Future President Donald Trump Was Right About George W Bush: He Was Partly Responsible For 9/11

Steve Sailer unearths video of presidential candidate and ur-cuckservative George W Bush deriding “racial profiling” and calling for less scrutiny of Arab airline passengers eleven months before 9/11. Attaboy, W! For this, Steve earns the Shiv of the Week (sharing the shiv with MPC).

Trump, are you reading? Are your people reading? This is what’s known as GAME SET MATCH for your side. You win. Take every opportunity to shove this inconvenient truth into the plush betaBush faces, and make the entire Hivemind equalist leftoid apparatus and Cuckservatism, Inc. squirm with discomfort.

In related clown world news, a swarm of callow female Canadians and their manlet Cacucks elected a vapid shell entity multikultist, who loves foreigners more than he loves his fellow White neighbors, to lead their country further down the browntown shitter. This cipher, Trudeau, fabulously adores hijab-covered muslims so much he wants to import millions of them and preside over oath-swearing ceremonies that resemble a Charlie Brown Halloween costume party if Charlie Brown was a spiteful, backward ingrate committed to the creation of a worldwide caliphate.

Are we in clown world or the lunatic asylum? Ahmud the hoax bomb maker (yes, the nerdo and his fifth column CAIRhead parents knew what they were doing) was warmly received by president Butt Naked to participate in a ritualistic war dance becoming all-too-common nowadays: the celebration of another victory in the gleeful extirpation of Whites from their American cultural birthright.

Oh, and Butt Naked wants to take in thousands of Syrian refugees swindlers and no doubt resettle them in the Whitest parts of America. You know, as a lesson for the others still laboring under the delusion that their Diversity™-free neighborhood is safe from enrichment.

American Whites need to know EXACTLY what all this signifies. It is nothing less than CULTURAL GENOCIDE against White Americans, and White Men in particular. And, if left unchallenged, the ANTI-WHITE CULTURAL GENOCIDE will soon turn into an ACTUAL ANTI-WHITE GENOCIDE, red with the spilled hatreds and perfected vengeance of the degenerate freak mafia.


  1. I’ve seen reports of people in Europe fire bombing places that are to be refugee centers. I’m certain that will come to America too in the near future.

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    • on October 20, 2015 at 11:17 am Captain Obvious

      > “Trump, are you reading? Are your people reading?” Yes, they are. The big news this morning is that Jim Webb is leaving the DEMs and will run as an Independent. Either Webb is positioning himself to be Trump’s running mate [Webb has to be aware that Trump’s blue collar numbers are off-the-charts], or else the Illuminati have recruited Webb to be the Ross Perot spoiler to Trump’s GHWB-41.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 11:22 am Captain Obvious

        If Webb actually cares about anything [i.e. if he isn’t just another pathological liar like all the others], then it’s caring about Blue Collar folk [compare DEMs Pat Caddell or Bob Beckel or Chris Matthews], and it could be that the Bohemian Grove S0d0mites [GHWB-41, James Baker, George Schultz, etc] in the Reagan Administration disgusted Webb so much that he vowed to himself he would always remain a DEM.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 11:23 am Captain Obvious

        SHOCK POLL: Trump Blue Collar Support Highest Since FDR in 1930s http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3349973/posts

        [CH: populism is making a much-needed comeback. you know what’s not making a comeback? cuckservatism!]


      • The progs were welcoming Webb’s exit this morning. He was too Republican, they said. I guess he wasn’t enough of a pathetic manboob for thier tastes.

        [CH: his body language was just too masculine for the shitlibs. toxic and triggering!]


      • on October 20, 2015 at 11:33 am Captain Obvious

        Trump-Webb ought to be able to take Purple-ish/Blue Virginia, what with Webb being a former senator, and Trump having purchased that big winery in Virginia [out of bankruptcy]. I don’t know whether Webb ever spoke out about the Alien Invasion, or what Webb thinks of Trump’s plans for Operation [email protected] 2017, but the five positions on Webb’s Webbsite are all Blue Collar: “Economic Fairness, Foreign Policy, National Infrastructure, Criminal Justice Reform, Good Governance”.

        [CH: if webb comes around to closed borders, that would be a dream ticket for realists.
        ps he also has to drop the blacklivesmatter bullshit for me to take him seriously. are you reading, webb?]


      • on October 20, 2015 at 11:39 am Captain Obvious

        CH, Webb’s Webbsite just crashed under the load of the news this morning, but before it crashed, it was showing a “Warriors” tab, and if there is anything that Trump cares about as much as building The Wall, it’s cleaning up that disaster in the Veterans’ Administration “healthcare” [really “deathcare”] system.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 12:10 pm elmer t. jones

        I read Webb’s novel “Fields of Fire” some 35 years ago and visualized myself as a tough “nam” vet similar to Ben Stiller’s character in “Tropic Thunder”.


      • Black lives matter too much.

        That is what the problem is.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 3:55 pm Captain Obvious

        There was some Race Realism in one of Webb’s novels, wherein he described some Central American Aboriginal grandmothers [Mexican/Guatemalan/Salvadorean/Nicaraguan?] giving celebratory fellat!o to their infant grandson’s manhood [akin to Rabb! C0hen performing The Eskimo Within’s bris]. The GOP tried to make that fellat!o scene into a controversy, but the accusation didn’t stick with the voters.


      • Black lives matter too much.

        That is pretty good. I was going to go with,

        <Black lives, they don’t matter.

        Meanwhile in Minnesota, Governor Dayton, speaking in Somali Town SW fka Rochester, informs us that the native “B-plussers” aren’t going to do it (for the economy) and so more Somalis! and for the kicker he says that those who aren’t on board should just leave and go to a place that is more white.

        And what state would that be, Gov?


    • on October 20, 2015 at 11:25 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      The European Resistance fights back !


      • Protip: this “Resistance” is entirely against whites and not browns. Keep that in mind while you edge to Rotten.com


      • on October 20, 2015 at 11:48 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        Libtards, Bolsheviks, and White traitors first.

        It’s coming.


      • Once you kill those fuckers, I am fully convinced that you may not even have to crack skulls to expel most foreigners. Srs.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 12:31 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        In Germany, the contact details of District President Walter Lubcke–who recently made the news when he told Germans should leave if they don’t like the migrant influx–have already been published and recorded.


        Dr. Walter Lübcke
        Regierungspräsident Kassel
        Steinweg 6
        34117 Kassel
        Tel.: 0561 106 1000
        Fax: 0561 106 1610
        [email protected]

        (for international calls 0049 561 106 1000)

        Treason has Consequences


      • Man, if THAT ain’t rich… a German telling other Germans to leave and make way for outsiders.

        If this guy doesn’t get tarred and feathered then there is no God of Justice.


      • German antifas are fucking insane.

        Even if you’re into young drug addled lefty sluts, for your penile pleasure, if you have a shred of test, their garbage will chafe on you, even if you’re alien.


    • In a dream I saw a crowd holding a candlelight vigil outside of, oh, say a Reichstag-like edifice…

      … thousands of folks… but it weren’t candles they was holdin’, it was bottles filled with petrol and stuffed with a rag.

      I have a dream…


    • Lots of refugee centers in America.

      Check your area to see if you are about to be enriched.


  2. The video below made me a 911 truther. It compiles the testimony of numerous building design, demolition, and other relevant professionals that points to a controlled demolition of the three WTC towers. The video does NOT speculate on the who, how or why. It simply calls for a new scientific investigation.

    Falsifiable theory: the observed collapse, recorded eyewitness testimony, and subsequent independent peer-reviewed investigations contradict the government (NIST)-issued explanation of the causes of structural failure of the three high-rises.

    Please find an hour to watch this very well produced video.


    • Oh fuck. whorefinder’s gonna blow a gasket.

      whorefinder gasket rape!


    • Besides, it’s fun to think like the 10th man too.


    • WF and I are cool. Bygones.

      Every intelligent man can watch the video if he wants to and make up his own mind. I don’t plan on getting into lengthy debates on the subject here, as it’s been done before.


    • PA, on just about all other matters we’re shoulder-to-shoulder, but let me tell you a little anecdote.

      In the past I have had two and more tradesmen and engineers of impeccable credential and experience almost come to blows in discussions about how a given project ought to be done, or ought to have been done.

      There’s a good reason that “two of a trade seldom agree” became a proverb.

      Addendum: to the layman, both sides sounded absolutely correct, though very nearly 180 degrees in their respective opinion.


      • Is it reasonable to say that building 7 was blown up and that the jihadis were ignored because “it’s most likely nothin’ and if it isn’t nothin, then we get to invade a bunch of mideast sand pits”?


      • Building 7’s been explained by numerous folks more qualified (and caring) than I.

        Truth is often stranger than fiction.


      • This side by side video shows the building 7 collapse and the controlled demolition of a building

        This video shows a BBC reporter announcing building 7 collapse while the building clearly stands up just behind her

        This video shows the Larry Eskimo Silverstein owner of the towers admits that
        ” we decide to PULL the building”
        He btw got enormously rich of the insurance deal which he just happened to change a few weeks before 9/11 by pure cohencidence

        Now I expect that you provide those links which in credible scientific and engineering a fashion explain the building 7 collapse
        The sentences like ” much more knowledgeable people than me….”
        do not count


      • We’ve been through this before on other threads… I could (and have) posted dozens of links that upend these inane CT videos, but you guys just keep your fingers in your ears and say la-la-la and then months later it all starts over again.

        Believe what you wish. I have no skin in the whole 9-11 game.

        But damn, all this “proof” and yet no one is being prosecuted… by a System rampant with little lawyer dweebs looking to make a name for themselves and further their careers. Go figger.


      • “Believe what you wish. I have no skin in the whole 9-11 game.”

        And yet you made seven content-free comments on this subject in one subthread.


      • Nice try, PA, but not having skin in the game means I’m not going to go into the tedious length details it takes to debunk all of this ongoing nonsense that shows up every few months in these same ol’ same videos…If merely for the sake of sanity… because it’s all been addressed in multiple places elsewhere.

        For example, this one link below answers pretty much all the alleged issues with Building 7, including the stupid suggestion that that BBC reporter jumped the gun… which means the conspirators, smart enough to cover their tracks, were so stupid as to give the media outlets a script ahead of time? lzozlzolzolzolzolozlozl



    • “Jet Fuel Doesn’t Melt Steel”

      But does it melt low grade cheapo iron?

      This is ‘ew York (of Brooklyn Bridge Cable scandal fame) we’re speaking about.


      • The fire didn’t have to melt the steel, it simply had to heat it to the degree that its rigidity was compromised. Once he supports were no longer sufficiently rigid and the first floor collapsed, the load on the lower floor was increased beyond its limits and so on in a pancake effect.


      • Jet fuel does melt jet engines.

        Until a few years ago, if pilots used the afterburner for more than a few seconds, they could melt the engine. That was true for fighter jets such as the F15 eagle, F18 Hornet, F14 Tomcat, F4 Phantom etc etc

        Now they have better alloys such as those used in the F22 and they can use the afterburner for pretty much as long as they want.

        Jet fuel does melt steel. Unless it as a new alloy that did not exist back when the Twin towers were built and would not be used in buildings anyway.

        Jet fuel does melt steel.

        That is a scientific and verifiable fact.


      • on October 20, 2015 at 2:38 pm Sean Fielding

        @CF: No dog in the Truther fight, but I must point out that there is a world of difference between jet fuel on a stationary building and jet fuel in an engine hurtling through air at Mach 2.

        Everyone thinks of fuel when they think of combustion; they tend to forget the oxidant. If you’ve ever seen a blacksmith at work, you know you don’t get high temperatures from a pile of coal in a still forge surrounded by 20% oxygen. But blow that 20% past the pile rapidly with a bellows and things start to happen.


      • The other fallacy (also explained a zillion times): the steel didn’t need to melt. Steel weakens as the temperature increases. Jet fuel burning on or under steel structural members could have heated them enough to reduce their strength to where a collapse happened.


      • I image the winds up at those higher floors help to “fan the flames”, as it were.


      • for fuck’s sake it is not about the jet fuel. There are NIST and other engineering analyses which showed that gypsum and PVC, when burning in a reducing environment, create reaction byproducts that attack and weaken steel. They found all kinds of this within samples in the rubble, massive examples of grain-edge incursion by halogen ions. All the PVC cabling throughout any building decomposes into chlorine when burnt.

        The buildings were not demolished…nobody would fucking demolish WTC1 and 2 in that manner. The gd top parts of the buildings rotated and effectively tumbled during collapse.

        Why does everyone assume these buildings were built Ford Tough? They were probably junk. WTC7 was in all probability demolished purposely.

        The idiots talking about skyscrapers collapsing into their own footprints- that’s EXACTLY what they are engineered to do. Gravity does that. They cannot fucking tip over and fall like a gd tree, you idiots, because they were NEVER engineered to be strong in tension, only compression. Midsized buildings can topple, super highrises, no.


    • I’ve always hated 9/11 conspiracy mostly because the typical proponents of it are so wacky and have no credibility. nevertheless, I am very intellectually curious so I watched this video and I have to admit I found it compelling.


      • I missed the part where they explained how hundreds, if not thousands, of people kept their mouth shut…

        And why the NYC police suddenly gave a pass to killers of officers…

        That sort of thing. :duckface:

        /oh, Allahu Akbar, let’s not go through all of this again! 😡


      • nah I’m not stepping into the conspiracy waters. There are some interesting things about the physics of collapse on that video that I’d like to see rebuttals of from engineers who take the opposite view. That’s all.


      • The idea is that people DIDN’T keep their mouths shut. I mean the “conspiracy theories” are around, it’s just that only “kooks” believe them, IYKWIM. Or: you don’t have to worry about word getting out if you can discredit that shit. Reasonable?

        Again, the most likely thing is that they knew about it but were not all that alarmed.


      • When I say “people keeping their mouths shut”, I mean those who have credible and irrefutable information that leads to arrests and convictions… not people shooting off their mouths, even if they sound like they’re telling a good tale.

        I have no doubt that there were inklings in the air that something was going to go down, and maybe our government and security forces sorta/kinda knew and (ahem) didn’t mind if terrorists (I prefer to call them foreign combatants) gave America a casus belli, as it were.

        After all, it’s pretty much a proven scenario of what happened with Pearl Harbor.

        But that’s not the same thing as actively planning and doing the act themselves…

        I mean, Jeez Louise, those guys can’t even handle Waco or Randy Weaver without making a dog’s breakfast of the whole thing.


      • The real conspiracy is TWA flight 800, with multiple credible witnesses (including retired military) attesting to the flight of a missile which intercepted the airliner.


      • What about Building 7?


      • Not really concerned about Building 7… others more qualified than I have explained it.

        My favorite deconstruction of the whole CT nonsense was done by Fred On Everything, where all these half-baked ideas and claims were coming about what happened at the Pentagon, up to and including “it was a missile and no plane hit the building”.

        As Fortune had it, he was nearby that day and he himself saw the plane hit that building.


      • Greg, there are a lot of creepy recruits out there for an ongoing psyops war against this country. Let’s take, for instance, pedo-faced gay gamma widower of supposed slain anchorwoman Allison Parker:


    • Good stuff, PA.


    • Greg, you’re talking out of your ass, and your ass is doing a lot of talking under my posted video.

      You may as well be saying #IStandWithShyamSunder of NIST instead of with the 1,500 American technical professionals who are risking their careers and perhaps more and who, unlike you, know what the fuck they’re talking about.


    • Have any sky scrapers ever collapsed into their own footprints as the result of anything other than controlled demolition?

      Ever even once?

      And then on 9/11 it happens not once not even twice but three times. Get real. That it was controlled demolition is an open secret.

      The Pentagon was struck by a missile.

      The planes were seized by remote control. I don’t what happened to the passengers. Those are my questions and conclusions, i don’t pretend to be an authority on the subject, but realistically, consider the first question above. Has any skyscraper ever collapses into its own footprint, at free fall speed or close enough to it, without controlled demolition, and if so, what buildings. And then it happens to a separate, third building on that same day? come on.

      In my opinion, Bush was not in the know. At the upper levels of power, it was a blow against Bush (and the gang he fronts). What is that guy’s name, Dave’s Web at the Center for an Informed America, there is some good analysis.


      • Building 7 collapsed in its own footprint because of furniture fires. That’s the explanation in the NIST report. They didn’t release their methodology for finding that fact out because it would be a breach of ‘national security. Hey, if that’s what the gov’t says then it’s true. We know the gov’t wouldn’t lie. It looks out for us and takes care of us with welfare and stuff.


      • fucking remote control and a missile….wow.

        So the THOUSANDS of people who were on Rt 27 Washington Blvd THAT DAY who WATCHED a fucking aircraft strike the building…they’re all liars? All those commuters.

        There’s a reason I know the name of the road, you want the exit number? I have driven by that slice of the Pentagon more times than I could count. You are full of shit. That time of day, Rt 27 is frequently a parking lot of commuters going toward the Memorial Bridge.

        Please, you fuckin idiot truthers, just S T F U.

        What IS clear is that the government had forewarning and bungled management and perhaps even was COMPLICIT in this affair.

        So why the fuck do you idiots have to take this into the realm of the TOTAL RETARD of missiles and remote control jets and conspiracies involving TENS of THOUSANDS of people?


    • on October 20, 2015 at 7:19 pm Mohammed Atta's undamaged passport

      Truther is a gay PNAC term.

      Anyone who can’t see this event for what it was at this point is hopeless. I usually don’t even discuss 911 because the goyim were so traumatized(all by design) even the most rational and logical cleave to a kosher fiction and their brain shuts down like a lefty hearing hatefacts.

      Go watch the “amateur” footage of the plane impacts, lulz. Here’s a hint; aluminum planes won’t fly through steal and concrete with no loss of velocity;a bird will destroy the front end of a Boeing.


  3. Trump is getting sharper every day. We can expect the GOP establishment to come down even harder. Trump needs to stand firm.





  5. on October 20, 2015 at 11:26 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    I tweeted Trump a link to the Sailer article. I hope he reads it.


    • For Melania’s sake, someone needs to give him a nudge over Slovenia right now as well. Trump is in a good position to draw attention to Akbar’s new route now that Hungary’s righteously closed.


  6. “Charlie Brown was a spiteful, backward ingrate committed to the creation of a worldwide caliphate.”

    Paranoia intensifies.

    [CH: it’s in their hearts if not on their blueprints (yet).]


    • Naked assertion. I can buy that they’re aliens who wouldn’t lift a finger (well, maybe 90% wouldn’t) if their violent brethren did shit, but a worldwide caliphate is too stupid, ambitous, aggressive, not to mention impossible goal.

      As if these potsmoking, cokesnorting, whoremongering, pimpmyride’ing Ali G copies would ever commit to such a thing in non-trivial numbers. LMFAO.

      I don’t know about my credibility here, but according to my experiences, Arbiter has his finger on the Muslims’ pulse the most. You oughtta listen to him if you want to know what the “Saracen” is like.


  7. Btw, shitting oneself because somebody said Allahu Akbar is probably really ignorant. Arabs say it all the fucking time.

    [CH: that’s great. let them say it in their own fucking shithole countries.]

    (like when somebody scores a goal in “soccer”, when seeing something suprising, like a cat giving CPR to another one, as they’re about to croak etc etc) It’s like fogedaboutit from Donnie Brasco.

    OTOH, would my heart rate remain unchanged if somebody shouted that while I’m in a plane? HA!

    Synthesis: it’s justified to be alert when somebody says this, depending on the context, but objectively speaking Allahu Akbar IS innocuous. The correct response is suspicion, not pantsshitting.

    PS: if somebody says “the correct response to somebody saying ‘God is great’ in Arabic is violence” I will gouge out his eyeballs and skullfuck him. I am thinking of a particular Goon Bitch Phony.


    • A fair point, ho…

      … but God’s name is Jehovah. 😉


      • Who said anything about a name? God/Dieux/Allah/Dios/Gott/Kami-sama/etc.

        Like, Christian Arabs say it too.

        [CH: obviously, if an arab stands up on a plane and yells allahu akbar at the top of his lungs, passengers are right to suspect him of bad intentions. anyhow, this is all moot in the bigger picture. sandnags have their own countries, they don’t need america as theirs too.]


      • Not good enough… Jehovah allowed His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to be delivered unto the hands of men, in order to balance the scales of Adam’s rebellion, and therein provide salvation for Mankind.

        Unless that’s an integral part of the “God” whose name you shout, it ain’t the Most High.

        Considering Christ an “honored prophet” doesn’t cut it.


      • “obviously, if an arab stands up on a plane and yells allahu akbar at the top of his lungs, passengers are right to suspect him of bad intentions.”

        I said so myself above. My pulse would quicken if I heard this on an airplane too, natch.

        “anyhow, this is all moot in the bigger picture. sandnags have their own countries, they don’t need america as theirs too.]”

        True. I do not oppose this statement. But westerners might want to know that it’s basically Ayrab for “JESUS H. CHRIST”. (not even Muslim Arabs, but Christians too) I say this, because I saw some guys suprised for real that Arab sports commentators say it all the time. NOBODY on this blog disagrees with your main opinions about Sandnig/non-euro immigration, prolly not even Strapon.


      • Ho, I know for a fact that Arabs who speak of Allah do not consider him to have had a son, and only regard Christ as “one of the prophets” that came before his ‘greatest prophet’, Mohammed.

        So don’t go disinforming people that “Allahu Akbar” is praising Jesus Christ.


      • “Unless that’s an integral part of the “God” whose name you shout, it ain’t the Most High.”

        Lol, it’s not a name, it’s the Arab word for God. If you were to say God is great to some Lebanese guy, you would have to say “Allahu Akbar” too, because that’s what it means. It doesn’t refer to the Islamic God specifically.


      • A Lebanese chick in my class told me brah, and I also read it on the net. If it’s untrue, I must’ve been misled myself.

        Think of it this way: Deus Vult can be Islamic too, but historically, it’s a Crusader chant. Capice?


      • When I say “Lebanese chick” I mean a Christian, obviously.

        Man, I suck at communicating. More brevity/clarity….


      • Let’s talk straight, now… tuches ufen tisch… when someone hears “Allahu Akbar” in the West, it ain’t just a generic reference, like say, OMG or that sort of thing.

        /see what I did with that yiddish? 😉


      • Spend less time on the prayer rug, Abdul…


      • “Let’s talk straight, now… tuches ufen tisch… when someone hears “Allahu Akbar” in the West, it ain’t just a generic reference, like say, OMG or that sort of thing.

        /see what I did with that yiddish?”

        Lol, what does it mean, “the rags onto the table?”?

        It depends. I’ve actually heard muzzies say it when they heard a Lion roar and it resembled “Allah” to their gullible ears. (no joke) That was in the West I believe.

        U fellas know that there is no major disagreement, or you’re not reading my comments closely. I just pointed out something that some people may not now. Call me a know-it-all, but I’m not full of shit.


      • Ho, when if anyone says “Allahu Akbar” all we in the U.S. hear is “Kill the Americans!”.

        At least that’s what it’s sorta like for us now. Doesn’t bring us tingles.


      • “Spend less time on the prayer rug, Abdul…”

        Unfortunately, not possible…:(

        Also, my name is much nicer than anything starting with Abdul. 😉


      • It does not matter if Alluha akbar means ” God is great” or if it means ; ” your humus is too salty” it is what terrorists scream before they kill innocent people.

        That is all we need to know.


      • It actually means “I should not have to commit mass murder, followed by suicide to get some p*ssy!”


      • Who? Yahweh, the Storm God?


      • At Schloss Eliot, it’s Yahweh or the highway, pal.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 11:51 am Laguna Beach Fogey

      U mad bro.


    • The correct response to somebody saying ‘God is great’ in Arabic is violence.


      Now go ahead with your tough guy threats of homoerotic internet violence, Ho.

      I’m waiting…


      • Nigga, u literal minded.

        My goal was to pre-empt such an utterance. Yours was a REACTION to my pre-emptive strike. I said this to gain satisfaction from ruining the fun of a wannabe tough guy, by calling his move in advance. Not to prevent anyone from saying it.


    • What’s with you guys and shit? Shitting, shitty, shitting ones self, shitlord, losing shit. Your ilk are fascinated with shit. “Dick moves” too.

      Is it the dick moves that cause all the errant shit?

      There was a guy on reddit who posted about shitting extra after his first gay sexual encounter. I’m thinking it’s that. Sorry, I just feel like it’s shitty that you shit so much. You’ll get used to it. Or you’ll just have to forgo smackslide in the backside till you can learn better control!


  8. Again, I say use their term ‘cuture shock’ as part or the statements of fact. Show graphs of the overall crime rate since 1965. Hell, since 1865. Focus on how it’s the third world that’s destroying their ‘beloved’ environment. Some version of that ‘where you have Mexicans you have Mexico. I don’t want to live in Mexico’ poster from the recent post. It all seems so simple and logical, I now realize why it won’t work. Cheers


  9. Commenter BillyP makes a great succinct point about the Clock Boy:

    Like Soviet media agitprop during the worst days of the USSR the not so subtle subtext of these Clockmed stories is the ritual humiliation of the average citizen and demonstration of the Federal Media’s dominance by presenting an unrelenting stream of obvious untruths that go largely unchallenged.

    “Suck it flyover scum… Clockmed invented a clock because we said so”.

    The Soviets considered their media a joke. We still have true believers.

    The story confirms Theodore Dalrymple’s famous statement about political correctness being primarily a tool of humiliation.

    PS: LOL “ATTAboy”


  10. Trump scares the cucks so much that they’d rather lose the election than see him ascend and bring balance to the force. His game will have to be very tight to close these next few months, but I have faith.


    • The primaries are going to be a guilty pleasure.


    • on October 20, 2015 at 12:30 pm The Straw That Stirs the Drink

      This is absolutely being said by GOP faithful… that they will vote Hillary over TRUMP. even Rush is getting anti Trump I hear.

      Meanwhile TRUMP numbers go up up up….



      • If that’s true about Rush, that confirms the long-held suspicion that he’s merely been “approved opposition” all along.


      • Only goes to show that cuckservatives are just liberals who were late to the party.

        The two parties have always been one party with two paths to the same destination. Time to change things and bring freedom back to the citizens.


      • Honestly, Greg. Why does it have to be this sinister? Maybe he caved? Maybe he changed his mind about Trump.


      • Sometimes a man is “allowed opposition” without even realizing it.

        Let’s see:

        1) On the airwaves, check.

        2) Who controls said airwaves, check.

        3) Never “named the Jew”, as such, check.

        I don’t really follow Rush, but I’m guessing he supports the usual conservative party line in re Israel, Islam, Race, etc.

        And by “race”, I mean even if he decries things like black hypocrisy matters and such, he never really addresses the race issue in terms of RealTalk.


      • Rush seemed pretty pro-Trump in today and every broadcast I have heard. Rush tries to sound like he is not backing anyone, but he does talk about Trump with a lot of enthusiasm. I used to hate Rush during the Bush admin, but lately I have been liking him a lot.


      • I don’t listen every day but I would be surprised if Rush turned anti Trump. He has been subtly approving as far as I can tell.


      • on October 21, 2015 at 7:55 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

        Yeah I investigated this Rush thing… turns out the party relaying it misquoted El Rushbo (regarding Trump “helping” Hillary), so I retract my earlier comment. Haven’t listened to Rush since the late 1980’s myself.

        Here is the transcript… TRUMP is a master.


        Of course note the Cuck caller still not getting it, to quote:

        “CALLER: Well, I’m holding a double-edged sword ’cause I don’t totally trust Trump. I don’t agree with this tack for politics. I think it’s, you know, more Trump kind of shooting off the hip again. I don’t agree with it, because there’s no purpose in rehashing old business, especially when it’s completely not in proper context. I don’t think Trump put this in proper context by going after Bush. He should have… Why didn’t he go after Clinton? Our target is the left. If our target is the left –“


  11. When I was in college I had to suffer through an “American Literature” course featuring not a single white male author, taught by a frothing-mouthed femcunt with boy hair.

    [CH: were you dreaming of nooses? i would be.]

    When whites become a minority, not even in the free world at large but simply in higher education, does anyone doubt that European cultural history will be lost?

    Do you think Plato will still be taught in schools in 2065? Shakespeare? Or do you have any doubt at all that Shaniqua de’Ungabunga, head of the Grievance Department, will institute classes studying the great canon of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian? Sound ridiculous? Those classes already exist. The coming Dark Ages (heh) are the best case scenario. I leave it up to you to imagine the worst that’ll happen when white demographic share ticks down to 49%.

    [imagine a tranny’s stiletto, stamping on a White man’s face — forever.]


    • Anyone who thinks Truth will get a square deal when Others are in control of an institution had better think again.

      Hell, I remember a throw-away elective I had to take back in the day, Western Music History, taught by a French Jew. The textbook he used gave Berlioz and Offensbach damn near a whole chapter each… but Wagner got about 2/3 of a page.

      He bristled at having to read my 20 page term paper on The Ring, but begrudgingly gave me my ‘A’ final grade.



      • check that: Offenbach


      • Was it you that praised Parsifal in the “Hitler was a Beta” post years ago?


      • I don’t remember specific threads, but I seldom pass by an opportunity to praise Wagnerian opera… especially Parsifal… I do believe the first act is some of the sublimest music ever produced by the West, which is saying a whole helluva lot. 😉


    • That’s the beauty of books. As long as we have those we can still rebuild Western Civ, we’ve done it at least twice before. A descent into darkness is inevitable and probably necessary. Buckle up.


  12. Not to mention that George Bush was largely responsible for setting in motion many of the disasters we are living with today: middle east in chaos, crony bailouts, skyrocketing debt, Barack Obama, etc.


    • Has there ever been a rationale laid out for GHWB’s invasion of Somalia, other than the humanitarian one? It really does seem like the Bushes blazed the path for Obama in sewing chaos around the world.


    • It’s a brilliant move for trump to harp on W’s presidency. He’s been the elephant in the room for years.


    • The POTUS is a teleprompter reader with a gun to his head. The International Banker controls all.


      • International Bankers helped to put Hitler in power.


      • Your point? Yes, the international banker makes money by lending its fiat money at usurious interest (to the goy, but not to the fellow international money changer), and they make a very large margin on war and the manufacture of military weapons.

        So as we know, the international banker has caused worldwide wars for 102 years or perhaps 125 years depending on how you look at it.


      • The point is, don’t believe politicians when they say they are fighting the banksters. that is if the translation of old adolf is even real.


  13. on October 20, 2015 at 12:13 pm A Fist To Cry On

    Great commentary on the Canadian election. You’ve summarized it rather succinctly. The pussification of North America continues. Trump may be the only hope for the West and perhaps serve as a model of virtue for how a real political leader should act and behave.


  14. Trudeau was the dream candidate for Canadian women. A far leftist “hunk”. A perfect example of why women shouldn’t have the right to vote.


  15. adios, north america!


  16. I don’t know about you’all. But If I’m on a plane and some yahoo starts screaming anything about God, I’m putting them down.


  17. There’s a Blaze story (not gonna link as it’s a trackerfest over there) about an MSNBC segment where they read Trump’s book “The America We Deserve”, published in 2000, and find this set of passages:

    “I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers….No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen.”


    “One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan….He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis.”

    Sooooo yeah, Trump FTW.


    • They read that excerpt from Trump’s book on Morning Joe this morning. It does make Trump seem rather prophetic. I’m surprised he hasn’t been bringing this up but instead it’s media outlets that are doing it.

      Maybe they’ve decided to lie back and bring on The Donald.


  18. While the supplicating GOP is imploring non-whites to vote for them in the most beta way, Trump practices game on the electorate … and he has Negroes and Hispanics (mostly women) lining up to vote for him.


    • Archduke Paul Rino’s already making a list of demands, er, supplications to the progs.

      Wouldn’t that be some shit, when Trump really builds up momentum next year, this joker and all the cucks campaigning for hilary in order to keep America safe or some such baloney?

      Who’s got odds on this shit? It’s stupid enough to work!


    • Any working class citizen or legal immigrant of any colour has the desire to stick to their own and an interest in stemming the tide of cheap and easy labour. Blacks will vote for Trump.

      Ironically the main thing workers of the world unite over is their dislike of outsiders.


      • An Us/Them territorial mentality is normal to proles. They’ll be your best friend or your worst enemy, love you or hate you, and consequently they have to be bribed to vote liberal/universal.

        Rootless individualism and universal indifference to your fellow man develop amongst the wealthier and they always perish thereby. Cosmopolitan and money ethics are socially crippled and they’re destined to ruin the chemistry of the nation. Yet precious few of the modern bourgeois has any ethic outside of these, doubly so in America, and this is why America will succumb to the Orcs.


  19. on October 20, 2015 at 4:51 pm mendozatorres

    Trump’s got a new ad with Slick Willy talking DJT up!

    [CH: i think that’s a good pr move. bill is still beloved by the older gens and it’s another way for trump to burnish his “not a cuckservative” bona fides.]


  20. on October 20, 2015 at 6:11 pm Eastside School

    OK, this is a little embarrassing, do we really have commenters here who think that burning jet fuel (700 degrees F) can melt or even weaken fireproofed construction steel? Besides, all the jet fuel burned within a second or two in the first big fireballs.


    • East side.

      The turbine inlet temperature in an average jet engine is close to 2000 degree F.. Burning, uno, jet fuel. And if all the jet fuel burned in seconds like you suggest, the resulting energy release would have been the mother of all fuel-air explosions and would have flattened everything in sight.
      So yeah, there are commenters here who believe what you ridicule..


    • The official narrative of the towers falling is very simple. The towers consisted of a core that was conventional I-beam structure and an outer wall structure that was essentially a tube. The floor space was free of structural elements.

      The floors were supported by light weight trusses connected to the core and tube. They were only designed to hold up the people and furniture and such. The connections to the structures were appropriately sized for what they did. That is relatively small and weak compared to the core and tube.

      This core and tube with light weight open floors was what made the towers an advancement for their time.

      The official narrative is that the impact damaged the tube and core. The fires then attacked the light weight floor trusses. Trusses that lost their fire protection coating because the impact caused it to crack off. The trusses got hot and sagged. The sagging floors then pulled down the weakened core and tube structures causing a progressive failure.

      That’s a simple version of the official story. The problem with it is evident. It’s the same reason you don’t use a typical dog leash to tow a car.

      It is perfectly believable that a jet fuel and office fire caused the floor trusses to fail. The problem is that the floor trusses were much weaker than the core and tube. The joints between the floor trusses and the core and tube could not carry enough load to pull the structure down. Like a dog leash being used to a tow a car. The leash would break before it pulled the car’s structure apart. The floor trusses could also not be rerouting vertical loads because they couldn’t do that. The moments would rip them apart.

      If the floor trusses failed the result would be an unloading of the damaged core and tube sections. Stuff would fall to the floor below and make the building more likely to remain standing because there would be less weight above the damage.


  21. I voted NDP. 😦


  22. About that video. Don’t just watch it and move on. Focus in and watch the whole thing.zoom in and look at bushes faces. Focus particularly during the latter half of the video on black’s and edmucations. Guage the mans sincery.watch his face as it wants to turn into a smile but is then quckly reigned in. Teeeheeeheeeeeeheeeee


    • Merkel, you ignorant slut, it’s supposed to be Lebensraum, not Totensraum. .


      • I think “you ignorant slut” should henceforth be appended to any mention, in print or word, of Merkel’s name.


      • Ceausescu will give her shit about that one in hell.


      • I heard that they only do that shit to commercial, empty buildings. If true, that’s some serious shit.

        What the fuck are they thinking? I can only assume that they believe that the poor huddled masses are GENUINELY their responsibility and that anti-invasion Europeans are like deadbeat dads. Only explanation.


    • Ms Halbey insisted she was not against Germany taking refugees in. When asylum-seekers moved into the flat above hers last May, they got on well, she said.

      “We take care of each other. Helping people, this is my commandment,” she said.

      Now they’re moving you out b1tch. White people are retarded, so frustrating.


  23. on October 21, 2015 at 4:34 pm Shortest_Straw

    Cool cock, Ahmed. Want to come to the White House and show it to me?


  24. George “W” Bush was the most liberal president since LBJ. Idiot “conservatives” fell for his Texas brand of politics. At least LBJ never allowed a sneak attack!


    • Are you for real ?Gulf of Tonkin ? YOU ARE A SMARTASS, NOT YOU ARE ?

      [Sorry for all de kapsto the good people at the CH.}




  26. Daily reminder that 9/11 was a false flag operation.
    Nothing is more badly executed, from the tower collapsing to the phone calls to the Pentagon (missile) “crash” to the hole in Pennsylvania to WTC 7, than 9/11.