Moments Of Beta

A handsome couple – she: tall, easy on the eyes, he: older, shitlord face – walked by me and I overheard the following:

Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”

Him: “No, I don’t do that…blah blah”

He trailed off, but I heard enough to know that this man was a paper alpha, hidden beta.

Simple little beta male tells like that say so much. He got defensive. He fell into her frame. He made excuses/apologized for his behavior, with a very predictable reactive wince.

There are so many ways this man could’ve replied that projected an aura of irresistible charisma. It’s not that hard to be the alpha male women love. All you have to do is THINK DIFFERENT. Get out of that obsequious mental space where all that matters is appeasing your woman and “making it all right”. For instance,

Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”

Him: “YUP. Someone’s gotta run a tight ship in this relationship.”

Does the right phrasing elude you? Never mind! It’s your head space that you need a handle on. In my example, the man does NOT get defensive (if anything, he gets OFFENSIVE), he does NOT fall into the woman’s frame (he makes his own frame), and he does NOT make excuses or walk back his impertinence (he instead implies she’s to blame for her complaints).

When you have the right head space, the right words will flow like a river. As will the poosy tingles.


themanofmystery2 asks,

CH, how do you feel about the disdainful “are you fucking kidding me?” glance with no words followed by a conversation started with someone else? Alpha for not falling into frame and making her feel inferior to your power, or beta for letting her get away with her snippy bullshit?

You mean the man responds this way, right? (It wasn’t entirely clear.) Anyhow, this is nasty shit. I’ve seen girls do this sort of thing and it’s such a bitch move. Imo, if for use by a man, this is over the top for all but the most demanding scenarios (i.e., your dignity as a man is on the line). It also carries the whiff of butthurtness/spite/snottiness, which is why it’s more common to see women doing it. (das misogyniss!)

If a woman is snippy with you, remember the clarion call of the alpha male: amused mastery. If she’s snippy with you ALL THE TIME, then you’ve got bigger issues than a nimble tongue can solve. Such a woman was lost to love long before her current imbroglio with you.


  1. “YUP, and your cock sucking skills have been slacking, too.” I’ve said shit like this before to girls and it actually works. They suck your dick thereafter as if it was the last supper.


  2. I like the Sam Rothstein…

    ” Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, or the way that I do it. You understand? ”

    All with a terrible smirk.


  3. it’s a good idea to err on the side of the ridiculous so she doesn’t get any sense that you’re ever going to comply, even in an alternate universe

    Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”

    big-balled chimp:
    – “who said you could speak?”
    – “who wouldn’t?”
    – “because every decision you’ve ever made was wrong”
    – “I’m not questioning. I’m dictating”
    – “shhhh… stop talking so loud I’m watching those pigeons over there”
    – “shutup” (my personal favorite)


    • Very solid… with a lighthearted touch. +++


    • on December 11, 2015 at 9:32 pm Captain Obvious

      You can also go with “Game” Game here – explaining to her what you’re doing as you’re doing it. ||| HER: “You’re always questioning what I do.” ||| YOU: “Yep. Which is why you like me so much. Cause I’m not a pansy like all of your loser ex-boyfriends whom you discarded like so much used toilet paper.”


      • nah. You’re saying too much if you’re deconstructing and explaining your game verbally. Also, saying “I’m not a pansy like all your ex boy friends” reeks of insecurity. Why would you bring up her ex boyfriends at all, much less compare yourself to them unprompted.


    • Last answer could be a touch classier;” Let me explain: Shut up!”


  4. “YUP. Someone’s gotta run a tight ship in this relationship.”



    • vicky,

      My buttox are building up to an explosive event. I will soon release incendiary projectiles of gas…

      Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

      Then, it will be your privilege and honor to…..

      …..Detox my Buttox.

      After the detox, you will be debriefed. But the $5000 fee will have to be paid in advance.


      [CH: vicky the gasbuttox has noticed you. this is a great honor! you should be smiling ear to ear.]


      • This is the second time CH. I’m never sure how to respond or what I’m even reading lol

        [CH: my advice: the gasbuttox is a force of nature, like a tornado (heh). do you fight a tornado? no. Do you shake your fist at a tornado? no. i’ll tell you what you do. you get out of the way of the tornado and admire its awesome majesty from a safe distance.]


      • Well, I usually save my “admiring its awesome majesty” for you CH, but I can make some exceptions 🙂


  5. All they want is someone with a functioning set of testicles to tell them to, “shut the fuck up” in a sly and charming manner…….how hard is that people???


  6. It’s true. I think moments of beta are like little spoonfuls of … well I don’t have a metaphor…that you only use when a minor surrender seems strategically necessary.

    Like if a girl be bitching you out, you can say “please” at one point but generally watch yourself. “why did you do that, I’m pissed?” “wasn’t me.” “look, I’m going to blah blah blah.” “ok fine” “seriously!” “look, please go sit the fuck down, ok?” “ok.”

    Best practice I’ve had is to just stop for a second when fucked with. Anytime a girl asks something that’s logical and boring, I ignore and talk about something else bc otherwise my brain would go into boring logical male brain mode. If an apology is demanded of me, I either ignore the demand or say no. You’ll see from practice that a girl will demand an apology about 4 times before giving up.

    Even if you’re not clever, you can still win by refusing to play along.


  7. Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”

    route 1.
    “so?” “yup” “shut up”

    route 2
    “why would you even say that?”
    “Is this how you talk to people?”

    route 3
    just change subject to whatever comes to mind.


  8. Her: What am I a potted plant?
    Me: What a great thing to aspire to. A potted plant is unobtrusive, low maintenance, and brightens a room.

    Her: I don’t feel like you appreciate me
    Me: Nonsense, you have a great ass.

    Her: You don’t spoil me
    Me: *sniffs in her direction*
    Her: What are you doing
    Me: Just making sure, its not safe to keep spoiled meat.

    Her: You think you are always right
    Me: Of course I do! If I thought I was wrong, I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing.

    Her: You aren’t paying me enough attention
    Me: I hope I am not paying anything. Prostitution is wrong.

    Her: What makes you so sure?
    Me: My awesomeness knows no bounds.

    I wouldn’t have thought that last one would have ended the conversation, but it did.


  9. I routinely use this on women, as does everyone else who has even an inkling of game. It really truly isn’t hard. Agree, and simply amplify.

    Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”
    Him: “I’m not with you for your brains.”

    I would say in this case you can even just say “Yes.” and leave it at that if you really wanted to. As simple as it is, even without the amplification, it’s still better than being defensive like CH’s example, which is one of the best ways to shrivel poon.


  10. “You’re always questioning what I do.”

    “Well then stop doing questionable shit.”


  11. on December 11, 2015 at 3:38 pm Wrong Side of History

    I don’t know why this reminded me of my pre-game days when I saw women as adults with agency.

    An ex of mine told me that she was happy to be my property. I got slightly weirded out by that and told her that I was happy to be her equal.

    I’m sure I didn’t get laid that night.


    • “An ex of mine told me that she was happy to be my property. I got slightly weirded out by that and told her that I was happy to be her equal.”

      Wouldn’t have said that at my most omegaest.


    • Maybe it’s just the old beta in me talking, but it seems like most men truly want to love a woman as an equal. Unfortunately, their hindbrains hate this. I know my over-achieving, over-educated wife became much happier when I started treating her like a piece of sexual property instead of an equal. Thanks CH for improving both our lives, you are truely doing the lords work!


  12. Women are the sweetest creatures on earth. They ask nothing of us but confidence.


  13. Caution: must ALL be said with a shitlord smirk

    “You’re always questioning what I do.”
    “Was that a question?”

    “You’re always questioning what I do.”
    “Are you drinking red or white? Choose wisely, it will determine your fate later tonight.”

    “You’re always questioning what I do.”
    “Can’t polish a turd!” Followed by a huge smirk and a ZFG belly laugh

    The most important thing is the frame of being just so pleased and amused with yourself and totally indifferent to their replies


  14. CH, how do you feel about the disdainful “are you fucking kidding me?” glance with no words followed by a conversation started with someone else? Alpha for not falling into frame and making her feel inferior to your power, or beta for letting her get away with her snippy bullshit?


  15. CH, somewhat OT, but any comments on this bizarre case:

    [CH: unusual crime. literally. you can add those 13 rapes to the zero white-on-black rape rate (contrast with the 30,000 black-on-white rape rate for context).
    hold on one sec. i take it back. looking at his pic, this guy is not white.

    he’s either half asian or american indian, or he’s got a touch of the downs.]


  16. and . . .?

    Keep saying ‘and . . .? and they eventually will say ‘asshole’.

    Game, Set, Match.


  17. Her: You’re always questioning what I do

    Me: Then stop doing questionable things


    • already posted above, nice. That’s why I love this comment section.

      As an aside, I am far from a “stick to game posts!” troll, but I like pure game posts like this probably most of all from CH.


  18. First rate. 100% true.

    Even worse is, if you gonna suck up to Izreel, you may wanna rethink Muslim immigration even harder. It’s one thing to bomb Iraq, another to do that AND still keep letting in people that dislike you.


  19. Damn….comment got caught in mod……just call me Harold….d’oeth!


  20. I have a date tomorrow with a young Ukrainian woman. I’ll let you guys know how it goes


  21. on December 11, 2015 at 5:07 pm John Cunningham

    @pithorn. I wonder if the rapist is an Amerindian. There is a fairly high Indian population in Oklahoma.


  22. on December 11, 2015 at 5:20 pm Laguna Beach Fogey


    Turbo Hamster

    ‘A 46-year-old woman who had sex with a 14-year-old boy believed he was older because of how “dominant” he was with her, an Old Bailey jury heard.’


  23. “You’re always questioning what I do.”
    “Why would you think that?”


    • No. In that reply, the premise is allowed and encouraged. That is a terrible reply!

      “Not now honey i am thinking.”


  24. on December 11, 2015 at 5:37 pm gunslingergregi

    someone should be doing live facial recognition on trump crowds spotting which face doesn’t look like the others
    im getting bad mojo off some of them


    • on December 11, 2015 at 5:38 pm gunslingergregi

      is there a pattern of the same bad mojo face at diferent trump spots need to check that person out


      • Im not really worried about trumps crowds, they seem to be able to fend for themselves. One or ten evildoers would surely get a beatdown if they get out of line.


  25. Would it work to challenge her? With something like “I expect better of you”
    Or would that come off as too father-like / not sexy?


  26. How about a simple, “you’re welcome.”


  27. on December 11, 2015 at 5:55 pm Lost in Moderation

    Back in grad school I used to knock boots with a woman who now runs the medical research lab for a major (Hahvahd) medical school. Mind you, I don’t know shit about microbiology or the like.

    Her: (frustrated at losing yet another argument) Why do you always win every argument?
    Me: Testosterone.

    More great sexing entailed.


  28. This kind of comment is the most tiresomely predictable low-grade tactic employed by women. I guess you could call it shit testing. Or just trying to start something cuz she’s bored, or maybe she said it cuz it’s in her DNA and this is what women do in the same way that tides go in and out and the sun goes down at night. Whatever. Boring and inconsequential.

    So amplifying isn’t my response, because then you just get more of it and I feel like I’m playing her game. Her trite, boring game.

    I just ignore and redirect.

    “You’re always questioning the things I do.”

    A. “Hey, did your sister make it to San Diego okay?”
    B. “Let’s stop in here and get a frozen yogurt.”
    C. “That dude walking toward us looks like that guy from the Sopranos.”
    D. “I can’t decide what to get my dad for Christmas. Probably a gift card from Home Depot.”

    And…..1000 more equally saccharine and effective re-directs.

    She who acts like a child will be treated accordingly.


  29. Thanks heartise, I always enjoy your doses of alpha sanity in beta shit lord ,pajama wearing, excuse making, chode smearing, feminist floozing, dis functional American world. When some chick asks why do question everything I do, I reply because my way is the right way and sometimes u need a little guidance. If you keep this up your getting a spanking. Works everytime.


  30. I’d reply with “Yea.”

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  31. When I hear exchanges like this I almost visualize the guy’s mental bubble above his head saying, “what can I do to make baby happy?”. And the answer is almost always DO THE NON-OBVIOUS. I screenplay writing there is the concept called dialogue too much “on the nose”. It other words the dialogue is too explanatory and does not allow the audience to fill in the gaps themselves.

    I have always suspected that we tell screenwriters to do this to not insult the intelligence of the audience. But what if it’s to appeal to women? If you listen to women speak to each other there is always this subtext to what they say. Especially if they are gossiping about men.

    When I talk to women these days I use this dialogue technique and it works wonders. Just inserting a little ambiguity into your replies just spices up any dialogue with a woman. Just normal observational stories about common day events are like catnip for the female feline.

    Woman: How did your day go?

    Man: Fine

    Woman thinks – he’s in a bad mood since hes so short with me

    Woman: How did your day go?

    Man: Ah it’s a dog eat dog world out there… and I’m wearing Milkbone underwear. A guy shoves me out of the doorway on the way out of the building. I collided with a girl who had a frothy coffee drink knocking it to the ground. I apologized and looked up to deck the shoving guy. But he was running and halfway to the parking garage. I offered to buy the girl a new drink it was the least I could do. I was so angry. I just vented to this poor girl the whole time I was in line buying her a new drink. She was nice and listened politely. I guess she could tell I was steamed. After I got her the drink and calmed down traffic was murder getting to my place.

    Woman thinks – My man leads an exciting life! and WHO is this GIRL he’s talking about.

    Woman says – What did she look like?

    Man: Who the girl,? oh early twenties blond nice outfit, she works in the same building.

    Woman thinks – I KNEW it competition!!!

    Woman says: I think we should stay in tonight… I have some nice lingerie to show you.

    And the thing is the man could have been in the same mood in both situations. The difference is what he said and the hints he dropped.

    Try it sometime start casually mentioning how you shared a laugh with a woman or two… It is fascinating to see bio-mechanics unfold.


    • well done, well done comment indeed.

      Just realize most of these kinds of shit tests are her seeking emotion… as Ang’s story here shows, emotion – up down up down up down. She want’s an emotional hit, not a logical dialogue or a problem solved.

      So anything you do that provides some emotion – any emotion – is OK.

      Cats are not dogs…


      • In other words… these tests… it’s not always about winning, about dominance – it’s about the dance, variety, playing the game… when you are recovering from too much beta, often every test looks like a nail to be hammered with a glib statement or colder than necessary A&A. Next time recognize this test as a tennis match, she just served you, so volley back and don’t look for a winning shot right away. provoke some emotion, accuse her, tease her, obfuscate (don’t be defensive or directly answer her, that’s no fun) and draw it out a bit.


      • dat bish look like Michael Jackson.


    • on December 11, 2015 at 9:04 pm gunslingergregi

      yea pretty good
      twice im doing something else when my babykins calls and put the mission first
      talking to dude at the christmas thing city put on about how his friend was put out of business and he is an automation genious by regulations he is self taught set up aoutomated factory
      but was apparently close down for building single unit i guess like houses with 4 people was putting out a building every 4 hours with a/c and the works
      anyway told her i was busy when she called
      second call i was cutting the branches off the christmas tree i got
      kept working while she talked had her and her friends singing christmas charols he he he
      she fought it at first a little it was cute though
      all faux mad cause i got a real tree and didn’t before


      • on December 11, 2015 at 9:22 pm gunslingergregi

        dang took the game past death with two woman they both lived guess now they really mine
        thats fucking hardcore
        my game so tight woman can’t live without my love
        beautiful and scary as fuck


      • on December 11, 2015 at 10:00 pm gunslingergregi

        they are angels
        i got to tone it down with this other chick cause i don’t want her latched on that tight don’t want to take another chick from dude
        how do ya love without hurting people or is it imposible
        god help me love better and be careful with souls


      • on December 11, 2015 at 10:06 pm gunslingergregi

        i am careful though
        i just treat em like you would treat a cat you loved and they love it
        they love the gushie shit he he he
        and taking it beyond this plane of existance
        into the unknown beyond
        the true love
        who here tells the woman they love that they want them for an eternity
        do you love your woman like that
        would you want them forever i do


      • on December 11, 2015 at 10:13 pm gunslingergregi

        if you want your wife to really feel like you are in it to win it together tell her you will love her forever
        not till death do you part but beyond that
        melted heart


  32. Fantastic – love these small anecdotes with straightforward takeaways.


  33. Her: “You’re always questioning what I do.”
    His Most Dismissing Highness: “I know”


  34. Good article.

    “You’re always questioning what I do.”- tells me a lot about the relationship. Beta’s like to micro manage.


  35. Of late, I’ve used the “Who do you think you’re talking to?!” and when she was going all BPD (not really, but she’s argumentative even though I keep my frame) on me, I said that our relationship was a mistake and never backed off that. She sobbed and such but we’re fine. One part of me that can’t be “strategic” is that I won’t be questioned when I know I’m right or when someone is off their damn meds (metaphorically.) I know when something is off and I won’t tolerate rebelliousness for the sake of it. The problem is, I’m so cold, I’m not that passionate about things anymore, just cold.


    • ” I know when something is off and I won’t tolerate rebelliousness for the sake of it. The problem is, I’m so cold, I’m not that passionate about things anymore, just cold.”

      This is the outcome if you view all interactions as winner or loser. You play to win – you win all the time – and it’s no fun. it kills tingles just as much a supplicating, just takes a little longer.

      Next time she is going BPD, try closing space on her, with a firm look – then tickling her…. then laughing and tell her she looks so cute when she is mad.

      supreme alpha is always above the fray, unruffled, fun.


      • Thanks for the advice. I’ve been struggling how to re-establish comfort (not that we don’t have our moments) in those situations.


      • as men we see most play time as frivolous and wasteful, and a lot of the time we just can’t be bothered. We want stasis, whatever that may be, something predictable, some chill time, some white space… We don’t understand girl language and their need for emotion…

        Imagine you’re at work, maybe in a negotiation… you want to win, to crush the other guy. Can you imagine tickling him? and then joking about it and then him being all cool with it and happy and giving you what you want? It’s impossible. But with women this dynamic works because Emotion is the Only Truth to her… So if she is pissed, she’s pissed but 15 seconds later she can be laughing and punching your arm and happy because… now she is happy… It’s really amazing.

        when you understand this, inculcate this… things really become a game, not a win/lose game but a fun fun fun game where everyone is having fun and there is no score… These are the games that girls like to play, right?


      • [video src="" /]


  36. “he does NOT fall into the woman’s frame (he makes his own frame), and he does NOT make excuses or walk back his impertinence (he instead implies she’s to blame for her complaints).”

    When a man with healthy self-esteem says “no I don’t do that”, he thinks he is making reference to his own frame. And in a way he is, if he would just keep his mouth shut after uttering those words.

    The problem is most high self-esteem men who are not of the dark triad (or quartrad) emphasis, are rational creatures, and so kneejerks to explaining how his frame matters too, with respect to the rational approach, which is the frame-sharing frame. That is the error, and the beginning of a downhill slide in the overall dynamic where everybody ends up pissed. It seems to me that women have a proclivity for interpreting a man’s rational “explaining” (when it comes to her) as him entering her frame, to explain himself in terms of her frame. But the rational man assumes that she appreciates that he is attempting to enter her frame in order to examine the viewpoint disparity, and to yank her back to his frame via his rationality, so that both can then get back to enjoying what he thinks is the mutual frame. Note that the mutual frame is contingent on both parties actually seeking both perspectives (which is the natural rational approach). He assumes that since he does this, therefore she does this (like if the guy has high self-esteem why wouldn’t he expect this and therefore assume he is getting it unless there is glaring evidence to the contrary). But this doesn’t seem to work. She interprets that as “excuses/apologized for his behavior”.

    The key here, it seems to me, is to realize that she does not equate the rational approach (i.e – both parties seeking both perspectives) = mutual frame. A rational man does. If this is true, then the pertinent question is why doesn’t she equate the rational approach (i.e – both parties seeking both perspectives) = mutual frame? It seems to me that this question has three probable answers:

    1) She can’t or won’t seek any perspective except her own

    2) She can seek and has some desire to seek other perspectives, but has a hard time appreciating the testosterone-fueled male perspective (un-relatable)

    3) She doesn’t understand mutual frame (no appreciation for rationality itself)

    I have met women who are #1 most of the time, and they are worth nobody’s efforts IMO (a lot of these are sexy too, but fuck – not nice people).

    For most women, I think there are issues with respect to a combination of (2) + (3).

    We can’t do much about (2), and there being the converse male counterpart of that (for men, estrogen dominance being un-relatable), it is the natural state and is what brings spice to life, and so is challenging but good I think.

    But for (3), I think for this type of man/woman problem (with both men and women who are psychologically healthy, with high self-esteem, and not too predisposed to the dark quartrad) there is a substantially greater tendency for women vs. men to see things as frame dominance vs. frame deference, more of the time than such men, whereas such men will have more tendency than the women to see it as mutual frame, in more instances.

    So, if you are a man that is predisposed to rationality and to mutual frame appreciation (probably the majority of men), then you must realize that this will almost never be matched by such proclivity for any women you are with, and so must assume that for her it is more about frame dominance vs. frame deference, and if she is bringing something up with respect to honoring frame, she probably doesn’t mean mutual frame, even if that is what she says. Perhaps women can’t really support mutual frame (except superficially, as in the the women-all-together-hivemind way), but still want to enjoy a deeper kind of mutual frame with men, so that becomes the men’s job, by way of the man directing the matter into mutual frame by way of his frame. If he tries the other route (by way of her frame) as outlined in CH’s post and as explained in more detail above, she is unable to go to mutual frame via that route.

    I think this is the optimistic take on it (I’m an optimist). As well, it is pretty much exactly what CH said above I think (if you leave out the mutual frame part), in far fewer words (maybe I am so fucking blessed/cursed with rationality that I have to spell it out in detail for myself in order to get it).

    One further note on this that I have noticed. If this high self-esteem rational man who is not so predisposed to the dark quartrad, does not learn the above outlined lesson (the situation I found myself in at one time in my life), the cognitive dissonance of it all starts to wear on the self-esteem! And then shitlib land will welcome you eventually – i.e. – the rational approach is contingent on a great deal of self-respect, and for a rational man, when rationality within the dynamic of human relationships fails, and you are not of the dark quartrad, then you start getting sucked into the shit-hole of shitlib land, you know you are in a shit-hole, feels awful, you start pretending everything is just fine and smiley when the opposite is true, because what are you going to do under the circumstance of eroded self-esteem due to cognitive dissonance because of our shit culture – either go along to get along, or you check out in some way. And if you just keep going along to get along for long enough, pretty soon you forget you are even in a shit-hole, and actually start denying how sucky it feels, because that is easier to endure than pretending. Now you are mindfucked. Now you have actually become a shitlib. Look at the faces of the Punchable Shitlibs again – these guys each have something slightly different going on within their emotional countenances, but there is one thing in common – none of their smiles are genuine – they are mostly butthurt and don’t even know it anymore = male shitlib (like maybe the first poor guy actually knows he is butthurt by the look of smile = very sad). But nobody has sympathy for these guys (not even me). Because it is pathetic. Their shitlib shit upholds the ascendancy of the cuntlibs (probably populated by (1) type women to a large degree). Shitlibs have been infected by the cuntlibs by a brain-virus and are the drones of the truly pathetic – the cuntlibs, doing their bidding – that is why it is pathetic – the shitlibs have become the masters of their own undoing by allowing parasitic influence (i.e. – it is anti-life!).

    So – probably the best thing for such an infected man to do is to finally go and check out for awhile, and take a step back to try to see what the fuck is really going on!! That is what I did for awhile, and all my vitality came back, and my anxiety swept away.

    It pretty much boils down to – we live in a human world dependent on the rational for it’s existence and it’s continued maintenance, but women don’t mainly relate to that. And their viewpoint has gained ascendancy, simply because rational men can’t realize this simple truth about women. It is not so much that they aren’t rational about things in general, it is that they are not rational about you! But they probably can be to some degree if you show them the way through your dominant frame. But if you adopt the dominant frame too much as a way of life, you are are then starting to veer away from the rational which our civilization depends. It sure is asking alot of men to find that wave of equanimity and ride it.

    So, for me, women need to show me more than just sex (like women are awesome for their sexiness but like I know they know muh dick is awesome too, so it can’t be just about sex). What do they bring to the table that is worthy of the rationality of their counterparts? I’m still trying to find that out. If there is any women reading this I would like to hear you explain this to me.


    • “Shitlibs have been infected by the cuntlibs by a brain-virus…”

      Cat shit causes psychotic tendencies, and many of them own cats.
      They’re also crazy to begin with, but there is a Cat Shit Multiplier on top of it.


  37. Women collectively need to SHUT THE FUCK UP.



  38. No, I was thinking about my other girlfriend.


  39. Honestly, I hope they track down the guy who filled ham into Muslims shoes in a mosque and beat him into a coma. You don’t pull that kind of stunt.

    For the record, for a billionth time: ham is not a cross or holy water you fucking imbeciles. It’s food you’re not supposed to eat. Do you flinch when you see horse meat?

    If you approve of this kind of garbage you are subhuman.


  40. Please give me some opinions on this gal and her interest.

    Field Report.

    The streak ends. May have mentioned about this one gal who my friend thought was a 10 and I said 9. Anyway I approached her a few weeks and she said no to getting her number twice but said I could come see her where she is a server. I never went to her work and she stopped showing up at my HP for a couple weeks. Then she starts showing again. So the first time she shows I say her name and she kind of smiles. The second time she shows I call her out and walk over, extend my hand and she gives her hand to me. I say have a good evening at work. She smiles and off she goes. Well the next day I am sitting there at the HP and I see her coming toward the door. I panic as she looks in and sees me looking at her. Instead of holding eye contact I turn away in an uncomfortable way. She walks in and eye look up and say hi. I think she can sense the uneasiness which was the result of how surprised I was to see her so soon. She leaves and slowly walks past the window almost waiting for me to get up. I never look up. Since then she did not show up for two weeks. Then I was sitting with a buddy today and see her come put of her car as I am talking to him. She walks past in a nervous way and I say hi xxxx. She says hi. So on her way back she starts to walk past my friend and I. I yell out her name and she stops near her car as I approach. As I get toward her she puts out an arm for a hug which I was not expecting. I give her a hug. I ask her how her day is going and she murmurs something. Then she says “you are here a lot”. I pull up my phone to get her number and she turns to go into her car. As she is getting into her car I can;t help see her curvy body strutting itself in a cute little way while sliding into her seat while she gives a sly smile. I put out the phone and she ignores. I say “your loss” and she shuts the I walk back to my friend.

    1. I have to say that my friend is correct that this gal is a 10.
    2. She drives a shitty car.
    3. I have never been rejected twice by a gal because I have never asked for gals number more than once except for this one.
    4. As much as I have been doing this I have to say that this gal is so Fing stunning it makes me nervous.


    • Tactics with this girl don’t matter. Your inner game was weak and she smelled it. Only way to get her now is move on and get another one equally as hot.


      • “Your inner game was weak and she smelled it.”

        Appreciate it George.

        Well I can find other gals but 10’s are another story even at my HP.


      • “Only way to get her now is move on and get another one equally as hot.”

        So is your opinion that she is salvageable if she sees me with another hot women?


      • on December 11, 2015 at 10:49 pm gunslingergregi

        lol putin are you fucking with the board
        you didn’t actually talk to her?


      • “lol putin are you fucking with the board
        you didn’t actually talk to her?”

        Come on man. If there is one thing I do it is approach women. You should know that by now.


      • “So is your opinion that she is salvageable if she sees me with another hot women?”

        This comment alone is a tell that your inner game is weak. You need to develop abundance mentality and not focus on one particular girl. The paradox is that is how you get this one particular girl.


      • “This comment alone is a tell that your inner game is weak. You need to develop abundance mentality and not focus on one particular girl. The paradox is that is how you get this one particular girl.”

        George, you had a good no bullshit answer until this. I asked because that is what you wrote. Don’t know if you have seen my other field reports but I was 3 for 3 getting numbers from 8-9’s including one who wants to go on a date. This most recent gal stopped my streak. No one has secular “weak” inner game with that kind of streak. Now I agree that in this particular case it may be a real possibility but you need to realize is that no one can duplicate my numbers.


      • on December 11, 2015 at 11:08 pm gunslingergregi

        ahh the game blog he he he
        well talk to her find out about her life story as a human being


      • “not focus on one particular girl”

        lol, yes but I just don’t come across 10’s that often even at my HP. I don’t know, there is just something about them.


      • “well talk to her find out about her life story as a human being”

        She is always in a rush to get to work as a server. I could ask her why she drives a shitty car. lol.


      • on December 11, 2015 at 11:27 pm gunslingergregi

        hit yourself in the face really hard rofl


      • on December 12, 2015 at 3:03 pm gunslingergregi

        yea it does seem chicks in a rush all the time for some


      • Nigger say what???


    • “No one has secular “weak” inner game with that kind of streak… but you need to realize is that no one can duplicate my numbers.”

      The fact that you are even keeping track of streaks and numbers to crow about on an internet board means your inner game is weak.


      • “The fact that you are even keeping track of streaks and numbers to crow about on an internet board means your inner game is weak.”

        lol, alright.


      • on December 11, 2015 at 11:29 pm gunslingergregi

        bunch of comedians in this place still love you fuckers
        thanks for the help guys and the torture it was fantastic


      • Worrying about streaks and numbers shows that subconsciously you care too much about the outcome. A woman at a number 10 level can sense this. To improve your inner game you must believe in complete outcome independence. Just my opinion.


      • Why so accepting of the first NO you recieve? I’d of thought – and she’d probably agree – that you were ready for a challenge.


    • Whether a girl is a 10 or a 6 doesn’t change tactics much. Always use preselection. Always be flirting with several women at a venue. If one doesn’t want to flirt with you, ignore her and approach someone new. Don’t be afraid to be a little rude if a woman doesn’t comply with a reasonable request. Backturn with no goodbye is fine.

      Open your phone to the New Contact page, put out your phone, and walk away without saying anything; go flirt with another girl, then come back and pick up your phone without checking whether she put in her CI. If she didn’t put in her CI, she’ll likely shit test you. You just lol whatever she says and walk away. If she chases you, parcel out your attention in breadcrumbs. Let her leave for a bit as you go flirt with another girl, then it’s your turn to chase a bit.


      • Thanks gamer,

        Definitely need to change things up. Good article on ROK about that. Never been rejected two different times by the same gal.


  41. What do you guys think of the picture-taking thing that girls do, when a random group of girls asks you to take their pic. This is what I do:

    (Group of girls come up to me): Hey can you take a pic of us?

    Me: sure (I take a pic of myself and give them back their phone)

    Girls: Hey!! This is a pic of you!

    Me: oh. Well I did you guys a favor. You now have a pic of one of the best looking guys here.

    Usually at this point, they laugh and then ask me to take an actual pic of them. I’m wondering what the CH community would do in this situation


    • That’s fun. A lot of guys will say don’t do this, it’s beta etc. I disagree… First i will make fun of their phone, how old it is, how shitty, are they poor etc> and get them laughing a bit. Then use the opportunity to art direct the shoot. Pose them, neg your target “That’s a terrible smile!, C’mon this girls got it [point to friend], look at her. Like that” “no no no, again!” then try and get them closer together and kissing… Nearly always will, at least cheeks…

      Always fun.


    • Take a picture of just their breasts and vagina area but not their faces. Give them their phone back with a mischievous grin. Starts the sexual frame right away.


    • What Sentient says, except first say that their poses are gay. Mess with their emotions. Push/pull. Set up a group pic where they all look happy, one where they all look sad, one where they all look dopey, one where some look happy, some look sad, and some look dopey, for contrast. Then get someone outside the group to take a pic of you with all the girls around you because your girlfriends all want to know who you’ve been hanging out with.



    “Upon its cinema release, Chicago newspaper movie critic Roger Ebert gave it zero stars and cited extensive use of cliches, depicting the war in terms of “cowboys and indians”, and being a “heavy-handed, remarkably old-fashioned film.”[10] It is on his “Most Hated” list. In The New York Times, Renata Adler wrote, “It is vile and insane. On top of that, it is dull.”[11]”

    Suprisingly, one YKW defended Wayne.


  43. The problem I have is taking what they say too seriously. This comes from either being too emotionally invested in the interaction, tired or the comment strikes a nerve and I react defensively.

    Also, don’t be too hard on yourself if you beta backslide. It’s not one thing it’s a balance of things that defines a character or an interaction.


    • Yeah where this kind of interaction, and pattern and repeated interaction becomes troubling is in a LTR where you are seeing them all the time. Day in and out. Pick up and short term not that big of deal and you are amped up and sharp to pass these tests easily.

      Year 5, year 10 not so much. But she will keep pinging for alpha and seeking emotion… there is no end. when you are tired or just can’t be bothered two things will help, first is space. get some space. if you are getting too much of this shit, you are too available. Be out, be away, be doing stuff without her, whatever it is… Second, just have short responses or even ignoring it is OK. Stuff like “haha”, “you would say that”, “as if” “cute”, “boring” etc…. and not engage. This will diffuse a lot of these situations with no loss of frame. You don’t build anything this way though…


      • @Sentient…I’ve been in a dry spell lately. One of my plates dropped off, banged another dude. A second is off on holiday, sends me nude selfies every few days, the third, I’m a bit off….Feel like I’m in a bit of a funk and have missed a few key opportunities to number close or escalate.

        I had to push myself to game chicks at a party the other day and realized I was a bit out of practice. As the night wore on I got better.

        But when i’m tired, under pressure or otherwise not concentrating, I lapse into beta moments or let things slide like the original post suggests.

        It takes incredible frame control to get back.


      • well we all have ruts of various degrees… Do you ever just go out an do cold approach game, non social circle? Just go out an open in some random place you’ve never been and no one knows you? You might try it, it will bring back a lot of energy and fun. Your headspace is not “i’m going to pick someone up” it’s just “i’m going to have fun” and just ride that wave.

        The flip side of girls BF’ing up for the holidays is that the ones that aren’t are going to be super lonely… Buying temp is rising.

        Have fun!


      • @Sentient I’ve been cold approaching off and on. Was in a taxi line and a hot girl was beside me. I struck up a conversation situationally based but strangely enough, I just lost my nerve. I had a sudden fear of rejection that was completely irrational and at odds with the situation. She was just standing there, a receptive audience. I started chatting to her about the line and the various drunks in it. Then…it petered out. I picked up on why and the next day was more on. The only way to get out of that slump is to plough on—Just Say Something.


  44. Treat a woman who is acting up like I treat my toddler son. As I watch him throw himself on the floor in a tantrum, I am quietly amused and then give him a hug when he calms down.


    • on December 12, 2015 at 7:59 pm gunslingergregi

      while i was there my kid never threw a tantrum
      funny right


    • on December 12, 2015 at 8:08 pm gunslingergregi

      i think if mom worships the dad than only one signal getting sent out
      there is no room for argument or playing a side
      hence no tantrum maybe
      or never yelling at or hitting or getting impatient with the kid yourself
      but just treating like a human being with feelings of its own


    • on December 12, 2015 at 8:20 pm gunslingergregi

      when he is throwing the tantrum what do you think he is trying to tell you


    • on December 12, 2015 at 8:20 pm gunslingergregi

      do you find yourself looking introspectively on your life that you throw tantrums yourself?


  45. “I need to make sure you don’t discover the stash of bodies I hide in the basement”


  46. Or else, if you prefer to keep your response short, you might say:

    “I question everything.”

    The woman would most likely insist on being exempt from your questioning. That can be dealt with easily, with another short response:

    “That’s for me to decide.”

    I have applied this and similar lines to my wife many times. She would usually sulk for a moment, until one of us brings up an unrelated subject. The conversation flows smoothly afterwards.


  47. “You’re always questioning what I do.”

    “No shit”.
    “Ya think”?
    “Quit doing stupid or it goes on more”.
    “Shut UP”.
    “Go away kid, ya bother me”.
    “If I don’t question stupid, you will wreck everything”.

    Did I mention the reply, “No Shit”?

    Yeah, yeah, it’s up there somewhere. But my girl is Brazilian, she’s used to it. When I talk to American chicks like that, they pout and whine and whimper. After you dump them, they go and go find a beta to entertain and pussy whip. I give a shit. Asians and foreign ladies straighten out. American women are just idiotic and whiney like little kids. Treat em like that, it’s all they deserve. I don’t think the majority of American feminist chicks really want an Alpha for a relationship, they want a beta to push around. The Alpha she wants to fuck. Maybe they keep the Beta around to take her pissed off feelings on when her Alpha gives her shit and treats her like the slut she is, who knows? And who cares? Let Beta-boy handle it..


  48. One thing that’s been irritating me lately when hanging with younger (20-35) broads is their temdency to refer to men as boys. Try as i might i cant think of anything better than a backhand response, though i know better.


    • on December 12, 2015 at 1:32 pm Diversity Is Good

      One thing that’s been irritating me lately when hanging with younger (20-35) broads is their temdency to refer to men as boys.

      First, don’t take it seriously, smirk at them when they do this, maybe even a teenaged-girl-style eyeroll if you can carry it off.

      Pre-empt this by talking about women as girls.

      Reply to this by referring to girlies.

      Refer to yourself as a BIG boy. All grown up.

      Smirk often.


  49. “You’re right, when you get to our age, they all look like boys, don’t they?”


  50. Would it work if replying like that Lumberg character from the movie OFFICE SPACE? After her line, just replying with: “Yeaaaah, (talk about another topic)”.