Marriage Down, Ho’s Up

New research examining marital patterns in the Disunited States is out, and it’s not looking good for the nuptial blissers (or for the civilization gatekeepers).

Marriage Rate Lowest in a Century

Fewer women are getting married and they’re waiting longer to tie the knot when they do decide to walk down the aisle. That’s according to a new Family Profile from the National Center for Family and Marriage Research (NCFMR) at Bowling Green State University.

According to “Marriage: More than a Century of Change,” the U.S. marriage rate is 31.1, the lowest it’s been in over a century. That equals roughly 31 marriages per 1,000 married women. Compare that to 1920, when the marriage rate was a staggering 92.3.

Since 1970, the marriage rate has declined by almost 60 percent. “Marriage is no longer compulsory,” said Dr. Susan Brown, co-director of the NCFMR. “It’s just one of an array of options. Increasingly, many couples choose to cohabit and still others prefer to remain single.”

Furthermore, a woman’s average age at first marriage is the highest it’s been in over a century, at nearly 27 years old. “The age at first marriage for women and men is at a historic highpoint and has been increasing at a steady pace,” states Dr. Wendy Manning, co-director of the Center.

Well, that’s one way to avoid the temptation to cheat and deep six your marriage: Get married when you’re older and have fewer sexual market options.

There has also been a dramatic increase in the proportion of women who are separated or divorced. In 1920, less than 1 percent of women held that distinction. Today, that number is 15 percent. “The divorce rate remains high in the U.S., and individuals today are less likely to remarry than they were in the past,” reports Brown.

Welcome to the Eat, Pray, Love iteration of America: E – Eat ourselves to death. P – Pray we still got it. L – Love our cats.

The marriage rate has declined for all racial and ethnic groups, but the greatest decline is among African Americans. Similarly, the education divide in marriage has grown. In the last 50 years there have been only modest changes in the percentage of women married among the college educated and the greatest declines among women without a high school diploma.

It’s ironic that the pointless lib-arts over-education that correlates with women getting married also correlates with them staying childless. Meanwhile, Clevon and Anfernee pop out ten parasites by their single mom weekday flings. What was the whole point of marriage, again? To encourage and sanctify responsible procreation and child-rearing, right? No, no, how silly of me. Times have changed. Marriage is now all about celebrating multiple forms of love, like butthex and cuckold fetishism and, coming soon to a Detroit near you, polygamy.

Was Idiocracy just about the most prescient movie ever made?

None of this depressing news should be any surprise to regular guests of Le Chateau. We were the first to make the connection between the social rot and the Six Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse, and we will be the first to rub it in the faces of the lords of lies when this whole shit show comes perilously close to oozing in on their guarded gated communities.

In silver lining news, casual, no strings attached sex with smart, sassy white chicks has never been easier to get.


  1. on July 19, 2013 at 11:36 am pimpinbluestar

    Post Title of the year


    • on July 19, 2013 at 12:30 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      Well, that’s one way to avoid the temptation to cheat and deep six your marriage: Get married when you’re older and have fewer sexual market options as you’ve been buttehxted, deosuled, and ebenrnakifieid bernankified by lsostas cneococn cocoskas much of it sectrely tapedz and celeebrated by “consertiaves” womenz zzlzllzlzlzozozozo.



      • on July 19, 2013 at 1:40 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        da beauty of da gbfm poetriez
        is dat it captures the TRUE LOGICAL CONCLUSIONZ
        of letting womenz follow their BUTT AND GINA TINGLEZ (blessed by churchiansz)
        instead of da GREAT BOOKSZ FOR MENZ CODE OF HONORS from

        when womenz follow der butt and ginaz tingelzozozo
        instead of GOD and MAN, it ends like dis:

        “yes, yes, i did very good on my gmats
        dey bernenakifed my soul away, left me with cats”

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        da assetts from betas we plucks
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        i gave it 4 free when i was younger hotter tighter
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        cuckold da betas cockhold da alphas
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        as da feiisnsits see no truth nor justice in their laws
        and say da great books for menz was all fools.
        yes, yes, i did very good on my gmats
        dey bernenakifed my soul away, left me with cats


      • on July 19, 2013 at 1:53 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        womenz has been transfornedz
        into an ARMY
        of aborting, culture-killing
        chruch-corruprtingz, god-denying
        baby-killingz, buttcockingz, gina & butt tinglez followringz
        deconstructorsz of da GRETA BOKZ FOR MEZN
        destoryerz of da WESTENR CIVILZIAIONZ
        dat Feud set out to conquer
        as it taught of idealsz such as HONOR and INT?GERITY AND LOVE
        over buttcokingz and base butccozkizng mateeirla diesresz lzozoz
        how da university works: feminism = debt & debauchery & divorce & Desecration machine/army lzozlzlzlzlzlgh weo


        univeristies are at the tip (tit lzozlzlzoz) of our debt empire

        over the past thirty years or so univeristies desouled women in prima noctae assocking sessins (some of tehm secretly taped iwthout thei girls conthent as the neocons like it best) and they sent the army forth to 1) transfer assetts form menz, 2) destory the family, 3) murder 50,000,000 unborn innocent souls, 4) hype and sell sub prime loans while wearing short skirts lzozlzlzlzllzlzlz 5) lure men into marriage iwth their coconpirators the ministers who front the legal system that does what no pimp would wever do–charge men for past use of a pussy lzolsoslslslslslslslslsls

        the fembot army;s main corporate state job is to create debt debauchery destiutution debt divorce deconstruction and devastation lzozlzlzlz

        and they have succeeded!! lzozlzlzlzlzlzl

        today our debt deficit will be greater than the gnp!!!!1

        the feminsimt movement cooinnded with the largest greatest increase of debt ever known to namankinds lzozlzlzlzl this is because womenz who stamp their little feet and bitch and complain and tranfer and destory welath and say “me me m em e more material welath for me me me me for my gina!!!! it’s for the children (even though women aborted/killed/vacuumed 50,000,000 fetuss by their choice alone) lzozlzlz it takes a village–fund my village where we get to bang alphas and the betas pay for it whether we cuckold them in tehir homes or via the welfare state zlozlzozlzzlzl” and they bitch and complain and talk about handbags and butthex and twilight vampires and enocurage girls to long for and lust after undead bloodsucking vampire twilight monsters and butthexing douchebags and otehr things which make their bginas tingle repalced menz at univeristies menz who built invent iengineer buuikld invent reason truth write great books read great bookz think lzozlzl eb=engineer lzozlzlzozlzl replaced exaltation eand greatness with bdebt debuachery destitution lzozlz

        short beta men rose fast in teh unievristy as they were handed fiat bernanke cash fronm helicopter ben and they used it to surrpound themselves with syocphantic harems of womenze as all teh betas love honor worship tucker max their ultimate master because he rhymes with goldman sax and also he butthexes girls and films it woithout teh girlths ocnthent and the weekly stanadrd neocns repeat his lies lzozlzlzlzzl that he is six foot tall zlozzlzllzlzlzlzl honoring their #1 butthexual hero lzozlzlzl

        so anyeways teh fiat masters trianed owmen in the arts of divorce debuachery deseefxation destruction lozlzolzlzlz and abortion and debt creation, and as womenze rose to power on teh ffront lines of the epreemptive wars against teh unborn they murdered 50,000,000 since rose vs. wade they deconstructed and debuached tehc ulture on campuses as when yhou put womenze in charge it soons becomes all butthex all the time as priscilia paintion woemnze editor in chief of simon and schuster is publishing tucker max’s next book zlzolslssslslsoslsoslzozlzlzlzlz c hecks che-=checks it out peoples are saying and speaking out about the way womenze are debucahing defiling and butthexing the culture lozlzlzlzlzl:


      • CH and GBFM and readership, please give me some straight up thoughts. Is the US dollar going to collapse? I mean really collapse where we wake up one day and a loaf of bread costs $543.00?

        I have a theory that buying bullets (rounds), such as .40 (and owning a .40 gun), is a way to “save” money now instead of putting useless dollars in a bank that will be worthless one day. Right now one can get 500 rounds of .40 FMJ for about $0.50 a round, but lets just round up. I have an idea that rounds will be good trading currency after the dollar collapses. So I have amassed about 3,000 rounds. Is that like having 3,000 “dollars” when it all goes down?

        Will it all go down?


      • on July 20, 2013 at 8:40 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        MAny churchian commenters at Dalrock’s blog preach that “Women crave exalted, manly, alpha leadership,” and what they mean by “exalted, manly, alpha leadership” is secrteive tapers of buttehxt buttehxting themz, instead of, say, the wisdom of MOSES, JESUS, ODYSSEUS, PAUL, ACHILLES, MISES, AENEAS, HOMER, VIRGIL, AND DANTE. One of the remarkable aspects of Dalrcok’s Christian/Churchian blog is how THE GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN and Jesus and Moses are constantly under attack as his commenters oft teach that 1) Jesus came not to fulfill the law, but to abolish it so as to sanctify their lust for buttcockingz, 2) The gospel of Jesus is “noise,” 3) High-value men are those who stick their cockasz in other men’s potential wives the most, 4) Homer’s Nobility is Satanic, and 4) Women crave exalted leadership and it is men’s fault that they do not get it: (BREAKING CHURCHIAN NEWS: All evil ever perpetuated by women is a man’s fault. For women naturally crave manly, exalted leadership. Sometimes it appears otherwise, but really, this is just a woman’s way of testing a man to see if he is strong enough to make her butt and gina tingellzlzo simultaneously. For instance, when a woman checks herself into an abortion clinic, by her choice, and has the baby vacuumed out of her womb, by her choice, it is no cause for alarm, as it is just a “shit-test” of the men in her life. Manly men will rise to the occasion, whence her butt and gina will tingle, and they can conceive another bastard out of wedlock, so she can shit-test him again by murdering her baby.)

        One commenterzz at dalrockz blogz claimes but but but WOMENZ CRAVE MALE LEADERSHIZP (meaning of course not the exlated form of male leadership fournd in THE GRETA BOOKSF FOR MENZ but the domiznziece of peacockingz buttccoekrz). lzozoozozo

        but, it is simply not true dat womenz crave exalted male leadership. read tehir cosmo and you will see dat womenz crave tipz on buttehxt and anal lubez, as opposed to, say, MOSES, MISES, HOMER, SHAKESPEARE, VIRGIL. any time a woman is given a leadership pososition, it is for teh puroppoees of debauching and destorying the GREAT BOOKS FOR MENZ and NATURAL RIGHTS and FAMILY, GOD, and FAITH.

        for afterall, Dear SSM,

        If women are really craving male leadership,
        Why do they not repeal
        All the misandric, anti-male laws
        which penalize and persecute men for leading?

        As women are the vast majority of law students
        why do they not form men’s rights legal groups
        to defend the leadership of men?

        SSM, as you state women crave male leadership,
        why are not women acting in a way
        to return male leadership to the center and circumference
        of society?

        SSM–are you going to blame this on men too
        are you going to state that even though women
        are the vast majority of law students
        they need a man to found the men’s rights group
        and lead women into it?

        Is that what women are waiting for on all the college campuses?
        Men to found men’s rights groups
        and Corral/herd women into them?

        SSM–you really do have quite a low opinion of women
        and yet, you blame men for their inadequacies
        and you see your low opinion of woman
        as being a man’s fault.

        To the neoconthz churchiansz Alpha= fornicating forinicating teahcing Jesus came t9 o abolish the law of Moses, now and then reaidng PJMedis, butteockcingz, creating debt, and never, ever, ever talking about THE GRETA BOOKS FOR MENZ nor the CLASSIXCXZ, except to teach that Homer, Virgil, and Dante are Satanic, while their own peakciingz and buttoccking and sectriev tapingz of butthetx is good, true, virtuous.

        Beta traits to the PUA neocncths churchiansz= Honor, Integrity, Restraint, Purity, Valor, Piety, Refusal of Temptations, Duty, Courage

        But in the GREAT BOOKS FOR MENZ, one finds the exact OPPOSITEZ.



      • on July 20, 2013 at 9:38 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        when you’re on a date know taht the girl is working for the federal reserve & during destert that is ben bernanke or tucker max she is texting… or maybe me lzozllzllzlz

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        i gots my fiat cash from ben bernake,
        gettin’ my dinner from the herb beta,
        texting GBFM for a midnight spank me,
        i don’t butthex, but i’m no playa hata


        when you’re on a date know taht the girl is working for the federal reserve as she is trying 2 get you to pay for gaining access to the pussy she gave away for free lots in college when she was younger hotter tighter during all the mandatory pre-cats-spinsterhood prima noctae deosuling sessions, in teh same way the fed gets you to bail out the banks who just gambled your pensions savings away when they were younger hooter tighter… or somethihnng… you get my drift .. unless you are a betadipshit lzozlzlzl


        from an early age womenz are deosuled by over sexulization of briteny spears mileyly cyrus bratz dolls lozlzlzlzlzlzlz as ocmmanded by the fed which must desoul women to make them less loyal t2 god husband family lzozlzl and more loyal 2 the fed lzozllzl and the almighty fiat dollar (which is basless debt zlzozlzlzlz). a fiat system inverts all of entirety exalting secretive tapoers of butthex to the pinnacles of publsihing, while deconstructing teh great books anbd classics lzozllzlzlzl

        so when you are out with a womenz buying her dinner chances are

        0) she is working for the fed lzozlzl what do you think law shcool business school trains womenz 2 do? to serve teh almighty fiat dollar above all else lzozllzzl and use buzzwords and short skirts to convert fiat debt into physical welath and property as teh fiat debt trickles on down and the phsyical wleath ghushes on up lzozlzlllzlzl ever wonder why goldman sax rhymes with tucker max & gets richer and richer as poeple get poorer and poorer and teh national debt grows and grows? someone must be spenidng the money that is augmenting the debt for everyone else lzozllzz and that would be goldman sachs and the warfare and welfare states it funds, alongside fmeinism, which denies a women her greater chance for glorya nd story and uses her temptress wiles to help the fiat masters convert fiat debt into property lzozlzlzl. poor ladies they end up butter and alone and soulless with cats as teh fed goes lzozlzlzlzlllzllzlzlzlzl women’s right to choose!!
        1) someone had her hotter younger tighter for free and you are now buying her dinner
        2) she was deosuled in secrteive tpaings of assoccking sessions taped without her conthent which the neocns are fond of lzozlzll
        3) when she texts during dinner she is setting up plans for a midnight assocking sessiomn with an alpha who creates welath from thin air someone like the head of the fed who wires it to goldman sax which rhymes witgh tucker max lozlzllzlzl who gets book deals from women-riun publishing houses like simon ans shcuster lzolzlzl because tehy dleight in his debt-creating debuachery-creating art succeth of losing ten million on a twelve million film as well as his asscocking sessions and secretiev tapings of butthex iwthout their girlsths contehnt which he publishes for both neocon pleaseure and profit lzozlzllz
        4) if you do get married 2 her there is a fifty percent chance it will end in divroce. lolzlzl would you get on airplane if it crashed 50% of the time? lzozlzllzlzlo hell no!! and what if, after it crashed bevcause your wife was fucking some biker drummer mba in teh cockpit (as he put his cock in her cock pit lzozlzl), what if after she cuased it to crash, you had to give her half your assets and begin paying for past use of her pussy? lzozllzllzlzl plus by going down once the plane will have gone down more times than your wife once she is married–dats a joke! lzozlzllzllz
        5) 2/3 to 3/4 of womenz initiate divorce as it transfers a mans assett s to teh fed/divorce regime as womenz are trianed to do in school with promises of her ex husband having to pay alimonies for past use of a pussy and fund and reward her further asscocking sessions tthat hshe hand’t had since college but whcih she missed dearly lzozlzlzloz (once back never back! lzozlzl or once in the back door, nver back! or you make your own joke here lzozllzlzzl i hate puns) she will get full rights 2 the kids and take them with her for her array of step boyfirends/fathers 2 abuse as abuse skyrockets in fmailies where the real dad is absent lzozlzlzlzlzllz, which is why the fiat neooncs detest fatherhood and the heoric spriit zlozllzlzl and love womenz who “tame men” lzozlzlzl and keep them from accessing tehir Natural Rights lzozlzl
        6) rising womenz generlaly make more than men these days as they are paid in fiat dollars which really only create debt and so it is that womenz excel at creating debt and they call this wokr lzolzllzlzlzl so let them buy some fiat dinners and drinks with their fiat dollarz lzozlzll

        seriously do u guys still date?

        i mean i love the laides but they look down on guys who ask them out. lzozllzlzlzlzl

        last chcik i hooked up with shared this rap with me:

        i gots my fiat cash from ben bernake,
        gettin’ my dinner from the herb beta,
        texting GBFM for a midnight spank me,
        i don’t butthex, but i’m no playa hata



      • on July 20, 2013 at 12:31 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        Dear Marlon,


        Marlon writes, “The belief that women crave godly leadership is severe self-delusion on the part of men.”

        Yes, all one need do is look at Cosmo to see what women truly crave. There is no mention of Jesus, nor Moses, nor Homer–it kindof looks like the comment section of Dalrock’s blog lzozozozozozolzo. (Except for Marlon and a few others.) 🙂

        And all anyone need to is look at the “conservative” Weekly Standard and Dr. Helen’s MEN ON STRIKE, whcih make NO MENTION of JEsus, nor Moses, nor HOmer, nor SOCRATES nor any of the GREAT BOOKS FOR MEN who define FAITH AND FAMILY.

        When women write for the weekly standard, all of a suddent sectriev tapersz of buttehxt iwthout da griths cocnthent who lie about tehir height and succtteeh are heralded as six-foot-tall buttehxtual heroesz, while the MArines giving thier lives are ignored. For women are blind to true honor and intgerity, as they navigate not by light and truth, but by butt and gina tingzlzlzozozlzo. Which brings us back to Cosmo–the bestselling magazine on college campuses. The latest issue has an article promoting buttehxtz and talkng about the proper anal lubesz. So it is that women define “Alpha LEadership” not as the US MArine giving his life and jumping on a grenade to save his fellow men, but as the man who shows up with the proper butt lube to sodomize her “like an alha man.”

        This is simply unprecedented. Never before, in the history of civilization, were women supposed to give der buttz and ginasz due to thier butt and gina tinzgzlzlzlzoozzo, as the Ancients recognized that Eve would follow her butt and gianat tinagaalozozlzoz on towards the losta-cockas serpent carosuel every time, as Eve saw the Serpent–not God–as providing leadership. Women crave the Serpentine Cockas, and so, in order to create civilization, Women were only allowed to participate if they subjugated their baser cravingz to God, Law, Moses, and Jesus.

        And thus you see why so many churchians teahc that JEsus came to abolish the LAw of Moses, as they so crave and love their bttehtxingz .zlzlzlzozozo over God, Law, Moses, and Jesus.


      • on July 20, 2013 at 11:25 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        everyone should read dalrock’s amazing post:

        “Men looking to marry face the same kind of dilemma ancient merchants used to face. Feminists and their enablers have slowly shaved off the value of marriage for men. Marriage for men no longer means:
        Being the legally and socially recognized head of the household.
        An expectation of regular sex.
        Legal rights to children.
        Lifetime commitment.”

        Basically the more the bernakekekz bernanakes claim of women via buttchetxing them in college while saddling them with massive student debt, and then forcing them into cubiclez to sell subprime loans in short skirts or read the neococnthz “news” in short skirts on fox tv foxy fox tv, the less value they have as wivez.

        This process of “Bernankification” is now officially a part of the English Language:

        Bernankified: n. Weighed down with a soul-crushing amount of federally-guaranteed student-loan debt. The name is obviously derived from Fed Chief Ben Bernanke. “I met a cute chick, but she was so bernankified that I couldn’t see a future, so I dropped her.”


  2. >>>Fewer women are getting married and they’re waiting longer to tie the knot when they do decide to walk down the aisle.

    they’re waiting? they’re deciding? delusional.


    • Get your Betas while they’re still Blue pillers!


    • Yea, interesting how the article doesn’t say something like “They can’t get anyone to marry them.” The description of the problem has the entitlement problem embedded right in it.


    • Exactly what I thought when I read that.

      Especially this part: “The project was supported with a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation.”

      All this tells me is that those who rule this agency, family court, and well every agency is that are planning on what to do about “us.” IOW, those in the various factions of the men’s movement. Women are herd mentality followers.

      I suspect those in power are reasonably confident they will get enough blue pill men into the fold while they change the laws in men’s favor only slightly. Look at Obama’s marriage campaign initiatives for example.

      Their sacred little pets da wymminzz, are feeling the pinch, and therefore their masters in the state know they too will feel it soon.

      If they don’t do something more and more blue pillers will go searching for answers. God forbid, for them, if they all find us. Kids are refusing marriage since they experienced divorce, and now it is government trying to figure out how best to conduct damage control with no consequences for what they have done to all of us.


  3. on July 19, 2013 at 11:39 am Amanjaw Marcuntte

    OT if the Beta of the Month awards have a lifetime achievement category, here’s your winner.


  4. I have information that is pretty important for the HBD world to see. Back in grad school, I did an assignment (small paper) about factors that correlate with more children among smarter people. The paper is written in a really annoying arcane fashion because of class requirements. I should clean it up and put it on the internets so people know.

    The basic point is that the highest driver of more children among intelligent people is the belief that intelligence is genetic. (There is a GSS question to assess that belief). This belief is more highly correlated with children than religiosity or any of the other usual expected factors.

    You can say where the cause and effect is there, but I believe much of our dysgenic patterns can be ameliorated by getting a critical mass of people to understand that intelligence is genetically driven to a large degree. How that could be accomplished is not clear though.


    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… intelligence is as much a liability in modern society as it is a boon. And it doesn’t say anything about what kind of person somebody is going to be or what they’re going to do with their lives. It’s like everybody has this sci-fi view of what highly intelligent people are like, where intelligence somehow makes a person better.

      I’d take a nation of hard working, honest, average-minded folks over one populated by the drug-addicted, lying, devious jerks that litter my own highly-intelligent family tree. Trust me, most of my 130+ IQ cousins should never be allowed to reproduce.


      • While that may be your value judgment, there is a reason people use IQ tas a generic marker. The two traits shown to correlated with positive life outcomes most are iq and conscienctiousness. IQ is an approximate measure of “g” which correlates with criminality, health, income and many other factors. Societies with higher average IQs will have more positive outcomes in general (more stability, income etc). So, the average IQ is important. Also, the higher the average IQ, the more geniuses that will be produced. In our technology driven society, geniuses are especially valuable as we depend on progress for happiness at this point.

        I am not here to say that smart people are the best. It is simply that as a single trait, intelligence is the best predictor of overall measures of positive outcomes in a large society.


      • I feel that intelligence slightly higher than average is best, but intelligence way above average doesn’t contribute well to mental health, in my experience of very intelligent people.


      • Geniuses? You know what our society does to geniuses? How many such kids get Ritalined into oblivion by teachers who can’t handle them? How many get beat down by a schooling system that sees them only as liabilities? We spend 17 times more on education for the retarded than we do for the gifted. We piss on highly intelligent people in this country.

        Slightly elevated IQ may be a good thing, but you still need people who are happy turning widgets in factories.


      • “Slightly elevated IQ may be a good thing, but you still need people who are happy turning widgets in factories.”

        You don’t need idiots to do that, you simply need decent wages.


      • The spread of human intelligence levels is a good thing, IMHO. You need that fleshy part of the bell curve to do the mindless shit. You think a guy like Steve Jobs would have been content building cars, no matter how well-paid he was? (Some high-IQ people enjoy non-strenuous labor if they have other outlets, but most of them can’t handle it. Be like asking a retarded person to write symphonies)


      • You think the “less intelligent” people are content with their jobs? They hate them just as much as you would. But they earn (used to anyway) a living that way, so they accept the trade-off.

        ” (Some high-IQ people enjoy non-strenuous labor if they have other outlets, but most of them can’t handle it. Be like asking a retarded person to write symphonies)”

        It doesn’t work like that. Of course high-IQ people CAN handle strenuous labor, in fact they should do work like that every now and then just so they know how fucking laborious it was to build an entire CIVILISATION with bare hands. The comfort of modern civilisation comes from these efforts. And high IQ people are useless in a non prosper and secure society (fulfilling the basic needs of society required a little bit of intelligence and A LOT of power). It’s very simple: if the high IQ guy dies, the farmer will still be producing tomorrow. If the farmers dies, the high IQ guy will be dead very soon.

        I’m not even talking about the fact that a man trapped in his theories, outside of the “real” world, doesn’t produce a lot of interesting work (euphemism). The real world is mostly about blood, sweat and tears. The simplicity and complexity of our amazing world can be found and reflected upon on everything around you, strenuous work included.

        A man is both flesh and mind, any guy who shies away from manual labor for “intellectual” reasons is a weak minded idiot.


      • @bob

        There’s a difference between doing what you need to to survive, and being psychologically fulfilled. As society moves people up that hierarchy of needs, people are going to want to gravitate to a job where they feel they’re being challenged. I misspoke there, sorry – what I meant was more intelligent people want something to do that’s commiserate with their level of intelligence. Factory work is probably not going to appeal. Physical labor isn’t the issue, but the complexity of the task at hand. And sure, plenty of average people hate their jobs too. Most people hate their jobs. But the harsh truth is that while a person of average intelligent may hate working in a cube farm, they’re going to put up with it. A person of high intelligence isn’t.

        Highly intelligent people have their place in any society. But I just don’t think society would function if everyone was highly intelligent, at least, not in a form we recognize today.


      • Intelligence is nice, but there are 2 VERY important things no amount of brains can do for you: They cannot make you a good person – there are plenty of very smart assholes – and they cannot make you happy.
        In fact, brains may sometimes get in the way of happiness, and I’ll take happy over smart any day.


      • Happy? Are you fucking gay? I’ll take successful over happy any day of the week. Happy is what stupid bitches say they want to be.


      • I was happy once… it’s overrated, take my word on it.


      • Interestingly IQ is also well correlated with (self-reported) happiness. So indeed – brains make people happier on average.


      • Exactly backwards. Ignorance is bliss.


      • You could never have a nation of hard-working folks, since at least 50% of any nation is comprised of females.


    • on July 19, 2013 at 5:28 pm Zombie Shane


      For the longest time, I held your point of view – that IQ was the be-all and end-all of qualities to seek out in a potential mate.

      But lately there are aspects of Darwinian Nihilism which are really growing on me.

      In particular, I am starting to feel that John Calvin’s theory of predestinationism is in fact a presage of Darwin’s own work [some three centuries later], and that Calvin [in his own way] anticipated the bulk of what Darwin would have to say about our nature.

      Especially, I am starting to feel that there is a strongly genetic component to morality [of all things – go figure – you can’t imagine how strange it is for a devoted romantic, heavily invested in notions of freedom of the will, to see himself write something like that], and most especially I am feeling that there is an essentially inherent, genetic component to a certain malleability of amoral ludicrousness -versus- a curmudgeonly irascible devotion to tradition and plain old-fashioned SIMPLE COMMON SENSE.

      So that when the Frankfurt School blows the dog whistle, and says, “Jump!”, large swaths of folks – most of the post-Christian Universalist Unitarian Nihilists, most Roman Papists, all negroes, most Mesoamerican Aboriginals, almost all East Asians, and probably all Hindi [I don’t know much about Hinduism, but I certainly don’t like what I’ve seen so far] – they all bark together in Pavlovian unison, yapping, “How high, Master?”

      Whereas there remains a kernel of folks out here in flyover country, doing their best to cling to the old ways, who aren’t completely insane, and when the Frankfurt School comes to town, peddling their snake-oil-concoction-du-jour, these rednecks grimace, and frown, and furrow their brows, and say, “Go fuck yourself!”

      And I’m starting to sense that that ability – to divine right from wrong, or simple truths from naked lies – has a very strongly genetic component to it.

      Point being that if I had to choose an evil genius as my mate -versus- a simple girl with a good heart, then I’m at the point now where I believe that I’d choose the good heart over all else.


      • See JayMan’s article just below. In re reproductive success, IQ helps men but hurts women.

        I still find Calvinism to be utter bullshit. Probabilities exist, but free will (for humans) and quantum theory (for things) still trumps.


      • on July 19, 2013 at 6:23 pm Zombie Shane

        > “I still find Calvinism to be utter bullshit. Probabilities exist, but free will (for humans) and quantum theory (for things) still trumps.”

        I would have agreed with you until a few years ago.

        But I am strongly leaning towards the conclusion that there is something inherent – probably strongly genetic – which determines whether people will cling to simple common sense or be swept off their feet by every serpent-tongued sophist bullshit artist who comes to town.

        And I think that the interplay between the genes and the culture is going to prove to be almost impossible to unravel – heck, at the other extreme, I’d even be willing to consider the possibility that there could be a Lysenkoist influence of the culture upon the genes.

        And like I said above – I’m stll a Romantic, and I still cling to the ideal of freedom-of-the-will.

        But don’t kid yourself – the probability that most people will ever summon the strength of character to exercise their freedom-of-the-will in any manner other than how you would predict [a priori] that they would choose to exercise it – that probability is just vanishingly small.

        Maybe not zero, but certainly down around Planck’s Constant.


      • Well, I should have been a classic Northeast Yankee SWPL leftoid, as my background is stuff like Irish Catholic, Yankee Puritan, upper Midwestern German, and even Canadian, with absolutely no connection to the South at all. zlzolzozlzo


      • on July 19, 2013 at 8:18 pm Zombie Shane


        Planck’s Constant.

        Holy cow.

        You shouldn’t exist.

        Maybe there’s hope for the world after all.


      • on July 21, 2013 at 8:36 pm Judah Ben Hur

        That’s because God loves you and allowed you to come to the South. Not everyone has that privilege. I feel sorry for Yankees.


      • I recommend Leibniz’s Monadology for this ailment.


      • The world is not deterministic (it’s probabilistically deterministic). But free will does not exist. Randomness ≠ free will.


      • I like Calvinism because philosophies analogous to Calvinism in the secular world are as pragmatic as it gets. Essentially, “They say x causes y. I can’t promise you that x in fact causes y, but I can promise you that if you don’t do x, you will never see y. Because people who get y always do x.”


      • on July 19, 2013 at 9:51 pm Judah Ben Hur

        The doctrine of predetemination is based on the belief that God is omniscient and knows all that has been and will be. Hence, God knows who is going to Heaven and who isn’t in advance but man doesn’t know this and needs to get right with God just in case.


      • I understand. I grew up Calvinist. I was merely commenting on how the algorithm behind that doctrine is quite useful in secular settings, E.g. Zombie Shane’s comment on Calvinism as a presage to Darwinism.


      • This comes from a man-centric idea about just what “omniscient” might mean, when it comes to God… obviously, if God is truly omniscient, the way WE determine the denotation and connotation of the word, then there can’t be free will.

        And yet there is free will.

        Without it, God would be a mere maker of automatons, which wouldn’t interest Him in the least, nor redound to His credit, let alone glory.

        Nor would it be logical that He might be sad or jealous… or even pleased… or willing to change His mind.

        All these emotions He displays, as Scripture tells us innumerable times.


      • But then, you’re using a man-centric idea about just what “free will” might mean.

        I mean, hell, we are on a blog that talks about screwing 60% of the time. Screwing is nothing more than fulfilling an animalistic biological imperative. You are more of an automaton that would like to believe.


      • Don’t get cute with me, Chomsky.

        You word-bandying fairy.


      • on July 22, 2013 at 1:33 pm Mr.magNIFicent1

        With respect, G.E. –

        I think that no one who has tried meditation can honestly claim that “there is free will”, at least not how I think you mean it. Very few people have free will, and even for them it’s not a constant. Most people are in fact automatons. EVERYONE beneath a certain IQ threshold is an automaton. And even many people above the IQ threshold are automatons…they neither think nor will, but only imitate.

        This is how Bernays and his cousins have come to rule what used to be the West…powerful monkey-see-monkey-do technology. There’s your Sun Tzu, CH.


      • “For the longest time, I held your point of view – that IQ was the be-all and end-all of qualities to seek out in a potential mate.”

        It’s not something that works that well on an individual assessment as an isolated trait. It’s just that on average, IQ will correlate with external measures of morality. If generation 1 of swedes has IQ 100 vs generation 5 of Swedes with IQ 105, the 105 average will have lower criminality and higher cooperation on average. On an individual level, there are plenty of good disciplined people with IQ 70 and plenty of evil ones with IQ 130. The connection between intelligence and morality is far from universal.

        If you want a more moral population, the best we can advise is to breed a higher IQ population and a population higher in conscientiousness. We don’t really have a more reliable proxy for morality on a large scale.

        I do think that moral character does have some level of a genetic component. I do not know if free will exists. It seems to me that the studies that deny that free will exists are not correctly designed to prove that free will does or does not exist.


      • This is the thing I normally call bullshit on. Intelligence doesn’t equal morality. It’s like saying all intelligent people are atheist. Being smart doesn’t equal good behavior. (Also, I don’t know if you’re using Sweden as a random example or off a study somewhere, but either way, you’re dealing with cultural factors far more than intelligence levels in that case, IMHO)


      • She’s read what are called STUDIES Cynthia, you have your overly flattered ass and 13 relatives with mental health problems to support your opinions.

        NOw Cynthia, STUDIES are, when done well, where people carefully organize information so they can try to keep their subjective opinion out of the results. There are errors, but they can be improved with more STUDIES.

        That’s how they invented the integrated circuit and made it cheap, so even intellectual midgets like you can spout about what you’re calling bullshit on.

        You’re stupid, Cynthia, so your “calling bullshit”, is, if anything, a good impetus to study what you don’t believe.


      • Guard your karma…

        You condescending fairy.


      • My God, how were you able to response to that so calmly?


      • on July 21, 2013 at 8:32 pm Judah Ben Hur

        She’s quite a bit smarter than you.


  5. For a breakdown of this for Whites, or at least who’s having children (by sex, political alignment, IQ, and education), see:

    Who’s Having the Babies? | JayMan’s Blog


    • Very interesting analysis.

      According to this, smart men have slightly more kids than dumb men, but dumb women have a lot more kids than smart women.

      Also, it would appear that among the highly intelligent, there is a massive selection effect for conservatives, which is far weaker for those of normal or low intelligence. (Stupid liberals are also less likely to have any kids, but they are also somewhat more likely to have several):

      Liberal men:
      Conservative men:

      It will be interesting to see how Harvard and Yale will handle being deluged by a wave of crypto-conservatives. This study suggest that they will be, simply because highly intelligent libtards are failing to reproduce.


      • I might add that the dysgenic effect among white liberals appears to be borne out by my observations of the quality of libtard writings between now and, say, the 1960s, when libtardery was taking the world by storm. Academia itself has definitely declined in quality, if only because the 1960s libtards have completely taken it over, but it’s now suffering from a bad case of “too many chiefs and not enough Indians”. It’s easy to attribute it to postmodernists like Foucault (who, if you’re not crazy, will give you a headache if you try reading him), but that would be only really true up through the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, academic papers, especially in the more social sciences, have degenerated into stupid word salads.

        One could easily see how liberal 1960s writings could be an intellectual threat to civilization. I see none of that now. Instead, libtards nowadays rely on the more easily-grasped concepts culled from… liberal 1960s writings.


      • “Instead, libtards nowadays rely on the more easily-grasped concepts culled from… liberal 1960s writings”

        This libtard looks more at the GBFM version of liberalism.. Thomas Jefferson’s “All men are created equal” ( or whichever Founder wrote that) and Jesus “There are no Greeks, there are no Jews” advanced spiritual wisdom unheard of at his time.

        But we all need somebody to point fingers at. “We all love looking down” from ….Morcheeba.


      • “All men are created equal”… but let’s have slaves, and count them as 3/5 population, if only for expediency sake. llozozozlzlzlzozozlzlzlzll

        “No Greeks, no Jews”… that verse also says no men and no women… so (as I’ve mentioned in the past ad nauseum, but you cogdis butthexting shysters still pursue the same tired Cathedral disingenuousness, sigh) it’s obviously speaking about a spiritual state, nothing to do with meat world realities.

        And for the record, it was stated by Paul… perhaps even by other writers of the NT… but never uttered by Jesus.

        As far as it being “advanced spiritual wisdom unheard of at his time”, well… some 500 years earlier some cat named SIddhartha may have mentioned a thing or two about the “oneness” of all life.

        You fail-more fairy.


      • The only way in which there is real equality is that we’re all created in the image and likeness of God, and we’ll all be judged by the same Judge. Leftoids and heathens don’t like that kind of equality so now we’re all supposed to be like Principal Skinner after he got fired and say “No one is better than anyone else and everyone is the best at everything lzzolozozozolozlzlzlzolol”


      • Corvinus– you’ve missed the very obvious possibility that kids, as background awareness of the scientific method and information disseminate, may tend to be more liberal than their parents.

        See Reagan, Boehner, and millions that aren’ famous.

        Also see the US Census, where those listing “No Religion” ( as opposed to “other religion) increased markedly from 1990 to 2000.


      • Nones tend to be the children of parents from more liberal religions (Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran) or the liberal wings of other religions (such as Catholic or Jewish). If a liberal child has conservative parents, it’s either because (s)he hates the parents for whatever reason, or the parents raised their children wrong — usually either due to inattentiveness (letting the boob tube and public schools raise the kid) or, in some cases, Puritanical strictness that causes a reaction the other way — but that’s still a minority of all children of conservatives.

        Plus, there are also conservatives with liberal parents. Are they necessarily less common than liberals with conservative parents? Could go either way. Liberals have the news media and school system on their side, but conservatives have common sense and the truth. Interesting tug-of-war.

        The bottom line is, there’s still a heckuva lot of potential liberal fodder to burn through via demographic collapse, and the clock only really started ticking with the advent of the Pill.


      • If awareness of scientific method makes people liberal, then why are most engineers moderate to very conservative?


      • on July 23, 2013 at 1:52 pm Hugh G. Rection

        Especially since a lot of liberal teachings all but ignore the scientific method (it’s sexist and racist after all).


      • on July 22, 2013 at 1:26 pm OralCummings

        Simple. It’ll be more of what it is now:Less white men–way less-and lotsa jews and chineeze,women and various diversities.


    • JM, yes, this is what I have come across before. Many years ago, i saw somewhere that black reproductive patterns favored lower intelligence while whites did not nearly to the same extent. Do you have data to confirm or refute that?


      • Confirm, though it’s comparable for both groups, for Blacks, dysgenic fertility is a bit more intense.

        Dysgenic Fertility Among Blacks? Apparently, Yes | JayMan’s Blog

        Hey, I’m doing my part… (see “A New Addition”).


      • Ok, in case you want to do the analysis, GSS has questions to assess the following –

        “on the average (negroes/blacks/African-Americans) have worse jobs, income, and housing than white people. Do you think these differences are: b. Because most (negroes/blacks/African-Americans) have less in-born ability to learn?.” 1 is yes, and 2 is no.

        “for the following pair of questions, please circle the letter of the one that comes closer to your opinion:

        For both, belief in genetic determinism correlates very positively with more children for people with wordsum scores over 8.

        BTW, I recall that another thing that correlates positively with more children for people with wordsum scores over 8 is a man answering that he has cheated on his wife. This is not true for non-intelligent men, but for wordsum over 8, having cheated is correlated positively with more children.

        So it may be that alphas are not going extinct. I knew that the whole time but I didn’t tell you, Hearts.


      • You are doing your part, but you are also “overthinking” this issue.

        The recessive genetic characteristics of white people require they dominate all other people and resources on the planet; this is why they must interact in a hostile and aggressive manner with the more dominate genetic (darker) people of the planet.

        And even nature itself.

        This may make you smart; but smart and wise are two different things.


      • War is god.


      • And, incidentally, we’re on a ladder to god per M. Gira.


    • Actually, an 8 inch clit is the best predictor of intelligence.

      Just sayin


  6. For your twitter feed: I prefer to see the inhumanity in everyone.


  7. O.T.: Just thought we should have an official theme song for the Rationalization Hampster. Thought of this yesterday after listening to the following song by The Pretenders:


    GOT BRASS IN POCKET (Grrl Power!)
    GOT BOTTLE I’M GONNA USE IT (Drunk Slut Walk)
    INTENTION I FEEL INVENTIVE (if you feel it, invent rational to justify it)
    GONNA MAKE YOU, MAKE YOU, MAKE YOU NOTICE (I hate alpha assholes – why won’t he call me back?)

    BEEN DRIVING DETROIT LEANING (falls off hamster wheel)
    NO REASON JUST SEEMS SO PLEASING (only gina tingles count)
    GONNA MAKE YOU, MAKE YOU, MAKE YOU NOTICE (if you’re under 30 and hot, perhaps)


    GONNA USE MY ARMS (against the carpet)
    GONNA USE MY LEGS (behind my neck)
    GONNA USE MY STYLE (ass tramp stamp)
    GONNA USE MY SIDESTEP (until drunk)
    GONNA USE MY FINGERS (hand job)
    GONNA USE MY, MY, MY IMAGINATION (unnecessary, just spread ‘um)

    ‘CAUSE I GONNA MAKE YOU SEE (through state coercion)
    THERE’S NOBODY ELSE HERE (there never is, is there?)
    NO ONE LIKE ME (snowflake)
    I’M SPECIAL SO SPECIAL (double showflake)
    I GOTTA HAVE SOME OF YOUR ATTENTION GIVE IT TO ME (hear that orbiting betas?)

    GOT RHYTHM I CAN’T MISS A BEAT (good. keep riding me)
    GOT NEW SKANK IT’S SO REET (begin drunken slurring)
    GOT SOMETHING I’M WINKING AT YOU (you’re kissin’ the dog, you drunk)
    GONNA MAKE YOU, MAKE YOU, MAKE YOU NOTICE (you pissed your pants)




  8. Quick game question I’d like some input on.

    Was seeing this chick for about a month. I started dating her after a SNL, and things were going well. I seemed to have hand, as she made typical relationshippy comments (e.g. don’t break my heart, etc.), but nothing was ever locked down or implied by me.

    I go away for a week and come back to a sudden change of heart (it seems.) Flaky, slow to respond to texts. Called her out on it, and she apologized, but nothing more. It’s now been about 2.5 weeks of radio silence, and I’m wondering if I should do some form of booty-text or ping to see if the iron is still in the fire. I assume her change is either:
    -I failed some shit-test
    -I’m not moving towards serious relationship/ASD triggered
    -Another/former dude entered the picture

    I should note that I’m not inexperienced in these things (40 partner count, divorced, early 30s), but for some reason, I’m sprung on this girl. I have to admit the sex was fantastic, even if there wasn’t much else between us. My SMV is a good deal higher than hers, BTW.

    I have a tendency to write relationships off quickly, and I’m wondering if it makes sense to play this a little cooler. Usually, and in this case, I want to burn the bridge as soon as she gets flaky, but I’d like to keep her around as a FB at least if possible.



    • More details needed. What was her reaction to you “going away for a week” and did you communicate during that time? What was the content of your texts to her when you returned? How old is she and how hot?


      • She was sad I was leaving (banged her good before I left.) She sent 4 texts during that time that I couldn’t reply to (no cell signal):

        “Come back babe”
        “[My name] me. – PLS”
        “You back yet?”
        “I’ve been so horny without you”

        We had one sexting session when I got back, I set up a date for later the week that she flaked on. That started what appeared above.

        She’s 29, not that hot, and I’m bringing much more to the table (tall, decent looking, have money.) The confusion over what happened is more interesting to me than her. I guess I’m used to getting my way.


      • She thought you were ignoring her when you didn’t reply to the texts? Even if you weren’t, the feeling that you were might have caused her to be resentful. What was her reason for not going on the date?


      • I told her beforehand that I wouldn’t be able to respond all week. Maybe she forgot, I dunno.

        The date cancel (early same day – soft flake) was due to being busy w/ school / girlfriends, allegedly.

        Anyway, sent a txt to her earlier tonight before I went out. Haven’t heard back yet (like girls don’t see immediately when a txt comes in.)


      • considering that she’s 29 and not too pretty, and your higher smv, when you got back what she really needed was reassurance. she sent you 4 texts and got no response from you – that comes across as being too aloof, even though it wasn’t intentional on your part.

        with a girl like this you can get away with being a little more beta than with younger hotter girls.

        ping her back with something like ‘hey, you ok?’ and see how she responds.


    • Thanks for your question. I’m happy that I can give you advice about your situation.

      If you read your post again, you can see that the girl already told you everything you need to know – do not break her heart. Sadly, the harm was already done, and all you can do now is tell her that you do not want to be in a relationship with her. Don’t waste her time. I’m sure you’ll find the right girl for you soon!


      • Not sure how I did that, considering I didn’t imply/lie/hint anything about a relationship. Maybe she didn’t like that I wasn’t moving it that way, but that usually involves a conversation (that we didn’t have.)


      • No. Women always expect relationships. Do you think women love to be used for sex?


      • More than men love to be used for commitment.


      • BS. You’re just projecting your creepy asexuality onto all women.


  9. Niggaz I got a question. What can I do about failing a nuclear shit test (I cheated and am moving in with the guy) by blowing up at her and saying a bunch of nasty things? It was a few years back but she’s still extremely upset (we aren’t together but she routinely “hints” she still loves me). Mostly looking to patch up friendship and was wondering if anyone else had any experience with saying a bunch of nasty things to an emotionally fragile woman. She goes full passive aggressive but won’t actually talk.


    • on July 19, 2013 at 1:43 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      text herz
      “lostas cockas 4u let bygonez b bygonez lzlzoz”
      always works for me SWOOSH evry time 3 pointsz!


    • wtf? she cheated on you and moved in with another guy, but you still want to be friends with her?


      • Women are emotionally driven – when they have a lot of pride and they’re not used to never being able to break a man they will go to insane levels of shit testing – just for the catharsis of control. His unwavering frame triggered the apocalypse shit test – for a girl used to getting her way – this is normal. Tartarus is absolutely right – he should have remained indifferent if he wanted to keep her immediate affections. His long time lingering lack of care brings her back though.


      • As far as I know she didn’t actually cheat, just lied as a “test” then got upset because I believed it and mouthed off at her. Ergo, since she didn’t cheat, she didn’t do nuffin’ wron, I hurt her feelings unjustifiably and is upset at me because girl logic. Am hoping someone else here’s been in a similar situation and can give me some advice.


      • i get what you’re saying. even if she didn’t cheat, why remain friends? what does her friendship bring to the table?


      • Most women do not make good friends.
        And you already know why.


  10. on July 19, 2013 at 12:41 pm HeManMasterOfThePooniverse

    “….has never been easier to get”

    Until tomorrow


  11. on July 19, 2013 at 12:50 pm The Magic of Television

    The only thing Idiocracy got wrong was that everyone wasn’t speaking Spanglish


    • There was one beaner side character in there trying to bang the hooker.

      Anyway, Idiocracy (and Office Space), is what you get when an engineer does social commentary. Mike Judge is too smart for hollywood, his satire scares them. It flew waaay over everyone’s heads at the time, and they refused to promote it. I guess they were expecting something more along the lines of a Beevis & Butthead live action.


  12. Time to sit back and enjoy the decline! Awesome that in my generation (im 28) marriage isnt expected… bachelor lifestyle forever baby!


  13. Is it alpha or beta for a man to slap a woman?


    • on July 20, 2013 at 8:43 am Simon Corso


      Did you slap her because she was acting hysterically in a crisis situation and it was time for her to calm down and get over herself ?

      Or did you slap in retaliation because she said something really mean and you felt butthurt ?

      Just to add in the disclaimer I don’t recommend hitting women because there’s about a 60% chance you’ll spend a night in jail for it. And most of the time a man striking a woman comes from his own insecurities. Dread game and proof of pre-selection is all I’ve ever needed to keep a woman in line. She’ll behave if she knows how quickly and easily she can be replaced.


    • on July 22, 2013 at 1:43 pm OralCummings

      If you pull out the giraffe cock and slap her in the face…alpha.


  14. “marriage rate is 31.1, the lowest it’s been in over a century. That equals roughly 31 marriages per 1,000 married women.”

    Wouldn’t the marriage rate per 1000 married women be 1000?


  15. The more those ho’s become unhappy because they followed a bunch of lies from a group of evil bankers and their media minions…the more happy I become.

    Save a beta…no rings for sluts.


  16. Just keep spreading the good word to the masses. Don’t marry. Women aren’t worth it. They’re overvalued, overpriced, and bring little to the relationship. I just hope I can see it all implode on itself. I don’t even care if I die in the fracas because that will mean I had a court side seat to the end of the world.


  17. Speaking of marriage, I now understand how most men feel when they don’t get to participate in planning their own wedding! Working very hard on being submissive, trusting, and, most importantly, breathing 🙂


    • It worked! I am really deeply touched he wants to plan this all himself and take me on an adventure. Apparently he seems to think I need to lighten up and have more fun??? 🙂


      • on July 20, 2013 at 8:46 am Simon Corso

        ” Apparently he seems to think I need to lighten up and have more fun?”

        Uh-oh, be careful what you wish for …


      • I *have* always been an Elvis fan…He told me that I am not supposed to consider anything out of the question- that ponies could even be involved! LOL 🙂


      • on July 20, 2013 at 1:09 pm OralCummings

        he wants to plan the wedding? He’s gay.


      • No, silly. He’s an alpha. An alpha does not let his bride and future mother-in-law decide how he will get married. Now that I’ve accepted this, I’m enjoying it immensely. I have the shoes, the lingerie, and am about to order the dress. Apparently I’m not getting any notice as to when its going to happen, so I have to be ready to hop a plane at short notice. “Have dress. Will travel.” 🙂

        There is one thing I’m not sure about though and that’s his ring. I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me at the places I looked today. I want something unique. And I also want it to be something he’ll actually want to wear. I’d welcome feedback on what guys like if anyone is so inclined as to help.


      • The aesthetic of his ring is absolutely irrelevant, take a very basic one. The ultimate secret to be sure he will really really really want to wear it? Be a good wife.


      • Thank you, bob. I appreciate it! There were many basic ones. I thought he might like one of the ones with a design on it. His tastes seem very modern: clean cut lines. I will try to find out his preference, but thanks for the advice 🙂 What’s the consensus on jewels in men’s rings. Good or no good?


      • I found one!!! Its very basic with one special touch that will make it unique and also symbolic. Hooray! 🙂


      • Kate,

        This marriage sounds unwise. The kind of man you should marry — a classic, quality “beta male” as I’ve always advised — would of course leave all planning to his future wife and her wedding-crazed minions.

        This “hop on a plane” nonsense amounts to red-flag city unless this man owns his own plane (no sharing), in which case, excelsior. Marrying into real money is always the best thing a mature woman can do.

        However I imagine we may be talking economy seats or at best a frequent flyer business upgrade and this worries me. You might say the “hop on a plane” idea is flighty.

        I’ve read through the last couple weeks of your posts and I understand that you are “happy” for the moment. Still I have a bad feeling that you are jumping too fast.

        Be smart and insist on a full year of engagement. If he is still around and has proven himself in all sorts of subtle and necessary ways, and has very properly passed the proposed wedding baton to the relevant females, then by all means consider a lurch up the aisle.

        But I have a bad feeling, and, since you are a sweet, smart and rather fragile lass in certain ways, I lay down this grim warning, and I hope you’ll listen to your abstract and thoughtful friend.–


      • Dear n/a,
        Much as it makes me sad to read this, I appreciate you speaking your mind as I know you must do so from a real concern for me. Let’s remember the facts here. I was married before. When I was 22. It was a homespun wedding with family and friends in the works for a year after being together for two. Even without all the hoopla a lot of people go to, it was stressful and it was about pleasing other people. And my mother was very controlling about it.

        Now I am 34 (will be 35 in about a month) and I’ve awoken from a haunting nightmare centering on a recurring dream theme of terrible arguments with my ex husband in which he somehow gets in my house and I cannot get him out. I might be yelling at him to go or trying to physically shut and lock the door but am unable to get him out. In this particular dream there were threatened women and children in the house who were unable to help me who were whimpering and crying, which, upon awaking turned out to be my stomach rumbling. Diet and exercise maketh me hungry.

        And your solution is to marry a beta male? And not a person I know my ex would admire and probably want to be friends with if he weren’t connected to me? A beta male could not protect me. And who would protect the beta male from me? I did my due diligence to so-called betas and they let me down. They do not grasp the way to manage a relationship nor understand my sexuality. And I will make no apology for my nature. I need someone who can dominate me and a beta cannot do it. I am smart and willful, and I need someone who is smarter and stronger. Someone to whom I can hand over the reins and say, sure, take over. I was pretty tired of driving anyway. Thanks! Surely someone as wise as you, n/a, must realize I could not marry anyone not from the Manosphere. Hypergamy dictates it. I simply cannot see someone as my superior if I were in on this and he was not.

        I do not want to marry into real money. I am always suspect of unearned wealth. I am a Puritan, for heaven’s sake. I prefer to marry someone able to make great money through working for it, which is what he does. He knows the stigma I have endured as a divorced person in a small town and how it cuts one out of the social fabric. I’ve only had to undergo it five years and it is far less traumatic than what he’s experienced in ten years. Do you know he is actually starting to sleep somewhat regular hours now? We give each other peace, in addition to a lot of other lovely things, like fun and intellectual engagement. Does it really matter what class of seat one sits on in a plane when one is joining someone such as that?

        I have no wish to wait a year instead of capitalizing on every moment we could spend together. As an older man, I have built-in dread in that we only have x amount of years to spend together to begin with. My daughter is thrilled to be gaining a step-father. He is enthusiastic about being one, planning ways to make her transition easier and taking into consideration how she will be affected.

        I do listen to you and understand your concerns. You are not the only one to have them. I hope I have allayed some of your worry.

        With care,


      • bob: grr, my thanks to you refuses to post. Hope it pops up soon.


      • My daughter is thrilled to be gaining a step-father.



      • On one of the last nights before he moved out, my ex-husband gave me “the talk.” You know, the one some male figure (like your father) is supposed to give you as a young woman. He warned me to be careful about men- that they’d think I was cute, want to get in my pants, and take advantage of me. It was a highly unusual conversation to say the least, but I never forgot it.

        I had shared the engagement news with him last week when it happened through text so he would hear it from me first but could react on his own, and I called and talked to him about it last night. He was very supportive and full of good wishes, etc., which was very touching to say the least. I shared with him the pertinent information to reassure him things weren’t going to change with our daughter and he was fine with everything. Hopefully this will hold, but I think maybe the bad dreams will end.


      • Kate,

        Fall entirely out of love with your ex-husband before you consider a next-husband.


      • I have. I’m confused. I thought we were about men’s rights around this part of the world. One treats others with dignity and respect as much as they are able regardless of who they are. I should have let him find out from an outside source? I should rub his face in what he lost? I try to be better than that.


      • Kate,

        Of course it was right to notify your ex-husband about your plans, and I’m not sure how anyone could think otherwise.–

        From what you’ve written, it’s clear you have very strong feelings for your former husband, and this fact may cause problems down the road.

        I’m saying take it slowly, take a year, let everything fall into place. You won’t be “losing time,” but gaining knowledge. It’s important to be certain the second time around — no matter how you feel now.

        That’s all.


      • Compassion is not the same thing as “in love.”

        My father has imposed upon me to meet with a counselor tomorrow. They are very concerned about me and who I want to marry based on his online writings. Because they have never fostered a true relationship with me they must resort to using a third party to discuss things. I will go to try to smooth things over, but I resent it. I really resent it. Whether I return here again, I don’t know. Wishing you all well 🙂


      • Kate,

        It’s rare that I find myself in agreement with a pretty girl’s Daddy. 😉


      • lol Their concerns have been addressed and they feel better.


      • Kate,

        Did I read correctly in the other thread — Mark Minter is the man in question?


      • Yes.


      • Kate,

        There’s a Chinese dinner quality to most of the better writers on these blogs: you read them, it sounds pretty good, and then it’s gone. Hungry again. It surprises me how little written in this sphere is memorable at all. Mark Minter, at his best, is one of the few who can write something that’s not merely rhetorical, but memorable:

        One also remembers Mark’s unusually brilliant rhetoric when it comes to marriage, and one could do worse than send some of his articulate bitterness to a friend on the fence.

        Brilliant writers rarely make brilliant husbands.–

        Nothing else to add.


      • If we became sated by the blogs, I guess we would cease to read them. Do you remember Firepower and how he would leave those delicious appetizer haikus lying around? They were like “comment poppers.” When he started his own blog, I called that the entree. The fleshed out version of his poetry- and equally genius, in my opinion.

        Mark is a brilliant writer: no question about it. He’s also my genetic match and has a cute Southern accent 😉 Sorry, I got sidetracked! My point is that the writing is the tip of the iceberg. He is a magnificent individual. I hope he’ll continue to write as I think it helps both him and others.

        There is some quote I can’t quite remember about some people putting their life into their art and others making art out of their lives.

        [CH: I put my knife into my tart.]

        I think maybe you are alluding to something like that when you say that artists are not always good partners. If one puts too much into any one area, they are detracting from another.

        [Mouths need love too.]

        One of my favorite things about Mark is how grounded he is in the moment- one day at a time stuff. Not to say that he doesn’t think of the future, because he does. But its about savoring (like that juicy steak I know you love!) every experience. He’s into the Buddhist way of life, and my foray into geishahood meshes with that. Experiencing all there is in the moment and making oneself/oneslife a living work of art seems to be a good way to proceed 🙂

        [So are you two banging? Inquiring hinds want to glow.]


      • LOL Nope, that wasn’t it. The big bang is forthcoming 🙂


      • on July 21, 2013 at 11:09 am Judah Ben Hur

        All the best for you. He’s marrying you, that says it all.


      • Thank you, very much 🙂 I keep saying I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!


  18. None of this depressing news should be any surprise to regular guests of Le Chateau. We were the first to make the connection between the social rot and the Six Sirens of the Sexual Apocalypse, and we will be the first to rub it in the faces of the lords of lies when this whole shit show comes perilously close to oozing in on their guarded gated communities.
    We are pretty close to this point now because no effort has been made by our society to address or understand hypergamy. It will get real damn interesting when the upper class women have no one to marry up to – then and only then will these issues come be addressed.


  19. Geniuses? You know what our society does to geniuses? How many such kids get Ritalined into oblivion by teachers who can’t handle them? How many get beat down by a schooling system that sees them only as liabilities? We spend 17 times more on education for the retarded than we do for the gifted. We piss on highly intelligent people in this country

    Ritalin and video games are a nice way of taking strange people, no matter how gifted, away from society. France would be a better place if Robespierre had been ritalin’d and given an iPad in his teens


  20. on July 19, 2013 at 2:26 pm Mitch Cumstein

    I saw this couple having dinner the other night. From what I can assess, they’ve been married a while. No talking, just clinking plates. They had nothing to talk about. And there’s nothing wrong with having a silence, but it seemed more like they were tolerating each other more than enjoying each other’s company.

    I see this all the time. Even if you do stick out your marriage for years and years, there’s no telling how unhappy it could become. The thrill is gone, but you stick it out so one day, someone at a dinner will say you and your wife have been together 50 years. Cue applause. They looked more alone together than anyone could be dining by themselves. Why would anyone buy into that? And after realizing your kids will probably end up being fucked up if you don’t marry their mother, it’s a shitty choice…but what other choice do we have?


  21. It was birth control that did it. Once you had the pill it was inevitable that intelligent white women would restrict their fertility. Once that’s common, monogamy goes out the window too. Then, men stop bothering.


    • Agreed. Not to mention the masculinizing effects of the Pill.


    • yes, birth control is evil. its the key that is destroying society and killing the white race.


    • *All* women. Birth rates are falling all over the world. The pill offered sexual freedom, but economic independence followed as well, and hence, no need for marriage anymore. Women, for all their emotionality, are really quite pragmatic about things like this.


      • I disagree, the first move on the feminist chess board was getting rid of the laws against restrictive covenants/ de-segregation/ civil rights agenda. If it was easier for people to physically segregate themselves from one another feminism would not be practical anywhere. Get rid of the laws against restrictive covenants, the income tax and the central bank and feminists such as Katie Roiphe would be able to use her big mouth and make demands upon no one.


      • The only way for patriarchy to ever be brought back would be for us to be able to mark a physical perimeter against of us against them. Women break down these barriers because they dont want men to be able to shut themselves off from women as a matter of self defense.


      • on July 19, 2013 at 7:32 pm stackelberg

        Patriarchy will only return with massive security threats — on the order of a long term shooting war with China or its equivalent. Otherwise, peace and prosperity will sadly breed more irresponsibility.

        If you think 2008 was a bubble, wait till the bubble in world peace begins to pop. 50-50 odds Japan goes nuclear (H-bomb nuclear) within the next 25 years to defend against China.


      • Give women *options* and a lot of them are going to opt not to get married and have kids. How does that have anything to do with desegregation? Especially in countries like Japan, which has some of the lowest birth rates and worst marriage stats in the world, but is almost entirely heterogenous. Economics certainly factors into it, but the first and second wave feminists gave not a shit about what you’re talking about.


      • (that should have been homogenous. Whoops)


      • Everything that you see is built by men and quite frankly other than having children women are a liability. When you give men the option to physically segregate themselves away from women who want to not get married and have families and segregate themselves away from such people economically such women wouldnt have options. If we did away with the welfare state many such women would hopefully perish away. As Kenneth Minogue noted in his great article. From

        In the past, civilization was a sensibility shared by a class of people, while barbarism would be found not only in tribes beyond the frontier, but also in the slaves and the servile within the realms of civilization itself. In modern liberal democracies, this clear relation between a culture and a class has disappeared.


        But the feminist program is to make the army, like the rest of society, conform to an idea, and the women want to go where the men are, to be fully integrated so that when dirty and unfeminine jobs must be done, there are men to do them. Liberal feminists took the risk of setting up academic colleges of their own, but radical feminists needed to have men around. They wanted to be integrated.
        The feminists needed to assault private property, liberty of contract and freedom of association to give women options.


      • @epochehusserl

        Pardon me while I parse this out… you’re saying that when men have the economic option of not supporting single women who choose to exercise the sexual freedom that society’s given them, they won’t. Agreed. That women who depend on that would die if it was taken away. Agreed. So now feminists are assaulting men’s freedoms in order to guarantee the continuation of women’s – I assume you’re talking about things like high taxes that fund the welfare state, or the lack of reproductive choice for men via child support? Is that what you’re saying here? And with that, I would agree.

        Three points.

        First, that situation we have NOW is by no means the way we GOT here. It’s been a slow process of erosion that began with the Pill, and has now morphed into all manner of unpleasant and restrictive policies that are, yes, getting worse over the years to ensure that traditional benefits enjoyed by women under marriage can now be provided by the state, through male labor. This didn’t start with no-fault divorce, it started with unhappy second-wavers telling women to go out there and fuck like men. The system has deformed over the past fifty years to accommodate the consequences of that behavior.

        Two, feminists don’t want full integration. They want the general female experience to match the elite male experience. “Full integration” does not equal “men doing the dirty unfeminine jobs”.

        Three, “physical segregation”? I’m sorry, but what does that even mean? Because I think about that, I think of some place like the Middle East, where men and women are coercively separated from one another. Men in America don’t seem to be asking to not be in the physical presence of welfare queens. This physical separation doesn’t exist here and really can’t be considered part of any problem.


      • It’s telling that many women see birth control as “freeing” them from a healthy normally functioning reproductive system. Their sex drives were “enslaved” to their reproductive systems, and are now “free.”

        I suppose when they (i.e., some men) invent a “male pill” men will say they were “freed from the tyranny of sperm production.” Or better, when those Japanese sex robots are invented, men will say they have finally been “freed” from women.

        Considering that humans are animals, primates, perhaps looking at it that way is useful. What would we call a population of animals that were ingesting substances (or had a parasite) that inhibited reproduction? We would call it abnormal and unhealthy.

        But the big brained chimps call it “sexual liberation.”

        Interesting, that.


      • In no way do I agree with it. But you can’t deny that the Pill has brought about a worldview (in both men and women) that says sex =/= reproduction, and that sex that does equal reproduction also equals repression. The sexes have been freed from each other in a very real way. The future where men are able to complete this untethering via robots and the male Pill is going to be a very bleak place.


      • Dont forget about the exo-wombs.


      • on July 21, 2013 at 3:34 pm Holden Caulfield

        That their sex drives are now free = cock carouseling


      • “The pill offered sexual freedom, but economic independence followed as well, and hence, no need for marriage anymore.”

        Congrats…you have just swallowed the lie of the evil bankers and their media minions.


      • Then what would you say it is? Yes, women have property rights, voting rights, free association rights… in the West, in the First World. And economic freedom for women (in whatever fucking form you want to define it) is most decidedly a driving factor in breaking traditional marriage. But even in countries where men are still allowed to kill their daughters for basically any reason, we see falling birth rates. There’s more at work here than the American woman’s ability to sign a lease on her own.


      • Birth control is going to end mankind.

        Traditional marriage must be broken up so that people will look to the government as their family and god. Kids can be indoctrinated in schools…and population control takes effect through birth control or any myriad of chemicals in plastics, the water supply, and food. 7 billion people now but that is because most people are living longer…there isn’t a lot of replacement going on so there is going to be a sharp drop in population in the next 50-100 years.

        Once that happens we can all be more easily enslaved to a one world government.

        And countries where men can kill their daughter for any reason is cruel…but it is just as cruel as countries where women can kill their unborn babies for any reason. 50 mil future taxpayers so far in America since ’73. I’m sure the number of daughters dying at the hands of men in Arab nations is much less.


      • I completely agree. The only thing that would reverse it (and I’m afraid it’s coming at some point) is the outright banning of all contraceptive technologies, or a full-scale state takeover of fertility. The longer we continue down the path we’re on, the worse the corrective action will be.

        (And yes, I’m sure there are far fewer honor killings than abortions. Both are terrible in their own ways)


      • “(and I’m afraid it’s coming at some point)”

        Why would you be afraid…that your precious “freedoms” will be taken away. The greatest honor for any woman is being a mother. If anything that is her most free state.

        And it’s probably not coming until the evil men in charge step down.


      • @earl

        In some ways, the collapse will be good for everybody, women included. What I worry about is how far that rubber band is going to snap – the further we stretch it in one direction now, the further it’s going to end up in the other. I think there’s probably a livable midpoint here, in terms of gender relations. We’ve gone far past the point of achieving that. I couldn’t give a shit if my daughters or granddaughters have easy access to abortion, or even the vote; I worry about how far to the male side of the equation things are going to go. Are we going to become a society whe women can be gang raped in the streets with no consequences, for example.


      • *All* women. Birth rates are falling all over the world.

        Sub-Saharan Africa seems to have missed the memo.


      • Hmm, I wonder how they will be able to feed all those people. If places like India are an indication of what happens in overpopulated countries it will not be pretty:
        “According to the report – Children in India 2012 – 48 per cent children under the age of five are stunted (too short for their age), which indicates that half of the country’s children are chronically malnourished.”


      • Lets not forget India’s ever so charming caste system.


      • Catholic Church is booming in that part of the world. I imagine it won’t be long until the US or UN or some other evil banking corporation goes in to tell the women they should empower themselves with pills like they did in South America.


  22. I noticed that “Bernankified” now shows up on Urban Dictionary. I wonder if we have this site and GBFM to thank for that. I certainly had never heard that term until I discovered this site.


    • “I met a cute chick, but she was so bernankified that I couldn’t see a future, so I dropped her.”

      That would be how GBFM would use that term in a sentence.


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  23. OT:

    Found some studies on sex-differences in empathy:

    Empathic neural responses are modulated by the perceived fairness of others

    Sex differences in the neuroanatomy of human mirror-neuron system: A voxel-based morphometric investigation

    Gender differences in neural mechanisms underlying moral sensitivity


  24. Off topic but I had to post this. CL ad on women seeking men in my area:

    My ideal job – 32 (xxxxx)

    I want a job where I can sleep with my boss! This has always been a fantasy and I’m in a position to make it come true. I’m looking for an actual normal job (not a role-playing scenario) in an office. I’m an office manager now but I’d be fine in any sort of admin position.
    If this sort of thing appeals to you please contact me quickly because my ads always get flagged!


  25. Wasn’t exactly heard here first at CH… Something from a guy in a really cool hat July 25, 1968:

    “Responsible men can become more deeply convinced of the truth of the doctrine laid down by the Church on this issue if they reflect on the consequences of methods and plans for artificial birth control. Let them first consider how easily this course of action could open wide the way for marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards. Not much experience is needed to be fully aware of human weakness and to understand that human beings—and especially the young, who are so exposed to temptation—need incentives to keep the moral law, and it is an evil thing to make it easy for them to break that law. Another effect that gives cause for alarm is that a man who grows accustomed to the use of contraceptive methods may forget the reverence due to a woman, and, disregarding her physical and emotional equilibrium, reduce her to being a mere instrument for the satisfaction of his own desires, no longer considering her as his partner whom he should surround with care and affection.

    Finally, careful consideration should be given to the danger of this power passing into the hands of those public authorities who care little for the precepts of the moral law…”


  26. on July 19, 2013 at 4:46 pm Metal stone heart

    I have a HB 8-9 friend she is asian with american man for a long, she is now bothering if she will stay or not with her bf. She is smart, decent, nice and hot and her bf average but has money. She want marriage and the bf “NOT”. The last time she spoke with me she was crying she realized her bf is unstable with his decisions.

    The advise i only can give her is to move on, she deserves to have a real alpha man. She deserves to marry too.

    Any advise?


  27. Are you fucking kidding me? I trust Le Chateau before I trust I even trust such household names like Chris Matthews. a cute nickname too like how we’re calling you Le Chateau right now? Chris Matthews cute quickie name is fucking dumb shitenson. It rolls right off the tongue.

    Did anyone see Chris that little rascal apologized for ALL white people yesterday? I love it these nice folk do that because everyone knows I’m sorry to be white. Thanks Chris


    • This wanker has just apologised on behalf all white people apologised for their behaviour in the past. Ok then now let’s see Obama apologise on behalf of all black people for their behaviour in the present.


  28. Travis Bickle was a smart man. Hopefully someday a real rain will come and wash away the scum and restore society.


  29. The fault of this ‘issue’ lies in the hands of the greedy, reckless,and short-sighted and men who run (ran) this country — laws (divorce law), economics (displacement of males in the workforce), and media (`Sex In The City`, `Eat Pray Love` mind creation).

    No one else is to blame.


  30. […] Marriage Down, Ho’s Up […]


  31. Matthews makes me sick. Apologize for youself because he doesn’t speak for me.


  32. I fucking lost it at “Anfernee”


  33. on July 19, 2013 at 7:52 pm Oswald Spengler

    And this is why we can’t have nice things any more…like Western civilization.


  34. I wonder whether the modern phenomenon of men keeping women hostage in home dungeons is connected to the death of marriage.

    For a thousand years and possibly much longer, a man was able to marry a woman in her mid-teens, and he would have her through her entire prime. This lasted until very recently. In fact, many reading this may have mothers who married at 16 or so. Society appears to have started frowning on this in the 60s and 70s. It was also during this period that marriage as an institution began crumbling.

    Most of the girls liberated in the first dungeon cases were abducted in the late 70s and 80s, and many of them were in their mid-teens.

    You could argue that this theory is invalid because the girls were often the daughters of the offending men, but this might be a matter of mere convenience: other girls would have been preferred but involved increased difficulties.


  35. Modern western society values unquestioning obedient workers with enough intelligence to do the job they are employed to do and enough ignorance to be willfully blind to how the system is using them and f*cking them over.

    Geniuses only tend to be valued or usefull if they can make someone else money.


    • Mr.C

      Modern western society values unquestioning obedient workers with enough intelligence to do the job they are employed to do and enough ignorance to be willfully blind to how the system is using them and f*cking them over.

      White supremacy values unquestioning obedient nonwhite people with enough intelligence to do the job they are employed to do and enough ignorance to be willfully blind to how the system is using them and f*cking them over.

      Noting new here, this has ALWAYS been the paradox of slavery.

      Welcome to the club gentlemen.


      • Does this “white supremacy” include the Zionists and their influence?


      • Only if white supremacy and Zion supremacy are the same thing? Personally, I encourage nonwhite people to view the conflict between Aryan and Jew as an attempt by Jews to build another layer of “exclusivity” on top of the white supremacy system. In this war, its important for nonwhite people to stay focused on the production of Justice instead of becoming a useful idiot in service of either combatant.


  36. The whore of babylon rides the seven headed beast – church, state, academia, media, corporations, marriage, school. We are totally fucked!.


    • Having realised that things are not going to get better; is it only me that hopes that the decline accelerates?


  37. “Disunited States” lol, I like that one!

    We should boycott marriage and just pick up hot chicks all day :)!


  38. Although it’d be hard for many guys to just boycott the thought of marriage since that isn’t the society we live in in the dreaded west.


  39. Marriage…no way


  40. Heartiste,check this out:

    Fatter Attraction: Anthropometric and Socioeconomic Matching on the Marriage Market


  41. OT: I wonder if gunslingergregi is dead.


    • Along those same lines…

      Does A.B. Daba = YaReally?


      • very unlikely, given their respective writing styles. it seems more likely to me, however, that gunslinger ended up dying in one of those fantastical, drugged-up misadventures he was always writing about. i believe almost everyone here lies. but, i am FULLY convinced that gunslinger was the real deal.


      • on July 23, 2013 at 2:30 pm Hugh G. Rection

        That guy was simply insane. But we always got someone on here who rambles incoherently, recently it has been “Rum”.


      • Fuck to the no. Good god. lol

        I just assumed he vanished along with the other full of shit guys once people who actually go out started posting in the Manosphere and made fun of them for carrying AK-47s in their man-purse or whatever it was lol


  42. on July 20, 2013 at 12:26 pm retrophoebia

    Heh. Speaking of marriage: I just caused an existential crisis by talking truth to an up-and-coming (i.e. 1 more year of med school) surgeon chick. Talked a bit about what guys actually look for in women, and how women project that guys like “successful” girls. Next time I saw her: “I just realized that I don’t offer anything more than an 18 year old receptionist.”

    Have you ever seen a catastrophic meltdown in a woman who realizes she’s just invested 4 years and over 100k in chasing a career that she doesn’t really want, but is now tied into?

    Locked in by success, so to speak, and now– over about a day–she’s realized she wants a Mrs. instead of MD. Oops. Fortunately, she’s 25 instead of 35.

    Cue GBFM on Bernankkkifkation, school debt, etc.


  43. “Only in America can a dead black boy go on trial for his own murder.”

    [CH: Only in America can a hispanic guy be called white, charged with the crime of defending himself against getting jumped and beaten by a black thuglet, and then railroaded through a show trial for the benefit of morally preening white SWPLs and their riot-ready black pawns.]


    • on July 20, 2013 at 2:52 pm whorefinder

      it’s thwack-massa-g, ready to argue that negroes should be allowed to beat anyone into the concrete with no consequences!

      Don’t worry, sambo; at such close range, if Trayvon had Trayvon’d another Trayvon, even that dumb victim-jungle-bunny couldn’t have missed. You negroes finally could have hit something you were aiming at!

      Thank god a subhuman monster like Trayvon Martin is dead. I hope you negroes try to attack non-blacks with guns some more. It’ll be fun!

      Also, this post was 100 % rape-free!


    • [CH: Only in America can a hispanic guy be called white,

      Thats a question that could have been cleared up in discovery and entered into evidence. they could have asked, George himself, his mother, or his father: “have you ever classified yourself as a white person?” Chances are good there is a document out there where he has done this.


    • I think that child was amazing. After being shot in the heart at point blank range, he had enough life left in him to beat the crap out of Zimmerman before he died.

      BTW, the only injuries to young Mr. Martin was the single gunshot wound and abrasions on his right knuckles.

      During the 22 day trial, four black males ages 17 and under were shot to death in Chicago. Anybody catch their names? During the 17 months between the killing of Mr. Martin and the trial, about 9000 blacks were murdered in this country. 99% by other blacks.

      Is there anything in this country not debased by Africans?


    • on July 22, 2013 at 5:21 pm OralCummings

      B-b-but the trial centered on claims of self defense;so they just about HAFTA ask a question or two about what the deceased was doing. Dont they? In other countries,they wouldnt DO this? Sorry. I know its so hard to be a black male. I hope YOUR dear mom had “the talk” with you:”Sonny,when you leave the sweet embrace of your lil black pals and your loving neighborhood,and venture to the “white” side of town in search of the white pussy you so deserve,,I hope you will be cognizant of the dangers a sweet young black male like yourself faces.Beware of frat boys! When they have a few drinks in them,theyre hellcats! And neckbeard faggot liberals,theyll pound yer niggazz ass just for laughs. Short fat mexicans,tho,please son,steer clear! Steer the fuck clear!!!”


  44. Not sure if this is relevant or not, but I figured le chateau would appreciate it.

    A girl I used to bang is sending me nude pictures of herself. I have a gf so politely suggested she send them via snapchat instead of texting me a bunch of nude pics throughout the day.

    Her response was “lol I have a bf now too, same difference,” to which I replied, “don’t you think he’d be a little unhappy with your picture sending,” to which she replied, I quote directly from text message 10 minutes ago: “I don’t really care what he thinks first he is wrapped around my fucking finger second … He’s wrapped around my fucking finger ”

    The little hotties of our world & their attitude. It is what it is.


  45. It’s better to stay un-married than get married and then divorced. I don’t like when people marry multiple times and make a mockery of something as sacred as marriage.


    • And lighten up on the tattoos, piercings and debt… After watching a few seasons of Ink Master all these tats I see on chicks and doods are just horrible quality. Maybe 1 in 10 tats I see are any good. I really dont care if a woman has some college debt, if shes in a profession she likes. Like being a ICU nurse, and being 20k in college debt. But when they have an engineering degree and are going back for a history degree that is a little bit. I dont know how many women ive talked to who have no idea how to manage money or a checkbook.


      • I am also not great with money so I prefer to have only what I need at my dispense. I never went to college so I don’t know how much debt people get into. I only went for my beautician diplomas and I worked evenings to pay it all off.
        I agree about tattoos.. they don’t look nice on women, especially on the arm.


      • Not being in debt and having no debt service payments is about perfect money management for most people. Women should look for the same thing in guys.


      • Tattoos on a woman is usually a “tell” (in poker lingo) that a woman.
        a) enjoys anal.
        b) likes rough sex.
        c) is in touch with her inner slut and will happily suck cock for cash. (after all, tattoos aren’t cheap)
        d) is not good LTR material and absolutely not marriage material.
        e) all of the above.

        Correlated with the amount of her body covered with tattoos and the location of said tattoos.


      • It’s also a “tell” that she will be very fat by the age of 35.


      • Overt tattoos have always been a deal breaker in my eyes… and I’m not a big fan of the “tiny butterfly on the ankle”, neither.


      • Greg, at least on ankle it can be concealed. The worst ones are on the upper arm.. also the lower back ones have always made me cringe.


      • Got the butterfly, did ya? Or was it the little twin hearts? lulZ


      • No I don’t have any tattoos. My father would go absolutely crazy he DESPISES tattoos on women


    • People who never married live longer than people who got married and then divorced.
      You don’t want to rush into marriage.


  46. The last few nights back have been just turrible. Pick-up in HD — where the resolution is near infinite and the picture is crisp, better watch out for those little blemishes, because they’re HUGE now. Is there even room for error at these stakes? Going after these 8’s in groups is just ricockulous. Aware yourself of the AMOGS I have received in 48 hrs —>

    Hand shaken without being acknowledged. Dude walked around me — through me really — like I was tape at the finish line, to put his arm around target.

    Roll into group, after two words just as i’m getting group’s attention high value dude ‘this short motherfucker hahahahahaha…..’

    Cut off mid-sentence ‘ya she doesn’t like you bro, I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but…..’

    After delivering ‘o I saw someone that might be perfect for you’ DQ line to chick (pretty successful in past)…..cut-off, interrupt ‘I saw someone that might be perfect for you.’

    Giant dude, 6’5 —> ‘I just wanna pick you up and hold you in my arms’ and then kinda starts a bit, as if he’s gonna do it.

    Now that I have friends or people I know in these venues, I’m less anonymous when these failures happen. Mo’ game, mo’ problems.


    • on July 20, 2013 at 6:07 pm immoralgables

      Keep your head up Scray.

      3 weeks/months/years from now you’ll look back and laugh


      • I’m laughing right now. I’m serious about everyone awaring themselves of those AMOG’s….I thought they were all pretty good lol.


      • on July 20, 2013 at 8:11 pm immoralgables

        Scray remember this:

        I see you as an overweight kid that is out jogging in 90 degree weather.

        While you’re out sweating, dehydrated, bones/joints aching, going at a snails pace…you are always running laps around people still on the couch.

        This shit the past 48 hours will make you into a diamond son. All the others are brittle little sand-dollars.


      • Thanks for the encouragement. I mean, it’s way easier when you actually have a few cute girls to turn to. At this point I’m in it to just….idk, self-actualize or something. I’m sure you’re there or way past there too, man.

        But from your earlier posts I glean that we’re kind of in a similar plateau lol.
        So, if you got any tips on displaying hard value (beyond the basics obv) I’m all ears. Obv, I’ll just put whatever I learn or observe up here too.


      • on July 21, 2013 at 7:47 pm pimpinbluestar

        “oll into group, after two words just as i’m getting group’s attention high value dude ‘this short motherfucker hahahahahaha…..’

        Cut off mid-sentence ‘ya she doesn’t like you bro, I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but…..’

        ATTABOY SCRAY! Happy that you’re getting in there and getting your hands dirty with approaching mixed groups. You’re getting under people’s skin because you’re going in and doing your thing. These bros are trying to tool you and tell you to “back off” but the important thing to note here is: they are at least somewhat threatened by you. They probably came out as a group, and for them it’s much easier to be an asshole and do this stuff when you know you’ve got the backing of a group. They’re thinking at least subconsciouly “I can be a dick to this kid and there’s nothing he can do back.”

        I’m a short guy too, and for mixed sets this is my general game plan rolling in:

        1) I identify my new “friend” of the group. Usually the ugliest girl or at least the one who looks the most friendly. This is my entry point. I ask in the most honest looking way “I think I know you, are you in so-and-so’s improv class? Is your name not “amanda”? Oh lol sorry I thought you were somebody I knew. I hate when that happens when you see somebody you think you know then you feel like a dick if you don’t come at least say hey lol. You guys just out bar hopping or what?” And now I’m in.

        2) Move to the next person and start working the crowd. EXCLUDING the girl I’m targeting. I’m specifically being chill and not needing anything before I hit on her. This to me is somewhat key as a short guy. I can put everyone on guard if I don’t just act like the cool guy. When they see that I tried to make friends with them and appearing not to try to take any of the girls, they’ll often have their guard down and now it feels like I’m sort of the new guy that meandered in.

        3) Target time. I am not as friendly with the girl, yet I’m not mean. I usually start qualifying with the subtext like she’s not really a big deal. If she bites, we’re off to the races. If not, I can talk to people around me (her group or people nearby) and get her seeing me cracking jokes and having a good time. She usually loosens up over the night (if she’s single and not with a guy). Which leads me to…

        4) Dealing with jealous orbiters, a “boyfriend” aka they’ve been dating for a few weeks but he’s becoming too predictable and now she’s open to a new adventure, or the girls/guys in the group who know what’s going on and want to be dicks even though I tried to show them respect. Some people are just nasty and want to drag other people down because they’re miserable, so when this happens, don’t get caught up in their shit and instead do your best to isolate the girl and gtfu.

        Now, what I typed is usually my gameplan for around whenever I get out to around 12ish or when the general vibe seems to be looser. After that, I’ve found that RSD style holding out your hand and telling her to come here is money.

        I have more to say on all of this but I’m a little short on time tonight. I’ve had enough success now that I’m in the process of writing a small 8-10 page pdf called “The Little Man’s Guide to Reality” that covers mainly just stuff at the margins that guys who are considered short have to deal with and how to easily get around it. The odd thing is, and I say this from experience, that once you get over the “hump” per say with learning some game and getting better, you actually do significantly better than the average good looking guy without much concept of game.

        Keep hustling friend! The more you do mixed sets, the more guys will intuitively recognize that “this short dude ain’t playin” and the less guys can blow you out without themselves looking like a complete fag. It just takes a little bit to learn the lay of the land but be rest assured it happens.


      • ‘They probably came out as a group, and for them it’s much easier to be an asshole and do this stuff when you know you’ve got the backing of a group. They’re thinking at least subconsciouly “I can be a dick to this kid and there’s nothing he can do back.”’

        O for sure lol. Just going after mixed/difficult sets (or at least ‘mixing’ them in there) is just gonna make me sharper so idgf.

        ‘Usually the ugliest girl or at least the one who looks the most friendly.’

        Ya, right now i’m in a phase where my normal ‘game’ (the kind that cute girls are responding to) is…in whatever way…not so good for the uggos. I’m going to try and pull it back a few notches, and maybe that will make it easier.

        ‘and the less guys can blow you out without themselves looking like a complete fag. It just takes a little bit to learn the lay of the land but be rest assured it happens.’

        Ya…I mean, the theory of it seems straight-forward…but managing a group seems like one of those things that you have to have practice with. Thanks a lot for the tips, man!


      • In some situations its a good idea to have a fuck you holstered and ready to go. In other situations its good to have a “who is this guy” or “are these guys always this rude to people”? see if she will distance herself from their behavior. And I would of spilled my drink on the guy who cut in front of you lol. Then you can say oh my bad, you just came out of no where. And if any of the guys come at you chances are they will get kicked out if the bouncers are worth a shit.


    • Scray, I’m not sure what you’re doing to elicit these kinds of belligerent comments, but it sounds to me like you might be triggering defensive behavior by going in too hard. It is sometimes necessary to butter up the AMOGs before you go for the hard target: neutralize any initial hostilities they have toward you, engage in light banter, grease up the wheels a bit. I’m not saying you have to befriend these cockholsters but it will make your night easier to not have them sniping at you from the bushes.

      That being said, the fact that guys are trying to put you down is evidence enough that you are displaying value and threatening the ranks.

      Can I ask how short you are? Because I know guys that are as tall as 5’3” that can move around in a social scene without prompting these kinds of remarks. They command much respect and have a wide range of friends and acquaintances. Myself, I’m only 5’9” and sometimes get shit for it, but only when taller men feel threatened by my presence, or if I’m being shit tested by leggy broads in heels.


      • Oh, I just wrote this to share some good AMOGs. I mean, I could break down each of those sets and share where I went “wrong” or what happened.

        A common situ is I approach two girls and then their boyfriends come back. That’s a hard one to recover from.

        Also, like I said above, I kind of think it’s a little different when you go after the legit 8’s. There’s more competition, and the competition is hardcore. So, my normal time scale of ‘okay, have displayed value to group, move on to target,’ is fucked up.

        I’m 5’4 btw.


    • You are playing on their terms and on their turf.

      Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win. …

      He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious. …

      For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. …

      Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

      — Sun Tzu

      More SUN, less

      (I don’t see a good translation free online, and translation is everything in Sun Tzu.)


      • In other words …

        You have to dispatch the men before you can poach “their” women. The very attempt is like cornering an animal — not that he wants to fight you for her sake, but he will be compelled out of his own self-respect.

        Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.

        Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose.

        — Sun Tzu

        An alpha’s art of the pick-up is directed first toward men. He gives them the opportunity to come to his side before he plunges headlong into a “set” he cannot win. Otherwise, you are some scampering little weasel trying to snatch eggs out of a nest — a courageous omega — rather than executing a frontal assault that impresses men and women alike, even in defeat. Are you a lion that inspires a coordinated defense or the rat that must be trapped? Are you the predator or the scavenger? They think you’re “cute” because you are obviously not a threat, just a pest that must be dealt with.

        Much PUA counsel advises you to mimic, to play tricks that sneak around defenses rather than barreling through them. There is no reason to do an end-around once you marshal the necessary forces. The good news is, the “necessary forces” essentially boil down to a single state of mind: unshakable confidence. Even better news, you aren’t consigned to a lifetime of faking that confidence.



      • ‘Timidity betrays want of powers, and audacity a want of skill,’ eh?

        I agree. The troublesome situs tend to happen when what appears to be a two-set, becomes a five-set when the men come back. I guess I’ll just wait longer before engaging the targets and address the groups —> then the men —-> longer.


  47. I got married. she ballooned. now she’s crazy too. never again. there isn’t enough alpha to fix it.


  48. on July 21, 2013 at 1:05 am Eliezer Ben Yehuda

    >> “I just realized that I don’t offer anything more than an 18 year old receptionist.”

    Maybe yes, maybe no. Sexual and/or Marriage Market Value is VERY important. It is not everything there is to succeeding in life.

    In the eventual future, American physicians are most likely to be merely Upper Middle Class. Instead of wealthy. (unless, they can ACTUALLY DELIVER VALUE to PAYING customers like a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon does).

    In 30 years, being in the UMC is gonna seem like an impossible dream for 97% of the American population.

    That hot 18 year old might well be ABLE to marry into UMC-ness; but there’s more hot chicks than well-off guys. And, marrying an affluent guy isn’t any guarantee of KEEPING him. There are way more than zero affluent guys who have learned how to limit their divorce-rape vulnerability by legal methods which used to only be known by the Rockefellers and the Kennedys


  49. Dilbert, always the perfect beta:


  50. on July 21, 2013 at 9:56 am Abelard Lindsey

    What social decay? By the objective metrics of crime, drug use, and teen pregnancy, society has improved, not decayed over the past 20 years.

    Also consider this:

    All of the fears and phobias of the left, such as global warming and peak oil, have been completely debunked. The first being exposed as a criminal fraud starting in late 2009 and the second by the shale gas and shale oil energy revolution, which will joined by the development of fusion power within the next 10 years.

    I’m now into debunking the fears and phobias of the right, which are just as irrational as those of the left.


    • on July 21, 2013 at 10:45 am Judah Ben Hur

      Most of the anxiety is about family breakdown, cultural breakdown and deliberately engineered displacement of the dominant culture of the land coupled with rampant lawlessness among those minorities seeking to displace us. Improvements in the last 20 years have more to do with demographics than with social policy. This entire hook up culture will rpove to be a disaster in the long run for white gentiles in America given the demographic trends. At least you’re 50% right.


    • You should check out what blogger “agnostic” has to say about people these days. Not much of it is very encouraging.


  51. on July 21, 2013 at 1:01 pm Uncle Elmer

    Speaking of “Hos” and marriage, there is a lively discussion on Salon right now. I confess I borrowed your “plunged like a backed up toilet” meme in one of my comments :

    I was supposed to end up alone

    I spent my 20s worried that the hookup hand-wringers were right. I shouldn’t have, and you shouldn’t either



    • The funny thing; That she is claiming victory at Just being engaged. The Real proof will come in 0ne year, five years, 15 years when (if she is courageous enough) when can write about whether or not she’s still with this guy, or back pursuing the Alpha Cock that she got used to dueing her “Hook-up” years. It’s funny yet telling how these people will use this “Current moment” to determine what their success rate is when the Real moment is Years down the road.



    • The spinning hamster of a carousel slag sensing the terrorfying approach of the stone cold, and indiscriminate wall. The chump that’s considering marriage to a horse that anyone can ride deserves no better than a used up slut for his wife.


  52. At least somebody gets it:


    • on July 22, 2013 at 11:12 am pimpinbluestar

      lol that was actually a good commentary.

      Miley Cyrus is no different from any other girl. Only at the margins — being that she’s famous as fuck (by the way, she used to be so fucking hot after Hannah Montana when she had the whole natural girl thing going on).

      and lol I love how the term “rachet” has come so into play in the past year or so. Miley is twerking to advertise her goods — “Hello!! Any man want these goods?!? PLEASE GOD! I’m surrounded by yes people and boys who kiss my ass for a shot with me all day, why won’t anyone man up and put me in my place??? I’m bored I want something new, how about I shave my head and dress like a lunatic?? Why the fuck not? People can call me a lezzie all the want and I can still demand whatever price I want. OOOOOOO badboy Juicy J let me twerk on you on front of thousands…finally some excitement FOR ME for once! I’m sure someone will catch it with their iphone! Doesn’t matter I have it all anyway. Maybe an actual MAN will finally see this and finally recognize that I’m horny and need to be fucked properly! I have a raspy deep voice…does no one recognize that I am High-t and liek to fuck like a man?!?”

      What the little chode orbiters, nice guys and don’t get is that ALL women are ultimately looking for a boss in their life. Feminist can fight, claw, misdirect and evade this point 24 hrs a day, but it doesn’t make the truth any less true.


  53. on July 21, 2013 at 4:51 pm boxsterpaul

    It would be a safe assumption that as the avg age of people getting married goes up, the lower the rate….seems reasonable.

    The question will come when the avg age pushes against the “wall”. I predict a slight stall at about 33yoa? maybe a little later, then a punch through the window, and a plummeting of the rate to almost zero.

    In the hook up culture that permeates our colleges, that generation will not get married….

    I have noticed a trend as an older dude, that those older women that have state benefits don’t need a man, but those that didn’t plan do. I wonder if there will be a rise in older marriage as those women look for security for retirement, but not children. A different type of “wall”

    These older women look reasonable to an older guy, but at some age, its different with every woman I meet. But eventually she loses her looks and quick…. she needs to get attached before then, or else retirement will not be relaxing.

    She better bring something to the table…..


  54. on July 21, 2013 at 7:59 pm Joe Sixpack

    That noise you hear is the collective sound of former Teamsters union thugs weeping softly into their lukewarm beer.



  55. another gem from

    making the effort to look good at 40 is insulting to other women! jenny mccarthy, shill of the patriarchy!



  56. For all the haters that think that game doesn’t work:

    This is from a video on the science of persuasion. These principles have an analogous game equivalent. Like the last one, consistency. This is equivalent to compliance tests, like asking a girl to watch your drink or something at a bar. Or authority, where you have a wing who makes a comment about you before you start trying to game a girl (“careful, this guy’s a real charmer”).


  57. Here’s a taste of marriage for all you betas who still think it’s a viable option:

    Remember, women bottle up their craziness until the contract is signed. After that, the horrorshow begins.


  58. Marriage down, … …I”m sorry, what were you talking about?


  59. I think this is a decent example of reframing away a girl’s concern about just being a fling (in this case it’s the 5.5):

    Me: Hey, you should come over and watch a movie tonight
    Her: All we do is watch movies
    Me: lol ok let’s play Scrabble 🙂
    Her: We never play games or watch the movies
    Me: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatf.
    Her: I can’t keep going over there just to do that. Last time I was there I saw a used condom wrapper on the bed. I’m not just another bootycall.

    RED-ALERT: SHOTS FIRED, EVASIVE MANEUVERS. She saw that, what? how-could-I-have-been-so-careless?!?! Why did she wait to tell me?! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

    Me: Ya, well you keep seducing me
    Her: wth No I don’t.
    Me: And then you leave and leave me all alone in my empty bed with half a movie left to watch :*(
    Her: I’m being serious you idiot
    Me: omg! you’re such a player
    Her: lmao I didn’t mean to take your virginity but someone had to do it sometime
    Me: Ya, and after deflowering me you go and leave me to cuddle with my box of xtra small condoms :*(
    Her: I’m seriously dying of laughter over here
    Me: !!!!?!?!?!?!? and you won’t even watch a movie with me?
    Her: What do you want to watch?
    Me: Idk, just pick whatever you want out of the Redbox and come by like…9?
    Her: I can do that. I’m going to pick the worst movie ever.


  60. Hey YaReally, Scray, Immoralgables, anyone else good with game, it’s been awhile so time for an update.

    SPOILER ALERT: Haven’t gotten laid… yet.

    Now onto the details.

    I’ve been going out everyday for the last five days, so I decided to just go all the way and do a 30 day challenge (today is DAY 6). Have been out talking to girls since last Wednesday. At the most I’ll have one beer at the bar, but I prefer nothing at all cuz duh, it’s a more natural improvement of my game. I’ve been out to several bars, have been developing rapport with the staff at a couple of places so, yeah, pretty fun stuff.

    Unfortunately, this hasn’t been getting me laid at all, which kind of puts a damper on the whole thing. I can talk to girls, get numbers and stuff, but… okay fine, I haven’t gotten THAT many numbers. There are quite a few sticking points that are annoying me.

    1. I have trouble asking for the number… mostly because I forget…

    This may not be a problem anymore, cuz just yesterday I asked every group I opened for contact info.

    2. I eject when the girls don’t respond to me

    This kind of annoys me cuz they’re not leaving, but they’re like ignoring me and then I get annoyed and leave.

    This happened at the beach at some rooftop party thingy in the afternoon:

    ME: Hey guys, hows it going?
    Hot girls: Good.
    ME: Who do you know here?
    Hot girls: We’re here with our friends over there.
    ME: Cool, I’m here with my friends too.
    Hot girls: …
    ME: (Situational thread about dancing dude) That guys pretty terrible lol.
    Hot girls: Yup…
    ME: Alright you guys are boring, have a good one.
    Hot girls: See ya…

    Cuz honestly in most cases the girls are either super receptive or need to be talked to more… but honestly I asked boring questions… I don’t blame ‘em lol… so I guess I figured out my problem while writing this, nevermind.

    3. I haven’t gone on any Day 2’s

    This is really just my fault because I haven’t been asking for numbers, like, at all until two days ago. Anyway, the girl I met at the club is extraordinarily busy. She responds really quickly and wants to meet up, just has some project her employer’s making her do. It seems like she’s down so fine with me. Literally every other text I’m pushing for the Day 2, leading the interaction. Again, receptive, but busy. Like, she knows I want to fuck her lol. We’ll see…

    Also got FB’s for two foreign girls (they don’t have phones and just got here). One of them is a fucking model and the other’s like eh, an attractive blonde, it’s just that the brunette (model) is obviously prettier. How do I fuck the model? I feel like my value is too low or something cuz she’s only responded with an emoticon to my FB messages, whereas the blonde is way more up for building rapport (i.e. she responds to my messages). I only just met them so it’s no big deal. Trying to get them out to a club I know people at (free drinks, free cover, etc.).

    And I guess I didn’t build enough rapport with the brunette. I approached her group, asked the guy how he knew the girls and they said they’re just friends. Then I talk to the girls and accidentally spend most of the time talking to the blonde and then I dance with the brunette for a couple of seconds and say we should go dancing. I was kind of grasping for straws near the end so I left and added them on FB on the spot (cuz you know thru the mobile app since they don’t have phones, they just got to America a week ago). So anyway, how do I build interest with the brunette? Judging by her fb pics, she’s some sort of model… i’ve sent her a few messages so far, but has responded minimally… sorry for repeating myself, just explaining the situation.

    Lets see, and then one of the other nights I was gaming with this random dude I met at a pua seminar (it was a tyler rsd one actually, shook his hand i was starstruck lol) and we gamed the whole night. But for whatever stupid reason, I didn’t ask this fucking hot blonde chick who was so into me for her number. Promoter girl. Awesome body and face. Like a 9 or whatever.

    Her: “OMG who are you guys?! lol”

    Sorry had to throw that in there cuz that’s never happened to me before lol. But as you can tell theres a pattern going on here. This is all ego crap. It feels good mentally to know that I can kind of game girls, but I haven’t had any sex at all…

    I’ve also gotten other numbers, but I never built a strong connection on the initial meet. I grind for 10 minutes, get their number and just go… 2 of these kinds of numbers haven’t been really receptive to my texting… especially since I forgot one of their names lol. So how do you bounce back over text from forgetting their name? And should I keep these numbers and just keep texting over time or what? Do you ever dispose of numbers guys?

    Really the solution here might just be to get more numbers. Just so you know:

    1. My texts are laid back, with a lot of lols and hehe’s
    2. I make sexual jokes sometimes
    3. I always push for fun adventures to be had and that we should meetup

    I might just read some more text scripts cuz I’m just okay.

    Other realizations

    1. Approach anxiety has gone WAY done… like it only exists when I wait too long to approach

    2. Every single conversation I have with anybody has improved significantly. Awkward pauses are gone or just comfortably felt by me cuz I don’t really care or I’l keep talking cuz I also like to talk about myself lol or just random shit. “Game the wall!” as RSD Julien said in a recent vid.

    3. I’m more of a dick for sure, more or less…

    I’ve realized this and I kinda like it 🙂

    4. Attractive girls aren’t scary anymore lol

    5. Girls assume I get girls automatically cuz of the way I speak/interact

    Girl: “So you do this all the time… pick up girls lol”

    ME: “Yup. All the time lol”

    Girl: “Lol”

    ^^^^^Again this stuff feels good mentally but hasn’t led to any sex. Anymore thoughts for me guys? I’d have added more detail but I’m writing this at work lol. Time to get back to it so please let me know where I can improve. Story ideas? Scripts to read/practice? I’m heading out for maybe an hour today cuz I really can’t stay out too long every night, have shit to do.



    • Yaaaa, 30 day challenge! Awesome, man. Hey, it sounds like you’re really getting the hang of this quickly. I mean, you’ve only been at it for like what…a month?

      ‘1. I have trouble asking for the number… mostly because I forget…’

      Yeah, what helps is to anchor. Like, asking for the number is legit after you’ve been talking for a bit and have identified a common activity/interest. But try to make sure you’re somewhere around A3, otherwise you have a high probability of a flake. The numbers I’ve gotten that have panned out always followed that pattern — A3, ID common activity, number, talk some more, bounce/out/leave.

      ‘2. I eject when the girls don’t respond to me’

      I used to do this too. What helped me was talking to hotter girls, because you have nothing but your personality to DHV with. So in that case, you really have to plow for a bit. Just be patient. Corvinus had a good tip that was really successful for me.

      When you’re going for the social hookpoint, just be cocky/funny about the venue or life — not them just yet — and quickly establish a frame for how you are interacting. Rough blueprint for me, subject to a bazillion contingencies and change-ups:

      (Opener of any kind really)
      (DQ) ya, I saw someone over there who’d be perfect for you…I’m actually just here to interview.
      (Lock-in) Just take a position relative to the group so that you look like you’re a part of it rather than approaching it. If you’re at the bar, lean against the bar facing away from them. If they’re standing in a circle, make sure you are in it.
      (C/F — preferably delivered when you lock-in) This venue is awesome — look at the bouncers. They look tough, but really, they all just want hugs. Look. Look at that one, look at his sad, fat face.
      (Insert-self into group) Figure out how they know one another — maybe play a guessing game, maybe not depending on situation. Then, assign them all roles in the group (don’t ask me what to do when the sets are mixed cause lol I am not so good at them yet), and then assign yourself a role — e.g., ‘so you’re the fun one, you’re the brains, and you’re the nice one….and I guess I’m gonna be the tour guide for the fun times.” Last, lead them somewhere. “Let’s to go the bar/let’s sit here/let’s chat over….”

      The beauty of an approach like this is that they don’t have to respond much for you to move it forward. When they acquiesce to your continued presence, you know that you’re in the game.

      So now here you are, at the social hookpoint. Grats! Now, you’re in A2. You need to start DHV’ing. Think of DHV’ing as just leading (ya it’s way more complicated, but I just tend to hit all the right notes if I think of myself as a leader demonstrating good stewardship). Come up with cool activities, tell them jokes (not too many tho), be hella nice to everyone who is not the target (including staff, other sets, etc.), let your wing come in and DHV you if you have a wing, and also have a few fun facts to share about wherever you’re at (have no idea why that goes a long way but it does).

      Most tooling/shit-testing will tend to happen in A1/A2 (girls are way cooler in A3/comfort obv)….so if you start running into it, you’re doing something right.

      But yaaaa…, if all you’re doing is going over there with ‘hi how are you’ ‘what’s up’ etc. heh….

      ‘3. I haven’t gone on any Day 2’s’

      ‘I grind for 10 minutes, get their number and just go’

      I’m not saying this doesn’t work, but 10 minutes is a really short amount of time. You can build a shit ton of attraction in 10 minutes (I mean, I have yet to lol with a girl who wasn’t worse looking than me)….but ya, maybe invest a little more in your sets?

      I think the solution is to get less numbers. I was asking for everyone’s number awhile ago, but now I’m like ‘well screw it, I can tell when it’s on….and if I can’t get the SNL and it’s on, THEN I’ll ask for the number.’

      ‘Story ideas? Scripts to read/practice?’

      Like…..a bajillion.
      ‘ME: Hey guys, hows it going?
      Hot girls: Good.
      ME: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa….who here is in charge, I can’t talk to just ANY member of this delegation
      Hot girls: (probably…) wtf? in charge?
      ME: (pick one at random — you must say this with authority) Ya, it’s obviously you, I can tell these things. You speak on behalf of the other girls for sure.
      Hot girl you picked out: …wait, what I don’t know. I don’t think I’m in charge
      ME: All right, fair enough, let’s put it to the test.
      (Dominance test — ask them to look you in the eye, then ask them to answer any question about the others. Whoever the girls look to when answering is the dominant one. I’ve noticed that this is like a self-fulfilling prophecy…whoever you say is the dominant one ends up being the dominant one usually)
      Me: (they will act confused, stammering over the question….DHV time — cut them off) It doesn’t fucking matter what the answer is, I already can tell
      Hot girls: (now intrigued) Wait, who?
      Me: Her! Because you both looked at her when I asked the question.
      Hot girls: (this should buy you some undivided attention/time…and now that you have them to lead, lead them)
      Me: And the leader’s name is….?
      Dominant hot girl: Blah blah blah
      Me: Now that I know who the leader is, you can introduce me to your friends. It’s always important to get group structure correctly……
      (now you can start assigning them roles, blah blah blah)’

      There’s a thousand routines to look up tho. The dominance test is a good go-to, the lying game is always great, and just playing games in general is fun.

      But it really sounds like you’re killing it, man. Hope this helps!


      • “Yaaaa, 30 day challenge! Awesome, man. Hey, it sounds like you’re really getting the hang of this quickly. I mean, you’ve only been at it for like what…a month?”

        Thanks, Scray! After I saw how fast you progressed, I wanted to kick things up a notch lol Eh, it’s been longer than a month man… I think I posted here 2 months ago about daygame, but at the time I was dabbling in talking to girls cold for a while… I’d try one day and then give up, approach and be all fucking scared like a bitch… still scared but it’s MUCH more manageable. 3 hours before approaching one and THEN getting rejected… been there lol

        But yeah I only recently started getting serious (for about a month, yeah) so yeah it’s cool to finally be over some of the things that I thought would take forever to get down.

        “Yeah, what helps is to anchor. Like, asking for the number is legit after you’ve been talking for a bit and have identified a common activity/interest. But try to make sure you’re somewhere around A3, otherwise you have a high probability of a flake.”

        Lol yeah I’m guessing two of those numbers I’ll never get to take out/fuck because I didn’t really spend any time with them/build a connection. One was just grinding the FUCK out of me though, jesus… we were like all over each other lol… now THAT could’ve been a one-night-stand but I guess I dropped the ball.

        So dude, Scray, what I learned from my pua buddy is basically dance crazy, I mean, I bump my ass on the girl’s ass a bit first. Kinda tease, flirt that way, not act thirsty, but just goofy dancing that involves a taste of what she’ll get from you… cuz you’re the man she’s gonna fuck. And then… well here’s what I did:

        Group of 3 girls dancing alone. I approach from the side dancing next to them but not looking like I’m paying attention to them. I but bump the target to gauge her interest. Sometimes she’ll turn around or move away or whatever. Then you try it again, see what she does. If her/the whole group moves completely away, whatever, next target. Or keep going, up to u. In this case, she was dancing back on me, so like, we were just rubbing our asses together. Of course, you end it first and then back away or whatever goofy thing you want to do to play with/tease her. And then I go to take her hand, mother hen intervenes. And then butt bump the mother hen. She laughs, AND THEN i go for the girl i want again, she accepts mother hen does nothing, just thinks i’m a cool guy at this point.

        Then we proceed to grind on each other for what seems like FOREVER… I say ten minutes, but it might have been 15, who knows… but I say stuff like “you’re a crazy dancer!” or “i’m REALLY promiscous” to which she says “I can tell!” Then we look into each other’s eyes. She’s trying to pull down her skirt and I’m like pulling it down for her making jokes as we’re dancing “Don’t want it to come off”.

        And then while we’re dancing I turn her around and say “Give me yer number, we’re going out.” She shakes her head “no” and then i say “man, we’re gonna have so much fun, i can’t wait. Get my number and text me, my phone’s dead.”

        She says “Oh, i’m getting ur number?”
        Me: “Yeah, take it down”
        I text my phone from her phone. I tell her to text “I want ur baby” lol i dunno dude i just wanted her to text some ridiculous text so she wouldn’t forget me.

        And this is all while we’re dancing on each other. And so yeah, I get her number and then I’m like shit, I have to build a connection…

        Me: “So what do you do?”
        Her: “Um, work?”
        Me: “Cool”

        She’s like grinding on me so hard that I can’t really think of what to say lol

        Me: “Let’s go to the wall”
        Her: “No let’s stay here (near her friends)”

        Of course, mother hen is watching and then eventually takes her away. But I’m like “Cool, whtever, I’ll text u”

        And then crap I realize I forgot her name… shit…

        So I text her a couple of texts asking for her name and no response. Then I text her something like “Bitch, we’re too old to be playing games” and no response. THEN I text like 12 hours later and say I’m kidding and have a good night. No response.

        I wanna fuck her so bad lol…

        “When you’re going for the social hookpoint, just be cocky/funny about the venue or life — not them just yet — and quickly establish a frame for how you are interacting. Rough blueprint for me, subject to a bazillion contingencies and change-up”

        Great blueprint. Stealing this lol.

        “I’m not saying this doesn’t work, but 10 minutes is a really short amount of time. You can build a shit ton of attraction in 10 minutes (I mean, I have yet to lol with a girl who wasn’t worse looking than me)….but ya, maybe invest a little more in your sets?”

        Honestly, I think I look okay. I’ve been told I’m attractive by guys and girls so… eh I’m still really not sure… as for the girl, she was definitely a cute girl. I’d classify her as curvy… not the fat kind lol… she had a huge ass for a white girl though lol

        Your comment definitely helped man, thanks! I’m going to try all yer stuff and keep you posted.

        And lol maybe YaReally can break this down too 🙂
        Back at work again, brb!


      • To clarify: While we were dancing, her skirt was coming up, so she kept pulling it down… read a bit weird lol


    • I’ll do up an in-depth reply for ya this week! Props on going out 😀

      “so I guess I figured out my problem while writing this, nevermind.”

      This is why we write Field Reports. 😉 A lot of time, just recapping your situ puts things into perspective in your own head or makes patterns in your behavior obvious and brings sticking points to the surface…even if nobody replies to your FR or you just keep a personal journal or private blog or text files on your computer, writing these things is important.


      • Thanks, can’t wait for that! And yeah, that’s a good idea… I’ll either post them on here or in a doc… but I appreciate your helping me 😉


      • So I used one of your texts word for word lol… may have fucked shit up with club girl I dunno… something about handcuffs…


      • Just got back from a night out… I keep not talking about sex, goddamn it lol i also had one drink… i keep having at least one drink every night i go out… might be a bad idea… anyway, do you have any DHV tips, Yareally?

        Sometimes I wonder that acting in ways people find intimidating (like, say, admitting that you jack off to a girls’ facebook photos and not give a shit) is a form of DHV. Probably true, I think I read that in a comment somewhere.

        I always stop short of going sexual. Really need to take that step and go for it. Gonna work on that tomorrow night.


  61. on July 22, 2013 at 1:46 pm OralCummings

    BTW George Zimmerman was on the scene of a car wreck and helped some people get out safely.I’m sure Trayvon,in this situation,would have acted in a similar manner! A grateful nation salutes ya Georgie boy!!


  62. on July 22, 2013 at 7:36 pm Anonymous age 71

    Just for the record, that marriage rate number IS PER 1,000 UNMARRIED WOMEN. Yes, I am sure. I have been tracking that number for years. If you take it per 1,000 population or per 1,000 women or 1,000 married women, the number is very small and does not properly reflect the marriage strike as it is.

    In the last decade or so it fell from 50 to around 33, so 31 is right on schedule. In UK it’s 18 and in NZ it was last time I checked 28. Per 1,000 UNMARRIED women.


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  65. Ummm… what is this “butthex” you speak of?