Affirmative Resentment

An Atlantic tweenzine article by Conor Friedersdorf — you may remember tiny prancer Conor from his time in the spotlight as a Chateau Heartiste peeñata — grapples with the blowback from California’s new “affirmative-consent” law, the insane, human nature-denying law favored by ugly feminists who want to make romantic pleasure as difficult as possible for men and pretty women to experience.

Friedersdorf passes along a testimonial from a CA male student who attempted to comply with the law by asking women for explicit verbal consent during each stage of the courtship. You can imagine the thousand points of love that bloomed.

Dear Conor,

I am a recent graduate, and want to share with you a few of my experiences that I think are illustrative of why the new affirmative-consent laws are out of touch with the reality of the human experience. I hope they can be of some value to the debate.

I was raised by a left-leaning, feminist family who (at least I thought at the time) were relatively open about sex.

One thing you have to understand about lefties, particularly the white variety: They are the biggest prudes on the planet. The only difference between them and the evangelicals they love to hate are the target vices of their self-righteousness.

But while I arrived at college with a healthy respect for women, I was totally unprepared for the complex realities of female sexuality.

CH needs to reach more men before the manlet cancer metastasizes.

“Oh,” sighed one platonic female friend after we had just watched Harrison Ford grab Alison Doody and kiss her is Indiana Jones and theLast Crusade, “Why don’t guys do that kind of thing anymore? Now days they are all too scared.”

Threatening to toss men before a tribunal for busting a move might dampen their enthusiasm. I mean, I’m not connecting too many dots here.

On our second night together, one of my first partners threw up her hands in disgust. “How am I supposed to get turned on when you keep asking for permission for everything like a little boy?” She said. “Just take me and fuck me already.”

She didn’t stay with me for long.

Alert the media.

This would be a recurring theme. More than once I saw disappointment in the eyes of women when I didn’t fulfill the leadership role they wanted me to perform in the bedroom. I realized that women don’t just desire men, they desire men’s desire―and often they don’t want to have to ask for it.

A woman who has to ask for a man’s desire can never trust him. Once the seed of distrust is planted, it grows and chokes the life out of every interaction.

I also realized that I was in many ways ashamed of my own sexual desire as a man, and that this was not healthy.

Walk with your cock leading the way. Women love men who are proud of their tumescent entitlement. This is perhaps the hardest lesson for constitutional weaklings to assimilate. It cuts against a lifetime of assuming the rump-up position appeasing their betters.

At this point I was experiencing some cognitive dissonance with my upbringing, but in time learned to take an assertive lead unless I got a “no” or otherwise thought I was about to cross a boundary as indicated by body language.

One night I ended up back in a girl’s room after a first date (those do happen in college). She had invited me in and was clearly attracted to me. We were kissing on her bed, outer layers of clothing removed, but when my hands wandered downward she said, “No, wait.” I waited. She began kissing me again, passionately, so again I moved to remove her underwear. “Stop,” she said, “this is too fast.” I stopped.

“That’s fine,” I said. I kissed her again and left soon after, looking forward to seeing her again.

Interestingly, leaving a woman in the lurch of lust is not a guaranteed clit-killer. Off the tongue of a skilled vagician, a takeaway of this style could incite a girl to a higher plane of ecstasy.

But my text messages received only cold, vaguely angry replies, and then silence.

He still had her at angry (the opposite of indifference), but he lost her by the time silence rolled in to steal the show.

I was rather confused. Only many weeks later did I find out the truth from one of her close friends: “She really wanted you, but you didn’t make it happen. She was pretty upset that you didn’t really want her.”

“Why didn’t she just say so then, why did she say we were moving too fast?”

Much to learn, he has…

“Of course she said that, you dumbass. She didn’t want you to think she was a slut.”

The liberal male rationalization hamster is almost as swole as the generic female hamster.

Talk about confusing. Apparently in this case even no didn’t mean no. It wasn’t the last time I’ve come across “token resistance” that is intended to be overcome either. But that’s a line that I am still uncomfortable with testing, for obvious reasons.

Men are the risk-taking sex. It’s biologically ordained. And so women expect men to push the envelope. When a man fails to do that, she’ll wonder what other chances at greatness he’ll choose to decline.

But I have learned not to ask when it clearly isn’t necessary, or desired.

One of my fondest sexual experiences started with making eye contact across a room, moved to a dance floor, and then to an empty bathroom. Not a single word was ever spoken, because none had to be. We both knew and understood. I was a man and she was a woman, and we found ourselves drawn together in that beautiful way that men and women have been since a time immemorial, a time long before language was ever spoken.

Today in California this would be considered rape. I find that very sad. Women are not infantile. They can make their own decisions about sex, and that includes being able to say no―even if they don’t want to have to say yes.



Either women are infantile, or they’re adults with agency. If the former, then they need to be treated like infants across the board. This would include removing their right to vote or divorce without cause. If the latter, then these feminist-inspired policies and laws need to be trashed. That means Title IX, affirmative action, and all the rest of the “level playing field aka anti-white male” nonsense must go.

Affirmative-consent laws are in practice Affirmative Resentment laws, because a woman will resent any man who seriously abides a law that requires him to ask her permission to crave and profane her body. Even feminist slags with a two-ton chip on their shoulders will be unable to control feelings of revulsion toward men who accept their demands for slavish foreplay petitions.


    • on October 20, 2014 at 3:44 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      Feminism: All the rights, pleasantries, and entitlements of Chivalry and Christianity, as well as many cocks in your ass, bastard children, and beta bux you would like, collected from innocent men under the threat of incarceration!

      lozozozo da gbfm concthentsz!

      DA GBFM: IS IT OK 2 put my tlotas cockasz in your mouthz?
      DA GBFM: Don’t do da poop chutez.
      HER: OK well as long as u do da gina hard and fastz.
      DA GBFM: okz


    • on October 20, 2014 at 3:47 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      consent law is par the course:

      deconstruct art, literature, god, truth, poetry, and beauty
      and replace with
      btuhhext, tribunals, courts, atheistsic lawyersz, wealth seizure, wealth transferz, and auto-guilt lzozozolozzlzoz


      • on October 21, 2014 at 7:09 am haunted trilobite

        Propped up by false securities of superstitious science


      • the CA law is really a shift of burden of proof from the woman (accuser) to the man (accused). It’s really a huge sea change. Formerly, the accuser has to prove that she did not consent. Now, with “affirmative consent” the accused has to prove that she DID.

        This is the essence of affirmative consent, the notion that you MUST have something provable and explicit. They apply similar standards to medical doctors in tort, “informed consent,” where if the patient was incapable of forming an informed consent, say due to being black and stupid, then they cannot consent and you are liable for malpractice.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 9:20 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)



    • Did Obama have “affirmation” before he kissed a woman at the polls in Chicago yesterday after her boyfriend warned him not to touch his girlfriend?


  1. Seems like game principles at work. Just be slightly nice to her afterwards and these laws will cease to be an issue for you. It’s funny that this is the notion that’s being put into legal effect though.


    • nonsense. When she finds out you fucked her friend, then you raped her. And her friend possibly too.

      You fools thinking alpha status and “game” insulates you from vindictive women…did it ever occur to you that these afleets and actors and CEOs with wives trying to take them to the cleaners weren’t betas?


      • on October 21, 2014 at 11:42 am Shortest_Straw

        No shit. I hate it when men fantasize about having alpha super powers.

        Don’t forget, consent has to be reaffirmed continuously.

        No contact in college. Fuck women from outside school. Tinder. Go to parties at the other area colleges.

        If you’re in a remote location college, well, jerk off a lot. The potential penalties just aren’t worth it.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 3:40 pm Randy the Random

        Exactly. If it were little women enforcing these laws, we’d all just Agree and Amplify. Hell, rape wouldn’t even have a meaning other than the classical definition of violating a father’s property rights over his daughter.

        But when its armed thugs with military gear that blow down your door cause a bitch found out you banged her bestie, no amount of “Alpha” can save you.

        The real alpha thing would be to kill any man that tries to impose any sort of forced behavior upon you. Like in Africa.

        Some days I really would prefer it.


      • i never said there’s any 100000% uber foolproof thing against “vindictive” women. however, i think what i just said would probably go a long way in a lot of these cases.

        perfect. enemy of the good. etc.


      • its also not an alpha super power to just be chill with a girl you just fucked. you guys…sheesh


    • You’re out of your mind. Women with the power of the State at their command use it whenever they feel like it.


      • so i guess you should take measures to not ‘make them feel like it.’ if you remove the state you still have her tribe. whatever social pull she has, WKs, whatever…shell use that when she feels like it too.

        it really isnt difficult….


    • on October 22, 2014 at 11:01 am midnight toker

      gotta agree with Scray here.

      there are psycho girls who will make trouble for you no matter what but the importance and benefit of offering some post bang comfort cannot be denied. cuddling, breakfast, next day texts all go a long way in making a girl feel good about an experience. not a cure all in every case but a little prevention never hurt anyone and it just might save you from a world of hurt.


    • on October 22, 2014 at 11:04 am Shortest_Straw

      The problem is you have to be more than slightly nice. I have no problem doing this; I’m a master at turning pathetically nice. I can’t tell you how many rejection letters I have gotten, reading “I like you but there’s just not a connection between us.”

      There, my friends, is when you know you have won.


      • lol no you don’t. chill out with her for a little while the next day. dont go completely dark on her instantly. ez-kapeezy.


  2. All men are potential rapists.

    there is nothing wrong with requiring a man to ask for consent from a Womon every step of the way. The posters here have an extreme hatred of womyn.

    California’s “Yes Means Yes” law should be made into a federal law.


  3. Like i’ve always said- laws like this exist only to victimize ‘beta’ men. this doesn’t effect women nor the men they want to fuck


  4. Just use the old pick up line – “take off your clothes!”


  5. “Either women are infantile, or they’re adults with agency.”

    They want to be treated as being adults with agency while acting infantile.


    • probably a good idea not to order vegetarian on a first date. kind of a buzzkill to unintentionally reveal poor sperm quality to a woman.


    • However they found the opposite. Vegetarians and vegans had significantly lower sperm counts compared with meat eaters, 50 million sperm per ml compared with 70 million per ml.

      They also had lower average sperm motility – the number of sperm which are active. Only one third of sperm were active for vegetarians and vegans compared with nearly 60 per cent for meat eaters.

      The team believes that vitamin deficiencies may be to blame but also believe that replacing meat with soy could be responsible.
      Soy contains phyto-oestrogens which have similar properties to the female hormone oestrogen.


      • Which does not explain why about half of the world’s population live in southern and eastern Asia, where much soy, but little meat is consumed.


      • 50 million sperm per ml is still 50 million times more than you need.


      • just a quick note re:soy – soy consumed in Asia is fermented – the fermentation process breaks down those exact compounds which can be harmful to a guy. Eating raw or non-fermented soy is bad, and unfortunately almost impossible to avoid in the American diet unless you prepare everything you eat “from scratch”.


    • To vegetarians, the majority of whom view human beings as a “cancer” and hate masculinity with a passion, fewer people and fa66ier men are worth it.

      Humanity rape! (no, wait, that’s thwack masta p’s job).


  6. Is there any mechanism by which a man would be unable to simply SAY that he got affirmative consent? Conversely, the woman can also lie post-consent and say she never did.

    If that’s the case, the law is uneforcable.


    • Yeah, this is more of a message law than a practicable law. but messages matter. tyranny starts life as a message campaign.


    • In colleges and universities in California now, men can be expelled simply by an accusation. Even when there is no case, even when the woman told a friend that she was going to have sex. Even when the complete lack of proof means the police aren’t even contacted. Leftist colleges will expel the man if she so wishes it – even several weeks later.


      • In point of fact, an unsubstantiated allegation alone [even one later proven false], has been enough to ruin a man for quite a while. More disturbing is that there has been little, if any, push back against this state of affairs.


    • But the school can toss the man at their discretion and then he has to prove in court she was lying. This is laying the groundwork for more of this type of legislation off campus that favors the poor innocent woman who is endangered of being raped any second by those hordes of men frothing at the mouth hiding behind bushes on every street. Doesn’t matter if most of the time it is unenforceable. There will be times it will be used by the authorities to send a message to men. Be afraid.


    • lol, comrade. we know the word of a good and true communist woman is always honest, and everything those Haters of Obama say is a lie! Besides, your beloved KGB will soon make the men admit to anything, and live life in the gulag!

      Ah, comrade, isn’t freedom wonderful?

      Undercover commie troll rape!


      • Hey dude, I understand that you’re drunk-commenting but what’s with the Cold War anachronisms? Given that you indubitably understand the Moscow-Washington communist-freedom polarity reversal that occurred since that time, your Russia-hate comes off as weird. Can you exain to the forum whence that particular flavor of your beef with me?

        PS: don’t mistake this for me making-nice. I enjoy abusing you in front of the crowd.


  7. here is a dating simulator, you have to make the right choices to get her to fuck you…the people who made it seem to be game aware


  8. “…the insane, human nature-denying law favored by ugly feminists who want to make romantic pleasure as difficult as possible for men and pretty women to experience.”

    CH you miss the point of these laws.

    It’s not to make sex difficult. Even fems don’t expect for a second anyone will comply with these absurd laws. They don’t themselves.

    No, the objective of the law is to make virtually every sexual encounter into a “rape” under the letter of the law. That way women will have the unilateral option criminalize any sexual act at her whim, anytime.

    Communist China does the same thing — they write laws in a way that everyone is technically in violation of them at all times. That way they have the unilateral option to drop the hammer on someone anytime they want, for any reason.

    Another commenter was right that betas will suffer most under these laws. But remember alphas are not immune — if a woman feels scorned the guy is toast, alpha or no alpha. The great irony is that having this power over alphas will render women unhappy (but they won’t know why).

    [CH: that’s pretty much what i meant by making sex difficult.]


    • That is part of the purpose. But among the promoters of the law you will find many feminists who simply hate the thought of men and women being together. They go along with the idea of making a rubber law that criminalizes all men when needed, but in their minds it is not only in order to strike at offending men, but also made in the hope that it will help reduce interaction between men and women.

      And like Israelis killing Palestinian families having a picknick on the beach, it is also done to provoke men to anger and action. That can be used to justify further laws against them. The leftist/globalist coterie have used this tactic for a long time: attack, provoke and then portray the counter-attack as an unprovoked offense in the media, enabling you to push through with your agenda. It is used against nationalist party members in Europe all the time, constant terrorist attacks from communist groups that the media cover up, and suffocating laws meant to silence and to anger.


      • I think you’re giving the feministas a bit too much credit. This reeks of nothing more than misguided social vengeance against situations involving high-profile college ath-o-letes like Jameis Winston, Prince Shembo who are perceived to have gotten away with it.


  9. Women (at least intelligent ones) are able to decide based on (relatively high) logic, in contrast to ‘muh feelz’. The problem is that the majority of them can’t. therefore the omnious Demiurge provides every infantile with apparent capability. Only when open harems are established in commieformia the omegas, led by lesser betas will revolt and go on a worship (hot women)/ ‘friendzone’ (ugly women) and insult (alpha) spree. Whoops, that is already happening.

    I recall that except from “yurope” in which a landwhale tells french children about ‘government appointed dates’. in ~ 2-3 you will deal with government enforced marriages unless something happens


    • Luckily we have the internet that is spreading information about the leftist tactics and crimes. I think people still underestimate the value of this. We have only had widespread internet for a decade and a half, and already we have more knowledge and resistance than anyone could have imagined in the beginning of the 1990s.

      All that is needed is an inevitable economic downturn when Third World immigration leads to a Third World economy. When people are unemployed en masse many will decide that there is no point in sitting still anymore.

      Keep spreading information, keep your affairs in order, stay in shape. Be ready so you can be of use.


      • I just had a similar conversation the other day that although it’s bad that the leftist 24/7 news cycle, PuffHo, Salon, et al., make things difficult for those of us who don’t fall victim to their trope, the reverse is also true. Pre- ‘Net, there would have been no way for me to find out someone in Wyoming, Tennessee, Arizona, etc., has the same ideas as I.

        Move out of the city, if that’s where you live. Get some basic survival skills and supplies. A bow is a nice alternative to a gun; silent, reusable ammo and if all else fails, the string becomes a garrote. Have a skillset(s) you can trade on. Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the masses.


  10. The pussy never lies.


  11. Don’t worry. The blowback will come with this law just like other issues in the world. Whites will only take this sh!t for so long:


    • Uh, whites =/= American whites.

      France has a Ministry of French Culture that lays down the law on what the official language is, whether certain teachings in schools conform to franco-centric notions, etc. And let’s not forget that the anti-muslim sentiment is partly due to the fact that Jews have a big influence on the French government.

      The U.S. has… schools that teach kids Spanish in kindergarten, corporations with phone lines that then you to press 2 for Spanish, kids getting kicked out L.A. schools for wearing flag tee shirts that offend Mexicans, etc.


      • The anti-Muslim sentiment is hardly due to Jewish influence. The Jewish influence in French media etc very much promotes mass immigration from the Middle East. At the most they will allow some concerns about how Islam is too conservative, but no criticism of immigrant crime and parasitism.

        They are not afraid of M.E. immigration, never have been. As one of the BoD members of the World Jewish Congress said, they know that the Arabs are “assimilated” in the second and third generations. They turn to the Black hiphop culture. Which all the “anti-Islamist” Zionist infiltrators “forget” to mention, instead pretending that any street crime would be part of an Islamist master plan.

        So as long as they aren’t Islamists, immigrants are okay. The Zionists in anti-immigration circles advocate teaching Arabs the language, make them dress like Europeans, make sure they are spread evenly across European neighborhoods, make sure they sit in the same classrooms with and marry Europeans. Exactly what the Jews and leftists want, coincidentally. Presented as “the way to stop evil Islamism that hates us for our freedom.”

        Arabs never act against the Jews and never support nationalist movements, they vote socialist and act socialist. At the most they will spray-paint something about juifs on a wall. Which the media love. They can put it on the front page and declare that Jews are under terrible threat again. Oy vey, vasn’t six million enuff already?


      • For at least the past 30 years, French politicians have been performing all sorts of legal aerobics in order to keep the FN out of whatever government/coalition was to be formed after election X. Many normal, everyday French people aren’t happy about their country turning into Algeria North, but since REAL world news are rarely seen in the US and very few Americans understand French, no one knows about it.


  12. […] Friedersdorf passes along a testimonial from a CA male student who attempted to comply with the law by asking women for explicit verbal consent during each stage of the courtship. You can imagine the thousand points of love that bloomed… […]


  13. Let us not forget this example of how the law is used to expel California students from college – even when there is zero proof of rape, so that the police aren’t even contacted.

    A girl and a guy were at the same party, then she was in his dorm room (making out, obviously), and then he was alone in his dorm room texting her to come back there soon, clearly to have sex. She texted back: “Do you have a condom?” He wrote yes, and she wrote “Coming.”

    Then she texted a friend to brag: “I’mgoingtohave sex now”

    She says she doesn’t remember the night.

    The next day a male beta friend told her: “”I think you may have slept with John.”

    She replied: “Yeah, I figure that might’ve happened.”

    She got rid of her virginity that night, or so she claims. Then a week later, perhaps when the jealous beta friend had spread the word, she filed a complaint with the college, Occidental, claiming she had been raped.

    (That’s the leftist art college most known for Obama’s memoir claim of doing drugs there and hanging out with “Marxist professors and feminist structuralists and punk rock performance poets”.)

    And despite the man not being prosecuted for any crime – since there wasn’t any proof whatsoever of a crime – he was expelled.

    She claims she was too drunk to remember what happened. According to the new California Senate Bill 967 that means the college must treat the matter as if she was raped. If she was too drunk that night, she is not responsible for her actions.

    HOWEVER, the college says the MAN is still responsible for his actions even if he was too drunk:

    An outside lawyer hired by Occidental to adjudicate the sexual-assault hearing found that John was impaired beyond the point where he could have understood Jane’s condition but should nonetheless be held as responsible as if he had been sober.

    One standard for women, another standard for men.

    Occidental was sued in 2013 by a gaggle of women claiming sexual harassment on campus. They were represented by “prominent civil-rights lawyer” Gloria Allred. She gets a percentage of the extorted money and garners publicity for the leftist agenda. How did I know she was of the Tribe even before looking her up in Wikipedia?


    • The Occidental case was covered over at Dalrock, and by Heather MacDonald at the Weekly Standard.

      After having sex with “John”, her “rapist” –
      Shortly before 2 a.m., “Jane” dressed herself and returned to her room. On her way there, she texted her friends vapid messages, complete with smiley faces, none of which mentioned assault. She then walked to a different dorm where she sat on the lap of another male student whom she had met the night before, talking and joking. The next day she texted John asking if she had left her earrings and belt in his room and asked to come by to pick them up.

      The Heather MacDonald article also states Occidental College professor Caroline Heldman, a leader in the campus rape movement, asserted that campus rape cases should not be taken to criminal trial because juries are steeped in rape culture—i.e., they cannot be trusted to convict. (Heldman also argued that the preponderance of evidence standard which Obama regulators are forcing on colleges for rape findings is too high. Apparently requiring that the fact-finder have a negligible 51 percent certainty that a rape occurred does not guarantee enough convictions.)

      If Heldman sat on the disciplinary panel that expelled “John”, or trained those who did, there is enough damning information about her for him to sue Occidental.

      There is an obvious discord between the character of “John”, the Occidental College “rapist”, and Heldman’s characterisation of rapists in this blog post:

      She writes:
      According to Lisak, undetected college rapists:

      • are extremely adept at identifying “likely” victims, and testing prospective victims’ boundaries;

      • plan and premeditate their attacks, using sophisticated strategies to groom their victims for attack, and to isolate them physically;

      • use ‘instrumental’ not gratuitous violence; they exhibit strong impulse control and use only as much violence as is needed to terrify and coerce their victims into submission;

      • use psychological weapons – power, control, manipulation, and threats – backed up by physical force, and almost never resort to weapons such as knives or guns;

      • use alcohol deliberately to render victims more vulnerable to attack, or completely unconscious.

      Virtually all rapes on campus are perpetrated by these calculating criminals, but despite this evidence, many people continue to blame alcohol for rape rather than rapists.

      How is it possible that “a leader in the campus rape movement” can have such a warped and disgusting view of a simple hook-up?

      Caroline Heldman is married to Danielle Dirks, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Occidental College.

      We have failed a massive shit test. We are allowing the rules for heterosexual sex to be written by a lesbian who appears to have an unconditional, visceral loathing for heterosexual sex and the men who practise it.

      It would be equally stupid if legal regulations governing lesbian sexual activity were to be written by the readers of this blog!


  14. “Women love men who are proud of their tumescent entitlement. This is perhaps the hardest lesson…”

    One must admire that writing.


  15. Love it when you literally see the lightbulb go off. I’d like to welcome the letter writer to the Red Pill world – Conor tho…..he’s still got a ways to go


  16. on October 20, 2014 at 2:09 pm Proper Villain

    Undercover Red Pill concern troll finds his way into the Atlantic.

    Meanwhile, other red pill average-joes go to Apple stores and leave open the 16 Commandments for a lucky passerby to stumble across.

    The message spreads.


  17. Attend college bars; don’t attend college.


    • How funny is yet – yes funny – that the guy who is suspected of killing the UVA student – the very first apparent campus rape to catch the attention of the national press – is a non-student.

      Attention, MSM – what campus rape actually exists isn’t being done by omega geeks (or “creeps”, as they are commonly referred to, no matter how sincere and non-creepy they actually are).


      • The rape hype is due to the concern women have about guys they meet NOT in school; but on the internet.

        Its being projected onto men at university because they are least likely to engage in the behavior.


      • Exactly so. There’s a decades long phenomenon of black criminals converging on university areas to victimize non-blacks. It never gets attention from the university gangsters. The rape that comes from this source is ignored by feminists. Anti-racism is a code for anti-white, and so, to a large degree, is feminism. To American feminists non-white males essentially don’t exist except as objects in the standard white-bashing liberal themes. You can bet that the majority of men charged under this rule will be white.


      • Well that makes things even because they probably got away with a lot of stuff because they are white.


  18. on October 20, 2014 at 2:23 pm Misslethwaite

    Ignoring the fact that it removes the responsibility for sexual behavior and choices entirely from a female’s apparently too feeble shoulders and dumps it unceremoniously and without benefit onto the male, completely criminalizes and sanitizes the classic passion-driven, forceful encounter, this could be considered a reinforcement of far more conservative attitudes towards sex. DON’T HAVE IT. Unless you’re married, or in a place where prostitution is legal. Romance novels take note – lusty pirates, barbarians, and Highlanders are even more forbidden fruit than ever before…


  19. Race is a factor today.

    Honestly, there are too many coons raping women.


    • WHEN did race become a factor?


    • And boom goes the dynamite. Yes, the problem is that feces-skinned student afleets are the ones doing the raping, but no one is allowed to notice that, so a blanket affirmative consent law is decreed that, of course, Bathhouse Barry’s Sons will violate with impunity.


  20. on October 20, 2014 at 2:37 pm The Supreme Gentleman

    I guess I’ll have to keep a stack of consent waivers by my condoms now…


  21. Don’t remember where I read this, and I can’t find it now, but there was a study done on rape victims in which 1 out of 5 women admitted they had an orgasm during rape. I wouldn’t doubt that it’s just the tip of the iceberg either. I wish I could find the article.


  22. This law essentially allows women to define rape as sex with a guy they now realize is beta or lower. Not Alpha. So, the net effect is to purge first California (then all American) colleges of beta males, who will realize that any sex they get will result in rape charges. Including of course, criminal prosecution (its inevitable) and registry on sex offender databases. Guys like Jameis Winston (IIRC two rape allegations) will be exempt of course.

    Naturals with charisma and dominance will be unaffected, as will sons of powerful families and the like. Colleges will soon be almost entirely female, gay, and a few BOMC Black athletes and Masters of the Universe men. Whats worse is this garbage won’t stay in just colleges, look for the rape laws to be rewritten within a few years to legalize regret-rape. The whole point is to criminalize beta male desire. Most women win (only Alphas approach) and women can only win by men losing. [The reverse is also true.]


    • That is exceedingly cynical. My first thought was that this was a way of seeking revenge on men who did not commit. In some ways, that makes sense. Prostitutes charge money, if a man uses a woman like a prostitute but doesn’t pay her, there is a case to be made for suing a man to cover damages of sex. There is also a case to be made that the thoughts behind this are very detached from the intentions and it is actually part of a plan to make money litigating impossible and arbitrary sex assault cases.


      • ” damages of sex”

        yet another obvious logical contradiction of feminazism.

        On one hand, women are free to get fucked by whomever they want, hwever, they want, and you can’t judge them, nothing’s wrong with that, misogynistic pig!

        On the other…boooo, if a woman gives her precious “flower” to a man and he doesn’t make her haaaapppy (either at the time or after), she’s been “raped” and “damaged” by some misogynistic pig.


        When future societies look at our collapse, they will gasp in horror that such flimsy, self-contradicting b.s. was considered mainstream thought.

        When religion has a seeming contradiction, they at least have a supernatural, all-powerful deity whose motives are unknown, whose reasons are his own, and whose whims can change. That goes a long way to explain them away.

        Feminism has no such thing. Any excuse is clearly self-serving.

        American society rape!


      • Its not a “case” where prostitution is illegal and therefore not an option without breaking the law.


      • When dealing with leftists be as cynical as possible, because as Lily Tomlin put it, even then you’ll never keep up. SNL saw this for what it was nearly 10 years ago.


      • Invent the damn sex bots already! R2D2 rape!


      • Liberalism is a religion, and the media and government are its powerful gods. They don’t have to ‘splain nothing.


  23. The only fair way to handle this is a dating contract.

    Fill it out before the date. Include details about the agreed sex. Who pays. And for what. Details about contraceptives. Course of action if contraception fails.

    And most important – what happens if one of the parties decides not to have sex?

    Does anyone get their money back?


    • You’re not getting it. Women do not want that. They say they do, they’re told they do, but they don’t.

      It kills the mood. And maybe I’m not in the mood four hours before later, when, after a few drinks, flirting and side-eye games, I will be. More important than that, it takes away the “I’m the victim, he raped me” card.

      Sex is not about being fair. It never was, is, or will be. There’s no way to make it so, and that’s why every attempt like this will fail. The sad part is that it will fail only after substantial damage is done.


    • Back in high school a friends older sister was very open about what she did on a date. If you took her to a certain local eatery and paid for the meal and to a movie (again the guy paying) after she put out. Lots of guys took her on a date. One Friday I’m over at his house and the sister comes back early from a date. We ask what happened (she was on a date with a guy we knew)- she said she found out something about herself – she had standards. During the meal she realized she couldn’t go through with having sex with him so when the bill came she paid her half and caught a taxi home rather than have to go through with it. She was very surprised that she had minimum standards. We of course teased the guy for the next 2 years of high school.


  24. The idea that an intoxicated woman can not give consent for sex is a one way trap that ensnares men.

    There are literally millions of women who get themselves intoxicated and want sex.

    What are you going to do when happy couple has a few drinks and goes home and has sex? Arrest all the men? Somehow that sounds a bit unfair.

    Liberals always have solutions that simply don’t work.


    • Substantial damage has already been done. There are literally thousands of men who are victims of the feminist witch hunt that has gone on for the past generation.

      As long as women can go home, think about it for a few days, and then decide its rape – good luck guys.

      I along with countless other men avoid any woman who plays the feminist card. The last thing I want is to be associated with a bigot.


      • Haha. Nice reframe. I truly love this place.


      • Good idea to throw the “bigot” slur back at them. When they spout that rehearsed line that “feminists just want equal rights for women” that they spam on the internet, keep in mind some of the quotes you find if you Google “crazy feminist quotes.” Such as:

        ”I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.”
        — Robin Morgan, Marxist, editor of MS Magazine


    • “What are you going to do when happy couple has a few drinks and goes home and has sex? Arrest all the men? Somehow that sounds a bit unfair.”

      Yeah it’s unfair. And why is a drunk girl automatically innocent and a drunk guy isn’t? Both are impaired so how can either person be more responsible than the other? Flies in the face of logic.


      • “Both are impaired so how can either person be more responsible than the other? Flies in the face of logic.”

        Also, if women can’t give consent while intoxicated, then why do we punish them for drunk driving?

        [CH: bingo.]


      • “Also, if women can’t give consent while intoxicated, then why do we punish them for drunk driving?”

        right. they are either adults who are responsible for their own actions or they aren’t. you can’t have it both ways.


      • @Mac & Corey:

        Of course it’s not logical. What did you expect from women? A cogent, consistent, well-thought out argument?

        This is just more Marxist Lawfare from the Menstruation Division of Alinsky Inc.


      • Want to have some full blown “hamster brain” thrown at you? Ask, as I did once, what would happen if a man and woman were given alcohol in precisely the right proportions so that they were equally drunk – then they had sex with each other. If neither were able to “give consent” were they both raped? Or just the woman?


      • [CH: bingo.]

        Here I was trying to get to the Chateau and I end up at a Catholic Church on bingo night.


    • This may have an unspoken racial angle. This sort of law simply didn’t exist, nor was it thought about before affirmative action for blacks.


  25. Re Twitter post. “Could it be that European whites are finally beginning to get fed up with their status as blood donors?”

    That is about France. France have always been the least tolerant in this. They were the first to ban the niqaab, while other European countries were in uproar. The other countries of Europe are not following their lead. France walks the light.


    • And by that comment – I am in no way against hijaab, but niqaab absolutely. Ban it, it is threatening to to general public, and a grave security threat.


  26. Was involved with Osho’s sex ashram for a few years, And yes, when women are given the ability to be totally upfront about sex, they are insatiable. Beta’s, Omega’s Alphalpha’s, didn’t matter. If she wanted to fuck you, you were fucked!

    Lot’s of fun!


  27. Related: for the first time ever, single women are now the majority of women over 18 in the U.S. for the first time ever.

    On the one hand there are laws making men targets. On the other hand you have the feminist anti-culture that makes an Australian woman think she should make a video about how to insert a vagina plug:

    “Mommy, is that you in that old video? The other children at school say it is.”
    Although, she won’t have any children.

    Just listen to that annoying voice in the first minute. And her obsession with how many messages she got when she put a picture of her vagina plug “on my Instagram”. That’s a thing she uses to gather up menstrual blood, and she puts it online. (You wouldn’t expect her to be without instagram, did you? How would she live without the attention?) For extra illustration, move to 4:00 minutes and watch her imitate inserting the vagina plug between her legs.

    “You don’t wanna pull it out like that or you’re gonna spray the walls with blood.” And she demonstrates. Stop the video at 4:55 and that’s a poster child for why some people shouldn’t have the right to vote.

    “Freelee the Banana Girl”. She is pushing a banana diet, which is about the dumbest kind of diet I have ever heard of. Sugar, sugar, sugar. She wants people to go vegan, because why should men have a high sperm count? And why should people not look like wrinkly prunes at the age of fifty and suffer from vitamin deficiency?

    As a final thought, I bet this is the only thing that has ever made her do squats: a camera watching.


  28. Feminists on sex and rape:

    ”All sex, even consensual sex between a married couple, is an act of violence perpetrated against a woman.”
    — Catharine MacKinnon, Marxist, professor of law at the University of Michigan

    ”All men are rapists and that’s all they are.”
    — Marilyn French, advisor to Al Gore’s presidential campaign, assistant professor of English at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts

    ”Marriage as an institution developed from rape as a practice.”
    — Andrea Dworkin, feminist author, homosexual activist, former prostitute

    ”When a woman reaches orgasm with a man she is only collaborating with the patriarchal system, eroticizing her own oppression…”
    — Sheila Jeffreys, homosexual activist, professor of political science at the University of Melbourne, Australia


  29. on October 20, 2014 at 3:46 pm Ghost of Al Smith

    Obviously, this policy does not apply to FSU quarterbacks!


    • Though this law was tacitly targeted at feces-skins, it’s well established that laws don’t apply to Bathhouse Barry’s Sons. Time in prison is a joyous homecoming celebration for them where they get to hang out with they homeboys and even get them a little of that DL, you know what I’m saying?


  30. “Of course she said that, you dumbass. She didn’t want you to think she was a slut.”

    When I read that I felt a strange, violent attraction between my head and the wall.


  31. This shit doesn’t apply to you.

    Just keep that in mind.

    Rules were made to be broken.


  32. “Of course she said that, you dumbass. She didn’t want you to think she was a slut.” In other words, if a man initiates, then she is not a slut, no matter if this has happened once or a hundred times.


  33. It seems that about once a century America embarks on a self-sabotaging form of Prohibition. Last century: Alcohol; This: Sex.

    Surely someone can figure a way of making money out of this.


    • FTW!!. Amazing analogy. It’s the “Sexual Prohibition” Movement.

      This is an awesome propaganda term.

      The Prohibition movement already comes predefined with its own harpies, killjoys and puritans. Everybody knows this and studies it in high school. And everyone knows what an abject and moral failure it was.

      Perhaps use of the term will be the rallying cry for men to organize as a Bloc.


      • It’s a cycle of approximately 80 years. WW2 started about 80 years ago. Civil war about 80 years before that. Revolutionary War about 80 years before that. There are four types of personalities that have their place in each of these cycles. There is plenty of research about this. What type are you? We must prepare, gentlemen.


      • John is a prophet 😉


  34. I think this aptly describes Leftists in any situation:


  35. I mentioned this law to one of my friends a while back, and this weekend at a rehearsal he brought in a sign that he laser-etched with an LED bar on it so that it glows red, and reads, “Women who enter here agree to be f**ked, s**ked, humped, and dumped.” With various images taken from Grecian urns – at least he said they are from Grecian urns.

    I love it – so it’s going to go over the door to our suite when we give performances this coming winter so no women can say that they didn’t agree, or know exactly why they were coming back after a performance…

    I predict those will be the “In” thing for all of the Frat parties in CA… 🙂 I told him that he should market them on the web… Heck, I’d buy a couple just for the novelty of it, and women could laugh at them, but they couldn’t say that they weren’t warned…


    • Good idea.

      Better one: s simple one-page waiver which females have to sign before being admitted to a frat party.

      The waiver expressly waives any and all rights afforded by the “Yes means Yes” regulation, and agrees to release, indemnify, and hold all frat members harmless from any post-party claims which are in any way related to any alleged violation of the regulation.


    • Major ASD and the frat would probably get shut down b/c a femcunt would speak up about it. Would not work


  36. LENA DUNHAM TWEETS EXCUSES FOR HER ALLEGED-RAPIST: NOT A ‘CLEAR CUT VILLAIN’ …Dunham has not volunteered to cooperate with authorities…


  37. O/T, but too good to pass up.

    A year or two ago CH had a brilliant post about a woman who tried to crawl down a chimney to get into her (presumably Alpha) lover’s home.

    History repeats itself… :

    Other articles indicate they met online, dated, and then he tried to dump her.


  38. Sometimes you have to force your way through. Sometimes they like it, sometimes not, but they always respect the man’s desire that they have intentionally aroused.

    This is not rape if you know your partner.
    As my ex told me once :
    “I want to feel authority. If I tell you that I don’t want to make love, turn me over and put it in without asking. You are the man and you can manage me as you wish. This is what turns me on the most.”

    Use this knowledge to benefit yourselves, guys !


    • dude…this works until it doesn’t. There’s an entire divorce industry full of formerly happy women. Women aren’t *stable*. You will do the same things and eventually she’ll decide she hates them. The alpha that leaves the seat up transforms from charming jerk to “motherfucker I’m gonna destroy.”

      Literally EVERYTHING becomes rape of some kind. They will even INVENT shit that never happened and claim that it did. Fact, truth, evidence- these things have no meaning.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 8:19 pm Randy the Random

        Bingo Bingo Bingo. Trav, you are one of the few here who seem to have real experience with women. Not just the “fuck me when you want, where you want” honeymoon phase, but the “I’m going to test you with a rape charge, let’s see what happens.”

        Women need to be deprived of the vote, and deprived of legal protection. They should be treated as dependents, similar to children, by law. Dependent upon the father, then the husband.


  39. Here is a short and relevant stand-up clip from Louis CK:


  40. on October 20, 2014 at 5:46 pm Full-Fledged Fiasco

    “I remind the reader of the central principle of male-female relations: women choose.”

    Good ol’ Devlin.


  41. Last night I got a series of texts from the 26 year old Bondage freak I bang. We hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks because we’d both been busy.

    Her: “I need you to punish me….”

    Her: “slap me, hard. I’m desperate.”

    Despite my indoctrination of the Red Pill even 3 years ago I would never have expected or understood this. Now it’s clear.


    • Well, hell. If she’s not available, I sure am!


      • @Adsgamer/Thwack It’s interesting. We bang hard. Then, that’s it. What I find interesting is that we’ve established this FB thing without talking about it. Women don’t suddenly disappear if they’re attracted. I got another text from a girl I met on the street, gamed, helped her find her hotel.

        It’s all starting to make sense to me now: spinning plates, hypergamy, comfort and soft-dominance. It feels a bit strange—like learning a new language and mispronouncing words until you get comfortable with them


    • Go full beta sycophant on her @$$, lol.


  42. NASA contemplates going full retard. Oddly enough, not because patriarchy, or feelz, but actual science reasons like payload and health outcomes. Still full retard though:


    • on October 20, 2014 at 7:02 pm AlmostAnonymous

      My prediction? At the first hint of real trouble, the entire crew would die.


    • They’ll call the space ship “Amelia Earhart”


    • Yes, retarded. Feminine hygiene products alone make the payload argument moot. A ship full of only broads. hah. Will never succeed. I don’t even believe our technological societies will remain powerful enough to attempt such things during this cycle of scientific achievement. Instead, society will reset at some other point after the collapse, maybe a version of the industrial age mixed with remnants of current physical and mathematical achievements. Keeping in mind that once our digital storage media can’t be accessed for a very long period of time, like the pyramids of old, future generations will not understand how there are human machines on the moon. Shit, they can’t even rebuild F-1 rocket engines built by rocketdyne in the sixties because half the contractors shredded or otherwise lost many of the plan.


      • the America’s Cup female boats were a case study in how matriarchy is an utter fuckin failure. EVERY single issue that happened in the course of the race became an interpersonal issue off-boat. The male teams left the heat of the battle on the battlefield. The women carried that shit with them and it corroded morale. Even WOMEN hate working with women. They are interpersonally toxic.


      • JohnDSee
        Shit, they can’t even rebuild F-1 rocket engines built by rocketdyne in the sixties because half the contractors shredded or otherwise lost many of the plan.

        You believe that?


        What else CAN’T the white man do that he’s already done before?


      • What else CAN’T the white man do that he’s already done before?

        I can’t remember exactly, but I have a vague image in mind of trees.


      • @thwack
        Yes I believe that. Not only because some schematics may be lost or destroyed, or the machinery has been destroyed, but because of artificial inflation and ever increasing regulations on raw materials and the political machinations that distract. Starting from scratch is a different issue. Obviously these things could rebuilt, but after the big reset button is hit, only hard copies of information will survive. If digital storage becomes irretrievable, the loss of the Library of Alexandria will pale in comparison. This is so obvious that I almost didn’t write this but I don’t know if you’re just attempting to crack wise. Now go grab some sex.


      • Shit, they can’t even rebuild F-1 rocket engines built by rocketdyne in the sixties because half the contractors shredded or otherwise lost many of the plan.

        Not so.

        However, I doubt NASA will ever really do anything with it.

        As Henry Spencer said long ago, “The dream is alive, but not at NASA”


      • on October 21, 2014 at 8:22 pm Randy the Random

        thwackie boy doesn’t believe in the moon landing, or rockets Johnny boy. Double digit IQ apparently prohibits a belief in multi-stage rockets.


      • Apollo 11 was the high water mark of jooish theater. Someone show invent an energy drink called “Fake Moon Landing” cause you proles guzzle that stuff.


    • As long as ground control and the rest is all female too, I’m for it. I think it might be quite a learning experience.


    • Anyone watching “Gravity” the movie and not fixated on the laughable plot holes, couldn’t help but notice the marked inferiority of Sandra Bullock’s character. Also the old joke about “women can’t drive” was there, if you looked for it.


  43. You guys don’t get it, do you?

    “Yes means Yes” is how men break women’s hold over control of sex. Due to this law, men have no realistic option but to back off and let women get frustrated. When they get frustrated enough, they will make the advances.

    This is how it should be, for only under these conditions can a man effectively bargain with a woman, and not have to surrender all just to get a little. This will prove important later if marriage happens (it shouldn’t). She will feel like she has to keep things up lest all of her effort to get a man to marry will be for naught.


    • on October 21, 2014 at 8:05 am Diversity Is Good

      “Yes means Yes” is how men break women’s hold over control of sex. Due to this law, men have no realistic option but to back off and let women get frustrated. When they get frustrated enough, they will make the advances.

      No, this law “Yes Means Yes Except When I Change My Mind” cements criminalization of men’s sexual drives, and women’s control over men. Many men will retreat, that’s what Conor Fagdorf at Atlantic was so mystified by. Read the comments there, and see all the manginae justifying further control of men. When women get frustrated enough they’ll either turn bi or line up for an Alpha’s harem, and push for laws to make polygamy legal.

      This is how it should be, for only under these conditions can a man effectively bargain with a woman, and not have to surrender all just to get a little. This will prove important later if marriage happens (it shouldn’t). She will feel like she has to keep things up lest all of her effort to get a man to marry will be for naught.

      Read the law, dumbass. It already applies to anyone who is a student in university in California, even if they are married. So a man married to a woman who is a student has to get consent every time he kisses her or anything else, and she can retroactively charge him with raaaaype as part of a divorce grinding.

      This law totally redefines “rape”. A drunk college dude and a drunk college chick fumble around at a party, not even screwing just making out and feeling her up, he’s “raped” her if she wants to say so.

      Feminazis really want this kind of law in the DV VAWA laws. Ramming it down the throats of college men is how they will get there because it makes female domination normal. This is the way to a woman-dominated society, even more woman dominatd than the one we are in now.

      Enjoy the decline, all you rapists.


    • on October 21, 2014 at 8:14 am Just Went Rogue

      Interesting take.


  44. There’s a simple solution: Become a rock star. The women will then rape you, and should one of them claim that it was any other way, you just let your agent hire a lawyer who will eat her lawyer for lunch.


  45. ‘Is Hatred video game a meta troll of video game industry? “Let’s just dispense with any trope that rationalizes mass killing.”‘

    It might help if the developers would say so. So far they’re just giggling that they did it “because they could”. Given all the screeching over Nadella and gamergate, this is just carrying ammo to the “male spaces verboten” commissars who have the tech/gaming communities squarely in their gunsights right now.


  46. Guys, need help. How do I build emotional connections with girls? When it comes to sex, I am good. But this thing, I am very lost.

    [CH: lollipops. softens the hardest hearts.]


    • women don’t have emotions, only needs.

      recognize that dealing with a female is essentially animal husbandry, you will finally “win”.


    • How do I build emotional connections with girls?

      The same way you fry ice… or stage unicorn races around the rings of Saturn.


    • If you’re out of lollipops, share your skittles. Not the whole bag, that’s beta.


    • @Looper look up “building comfort” in the various UA/manosphere sites. This is all about alternating between sexual spikes and attraction and then asking her about her.

      One very easy method is playing The Questions Game which Krauser outlines on his blog and in detail in his book DayGame Mastery which I recommend.

      The Questions Game is where after building attraction you say something like: “Let’s play a game, you ask me a question, then I’ll ask you a question—only thing is it has to be a good question, not “what colour is your favorite dinosaur?”

      Then gradually escalate: “How old were you when you had your first kiss?”
      “What do you like about me?”
      “What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did when you were a kid?”

      The point about building comfort and establishing an emotional connection is to demonstrate in a masculine way that you’re a real person. Women may crave the alpha but they also want authenticity.

      It’s a fine line and honestly takes practice because it’s too easy to be beta. Building comfort is NOT asking her about why she broke up with her last bf. Don’t be an emotional tampon.

      With one of the girls I’m banging, from time to time she brings up her ex bf. I listen. Rarely comment, then change the subject. In other words, I let her vent for that 90 seconds. Then change the subject.


  47. For younger men, there are only individual solutions. Expatriate. MGTOW. Become a top 10% or better guy (alpha/PUA if you must use those terms).


  48. I read a story once about Babe Ruth. Supposedly, he would have a bunch of guests in a hotel suite and when he got drunk enough would announce, “Anyone who doesn’t want to get fucked better get the fuck outta here right now.” Now, if I was on a jury and a woman stayed after hearing this, well, not guilty.

    Back to present day. Drive around in a dirty old white van with RAPE painted in bold glow at night red on the side. So, if any woman gets in your van she’s got no case.


  49. Much of the dynamic of this law is the same as a D/s relationship, not the least of which is to always use your words; nothing is consented to by body language or implication.


  50. Secular liberals mistakenly believe that they are now not Christians but enlightened atheists. In reality, in function they are still afflicted with the Jew’s slave religion for white people Christ insanity only within them Christ insanity has ever so subtley changed forms or rather mutated like the spiritual version of the AIDS virus that it is. Instead of worshipping the suffering downtrodden Jesus archetype the so called “secular” liberal now worships the suffering downtrodden black man archetype. Instead of having saints such as St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Mary the secular liberal progressive’s sainted figures take the form of MLK, Obama and Trayvon. Oh Uncle Adolf was right and that becomes ever more abundantly clear by the day. “Taken to it’s logical extreme Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure”. Indeed Uncle Adolf indeed. Behold the liberal manlet. Behold the African monkey in a suit incorrectly dubbed a “man” due to Christian/Commie/Liberal sentimentality. Behold the death of white western civilization at the hands of the Jew’s greatest ideological poison more deadly than 10,000 WMD’s Christ insanity the spiritual AIDS virus.


  51. Goddamn, do I love this
    I can’t find a link to the actual video, but the transcript is hilarious. No way SNL fags would do this today. Yeah, I know they were libs back then too, but like all diseases liberalism has only gotten worse.

    Remember, to get your last licks in…


  52. on October 21, 2014 at 12:12 am JenkPac Shakur

    Yesterday’s hysterical Christian witchburning puritan is today’s hysterical secular liberal bra burning prude. Christ insanity that ancient and wicked ideological creation of Jewish psychopaths continues to wreak havoc on white western civilization to this day. This venereal disease of Rome, this spiritual AIDS for our time has merely mutated and changed forms much like the real AIDS virus so as to aid in it’s survival as a mind virus. It now has in it’s grasp the so called “secular” progressive liberals as it’s newest hosts and through these “carriers” its sickeningly suicidal white genocidal anti nature egalitarian universalistic Communist brotherhood with subhuman racial inferiors doctrinal poison will linger still, upon the white racial body like a pus filled abscess in desperate need of a needle’s point.


  53. Does this mean all drunk sex is rape?


    • on October 21, 2014 at 1:55 pm Diversity Is Good

      Does this mean all drunk sex is rape?

      Not in the California University system. In that system sex is rape when a woman says so, drunk or not. So a drunk chick and a drunk guy screw, maybe he raped her, maybe not it depends on how she feels about it the next day, or the next week, or the next month. Maybe the next year.

      It’s all about giving women power over sex, including retroactive power.


  54. What do people think about using hidden recorders to tape your sexual interactions? Would come in useful in a court case.

    Also, nice to talk about leaving 16 commandments on Apple and hidden concern trolls, but I don’t see a lot of real resistance to this. Is there a PAC we can form that would push back against laws like this? Looking at the numbers of Internet comments, if each one of those guys donated $100, we might get something going…



    Are men and women more alike in some populations than in others? It’s possible. First, boys and girls differentiate from each other to varying degrees during adolescence, and this process of sexual differentiation is genetically influenced. There are even conditions, like Swyer syndrome, where an individual is chromosomally male (46, XY) and yet develops externally into a woman.

    Second, men and women don’t have the same sex roles everywhere. According to a survey of 93 nonindustrial cultures, men were expected to dominate their wives in 67% of them, the sexes were expected to be about equal in 30%, and women were expected to dominate their husbands in 3% (Whyte, 1978). Sex roles differ to varying degrees even among hunter-gatherers, who correspond to the earliest stage of cultural evolution. In the tropics, women provide more food through gathering than men do through hunting. The reverse is true beyond the tropics, where women have few opportunities to gather food in winter (Kelly, 1995, pp. 128-132; Martin, 1974, pp. 16-18).

    English psychologist John T. Manning has pioneered the use of this digit ratio as a way to measure how prenatal male and female hormones influence various behavioral traits. In a recent study, he looked at how prenatal hormones might influence gender equality in different populations. After measuring the digit ratios of participants from 29 countries, his research team averaged the score for each country and compared it with indices of gender equality: women’s share of parliamentary seats; women’s participation in the labor force, women’s education attainment level; maternal mortality rates; and juvenile pregnancy rates. To ensure comparability, all of the participants were of European descent.

    The results?

    In short, the more similar the two sexes were in 2D:4D, the more equal were the two sexes in parliamentary and labor force participation. The other variables were not as strongly correlated. (Manning et al., 2014)


    • “Are men and women more alike in some populations than in others?”

      Casual observation: Appalachian teenagers are mostly blonde girls and dark-haired boys. Same ethnic group, even among siblings.


  56. The “Anonymous” writer of this submission to Conor can go f*ck himself (which it sounds like he’s going to have to do anyway). He obviously drank the femcunt Kool-Aid and probably voted for Obama twice. Have a nice life without any chick, d-bag.


  57. on October 21, 2014 at 9:08 am yournordicgod

    This has gone too far. It’s time to do something about this! MEN LISTEN UP:
    Everyone of you who has females to spare can help..

    Get one of your spare F buddy b**che$ (one who is crazy about you & preferably one who has short hair or is willing to dyke cut it) and


    She’ll obviously make sure she tape records the audio at minimum and will make sure she says all the right key words (no I dont want to etc). After the first suit is filed and complaints registered,, numerous others will be simultaneously filed.

    Through a concentrated effort; PR NEWSWIRE stories published & journalists contacted.. There will be a sh*t storm of media coverage,, will these bull dy*kes & man hating feminists pursue this law any further? No.

    The days of complaining,sulking and sitting around while the feminists & house of YKW make moves is OVER!


    (this message sent to you from above by your nordic god FREYR, the god of masculine virility, disregard at your own peril or join the movement of those who take ACTION! It starts NOW!)


  58. Modify for humans and drop a stack of these in every venue. Amplify the absurd.


  59. Doing a 30 day challenge (Day 14 today). I’ll definitely finish it and write up my insights.


  60. I’ve got side with the crazies on this one. It’s just not worth it anymore trying to navigate the rules of feminine attraction. What women want, as the old Arabic adage advises, is Roasted Ice. Fair enough ladies, now go complain about having one more or less thing to complain or not complain about complaining about. Go be a lesbian until graduation at which time you can whine that no one takes your radical horseshit seriously. Here is the question I will ask you “do I have permission to ignore you, or is that a crime now too?” Otherwise f-off.


  61. Empresstrudy: Hard to disagree with your take except that it means
    the satanic Jewish cultural Marxists have succeeded… The worm shall turn someday.


  62. Instead of “50 Shades of Grey” the lucky women of CA now get “50 Shades of ‘is it OK’?”


  63. on October 21, 2014 at 5:18 pm heinrich himbeere

    This is true, but I am only 32, and yet I need to awaken desire in me. Now this is a problem because I’ve historically had trouble finding balance. I don’t need any more intellect- I need desire in a woman. In the past I often got out of balance from this- it drove me mad. I refuse to masturbate to release frustration. Anyway it often hurts thanks to mutilation, afterwards. I’m working on restoring. Anyway so if I awaken desire and I get frustrated, I could go mad. If I awaken desire in myself and I miss the shot, I’ll be depressed, or I have been in the past. And chances don’t come along every day. I’m honestly looking for more than a one night screw- I’m looking for real world erotica. I am honestly physically attracted but not that deeply attracted to most of the woman here. I realized that when I went to Germany I was so attracted to women. I love the Germans, or love them more, and the Europeans in general and the pagans and heathens but I won’t pedestalize even them. Also in my awakened desire, I have to avoid breaking a law. There’s that. And in my awakened desire, I have to avoid being creepy.

    So maybe this is why my desire has gone on ice- not to mention dealing with competition that might exist. So maybe it’s safe to not have desire. Maybe it’s better to transmute it, until I make a fortune. I should just get back to studying my tax. Be like Linus rather than David on the Sabrina movie. And get to work on my career and accomplishments, because then at least I won’t be left with nothing. But there is a German Club event and I believe one woman likes me, a German, who I like. I know I could get her, and I do want her. So I have to let that desire through and out, but in balance. And that is not what I am good at or have been in the past. I didn’t return her message when she cancelled a date for being out of town, not because I wanted to play games but frankly because anything I could say would potentially backfire. Besides I would feel invested in her, my desire would be awakened, and I might pester them or kill the tension. This has historically been the case, and she as well as an english woman I know, are two that I really like and see as potentially worthy of a long term. And I am tired of all short term shit. They call me heavy. I’m sure many of you are also heavy and deep, brothers. Let’s connect. But I honestly kind of feel like Der Steppenwolf, and age age 32 at that. I am ready for my magic theater. I got with a younger italian woman. That was refreshing, everything I needed. I ought to have claimed her, collected her, made it happen, but I didn’t and I blew it later but no regrets. The takeaway from this journal entry is that a man needs to have awakened desire. But even that is not simple anymore. I guess you’d say it’s necessary, but not sufficient.


  64. Unfortunately, women like me will still have the same sexual expectations from men. We’ll expect them to ignore the law and seduce as before. This law just reduces the pool of attractive men and gives feminine women fewer options. Do they understand that and not care, or do they not get it?


  65. Let me phrase it like this Amy: The “people” who installed this law (feminists) are totally aware of the consequences.


  66. Shitty law, but shrug. Tell her to tell you what filthy shit she wants you to do to her. Tell her it gets you off to hear her foul up her pretty mouth. Shy? “Is that all? How about…”

    Can only end well. Besides, if she hasn’t already started going down on you as a warm-up, your session is already sub-optimal.