition in every way. Her actions at that time were great …hot sex and her pretty much admitting to “being crazy for” me. Somewhere in there, I got the oneitis and flipped from alpha to beta (and yes, I know I fucked up).

Be very wary of girls who say stuff like “I’m crazy for you” soon after you and her have started dating. These are the kind of BPD drama whores who love the idea of passionate love and in their excitement will try to prematurely generate intense feelings, instead of patiently allowing any feelings to emerge organically. Because as fast as these chicks turn it on, they also can turn it off. One day, you’ll catch her texting another dude, and you’ll wonder “What happened to that whole part about you being crazy for me?”.

Actions speak louder than words, and she started to distance herself. She wanted to “talk to me in person about something” on Friday, and I knew what was next.

Whether intentional or evolutionarily directed, the “crazy for you” drama queen act will trap a lot of less experienced men into buying the schtick and responding in kind with florid beta male paeans. It can be a massive shit test, iow.

Just as I figured though, she gave me the “things are not the same and don’t feel right, I’m sorry text” on the evening we were going to have a face to face instead of meeting tell me (I know women are non-confrontational and I figured this would happen).

I need a timeline. How soon after you met her were you discussing “face to face” meetings to clear the air?

I responded with a “I know”. I then erased every trace from my phone. Forty five minutes later, she send me the “I wish you only the best” text. I do not respond. Erase. Delete.

“lol” would have been funnier, but a non-response is the next best thing.

If you would be so kind, here’s what I need help with, .

I thought about it. I read an entire set of your articles. Two things dawned on me.

1) She may be shit testing me or she may have lost interest as she rides the cock carousel. She could have not wished me luck at all…end of story.

It’s not a shit test. She lost interest, but she’s trying to weasel you into some sort of beta orbiter role who lavishes her with attention when she needs it.

2) After three nights, it bothered me that I was such a stupid idiot for going beta on this broad. I tend to speak my mind, and having not responded to her last text made me feel like I didn’t show my indifference to her goodbye. AFC.

You don’t “show” indifference to a break-up text by demanding explanation or playing a game of gotcha. You show indifference by being indifferent. WWAAWAHD? What would an alpha with a harem do? He wouldn’t bother responding, or he would text her something that made him laugh, like a birthday cat emoji.

I read your articles. And on the third night, I finally sent her a one word text in retort to her “wish you only the best” text. I responded with, “gay”.

Ok. This would’ve been better right after her text. Waiting three days to text “gay” makes it seem like you needed the time to craft the perfect three letter comeback. The “wait a day or two before texting a girl back” is not a universal rule. It’s not even much of an individual rule. Too many exceptions.

Whereas before she would text me back hours later, she texted me back within minutes asking me “what?”

You gave her a tiny hit of dopamine.

Part of me wants to leave it at that. Fish or cut bait. Erase. Delete. Move on.


The greater part of me wants to seduce and destroy. It would be much more fun, fulfilling, and make me feel better (yes I know I have ego and revenge issues). Am I crazy to think this is still an option? If so, I thought about waiting another 3-4 days and responding with the “never mind, I thought you were different” reply. Would you please advise?

Regardless of your advice and opinion. Thanks again for the articles. It has helped me much.

Again, VISUALIZE ALPHA. If you had your fill of cute babes, how would you handle this one girl? You’d fuck with her, that’s what you’d do. “wut” or “8====D~~~”. Followed by a curt statement that you’ll be at [X] on [X] if she’s down to fuck. You’ll act like the earlier unsavory business between you and her never even happened. You are the Whamster, whamming her hamster.


Reader Email #2 is from “High School Narcissist”.

Hi. I’ve been following your blog for a little while, and I’m a sophomore in high school. I don’t know that you’ll respond to me since I’m under 18, but I’ll give it a go.

It’s never too soon to make girls swoon.

There’s another girl in my grade, and she’s basically the queen among girls. A lot hotter than everyone else, everyone knows her, etc.

The thing is she seems to be a complete narcissist. She’s very confident, she will give no one time, and is obsessed with herself. I assume this comes with the popularity.

It also comes with the beauty. But let’s not get caught up in an arid cause-effect polemic.

She makes herself unapproachable, and it shows, as every guy is a beta orbiter around her. Never seen a move made on her, just pedestalization.

Great. More opportunity for you to shine.

So I’m curious, how do I exploit this? I’m an average guy in terms of attractiveness. I’ve not ever communicated with her before by the way.

This is high school, a time of your life when the girls will never be riper. At this age and growing awareness of their power over boys, it’s also never a worse time to be a lovesick betaboy. Be mean to make the bitches keen. Shock her into curiosity about you. Say something she would never expect. “Hey could you help me with my homework? You look kind of nerdy.”

Get the idea? Summon your inner exuberantly reckless asshole. One last thing. Be prepared to get backtalk. She’s gonna be startled and peeved (in a good way), and she’ll lash out to test your state control. If you know it’s coming, you’ll stay composed. She might be mad that you called her a nerd. You reply, “Hey, nothing wrong with being a nerd. Don’t hate yourself.”

Enjoy this freshest of poon while you have it, because it’s all downhill from high school!


Reader Email #3

What’s the deal with all these bitches who work at “non-profits”?  5-10 years ago bitches were all in public relations.  Now it’s the non profits.

What the hell is a non-profit? Another charitable tax hiding place for rich dudes which allows him to increase power and influence?

Yup. Also, luxury self-actualization. Don’t worry, after the collapse the nonprofits will be wiped from the face of the earth. Fundraising results correlate directly with economic conditions.

Working at a nonprofit allows SWPL women to feel good about themselves. But, more germane, nonprofits appeal to women because they are perceived as happy work which avoids the sink-or-swim ladder-climbing hothouse of for-profit industry. Women are constitutionally averse to competition in ways that men aren’t.


Reader Email #4

I am looking for some advice. Recently single, I was in a LTR that ended up being long distance for school. Took a few weeks to get over it, and happy to say I’m moving on. Here’s my situation: My friend is traveling with her friend she met abroad. (2 women, one foreign) I hung out with them before they left, at a pub then a party one night, then the beach a few days later. Explaining their trip they invited me to join them in vegas, and I was like hell yeah, no reason not to.

Not long after at the party, the foreign girl made her interest in me known, and we fooled around a bit, she said she wanted to slow down if I was coming to vegas, although she was still all over me in public and private.

Ignore girls when they say stuff like “I want to slow down if…”. In the final analysis, you will either get the bang or not depending on your seduction acumen. And if you’re good, she’ll forget all about that promise she made to herself.

At the beach she was more discrete but still all over me in private. I’m meeting them in a week, and I’m looking for some advice on how to proceed. I’d call myself a greater beta…working on improvement but I do tend to let my emotions get the better of me. I have no problem attracting women, but I backslide.

I’m going into this intending to have a crazy week partying in vegas but I can’t lie and say I don’t hope I have a fling with this girl before she heads back overseas.

Pre-bang trips are risky. They are pregnant with expectation. She knows you know this trip is an excuse for sex. She knows you’ll be expecting it. She’ll be expecting it (on a less conspicuous level). All these unspoken assumptions will activate her anti-slut defense.

She has a bit of a bitchy nature to her, but I think its her version of trying to be playful, or its a result of her accent. At the beach I got a snarky vibe from her but when we were alone she jumped on me.

That’s a good sign. If it were the reverse — she was all over you in public but a frigid bitch in private — I’d be worried.

Basic plan is to be super social with everyone I meet (my natural strength anyways) and pay her some but not a lot of attention. I’m mostly afraid of coming off coupley when all i really want is to sleep with her as much as possible. I’m ok to cuddle, but only after about an hour of vegas sex.

When expectations and concomitant ASD are high, comfort and a little bit of preemptive disqualification are welcome. Don’t be cutesy (i.e., “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, amirite?”), but don’t be totally stand-offish either. You want to physically escalate toward sex while at the same time letting her know in a nuanced manner that you don’t need her approval in the form of sex, even on a trip where sex is frontmost on both your minds.

Your basic strategy is sound. Don’t initiate the Groping Protocol as soon as you set off on the trip. Be chill, act like you’re really anticipating the parties and gambling and poolsides, tease her to get her out of the discomfort zone (she’ll be in it again because the sex cloud will have been hanging over her for the past week), and after a settling-in period isolate her for deeper rapport. Even the sluttiest of sluts need a man’s imprimatur of emotional investment.

I don’t know how you’ve worked out the hotel situation, but it’s better to pop that sex cherry before awkward consensus meetings over who sleeps where begin. If that’s not possible, you’ll have to cajole her with some plausible excuse to come into your room.


Reader Email #5 is from Changer89.

Can you write a post analyzing Tracy Chapman’s song ‘Fast Car’ from red pill/economically right-wing/racial realism perspective?

Black lesbian warbles tragically about leaving for the white suburb on the hill with her shiftless thug lover as realization of depressing ghetto fate slowly dawns on her. See also: Any halfway smart black person surrounded by imbeciles.


Reader Email #6

Ever thought about ways in which not to be a sulking beta if the woman denies you sex? freeze outs are hard, so I have an easy alternative. Tickle game – where you throw her onto the bed against her will and tickle the shit out of her. Then when she says she’s had enough keep going until you’re satisfied. Yeah it’s immature and childish but so are the funniest of men and women can’t resist not being taken seriously.. thoughts?

Good stuff. Even better: Tickle the giggles out of her, then get up and say “Ok, that’s enough. I gotta go” and leave her in a state of breathless confusion. This is the long-game strategy; you’re denying her sex now for hotter, more devoted, sex later.


Reader Email #7

Can i get some advice on campus life? I plan to move onto residence for my final year of university. I’m moving to a new city, so how do I go about making new friends, and get myself into a social crowd?

I have a fairly good physique, and try to dress well, but still I lack confidence and am bad at conversation/small talk.

Rule #1: Stay away from losers. There’ll be a temptation to join their nonjudgmental cliques because they’ll take the pressure off you having to socially perform. Resist it. If you get sucked into a loser social circle, it’ll be ten times harder to infiltrate a winner social circle that’ll grant access to prime poosy.

Rule #2: If your conversational skills are weak, or you’re a natural introvert, cultivate a “laconic rebel” personality. That means, don’t overtalk (to avoid social miscues). Train yourself in the art of the drive-by quip. Once you’ve gotten a fair shake by the winners, you can move on from “laconic rebel” to “aloof asshole who doesn’t care what people think of him”. Then you get the girls.


Reader Email #8

Long time reader, first time emailer.  I’ve found myself in a bit of a conundrum with one of the latest girls that I’ve been seeing.  My concern is that I’m the one to initiate nearly all of our dates.  On one hand, I feel that the “leader mentality” should mean that it doesn’t matter that I’m the one initiating every date.  On the other hand, I don’t want to come across as the one that’s chasing her.  She agrees to the date about 90% of the time.  When she doesn’t, sometimes she gives a good excuse; other times, she is very terse.  We are not in a relationship, but have been seeing each other casually for several months.  Should I be concerned that I’m being strung along, or should I just keep pushing?  Feel free to use this message, but please don’t use my name.  Thanks!

While foot-dragging or a lack of initiative by a girl can be a cause for concern, if she’s banging you I wouldn’t worry about it. Girls vote with their vaj. Some girls simply prefer a man who orders their lives for them.

So, my question to you is, are you fucking her? I’ll assume you are, because “several months” in non-beta orbiter land means “several months of fucking”. If you aren’t… abandon ship!

A girl who hasn’t put out is de facto pulling strings. She is in the command seat of power. She has all the hand. If you feel like you’re chasing a girl you haven’t yet banged, you probably are. And you won’t get that bang until you’ve gone some lengths to flip the script and get her to chase you a bit.

But if she’s already given her most valuable asset to you, then the chasing you feel manipulated into doing may just be the expression of her natural feminine reticence against being pumped and dumped. She needs more signs of your commitment before she’ll permit the vulnerability of love to strike down her last bulwark of defense. Only you can tell which advice pertains.


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    • Off-topic, but I can’t think of anywhere better to post it. If you are reading this, you might like to vote in the following poll about the merits of “feminist philosophy”:

      You can be sure the feminists will be rallying their troops to try to swing it for them.


      • Some context. The blog where the poll is hosted, Leiter Reports, is an extraordinarily influential blog in the world of academic philosophy, run by an avowed Marxist. It would be a huge upset to the poor cultural Marxists in academia if the most derogatory option (“politics masquerading as philosophy, not a real subject”) were to come out top. It is leading at the moment, with about 30% of the vote, but another much more complimentary option (“useful…”) is hot on its heels with 27%.


  2. Off-topic, but shortly after 1:30PM today [Aug 12 2014], in talking about the nihilism of the leftist crowd which Robin Williams ran with, Rush Limbaugh used the word “Darkness”.

    I swear to God, if you listen carefully to him, then every singlle day you will hear Rush using themes which are coming straight from the Chateau.


    • One thing that keeps Rush relevant is that he keenly studies new trends and movers & shakers. Its what made him the Savior of AM Radio—he basically invented the non-religious but strident right wing radio show. He doesn’t rest on his laurels or call up some guy who was “cool” 10 years ago. He’s pushing 70 and is deaf and can still bring it.

      Rush went out of his way to befriend that tool Seth MacFarlane and the rest of the “Family Guy” crew. It was Rush that suggested he play the role of he Empire’s radio host in the Star Wars sendups the Family Guy dudes did. On the DVDs for them, the Family Guy dudes admit that Rush was a really great guy to be around. Rush noted that Family Guy pushed a lot of left-wing envelopes despite their lefty reputation.

      I respect him a lot less for being on that crap lefty-hack show, but at least it demonstrates that Rush isn’t tone deaf to pop culture.

      Rush has always kept his operation lean and mean—one producer, one joke guy, and a few others. This keeps him from stagnating—he always has to lean in to pop culture.



      • Rush = 63 isn’t “pushing 70”! But the rest of your post is pretty much on the spot.

        What are the politics of “family guy”? Don’t watch it much at all and yet see the Femi-Nazis attack it. Wazzzup wit dat?


      • Macfarlane might be described as fascist in his thinking; that’s not an insult, it’s descriptive. He basically pushes social leftism (gays ok! Christianity is the world’s greatest evil and lie, blacks are equal etc.) with Manly Socialism.

        That’s where he runs into trouble. A true equalist, he skewers women for their hypocrisy on equality, which pisses women off, because they want to have their cake and eat it too.

        He also occasionally makes mild race jokes (well, mild for whorefinder!) in the spirit of men-teasing-each-other-to-gain camaraderie. Women don’t get that part of men, beta-lefties are too womanish to get it, and race hustlers are deliberately autistic on the point so they stir up trouble and bitch at him.

        Hmm, thought Rush was older. Anyway, I don’t listen to him; he’s too bombastic for my taste, and his friendship with Family Guy is beyond the pale for me. He’s smart and funny, but too neoconny and secretly mildly leftwing on social issues. If he was hyping the border being closed and Operation Wetback 2 and the hiding black crime by the media, I’d listen more.


    • on August 12, 2014 at 1:11 pm Ted Cunterblast

      I’m sure he took a shit this morning, too, but there’s no reason to attach any significance to it.


    • Also, Robin Williams was a lefty tool who deserves the death and hell he’s roiling in right now.

      Sic semper leftus.

      Thus to all leftists.


      • Sinistrus, moron.

        Oh, and bummer about your letter re. your virginity still not getting answered.


      • No, what Mr. Perle did to you doesn’t count. You’re still a virgin.


      • aw, poor lefty fa66ot—still upset that Obama still hasn’t nationalized everything??

        And after he promised you when Michelle pegged you with the strap on!

        Lefty rape!


      • Desperate little masochist. Everyone knows that your leftie nonsense will never stick to me because I am not a leftie.

        And everyone knows you are a neocon.


      • lo. We all know you’re a Glorious Godfrey, son. Which is why you try to cast doubt on non-lefties to sew dissent.

        Your feverish defense of Piggy and your worship of the Soviet Union revealed you well, boy.

        Now back to Obama’s wings!



      • Hey, what? Oh, sorry, I’m distracted by Tamar Jacoby’s peg sticking out of your ass. For chrissakes cover yourself boy.


      • Now to continue, the dissention-sewing is all you, Stern Jr. From attacking Kyle for being anti-corporate welfare (aka outsourcing and immigration), to beclowning yourself over a trivial difference of opinion with “Piggy,” to accidentally exposing yourself for the neocon filth you are in your disagreements with me, you’ve got a track record of Alinskyite provocation. Except A for effort, D for execution in your case.

        Your shock jock act (in the fine Jewish tradition) is funny, and thanks to me everybody can laugh along while keeping you at an arms length.


      • a “trivial difference”…????


        you think Piggy supporting The Good Men Project—which no less than Roosh has come down on as being a fount of feminism and manginaism—is trivial?

        lol. I think we have our Alger Hiss, ladies and gentlement.

        Commie rape!


      • and, of course, not Jewish. Nor neocon. And you’ve offered no proof of either.

        You lose, lefty.

        Lefty rape…again!


      • on August 12, 2014 at 4:30 pm The Spirit Within

        Whorefinder trolls Robin Williams’ suicide.



      • lol. telling opinions you don’t like isn’t trolling, Fa66ot Within.

        And more than a few agree with me, fairy boy.

        Food fight rape!


      • The Foreskin Without whines about a roll being thrown in a food fight.

        Food fight rape!


      • on August 12, 2014 at 4:38 pm The Spirit Within



      • Check out the disclaimer under the copyright notice.


      • — “you think Piggy supporting The Good Men Project”

        This isn’t about the former blogger. He wrote a few non-feminist articles for the feminist rag. He soon after stopped writing for them. One could, generously since you had a high regard for “Piggy” up to that point, give him the benefit of the doubt. As long as the content of his articles for GMP was principled, you could have looked it as disseminating the red pill among naive GMP readers. Instead, you turned on a dime and denounced him. I’m sure he’s lost sleep over your spaz.

        Again, this is about you, mini-Howard Stern. You still haven’t come clear about why you relentlessly badgered the paleocon Kyle. But I have ready explained it for you: Kyle made withering critiques of corporate outsourcing/immigration practices, and the GOP’s selling out to those imperatives, and so you attacked him as a Leftie. Because anti-big business is anti-freedom, as you wrote. And you never tried a reasoned disagreement with him. You went straight ahead with Alinkyite character assassination.

        And finally, there is the neocon monkey show train wreck here. When you started your shit with me here, you knew that I’ve advanced a number of red pill ideas here a few years ago, particularly on race and the national question. And then more recently on “Piggy’s” blog. Any human being with an ounce of integrity who knows my nearly ten year commenting history would know that I am not a “leftie.”

        And like with Kyle, you started your shit with me in the same character assassination way. Except unlike Kyle, I did not get mad or try to ignore you. Instead, I beat you at your own game 😀

        — “which no less than Roosh has come down on as being a fount of feminism”

        THAT is your authority figure in asserting the obvious? Lol.

        — “Not Jewish.”

        I noticed that you always omit the subject and verb when you say that.

        PS: wolfowitzfinder is on record here stating recently that Americans are not patriotic enough to die in foreign wars, and that white girls should mix with all races except blacks.


      • lmao. You are degrading Roosh, the most visible and principled red piller out there? The man who actually delivered a winning strategy for dealing with feminist blowback? The man who takes the left on in interviews and wins? The man whose built a hugely successful brand off repeating and living the red pill lifestyle?

        And you’re supporting Piggy instead?

        LOL.That’s all that needs to be said to that. You’ve totally exposed yourself as a lefty operative with that silliness. Roosh would wipe the floor with your pathetic ass if you ever posed any threat.

        Of course I’m fine with whites mixing with non-whites, just not blacks. Half the dudes posting here are all about hitting on foreign babes. Guys travel to Brazil or Columbia or Japan or Korea or wherever for good foreign snatch. Human civilization is the key; all humans have developed civilizations and had cultures flourish. Except your vaunted kneegroes.

        Don’t remember fighting this kyle fairy. Can’t comment. Post the texts of the argument or you’re making it up. If this is about borders, I’ve changed my mind and want them closed nowadays.

        The news media (run by your hero Obama) will purposefully degrade any U.S.military offensive to the point where “quagmire”
        was synonymous with US Military action—unless left wanted the action, in which case the reporting would be muted. It’s call morale erosion; your heroes in the KGB perfected it.

        Since you lefties made white male conquest a sin, and made utter annihilation a sin, the US won’t do the logical thing and either fully conquer or eradicate via nuclear Armageddon. Then you lefties simply make any non-lefty military action look like a failure. This is typical of your set: smear until the smear becomes the truth, but when you (and your leader George Soros) does it, cover it up. And then lie about 9/11—which you STILL haven’t posted a falsifiable hypothesis about yet—in order to further erode trust in non-left-wing leaders.

        Piggy deserved no benefit and still doesn’t. When confronted, he just laughed and said it was more important that he become famous than that he have integrity. (yeah, he actually did that). The Good Men Project isn’t a magazine, it’s a cause, as it’s mission statement suggests; Piggy’s writing for them supported the cause of emasculating white men. Face it, boy; Piggy has no soul. QED.

        and, finally, lol at your total Gamma tendencies to keep declaring “victory” at every point to try to make it true. you haven’t done anything but throw around lies (which you’ve never proven) and no one’s buying them. It’s sad that anyone even respects such a laughable little liar like you, but you’re becoming more transparent by the day.

        Now Gamma-Commie: deliver a falsifiable theory about 9/11 or else you have lost all credibility.

        Gamma-Commie Rape!


      • “not Jewish.”

        I notice that every time you say this, you omit the subject and verb.

        A long evisceration of my lil neocon buddy is in mod.


      • ?????

        What does that mean?

        I’m not Jewish: not born to Jewish parents, not raised in Jewish services, not Jewish now, never married a Jew, never even been to a bar or bat mitzfah!

        In short, not a Jew or Jewish or Israeli or anything of the kind.

        I am not Jewish in anyway. Unless you count having lived in New York City: Jewish by osmosis.

        You really don’t understand that, do ya commie? But like all Glorious Godfrey’s, you keep trying to repeat the Big Lie until it becomes true.

        It won’t boy; like all commie infiltrators, you will expose yourself.

        But will you be Kim Philby or Alger Hiss?

        Gamma-Commie rape!


      • Very good. Now answer to the substantial matter in the comment above that just cleared mod.


      • What a hillarious festival of lies, delusions, and self incriminations from the neo on monkey! Let me indulge in more fun:

        — “Roosh, the most visible and principled red piller out there”

        Interesting you would put it that way. I don’t read his blog but hearsay has it that he’s downright cobalt blue on race. He bans race realist and pro-White commenters, is what I hear. Is that your metric for ‘principled red pill’?

        — “You’ve totally exposed yourself as a lefty operative”

        No I haven’t, you delusional joke of a fapper.

        — “Roosh would wipe the floor with your pathetic ass”

        Ha! PA strikes, whorefinder cries in pain ‘let’s you and him fight’ LOLZZ!!

        — “Of course I’m fine with whites mixing with non-whites, just not blacks”

        Thank you. That’s all for this line of questioning 😀

        — “your vaunted kneegroes.”

        And given my track record in race discussions — including my arguments consistent in support of dejure racial segregation and against miscegenation, which youve read — this is where it’s clear as day that you are a liar and a wanna be character assassin.

        — “your hero Obama”

        I never once in my life voted for a democrat, at any level of government. Provide evidence that he is my hero.

        — “your heroes in the KGB”

        Provide evidence that they were my heros.

        — “eradicate via nuclear Armageddon”

        Whom do you so itch to exterminate? And why, you vicarious warmonger-wannabe? Guess what pussy, I actually served in US military overseas.

        — “This is typical of your set: smear until the smear becomes the truth”

        Look in the mirror, mouse.

        — “your leader George Soros”

        Provide evidence that he is my leader.

        — “in order to further erode trust in non-left-wing leaders.”

        Like who — George W Bush? Name your right wing leader, neocon.

        — “deliver a falsifiable theory about 9/11”

        I stated my position and supporting materials in our arguments more than once. Did you watch the video I posted? If not, then zip your lip on this subject.

        Anything else, whorefinder? Those were quite the confessions you made, boy.

        No? Then explain to everyone here how the GOP leasdership is different from the Dems with regards to immigration, feminism, and cultural Marxism.


      • lol note the gamma-commie: all lies and denial.

        even claiming I’m a repub (classic tactical leftwing binary thinking/argument—if you’re not for the proletariat, you’re against them, comrade!)

        It’s like obsidian in his heyday of worthless, paragraphs long b.s.

        Note: PA has no falsifiable theory about 9/11. He has never presented a hypothesis as to who, what, when, where, why, and, most importantly, how. He is merely spreading lies to further his left-wing goals. Like all classic conspiracy mongers, he demands that other people watch random videos and make theories for him; he does nothing himself.

        such vile lying needs to called out for what it is: Glorious Godfrey-ism.

        And you now admit you trashed Roosh without ever reading him! lol such gamma-commie weasely-ness is hilarious. You expose yourself more in each post, boy.

        Gamma-commie self-rape!


      • “He has never presented a hypothesis as to who, what, when, where, why, and, most importantly, how.”

        Moron, when somebody says “there is evidence that Joe may have died of foul play rather than an accident; a proper investigation is needed,” he is under no obligation at that point to jump ahead of facts at hand and speculate about who, how, and why.

        As to all the other stuff in my evisveration just above… LOL, you just backed away from all of it. Dumbfuck.


      • lmao. moron..

        it’s been 13 years. such “questioning” of the original story was fine originally; but now you ostensibly have had a vast amount of time to plot out a hypothesis or two.

        Furthermore, there have been a boatload of “scientific experts” who have “Questioned” the official version and offered alternate ideas on what happened. You could glom off of them, or be inspired.

        In short, there’s been far too much time and effort expended by too many people for a turd like you NOT to have evolved a few hyopthesis.

        You could even offer a couple. But not vague ones. Importnantly, name who (name at least one person outright, preferrably ALL you think did it) and HOW (offer a couple of fact-based theories).

        That’s it. But you won’t. Because you’re both a coward and you know you’re lying.

        You are akin to tools like Richard Belzer, who, in 50+ years since Kennedy got shot, still fail to offer ONE theory as to the 5 W’s and the H. That commie-jew is just like you: a bought-and-paid-for KGB stooge, disseminating disinformation to try to undermine anti-leftists everywhere.

        and lol at your gamma-comminess. You just keep repeating the same talking points and claiming that repeating them makes them true. I have to say Soros is getting his money’s worth from you, red-diaper baby.

        You have the means and knowledge to present falsifiable hypothesis on 9/11. You don’t because you know they aren’t true.

        Infiltrator rape!


      • Once again, gov up a couple of comments, to mine, which begins with “What a hillarious festival of lies…”

        Look at the point by point evisceration of the sorry ass whorefinder. Look at how he ignores every single rhetorical point I slam him with. PA wins.


      • lol gotta love gamma-commies. They just keep claiming because they repeated a talking point it’s true.

        Alynskite to the last. worshiping the soviet union, defending the Good Men Project, ad hominem attacks on anyone who calls him out.

        but day by day his mask slips.

        gamma-commie rape!


      • Let’s all back up a little and look a couple of comments upstream. This is what I asked the lying neocon monkey, which he studiously ignores:

        – Why does he call an antiracist blogger “the most principled red piller”?

        – Who is his example of a “non left wing” modern American war leader that he so invoked?

        – what is his evidence for calling me a KGB, an Obama or a black worshipper?

        No, the rat will not answer the questions it set itself up for. Instead, he will invoke cold war anachronisms. Folks, enjoy whorefinder’s little shock jock act, but keep in mind that he is a liberal and a liar.


      • Roosh? Roosh has never backed down from his anti-feminist stances. And Roosh has, on several occasions, made racial remarks–notably, his April fool’s day prank about going to Africa to get laid–the joke was that who would want a black chick?

        His notes about Brazil and eastern Europe also betray his deep knowledge of racial differences.

        But Roosh is on a mission to destroy feminism, and, as many of his articles have stated, he doesn’t want to reject allies on the anti-feminist front. It’s clear he’s clamping down on racial rhetoric because he doesn’t want to alienate allies on this front, namely, kneegroes and Seth MacFarlane-type lefties—i.e. lefty men with a partial set of balls still intact.

        So Roosh only fights one dragon at a time, and that one is feminism. In other words, he’s willing to use the Soviets to fight the Nazis; that doesn’t mean he’s a commie like you.

        Game, set, match, boy.

        Now, we know you’re an infiltrator because of your defense of Piggy, worship of the soviet union, harping on 9/11 conspiracy theories without ever presenting one (a classic lefty tact), blaming Bush for all the worlds problems (and never obama, natch), and tiring attempts to discredit a hard anti-lefty like me through lying and projection.

        you pee all over yourself, boy.

        PA rape!


      • “Now, we know you’re an infiltrator because of your defense of Piggy, worship of the soviet union, harping on 9/11 conspiracy theories without ever presenting one (a classic lefty tact), blaming Bush for all the worlds problems (and never obama, natch), and tiring attempts to discredit a hard anti-lefty like me through lying and projection.”

        Sweet festival of delusion.

        Now, name one example of a ‘non left wing’ modern American political leader. You starred the subject. Finish it.

        PS: I bash Bush (and his entire traitor family) and not Obama because we all know that Democrats are the enemy. But some morons still don’t get the fact that national level Republicans are a false friend. And a false friend is much worse than an open enemy.


      • lmao. Note how our little secret lefty, PA, still won’t give a fully falsifiable 9/11 theory. SO well taught by his handlers.

        When you give a falsifiable 9/11 conspiracy theory, then maybe your commie ass will get my answers. tit for tat, little girl, um, gamma.

        And note how he won’t answer ay other charges—because to a leftist, hand-waving away is the same as arguing.

        Moron lefty rape!


    • Off-topic, but shortly after 1:30PM today [Aug 12 2014], in talking about the nihilism of the leftist crowd which Robin Williams ran with, Rush Limbaugh used the word “Darkness”.

      Ironically, that drug-using socialist got his personal finances broken down by two divorces, one in 1988 and one in 2008. That forced him to take roles he didn’t want, just to pay the bills (“The Crazy Ones” and “Mrs. Doubtfire 2”) which apparently added to his neurotic mind’s depression, leading to the suicide. Leftist broken by feminist divorce laws.

      About his career: as someone wrote, he was a Gentile making a career out of sounding like a neurotic Jew who wouldn’t shut up. Feverish, babbling. When not feverish, proselytizing.

      “Dead Poets Society” – a movie showing conservatism as bad, boring, driving young boys to suicide, while leftist ideas for the classroom are fun, genius, but still forced by the evil conservatives to take the blame.

      “According to Gump” – simple leftist propaganda through and through. He plays the son of a leftist woman whose views are never criticized. He has a transvestite friend who is also strong and tough. The only non-leftist thing about this movie is that there is a fanatic feminist group, but that doesn’t remove the message that leftism overall is the only good way to go.

      “Good Morning Vietnam” – conservative radio host is boring, out of touch, while leftist is fun and loved by all. And of course has a Black best friend. Juvenile penis jokes are fun. Homosexual restaurant owner should be befriended. And when the Viet Cong bomber holds a speech about how Americans are “taking their land” or whatever, he is not to be countered on any point. (This propaganda has gone so far that most people don’t even know that North Vietnam, where the communists had been given the industrial part of the country, invaded South Vietnam. And most people don’t know of the more than one million Vietnamese killed after the war. Or of pro-USSR Vietnam’s invasion of Cambodia. Or their subsequent war with pro-Cambodia China, ending in a draw. Mustn’t show communists invading anything, only present them as victims.)

      “Bicentennial Man” – Showing the robot as downtrodden by the humans acting all supremacist. But the Black female judge eventually grants him status as human. While the head of the greedy Robotics Inc is of course a White man.

      And how ridiculous it was to let him voice the Genie in Aladdin. Michael Eisner warped Disney, turning it into a greedy outfit where using celebrity voices so their names can be put on the cover is more important than using good voices. Robin Williams couldn’t sing. If he’d had any integrity he wouldn’t have taken that role. Compare his singing in the “Prince Ali” song with, say, the French version (can be found on YouTube), where an actual singer is doing the Genie’s voice, making it deeper the way it should be.

      But – Robin Williams must be praised as a “genius”. Because the media owners say so. Kids growing up learn of Hollywood geniuses but don’t know of a long line of real geniuses. I guess that’s what will happen in a democracy – the media will be given free reigns to tell people where the idols are, and the media will naturally claim that the idols are found in their realm. “Don’t miss the Oscars!”

      [CH: much hate in this comment there is. i approve.]


      • “He had everything, everything that you would think would make you happy. But it didn’t.” Now, what is the left’s worldview in general? What is it? If you had to attach not a philosophy but an attitude to a leftist worldview, it’s one of pessimism and DARKNESS, sadness. They’re never happy, are they? They’re always angry about something. No matter what they get, they’re always angry.


      • Rush is a lurker here at the Chateau – that ain’t the kind of rhetoric you absorb from lurking at the Weekly Standard or National Review or the Heritage Foundation.


      • It’s not a stretch to think so. Mainstream conservative figures had read and networked with National Review writers, where our man John Derbyshire promoted CH.


      • 1+ except on the Genie comments.

        Probably one of the better things Mork did was the Genie. IMO it was hilarious and made that movie watchable.

        Eis-nwhore & Katzen-bugger have ruined Disney overall.


    • What if CH is Rush uncensored? You don’t think Rush knows he’s a salesman speaking in half truths as the masters of debt radio dictate? Maybe he needs an outlet. I’m surprised CH doesn’t specifically write ‘talent on lone from goo-awww-duh.’ For the record, all the rumors that CH is Hannity are unfounded.


  3. Re the question about non-profits. Do you recall the Jewish guy who won on Survivor? He was young and good looking and some kind of supposed “soccer player”. After he won he declared that the prize money would go NOT to him but to his NON-PROFIT which he set up to teach nigrazz in Africa to do something or other. I thought he was stupid at the time–why not have a good time?Why give it to strangers?– but changed my mind when I read about him getting cancer and getting some very expensive new treatment. He said he was lucky that his “non-profit” gave him such a wonderful top notch health care plan. Of course. Obv he had some Jew relatives who advised him on how to get very rich going the non-prof way. He bragged that his group taught 35,000 niggers how to avoid AIDS. Is he gonna start an Ebola group??


  4. Ah… The high school kid reminds me of myself.

    I first lifted the phallic knockers of the Chateau back in my junior year of high school, and I’ve been reading in my Scarlett robe by the fire place ever since.


    • How did you guys come by it so early in life. Obviously it wasn’t around back when I was in high school, but how exactly did you stumble upon it?


    • You want high-school beta? When I was in high school this chick kept asking me over to her house and I declined. She ended up in a Hustler magazine centerfold a couple years later. My foreignbride in schoolgirl outfit assuages the painful memories.


  5. About number 2.
    I am not questioning your advice to him about how to “get” the girl. But he is just a 17 years old boy. Where is his papa to teach him this things?
    I worked with children ages 2-6 and I once had to fill in looking after a group of children age 11-15.(Summer group type thing.) That was 3 years ago, so I was only 20. But one young boy aged 14, who was a very quiet young boy, and withdrawn. He did not want to socialize with the other children, I am no psychologist but I strongly suspect he had had a tumultuous childhood.He became attached to me, and wanted to stay with me while I overlooked the other children, instead of socializing with them.

    One day I said to him, why you do no try to play with the other children? He said that the other children were not nice to him and he always feel left out. I said they have no reason to not like him because he is a very good guy. He told me the other boys laugh at him because he is a virgin and the other boys always go with girls.

    This obviously made me feel deeply uncomfortable. Because even I am not a teacher or something, in that time I was still responsible for those children. And how do you respond to a teenage boy who has that kind of turmoil? Especially as a woman.
    So I gave him some advice, I said, listen, those girls who do not like you, it is their problem and their loss, you need to focus on school work and not girls for now.
    It was probably the wrong advice. I do not know, I am a woman, I do not know how to advice teenage boys about girl things.
    And that is what scares me about this, that this young boy feels the need to ask advice, it means his father is not teaching him.

    Bless that 17 year old boy who asked that question. If you are reading this, bless you my dear. 🙂 .


    • It’s tough out there for the youth. I would like to see men become more discerning but it won’t happen without effort.


      • The father is most likely either absent or clueless, either way, unable to teach his boy anything and he sure as shit won’t learn anything from mommy, sisters, aunts, TV, movies, books, etc. except useless fairy-tale bullshit.
        Safe to assume the boy is neither the captain of the football team nor the Richest Kid in Town, the best thing his father COULD HAVE done is give him a guitar when he was about 6 and teach him how to play.
        By the time he started showing an interest in girls his own age (say, 13 or so), he might have been quite the beast on that axe – you can learn a LOT of guitar in 7 years – which would have made him about equal to the high school hot shot jocks & those with cars at 15.

        [CH: the best thing a boy’s father could do is teach him about the real differences between boys and girls.]


    • Wow. That just triggered a memory. When I was the exact age (14) I spent a few weeks at camp. The camp counselor for our cabin was very sexually experienced… Probably 17 or 18 at the time. One afternoon he showed us all a book of female anatomy and explained in great detail how to turn a woman on, where her clitoris was and what it was all about, where her other erogenous zones were, etc. He also explained how to turn girls on by acting alpha — although he didn’t use the term — be aloof, tease, act like a jerk, etc.

      I returned from camp that summer a changed kid. Previously, I was a total dork. Picked on by the older kids. Gawky. Dressed like a geek. I came home and went shopping for all new clothes. By the start of 9th grade I had completely changed my personality. Girls who previously had paid me no attention or even made fun of me, were suddenly smitten. I briefly dated one of the hottest chicks in ninth grade in fact. She was the first girl who I ate out and because I knew all about the clit, I sent her over the edge. She dumped me soon after because I slid back into my beta ways big time, but not before telling all of her friends about what I could do with my tongue.

      Plenty of beta backsliding and I lost a bunch of girls, but generally speaking I was in pussy heaven from then on and banged a lot of high school sweeties in the day.

      I now have a son who is on the cusp of puberty and when the time is right, I plan on cracking the Sacred Book of Poon to teach my son the same exact lessons that my camp counselor shared with me at 14. Wherever he is, I owe him a big thanks.


  6. It’s never too soon to make girls swoon.

    Or to slay poon in June with the spoon.


  7. At the beach I got a snarky vibe from her but when we were alone she jumped on me.

    Looks like she’s aiming for plausible deniability, to cover her tracks for some reason. BF? Husband?


    • Alphas and high-value women tend to avoid PDA.


      • true.
        and it’s also an indicator of who has the higher value in the relationship. if you’re the one going for PDA and she’s holding back, she has a higher value or thinks she does. if she’s going for you in public more than you are, you’ve got the higher status.


      • Nah, why was she snarky? It’s like she was trying to hide her feelings from some third party. Why not just be pleasantly aloof in public? Even when my Fling was engaged and I was poaching, she was never snarky in public–just aloof. I don’t get it.

        Yeah, I avoid PDA. Women do 5h1t to me all the time and I just pretend that it doesn’t happen if I’m not interested or I’ll mention it if I’m slightly interested.


      • theasdgamer is right, aloof indifference is one thing, snarky is another. she might not be worth it.

        but if you do meet up with her again make sure you’re the one that’s more aloof and flip the frame.

        when i said “if you’re the one going for PDA and she’s holding back, she has a higher value or thinks she does”

        i should have emphasized…thinks she does. sounds like that might be the case here. she either thinks she’s higher value than you or she’s testing and wants you to prove you’re the one with higher value.


      • nomad:

        she’s testing and wants you to prove you’re the one with higher value.

        I think that this is it. It corresponds to the Grappling phase of mating which I discuss in my post about “Sexual Macrodynamics.”


      • Nah, why was she snarky? It’s like she was trying to hide her feelings from some third party. Why not just be pleasantly aloof in public? Even when my Fling was engaged and I was poaching, she was never snarky in public–just aloof. I don’t get it.

        It depends upon the girl. But snarky-flirty is a good sign. It’s especially fun, of course, when the man involved is also snarking at (i.e., negging) the girl.

        A girl doesn’t snark at a man if she doesn’t like him; instead, she’ll act fake-polite and then tell unflattering stories about him behind his back.


  8. Tickling Game – okay, that shit is fucking evil. If I found out that some dude were doing that shit to my daughter, then one day his sorry ass would simply vanish. Without a trace.


  9. on August 12, 2014 at 1:14 pm immoralgables

    Reader Email #1

    Well played for the most part. I went through just the same thing a couple months back.

    Here are screenshots of how I handled it:

    Context: Hb6.5/7 Asian that I dated a few months. I was going to end it with her before my 30 day challenge started but she apparently lost feelings before and beat me to the punch. My ego was hurt as I don’t like the idea of “losing”.

    We met up the next day to exchange some things and I called her sheisty for how she handled one of the items she returned to me. Needless to say, it got her hamster spinning. I never sent another message to her after that.

    Yeah, the best way to handle these situations is to not get into them. But damn, I’ve gotten better at moving on each time even though it sucks to have a girl you like fadeaway.


  10. Reader email #8 (last one) is a situation I’ve been in and it’s always the toughest to analyze. The problem with saying that it is the expression of a girls natural feminine reticence against being pumped and dumped is that wouldn’t that mean she would initiate more after you fucked her? If her instinct was to not get pumped and dumped then her instincts would drive her to initiating after you fucked.

    [CH: no. when some girls want more signs of commitment they’ll pull back and gauge the response.]

    I’ve found this situation happens when you and the girl really are in ‘different places in life’.

    [there’s no such thing as a girl being in a “different place in life”. there are only beta males who push girls into different life places and alpha males who miraculously are always aligned with a girl’s place in life.]

    This is the toughest situation for me because I always feel that I am risking sliding into a beta frame when I ‘provide more comfort/commitment”. It’s healthiest when she is the one that pushes you and your will to be more beta. Not you willingly becoming more beta.

    I was in this exact situation with a blonde hb 9 and I didn’t know how to handle it and it drove me crazy so I radio silenced.

    Can’t figure this one out


    • Yeah so when she gauges the commitment by pushing back….how many times does the guy have to keep initiating until it shows that he’s committed… It feels weird that a girl is letting you fuck her for months when you’re initiating and then not try to contact or initiate when you don’t initiate.

      [CH: a few rare girls don’t get adequate oxytocin releases from sex. repeated fucking doesn’t turn on their heart lights like it does for normal women. if a girl is doing this, she has attachment issues or she isn’t getting enough signs of long-term investment from the man and it’s pushing her into a defensive emotional state.]

      I guess I’m just confused with how you get her to initiate more. Are you just stuck in that initiating role? Or do you take her out to dinner to show she’s valuable to you.

      [break contact with her for a month. no explanation, no excuses. if she hasn’t tried to call in that time, she isn’t into you enough to bother pursuing any longer. the other strategy is to amp up the beta comfort. try tossing her a compliment once in a while and talking about plans for the future. see if she bites. if she does, then she just needed the reassurance that you were interested in more than a fuck buddy.]

      It goes against the poon commandment that’s why it’s confusing me.

      [it doesn’t go against any poon commandment. i have no idea what you’re talking about here. the “gotcha” snark that i often get from literal-minded spergs who take the poon commandments to be rules that must be followed to the letter is getting annoying. no. they are better understood as guidelines.]

      I think that this gauging for commitment is directly knowing that you and her are exclusive and monogamous.

      [never ask a girl to be exclusive. that is giving her way too much present and future hand. girls WANT to be the ones to coax exclusivity out of a lover. a man’s greatest power is within a burgeoning relationship, when his commitment promises are leverage he can use to extract love and fun from a woman. if you have to ask a girl to be exclusive, she was never that into you. socially aware girls will know a man is interested in exclusivity by his actions. his words to the same effect will only make her resent his neediness.]


      • As in she’ll start initiating more when she’s knows that your dick isn’t going in other pussies (it can but it’s not)? Idk


      • Ok this all makes sense. Especially the cut contact or beta up routes. And I am not trying to be snarky I’m just learning and regurgitating the bumps in the process.

        Idk I guess it just threw me off that this hb 9 who only had sex with one other person once before (I trust her words + or – [1-2 fucks] b/c her ‘shave job’ on her pussy was really bad the first time we hooked up lol and she’s into church) was just agreeing to 85% of our hangout then fuck times once a week. She is in college… But she doesn’t make too much of an effort to recontact when I radio silence. And when I do nice things for her (beta) she doesn’t get more urgency either. Aka she’s probably a next.

        One other thing: nowadays ‘reinitiating’ contact can be through things like ‘snapchat’ or Facebook or trying to get your attention. For instance I took her to that hockey game, then radio silence, then 1 month later she’s posting pictures like crazy with friends at a hockey game!! Wtf? Haha But those tactics might just show weak interest.

        Also, CH I posted a literally end-all debate about the ‘male looks’ discussion with a science article about 2 posts ago. Hope you get some time to see it–I know you’ve been preaching/proving since day1 just wanted to show others the fMRIs and research that’s been done on the different parts of our brains that control these attractions.

        Fuck me though. those small blonde hair blue eyed girls are like a big fat chipotle burrito when I’m starving or a Gatorade when I’m thirsty as fuck. Theyre the death of me


      • Will, I have told you over and over. CH is right. Some girls don’t attach. It’s rare but it happens. In your case, if she was interested in a RL she would have been initiating more. She would then pull back if you didn’t respond. But she never stepped up to initiate. You ALWAYS had to do it. You would go off the radar and she wouldn’t bite. You took her to date-like activities and she was still not responsive. Like I said, she didn’t attach. Either because she has attachment issues, you put off a beta vibe, and/or she was having sex with other guy(s) all along. It’s one of those three.


    • I will quote from the first 15 minutes of the movie HItch—the only 15 minutes worth anything in the film, as the rest is shiite:

      “No woman wakes up and says, ‘I don’t want to be swept off my feet today.'”


      • on August 14, 2014 at 2:05 pm Amanjaw Marcuntte

        Seriously, what the fuck was up with that film? 15 minutes of honest Red Pill followed by hours of beta.


      • I’m betting when the script originally came into Hollywood, it was far different (much more red pill, ergo darker) and they completely doctored it up, leaving only the first 15 minutes.

        Either that, or the opposite: it was sold it such crappy shape and then one red pill writer got the first 15 minutes of it to re-write.

        The fact that the original gf’s name is “Cressida” is a giveaway that it was composed by a true red piller.

        I’m doubting will smith had any input on that angle. none of his movies contain any red pill, and he’s way too bland in his public persona to even hint that he wants the red pill to rule.


    • there’s no such thing as a girl being in a “different place in life”. there are only beta males who push girls into different life places and alpha males who miraculously are always aligned with a girl’s place in life

      I wonder about that one. All the signs seemed to be there for friend girl, but she didn’t cheat on her boyfriend. She seemed to be genuinely torn, and making a real effort to be faithful in the face of temptation. Maybe that was 100% delusional on my part, but then why was she risking his wrath going around behind his back to hang out with me in the first place? Is an orbiter worth that kind of risk?

      Oh well, bottom line is she declined the opportunity when I asked her out, and that should have been the end of it then and there. I let her bait me along for six months before I finally found my balls.

      When it comes to hot chicks, which we will define as anybody 5 or higher, I’m so grossly inexperienced that I may as well be a 42 year old virgin. I’m finally starting to figure out what a big part of my overall problem this is. At my age, maturity and experience are what I have to bring to the table, and when I’m this inexperienced with girls, it’s a giant source of incongruity.

      I don’t have any achievable solutions to that dilemma, and all I’ve really been able to achieve with this big self-improvement project is to understand how things came to this point. I can’t fuck anybody 5 or higher because I didn’t fuck anybody 5 or higher back when it would have been acceptable to be a virgin. Now? At my age? It just doesn’t play well on the street at all.

      It’s time for a sex vacation to a place where prostitution is legal. I really do have to pay for it if I want something other than my fat wife. It is what it is.


  11. If CH writes a post now with a title like “Robin Williams Forced to Commit Suicide by Divorce Court System” he can get a lot of traffic and extra fame. One thing I suspect happened is that the family courts of California ruled that Robin owed each ex-wife 5 figure alimony sums every month regardless of any drop in his earning power or desire to retire. But he was a liberal who supported that kind of system overall.


  12. email #2. Can’t remember where I read it, but since you’re so young, you can benefit from an analogy of younger people playing kickball. Imagine your team is playing kickball and you are beating the other team by 20 runs. They suck and it’s not really fun, even though you are winning. Why? Because there is no challenge. For young girls, all the guys pedestal them, thus offer them no challenge. You have to be the one that treats her like the sucky kickball team. Tease the shit out of her and have fun with it. She will never forget you.

    I have a 5-year-old daughter who never stops mentioning some boy at the park who was mean to her one day, OVER A YEAR AGO.


    • “The male victim took offense to something that the guys were saying to the girls and said ‘hey, watch what you’re saying,'”

      Police say one of the men inside the Nissan then got out of the car and punched the victim once in the head. The man was knocked unconscious after he fell and struck his head on the concrete

      The suspect then ran back into the Nissan which fled west on Walnut.

      Though cockblocking white knights might deserve this treatment, I’m sketchy from Delaware license plates and in determining if this more akin to knockout game. Seems a little more than telling the old man to shut up and change his depends.


  13. RE: #2, it is worth noting that most of us don’t give a shit about anything that happened in high school by the age of 30, 40 at the latest. By then, it’s ancient history. So, abandon all pretense regarding social standing and what’ll cause you to be bullied, ignored, teased, or shunned. In 10 years, none of it will matter – except the girls you wished you’d fucked, but didn’t because you feared some social stigma or shame. I’m here to tell you that none of that matters when you’re 43 with your own kids in high school or college. Come that day, your ego will be immune any insult a high-school child can deliver.

    Also, for what it’s worth, the rules don’t change much when you’re 40+: a decade later, all but the worst offenses are forgiven. Worst case is that some business opportunities with people who purport to place morals above profit are closed to you.


    • Pretty much.
      99% of the time, you’ll regret the things you did NOT do a lot more than the things you did.
      High school and beyond.


    • Man, 12 months out of high school none of it mattered. Forget 43, that will seem a lifetime away for a 17yo. Literally within 12 months no one cares.

      Most likely after the first 3-4 months of going nuts on vacation people realise what a sheltered bubble school is. This is the real world.

      No regrets, just go for it #2. The only thing I remember from high school is all the tail that got away.


      • Old girlfriend and several other girls hunted for me at my parents house about 3 years after graduation for a night on the town, so there is some hold-over. Still, that was a very small town. In big cities, you’re probably right: nobody cares 3 months later.


  14. Using ‘tickle game followed by an aloof walking away’ to thaw a wife/gf who is getting cold is next-level relationship game advice.


  15. Regarding 7, distinguishing groups in to those that had access to beautiful women and those that didn’t sounds about right but it seems really harsh to say that unless you had that access, you were in the loser’s group. What if you simply went to a university to focus on education?

    Also, I have encountered a new problem on my quest to strike up some sort of a relationship with a woman, all the ones I have talked to so far have boyfriends. In fact, there must be more men than sufficiently attractive women so I would propose that single women are a scarce supply. So what to do about that? Trying to talk to women in relationships has two things wrong with it: that it is unlikely her boyfriend will react well to it, and that you would really have to impress her because I imagine they would be less willing to try a new relationship when they already have one versus if they didn’t already have one.


    • yeah well alpha up….but the “I have a boyfriend” is a well-known shit-test…


    • all the ones I have talked to so far have boyfriends

      Think about it. When would a beautiful woman not have a bf? Ya gotta plan on poaching.


      • Amen. Cute little Eastern European lifeguard at our pool. Christian girl too. Too young for me, but fun to shoot the shit with and tease. She tells me at the beginning of the summer about her boyfriend back home in Estonia. I predict that it will be over before the end of the summer.

        See her last week for the first time in a few months. She tells me she met some American dude and broke up with her boyfriend. She’s now drinking, smoking weed and partying. She didn’t last 70 days. Kind of sad actually.


      • > “smoking weed”

        That’s the deal breaker right there. Drug Addicts == DNFW.


      • Think about it. When would a beautiful woman not have a bf? Ya gotta plan on poaching.

        Indeed, especially if they are attractive and older than 25-26. In fact, even when they want to break up, many will keep the boyfriend around while looking for a new boyfriend. And when they are single, many will be dating some guy just to have him, while looking for something better.

        We’re talking hot here, of course. For women who are simply pretty, I’m not sure if the rule always holds. A hot woman on the other hand, yes.

        There was a hot girl I hit on earlier this year and started going out with, who only after a month revealed that she had still been in a relationship when I met her. “But it was a dead relationship.” So she broke it off only after she started seeing me. Enlightening.


      • I have to say, you might spot the occasional unicorn. Mrs. Gamer was without a bf when we met. A hottie. Very religious and an Ice Queen. She warmed up to me.


      • Yeah ime, I poached the girl I mentioned down thread. The dynamics of that pull would take too long to explain, but her and her bf came around to a get together that was supposed to be just her and I meeting up. She showed up w our mutual friend and then later her bf came. Of course I was pissed and was just totally withdrawn all night. Major aloofness as I had completely given up. This strangely led both her AND her bf (younger than me) to qualify themselves to me. I actually liked the guy to be honest we had a lot in common. Moral is she clearly saw my value after I refused to entertain her nonsense and then started hooking up w me. But then she also left me. A girl that jumps ship that easily….you get the idea.


      • I was afraid someone might say that, but it can’t be the only way men connect with women can it? The whole thing is uncivilized and inspires no confidence in women. If every woman you are with is poached you are guaranteed she was with at least 1 other man and that if poached once, she can be poached again.


      • Women are like monkeys; they don’t let go of the old branch until they have a grip on the new branch. That’s why another famous bullshit line that women use–“I think we should see other people”–is bullshit. She does’t mean you should and she doesn’t mean “people”. She has a particular dick in mind that she wants to try out, but she wants to hold on to you in case the other guy doesn’t pan out (e.g. pumps and dump her).

        À bientôt,



    • This is the nature of alpha beats alpha. You don’t see the newly alpha gorilla who just kicked the shiznitz out of the old alpha complaining that his new harem have all been with another. No, he gets to the job of jumping his bishes.


  16. You are the Whamster, whamming her hamster.
    I did that trip for 20 years with my ‘BPD drama whore’ and he is better off dumping that hamster wheel. Though I did get children and when the BPD drama whore is fed and tamed, it don’t get much better watching the hand and foot attention. lol. Still never worth the misery behind door number two. (next mood swing)

    I maintained for years until antidepressants messed with the mojo. I’m not sure if there is any so called “game” that can penetrate the mind of a drug indused narcissistic drama queen spellbounding on a antidpressant plateau. The are plentiful here in the Northeast.

    However, you gotta be whamming the hamster wheel because you the Whamster!


    • on August 12, 2014 at 4:37 pm The Spirit Within

      I’m not sure if there is any so called “game” that can penetrate the mind of a drug indused narcissistic drama queen spellbounding on a antidpressant plateau.

      None. Their frame is stronger than titanium.


  17. Comments are a lunchroom food fight and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Chateau Heartiste proprietors or contributors.

    Which, of course, has not prevented any of the above from throwing the odd pastry.


  18. Reader 1…CH is right and wisely notes the pathology of a BPD chick in your situation. I did that fucked up dance with an ex for years. She was all “I’m crazy for you”…then “I’m feeling off about us”….then “I love how you make me feel”…then “You’re the most selfish asshole in the world, I hate you”. Anyway, I bet she’ll be back texting you at some point soon and saying it was a mistake and she wants you back. Wash rinse repeat. Take my advice, CH’s advice, and Herbling’s advice and run my friend. No doubt the sex was great and she’s hot as fuck (two hallmarks of a BPD chick) but there are plenty of hot girls who aren’t psycho out there. Consider yourself lucky


  19. Williams opened up about his money problems in a Parade magazine interview last year in which he mentioned how hard it was to deal with divorce.

    In September last year, Williams admitted he was forced to return to TV acting after three decades and sell his $35 million house because his two costly divorces left him on the verge of bankruptcy.

    “Divorce is expensive. I used to joke they were going to call it ‘all the money’, but they changed it to ‘alimony’. It’s ripping your heart out through your wallet,” Williams said.


  20. Regarding the college fellow seeking new friends, I would strongly suggest checking out his university’s dance program and after hours swing dance scene. Well into my 40s I frolicked naked with mermaids by honing my skills as a dance sensation at the local college.


  21. Feminist posts angsty rage-filled screed because some dude had the gall to tell her “you’re beautiful” in a grocery store:

    Picture of “beautiful” feminist in question:

    I’m going to guess the guy was really drunk.

    [CH: or blind. he probably said it sarcastically which is why she’s menstruating about it, but won’t admit to anyone that the flattery wasn’t sincere.]


    • Trust me, even if this guy was sincere, she’d be upset. This is pure feminist BS, equating a simple, sincere compliment to a catcall. There is NOTHING rude about giving a stranger a compliment. There is NOTHING hard about accepting a compliment with grace. This is just a perfect example of how feminism has ruined male-female interaction. It’s depressing.


    • What’s my brother in law doing in a dress?

      He never was good with narratives and features of text of characters. I had to stop reading due to indecipherable speakers in conversation.

      She is beautiful though. lol :o)


  22. This is something I need you guys to comment on. What I have been noticing is women younger and younger, as young as 23, are looking forward post wall and are advocating for a man to “not be a parties person”
    Are women looking to lock down their beta shlub earlier now be cause of the uncertain climate we live in now?
    Your thoughts…


    • Indoctrination by the Oscar Mayer Wiener Academy notwithstanding, young white kids these days ought to be, on average, of a vastly more conservative nature, simply because most Leftists have been steadfastly refusing to procreate since about 1970.


    • I actually know what you’re talking about, but I’m seeing it with really young girls — like 18-20. You could have that cynical view of it, but I look at them as morality green shoots: people are starting to wake up and realize that this culture isn’t so great.


      • No kidding, scray. I love the no-win here. If a young girl rides the cock carousel, she’s a slut and worthy of contempt, but if she doesn’t, she is trying to ‘lock down a beta shlub’. Sigh…


      • yup. changing fast on the ground.


      • This is exactly what they SHOULD be doing and I will be teaching my daughters the same thing.

        Gain some life experience up to 22, begin serious LTR types and then 25/26 cash out and marry. Always, ALWAYS with an older, secure and financially capable alpha.

        This will lead to a comfortable and contented life and will ensure grand-kiddies are brought up in a nuclear family.


      • Realistically, it seems like men shouldn’t start really thinking about ‘settling down’ or marrying until they’re around 30. For women, I’d say probably around 23-24. No one wants to talk about this, but I honestly believe that in order for a woman to ‘appreciate’ what she has, she has to have a little bit of experience. Overall though, I think either we’re approaching or that we’ve already passed ‘peak cougar,’ the phenomenon of chicks deliberately waiting until 30+ to get married, have kids.

        You should look at a graph of average-age-at-first-marriage — notice how it never rose above the 1890 median until 1990. Notice also that the rapid jump upward started around 1970 (we all wonder why, right?).

        In the future, I predict it will look like an inverted parabola….an unfortunate blip.


  23. What do the fellas thing about this article:

    TL:DR women absorb and store DNA from every vaginal sperm injection they receive over the course of their life.

    That means that on a biological level your DNA is competing with the DNA of all the other men she has ever fucked.

    Curious what the fine fellas here thing. Because if true, and it spreads, that info could potential drive Betas into a pure psychopathic rage.


    • ron, good topic here, one discussed in CH before.

      the lack of pregnancy histories as well as (and perhaps more importantly) abortion histories confound any conclusions that can be drawn here.

      while the authors do suggest sexual intercourse as a possibly mechanism of transfer, i’d put money on those testing positive to have had pregnancy occur, whether they took it to term or took a coat hanger to it. here’s why;

      “fetal Mc in the maternal brain has been observed to resemble perivascular macrophages, neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes both morphologically and phenotypically and occupy the respective niches [15], [36]. Thus, it is possible that Mc in the brain is able to differentiate into various mature phenotypes or undergoes fusion with pre-existing cells and acquires a new phenotype”

      this seems more characteristic of undifferentiated fetal cells than of spermatocytes. in addition, the study mentions the fact that increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) occurs upon conception and would therefore explain the increased ability of Mcs to become prevalent in neural tissues.

      a better study that might support this idea is:

      however, while ~10% women in this study who were supposedly nulligravid exhibited male Mc, it is possible that brief conceptions leading to spontaneous abortion were perhaps characteristic of their infertility or that the Mc may have resulted from other sources such as older brothers, disappeared male twins, etc. the highest group of male Mc remains the aborters (26-50%)

      thus, it the conclusion: “TL:DR women absorb and store DNA from every vaginal sperm injection they receive over the course of their life” is patently false and at best can be said as:
      “10% of women MAY store the DNA of previous male partners, while there is up to a 50% chance that a woman who has had an abortion will store DNA from the PREVIOUS BABYDADDY of their scrambled egg”

      TL;DR the greatest likelihood of a woman having male Mc DNA from a previous partner remains (induced) abortion, don’t trust glp for scientific analysis ever.


    • in case analysis was eaten in mod, the study posted has poor record of pregnancy history, see:

      at best 10% of women have male DNA from previous partners stored, most likely cause for women having foreign male Mc DNA remains (induced) abortion at up to 50%, godlikeproductions will 100% have shitty scientific aptitude.


  24. […] Reader Mailbag: Visualize Alpha (Chateau Heartiste) […]


  25. Email #1 could have been written by me. BPD is no joke. This push-pull by these sirens is so alluring it will make you drop your guard. Mine was sooooooooooo submissive and feminine, dressed the way I told her to, was always cooking and buying me shit…then would jerk my chain and without notice just start acting out. She broke up two days before my birthday…when I went silent she chased after me, got me to bang her and gave me the best birthday ever…then broke up two days before my big event that she helped plan…again with the texts that I ignored. The rest of this you can read.

    I’ve largely ignored her for the last 6 months with a few exceptions where I have asked her to dance…she laps up the attention, then lashes out again in some passive-aggressive way. She is with some beta provider who also white-knights her and created a huge drama for me 2 months ago making himself look stupid in the process.

    On my birthday she sent a cute card text 2 days after at 3am: “belated happy birthday to u”. I waited 6 days and replied at 2am “Oh…”

    Since then she’s been glaring at me and trying to flaunt this guy in front of me…I ignore. But to the point…now it’s not so painful because I’m banging 2 other girls and have others lined up for dates and hang outs…all under 30 (she’s pushing 36)….

    The FTOW works….we get sucked into these drama queens because they’re good at what they do…they are truly irresistible. But read enough about BPD and you learn that every move is calculated. Now when I get a text or when she gets that beta shlub to buy her tickets to my event then she leaves early creating a big embarrassment for all my guests I know what she’s doing the way you guys recognize a troll on this board vs a genuine poster.

    Stay away from these girls…run.


  26. The best response to “we need to talk” is “I agree” or “I’ve been thinking the same thing.” Then hold frame in the subsequent conversation that she’s been the one fucking up.

    If it works she’ll start to get conciliatory and then and only then can you say something like “I guess I haven’t been perfect either.” Enjoy the makeup sex.


  27. About #1, I agree that you should be wary whenever a girl expresses strong feelings early on. Women like to roleplay romance. It’s a baloon that will inevitably be punctured.

    But why the need to insult her in text with a “lol” or similar? Why not just let it be? Or, crime of crimes, why not write “Okay, I understand how you feel” and then let it be? Shocking as it may seem, when a girl breaks up it may not be because she wants to hurt you. And when she adds a text about how she hopes he’ll do okay, it may not be to tie him to her like a slave, but simply an attempt to make him feel better, because she is feeling bad about hurting him by breaking up. An ineffective attempt to make him feel better – but people aren’t always experts on psychology, and they make mistakes.

    Do people live in a social vacuum? Sometimes it seems that way. There’s no need to burn any bridges: women talk, and this girl’s acquaintances in her social circles are women the guy might be sleeping with one day – unless he writes “gay” and “lol” for no reason and she informs said girls about his immature replies. Forget about the one-upmanship and just move on.


  28. For the high school kid;

    Good God son. Don’t fall for the queen bee thing. We nearly all did and we all regret it. Find the girl in the library with the glasses, the clumsy demeanor and the huge rack. Really. Go for the uncool girl with the massive jugs. I know she’s there. There are probably twenty. Go ALL-RACK. Fuck any social/cool/status considerations. You have no idea how much all of us 30 and overs would love to get some 16 year old rack. Gamer, nerd, outcast, bad hair, glasses or not. None of that matters. Trust us. Get the rack and ironically, you’ll have a better chance with the queen bee anyway just due to your lack of need.


    • You rack up some good points with this udderance. I agree that he shouldn’t join the usual booboisie, and I hope he’ll keep us abreast of the situation. If you could flesh out the library scenario, I think he’ll soon have his hands full.


    • > “You have no idea how much all of us 30 and overs would love to get some 16 year old rack.”

      True dat, but let’s don’t give Eric Holder any further excuse to subpoena our hard drives in search of child pr0n.


      • I find that so interesting that the law considers my 16 year old self to be more fit for 16 yr old girls than my older self. I was a retard at 16. Tho I had a lot more vigor and raw sexuality. My 16 gf was fuckin fine, nothing’s changed as far as attraction to that age range. Fuck I met a 13 yr old that totally charmed the shit outta me…tho that’s cutting it close. Still, she was cute as hell. And she was so innocently interested in this older man treating her like a little punk. i think its that sweetness that hasnt been beaten out of them yet that gets ya. A few more years to ripen and shed be in her prime.


      • Ha ha. A guy into child porn is not the same as a guy who is honest about 16 year olds with full racks. But you make a good point.


      • > “Fuck I met a 13 yr old that totally charmed the shit outta me…tho that’s cutting it close.”



      • Those nihilists shut down Gibson guitars because Gibson’s political activity was ever so slightly slightly impure.

        They would jump at the opportunity to subpoena all the IP addresses and hard drives of every single one of us in the Manosphere.


  29. “Black lesbian warbles tragically about leaving for the white suburb on the hill with her shiftless thug lover as realization of depressing ghetto fate slowly dawns on her.”

    Though her lesbianism was not explicit when the song came out, it always struck me that both men in the song (the speaker’s father, and, presumably the owner of the “fast car” is a man though not stated) are portrayed as drunken, distant louts. From the way she looked back then you’d be a fool not to put two and two together, so I took the song as a dark caricature of the normal lower class heterosexual life – spoken from an outside observer with an unrequited crush on a girl saying “marry the football star and you’ll end up in a go nowhere, loveless life of grinding poverty,” while I’d really love and understand you if only you could get past your repression and straight hangups.


  30. But, more germane, nonprofits appeal to women because they are perceived as happy work which avoids the sink-or-swim ladder-climbing hothouse of for-profit industry.

    There is also another explanation: women and leftists hate working in a boring ol’ industry that produces useful, ordinary things that build society. They want to stay as far away as possible from a factory making glass windows or steel. They prefer something “exciting”, degree of usefulness irrelevant. Their ideal job would be one where they recite anti-corporate poetry onstage to thunderous applause that turn into chicken wings feeding the starving children in Africa.


  31. Regarding Robin Williams, his current “wife”, he married in 2011 – so 3 years in and the facts are:

    Sleeping in separate bedrooms after 3 years.

    didn’t bother to check up on him at night or the next morning despite his depression and if you see any recent photos he looks thin, pale and gaunt – like an early stage cancer patient.

    Thanks for the concern there “best friend”. I don’t know about you but if someone I loved looked like that I would be checking on them at night and then every morning at least or try to get them to eat or whatever it took to get them well again. Not the actions of a “loving” wife or “best friend”, Go you little hamster!

    My take – yeah the divorces cut him down, especially the alimony – however I have no doubt he could see yet another gold digging bitch lining him up for another trip to the cleaners and that broke him. In short it wasn’t his addiction to drugs that killed, it was his addiction to marriage.


    • After all the red pill blogs I see so much more in the world. Go to her quote. It was “I lost my best friend” etc. with some clear focus on what SHE’S going through. Okay, it wasn’t the worst thing to say but there is some pretty clear solipsism in her short quote.


    • He met wife 3 after he had open heart surgery to have his aortic valve replaced. She was the nurse that tended to him in his post op period.

      That is telling. It shows a man absent of genuine affection from women – so much so that he confused the duties of a nurse with the love of a wife.


    • Robin Williams’ last words: “Everything I believed in was wrong. I must make amends.” We appreciate the gesture, Robin.


      • Is that from his video? Can you give it some context? Thanks.


      • His suicide is absolutely heartbreaking. Whether he was liberal, he was still a human being in pain. And for a human being to get to the point of ending their own life means they must have been deeply lonely individuals. God have mercy.

        When I hear of a suicide, I feel what are we doing wrong as human beings that others can not reach out to us? Not Robin Williams in particurlar but anybody. I know 2 men who shot themselves last year. And God knows what kind of turmoil their minds were in to be driven to off themselves. It is heartbreaking.

        It does not surprise me that he had money problems with the divorces. Even if not the money problem, divorce is devastating. One of the men I know who shot himself last year, his wife has left him months before.
        There is so much selfishness in this world. Other men become alcoholics. Other men get sick from the stress. Pure cruelty.


      • His last word: Shazzbot!


    • fuck mork.
      if you don’t learn after one, hell i’ll even give you two, divorces where you’ve gotten completely hosed maybe you should just GTFO of life.

      re: wife 3; put money she was out screwing around when he strung himself up. housemaid found him at 10:30 while you were out doing errands my ass.


      • Your comment leads to a good point that the media will never make: He wanted a divorce from the third woman, didn’t he? Very likely. But he knew it would break his finances completely. And that’s why he had no way out except through suicide. He may have been close to bankruptcy like the media say now, but that’s not the whole story.

        The manosphere often provides points that make you think “So obvious! And the media don’t mention it.” For example, there was a thread in a forum with a link to a story about women who watch porn. The journalist was pontificating on why the woman interviewed in the story would watch porn, and taking everything she said at face value. The OP made the obvious point, “She’s probably ugly and can’t get sex.” The one reason the journalist would never bring up. Even though it trumps all other reasons.


    • > “Sleeping in separate bedrooms after 3 years.”

      The ONLY reason to marry is for the making and raising of CHILDREN. A childless marriage is UTTERLY PURPOSELESS!!!


  32. Let’s hear it for the Ferguson PD. The baboons attempted to enter the cop car. GAME OVER!


  33. About the “I’m crazy about you” line from women. Yes it could be a tell of a drama queen, but I’ve usually gotten that response from women I’ve given beau coop orgasms to. Bang a woman really well and they do fall in love with you.


    • that’s the truth. i’ve had a couple women like that. they were having more orgasms than any women i’ve ever seen so i think it was more them than me but they swore i was the best they’d ever had and they were the ones that fell the hardest so i had to have been doing something right.


      • Whats a good response to a girl who tells you she thinks you have a big dick?


      • @thwack:

        Ask her “what’s the difference between jam and jelly?”

        Her: “I dunno, what?”

        you: “I can’t jelly my big dick down your throat”

        And then demonstrate forcefully


      • “You have a big dick” is good news/bad news.

        Good news – you made an impression.

        Bad news – she’s tried on a variety of dicks for size.

        Good news – she’s not blown out from too many kids or poor medical care.

        Bad news – Her vagina is short relative to your length. This can hurt.

        Diameter is expandable and accommodating, far more so than depth and too deep thrusting can cause her physical pain that can make her gun shy and reluctant to fully engage. That said, reaching deep enough to nudge the cervix makes for a happy woman.

        The Kama Sutra has some recommendations – “horse woman best for horse man.” And so on….


  34. For #1 CH’s advice is sound. But the issue here isn’t your reaction to her…what I have found in my own situation is that the relationship with the Borderline creates a crisis internally. You begin to question everything about yourself…because of course how could your game be so awesome that you land this hot girl who does everything for you and the when she suddenly distances herself…you try to “fix” it…that’s the “beta backsliding”.

    I did this. Until of course I realized what was happening. I was total Alpha until she had me convinced I was a complete asshole. But the reality was quite different. All her friends hate me. The community is now divided against me…all through her manipulations. The White Knights have lined up with her all too ready to accommodate her needs: attention, validation, etc etc. All she has to do is cry or scowl at me…and they will launch into action to cheer her up etc.

    YaReally coached me very well to the point where I realized hitting the ball back across the net is only engaging. There is no “hate fuck” with this girl because they want to seduce you back…you will again be swept away and then when she leaves the “revenge” you sought will only backfire.

    No need to get their hamsters spinning. Disappear. That’s all that would work. Stay away. They are liars and master manipulators. Mine was. After she left, she hung around like a ghost….there, but not there…always ready to tell me it was me who left her, it was me who abandoned her….when in reality she broke up, she didnt’ show up for events she helped plan, she defriended me etc etc. You’re almost ready to believe their bullshit. When you do..they receive the attention they were seeking and disappear again. You cannot win—unless you don’t care at all. But if that’s the case you wouldn’t be involved with her anyway and she wouldn’t seek you out.

    Mine had all the signs: abusive childhood, over-bearing mom, tattoo of another guy’s name on ass (he was the one but…) plastic surgery tit job, always a drama “I’m in trouble” was a common text I would receive, super sexual…then disappear, always working another guy without telling me, finally ending things and quietly and secretly running off to another guy which she now keeps quiet about but makes sure to remind me about her presence every 6 weeks…

    Now that I’m gaming and banging girls, I can recognize this type very early on and calibrate my game accordingly—usually by making myself scarce and going out only when it suits me.

    Some good resources….


    • on August 13, 2014 at 9:26 am having a bad day


      “All her friends hate me.”

      are they hot?… then spin them up…lol…’hate’ is not the worst emotion to start with if you’re lookin’ for love…lol…indifference is…plus, engaging the ‘enemy’ is massive DHV…lol…just hold your frame and you’re golden…lol…

      “The community is now divided against me…”

      = social proof = alpha tingle…plus some ‘forbidden fruit’ quality, too…lol…use it to your advantage…lol…

      “all through her manipulations.” even better…lol…let her friends’ hamsters be your friend…lol…

      “The White Knights have lined up with her all too ready to accommodate her needs: attention, validation, etc etc. All she has to do is cry or scowl at me…and they will launch into action to cheer her up etc.”

      again…social proof ftw…lol…

      you can use your ex gf as a hot-girl ‘pivot’ just like a hot ‘friend’…the social proof is about the same…but her ’emotions’ are even better…bc girls know what’s going on…she obviously still ‘desires’ you, since she can’t let it go…girls know what’s up…lol…they may SAY they are on her side, but watch what they DO…start looking to those IOIs…lol…

      good luck!


      • @HABD Awesome reframe….

        I hadn’t thought of the subcommunication going on here. One on hand BPD is nasty…on the other hand, the by-product is this anger which in some ways is a kind of social-proof that in reality the majority of people are largely indifferent to or even sympathetic.


  35. on August 12, 2014 at 9:18 pm Thelatentsadist

    Been awhile since I’ve commented. Question I have is: when a girl does pull away for good, stops taking texts/calls, can we assume that it’s much more likely a shrinking from beta tells, or Alpha reluctance. I lost a girl I was actually very into…and I’ve never been able to solve that riddle. Would have been helpful to know. She had put out feelers for non sex commitment after hooking up 4 times in a month..and my paranoia led me to act alpha aloof..shortly after she stopped too g to me. This seems to go against a lot of the common wisdom that girls are addicted to Aloof men. But I may have shown too much outcome independence in an aloof way….if that makes sense. I’m wondering what a rough ratio is that girls would drop communication for alpha aloofness, post banging…..vs. withdrawing from beta stink.


    • That should read: “may have shown too much outcome DEPENDENCE in an aloof way”…. above


      • “I lost a girl I was actually very into…and I’ve never been able to solve that riddle.”

        If you’re afraid to lose her, you’ll never get her- or keep her.

        Always a challenge to provide an explanation without more detail, given that, it seems you showed too much interest or outcome dependence. Possibly answered your own question within your first statement.

        When you mention “hooked up 4 times in a month”…were you banging her good?

        Were you banging her at all?

        If you were giving her orgasms and dropping the alpha love hammer and she went radio silence I’d agree with the other commenters of not enough comfort game. Advice here is to “build dimension” in your personality after you’ve dominated her sexually. This is the essence of comfort game. Let her get to know other facets of you besides being alpha aloof, fuck-eat-sleep etc. Comfort game is often overlooked and minimally discussed on these forums; however very important to convert a high SMV poon into on-demand sex rotation on your terms.

        On the other hand- it’s also possible you were so into her yum yum poon that your betaness was seething out your pores in Non-verbal. She could smell you doting over her and the vaj snapped shut.

        Whatever the situation, be honest with yourself about what to learn here. The worst thing you can do is delude yourself with the wrong ego defense rationalizations.

        My instincts tell me you weren’t fucking her good. After 4x in one month…that’s past the one night stand buyer remorse and through her “it just happened” hamster. If you’re giving her ping pong dogger dinner bowl orgasm eyes she’ll keep coming back- especially if your aloof asshole.


    • BTW Sadist

      Sorry to hear about your loss. That totally sucks and hopefully you were able to gain something out of the experience.

      If you ran too much AAG (Aloof Asshole Game) then just learn to calibrate. Kind of frustrating I know because you’re in the same boat more or less off a guy who ran too much BCG (Beta Comfort Game)…you lost the girl.

      For different reasons but the same feels are there.

      Chin up, chest out brother. You’ll find another in due time and you may fuck up again but you’ll be wiser.


    • @latent Good questions. First off “lost” indicates scarcity. You didn’t lose anything. These girls may have “buyers’ remorse” after “hooking up” four times—perhaps a lack of “comfort”? Just a question.

      Depends on what you’re after. If you’re after her as a girlfriend you have to offer more comfort…this is the balance. If you bang her 4 times and then she wants to have Non-sex commitment it means she’s losing attraction OR she’s afraid of being abandoned.

      You’ll have to judge which it is. If it’s loss of attraction you can increase comfort while still spiking attraction. If she’s afraid well…there’s nothing you can do. The more you try to “convince” her of your loyalty the more it will push her away.

      The alpha/beta polarity is often a sliding scale. Chalk it up to experience, figure out the right balance between comfort and attraction…and if the girl displays hot/cold, distancing/push/pull, and other Cluster B or BPD traits..get out.


      • Walla, yeah I’ve anylyzed it far too much. I hooked up w her during a hot streak and then my other plates disappeared and scarcity set in. She may have some of the bpd qualities you write about. My last serious gf was def borderline. Hot sex, but what an absolute mindfuck. Like Jekyll and Hyde. Was not prepared for that those girls can really fuck you up. She’s the reason I found the manosphere, tho I was always interested in these things and learning. But as far as the one I’m speaking about, she would text me that she missed me, (“enough to strip for me?”) and that she was thinking about me. Very endearing actually, since she projected a less vulnerable side to others. And then I tried to get her over as usual one night and she was being vague, and when I tried to confirm she said she didn’t want to have sex. Hmm. But she was hunting at wanting to watch a movie…and after a bit of back and forth I just have her an aloof asshole text and that was pretty much the end. I hadn’t considered that the losing attraction could manifest positively, in the sense that she was trying to downgrade me. I don’t know. I got some feedback here that she was just looking for comfort. She tried to get me to bring her coffee at work (uh….nah) I countered by saying we should see a flick after she’s off…which she denied. So i dunno. Prolly best to try and forget it.


      • LTR Game can be tricky, as you have to show more “beta” traits that confirm your commitment. I find myself randomly withdrawing when she’s “reaching” for me, and it’s something I have to work on, even after a year with this girl. Too much aloof or asshole game and she’ll think you don’t care when you actually do. Calibration, men.


      • @latent The problem with these Cluster B/BPD girls is that it pumps up our egos thinking our game is AWESOME…and sets us up for a huge fall. When something seems too good to be true…it usually is.

        These girls are like a drug and when the drug wears off, you want more instead of fighting the addiction in the first place.

        This oneitis you refer to is something that any guy not in that situation can’t relate to. This requires addressing. Your “aloof” attitude didn’t “cost” you the girl.

        You can’t control other people. Your ego is hurting but if you set that aside and stop being so hard on yourself for a moment then you’ll chalk this up to experience, see it for what it was not what you hoped it would become and then do better next time.


      • [You can’t control other people. Your ego is hurting but if you set that aside and stop being so hard on yourself for a moment then you’ll chalk this up to experience, see it for what it was not what you hoped it would become and then do better next time.]

        That to me is a hard thing to do. Especially when you repeat a mistake or you fuck up with a girl you were into. Props on you for accepting yourself; it’s like most guys that end up in PUA are too hard on themselves to begin with (raises hand)

        Yo real-talk Walawala you seem like you’ve grown a lot since the winter when that girl turned you out mentally. Inspirational shit man thanks for trying to spread the wisdom


      • @immoral. Thanks. YaReally and HABD helped tremendously. Getting out of that dark hole was only part of my mission, my wider goal is to find that inner confidence to prevent ever falling back into it.

        Interesting text exchange I’ll share with you guys. The theatre student I k-closed and finger-banged…clearly having mixed emotions. I send a ping text which I often do. This one went like this:

        Me: saw a turtle crossing the road

        Her: um

        Me: send photo of turtle squashed by car..

        Me: Too slow

        Her: Oh.

        Her: Actually im in a bad mood these days sorry for my rude reaction

        Me: it was a turtle. how’s your shoulder

        Her; getting better

        Me: the miracle of film

        What’s interesting is the “Actually I’m in a bad mood…”—beta bait. No way I’d touch that.. I know what’s going on…chick’s conflicted over her obligation to bf and wanting to bang me…

        Leave the hamster to spin….spark attraction with text…add comfort with the shoulder concern….leave.

        In other areas…I’m building a mini rotation of chicks who are up for cocktails and banging and fun. They all know the deal now. I make no bones about this is about banging…”Still interested? If not I understand”…

        The reason for this stuff is that hopefully you guys can learn from my own fuck-ups and not be so hard on yourself if something doesn’t work. Easier said than done yes, but if I can do it…anyone can.


  36. on August 12, 2014 at 10:51 pm Mean Mr. Mustard.

    A woman that “gets it”.

    The secret to desire in a long-term relationship.


  37. Full of useful advice thank you once again. VISUALIZE ALPHA I need to remember this more often.


  38. Number 4/Vegas hotel: CH: “I don’t know how you’ve worked out the hotel situation, but it’s better to pop that sex cherry before awkward consensus meetings over who sleeps where begin. If that’s not possible, you’ll have to cajole her with some plausible excuse to come into your room.”

    Plausible excuse #1: “Let’s go back to my room.”

    Her: “Why?”

    Response #1: “So we can make out and stuff.”

    Response #2: “Really, it’s more comfortable there.”

    Mix and match as needed and depending on vibe. She already wants to bang, all the guy has to do is avoid stepping on his own wang whilst leading her back to the Pleasure Palace. And that’s the key – the man LEADS. I would suggest taking her by the hand, also.

    #1 puts boning on the table, dressed up as innocent, sexy fun. #2 works to disarm ASD. “I want you to be comfortable…while I pound you through the mattress.” Just secure the venue change, and ride that ride to Happy Town.

    À bientôt,



  39. Email #1:

    IMO She was on a downstroke of an ongoing LTR with another dude. She used the guy as ego-assuagement, validation and something to do in the interim- because she could.


  40. More “polar bear hunting” from the ape youth of America.

    One day they’ll fuck with the wrong person and get beat to a pile of shit or, worse, ventilated. Then their fellow subhuman apes won’t have a reason to riot like they have with Trayvon Martin or Michael Smith.


  41. Heartiste,
    You’re an elite game writer with an iq and Machevellian understanding of women. That being said-

    Can you write an e-book full of ways to build solid inner game, tons of awesome one liners related to everything imaginable (social approval, openers, cockblockers, builing comfort, challenging girls, making girls insecure if need be, sexaulizing the conversation, even making them fall in love with you, etc.).

    Maybe you could distill all your ideas into a novel where it read like a script and was well written enough to give even those with lower social intelligence creative means to improvise and the psychological imperative to dominate despite their beta brainwashing.

    Think of all the social good you could do for red pill men by distilling your applied charisma genius into a pragmatic tome.

    I challenge you to write one of the best applied charisma teachings to ever exist- I believe you can dominate if you truly apply yourself and boil the knowledge down to where its readily implementaem to any guy with a 110iq or higher.


  42. Reader 1

    “Not exclusively”

    It means that while he’s sending an email to crimsonarts, she’s busy sucking another guy’s dick.


  43. Email #4, where the guy wants to sleep with the foreign friend….

    He should tell his friend (the other girl) about the foreign girl’s interest, but tell her, “you know, I’d rather sleep with you.” Then leave it at that. Afterwards when both girls are together, flirt outrageously with his friend (other girl). Foreign girl will go thumbs up within 12 hours. Play it right and he can hit both. Be open about everything. Women thrive on the secret spy stuff until they’ve finished the mission, then talk about everything with their friends in the debrief. Put everything out in the open then all they’re interested in is who gets to the finish line (fuck the guy) first.


  44. Email #1…I’ve had that exact thing happen twice in a year. These bitches are crazy and only good for a fucking while it lasts. They are no good for the kind of relationship you want – the truth is few women are. They love the attention, so I call them ASS; Attention Seeking Sluts. In my experience, if the sex was good, they come back for more when they ain’t getting their fix of attention elsewhere. I knew the score when they came back and had my fun by telling what I wanted them to do…how to willingly degrade themselves…no limits…as I videod it all. The best porn you’ll ever see stars yourself.


  45. […] Reader Email #1 Synopsis: I started going out with someone I met. Not exclusively, but she blew away the competition in every way. Her actions at that time were great …hot sex and her pretty much admitting to “being crazy for” me.  […]


  46. on August 14, 2014 at 2:09 pm Amanjaw Marcuntte

    A caveat on #2: negging a hish school hottie too publicly may cause her to summon one of her more athletic orbiters to kick your ass.


  47. on August 18, 2014 at 2:58 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

    “Enjoy this freshest of poon while you have it, because it’s all downhill from high school!”
    I foolishly thought university will be better, but it hasn’t. I missed out on the high-school girls because I simply didn’t care for them much since they seemed insipid fools. Squash your romantic delusions early and enjoy the fresh pussy. You can also royally fuck up game wise in high-school and have an easier time regaining your status in a girl’s eyes since girls aren’t that experienced or bitter yet either. I hate myself for blowing it because I had a quasi-bad boy image because I always skipped classes to do fun things and I used to get plenty of IOIs, but I was just oblivious.

    Everything is so consequence free in high-school that it’s not even funny. Otoh, I’d like to continue dating late teenage girls as I did so far.