Socially And Sexually Atomized Atheist Killers and Absent Fathers

The developing story of Oregon UCC mass murderer Chris Harper-Mercer (mystery meat, half black-half white) has me thinking about the psychologies of mixed race young men and the invisible influence of their absent fathers.

In Mercer’s case, an interesting twist on the usual miscegenation patterns: his absentee father was white and his mother black. Mercer was allegedly an atheist who hated Christians, and had (Hivemind term) “white supremacist” leanings. He also had a huge stash of porn that he streamed to P2P sharing services, which is a major omega male incel tell.

Why would a milk chocolate moonpie identify with White racial consciousness? My theory calls to mind another moonpie with daddy issues: President Butt Naked Obama.

Both men had no-show biological dads growing up, except Butt Naked’s dad was black. The psychology of men during their formative years is irretrievably warped by the absence of a father. This tendency is amplified for mixed race outcasts who will never have it as easy fitting in as monoracial kids, (another good reason to avoid having mystery meats). What happens then is the boy grows into a man who struggles with his identity. This struggle compels him to either completely reject the father as a presence in his mental and emotional universe…


…to embrace the missing father and “force” an identification with him. The son will undertake preternatural “missions of the mind” to locate within himself what he imagines are the resonances and reverberations of his absent father’s spirit. He will spend his life constantly searching for the soul of his missing father, in big and small ways, even as he tells himself and others that his absent biological father is a footnote in his life.

If his absentee father was black, like Obama’s, the mixed race creation will come to identify with all things black, in worldview and emotional connection, if not in cultural accouterments. His white mother will recede in significance to him. If his father was white, like Mercer’s, he will seek the most material manifestations of “whiteness” as his guide to grounding himself into something larger than his airy atheism and brooding “anti-sheeple” solitude. He hopes, through a psychological osmosis, that carrying what he infers would be the banner of his distant father will lift him from his mixcel loneliness.

Throw in a horrible condition like asperger’s or extreme shyness that causes social awkwardness around girls in a society becoming more r-selected and less K-selected, and a single black mom rah-rahing him whatever he does or doesn’t do, and you’ve got your ingredients for a violent explosion at a future date.

This is where HBD and heritability absolutists reveal their short-sightedness: Over time, and given enough societal support and justification, social calamities like single mommery, incel, porn, feminism, equalism, self-esteemism, miscegenation, irreligiousness, sexual and social atomization from a nation rapidly fracturing along the fault lines of antagonistic Diversity™, and oligarchism resulting in mass wealth inequality WILL germinate more lone killers.

The mass murderer is the tip of the viceberg. Most men in this corrupt culture won’t ever entertain the idea of killing as psychological salve. But millions of desperate incel losers underneath that spectacularly violent tip will betray other symptoms of disaffection. And it is these less bloody retreats from American society that will, multiplied ten million times, do the real damage to the last, gossamer wisps of the social fabric.


  1. So he’s a real life manifestation of Clayton Bigsby, ‘White Power’!


    • on October 2, 2015 at 5:38 pm The Other Jim

      Interesting enough that’s quite accurate, his MySpace page has as its ‘favorite photo’s’ section; photo’s celebrating the Irish Republican Army terrorist organization. It’s a total rejection of his father’s British background and embrace of a ethnocentric group that despises Britons. It’s a stunning slap in the face of his father when one thinks about. It’s also interesting that his MySpace connections are only two; a random slacker Hispanic chick(about a 3, she reminds me of a hispanic Lena Dunham), and a Muslim guy whose favorited photo’s idolize Muslim terrorism.

      I’m also not sure of his atheism. His personals page connects him to groups interested in Occultism and Satanism(ag the Left Hand-Path). He may have embraced Atheism at the beginning but was wandering off into some really bizarre and disturbing Occultism.

      The bottom line is that this mixed race misfit didn’t belong anywhere and when he began searching for someplace to belong it brought him to some bizarre, dark, irrational, violent places.

      Really, he’s another argument against miscegenation. Just like President Butt Naked-who’s upbringing was even more bizarre and ideological.


      • Son,the Irish don’t despise Brits.Who told you such nonsense?The IRA WAS a terror group–and its doubtful that it’s 1970s & 80s iteration would’ve got off the ground but for the Bloody Sunday murders.As soon as Blair began talking the terror stopped.As for this shooter,nobody seems concerned that he be black!


      • Perhaps, freddie, you know the Irish better than I do, however, my brief 6-month stint in Glasgow (Scotland) included substantial time with Irish among Scots, English, and Welsh of several varieties, and the Irish I met despised Englishmen, and only barely tolerated the other British, such as the Scots all around us, whose company I generally enjoyed…

        …and I wasn’t even spending time among Irish Catholics: those were all Protestants from Northern Ireland.


      • ttclod,

        the northern irish conflict is quite nuanced and complicated, nothern irish protestants are not popular with mainland brits in general and the general feeling in britain seems to be sympathy for the IRA cause. This has caused northern loyalists to resent normal brits

        im an irish catholic and the IRA’s struggle was legitimate in my eyes although the brutality of the sectarian conflict was a tragedy. Part of 800 years of history we irish have of fighting against british rule.

        i hope we stand side by side with the british people and can summon that same fighting spirit in the coming years in europe as our enrichment continues


    • I suspect he chose those groups because they’ve killed the British in war. It’s more likely he hates his distant British father than wants to be him.


  2. Creams Of My Father

    Jee jizz!


  3. Think also Elliot Rodger.


    • on October 2, 2015 at 2:42 pm Captain Tautological

      > “WILL germinate more lone killers” ——— In 1901, Eskimo Psychiatrists Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman coaxed psychotic loner nutjob Leon Czolgosz into murdering President McKinley [who opposed “free trade” among other things]. Now people are wondering whether 21st Century Weaponized Eskimo Psychiatry is reverting to form:


  4. Before we all start going crazy with “white supremacist themes”, consider this:

    A mixed-race negro/anything person is a negro… period.

    So, if the father is a negro, and the child “identifies” on that side, at least there’s no issue with looks… the kid identifies black, and he looks black, nobody questions it.

    But, if the father be white, and the mischling n1gger attempts to identify that way, well… compound the psychological and sociological complications by several orders of magnitude…

    Each day of his waking existence, from the development years on, the outside world… indeed, his very own mirror… shouts the lie to his face about any hope of being “White”.

    Hence, this train wreck went out and killed White people… in his heart of darkness, identifying “White” was the furthest thing from his mind.

    He was a time bomb looking for a place to explode, ever ready to lash out at the world which he could never be a part of, and which rightfully denied him entry.

    The mistake was the society which put the ridiculous idea in his mind to begin with.


    • on October 2, 2015 at 2:47 pm Captain Tautological

      But GE, CH is hypothesizing that, from the crazy nutjob psycho little boy’s point of view, he identified with his Father’s ethnicity, and considered himself to be White, not colored. It’s part and parcel of the very same phenomenon as Eskimo Psychiatry encouraging Bruce Jenner to believe that he is a woman named “Caitlyn”, rather than a man who won the decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. We are dealing with very fragile minds here, which respond like Pavlov’s Dog to the ubiquitous Eskimo poisoning of the culture.


      • on October 2, 2015 at 2:56 pm Captain Tautological

        And poor Elliot Rodger in his BMW probably thought that he was White [just like his absentee White father], even though, to all the White HB6+’s, the kid looked [and smelled] like a greasy dark salamander amphibian [with really bad breath].


      • on October 2, 2015 at 3:51 pm mendozatorres

        If he had had an M5, well, that’s a different story.


      • I am not down with the “anything mixed with negro is negro”. Strictly speaking, you are always half/half. The tradition arose because “The One-Drop-Rule keeps a clean pool”, not because it reflects reality. It’s a useful lie.

        Eg, Obongo is one of the least dahkee dahkees that ever daahkd. He’s black because political gain.

        [CH: contrary to popular (and hollywood) belief, there’s amazingly little admixture of black genes in white americans. apparently the informal one drop rule, while genetically suspect, served a valuable cultural purpose.]


      • “The One-Drop-Rule keeps a clean pool”

        I take credit for that bon mot.


      • I am not down with the “anything mixed with negro is negro”.

        “Passing” merely occurs in Hollywood movies of old.

        Even a hottie mischling like Vanessa Williams is never mistaken for White.

        The telltale is always there… skin tone, nappy hair, wide nose, rubber lips, psychologically off-white… any/all of the above.


    • If the gums are blue there’s Negro in you.


  5. If we are going to fix this, we’ll need to return to traditional values: marriage, children, fidelity, and faith.

    We can’t wait until some event happens and we gain control of the government and the media. The only thing that we can control is ourselves.


    • “…traditional values: marriage, children, fidelity, and faith…”

      Muslims have those. So do Hindus and Buddhists. “What man, when his son asks for bread, gives him a stone?”

      “You are experts at setting aside the commandment of God in order to keep your tradition. For Moses said, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and, ‘He who speaks evil of father or mother, is to be put to death,’ but you say, ‘If a man says to his father or mother that -Whatever I have that would help you is …given to God,-‘ you no longer permit him to do anything for his father or mother, thus invalidating the word of God by your tradition which you have handed down, and you do many things such as that.”

      “You hypocrites, rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you: ‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far away from me. But in vain (ed: or, to serve their vanity) do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men.”

      …and for those offended that an atheist quotes your Bible to rebuke you:

      Then the disciples came and said to him, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended (ed: doesn’t that sound like a modern complaint?) when they heard this statement?” But he answered and said, “Every plant which my heavenly father did not plant shall be uprooted. Let them alone: they are blind guides of the blind, and if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall in the pit (ed: of Hell).”

      “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders. These are the things which defile the man, but to eat with unwashed (ed: or unsanctioned) hands does not defile the man.”

      ” ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.’ ”

      “Take, eat. This is my body, given for you.”

      Take. Eat.


  6. This is clearly the best analysis of the shooter than we’re going to get. I’m going to blow some Prog minds by posting links to this. Maybe a few might click them.

    Meanwhile, the media seems to be pushing the old “it’s the gun’s fault” as their default explanation, as they were denied their “evil white man” default storyline.

    And as a sad PS, this line from the end of the current AP story tells you all you need to know about Progmerica: “This story has been corrected to show the ATF agent’s name is Celinez Nunez, not Salinas Nunes.”


  7. I don’t get understand your logic CH.

    Bammy is very white identified due to his mom and upbringing… he is whiter than a lot of white people.

    A better explanation is Tommy Sotomayor’s observation that single black women are the worst stewards of children. Even though Bammy never new his dad; because he was raised by a white mother, he came out white behaviorally and smart enough to win the presidency…

    Don’t over think it with wild HBD theories.

    Remember, he did this during a two term president who was mixed like him.


    • Obama never identified as white. His father was a black Muslim and his stepfather was an Asian Muslim. He actually had contempt for his white grandparents, even though he was practically raised by them. Steve Sailer analyzed Obama’s autobiography Dreams of My Father, and compiled it into a book called America’s Half-Blood Prince, and he shows how even though on paper, you would think Obama’s environment growing up would make him think favorably of whites, it resulted in the exact opposite outcome.


  8. mulatto rage


  9. on October 2, 2015 at 2:31 pm Each Pond Gone

    Why toe the line between pseudo-peace and war? If a real movement doesn’t transpire, isolated and awkward slaughters by these confused trainwrecks will be prolonged inevitably. THIS is becoming the actual social fabric. If something significant doesn’t happen, these pathetic sprees will be as expected as the morning breeze, along with ubiquitous i-entertainments like this:


  10. When I heard about this latest bunch of killings, I told one of the guys in the office, “So how did that gun-free zone help them?” And I found I was right. The only way to prevent this stuff is to legalize concealed carry nationally. Then when that twit pulls his gun he’ll be shot and killed. But that doesn’t help the liberal agenda – so what’s a couple of more dead to the Liberals? Just more fodder for their agenda…

    You never hear about this stuff happening in states where there are real men walking around with guns. Know why? Because they use them to protect people from idiots like this loser.

    One of many reasons I cannot stomach liberals – they spout non-sense, rather than facts. The well armed society, is the SAFE society – plain and simple…


    • @Just Saying, read a comment today about what to ask liberals about this event, “Why do all these mass shooting happen on gun free zones and not gun ranges?”


      • Chris Kyle was killed at a gun range, though I don’t remember liberals calling for stricter gun laws after he was murdered. Hmm…


    • That national concealed carry is an idea whose time has come… or should I say, come again.

      It might not stop the nuts from going on their sprees… but it will certainly curtail the final body counts… as well as the court costs and incarceration fees.

      Too bad if a few scheisters have to go find honest work.


    • OPEN carry. Even better and as Scalia explained it is our constitutional right.


    • Why not just put together nationwide protection service for schools? We have air marshals on every plane, why not have school marshals as well? Plenty of veterans and retired police officers would join up. These nutcases are going to continue to target children in the pursuit of infamy, why make it easy for them? Even something like national carry will only deal with colleges, and will do nothing for cases like Sandy Hook Elementary school.


  11. These shootings will continue to happen in a random fashion and each time the following predictions about the killer will ring true with astounding accuracy:

    – Sexual market worthlessness
    – Absent father
    – Mental illness and a history of psychiatric medication

    Call it the Unholy Trinity.


  12. on October 2, 2015 at 2:47 pm mendozatorres

    A while back some friends and I were discussing who the best basketball player was. It made for a lively discussion. Later on, I kept thinking about Jordan, Kobe and Lebron.

    Jordan and Kobe had their father’s in their lives; Lebron didn’t. (Hell, I think at one point, a teammater was porking his mother!) It was always brought up that Lebron never had the killer instinct that both Jordan and Kobe had/have; although Jordan was always out for blood.

    (I bring up these three guys cause Kobe was compared to Jordan and Lebron was then compared to Jordan as well.)

    Lebron never had that guidance or that toughness imparted on him through his father. More than likely it was via older friends, acquintances; in short, the street’s his father, so when the heat’s on, he collapses. It was apparent in his playoff time with Cleveland, before heading to Miami.

    Winners always want the ball in their hands; in those later games, the 2010 series versus the Celtics, he withered away, giving the ball up. He wants a title, so he piggy back’s on Wade in Miami; where Wade was the alpha dog/father figure Lebron never had.

    He spends four years there, gets two rings and has “graduated” but he’s still just a kid. This all surfaced when I heard him “complaining” that in the Finals they lost two all-stars and it’s hard to replace, yadda yadda yadda.

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. And like his prez, in all his interviews, his “I” count ranks up there.


    • on October 2, 2015 at 3:10 pm Captain Tautological

      MT, I noticed early on that Lebron was very well-spoken [almost erudite] but also overwhelmingly effeminate. BTW, in the real world, you’re seeing what happens when a very well-spoken [and secretly hyper-effeminate] mulatto, Barry Soebarkah Dunham, crosses paths with a true Alpha forged-by-fire warrior like Vladimir Putin, without Eskimo David Axelrod’s teleprompter script to hid behind anymore: Li’l effeminate on-the-down-low colored boy scurries back home to Mama Jarrett with his tail between his legs.


      • I saw a funny series of photos of Lebron James with Beyonce and Jay-Z, and in every one of them, she was fawning all over Lebron. He AMOG’d
        Jay-Z in every one of them, and some of them he wasnt even trying.


    • sport worship is absolutely retarded. drop it from your life


      • on October 2, 2015 at 4:18 pm Captain Tautological

        yokc, I gave up sports warship years ago – I don’t even watch my Alma Mater’s NCAA revenue sports teams anymore. Although I do have a soft spot for watching White people swim in the olympics every four years.


      • No.


    • Lebrons performance against the Celtics that one time was historically clutch. Then there is the overtime bonanza against the Spur a year later.


    • You boys sure do like your African Jump Ball.



    • Sports are the last bastion of “male supremacy. That may be the reason most people are attracted to them? But for males, a better reason is because there are THE socially approved substitute for all the martial arts that have been critically important since the beginning of history.

      Its basically combat without the “mortal” part.

      So what if black guys dominate certain sports?

      There are certain sports without any blacks?


      • Agreed.

        Notice how they are now trying to push the Eunuchs in MMA, and Rhonda Rousy spoke out against that. Also look at how they’re trying desperately to emasculate football. Breast cancer awareness and wearing pink. They want guys in pink and who cares about breast cancer, since they are all men they should be promoting prostate cancer in men.


      • Of course a negro is going to say “so what” when it’s to his ilk’s advantage to have White society fawning, betting, and turning what are supposed to be institutions of higher learning into farm clubs for “jooish theatre”… amirite, t-h-w-a-c-k, ol’ boy?

        Where was your ilk’s “so what” when it came to movies and TV shows, neighborhoods and classrooms, that got along well without your kind?

        Interest in sports is one thing… giving them a place of honor above all else is idolatry… further yet, giving certain sports which feature those who normally would be out on the streets causing mayhem an especially high place in, of all things, colleges, is a shameful cuck fetish that puts a stench in the nostrils of God.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  13. What are these “white supremacist leanings” of his? From his KickAssTorrents profile, it indicates he downloaded the music of Nicki Minaj? The narrative of him being a self-hating black man isn’t very plausible when he is a fan of the most stereotypically black hip-hop music.


    • on October 2, 2015 at 3:02 pm Captain Tautological

      BB, you’re dealing with Eskimo Psychiatry here – they’re going to throw every possible lie [and multiple contradictory lies] at this mess until they find a lie [or a group of lies] which can create a Narrative which will make this story disappear. And if they can’t make the story disappear, then they will embrace the poor colored boy and GLORIFY him for murdering the Eskimo’s most hated enemy of all: White Christians. Eskimos are psychopaths – they aren’t burdened by a White conscience or by White fealty to Truth.


      • on October 2, 2015 at 4:06 pm Captain Tautological

        JUST LIKE THE MOSSAD TROLLS CHEZ LE CHATEAU: Obama Mocks Gun Rights Activist “Crack Pot Conspiracy Theories”


      • on October 2, 2015 at 4:09 pm Captain Tautological

        How many times have you heard a Mossad operative here at the Chateau – a Synagogue Masturbator or an Eskimo Within – gaslight you by accusing you of being the crazy one? These are all standard Eskimo Psychiatry techniques which are now the better part of a century old.


      • on October 2, 2015 at 4:13 pm Captain Tautological

        And some Eskimo speech writer had already pre-written the teleprompter script, so as to have the teleprompter reader, Barry Soebarkah Dunham, come up to the podium after the latest mass shooting, and hurl gaslight insults like “Crack Pot Conspiracy Theories” at perfectly sane law-abiding White USA RKBA patriots.


      • Is it true that Eskimo Pie desserts are kosher? That doesn’t sound right!


      • on October 2, 2015 at 7:22 pm Captain Obvious

        Does Director Tamir Pardo have to pay overtime when y’all stay late in a brainstorming session to come up with a new name like “Cap’n Crunch”? Or are y’all salaried employees? PS: Say hi to ol’ Tamir for me at the synagogue tomorrow.


      • A laugh riot from a nutjob with 4 or 5 sock puppets. Go tape the foil back up…


      • on October 2, 2015 at 11:26 pm Captain America

        The Obvious one makes some good points but frequently strays into crazy territory, especially if he means “Mossad” in more than a metaphorical sense.
        He is clearly brilliant and unhinged.


  14. This is where HBD and heritability absolutists reveal their short-sightedness: Over time, and given enough societal support and justification, social calamities like single mommery, incel, porn, feminism, equalism, self-esteemism, miscegenation, irreligiousness,

    Irreligiousness – okay, let’s talk about that. Blacks are the most religious racial group in the U.S., as they are the group with the lowest IQ. (Mestizos with their lower IQ are also more religious than Whites, the strength of religious fantasies increasing with lower intelligence, as it makes people less able to understand and cope with harsh reality.) The Bloods and Crips generally come from religious homes, no matter how much some wish it wasn’t so. Court staff note how the defendants’ mommas pray in the hallways that their sons be acquitted. “That’s not real religion!” you might say. That’s not YOUR religious habit, but religion nonetheless.

    Sorry, religion pushers, wouldn’t bring up the facts unless you tried to make something out of this particular Negro’s reported atheism, as expected. If you take a moment to think about it, you will realize that more religious groups like Mestizos, Blacks and Arabs are still more criminal than the less religious group, Whites. In fact, the more religious Albanian and Yugoslav Whites are more criminal than the less religious Western Whites. I recommend you find a different angle than crime propensity.


    • I really don’t get the pro-religion bias in what I would otherwise call a fantastic blog. I still read it every day, still really enjoy the content, but that’s one angle I could never wrap my head around.


      • This:

        the pro-religion bias in what I would otherwise call a fantastic blog

        I became religious very recently (last 7 years or so) when I realized how just much our enemies HATE Christians with their entire hearts and souls. The after doing the research I realized that what I had always hated was bullshit “Churchianity” and not “real” Christianity.

        Really what’s the big deal? What does god ask of us? Be nice, Don’t fuck someone else’s wife, and don’t steal shit? Be nice to mom and dad? Fuck man is it really that hard or too much to ask of someone?

        They you go further down the rabbit hole, start reading REALLY OLD versions of the bible, and the passages are MUCH less “statist” then modern versions, and so on.


    • on October 2, 2015 at 3:11 pm FuriousFerret


    • Yawn. Push that old leftist meme hard there Arbiter. Let’s see, segment of population that has lowest levels of religious affiliation and generally lower IQ than average? Criminals in prison. The fact that the MOTHERS of some gang members are religious had very little impact in their lives (there is a reason for the saying “he is no altar boy”, it is because you wouldn’t find them in church). The inspiration for real high art (not the Modernist trash)? Religion – especially painting and music you can site Christianity as the source. The sole part of society that still hangs on to the ideas of family and have positive birth rates in the West (and Russia for that mater) is the religious part. I recommend you take the Red Pill and notice that the anti-christian thing is a tool of those trying to wreck society, not save it.


    • Arbiter, two things: one, you’re arguing against a strawman because nobody here judges another man by the sole criterion of religion. Cite one credible commenter in this sphere who’d accept a Nigerian Christian son-in-law.

      Two: you are not the first to take on Christianity and you won’t be the last. Suggestion: if you believe that Christianity is maladaptive for the European man, the more you denounce it, the more your audience will resist your argument. Instead, offer an alternative, if you can.


    • Religion being useful is not debatable. The fact that the dumb rely more heavily on it doesn’t mean shit. They need it the most.

      [CH: religion is almost as universal a human propensity as is men’s desire for young, slim women. so obviously religion co-evolved with physical human evolution to serve some important need. waving religion away with a neckbearded atheist smugness is about as dopey as ritualistic snake handling.]


    • That J. S. Bach was some moron.


    • Hey that’s an interesting theory!

      I don’t think it works though. Let’s say this, white are less religious now, then they were in the 50’s. I don’t think this is a controversial statement.

      If your theory is right, then, white crime rate would drop as people became less religious. I don’t think this is the case, I am fairly certain that white crime rate is pretty steady over long periods of time, if anything it has risen (however I DON’T BELIEVE that it has risen myself, this is statistical noise from including “white Hispanics” in the stats).

      Someone should have another quick look at the long term white crime stats if they have it handy.


      • Crime stats and stats over time for northern European nations – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany – versus prevalence of atheism (non-monotheism) correlate. But that’s a hatefact, even here.

        The issue is, and always has been, “If we remove this religion, what replaces it?” Remove Christianity and replace it with Leftism, and you’ll get the horrors we all observe here: one Cathedral replaces another. Those here that advocate for Christianity against so-called churchianity hope to unring a bell, but the bell has tolled.

        This is deep, dark, “Ohhhh… shiiiit….,” red pill time here. If you need to believe in something greater, I won’t fault you, but the Christianity of old isn’t sufficient moving forward. Ya’ll will need something more, and you’ll have to check all your foundations and count cost before rebuilding.


    • Ghetto Black people are not very religious, as defined by regular, weekly attendance in Church. Mexicans *were*, far less so now, as regular church attendance in Latin America is declining rapidly. Church is not about God so much as it is about a social network and community. Ghetto Black people are almost completely atomized and Latin Americans are getting there. Europeans/Americans were atomized long ago, no social networks or community. Desperate attempts to create it: Facebook, sports, etc. are poor substitutes like pr0n for real women. Lack of God is really lack of social networks.


  15. on October 2, 2015 at 2:55 pm The Spirit Within

    Other than gratuitous jabs at our president…

    …this is excellent analysis.


  16. on October 2, 2015 at 3:32 pm Wrong Side of History

    Violent anti-Christianity is a leftist pastime.

    I’m not buying the media presentation of him as a conservative.


  17. on October 2, 2015 at 3:37 pm Wrong Side of History

    Violent anti-Christianity is a leftist preoccupation.

    I’m not buying the media portrayal of him as a conservative.


  18. on October 2, 2015 at 3:46 pm gunslingergregi

    the problem is lifes too fucking long
    how many bitches can ya fuck till ya get tired of em
    how many times can ya do the same shit


    • gsg, what up my nigga? are you having an existential crisis?


      • on October 2, 2015 at 6:52 pm gunslingergregi

        yea possible miss my bitch being around a bit
        but i guess got another chick like my wife callin 50 times a day
        cryin on the phone and such
        i just really need to get the fuck out this country get out to the farm
        and live out the last days


      • on October 2, 2015 at 6:54 pm gunslingergregi

        my wife been blowing up my phone i thought 3 years but it been 4 fucking years now that is some fucking dedication
        hope you doin good man
        nigga lol


      • Fuck yeah bro just had my first kid. Hope he becomes a warlord once society breaks down lol.

        Make sure you keep that girl of yours in line… ha i know you willl..


      • on October 5, 2015 at 9:35 pm gunslingergregi

        if ya want him have that warlord status though need llike 50 kids go ghenghis on that shit


    • on October 2, 2015 at 4:01 pm gunslingergregi

      religion prob helped people live there lives in quiet desperation but take away god and only this world shit
      and on that note
      the fact that the high number killings are actually so rare in states even though life aint that great for a lot and a lot are being shitbagged to the wall
      and this makes major media coverage
      its low volume for what it shoiuld be
      should be happening every dam hour


  19. I wonder if he was on meds since childhood. Isn’t that one of the shared traits of these mass shooters?


  20. The Black Lives Matter crowd is really a mass tantrum of fatherless children.


    • Rush made a great point about that this week. To paraphrase. It’s the ultimate if controlling behavior, using self harm to hold others hostage. He said it in reference to college professors being afraid to give students bad grades in fear of complaints or suicide or calls from students parents.

      We used to be smart enough to get men on the moon… which is like 60% a logistics problem 40% engineering. We’re not that smart anymore. But there is a logistics way to solve mass gun violence without violating anyone’s rights, grabbing guns, and turning schools into fortress. There is no political will to find it though. For now the best way to stay safe is to flee from liberalism.


      • “There is a logistics way to solve mass gun violence…”

        1. Militia
        2. Rank
        3. Duties
        4. Privileges
        5. Chain of command
        6. Obliged Personal Arms
        7. Community Armories

        Don’t fret: the coming civil war and following balkanization will firmly establish all the above.


  21. “The psychology of men during their formative years is irretrievably warped by the absence of a father.”

    Cannot be repeated often enough. Aside from humility before God, this — and only this — is gonna help you. The (hated) truth.

    Conversely, the presence of a father, especially a reasonably stable dad, usually shapes the boy’s character towards the positive, stable, and sane. Goes for aspies and otties, too. Especially aspies and otties, in fact. The American single-mommy, greedfest gynarchy makes sure that dad either is disempowered, or absent. That’s just asking for blood and chaos.

    America’s feminist, anti-father, anti-male culture cultivates lone-gunmen killers like tomatoes on hothouse vines. The resulting violence is absolutely guaranteed, and guess what babies, that’s the trade-off a corrupt, matriarchal society makes. So shut your whiny, Oh How Could This Happen mouths.

    That’s what pissed me off most about the ‘rage’ of Obama and the Progs at the latest Inevitability — these are the very people who forced their godless, feminist, poisoned culture on the rest of us, so that they could be rich, empowered, fat, and in-charge. Now that they’ve gotten the society they demanded, they pretend they are ‘angry’ that violence results from forty years of their little hate-fest. Their policies guarantee the production of even more ‘killers’ . . . and also guarantee their own retention of power. It is cynical and evil in the extreme. You wanted ’em, you got ’em.

    Good analysis in this article.


  22. on October 2, 2015 at 4:18 pm Jonathan Smith

    CH, look at this picture that appeared after the shooting:

    The body language of the female and male is very telling. I couldn’t help but laugh at it. Males are becoming more and more feminine.

    Think you can write a blog post about this pic? I’m dying to read your analysis of it.


  23. on October 2, 2015 at 4:40 pm gunslingergregi

    eliot may 24 2014 area
    5 years after
    sodini august 2009
    its fucking rare


  24. on October 2, 2015 at 4:41 pm gunslingergregi

    columbine april 20 1999


  25. No dad no chance most of the time.


  26. on October 2, 2015 at 9:03 pm Real American

    Silly post. You are better than this Heartiste.


  27. Do you think a matriarchal household w/ a beta father could have the same effect? In a very real sense there is a “single parent” in such a scenario; the mother calling all the shots.

    Maybe that is why I am far more of an extreme racialist than the pure blooded volks I know, though I’d explain it not as a struggle for emulation but rather a struggle for a group identity.

    I do know that when I was a nihilist I was indeed a dangerous person, if only in my own mind.

    “Whoever is dissatisfied with himself is constantly ready for revenge, and we others will be his victims…”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche


  28. Soooo explain the common occurrence of white males committing mass murders?

    [CH: i dunno about mass murderers (that is, killings that happen all at once instead of over time), but i do know that blacks are actually over-represented among serial killers.]


    • PS I agree with your assets to of absentee fathers and the correlTion between violent and “lost” young men. But it’s not just bi racial guys but white males are more than likely to commit mass shootings. So I really want you to explain why white males are more inclined. Most mixed men are not committing mass shooting. That’s just the truth.


  29. Why did this specific tragic mulatto have to unleash his frustration on his surroundings? Weren’t Obama and Drake making life better for his ilk?

    This is proof that miscegenation just doesn’t work, especially regarding non-white man/white woman pairings.

    If it’s a non-white man with a white woman, he has to try extra hard to live up to Christian white ideals to keep his woman, and most non-Asian ethnic men aren’t up to the challenge. How do I know? Ask Obama and Drake how they honestly feel about their fathers. This is the typical case. Of course, the Jewish enablers for black men believe throwing entertainment money at their anti-White weapons will make black men and their Hispanic and Arab homies more attractive to white maidens who are too brainwashed and poorly raised to understand that most non-Asian ethnic men are pitiful prison-industrial complex fodder because the cultures which spawned them are intrinsically inferior. If they weren’t inferior, why are they fleeing to white-established cities? The few ethnic men who succeed do not openly admit this out of fear of treason.

    If it’s a white man with a non-white woman, the outcome with be worse for the woman and potential child if the white man is a loser who will impregnate a woman but not uphold his baby mama and their offspring to Christian white ideals. However, this case is atypical, as is everything about the shooting. At least a single white mother can instill white values in her kin with definite struggle from missing her not-greater half (someone mentioned this about Obama’s mother earlier and the same could be applied to Drake, who once mentioned in an interview that his mom would often force a thesaurus on him).

    Most white men, and especially the successful ones, have been socially conditioned to believe only white women are beautiful. CH, you would be surprised to know that those of you worried about Jewish hatred of the white genome can relax. They have been too busy setting their aim on hard-to-please white women when the obviously more docile target was easy-to-mold white men.

    For every man on Earth, adolescent visual stimuli is key to sexual arousal.

    If Jews ever fully understood how this caveat still works in their favor, then it’s game over for the crackas!


    • Most white men, and especially the successful ones, have been socially conditioned to believe only white women are beautiful.

      More outhouse psychiatry, courtesy of Cathedral shill bullshit.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      Ain’t no “social conditioning” necessary, when all races of men, from damn near adolescence onward, recognize immediately that White women are the Gold Standard of beauty.

      Hell, for generations now the Cathedral has been trying to shove the opposite down everyone’s throat, and MSM touting every “exotic” mixed mystery meat and semi-negro they can get their hands on.

      The eyes and heart don’t lie, and no amount of yid or darky whining and orchestration will change anything.

      Hell, said nonwhite women do everything they can to make themselves look whiter… just some more of that “social conditioning”, eh?

      Try again, schmuck.


  30. What an incisive essay on the inner dynamics of our “exalted by the hive” but eternally demons-tortured darklings! It’s very easy now to grok the self-hate of the mystery meat. Overtly glorifying its subverted light side, but inevitably acting out its dark savagery in a final dyspotheosis (welcomed personally to the afterlife by the devil hisself, no less!) reflecting the cursed genetic reality to which fate had handed it a “life sentence.”
    Just shows to go you that race is truly everything, as has been said, and every walking, talking, mulatto (no matter the external polish) can be seen as a ticking time bomb, never to be trusted for one second.


    • You guys promoting the myth of mullato rage are smoking crack. The problem with the entire premise of this article is that its always been much easier and better to be half white than all black.; and you have a half black president in the white house?

      If anything this shooter was suffering from his white side.


      • Well, I’m sure the fact that this event follows so closely on the heels of the VA incident, when a similar fuzzy creature of mixed descent saw fit to end the lives of a former co-worker and her cameraman, has nothing to do with his black side. You’re right! It must be those “evil Honkie” white genes that are to blame! Thanks for setting us all straight here.


      • Spot the irony… the house n1gger says “mulatto rage” is a myth, yet admits this latest affront to society and God was “suffering from his white side”.


  31. Looks like the shooter came the perfect progressive family. Interracial, divorced, liberal, and his white dad apparently was a homosexual who harassed employees!

    Read the link below.

    [CH: what a toxic shitlib stew.]


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  33. […] of his agenda to make it harder for law-abiding decent people to own and keep firearms because one of the products of our failed social, cultural policies blew a gasket and martyred a few of the faithful like it was the first century Roman persecution […]


  34. Atheist? I read that he identified as a Wiccan.