That Which Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You More Seductive

There is a concept in biology known as “hormesis“, which describes the process of an organism becoming stronger when exposed to low levels of stressors. An example of this process would be taking tiny amounts of cobra venom over a long period of time so as to develop an immunity against cobra bites.

An Army study (the link to which is now broken, unfortunately) found evidence that the physiological damage from sustained stress can be mitigated by hormetic intervention. Via reader Retrophoebia,

Prolonged stress cripples the hippocampus, which is full of cortisol receptors and therefore highly responsive to stress signals. It particularly degrades executive function, motor skills and declarative memory processes. The excess cortisol of sustained stress degrades hippocampal plasticity (capacity for continuous alteration of neural pathways) and hippocampal dendritic morphology (disconnects neural networks by decreasing the number of apical dendrite branch points).

Prolonged stress causes real, deleterious physical effects.

Men who received the SIT [stress innoculation training] appraised stimulants as less stressful, displayed higher coping competence and had a reduced cortisol response compared with the control group. These findings suggest that stress inoculation training will attenuate soldiers’ combat stress response.

Stress inoculation training = hormesis. The men who received the training became better at withstanding higher levels of sustained stress. The mild pain of lower stresses made them stronger against greater stresses.

Retrophoebia asks the relevant question,

Think that has any Game applications? I do.

Agreed. The first thought is that “game hormesis” is accomplished by the simple act of making approaches. The more women with whom you interact, the easier each future interaction will become, and the better you’ll be able to brush off any rejections. And this matters, because occasionally you’ll have an interaction that goes wrong, and you’ll want your biosystems to be resilient so you can handle the stressful situation competently. You want your hippocampus working for you, not against you.

It also follows from the study that your newbie approaches should be with girls who meet your minimal attractiveness standards, but who aren’t much hotter than that. The key to extracting hormetic benefits is to introduce the inoculating stress in tiny amounts. A hard 10 is not a tiny amount of stress for most men. However, an easy-on-the-eyes 6 is a low level stress.So there is wisdom in the pickup artist injunction to start with less physically intimidating girls and build your way up to hitting on hotter babes.

A final thought is that men who have been hormetically inured to sociosexual stressors are more attractive to women. Chicks dig a man who exhibits grace under pressure. It’s why chicks drop shit tests like Walter White drops potential informants. A woman won’t know if you have the requisite grace unless she applies some pressure to coax it out of you. If you can withstand her onslaught, (whether by way of her transfixing beauty or her staggering psy ops), and parry with the measured self-assurance of a man who’s been through plenty of tense courtship situations before, then her regard and her desire for you will increase.


    • > “Chicks dig a man who exhibits grace under pressure. It’s why chicks drop shit tests like Walter White drops potential informants.”

      A really profoundly difficult structural problem for Western Civilization is that modern chicks are absolutely CLUELESS as to what kind of “grace under pressure” they should be looking for in a man.

      When bitches grew up on the prairie, or on the mountainside, under constant danger of being eaten by a pack of wolves, or of being raped and scalped and axe-murdered by a roving band of feral Native American feather-not-dots, they developed a really powerful instinct for smelling courage and valor and on-the-fly intellectual improvisational ability in their men.

      But nowadays, what does the modern whore know how to judge?

      Whether a man wears the right kind of gel in his hair?

      Whether a man has the right tatoos on his jugular vein?

      Whether a man can slip a $100 bill to a doorman at a trendy club so that he can gain entry?

      I don’t think most modern women have any earthly clue what to look for in a good mate.

      Other than that it should involve miscegenation with some breed of orangutan…


    • just what i needed today, i have been freezing up a little lately.

      i kind of wonder if technically you can lose your hormesis over time. it definitely feels like it at times.


  1. I make it a goal of mine to approach every opportunity that I get. I use situational tools to get me in the door. For example, saw a girl at my local coffee spot with a healthy tan and said “now you’ve held that tan well. Aren’t you lucky” lol. Opened conversation.

    The thing is to keep pushing the conversation. The girls enjoy the thrill just as much as we do! You can see it in their faces as the smile widens.



  2. Nice science post.

    Now how fast before the girls that infest this blog begin super long tangents of ‘Once I went here …before then I …when this guy was hitting on me…’

    Also count how often they use ‘I’, really speaks to their inherent solipsism.


  3. No surprise to anybody who has been in combat in real life. You adjust or you die/go PTSD in short order.

    A fun movie analog is Samwise Gamgee. Afraid of the hot chick in his local pub, goes out and saves the world, comes back fearless of her and makes her his wife. One could easily see the same for constant approach stress.


  4. lzozlzozlozlz this is TEXTBOOK

    “I’m 33, never married, and no there is nothing wrong with me.”

    Spin, hamster, spin. Nope, nothing is wrong with you, but you were lied to and brainwashed by feminism, or you’d have found your husband by age 27. Nope…you wanted 6 more years on the cock carousel.


  5. Some kind of systematic, practical application of this wisdom.


  6. Great and timely post. Here’s a verbatim text game on Skype I met online and just had with 30 year old Mainland Chinese girl…on Skype without makeup she looked ok, couldn’t tell. But she seemed fun.

    Note the way in which I lead this…many thanks to Krauser for some of the inspirations here…but her reactions fit in with how women shit-test and respond to game. Sometimes calling their bluff leads them to flake…but sometimes it leads to even more curiousity…

    I’ve found that online game is great because it helps to weed out

    Her: i look pretty communist today with my glasses
    Me: yes
    Her: 🙂
    Me : do something about that or no margajitos
    Her: oh..there is no manners from you you are supposed to say oh lady, you look good 🙂
    Me: grrrrrrrrr
    Her: thats means?
    Me: i’m a wolf
    Her i see that.. a guy never simle and try to hide emotions behind the cold face: you know it is not healthy to supress:)
    Me: i need a good woman to bring it out
    Her: maybe she will regret to see the things she broght out:P
    Me: probably….
    Me: but that wouldn’t stop her
    Her: so why is that?
    Me:: because she’s a woman
    Me: can’t help herself
    Her haha…
    Her: you seems to be good at handling woman…a bad sign
    Me: very bad
    Her: we will see about that
    Me: i may need to spank you if you misbehave
    Her: oh also abuse woman? (:|
    Me: rough…but not painful isn’t that how most women like it?
    Her: hey…behanve yourself..where do you have your manners? you are supposed to be polite and properate
    ME; (angel)
    Me: oops
    Me: (devil)
    Her: seriously, who are you?
    Me: you’ll have to discover for yourself.
    Her: okey..will give it a shot
    Me: cool ok cu Sunday.


    • on September 24, 2013 at 2:26 pm gunslingergregi

      cool but what happened to the flowing verbal stuff
      that was much shorter than normal
      worked though huh


    • Dude are you fucking kidding talking to some Chinese girl in China on Skype is automatically not game no matter what was said


  7. Left a long ass FR on here, but I think it got eaten up. I’ll rewrite it later. Basically racked up a shitton of fuckups after watching RSD Blueprint and MM a bit over the weekend. Gonna go out on a date this week (meet through a friend so, doesn’t count). Anyway, later bros.


    • > “Gonna go out on a date this week (meet through a friend so, doesn’t count).”

      Doesn’t count?


      What doesn’t count is how you came to cross paths with a chick.

      What counts is what you do with the opportunity once you do cross paths her.

      So serve her up some awesome manliness during dinner and then plunge that throbbing stiff rod deep into her moisture at the end of the evening.

      Remember: THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS – awesome manliness and the plunging of a throbbing stiff rod.


    • Date didn’t go well. We were total opposites lol. Fine by me.


      • All good. Being okay with her not being your type is good internally, as well.

        A lot of beta/AFC guys get stuck in the mindset that “it HAS to work with this girl…she’s The One!!” Meanwhile the girl might be a TERRIBLE match for him, but because he’s stuck in a scarcity mindset and doesn’t have options, he builds her up in his head and tries to force the square peg into the round hole.

        On the flip side a lot of newbie/intermediate PUAs define themselves by their newfound superpowers of seduction, so as Tyler says “a PUA is the only guy who will be frustrated that a girl HE DOESN’T EVEN LIKE, doesn’t like him.” lol

        It’s cool if you guys don’t click, there are 3.5 billion more women out there, and you’re developing the skills to meet them. 🙂 And you’ve gained a reference experience of going on a date so the next one you’re on, with some chick you DO click with, it’ll feel more normal and natural, which will help her feel like being out with you is normal and natural.

        Good stuff on giving it a go! Also Blueprint is some heavy shit lol don’t feel bad if you don’t finish it or absorb it all, I love it but it fucks a lot of guys up for a few weeks/months after they watch it lol What he says at the start about re-listening to it at different points and taking new stuff out of it is true. I give it a watch once a year and stuff that was relevant to me before fades out while stuff that’s relevant to where my game has advanced to jumps out and makes me go “wow that didn’t even make sense to me before but it just clicked a part of the puzzle together”.

        Can’t go wrong with classic Mystery Method tho. Hope you get to apply some of this stuff out in the field. 🙂


      • For sure, Ya. I was definitely initially annoyed at the beginning of the abrupt end (I inadvertently gave her the opening to end it “I’m probably not you’re type… Kidding lol. Her: You know what… you’re right. Me: Uhhhh… yeah, honestly lol”) but I’m ultimately fine with it. I’m kinda crazy (experimenting with putting my real self completely out there, awkward childhood issues, dating and all) and she was more laid back, but wasn’t into anything i liked.

        The thing I’m starting to realize is why am I always qualifying myself to people (in general)? And it’s not just girls, it’s everyone. When I was a kid, being nice and submissive got me everything. That same method just doesn’t work anymore, and it’s kinda got me annoyed. “Why do I care whether you like ME? How about you try impressing me now?” As if I have some sort of fucking empty cup attached to my back, begging for it to be filled.

        I’ve watched MM and Blueprint too many times before I started going out. And none of it made sense before I actually went out. I thought I knew everything by reading and watching all that I could get my hands on, but apparently not.

        I’ve literally read everything you’ve ever posted dude (again, when I was broke and unemployed and barely ever went out) but have probably forgotten it all anyway cuz I never used it.

        I’ve only been on two dates total in my life now so I guess I have more to go 😀


      • Nice job man! As long as you hustle, you’ll end up where you aim.


      • For sure PBS, thanks for your support! Doing this has been really eye-opening.


  8. This guy is going to be the strongest man in the world – if he survives. Or else this is magnificent trolling–shes-proud-it.html


  9. The newb who hits on 10’s as well as 6’s will get better faster than the newb who just hits on 6’s. There’s no inherent risk to overshooting in game, unlike ingesting cobra poison.


    • Agreed. The only way to be fearless with 10s is to crash and burn with a 10. If you crash and burn with a 7, it wouldn’t have the same hormetic effect.


    • > “The newb who hits on 10′s as well as 6′s will get better faster than the newb who just hits on 6′s. There’s no inherent risk to overshooting in game, unlike ingesting cobra poison.”

      I don’t judge chicks on the “HB” scale anymore.

      I’m strictly on the “Darkness” scale now.

      When I sense The Darkness in a chick – whether she’s an HB1 or an HB10 – I quickly back out and move on in search of a chick who still has just a little basic human warmth and kindness in her heart.


      • Let me expound: Once I’ve established to my satisfaction that she still has just a little basic human warmth and kindness in her heart, THEN AND ONLY THEN can we talk about whether or not she’s an HB1 or an HB10.

        But the kindness has to come first.

        Cause the very moment that I sense The Darkness, my “HB” processing unit is gonna throw a divide-by-zero seg-fault interrupt goodbye exit release memory to heap adios get the hell outta here.


      • Yay for ZS. Beeg genius. There is nothing to be done with evil, hard-hearted women. My father said something similar to me. Gave me little advice, but all good. Was married to a shrew whose own children didn’t like her, and then to my utterly benevolent mother.

        1) Never argue with a woman. ( My addendum: you can never win, you can only alienate them.)

        2) Accept that women like to talk for no reason or purpose.

        3) Never marry a hard-hearted woman.

        4) My mother was great because she was happy when they had money, and happy when they didn’t have money.

        At the first sign of coldness or Vuitton-weaseling, flee.


      • you see any of this kindness out there in the wild? i do think it’s a good idea, just possibly few and far between. i have to find one for kids eventually


      • > “just possibly few and far between”

        A huge and [possibly still growing] problem.

        My very general impression is that it is [at least broadly] a Red State -vs- Blue State and/or a Christian -vs- Atheist kinda thang.

        What’s terrifying, though, is if you see The Darkness in a homeschooled [ostensibly evangelical] chick – and lately I feel like I’m seeing a fair amount of that around these parts.

        Conversely, every once in a blue moon, you’ll cross paths with some crazy libtarded hippy chick who just loves to fuck and have babies.

        But hanging around Deep Blue areas – like University Towns and big law firms and upper echelons of major corporations and NGOs and UN/WB/IMF/State Department facilities, it’s gonna be just overwhelming Darkness.

        > “i have to find one for kids eventually”


        I used to think that IQ was the most important quality to look for in a mate, but IQ is now running a distant second to the matter of “Does she have a kind heart?”


      • The Daaaaaaaaaarkness 😥 😥 😦 😦


      • No shit.

        In fact, if you were a NAMBLA faggot, then the Tobey Maguire of that picture could practically pass as a Dark Chick.

        PS: Speaking of Dark Chicks, did you see where Hillary has ordered Huma to dump Carlos Danger?


      • Weiner’s profile in the pic in that story looks like King Haggard.


  10. on September 24, 2013 at 10:16 am Hugh G. Rection

    I remember a guy suggesting just to goof around and try to get rejected on purpose. That might not be such a bad idea. You can really have a blast with all those bad pick-up lines you find on the web.


  11. @Sad Clown, I agree, but to some people, getting humiliated by a 9 will turn them off their whole “getting better with women quest”. While there is no inherent physical risk, the psychological damage can be just as bad. Some people can’t recover from having their egos shattered. That’s where all these game denialists and game haters come from

    Just like you don’t start benching 200 pounds on your first day at the gym, you gradually progress to the point where 200 pounds is your warm up set.

    Same with game.


    • Quite luckily, it’s not that quite that many rungs on this ladder. 6,7,8,9 and then 10. 5 weeks ought to do it. At least theoretically. I wouldn’t know.


      • You wouldn’t know. Great. Thanks for the input.

        That unfortunately is an extremely simple way of thinking about it. Every guy starts from a different place and with different baggage. I’ve seen guys start out nervous just talking to fugs. For them five weeks is fantasy.


      • I’ve seen guys start out nervous just talking to fugs.

        I myself get nervous talking to fugs and plain janes. It’s being nervous talking to cute/hot chicks that’s a problem.


      • You may be confused cuz they’re so similar:
        Dry heaves talking to fugs = involuntary disgust mechanism
        Dry heaves talking to HBs = nerves


      • You must have a weak constitution. I talk to men I’m not attracted to all the time, and it has never made me sick.


      • You must have a weak constitution. I talk to men I’m not attracted to all the time, and it has never made me sick.

        And you must be female.


      • …or maybe one of those people who’s not expendable.

        People who lack empathy and compassion are worth their weight in fertilizer.


      • I wouldn’t know because I never went out of my way to approach any woman less than what I’d call a solid 8 on paper. Of course I talk to others, but only if I need to, or they want to and I have time.


      • I agree. I think it’s a mistake to cut your teeth on less than an 8 because you’ll quickly be saddled with a wonderful, kind, good-hearted 7 that you really ought to marry, who lunges for a set of keys to your pad and who will generally screw up your fun because you will actually love her. Sevens tend to learn how to be good people as a way to compete with 8s, 9s and 10s.

        So stay away from kind, good sevens. Seriously.

        I also think the PUAsphere, while critical to a man’s training in how to live a red pill life, can also inadvertantly screw men up with the concept that “all women respond to game the same way and tend to desire the same 15% of men.” That causes men to blame themselves for each rejection and figure things will be the same with the next one unless he makes a radical change. A guy needs to strike a balance between blaming himself and recognizing how different women can be in their preferences.

        The best way to inure yourself to potential rejection pain is to remember that there are reasons why women are very different in the guys they prefer. I’ve found that women look for men at their IQ level and above 10 to 20 points but not higher. I’ve found that half are OK with age differences while the other half won’t countenance that. If one were to really believe “I must have screwed up with my game” on that 10 who rudely rejected him, he’d be a basket case in dealing with the next 10. But if he could rationalize, often correctly, that the rude 10 didn’t have the IQ that the new one hopefully has, he’ll be a lot more confident in his game.


    • Weight resistance training is an excellent analogy actually. Well said.

      And the dweebs who have the twenty pound bar collapse their chest and then give up and hate on weight lifters are our deniers and white knights and dyed in the wool proud betas. In other words, chumps who have no sense of persistence through adversity and find it easier to smack talk on their superiors in order to try and make themselves feel better about their own weaknesses.


    • @Sad Clown, I agree, but to some people, getting humiliated by a 9 will turn them off their whole “getting better with women quest”. While there is no inherent physical risk, the psychological damage can be just as bad. Some people can’t recover from having their egos shattered. That’s where all these game denialists and game haters come from

      This is where the virtue of humility comes in. Who knew that it could help with game? But it does. Game denialists/haters are choked on their own pride.


    • The gambler knows what the winner does not.


    • Yeah, you could make an analogy that to learn fast skiers should just hop right on the black diamond slopes. Yikes.

      Probably depends on rejection sensitivity, which I think almost all men have ; and pretty severe at that.

      Worse, we are in denial that they’re afraid to talk to women, ( or I was) and guys tell themselves that they just “don’t like it”.


  12. A woman’s test should be like a gnat buzzing around your head.

    Seriously…the stuff I go through in a day makes their little tests seem like nothing.


  13. Stress inoculation seems to work in the short term as well. I’ve discovered that if I get a couple “fuck off”‘s (mostly figurative) to start the night then I’m in social god mode. Most guys are are so afraid to talk to anyone it’s ridiculous. Hormesis never has a chance to happen. Even my friends (not wings) wait for me to open. The other night I decided to wait for them to open. I wasn’t going to talk to anyone until they did. Finally after an hour I got impatient and ditched them when I saw a cute chick go into a bar across the street. They followed only after the chick and her friends waved them over. These are normal average guys and they would have spent the night drinking and talking to each other. Instead the night was a blast and we all went to an after party with the chicks friends.
    Point is most guys are scared to start conversations and always find excuses to avoid it. If you go in expecting the first couple approaches of the night to fizzle or bomb then it frees you from worry and fear. Sometimes they go awesome though and if you never approach you’ll never know.

    Biggest takeaway for me:
    Shit-test = stress-test


  14. Heartiste, and those of you among the horde, I beseech thee humbly for advice.

    I recently landed a date, via the internets, with a really tall girl – over 6 feet, and I am average height. She doesn’t care about my height; my personality and rogueish good looks have enticed her thus far. However, I have not met her in real life yet. I remember reading long ago that a shorter alpha male generally looks at people taller than him without moving his head up. Rather, he simply moves his eyes when need be. Now, I don’t plan on being a robot, I am sure I’ll be looking up here and there – whatever. I just want to know if you folks have any general advice on body language in the presence of a babe that is much taller. I am not nervous or anything, I just cannot calibrate myself based on an experience I’ve never had, and I am hoping someone out there has wisdom I can draw on. I am sure I’ll knock it out of the park as I normally do, but, if my fellow man can enhance my insight beforehand, that would be cool.


  15. A friend of mine always starts dancing with the most ugly girl by his standards, and then proceeds to go up in the beauty scale – in the same night. Another benefit is that he’s seen by the feminine crowd having fun with other women which in time elevates his status and makes him more desirable.


    • If you know you’re going to be at the same event for awhile, you should by all means utilize a little hormetic (that a word?) misdirection by starting to dance with a girl who is NOT your primary target.


    • Good idea, you’ll appeal more to the kind-hearted hotchix as well for being open minded. I am always curious when I see a pretty girl with a guy who is a disgusting whale or otherwise disadvantaged.

      I also never turn down a whale who asks me to dance. It’s just fucking rude if someone takes the initiative to reach out to you and you’re like a smirking sorority chick who nasally proclaims “No.”

      I also could understand if a hotchick wants to decline if a guy looks like a moron pseudo alpha who’s going to hassle her all night.


  16. Meditation also acts as a buffer against the harmful effects of extreme stress. The military has plenty of research suggesting so. 40 minutes a day in two 20 minute sessions can do wonders for your general well being and calming nerves.


  17. There is a concept in biology known as “hormesis“, which describes the process of an organism becoming stronger when exposed to low levels of stressors.

    And what if the stress has been applied for generations ………????
    may there be epigentic effects – epigenetic hormesis ???

    may this explains the resilience of the Negro in America


    • “may this explains the resilience of the Negro in America”



      • “resilience?”

        I think I understand what you are trying to describe, but the negro in America is a poor example.

        The grave yards and prisons are full of this “negro in America”; plus we have the shortest lifespans of all Americans.

        I think you meant these guys:


  18. Love this shit.

    As of today (and the last year and half) I’m a successful player. Before that, I was quite unsuccessful. A wannabe player yet wasn’t able to get the results I wanted, largely because my own fear and anxiety dominated my decision making.

    To all of my newb friends and guys with bad anxiety…here’s my progression journey:

    Before 1.5 years, I would only get girls the old fashioned way (social circle or ones who just fell into my lap). Only 1 truly HOT one that I lost my virginity to back in high school.

    Tired of the results I was getting, I decided it was time to get over my ego and start approaching. Even the thought of it made me sweat.

    Almost 2 entire weeks of going to bars and to the mall, no approaches. I was scared. I envisioned the worst. I was anxiously sweating at the thought of having to carry a conversation and not knowing how to do it.

    Finally did a cold approach at the grocery store. “Hey, I’m….” She smiled, said nice to meet you and walked away. I was terrified. I felt heavy, like someone through a wet burlap sack over me. I was sweating. Mumbling to the cashier as I paid on my way out.

    For about 2.5 months after this was the same thing. The idea of making myself go out and talk to strangers was so painful, that I knew the only thing to do was to do it. That was the only way I would get through it.

    Then, over time, the situation became familiar. Maybe a little nervous energy, but I could at least form a complete sentence.

    I would get 0.01% better with every approach. After at least 500+, I was able to at least settle in and not be blown off after the first sentence for being too visibly nervous.

    Despite the fact that it would have made sense at the time to approach “6’s” or “7’s”, I would do that ONLY if there weren’t hotter in my vicinity. Because let’s face it, that’s who we all really have our eyes set on first.

    Those 0.01%’s begin to add up. Now I’m approaching without flinching. The girls begin to smile as they were pleasantly surprised that a guy would approach without hesitation. Maybe a decent convo ensued. End it on a number with no specific plans to meet up. Seemed like a good lead.

    Then she flaked. No response to texts. Doesn’t answer calls.

    Stay in the game. Approach the next one, even though the last one blew me off. This one gives me a harsh rejection. It stings a bit.

    Instead of just doing my one approach, I decide to put my grocieries in the car and go walk the sidewalk. I immediately throw myself in a set of two, they have fun and I’m relaxed. Something like this wouldn’t have happened a month ago, as I would have just slumped back home with a “well, at least I did my one approach!”

    Flash forward 3 months. I stuck with the game and consistent action. Now I have 3 solid leads of girls texting me “what r u up to tonite! we’re at xx bar come!” This is better than I could have imagined 6 months ago, and still not much of an accomplishment to brag about. Now I can at least go out, meet up, have some fun.

    Flash forward 3 more. Process is much expidited. The girls that love me, LOVE me. The ones that hate me, definitely do. I’m more myself. I don’t care who loves me or hates me because I have plenty of social options. I’m carefree.

    I’m in Vegas. I randomly meet two girls on the way to a pool party by seeing two girls walk by, saying in a black guy voice “eyyyy lil white girls” and throwing my arms around them (I’m white, they were hispanic). They giggle and love it. I tell them they are my new temporary girlfriends to the end of the walkway. They tell me they have an extra ticket to the pool party. I’m so hot, they say. If I come they will by my drinks, they say. I’m the coolest most fun guy. I make out with one of them in the line to get into the party. The other loudly proclaims that she has a real boyfriend. I high five her and tell her that’s monumental! We go to the party. In the pool, hordes of guys in groups usually of 5 or more try to take the girls. At first, they flirt and throw their arms around them, often leaving me. What do I do? Dance by myself to Calvin Harris, having fun and not caring about shit. New hot girls near me ask where my friends went, I say I don’t know I just met them. Two new ones huddle around me. I put my hands around their waist and start bouncing to the music. “He’s hotttt…” the new girl says. What’s this? The original two show back up. “Who are your new friends?” one asks. The other pulls my arm “Hey I have to tell you something!” She pulls me a bit from the other two. “I think you’re hot…” We start making out. Other girl who orginially wouldn’t kiss me in line warms up to me. Now I have two girls mugging me in front of like 1,000 people. Now they aren’t even interested in any other guys trying to come up to them. In fact, the guys just stop because it’s a hopeless situation. Big, muscle bound dudes can’t take the girls off little ole scrawny me. All because I was putting fun over trying to get results, and they were doing the opposite.

    I take them back, we all bang for 30 min, I shower and have to catch a flight.

    ^^^This story would not have happened had I not pushed through all of the anxiety and became self accepting. It was a long journey, and sometimes it didn’t appear to have an end in sight, like things wouldn’t get better. But I had faith, I persisted, and now things like this are common.

    It’s all up to you…


    • on September 24, 2013 at 2:31 pm gunslingergregi

      nice story bro


    • Nice. In my own case, I appear to be stuck between…

      Those 0.01%’s begin to add up. Now I’m approaching without flinching. The girls begin to smile as they were pleasantly surprised that a guy would approach without hesitation. Maybe a decent convo ensued. End it on a number with no specific plans to meet up. Seemed like a good lead.

      Then she flaked. No response to texts. Doesn’t answer calls.

      Stay in the game. Approach the next one, even though the last one blew me off. This one gives me a harsh rejection. It stings a bit.

      Instead of just doing my one approach, I decide to put my grocieries in the car and go walk the sidewalk. I immediately throw myself in a set of two, they have fun and I’m relaxed. Something like this wouldn’t have happened a month ago, as I would have just slumped back home with a “well, at least I did my one approach!”

      …here, and…

      Flash forward 3 months. I stuck with the game and consistent action. Now I have 3 solid leads of girls texting me “what r u up to tonite! we’re at xx bar come!” This is better than I could have imagined 6 months ago, and still not much of an accomplishment to brag about. Now I can at least go out, meet up, have some fun.

      …here. Dunno how to get girls to text me asking me to hang with them, but hopefully it’ll happen eventually.


      • Fuck them. They can’t stop texting after.


      • Throw them an occasional bone here and there, though.

        Too often I leave them hanging for too long. They move on too. Not that I give a fuck, but if you do… you’d be wise to show up at least once every few weeks.


      • I think the reason that girls began to just want me around is that I didn’t really care if I banged them or not, and they sensed that. Girls want to make their own decisions about who they want to bang, and when I left them that space by thinking like “Hey babe, I definitely think your’e hot and I would totally be down, but I just wanna have fun, so whatever!”….then the “cream would rise to the top” aka the girls who made up their mind that they wanted to fuck, would. Otherwise, no harm no foul let’s just have good time.

        I would even go further by saying that MANY of the girls I have slept with may not have even been attracted to me when I approached them and got the number. I’ve had several, post coital, say “You know at first when you got my number I thought you were cute but not really my type.” Like, they could see I was just a social guy and wasn’t too pushy so they were willing to give the number and if we were near each other in the bar district, they would be down to meet up and say hey. What happened was I was just free and partying around them and, over time, they saw that I didn’t need anything from them, and fucked me from that alone.

        Sometimes it’s just a one-off situ, sometimes I results in a short term fuck buddy situ, and others…sex just doesn’t happen but we remain chill and in contact.

        You just never know, really. And I don’t care because I’ve had plenty come and go, 99% of what I would consider good terms. I just keep my fun #1, STEADILY approach as people are always coming in and out of my life, and let whoever ultimately chooses me, to choose me.


      • PBS, Quick question. How did you attain that mentality of not wanting to bang them or not?

        I mean, if you have abundance and you just left the crib after banging a chick, yeah I could see that.

        At the same time, I always feel like I have to push my agenda somewhat because historically, not being proactive is one component of what led me to pursue PUA. Know what I’m saying? Plenty of times I kick myself for not escalating… the same time….some times I’ve blown up the account for escalating too soon (after being burned not doing it)

        It’s a mindfuck. Would love to hear any steps or thoughts you have to get to that point. I know fun, sociable guys like you and yeah, what you said jibes with what I’ve witnessed. If it’s a function of getting x amount of lays or doing y amount of approaches, then I’m cool with that. If it’s an innergame thing I ought to work on, well, please let a brotha know!


      • That one is tough to answer but I’ll do my best here. It developed the more I approached, got experienced, and valued each individual approach (or girl) less. I recognized that by approaching, no one really knows each other yet. So let’s say I get a VERY harsh blowoff (this doesn’t really happen too often and I approach a lot), well…no harm no foul. I didn’t invest my identity in the approach, she didn’t even want a chance to know me, so no big deal to me.

        It’s almost like the game within the game. It became a test of balance: How could I go through the proper mechanics of external game (eye contact, tonality, not holding a beer to the chest, etc. all the things that are hit ad nauseum on here) while maintaining my inner emotional independence from whatever is going on around me? Am I bringing the good, positive, independent fun that people can latch onto and join? Or am I trying to latch onto the girl (the results) and get my fun from that?

        That’s what I can see from my progression outline above. I slowly became more adaptable to any situation, and could roll off anything unfavorable to me, because I didn’t invest too much. I became more free. I felt better. I didn’t have to rely on anyone or anything to make me happy.

        Which is why, in that Vegas pool story, the girls ultimately latched onto me, even if they went away with the bigger, better looking guys than me for a bit. They would always come back. I didn’t even feel a pang of loss in my gut when they would willingly throw their arms around them right in front of me, only 2 minutes later telling the same guy to leave them alone. I needed nothing from them because I was partying and had the fun inner state. The girls sensed this and kept coming back. The guys approaching and trying to “game” them needed to get pussy to have fun. I got the pussy because I was already having fun, and it was just an added element.

        The best game is no game.

        lol and my favorite part of the day was when one of the guidos who got blown off as he as in and tried to amog me with shit like “Who is this ya little brotha?!? You’re with him??”…this guy goes and tells on me to the lifeguard that me and said chick were having sex in the pool. Which was sort of true. I was fingering her and I didn’t think anyone saw. But I swear to you, the guido told on me lol.

        I hope that clears up my thoughts a bit Immoral. I’m sure I’ll have more later in the day, but for now I’ve rambled enough lol


      • PBS, I would like to reply to this in-full at a later date. For now, all I can say is thank you and yes, 100% with what you said even though you present the greatest paradox of game.

        The best game is no game.


        I get you though.


      • That’s great, thanks for sharing!


      • Also, I should mention, yea I probably put off that party guy vibe a bit. Talk it up to a lot of people, hop from one to the next, have people latch onto me.

        BUT…..I’m a natural introvert lol. Seriously. It takes sometimes a LOT of warming up (like some nights maybe 15-20 approaches) before I get free flowing and talkative. Because odds are, I spent the few hours before the bar drinking beer and reading a book alone lol.


      • Thanks for sharing this mate.


    • Good read, thanks for sharing PBS.


    • Good story. Well done.


  19. Seduction is great and all and can definitely help someone pull hotter women. But to this day the vast majority of the time the couples are fairly matched in terms of looks. Older man with money and younger hot chick you will see. Or you see a good looking dude with a whatever girl. But, very rare to see a 27 yr old average looking dude with a 22 yr old banger.

    Personally, I see plenty of hamsterbation in the seduction community as well. Lots of dudes with rejection issues and confidence issues. What I do see a lot of is decent looking guys that learn game and increase their prospects. I talk to women all the time and ask them “what about this guy or that guy” and its always the same “hes not attractive” whereas they all want the same 10 good looking dudes. The same 10 guys that have banged 80 percent of the good looking girls in my extended social group. My brother (and me to a lesser extent) constitute 2 of the 10 guys. My brother is fucking hilarious he has actor looks and has banged over 100 broads, with dozens in the 8 plus range. He literally has 15 girls at the moment texty texty him I watch in awe. How many times I have opened girls with him just to watch them gravitate to my bro (he has crystal blue eyes) its just the reality guys they will say to him “you have amazing eyes” sure I could AMOG him but fck that hes my bro.

    I can see with good enough game a 6 man can fuck a 10 broad. But, he wont be able to keep her as there will be too many 8 plus men out there that he has to compete against. I have used my seduction skills to pull super hotties in the past, banged them for months and then lost them to better looking dudes. It is nature.


    • I agree with most of your post except the 27 part, I know plenty of guys in their late twenties up to mid-30’s that still look young and can still get young, attractive women.

      And yeah, I know wealthy guys who slept with girls way out of their league, but a lot of the time (not all) the girl ended up with a guy who was in her league physically.


    • Big disagree bro. You’ve got some serious limiting beliefs. Add to that the possibility that you yourself did not want any longer a relationship with the super hotties. The world becomes what you project.
      A buddy of mine told me we should hit the cougar bars cuz young girls wouldn’t like us. I said, “speak for yourself, bro” and pulled a 21yo model that night. His conquest: a 45yo (she looked good for 45 ;). This guy looks like Matthew McConaughey.
      It’s also possible that your bro is actually cooler than you. The way you describe him suggests that you think so too.
      Start figuring out what your bro is doing right and emulate it. It will def be tough to admit that he’s actually doing something to make it happen and not just reaping the benefit of genetic lottery because you hinted at jealousy with the AMOG bit. Address that and improve yourself and then nature will deem you, as well as your bro, a natural.


    • Looks don’t matter as much to women. What you need is some kind of…flair.

      Your brother has the crystal blue eyes. Lots of guys have blue eyes, but what makes your brother’s eyes “crystal” is the way he works them.

      Maybe you have a special trait that you’re not exploiting. Do different things and see what they add to your body language.

      Also, it seems that even though you may be alpha, you are beta relative to your brother. The women end up gravitating to him or to other guys because in some way, you are acquiescing to him/them. You have to stop doing whatever it is you are doing that makes it seem like you are giving up or taking the submissive back seat.

      You could try, instead of using your usual tactics, taking on a different flavor of alpha. If he’s fun partyboy, maybe you can be brooding musician or always-ready-to-take-your-shirt-off berzerker.


      • 1. I would want my little brother (or any apprentice or mentee) to take a back seat when I am in the drivers’. It’d be wise for any man seeking knowledge from a master to try to focus on the learning and not on competing with the master himself.

        2. What you call flavor is an outward manifestation of interests and otherwise material engagements. Those are not what make an alpha. Alpha is what’s inside, and once it’s brought out… any persona becomes attractive.


      • In terms of intensity, aggression, balls to the wall (so to speak) im way more alpha than my brother. Its funny because he is actually shy as hell but plays off the “man of mystery” vibe. I am his best wing man as I’ll cold approach practically any girl. But, the fact remains that he is better looking than me and the blue eyes get him the hotter girls most of the time. Ive seen it happen over and over again.


      • They only notice his blue eyes because you’re not interesting enough to keep their attention.

        No offense intended, this is just how it works. If you were more captivating, emotionally challenging and your game was tighter (this doesn’t mean more high energy, it means more efficient/powerful), they would be looking in your eyes instead of his.

        Look at it as a challenge to better yourself and tighten up your skills till you can keep the attention in the group. I went thru a similar thing with a good-looking tall peacocked buddy who has game, where all the girls in the group would ignore me and hit on him, sometimes even blatantly rudely just leaving me standing behind their backs like I don’t exist.

        I learned from it and worked on my game until the reverse would happen, instead of just chalking it up to his height or his peacocking.

        The reality is that you could take girls off him, if you were good enough and didn’t mind cockblocking him. Of course you won’t try this, because he’s your brother and its easier to chalk it up to his magic eyes lol but understand that his magic eyes are your failing, ultimately.


      • I could never cockblock my brother. We are close and have a good relationship. But I will say that since my game has gotten tighter I get less of the old treatment. I would say at this point my game is waayy tighter than his. The natural looks and his naturally shy demeanor has helped him so he never had to truly learn tight game. This is where my lookism stems from.

        I pull and continue to pull tighter girls but have had to rely on game and body language more than my own natural looks (which are not bad at all 🙂


      • What happens if you don’t open for him? what happens if you take him to a bar he hasn’t been to and isn’t comfortable in? What happens when he’s 35+? Or if he stops working out because he’s focused on other areas of his life? Or if he’s in an accident that leaves him not looking hot? Or if he’s around guys who aren’t his brother and don’t care about not cockblocking him? Or if your skills get even tighter and more natural to where you don’t even register them being “working harder”? Or if he’s…

        Your brother gets some easy freebies because of his looks, ya, no ones saying that doesn’t happen. And he lucked out that it’s something he’s born with like his eyes VS a ripped body he has to spend 4 hours a day at the gym to maintain. But ultimately you’re building a skill-set that will last you longer and reward you better. Your mindset will shift from “with his magic eyes he doesn’t have to do ANYTHING, lucky guy” to “all he’s got is relying on his magic eyes, poor guy”. 🙂

        10s don’t settle with average “cool” 7/10 dudes. But they’ll settle with badass STAND-OUT 7/10 dudes. Maybe in LA you don’t see that as much because to even get IN the good clubs with the hottest girls there you have to be a certain level of good-looking so naturally the girls are interacting with more of them. Like when I hit on a hot girl I KNOW her social circle is alllll jacked up tall good-looking rich dudes. I go in knowing that at the same moment I’m approaching, she’s probably got 5 guys txting her who are better looking than me and one of those guys is offering her a free vacation to Paris and spending money to buy a bunch of expensive clothes there. That doesn’t phase me because I know that’s just part of a hot girl’s world and I’m more interesting/fun than those guys are, otherwise she’d be with them instead of out lol

        On top of the artificial class divide the bar scene in cities like LA create, the 7/10 guys that DO somehow get access to the 10 girls are intimidated and don’t think they deserve the 10 girl so they don’t even try and can’t compete when they DO try because the 10 sniffs out their shitty self-defeating internals. Even if he gets her attention for the night or a couple weeks, he doesn’t fully believe he deserves her and she’s “out of his league” so he loses her and long-term she ends up with a hotter guy who feels more entitled to her.

        But that’s all just external logistical shit skewing the results you’re seeing.

        A 7 who truly to his core believes he’s a 10 and deserves a 10 is extremely extremely extremely rare. But then, so is a 10 who truly to his core believes he’s a 10 and deserves a 10. 🙂


      • “…But they’ll settle with badass STAND-OUT 7/10 dudes…”

        Or they are going to find some good looking beta and spare herself of misery latter in life, while still playing the field with “STAND-OUT” alphas… Seen that in motion too.


      • lol that too. I think as our social culture changes with men learning game and a generation of career-women hitting the wall, the ideal strategies will be:

        Women – secure/marry a rich beta and bang alphas on the side trying to get preggers by one who looks similar to her hubby so she can have an alpha child but also a provider for him.

        Men – avoid marriage/commitment and stick to causal harems. Then either get married chicks preggers so you can put some alpha spawn out there, or shop around till you find a decently cool chick and have kids with no marriage, while developing yourself enough that you’re likely to win a court battle for custody of your children if things go haywire.

        In both strategies women get a provider and alphas get sex, and both get to raise children. An in both strategies betas get fucked over or nothing at all lol


      • Sure, they don’t matter much at all.

        Except if you’re good looking girls come up to you and try to get you to talk to them…but that’s it.

        Then you have to do amazing tricks saying ‘ok that’s cool…let’s go over here”.


    • You aptly titled yourself Beta. A great beta, sure… but a beta nonetheless.

      Here’s where you’ve got your issues:

      1. You “lost a woman to a better looking dude” implies you wanted to “keep” her. By extension, more than she wanted to keep you. Which implies you never really had (or at least communicated to her that you have) enough options in the first place, and that she (or they) had way more options than you do or did.

      Understand that it’s your job to get sex, respect and affection in exchange for your attention and other resources, and that it’s her job to ensure that the transaction continues.

      Of course, if she realizes you don’t have other (better) options, and that she does have other (better) options (aka men with other options) then she’s going to move on.

      That’s what happens in a free marketplace. Demand and supply rule. Your demand is not exactly contingent upon your looks alone. That’s what women experience.

      2. I’m an better than average looking man in my late twenties without a lot of wealth. I used to be a fat fuck up until a couple years ago. Never let that stop me, though. Bang only 18-22 year old 10s. I refuse to approach others as I always have.

      3. Your brain is like Google for beliefs. If you believe “Looks matter so much” then that’s what you are going to experience.


      • I would love to see what your 10s look like given your a “better than average looking guy”

        You need to understand my point of reference. I live in LA (in Hollywood and santa monica quite a bit) so I see hard 9s and 10s on a regular basis. My family is from Greece so many beautiful women from all over Europe congregate during the summer.


      • LA…is a weird area, so you may be somewhat right in that a certain standard look has the weight of ethnicity there. I noticed when I am in the area, my southern charm school “well bred ‘black’ folks” thing has even more impact than when I’m actually in the south. Image seems to take on a kind of life of its own.

        Okay, look in the mirror, and think of super-masculine “types” you fit into. Then become a kind of icon of that. If I am remembering what you look like correctly, you might be able to pull off Rockabilly dude with the hair.

        Whatever you pick, make it smoulder.


    • Lol pls put down the number of sets you have opened cold. I guarantee it’s a low number. You still have a lot of limiting beliefs.


      • That’d be my bet too.


      • Lol at limiting beliefs. You guys are cute sometimes. Try 100s

        What I’ve found is that when a 10 girl is with a 7 guy, it’s because she has issues (typically BPD or cluster b) that dates “beneath” her due to abandonment issues. A healthy 10 will date (long term her near equivalent in looks)


      • That’s an interesting idea, and I’m not saying that it’s false – but think about what it would mean from the Darwinian point of view – you’d have isolated “contiguous” areas of the genepool which never touched one another.

        I.e. the genepool would tend to start self-segregating in a Hindu-like manner:

        Brahmin == HB10
        Kshatriya == HB8, HB9
        Vaishya == HB6, HB7
        Shudra == HB4, HB5
        Untouchables == HB1, HB2, HB3

        It would be fascinating to do some genealogical research to see whether this holds up for at least the record that we have from the age of photography [i.e. since about 1850].


      • Ruh-roh. Sounds like Greatest Beta needs to do a 30 Day Challenge to smash those limiting belief.


        1) Me
        2) Scray
        3) Hunter
        4) Anyone else?

        Greatest Beta, go out for 30 days and either approach 10 women a day or do 3 solid sets a day…for 30 days.

        Best of luck, not trolling ya, let me know if you want more info.


      • Immoral,

        I do this on a regular basis. Perhaps our definitions of what constitutes a dime is the issue. I know for a fact that I’m no 10 (and I don’t want to hear any talk about limiting beliefs). Ive dated and hooked up with bomb girls but keeping them long term is where biology comes in. That’s all im saying.

        But sure I always enjoy new tips and openers hit me up [email protected]


      • Another possibility…Maybe it’s the sex.

        I have some really good male friends and two brothers, so I know that sometimes men are different with girls they perceive as hotter or with girls they see as having more long term potential. With these girls y’all tend to be gentler, and more interested in pleasing them because you want to see them again, and worry about performance.

        Stop that. Shag them all like the ugliest and cheapest whore you can get an erection for. If they’re really hot and/or you really like them, don’t shag them differently. Just do it more times.


      • Not gonna lie, I quit around day 20 cuz I was tired of going out and standing awkwardly at bars. Fun stuff was happening tho, though I think I’m going to try doing it again when I’m closer to the city. I’m still too far out to go back and forth from my neighborhood and get enough sleep in time for work the next day.

        Moving again next year in January so I’ll do a 30 day challenge then.


      • Clarification: The quitting was MOSTLY the second reason in my above comment, not the first.


      • Hey immoralgables,

        I’d like to try this. What do you mean by “sets” though?



    • Greatest Beta, you have issues if you actually believe that a girl will pick a guy over another guy simply because of his blue eyes.

      Women don’t view men like we view women. Hammer this in your head.

      Also, you have extreme insecurity issues and that shines through in your game. It has to. Every single time you post you are hyper focused on externals. Almost every post from you is obsessed with money or looks. You value these things because you have some of it. It’s the some of it part that is destroying you. You have some but it’s never enough because they are your gods and you sacrifice your inner soul to feed them.

      My advice to you is simply to try to kill your gods and see how it goes. You have enough looks. You have enough money. You will never ever have enough of these things and it will consume you. Act like they aren’t there and have irrational confidence simply because. In lacrosse, we learned defense by pretending that the stick wasn’t there and we learned to defend with gloves held together and position. The point is that position is the most important and that the stick is simply a tool to be used when position was obtained.

      Money and looks count, but they aren’t the end all be all. They simply checks marks. Social status and dominant behavior will always be the gold standard.


  20. FR: I’ve noticed a dramatic drop in my fight-flight instincts, when confronted with female obstinance or irrrationality, and it can be attributed I’m sure to repetition, habit, and the logical wrapper provided by sites like this one. Also, the hippocampus is the repository of habit, and in the neuroscience of habit, it’s been proven that even in situations with extreme head trauma and total memory loss, prior habits remain ingrained and accessible, even when the subject cannot say why.

    Yesterday I opened an online profile, which I immediately regretted as the woman offered a trite summary as to why it was necessary for her to lie about her age in order to attract the correct class of suitors. Or, she justified lying because she’s hit the wall and the men she wants are out of her league, so she thinks that lying about her age will magically entrap one. Normally, of course, you just blow someone like this off. I trolled her.

    First, her words. I’ll keep her quotation short because she’s so unpleasant:

    “If I put over 40 I get matched up with men my father’s age..or even my grandfather – YUCK! So that’s the reasoning behind this….”

    I replied with an unusual level of calm:

    “You understand, apparently, that life is unfair, and misunderstand that the reason you attract attention from older men is that they are your peers now. Unless you seek a supplicating man who is fine with a subordinate existence devoid of sexual love. My two cents. I’d recommend focusing on guys who are underachievers and loyal, as a result, to any woman who will have them. This presumes that it is a matter of faith that women and men should desire the same things. I know men who jump out of airplanes with 100 pound packs, do 15 pullups, and read Latin. You dismiss them. They’re all around you, generally dating 30-somethings.”

    She replied with tone-perfect insanity, and I am not making this up:

    “what the fuck is wrong with you?y you have no idea who you are dealing with, first and foremost. It is people like you, who have no clue what they are rambling about, that making life harder for people like me. No one asked you your opinion so why do you feel so inclined to give it? Do you know any man I have dismissed as you make the ignorant comment you do?”

    Textbook: rage for not honoring the myth of permanent female beauty, solipsism, teen-grrrl diction … and curiosity. So I trolled her again:

    “Tell me more. I guess the key sentence is “It is people like you, who have no clue what they are rambling about, that making life harder for people like me.” A) How am I making your life difficult? B) Why is that my issue? C) If people like me are making your life difficult, why send me me a “what the fuck is wrong with you” email? I think you are arguing with reality?”

    Well, I thought, that will be that.

    No, this morning she opens me AGAIN. Again, textbook: shaming, quasi-threats … and curiosity. The curiosity bubbles up because I haven’t lost my shit and gotten into a pissing contest with her:

    “After being highly offended by your introductory harassment (vs. the normal way of saying hello to a person) I read your profile and was intrigued. What I want to know is why you would lead with something so mean and derogatory? We are all just humans who are looking for companionship. I doubt most of us would be on here if we were happily married or were not reaching out for more love in our life; but you essentially sent hate. Why do you do that?”

    However, I doubt I will hear back from her again now. Still, no table-pounding by me, which is a function of day game and a clearer understanding of what her true circumstances are. FYI, she’s 14 years younger than I am:

    “I’m an economist. Pointing out the incongruities of your profile, as it suggests you feel entitled to date out-of-your-league, was probably an indulgence. Sorry I did that. It is hardly “harassment”. And there is nothing “mean” about being objective about the external world.

    “Still, it’s just a fact that the dating marketplace evolves at different rates for men and women. Most 20-something men are invisible to women, who are using their peak attraction years to spend time with older men. Then in their 30’s these men catch up to, and pass, women in their market appeal, as women decline in market value. The science of this phenomenon is indisputable.

    “I found your profile quite derogatory of men who are a few years older than you are and so I described it, all without the personal invective and profanity (and solipsism, in your somehow blaming “people like me .. making life harder” for you) which appears to be your default mode when uncomfortable. Again, I just should have not mentioned anything. I admit to being a little annoyed at opening yet another profile of a woman who mislabels herself intentionally.

    “Nothing I do has any bearing on you. If you’re frustrated by how the sexes interact at different times of life, that frustration has nothing to do with me. I also have no influence over an inanimate reality, i.e., the external world. Your profile, though, will repel any man with options. In writing “If I put over 40 I get matched up with men my father’s age..or even my grandfather – YUCK! So that’s the reasoning behind this….” you’re saying that it’s okay to lie in your profile and waste men’s time, because a 45 year-old man should waste his time opening and reading your profile under false pretenses that you believe serve you. You haven’t noticed yet, evidently: it didn’t work with me. It will work with men who are desperate or have few options.

    “Do with this what you will. Many women (I’d say about a third to a half) are misleading in their profiles online, usually in regard to attractiveness cues or marital status. If you’d like to discuss further how to make yourself more attractive to men (and it usually does not involve saying “fuck”, as you do), I’d be happy to go into more detail. If you’d like to recite more profanities, make accusations of “mean and derogatory” “harassment”, or the like, please do not write back. It’s my opinion that OKC should probably ban members who deliberately mislead others about basic info, but it’s not my sandbox.”

    Apologies if this is too long. It’s about the Wall, sure, but it’s also about composure. I’m gaining composure in middle age by day gaming in some fashion virtually every woman I encounter in the day-to-day. Repetition penetrates the hippocampus; the science of habit is cue-routine-reward. A smile and a brief word is the reward from the checkout girl at the wine store, or the bartender or the lawyer in the meeting. Once habits begin to take shape, required thought diminishes, and stress is replaced with calm.

    Good stuff with the Game.

    Also, fellas, if there are any older ones, also start your searches with age 39. For some reason, women stay 39 for a long, long time. Who would know?


  21. Average women’s faces by country.

    1. The average woman looks pretty good (why don’t I see this in real life).
    2. Dutch and Ukrainian girls lead the pack.


  22. OT-
    An “expert” and “education consultant” had an article recently published in Nursery World magazine with new guidelines to help parents and elementary school teachers “fight racism”.

    From the article:

    “From the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz to Meg, the good witch from the Meg and Mog children’s books, witches have always dressed in black.

    But their traditional attire has now come in for criticism from equality experts who claim it could send a negative message to toddlers in nursery and lead to racism.

    Instead, teachers should censor the toy box and replace the pointy black hat with a pink one, while dressing fairies, generally resplendent in pale pastels, in darker shades.”

    “Children should be provided with paper other than white to drawn on and paints and crayons should come in “the full range of flesh tones”, reflecting the diversity of the human race, according to the former teacher.”

    “Finally, staff should be prepared to be economical with the truth when asked by pupils what their favourite colour is and, in the interests of good race relations, answer “black” or “brown”.

    ” According to the guides, very young children may begin to express negative and discriminatory views about skin colour and appearance that nursery staff must help them “unlearn”.

    If children develop positive associations with dark colours, the greater the likelihood that the attitude will be generalised to people, it says.”


    • Cool bro, but how does that get me laid?


    • If children develop positive associations with dark colours, the greater the likelihood that the attitude will be generalised to people, it says.”

      White parents want to blame everything but their BEHAVIOR as the cause of their childrens racism.


      You gotta be kiddin me.


      • Who’s blaming anything for children’s racism? It’s a miracle that some are able to keep their wits about them amid the school’s PC agenda, don’t you think?


      • David

        Who’s blaming anything for children’s racism?

        These stupid liberals are. They are looking for any excuse to blame something other than their own parenting for the behavior of their children.

        What country you from?


      • I am in and from the United States, and somehow I have evaded all the PC bullshit that you think has succeeded here.


  23. Also work on getting your shit together in terms of the long term relating to income/job prospects or self employment and habits relating to health.
    Your 20’s and 30’s don’t last forever.

    Money gives you options and no money usually means no honey.


  24. […] There is a concept in biology known as “hormesis“, which describes the process of an organism becoming stronger when exposed to low levels of stressors.  […]


  25. In other news:
    Silvio Berlusconi’s 28yo girlfriend Francesca Pascale wants to marry him. (ABC News)

    Top stuff


  26. I was a sound tech a year ago, had two nights where the mixing desk gave no signal, you’re packing shit as patrons tart sitting in the seats for the nights entertainment and you’re the only one who is aware of this massive technical failure…. That was stress, got through it, but FUCK, REAL HIGH STRESS IS INTENSE, IT’S JUST FUCKED.


  27. How dare this judge find that fucking around and an abortion are relevant to a custody decision!? It sets back the women’s rights movement!

    The judge is female, and she’s ruling against the female litigant. (Both lawyers are female too, I guess that’s the way to go in these things.) Women may appear to conspire, but they’ll throw each other under the bus if they think children are being hurt.

    Except when they themselves are hurting children but that’s because they have those raging monster moments they cannot control.


  28. I’ve found out the more I know about Western women…the less desire I have to want to interact with them. But at least the fear is gone…and approaches are a breeze.

    It has gone from approach anxiety to general revulsion. I don’t know how any guy can really look at most of them with nothing more than contempt.


    • Sounds like somebody has never visited Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota. Good girls out there, at least in higher numbers than in the shithole east coast.


      • Sorry, Oklahoma.


      • I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life…while the girls aren’t east coast levels…they have lived in the same cultural sewer everybody else has.

        There are still plenty of obese, tatted up, feminist, slut runners there too.

        And I’ve heard what Wyoming women are likw from Captain Capitalism’s site (he lived there)…plus what others have said…nothing good there.


      • It’s easy to become so cynical that generalities suffice. Plenty of good women out West, but if one is predisposed to see only the bad, then the bad is all one will see. Confirmation Bias I believe it’s called.


      • It gets harder to see the wheat when you have nothing but chaff pass by daily.

        My perceptions aren’t causing the women to eat a ton, get tats, or have a general disgust of men because they are too busy riding the carousel. That’s what my lying eyes see everywhere.


      • Strange. While I do see plenty of what you mention, I also see plenty of in shape, pretty girls around, especially out West. I’m not denying your observations, rather pointing out that you may be seeing only those things that confirm your already held view. Plus, I tend not to go on “what my friend out in XYZ” noted, first hand experience suits me much better.

        Yes, many American women are just as you describe (fat, slovenly, tatted up, foul mouthed uber-sluts). And I get that the signal to noise ratio is rather slim. But there are still plenty of nice girls left, if you stop staring at the bad ones long enough to notice them.

        Meh, that sounds like Captain Happy Marshmellow preaching about the Rainbow Bridge and Unicorns, but you know what I mean I hope.

        I was in South Dakota last year. Stayed at a place where the family owned the hotel. The daughters, around 23-25 each (2 of them), dressed very nicely (and conservatively), had no tats and were 9’s by any man’s standards (~5’8″, very in shape, blond, perfect figures, pinup quality faces, etc). Worked hard, talked politely, didn’t curse, were seemingly immune to the cads all around them. I was charmed from nose to toes with them. I could have noticed only the visiting Ugh Women from the east, but took a moment to notice the difference and distinctions. It’s the kind of thing that keeps me from getting overly cynical and bitter. Believe me brother, I’ve been there before and it’s not a pleasant place to be, but you never realize it until you shake it off. Ya’ know?



      • Have you tried Utah? It’s on my places I would consider living if I moved back to the U.S. list.


    • They have nice women in the South too. I also hear good things about Oklaohoma and Texas.


  29. Reminds me of this YaReally excerpt (gets me over approach anxiety):
    “Their jobs are irrelevant, is all. I ignore everything about a guy when I first meet him, when it comes to judging his game. All it comes down to is when I see a girl ping on his radar, that I know he’s attracted to, does he go for her or not.
    Everything else is irrelevant. If some mushy chubby effeminate accountant is approaching hotties while the rich judge badass who tears up board meetings and closes multi-million dollar deals says “she looks busy” or “after this drink”, the accountant has my respect and the judge is just another AFC in alpha clothing.”
    One thing that helped me starting out (after reading game but before practicing) was to reinforce my anxieties by drowning my brain in negative thoughts: you are bad at opening a set, horrible at conversation, not good with women, only hope is friendzone, etc. Give my brain those thoughts for a few seconds and it thinks, welp it’s hopeless anyway so who gives a shit mightaswell approach and make friends.
    Funny thing is, at the same time I decided my goal was not to bang hot babes but to “pickup” girls who *gave me social status* (ie didn’t bring down my social status). Like, decent body (not fat) and ok face…not LTR potential, but social circle value.
    The affect of these two changes has been great. I’m getting hormesis with women, inherent attraction in building social groups and networking people together, even just two or three ppl, and reasonably attractive women have hot friends. The goldmine is the reasonably attractive *alpha* woman. She shows up with hot babes, you already have social proof, and the dynamic has menage a trois potential.


  30. […] replied to this heartiste post […]


  31. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. Works for game, temperature, pain, emotions, everything except bullets.

    Also severe stress is reversible by “starting over” – taking an extended break such that you cannot connect any of the emotions that you had previously associated with the stimuli.

    This is why evaluating your level is crucial. Additionally it then serves to be fair to people who are trying that are not at a level near yours.


  32. I don’t know whether to congratulate you for your breadth of scientific cross pollination or to scorn for the very notion that this is an insight. Bootcamp isn’t a new thing. The greatest armies and corps have been using it for hundreds of years. But I suppose in this silly feminized world, we need to sciency up what used to be known as common sense.


  33. OT informal poll,

    Who here supports Assad in Syria?

    (I don’t want to bias the poll by revealing my position first)


    • He’s the lesser of two evils and he protects the Christians there. I support him.


      • Carlos Danger

        He’s the lesser of two evils and he protects the Christians there. I support him.

        Everyone should study the history of Syria in order to understand what the United States could become in the future (or maybe already is?)

        For example:

        As usual, it was the white man who put the minority Alawites in charge in order to control the country; just like in Rwanda where they put the Tutsis in charge because they knew it would create conflict.

        The Assad strategy has always been to maintain a coalition of all the various minority groups (Alawites, Shiites, Christians…) and skim off the elite Sunni businessmen to give himself a 50% plus 1 “majority”; he even married a Sunni woman.

        The problem is most of the “masses” are poor, working class Sunnis who are prevented from becoming part of the Syrian ruling elite.

        White people should pay attention to the Assad strategy because it may be an example of how white supremacy can maintain itself in the future when the nonwhite people break their mental enslavement and think for themselves?


    • I support him because I don’t want us going in to control their country or steer their politics. If an organic revolution defeats him, that’s the Syrian’s business. But I know that our support of the rebels involves tipping the scales, and I don’t want to do that.

      Plus I’ve heard a lot of nasty things about the rebels that make me very comfortable with not helping them.


  34. Good to know when approaching a ho.


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  36. […] It also follows from the study that your newbie approaches should be with girls who meet your minima… […]