Poor White Americans Down, Diversity™ Up, Wage Gutting Up, Obesity Up, Anti-White Elite Up

Poor, middle-aged White Americans are dropping like flies. Their death rate “increased by 134 deaths per 100,000 people from 1999 to 2014.” The primary causes of the mortality increase for this group of maligned Americans are suicide, alcohol poisoning, and drug overdoses from painkillers. Environmental shocks.

Think about the ingredients of a happy life:

Family — destroyed by welfare, feminism, gogrrl careerism, obesity, and sinking earnings for working class men.
Community — destroyed by population density and Diversity™.
Work — destroyed by open borders, automation, and oligarchic greed.
Faith — destroyed by SCALE-induced materialism and noblesse malice.

The working poor and less-educated need these four pillars, perhaps more than effete SWPLs do, to feel like their lives have purpose. Instead, malignant elements in our ruling class have done everything in their power to knock those pillars over and smash them to dust.

I’d like to suggest other reasons for the suicidal ideation of underprivileged White Americans:

– Middle-aged Whites were born during a time when America was still predominantly White and native. Over their lifetimes they have witnessed the country turned over to brown world hordes. They are the only generation to have spent their formative years enjoying Peak White America and their productive adult years suffering the insults and antagonisms of Post-White America. They therefore have a dispiriting perspective other generations lack (or, in the case of the elderly, lack the ready memories from which to draw comparisons).

– White Americans have lost the protection and loyalty of their government. When your government stops “having your back” and treats you simultaneously like a sponge to be soaked for gibsmedats and an evil blight hindering social justice, you tend to feel like a stranger in your homeland.

– Obesity is driving men to suicide and drugs. Not directly; through their fat wives. Men’s romantic desires are visually centered. It is cruel to mock men for this biological reality and to expect them to “man up” when their wives get fat and unattractive. Obesity is rampant among the lower classes and White men stuck in these larded-up marriages have to feel desperately alone with their repudiated desires.

I would only warn the Lords of Lies that if White men drop out, figuratively or literally, there won’t be anyone left to squeeze for the Danegeld.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 1:06 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

      They are the only generation to have spent their formative years enjoying Peak White America and their productive adult years suffering the insults and antagonisms of Post-White America.

      Tell me about it. It’s like a completely different country.

      I’m lucky to have grown up in the 1970s and 1980s where we could stay out all night in the fields and woods or at our friend’s house, getting dirty, setting fires to things, swimming, fighting, whatever, and not going back home until dinner time. Even England, where I spent much of the 1980s and 1990s, was still recognisably English in the Thatcher years. It, too, has changed dramatically since then.

      They have removed our connection to God, country, woman, neighbor, ancestor, and tribe. No wonder so many Whites feel as if they have nothing to live for. Some of us have decided to live for the struggle, and that may be a way out for Whites.


      • This song explains what CH is talking about in a Nutshell


      • yes this country is like a different place from where anyone grew up in the 70s and 80s. Night and day no pun intended.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 3:03 pm Captain Tautological

        The other day I linked to the GTVCOAT, and watching it, and reminiscing over how perfect the Reagan Administration was for a boy to live through, I was equally shocked that the closest the ad agency got to non-White in the commercial was maybe some of Quentin Tarantino’s “Jersey Shore” Eggplant Chicks [no offense intended to our Sicilian Brothers – I would slam every single one of those girls]. No g00ks, no token nogs, no mohammadeans, no obvious Eskimos. Just WHITE PEOPLE. Beautiful White People. White People everywhere. White People who OWNED The Night:


      • on November 4, 2015 at 3:26 pm Captain Tautological

        I don’t wanna dump a ton of 1980s j00tube videos on this thread and cause it to grind to a halt for the sissy lancees on iPhag connections over [email protected] shiznat like TDMA or CDMA [instead of proper 802.11], but: Risky Business, Top Gun, To Live & Die in LA, the original [and only] Manhunter, Hard Bodies, DeNeuve & Sarandon & David Bowie in The Hunger, Kinski in Cat People [even if she did mudshark herself with Quincy Jones], The Rockford Files, Simon & Simon, Magnum PI [yeah, token Nog, big deal]. A FRIGGING PRESIDENT WHO TOOK ADVICE FROM ROBERT HEINLEIN ON STAR WARS TECHNOLOGY!!!!! You guys who are = 1990, you have no earthly idea how PERFECT this nation used to be. How glorious it was.


      • I like this one:


      • Nice comment, Laguna.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 5:19 pm Captain Tautological

        I was wondering WTF is shartiste talking about with some [email protected] pizza slut commercial?!?!? I had completely forgotten about that one. I keep wondering if he has been planning this whole thing since forever – if maybe The Gipper pulled him aside in the Oval Office one day, and said to him, “Son, you’ve got big ideas, and you’ve got some talent, but you simply have to get experience in front of a camera & microphone. Start working on it now.” And I also wonder whether he bumped into a certain young Sec Nav, named Jim Webb, in the hall outside The Gipper’s office…


      • Let’s not forget this:


        ‘The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”, according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

        He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”.’

        In other words, Rotherham happened for no better reason than some shitlibs felt butthurt. If Dante lived today I doubt he’d even know what circle to send these people to.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 2:30 am Days of Broken Arrows

        LOL! I was just joking with my brother about this. The big problem with us in high school was (get this) the girls were too “redneckish.” We were surrounded by thin blondes but they were too country-bumpkin. Poor us! Compared to the boys now who sit alongside odd-looking girls wrapped in ugly bedsheets, we didn’t know how good we had it.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 8:30 am mendozatorres

        That Pizza Hut commercial is boss. Still memorable after all these years.

        I always liked this song and commercial: (Also, I miss that old school Michelob bottle)


      • LOL! I was just joking with my brother about this. The big problem with us in high school was (get this) the girls were too “redneckish.”

        So true in the 80s!

        In my case they werent country bumpkin so much as blue collar. The “problem” with them was was purely a matter of class and clique, and sometimes intelligence. They dug long-haired guys who smoked, listened to metal, and itched for fights, and they had huge bitch shields for non-redneck guys.


    • All the males in this video appear to be homosexuals.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 11:29 am long time lurker

        I’ve never wanted to beat a child so much in all my life, and I didn’t even have the sound turned on.


    • “Work — destroyed by open borders, automation, and oligarchic greed.”

      Bullshit. I don’t see robots building iPhones in the US, and oligarchs are as “greedy” as they always have been (i.e., that’s a known constant always pegging the needle, like honey-badger ferocity).

      Work (employment) has been CRUSHED by excessive taxation in this country, most of it hidden out of sight:

      * social security matching funds
      * sucking the NLRB’s commie union rackets cock
      * affirmative-action
      * donating to leftist NGOs to stay off the “to be sued today” lists
      * carbon tax
      * fucking everything else

      Basically, everything in this country costs about eight times as much to make, here, as it should in a laissez-faire economy (of the sort we haven’t seen for about 120 years).

      But you Bernie Sanders dipshits out there just can’t get enough of the stealing so long as you think one doubloon will fall off the table into your lap. You whine about corporate “greed” as you demand the government swipe more and more (the US federal government is the largest incorporated entity on earth). And on the other side of the political spectrum, some new rent-seeker will dangle that border-fence in front of Pavlov’s dogs again, and they’ll slobber all the way to the polls for him like they always do. (Of course it’ll be instantly forgotten about should he win, and he’ll rubber-stamp every Appropriations bill Congress sends him — just like every other asshole before him since time immemorial.)

      *Neither* Americans *nor* Mexican illegals build smart-phones in American factories. Or anything else, for that matter. — It’s cheaper for companies to build half the fucking planet away and ship it here now. Similarly, Ford would rather build cars in Brazil and ship them here than build them actually here.

      This country would have been fucking Venezuela in 2009 if it weren’t for hanging onto to “reserve currency” status, and that’s not going to last forever.


      • H1B visas. Don’t be a dumbass.


      • “Hey, did you know they sell cheese in Wisconsin?”

        — That’s what a non-sequitur logical-fallacy looks like.


      • Nope, I replied to this point:

        “Work (employment) has been CRUSHED by excessive taxation in this country, most of it hidden out of sight:”

        H1Bs are the main crushing of all types of engineering.


      • “I don’t see robots building iPhones in the US”

        Robots don’t build iPhones in China, either. You know who does? Chinks. Millions of them who work slave hours in shitty conditions, and pollute like crazy. And you do know that out-sourcing is part of “open borders,” don’t you?

        What drives this is GREED, pure and simple. Apple could make iPhones in America, offer solid wages and benefits, good working conditions and have extensive pollution controls, and even, gosh, PAY TAXES, and they would STILL make gigantic profits. But why make a billion when you can make five billion through slave labor and giving the finger to the country that made you possible? Why does Ralph Lauren make $50 t-shirts in Vietnam when it could make them in America and still make vast profits? Because Ralph Lauren (nee Lifschizt) likes money.

        Oligarchs of old were “greedy,” but they were mostly nationalists. Not anymore.

        Granted there are tax issues we could fix, but if you think that’s magically going to bring jobs back to America you’re nuts.


      • H1Bs are a consequence, not a cause, of The Ruination of the American economy (which began in the 1930s under the commie FDR, hit its stride in the 1970s, and culminating in the oughts). They’re simply the last gasps of firms still stuck here as opposed to relocating overseas like everyone else hastened to accomplish a decade ago.

        You could export every immigrant and shoot or gas every ape, wog and greaser (let’s fantasize for a moment, like a Salon squib imagining what your dark thoughts really are), …and the economy still isn’t coming back until the vampire stops sucking at the corpse.

        No need for idle speculation either, because it’s all happened before along exactly those lines: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6611260-the-vampire-economy


      • Bullshit.

        1. Capital gains and corporate taxes were significantly higher in the 50’s and 60’s.
        2. Unions were prevalent and powerful.
        3. Working class white men (plumbers, masons, electricians, technicians, mechanics, etc.) owned/rented single-family residences with huge back yards over on 58th Place, Los Angeles (a formerly tree-lined street behind Slauson Ave).
        4. Slender wives stayed home, dressed up to do the housework, and were involved with schools, community, and church. White children were clean, combed, and properly dressed in the morning.
        5. White children were everywhere on skates, skateboards, bicycles, playing GI Joe, Cowboys n Injuns, treehouses, forts, every back yard was a male child’s “war zone” and every front porch was a female child’s tea party.
        6. Thousand Oaks, Corona, most of Orange County, and towns bordering the San Gabriel mountains was cowboy country. There were farms behind the hills at Laguna Beach. You could still by eggs with orange (not yellow) yolk.
        6. Photographers walked neighbourhoods with ponies and western outfits for the kids to wear.
        7. Ice cream men wore suits with shined black shoes w/black leather bill on his cover; drove clean, shiny metallic trucks.

        The white working class was destroyed by civil rights, school integration, and block-busting. In the space of ten-twelve years Inglewood, for example, went from being a fairly clean city to a grungy shithole overrun with Afros. To escape the mudflow people moved to new homes/apartments further out in ‘burbia and were forced to put wifey to work to make the payments. Women’s mags and books began promoting extramarital affairs. Wifey went to work, decided she needed to “find herself” some strange, and working-class marriages ended right and left.


      • Bullshit back-atchya. The overall tax-load — not to mention the regulation load and the lawsuit load — was far, far lower, as also was the ease of simply under-paying them or avoiding them altogether in the pre-computerized era.


  1. This is spot on:

    “White Americans have lost the protection and loyalty of their government. When your government stops “having your back” and treats you simultaneously like a sponge to be soaked for gibsmedats and an evil blight hindering social justice, you tend to feel like a stranger in your homeland.”


    • on November 4, 2015 at 3:41 pm Captain Tautological

      Dude, this is the DARK ENLIGHTENMENT, where we study the DARK ARTS and immerse ourselves in the almighty power of the DARK TRIAD. It ain’t our government anymore – unless maybe there’s a handful of Oath Keepers deep in the bowels of Fort Meade or hundreds of feet beneath the polar ice caps on some [email protected] nuke sub, struggling to hold everything together [and if you’re an Oath Keeper reading this: HELP IS ON THE WAY]. But once you realize that it ain’t your government anymore, then you’ve got no moral qualms whatsoever about burning the entire edifice to the ground and lynching every one of those Eskimo-Puppet TRAITORS from the nearest tree. And for all of our Eskimo acquaintances who troll this website on behalf of Director Tamir Pardo, you already know which two words I’m about to type: Zykl0n. B.


  2. I agree as a soon to be 45 yo White male not in a regular path to promotion and pensions. I recently bought off of Amazon, “Lil Orphan Annie in the Great Depression”, a series of comic strips produced about 1931. What a difference in perspective can be seen in that strip about society and corruption, vs. today.


  3. Theodore Dalrymple pretty much owns the territory here and his writing about the destruction of western culture, and what it looks like on the front lines, is worth reading. His theory is the upper class elite lurve adopting the bad habits of the lowest tier of the underclass, and then the elite habits get reflected downward. In the end, people who have no ability to absorb the damage caused by underclass (and now elite behavioral slumming) habits get destroyed. The rich and the permanent underclass don’t experience anything out of the ordinary (staying rich and privileged, or poor and wrecked, respectively); but the working poor and the working class destroy their lives, with no respite, if they adopt sexual promiscuity, drug abuse and laziness as lifestyle quirks. The casualties in the straight middle class are a bit less predictable but also there.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 3:54 pm Captain Tautological

      Has Rabbi Dalrymple ever spoken honestly about his Tribe’s role in poisoning and destroying Western Civilization? SRS question. Director Tamir Pardo used to send an operative around the Dark Enlightenment, known variously as EvilNeocon or Testing99 or Whiskey, who would start whining that it really wasn’t their fault but rather that it was actually all the fault of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley or WTFE. I’d ante up for frigging Pay-Per-View if it was showing that little turd getting s0d0mized and ax-murd3r3ed by some nogs which his Tribe had ushered into this beautiful land post-1965.


      • Dalrymple doesn’t ‘name the Eskimo’ – that is true. But he vigorously attacks all that the Eskimos are foisting on us. And let us be thankful for that. My own take is that he is actually a good man in the old fashioned meaning of the term. I believe it’s a serious mistake to tag all Eskimos with the sins of their broader tribe.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 4:32 am Captain Tautological

        And yet – has “Dalrymple” ever uttered so much as a peep about Weaponized Eskimo Psychiatry’s role in all of this? Did Jonah Goldberg write his Progressive-ism screed about Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman and Adolph Ochs and Emanuel M Friend, or did Goldberg write it about racist shegetz Woodrow Wilson? At 6PM on Fuchs News with Bret Baier, during H!tlery’s Benghazi testimony, did Charles Krauthammer acknowledge his conflict of interest in having worked with Sidney Blumenthal under Martin Peretz at The New Republic [for years, if not decades], or did Krauthammer immediately absolve his old Fifth Columnist comrade-in-arms of any and all possible wrongdoing? The Eskimos NEVER speak ill of one another. NEVER.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 4:33 am Captain Tautological

        Reply in the [email protected] stack somewhere.


      • Thank God!!!


      • on November 5, 2015 at 9:48 am Captain Obvious

        Yeah, it sure would be a crying shame for the Shkotzim to see all that concrete documentation of Eskimo duplicity & deceit & perfidy.


      • Be an even bigger shame that you can’t seem to post without changing handles. In between flinging poo out of the cages at the zoo visitors…


    • Good shout re: Dalrymple. A lot of people dislike his style (and/or his Jewishness), but the guy’s seen more shit and read more shit than most ever will.


  4. We need to get Trump in and allow Orania type autonomous communities in the United States. I hate, hate, hate the “jobs Americans (whites) won’t do” argument. Anthony Bourdain said “every restaurant in America would close” if Latino illegal immigrants were deported. No, some restaurants would close, and restaurant prices would go up, or they would have to achieve more efficiency. And communities and schools would flourish. It’s funny, the day he said that, I went to a Chopotle in an area currently experiencing low, but rising levels of diversity. Every employee in the kitchen was American looking. Nearly all white, with a couple blacks. Everything was fine. Order was fast, tasted good, place was sparkling. Where does this “the whole world will grind to a halt without Latinos/illegals/immigrants” argument come from? I know many otherwise good people who repeat this self evident lie.


    • Where does this “the whole world will grind to a halt without Latinos/ illegals /immigrants” argument come from?

      Probably excreted by the same chamber of commerce CuckGOP public relations hacks that push out faux-conservative, hard-nosed sounding slogans such as “open-borders is great as long as they assimilate / learn English / don’t get welfare!”


      • Its all part of the fake bubble economy we’ve been sold. The one that states “your kids NEED college, these labor jobs are for Messicans”..meanwhile your daughter is taking 6 years to obtain a 4 year liberal arts womynz lit degree instead of having kids. Your boy, well instead of laying brick and starting a small business like Jose is doing (without any English) he will be out exploilring his homosexuality and pretending to be a DJ. The moment we bought the idea that we were too good for hard labor and honest work, opting instead for flattering ourselves with edumacatin’ and meaningless status symbols we were doomed


    • What tony the fa ggot really saying is: ” without illegal beaner aliens chopping the lettuce in my restaurants, I wont be making huge profits off the slave wages I pay them. I don’t want to pay native people decent wages they can live off. Muh bank account.”


      • This is exactly it. The rich and especially liberal rich hate for a non-rich person to have a life worth living, especially the people who work for them.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 3:47 pm Captain Tautological

        The truly bizarre thing – just about the craziest thing I’ve seen in forever – is that apparently The Donald has a decades-long track record of working honorably with the unions and paying top dollar for White tradesmen and making certain that everyone gets a cut of the action and that, at the end of the day, everyone feels good about The Deal.


      • Nailed it.


      • Yep used to be 16 year old whites who worked at McDonald’s. I also cut the neighbors’ lawns (and my dad’s).


      • on November 5, 2015 at 10:02 am Captain Obvious

        Kubota tries to sell some crap with out-front mowing decks and steel drive shafts, but all the pro’s at the forums say they’re hopelessly underpowered for real mowing [== bushwhacking].


    • I hear this all the time. “If we deport the Mexicans, then who will do the dirty jobs?” I’d like to think the unemployed will, but the check from the government is probably better, so there’s no incentive to work. I also do wonder, however, who did these dirty jobs before all of the Mexicans overloaded our borders?

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      • “who did these dirty jobs before all of the Mexicans overloaded our borders?”

        I did, along with my White American friends.


      • more recently: teenagers

        before that: often immigrants but the difference is they were EUROPEAN immigrants whose children often had a good deal of social mobility. An italian could come over in 1900 and cook in a restaurant, his kid would be a cop, his grandson an engineer….. and now his great granddaughter is an instagram whore. There’s stories like this all over the northeast if you were to dig deep enough.

        The basic thesis is that shit jobs are for poor people but we don’t need to import poor people to do them. We have enough of them.


      • Exactly… We cut lawns… There were no lawn services until mexicans showed up. We painted houses as well. We shoveled snow. Always white working for white families.

        We got paid. The work got done.

        [CH: i did a lot of shit jobs as a teenager (and did them well). i don’t remember anyone telling me the jobs were unworthy of my effort. (just the opposite)]

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      • Correct, Europeans no longer want to come to the US when they can get the same pay or even better pay elsewhere within the EU and be much closer to home.


      • Depressing, indeed…


      • I was being sarcastic with that question, btw, but it’s one the open border cucks conveniently never mention (or probably think of).


      • Until the mid 1990’s, when planting and harvest seasons would come around, some families would get a letter, churches, high schools, and stores in central locations would get fliers, and people would tell a friend.

        It was never hard to find American workers to do the job. That the pay wasn’t good enough is a lie because the same way some rich land owners pay illegals now, they would pay many Americans under the table. Nobody, at least nobody African American, in their right mind passed up that hard cash.

        …but then it stopped.


      • One of my favorite lines is “do you want to pay $50 for an Orange?” The share which goes towards crop labor of the amount the average American household spends on fresh produce is peanuts. Teenagers, low skilled unemployed people, etc. could be getting paid $20 an hour to harvest crops, instead of the current $10 an hour going to illegal Latinos, and the average household would pay about $50 more a year in produce, if that. Think of the benefit to the schools, neighborhoods, shopping areas, and just the pleasant and soothing aspect of being around people like you.


      • I still remember fiddling around with the old lawn mower (that my Dad was going to throw out), painstakingly adjusting gas and air valves, until the darn thing would start, and then me and my buddy would go cut lawns for $5 a pop.

        Shoveling snow, raking leaves, whatever came up for the season.

        From the time we were 10 to 15 years old, we lived like little kings on the odd job money we made.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 4:02 pm Captain Tautological

        The Nicole initiative with “The Color Purple” bullsh!t. BTW, you forgot to throw in an anecdote about soulfood: “Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That – that’s about it. “


      • on November 4, 2015 at 4:09 pm Captain Tautological

        > “I still remember fiddling around with the old lawn mower (that my Dad was going to throw out), painstakingly adjusting gas and air valves, until the darn thing would start” – Yeah, I remember it too, from, like, gosh, THIS PAST WEEKEND, you effete s0d0mite [email protected] m0ther-f0rnicating traitor, hiring sp!cks to mow your [email protected] lawn.


      • And the rich weren’t envied. It was “if you work hard, and do it right, you can be rich too.”

        I remember all the yards I cut, jobs I did. We were taught a man was enriched by his labor and skills.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 4:36 pm mendozatorres

        Most of the gardeners I see use the damn leaf blower when I/we used a rake, a beat-up piece of cardboard and a trash can on its side to haul in the leaves. These guys make the other person’s yard shitty. Besides, blowers are ineffective for things like that.

        What’s funny is that here in SoCal, we have a glut of gardeners and are suffering from a “””drought.””” Something’s gotta give! More natural landscaping that doesn’t require so much maintenance.


      • “One of my favorite lines is “do you want to pay $50 for an Orange?” ”

        I hate that argument. It’s exactly the same one that any southern senator in the 1850’s could argue. “How much do you want to pay for that cotton shirt shuh? (insert foghorn leghorn accent here). It’s a dumb argument because the left, when they make that argument, are basically making a pro slavery argument. I wish someone would call them on it the next time that argument is used on a TV talking head show. The problem is, there is usually no one on that disagrees with it.


      • Most people use the leaf blower these days, because who has time to rake the yard, and noise pollution doesn’t matter. /sarc

        But actually it is faster to rake than blow. Also what’s up these compost bags by the curb. Put them in a pile in the backyard. It ain’t rocket science.

        The way that suburban people manage their lawns though, is an example of how “white civilization” is not all that.

        Everyone in thrall to the Economy and Progress.

        White people need to figure out how to live like High Elves, and that’s the platform.


      • – Do you want to pay $50 for an orange?

        – Do i have to? there’s plenty of apples.


      • To belabor the point, i think that basing white advocacy on “white civilization” is a loser, because this living arrangement that we have, is not a happy one.

        To anyone basing white advocacy on the notion of white civilization. What is this white civilization and where can it be found?


      • the chick’filie (spelling?) in Coral Springs FL is run by all white all teenage crew with exactly ONE adult manager on premises. it’s the cleanest, nicest, best tasting fast food joint i’ve ever seen.


      • The state has made children doing jobs of their own accord child abuse and illegal without permits and licenses. The state has required all sorts of levels of insurance and regulation to be complied with. This was deliberate. They knew what they were doing. It’s not an accident that cops go after kids and teenagers trying to make a buck.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 7:42 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        I’ll bet good money that a jéw invented that line, inside some think tank.


      • Who would do the jobs? That’s always a BS excuse. Cut the checks and you can guarantee they start working. Work or starve.


      • CT, okay, I admit I’m a Mossad operative. We’ve figured out a way of spiritually possessing the bodies of African Americans using the sacrificed Christian babies we harvest from orphanages in eastern Europe.

        You’d love the ritual. There’s a hexagram and everything.

        We are so concerned with the activities in the comments section here at the CH, and the danger you personally pose to the system, that we had to send in people to stop all this right away. You see how successful we’ve been. The site is completely shut down.

        We thought of doing it through WordPress administration, but they have magical protection, and this would muddle up our spellwork to possess the Africans you see.

        We are coming to get you, CT.


      • Most people use the leaf blower these days

        I HATE those things. Snow blowers too.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 8:43 pm Captain Tautological

        > “There’s a hexagram and everything.” ——— You know, it’s absolutely fascinating that you would betray your true nature in that fashion. Back in the 1970s, your Tribe went to extraordinary lengths to cast Devil Worshippers as being involved with PENTAGRAMS, which were associated with the five-pointed stars on the USA flag and the DoD five-sided Pentagon, rather than as being associated with the 6-sided Star and the 6-6-6 sign of your father, which is the father of lies.


      • Yes, yes, CT, your magical superchristian vibrations have forced me to reveal that I am indeed a Mossad operative who is a male Jew in a refrigerator in an underground base, who has possessed the body of an African American woman. My name is really Moishe, and you know, I’m missing having a penis, but really enjoying the massive titties.

        Oh yeah, hail Satan or whatever.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 8:59 pm Captain Tautological

        Even Joss Whedon perpetuated that anti-USA defamation. I guess the little traitor realized that he’d never get to direct Marvel Comics Movies unless he [email protected] circumcised c0cks on the casting couch:


      • > “I still remember fiddling around with the old lawn mower (that my Dad was going to throw out), painstakingly adjusting gas and air valves, until the darn thing would start” – Yeah, I remember it too, from, like, gosh, THIS PAST WEEKEND, you effete s0d0mite [email protected] m0ther-f0rnicating traitor, hiring sp!cks to mow your [email protected] lawn.

        Whoa, there Cap’n! Ah still be mowin’ mah own grass… ‘cept being a propertied man, it takes a tractor now…

        … otherwise by the time I’s a-finished, it’d be time to start agin. 😉


      • on November 5, 2015 at 2:37 am Days of Broken Arrows

        These were all jobs teenage boys did. I did them. Made money for college and it taught me how to deal with adults. The moving of illegals into these jobs is another in the long line of reasons today’s 18-year-olds are like yesteryear’s 10-year-olds.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 3:01 am Facepalm to the Max

        The people who used to do them.

        Teenagers will mow lawns and blacks will clean toilets


      • on November 5, 2015 at 4:37 am Captain Tautological

        Deere or Kubota or Mahindra?


      • The moving of illegals into these jobs is another in the long line of reasons today’s 18-year-olds are like yesteryear’s 10-year-olds.

        So true… more’s the pity.

        Deere or Kubota or Mahindra?

        Wha, no luv for the Cub Cadet?


      • on November 5, 2015 at 9:56 am Captain Obvious

        In the 1-in-a-million chance that Director Tamir Pardo isn’t 100% certain of my true identity [more like 1-in-a-billion LOL’ed], I better not say anything else about antique farm implements. [Although Cub Cadet is still in bidness – Briggs&Stratton bought them out a while back, and sometimes you can get a modern CC with a Vanguard engine, which is really nice. Whereas the vintage CCs tended to have Kohler engines, as I recall. And of course real transmissions, rather than hydro.]


      • on November 5, 2015 at 9:59 am Captain Obvious

        Almost every thing is hydrostatic [belt] or hydraulic now. Real transmissions tend to start at about $25,000, and even then they’ll have some pathetic sub-20HP engine powering them.


      • Or the joys of love with barnyard animals?


      • me and my buds had over 100 lawn customers we mowed for in the 70’s. I’d make more in a day as a 14 year old than many grown men.


    • Spot on. I live in heavily Latino Central Texas most of the year, but spend summers in a 95% White/Anglo Montana town. So Anglo that the burrito shop on Main Street is entirely Anglo-staffed. But guess what — there is still a burrito store. I can still have somebody else maintain my property or babysit my kids. They are White/Anglo, and they cost 20-25% more than the equivalent in Central Texas. But guess what, they have a decent quality of life at those higher wages, and the whole town has such a sense of community and solidarity, that it is well worth the extra expense. Traveling there is like riding a time machine.


    • Bourdain is a kíke. Explains it all.


    • It’s a retarded argument. Other countries manage just fine employing white people to do service industry work. “Grind to a halt” my ass.


    • The places where Latinos become a majority of the help invariably plummet in quality and, even here in the nearest big city where they are about half the population, eventually close or are under constant “new management”.

      Face it, lower class hispanics are slobs… never seen it different.


    • Bourdain said that?

      Well, from the Wiki:

      “Bourdain has said he was raised without religion, and that his ancestors were Catholic on his father’s side and Jewish on his mother’s side.”

      I used to think people who said “every fucking time” were paranoid. Now I just check. Every fucking time.


    • High school kids would do those jobs again like they did before.


    • on November 5, 2015 at 9:52 am Charles&Friends

      Seems like the more diversity hires a place has, the fewer white people you see. If I walk into a place and see nothing but color, why would I want to work there?

      Happened at my gym… started off as a good mix, mostly white. As more and more black/hispanic people were hired, all the whites quit.

      The Chipotle in my town has one white guy. The employees are constantly shouting, literally singing above the crowd as if in another world, and just acting all-around odd for someone that is on the clock.


  5. We’ll keep holding out for as long as we can in flyover country.

    P.S. Did you see Houston vote no on the HERO proposition that could allow trannies into the opposite sex’s bathroom?

    [CH: the fact that this even came to the ballot as a proposition shows you just how far along the decline america has descended.]


    • on November 4, 2015 at 1:11 pm mendozatorres

      And Houston’s mayor is a fascist dyke. (Is that repeating myself?)


    • [CH: the fact that this even came to the ballot as a proposition shows you just how far along the decline america has descended.]

      Thus with truth, CH Makes the victory ring hollow.


      • Hollow victory. Hmmm. Maybe some sign of pushback. I would bet that the issue keeps being brought up, and if it doesn’t pass, the courts will ignore the wants of the majority and enact it anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Every state where same-sex marriage had a ballot vote rejected it except for one


      • on November 6, 2015 at 12:05 pm Mandy been here a while

        Same sex marriage was only able to pass in one state via ballot initiative yet we’ve had it forcefully crammed down our throats. And so this will be too unless the Lord has mercy on this nation


    • overton windows have shifted so far that it becomes hard to enjoy the victories. No penises in your daughter’s locker room isn’t common sense anymore, it is something to be voted on? Say what? I think if the founding fathers could see the country today they’d have added a few things to the Constitution.


      • Would have been much simpler had they done what countless other European states and cities did. Refuse entry to a certain ethnic group. Not one of the problems that now assail us would have arisen had that been done.


      • Tbh, many trannies are such effeminate flamers, considering them men is difficult. I see them as hermaphrodites or something like that. As in, having a dick disqualifies you from being a woman, but can somebody who didn’t even hit puberty and develop an Adam’s apple be called a man? (look up Bailey Jay or Bülent Ersoy, if you want to know what kind of “men” I am talking about)

        I don’t have any objections to trannies being banned from being let into women’s locker rooms, but (autogynephiles like Bruce Jenner excluded) I cannot see them as men, in good conscience.


      • In my day we beat freaks up, told them “no way” and they stayed quiet.

        A lot less complicated than figuring out WTF they latest pile of genetic garbage is supposed to represent.

        Just say no.


  6. I saw the best men of my cegenation destroyed by incel, cuckolded, divorce-raped, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking at an angry bitch.


  7. There seems to be a growing pushback, gamergate, Seth Rogen, the fact that video gamers are mostly white males who get accused of sexism and racism by the cultmarx crowd, the alt right, etc. Just have to maintain some momentum against the Red Shields for the foreseeable future. My comments get modded and come out as anonymous instead of JohnDSee. Anyone else getting anonymoused?


    • on November 4, 2015 at 4:21 pm Captain Tautological

      I had that problem briefly today.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 4:33 pm mendozatorres

      Not anonymoused, but had a comment hung up in mod. Showed up a few minutes later. Sometimes it’ll affect each post I write. There was a stretch for about a week where all comments were in mod, then were released later.

      I’ve noticed that when replies are released they’ll appear out of order from where they were intended.


    • There seems to be a growing pushback, gamergate, Seth Rogen, the fact that video gamers are mostly white males who get accused of sexism and racism by the cultmarx crowd, the alt right, etc. Just have to maintain some momentum against the Red Shields for the foreseeable future.

      Exactly right, but you underestimate the power of white men. We don’t succumb to the current pasha, we fight to the last man because we are crazy as fuck. Don’t go wobbly now, boys. Our generation will witness the renaissance, unless you prematurely persuade yourselves to commit suicide with all of this doom and gloom.

      Find the small moments of victory and run with them. Ignore the rest like it doesn’t exist. Nature always returns to its mastery. My Word Will Not Return Void.

      We don’t need a majority — that’s how the muds take over, through slouching democratic preponderance. We just need one in ten men to stand tall.

      I’m not going out like this. Are you? Happy warriors, men. Happy fucking warriors.



  8. The pressure and weight of being a slave working to feed and house 4 hateful dindus each, knowing you are literally working to keep alive thugs who would rape your wife and kids and kill you the first chance they got (perhaps with a machete while you are jogging, trying to improve your health and avoid a heart attack), and then brag about it on twitter without getting their accounts “suspended”, knowing that CH’s account was deleted because of simply retweeting a dindu tweet showing felonious violence, all while being humiliated and under attack every day by the mainsteam media while also knowing that 90% of those around you are either clueless (goodwhites) or the Jews doing the crime, and feeling you cannot “afford” more than two of your own kids, does get to one and harm one’s health, eventually.


    • As I said in my first ever post on this site. It all comes down to a crisis of spirituality. “A [white] man with a ‘why’ will endure any ‘how.'”

      You think you can eject the one true God and replace him with superficial trinkets or fantasies of Odin or a retard’s blind worship of whiteness, then this world of shit we are living in is precisely what happens. Have you figured it out yet, or does He have to send another plague of GRIDS?

      Secularist poseurs tie themselves in intellectual knots to avoid the obvious.

      Every one then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house upon the rock; and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.

      And every one who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house upon the sand; and the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell; and great was the fall of it.

      It’s the JESUS CHRIST, stupid.

      In hoc signo ✝ vinces, stupid.

      How many different ways do you have to hear the good news before you start taking it seriously?



      • Matt, I have innocent, perfect children who came out of my balls right here in this real world, right here, right now. And they are in serious danger of staving and sleeping under a bridge. Starvation is painful. I love them more than you can understand. This is the real world. In the meantime, I’m lucky to have a job even after affirmative discrimination, and they are in communist indoctrination school as I type these very words. And I “can’t afford” more than 2 or 3 kids because 50% of white wealth for 60 years has been tapped for welfare, food stamps (now EBT cards), etc, to maintain the live of the 8 dindus who will kill me the first chance they get.

        It is madness.

        And I do what Jesus said. I treat others as they would have them treat me. Frankly, if every human on earth were like me, the world would be nearly perfect.

        My children and I are in a world of chaos and danger. They have been robbed of the life they were supposed to have, and it was done to us on purpose by Eskimos. Period.

        It is madness.


      • Stay the course, brother.

        Think of Job, and what the purpose of that Scriptural reference was.

        Though you be hard-pressed and heavy-laden, do not lose faith or curse God for what lays squarely at the Devil’s doorstep…

        … though you may lose all… health, wealth, even children… it will all be repaid in full, with extra interest.

        Read Job, from dire beginning to glorious end… it’s a microcosm of the entire “Why does God allow suffering” issue.


      • Frankly, if every human on earth were like me, the world would be nearly perfect.

        Wrong attitude, brother. Rather, think on your sins.

        Stop following philosophies and start walking with God “in the garden in the cool of the day.” The one true faith is not a series of prescriptions and proscriptions, it is the relationship between a Father and His Son, upon which our own bonds of brotherhood are patterned. “No longer do I call you servants … but I have called you friends”!

        Christ gave us parables rather than Pharisaical commandments. And the two instructions he did specify say it all: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” What does that mean! So abstract, so vague, so many interpretations! You will know what that means if you become quiet and listen to the small, still voice. In other words, God gave you judgment and trusts you to be wise.

        Stop playing the victim and go be wise as serpents. The victory is assured; it has already happened. All that is required is that you unite yourself and your children to it.



      • “You think you can eject the one true God and replace him with superficial trinkets or fantasies of Odin”

        Agree! So many Republicans worship the same God as Bush, Rubio, Clinton, McCain etc… yet would defecate on the God Putin worships. Twisted.


    • Matt, my post was simply an on point explanation for the cold hard facts that are the subject of CH’s post: white men dying earlier. This is literally the reason why middle aged white men are dying earlier, the first generation to go backwards as we prop up the dindus. Plain and simple. I guess it would be hard to precisly measure, but some scientist could do it: affirmative action (discrimination against men), welfare, feminism, leftist bashing of white men in the media 24/7, no wives to support us (our women merely fight with us), etc., literally weighs on white men, collectively, and the facts don’t like. Well what do you know? After 50 years of a relentless attack on white men, we are suffering some health problems, collectively.


    • Norse religion would be a HUGE improvement over what we have today.

      The Vikings were great warriors, they didn’t give two sh1ts about suffering and had no qualms about killing as far as I can tell.

      You gotta believe in something, you can’t be some pleasure seeking degenerate atheist piece of crap.

      OTOH the church did save Europe, Christianity has the numbers to unite large numbers of people.

      The important thing is that you fight SOON, all the white children in the world can’t save this.

      Your kids are in communist indoctrination school, this next generation won’t do squat and the rest of us are getting old.

      Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

      Better yet, train like your life depends on it while you pray. God helps those who help themselves.

      He isn’t going to do it for you.


  9. What about this idea? All truck drivers go on strike. No more food at the grocery store after a few days. Bring the collapsing dollar reality to the libtards and get on to the business of fixing things?


    • The entire country would come to screeching halt. Obama would fire every truck driver in America and import 200k beaners and towelheads to get the loads to walmart.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 1:18 pm mendozatorres

      My pops works in a warehouse and some of the truckers he dealt with are Asian guys that speak less English than the beaners. Tiny fuckers too, can barely see over the wheel.


    • What about this idea? Confess your sins, be born anew, and learn to focus on the real Enemy behind whatever particular shenanigans happen to be animating you on a Wednesday at 7:00.

      All of these other schemes, these edifices built around avoiding the fact that the God of Justice will settle all debts no matter what trivial efforts you attempt, make you as stupid as the niggers. You want to look Big Picture, but you are too pussy to look Big Picture enough: universe-wide, existence-wide. Yes, the Jews invented this idea, but we Elect were smart enough to appropriate it and purify it and make it practicable — which incidentally exposed the stiff-necked people of deicide for the devious, life-hating killers they are — while creating the foundation for the very civilization you so desperately desire to restore.

      Study about the good old way. Come on in, boys, the water is fine.



      • Offer not valid for Eskimo-looking dudes:


      • Come on in, boys, the water is fine.

        “What’d the devil give you for your soul, Tommy?”

        “He taught me how to play dis here guitar real good.”

        “Oh, son… for that you sold your everlastin’ soul?”

        “Well… I wuzzen usin’ it.”

        /had to let you know I saw what you did there. 😉


      • I should fight Satan himself? What should I do? I should be stoic while my kids starve under a bridge, knowing I’ll see them in heaven one day?

        What do you want us to do, Matt? What do you suggest?


      • Where is Satan? I am ready to go fight him, big man on big demon, mano a demon. Where is he?


      • I confessed my sins and do so daily, and pray all day and night, and yet my children still lack my protection 23 nights per month, through no choice of mine.


      • Where is Satan? I am ready to go fight him, big man on big demon, mano a demon. Where is he?

        St. Michael beat you too it, kid. Ol’ Scratch is still limping from their encounter.

        Save your fight for the minions of this world propping up Satan’s tentative hold on the current System of Things.

        It won’t be too much longer.


      • Where is Satan? I am ready to go fight him, big man on big demon, mano a demon. Where is he? I confessed my sins and do so daily, and pray all day and night, and yet my children still lack my protection 23 nights per month, through no choice of mine.

        Confession just gets you back to square one. It is only the beginning.

        You are no match for The Liar and Father of Lies. He fears nothing and no man, save One. No weapon formed against that One shall prosper. Find your strength through him and with him and in him. Fear will dissipate and your path will be clear. “I can do all things in him who strengthens me.”


  10. Maybe you only implied it but also: Declining social ties. More isolation – no huge white families with large amounts of interconnectedness.


    • Yup. The Millenials – the generation who’s at the age when it should start families – aren’t starting families. The women are postponing for a career and cock carousel riding. The men are weak and can’t lead a relationship and household. Even if a good young white couple WANTS to start a family, both are probably eyeballs deep in debt from student loans, and possibly credit cards. They can’t even afford a house, and certainly not a child or children.

      My father was six years younger than I am right now when I was born. My sister came along two years later. I have no children and no plan for any in the near future.


      • Bro we’re 2 generations into the problem of our women not wanting to form families when they are younger than 35. That’s how it was for Gen X too.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 2:41 am Days of Broken Arrows

        “Bro we’re 2 generations into the problem of our women not wanting to form families when they are younger than 35. That’s how it was for Gen X too.”

        Yeah, but at least the Gen X women eventually had those kids at 40, giving special ed teachers jobs dealing with the autistic, the ill-formed, etc. In that light, feminists is sort of a jobs program for the dept. of education.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 1:15 pm mendozatorres

      You got that right. Awhile back, someone wrote a commentator on a former post about the fact that most of their “friends” or people they hang out with are mainly family members.

      Growing up, we always spent time with the extended family when we could and when we got a pool, it was pool parties in the summer. Sadly, most of us are all spread out and the younger generation didn’t marry and/or have many kids. (I’m in that boat.)

      We don’t have unity anymore and that leads to temptation, whereas family would always set you aright, even if they at times didn’t have the best advice, it was from genuine love.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 4:24 pm Captain Tautological

      > “Declining social ties.” ——— And the Race Traitor, Robert “The Eskimo” Putnam, sat on that data for a decade. Shortly after the Bush family gets theirs, we’ll turn our attention to collaborators like Putnam.


    • If God withdrew his favor from a people, or if he wanted to demonstrate his power, what would that look like?

      Cartoon thunderbolts and brimstone? A spooky bearded fellow alighting on a cloud, proclaiming judgment with the voice of Charlton Heston?

      When The Lord withdraws his favor, he doesn’t give you the honor of going out with a bang. He lets you wither and decay until you discover your culpability, lest you start eating yourself and committing yourself to permanent perdition. Mercy is what stays his immediate violence. He doesn’t wish any soul be lost. He wishes you to discover your neglect through pain, to realize you have cut off the source of your own life, and to correct your arrogance.

      Go back to basics. From time immemorial the left, from the Pharisees and Sanhedrin to Hollywood and Washington today, has sought to “kill” God and put themselves in his stead. You want to deny this existential dynamic and figure out a cute substitute, just like the godless left. More fool you. You will tread water until you drown.

      Or you will rise up and wield the power of the faith of your fathers. Are you worthy of your light skin and hair and eyes? Do you even lift? Deus vult.



  11. […] Poor White Americans Down, Diversity™ Up, Wage Gutting Up, Obesity Up, Anti-White Elite Up […]


  12. SCALE? Been seeing this acronym of late around the interwebs. What does it stand for?

    [CH: it’s just a meme-ready all-caps affectation to describe the deleterious consequences of a massive and massively over-leveraged bureaucracy trying to manage a country that has become too large and too ethnically and racially disparate.]


  13. And the pinky-in-the-air-at-brunch pantsuits and fags wonder why Trump has such a passionate voting bloc.


  14. Interesting that the percentage of foreign both is not high today relative to the 1870-1920 period.

    The problem is that the govt. overtly black assimilation, unlike a century ago.

    [CH: keep in mind that most of the “foreign born” during 1870-1920 were white ethnics, including germans, poles, jews, irish, and italians. this is a significant difference to what we have today: migrants from all points EXCEPT europe.]


    • I’m still curious about your opinion on Jews, CH


    • Interesting that the 1870-1920 period was one of rapid industrialization, whereas today we have an excess of unskilled labor and certainly need no more.


      • It amuses me (as above) when Americans talk of the late nineteenth century as being the period of industrialisation. We English place that event some fifty and more years earlier.


      • We were talking about the US, dipshit.


      • It amuses me (as above) when silly English wannabe public school catamites consider industrialization a single event rather than a continuing process.


      • “English public school catamites”



      • on November 4, 2015 at 3:28 pm The Spirit Within

        Exactly. Heartiste’s analysis in these areas is always short on economic history. A pity, because trends in the economic market are primary drivers of trends in the sexual market. But Heartiste is trying to further an agenda, not seek the very complicated truth.

        [CH: you have it backwards. the sexual market has primacy over the economic market (thought the latter can exert some influence over any preexisting trends in the former via complex feedback loops).]


      • on November 4, 2015 at 4:29 pm Captain Tautological

        > “English wannabe public school catamites” ——— Whew. Pushing MT for COTY. https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/the-reason-women-initiate-70-of-divorces/#comment-723645


      • Little known fact;

        It was the USA that came up with the idea of making all screw thread standard sizes,

        Before that, in Europe everyone had their own thread which was ridiculous as nothing could fit with nothing else.

        Can’t remember exactly when that was but I’d say mid 1800s and I think this very good idea was presented at the Chicago Fair. ( if memory serves…yes I could goggle it but nah…don’t feel like it…and anyway leftists have probably re-written history and erased that fact and now attributed it to some black guy who surely was a slave and blablabla…)

        You would think that is an obvious thing to do have standard thread size but for some reason Europeans had not thought of it…it took Americans to come up with this idea.

        That idea is less spectacular than a cure for cancer but thousands and thousands of such good ideas is what made the USA the most successful nation in the history of the planet.

        The USA did not become the best at almost everything for no reason, it had a high density of brilliant people.

        Europeans have always been bitter and jealous of the USA, because Europe for a long time was the best of the best and then suddenly the USA beat it and ran circles around it.

        Many Canadians have that bitterness and jealousy, especially French Canadians, I’m a black sheep here in French Canada for not hating the USA.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 8:33 pm Vagina dominator

        Rapid industrialization resulted from the discovery of massive amounts of oil in the US. It typically required not more than one barrel of oil to extract 100 barrels.

        The fall began with the US reaching peak oil in 1971, which was managed by going off gold and creating the 1980s-current credit boom. And now interest rates are lower even than after the Black Death yet since the year 2000, the number of additional credit dollars (worldwide) required to pump up yet another barrel of oil has continued to increase.

        Shale oil is a black hole of debt. It can’t pay for itself and requires endless cheap money to keep it going. Same for canadian and venezuelan oil sands and sci-fi-sized oil rigs off the coast of brazil.

        If oil were still net-energy cheap and easy to get, why would we be looking for it at the north fucking pole? (Although now they’re giving up on that)

        So now the party is almost over and culti-marx is just that insane shit that drunken deadshits do at insane parties. It’s been a wild party, we’re all drunker than we’ve ever been.Now that we’ve gangbanged the fat girls, torn up the mattresses, smashed the tv, dragged away the safe and microwaved the dog.

        It gets the worst when we no longer know any of the people at our own party. All of our friends are gone and everyone else here is a party crasher. Hundreds of them are spilling out into the street. And now the booze is all gone so what are they going to do for fun? Well, they’re going to burn the entire fucking house to the ground. Why not? Why would they care? It’s not their house.

        Look at that house burn!

        Destroying our civilization is thus a form of conspicuous consumption and status-whoring.

        It’s been managed by people who have never known want and can’t imagine they ever will. The master resource is oil and the cheap oil (i.e., cheap cost of extraction) is gone and don’t imagne we’ll be saved by the unicorns of Tesla and wind turbines. They are just government free-money scams.

        There is a cost to the flouting of conventional moralities and rejection of common values (of family, tribe, race,nation).

        When we can’t afford to pay that cost any more, families, tribes, and moralities will come back with a vengeance.


      • IndustrialiZation matured at roughly the same time in America, specifically Massachusetts in the 1810s, as it did in Britain, you limey cunt. Look up Francis Cabot Lowell. After that, we invented everything necessary to bring the revolution to full flower.

        And, whatever: No matter where it began, we perfected it and turned it into a world-bestriding powerhouse that continues to this day, while your Jewed Scepter, This Realm, This England has turned into a rump has-been and Paki rape park.

        Learn history or go masturbate with the left. “It amuses me…” Your pioneering cuckoldry and buggery “amuses” me. The best went west, your ancestors stayed behind and choked on each other’s cocks, indubitably.



      • “That idea is less spectacular than a cure for cancer but thousands and thousands of such good ideas is what made the USA the most successful nation in the history of the planet.”


        Since when can one compare nations from different centuries?

        Victorian Britain says hello. (in b4, “they didn’t have space flight/man on the moon”)


      • on November 5, 2015 at 4:55 am Captain Tautological

        > “I’m a black sheep here in French Canada for not hating the USA” ——— Dude, there has got to be some proper fasc!st levebvrite cathar huguenot Marine Le Pen p00ntang up there whose oven needs your buns in it. Just man up for the Cluster B sh!tstorms and the papish alcoholism [enforce an absolute ban on drinking during [email protected], and then keep her [email protected] for two decades], and you’ll be fine.


      • Since when can one compare nations from different centuries?

        You roll your eyes because you disagree,
        and how did you come to that ( wrong) conclusion that the USA is not that great?

        you compared it to other nations from other centuries.

        Thanks for playing, better luck next time.


      • “Little known fact;

        It was the USA that came up with the idea of making all screw thread standard sizes”

        Not factual. But don’t let that stop you. Joseph Whitworth, 1841.

        In April 1864, William Sellers presented a paper to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, proposing a new standard to replace the U.S.’s poorly standardized screw thread practice. Sellers simplified the Whitworth design

        [CH: brotherly tiffs are so quaint nowadays. too bad they will soon go the way of the dildo bird.]


      • I’d say I was wrong but I am not really wrong, for two reasons,

        1 – That is what I was taught in mechanical engineering school ( a long time ago, before Google was invented ) and that is exactly what they said in a NOVA series documentary on PBS about 10 years ago.

        I had no reason to doubt and to go searching for who is saying the truth.

        2 – It was still an American improvement over the existing European system which was too complicated and inefficient as most Europeans things are. ( as many engineers, architects, and scientists will tell you )

        My point still stands; Americans had thousands of brilliant ideas and that is why they ran circles around Europe and still do today ( although the left is working 24/7 to make sure the USA will soon go the way of the Roman Empire).


      • Wikipedia is edited mostly by liberals, and liberals are anti-USA, so f*ck wikipedia,

        here is ASME.org on this,

        […] Sellers simplified Whitworth’s design by adopting a thread profile of 60 degrees (versus 55 degrees), which was easier for ordinary mechanics and machinists to cut. In addition to this profile, Sellers offered systematic approaches to thread pitch (the number of threads per inch), form, and depth, as well as rules to proportion hex nuts—for each fractional size from 1/4-inch to 6-inch diameter bolts.

        […] By the 1880s, the new system of standard screw threads became widespread as machines with interchangeable parts, from typewriters to locomotives, flooded the national economy. This rationally elegant yet simple system of fasteners boosted productivity, simplified machinery repairs, and united diverse machine makers and users from coast to coast. They are still widely used, known as the United States Standard Screw Threads.


      • I only know about Whitters on account of (still gives me a sting of heart-pain every time I recall) having to flog off a heyooge case of top quality Jap WW sockets & spanners exactly 30 years ago. So I could buy food. Oh the humanity. Sold it to a hairy biker, so console myself with its having gone to a good home.


    • white ethnics, including germans, poles, jews, irish, and italians.

      Maybe, but Irish, Italians, and Poles were certainly considered inferior by WASPs. Italians were highly analogous to the Hispanics of today.

      [CH: only in relative perception. but perspectives change with reality, and the cultural/genetic distance of italian immigrants to the native stock anglo-germanic US population pales in comparison to the mestizo cultural/genetic distance. and btw germans were by far the biggest emigrant group of the mid-late 19th century.]

      Assimilation, or lack thereof, is substantially within the government’s control. Too bad we have a treasonous government now..

      [assimilationism is cuck language. genetic heritage matters. of course, it certainly doesn’t help that the anti-white ruling class works hard to obstruct any possible assimilation.]


      • All you have to do when they bring up the Italians is point to the massive contribution of Italian culture to the Western Canon. It is second to none.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 2:47 am Days of Broken Arrows

        No. Italy is in Europe. It is not the Third World. The Italians have a long tradition of great artists, texts, and thinkers. The Third Worlders do not. In this light, the Italians were not that different to the Irish or German immigrants of yesteryear. All of these immigrants were from EUROPEAN countries with rich histories. The same cannot be said of the places today’s immigrants hail from.


      • The next disingenuous shill who brings up the canard of “The Eye-Rish and the Eye-talians were considered inferior, back then, like today’s immigrants…” should be horse-whipped… and then banned for a month.

        That fucking lie has been addressed so many times here at the chateau that anyone STILL saying that stupid shit doesn’t deserve to even sniff the latrines of these hallowed halls after a banquet in which bad fish was served.


      • “but Irish, Italians, and Poles were certainly considered inferior by WASPs.”

        They were considered inferior because they were inferior. The Irish in particular were extremely poor and uneducated due, in part, to WASPY landlords stealing their land and then renting it back to them (also see: potato famine etc.). No money meant no education, which means in a very real sense, inferior.

        Then there was the whole Catholic / Protestant thing. A lot of Wasps didn’t like how the damn irish wouldn’t heel for 700 years (and counting). Are you just going to invite them into your country club after all that??

        But turns out, it only took a couple generations for the Irish to “assimilate”.

        Funny dat.

        [CH: the irish are less genetically/culturally distant from wasps than are mestizos. anyhow, a case can be made that the micks never completely assimilated. they still vote like crazy leftoids and get into a lot of trouble with the law (by white standards).]


      • Allow me to rain on the parade here, and remind you that the Mexicans are largely descendants of the Spanish, who are responsible for your even knowing the Americas exist as an option.

        They have contributed a lot to the western canon, and they are European.

        The genetic/cultural difference between you and them is that they did not niggerize violence and other unpleasant but natural features of manhood. They generally pride themselves in a degree of sadism, and the more Spanish blood, the more pride they have in sadism.

        Additionally, their brand of nationalism was not based on feminism, so they didn’t “lose” people because of a little mixing. Their creoles did not lose their identity, nor did their mulattoes or mildly mixed, and as you can see today, this profited them greatly. It’s not without its problems, but an Afro-Hispanic person is Hispanic, and embraces rather than shuns his Spanish heritage.

        In addition, the style of nationalism of the Spanish/Hispanic in the Americas lends to a certain degree of connectedness to other branches of their heritage. What survived in the Americas of African spirituality, until the internet, is thanks largely to the Lukimi (also known as Santeria) community. On the internet, they dominated the dialog for quite some time. Then, at some point when some purists returned to Africa to get knowledge from the origin of their diaspora faith, they were and are very much up to that challenge, and did a lot towards building cultural and spiritual bridges, and thus powerful alliances.

        Because of their attitudes towards spirituality, they also preserve many of their own ancestral traditions and lore, as well as what they could incorporate from the Native American nations they conquered and interbred with.

        You may not be able to admit this to yourselves, but the central and south Americans coming into the U.S. are made of sturdier stuff than you, and have the territory and track record to prove it. Some of their domain may be “shit holes”, but then some very homogenous places in Europe are “shit holes” by the same criteria, due to politics. The existence of poor people is not the thing to judge such a large group by.

        When the Spanish are poor and pressed, their crying about how hard life is, has a limited timespan. When the going gets rough, they seek new territory.

        So we live in interesting times.

        I don’t know how to advise you to defend yourselves from such people if they want your lands. They will likely absorb African Americans within a generation or two since time hasn’t made them as decadent as you, and there is not as much regulation of male sexuality…and even a very aware African woman is still a woman. You can’t really unite with African American men to curtail this because of your oversensitivity and history of alienating others. In my hometown, African American men lose African American women to Hispanic men because Hispanic men handle their bitches and lock them down. It was like a soft “rape” of the Sabines.

        A friend of mine from what was historically, one of the “whitest” towns in the south, to the point of the people looking inbred, watched the same thing happen to his.


      • And the Queen o’ Babble-On pontificates her n1gger bullshit yet again… to any empty court.

        Meh… next.


      • …because an idea or information being popular is what makes it right. Heh.


    • We’ll be getting migrants from Europe in about a generation or so:

      “… the following video shows a muslim man threatening a German that ‘his daughter will wear a headscarf and marry a Muslim and that Germans stand no chance with their low birth rate,’ adding that muslims will will ‘conquer Europe not with weapons, but with birth rates.'”


      Demography is Destiny


  15. These illnesses leading to deaths of lower class middle aged whites are psychological in nature and require a psychological explanation of some trauma or series of traumas visited upon them. The fact that these are the people whom we see humiliated and maligned constantly in mainstream political and entertainment media is an obvious starting point; it stands in contrast to their behavior and the further fact that they serve as the dumping ground for leftist equalist policies and as milkcows to provide for the dindus and turd worlders, the latter having been imported to replace them for political reasons.


    • I’ll probably end it here soon, myself. Pretty tired of it all. My parents are dumb indifferent strugglers, no male relatives worth the title, a couple meme-obsessed pals, tired of whores, tired of not finding work, tired of the future looking so black, tired, tired, tired.


      • I hope you don’t mean ending your life. As long as you’re breathing and relatively healthy, there is no reason to rush to the grave. Instead, start a business.

        You can invest the same hours a day that you would at a job working for someone else, and make, at worst, the same money. Just find a hole in a market, and plug it.

        A friend of mine was where you were (tired of people and being under-appreciated), and that’s what he did. It changed his life. He saw that there was a lack of talent promoters around, and saw that local bands had trouble finding gigs and being consistent, marketing themselves, etc. and decided be a sort of agent/manager/promoter/event organizer. He’s doing quite well now.

        Working for yourself, you don’t have to answer to others, and you can associate with whoever you want, and not associate with whoever you don’t want to be around. No discrimination lawsuits because you’re simply not around or available to people you don’t want to deal with. My friend just so happens to only work with Russians…

        Another friend of mine, a sound engineer, noticed he was getting discriminated against and shut out because he’s not Jewish. He decided to work for himself too. He has a lab in his home, and is making many times what he would working for someone else. Now they all wish he’d been their employee, but instead they have to compete for his time as a contractor.

        There is always a way.


      • Nah I’m deep in debt. Live in a bad place. Criminal record. Health problems. No way out of it really. Thing is, as this post and the comments make very abundantly clear, there’s no incentive even to think about trying anymore; there’s nothing at the other end, even assuming success.

        We can’t keep saying “there’s nothing left” but thinking “there’s always a way.” That just guarantees a lifetime of misery, holding the carrot over one’s own head.

        It is what it is. We’re the unluckiest generation of men since the Black Death. And that, at least, promised a speedy if gruesome end.


      • We need more red pilled white men to help teach the next generation and fight this cultural marxist garbage. The fact you’re even reading this website makes you part of the 1% of men who are unafraid to accept difficult truths. Put that knowledge to good use, even in small ways. Even if you don’t have kids, there are still valuable things you can do. We carry the fire.

        Stop the whores, start lifting, eat better, accept the decline and fight it in your own small meaningful way. We carry the fire.


      • Or go kill everybody that you don’t like. Make the world a better place.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 5:12 am Captain Tautological

        J, move to a state which doesn’t garnish wages – ? {PA, NC, SC, TX} ? – leave no forwarding address at your old crib, and never list your new phone number publicly. They’ll never find you [unless you purchase property and get your name on the county tax records, or you answer a census questionnaire with your real name]. Or stay behind in garnishment states but disappear into the cash economy. Or go down to Burrito Town and purchase a fake SSN & DOB and be reborn as Philippe Gonzales or John Fernandez. Pass through a state with religious-objector photo-exemption, and get a driver’s license which has no photo on it. Etc etc etc. Just walk away from the eBernankification and be reborn as a New Man.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 5:14 am Captain Tautological

        “Thirteen states allow the option of a non-photo driver’s license for reasons of religious belief: Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driver's_license_in_the_United_States


      • jawohl, check out the post about “Beware Self-fulfilling Prophecy”.



    • on November 4, 2015 at 5:32 pm The Other Anonymous

      For this reason – I’ve pledged to:

      Unplug from television and radio for the duration of the election year.
      Double up on my qualification of all women – without regard for looks.
      Undermine or obstruct every office activity involving a minority.

      I shall have no other Gods before my dignity and virility.


  16. @ch

    Dont a lot of the brown hordres exhibit the Chateau-endorsed Alpha traits; not putting pussy on a pedastal, not caring what society thinks of you, risk taking, treating women like iit is the 1950s, violence, etc.

    Ch is pro-alpha male right so arent the dindus and saracens somewhat similar to your loyal readers?

    (Just finished Meditations by Aurelius and one quote was akin to Your enemy came from the same land and water as you and therefore you two share a bond that needs to understood)

    [CH: pee-you! stinky troll attempt.]


    • just because the enemy is not beta, does not make him any less the enemy.


      • Neither you nor tombreck understand what alpha means, then.


      • It is a riot how much you worship that guy. As if you guys would’ve been lost for good, if he hadn’t succeeded.

        Actually, ho, it’s a schande that every school child doesn’t recognize the name of Martel.

        It’s damned likely that, if he doesn’t stop the Moops (sorry, but the card says Moops) back in the 8th century, a goodly portion of central and northwester Europe is overrun and that precious genetic heritage lost forever.

        At best, Europe might have turned out to be Portugal writ large… without the healthy pork injection from the Northmen that propped up the short-lived empires enjoyed in those lands where the lemon trees bloom, as the saying goes.

        Read a military history book on occasion, if you would snark. Back in the day, Tours was ranked by EVERY historian worth his salt as one of the most significant battles in Western History, if not THE most.


    • Who was the alpha who led the Mooslims into Europe during the Crusades? He was the enemy of Charles Martel, an alpha himself.

      Thank the Lord for The Hammer!


      • It is a riot how much you worship that guy. As if you guys would’ve been lost for good, if he hadn’t succeeded.


      • The Crusades happened centuries after Tours, btw.


      • The difference between white alpha and black alpha is civilization, which is a rational, disciplined trade-off of impulsive and short-term gains for long-term and reliable ones.

        In short, it’s a matter of class. White trash controls itself just as poorly as the writhing brown swarms of shit. Insofar as “game” encourages you to eschew self-control (in its pedestalization of psychopathy, self-centered narcissism, etc.), it effectively niggerizes you.

        It’s important to understand the roiling instincts omnipresent beneath civilization, sure, but to celebrate them or otherwise encourage them among frustrated MGTOW-type refugee weaklings who cannot handle power is to wish the Third World upon whites. To glamorize evil as strength in any way other than as a measured weapon against the established milquetoast cuckold “elite” (who call good evil) is to desire one, two, many Detroits.



      • The Crusades happened centuries after Tours



      • No Muslim general that fought in the Crusades, faced Charles Martel, because the latter was dead by the times the Crusades happened.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 5:24 am Captain Tautological

        > “white alpha and black alpha is civilization” ——— Biologically, the difference is K-SELECTION versus R-SELECTION. Even the Eskimos are R-Selected since forever [in Old Testament times, Solomon had about a bazillion shiksa wives, and Eskimos were still openly practicing polygamy at least into the early Middle Ages]. K-Selection was what distinguished the Athenians and the Romans and the Gaulish and the Franks and the Celts etc from every other people at every other point in recorded history.


      • It is a riot how much you worship that guy. As if you guys would’ve been lost for good, if he hadn’t succeeded.

        Actually, ho, it’s a schande that every school child doesn’t recognize the name of Charles Martel.

        It’s damned likely that, if he doesn’t stop the Moops (sorry, but the card says Moops) back in the 8th century, a goodly portion of central and northwester Europe is overrun and that precious genetic heritage lost forever.

        At best, Europe might have turned out to be Portugal writ large… without the healthy pork injection from the Northmen that propped up the short-lived empires enjoyed in those lands where the lemon trees bloom, as the saying goes.

        Read a military history book on occasion, if you would snark. Back in the day, Tours was ranked by EVERY historian worth his salt as one of the most significant battles in Western History, if not THE most.


      • It is a riot how much you worship that guy. As if you guys would’ve been lost for good, if he hadn’t succeeded.

        Actually, ho, it’s a schande that every school child doesn’t recognize the name of Martel.

        It’s damned likely that, if he doesn’t stop the Moops (sorry, but the card says Moops) back in the 8th century, a goodly portion of central and northwester Europe is overrun and that precious genetic heritage lost forever.

        At best, Europe might have turned out to be Portugal writ large… without the healthy pork injection from the Northmen that propped up the short-lived empires enjoyed in those lands where the lemon trees bloom, as the saying goes.

        Read a military history book on occasion, if you would snark. Back in the day, Tours was ranked by EVERY historian worth his salt as one of the most significant battles in Western History, if not THE most.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 7:21 am carlos danger

        Tours showed the Franks they could beat the Moors. Frankish nobility was its own worst enemy. They spent more time fighting one another for succession than repelling foreign invaders.


      • They spent more time fighting one another for succession than repelling foreign invaders.

        True that… I believe even Martel was feared as a threat to the royals, and they had him arrested on some odd charges, like embezzling church funds or some such thing.

        Another Hero-Of-All-Time who later suffered at the hands of his own was Hermann (Arminius)… who, after preventing the spread of a decadent Rome any more northward into Europe, wound up getting killed by his own kinsmen, if memory serves.

        His victory in the Battle of Teutoberger Wald is another one of those turning-point moments in White History, right up there with Tours.


    • Dindus ain’t human. Your comparison has fallen apart. You lose.

      Failure rape!


    • The enemy, non-white muds, are beta as hell. MightyWhitey conquered their lands, enslaved, drug addicted, and ruled over them. In fact they were all better off under White rule. The only enemy the White race has is itself, liberalism.


      • “MightyWhitey conquered their lands, enslaved, drug addicted, and ruled over them.”

        No he didn’t.


      • Yes, Dirka Dirka Mohammud Jihad, he did.

        I thought you desert heathens were good at history, as you are taught from childhood to obsess over marginal victories a thousand years ago, the last time the men of your creed was worth a shit.


      • Beating some non-whites is not equivalent to beating them all. What’s more, being worse at calculus or whatever led to those defeats, is not a sign of being beta.

        You pismire.


      • Hey Ho, what language are you typing in? What language do you speak in? What language do you think in? MightWhitey still rules you today. See the problem is, MightWhitey is so powerful he could/can only fight himself. Like an organism in nature will always have a nemesis, this is the nature of nature itself. Its what creates evolution. So MightyWhitey has to fight himself. You muds are just pawns in this ancient struggle until we evolve liberalism out of our genome.


      • I could type in Latin too, but that is not the language of this blog.

        You’re weird.


      • Who are the originators of Latin idiot? WHITE MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell speaks in Swahili, besides nizzers… Without the White Men the majority of the world would be living in the stone age.


      • I could type in Latin too,

        I see our ho is an educated man…

        … now I know I hate him.

        /admittedly recycled, but a good homage bears retelling 😉


      • That line never gets old, GE. Any Doc Holliday Tombstone quote, I should say.


    • @ch lol no I grew up as a liberal in DC and eventually found this site; thank god (if he existed) and am now on the…right..side.

      I have read every single post on here and your blog is the only site I trust so I was curious and wanted to ask


      • on November 4, 2015 at 5:04 pm Captain Tautological

        If He didn’t exist, then all of this would be purposeless. He11, we ourselves wouldn’t exist, much less our ability to partake of non-material abstractions such as mashing our fingers on computer keyboards in order to indulge ourselves in cogent & coherent creations of completely abstract purposefulness. [BTW, that ability is what them Evil Christian simpleton troglodyte mouth-breathers call THE LOGOS.]


    • Okay i’m going to be frank and really un-politically correct here.

      Blacks are “Alpha” in the sense that they are generally bigger and brawnier and have more T. As a result they have a cavalier attitude that, in ways, game tries to instill in its practitioners, yes.

      That doesn’t mean “burn down pharmacies” however.

      Much of European Whites’ natural-cavalier attitude has been conditioned out of us by feminism, political systems, education, the media, and blacks themselves. Some of this is also due to white (northern-hemisphere) sexual selection for temperance, altruism, planning and foresight traits. (traits which have been used against us in recent years, see: pathological altruism)

      This does not mean “black” is the gold standard.

      Moreover, for all their ‘bravado’ and burning down pharmacies and stuff, blacks can be ridiculously supplicating at times. They will defer to female rule and/or whoever gives them money4nuthin and/or whoever enables their helplessness (see: David Frost over at UNZ on African Polygyny and matriarchies).

      Black males will turn “nigger” just as fast as they will turn “house nigger”.
      That is not alpha.


    • Living in 50% Mexican Yakima WA I can tell you not all Mexican men have the stereotypical macho alpha male persona. Many Mexican males, especially the newer immigrants, are nice and gentle, they are often shy and soft spoken. They are beta males working in low status jobs (around here usually picking apples and other fruit). Yet they mostly have a wife (who is often pretty and feminine) and children (usually lots of kids).

      So low status Mexican men still have families (because feminism didn’t ruin their culture). They are loved and respected, that is why their death rate is going down. Very rarely do low status white betas have this love in their life. Their lives are meaningless which explains why white drug and alcohol related deaths are increasing as well as suicide.


    • If the stinky trolls didn’t Heighten the Contradictions, who would?

      [CH: the only thing they heighten are their micros.]

      This community enjoys having it both ways by studiously remaining shallow. It’s a kind of online dysgenics. Those who rely on consistency and intellectual honesty eventually move on. The slavish dogmatics remain.

      [do you or do you not agree that there have been great White european seducers throughout history?]


      • there have been great White european seducers throughout history

        What’s your point?

        Seduction is a side-show, an afterthought to a life well-lived. It either comes naturally or you study it for a few months as a young man, but either way it should weave seamlessly into one’s life without much further discussion no matter what one is doing. The only men for whom it becomes a raison d’etre are men who are as obsessive and shallow as women, or who have personality disorders, with either no understanding or no ability to follow pursuits that are actually hard.

        Even you and Roosh are straying from the boredom of finding fresh ways to enthrall women, who can almost be defined by their susceptibility to persuasion. Not only do they want to be taken, they feel empty and worthless when men don’t try to distract them with shiny social pyrotechnics. It just isn’t that difficult a craft to master. It’s like a carnival trick: impressive until you figure out the secret.

        For that reason, I don’t conflate alpha (male leadership) with game (social power directed to a single narrow purpose) as you do. You should do the same — i.e., delve deeper than the shallow and callow application of manliness in a world gone fag. Or at least explore the world on purpose and more explicitly beyond dazzling drunk coeds. You are doing it anyway, but accidentally and haphazardly rather than with decisiveness. We can both agree that the alpha is decisive.

        The secret decoder key is actually very simple, as I present above. You want to be a thoroughgoing racist, and yet you appropriate the very terms of the race you hate. “Game” is not a white man’s term. It is an imitation of black culture refined just enough to maintain your racial pride. So instead of linking manliness to the peculiarly white ability to rise above the monkey, you celebrate the monkey (“Who bitch dis is?”) as though you could extract the game lesson without the negritude.

        So much of your philosophy already centers around male self-control and focus and willed purpose (the foundation of white culture), but you can’t help yourself when some otherwise worthless Worldstar Groid shows up to demonstrate unrefined instinct. You don’t trust your white charges to authentically respect the power of animal urges without celebrating the act of giving those impulses full voice. You don’t recognize self-control as anything other than cowardice or ignorance of “biomechanics,” rather than the deliberate choice of a civilized people.

        In other words, the “great white European seducers” are not the exemplars of my race. Conquerors put the bleeding hole in its place and move on, and the pursuit of greater things than a woman ironically makes women even more attracted to the Man Going Places, because deep down women understand their relatively low place in the scheme of great accomplishments. Whites are blessed with bigger fish to fry than snapper.



      • You make a good point Matt and well written too. What would you say to the point i made that white European mating instinct has been further conditioned out of us in recent years, and that game seeks to correct that (among other things)

        i reckon our views are very similar, other than what we decide to do with our dicks on a Friday night – i hope you understand, that’s not a ‘burn’– chasing pussy is a fool’s errand at times.


      • Matt, you’ve been gone too long. This place has moved on, to big thinking, civilization saving, important topics now. Have you read the last 7 months?

        The Jew really overplayed it’s hand with Ferguson black lives matter bullshit last December. That was the final straw. That changed things. It was so over-the-top ridiculous that it woke up millions of previously sleeping white men. Ferguson last December with dindus and faggots blocking the streets that need to be open for ambulances to get mothers in labor to hospitals was a tipping point. I think it even prompted CH to ratchet it up a little bit. Enough is enough.

        The Jew has been named.


      • Whites are blessed with bigger fish to fry than snapper.

        That’s gold, Jerry… gold!

        /Yes, I actually did LZOZLZOZLOZLOZL out loud.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 9:13 am mendozatorres

        Conquerors put the bleeding hole in its place and move on, and the pursuit of greater things than a woman ironically makes women even more attracted to the Man Going Places

        Read a meme last year that summed up this sentiment: follow your passion and the women will follow.


  17. Again as a non white guy, why should I care when whites have done it to themselves?

    These are the consequences when men stop behaving like men. If blacks and browns were on top and acting the way whites have been the same results would happen.

    I’m not sure if its a diversity issue and not just stupidity.


    • It’ll all become apparent after you eat the last can of Dindu Chow on Earth.


      • Under my administration, Dindu Chow® will be made available to everyone free of charge.

        Free Quantity: Enough!
        Flavor: Victory!

        “Every sperm is sacred!” — Ibn Al Dindu 2016


      • Ya gots mah vote!


      • after you eat the last can of Dindu Chow

        Just for the record:

        Dindu Chow, like all the other chows, comes in big bags.


    • “Again as a non white guy, why should I care when whites have done it to themselves?:

      Above quote is reason #1 to give no fucks what happens to non-whites: there is no reciprocal empathy.


      • I wish it was just about reciprocal empathy, but aside of fake leftists and shuck and jive coons, I don’t see much empathy on either side.

        The multikult, in my opinion, promotes a way overstretched circle of empathy, and pathological atruism is pathological exactly because it is unnaturally overstretched.

        As I see it, the problem is that there isn’t reciprocal respect. One does not need to walk in another’s shoes if one can simply recognize another’s humanity and potential for reciprocal force.

        When you do everything you can to seem harmless, trying to be a “good white”, people stop caring how you feel. Right or wrong, nobody gives a crap how men feel except when those feelings could lead to violence.

        So you have to make people care by not hiding your potential for violence. Don’t dress, talk, or walk like any brand of wuss. Ever.


      • “Right or wrong, nobody gives a crap how men feel except when those feelings could lead to violence.
        So you have to make people care by not hiding your potential for violence. Don’t dress, talk, or walk like any brand of wuss. Ever.”

        Another lesson from the other side of the bell curve: know that expectations are different and adjust accordingly.


    • If you live in a western country, you should care if the people you’re surrounded by, want to kill you or not. A dying race can be very dangerous, and do all sorts of crazy things to the people around them, hoping it will save them. Nobody is logical when they are in a panic.


      • Do you think for a second that my race, which holds the planet in the palm of its hand, would go out without nuking this whole God-damned gay earth with it?

        Planet of the Apes is a self-hating white’s suicido-masturbatory fantasy that plays on the nagging fears of a people who intuit but cannot admit they betrayed their posterity — a sublimated Dylan Roof manifesto. You are stupid enough to read it like Revelation.


      • Your race, if you’re into collective credit, dropped nuclear bombs on Japan.

        I don’t think you like us Africans more than them.


      • If you’re so afraid of YT dropping bombs on y’all, why do you continue to provoke us?



      • Yeah it goes like this.

        You white men are weak.

        But you dominated us for centuries, that’s why we attack you and beat up your sons in the schools.

        But you’re dying, you might attack us, because you’re weak. But you did it to yourselves. I don’t feel bad for you.

        We’re going to take over your lands and [email protected] your women…

        (racial slur)

        When will the racism end homie?

        (white guy shoots black church)

        That’s terrible! Those were “good” blacks! They dindu nuffin!

        What could have caused this hate? I guess we’ll never know.

        Now about those minority business set asides…



      • @Benny, I don’t have an acceptable answer for you or for Greg. Just understand that so long as you are a nuclear threat, you will be viewed as the people who are a nuclear threat to the world. Some will take this to mean that you are the most powerful and therefore the best people, and some will take this to mean that you are the most powerful and therefore the most decadent and worst people.

        African Americans may view you the same way Romans viewed the Etruscans…people they were forced to live in close proximity to, who presume authority, power, and superiority to them based on nothing they can relate to except the ability to destroy or subdue entire nations. The Etruscans thought themselves a benevolent people too, and that the Romans owed them something…

        No, it’s not exactly the same situation, but there are similarities that you may want to make note of…though not take too much to heart since this is just human nature. What you do with the knowledge you gain from exploring that connection is your business.


    • “why should I care when whites have done it to themselves?” Bullshit. You’re either ignorant or a liar. It was done by Jews controlling the media and brainwashing the people. But that would be inconvenient for your little mud mind to think about.


    • No one is asking you to care, nigger. This isn’t a Raising Awareness Workshop. We aren’t “activists” acting for activity’s sake.

      We are discussing among ourselves the best way forward despite our fathers’ lapse in vigilance (or outright treachery). Your ability to observe, let alone the uppity announcement of your presence, is contrary to our purposes.

      So kindly move your musky funk to the back of the bus where I can forget for more than two minutes in a row that you born parasites exist in my world.


      • Do you own this blog?


      • Name calling. Soooooooo mature.
        I only ask since I like this site and the valuable resources on male empowerment. .
        While I do agree with a lot of what CH is saying about the media, left, feminism, that stupid black lives matter, etc,Lately I just see posts about the white man woes. What should a non white guy supposed to do?

        All I ask is for charity in a mature manner. Cause the comment section reads like a clan party. Too bad you are clearly not smart enough to provide an answer.


      • “What should a non white guy supposed to do?”

        Hang out on non-white guy blogs.


      • All I ask is for charity in a mature manner. Cause the comment section reads like a clan party. Too bad you are clearly not smart enough to provide an answer.

        You couldn’t carry King’s books, asshole.

        Disingenuous negro, you don’t want mature charity, you came here with your snark about “Why should I care about whites” and the passive-aggressive neener-neener about “it’s not race, it’s stupidity”.

        And now continue with your “clan (sic)” party n1gger-babble… I assume you meant Klan rally, in all your ‘smartness’.

        Those barbs have long been addressed here at the chateau, every time one of you coloureds shows up with your n1gger arrogance, hence what you get now is mockery and disdain… that’s all that’s merited.

        We don’t debate a future for White children anymore, boy.


      • King and Greg, there are private and designated forums and discussion sites for Europeans and European Americans. If you really need a place to forget we exist, a comments section or forum where we are allowed if not warmly welcomed, is probably not where you should be.

        There is probably some reason, CH does not particularly want this site to be trigger free. You may want to discuss this with him/them.


      • “Ask for charity in a mature manner…”

        That’s all you’ve ever asked of us isn’t it? lol

        We’re supposed to have a mature debate about how you want us gone. lol

        Now that we’re pissed you call US immature, as if anyone cared what you think.

        I’ve got news for all of you.

        We will be EXTREMELY immature, childish and downright unreasonable for the next 50 years or so.

        I suggest you get used to that and plan accordingly.


      • The negress speak in Cathedral shillspeak about “triggers”, when she never misses an opportunity to pester due to her own self being triggered.

        CH has a standing policy, the way I read it, to avoid bans to the greatest extent possible because a) bans are pretty much a tactic of the shitlibs, but more importantly b) there are enough RealTalk men at the chateau to mock and deride the shills… especially the babbling n1gger shills.

        But when someone becomes egregious enough, he will rightfully stop putting up with their nonsense… so take the hint, Hattie, and quit coming here with your smarmy harridan persona and antiWhite bullshit…merely because your hamster enjoys any attention whatsoever, even if it’s negative.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Miss Scarlet, delusions of grandeur and thought policing are also common shitlib tactics.

        Forget about our little tiffs…you kinda lost this when you presumed to start doing that to other European men here.


      • Come to think of it, maybe that’s why you’re here. On a designated or private Europeans only site, they’d hand you your ass.


      • T-h-w-a-c-k used to do the same thing… declare a victory where none had been achieved.

        Yet another example of TNB… go figger.

        For the record, I’ve probably spent more time in Europe than you have in Israel… and we handed the Stazi their ass, you dumb cooze.


      • Miss Scarlet, I’ve been on the internet almost since there was an internet. I understand, unlike yourself, that there is no “winning”.

        This is why, in our conversations, I don’t fight to win. I question to learn.

        Feel free to take or leave the advice to go to a trigger free internet environment. If you don’t take it though, the only one you have to blame for your distress is yourself.


      • Heh, heh… do you actually listen to yourself, negress?

        You not only contradict yourself about winning/losing within a matter of a post or two (once you got called on it)… you then revert (yet again) to some strange nigspeak psychobabble, as if you were some sort of Seeker, attempting the usual suspect passive-aggressive high road… which actually translates to “gots nuthin'”.

        And, as stated numerous times here at the chateau, barbs only hit the mark when there’s truth involved, rather than some lame attempt to snark back…

        Case in point, you most assuredly resemble that irascible mammy… your lame harridan attempts to emasculate fall flatter than my poorest jests, here at the chateau… which is really saying something.

        Cease being such a ball-busting specimen, too often evinced in your ilk (which is why even your own men don’t want you), and maybe your self-aggrandizing claims of “I question to learn” will ring less false.

        Now, as the playbook goes, have your last lip-flapping word.


      • Miss Scarlet, you should take your own advice about barbs.

        I am a flawed person…imperfect…non ideal…a “sinner” in your worldview. Because I am African, according to you this makes me irredeemable. I get it.

        I may not be the most likable person to some, but I don’t presume to speak for God. I also don’t presume to speak for CH.

        Perhaps your “balls” feel busted because they are so very soft, large, and resting atop your belly.


    • Again as a non white guy, why should I care when whites have done it to themselves?

      Who asked you to care, Sambo?

      Even the best of your kind, deep down, want to see YT fall… I’ll give you the fact that so many of us still believe in the myth of the “good” negro as a true brother to the West is “stupid”… but the jury’s still on on whether or not we’ll recover from our naivete.

      I’m not sure if its a diversity issue and not just stupidity.

      It’s bigger stupidity to think genetics don’t matter.


      • Im sure you have the stats to back up your claims.

        Sambo, come with better game than that. Are you nine?


      • Sambo is the time-honored monicker, dweeb… if anything, it betrays my years.

        But of course, you get things backwards in your attempts to snark… you can’t even trade barbs straight.

        And let me introduce you to chateau discussion etiquette…

        Asking for “stats” is a hackneyed Alinsky tactic to gum up a thread with useless back-and-forth squid ink… and which won’t be taken to heart or mind of the opponent anyway… so we’re all long-past that Cathedral shill/South Park snarky darky gambit.

        You’re excused now, boy.


      • Time honored by snarky nine years olds.

        IF they have been addressed before kindly point to the link. Im here cause I like the advice on women that he kindly provides.


  18. It is ridiculous. I am not quite that old but I’ve seen peak america to whatever this shitstorm is now.

    Our parents must’ve truly hated this country. I think there’s some sort of snobbery believing that “ugly americanism” had to be stamped out, as if other cultures don’t act “ugly” towards foreigners when cultures clash.

    Also, they tend to confuse our “ugly” americans…our lower classes with other country’s top classes. As if we need to apologize because our pig farmers aren’t as refined as Vietnam’s royal family.


  19. Mr. Heartiste,

    The problem I see is that white male america is needed to run the national infrastructure. Think on it. If the white men quit in droves, what happens to everyone? Quickly there will be no fuel at gas station; there will be no food in grocery stories or get-n-goes; there will be no clean, sanitary water; there will be no electricity to homes and businesses; there will be no natural gas/methane/propane deliveries, thus no heating or cooling; there will be no sensitive chemical deliveries to pharma companies and thus no life-extending drug deliveries; there will be no officer core in both the military and para-military forces protecting all of us. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thing of the failure cascade that will quickly follow! These elite SWPLs and BLMers just don’t understand. If white america quits, the country will depopulate from mass death and violence very quickly, just like fourth century Rome. I shake my head in dumbfounded disbelief at the stupidity of it all. Why are we not praising those who keep our very lives from going to the dogs? Are people really just that stupid and self destructive? Sadly, yes.

    Best regards,
    Paul Brown


    • More to the point, the police should all just not show for work in blue cities. I would love to see the consequences of this. All the anti gun libtards being robbed raped and killed. I have a dream…


    • I’ve often wondered that as well. Can’t ever remember seeing a black electrician, plumber, machinist, cable repairman, auto mechanic, civil engineer, barge captain, railroad worker, farmer, etc. This place is doomed when whitey decides to quit the game.


      • The hispanics seem to be filling the void… and do all of the above “hands-on” jobs half-assed… until the whole house of cards comes a-tumblin’ down.


      • Greg,

        What frightens me when I enter a job site dominated by mestizo laborers is the inability of the labor force to recognize its own incompetence.

        Most black (and white) men who are multi-generational residents of the south “know their limits” and act accordingly. I can think of three averted construction disasters on projects I alone caught in the nick of time.

        I’m not super smart, and I’m not always on the job site. The house of cards will literally fall one day.

        PS: we stopped abbreviating “unless noted otherwise” due to errors.


      • Same goes for the Indians (dot, not woo-woo)… wherever they predominate, things get done half-assed, when at all… although they don’t seem to gravitate towards the hands-on trades like the hispanics.

        Rule of thumb: when it comes to quality in a task, nonwhite means not right.


      • You western whiteys ought to help spread some of that diligence and good habits to us more inclined to laziness. It would be appreciated.


      • What whites have a lot of are men with a sort of practical intelligence in the middling range. The type of men people call good with their hands. For civilization you need a large population of technicians who find satisfaction understanding and troubleshooting existing devices. Men who are smart enough to understand how complex mechanical and electronic devices work and apply that knowledge to problem solving. I probably couldn’t have engineered the equipment I work on, but I certainly know more about how it operates than most.

        PS This got me thinking about the CH “boss/secretary” mating phenomenon. Now my father could engineer just about anything, right side bell curve male anlytical and math skills. My mother, well, let’s just say she is very sweet and feminine but even she always said if civilization were up to her we’d still be living in caves. Maybe this was how white people made competent mechanics.


      • You western whiteys ought to help spread some of that diligence and good habits to us more inclined to laziness.

        Derp… it’s pretty much what we’d been trying to do, yon these past hundred or so years.

        It would be appreciated.

        Actually, it hasn’t been… hence the current malaise.

        Teaching a pig to sing, and all that, what?


    • I think your prognosis for white men quitting in droves is over-wrought. No, the USA is just on a steady decline to becoming Brazil del norte. Another two generations should do it.


    • on November 5, 2015 at 7:55 am Experienced Father

      >>there will be no officer core in both the military and
      >>para-military forces protecting all of us.

      True that. The US Army special forces are 95% white male.

      This is why the Obama Administration has now focused its diversity campaign upon it.


  20. One of the functions of government should be to protect wages by keeping out non-white competition from abroad. This is nothing to be ashamed of. The powers that be do their best to make this kind of wage protectionism seem wimpish. There’s nothing shameful in a white man wanting his government to prevent his wages being undercut by an immigrant who’ll work for $8 an hour and shares a room with ten other mestizos.


    • Of course. Make no mistake: we are an occupied nation. If our government worked for us, the majority (even now), for example, immigration policy would be that all white European and South Americans (many in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, for example — make good mothers and wives, are hotties) may come here and get a green card, but no men from anywhere my come here.

      We can easily conquer all other nations without violence. We take their women in reverse; simply let them come to us.


      That is obviously something that would benefit our society, the sexless beta males who do all the work while having no sex lives, wives, children, or support, but only constant mocking all day, but obviously our government’s policy is designed to continue to push a situation where, instead, everywhere you look, you see brown men and white American women who are entitled, tatted up, pierced, standoffish, anti-marriage, brainwashed idiots.

      The last 70 years has wasted an incalculable amount of wealth that could have been happily spent actually inventing technology and a life that is probably better than we can even imagine. Instead that wealth and productive energy was wasted trying to prop up Africans and turn women into third-rate men instead of first-rate women.


  21. OT, but an excellent read about why the 16COP starts assigning negative points for high IQs:



  22. I grew up in a nice, white community in Alaska that had strong churches and families. It’s still like that today, but places like this are the enemy to the PTB. It took a 10 year journey through modern America for me to realize what is in store for the few decent white enclaves that are left.


  23. I know as a straight White Man the government, be it local, state, or federal, will never pass a law unless it harms me. And others are waking up to this.


  24. on November 4, 2015 at 2:22 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    …it is better to fight to the last man and the last cartridge and die with some honour. Because, what is being presented to us here is a degree of humiliation…

    — P. K. van der Byl in 1977, Defence Minister of Rhodesia, commenting on a British peace plan.


  25. From the linked article:

    “Wow,” said Samuel Preston, a professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on mortality trends and the health of populations, who was not involved in the research. “This is a vivid indication that something is awry in these American households.”

    Dr. Deaton had but one parallel. “Only H.I.V./AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like this,” he said.

    Since up through 2012, 658,507 people with an AIDS diagnosis have died in the USA.

    By 2014, mortality rate INCREASED by 134 people per 100,000 since 1999. In 2012, there were about 44 million American aged 45 to 54. That means about 59,000 MORE people aged 45-54 died in 2014 ALONE.

    If you project that trend over 15 years, the impact is over 800,000 people – more than the ENTIRE aids epidemic going back to the 70’s and 80’s.

    “Doctor” Deaton is an ass.


  26. produce children


  27. OP most of the factors you claim explain this also obtain in other countries, if not moreso, e.g. welfare.


  28. “Faith — destroyed by SCALE-induced materialism and noblesse malice.” No, destroyed by monotheist lies, which deprived the people of a REAL spirituality based on the reality that is the White race. In the age of books people aren’t so easily fooled into thinking that the earth is flat and rain is created by magic, no. So only the dumb stay with religious fanaticism, and the rest – they are forbidden race-based idealism.

    To see the power in that idealism you only need to look at pictures from parades and celebrations in the Third Reich. Far more powerful than anything the foreign Jew-created fantasies could hope to accomplish. The only faith that can actually INCREASE in numbers in the age of knowledge is the faith based in actual facts, but again – denied.

    Just look at South Africa. The church turned against Whites and preached for destroying White rule, week after week, year after year. Joining the Jew who controlled television once television was made legal. Joining the American Jews who made the movies and TV people watched. The churches are not just passive accomplices but very active ones – setting up stations in Africa to gather Blacks and transport them to the West.

    These criminals did everything they could to destroy real, race-based faith, and a morality based on promoting the White race, the only hope of bringing Life forward. “Follow these rules and you’ll be rewarded when you’re dead! Don’t think about the future, the world will be destroyed anyway!” A future-looking belief was denied us. Those who resisted had their careers destroyed, and were often imprisoned on trumped-up charges. With the Jew-loving priests snickering and nodding approvingly. That should prevent the Whites from being loyal to something other than their kumbayah, “all men are brothers” fantasy.

    Jews PROMOTE Xtianity, even as they hate it. The ministers are allowed to preach on Jew-controlled TV. Nationalists are not. End of discussion right there. Xtianity is pushed in TV shows over and over. Even while Jews spit on it in private, they promote it as it brainwashes people into self-defeating fantasy worship. “All men are brothers! Turn the other cheek! We are evil for being strong, the meek will inherit the earth, the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first!” Filth. So naturally the media Jews promote it. Xtian slave morality paved the way for their Marxism after all. They’ll promote it unless they rule through a communist dictatorship, in which case they’ll kill the Useful Idiots in the churches.

    Btw, church goers are fatter and dumber than other people, as statistics show. So that tells you something about the other problems in the list. No coincidence perhaps that less religious Europeans are slimmer than fat Americans.

    Also, Blacks are more Xtian than Whites. Arabs are more religious than Whites – both the Xtian and Muslim ones. These two races have a lower IQ than Whites and do more damage. See a pattern yet?

    Oh, I don’t deny that Whites trapped in Xtian thinking – no competition was allowed – fought non-Whites in the past. They did so despite the fantasy, not because of it. They conveniently ignored that little detail, “you shall not kill”, and “don’t you know that he who lives by the sword will die by the sword?” and all the other suicidal crap in the New Testament. It is funny how they twisted the religion of suicide (you’ll get your reward later, evil sinner!) as they took up arms, just like the Chinese did when they pushed back against the Cultural Revolution – claiming that “real” Maoism was the reason they pushed back, when in fact it was the opposite. But they were only allowed to paint their motives in Maoism, so that’s what they did.

    Unfortunately you can’t twist the suicidal doomsday cult called Xtianity into being pro-White when it is all-inclusive; not when people are allowed to read the Bible in their own language, which the Cath Church forbade them from doing in the past. Whites will not ignore a written text forever, and so they’ll fall back into suicide again, like the priests want (the Cath Church being majority non-White, and always having included non-Whites). So you can’t base racialism on religious fantasies. Americans are slow to learn about this apparently – but if you look at European nationalist parties, they are based on reality, instead of being religious cult. Though they’ll pay some lip service to Xtianity in the hope of being Politically Correct.

    It is only when a real faith breaks through again, a faith based on the White race and its task for the future, that the Xtian/socialist kumbayah lies can be defeated and Whites can be saved.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 3:15 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck

      Bro, you are so spot on. I grew up with this toxic, masochistic philosophy bombarding me every day by my father. It is vile trash and promotes giving up your power.


    • Your best comment.


    • Haven’t posted this today, but you are on point and saying essentially this:


      Let’s get back to respecting truth, nature, and justice — AT ALL TIMES.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 6:23 pm Captain Tautological

        This ridiculous nonsense about Christianity lacking any g0nads can only possibly be written by career nihilists who have never bothered to READ the Gospels. Harm a child and it would be better for you to have a millstone draped about your neck and to be cast into the sea than to suffer the fate which awaits you in the afterlife? Dis your brother [Blue Collar Joe Sixpack who can’t afford to live in your gated subdivision] by calling him a “Fool” and you will receive the judgement of FIRE in the afterlife? Separating the wheat from the chaff and burning the chaff with UNQUENCHABLE FIRE? For Christ’s sake, the Apostles were 1st-Century bible-thumping 2nd-Amendment redneck hayseed hillbilly hicks who carried SWORDS with them everywhere they went.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 6:26 pm Captain Tautological


    • The ultimate multikult banality is ‘we all bleed red’. True. But so does a fucking armadillo.


    • Hear, hear. The Levantine crap has to go.


      • So simple! Why didn’t whites think of that for two hundred centuries?

        You reoccurring pimples, you leftard-educated dupes, you daddyless goth chicks have no understanding of the legacy you imagine yourself to be proponents of and heirs to. There is no white race apart from Christianity.

        Do you have the first fucking clue why cults of Odin only appeal to marginalized basement creatures like you?

        Yes, the church is open to the entire world, because the church is the tool with which whites dominate the mud cultures. And efficiently. From the inside out. Spiritually. Without violence or committed resources or sustained occupations (which your faggot type also bitches about). It is the consecrated host that keeps savages this side of the dividing line between humanity and animals.

        This kind of domination — two billion strong — cannot be achieved by household gods and a multicultural diversity of spirits. If it could, Rome would still have an emperor, rather than an eternal Vicar of Christ. This level of domination requires the concept of universality, which was invented over long and painful millennia by the stubborn Jews, fused with Greek philosophy, and spread by Roman efficiencies.

        I would say you are exchanging your birthright for a mess of pottage, but you don’t even know your enemy well enough to recognize that reference. You cryptoleftist and ultimately anti-white ignoramuses have no understanding of where you come from beyond the gleanings of Wikipedia and white power blogs written by bigger and nerdier fantasists than even you.



    • Christ Himself said He would literally “spew out” the lukewarm churches.

      Everything you say about the modern churches is correct… but your big mistake is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

      We were a number of great European peoples, when we held Him in esteem.

      Now that we worship ordinary humans and their half-baked -isms, we are whithering away and AS SCRIPTURE WARNS US NUMEROUS TIMES, being delivered into the hands of our enemies.

      Get wise, boys. I’m getting tired of having to repeat the same thing to my alleged brothers, thread after thread.


      • Brothers? They don’t have the wit much less the stomach for the fight. Love your retarded brother who is kept up in the attic, I say, as long as you don’t start conjuring fantasies of his usefulness.

        Their affiliation to the cause is merely tribal, rather than righteous. That means it is conditional to spontaneous redefinition so long as you can convince them of a brother’s impurity (the way, for instance, the left says with a straight face that Clarence Thomas isn’t really black).

        They like whites because they are white. They can’t go much deeper than that brand of elementary relativism, which always degenerates into internecine fighting. Witness the inquisitional eagerness with which they want to excommunicate heretics of game (and the 75-95% of their race who are Christian). Beneath so simple a color loyalty — like a Bronx kid painting everything in Yankee pinstripes — is the abyss. A gaping, yawning nothing. The nihil.

        Hey, I like whites because I’m white, too. I love my own. But I can give anyone a case for why the entire world should respect us from the very origin of our species, beyond a simpleton’s cheering for the home team.



      • Matt, is you who are the child. Some of us have been married, divorced, and have kids. Do you have any children? It is *we* fathers who have skin in this game, child. Your Jewish fantasy god has not done anything and will not do anything to help us. It’s a dog eat dog world, here on Earth, and that’s all we got. As the neanderthals have proven. We must help ourselves.

        And the cross is pagan.

        And I’ve read the New Testament cover to cover at least 5 times.


      • Your Jewish fantasy god has not done anything and will not do anything to help us. It’s a dog eat dog world, here on Earth, and that’s all we got. As the neanderthals have proven. We must help ourselves.

        The thing about Western White men is that they don’t get the iron in their hearts necessary enough to use the iron in their hands, unless they have permission.

        The State will only give our enemies permission… so where are we going to get our permission from, then?

        When we had a Bible in one hand and a rifle in the other, we conquered America from the proverbial “sea to shining sea”, and called it our God-given birthright… Manifest Destiny.

        You guys follow whatever gods or man-made -isms you deem fit…

        … but as for me and my house, we will serve Jehovah.


  29. on November 4, 2015 at 2:52 pm Muff DiverCity

    I have gym memberships at a Big City , and a beach community(Summer houses of wealthy big cityiots).
    Employees at both clubs are dominated by hard dyke types and nearly-obese women…
    Both have the smiley fatty working the helthy juice bar “can advise you of health food”…
    Is this typical around the country?


    • Fattie women loooooooooooooove drinking the latest juice product and bragging loudly to the whole office about their juice, but somehow they still weigh 200 pounds (5’2″) each and every morning they wake up and they don’t notice that the juice didn’t change that fact. Having a fattie advising on how to consume calories is kind of like having a woman be the CEO of General Motors.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 4:10 pm FuriousFerret

      Gyms are dominated by people that look like they would never go there.

      Women run around like a pack of llamas on the treadmills effectively doing nothing but upping their cardio system. Probably 80 percent of them reward themselves with a sugar filled coffee afterwards.

      Men do bro science workouts that almost as ineffective their female counterparts because serious lifting requires serious nutrition to make your muscles grow and then have the low body fat required to actually be seen. 80 percent of these guys will like beer and crap food and look like shit for the rest of their lives.

      Although my true disdain is for the yuppie phaggot. He’s very slim and in shape in a very gay way. He is probably a vegetarian or only eats like some type of rare fish if he eats meat. I believe that he actively tries to avoid gaining muscle. Almost always has a shitlib face.


      • “Although my true disdain is for the yuppie phaggot. He’s very slim and in shape in a very gay way. He is probably a vegetarian or only eats like some type of rare fish if he eats meat. I believe that he actively tries to avoid gaining muscle. Almost always has a shitlib face.”

        Agree. F*ck I hate them. And also try Bearded plaid skinny jeans mocha locha Chocta fagster hipster libtards.



      • gear is needed to grow muscle. kinda pisses me off, having lifted since I was 8 years old gear free. only lately I’ve been slipping and having a “why bother” attitude. as I have let my belly grow, I’m getting laid more than ever (kinda YaReally ish). yeah it’s about more than that, I know. need to be fit for fit’s sake. also recently passed 40 and I really do need some T treatment or gear. (I eat steak 6 nights a week so I’m doing the best I can naturally)

        unlike so many here who say they finally discovered iron at age 40, I’m the opposite. back hurts, broken down a little.

        a bit depressed about it, to be honest


      • gear is needed to grow muscle.

        Not really. You can do pretty well with just body-weight exercises if you’re diligent. That’s what I do, and I’m fairly buff. Of course, I could certainly do better with some weights, but I’m doing fairly well even without them.

        [CH: i think by “gear” he means steroids. (gear is slang for roids). anyhow, yeah, steroids will push you past your genetic limit for muscularity, but it will also give your muscles a very distinctive look that will make it obvious to a lot of people you are on the juice (or on something).
        ps a lot of buff gay men use steroids because they want the shortcut to a physique that helps them get a lot of mano a analo sex. as a result, there’s a “buff fag” look that you see in gyms. these guys are characterized by rough, taut skin, bulging roid gut, and extreme vascularity in weird places (like the shins or the traps).]


      • If you are 40 no reason really not to cycle on and off.

        Another alternative is take letrozole (anti-estrogen) every other day. Most testosterone drop off in middle age is caused by high estrogen.

        Take care of the estrogen, your testosterone will rise again on its own.

        You also need to start training lighter and feeling it more. If you can’t feel the muscle pumping and working, it’s not.

        To avoid injury, make sure your form is perfect. Instead of increasing weight to grow, consider improving form until its perfect.

        The way I took care of it is went on steroids for a couple years, gained 100lbs, then gradually trimmed the fat over the years until lean.

        Source: former 135lb guy, now 210 and lean.

        Best workout I ever found for mass without overtraining drug free or not.

        1st set 4-8 reps
        rest 1 minute
        2nd set 8-12 reps (drop set 20% or so)
        rest 1 minute
        3rd set 12-16 reps (drop set 20% or so)

        Only track the progress on the first set, make sure you complete the reps in good form without pause. When you can do 8 reps on first set, increase 10 or 20 pounds and start over at 4 reps.

        The second and third sets you can stop at failure, rack the weight, take 5 deep breaths and finish the set as needed.

        This trains all muscle fibers. The second and third sets are basically just there to burn out but those are your growth sets.

        If you are not gaining weight, keep eating until you do. I don’t care if you have to eat 8 times a day, that’s what I did.

        Pick one exercise for each muscle, split as needed and have at it.


      • join the dark side, bro…you can get it on the internet.

        I went from 145 to 202 naturally, was the hardest thing ever, eating 2+ lbs of meat every single day. Lifting super heavy. And then when I was goin thru divorce and had wisdoms pulled and started BJJ and couldn’t lift like that, eat, sleep, lift lifestyle, bang it was all gone pretty quickly. As quickly as I put it on, nature took it back off.

        Gear is the solution, you will feel WAY better on it, even a minor dose of .5 ml T/week is enough to improve your QoL


    • The dykes seem to be there to pick up their training clients.


  30. Anti-white hysteria is now cropping up in the mainstream

    On the front page of reddit


    • Why don’t you behead these people? Are there no whites with nothing to lose?


      • Nah, we’d rather drug and gang rape 1,400 of their underage girls.


      • Why do you perpetuate this? Only a part of these chicks was actually raped. Fucking teenagers, voluntarily or not, is considered rape, regardless, didn’t you know?


      • And why do you rationalize an enormity by quibbling over the definition of a single word?

        So you’d rather not classify as technically “rape” a bunch of shit-hued alien infiltrators kidnapping and whoring out vulnerable, eugenic children who could easily be our daughters. Come to think of it, neither do I. I’d rather call it war and cleanse its perpetrators from the face of the earth. Along with faggot, hair-splitting, co-ethnic apologists like you.

        Like some casuist jew lawyer, you want to argue about whose precise fault it was. You want access to the arguments of civilized justice and rule of reason even as you seek to diminish the culture that allows the possibility of some small measure of justice.

        Deserve’s got nothing to do with it. We don’t believe in perfect justice on this earth. We only have blunt instruments like retribution and intimidation and the attempt at rehabilitation. The sleazy degenerate habits endemic to your race and creed need to be countered. Maybe we were drunk when we let you inside our borders. Maybe we didn’t arm our daughters and tell them to kill squatting kebabs on sight. Maybe we magnanimously wanted to think the best of you, that, deep down, you were like us. Sure, we have some sliver of culpability.

        Does not matter. What matters is that you get the fuck out. And for your presumption that we are no different than squishy, self-hating SWPL, who will offer up our girls to subcontinent pagan sacrifice; because you think you had a chance to rationalize inarguable intrinsic evil and we would be pussies in response — you can get the fuck out first.



      • “What matters is that you get the fuck out.”


        Also, this is no small matter. The difference between statutory rape and forcible rape is quite…staggering.


      • Also, Pakis are not my co-ethnics, lol.

        I think that you misunderstand me. I do not tell you or anybody else to change your opinion. I correct statements. If that is still grounds for punishment, then it is.

        I’m sorry that I am a systemizing autist. I also dislike inflationary rhetoric that might or might not be directed at people like me. What happened for real is sufficiently bad that it needs no exaggaration.


      • What happened for real is sufficiently bad that it needs no exaggaration.

        And yet, the first words out of your mouth, when this topic arises, is invariably a big, fat “No it’s not rape.”

        Saying, after a dressing-down, the equivalent of a weak bone-toss “sufficiently bad” isn’t good enough.

        If you don’t want to be lumped in with the rest of your lumpenproletariat ilk, then don’t play the smarmy Philadelphia lawyer and apologist.

        And that goes for all nonwhites who otherwise might protest they are, at heart, of good will.


      • Good question. Call it like I see it.


      • @ Matt King. Preach. We are on the same side, dude. Don’t hate so much on the branch of us who believes we don’t need to worship a Semitic man from 2,000 years ago to win this.


      • Inflationary rhetoric? Explains the rise in gas prices this morning.

        Inflammatory rhetoric might actually set gas stations ablaze.


      • Don’t hate so much on the branch of us who believes we don’t need to worship a Semitic man from 2,000 years ago to win this.

        I don’t “hate on” you. I am warning you against taking a spectacular pratfall in the attempt “to win this.” You are not prepared. You are approaching the battle without ammunition, or worse, prancing into a fight holding your dick, with contempt for the idea of loading your gun.

        Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.


  31. National Rejew has it’s pet goyim write a cuck cover story:


  32. Wait, let me get this right. The civilisation White Men ™ built is responsible directly and indirectly for all the factors that are leading to their own extinction and this is somehow evidence that the civilisation White Men ™ built is good? Did you play hookey during those ‘God always wins’ classes at Evolution State College?

    [CH: you ever hear the expression ‘too good for its own good’?]


    • Sure. It’s a good ‘un all right. That’s how the good Lord rolls. Here are a couple more:

      “A people should know when they’re conquered”

      “Bow out gracefully”


      • Jacob is the A-team talent over at Hasbara or wherever.

        That packs a punch there kid. Well done, your rabbi will be proud, in between his copious bowel movements he will check in on you, don’t worry he hasn’t forgotten. Recommend him to us, will ya?

        It is as simple as white people are going to represent their interests. Our interests are opposed from yours. If we only had separate living space. Hey there is an idea.


      • Sure. It’s a good ‘un all right. That’s how the good Lord rolls. Here are a couple more:

        When you say ‘the good Lord’, you obviously mean Jesus Christ, right,bubeleh?



    • on November 4, 2015 at 4:14 pm FuriousFerret

      All empires follow the stages set forth by Sir John Glubb.

      ‘1. The age of outburst (or pioneers).
      2. The age of conquests.
      3. The age of commerce.
      4. The age of affluence.
      5. The age of intellect.
      6. The age of decadence.
      7. The age of decline and collapse.’

      Guess which age we are in?


    • I can see your kippah, faggot.


    • The Jew even manages to add a dig at the state schools where the goyim are herded. FUCK OFF, JEW. DIG?


  33. I know Charles Murray is a cuckservative, but everybody should read “Coming Apart.” As an exercise in data assembly, the book is first rate, but of course, Murray really can’t see the why behind all of what has happened.

    Here’s another reason why White Middle America is falling apart. The economic return today is not to labor, but to brains. Vast swaths of White America are just not very smart (just head over to People of Walmart and take a gander). In the past,a low IQ White male had social constraints PLUS some economic opportunity. He could work in warehouse, a simple factory, or maybe drive a truck or be a short order cook. . The social constraints hare gone — thank you libtards — but the jobs that he once could get are disappearing or pay shit, even as prices inexorably rise. People talk about vocational training, but your average plumber or car mechanic is smarter than average.

    The average and below average guy is shit out of luck. Why bother with getting a job, staying in a job? The welfare state will take care of you.

    [CH: if this process is inevitable, why make it harder on less gifted Whites by throwing open the borders to millions of spiteful third world ingrates who will undercut their wages and destroy their high trust communities? i dunno about equalist leftoids, but i do care a little what happens to Whites not born with a silver gene in their dna.]


    • I’ve lived in Asia for years. It gives me a different perspective on differences between races.

      It’s also convinced me that “IQ” as a predictive marker for racial/ethnic success is far too narrow. IQ is necessary, but not sufficient. Beyond a certain point other factors become more important.

      A lot has been made of high East Asian IQ (excellence in math, musical instruments, etc). From what I’ve seen this is true. East Asian processing power is pretty good. I’d believe even a higher mean than Whites.

      But I’d ask you this: Is a spreadsheet smart?

      Learning and crunching rote math or music, even flawlessly, are not much different from what a spreadsheet does. No one worries about spreadsheets outcompeting them.

      My observations confirm the stereotype that — on average — Asian creative ability is materially lower than whites (let me say again ON AVERAGE).

      You see it everywhere here. Asians copy others slavishly, embarrassingly. They rarely have new and different ideas (look at the Samsung Galaxy or HTC A9 phones). They even regularly fail to take already-existing ideas and assemble into a new configuration.

      I used to think it was just cultural. But, as we know at the Chateau, culture is a racial construction. I’ve become convinced there is a racial element.

      Compared to Whites, Asians have FAR less trust in each other outside family. There is little respect for written contracts. Houses here all have walls around them. There is less creativity, far more emphasis on conformism.

      That said, Asians are hard-working and learn well by rote. It’s the independent, critical thinking where their population mean is to the left of Whites.


      • I think this also explains why Asian American academic achievement has not been matched by achievement at the highest levels of business (i.e. few Asian American C-level execs or entrepreneurs).

        The rule-based, predictable academic environment is one that suits Asian strengths.

        The real world of business and life is not like that. People get ahead through emotional intelligence, creativity and aggressiveness. Again, IQ is necessary but not sufficient.


  34. on November 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm Snarky Rat Smugbucket Jon Liebowitz

    Female politicians. They are ugly, mannish, one-eyed, selfish whingers and moan about ‘wimminz ishooooz’. The only other thing they do is use their complete absence of critical reason to parrot the latest CM nation-wrecking issue the Vermin tell them is fahionable.

    Fukkin female suffrage is bad enough. But allowing these frumps to form the hivemind they always do multiplies the problem. Shrillery, Merkelstein, Pelosi, Gillard. Cnuts. Where’s the female Trump, Abbott, Farage, Orban, Putin, The Great One himself? A- Non-existent, they have never developed an institution, a government, a theory, a great leader. Ever. Yet these frumpy old hags leach off male creations and demand special treatment. Not of course for prisoners, life expectancy, workplace deaths, suicide, IQ, homelessness…………….


    • on November 4, 2015 at 3:48 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      Marine Le Pen seems ok.


    • The “women’s issues” feint is, it seems to me from experience, designed to cleave young white women in particular (and their hangers on beta hipster orbiter types) away from the sort of natural racial solidarity among whites which should emerge as a reasonable reaction to the displacement of whites and the increasingly naked racial appeals made in American politics to non-whites. I predict the left will persist with it unless and until the emergence of the brown plurality at which point it will seem both quaint and frivolous, but of course after which point that reasonable reaction by whites would be mooted.

      I imagine that the gun grabbing fetish has something to do with their fear that whites won’t go quietly when the nastiness is too apparent and kinetic to ignore. If we would ever be massively disarmed in the manner in which it was accomplished in Australia (their current and explicit model) and that act in and of itself didn’t kick off Civil War II they would most assuredly accelerate the execution of their plans and be free to speak about them more openly.

      We speak of U.S. politics and such and as above I agree that there was much to warm the heart about the brief respite from leftist insanity that was the Reagan years in an America that was roughly 80-85% white, but it has become increasingly apparent that what was needed at the time was not a Reagan but rather a Franco. Someone committed to rooting out the reds and perverted subversives from our institutions, arresting and reversing their “long march” before they had become rooted like oaks in the academy, news and entertainment media, administrative state and judiciary. The exhibitionist whore cum Eskimo front whose very name was a mockery of core American values and religion should have been arrested, tried on television for her obscenities and imprisoned for a term of years, pour encourager les autres. They were the spores that spread a rot that destroyed the culture. In my formulation, freedom does not include the right to conspire and commit inchoate crimes against a nation’s people and culture.


    • on November 4, 2015 at 4:41 pm Captain Tautological

      > “Where’s the female Trump, Abbott, Farage, Orban, Putin, The Great One himself?” ——— Sarah Palin? Michelle Bachmann? Marine Le Pen?


    • on November 4, 2015 at 7:05 pm Captain Tautological

      > “Merkelstein” ——— Merkelberg? I’ve just posted a new video at the bottom of the page showing Mark Phuckerberg’s b!tch THROWING A GERMAN FLAG INTO THE GARBAGE because of its offensiveness. I hope and pray to God Almighty that I live to see a gang of proper [email protected] thugs [email protected] that w!tch from a light pole or a balcony.


      • Burkel, Angela Burkel


      • I’m not gonna lie, I don’t see myself as German, but I dislike people insulting Germany or bitching about MUH WWI. (especially sniveling limey ponces or Ann Coulter)

        If I could get away with it, I would honestly sock her in the face until she looks pretty.


      • Holy shit, I thought you were referring to his chink wife. 😆

        Of course I wouldn’t harm Frau Merkel, dear Verfassungsschutz.


  35. “White Americans have lost the protection and loyalty of their government. When your government stops “having your back” and treats you simultaneously like a sponge to be soaked for gibsmedats and an evil blight hindering social justice, you tend to feel like a stranger in your homeland.”

    You referenced this in a previous post, but liberty-loving Americans need to understand they are being occupied. They feel like a stranger in their homeland, not because an invasion isn’t going on right now, but because the invasion is over. The conquest is complete.

    We are living in occupied America right now. It confuses people because what’s destroying us, what invaded, isn’t a people precisely but an idea, an ideology opposed to the basic principles of a free society. Those who propagate this ideology didn’t necessarily actually cross the border. They sprang up within our own communities and turn on us like an autoimmune disease. Bernie Sanders and his supporters didn’t sneak across the Rio Grande.

    Once you accept that you are being occupied, you look at everything with the proper perspective. You realize that everything you hear in this state-controlled society is propaganda designed to get you to accept your occupiers as legitimate rulers and submit to their decrees. Everything your child is taught in state-run schools is propaganda designed to indoctrinate the next generation as the last one was before it to despise their culture, reject their religion and traditions, and forsake the heritage left to them through their forefathers’ sacrifices. All the women in your life are taught to see you as the enemy and fear you, to put hypergamy above any loyalty they might have to any man in their life.

    What this means is that the enemy has won the battles, but the war is still being fought by insurgents. We are the Resistance, and the majority of the people around us are apathetic, complicit, ignorant, quislings or Vichy collaborators. The smiles and polite remarks of many neighbors and coworkers, possibly even family and loved ones, cannot hide the fact that ideologically they have chosen to count themselves among the enemy and vote for the Marxists and other authoritarians. They are proactively supporting an unabashed effort to eradicate everything you hold dear.

    It means you cannot simply live and let live, because your enemy does not, and will not leave you alone. Either fight or surrender or, as many are choosing, drink yourself to death in resignation.

    [CH: the brown world invaders are pawns. the really malevolent evil exists within White ranks (and it’s not just eskimos, though they disproportionately predominate as indoctrination kommissars).]


    • The “brown world invaders” are to White Men ™ what the White Men ™ tried to be to the Orient and the Subcontinent but failed. They failed because the ease with which the malevolent evil in their ranks gained control made it clear White Men ™ profess a faith they don’t understand and act in ways that are contrary to it, all the while claiming the monuments they built to their own disobedience are evidence of a divine right to rule. Why not address the problem at the source and correct the disobedience?


      • Seems we gots yet another hebe or half-breed shill with which to amuse ourselves, here at the chateau.

        Avaunt, Jacob, before your head’s so far up your ass you’ll think a yarmulke is a suppository.


    • The culture war is showing signs of the beginning of a long term reversal. The brown hordes are occupant’s troops who will have to be dealt with one way of another.


    • In other words, the Left is morally and intellectually spent. Our side is culturally ascendant. Read “SJWs Always Lie” for how that’s happening. Data point: there are more elementary-school age children in NC home schooling than enrolled in public schools.

      By the way, CH gets a shoutout in that book.


    • “the really malevolent evil exists within White ranks (and it’s not just eskimos”

      Nice to see that there are finally a few people willing to see the uncomfortable truth.


      • Where ya been?

        We’ve been calling out the rot on our own kind for quite awhile now, here at the chateau…

        … and many have often remarked that they’ll get the first lampposts, come the Day of the Rope, as first order of business.


      • The difference is, we don’t need tribesmen tell us what we already know, in the effort to cloud the waters with squid ink so that THEIR miscreants go unnoticed.

        Last time, and pay attention, ’cause I’m tired of repeating the principle:

        Adam and Eve were weak and surely accountable for Paradise Lost, as it were…

        … but that doesn’t give a pass to Satan, nor alleviate him from the lion’s share of punishment in store.


      • “Where ya been?”

        Out living life.

        I see that you are still doing your thing. Carry on my fetish factory friend.


      • Livin’ the dream, eh?



      • You got called on your “nice to finally see”, blind man.

        And what in Samhain is a fetish factory? Some snark you cribbed off South Park while you wuz out there, living the life?



      • on November 5, 2015 at 1:27 am carlos danger

        Putin, cheating on your wife with imaginary Russian brides is no way to live a life.


      • “cheating on your wife with imaginary Russian brides”


        Carlos, God loved Solomon and David. Blessed them with many wives and concubines. What say you?


    • on point.


    • CH, the most malevolent evil resides in the teachers’ colleges, especially at Columbia U. and the U. of Chicago. That’s where the indoctrinators are indoctrinated. Goes back to John Dewey.


  36. Just two observations (not intended to contradict anything said above).
    First, the upward trend started during the late 90s.
    Second, the most striking upward trend by far is any “poisonings”, apparently from prescription pain-killers.

    [CH: prescription painkillers are “dropping out” emollients. they are just slower acting bullets to the brain.]


    • on November 4, 2015 at 3:48 pm mendozatorres

      Speaking of painkillers, I saw an ad on TV about people taking opioids and how that shit (heh) make you constipated over time. Well, the ad was for a new prescription medication to take to avoid the constipation from taking the opioid prescription. And naturally, there were side effects to that.

      That shit was stunning. I know in our fast-food culture, people want a pill for everything and that at times, you need one pill or two to stave off the original pill. Then this happens and it’s like, “no, seriously, this shit exists.”

      It keeps being said that nearly 25% of all women are on some time of anti-depressant (ad was a cartoon girl) and I wonder how many girls here at work are on them. Would explain or rather, just crystallize what I’ve surmised.


      • In the 1950s and 1960s Doctors prescribed valium to housewives in order to relieve stress and anxiety. Second wave feminists made a magilla out of it, claiming that the mild tranquilizers were being used to incapacitate women and keep them as children when they should be making the political personal (fighting with their husbands and being disagreeable harpies) and making the personal political (projecting their unhappiness publicly to fight the evil, oppressive patriarchy). The Rolling Stones made a hit record out of this complaint in 1966.

        Now, after years of leftist programming – when a housewife is a rarity and careerism among women is encouraged at the expense of forming families – far greater numbers of women are prescribed psychotropic medications to cope with the daily life provided for them by feminist agitation and no feminist addresses the issue in any way. The high incidence of antidepressant use has been confirmed by analysis of sewage – apparently this is the most accurate indicator of societal drug consumption.


      • on November 4, 2015 at 5:07 pm Captain Tautological

        MT, when I first clicked on this essay chez Le Chateau, I thought that it was going to be about the following story: Number of Americans using 5 or more drugs nearly doubles | Nov. 3, 2015 | http://www.jsonline.com/news/drugs04-b99608174z1-339445841.html


      • on November 4, 2015 at 5:30 pm Captain Tautological

        MT, I keep trying to post about a new study showing an explosion in opioids & antidepressants & tranquilizers & sedatives and a phenomenon they’re calling “polypharmacy”. But the posts are disappearing into wherever.


      • “That shit was stunning.”

        After the anti-constipation pills took effect, I’m sure it was.

        As to 25% of female being on antidepressants, that means 75% of them are running around untreated.

        But yeah, multiple prescriptions have side effect no one knows or can anticipate. Sure, some of the obvious ones like tetracycline nullifying BC pills are known, but the chemical and hormonal soup most medicated Americans’ bloodstreams have become are probably going to have some serious long term consequences.


      • As to 25% of female being on antidepressants, that means 75% of them are running around untreated.

        Heh, heh… great line… I’ll be using that one.


      • What Alec said.

        My mother, sister and a couple female cousins are on anti-depressants. Have been for years.

        One of my buddies in NYC said 3/4 girls he shagged were on the pills (he always did a little scouting to check). He’d pump them a few more times but the meds were always an automatic disqualifier for a real ltr.

        Feminism has seriously fucked up women.


    • Painkillers are serious biznaz. Mix that with alcohol and you might get yourself a personal Jimi Hendricks.

      Speaking of Pain Killers, whites who enjoy a real life re-enaction of various battle in Lord of the Rings (i.e., killing people from other tribes) this music seems perfect for a genocide perpetuated by paleskins.

      Fucking A!


  37. CH has it arse backwards.

    Whites are the world’s and history’s greatest race mixers par excellence.

    Just check out the map and distribution of the Altaic white haplogroups R1a and it’s R1b offshoot.

    They went to the Orient and mixed with the Chinese, they went down to sub continent and mixed with the Indians, they went down to the Middle East and mixed with the Arabs, they ploughed through Europe, they went down to Hellas and went ape shit over the globe and not to mention the Romans.

    Don’t forget the colonial period when they went gallivanting around the globe and fucking all and sundry and not to mention the hundreds of US bases around the globe with horny young men ploughing through the local talent.

    Wherever they left a genetic footprint they created civilization, Babylon, the Indus Valley, Persia, China, Greece, Rome and the Ottomans all owe a debt to their white progenitors.

    Why the angst?

    It is the white mans inheritance to give his glorious seed to the unwashed masses and lift up humanity by its boot straps.

    Look at Australia’s Aborigines, the white mixed ones are living normal lives while the pure bloods are still living in the Stone Age.

    Our glorious leaders are doing a grand thing, the white man is like the Jew except he is proselytising humanity with his genetic inheritance.

    Don’t be so selfish.


    • Its all well and good as long as its only white men doing the mixing.

      This is the flipside of fundamental premise… Since sperm is cheap, race mixing costs less to the man, and so a man with high value white male sperm can spread it copiously for the greater benefit. The expensive egg must be more discriminating because each sexual choice is higher stakes and so when she takes on sperm with lower genetic value than herself, the effect is dysgenic and catastrophic if it becomes a societal pattern.

      Hence the natural order of racial hypergamy – white men banging everyone is altruistic, anyone but a white man banging a white woman is destructive.


      • “Its all well and good as long as its only white men doing the mixing.”

        So long as their mixed children aren’t then in turn mixing with Whites. The one-drop rule keeps a clean pool.


      • The difference I see between White r- and K-selected mixers: the r-selected ones (bother male and female) are absorbed back into the black world. They live in the twilight of ghetto/white trash worlds, and their kids end up acting black and dating blacks.

        The K-selected Whites with a black spouse, however, aggressively push their mixed kids into the middle class White world. High-IQ White men with black wives are some of the most dogged anti-racists.


      • Good points, PA. One drop rule, of course. The white man race mixing only works as a conquer, spray, and bolt technique. Give the savages a slightly less genetically shitty existence and then the spanish explorer should go home to a spanish wife.

        Bill DeBlasio…. doing it wrong.


      • Actually, I have a visceral disgust for race mixing so I shouldn’t be one to defend it. I’m just clarifying that it is less bad for the world when white men cuck savage races.

        Then again, it brought syphillis to Europe so I don’t know. Gonna think about this some more to make sure I’m not pozzed.


  38. More telling were the article to focus exclusively on White males, who are the real victims. White women still enjoy a substantial AA advantage although they are slipping down the Victimhood Hierarchy.Of course when the coloureds take over White women will actually be worse off than White men. Deservedly so.


  39. Can we just start the civil war already so I don’t have to fight it in my 50’s?


  40. Holy Shnikes! The Chateau is back on Twitter!

    Countdown to next banning by the left? What’s the over/under people?

    I give Soros’s minions 5 days.

    Twitter rape!


  41. i told my wife form the get go that if she turns into a fat american pig i’ll divorce her.before she got pregnant she was 100lbs (5’2″). two kids later and she’s still 100lbs and looks as good as ever. it’s all about setting the frame 😉


  42. Wow, deep article. The truth is depressing, just look at that graph..


  43. on November 4, 2015 at 5:00 pm Each Pond Gone

    Someone pointed out — if all is equal, your agency is limited to obsessing about your “identity”. Pure, tasteless subjectivity, tech-crazed juxtaposition, rampantly invented slop-language, total rejection of hierarchy, etc. Mass society = a blow to community. Could Kaczynski have been on to something? Decide for yourself


  44. Danegeld is not what the new overlords seek. Well, I mean if it’s there, then OK, they’ll grab it. Much like hot, no investment sex with a 5.7. OK, it’s there, no effort required (other than the gymnastics), sounds good. If I have to remember her name, forget it.

    Naw, they don’t want to be overlords for gold. Peasants that actually create a reasonable amount of wealth are damn hard to manage. You want to rule the world? You want a subsistence level working class. You need losers that barely make enough to get by. Hard to form a rebellion when your kids are half dead from starvation. This has been the history of mankind.


  45. on November 4, 2015 at 6:03 pm Captain Tautological

    Angela Merkel visibly disgusted by German flag – Throws it away during celebration


    • on November 4, 2015 at 6:05 pm Captain Tautological

      German official says Merkel’s open door migrant policy will lead to ‘civil war’ after thousands march through one city holding crucifixes during anti-Islam protest http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3302015/Thousands-streets-Pegida-anti-immigration-rally-Germany-group-s-founder-investigated-slander-comparing-justice-minister-Joseph-Goebbels.html


      • on November 4, 2015 at 6:05 pm Captain Tautological


      • Tbh, she’s right. You hold up crosses while bitching about Islam, there might be firefights. Not every people is as stupid as SWPLs who ignore open hostility against them.


      • @ho Open hostility, indeed, kinda like when Germans sees their country overrun by muzzies, including Turks, seeking free shit.


      • That’s not hostílity you idiot. That’s just people not saying no when you invite them for a drink.

        My father (and grandfather) cam because the German gov. asked for labor, since theirs died on the eastern front.


    • White people are now electing people ( Obama, Merkel, Justin Trudeau…) who hate their nation and its people and who openly do things to hurt the nation and its people.

      Had you told me 20 years ago that I would see this in my life time I would not have believed you.

      It is like being in a horror movie.


      • Whites are raised to be ashamed of their own kind and “bad things” whites have done (never mind modern medicine, democracy, corporation, internal combustion engine, etc).

        Like Global Warming faith, the phenomenon exhibits all the markers of a religion.

        Fall from grace? Check! (developing technology)
        Sins? Check! (all the bad things(TM) whites have done)
        Moral code? Check! (Diversity, not offending)
        Ability to repent? Check! (prostrating yourself, voting for anti-white policies)
        Priests/religious authority? Check! (SJWs, media)

        I read somewhere a hypothesis that modern western life is so easy and free of suffering (and stripped of traditional gender roles/societal structure) that people crave “causes” and meaning because their modern lives are so vapid. Hence the crusading and SJW crap — it’s people trying to put meaning into their lives. Reality is a distant consideration next to the good feelz.

        This hypothesis makes a LOT of sense to me. It explains well these hysterias:
        – Global warming
        – Extreme environmentalism
        – Rape culture
        – White self-hate & elevation of non-whites as paragons of virtue
        – Gender “wage gap”

        In other words, the cultures and societies built by White Men were so successful they spawned their own self-destructive pathologies.

        Viewed through another lens, each of these pathologies is simply a loss of confidence and frame.


    • Merkel’s behavior is a real puzzler.

      Any idiot can see that letting in millions of uneducated muslims leads to German cultural suicide. They’ve had Turks for 50 years and haven’t integrated them.

      It really makes me wonder what quirk of psychology she has buried behind that ugly mug. Closet SJW lesbian? Dark hairy man fetish? Gotta be something.


      • There have been some speculations that Burkel had been a Stazi agent and that certain foreign agencies have the file


      • “They’ve had Turks for 50 years and haven’t integrated them.”

        Not entirely true. Let’s just say, there will be lots of apostates in the future.

        [CH: define integration. (apostasy isn’t it.)]


      • They are pretty similar to Germans in many habits and this may progress in future generations.

        Given that Turks aren’t naggers, their descendants are not exactly propagating their immigrant parent’s culture. Most halfbreeds I know are strongly German, unlike, say, spiteful mystery meats. Many of them don’t speak Turkish.

        My nephews speak German with me, even indoors, and I see the same trend with the rest of their generation. A lot of Turks also leave.

        The way I see it, when you mix local and migrant, you get local (unlike with blacks) and the one difference maker, religion, is growing weaker.

        One halfbreed I know is actually Christian, lol.


      • I notice that I haven’t defined anything.

        When I say integration, I mean that there is a process that will see to it that in a hundred years, there won’t be a block of foreigners that are clearly alien to the native population. Kinda like there are a lot of Germans called -itzki being descended from Poles. They were clearly alien back then, but aren’t now.


      • on November 5, 2015 at 1:39 am carlos danger

        To be fair, there are very many Turks in Germany that have fully assimilated to the point you can’t tell they are Turks. Turks are white. It has a bit of a split personality with one foot in the 21st century and another in traditional Islam. They may be Muslim but if you go there, you will think you are anywhere else in the Mediterranean. Turkey has a lot of really bearutiful women too.


      • Turks are white

        No, they’re not. They’re a mixture of Aryan and Mongoloid stocks. Many appear white, but I’ve seen others that look like they just walked out of a hamlet in EZLN territory.


      • Need to get rid of non-whites.

        A bunch of non-germans waiving around german flags and speaking german is not a win.


      • “No, they’re not. They’re a mixture of Aryan and Mongoloid stocks. Many appear white, but I’ve seen others that look like they just walked out of a hamlet in EZLN territory.”

        American’s aren’t white. Many appear white but I’ve seen many look like sub-Saharans.

        PS: yesterday, I was mistaken for a Spaniard.


    • It is like being in a horror movie.

      It really is.

      In school in the 1980s, we understood that history has ended (all that blood leaking out of the history book stays in the history book) and other that the scary but rational Soviet Union, the future is happiness without limits.

      History never ends.

      Thankfully there are Putin, Orban, Trump, and others.


    • It’s not a pleasant truth for some but a truth nonetheless: people generally look like what they are. This Merkel (and Hillary like her) are hollow, joyless, hate filled people. The types that should never be allowed anywhere near power over others.

      Yet here we are…

      Look at the faces of our “elites” and fear for your children.


  46. […] this meta-analysis by Heartiste HERE, where he offers the following unflinching look at how America’s sons and daughters have lost […]


  47. Bill Clinton is such a fucking Beta. He must not have a shred of self respect staying married to that clown Hillary. Always cheer leading for her. What a pathetic excuse of a man.


  48. on November 4, 2015 at 7:20 pm gunslingergregi

    im actually really wondering if they are being killed and numbers not even being recorded cause if it was happening then ya know people might be shocked a little


    • on November 4, 2015 at 7:22 pm gunslingergregi

      but yea alpha white males around here tend to die of “drug overdoses”
      while woman don’t


      • on November 4, 2015 at 7:50 pm gunslingergregi

        death rates among this group are being driven not by the big killers like heart disease and diabetes but by an epidemic of suicides and afflictions stemming from substance abuse: alcoholic liver disease and overdoses of heroin and prescription opioids.”””””””’

        yea overdoses of heroin
        yea even my girl talked about oding her husband how easy it would be and would get away with it
        so yea it makes sense
        i discouraged it prob saved his life i could of encouraged a black dude prob would of he he he


  49. Think about the ingredients of a happy life:

    Family — destroyed by welfare, feminism, gogrrl careerism, obesity, and sinking earnings for working class men.
    Community — destroyed by population density and Diversity™.
    Work — destroyed by open borders, automation, and oligarchic greed.
    Faith — destroyed by SCALE-induced materialism and noblesse malice.

    The working poor and less-educated need these four pillars, perhaps more than effete SWPLs do, to feel like their lives have purpose. Instead, malignant elements in our ruling class have done everything in their power to knock those pillars over and smash them to dust.

    Let’s not forget that All of the above are destroyed by legally mandatory hegel-grounded industrialist-built schooling system, that robs parents of their children and indoctrinates the proles into equalism and atheism and robs them of prime working and mating years. That’s a four-fer – family, community, work, and faith.

    Let’s not forget that Work is destroyed by restrictions that prevent people from learning a trade. Minimum wage laws, child labor laws, occupational licensure… all things ostensibly designed to protect people, but in the end that create the market vacuum that illegals fill, at the experience and career and livelihood expense of citizens, and for the benefit of job cartels, unions, and bureaucrats.


  50. A poignant and condensed expression of palapable experiences manifest. Never ceases to amaze me the polar opposition to reality MSM operates in.

    Perhaps we approach the Native Americans and ask for a Poosy Pass on our previous disagreements, peace-pipe persuade our beloved sovereignty into the rambler before prom night is over; well dressed and hemmoraging in the wreckage.


  51. This culture doesn’t belong to you anymore white boy. America 2 belongs to Oprah Winfrey and Caitlynn Jenner. It hates you and cheers your death.

    You Lost. Now you need to endure the pain and humiliation in the realization that you are becoming a stateless people…everywhere. You need to understand how your own elites hate you and betrayed you. In knowing this you will learn wisdom.

    Then you need to reclaim to your heritage and identity. You will relearn courage.

    Then you have to reproduce and teach your kids about the glories of the past and the potential for a future. You will become strong.

    Then and only then will a future generation be ready to reconquer.

    The Four R’s



  52. This story will probably make a few more middle-aged whites want to off themselves:



    • Don’t people usually dislike being taken advantage of? That’s what these non-whites are doing to us. They see us as weak and they’re walking all over us. I’ve got serious outrage fatigue, but still I can’t believe how comatose Whites are that they continue to put up with all this crap.


  53. I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate about the overall gutting the copper wiring out of the Earth for a second. Two great documentaries bring to light how the world is becoming bad for everyone,”Cowspiracy” and “Let’s Make Money.”

    “Cowspiracy” is awesome because it makes all of the Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Surfrider groups rightfully look like incompetent hypocrites. Agricultural polution and waste is ignored for the echo chamber of “people need to stop driving cars” by wealthy, over-educated for their position – shitlibs. “Let’s Make Money” is about the business model of eventually returning the entire population to feudal serfdom. At one point the cotton industry leader of Burkina Faso literally says, “if you continue to make us poor we will continue to invade you.” The poorer the world gets the higher the wave of brown refugees gets. Human rights is starting to extend far beyond shitlib “everyone is a beautiful snowflake” sentiment.

    Some faggot little boy believes he’s a little girl starts taking exogenous estrogen hormone therapy and starts pissing that into all of “our” water supply we all end up drinking fairy punch and suffering. Some fat cunt foodie needs to tell the world about her keen gourmand instincts and some restaurant that serves the best “grass fed, cruelty free, antibiotic free beef” and her fat loser cunt foodie army starts eating breakfast, lunch and dinner there. The world cannot support that many fat fucking faggot foodies and “I don’t feel right cause my plumbing is wrong mommy” faggots.

    Most brown people lead terrible lives and have no chance of advancement, but now their lives of abject destitution are starting to invade the West. It is concentrated destitution so profound that it is dragging the standard of living and environment for everyone. The best analogy is that they are the bilge rats running through the bulkheads to escape drowning, America is the bridge of this sinking ship. Real problems are happening, weather patterns are rapidly shifting, pollution and industry from too many lame cunts trying desperately to impress legions of exponentially lamer cunts with their open floor plans and marble counter tops. Poor people in the tropics fucking and reproducing like their next breath depends on it. At a certain point “we” have to come up with some criteria and just say “what do you offer the world?”

    Is looking into the haunting jaundiced eyes of some kwashiorkor riddled baby in some trailer park mega favela in Nebraska the fate of America?


    • on November 4, 2015 at 10:58 pm The Spirit Within

      “Let’s Make Money” is about the business model of eventually returning the entire population to feudal serfdom. At one point the cotton industry leader of Burkina Faso literally says, “if you continue to make us poor we will continue to invade you.” The poorer the world gets the higher the wave of brown refugees gets.

      Exactly. Thank you. This is why refugee haters are so freaking shortsighted. We — Western Europe and America — have played a key role in keeping many African lives shitty. Of course they run for better opportunities in our countries when they get the chance. It’s no different from fluid dynamics.

      [CH: *facepalm* how long did it take for japan to become an advanced industrial nation after two nukes and american hegemony were dropped on it? rhetorical.]


      • Japan was semi industiralized before that happened, but that’s isn’t relevant to the point.

        TSW’s arguments are bizarre. Protectionism is normal. Third worlder aren’t entitled to free trade with Western nations.

        Nobody blames them for fleeing shitholes. People blame traitorous scum letting them in.


      • Westerners are not responsible for keeping the Third World shitty. The Third World was shitty before the first Westerner ever stepped foot in it. What did Westerners find when they started exploring the world in the late 15th century, looking for trading opportunities? They were shocked at how primitive people were outside Europe and the Near East. They had simply never seen the like.

        In the Americas, they found most people were living a Stone Age lifestyle, and the most advanced civilization (the Incan) was at the Copper Age level, just beginning to use bronze. The Incan and Aztec empires were the only societies that developed politically beyond the merely tribal. They maintained local hegemony by violent intimidation – which turned out bad for them when the Conquistadors gave steel weapons to local tribespeople.

        In Africa (beyond Ethiopia), simple agriculture was widespread, and there was bronze (technically brass), and even some iron, but the general standard of living, even for kings, was very basic. There was no writing, no wheel, and no architecture – everyone lived in simple huts – other than some who just made small holes in the ground and covered themselves with vegetation. That’s where the term “bushman” comes from. There was an area on the Southern fringe of the Sahara that had mosques and literate rulers, but Europeans didn’t visit those places until the 19th century.

        These places were very, very undeveloped compared to the Europe of the time. They were at a level of development that Europe had left behind about three thousand years earlier. Not only were they undeveloped, but life was brutal. People don’t like to talk about the human sacrifice, cannibalism, widespread slavery, and the fact that some tribes existed by preying on others, but that’s what the explorers found and reported. Explorers were also surprised at how sparsely populated Africa and the Americas were.

        India was a mess: for hundreds of years, the Mughals had been trying to conquer the sub-continent and forcibly convert everyone to Islam, and the Hindus had been fighting back. This prolonged war had weakened the region and halted its development.

        China had at various periods been the richest and most technically advanced empire in the world, but when the Europeans arrived there looking for trading opportunities, it had been stagnant for hundreds of years. Its problem was that it was too backward-looking, and did not believe in the possibility of any significant progress. Japan and Korea were similar. Korea was worse, because the Yangban (their equivalent of the Samurai class), were brutal and corrupt, and kept a third of the population in slavery. Japan was better, because some Japanese intellectuals got obtained from Dutch traders books and items such as clocks and telescopes, which made them realize that Western learning in many areas was far in advance of what they knew, and they set about studying everything from the West that they could get hold of. This is why Japan, uniquely, was able to develop new local industries that could export manufactured goods to the West as early as the late 19th century.

        Closer by, the Ottoman Empire was corrupt, oppressive and decadent, and was slowly collapsing on itself. It missed out on the Renaissance and Enlightenment by banning printed books.

        From the late Middle Ages until the 20th, Europe was alone. All the new ideas, new discoveries, technical innovations, and the greatest works of art, were coming from Europe, or from European populations that had colonized other parts of the world. The scientific revolution and the industrial revolution are 100% European products. Even the disastrous ideas (such as communism), came from Europe.

        Far from making the rest of the world poor, Europe (and, to a lesser extent, America) enabled the rest of the world to develop. They went out to places that were hundreds, or even thousands, of years behind in development, and built schools, colleges, hospitals, roads, railways, electric plants, waterworks, irrigation and drainage systems, plantations to grow cash crops, to enable these places to develop, and they sent their own experts to oversee the work, and their own teachers develop local skills. Whereas, in the traditional empire, the ruling state collected tribute from the vassal states, the money flowed in the opposite direction in the European empires: twenty percent of money raised from the British taxpayer got spent in the colonies, whereas taxes raised in the colonies stayed in the colonies. You may think Africa is poor, but that’s not Europe’s fault. without Europe’s huge, decades-long, essentially charitable effort during colonial times, Africa (and many other places that experienced European colonization) would be in a much worse position today.


      • The strapon within… if anyone is short sighted it is you; can’t you see the long term consequences of inviting the third world into the west?

        The UN has just revised its predictions, the population of Africa is exploding twice as fast as they expected.

        Western nations can not support 5 to 10 billion people from the third world.

        Migrating to the West is a temporary solution, it is only kicking the can down the road.

        Hollywood celebrities adopting a black baby are like you ; they are ultra short sighted; once there are 90 or 900 blacks for every one white person on planet earth, how many Hollywood black babies will Hollywood celebrities need to adopt?

        Your reasoning is the same as theirs. it is ultra short sighted and ultra dumb.


      • To quote the inimitable PA:

        “Nobody works as hard for their nickname as does Strapon.”

        This is why refugee haters are so freaking shortsighted. We — Western Europe and America — have played a key role in keeping many African lives shitty.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        Jeeeee-zus! Buzz Shillington strikes a new vein of fail.

        Who told YOU you could talk among men?

        You Cathedral company man.

        You fairy.


      • Japan was rebuilt due to massive American efforts. Specifically Douglas McArthur arranging for W. Edwards Deming to instruct Japan on the model of efficiency to rebuild their country. What Japan had going for it at the outset is that it was a highly sophisticated and disciplined artisan culture that took immense pride in their work. Hundreds of years later the finest blades ever produced are as sharp and perfect as the second they were quenched and polished. Blacks can only trot out the example of the Kingdom of Kush which is linked to Ancient Egypt for some sort of ancient sophistication.

        Sub-Saharan Africans don’t have any evolutionary or technological sophistication remotely similar to Northern Europeans or Vincan/Sumerian/Vedic cultures. They have no frame of reference for this type of lifestyle or governance. It’s similar to cargo cults who think planes and the aviators inside them are actually Gods. There isn’t any equality because there was never any equality in the first place. It is as much a part of our culture to run roughshod over primitive savages as it is their culture to be brutally exploited.

        Western culture has gained a conscience and became gun shy halfway through economically and physically genociding a population. The only humane thing to do was to either finish it or never begin in the first place. Human beings are brutal, violent sons of bitches with and oddly paradoxical traits of charity and empathy. Respect and dignity for some and subjugation and protracted agony for others.

        Whether or not someone is a tradcon or a shitlib a very valid question exists for us all. Does a very massive portion of humanity have to accept death for a small portion to achieve their destiny?

        Ultimately inhumanity is a very human trait. I’d never be fooled that “they” wouldn’t crush my skull for a chance at indoor plumbing. Desperation doesn’t make someone noble, it just makes someone with a more overdeveloped sympathy reflex more gullible. My sacrifice might not make any difference in their standard of life. They might even resent that I wouldn’t give everything or die so that they might live.

        The answers to the great conundrums of existence aren’t easy. So that they don’t make us all worse, should we just wipe them out? Or would that make the human spirit collectively worse?


  54. So much crying over nothing.

    All it took to subdue a continent full of Aztecs the first time was 200 Spaniards. We can do it again. The Saracens have been ejected from Europe more times than we can count. We will do that again also.

    The templar crusaders considered 6:1 to be even odds against the hapless Saracen. What is that ratio today?

    Look around this planet – white Europeans and their culture have spread all over it.

    When white Europeans get tired of this liberal clown show they will clean house like they do every time. Deviants like Jenner will be plowed under.

    And you should always feel sorry for the Eskimos. They are a people who always bet wrong – on money and status – and not on what matters – land and children. That is why despite worming their way into positions of power they can never translate that into their own self standing nations. When they over reach stronger peoples always cut them back down to tolerable numbers.


  55. on November 4, 2015 at 8:37 pm Don't dox me bro

    Noblesse malice … the resentment that savages feel in the presence of God’s finest creation.

    Great turn of phrase.

    Think on this: One day we will loathe the legions joining us for letting us fight alone when we needed them so sorely.

    Don’t dox me bro


  56. on November 4, 2015 at 8:41 pm gunslingergregi

    and those the lucky one try being alive he he he
    i think they may be getting closer to my dream of soyleant green style death centers
    they do seem to give us all a bottle of seraqual that we can take and never wake up
    the real change is gonna come when they treat us like primadonas and administer the gas for nice easy perma sleep

    Just Before I Go

    just saw that movie they had him saw he was gonna take the cowards way out and kill himself
    fuck that aint the easy way i never been able to do it but i certainly have done a lot of things most people would of been too scared to do


  57. BigRed
    The Taliban complained that “the Marines run towards our bullets”.In the past there was no more ferocious army than an army of well armed, well trained, well lead Americans.It appears that there are still a few of us left. If the politicians won’t help. then we will have to do it with out them.Or maybe to them.


    • “The Taliban complained that “the Marines run towards our bullets”.In the past there was no more ferocious army than an army of well armed, well trained, well lead Americans.”

      Thats not what Wehrmacht soldiers said. Or what Patton said, for that matter.


    • If only they would learn who the real enemy is. Most military types think that Israel is our greatest ally, Jews are God’s chosen people, and America (which is actually the POZ) still exists, and it doesn’t matter if you’re black or green or purple, just as long as you believe in freedom.

      I wish I could do a “Clockwork Orange” procedure on them and force them to watch some William Pierce vids.


      • Jews are the stars of the bible and unfortunately this has a lot of currency with American Christians. Christians will kill the White Man by using their infrastructure, influence and microphone to aid our enemies. Their reward will be in heaven. I always thought that was selfish.


      • Jews are the stars of the bible

        Well, they are… and they ain’t.

        Trust in God… all else is macht nichts.


  58. on November 4, 2015 at 10:10 pm gunslingergregi

    i guess watch blood in blood out for pointers on running minority gangs as a white man and go with the flow?


  59. on November 4, 2015 at 10:19 pm gunslingergregi

    well my former chick called puking on the phone she was puking after eating when i was there too
    i guess i actually atomized her and body not reacting well
    think she bout to want to come back farc i dont know
    i dont have all the answers


    • on November 5, 2015 at 2:41 am gunslingergregi

      dam she said tubal preg 4 months
      another baby gregi greg suicide?
      fuckers just say no to coming into this world
      oh jesus crying bout being by self
      all she wanted was my kid out of life
      oh sheot says she loves me
      yet had a dude wanting to marry her i guess it really was trying to get the silverback to spring which i didn’t
      oh look be jealous
      fuck what am i supposed to do get another dude live ur life please i can’t be ur everything
      i dont want to worry bout this chick no more did what i could fuck


  60. on November 4, 2015 at 11:18 pm evilwhitemalempire

    “if White men drop out, figuratively or literally, there won’t be anyone left to squeeze for the Danegeld.”
    Oh, but there will be.

    A global plantation consisting of masses or low IQ non-whites manipulated by a handful of white elites.

    [CH: they won’t be able to maintain the infrastructure of an advanced civilization. so, the point stands. as whites go, so goes the good life for the traitorous white elite.]

    Almost as easily manipulated as we might manipulate chimps or gorillas.

    You see, as the difference in the mean IQ of the rulers and the ruled increases the less it is like a master/slave relationship and the more it is like a zookeeper/ape relationship.

    This is the reason for the marginalization of lower class white Caucasians (and white Asians).

    With those groups out of the way there will be nobody smart enough to be aware to stop them.

    The resulting difference in IQ between the ruling elites and the brown masses all but insures that revolt will be as impossible as farm animals actually behaving as depicted in ‘Animal Farm’.


  61. You should find Peggy Drexler’s take on the whites dropping like flies recent report. Her reframe is incredible; basically,

    “Well if it were any other race dying, we wouldn’t even be hearing about it.”

    So even while addressing dying whites she manages to shame them for being racists.

    The fact that we have been hearing about the death of 3 black criminals who died while attacking cops for two years now must have eluded her.


  62. 440 rounds of green tip ammo in a metal box should cost about 200 USDs.
    Be sure and have enough tracer rounds.
    They are for shooting high. When the … stand up because they feel so safe …


  63. on November 5, 2015 at 1:28 am gunslingergregi

    increased by 134 deaths per 100,000 people from 1999 to 2014.”””””””””’

    course is that really a lot?

    could someone clarify why that is so big a deal


    • on November 5, 2015 at 1:31 am gunslingergregi

      now if ya open the happy gas chambers and half the country walks in willingy then yea that might be freaky but i think it would be nice to know how many people really want to be here or are stuck here
      people who dont could feel really priviledged to be alive and feel better about themselves


  64. What do we make of this? Should we feel sympathy for a people who are being run to the ground? Or should we say that they instigated this against themselves because of the leaders and policies they embraced?

    The decline of a people that was once the greatest hope for the advancement of humanity should be seen as the tragedy it is. But they seem to stubbornly demand this decline. Clearly, those who would replace us are not even placeholders. They will bring the violence of tribalism and all the injustices of that paradigm back into the forefront of the Western experience. History seems to indicate that it takes a powerful lesson before the masses awaken. By the time a critical mass of Westerners are aware, I believe it will be too late for precautions and prevention.

    Will the West choose life, on whatever terms that requires, or will it choose a “noble” death – succumbing to their destroyers quietly, in a demonstration of supposed dignity?

    Time will tell.

    As a devoted reader of this blog, I will admit that I have not yet decided the most just outcome of these events.


    • You’re forgetting that the people discussing this here are white too. Why would they choose annihilation when they can choose survival.


  65. Just wanted to say that is poignant and somewhat moving piece. This as occurred all over the West. I recently wrote a short note on Neighborhood. That the neighborhood I new when growing up, the high trust , safe one, as been utterly disintegrated by-design. In areas where there was never any gun related crime that is hat now occurred (This is England I am referring to)


  66. hunnybear. 8


  67. i wanted to order a shirt that it said “RAPIST” on, in big bold, white letters. on a big black sweatshirt. but they didtn have my design *sad grrl smiley* but wait.. oh no yeah they diodtn *cry* wouldve been so much fun n true too..

    ME SO HORNY speaking in thai voice all of a sudde.. ABRIGADO!!88 .9 12 3


  68. http://freedompowerandwealth.com

    That was a long list of things going wrong nowadays. We all could add a lot more points – that’s for sure.


  69. And if you want to be a man and act like a man – you may be subject prosecution, fines and jail time. Here is an example what would now be adjudged to be ‘involuntary imprisonment and assault’: https://www.facebook.com/ru.medici.tv/videos/533297550161518/


  70. Diversity.


    • Heh, heh… and then they wonder why people are “prejudiced”.

      You want these little hellions living next door to you, be my guest.

      $20 says the folks who wrote, produced, and put these little cherubs up to it gots big noses, ’cause the air be free.

      All the hispanic parents I know, while they may sympathize with this vid, would not let their kids that age talk like that.


      • They traced the “deport racism” campaign to a Hillary2016 supporter (billforfirstlady . com) using source codes. Liberals will stoop to any level.


    • on November 5, 2015 at 11:20 am Captain Obvious


      • Christ, look at that face.
        You just know that in about 15 years or so, this future bathhouse patron is going to expire from GRIDS.


      • The actual mierda is calling someone else mierda, how cute.


      • I’d love to throw them into my wood chipper.


      • The la razas talking about racism…

        always remember the terms was coined to actually ONLY apply to whites


      • Yeah, the irony… Viva La Raza.

        I would love to hear Trump ask that of the next spic stooge who calls him a racist:

        “Oh? What, then, does Viva La Raza mean? I’ve been hearing you fellow chant that for decades now.”

        Actually, all White folks should be ready with that reply for any Latino who wants to snark or whine about RAY-CISM.


      • I want to Zyklon B that little faggot, lol. Am I evil? 😆


    • That’s some serious GayFace.


  71. How many German women in Berlin were raped by those who fought for the Jew during the last week of World War II? How many?

    I mean, good Lord, they don’t even hide it. Even though the Jew controls all movies and netflix, there are World War II documentaries with “survivors” who admit doing the raping, executing Mussolini’s lover in the street, etc. And these are Jews.

    They are still so solipsistic and wrapped in their own bubble that they still do not understand that we can identify them by their drooping facial structure.

    Every fucking time.

    We keep seeing the hubris all over, like with the recent tranny thing, putting rainbow lights on the white house, military web page, MSM being just ridiculously stupid at this point, etc. They have so much hubris right now. They think it’s over. Even though comments sections clearly show that “we are awake”. Even censored ones — some Jew on the other end is reading the comments before deleting them, right?

    The recent Starbuck’s “let’s have a conversation about race” fiasco. (head jew at starbuck’s got tens of thousands of messages telling him that we know what his tribe has been doing)

    They control all movies, but they allow documentaries that clearly show–to the red pill aware–that Hitler was right that the fight was simply about a white nation’s right to exist. The reason I say this is that they continue to present their slanted view of things, but to those who are aware, the true information is right there, too. In other words, the facts simply show some truth, whether the narrator says “evil nahht zeees” or not over top of them.

    It’s kind of nice of them, actually, to allow these movies to remain up and running. lzozlzozoz


  72. The problem of the conservative movement resides in their inability to reframe. It all comes back to game, this is why Trump is such a big hit, and white Reagan and Thatcher were, because they had the ability to reframe successfully and without apologies.

    If white society is going to survive, it first has to start with a leader who has game and the ability to reframe. Someone to lead the people to victory. Trump will need Lieutenants as he fights to place himself into the prime leadership role of the world. Those Lieutenants will also need his ability to reframe.

    Example: The latest shit I see from the left is how xenophobic the west has become. The proper reframe is to ask back – “Do whites deserve autonomy”?

    Ask the nuclear bomb questions and force them to evade or admit their anti-white racism. Remove the PC euphemistic narrative shields erected by the limp-wristed lefties and watch them scatter in fear. Go on the offense and do it mercilessly.


  73. Noblesse malice

    Another great turn of phrase. Captures the Zuckerberg/Bloomberg sentiment beautifully. Your contributions to the dissident lexicon need to be catalogued.


  74. These are the same feelings I have, albeit I’m only 28. It seems like no one else really cares or notices, and if you bring it up to anyone you are dismissed as racist, women especially hate it when you bring it up and will harp on you incessantly about how you are evil for noticing and lying like that. This was the world I was born into? I wanted a family with a nice wife, loving kids who would respect me, and a nice community for them to grow up safe in, instead I get this shit.

    [CH: welcome. le chateau is your escape from the insanity.]


    • Stop apologizing. Stop groveling.

      Public display of weakness only whets SWJ appetite.

      Also interior force often makes up for lack in exterior conditions.


      SJWs are wearing out their welcome with the cuckiest of cucks, the same way the masses of betas are groaning under the alphafux-betabux burden… It won’t be pretty, but it will be exhilarating.

      [CH: when the revolution comes…. and it will… remember the chateau.
      …….remember the chateau…..]


    • Jon, it’s tough to be sane in an every-increasingly insane world. Welcome to the fold, brother.


  75. These are dark times, indeed. However, defeatism is not how people of Caucasian lineage came to take first place on the world stage. It’s time to step up our game, and take back what is rightfully ours.


  76. It really is DIEversity.


  77. Check out Stan Greenberg’s triumphant article on the Guardian website. An open celebration of the destruction his ilk have bought to America.


  78. “anonymous
    How many German women in Berlin were raped by those who fought for the Jew during the last week of World War II? How many?

    They control all movies, but they allow documentaries that clearly show–to the red pill aware–that Hitler was right that the fight was simply about a white nation’s right to exist.
    It’s kind of nice of them, actually, to allow these movies to remain up and running. lzozlzozoz”

    Ever think that ‘they’ are keeping track of who is watching those movies and making commentary against the NWO?