The Swarm Wars

Will this be the counter-propaganda antiviral that cures White civilization of its autogenocide disease?

IF this one is taken down, try the LiveLeak version.

Equalist leftoid traitors better hope so, because if video like this one fails to rouse the survival instinct in Whites, the immune response that assuredly follows will be more emphatic than memetic…

Swing High Sweet Lariat

PS The Poles find their balls. I like that the photos are mostly of rebellious White men, instead of the usual glamour shots of zero-threat level hotties inspiring slavish (heh) neocuck swooning. Not that there’s anything wrong with a few Polish hotties mixed in the crowds…


  1. I believe this answers the earlier CH post on what to call the coming anti-white WWIII. I like it.

    [CH: if ya wanna job done right…]


    • I feel like that was from the movie World War Z, I keep waiting for Brad Pitt to pop up on the screen

      What an utter f-cking failure on the part of Europe and her people. Who’s ready for the next Crusade?


    • so, clue me in here, what calamity is going to befall Europe if they do not import the turd world?

      Nobody ever spelled that one out…

      The white world is done. Whites abdicated personal responsibility for the body politic onto a “system.” Their own self-protection, everything. The system has been corrupted and no longer represents the interests or even cares about the consent of those it governs.

      Anyone with a brain can see that war is coming and a new dark ages.


      • Well, you see, the birth rates in Europe are too low, goy. The European peoples are going extinct. If Europe doesn’t import these new Europeans, it will be done for. You don’t want Europe to go extinct, do you, goy?


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:53 pm Captain Obvious

        Actually, the scr0tial programs [such as gubmint “guaranteed” pensions] will collapse if there aren’t new taxpayers to fund them – that’s been the Eskimos’ primary bargaining chip in both Europe and the USA – either suffer the diarrhea invasion, or else prepare for the collapse of Scr0tial Security. Also, there are nowhere near enough GenX/GenY/Millenials to provide nursing home care for the Boomers as they age. So the Swarm Wars will necessarily require the young & fit and breeding-worthy to tell the aging Boomers to go jump off a cliff. Either that, or else the Boomers will finally have to grow up, and start taking care of themselves for a change.

        [CH: the problem with this line of fiat/eskimo/ponzi scheme thinking is that it assumes humans are fungible. taint so. there’s no guarantee, and in fact there’s plenty of countervailing evidence, that the wretched refuse will be as productive as the native stock. they won’t, and that will mean there won’t be the tax receipts to prop up dem safety net programs.]


      • the calamity is the collapse of the socialist safety nets the western world has bought into. in a place where a man is his own responsibility, smaller birth rates just mean a little more space to breathe– which in turn would likely kick birth rates back up

        but politicians can’t have that, we westerners all live in ponzi schemes and they don’t want to be on duty during the collapse


      • You’re now going into a multicultural mode, and it seems you haven’t yet learned how to be multicultural. You’re not going to be the monolithic societies you once were. But the change must take place otherwise Europe will not survive.


      • Not to belabor the obvious, but these guys aren’t flooding Europe because they want to pay for the social programs.


      • Half of White millennials are on the cusp of being replaced by a robot or computer, perform a non-job or work inside an industry that isn’t sustainable. We must not listen to their fatuous nonsense when they tell us that there is a shortage of labour.

        If we knew how to organise and people were expected to work viable jobs proportionate to their talent and ability then we could dedicate half the millennial generation to wiping the Boomer’s fat retired arse. Modernise industry and become far more competitive and bring back know your station and we’d have more workers than we need. The challenge of the 21st century is of what to do with the masses in a world on autopilot, aging and obsolete liberals are taking us back to the old days of unlimited peasants and fodder when there’s a robot for this.


      • We already entered a dark age and nobody noticed. Look at the artistic and educational establishments. Degenerate filth.

        But the West will be back. Whites will wake up to save a remnant of the civilization we built. Hard-nosed Russians, Eastern Europeans who won’t fall for socialism again, a hundred million tough Americans despised by the elite for clinging to guns and religion, will not be easily wiped out. And now even Western Europe is stirring.

        White shitlibbery is a paper tiger. SWPL faggots with their sanctimonious ivory tower social justice philosophizing are no match for the virile self-confident invading Muslims. There will be a culling of Whites. White leftists will see the light or be consumed by the darkness. Let them.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 8:47 am Captain Obvious

        > “White shitlibbery is a paper tiger.” ——— Which is why the Eskimos needed the Diarrhea Invasion. The new tactic on Fuchs News s/p the debate is to tell The Donald that Operation Wetback was a “Trail of Tears” genocide. Look for #SubhumanLivesMatter to start demanding “Reparations” for the Operation Wetback “repatriatees” and their surviving progeny. [I wish that that were a joke, but you that know it’s coming.] The Eskimos are completely out of new ideas, and so now they’re unleashing the Diarrhea Thugs on USA college campuses nationwide.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 8:54 am Captain Obvious

        > “SWPL faggots with their sanctimonious ivory tower social justice philosophizing are no match for the virile self-confident invading Muslims” ——— That was pretty much the entire point of the last season or so of “The Walking Dead” – concerning the oasis of “Alexandria” – SWPLs in their current state are completely incapable of dealing with the psychological horrors of Reality as it actually exists. Whether SWPLs can regroup come the Revolution, and pull themselves together, I know not. But, in the meantime, as we have hinted here chez Le Chateau recently, sh!znat like the Diarrhea Thugs being unleashed on USA college campuses means metric sh!t-tons of [email protected] HB7+ SWPL chicks are going to be frigging terrified, and desperately in need of mysterious stranger White Alpha 2nd-Amendment dudes in their lives…


      • on November 12, 2015 at 9:08 am Captain Obvious

        And when a SWPL HBs get scared, they’ll f*ck any White guy with a deep voice and a square jaw and broad shoulders and a ZFG attitude about him.


      • Leave the SWPLs to their fate. I want to focus on “living not by lies.”


      • “Anyone with a brain can see that war is coming ..”

        Not necessarily. Whites could, and probably will, go softly into the night and ultimately be blended out of existence. It’s already happened in London from which the British have been ethnically cleansed. And all without a whimper of protest. Muslims and black ‘families’ have on average about five turdlers, Whites one or two. Quite simple really.


    • That music is deadly.


  2. At least eastern European countries are putting resistance! See what Poland’s response is to all this! There is hope!


    • They are not the Brightest Europeans, save West Europe for the win!


      • SMH.

        My people (I was born and raised in Poland till 17 years of age, then I came here thank God) contributed more to the western culture and civilization than most other nations in the world; also saved Europe from Muslim invasion in the past, and may just have to do it again soon.

        [CH: the poles are a healthy mix of germanic and slav. good aesthetics, good self-preservation instinct.]

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      • Two words:
        Winged Hussars.


      • Once the Anglo/German/Swedish cucks erase themselves from the gene pool, these Poles & friends will be the next Brightest Europeans by virtue of “mere” survival.


      • One word: Huzzah!

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      • Speaking of Slavic self-preservation – more Syrians are leaving Russia than entering:

        “That’s why so few Syrians are content to stay in Russia, said Abu Aldjail – they have tried to find their families shelter from famine and the civil war, but instead experienced cold rejection or negligent treatment.

        In fact, refugees prefer to use Russia as a transit point to Europe, in particular Finland or Norway.

        “The refugees themselves hardly seek shelter,” said Dmitry Polikanov, a board member of the PIR Center and political analyst. “They seek good living standards and benefits of being in Europe, so they don’t need other destinations.”

        The official statistic from Russia’s Federal Migration Service seems to confirm this trend: In 2015, 7,103 Syrians came to Russia, while 7,162 left the country.”


      • “also saved Europe from Muslim invasion in the past, and may just have to do it again soon.”

        Good God, you’re a tool.

        This is not a real invasion. If (parts of) you let them in, it’s just your people being retarded. Compare that to REAL invasions like the ones enacted by my glorious ancestors. It offends me that the losers (“invaders”) that I can hear loitering near my window right now (no joke) are of a kind with the people that made Luther think they were being punished by God.


      • stop repeating jewish lies, idiot.


      • “They are not the Brightest Europeans”

        The Eskimo Bolsheviks, as they did with every other White country they controlled, liquidated the best and brightest of the native stock, Poles in this instance. So there’s some truth in the assertion.


    • The Poles can also go home. We don’t want Syrians or Poles driving down our wages and lowering the tone of the place.


      • The Poles are England’s Mexicans, fuck the White pride shite.


      • The open labor market in the UK has been a net negative for Poland as well. A disaster, in fact, by some measures.

        Meanwhile here’s to hoping that UKIP finds its balls and stops rhetorically attacking Eastern Europeans while supplicating to Indians and Nigerians.


      • What’s wrong with Indians and Nigerians? Hey, do y’all have the KKK over there?


      • You are an idiot. Central Europe is the primary victim of Semites and Africans because of its unfortunate geographic location. There is a reason that Hungary, German, Poland, and Austria are the nations who always get it right and stand up to the Jew. They have to.


      • UKIP use Eastern Europeans as a kind of surrogate for the muds. This way the greatly reduce the risk of the ‘racist’ tag. Which they incur anyway to a degree.


  3. I showed this to my parents last night and they were freaked out and wondered why we see none of this in the news in North America.


    • The media doesn’t show anything that isn’t part of the narrative.
      The first thing you have to do with people is get them to accept that what they think is news is really empty entertainment and propaganda.


    • I don’t know which is more frightening: that the young must inform the old, or that this surprised your parents, who’ve had a lifetime to observe the trend.

      The coming purge will be biblical, indeed.


    • Just tell them “market forces”.

      If they need more of an explanation than that, refer them to SunsteinWithin. He’s the resident economic expert here.


      • Well-struck, sir. Well-struck, indeed.

        Today’s Tip:

        When you is at the ATM after dark, be sure to watch over yo’ shoulder for them ‘market forces’.


  4. on November 11, 2015 at 4:14 pm Robert Seymour

    I have far more antipathy towards white women than any immigrant group, so none of this xenophobia appeals to me in the least. Maybe the immigrants will bring better women.

    [CH: behold perspective.]


    • If it’s immigrant women you want, then white eastern European wife material is where it’s at! Beautiful, slim, feminine, with good conservative values. They know how to be the lady of the house, take care of their home, kids, and husband. I know, I’m married to one 😉

      [CH: agreed. one downside: EE ladies tend to be cynical and manipulative. them being from the wrong side of the hajnal tracks and all.]


      • CH, I find that to be true regarding Russian women more so than any other EE gals (lesson learned through personal experience with recent former Russian friends of ours). Sure all peoples will have their share of femc*nts etc, but the conservative upbringing in EE is keeping it in check compared to, say, German, British, Austrian women.


      • It’s suprising how frequently good looking chicks here turn out to be EE. So it’s not a stereotype.


      • agreed.


    • They’d be honour-killed by their families for dating you.


      • Don’t be so sure, ho… an incident in Berlin, wherein some muzzie brothers tracked down their sister and killed her for living with a German man, actually inspired a recent song by Joe Jackson. Respect Your Culture, I believe was the title.


    • You can only hate a being which is competent to perform evil. If you hate any woman, you’ve assigned to her more agency that she deserves.

      “The woman gave me the fruit, and I ate it.” What a witless cuck.

      Be responsible for your own women, and you will conceive half-breeds among your servants, thereby improving the stock of lesser man.

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    • on November 11, 2015 at 7:22 pm Vagina dominator

      The term “xenophobia” = #morejewishgaslighting of whites


    • Robert Seymour, you are worse than any avowed enemy.

      And a fairy.


    • Life is all about tingles in muh ding dong.
      White women suck because white men are pussies.
      There is no genetic superiority at work here.
      Keep running white man, see where it gets you.


  5. Swede here. I always thought my people was just stupidly naive, but now I’m starting to realize most of them WANT this.


  6. here we go.

    personally, i’m a multi culti. but really, self segregation should not be punished. liberals are making me feel ashamed of being cosmopolitan.

    and things like this video… well. fuck. stop trying to make white people angry.


    • this is the most effective white nationalist propaganda I’ve seen in a while. for those who embrace that sort of thing. I don’t and it still speaks to me.


    • Since when is muslim and white exclusive?


      • what in the fuck. it’s bad enough any abrahamic religion entered europe.

        at least xtian’s have had had 1700 years of white washing.

        fuck islam, it can stay in the hell hole it made for itself.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 7:34 pm Vagina dominator

        Ho with another piss weak leading question.

        There are vanishing few white muslims.

        You shitskinned troll.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 7:35 pm Vagina dominator

        correction: *vanishingly*


      • I’ve never met a Muslim who identifies as “white,” no matter how White they are/look. They’re like Jews– they see themselves as a “minority.” I’ve had the personal misfortune of trusting a Bosniak muslim, and the piece of shit got me fired for “harassment” because I saw her as White and we talked race/political issues. She actually called herself a “minority” in her lying statement against me, despite being a very light-skinned Caucasian woman who could easily pass as European if she chose.

        Muslims in our lands are part of the untermensch army of chaos. They don’t belong here. Believe me, I know. Please nobody make the same mistake I did.


      • Even stupid and white isn’t exclusive, ho.

        Didn’t your momma teach you nuthin’?

        I mean, by example if nothing else


      • “You shitskinned troll.”


        I’m pale as fuck you silly little prick.


      • Hey idiot: she was a woman. Mystery solved.


      • Waaaaaaah, some dumb broad made me lose my job and now I will engage in category errors par excellence forever because of it. 😥

        Why is your country so shit that it has people that would fire one of their own because an “alien” complained?

        Face it: your race, such as it is as of now, is shit. There is some purging of the white race needed (see second picture in this post) before you can whine about outsiders.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 9:18 am Captain Obvious

        > ‘I’ve never met a Muslim who identifies as “white,” no matter how White they are/look. They’re like Jews– they see themselves as a “minority.”’ ——— Amasius, it’s the point that I was trying to make when I said that the Tribes don’t possess Freedom of the Will – only Whites possess it. The Tribes can’t even understand abstractions like Innocence or Guilt; the Tribes only understand Victory or Defeat.


      • Not a category error. I started with my personal incident, then shortly thereafter I happened to read Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” and I read about how every Muslim country in the world rallied behind the Albanians and Bosnians during the Balkan Wars in the 90s. I put two and two together. You all see yourself as part of the “Ummah,” a tribe different from ours and hostile to us.

        Yes I agree Whites are in horrible shape right now. We’re fucked up. We’re poisoned by lies, and “feminist” women and Jews and other non-Whites are walking all over us. It will continue until the system collapses and then, Allah willing, strength and sanity will reassert themselves.


    • That is the best pro White prop that i have ever seen. For the ages.


      • It’s a good start, at least.

        And a much-needed antidote to the Camp Of The Saints shitstorm video at the top of this threat.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 7:31 am Disciple of Tiwaz

        The Nazi footage just scares away normies. It’s also a dead end because they lost.


      • Yeah, the NAH-ZEEs did indeed lose…

        … makes one wonder why, to this day, such painstaking efforts are taken by the MSM to remind us of that fact.

        Yet nary a peep about the Gulags and other assorted Killing Fields.

        Go figger.


      • The Nazi footage just scares away normies. It’s also a dead end because they lost.

        Most white people have not come to terms with their inner nazi.

        That they lost (that war, anywaze) can be seen as sympathetic though. They did lose and look at us now.

        There is something of the catch-22 about a Final Solution. It is the only practical solution, … but it is impossible because people cannot accept it, and it is only temporary anyways. However the final solution probably has to be considered, as a struggle and a process and therefore never done and so maybe it needs a new name!

        I don’t advocate for the final solution, myself, at all. I would advocate for something else.


    • That video is great. I just watched it again this morning – good way to mentally prepare for another day of full-on propaganda assault from the anti-white media (flavor of the week: waaaaaycism on campus).

      Will have to start showing these to my sons when the time is right. For now, the battle of Helm’s Deep in the Lord of the Rings (500 White men against 10,000 black orcs) will suffice.


  7. It felt awkward at first to capitalize White but now it would feel wrong to write it in lower case.


  8. You need to understand that a lot of Europeans have no concept of alien.

    Really, they don’t.

    Well, certainly not in the abstract. Maybe not even in the concrete.


    • They will.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 7:38 pm Vagina dominator


      So now you’re teaching us about Whites and what they think and feel?

      Get back into the septic system with that shit.

      Yet again #morejewishgaslighting of whites.


      • Hey moron: I actually live here. I’ve spoken even to people hostile to the immivasion. There ARE many who don’t feel discomfort when they see a large number of…DIFFERENTLY civilized (ahem) people streaming into their countries.

        People like you and I think “locusts”.

        And don’t you ever call me jewish again you cancerous little cunt.


    • You need to understand this.


  9. thanks for bumping this vid, heartiste

    you’re doing God’s work

    if we can force this into the mainstream, we’ll give plenty of fat-bottomed feminists a well-deserved kick in the ass


  10. you can bet this wouldn’t be happening over there if they had the equivalent of the second amendment

    god bless the 2nd amendment


    • Even still. If this doesn’t make ya wanna grab a gun and join the Resistance I don’t know what will. If libs and cucks have their way that could and will be us. I mean, current illegal alien issues aside.


      • Nothing surprises me anymore, including the fact that this woman has more courage in her than several of the effete, faggot-ass race cuck “men” who regularly post on these boards (for masochistic tingles, perhaps?)

        Vicky – here’s hoping you’re the mother to a large brood.


      • Corvo, I work on the courage part every day. Like many of us, I don’t like the things I see happening in the U.S. – and for the children I do have, I care about their future. So I will do what I can. And I will stand by our men on the Right who I believe are pretty fed up themselves.


    • 100% this. Be alot of dead muzzie scum if this shit was tried in the states. I relish the day I get to put a few rounds into a muzzie for trying to fuck with me. I’ll take out the whole goddamned squad. I’m sure my current government will see that I eventually have that chance..


      • on November 12, 2015 at 7:17 am The Straw That Stirs the Drink

        It’s happening in the states and this kind of thinking is really just so much impotent rage. Trade the impossible for the possible… there won’t be any real change until you start taking back the dinner table, the pew and the classroom. This is where the revolution starts.

        These kinds of videos are good to spur discussion, but the less that discussion veers into “hang em all” impractical nonsense the better to change more minds and develop more allies.

        The truth will always out in the end. Use your talents and energy to develop impactful conveyance of the truth. Standing your ground at cocktail parties and planting seeds is more useful than buying another box of ammo.


      • “I relish the day I get to put a few rounds into a muzzie for trying to fuck with me.”

        I relish the day when I can take your kids, put them in a row and fire a .22 through them to see if I can penetrate all of them. (apparently, that’s what was done to them Armenians around 1915, look it up)

        Seriously, don’t think I wouldn’t enjoy killingy your kids in front of you.


      • Ho, you alright? You are watching the same video up there as we are eh?


      • I may have won the sociopath of the day award, LOZOLOLZOLZOLZOLOLZL.

        Seriously, you’re short on brain and long on mouth.

        PS: I feel dirty for molesting “seriously” like dipshits molest “LITERALLY”.


      • I didn’t watch the video at all. I was just teabagging AX.

        I assumed that it shows a bunch of non-whites of muzzie persuasion walking throw European streets like so many locusts. If there was violence involved, I don’t know.


      • @Straw. 100% agree. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how weakly the libtards perform even when in an overwhelming majority. I would recommend having a few pithy sentences prepared on the main issues likely to arise.


    • Wait, it’s kinda happening here even though we have our guns. We talk and talk and still do nothing. I include myself in this. Nobody can act alone without being seen as a crazy right wing extremist Breivick and crucified. lzozlzooz We have our jobs and our children to feed.

      We need a revolt by real military leadership and a real change.


  11. Re: ideology and counter-ideology

    If it doesn’t name “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité ou la Mort
    … it’s not worth one ort.

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    • Check me for pin-worms.


    • If it doesn’t name the Jew, it ain’t worth a sou.


      • If it doesn’t name
        “Freedom, impartiality, brotherhood OR DEATH
        … ain’t worth your breath.

        Freedom – what freedom is there but the one Bought on the Cross?!
        Impartiality of whom but that of the Righteous Judge?!
        Brotherhood where but “in Christ”?!

        That leaves with OR DEATH.

        Being ruled by a demonic religion of death is a bigger issue than a tribe of smooth-talking simpletons with negroid-level ability for abstract thinking… Irritating as they are wont to be – see our local resident tribesmen who never fail to houseni**er for the PTB.


      • Little Genius Dregs Eliot

        THE Jew if you take it to an extreme, is Jesus- the most famous Jew in history. Popularized the notion of compassion and that every person has value and a soul.

        Of course, you’d have to discount the inventors of vaccines and many medical advances that were Jewish, smarter than you or me, and so mych more a benefit to humanity than you or me.


      • Subway, you little faggot. Kill yourself.


      • Subway, pick a name and stick with it… you’re already ridiculous enough.

        When Jesus (Son of God, by the way… the Messiah your ilk killed in the flesh, thinking that would stop Him… very smart, eh?) called out the Big Jews of His Day, as of their father, the Devil, and the lusts of their father they will do, do you think the Wandering Jew gave Him a few snarks before laughing?

        And as has been noted often here, a vaccine and a few neat Broadway musicals don’t give you machers a pass on all the perfidy you’ve initiated.

        So, if you want to make a case for smarts, start with yourself, and bring more to the table than the same old canards that are easily brushed away with very little expenditure of brain cells.

        You fairy.


      • Being ruled by a demonic religion of death is a bigger issue than a tribe of smooth-talking simpletons with negroid-level ability for abstract thinking… Irritating as they are wont to be – see our local resident tribesmen who never fail to houseni**er for the PTB.

        Well-put, oink… and a very fair point…

        But you have to remember, the resident usual suspects are merely the stooges of the Sanhedrin, here to tell us how smart (and philanthropic!) the Sanhedrin are…

        Exhibit A: Subway Shill just happened to chime in before your post came out of limbo, and ain’t it deliciously ironic that he/she, in the ongoing effort to carry Cathedral water, validated exactly what you said before he/she even knew it was said.

        It’s to lzlzozlzozlzolzolzolzolzolozlozl.


  12. I’m not white but this is crazy. t I want to go back to Europe but not if its like this.

    As much as we think we have advanced as a society but it goes to show that we are not stable.

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    • on November 11, 2015 at 7:42 pm Vagina dominator


      If you’re not White, as you say, then who is this “we” you think you’re talking about?

      “we” is the most dangerous word in politics.


      • Fair enough. We as in the human race. With all the advances in technology, supposed tolerance, and learning we still revert back to barbaric tactics when dealing with each other.
        Concentration camps, hosing people, and now this stuff shows we having learned a thing


      • Don’t cry too hard, Sambo… you folk have been hosing YT back real good since the fifties.


      • I’m holding back the tears as I type this Greg.

        I guess this is how the Indians felt when Europe showed up and nearly wiped them up


      • Weak sister attempt at neener-neener snark, Chief Whining Arrow…

        Difference between then and now is, the Indians were allowed to fight back before they got their reservations…

        … if you think YT’s even begun to fight back yet, you’d better check your premises…

        … and have your bags packed when he does.


      • I highly doubt that you will do any fighting.


      • I’m sure you won’t.


      • “I guess this is how the Indians felt when Europe showed up and nearly wiped them up”

        lol…the dull brained liberal always expsoses itself with a historically skewed canard.

        The Indians enjoyed a primitive culture of eating eachother, fighting with eachother, whistling and clacking and living in shit huts…until the European Whites helped them advance.


    • Poles want their own country for themselves, you silly faggot. The Japanese, who have their own country without controversy, are hardly seen as barbaric. God forbid white people want for themselves what darkies the world over are entitled to without question.


  13. on November 11, 2015 at 4:49 pm gunslingergregi

    i guess they like em cause what the palestinians been throwing rocks for how long?
    100 years 1000 years
    looking at the ghetoization of america though i dont know people will keep running and then what seems like gonna be nowhere to go
    it could be implementation of the mass extermination of the worlds population using drones like i talked about we have the capability of doing from many years ago
    and from iraq they realized people have to be exposed to bad things from people on a personal basis before they are comfortable with them all dieing
    so maybe a mass push to innocculate the hearts and minds against the shame when they are the only ones left alive
    reverse psych type move
    when really power is now ultimate and undeniable or very closely almost there but human psche i dont believe is caught up to the capabilities


  14. one takeaway i’m getting from this is how absolutely crucial it is for the Untied States to stay UNITED, whatever it takes.

    I used to think we’d be better off if we split into different regions, each with its own identity and laws.. But then I thought it through and realized that then we’d be just like Europe, splintered and vulnerable to foreign powers coming in and taking sides.

    Imagine if California and Nevada were different states, and Nevada was getting weapons from China, and France was supplying weapons and intel to California. And there were missiles at the border ready to take out the other’s entire population. That’s basically what we have in Europe. Your next door neighbor is your enemy, and no one can agree on anything. Outsiders and immigrants exploit the loopholes and differences

    I can’t imagine how the US can stay together with the lefties steadily grinding away at the Anglo foundation, but if we don’t find a way and our vast natural coast-to-coast, tundra-to-desert sovereignty devolves into a barrio of easily-exploited feminist feifdoms like Europe we are f-u-c-k-e-d


    • on November 11, 2015 at 5:25 pm Captain Obvious

      Which is precisely how the Eskimos want it: Infiltrate, corrupt, poison, set brother against brother, divide and conquer, laugh all the way to the bank, eradicate the White race, move on to China or India, start all over again from scratch, and repeat as above.


      • It’s perplexing how you supposed smart gentlemen can’t take a step back and view this from afar: this is just evolution playing out its wrath as the DNA molecule continues replicating for no reason, repeat.

        [CH: nothing wrong with the occasional clarifying meta-jaunt into reductionism, but in the here and now i prefer my poolside time unpolluted by swarms of ingrate invaders.]


      • “Evolution” speaks primordial soup bullshit; even Heartiste is too generous in his reply.

        For argument’s sake, in a Nietzschean universe a comet striking the earth would be the laws of physics just throwing themselves around, gravity giving no damn about the elan vitale. The invasion of White lands by indigent subtards is not Evolution In Action; it’s just Eskimo envy disguised as (false) messianism.

        The K-selected White and Ice Peoples do not “replicate for no reason”. And even with all the fanatic fetishism of Jewish pornoganda unleashed upon the West for decades, these chimps and their erstwhile headwrapped betters aren’t flooding into Europe just because Swedish teenyboppers crave “muh AIDS”. Because the vast majority, in fact, don’t, despite their deplorable and destructive delusions of some sort of disgusting PG lovefest among multiple “cultures”, force-fed into their heads by leading You-Know-Jews.

        Speaking of Nietzsche, “Evolution” might consult “Twilight of the Idols” for a ringing critique of the reductive and tone-deaf formulation “survival of the fittest”.

        Rapefests are not DNA having its merry way: this is a braindead meme for “fucking love science” cuck wankers, on the scale of Sarkozy’s worries over 50,000,000 White French dying from “inbreeding”. 50,000,000 White French can literally reproduce endogamously in good health to ETERNITY. The whole GALAXY could be populated exclusively from White French (though the heavy sauces might be a Sirius problem).

        You’re an idiot. And that’s even before factoring in that God lives, and is unamused.


      • Eskimo Sarkozy and ” le défit de métissage”
        Year is 2008 and this gnome calls for what will happen 7 years later


      • Great reply, Lucius… that the style!


      • Lucius fired off one COTW after another last night.


      • I’m just catching up, but all his stuff is solid. En fuego!


      • oh hail yeah Lucius. Preach it.


    • It’s the unification of Europe under the EU that is the problem, more than anything else. If one country allows mass immigration, all the others are affected, because they do not have full control of their own borders.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 7:47 pm Vagina dominator

      Whites require their own country. It is exactly the centralized system that you argue for that is currently fucking them in the US and in Europe.

      Centralization means concentration of power in fewer hands. Whose hands do you think they’re going to be?

      The more devolved power is, the easier it becomes to take responsibilty, see causes and effects, and assign blame and puinishment.

      Isn’t that the whole point of the 2nd amendment?

      Home schooling or the Federal Dept of Education?

      Which model do you choose?


      • how small of a country do you settle for? personally I’m for an all-white controlled, centralized US but with a rollback on federal power to the pre-civil rights era


    • on November 11, 2015 at 9:41 pm Each Pond Gone

      An alt. scenario – in Nabokov’s Ada:

      “…the United States includes all of the Americas … but it was also settled extensively by Russians, so that what we know as western Canada is a Russian-speaking province called “Estoty”, and eastern Canada a French-speaking province called “Canady”. Russian, English, and French are all in use in North America. Russia itself, and much of Asia, is part of an empire called Tartary, while the word “Russia” is simply a “quaint synonym” for Estoty. The British Empire, which includes most or all of Europe and Africa, is ruled (in the nineteenth century) by a King Victor. Aristocracy is still widespread, but some technology has advanced well into twentieth-century forms. Electricity, however, has been banned since almost the time of its discovery following an event referred to as “the L-disaster”. Airplanes and cars exist, but television and telephones do not, their functions served by similar devices powered by water. The setting is thus a complex mixture of Russia and America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”

      Also anticipates all the ‘multiverse’ hype: “The belief in a ‘twin’ world, Terra, is widespread …. as a sort of fringe religion or mass hallucination.”

      It beats some of the hells depicted in certain works like Infinite Jest, but we can still do much better.


    • plumpjack: “I can’t imagine how the US can stay together with the lefties steadily grinding away at the Anglo foundation, ”

      Why, it’s SIMPLE PJ! Us leftards just LUV us some gun nuts, whoremongering preachers, ultra-rich psychos!!!

      It takes all kinds to make life a good movie!!

      The trick is to scream and yell, make a deal, bitch about how it sucks then go back to making money and exporting more food by 50% than the next ranking agricultural country.

      We’re too smart to waste each other.


  15. on November 11, 2015 at 4:57 pm gunslingergregi

    all these people maybe dont realize that they really are being saved in a way cause when one country develops the blitzkrieg of drones that will be it
    not gonna be like when germany did it but the capability of complete and total destruction of all enemies
    so maybe that is what the rush is we have hit a inflection point in human history that is literally scaring the fuck out of people because no sci fi book has really captured the horror of star wars like capability
    star wars may have captured the imagination but not the reality
    the reality is complete destruction of anyone within days or less is possible and cleanly using one bullet per person
    rail guns bla bla show shit
    9 million nintendo cartridge uavs coming over the horizon the fuck you gonna do
    or a 100 million or a billion wtf you gonna do


  16. on November 11, 2015 at 5:00 pm gunslingergregi

    america was colonized in how long with how many people
    all that talk of replacement rate is obviously complete bullshit
    if you wiped out the world and then had all that space obviously people would spread out and grow to fill that space


  17. Bring back apartheid and segregation.


  18. on November 11, 2015 at 5:02 pm gunslingergregi

    its the simpleist concept really one bullett per person and a delivery system with no compassion everything else is just bells and whistles


  19. on November 11, 2015 at 5:11 pm gunslingergregi

    there was a dude comparing the past and politicians with nukes but then the truth is now it is politicians with the capability to completely blank enemies
    total power like gods complete total power how do ya handle that
    cleanly take out whole populations
    nuke yea prob was it would fuck up the earth now it doesn’t have to
    how do yu handle that kind of power how is it even concievable to be a god on earth
    not like the old men who said they were gods but really a god on earth with all the powers that god really never even had just what you would envision as the power god had if god could make manifest all his power is what people in power now have
    that is a lot of fucking weight on the shoulders


    • Reading comments that are void of capitalization and punctuation is really hard on the eyes and hard to follow. Just saying.


    • Fucking awesome, and to you newbies (to real history) who have admitted believing “dumb Pollack” jokes, read your history. The Jew invented “dump Pollack” jokes in retaliation for the Poles standing up to the Jew.


      • They were/are the same with the dumb blonde meme and that red hair is an abomination. How much they have fucked with us is unimaginable…


  20. on November 11, 2015 at 5:14 pm Lost in Moderation

    All day long, “Happy Veterans Day!” Cheery and chirpy like it was your fucking birthday. “Happy Veterans Day” and “Thanks for your service!”

    And I can’t understand why.

    This was Armistice Day, the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month, the end of the Great War. The end of one of the greatest human slaughters in our long and bloody history. A moment of solemnity and silent reflection. In England they still stand silent for a minute, the entire country. “We will remember… ” That country never recovered from the slaughter of its young men. It’s shocking, even today, that in every bump-in-the-road village in England there’s a cenotaph with a dozen or more names on it. Entire generations of men in those villages, slaughtered.

    Anyone looking for the origins of modern feminism needs to look back at that war and a whole generation of women for whom there would never be husbands (but God forbid they look at the way those women drove their very men to their deaths with the White Feather and accusations of cowardice). But that’s an aside.

    Today in America it’s half-priced coffees. It’s people asking me where I’m going to go get my free dinner tonight (lots and lots of places doing free meals for vets). It’s lots and lots of flags everywhere, and “Thank you for your service!,” and Google throws out its racist logo for the day, and there’s no school in my county, which is War Central for the nation, but the surrounding counties all had school (school’s greatest purpose, it seems, is to separate each new generation from its past).

    It’s utterly bizarre.

    Why do we even have veterans? What were these wars for? How many vets will commit suicide today? Just the usual two dozen?

    I’ve had this song running through my head all day. Local agitprop “community station” played Born in the USA and CCR’s Fortunate Son, but this is the Springsteen song that sits with me. That last line, I feel it in me like almost nothing else Springsteen wrote, “One minute you’re right there… and something slips… ”

    If I didn’t have my two kids, sometimes it’s real easy to understand something just slipping. This isn’t my country anymore, not the one I was born in and grew up in. Just like the guy in the video, my savings are gone, all the money’s gone–but at least I pulled the children from the wreckage that was their mother. And for what? A nation that hates them, and is Hell-bent on teaching them to hate themselves, just to make it easier for the Goetterdaemmerung.

    Happy fucking Veterans Day to you, too.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 5:19 pm gunslingergregi

      yea ch had to fuck with us today of course he he he
      hey come see me ill make you a millionaire


    • on November 11, 2015 at 6:59 pm Captain Obvious

      LiM: Teach your boys Game & Dark Enlightenment Truths, and teach your girls Anti-Game & Dark Enlightenment Truths.


    • A while ago, I had a small epiphany: before WWI (in the Edwardian era, as it was called), women were elaborately dressed in high-collared dresses that covered their arms and legs completely. After WWI (in the “roaring twenties”), women wore knee-length, sleeveless, low-cut dresses. What caused this sudden and drastic change? The fact, due to the huge number of young men that had died in the war, that the majority of the women of that generation would never get a husband, so they were desperate to catch a man, and dressed provocatively in hopes of catching one. Feminism’s greatest achievement, one could say.


      • Not even knee-length, actually — closer to the length of mini-skirts.


      • Your theory about lack of men doesn’t hold up…

        America didn’t lose many men, relatively speaking, to either WWI or the Spanish Influenza…

        … yet those “Roaring Twenties”, with their flappers and “It” girls, were homegrown on American soil.

        Europe wasn’t living the high life in the twenties.


      • I could be wrong, but I think the trend started in Europe first, with Coco Chanel leading the charge.


      • Hold on, Greg. I read that Germany had a “roaring 20s” too, which included sluttery and YKW influence, which is something Hitler wanted to stamp out (debauchery, indecency, anti-family influence), followed by the depression of the ’30s. The Great Depression of the 1930s is interesting when you look at the different responses of FDR in America and Hitler in Germany. Both had “national programs” to put people to work building highways and such. In Germany, where Germans had the advantage of being 99% white Germans, they achieved enormous success such that it became a paradise of white greatness, after which the streets were so clean that one could eat off of them.

        Other nations were envious of the economic success that Germany achieved in the late 1930s. Central control or socialism cannot work as well in the United States, and it could not in the 1930s either, because we are unfortunately saddled with more than 1 in 10 of the population being dindus. Something like socialism and a strong central government can work, in a homogeneous white nation.

        I continue to blame the white men from the 15th through early 19th centuries for their selfishness and lack of concern for their future generations, their great great great great grandchildren, for bringing the boatless/wheelless/written languageless dindus here in the first place.


      • True that Germany had their “Weimar Republic”, a textbook primer on YKW debauchery.

        But that mostly a Berlin and perhaps a few other urban areas scene… it was not a nation-wide social scene…

        Unemployment to make America’s Thirties look like a minor recession and “wheel barrow o’ money to buy a loaf of bread” was the norm… to the point where rival political factions actually had machine-gun battles in the streets.

        The latter being one of the main reasons why the average German truly wanted “order restored”.


    • For all that Kanada seems even more pozzed than Amerika, the contrast in attitude to Armistice Day tells you how deeply run the realities behind history.

      British Canada as an ethnostate was less than 160 years old on the day of the Armistice and, it turned out, would begin to disappear in earnest 50 years later, with the election of the current prime minister’s father. Forty-seven years later, it is long gone, one of the most ephemeral nations in history, but November 11th, 1918 stands as the zenith of its self-awareness. British Canada numbered about 4 million souls in 1914, with about a million men of potential fighting age. Fully half of them were mobilized for the war, and by its end, one in seven of these were dead and over half the rest were wounded. This was an astonishing sacrifice that far surpassed mother Britain’s, and lies in a different universe from American experience in the world wars.

      To this day, not even a Chinaman or Paki freshly arrived to Canada would wish someone ‘Happy Remembrance Day.’ It’s simply not part of the culture.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 7:56 pm Vagina dominator

        It’s a funny thing that nobody ever remarks, but if you travel in Australia you’ll see in many small towns war memorials bearing brutally long lists of the names of local boys who fell in WW1.

        The memorials do not feature crucifixes. Never. In fact, they are always Masonic obelisks.

        Tell me, what was WW1 about again?


      • “Forward!” he cried from the rear
        And the front rank died
        General sat and the lines on the map
        Moved from side to side.


      • “This was an astonishing sacrifice that far surpassed mother Britain’s, and lies in a different universe from American experience in the world wars.”

        There is nothing to celebrate about First European Civil War
        That inexplicable madness is the beginning of our demise, the mortal blow to Europe from which it may never recover
        It is the irony of highest order to celebrate it today while the remains of once great Civilization seems to destined for oblivion
        Should you have any brain you would denounce that senseless slaughter among brothers and do your small to prevent it from happening ever again


      • on November 12, 2015 at 7:43 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        Sean, I never thought of it that way, but yes, we were essentially an Anglo-Saxon ethnostate prior to Trudeau senior. He made it his mission to destroy British Canada with the Multicultural Act, ditching the old flag, and the Charter of Rights.

        For American readers, Canada, prior to the 1970s, was known as the Dominion of Canada, was virtually 100% white (owing to no slaves), outside of Quebec was mostly ethnic English, Scottish, Welsh, some Irish, we had comparatively little Slav immigration, and certainly no Eastern European Jew deluge like you guys got in the 1890s. We still used the British flag up until 1965. It was a thoroughly British, dignified, peaceful, and friendly country WITH VERY HIGH LEVELS OF SOCIAL TRUST.

        Trudeau killed all that and now we have a million fuckin Pakis/Sikhs, a million chinamen (a totally amoral, cash register for sole, people that rip fur off live rabbits with no compunction, e.g.) a million Muslims, and lots more on the way.

        Canada is a write off because we have no second amendment and most white people here have the balls of a modern Swedish house husband.

        I used to think Trudeau was just a pretentious twit, now I realise he must have been just taking orders from the Jew.


      • Wasn’t there something about Trudeau pere getting cucked by his wife with Mick Jagger on election night?

        It seems all too emblematic


      • As an American kid, I used to watch with horror at the adventures of Maggie Trudeau. I’ll never forget the photo of her flashing her snatch in a NY bar in the early 70s. She was front and center in the Studio 54 crowd. Pierre should be dug up and hanged for his crimes against Canada.


    • All day long, “Happy Veterans Day!” Cheery and chirpy like it was your fucking birthday. “Happy Veterans Day” and “Thanks for your service!” – Lost in Moderation.

      Rather insincere, isn’t it? I’ve had to listen to this shit for the past three days. The company even had a luncheon “in our honor,” complete with boxed lunches that tasted like cardboard from some Messican company, self-congratulatory speeches from the uppity-mucks and mayor, and the only diversity out of 350 veterans attending was myself and another two dozen White guys.

      “This isn’t my country anymore, not the one I was born in and grew up in.”

      This line nails it. Thank you for eloquently putting my thoughts on paper.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 9:45 pm Bro Brosterson

      All the men with military service, even though they may not support the reasons for some of their past deployments, they may have an opportunity to put that training and experience to use for a righteous cause they can be proud of in the future. As society continues to deteriorate and the shit really hits the fan here at home, the government will have less and less capacity to enforce law and order. Average citizens will be called upon to defend themselves and their families and their kin. So in the end, something good may come of it yet.


    • We’re in a frivolous age that cannot bear a solemn hour, or discern the reason in a holy day (or the falseness in one that is not).

      This frivolity too shall pass, and one day we will truly honor the meaning of honorable things.


      • I’m liking the cut of this man’s jib.

        Between his musings and Matt King’s, I could regain a hope for the future.


    • Your kids need you more than you need to kill the pain. They’re your squad mates now and you have to be there for them.


  21. on November 11, 2015 at 5:15 pm gunslingergregi

    maybe they are literally going batshit from it too he he he


  22. on November 11, 2015 at 5:23 pm gunslingergregi

    i guess question is what would you do with complete and total power

    [CH: there isn’t a harem quarters large enough.]


    • on November 11, 2015 at 5:29 pm gunslingergregi

      maybe that is what it is
      white people/woman/men will never allow a man in absolute power to have that kind of harem therfore white people got to go
      they will take the refugees but will not allow you the 3 million wives you deserve he he he


    • on November 11, 2015 at 5:32 pm gunslingergregi

      i used to create assembly lines in dreams in 4th grade or so to fuck bitches talk about using henry fords technology effectively back when i could control my dreams and make anything i wanted happen


      • lolzlzolz I was the scion of a galactic empire, whose forces would return to raze my elementary school to the ground, whereupon, surrounded by an admiring phalanx of troops at least as much “Triumph of the Will” as “The Empire Strikes Back”, I’d beat the shit out of all my rivals before herding all my female classmates onto the shuttle back to the mother ship, from which I would disdainfully blast the Earth to smithereens, as a way of displaying my contempt for my earthling masquerade as well as to demonstrate to the ladies that there would be “no going back” from my (metaphorical) scepter’s sway.

        I think in more conscientious reveries I made provision for their families to be deported to some tolerable penal colony before the explosion. No need to be a complete prick when you enjoy universal hegemony


    • Campo Alegre. That’s what I’d do


  23. Now the Poles need to raise another generation of Winged Hussars to whip the every-loving shit out of the invading Moslems.


    • Brother: Single stage trigger for real-world battle and duty use, right? Two stage is for long-range match competition shooting? Single stage is for rapid(er) fire.

      In my single stage, do I want or need 3.5 pound pull? Too sensitive for duty use? Perhaps I should just stick with mil spec? My pin walked at 800 rounds; made me start looking into drop-in triggers or anti-walk pins at a minimum. But the pull was fine and I was dead on balls accurate at 100 yards with stock iron sights (before the pin walked and caused a slamfire).

      I’m talking five five six; that’s what I got and I need to put funds into more rounds and making what I got reliable before I get into three aught eight.


      • Generally a single-stage trigger is better for duty use. Especially for social work, when you are close. You want a bit stiffer of a pull for most duty rifles, due to the rifle being manipulated more while you are moving around.

        On my AR-10 I have a National-Match Adjustable 2-Stage ($150), which functions quite well on the lightest setting of about 3.5lbs. That’s mainly for longer range shots, because you need the sensitivity.

        On all my AR-15s, I’ve put the ALG Defense Combat ACT trigger ($65 at Palmetto State Armory). It’s a 5.5lbs weight and it’s one of the crispest and smoothest duty-weight triggers I’ve ever fired. The take-up is very clean, and the break-point is a very predictable and satisfying snap. I haven’t had any issues with pins walking out, because they machine the pins for this trigger a hair larger than most others. That means they’ll stay in without any anti-walk hardware. They’ve done a really good job with this one, and I’ve seen nothing but praise from everyone else who has used it.

        That’s what I’ve experienced, let me know what you end up going with.


  24. “if video like this one fails to rouse the survival instinct in Whites”

    As the KGB guys said, all the evidence in the world won’t do $h!t with a $h!thead. The wmn not over the hill want the fresh, raw masculinity and the over-the-hill women may resent ‘the immigration’ out of jealousy but they will not oppose ideologically or effectively b/c wmn can’t do that. As for the men, a mangina is a mangina. There will be no viable survival instinct except perhaps white male refugees amassing, but not while white police are police at all, and they want a paycheck and no trouble as a civilian. Be in this for the long haul, IMO, and enjoy the decline. I won’t lift a finger for any blondes not loyal to my needs (hint: AWAnLT), to include the innocent empowered damsels as seen in the video. These are the same people who fubar my life. F ’em. Whites need better quality control and will fail miserably otherwise. Not good enough, beetch or shitlib, not good enough. Defend only the defensible. Start with self, end with self. That keeps everybody honest. The country should benefit the man who benefits the country. This is Gyoo game: pretend host culture but privately maintain your preference. PUA is woman’s game. We can’t play our game for a long time, not in our lifetimes I expect. Preserve the patrimony and seed the future. The corruption will emasculate itself but to our favor in the next if we play it right this round, IMO. Adapt to the game if you can’t change it.


    • Hear, hear!


    • It is the long slow watch on the Night, here in America.

      No one is going to do anything.

      No one wants to fight, for their Brothers in Europe, or for what, exactly?

      The long Watch, the long wait.

      It is the 4th Generation, though. That thought is kindled, and everytime out the door, with that in mind. It is a burden though, isn’t it (carrying around the knowledge that “immigration is invasion” and this is war). The burden is that it is a secret burden. It’s a secret that has no rewards. That line “virtue is its own reward”? i don’t get it.


      • I don’t believe Star Wars in the assertion that the dark side of the force (conquest, etc) is bad per se. I think evil is a political label. If you go by the morality might makes right, then virtue is its own reward. It is important to be literal and precise and accurate. If your task were to identify virtue by the reward of winning, what would virtue be by that definition? I feel your pain. I train myself to think like a Gyoo and like a wmn to see the opportunist and sheeple options I never saw before. There is opportunity in crisis. Look at the AA winners, winning by the restraint of their betters, their victims. Let others be restrained in their ‘morals’ or sheeple capacities. I don’t accept moral constraints that don’t involve reciprocity to my benefit. The law is not played on paper or you purchase defeat a priori. The law is played on the field one day at a time. The bureaucrats want to keep and extend their power, but they must economize more and more. Human nature is the law. Veiled in-groups by cannibalism are the winners. Female nature creates the secret societies of abundant casual sex and abundant tax payments (gov handouts, vagimony, free drink, etc.). Simpletons are more predicable once their sheeple nature is seen. How might you squeeze those lemons? I try to be Neo learning the Matrix and not slip back to my blue pill beliefs and concerns. I hope that helps. If you are religious, of course it won’t. The reward is scheduled for the next life and long suffering is virtue. lol You seem pretty damn close to letting go completely of the emotional fetters of the false ‘us’. Internal game takes time. Behavioral conditioning of oneself. The situation sucks but let it hold down others more for you to win against them. Rational insight ought to be an advantage, but garbage in, garbage out. Savage and animal simplicity works better that dysfunction, which is why the remains of great civilizations haplessly fall. It’s not your house. Never was. You were not born into civilization if you go by cultural cooperation and the timing of 2nd wave. Don’t openly act civilized. The sheeple attack civilized standards bearers in covert and relentless ways. Seem like one of them, but as high ranking as feasible. I have learned that acting beta or man in the middle has its place when authority is roused or near. Just a video game now. I am not young and my die is cast. Nothing to loose but the acceptance of misery. At some point, playing to not lose, kicking the can down the road, is a lousy strategy. Good luck, everyone human!


      • The euros can fight for themselves, they will have to.
        As for US, the same. Talking this out is not gonna work, this is the shit or get off the pot time ,.


  25. A race that does not control their women (barefoot and pregnant YOUNG, no voting, no working) has no hope of resisting conquest by races that do.


  26. Any difference between that and the planet of the apes? Germany in particular and Europe are a time bomb waiting to go off.
    Hope the collective population finds their spine and takes some advice..because these barbarians don’t seem to fear anything.

    “Look what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets, hmm”?


    • Look at these neckbearded Muslim fucks. The clerics are fat. Like nogs they swarm in huge packs. They think they’ll win because of numbers. Numbers? Do they know nothing of history? How many times–in ancient times!– have Whites triumphed over armies that vastly outnumbered them?

      And now? But a whiff of grapeshot would send the whole pack of them running. Look how assiduously they parrot the eskimo media bullshit. “Whites won’t have babies so we’ll have babies and then we’ll take over!” Wow. That’s some brilliant strategy. What, you’ll vote your way to power? Because “democracy” can change in a heartbeat. What, you’ll win a firefight because you bring more shitskins to the street? lozlzlzlozlz

      Fucking morons. –At the end of the day, all that is required to end this evil nonsense is a political decision. This is not “evolution”. This is not “destiny”. The moment any man in Europe with likeminded men at his side decides to start shooting, it is OVER for these people. Once Europe starts to shoot, it can continue to shoot for as little or as long as it likes, and it can do ANYTHING with these people it wants to. Pack them off on a ferry, or go Cannibal Holocaust– it is only the White man’s mercy or justice that decides.

      Be it a Thatcher, a De Gaulle, a Napoleon, a Charles Martel, a Hitler– be it an elected government or a coup d’état, once the will to shoot is in place, all these dumb dark hordes are FUCKED.

      “Black dick is expensive,” chanted one enriching immigrant in Sweden as he raped a 12-year old. Black dick is not expensive. Black dick is cheap. If and when Europe decides, it can make black dick so cheap it can export it to the Turd World as Vienna sausages.


      • You, sir, are spot on. I thank you. Your post has put a smile on my face and hitch in my step. I just grow impatient to see that this mess ‘handled’ before more innocents are harmed or raped.


      • Somesuch on fire!

        Damn, man… I’m starting to feel like we’re getting ready to head out on St. Crispian’s Day. 😉


      • “Once” the Lacedaemonians said.


  27. Need to get the muzzies out to more gay pride parades. That’s fun to watch. Convince them to build a mosque in ptown and similar places cause everyone deserves diversity…


    • on November 11, 2015 at 5:42 pm gunslingergregi

      well apparently the congressman werre liking turkey quite a bit 2000 trips so apparently they like them some virgins probably


    • on November 11, 2015 at 5:44 pm gunslingergregi

      another thought get all those dudes out the country so they can have all the bitches left behind he he he
      theres a lot of angles to this shit
      kind of like get all the dudes out of their towns willing to die for their country and flood those towns with shit while they are gone


    • on November 11, 2015 at 5:44 pm gunslingergregi

      like they read the great books and did the ulyses thing to us all then we come back and got to start cleaning up the human feces


      • Could be, Gunny…It could also be a sort of high stakes scientific way of increasing the testosterone and fertility of European men.

        I don’t think that the European elite has suddenly started liking brown people more. Sure, it’s cheap labor, but I don’t think they’d really do all this just to get at most a few thousand more productive menial laborers.

        An influx of “disposable” people who the elite understand their people are probably going to kill though, could make men out of the men. Western men have been checking out a lot lately, and this would lead to a doomsday scenario…unless something could be done to motivate them to invest in their societies again.

        Maybe, just maybe, the elite are trying to forcibly undo some of the damage that feminism has done. It’s an insane way of doing it, but it seems to be working.

        One of the benefits of having a somewhat elitist education is that you can see when they’re sending veiled messages through the middle classes. Lately, there has been a slew of articles about how both the immediate family and community situation affect a man’s testosterone levels. They’re basically blaring that when men are too coddled, they pussify, and when they get some conflict, they man up.

        Maybe this is between the lines of their claims that rampant immigration will save the west. Some probably know they’re committing political suicide, but they’re doing this stuff anyway because without an enemy, you will die.

        Just brainstorming…take it or leave it.


      • “Maybe, just maybe, the elite are trying to forcibly undo some of the damage that feminism has done”

        I don’t believe in triple bankshot politics. Attempted genocide is the simpler, though extreme explanation. You read about judges giving the invaders probation for raping a child, you read about social workers in Sweden obviously delighted that their rape crisis center now takes in boys… and some kind of combination of primal malice and mass hysteria explains things.

        Undoing feminism, if that were their goal, would be easy. Just loosen anti-male laws and end the propaganda. It takes very little to get boys or men to band together and act, once the fear of the state’s crushing force exits the picture.


      • PA, I’m just wondering why they took this specific course. Part of me suspects that it was a matter of killing multiple birds with one stone.

        Loosening the laws against men would cause a lot of leftist, especially feminist outrage. Undoing civil rights laws would as well. Giving people back lost civil liberties after 9/11 and other elite-convenient tragedies and false flags? They certainly don’t want to do that.

        The fastest way to distract people is an immediate, deadly threat…not so big that it can’t be dealt with, but big enough that it can’t be ignored.

        This is a way they can get men re-invested and useful again, marrying and making babies, and protecting the women, without actually changing anything important.

        …and yes I did take a step back, have a drink, and try to think like a monster.


      • Just thought of another thing this could do that would profit the evil: cull the herd by color/ethnicity marking the underclass or enemy. This could also explain why the Rotherham scandal went on for as long as it did. Maybe there wasn’t so much fear of looking racist as being paid to keep quiet.

        I don’t subscribe to a lot of the “illuminati” theories, but I do believe that among the wealthy elite, there are monsters…like really sick people who take full advantage of their position. Wherever I see a confusing, insane trend, I do wonder if there’s a method to the madness. I also wonder, when I see a scandal break out, whether it’s really the media informing us of a tragedy, or it’s the elite essentially bragging about the power they have over people.

        Europeans, especially Germans, tend to like things very organized. In creating a very adversarial situation that would distract people from measures being taken to further limit their freedoms, or encourage people to give them up, it is very helpful if they create an easily detected enemy that keeps multiplying, and will need to be fought on some level forever.

        We’ve seen this in the U.S. with the “fair housing” and “affirmative action” policies that cross the lines of making sure minorities are just not having their rights as citizens violated. Perhaps, readers of the CH, you are the product of a purposeful effort to keep a stock of invested European American men, and now the plan has gone global.

        You can use this…I’m not sure how yet, but I’m sure you’ll figure something out.


  28. Nov. 11 is Independence Day on Poland. This video is one of my favorites, nationalists show up in downtown Warsaw and crash the antifa rally. At the beginning, there is the the eskimoish-sounding woman who shouts “blah blah blah rasistowski, ksenofobiczmy, hetero-normatywny blah blah blah.” By about the 3:00 the nationalists show up. Fantastic camera work throughout.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm gunslingergregi

      all these protests and shit got to be staged you telling me nobody came up with gas filled superoakers to drench the cops in those close formations they always in the videos and burn em down i mean come on the fact that there is no ingenuity tells me its bullshit


      • Things didn’t escalate to where they needed to maim cops. At that point it’s the show of spirit and a fuck-you to Soros’s little club that counted.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:08 pm gunslingergregi

        it like the rioters always take the same class beforehand
        then ya see some get beat the shit out of or killed or whatnot


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:09 pm gunslingergregi

        was more pyrotechnics than normal though
        and what were they shooting rubber bulletts or some shit


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:14 pm gunslingergregi

        then using the swatzticas out the playbook to idenify with hitler a man who has allready been and symbol that allready holds to many whats the word
        images accociated preconvied notions and negativity
        they shouold start using arisostle and the great thinkers of the past as their symbols rather than the signs they were given to hold


      • What swasticas are you talking about? The ones in the “banned” circle were on the antifa banner.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:17 pm gunslingergregi

        if you carry a swatztica it is like admitting defeat i guess is why they are featured in so many hollywood movies
        when youong till now i never understood why an actual pro white group would ever rally behind that symbol it didn’t make sense
        its like whites been taught for a while in constant bombardment to assiate with losing
        how bout a symbol of a computer or symbal of a drone that is power to rally behind


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:21 pm gunslingergregi

        see how hard the symbolism hits the group they crashed had the anti swastica so in my mind the ones crashing had the swas
        it embedded pretty deep eh
        caught it though


      • The Nordic sun and protection symbols are prettier and more meaningful…and might actually put some real fear in Muslims because these symbols are psychologically and spiritually powerful and victorious. No matter what they do, the sun will rise.

        They’re also fairly universal and not about race as much as principle. So all the people who don’t want their country turned to shit can get behind them. The protection symbol has pitchfork shapes which are also a symbol of Eshu, a Yoruba deity who guards all gates and entrances…


      • I’m talking about the helm of awe specifically.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 6:02 pm gunslingergregi

      when was the last time you saw a video of a riot where the people won even though it would be easy as fuck


    • on November 11, 2015 at 6:04 pm gunslingergregi

      throwing rocks at plastic coverred dudes in close formation with shields no
      burning the plastic onto them yes


      • In neighboring Slovakia riot police took off their helmets and joined the anti-immigrant protesters. There is no need to make enemies with the cops in Poland either.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:33 pm gunslingergregi

        true i mean in america same shit and nothing heard so they are doing something


    • Plenty of Ukrainian flags among Polish.Good.
      Polish are the only true allies of Ukraine.


    • let me translate and explain: pro imigration leftoids (the cunt you hear talking in the beginning) clashed with anti immigrant nationalists and got stomped hard. those are anti UN and anti muslim immigration protests during Polish independence day. about 50,000 people showed up.


    • It took me some time to warm to Trump. Now I’m all in.

      He has revealed the cucks for what they are, brilliantly.

      Come on, Jeb(!) and Rubio — hispanics will NEVER swing to the GOP. NEVER. Granting amnesty is cutting their own cuck throats because the new hispanic citizens will vote Dem. Always have, always will.

      Cucks just don’t get it.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 7:09 pm Captain Obvious

        Rubio & his wife are Sephardim from Cuba. Cuba was one third of the Holland-Cuba-Brazil iron triangle of Sephardic chattel slave trading in the Atlantic Ocean. tldr; == RUBIO KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 7:10 pm Captain Obvious

        As for El Jeb – the Bush family are simply traitors. They don’t have an excuse like the Sephardic spy, Marco Rubio.


      • Trump is the first candidate around which the men in my family have united in at least two generations. My only worry is his jew-cocked daughter. If his son-in-law converts to Christianity, my worries will end.

        …and I say that as an atheist.


    • I have no idea why Trump mentions Carl Icahn so much. Most people will either say “who?” or “great, a wall st. eskimo will use a Trump administration for profiteering”.


  29. on November 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm gunslingergregi

    you know thinking bout the ghettoization i dont think there will be an actual fight
    gonna be the same shit a one sided war going on against whites for a while
    there is something in us that makes us not go against authority what can we do i dont know
    guess have to trust in our elites they know what the hell they doing i guess
    if blacks in us can kill 10k whites a year and nothing then yea i mean who knows


  30. on November 11, 2015 at 6:40 pm gunslingergregi

    like i said total power though in iraq they also learned can hire a contractor army to do anything so yea if can import refugees can also import foreign armies to keep peace so yea absolute power ala gangs of new york hiring half the poor to kill other half cept in this case more than half available of poor
    so i dont know hopefully the people in charge nice to us lol


    • on November 11, 2015 at 6:44 pm gunslingergregi

      there really nothing to fight cant fight drones with hellfire missiles
      why ya think soldiers suiciding we became obsolete sort of allthough i guess for show still usefull maybe


  31. It appears that the Slavonic race is less suicidal than the Germanic race at this time. That ideological poison known as “diversity” and “multiculturalism” is not as strong in these places either. I wonder if it was the Iron Curtain that protected them against the onslaught of Western propaganda from the 1960’s to the 1990’s that made the difference. Whatever it is, it appears that it will be up to the Slavic race to save or merely preserve the legacy of the West. Similar to how the Irish and the Franks preserved the classical legacy of Europe. Ironic ….


    • on November 11, 2015 at 7:15 pm Captain Obvious

      The Slavs won the war. The Germanics lost it. H!tler was a fool to go about things the way he did. If he had sponsored allies in Sweden and Switzerland, just like he did in Spain and Finland, then he could have gotten rid of the Eskimo elites in Sweden and Switzerland without ever even needing to have started WWII. Instead, he attacked Poland and Norway and the low countries around to France, and got in a bombing war with England. Insanity. And that’s before he attacked Stalin. SWEDEN AND SWITZERLAND WERE THE PROBLEM!!!!!


      • on November 11, 2015 at 7:21 pm Captain Obvious

        H!tler’s work in Spain and Finland was simply magnificent – why didn’t he stick with that model? Just funnel the weapons to the natives who were willing to stand and fight. Then let them fight the good fight for you, and win, and earn some pride in themselves for having won.


      • Actually, both the Swedes and the Swiss did just about everything AH wanted of them as it was. Iron ore, money laundering, etc.

        For what it is worth, the only war he really wanted was in the east. Attacking the USSR was for him the whole point of going to war; not a “mistake”.

        And it can be questioned whether the USSR even “won” that war. They bled out in the process. Their eventual collapse was at least partly caused by wartime demographic changes.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 7:18 pm Captain Obvious

      Da fuq be wrong with the state of Missouri? Electing c*nts like her to the senate and cuck cowards like Nixon as governor. Gotta be too [email protected] many Lutherans. If there were any White Christians in Missouri, then they wouldn’t put up with this nonsense.


      • The ole Mizzou…what can you do. There’s a tall blond at our office that’s from Mizzou…at least she went there. Nice face, but banana shaped body. Not much in terms of curves. Dresses like shit, too.

        OT: nothing worse than when a girl wears a tight skirt and then has on the granny panties. That shit is infuriating. Saw that yesterday. And, the contrast was waiting for me at Starbucks, where a lady was wearing a snug, body shaping dress, ass just looking so lovely and touchable. She was rightly sporting a thong. And, she knew what she was doing as when she was ordering, she was hopping up and down to the music blaring.


    • Claire FUCKING Mcaskill, need you say more ? wotta CUNT.


      • Note that many otherwise (physically) beautiful shiksa women now dawn the yellow star glasses, too, but they know not what they do and think it’s just trendy/fashionable and mandatory to show one’s jew-feminist (not that they think of it that way) and/or “journalist” and/or “intellectual goodwhite”/anti-patriarchy street cred.


    • Why is this cunt a senator?


    • self-imposed jew yellow star glasses


  32. on November 11, 2015 at 7:48 pm Captain Obvious

    Some 36.4 percent of women age 18 to 34 lived with their parents or relatives in 2014, the highest since records began in 1940, according to a report released Wednesday by Pew Research Center in Washington. While the share of young men was even greater at 42.8 percent, it wasn’t quite as high as it was some 75 years ago.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 7:48 pm Captain Obvious


      • Kick these worthless thumb suckin’ twits to the curb. Son da bitch, what does that say about the idiot parents that supposedly threw these spoilt asshole whelps out ? Wait, I answered my own question, sorry bout that. God hep us.


      • That’s fantastic, the economic collapse bringing the families together again.

        The road back has to start somewhere, might as well be here.


    • As a practical matter, living on your own while single is an insane waste of money.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 8:17 pm Captain Obvious

        If you read the ZeroHedge article, the financials seem to be a combination of GBFM’s eBernankifcation of Student Loan Debt hypothesis, together with the Bridezilla phenomenon: Between the worthless humanities/sc0tial-sciences bachelorette’s degree, and the desire for the mother of all hideously tacky nouveau riche wedding ceremonies, these chicks ain’t got any $$$s left.


    • Single young woman living alone – is it sexual paranoia to surmise that she orders in cock like pizza, or is it close to the truth?

      [CH: truth. all the single 20s women i know living alone are huge cock gobblers. the ones who live with female roommates, or their parents, are usually less slutty. this is a phenomenon of urban anonymity.]


      • on November 11, 2015 at 8:20 pm Captain Obvious

        The other HUGE point to make here is the seemingly innocent nature of the “18-34” statistic – the casual reader thinks, “Oh, they’re just young kids sowing their oats and having a little fun.” But the savvy Dark Enlightenment veteran knows damned well that at age 35, suddenly female fertility falls right off the edge of a cliff. If the chicks haven’t already settled down by that age, then in all likelihood, they’ll never have any children.


      • Right. Like with GayLBT, the ontology of orientation is irrelevant to the dysgenic enterprise. All they have to do is run out a girl’s clock. Fag-hagging, LUGing, SATC, debt, debauchery, bad attitude, the options are endless. Just waste their time, and then all of a sudden it’s over for them.


  33. Hey CH – I’m American, 34, possessed of what you’d call “Aryan” genes. I’m also a hardcore leftist, atheist, and environmentalist. I’m a heavy user of your site, admire your intellect and so much of your writing, and humor. I also find 90% of your politics to be be sewer garbage, deeply reactionary and ignorant. I fucking despise the right, the world over. Notably, I was a conservative until age 23 or so.

    Now! With that established, I thought you might appreciate this comment from the other end of the spectrum: What is happening in Europe is an abomination and an atrocity against Western culture, and all of my left-wing American friends agree. It *is* national suicide on the parts of the nations admitting the muslim hordes. This issue doesn’t cut quite as cleanly left/right as you seem to think. I don’t know how many progressives you associate with, but it is a caricature to say we all cheer on this madness.

    Also – Climate change, or, the issue on which American conservatives are most diabolical and wrong (which is saying something!), has caused much of the migration and instability you’re presently seeing. Research Syrian drought, to start. And as climate change increasingly accelerates, as it has been, these migrations are going to explode geometrically. Which is high on the list of reasons I’m opting against procreating.

    Despite our differences, your work it is appreciated.


    • Nouveau, in deference to your respectful attitude (despite a few unguarded outbursts of leftwing fervor), let me offer you some guidance.

      The attitude you express seems to try and grope its way toward a conservative outlook, but suffers from some deep-seated emotional need NOT to be conservative– which you then gloss with a couple of glib rationalizations, like the need to transcend simplistic left/right distinctions (Leftists love to think of themselves as “nuanced”) and your appeal to the cult of Global Climate Warming Change.

      As the authors of the Oxford/Penguin History of the World delicately put it, meterology forecasts are about as dependable as Tarot readings. It is simply ill-informed of you to put so much stock in the politicized yammerings of NGO and university-funded “climate science”.

      Furthermore, it is a naïve understanding of the science field. I’ll never forget Walter Russell Mead’s headscratching bemusement when he first reported back from a Georgetown faculty dinner where he made a discovery that deeply disturbed him: “Physics professors DO NOT regard meterologists as real scientists!” Yep. Not surprising, since meterologists probably top out at 120 IQ and maybe a good grasp of Algebra II.

      Did a Syrian drought start the civil war? Did the war– a political outcome goaded on by Israeli/American influence– not exacerbate it?

      Moreover, let me ask a question probably too indelicate for your professedly liberal feelings: just because people are starving someplace, does that mean they have a right to our food? Our living space? I assert we have every right to forcibly refuse them such succor, regardless of how they fell into hard circumstances. And, quite frankly, White people have enough bullits for the entire damn Third World.

      But even if we affirmed all this Global Warming Change nonsense, this really doesn’t move the needle in favor of your ideological identity. Even if conservatives affirmed the earth is flat, that wouldn’t change the fact that we’re RIGHT about the evil of the immivasion. And your righteous indignation at conservatives denying the earth is round would not grant the slightest authority to your political opinions– or even to your “scientific” opinion about Global Changing. Apples and oranges.

      Yes, we are aware some erstwhile leftists have nuanced misgivings about the immivasion too. We know what’s in your hearts. The problem is that you waste valuable time prevaricating and trying to make yourself feel more sophisticated, out of a stubborn pride that refuses to yield to the necessary solutions proposed by people you have some need to feel superior to– your conservative coethics.

      Your avowed desire not to procreate in view of burgeoning Turd World invasion is a non sequitur. Is this because you despair of your children living in peace, or because you prefer to yield their place to undeserving foreigners? Either way, you are not nearly as clear on how diabolical the immivasion is as you pretend to. Your understanding has a ways to go before you reach maturity.

      [CH: good comment.]


      • on November 12, 2015 at 3:27 am Vagina dominator

        Great comment. And such clear and cohesive writing produced straight off the shoulder. Impressive.


      • It really was good. A deconstruction of the shitlib identity – the smarmy twerp’s need to feel superior to his peers.


      • The global warming propaganda is pushed to create a world government.


      • Thanks for your engagement. I’ll start by recommending that you inform your take on anthropogenic climate change by the consensus of 99% of Climatologists, all major national science foundations, militaries across the globe, international insurance and reinsurance companies, and all major political parties except American republicans. Or perhaps you’ll continue believing that there is some conspiracy among the aforementioned groups, for which you can furnish not a shred of evidence. Probably you’ll do that. Okay.

        Also – meteorologists, who you clearly take a dim view on, do not study climate. They study and predict weather. Both are “sciencey”, but are galaxies apart.

        Left/right distinctions are pretty situational depending on the subject, and national context being discussed. The main thrust of my comment was to get you to recognize that on the issue of mass migrations across borders, you can’t lazily presume that all liberals are supportive of that situation. Or even most. But no, I do not feel that foreigners have the right to our resources or to be present within our borders. Especially with the knowledge that unfolding climate disasters will drive refugees in volumes to make what we’re seeing today look laughable. Hundreds of millions will be on the across the next century. Even more, if conservatives get their way and manage to start additional destabilizing comments in the Middle East.

        I don’t believe the “immivasion” is as diabolical as you make it. These poor bastards can’t be expected to know any better, and don’t have any options. They aren’t knowing agents of some euro-transformation scheme. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt to stop them with any less vigor.

        My desire not to procreate stems from my perception that the world is degrading rapidly, and I don’t want my beloved offspring to suffer through it, and live through permanent unraveling of the natural and human world. I also don’t think having them will serve my happiness, and I’m a bit of hedonist. Hence all the tail chasing.


      • Holy Hannah, the chateau has found another hammer with which to kill ants!

        After an abysmal start watching that video, I’m now enjoying this thread.


      • Well done. Will forward to many.


      • Kid, you are stupid. Read harder.


    • You’re an idiot then. How can you read this blog regularly and not learn anything? This is a perfect illustration of why we don’t respect you.


    • Novo

      Not reproducing yourself might just be the best thing for all concerned.

      In the field of Medicine, just about every “certainty”, that was taken as unquestioned dogma, from 35 years ago, has turned out to be hopelessly wrong. But climate change notions could not possibly be anything like that, right? Especially since its proponents are going all-in to criminalize any dissent.


    • I’m also a hardcore leftist, atheist, and environmentalist. I’m a heavy user of your site, admire your intellect and so much of your writing, and humor. I also find 90% of your politics to be be sewer garbage, deeply reactionary and ignorant
      Learn something?
      Just read these contradictions
      His brain is a land of confusion utterly incapable of forming any coherent worldview
      Leftoid what is going on in Europe is the direct consequence of 60+ years of the deconstruction that your ilk has been perpetuating against the Western civilization, its culture, mores and laws
      It would be only just and natural if you were the first victims of barbarians and savages which invasions you are enabled
      If you do not go away we will be compelled to let know your political commissar that you used the term ” Muslim hordes” and thus committed one gravest sins imaginable in your lunatic asylum
      That would mean a lifetime ban from ever entering Starbucks again along with the compulsory reading of the entire oeuvre of Joseph de Maistre


    • I am European, I WAS leftist until about 10 years ago. Being (s)elected long time ago into a political position of minor importance opened my eyes to what leftism is all about. I found the CH blog due to my lifelong issues around women, i.e. being a blue-pilled beta. What I found with CH and similar blogs was not only wisdom about women humorously dispensed but also heavyweight writings around politics.

      I am also “possessed by Arian genes” as you say. I was raised outside Europe and did not care much how somebody looked as long they were cool and fun to be around. I started caring when the indigenous boys from a public school regularly pelted me with rocks on my way to school because “blond” (I am not), when I was bullied in school, when people whom I considered friends regularly resorted to calling Germans, individually and as a group, all sort of demeaning names. This attitude I saw in several people who had experienced nothing but kindness from the German minority there.

      Looking at my own experience which includes among other highlights seeing a nigger attempting to murder my mother when I was about 7, looking at the people flowing into Europe and looking at the recent “raysis” incidents in Missouri, I see from these shit-coloreds nothing but hatred for every single white person. They hate out guts out of pure envy because whites have built what none of these semi-apes have. They are impelled by the YKW who hate our guts because they were unable, in perhaps 1500 years, to subdue whity, despite everything they threw at our ancestors: Roman pillage, dark ages, usury, innumerable wars, religion (the reason why Christianity became for a time a luminary was because of white European influence, not because of what it fundamentally is, namely a pillage and rape and cult similar to islam), more usury, marxism … all those ‘things’ did not succeed in breaking the European spirit, so they now decided that Europe is too ‘monolitic’ and must be overrun with shitworld savages. We’ll see how this one goes.

      Regarding your comment, I find it to be be sewer garbage, haughty in excess of reason and avoidant of facts. Go fuck yourself and give your female relatives to the nearest mosque for communal rape.


    • “I’m also a hardcore leftist, atheist, and environmentalist. I’m a heavy user of your site, admire your intellect and so much of your writing, and humor. I also find 90% of your politics to be be sewer garbage, deeply reactionary and ignorant.”

      What are the politics that you so despise?

      I myself have concerns about the crisis of human ecology and would criticize white advocacy for not dealing more centrally with those.

      Somehow Leftists get the ribbons for environmental sensitivity, and the Right is tarred with industry and its waste.

      Climate change aside, i am 100% “environmentalist”, if that word can be removed from its associations.

      I would like to see race realist politics incorporate a more sensitive perspective on the Crises of Human Ecology.

      The Crisis of Human Ecology is the larger tent in which race problems can be worked out, or at least considered more palatably.


      • It is funny how the Jew created “environmentalism” when it is the Jew who practices animal cruelty. Read up on what makes kosher meat kosher. (It’s basically causing the animal as much pain and suffering as possible during the slaughter.)

        Fucking Jews.


      • Leftie “environmentalism” is all about the feelz.

        Ask a leftie what actions he has personally taken to help this “problem.” And no, don’t let him answer that he signed a petition or went to a protest (that’s just the feelz talking).

        Besides driving a Prius (more glorious superiority feelz again) what has he done? Chances are he lives in a big McMansion, drives an SUV, consumes with wild abandon.

        Honda knew what it was doing when it marketed the Prius. They don’t sell fuel economy — they sell feelz. Look at the “leaf” icons on Honda dashboards. As if driving a car — any car — is good for the environment!

        People are so easily manipulated.


    • Now, ah ain’t as sophisticated as some y’all, but I gotta tell ya:

      When I hear someone say that, yes, what’s happening in Europe is an “abomination” and “atrocity”, and “national suicide”…

      … but then summarizes with Climate Change causing “much” of the migration and instability, well…

      I smells a big FAT Cathedral rat… ’cause we all know who the shitlibs and their useful stooges blame for said Climate Change, don’t we? That’s right, the West… us White folks… decrying our hedonism and use of resources from their leather chairs in their air-conditioned offices, sipping their $5 cups of coffee.

      In other words, this seemingly sincere fellow is saying “It’s a shame you’re getting royally fucked over to the point of death, and there’s no future for your children… but it IS, after all, your own fault.”

      D. H. Lawrence once wrote: “Whoever walks one mile of false sympathy marches to the funeral of the entire human race.”

      You guys think what you like, but I’m not giving this guy a pass for naivete… I think he’s just another shekel-grubber trying a more subtle form of shilling.


      • I’m with you, Greg. This new Jew can choke on his Starjewbucks latte.


      • lzlzlolz from The Concise Oxford American Dictionary:

        meteorology: the branch of science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere, esp. as a means of forecasting the weather. (2) the climate and weather of a region.

        climatology: the scientific study of climate.

        climate: the weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period

        “Galaxies apart”, indeed! Though I agree, they sound very “sciencey”.

        I guess nouveau “fucking love sciencey!”


    • “Also – Climate change, or, the issue on which American conservatives are most diabolical and wrong (which is saying something!),”

      Toss this guy into the rubber cell.


    • @Noveau

      There are a lot of Leftists who see the Muslim Swarm from their gods Hitchen’s/Dawkin’s/and (yikes) Bill Maher’s perspective.

      Problem is, those types are all generally about one remote-control click away from their other gods: Jon Oliver, Ta’neshi Coats, Obama.

      Those Leftists are no more “intellectual” or “nuanced” or “superior” than the “rednecks” they enjoy making fun of. I’d argue that, on consistency and independent thought, those “rednecks” are, in fact, intellectually superior to their Bill Maher-watching counterparts.


    • do not feed the troll


  34. I saw the initial video and had to leap to the comment section.
    I used to wonder what deprivation, suffering and madness Germany suffered after WW1 that led to the pogroms and violence off WW2.
    But after watching that human river of migrants walking across Europe and watching and listening to the ingratitude of these trespassers (and learning of their violent attack on civilized folk) I now understand how civilized people can react w/ such extreme actions.
    ….be afraid you unwelcome trespassers, be very afraid.


    • Watching that video, White men start feeling rage when they see the scene of those muds slapping German boys around. But that is NOT what the interloper need fear. Rage is a spike of blood pressure, which settles. It’s not the violent, aggressive scenes that will set off the Cleansing.

      It’s those scenes with all those pig-stupid mugs in the camera, completely at ease walking around and jabbering their insipid speech. All those deformed faces sitting in our chairs, walking around our parks, half-animal and half-retarded child, that set off a calm deadly eradication protocol.


      • They are so obviously lazy, so indolent, so– EFFEMINATE.

        Yes, these Muslim pigs are like an endless herd of manboobs, beardo Delacroix odalisques. Spiritual trannies.

        I’m spouting off comments tonight, so perhaps this thought is in moderation, but something really struck me about the invaders: they keep repeating Eskimo propaganda about White birth rates. They’ve internalized this shit.

        And they believe, with astonishing stupidity, that simple numbers will carry the day. Have they truly never heard of the Greek Wars? Alexander? Scipio? Do these stupid fat fucks really think they’ll get to take over because all their brats get the vote?

        If a platoon of armoured fighting vehicles took to the streets, any one of the se lumbering mobs, thousands strong, could be cordoned off and massacred. A helicopter gunship could turn one of those black lines through the fields into a smoking streak of red. A frigate could litter the seas with their “refugee” boats.

        It’s really astonishing, after all, that with all the endless agitprop against “Fascist white men”, the Left refuses to name its deepest fear: the fact that, once White men put aside the folly of allowing genocide to be dictated by the franchise or by international agreement, there is simply no power left on earth that can save them from as cold and brutal a fate as White men deign to give them.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 3:35 am Vagina dominator

        Yes, I agree completely. They are spoilt, effeminate mama’s boys and have been raised to whine for what they want and to never be refused.

        Don’t ever tolerate any lip or attitude from them.


      • “Effeminate” nails it.


      • Lucius, have you ever killed someone?


      • What does effeminate mean? Don’t go Orwell on me, man.


      • And if any media folk find it more important to show pictures of the Other’s dead children and crying mothers, rather than our own, let’s not forget to (ahem) correct their misguided sense of “fair and balanced” as well.


      • they were pounding women too, on the ground in fetal position.


      • Every motherfucker here: watch this today. It has even more of his speeches and information than the similar videos that have been floating around. Turn up the fucking volume, relax your neck and open your fucking throat so as to accept the full, unmitigated girth of the whole truth, and fucking get ready to man up.


      • “Lucius, have you ever killed someone?”

        A man named thwack once asked the White man, “And now your son’s a faggot and your daughter dances on a pole. So now what are you gonna do?”

        Interesting question


      • @Ho- effeminate means a womanly and feminine man.


  35. Like

    • Even though the intent of this video is to skewer, I think it does an equal measure of delivering disheartening agitprop for the Cathedral… images are always far more powerful than words.

      I’m pretty sure it was some Hollywood hebe who originally coined the term “there no such thing as bad publicity.”


      • Could be, but IMO the pictures of groids are quite repulsive. The other videos of hers I’ve posted below don’t have the same problem at all.


      • Yeah, that video was a misfire. I stopped looking after ten seconds and turned it off after twenty.

        Her best video is “Like a Degenerate”


    • This is real and it’s happening, except for the fatty part. Every time I go to a grocery store, I see THREE thin, pretty white women with Africans. Every time I go to a restaurant, three such couples on a date. Every time I go to a concert — super mega hottie with a dindu. And darkies too, real subhuman dindus, not half white good looking ones (no homo). Women do what they are told by the media. The last two generations (boomers and “greatest”) let the Jew media become the alpha boss.


  36. The next time any of you men wish to be “reasonable”, or “logical” and/or otherwise deign to engage in discussion or debate any of the numerous Cathedral shills, usual suspect Sanhedrin stooges, or snarky shitskins that frequent the chateau in any manner except harsh disdain and skewering mockery, well…

    … just rewatch the video at the top of this thread…

    … and rethink your premises.


    • Greg,
      ” Logic ” can go to hell. The ” Cathedral ” can stick it as well. And the
      ‘”Sanhedrin ” can damn sure ram it .The Ubangi, I hate ’em with a perfect hate.


    • World War Jew is on. Good news. About time. Hey little Neanderthals, #weknow. Kisses. ❤


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  41. [CH: truth. all the single 20s women i know living alone are huge cock gobblers. the ones who live with female roommates, or their parents, are usually less slutty. this is a phenomenon of urban anonymity.]
    Some of those are ginch gobblers, if I may say so.


  42. Fuck… That video’s got my blood boiling right now.


  43. Dan Grossman wrote a lot of good things about the inevitable outcomes and issues involved in killing. The title of his best book is called, “Killogy”.
    Read it and do not blink !


    • on November 13, 2015 at 7:10 am Zed, Lord of the Brutals

      Grossman is wrong, and may well be a plant. If you freak out because you kill some trash, it’s probably because you’re been conditioned to freak out about it. It’s what’s expected of you.

      I know dozens, possibly hundreds of Men who give cancer a run for the money in the killing dept and they’re doing very well and high functioning.


      • Yes, think about the hundreds of yiddish movies we’ve ingested about how we’re supposed to feel about violence.

        Those scenes where two groups of men are firing upon one another, one is wounded from the opposing side and one of the “good guys” executes him.

        The others treat him like a leper for bad sportsmanship.

        Two minutes ago, he was trying to make your wife a widow. Now you can’t kill him because he’s in no position to kill you.

        Makes sense don’t it?


  44. These sons of bitches need killin’ , no if ands or buts, period.


  45. on November 12, 2015 at 2:11 am Thomas Daniel Paine

    Trump is a clueless clown. He is high in the polls and the media right now because he provides free entertainment for the 24 hr news cycle. He has zero chance of getting the republican nomination, same as last time. Mark my words and I’ll see you in a year. Eventually he’ll have to face reality and back off, like he already did, because most of what he’s saying makes zero sense. Frame will only take you so far. A white middle aged woman can persuade herself she’s black, that won’t go anywhere in the long run.

    [CH: the beautiful braaaaaapppp of butthurt!]


  46. Patton was right.





  48. The imams and clerics arrange 4 wives for themselves and when this leaves a surplus of men without, they tell their fellow muslims it was the west that caused their misfortune. They’ve got to go. They aren’t welcome. I am certain that our jobs, and clothes, and traditions, and so on ‘offend’ them. This means they want what they can’t have and would rather no one have it if they can’t.


  49. World War Jew v.3.0 is on, men. Good news. Keep your AR well lubed.

    Hey Jews!!!! #weknow. Kisses. ❤


  50. That’s an outstanding video. The more minds it gets imprinted onto, the better.

    A steadily increasing resistance movement is growing across Europe –


  51. on November 12, 2015 at 8:28 am winter migration

    i feel sick to my stomach..they are united we are divided, we have gone soft with the comforts of western life they have become determined from years of suffering
    solutions ?


  52. Why all the Jew hate on this forum? Don’t Jews and muslims hate each other? What do jews gain from the destruction of european culture other than it being replaced with the more violent islam?

    Go blame your own Pope, hes the one supporting asylum. European jews have nothing to gain from refugees except more conflict.

    There’s literally people posting about Hitler… Seriously? you guys are on a fucking alternative blog. You would have been executed for not thinking like everyone else in Nazi Germany.

    Anyone care to explain?


    • I dunno ’bout dees udder goys, eh, guys…

      But what I’m going to say to the judge is simply:

      “Well, your honor… it seemed like a good idea at the time.”


    • No, Semite, that is another Eskimo lie. The top leader Eskimos consider themselves on the Semite team, aligned with the other Semites. Obviously.

      It’s cro magnon vs. neanderthal.

      Read up.


      • Top leader of the eskimos is who? Please tell me so I can meet them and show them the comments section so CH gets shut down along with the aforementioned Hitler videos… That’s the way the great jewspiracy works right?

        And don’t tell me to read up cunt…

        I’m a Jew.
        I’m smarter than you. Obviously.

        It’s a sad day when I would rather associate with the likes of you over the liberals importing the terrorists.

        Go fuck yourself Neanderthal.


    • on November 13, 2015 at 4:42 pm gunslingergregi

      yea i think you posted the hitler he is posted every thread to draw an accociation with all the thousands of negative things said about him in media to put people in a box and then lo and behold you voice it rofl


  53. I feel sorry for our European brothers. They have it worse.

    Once again, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans provide the United States and Canada with some insulation. Poor Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy et al. are stuck right there, physically connected to Africa and the brown hordes. This is same as it ever was. Central and Western Europe is *forced* to deal with invaders, as it always has been, and this will never change. It does not even require full Eskimo awareness and a full anti-Eskimo attitude to realize that “it’s not fair” for the Eskimo to constantly agitate and humiliate the nations of continental Europe for being “right wing nationalist”. Even stooping to the level of Eskimo “debate”, which we should not do at this point, even letting them set the frame, we win that debate. Understand me? Easy for Israel (letting in no migrants) to judge central Europe.

    If the United States government (which is occupied by Eskimos) truly worked for the majority of the American people, of course, it could easily avoid any brown and darker immigration problem that we have. Simply cut off all brown immigration. We have large oceans to protect us and only one small land border to guard. And Mexicans are not half as bad as the animals invading Europe, anyway.

    If the United States chooses to intervene on the side of *justice*, for our European brothers and sisters, as perhaps we should, the problem is that the same Eskimos control our armed forced, so apparently the military would be on the wrong side again, as it was in World War II. The question is, how many top military leaders are old school and get it? How many actually read this blog? I don’t know the answer. Is the entire military faggot PC libtarded left? Can’t be, right?

    Is there any chance the state-controlled militaries of Europe and America will actually intervene on the right side this time? That is the interesting question. We know that Hungary will. Who else?

    Can we win a legitimate war of public opinion (nonviolence) and get our people to understand that Hungary is not the bad guys? Our white cousins are not the bad guys?

    It should be white man (cro magnon (human)) vs Jew (Neanderthal) and African (Simian or another type of Semite, the Arabs) this time, quite clearly. They all fight for their own with a 100% tribalist outlook, and so should we, and we have that right.

    The question is, how many top leaders who have power to control things (such as the military) realize what’s at stake this time?

    And since this is a game blog: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, etc — not only have they given us so much in the way of technological inventions (, but they give us beautiful, feminine women to be wives and mothers. Women who truly love and support their man. And their men are good folk too (absent communist brainwashing by the Eskimo).

    We should help them.


  54. God, honour, homeland

    I love the Polish people. And all this time I was duped into thinking the usual stereotypes about them.


  55. As an Asian looking at what’s going on in Europe, and to a lesser extent, the US – the mad leftism – I am perplexed. It is strange and bizarre behaviour.
    But maybe not so strange. May I suggest that what’s going on, is not so much something in the water, or a jewish plot, or random insanity.
    It is something much simpler… Selfishness.
    You gents look on this and you feel empathy and you think of the nation. You try and discern principles and higher truths and live your lives by them.
    Leftists – in whatever incarnation – go Me! Me! ME! Look at me! Listen to me! I am right! Because! Me! I Am Special! Fat is Beautiful! etc.
    And what’s happening is simply that more and more white folk don’t give a shit about other white folk. They only give a shit about Global Warming or Multiculturalism or Equality or whatever other meme gives their lives Meaning and makes *them* feel warm and fuzzy. It’s not Soros whispering in their ear. It’s their hindbrain. The same hindbrain that tells you to pedestalize women, etc. But you have trained your higher brains with Game (just as an example).
    Nothing new under the sun. In medieval China ministers arranged to have the only general capable of holding off the barbarians killed, cos he was a threat to their power (google “Yue Fei”). Then the barbarians won. Oops.


    • My guess is that most people have not been punched in the face, so they do not know that it is not that bad and they fear the experience and they run from any possible confrontation that has the risk of getting hurt.

      Don’t trust people who never were in a fight.


  56. effin’ WordPress ate my comments like a whore gobbling cock 😦



    What amazes me about this story is the number of idiots that are dumbfounded as to why Mr. Rossdale has been boffing the lookalike nanny instead of his “awesome superstar real thing” wife.

    To any man with even a hint of red-pill awareness (and the ability to be honest with himself) the reason for Mr. Rossdale’s dalliance is as obvious as the mid morning sun:

    His wife was a Diva.

    Why is this so bad?
    1. She has spent years constantly being marinaded in a bath of non-stop adulation and fan worship. Even the most noble woman will eventually succumb to the spiritually toxic effects of that attention bath, and become an insufferable narcissist, utterly incapable of loving anything but her aging reflection.

    2. She has a full time job as a recording artist. This kind of job is designed to destroy relationships like a cruise missile, with its potent combination of time-consuming recording/promoting sessions, long distance separation (touring), and surrogate attention heaped on by adoring fans. A relationship needs to have some degree of contact to exist.

    3. She also has a job as a TV show judge, and a fashion design company to run on top of that. As often remarked in these hallowed halls, a woman obsessed with her career is a woman who is fundamentally damaged. The precious little free time Gwen had left over from her recording job is furiously consumed like the last slice of cake at a hambeast convention. Ergo, the nanny, whom I’m pretty sure has spent an order of magnitude (or two) more time loving and caring for Gwen’s own children than “Amazing Superstar” Gwen herself has.

    Now, think about the 25 seconds or so of yearly photo-op family time Gwen can afford her progeny and subdivide it by 50. That’s the amount of time Gavin gets for intimacy with his bombshell wife. Essentially, being Gavin Rossdale is like owning a Bugatti Veyron with welded shut doors, or having a 3-star Michelin chef prepare you a sumptuous feast that is then placed in a sealed glass box for you to watch as it slowly rots.

    Throw on top of this the fact that Mizz Stefani’s career and identity were conceived during and directly through the height of 90’s Doc Marten ball-stomping riot grrl feminism, and we have a recipe for marriage disaster that makes the Hindenburg look like a minor fender-bender.

    Gavin probably did the math at some point, figuring “Why am I, a famous rock star, getting laid less than Elliot Rodger?” and took action, getting what a man needs in life from the nearest available source.

    What men really want from women, aside from those oh-so important physical attributes, is a sweet, caring, loving helpmeet. We’re talking the kind of woman who adoringly reads her children lullabies and makes her husband a home-cooked meal. Pop superstardom is as useful to a man’s heart as an ice machine is needed for residents of northern Alaska.

    I know this subject has been already covered in the “Dating Market Value Test For Women” section, but I really think it is time for the Chateau to once again spotlight the incredible attraction-killing power of high female achievement.


    • Nice analysis, and adroitly worded as well… this is the sort of OT post that I don’t mind as a break from the task at hand.




    Well let’s hope that there is still some swarm intelligence left.


  59. I just realized. Liberals love Muslims and gays, but Muslims hate gays. That’s not going to have a peaceful resolution.


    • The entire liberal-left coalition is composed of various factions who have nothing in common but their hatred of white heterosexual christian males. For example, Mexicans (a major democrat constituency) are literally ethnically cleansing blacks (another major Democrat constituency) from areas of Southern California.

      Frankly, I’m astonished that this motley crew has held together for as long as it has. When there are no longer any gibs to loot from the white man, which is the glue that holds it together, then we’re going to stat seeing some fireworks.


    • Take a look at the Russian Revolution and the history of the Soviet Union since it occurred. After the left had “vanquished” the aristocracy, they started turning on each other, leading to more and more purges as rabbit groups turned and slaughtered one another in their quests for power and resources. Stalin’s purges were welcomed by many on the left, depending on which group was being vanquished; the Eskimo purges shocked the Eskimos, but they had gladly cheered for the purges of their rivals previously.

      Or look at China and Mao’s Cultural Revolution, where university professors were turned on by young party members in an attempt to purge them.

      Without a great big enemy to blame, the left will eat one another.

      Soviet rape!


  60. Anyone on Twatter? I thought it’d be funny to get a #DeportPaytonHead hashtag going (Mizzou student body prez).


  61. No wonder the libs want our guns. They don’t want us to have any means of resistance against race replacement


  62. on November 12, 2015 at 11:36 am gunslingergregi

    well the importing people to do jobs people wont do finally true in europe
    raping white woman is a job they didn’t want to do


  63. on November 12, 2015 at 12:07 pm gunslingergregi

    i said this same shit was going on in us what 6 years ago still going on and getting faster in the us
    people said it couldnt happen yet here we are drive across the couontry and it is a completely diferent america allready today right now at this minute and spreading


  64. The Faggot Within saw that video.

    And got a boner.

    Faggot Within rape!


    • on November 12, 2015 at 12:44 pm gunslingergregi

      As we reported last month, some schools are already forcing children to clean up trash left behind by migrants, prompting outrage from parents.
      German schoolchildren are already being impacted by Angela Merkel’s decision to accept potentially millions of “refugees”.
      As we previously highlighted, some German schools are ordering girls not to wear shorts or skirts so as not to offend or provoke sexual assaults from migrants staying in nearby refugee camps.
      Meanwhile, as Breitbart reports, the Germany’s Interior Minister recently, “announced his intention to drop educational standards in the country to help migrants get into school or find a training place.”””””””””””

      the world is about to be told it has been on candid camera


    • Of course we already have this situation in the United States. White high school kids today are expected to have performed thousands of hours of uncompensated “community service” (such as feeding dindus at soup kitchens) to even have a prayer of being admitted to the Jew’s universities. When I was admitted to college in the early 1990s, it was simply based on SAT and GPA; I had done no community service. My understanding of things now is that I would not be accepted to the school from which I graduated today. This predicament faces the fathers of young children today, such as me. Do I even want my kids to go to “higher education” how it is now?

      If not, because Mizzaoue/Jew glasses/Yale etc that we all know about, will there be a real economy that has taken its place, so my kids can indeed have a decent life with some kind of real skills and be employed or self-employed (free of the Jew fiat dollar)?

      Scary times.


  65. How many white women has the Jew raped or caused to be raped (real raped)? 10 million? 20 million? 100 million? Do we include the Jew-porn industry in this calculation, or just the 20th century?


  66. What’s with all this Cuckservative stuff? I’m a true-blue conservative, I’ll have you know! Why, heck, I just got endorsed by Bob Dole, buckos!


  67. Guys, more seriously, NOW is the time to develop your own personal 5-year plan (FUCK the commies for stealing that term).

    You think the left is going to stop with mass swarm invasions of Europe? Do you not think they aren’t going to push for those same swarms to be pushed into this country, in addition to pushing millions more from south of the border? In addition to pushing as much black violence as possible?

    Every man here should buy Mark Rippetoe’s book Starting Strength and start lifting on his schedule so that you get your maximum strength level. Rippetoe’s program can max you out within a year if you’re dedicated, have the time, and are uninjured—or you can take a longer route as I am, due to laziness. After you reach your peak strength, develop a running/sprinting routine with proper guidance (no marathons, keep it under 5K); I’m not there yet. And within 2 -3 years of today, you should join some sort of combat self-defense sport: boxing, Jiu-jitsu, MMA events. By the end of the 3rd year, you should be doing that at least 2x a month in addition to weight lifting and running.

    You should also try to set up your own business NOW so that you are independent of a PC-infested, anti-white male corporate culture. Your business should be strong enough in 5 years so that you can at least deal with economic downturns. You will never have to worry about layoffs again. Get a book on making a “Business Plan” —-just creating a business plan will get your business off to a stunningly strong start compared to most–because you will be laying out and planning for every conceivable problem and contingency. And NEVER borrow money for your business—although a business plan is ostensibly for banks you’re seeking loans for, use it only for your own guidance.

    Finally, if you’re not familiar with guns, you should join the NRA and 2nd Amendment foundation, join the local gun club, and (if your state requires it), get a license and a gun. In blue states, rifles and shotguns are actually EASIER to get a permit for than handguns, so consider the rifle first, as it can be a bit more versatile. Get a mentor from the gun club to show you how to shoot, and practice shooting at least 2x a month. Not only will you become vastly more knowledgeable about self-defense, you’ll be networking with people who are smart enough to see a collapse/swarm invasion coming, and you can bounce ideas off of them. All this should be done by the close of year 3.

    I will probably be posting more on organizing your own 5-year plan, but I really do think every man has a duty these days to economically and physically shield himself from the lefty world as much as possible.

    Prepare for the future rape!


    • on November 12, 2015 at 1:06 pm gunslingergregi

      thats why i been planning on refugeeing the fuck out of here


    • on November 12, 2015 at 1:11 pm gunslingergregi

      i think only sensible plan is not to be here when shtf


      • Where could you run to?

        Getting land in the mountains/retreats out west is a good plan but I don’t think most guys can do that in 5 years.

        Making yourself invaluable as an in-shape, gun-knowledgeable man is a decent plan for most of us.

        And having an escape route.

        Escape rape!


      • on November 12, 2015 at 4:50 pm gunslingergregi

        my farm
        we been talking bout this shit for over 6 years nobody got their shit together he he he


      • on November 12, 2015 at 4:52 pm gunslingergregi

        and before that we knew it was fucked up when we were kids


      • You ever thought about the blessed by God South?


    • on November 12, 2015 at 1:18 pm gunslingergregi

      got to practice for future and start in area that is allready all brown


    • Sfcton has a great blog on prepping and TRP too


    • on November 12, 2015 at 1:35 pm gunslingergregi

      course i originally said i wouldnt marry an american chick cause couldn’t be sure of raising my kids
      and having a woman try to own me has anything really changed in that regard?
      still would be white dudes with guns enforcing my slavery so i dont know this shit kind of funny in a way that the west will have the same laws im running to so my kids if i have some can grow up and have kids that maybe dont get bent over and raped by society
      either way life prob still not living though so who knows
      maybe child support been giving men a reason to live in us and feel needed is that the piece of puzzle im missing


    • Great points, WF. I’ve been working on some of them but have room for improvement, especially as far as having an independent business income is concerned.

      Folks in the NYC/NJ region: a great gun range is They run a lot of NRA certified courses there as well, from introductory “first steps” courses to more advanced courses.


    • Start the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai/Kyokushin Karate today, train every day except Sunday.

      Don’t worry about “getting in shape” for training. Collect phone numbers of MMA/BJJ related gyms in your area, start calling and attending free classes for a month.

      Try to get recommendations, it’s hard in the beginning to know what a good gym is. Your jiu-jitsu should teach Gracie self defense AND be competition oriented. They will teach you standing knife/gun/holds/punch defense in addition to teaching you the sport of jiu-jitsu. And yes, it does work.

      Your coaches will get you in shape, it’s what they are paid to do. Make sure they are legit, then follow blindly. Keep exploring other gyms, make sure you are training with the best.

      In 5 years you’ll be a great striker and a good enough grappler to give any UFC wannabe or “guy who trained in the military” nightmares. You’ll also be a cardio machine with a huge pain tolerance compared to average person .

      Think as much about endurance as strength, fatigue makes cowards of us all. Enter Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions after training 6 months or so, it will give you a good idea where you stand cardio wise. Keep entering until your hand is raised at least once.

      Start everything NOW, challenge yourself keep going through pain and fatigue and still keep up with your responsibilities. You need to duplicate the training of a soldier and surpass it, mental toughness is where it’s at.

      Strength is good but you can hit the strength in the morning, do HIT cardio or road work after that and hit the MMA gym at night. You don’t need to be THAT strong beyond total body weight mastery unless you are under 180lbs or so. Eventually, you should be able to do sets of 100 of every exercise over and over. You will learn these from your coaches.

      Ideally you’d aim to be around 6’+ 200+lbs or so, solid muscle. Muscle costs cardio wise but it’s not great to be a 135lb little sh1t fighting a 275lb nog. At one competition I took down a 320lb nog built like a gorilla twice (110lb disadvantage for me) and arm barred him, open mouth stares from the SWPL girls afterward. I started my adult life at 135lbs…maximize your genetics.

      Most white guys I know from the gym are wishy washy, they could be tough but they are soft mentally and can’t stop stuffing candy bars in their mouth and drinking. Drinking is for losers, knock it off. If you need to, make a pre-recorded message that says “knock it off fatty”.

      Your pain tolerance will go up if you keep pushing, it’s all part of the plan. What happens when you get your nose broken, take a bullet or a blade wound? Think about it. Sometimes it’s about who can shrug it off and keep going. How can you do that if you can’t say no to a candy bar or need alcohol to deal with reality? Take the pain.

      Google SARMs like SR9009 and GW50516, they will speed your physical transformation up giving you more muscle and endurance. Get your testosterone checked, if it’s low, fix it. I suggest anti-estrogens over replacement, it’s worked well for me.

      In the beginning you’ll be sore, start at a few sessions a week and work up to daily training. Aim to be the most consistent student, not the most talented, fear of combat will melt away as you gain confidence.

      Side benefit, girls like a man that dedicated to something.

      Work your shooting in on the weekends or whenever. If you can, shoot every day after your morning workout. This is your life now, immersion is the way. I’ve been shooting on and off since I was a kid and know the basics but need many more classes and focused training.

      That is next for me and very important but BJJ/MMA is develops your discipline and attributes.

      And watch this videos when you feel lazy


      • Brazilian jujitsu is also great for boys to learn. My son has been taking classes and learning the basics since he was 6.


      • Agreed. BJJ dedication will get you in good shape. But, to steal from Rippetoe, there is no physical activity that cannot be improved with more strength.


      • Benny, that’s all well and good for men who, like you, are:

        1. younger than 30
        2. childless
        3. single.

        Some of us have lifted since we were 8 and been fit our entire lives (I was doing crossfit before they called it that), but now we are 45, or 55, or 60. We are too old to be drafted, even. We have 2 or 3 kids (we are blessed) and a wife or some kind of life in the world that exists now. Shoot every morning? We have a job in the matrix to feed and house our kids. We spend time with our kids, too, trying to enjoy this life while we have it. In fact, we are lucky to get to shoot twice a month, even though we know guns, because we are not, indeed, grunts in the marines. We take our kids to ballet lessons on Saturday, or we ride bikes with them.

        If you are 22, sure, train like a marine but don’t join the marines since they (for now) are controlled by the wrong side.

        Your advice is ludicrous as applied to any man older than 35. Such a man should be a father with responsibilities to humans other than himself.


      • on November 13, 2015 at 1:33 pm gunslingergregi


        Agreed. BJJ dedication will get you in good shape. But, to steal from Rippetoe, there is no physical activity that cannot be improved with more strength.

        you want to be as strong as the top nfl football players in history sets of 50
        keep going up in weight
        really noone tried it he he he


      • on November 13, 2015 at 1:35 pm gunslingergregi

        be in the top 3 out of what a billion or more?
        yea thats right i am a fucking genious


      • on November 13, 2015 at 1:42 pm gunslingergregi

        perfect form
        i did a set every time i smoked a cig
        never even got almost a pull or even had soreness of any sort at all
        0 soreness 0 muscle tear as far as i could feel
        i was lifting curls on straight bar 165 back in army when we lifed heavy weights and my arms were bigger than arnolds but i tore the shit out of my wrist probably from poor form and not a gradual raise and maybe the straight bar
        but yea i did have the incentive of thinking i might be eaten on a trip and maybe having to fight hand to hand for my life at any other time vs people with guns so that prob was decent motivation to come up with something diferent than i had ever heard of being done to optimize my shit which it worked
        and for all you lifter go try to bench 135 pounds
        35 times i bet you cant do it
        if you want the power to phyically bash in a skull id say go with the 50 reps for an unlimeted supply of punches till you die not getting arm fatigue when you need that power still


      • on November 13, 2015 at 1:52 pm gunslingergregi

        really could get crazy with it and go 60 80 100 reps
        my girl when i was going it would always be like more so id push out a few more he he he
        i lost interest i guess though and said fuck it apparently
        im thinking if you did it to every muscle group really in all seriousness would become the one in 8 billion dude superman
        what if ya took it to 200
        who could hang


      • on November 13, 2015 at 1:56 pm gunslingergregi

        why can ants life ten times thee body weight cause their whole life they been lifting shit on a continuous basis all day long
        yea ok exoskeleton but they still max it out prob increasing the load over and over and over


      • Oh yeah, gotta be big and strong too – relatively speaking.

        I trained with a current green beret, strong as shit and can go 100% forever. I asked him and it’s nothing but body weight exercises, he weighs around 200 so that’s plenty.

        Master your body weight at that size and you’re a [email protected]

        Mostly it’s only an issue if you are under sized – in that case it’s a body building issue.

        I continue to body build at maintenance level because it’s the best thing for body composition/looks and prevents injuries. I also feel I have more testosterone.

        My rule is I don’t lift anything much heavier than I am. It’s a diminishing return at that point so I’d rather add sets/reps or work on form to make it harder.

        Lifting heavy is a young man’s game and you WILL pay later, know that in advance.


      • “Benny, that’s all well and good for men who, like you, are: 1. younger than 30”

        Hang on a second professor, I’m a decade older than that but..yeah.

        This is why I didn’t have children or get in thrall to some b1tch. I saw this coming 15 years ago.

        Now its finally here and at a point where people are saying SOME of the right things. Took you all long enough.

        I’d say it’s a year out, couldn’t be more pleased. I can do family later, not a problem. Heroes are sexy.

        I’m not really the type for raising children though. More of a fighter than a lover.

        When you think about it destruction is far more efficient than creation.


    • Good shit as usual, WF. As for the business side, there is opportunity everywhere. I love this quote:

      There will be a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. -Louis L’Amour

      In some ways, I’ve started. Looking into tactical training. Found a spot near where I live that teaches. Five years moves by quickly. Time to set some goals. Get shit done.

      Viva Trump!


    • Rippetoe! Fuck that shit! John Broz


  68. Fun fact: Poland had far and away more Jews per square mile than any other country in the world at one time.(Cool with the Jews, for the most part)

    Fun fact: Poland was the only nation of the Soviet Empire that had religious teaching in it’s state schools.
    (The Jews let Poland do it’s thing)

    Fun fact: Poland and Israel are the most nationalistic countries in the world.(shout out to Hungary)


  69. Stuff is happening in Germany but not getting reported. Can’t say too much here but I am optimistic.


  70. Asian woman inadvertently points out that black people can be racists too. Hilarity ensues.


    • Remember the Korean store owners during the Rodney King riots? If the White remnant in this country continues to fag itself to death, it might fall on the Asians to fix the madness.


  71. I personally prefer the nooses. Sending hostile foreigners back to where they came form is not enough. We also need to do a little house cleaning of our own among the White race.


  72. Wake me up when the black flag has been hoisted and its time to slit throats…


  73. As whites become a minority white ideas and institutions will crumble. Non-whites just don’t share those values. They will deride them as “white” and not therefore bad.

    Things like the Constitution, Freedom of Speech, rule of law.

    You see it already with this Missouri nonsense.

    Freedom of speech is being steadily chipped away in the name of “safe spaces.” What “safe spaces” really are about is limiting speech and controlling levers of power.

    You heard it here first.

    Western nations were created by Western (yes, White) ideas. As nations become non-white the things that made them special will fade.

    Regression to humanity’s mean for you stats types.


    • We need to look at MO as a positive, and not a negative.

      It’s hilarious that a lefty dean got booted for being insufficiently obsequious to a non-existent conspiracy (aka “white privilege”) championed by savages who will never feel ashamed of their savagery.

      The left is reaping what it sowed, and it is awesome.

      Enjoy the decline rape!


      • I’ve become convinced that many of these “incidents” that get ginned up to outrage through the SJW social media amplifier are just fabricated to advance the narrative.

        – Ferguson “hands up”
        – UVA
        – Duke Lacrosse
        – “KKK” and “pickups full of whites with confederate flags shouting hurtful things” on MO campus

        People behave according to their incentives. It’s human nature.

        Events like MO will increase (and get worse) as long as whites keep giving power and goodies to minorities who cry about “racism” and manufacture and amplify “racist” incidents.

        MO’s black student president is no dummy. A future Al Sharpton in the making, fanning the flames of grievance for power and wealth.


      • SJWs should experience more fear when they contemplate lie-ing.


      • There should be pickup trucks full of whites shouting racist things at this point…

        At some point whites have to say “f you we don’t care, you deserve it. We want you outta here”.

        What happens if whites really do start doing those things? Will you support them or join the other cucks to denounce them?

        That’s the problem we have here.

        Everyone threw Dylan Roof under the bus…but what was their great solution?


  74. Europe? The Future? I have a feeling in me water.
    Wish I could buy shares in this family concern in Tennessee, but it’s not publcly listed.
    I’ll maybe content myself with importing as much of its fine product as I can afford, and selling it off by the lamp-post length.


  75. aux armes cityoens
    formez vos bataillons
    marchons, marchons
    qu’un sang impur abreuve nos sillons


    to arms, citizens,
    form up your batallions
    let us march, let us march,
    that a mongrel blood waters our fields.

    Stirring! And she is really hot when she does that head toss.


    • “Allons enfants de la Patrie

      Am I the only one here to see the wrong in this?


      • I’m not sure what, in particular, you find wrong with this. If I hazard a guess, you don’t like Patrie in the sense of Wilfrid Owen:

        The old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est
        Pro patria mori.

        Then it was a lie. Now it isn’t.


  76. if it does not name “… OU LA MORT”
    it ain’t worth one ort.

    … rancid demonic worship


  77. la patrie masonique



  78. Here is my question of the day, and then I intend to get some work done today and not leave a million comments all over CH’s blog. As I often say, I respectfully and humbly mean it when I say that several regular commenters here are obviously better read and better informed than I am, so this is a serious question for those like Captain and Irish. This is NOT pro-Eskimo trolling, but I’m wondering: if Eskimos control everything, including google, youtube, and wordpress, why do they allow videos like this to stay published?:

    Not only this, but thankfully there are hundreds or thousands of similar videos, the Greatest Story Never Told stays up, etc. The Eskimos should be getting scared at this point; is it the case that they do NOT totally control youtube and cannot get away with simply erasing all of this stuff, or this blog?

    If so, that’s a happy thought. A related happy thought I had was, what if the younger generation of Jews knows not what they do. Sure, they are faggoty poster boys for “coffee boy” dude holding his cup with two hands while he wears his hipster glasses and weighs in at a buck 15, but perhaps they too (every person born after 1974 — Gen X and Gen Y/millenials) are simply ignorant of the truth about World War II and Hitler, etc. They went to the same brainwashing schools and watched the same communist propaganda media we watched the last 40 (and especially the last 20) years. This is not to excuse them overall; history has shown time and time again that the Jew naturally leans toward communism/dictatorship/Jewish nationalism anti-decency, pro porn, wrecking white societies wherever they go, but my question is whether we can get some of our Jewish colleagues under the age of 45 or so to be on the right side?

    In the world in which I work (big city dominated by Eskimo lawyers), I have mixed feelings. I know one Eskimo who used to be a friend who seems to truly be a “conservative”. He was for Ron Paul in 2008. But he works as a plaintiffs’ lawyer, so there’s that. But I also personally know Eskimo lawyers who worked on the front lines against the 9th and 10th Amendments to fight for “same sex marriage” (which is better called anti-people’s rights/pro judicial branch tyranny). Those evil Eskimos are beyond help.

    Why do these “right wing” pro Hitler videos even exist on jewtube? That’s my question. Is the Eskimo Hubris STILL that high, or do they actually not have the literal power to delete the channels of those who put up these videos?


  79. The video is now down. Please find a mirror and substitute it. Try different platforms, not only Youtube.


  80. The soundtrack is off the video now. After the Paris attacks I really wanted to post it to my Facebook.

    Who cares if that will make me unhirable by any corporation ever again. Enough’s enough!

    Even though my Facebook feed is filled with PC nonsense I know there must be others who feel the same why I do. But are rightly too fearful of PC retribution to raise their voices.


  81. Which Paris attacks? Do you mean tonight? 30 dead at last tally, up to 100 hostages in concert hall, reports of “executions”.
    Frogs not fucking about, going into the Bataclan concert hall Beslan-style, Prez Hollande extracted from Stade de France and now hiding in his palais because of concurrent explosions (/grenades) during France-Germany soccer match, other locales ongoing, Prez orders national borders locked down and the Armee out.
    Do you think they’ve had enough now?

    I mean, disrupting an international football game. The utter bastards!


  82. @ anonymous – had some time to kill and watched all that video….wow, just wow. Thanks for posting it. Powerful stuff.


  83. That national pride parade in Poland is a yearly occurence. >100000 people show up usually.