Five Minutes Of Alpha Syndrome

A reader generously offers a glimpse into the mind of a woman stricken with “five minutes of alpha syndrome”.


Having been a regular reader of your blog for a while now, I couldn’t quite join-the-dots in the general ‘5-Minutes-Of-Alpha-Beats-5-Years-Of-Beta’ (or variations thereof)
I couldn’t quite see it working in the ‘Real World’.
Until last night.
I contacted a woman from a well-known online-dating site that requires a strong rod and large net.
The woman: 44, 5’8″, Mom-of-one, blonde, pretty, maybe a solid ‘7’ with her war-paint on, separated from nice guy husband of 12 years, recently split from relationship with BF of 7 months.
The Boyfriend: 45, 5’7″, fire-fighter…really average-looking but with serious ‘issues’.

I was initially pulled-in by her looks and IQ (she’s a smart woman, a buyer, by trade) and a comment she made struck me: “I’m scared I’ll never find the level of intensity I had with my Ex”
Me: “What, with your husband?”
Her: “No! My Bf”
(husband, apparently was a tall, handsome guy, 6’3″, but had two things not going for him: ‘Nice Guy’ and liked to crush a 6-pack each night)

Anyway, we met.
For a drink, at 20:00pm, a bar not far from where either of us live.
We left at 22:45pm, after each having a single drink each, mainly because of her life-story of the last ‘X’ months with Fire-fighter Bf.
I could wax-lyrical about it, but it’s best set out in list form:
* upon first meeting, she said “the sort of man I wouldn’t look twice at – he’s 5’7″ for God’s sake”
* didn’t even date him for at least 3 months after 1st meeting, and he pestered me daily for a date
* finally met and things took-off (in her words, “sexually, emotionally and mentally…it was intense, daily”)

Then things start to slide:
* he breaks her left-cheekbone with a straight-right
* deletes names of male co-workers and friends from her iPhone
* secretly hacks into her FB account and sends ‘Don’t contact me again’ messages to male contacts
* constantly, calls, queries and questions her about where she is and who’s she’s out with
* rips her off for 86,000
* finally after 7 months she dumps him and throws him out.

* paint poured over her Audi A3
* hate mail sent daily
* threatening phonecalls made multiple times daily
* bogus online-dating-agency profiles created and setup to monitor her on website
* fellow friends recruited to keep tabs on her
* drives by her home multiple times a day, checking up on her

Finally, the police are involved.
They urge her to press charges, a) for the physical assault and b) threatening behaviours

What does she do?
Protects the fuck out him, claims she doesn’t want him to lose his job or get into any trouble.

And the clincher? She spent the whole 2.45 hr date talking about him (liked to call him ‘Twat-Face’, and this whole sorry episode to me, her supposed date.
No matter what I did, no matter how blasé or cool I was about it….she just looked like she’d rather be anywhere else but on a date with me….
Because I wasn’t him.

Thoughts, opinions, rants?


Chicks dig jerks. And Ross Douthat handwaved.

Less glibly, yet another reason to avoid a long-term relationship with a woman who has amassed an above-average number of sexual partners in her life is that the odds increase that she has dated, fucked, and fallen deeply in love with an asshole. And though she was able to extricate herself from his intoxicating grip to one day go on a half-hearted date with you, his memory continues to scour her dreamscape. What man who isn’t a desperate loser needs the extra headache?

The girl with a lot of past lovers is never alone. You aren’t sitting across from her at a bar; you’re sitting across from her and all the cockas that rocked her.

My advice:

Date virgins.

Ok, that’s a tall order nowadays.

Your next best options, should an execrable date of this nature ever occur again, are to fight asshole with asshole.

Flirt with another woman in front of her.
Text while she’s talking about her ex.
Keep changing the subject. But make it obvious that’s what you’re doing. Humor helps. “You ever wonder what it’s like to piss in a moving elevator?”
Lay down the man law, in so many words. “If you want a shoulder to cry on about your ex, there’s a gay guy I know who’s much better at this. Don’t worry, he won’t judge.”
Get up and leave without warning. This is your last card, and it’s an Ace. Don’t be afraid to play it. You shouldn’t be spending three minutes, let alone three hours, of your valuable time listening to a woman bitch about her ex, anyhow. That’s beta male scarcity mentality.

Whatever you do, don’t sound jealous or butthurt. This is a game, treat it like one.

The advantage will be yours because a clear and present asshole trumps an invisible asshole. And given her history, you may be the new asshole who helps her get over her last asshole.


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    • on October 18, 2014 at 9:41 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



      “The girl with a lot of past lovers is never alone. You aren’t sitting across from her at a bar; you’re sitting across from her and all the cockas that rocked her. ”


      (note the one down vote from Dalrock & Rollo Tomassi as they held hands for the dual-downvote. lzlzlooz)

      My advice:

      Date virgins.

      Ok, that’s a tall order nowadays.”




    • on October 18, 2014 at 2:41 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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      butthetx is strength.”
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      • on October 21, 2014 at 11:32 am Jack-o-Lantern

        1984 – greatest Great Book of the 20th century



    • on October 18, 2014 at 2:59 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)




    • In the social circles I associate with there are a lot of “good” women. Dream women or “unicorns” almost. They are all married to borderline abusive men. These women (“quiverfull” movement chicks) follow a book called “Created to be his help meet” and believe that their life purpose is to be vessels for the seed of their husbands. Sweet, submissive, always pregnant, no internet/facebook or attention whoring on “red pill women,” devoted to being good wives and mothers, a good many of them have admitted that their husband has hit them before or have been “blinded by lust” (cheated) but that they believe in “forgiving him.” Their husbands speak to them like they are children or servants. Meanwhile the nice guys I know who believe in treating women with “respect” are paired with bitter shrews full of animosity and baggage.


  2. on October 18, 2014 at 8:47 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    Yeah, don’t for one minute put up with that shit. Move on.


    • and not that anyone should be alone at any age but 44, even without the red flags, she’s going to have had a lot for yo to contend with. not that you can’t, but is it worth it.

      another in this vein, this lady doesn’t want to ever have a love like her last love again:


      • “and not that anyone should be alone at any age but 44, even without the red flags, she’s going to have had a lot for yo to contend with. not that you can’t, but is it worth it.”

        that’s the truth. i recently connected with an old girlfriend. she’s in her late forties now. she had been involved with a guy for the past ten years and he ended up dumping her recently because he wants kids.

        those of us who know them both always had an inkling that would happen but she really had no clue. she thought they’d be holding hands on their deathbeds.

        it was actually pretty shitty of him to do that to her knowing she’d be hard pressed to find another man at her age. he should have moved on a long time ago or been honest with her that he wasn’t staying long term. i actually feel kind of sorry for her.

        but having said that, i’d still never date her.


      • @ Mac

        why feel sorry for her? she should have had kids with him if she wanted to keep him.


      • @Mac

        Don’t feel sorry for her. She probably wanted a career instead of kids. What else was the guy to do? Good riddance to her. She got what she deserved.


      • @Heisenberg

        “She probably wanted a career instead of kids.”

        wasn’t like that. she wanted them but he wanted to finish medical school first. he was a late bloomer. contractor, then military. decided on medical school later on. by the time he was ready, she was too old. they were actually looking into adopting when he left her. think it came down to him wanting kids all along but not with her.

        you’re probably right about not feeling sorry for her. they both put career before kids. just a shame. she’s a nice lady. would have been a good mom.


    • Yep, the key mistake the guy made was listening to this girl in the first place. For well over two hours! My policy has long been to not allow discussion of ex-boyfriends on first dates. I’m not rude about it, but I’m not particularly subtle either. In a playful way, I just cut it off and say that we’re not doing that. “That’s against the rules.” Almost all girls are fine with this, and the date moves on with the understanding that it’s about us, not some jerkoff from her past.

      If that doesn’t work, and quick, just get out of there. I don’t recall ever having to that, but I’d like to believe that I would. I freely admit that this would be extremely hard to do with those chicks that are truly hot, but a firm yet gentle hand solves most problems. And if it doesn’t, I’d far rather play a video game or something than listen to that sort of nonsense.

      In fact, I just came up my next response when a girl says something that she ought not to, or that bores me to tears: “I’ve heard that World of Warcraft has a new expansion coming out. What do you think about that?”


      • @Trainspotter. Yes if a girl brings up her ex bf. I listen for around 2-3 minutes in silence, say nothing and say…”You got the better deal now…”

        If she persists I just change the subject. If they’re constantly talking about their ex…big problem. If they bring it up…and I listen, then change subject.

        I find saying nothing…usually is enough to signify i’m not engaged.

        If it’s really annoying: “I don’t need to hear this…”


  3. Getting jealous of a woman’s male friends/coworkers?
    Pouring paint over her car after a breakup?
    Driving by her home several times a day after a breakup?

    This guy was an asshole, but he doesn’t sound like an alpha to me


    • Yeah, agree. There’s something that always seems to be glaringly absent from this site, and it’s the fact that the beta personality is going to be more prone to temper tantrums, jealousy, passive aggressive acts, etc. Beta’s are insecure, easily rattled and more likely to “snap.” They are huge liabilities in any context.
      Alphas aren’t jerks. They don’t need to be. Betas trying to run alpha game typically are. Think about that.


      • Alphas can get away with some beta behavior if they are assholes.


      • Beta freak outs involve whining about how unfair it is that a girl would dump him, that he didn’t do anything wrong, hail Mary professions of love to the girl after she’s moved on, etc. Beta freak outs are timid and impotent.

        Asshole freak outs involve pouring paint on people’s shit, punching girls, threatening other men physically. This isn’t the attitude of abundance that most alphas have, but the assertiveness that it takes to actually do something hostile is perceived by women as alpha. The defining feature of an asshole is his brazen disregard for playing by the rules, which short circuits women’s brains into thinking that he can only be so cavalier because he’s high status. (Hence the need for public shaming of poor sexual choices by women and a justice system unforgiving towards male miscreants. What kind of society accepts an attractive intelligent woman falling for an abusive prole?)

        A caveat: with higher class, higher IQ chicks you can be an asshole simply with subtle verbal barbs and not conforming to social expectations, I.e. not doing anything special for Valentine’s day. This is generally what heartiste advocates and it’s how you can harness the psychological power of being an asshole without having a rap sheet.


      • This site’s definition of ‘Alpha’ is ‘anyone who scores pussy’. Which includes ugly old rich guys (usually Gamma), psychos and rapists (usually Omega to the hilt), drug dealers (can be any Greek letter), Rock stars and actors (usually Sigma).


    • I think the point is that she saw him as an alpha and therefore couldn’t stop thinking about him.


      • And that’s what it really comes down to the social science of perception, not actual science. I contend that most women are no better at selecting men with better genes (the supposed alphas) than a coin flip. Many of them just go after the outliers and hope they got it right.


      • Girls like alphas more than betas…that’s a given. But if we are Alphas or aspire to be Alphas we shouldn’t waste time and energy on a basket case like this. To put up with that amount of shit is scarcity mentality. Only way I would entertain the idea of interacting with her was if the story started with , “Once upon a time a terrible plague killed everyone one on the planet except you and a neurotic, slightly above average looking woman…”


    • His narcissism is alpha to her. Obviously he doens’t give a fuck about jail, chivalry, or what anyone thinks. He’s going to do what he’s going to do. When she was with him he did this too…


    • The Fireman did Alpha things to her… so I guess he’s situationally Alpha?

      It does not matter if her Hamster forced her to have “intensity” with fireboy to justify breaking with Nice Guy… the result is. the. same. She’s now damaged goods and will always evaluate any new peniis against the Fireman’s hose.

      One thing to realize that when the hamster belches about some “big ex” that flipped her lid… a reasonable amount of the story is always coming from an addled mind. Therefore about half is really true.

      True story: I once worked with a gal who was an alpha widow head case. She ended up dating a younger guy who happened to be a friend of mine. One day they breakup… boo hoo… she is beside herself with anguish and saying bad things about my friend. He’s just a little boy… So immature etc etc. About a week later Widow gets a flat tire in the parking lot… Being the White Knight I was I go out there change her tire. All I heard was “I just bet my ex BF did this” “he hates me”, “I think he’s stalking me”… After the tire is changed (no thanks from her btw). I say, “Brett is 500 miles away I took him to the Airport yesterday”.

      Now if you think that bit of factual data would ruin a good blame… you would be wrong.

      That afternoon after telling every female about her ex and the flat tire. She was prompted to get security involved and with a few batted eyelashes the parking lot security golf cart was moved right by Widow’s car for 6 months. So she could feel safe.


    • Guy had all the traits of Borderline Personality Disorder….or maybe…just maybe she does and is making all this up when in reality it was HER who did all those things….


    • You guys keep assigning civilized definitions to terms. Women translate SMV of the male into female terms of animalism. Analects 13:3 is thus proven to be relevant again.


    • This greek letter terminology is rather limiting.


  4. Don’t help her get over her asshole by staying though. Bang, don’t call after you leave. Have restraining order handy for inevitable stalking.

    Or better yet, act like a gay Ryan Gosling, so she does not have the hots for you at all, and leaves within five minutes. Then call a much younger, tighter pussy, who will be talking about you like that at 45 twenty years later with soem other douche.

    My $.02.


  5. There can be no doubt why her ex husband “crushed a six pack” every night. This bitch is fucked up.

    I’ve had GFs who went batshit cause i ouowldn’t hit them, one stabbed me and broke my nose because I would punch her in the face and strangle her. Stay away from these crazy whores. (caveat, best sex I ever had with the one who stabbed me)


  6. on October 18, 2014 at 9:19 am Proper Villain

    Her ex was mate-guarding something fierce.

    A true alpha would have disregarded, but I suppose corporeal abuse was more than enough to offset that oversight.


    • mate guarding is what betas do to women that they arent having sex with. dude laid down the law to her. my guess is the social pressure her work, friends, and family compelled her to call it off. but in reality with him she felt the most alive she has in her whole life. every second just rich with excitement so thick you could cut it with a knife. like the ringing in the ears one gets just before the onset of a massive headache. I would put money on that she is still sleeping with him. The wrongness of the situation adds to the adrenaline high and the tingles.

      women are biologically programmed to love their offspring, not another man, but all humans can serve a master. Stop trying to get them to love you as their children, be their master. Learn from douches like this guy, and Obama and everyone else you dislike. Dont let your feelings get in the way of a learning opportunity.


  7. Being the OP and other participant in this ‘date’, she also struck me as erring on the side of ‘Gold-digger’ and her social-circle of married/separated (or soon-to-be-separated) friends gravitated toward footballers and rugby players. (“but…I’m not like them!!”)

    She showed me a photo of him (think, vague Ben Stiller-esque), when I asked her, “so, all things considered, what was it that got him (Bf) the decision”?
    A: “Sad to say, the fireman-fantasy thing”

    Right-off from the start of the night, I knew she wasn’t into me, but oddly, I’d say 20 mins into the night, in some macabre way, I felt utterly compelled by her story and wanted to know more and more…just to see how fucked-up her situation got. I couldn’t gauge, how this guy lasted 7 days, let alone 7 months.

    Very intelligent and good-looking woman too… so, I might be off-target with the initial Alpha query, but it absolutely tallies with CH’s Maxim #5: A man’s looks don’t matter as much to women as a woman’s looks matter to men.


  8. Uh oh. Some contradictions in the CH philosophy appearing. Technically the boyfriend would have been the “mate guarding asshole” and would not be digged by women at all. Of course the caveat explanation could be that she is so over the hill that the boyfriend reminded her of her younger self who could get those mate guarding buffoons or maybe she never had one of those types of assholes before and really felt it was a huge compliment at her age. Either way, I am surprised her ex husband at 6’3 and the drinker wasn’t who she was dwelling on. Women are very complicated but the core message they clearly send is that assholes are wonderful.


    • on October 18, 2014 at 9:43 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      “mate guarding asshole” = sex is not good
      “mate guarding alpha” = her gina goes tinzgzlzlzlozlozloozozozz ozbzuzuztzhzozlzlz zlzozlzozlzozo ltinzgzlzozzl more dan Bango Tango’s butt goes tinzgzlzzllzo when he thinsk of large cockas!!! lzozllzo


    • Violent jerk mate-guarding game. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


  9. on October 18, 2014 at 9:26 am Just Went Rogue

    This is pure prole behavior. These people are in their 40s? Fuck this gay earth.


    • More and more I’m thinking that “Fuck this gay earth,” is the modern version of “Carthago delenda est.”


  10. Was the psycho dude an alpha? Not in the conventional sense of checking off every item on the Commandments of Poon. He’d probably not do well at pickup and it took him a while to get the broad to go out with him. Sometimes sheer persistence is what it takes to get your foot in the door, and then it’s up to Abuse Game to keep the LTR lively.

    Assuming the woman’s story is true and not a melodramatic fantasy told to a date, then it looks like the guy mainlined straight to her emotional cortex by the sheer directness of his abusiveness. Chicks dig jerks, and lots of jerks are fuckups. She missed his alpha presence, the flaws of which (like neediness and possessiveness) are more than outweighed by the intensity of his dominance.


    • Yeah, you nailed it.
      First meeting between them was non-descript. Took him 3 months to get a date and he either used the ‘Abuse Game’ or prolly nailed it in bed (she admitted it was pretty intense sexually, too)

      I’ve no doubt it was true, given that, pre-date, she had told me the basics of the situation over the telephone (massive red-light which I should have seen), so it tallied with what she said on the night.

      Oh yeah, I forgot to add, the local police were IMPLORING her to press charges and get a CCTV device fitted for future security.
      Nah, she wasn’t having any of either.


      • She’ll probably end up dead, sounds like a fucked up bitch to me. I don’t know how the hell you put up with two and a half hours of that shit.


      • @Galactus67 Thanks for sharing. It was instructional.

        If you saw this woman as a bunch of problems but when out with her just for the experience, that’s cool. I don’t do it much, but if there is a girl who I meet online who is so so but has some interesting story to tell…then yah I’ll go beta provider just to ensure I DONT spark attraction and hear her out. If she’s hot in anyway…I don’t listen.


      • G67: A CCW permit is your friend. If this little punk ever corners you in a dark alley [possibly with a small posse of his fascist friends from the gubmint firehouse], then you need to be able to take care of business.

        PS: What did the dudes in the PD think about one of their homies in the FD behaving so badly? Sounds like they might have already had a history with the little thug.


      • And morally speaking, once a bitch refers to another man’s cock in a conversation with you – no matter how obliquely – she has already attempted to spiritually cuckold you. I would never reward that sort of insullt with so much as the sight of my cock, much less the feeling of the glorious perfection of it between her legs.


      • Finally, if “67” means you were born in 1967, and now are about 47 yo in 2014, then NO WAY IN HELL should you be dropping your seed in a skanky 44 yo Cluster B whore with a barren womb. If you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, then lose some weight, pump some iron, get some cardio, and slay the poon in its early 30s which still has a fertile womb and can give you some progeny.


  11. In a world of betas, a right hook to the cheekbone is like a glass of water in the desert to some women.


    • Yeah. The fireman doesn’t have tight game but he ain’t afraid to knock a girl to the ground and give her a firestorm of searing drama for her hamster to nibble on. His mate-guarding and jealousy comes packed in with an overwhelming dose of titillating confrontation and abuse. The fact that it emanates from a place of insecurity doesn’t occur to a woman when she’s on the receiving end of a falcon punch after he empties out her bank account.

      Lots of men like this running around the bottom half of the economic and mental bell curves. Species lower alpha, subspecies abusive thug. See Stanley Kowalski.


    • “In a world of betas, a right hook to the cheekbone is like a glass of water in the desert to some women.”

      Great line. And in a world with increasing legislation like yes means yes laws all the more dangerous and risk taking a man has to be which appeals to women even more. He is so bad ass he is willing to risk jail for me! Good luck with that playas. You might end be taking a nice big black cocka from one of GBFM’s lovers in San Quentin. Will it be worth it?


    • Ray Rice game?


    • Her larger tale informs us that she brought the punch upon herself.

      It’s all a part of her masochism.


      • I guess you could call it “masochism”. But I feel like it’s The Darkness in their hearts eating away at their souls until they are completely dead inside. I watch some aging pornstars now who used to be totally into it when they were first bursting onto the scene, but now they look so bored that they don’t even bother to fake an interest – you almost get the feeling that the only thing which would titillate them anymore would be an outright snuff film, but that even snuff films would start to get ho-hum after a while. As though Evil has an insatiable appetite – an infinite capacity – for even more Evil. Until it all ends in Death.


      • Bottom Line: You can either use your God-given private parts for the making, birthing, nurturing, and raising of progeny, or else your God-given private parts can waste away all the very best years of their fertility whilst being forced to engage in utterly purposeless acts of Nihilism. Your choice. You decide.


      • As though Evil has an insatiable appetite – an infinite capacity – for even more Evil. Until it all ends in Death.

        No “as though” about it… you’ve nailed the very heart and essence of Evil.

        Even the devil (among others) knows he’s (they’re) done… ‘though repentance was always even within his (their) grasp…

        But Evil can’t help itself, it simply has to follow it’s self-centered route to destruction… it’s only joy to take as many others… indeed, the entire world, if possible… down with it.


  12. ForeignBride was a virgin on our wedding night.

    She thinks I am the ultimate Alpha.

    She thinks I am Johnny Wadd.


  13. Get up and leave without warning. This is your last card, and it’s an Ace. Don’t be afraid to play it. You shouldn’t be spending three minutes, let alone three hours, of your valuable time listening to a woman bitch about her ex, anyhow. That’s beta male scarcity mentality.

    This, this, ThIs, tHiS, and… THIS!

    2:45 listening to her? (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  14. Off topic, I see Barack Obama just appointed a new ebola commiczar called Ronald Klain. How did I know even before looking him up that he wasn’t White?

    Socialists like to talk about non-Whites being “underrepresented” in a business or bureaucracy when they aren’t present in the same amount as their proportion of the population. But Whites, the vast majority of Americans, are only a minority in Barack’s cabinet appointments. The majority have been Blacks, Asians, Latinos, and of course Jews who have been vastly overrepresented. Just like they were in the Bush and Clinton cabinets.

    And yet not a word about this underrepresentation from the media owners. Why?

    Because “anti-racism” is just a codeword for anti-White. The saying is true.


    • It’s like Trainspotter said, America is a clown show running on borrowed time. The sooner that regular folk conservatives understand this abd abandon their sentimental attachment to it, the sooner we’ll have a country of our own.

      PS: I caught a minute of Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly on youtube duking it out over “white privilege.” I couldn’t watch that slithering snake “Stewart” for longer that a minute, but I caught O’Reilly start to disagree by saying “that was then (Jim Crow) and this is now.”

      Way to fail to reframe. White Privilege is rhetoric of genocide. Start there.


    • You obviously have anger issues. White-house-garden-grown Michelle-Ma-Bell certified vegetarian knish? Free with your purchase of Obamacare.


      • You obviously have anger issues

        Funny how “anger” was a positive thing in the 1960s, but once the Left is in power it’s a bad thing. So now “anger management” is pushed for in the media and Hollywood, while it would have been trashed earlier.


    • on October 18, 2014 at 6:58 pm Hammer of Love

      Since we’re on the subject of over representation; Check this out.


    • Same thing when they want to “make (X) look like the community”, where X is any grouping of people or even depiction of one. As long as the community has no white males in it.


      • Reminds me of how every wedding of two Whites in Hollywood productions has plenty of Blacks sitting on both sides of the aisle. As if both bride and groom – every single time – would have lots of Black relatives and friends.

        The rule is: you must never show a group of more than five people that is all-White. And usually not when it’s five or less either. Look at, say, the A characters in Friends, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, etc. Either the characters themselves are non-Whites, or some of the “white” characters are played by Tribe members. Or both.

        Hiring Tribe members (and homosexuals) as White characters not only gives work to the Tribe, but also makes sure that when fans look up the cast and see how many of them are Tribe, then they equate Jews with being Whites. The best kind of Whites, of course – the White-but-non-White kind.


    • multiple cdc studies done on gun control-congress put a stop to it-congress lifted ban on cdc gun control in 2012. ron klain was cos for biden-biden led obamas gun control panel. INS is expiditing visas from west africans afflicted with ebola for transport to the USA for treatment in our hospitals. using obamacare/medicaid standards to treat ebola will bankrupt hospitals. Obama claims hospitals are too big to fail, and obama nationalizes them, thus single payer…

      hospitals and clinics arent where ebola should be treated, quarantine areas should be setup outside town. temperature and travel/exposure is metric to quarantine someone for 28 days, upon determination person gets lawyer, 3 meals and a cot and wifi for a month, no big deal. need positive pressure hazmat suits with supplied air hose, using buddy system. need dedicated cleaning area, using chlorine, 2 ppl scrub down 2 nurses/treatment personnel final wash with chlorine then enter unsuiting area. under hazmat suit should be goggles, ear plugs/radio muffs, respirator, tyvek membrane suit 3 gloves, ect. multiple redundancies. also, shaving(anywhere) abrades the skin, adding another entry point into the body. hands and skin needs to check for sores/cuts/scrapes and superglued or other method of covering. this strain of ebola seems to be most communicable form other then Reston. Though Reston had about the same mortality rate as the flu, most healthy people would survive Reston.


  15. CH – “The girl with a lot of past lovers is never alone”

    and science is proving this more and more. Don’t have time to look it up right now, but it seems, male sperm “donates” some of its’ genes to the receiving woman’s brain.

    As my wife put it – “EWW!”


  16. She deserves him.


  17. Heartiste!
    Thou nasty knower of the dark female id.
    Here s some intersting quick dark read for ya. Skip to post 5

    Shy petite girl fucks alpha big dick in front of her bf because….well read the story is kinda hot yed depressing because of the reminders of the true nature of pussy


    • this shit made me think. i alreadyam extremely red pill but this just made the blood boil and become redder ;D thanks for posting this mate


  18. Had a slightly similar encounter with a +40 broad – wouldn’t stop talking about her neighbour who ‘sexually assaulted her’ or her boss who allegedly texted her a dick pick, and constantly moaned on about what an arsehole the father of her child is, even though he’s guilty of the same shyt this guy is……needless to say, I hung round long enough to pound her and got out. Bitch was too much.


  19. Why do I think superceding asshole game would work just like that? I’d like for the mystery reader to try it and report back. Seems like an easy slam dunk with the combination on her lock seemingly figured out. Not sure I’d want the guy to get jealous though. I always ask chicks with man baggage how attached and prone to violence the ex or not ex is. More and more, women are not even worth the trouble for casual sex. It amazes me how much beta providers will endure before revolt. History is clear.


  20. you may be the new asshole who helps her get over her last asshole.

    While that might be true, that’s never my aim. She can get over her issues herself. I’m not the Slut Whisperer.


    • lol at Slut Whisperer


      • Want to gain insight into how women react? Own a cat.


      • you mean the cat acts like a woman?

        or owning one makes you act like a woman?


      • @thwack
        to paraphrase a line straight from the maw of a feminist singer/songwriter, a woman is like the kind of cat who likes to be held but only when its her idea.

        the answer to your question is: both


      • bc23point5

        the answer to your question is: both

        My cat is a lazy ni66er. One night a mouse ran across the room. I looked at him and he looked at me…

        Me: “well?”

        Him: “well fuckin what?”

        Me: “you gonna catch that fuckin mouse?”

        Him: “why don’t you fuckin catch it?”

        Me: “cause its your mutha fuckin job bitch?”

        Him: “You don’t have a fuckin job?”

        Me: “my job is to tell you what the fuck to do?”

        Him: “well it looks like you need to take a reliability course cause I ain’t catchin shit up in this muffugah cept a meal and some shut eye?”

        Me: “well you bout to catch a ass whuppin you same clothes wearin everyday cornbread ni66er bitch made mother fucker?”

        Him: “well go head squeeze it fat boy; I got nine lives?”

        ( I can’t reveal what happened next but it involve a shoe)


  21. Jerk is not a requirement to be her five minutes of alpha; I’ve been several women’s five minutes, and almost all of their parents thought I would be a great son-in-law. In fact, one of the most effective ways to nlow their minds is to ignore mentions of new boyfriends.


  22. on October 18, 2014 at 12:46 pm Pepe Montecristo

    In other news, actor Chris Noth who portrayed Mr. Big in SATC called Carrie Bradshaw character a “whore”.

    “Noth dropped this comment about the charming but manipulative Mr. Big and his relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker’s romance-loving Carrie Bradshaw:

    “He was what he was. One of the things I tell people is that he never tried to pretend he was anything other than what he was,” Noth said. “It was (Carrie) who tried to pretend he was something he wasn’t. He was always honest about himself; he never cheated on her. The relationship just didn’t work, and he went on to get married while she went on to … how many boyfriends did she have? She was such a whore! There’s a misconception that Carrie was a victim of him, and that’s not the case. She was a strong, smart woman.”


  23. @CH
    “Less glibly, yet another reason to avoid a long-term relationship with a woman who has amassed an above-average number of sexual partners in her life is that the odds increase that she has dated, fucked, and fallen deeply in love with an asshole. And though she was able to extricate herself from his intoxicating grip to one day go on a half-hearted date with you, his memory continues to scour her dreamscape. What man who isn’t a desperate loser needs the extra headache?”

    Why are you talking so mean about Amy CH? 🙂

    Seriously THIS is why I always get riled at chicks posting on the Manosphere about “this is how you get/date/seduce a girl”. ALL gals posting to Manoshpere blogs are Alpha Widows… ALL of them want to show you their inner hamster racing in circles and call it logic. (OK OK all girls in the states posting are Alpha Widows… girls from the Mediterranean area are cool)

    What they themselves do not realize is that THEY CAN’T explain HOW or WHY it happened. They can only explain WHAT… and the WHAT is always though a haze of overexcited hamster fur.

    I tell men who date or restarting dating… DATE young REAL young and hopefully you can find one that has not been tainted by an Alpha piss marking his territory.

    I always ask this when inevitably a guy dates an alpha widow.
    “WHY on earth do you want to deal with that when there are new 18-22 year olds on the market EVERY DANG DAY???”


  24. The funniest thing about this post is that I believe she is intelligent.

    Here’s an idea on how to flip the abuse loving wench, take her hand, squeeze it hard, and say, “I hear your pain, but we really need to talk about something else.” Keep squeezing harder. If she doesn’t pull her hand away, but acknowledges your decree. Smack da bitch and fuck her up da ass…


    • Work for me, mon! Oh wait, y’all meant *giving* it up the ass, not taking it. Never you mind then, homie!


  25. you shoulda just left when she started bla-blaing about her ex. when a chick is into you the other guys don’t matter. it’s that simple.

    if she’s truly attracted, it is just you and her. but yeah, if she’s just like ‘I dated a guy and we did this…or this one time I dated a guy and blah blah…’ on your first date, then make up an excuse to leave and never cotact her agai


  26. A reminder of how it hard it can be to internalize sound advice, even for rational, linear-thinking men. Mr. Regular Reader should have known CH’s maxims about shutting off any woman’s blubbering about the problems she brought upon herself.

    And yet he didn’t. He couldn’t. Oh, I’m sure he was telling himself the account was fascinating, as riveting as a car wreck. And therein lies the road to beta, or maybe the circular road in beta province with no exit ramp to alpha.

    Not only due to you have to steel yourself against womanly beauty, you have to harden your heart to other people’s self-inflicted problems. If you can’t get a word in edgewise, just walk away.


    • At some point, the gal became his research project.

      He listened to her rant for the same reason young women love horror films: to be scared out of his wits.


  27. Other than break her face, destroy her audi and steal her money. This dudes beta outweighs his alpha on a mammoth scale. He sounds like a legit fukin maniac.After 12 years of marriage she was just desperate to settle for a little excitement from the Alpha trash can.

    He’s got zero options in the dating market if he has to hunt down and kidnap a 44 year old, then recruit his brahs to activate stalker mode


  28. Maybe I’m reading the initial email incorrectly, but it sounds as if the writer wants help in landing this woman rather than just sharing a story.

    I sure hope he’s not in the least hung up on her – serious trainwreck there.


  29. ch,
    you forgot one thing in the article:
    is he really into her?

    granted, this is a game, but he also needs to be into her.
    whoever the other guy was, he showed a non-wimp genuine desire for her.
    the commenter needs to consider whether he really wants her, or whether
    it´s just an ego game that he wants to win.

    whatever you want to say about this guy, he at least had passion for her.

    asshole + passion = win
    asshole + disinterest = loss


  30. better put:
    asshole + passion > asshole + disinterest


  31. If she starts talking about an ex, I’ll throw in a remark or two about my own annoying exes, and she instantly switches to asking about them. Heh.


    • lozozlzozlozlozl… that’s the trick… if there’s anything that spikes the hamster’s interest more than its own drama, it’s that of competing hamsters.


  32. I do have a question… about this:

    * didn’t even date him for at least 3 months after 1st meeting, and he pestered me daily for a date

    I’d think that would be some severe anti-Game. OTOH, perhaps her being in her 40s made her more likely to go along with it.


    • That part reminded me of time a girl I know told me about a dude who had asked her permission to kiss her, pestered her for dates (for around the same timespan as in the story here), brought her flowers, etc. and eventually she went on a date with him. She said he turned out to be the most exciting and “dangerous” guy she had met although she couldn’t explain exactly why he was exciting or dangerous.

      In both cases when I heard the description my first thought was that they sound like psychopaths. I wondered a while ago why psychopaths seem to get women despite running severe anti-game; I was reading a lot of books about psychopathy and one of the things Robert Hare, probably the foremost researcher in psychopathy, said was that the psychopath “sends four messages” — (1) I like who you are, (2) I am just like you, (3), Your secrets are safe with me, (4) I am the perfect friend/partner/companion/lover/etc. for you — and I was struck by how contrary they run to conventional game principles.

      I think the reason it works for them is persistence combined with a very arrogant (=strong frame) attitude and dominant behaviour. They DHV so much that they can get away with beta behaviour. Also from what I’ve read, psychopaths tend to be so persistent and single-minded in anything that they wear any competitors out, which is why they persist for months and it works*. Apparently the same is the real reason they’re such effective liars: they just spew bullshit until the person is too tired to process it and eventually something sticks.

      * betas do this too, but their persistence is passive to the psychopath’s active persistence, because the latter lacks social fear and will make moves while the former just hopes she gets the hint, never knowing she got it months ago and ignored it.


    • he pestered me daily for a date

      Translations: he asked her twice.


      • ^ Exactly: don’t put stock in what women say, pay attention what they do.


      • Translations: he asked her twice.

        Heh. Should’ve guessed…


      • another poss translation: made several crude remarks every time he saw me.


      • if ya take a chick who has went their whole without alpha, then give her 7 months with an alpha, her world will be rattled to the core, and though every form of delusion she will try in her own mind to give herself hand in the relationship.

        translation: replace he for she, and she for he. meaning the story is completely reversed for the most part. she hit herself, she was the stalker, that is why she wouldnt press charges.

        consider yourself lucky you didnt pique her interest.


  33. on October 18, 2014 at 2:33 pm Rude Awakening

    Reminds me of a girl i was set up with by my coworker I went on a few dates with back in my pre-redpill days. She had married young to a guy (military dude) she first met off the internet. Over the course of the evening she disclosed that a)she had never had an orgasm during sex. Her husband cheated on her eventually. I say husband because at the time they were only separated and not legally divorced. B)in an act of revenge she slept with one of his friends/acquaintances. He had the biggest cock she’d ever had plunged in her pussy and she eventually fell in love with him. Surprise surprise he didn’t feel the same way and he dumped her ass. C) she ended her most recent relationship because the guy couldn’t last long enough in the sack.

    I remember thinking to myself, “why the fuck are you telling me all this?” Later on in the evening she asks how many partners I’ve had and how big my cock is. That was the last date we had. She started seeing somebody else for awhile but that didn’t last. She then moved to the South because”men have manners and treat ladies with respect down there. ” the hampster was strong in her.


    • Okay, seriously. Either tell me more or admit you made half of that up. Are you 100% sure she wasn’t just fucking with you?


      • on October 20, 2014 at 9:32 am Rude Awakening

        No bro she wasn’t fucking with me and I wish I could say I was making this shit up. Since discovering the manosphere I’ve seen and experienced first hand how feral and unrestrained the female ID can be.


      • Dan, I believe him. The things modern women will say on a first date, very much including well educated professional women, is amazing. I LOL’ed at this line:

        “Later on in the evening she asks how many partners I’ve had and how big my cock is.”

        Yep…thanks for the trip down memory lane. And we’re supposed to “man up” and marry these warped creatures? Invest and provide for their old age?

        The U.S. is a farce at literally every level, from the highest political office to the lowliest interaction at a dive bar, and all points in between. Let’s look for the reset button.

        [CH: if a woman feels she can get away with obnoxious behavior, she’ll do it. there has to be a real perceived threat that the man will either leave her with the bill or call her out to persuade her to act in a feminine manner. too bad the world is filling up with desperate beta males who let women get away with anything…]


      • The bottom line is, women think this kind of sexually forward behavior is attractive to men, because men will usually reward it with (sexual) attention.


      • on October 20, 2014 at 11:09 am Rude Awakening

        Completely agree with CH. The man I am today would pull over and tell her to walk back home, but back then I put up with crazy ass behavior just to get some sloppy ass vagina. I didn’t have abundance mentality and I didn’t see my own SMV until learning these painful lessons and discovering the manosphere. I was plugged in and brainwashed with all the feminists/beta thinking. Live and learn gents, but don’t make the same mistakes twice.


      • CH: “too bad the world is filling up with desperate beta males who let women get away with anything…”

        Very true, but I’d add that alphas are letting this sort of thing go too, for the simple reason that such a girl is brazenly signalling her willingness to become another notch on the bedpost.


      • another notch on the bedpost.

        I prefer the more romantic term, “semen receptacle”


  34. The true Alpha manipulates a woman through mindfucking techniques that are non-violent. DHV tactics, use of language (verbal/body), and attitude. And then, when that time comes, he fucks her into orgasmic oblivion, getting her brain to slather itself in oxytocin.

    The prole Alpha, in contrast, manipulates a woman through violent mindfucking technques – abuse, mate guarding intimidation tactics, and the like. But he also plows her in a dominant fashion. The same Oxytocin bath occurs.

    That’s why the woman describe above can’t get her mind off of him. Her “handsome” hubby probably neither manipulated her nor truly fucked her.
    Both types take advantage of woman’s preternatural inclination TO be manipulated.

    Not all women will go for the prole type, but some invariably do. If you want to pry her from that guy’s clutches, you have to mind fuck her AND bang her so hard she gets another, and different, oxytocin bath.
    Otherwise, not worth it.


  35. on October 18, 2014 at 3:54 pm WaterUnderTheFridge

    (Hope original guy won’t take this as an insult)
    If I reach the point where 44 year old women are the best that I can get a date with I can’t see myself doing it.

    Haven’t been to a hooker, and I imagine there’s a lot missing from that experience compared to an attractive woman that wants you. But honestly how much pleasure/satisfaction/excitement/pride/validation/fun can possibly be derived from the company/desire/”conquest” of a woman that old anyway?


    • How old are you ?


      • on October 18, 2014 at 5:16 pm WaterUnderTheFridge



      • Well when you hit 55 you might consider it ;-(

        A man has to eat.


      • on October 19, 2014 at 11:26 pm WaterUnderTheFridge

        Please don’t think I’m maligning someone else’s hunting skills. I too will probably reach a point where I cannot attract attractive women. It seems to me that when that day comes a hot young thing who doesn’t care about me will be much better than a disgusting old hag who has christ knows what extra crap swimming in her head, aside from a ghastly outer layer.


    • Pros are not all that bad. If you are realistic with your expectations it can be a nice experience.

      And you by no means have to limit yourself to it. In some foreign countries it can be economical. You just don’t want to quit the hunt. Otherwise you might become soft. Use it for the nights things just go awry or you are not in the mood for sarging.

      44- might was well be a guy. Maybe if I was 65. That’s just me though.


      • on October 18, 2014 at 7:03 pm Hammer of Love

        ” 44- might was well be a guy. Maybe if I was 65. That’s just me though. ”

        Dude I just spit out my coffee. You’d rather do a guy instead of a 44 year old woman ?? WTF man ??


      • I’d do a guy. Well long as he wuz white, m’kay?


      • Dude I just spit out my coffee. You’d rather do a guy instead of a 44 year old woman ?? WTF man ??

        Read it again. He says he would maybe date a 44-year-old woman if he was 65.


    • WaterUTF, I’ll try to help you understand.

      A few women can keep it together into their 40s if they commit to staying in shape. There are some positives: they bring a lot of experience to the table, they smell nice, they know how to dress, they can cook, they have nice sheets on their bed, and they don’t make peace signs in photos. You have to understand that hanging out with people from a different generation gets tiring.

      The problem is that older women are often carrying a lot of baggage, like the woman in the story. I’ve been on a date like this. I’m 44 and she was 40. First date after meeting online. A thunderstorm killed my original plan, so we just met at a bar near my place. A lot of the conversation was stimulating and she was slim and pretty in a natural way with a winning smile. I enjoyed myself. It was clear early on that I wasn’t getting into her pants, but it wasn’t the end of the world. It’s not something you use to brag about on a PUA message board, but it was by no means a disaster. From a PUA standpoint I did many things wrong, including letting her drone on about her failed marriage and how her husband refused to move out of their apartment. I kept my frame and slowly took the conversation in another direction. She loosened up and the last hour of the date was lively, with me even working in some kino.

      It was clear that if we met again I could have revved up the sexual energy and I would have established a more “put up or shut up” attitude. But I didn’t call her again because I got back together with my 26 year old gf instead. No regrets about any of it.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 10:04 am midnight toker

        “A few women can keep it together into their 40s if they commit to staying in shape. There are some positives: they bring a lot of experience to the table, they smell nice, they know how to dress, they can cook, they have nice sheets on their bed, and they don’t make peace signs in photos. You have to understand that hanging out with people from a different generation gets tiring.”

        i agree with everything you said. there is a lot of hate on here towards women “of a certain age” and don’t get me wrong, i like looking at hot young girls like the next guy but i’m an LTR man through and through and the young ones just don’t cut it in that arena.

        [CH: i won’t speak for any commenters, but when CH helpfully reminds the deluded parts of the female (and male) audience of women’s ticking romance clock, that’s not hate, it’s a public service announcement delivered with a gleeful sadistic twist.]

        to add to that, when a girl is truly fantastic, she can transcend her age. and it’s not just the wife goggles talking. there are some women who are attractive at any age even when you have no history with them. suppose they are the eternal ingenues that have been mentioned in other posts.

        [anecdotes and LTR love are very nice, but it doesn’t change the fact for most women that each year shrinks her pool of available and acceptable men.]


  36. How many times have you read some female missive about wanting a new love “without the drama” — or some such construction?

    That’s a ‘tell’ that you’ve got a real drama addict in prospect — and that she’s still in ‘recovery’ mode.

    If you plunge in ==> be a fulsome jerk. She’ll bed you for it.


    • The female brain is wired for the psychic indulgence of being a follower.

      Jerks immediately put a ‘psychic BDSM’ clamp on their followers.

      As the original post indicates, the gal HAD to have a masochistic streak running down her face.

      And she’s STILL bonded to him, hence the monolog.

      That the jerk was dominant… is beyond dispute.

      BTW, she amplified his sadistic impulses; hence the financial rape.

      Just as telling: her frivorce.

      She implicitly expects her lover to be entertaining, she has an absorptive personality… something of a (TV soap) induced psy-chick pandemic.


  37. OT
    Stupid Cunt Edition Part 1
    (Pay attention to what she does at the end)


  38. on October 18, 2014 at 4:45 pm betterthantheoriginalwally

    2.45 hours?? One thing I can guarantee is that even if you fuck this wacky bitch, it won’t last too long. She will be telling her friends that she met a guy who really listens to her. You’ve thrown out the welcome mat for her to pull annoying shit on you. Within 5 minutes of her talking about her ex, I am planning my exit strategy and leaving her with the cheque (a fair payment for my time.) Call her the next weekend and tell her to come around and fuck you. She will have written you off as a jerk and thus the asshole homing beacon will draw her in. Then dump her. Then move on to her emotionally vulnerable 17 year old daughter.


  39. Thoughts, opinions, rants?

    Typical female – you clutter up your mind with such non-sense of thinking she is intelligent or other such things. She is FEMALE – that is all that needs to be said to explain her behavior – this guy’s unpredictability turns her on. She enjoys it. This is why women get killed by such men all the time – they have no one to blame but themselves. Accept it – YOU won’t change it. All you can do is benefit from it by learning how to use it to your advantage.

    Look. By day I’m a normal guy – have multiple businesses (of course they are owned by various minorities which I’m not) but I’m certainly not what turns women on – unless they are married and looking to step out at a conference. Which is why I have my hobbies where I do things that scare women – used to climb (too much work for too little return – not enough women), so now I sky-dive (lots so women want to dive tandem then f**k like bunnies). But I also do a lot of other things the bring me into contact with a lot of women and I’m the guy they don’t know what to make of. They will see me on a Harley in leather jacket and chains one week, and the next in a Lexus. The point is to keep them guessing and let their imaginations run with it, that benefits you – and press for physical contact, then back off. Or when they start to flake – pull away and chat up another sweet young thing – gets them to come running back.

    There are as many ways to play it as there are women – so find what works for you. Don’t expect immediate results, and don’t expect what worked when you were 20 to work when you’re 40 – change it up and do what works. New women are coming on line all the time – when I started f**king women, most of the women I’m dating today their mother wasn’t born yet… So don’t worry about the ones that slip through the fingers – there are more all the time. Enjoy them…

    Gotta run…


  40. on October 18, 2014 at 6:16 pm Asian-Canadian Girl (Toronto, Ontario)

    re: Five Minutes of Alpha Syndrome

    If the above are all true, does that mean that, as in the Pareto Principle, something like 20% of exciting ‘bad boy’ alpha men monopolise 80% of women in ‘soft-harems’ in North America? Something similar was observed by Taiwanese-American Winston Wu ( in ) when he attested that he had ‘cold-approached’ thousands (!) of American women all over U.S.A. and some women in Canada only to come up with nothing. Whenever he approached them, they all said that they had ‘boyfriends’ or ‘husbands’ and hardly any woman was ‘single’ (even though she sat alone bored in a coffee shop!). Paradoxically, nearly all men he knew, whether black, white, or asian, were single in America. Is there a hidden polygyny at work in much of the world? Rather than starve to death in America, he finally traveled to Ukraine and Russia where he learnt their languages and bedded teenage girls and young women he picked up rather easily in city squares and parks during his morning and afternoon strolls. This is despite his looking like a chubby, 5’3″ tall, middle-aged Chinese grandmother (sorry Winston, you are pre-teen giggly in your demeanor, fat (phat), and roll around like a baby seal when you are drunk – you can ban me for another 24-48 hours in your website, I don’t care. You even threatened to telephone my parents to punish me. Groan!).

    Well! I wish to tell a difficult cautionary tale below of ‘Zack the Beta Man’ in America. Is this what fatefully becomes of ‘nice guy’ beta men in America? The story is unbelievable. I cannot believe it. From what I understand, ‘pick-up’ is a numbers game. I expounded upon this to my ‘miscegenated’ elder half-brother that if he really likes young white girls, he needs to stop competing to be the first runner-up artificial satellite to hold the purses of overvalued Chinese women. In every city, town, village, there will be 1 in 10 (or 1 in 20) pretty, white teen girls who are agreeable or even desirous of scrawny Asian men (even like my brother who has the face of a boy, is hairless like a girl, and is 168cm (5’6″) and 50kg (110 lbs). If he ‘warm-approaches’ every girl who gives any ‘indicator-of-interest’ such as eager-eyes or a shy smile, he should get going and say ‘hello’ to them. Eventually, he must fall into the lap of some white girl with an Asian fetish. But nooo! He is too timid and afraid to even try it. He claims to prefer rejection by Asian women because they are ‘his kind’. Phfft!

    For men, if a ‘no-date’ loss record is something like 4-to-1 in warm approaches with indicators-of-interest by teen girls and young women (under age 25) – which is what I truly believe (!) – what holds them back? Are men that afraid to approach women? There are even girls 13- to 20-years-old who are in love with frail, thin, elderly men on a wait-list for the nursing home (gerontophilia). Ukrainian women sometimes smirk at doe-eyed, young Russian women who have this tendency to wish to mother and nurse the brow-beaten, long-suffering men of the betamax world. My brother is a p***y. He even looks like a girl, and he has no chance to survive as a man. He would be better to become a woman in this police-state matriarchy in Canada. I so love him and want to save him, but he is beyond help. Many times, I wish to just ‘bitch-slap’ him. Madness!

    So the conquests of alpha men and bad boys are at the cost of swaths of corpses of failed beta men who have been killed in the battlefields of love. Here is Zack’s horror story: 700 cold approaches to women in a year, no success of even a date, and a nervous breakdown lasting 2-months. How is this even possible? Is he an interweb troll? No man on planet Earth can stomach 700 outright rejections. It is a wonder he did not commit suicide. His testimony comes from his comment to the YouTube video below:

    Reproduced below is his comment to the above video (read at own risk):

    1 month ago

    My name is Zack and I’m 24 years old. I’ve been doing pickup since I was 18. I would go up to women on the street, coffe shops and malls and strike up conversation and ask them out. Each and every time I would be rejected. I’m not ugly just average looking. But in today’s age average is the new ugly. Women want the top 2% of guys. Anyway back to my pua journey. I started counting how many women I approached. Last year I hit somewhere near 700 (I promise you that’s the truth) and still no dates, no girlfriend.

    This fact made me so sad I suffered a mental breakdown. I didn’t leave my house for 2 months. I spent all that time crying, sleeping and feeling worthless. How could not a single women like me? Who am I Quasimodo? One out of a hundred? NO!? try 700 and still no. One rejection won’t kill you but 700 just might.

    I’ve done every kind of approach. Changed my openers, changed the way I dress. None of it matters. I’m 5′ 9. Not 6 feet tall which is what women go for.

    The sad fact is that I’m 24 years old now and I haven’t even had my first kiss. Never had sex. My cousin she went out on dates when she was 9 years old. It’s so sad that someone so young has passed me so fast in experience.

    I’m on a dating website right now and I’ve messaged 50 women, still no answer back.

    This life….sigh.



    • 700 rejections…that’s about 2 months worth of night clubbing. You do need the skin of a rhino and the memory of a gnat, otherwise, you’ll hang yourself.
      Zack has basically 2 realistic options: Make TONS of money or become famous. You can also tell him that all of this gets 10,000 times worse after age 30. Claims to the contrary are 99% bullshit.
      I have started to believe that the world’s gene pool may indeed be much smaller than anyone thinks, because it often does appear as though about 15-20% of guys get 80+% of girls.


      • Claims to the contrary are 99% bullshit.

        ROTFLMAO. Dude, you are hilarioso. I’ll have to tell that to my 25ish female friends who say that they prefer older guys. Like much older.


    • Something similar was observed by Taiwanese-American Winston Wu ( in ) when he attested that he had ‘cold-approached’ thousands (!) of American women all over U.S.A. and some women in Canada only to come up with nothing.

      Because he is Asian. Asian men look like fetuses. Not even Asian women want Asian men, they outmarry more than any other group in the U.S.

      Paradoxically, nearly all men he knew, whether black, white, or asian, were single in America.

      Because he is pushing for his website. So he is lying.

      Rather than starve to death in America, he finally traveled to Ukraine and Russia where he learnt their languages and bedded teenage girls and young women he picked up rather easily in city squares and parks during his morning and afternoon strolls.


      Hilarious. Sure he did. No, he’s pushing for his website again. That’s where his money comes from. So what else is he going to say?

      Or more precisely, what else are YOU going to say, Winston?


  41. First date? I will allow absolutely no discussion of exes, mine or hers. If the topic is brought up I’ll simply say ” I don’t want to talk about our exes tonight.”
    No apology or explanation is given. If she persists, she is conducting major frontal shit testing and will be reminded, firmly but cordially, that I don’t care to discuss it. If she persists, one of two things will happen. If she is molten lava hot and I’m willing to endure a little irritation so I can get her in the sack, I’ll reiterate my policy one more time with the warning that if this continues to be her conversational gambit then the date will have to be over. If she isn’t particularly hot then I’ll excuse myself to go to the bathroom and then bounce.
    I’ve done this twice, and I’ve also put two girls out of my car when they failed to heed my warning that I don’t tolerate sassy, loudmouth bitches.
    By the way, both girls I kicked out of my car fucked me within a week.


  42. “didn’t even date him for at least 3 months after 1st meeting, and he pestered me daily for a date”

    Her vagina was picking up on the asshole vibes from him already. A beta who did this would be in jail.


  43. Today I saw a woman who was extremely obese. She was wearing a size XXXX tee shirt that had emblazoned across the front: “THIS IS WHAT AWESOME LOOKS LIKE.” I won’t say what I muttered under my breath.


  44. We usually focus more on picking up IOIs, but a chick talking about other dudes is the #1 indicator of disinterest if you are competent at social communication. It goes back to the concept of female communication having multiple levels, and the literal surface level usually isn’t the most important.

    If you are an awkward sperg with shit game, yeah, she’ll tell you straight up to go away because she isn’t interested. But if she thinks you do have a high level of social communication skills but isn’t interested, she will almost always softly reject you by mentioning a boyfriend (even if she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend). And if she IS interested in you, she will completely avoid the topic of other romantic interests even if she’s in a committed LTR.

    Anecdote: few years back, a girl in one of my social circle brought her (hot) sister to a party. I started spitting some random nonsense at her in a game-y way (because hot). Even though I did get rejected, it was a great learning experience.

    Hotsister had Jedi-level social skills. I don’t remember what I said to her because it was all unimportant bullshit about traveling somewhere cool, but the subtext was clearly “I think you’re hot so I’m hitting on you.” Hotsister smiled and said something like “ooh that sounds amazing, blah blah blah, my husband went to ___ a few years ago.” Subtext: “thanks for hitting on me, you seem like a cool guy but I’m not interested right now.” So I switched and started talking about some other nonsense, but in a more straightforward non game-y way for the rest of the conversation. Subtext: communication received, no worries girlie. She smiled again and continued talking about whatever.

    Later, I heard that Hotsister was apparently very impressed and talking about me in a very positive way. Telling her sister I was the coolest guy at the party etc. I’m certain it was entirely because how well I picked up on the subtextual communication in that brief conversation.


  45. on October 18, 2014 at 9:33 pm having a bad day

    in addition to all the OP examples of responses to a date/new girl bringing up an ex (which show you as alpha) is to run boy friend destroyer on her stories about him (which will lower his residual value to her)…doesn’t matter if they are together or not, it will make him seem pathetic by the time she stops talking about him…lol…and then she will have a big hole to fill…lol…and you’re right there…lol…

    ‘wow, he sounds really needy…’ [change subject]
    ‘wow, he must have really loved you…’ [change subject]
    ‘wow, you must have been the best thing that every happened to him…’ [change subject]
    ‘wow, he obviously had never experienced a woman like you before and he couldn’t handle it…’ [change subject]

    you get the idea…lol…your attitude should be:

    prize = you > her > her ex-bf…

    eventually, if you keep it up (changing the subject), she’ll stop bringing up the ex-bf bc she doesn’t want to keep tarnishing her memory of him. when she drops it and stops bringing it up, then YOU go back to the subject…lol…’say, tell me another story about your ex-bf…did he ever get over living in his mom’s basement?…”…lol…’oh, he didn’t live in his mom’s basement? well, i guess i just figured that with all the other stuff you were telling me about him…’…lol…

    good luck!


  46. 1) your a beta tampon sponge.
    2) never talk about exes
    3) woman make up all kinds of shot about exes to make themselves look better and make him look worse. It’s there way of saying “he wasn’t good enough for me” even though usually she wasn’t good enoug for him.


  47. I think you that was my ex-g/f 😉


  48. 2:25 …Really! WTF! You desperate or what.

    Twenty minutes of that BS and I would be out of there or call her a taxi, which I have done before. Or pull a T-Bird John and say you have to get something out of your car and just leave.

    And another thing, no woman I have ever known would put up with an asshole for five minutes, let a lone develop a relationship. I must know a better quality of women, if you all think this is common.


  49. on October 18, 2014 at 11:53 pm Torn and Frayed


    If you use 24 hour notation you drop the am and pm abbreviations otherwise people may get the impression you have a very low IQ.

    Maybe that’s why she just talked about her alpha the whole date…


  50. So you said get with virgins. I hooked up with a 21 year old who had never been with a guy until now and she’s hooked on the monogamous D(ecisiveness), even if I keep up my caddish ways, BUT she had been in a LTR with a girl and used to say she was a lesbian. Now she’s joking about marriage and bringing me threesomes. Spin the plate or let her go back to scissor me timbers…?


  51. @walawala
    It was only during the drive back home that I thought “this is something for CH to dissect”
    I have to point out, it wasn’t ALL one-way traffic – I managed to shut the bitch up for a few 5-10 periods when I told her some of my own horror-stories, but of course, at this stage, the date is toast anyway.

    @ Zombie Shane
    LOL – I’m 6’3″, work-out 4x a week – I’m in good shape, decent job, nice car, etc. – I tend not to Beta-supplicate at all…but this story was fascinating.
    Guess if she’s still hooked on this palooka, it’s all moot.
    But yeah, point taken on the age-thing.

    Ex-husband was a drinker so prolly wasn’t in any condition to manipulate/fuck.
    Plus he’s a ‘Nice Guy’ – upon seeing her smashed cheekbone and guessing who the culprit was, “Did he do that? I’ll fucking kill him!”
    Her: “It’s not worth it. It’s my fault so just leave it”

    No offense taken!
    Point is, at my age, 47, just because you can attract/date women in their 30s (and for the record, my ex-fiance was 32, and the following 2 women I dated were 28 and 36), this doesn’t mean you CAN get those all the time.
    Plus, as CW has pointed out quite correctly, Online Dating sites (and that particular one which you’ve all heard of!), really ain’t the best way to score.

    Reason I stayed to hear this loon out…I had fuck-all better to do. Plus, I wanted to see if my ‘Rope-A-Dope’ tactic would work and she’d punch herself out, Foreman-in-Zaire-’74 style.
    Not a chance.
    She merely took a breather, and started talking about who her toxic-friends (all in their 40s, too) were fucking.
    THAT was also just as much as a Red-Flag.


    • @Galactucus I have a story to share. I’ve started to see this hot 23 year old I’ve written about on several posts. I brought her out to a party to help set up. The party was put on by a female friend of mine who I’ve gamed but wouldn’t bang for a variety of reasons but mostly because we are good friends.

      But wow…the “friend” was all about “Are you hitting on her?” “better use a condom”…”go now and get laid”… I just smiled. My only response was “Behave”… and “She helped you set up and clean up, that’s all you need to know.”

      What’s interesting is suddenly the “Friend” couldn’t stop talking about getting banged…and wanted to hang out the next day.

      What’s even more interesting is this “friend” has hit on other friends of mine so that’s another reason I wouldn’t make a move.

      But knowing I was with another girl somehow sparked her hamster. The fact I wouldn’t take bait seemed to intrigue her even more.

      On the other hand…the 23 year old had previously asked me if I was banging my “friend”…girls smell other girls’ interest faster than guys do.


  52. […] Five Minutes Of Alpha Syndrome | Chateau Heartiste […]


  53. the jooz are behind the banks and wars. Their evil knows no bounds.


    • Troll is obvious.

      Funny how you guys are all too scared to write the word “Jews”. You are completely whipped by the media who tell you what is taboo, and you can’t act against them even in an anonymous post online. Pathetic.


  54. […] A reader generously offers a glimpse into the mind of a woman stricken with “five minutes of alpha syndrome”.  […]


  55. Judging from a run in with my ex last night, it seems that being indifferent is the key. The asshole part literally takes care of itself when you truly don’t give a fuck about her. Her hamster was running all over the bar, and now she’s mad at me for doing… Wait for it…. Fuckall! So painfully obvious they want what they can’t have.


  56. on October 18, 2014 at 7:28 pmThwack
    I’d do a guy. Well long as he wuz white, m’kay?

    Just got the lab results; “Thwack” is Greg Eliot.

    Its kinda sad to see a former champ reduced to sock puppetry; oh how the mighty have fallen,


    • thwack, you’re an asshole…

      First you tried this tack with some guy called Director, and when that fell flat you start in with someone new.

      And this, after I caught YOU telling on yourself, sock-puppet wise, with emma watson.

      The untrustworthy project their flaws onto others.

      (((REALLY shakin’ mah haid now)))


    • An average heuristics program is usually good enough to bust most sock puppets. You have to “help it” a little bit; but it takes far less time than if you tried to do it your self (or with a bunch of people working independently)

      Things Eliot tried:

      1. Attacking me directly: Result; he gets his ass kicked

      2. Attacking me with a costume on: Result: he gets his ass kicked

      3. Attacking me with a thwack costume on: he gets his ass kicked


      Lets see what he comes up with next?


      • More bullshit from our resident generator of such…

        I notice you’re trying the usual squid ink deflection with voodoo pseudo-scientific babble… seeing so-called heuristic patterns where even the most dim of spergs can tell there are no stylistic or phraseology patterns which come close to resembling mine.

        And coupled with your (again, as usual) braggadocio in re victories not won.

        The simple test remains, emma/thwack: let the board moderator check IPs for geographical proximity… case closed.

        The standing wager of a month’s pay remains on the table.

        Now come up with a new method of Sunstein cogdissery… this one is played… soooooooo played.


      • Can you guys just fuck already and get it over with?


      • 1. Attacking me directly: Result; he gets his ass kicked

        LOL The only one getting his ass kicked is you, troll. Over and over again. Want to ask the other readers and see what the say? CH could make a poll out of it for laughs. You’d show up as the most ass-kicked troll of the year. You’re a joke. Homie.


      • Can you guys just fuck already and get it over with?

        Just what the chateau needed… another snarky faggot projecting his swinery upon others. :duckface:

        Who told YOU you could talk amongst men? You fucking child…

        You fairy.


  57. Good advice CH. But could we all stop using the word “butthurt” unless you’re taking actual dicks up your ass. Let the homos have that word….they earned it


  58. off-topic quote of the day: woman interviewed by NBC News lauded: “’I haven’t met Mr. Right, yet, she said, as if he were just waiting to appear after she developed crow’s feet.”


  59. Da Joos aka Jews

    What ever happened to decent looking symmetrical Anglo Saxon types in movies and tv ????

    I can’t watch anything anymore without being bombarded by ugly as fuck members of the tribe masquerading as white people ……

    Jake Gylenhaal
    Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spiderman
    Gywneth Paltrow
    Debra Messing
    Adrien Brody
    Daniel Radcliffe
    Jesse Eisenberg
    Ben Stiller

    Fuck !!! get these ugly motherfuckers outta there please !

    how did normal white people let this happen ?

    [CH: one of your subtler trolling efforts.]


    • What a ridiculous post.So you feebly claim that a list of some White actors means that the top media haven’t been taken over by Jews. Funny, even the more honest Jews say so themselves. And it is telling how you avoid talking about the media owners directly, as you know all the facts speak against you. Anyone googling “who controls American media” can read up on the facts that you don’t want them to see.


  60. on October 20, 2014 at 8:30 pm heinrich himbeere

    Why are we all here- at this website rather than another, reading these types of post and looking to Heartiste- maybe- for advice rather than another? Because we are suffering, in a way those on other sites may not be. We are above average intelligence, we are caring about traditional societies and lifestyles. We gravitate towards things like beauty and racial unity. Anyway my takeaway from this post and my life experience is that women want/need intensity. They are as depressed or suffering as we are. We are both in a bind, at this critical junction. We are in a bind and stuck. Anyway I can’t imagine being lame, I’ve always been a do-er go getter, though confused about what I’ve needed to do. Confused about the real world, dumbfounded actually but with the will. So the rare women I’ve gotten (not I mean had sex with but the quality women I’ve connected with), they were often shocked and surprised by my intensity, whatever. But you are all with me. I am not alone. You all have the virtues and talents I have, and more. But there is a lack of power. Maybe it’s stubbornness and stupid pride. Anyway the takeaway, is that women need intensity. Many of them. If you don’t give it to them fuck you, selfish prick. Badboy gives it to them.Some are better at charismia or moving things forward, or controlling their environment, or having a nice home to lead them to and enjoy things. I mean some are smooth. Some others are overwhelmed by life (haha me) but doing alright.

    Anyway the other point to make is this: Alpha, Beta, Omega, etc. Those terms may have validity in the animal kingdom of various species. They might also have an original validity in the human species, in terms of both getting girls and in terms of being ‘commander’ as it were, or accomplisher. Does one consider another alpha just by rank and status, or by innate qualities- e.g. genetics? It could so happen that due to accident of birth or society, the ‘alpha’ in genes are on the bottom. It could be, by nature or design, the world, what the world is selecting for is changing. as I wrote on FB:

    — Natural selection is a motherfkr. What traits is the modern world selecting for? What traits is modern america selecting for and sending on towards future generations? I’m not talking about anyone personally. I’m talking about general trends? Natural selection is the coldest bitch there is. Natural selection is god. Is it selecting for bravery? intelligence? Nobility? Character? Or what? Not just between generations but inter-vivos. —

    As I was saying, Alpha males, however defined, may exist, or it may be a valid term for human beings, aryan, negroid, semetic or whatever and that’s a whole other story, about honest tribalists, dishonest tribalists, and honest universalists.

    But in the game sphere, people say they can be alpha by doing tricks. I believe it is a deception perpetrated on the young by profiteers, and also a self-deception on the part of the young. The young have a narrow short term focus or outlook. I wonder if this is normal or if it is unusually great in our generations. I think it even happens among middle agers, or even baby boomers- 60 year olds who are still like children in their self-centeredness and sloth. I’m harsh but I need to be to make my point. You make the allowances and applications of the point in real life. Alpha is just a fucking label until you meet someone with that look in his eyes, of intensity- which is what women want- select and wait for, that look of power. Sometimes I’ve had something like that but never enough. That state where people realize they can’t jerk you around or have fun at your expense, they realize this is no longer a game. The tricksters and jerk offs and financiers realize it is not longer a game but the real deal. Will that age ever come again? Sure I’m sure it will but when? What is the world selecting for? That’s what we have to ask. Natural selection is god. It’s not selecting for the traits in modern america anyway that it was selecting even just 50 years ago. woe to the man who tries to be a throwback. Alpha, if it exists, is something to live, not to be conscious of.

    I don’t have answers, just questions and thoughts. I don’t have expertise. I am only an expert on my own life experience. I am struggling and suffering, deeply, as we all are, but who is to blame? Am I to blame? Or do I share blame? Are my forefathers to blame for turning the other cheek and at the same time bombing the germans? Who is to blame? Am I living right, just in the wrong age? But my main operating question is this: How do I make life pay? it’s for that reason I sometimes wander over to this blog. I’ve managed to make it pay occasionally- by luck- temporarily, finding some great women, but anything temporary sucks. Let that be a lesson. Don’t you guys want something that will last forever- a partnership, a culture, a community, a race? At least for the greater part of one’s life. Granted if you are able to pull anyone any day, that might take a lot of the pressure off- although I don’t think that should be established as what every man really most wants, deep down. But it wouldn’t be terrible. But that too is a permanent solution. Two things are true- isolation sucks, and temporary solutions suck.

    Two questions I propose-
    what do we need?
    Whence comes the power (to satisfy such)

    I wish I could say I had the answers. They are circumstantial maybe. I wish I could boast of having answers and gifts to give you, but I’d be a faker, and I’m not even charging.


  61. this chick’s story smacks of being a straight up lie. logistically, it’s impossible for one person to do all that. he’d have to have no job and spend 24/7 doing that shit. doesn’t mean he didn’t do some of it, but i think she’s a drama queen to the extreme, making shit up to gain sympathy. trust me, most girls do this kind of shit naturally. just work with them in a cube farm for 10 years and you’ll know exactly what i mean


  62. Every other chick I dated when I was dating, back in the early 2000s (still kinda fresh internet dating era), had some similar story of bruised ribs, banged up cars, and unexplained break-ins. I found most of these women are full of shit.