What To Do When A Girl Scolds You

Slap a ho!

I keed I keed. But you should do the verbal equivalent of a firm pimp slap. A reader emails,

Here’s a topic you haven’t covered directly: how do you handle a girl who reprimands you? You had a post on handling bad behavior that was focused more on text game and flakiness, but here is the situation I ran into:

I met a gruff but attractive 20-yo EE girl when visiting western Europe (I’m 30). We took a cab and in this country it’s not common to tip the driver, or they round up to the nearest euro. I paid and the guy was taking his sweet time returning my change (~2 euro). The girl sternly rebuked me for not letting him keep the change as she felt the amount was small. Now set aside that I don’t appreciate being called cheap when I’m the one paying for the taxi ride, and that she may or may not have been correct, how should I have handled this?

I just ignored her which I think is not the best way to deal with her lecturing me like a child. But even in retrospect I can’t figure out anything much better. Thoughts?

She sounds like an ingrate cunt. Be that as it may, she could still be fuckable. So you want to know how you could have maintained an alpha male frame under her withering impugning of your manhood. (Calling a man cheap is like calling a woman ugly. The thermal exhaust ports are different in men and women.)

Glad you came here! First, a question. Did the girl scold you in front of the taxi driver? Because that’s worse than if she had saved a time later to express her displeasure. Dressing you down in the driver’s company means she wanted to enlist an ally to her cause. This is unacceptable behavior, even from a hottie.

If she did it in front of the driver, the best lesson is one that steals her script and “volunteers” the driver as an unwilling third party to ostracize and embarrass her. Instead of addressing her, you turn to the driver and say with mock revelation,

“Hey, dude, she wants to give you an extra 5 euro. I think she likes you!”

Boom. Script flipped. Frame dynamited. Now she’s sitting there flustered and wondering how the hell she got into this mess and why it’s suddenly feeling so hot. Humor and insouciance is social judo; you have used the thrust of her parry against her.

Rule number one when dealing with women attempting a coup d’cast out: Convert her potential allies before she does.

All women are predisposed to win social battles by enlisting the aid of neutral parties. Women “win” when they have won the sympathies of the herd. To defeat this female prerogative, you must prevent her from acquiring those allies. And that means getting to them first. No matter the details of the dispute, when the herd is turned against a woman, she will surrender her beachhead faster than the Rotherham council of elders surrendered their district to Pakistani sex slave groomers. (Never too soon at CH.)

A similar dynamic is in evidence when you turn the crowd against an “AMOG”, and there are a slew of Youtube videos showing Tyler from RSD doing just this. Spergs have a hard time understanding this law of human nature: You never win heat-of-the-moment hierarchical maneuverings with appeals to logic; you win with appeals to the crowd’s emotional perceptions.

BUT, if she waited till later to chide you privately, then you have to take a different tack. Ignoring her isn’t going to cut the mustard when she’s ego-stabbed you front and square. You’ll need a strategy I call Allay & Flay.

The formula is simple: She reprimands you, you initially posture as if her point is worthy of consideration, and then you unsheathe your shiv.

HER: “Why didn’t you let the taxi driver keep the change?”

LUCIFER’S IDOL: “Hm. Good question…. [pregnant pause]… Next time I’ll leave more. I like it when a girl keeps tabs on my money.”

The key here is the reframe. You’ve moved the topic from your cheapness to her obsession with your money. This is an attack few women will successfully counter. She’ll fold into the defensive crouch like a cheap lawn chair. “I don’t keep tabs on your money!” “What are you trying to say?!” “Are you calling me a golddigger?!”

To any of these butthurt replies, a mighty hammer blow of righteousness will close the subject.

“How about this. From now on, if I’m making the financial decisions you keep your opinion to yourself. If you don’t like it…”

Then you motion to the open air with your outstretched arm. Or to the door if you’re indoors.

You have to mean it, otherwise she’ll sense your tentativeness and eat you alive. A firm frame that strongly communicates a take-her-or-leave-her attitude will either rid you of a nagging headache, or earn you an enamored lover.


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    • Some possibilities:

      1. She’s just a bitch, anyway, and this was something new to complain about.

      2. You denied her a cookie, earlier, somehow, and this is a roundabout way to complain about you somehow being cheap with her.

      3. Tell her firmly, “Stop talking.” Shit test: PASSED.

      4. If she keeps bitching, she goes over the knee, skirt goes up, panties go down, butt gets pinkish red. Next time, she’ll know to be sweet, demure and compliant….like a girl should be.3

      I wonder if it is 2, because EE girls have complained to me that I have tipped TOO MUCH, but never that I have tipped too little.

      À bientôt,



      • I would have just told her to shut up in a lighthearted manner. That’s only if it happened afterwards. If she shows me up in front of the cab driver probably just get up and walk out. I don’t believe in even trying to get with girls that are this irredeemable. Real alpha does not run around playing games with cunts; they walk.

        This obsession with “reframing” everything so as to continue the odds that you might get some kind of a “close”…jfc. Smacks of desperation.

        I dealt with an AMOG the other night when I think I asked one of his little Asian cunts if she was getting in line at this well-known late-night chili dog place or something and she gave a curt response. I told her “fuck you then.” A friend of mine there actually knew who she was as they work for the same company and the attitude just kept coming…the little Asian betaboy that was with them was trying to smooth things over, so I said hey man you can get your ass kicked too or you can STFU. He chose the latter option.

        Alphas don’t CARE. They act. If that means beating someone’s ass over a slight, then that’s what happens. If it means telling some dumb ho off, that’s what you do. You do not “reframe” or any of this other pussy shit chasing after that precious ass that isn’t worth anything anyway.


      • NEVER-MARRIED [!!!] Mexican Indienne has SEVENTY-THREE [!!!] Great-Grandchildren http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/11066298/Mexican-woman-becomes-worlds-oldest-person-but-lost-her-only-proof-40-years-ago.html


      • Sally Jones, from Chatham in Kent, British MUDSHARK Mother of Two, who had fronted an all girl rock band, Joins ISIS and Pledges to ‘Behead Christians with a Blunt Knife’ http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/british-mother-two-joins-isis-pledges-behead-christians-blunt-knife-1463370


      • That Sally Jones story – former all girl rock band guitarist cum ISIS murderess of Christians – is part and parcel of my theory that the Oscar Mayer Wiener Academy Psychiatrists were very familiar with this Narcissistic Personality Disorder Pornographic Attention Whore Nymphomania syndrome, and they knew damned well that if they just worked patiently and persistently to weaken the cultural bulwarks and buttresses which had protected humanity from this lurking Chaos, then they could destroy entire civilizations with the ensuing insanity.


      • heh Shane. They’ve caught a lot of women sending money to ISIS too. They’re getting a lot of funding that way.


      • POLL: 95 Percent of BBC Viewers Think Multiculturalism Has Failed (is sanity returning?)


    • OT, but made me think of my brethren here:

      “The common erotic project of destroying women makes it possible for men to unite into a brotherhood; this project is the only firm and trustworthy groundwork for cooperation among males and all male bonding is based on it.”

      Andrea Dworkin – “Radical” Feminist writer


  2. This is Gold.

    I hypothesize that it will be easier to convert a “neutral” woman than a “neutral” male (who has 80-90% chance of being an ingratiating beta).


    • Unless one appeals to his inner white-knight.


      • Do you guys have any idea how CATASTROPHICALLY HORRIBLE the European economies are right now? I’m gonna white-knight on this one – screwing a poor working stiff during an epic financial depression over just a few euro? What a jackass. I kinda like the girl for calling him out on it [as long as it was in private].

        And she just might deserve a better quality of seed to be fertilizing her ova.


      • The economy is catastrophically horrible everywhere and my fucking money is still my fucking money.

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      • Why are European economies horrible right now,may I ask?
        I have not noticed anything particularly horrible with European economies right now.


      • What strata of the economy do you run with in Europe? The top 1% of 1%? SRSLY, dude. Europe is in a terrible depression.


      • From what I hear, Germany’s economy is doing just fine – and, as usual, pulling about 60-70% of the rest of Europe along with it.
        Ireland’s economy has always been shit (except for the ‘Celtic Tiger’ , who has been tranquilized and is taking a nap), the Spanish economy took a nose dive right around the time the galleons laden with South American gold, silver and other goodies stopped coming, Portugal, well….never mind….the tourists still come, don’t they?
        Greece has been a corrupt mess since the days of the Byzantine Empire – and it still is.
        Britain experienced a boom in the 90’s, but seems to be heading back to the pre-boom days of closing factories and mass exodus of young people to seek work on the continent.
        Scandinavia and Switzerland rank among the richest countries on the planet.
        In other words, business as usual.


      • how many nuclear power plants are in Europe?


      • Ireland’s economy boomed because they got rid of the corporate income tax (hint America), but they soom became greedy and borrowed themselves to death (double-hint America).


      • Europe is in an epic depression – and it’s getting worse
        Friday, August 15, 2014


      • Why are European economies horrible right now,may I ask?
        I have not noticed anything particularly horrible with European economies right now.

        They aren’t — they match population growth, and since Europe doesn’t really have any population growth, it wouldn’t have much if any economic growth either — but it’s catastrophic for the governments who have to go further into debt to satisfy the banksters who rely on constant usury (which is what the “desired” 2% inflation rate is).


    • forget the fucking cab driver who probably has brothers in Rotherham…totally irrelevant to the post.

      More junk piled in the comment section


  3. on August 29, 2014 at 2:04 pm himmlerswhoreswhip

    That Rotherham thing you just did…..that was good. One of the many things I adore about this blog. Never…._ever_….too soon. Bravo!


    • Concur. Rotherham’s one we ought never let the English forget. Can’t wait for the first reveal in the USA. When even that doesn’t shame the progs, we’ll finally be able to sort the last of the few innocent fools from the depraved multi-cult, then the culling can begin.


      • Elin Krantz? Poetic justice if there ever were…


      • Rotherham’s Pakistani grooming gangs problem has been “revealed” over the years more times than I can remember. Keeps making the news, declared as an “isolated incident”, and swept under the carpet. I live in a small village near there.

        They recently announced over 100 babies had been born to those girls. Rotherham is a small town, 100+ babies born from Pakistani rapers, and 1400+ broken girls who will be too damaged goods to ever form strong relationships with, (and will likely just get into a cycle of shitting out useless chavs), is far too much for this area.


      • Thanks to victims privacy laws, you’ll never know who the bastards are unless you discriminate according to race.


      • The children produced are without fault are they not?


      • Thwack,
        Next door lives a blonde – probly a seven or eight in her prime – with a cute little girl, coffee-colored. The child’s father’s barely present – I honestly couldn’t pick him out – but perhaps that’s because other dark-skinned men frequent her home. We did finally manage to arrange a tow to the impound lot for her deceased beau’s SUV parked in front of my house. Sure, he wasn’t a gang-banger, he just happened to be at a freinds house on one of two bad streets this whole side of town when a stranger walked up shot him, but whatever. Arkansas being the place it is, I’ve already done the math and I’m not worried about a statutory rape sentence for my boy – now seven – and I’m prepared for some mostly-white grandkids, but I worry most about the impact a fatherless mother has on children that are not bastards – my wife being one of these mothers – ya know, the mother-knows-best variety

        There’s also the mixed-race couple and their ~17-20 year-old mixed kids – complete with more cars than driveway and a penchant for occupying much of the corner of our L-shaped street with their cars and the [black] relative’s cars – all stuffed into a house about half the size of mine after they enclosed the carport.The older boy’s moved on to black girls, I think, but I can’t say yet whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

        There’s also the hispanic (mestizo) family across the street. They’ve got two older kids who are working-age, plus a third boy a couple years older than mine. He’s alright, but a bit slow – and he’s not particularly smart, either – nor stupid, I hasten to add. Just nothing special. [BTW – this is what worries me about the little neighbor girl: she’s no fool.]

        Lest you think I live in a ‘hood with ‘hoodlums, there are several white families in the neighborhood (though, honestly , it’s hard to say if we’re gentrifying or doing the other thing), but there’s not much to say about them. I know two neighbors better than most – nice guys, but progs and fools, generally. They both make me look a genius – and I’ve got the paperwork to prove I’m not that bright. Still, they both comprehend the customs required to manage a family. That seems less and less common as the world population darkens.

        Whew! That seems a lot to type in response. So, I’ll get to business.

        Thwack, I think you mis-typed. You said the [bastard] children [or rape victims] are without fault, but I think you mean without BLAME. The chilldren may have faults, or to be clearer in our language, FLAWS. Heck, I worry my boy will get my shit eyes (corrected with the wonders of science!) – the girl’s already so cursed. That’s a systemic fault. Same with the teeth for them both – that’s how I know we’re originally British – the Anglo-Saxon overbite. That’s also how – if it weren’t already obvious – I know the kids belong to me. They share my flaws and I’m prepared to help them learn to compensate.

        This latest crop of bastards, however; that’s a whole ‘nuther thing. Children inherit the qualities of the parents. In the case of rapes, you’ve got a kid that’s almost invariably denied the help of a father. On top of whatever flaws a bastard inherits, it’s further denied any inheritable coping mechanisms developed (potentially) over the course of centuries or (for rigorously cultured ethnicities) millenia.

        All these neighbor kids I see around me have greater or lesser advantages and disadvantages. The parents of those children can, with much less effort that one might imagine, pass along family wisdom about living in the world as a member of that family, with all the accumalated knowledge that entails: easily centuries of “oops! that got uncle Joe killed! don’t do that!” Bastards don’t have that opportunity. They’re half-orphans, by default.

        Throw in what you’re probly really say’n: perhaps their lineage ain’t the same value, or is perhaps merely mal-adapted for the host civilization, and we have a recipe for disaster that impacts not only the anonymous bastards, but also the unprepared and ignorant playmates for these children found in “proper” English homes. It isn’t adequate to call this a sick and twisted assualt upon a native population: it is, despite all prog protests to the contrary, the very definition of genocide. Were such a thing to happen in a giant metropolis such as Hong Kong with Anglo-Saxon colonists in the lead, the Chicoms would waste no time inspecting the future corpses for rare Caucasian organs for donation to more worthy hosts.

        No, a bastard’s not to be blamed, but, yes, I will find fault. So should we all..


      • The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.


      • For those unfamiliar with Eliot’s reference to the prophet Jeremiah,

        “As I have watched over them to pluck up, to break down, to overthrow, to destroy and to bring disaster, so I will watch over them to build and to plant,” declares the LORD. 29″In those days they will not say again, ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes, And the children’s teeth are set on edge.’ 30″But everyone will die for his own iniquity; each man who eats the sour grapes, his teeth will be set on edge.

        Look it up and read the commentaries. There’s a lot of wisdom in the words.

        Also, compare to, “Who is John Galt?”

        Our father’s sins descend onto us, but our sins are our own.

        The progs hope to CLEAN their house.

        “But the Pharisees said, He casteth out devils through the prince of the devils.”

        “It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master… If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?”

        “But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like… children …calling unto their fellows, and saying, ‘We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.’ For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He hath a devil.’ The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold a man gluttonous, and a [drunk], a friend of [government contractors] and sinners.’ But wisdom is justified of her children.”

        “Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, …and he healed him, …But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, ‘This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.'”

        And Jesus …said unto them, ‘…if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? …But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house.”

        “When the [demon] is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, ‘I will return into my house from whence I came out;’ and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other [demons] more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.”

        Don’t permit the progs to clean the house. Spoil the house so the progs may never return.

        Who say’s atheists can’t read Bibles?


    • Guess sodomy’s only illegal if you’re hetero now.


      • I’m also seeing trial balloons floated to legitimize pedophilia. In the wake of Rotherham, it makes sense: the Left wants to keep its new base happy.

        White manboobs will lend their support, hoping to raid the cradle for girls with a minimum of femcunt indoctrination. And, as ever, they’ll get played. The laws will be left in place to exclude them from the sleepover party, while enforcement is quietly relaxed for gays and “diverse” thugs (after all, we now know that objecting to vibrant pedophilia is raciss).


  4. What if there are no allies? Like if she is scolding you for being messy? I would scold my ex for eating half a meal and leaving the rest of the plate in the bedroom for me to find hours later. One thing is for certain. He did not change.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 5:17 pm gunslingergregi

      so you lived a tv sitcom life
      married with children but no children no way
      why did you find it hours later you didn’t eat with him?
      you didn’t automatically see a plate and take that shit away when he was done?
      so I take it for him to get you to get him a drink he had to walk through hades lol
      I guess my life is kind of unbelievable to some
      hell I can’t believe it anymore


    • to chk u loved him – hes your ex so u didnt – sad he loved u


    • on August 30, 2014 at 2:23 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Did you clean the plates? Did you still fuck him? If both questions get positive answers, why should he change? If I didn’t mind having a messy place, being scolded would simply make me double my efforts into getting plates all over the place.


    • on August 30, 2014 at 8:12 am gunslingergregi

      my comment didn’t make it but
      did you not et together
      why did ya wait so long to clean the plate
      hours later that plate needs to be washed dried and in cupboard
      he he he


      • on August 30, 2014 at 8:17 am gunslingergregi

        bitches clean a little box but watching tv they leaned from tv to complain about a dudes plate
        wtf I mean really what a shitty life to be had with you lol
        you need a manbitch
        it is gonna prob be hard to find the guy who will clean his plate and be rich and fold your clothes and clean your plate
        get a maid


  5. LBJ, the original American Alpha (and psychopath)


    • In a way this is correct. He started the Great Society policies which have brought in the New Alpha World Order.


    • on August 29, 2014 at 11:19 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      Ironically, a leader of a country without psychopathic tendencies and a streak of narcissism would most likely wilt under the pressures of the job’s demands and self doubt.


      • Yeah, thats why I say Nixon; bombing ni66as on Christmas day, faking moon landings…

        you can’t get more alpha and psychopathic than that.


      • Nixon faked the moon landing now? :duckface

        Nixon? The guy who couldn’t keep a hotel bugging caper under wraps… the guy who got run out of town for what, in realpolitik, was little more than a boyhood prank?

        THAT Nixon?

        Is THAT the Nixon of which you speak?

        (((SHAKIN’ MAH HAID)))


      • Its possible he was left out of the loop; but I doubt it

        You be the judge,

        The real deal?


        Jooish theater

        PS- that opening shot of Aldrin and Armstrong is not them on the moon in the LM. It is some other scene that was spliced in.


      • you idiots do know that you can bounce a laser off the shit that these men LEFT ON THE MOON, right? You can observe the junk still up there too if you have sufficiently powerful telescopes.


      • Does the moon REFLECT light from the sun?


      • Does the moon REFLECT light from the sun?

        Only about as well as a lump of coal, not like a mirror.


      • yes, the moon reflects light from the sun, retardo, but not quite as well as the MIRRORS that our great white male astronauts placed on the moon’s surface for the EXPRESS purpose of bouncing lasers off of.

        Apollo is how they precisely measure the moon’s distance.

        People don’t seem to comprehend the capability of an ALL-white, ALL-male organization with a common purpose and a decade to work with abundant resources.

        The diversified NASA of today cannot even launch an astronaut into space, much less go anywhere.


      • trav777
        People don’t seem to comprehend the capability of an ALL-white, ALL-male organization with a common purpose and a decade to work with abundant resources.

        I don’t care how white and male you are; if you make a claim of doing some great and vast shit you better be able to prove it. Im from Missouri and hiding behind a white male “label” ain’t good enough.

        Do I let Joos slide on their bullshit?


        Do I let females slide on their bullshit?


        This ain’t no gameshow. If you put on your helmet and step on the field you gonna get hit, and you gonna get hit hard. And as you lie there on the ground knocked the fuck out, we find your moms in the bleachers and tell her:

        “thats right lady, thats what you get for sending your son out here on the field with us killers”


      • Paleobiology is another area you gotta “check” white people on. Their funding is based on them making “discoveries” and so “discovering” something white people want to believe is a good way to fund your research and hence, your lifestyle.

        Its not really a lie if people want to believe it

        Fat girl moans: “you have a big dick”


    • You have more computing power in your MacBook Pro and iPhone than NASA had in 1969 when, funded by billions of Military Industrial Complex contract dollars, they supposedly sent a group of men nearly 500,000,000 miles round trip through what some say are the nearly impenetrable Van Allen Radation Belts (Factoid: The Space Shuttle only flies 200-300 miles above the surface of the Earth).

      After a landing that was somehow filmed a third-person view from outside the craft, the Lunar Lander with a 10,000 lb. thrust rocket kicked up virtually no dust and after a series of photos taken which depict odd reflections, harnesses, and lighting irregularities, Mission Control claimed the US won the Space Race over the USSR.

      If it can be done nearly 50 years ago by a bunch of crewcutted guys who drove 1965 Impalas and knew how to use a sliderule, why can it not be duplicated again today with 2014 technology?

      VIDEO: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon:

      If the gubment says it happened then daggum it must have!

      Not saying it didn’t happen. I like open discussion that stays rational.

      I simply distrust anyone or anything who uses shaming techniques to try to silence critics or those individuals who get mad at others for asking reasonable, logic-based questions while seeking clarification.

      In my opinion, Buzz Aldrin is not so much the take-no-shit Alpha as he likes to portray, rather a butthurt douche with anger management issues who lacks charisma or the ability to calmly explain things in a way that soothes the minds of both the emotional and the rational audience.

      He is less charming Alpha PUA, a more Angry High School Jock still wearing his letterman jacket at age 30.


      • Should say “500,000” miles. (Half a million)


      • Idiot claims are not worth rational debate… righteous anger and disdain are all that is called for.

        The molly-coddled generations after Mr. Aldrin are the ones who get butthurt, writ large, when verbally spanked by a Dutch Uncle.

        Could we please drop this nonsense about faked moon landings? My neck is already sore enough from the shakin’ o’ da haid that proliferates around the chateau.


      • I simply distrust anyone or anything who uses shaming techniques to try to silence critics or those individuals who get mad at others for asking reasonable, logic-based questions while seeking clarification.

        It was this type of behavior during a harmless inquiry that caused me to conduct my own investigation of the Apollo program. MOST of the questions raised by hoax believers are easy to explain away. But there are many NASA ignores and refuses to address.

        This is why I try to concentrate on coming up with questions I have not seen raised before.

        There are many. But for some reason the discussion tends to focus on the same 3 or 4.

        Here is the CYA statement I use to describe the results of my investigation:

        “The official record of the Apollo program as presented by NASA is inaccurate, misleading and incomplete. This official record has been promoted and supported with foresight and willful intent to deceive the citizens of the United States of America by one or more individuals selected to administer the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

        I will present supporting evidence (not proof) of my position in a follow up post.

        But if I had to sum it up in a rush?

        The entire event was just too sexy to be believable.

        *now bring the flames*


      • I envision a reality show called “Space Race” in which a group of aeronautical engineers, physicists and astronomers are invited to live in a replica 1960’s town, much like the Truman Show.

        Their every move caught on film as they move through this small town (pop. 1000) with 35-cent gas, muscle cars and a drive-in A&W.

        There are no cell phones, no internet, no color TV. Just a small local library with a standard Dewey decimaled book collection and a well-worn set of 1960 Encyclopaedia Britannica.

        A replica of NASA is also located in this town where staff park their Corvairs and work 8-5 before meeting up for some gin and tonics before heading home to a clean house and home cooked meal. This replica NASA will be stocked with computers driven by sub-Commodore-64 processing power, reel-to-reel tape drives, typewriters, sliderules and all the graph paper, pencils and protractors they need.

        Their mission is to build a rocket that will propel a crew of men 500,000 miles to the moon and back. To build spacesuits and heat shields that will withstand the Van Allen Radiation Belt and the extreme anti-atmosphere of the Moon. To plant a flag on the Moon, film it all in high quality and then relaunch from the surface of the Moon and splash down in the Pacific.

        The 2-hour season finale of Space Race will feature 3 lottery-drawn members of the design team, 3 staff from the 1969 Mission Control launch/design crew and Mr. Buzz Aldrin himself being strapped in and launched aboard this rocket webcast internationally and broadcast live, raw and uncut.

        Anyone refusing to board will be given the choice alternatively to launched aboard an exact replica of the 1969 Apollo Lunar Module.

        Further refusal will result in the defector being forcibly debriefed as to the exact reasons for their hesitation to board. Interrogation will be done third-degree style by a ex-Mafioso working off his plea bargain debt, the Space Race contestant sitting on a rickety stool in the middle of a barren room, sweat pouring down his brow, as a single flickering lightbulb swings overhead.


      • Jesus effin Christ. Expect to see more of this shit as we descend into fucking idiocracy. The early to mid 1960s were the pinnacle of mankind. Whether you stupid motherfucking ape-brains can believe it or not, renewing ourselves to that achievement and surpassing it is what we should be doing.


      • on August 31, 2014 at 6:20 pm When Negroids ATTACK!

        Lighten’ up, thwack…NASA sent a chimp into space first…surely you believe in that deliciously sexy Afro-centric event?!


      • One of the devil’s most versatile tools is deflection and distraction…

        When you can’t get folks to do evil outright, you can at least get them jabbering about inane folderol…

        Either way, taking the focus off of God and/or more weighty matters: mission accomplished.

        In short, gentlemen… don’t be Satan’s tool… in fact, just don’t be a tool at all.


      • To not go ape at the moon-deniers and questioners. Here’s some propeller-head stuff that shows why and how we know that the American government landed someone on the moon.
        The moon has a roughly 7% albedo (reflectivity). That means basically that 7% of the light that hits the surface of the moon gets reflected, the rest gets absorbed by the dust and rocks, etc. To give you an idea: that’s about as reflective as a fairly dark grey-white color, quite a bit darker than pumice.

        Yes, you can see a lot of light from the moon at night – even moon-shadows – but that’s because your eyes have adjusted. When you look at the moon in the daytime, do you see any moon-shadows? Nuh-uh. Because it just ain’t that bright in comparison.

        The reason that it *looks* white in the photo’s was ’cause it was close-up and the cameras were fairly high-contrast. In daytime on the moon’s surface, with no clouds or atmosphere to block it, it all looks pretty damn white.
        Now, the astronaut guys chucked some special mirrors up on the moon when they went up there (Apollo’s 11, 14, and 15). The idea was that they’d be able to shoot a laser-beam up, bounce it off the mirrors, and get enough light back to take a measure of the time and thus get the distance – like a radar.

        The reason they chucked special mirrors up there was because you can’t do it with the lunar surface. There’s only 7% reflection and that light bounces off every which way: you’d be lucky if you got 0.1% of the light reflecting back at you, nowhere near enough to get a reading on.

        Unless you were pointing a megawatt laser at the moon, which nobody has now and nobody had back when – the most powerful sustained laser is only 30 kilowatt (as of Feb 2014). Lockheed-Martin is developing that to try and replace missiles on tanks, helicopters, and jets.

        Another part of the problem is that a laser isn’t exactly straight and narrow – by the time it hits the moon the beam is about 7km (4.3 miles) across. Its so weak that you could be looking right at it and not notice the light. So, they had to have a mirror to bounce back the light exactly to where it was sent from.
        So, what they do now is fire a puny laser at the moon – it hits those special mirrors and bounces back to the sender – who picks up the response on a special, sensitive detector. Because of that we know the distance to the moon within about 3cm (a bit over 1 inch).

        Also because of repeated checks and testing over several years, we know that the moon is getting further away from us at the rate of about 3.8cm per year (roughly 1.5 inches). We wouldn’t know this if there wasn’t some special mirrors up there on the surface.
        I know that some people might go around and say stuff like “it’s a conspiracy, all these scientists and research people are in on it, being forced to say that the stuff is there and they can test it” etc. No. The stuff is up there, the Chinese and Russians and Indians and Japanese and anybody at all with the equipment can bounce a laser beam off it.

        If they couldn’t, then during the cold-war the Russians and Chinese would have loved to smear the American people with what great liars their government was. They didn’t. They can’t. The stuff is demonstrably up there.


      • ….And we have more navigation instruments today than when White men sailed around the world for the first time. Was the Magellan trip faked?

        Irregular lighting, you say. Mythbusters set up lighting showing it happens exactly that way.


      • GFD man, are you stupid?

        You’re so used to DIVERSIFIED organizations that you cannot comprehend how one filled with white males, awash in resources, could have achieved this??? There never was any 3rd person moon landing video, idiot.

        There is no atmosphere on the moon in which to kick up dust, you deranged lunatic. WTF is wrong with people these days??

        Mission Control didn’t say it, the RUSSIANS did too and the fuckin equipment is STILL UP THERE.

        Don’t you suppose the Chinese, who recently orbited the thing, would have called bullshit?? Nevermind the Soviets with whom we were IN the space race. They were “in on it” too, huh? Yeah, let’s let those Yankees embarrass us. Nevermind repeated orbits prior to 13. Or the subsequent landings….

        It’s incomprehensible to stupid people what was achievable WITHOUT computers. Most ordinary people couldn’t fuckin cook a meal without a computerized microwave, or find their fuckin way across town. REAL MEN with big balls went to the gd moon, landed, PICKED UP ROCKS, and brought all this shit back.

        All so beta psychos can say the whole thing was a hoax…wow. Because jfc, diversity NASA can’t launch an apple into orbit so THEREFORE (based on equality cult principle #1) NOBODY could do such a thing. What a goddamned waste this society became…


      • NASA is DIVERSIFIED now, you stupid dipshit. THAT is why it cannot be done now.

        NO organization with significant apefrican participation can achieve anything more complex than dunking a basketball


      • on September 2, 2014 at 7:44 am AryanAbduction

        Boohoo muh moon landings never happened, and the 60s sucked, get over it you weepy piners.


      • When Negroids ATTACK!
        Lighten’ up, thwack…NASA sent a chimp into space first…surely you believe in that deliciously sexy Afro-centric event?!

        I might be mistaken but I think dogs were the first large mammals sent into orbit and returned safely to Earth.



        I can find no record of any large mammals being sent into translunar space. The Soviets are on record as having sent some turtles out of LEO but thats about it.

        So based on the historical records of NASA and the Soviet space program ALL experimentation of translunar space flight was done on humans.

        Thats very interesting.


      • The official record of the Apollo program as presented by NASA is inaccurate, misleading and incomplete.

        The last time I saw a broad-brush paint stroke along these lines, it had to do with my curiosity in re the JFK assassination.

        The author who made the like claim was attempting to pooh-pooh a recent work which, to the objective reader, made a substantial and convincing case that Oswald indeed acted alone.

        Said pooh-bah began his counterpoint with “First of all, of the many inaccuracies in the work, the author calls Ponchartrain a river, when in fact, it is a lake”.

        I stopped reading after that.


      • The Soviets are on record as having sent some turtles out of LEO but thats about it.

        They didn’t want to stick their necks out too far at that juncture.

        Did they foresee that the USA moon landing would be a shell game?


      • Greg Eliot

        Did they foresee that the USA moon landing would be a shell game?

        I say no. Indeed I suspect its the main reason the Soviets lost the moon race; they really tried to actually do it. For example, what is the logic behind trying to cram everything onto a single rocket like the Saturn Five?

        It looks impressive but there is no reason the LM could not have been sent up solo and parked in orbit?

        Why did the Soviets try to copy it with that plumbing nightmare know as the N1 ???

        They’ve had the reliable Soyuz booster since 1966 why didn’t they just use 2 or 3 of those?

        They are still using it today to reach the I$$.

        I suggest everyone conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of Soviet/Russian and United States MANNED space exploration. The Soviet/Russian systems are not sexy, cool looking, made for tee-vee…

        they are simple, industrial and robust; just the way things usually look when you are trying to keep humans alive in a dangerous environment.

        For example, I find no record of the Soviets attempting to use a low pressure high O2 cabin atmosphere as a way to reduce the weight of the soyuz capsule the way the Americans did with the apollo program?

        Today its only used in space suits.

        What are the health effects if any of living in a low pressure high O2 atmosphere for 2 weeks at a time like they did for the Apollo moon missions?


      • Alas… (yet) another jest truly fallen flat. 😡


    • Nixon not only took us off the gold standard, he also expanded welfare way past the point that LBJ wanted it.


      • Nixon is a mixed bag. He did some good things, some bad things.

        The media hated him, though. Absolutely hated him. And then he won in a landslide. He knew that even though he won that time, the Jewish media owners were inexorably changing the country through mass immigration and hatred. The Oval Office tapes show his awareness:

        Richard Nixon: Now, Life is totally dominated by the Jews. Newsweek is totally, is owned by Jews, and dominated by them, their editorials. The New York Times, the Washington Post, are totally Jewish.


        Billy Graham, the nation’s most celebrated preacher: This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain.

        Richard Nixon: You believe that?

        Billy Graham: Yes, sir.

        Richard Nixon: I could not ever say that, but I believe it.

        The PRESIDENT of the United States, supposedly the most powerful man in the world, could not tell the truth about the media ownership in public. That shows how the media owners are the true rulers in a democracy.

        As someone wrote, it is unfortunate that he didn’t attack head-on. Back then there were still enough patriotic generals and other officers. They could have taken power temporarily, citing a national emergency. It has happened in many countries in many eras. As soon as they had control of the media they could have told the people the truth, every day, listed all the facts, until everybody knew.

        The Left constantly takes away people’s freedom by using a crisis as an excuse, real or manufactured – they could have done the same.

        But the Right never fights with the Left’s dirty weapons. The Right wants a good, honest society, and because of that they want to fight in a good, honest way. And because of that people suffer. Gentlemen are over there in a pile named “Couldn’t get the job done.”


      • He also made sucking chink cock fashionable for all following U.S presidents.


  6. She may sound like an ingrate cunt, but he sounds like Joo. Just sayin’.


  7. 150% sure TS did not have sex with that russian chick (200% sure she was russian, public humiliation of suitors is their standard handwriting, as well as early nose-dipping in man’s financial affairs).


    • had this Russian 24 yr old who was a solid 8, maybe a 9 depending on who you ask. She was leaving her husband because he bored her. Well I used nonstop eye contact and yeah I saw that moment where it dawns on her that she’s gonna fuck you. I chuckled. Smashed it a few times.

      So fast forward, she has some other guy andre or something that her friend let slip that I was hotter than and of course I just didn’t give a shit…but she did. She took it upon herself to invite herself over to my house one night with a box of condoms basically unannounced (she did to her credit blow my phone up telling me she was coming) and actually was looking in the window when I was banging another girl. And she STAYED THERE and was ringing my doorbell after. Thank god for a garage in the back lol.

      But she was constantly trying to get me to pay for cabfare for her to come long distances and she was generally a psycho, so I kind of agree on this characterization of Russians. She struck me as mercenary, self-entitled, etc. Most of the time I just blew her off. I know this is only a data population of one, oh wait I had another Russian…or was she Ukrainian…fk, who can remember? They all seemed to like displays of wealth in that regard…not necessarily gold digging per se but didn’t consider it gauche to throw money around and definitely thought that their cooch was worth it.


      • I am yet to meet a russian/ukrainian who wouldn’t be a psycho,would have a healthy sexuality, would be interested in anything else apart of cocks and financial benefits cocks bring, and won’t be obsessed with material signs of wealth and bling like a Papua new Guinea cannibal-aborigen. And mind,I am a russian speaking Ukrainian, I have the widest access to the market.

        There is this cool russian psychologist who explains game and women on youtube. His theory of why russian girls are so psychotic is single motherhood (Russian/Ukraine-highest divorce rate in the world+highest number of single mothers in Europe).


  8. A nice girls with tingles won’t even dare to be so rude to a man. It was about a time to ask her to leave, right after that question.


  9. Like

    • this is a good example of what I am talking about.
      What would an “alpha male” have done in this circumstance, Heartistas?

      Should he have been witty and “reframed”?

      Nah, man, at that point you just kick his fucking ass and make his girl hold your jacket while you do it. When he’s bleeding profusely from the nose or mouth you make some comment about how since he mentioned tampons he should check out getting one to plug the leaks you just smashed into his face.

      Reframing things like this is useless; the girl is already laughing at his shit and she’s laughing at you. There’s no amount of cleverness or retort that can overcome a good dose of raw violence.

      This is the difference between being badass and having a feather boa and a shaved chest.


  10. Excellent article on A Voice For Men that references Albion’s Seed and criticizes Jesse Jackson. Not as hard hitting as Heartiste but scholarly like and on target. http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/proposed-how-a-smaller-less-intrusive-government-would-forward-the-interests-of-men/


  11. A negging technique to try shortly after you’ve met a cutie at work or in class or within your social circle:

    (Within a week after meeting her, if you bump into her again)
    Her: Hey Roger!
    You: Oh, hello! *Strained smile* How are you?

    (small talk continues for about a minute and you abruptly interrupt with a sheepish smile):

    You: My apologies, I’m so terrible with names. What was yours again?


  12. If a girl scolds you, you should always ASK her to stop.


  13. What if … say you hold her hand when she walk into the road as a car coming, but a couple of days later she complaint that you invaded her personal space by holding her hand?


    • Once again, reframe – agree and amplify!

      Well babe, your choice, my hand invades your space or random windshield invades your face. .

      And don’t wait for a response – you are simply informing her that you will ‘invade her space’ on an as needed (determined solely by you) basis. Someone has to lead and therefore someone must follow. That’s all.


    • “Hey. I’M the one who risked getting cooties.”


    • tell her to shut up


    • If she’s really complaining about it and not just doing lame woman humor, I think you’ll be happier to get out while the getting is good.


  14. Ha this is good.

    After she says it in front of the taxi driver you reply

    “Bro….she likes you take this brat off my hands she’s “–nudge nudge her


    “K but we have to play a game first.” Put your hands behind your back. “You have to pick which hand the money is in” –> make sure she doesn’t choose right “thanks for playing! Maybe next time you’ll have better luck bye!”

    Idk maybe stupid shit like that?


  15. on August 29, 2014 at 5:31 pm gunslingergregi

    All women are predisposed to win social battles by enlisting the aid of neutral parties. Women “win” when they have won the sympathies of the herd. To defeat this female prerogative, you must prevent her from acquiring those allies. And that means getting to them first. No matter the details of the dispute, when the herd is turned against a woman, she will surrender her beachhead faster than the Rotherham council of elders surrendered their district to Pakistani sex slave groomers. (Never too soon at CH.)


    yea this can get pretty crazy if the bitch looks decent
    if she already puning you the sky is the limit
    when a bitch gets angry at you she either wants you dead beat up or in jail or penniless or all four
    he he he
    so maybe there could of been a bigger drawback with my bitch
    if anyone would of believed some the stories
    but everyone knows me
    so yea I been living right on the fuckin line
    and yea woman most always gonna enlist someone else to do the dirty work
    occasionally they do it themselves


    • on August 29, 2014 at 5:44 pm gunslingergregi

      back when I was still a white knight and a bitch pushed me
      instinct I pushed her back
      I ran
      I ran like a little bitch
      cause I didn’t want to fight no chick
      trying to save her from getting beat by a black dude
      how naive


      • on August 29, 2014 at 5:49 pm gunslingergregi

        he in jail hit that bitch in head with hammer
        same dude funnily enough wouldn’t swing it on me
        he he he
        some bitches really are dumb but hey can’t save em all
        I mean I actually went back after leaving the projects to help this bitch
        maybe I could see the future or some shit
        kind of wierd


  16. Interesting. Seems I had a similar situation recently, would the same tactic apply? Would the Dark Lords of the Manosphere/The Mongrel Horde give me some advice?

    I had a FB scold me via text recently for “constantly” (her words, not mine) insulting her for slutty behavior.

    Her: solid HB8, 29 years old; used to be a 9-10, as she was a very cute Eurasian-American model in her early 20s (I’ve seen the men’s magazines and her pictures in it).

    When we met she (at a party) she immediately started hard-jokingly insulting me, which I countered by hard-jokingly calling her a cunt, jerk, immature, etc. right in front of her friends, who were the majority of the party. One beta orbiter was getting white knighty mad at me to the point of almost fighting…and then me and HB8 started making out and he slithered off.

    HB8 and I went home together after the party and banged at my place. I kept the banter light and playful and NSA, and she was telling me about all the (many) dudes she’d been with in the past who’d gotten beta-attached-“in love” with her that she’d had to cut loose. She told me some racy model slut stories, and did so mostly because my attitude was alpha-fuck-buddy/I don’t care/I’m not into dating.

    We’ve been trying to hook up again, but our schedules haven’t meshed. She’s gotten somewhat angry that I don’t simply come over when she says she’s horny, but I keep the abundance mentality and don’t let any woman dictate my life. I do occasionally throw a joke in on text about how she should call one of the 4000000 other guys she’s slept with. Not “constant”, but once every other text exchange.

    Anyways, her last text seemed angry. She responded to one joke with “you know, I would respond more if your every sentence didn’t end with calling me slutty.”

    My response (after a few hours of silence): “Dearie me.” A go to innocuous hamster-spinning response I use when I don’t know what to say but a girl’s text seems to need a response.

    Silence since. 2 Questions:

    1) What would have been a good follow up at the time? I think at the time “no one should judge another” was ok, but kinda beta. Maybe a) “i didn’t know your PMS just started” or b) “it’s nice to see a girl who takes her sex life seriously” or c) “paging Dr. Freud”??

    I ask because, if I am too hard on joking about girl’s sex life (and, to be honest, on a bitchy HB8, I may have been but I don’t think so), I’d like a defuse button.

    2) What should I text to her now? It’s been a week, incommunicado since my last “dearie me” text.


  17. It’s better to let them know that you don’t give a fuck about her ‘allies.’ Girls love to do this shit. And really, any type of scolding from a girl has no basis in logic or reason. It’s just ‘I felt negative feeling X and I’m trying to blame you for it.’

    The proper response, subconsciously conveyed is, ‘I do what I want at all times.’

    By now this has played out so many times in my life — in a short amount of time — to where it’s easy. The form response to generate tingles = “you are free to….” followed by a smirk.

    “…when you pay the cab driver, you can give him all the change you want…”

    Very easy reframe — I make this decision. Nothing you say or do will change that. All of your allies mean dick — it’s my money, and I can do whatever the fuck I want. Trust. She will cream.


  18. Well, if it means that much to you… then you pay.

    Works on mouthy twats of all persuasions.


    • This.
      I think many of you guys are over-analyzing every syllable that comes out of women’s mouths way too much.
      Most of what they say is either irrelevant or meant to deceive in some fashion or just plain wrong, which is precisely why men don’t listen to women.


      • highly doubtful the bish would pay after your comment, whether she “agrees” with you or not.

        then what.


      • or is it one of those ‘the comment was made, i regain hand – immaterial who pays who now”


      • @ thrust.

        In the above instance, the apparent aquiesence followed by the shive-like reversal, will throw her off and turn the tables. Now she’s front and center. Put up or shut up. If she doesn’t pay she looks bad. There are direct consequences to her. But if not then carry on as you were. Notice has been served.


      • Shiv-like.


      • BINGO. Alphas DO NOT CARE what a woman thinks.

        It’s great to have a how-to website for betas to learn to pretend to be alphas. Just understand that the real alphas are busy doing the badass shit that makes them alphas in the first place and you not. So maybe instead of neurotically analyzing the dumb shit that comes out of women’s mouths, perhaps start learning to do badass shit instead.

        Start by learning how to fight.


      • on August 31, 2014 at 4:37 pm gunslingergregi

        Start by learning how to fight””””””

        yea every man should knock out and get knocked out at least once


  19. This is a shit test. The content doesn’t matter, it’s the tone and the presumption: I am judging your behavior. The idea of being called out as “Cheap” is a very slippery slope.

    I usually answer these types of call outs with “Ok Princess…”

    This immediately changes the dynamic and puts her on the back foot.


  20. OP here. To answer the question, the rebuke was mostly done in private. She had already stepped out of the taxi and once she realized that I was waiting for the change she had me come out. I acquiesced, sans change. I am normally loathe to obey a girl’s command but as CH notes, an accusation of male cheapness is a particularly low blow and I of course didn’t want the label.

    Once we started walking she said something to the effect of “haven’t you ever heard of a tip?” and not in a joking manner. I really like the CH recommended response, though due to her no-so-good English I’d have to find simpler way to say “keeping tabs [on my money]”.

    I was just thinking another take-her-or-leave-her gambit would have been to stop, stare at her for a second, then hand her some money with the express instructions to take a taxi home and let the driver keep the change. Maybe too butthurt and dramatic? They do crave drama…


    • @OP “keeping tabs…” is good. The last part of handing her cab fare and telling her to fuck off is going too far.

      This is a shit test. She’s seeing what you’re made of.

      instead of that you might want to do a back turn, walk ahead of her, pull out your phone or just stare at her for a second longer, then say “let’s eat”…

      If at that point a girl decides to leave or escalate…something is up. I’ve had girls get to that point and then I just left.

      You’re the rock not the escalator of drama. Trust your instincts.


    • A response got eaten up.

      Long story short is that you just need to put her in her place. You rob her of her allies by reminding her that you have sole discretion over how you spend your money (or live your life).

      Panty peeler response to any shit like this is —> “you are free to….” whatever. In this situ: “when you pay, you can give him all the change you want.” Say it with a smirk, even. It’s very simple. You are reminding her that you’re in charge. And think about it —- it’s a non-answer. You’re not even acknowledging the merit of what she said….why? Because -hahahaha- this bitch didn’t and doesn’t pay, what does she or could she possibly know about spending money? I only pass it on because it’s so effective.


      • on August 30, 2014 at 2:30 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        When girls do stuff like this with me, I make them pay later. I would have made her the tipper of the relationship and have her tip waiters and cab drivers from now on. This is especially pleasurable if I sense a girl is trying to get free shit out of me.


    • “Haven’t you ever heard of a tip?”

      “Good idea. How much you got.”


    • response: “here’s a tip, shut your mouth.” Russians are really blunt tho, so it may have not been malicious.


  21. I’m highly sociable/good-lookin’/high-energy, but I’ve never cold approached before. I’ve seen Scray and others post FRs here and get good feedback, so I thought I’d join in.

    Intended to talk to easy sets as warmup but it went too well. Went to town with a big group of friends, including a oneitis who I’m mostly not anti-game around and her current bf. My plan with her for a long time is to mostly ignore her but to be the coolest motherfucker in the room all the time.

    First place, in a store:

    First set (in my life): Gay guy + HB7Dutch. Spotted them immediately as an easy group. Felt a moment, went for it.

    Walked up, said a firm “Hi.” Focused on the guy. “I have a quick question.” “My friends and I are from out of town, and we want to go out to some bars tonight. Know anyplace good?” I’m very nervous but not showing it according to my onlooking friends. I keep shifting my legs to stop them shaking, haha. My mind felt clear/calm but my body was not cooperating.

    Blah blah small talk. Wasn’t intending to do anything other than get information, so I wasn’t being very flirtatious. Found out two bars with no covers. Decided to just ride out the set a bit. One dude friend of mine comes in, I introduce him. More small talk. One female friend comes in, I introduce her. I feel done with the set, excuse myself, get another drink. Female friend comes with. Male friend stays.

    A few minutes later, my friend comes over and is like: “Hey guys. Proposition: Wanna go to their place and hang out?” We all agree. We spend the next two hours chilling there chatting. Kinda boring, but novel at least. I chat up HB7Dutch on a few occasions. She is smiley and hair-twirley and cute. She laughs at things I say.

    Eventually we go to a bar together. My group of friends is very dancey, so I just get a drink, chat for sec with them, and then we hit the empty dance floor (it’s early) and fuckin’ kill it. The whole bar is watching us.

    Me and male friend (DanceBro from now on) decide to try recruiting timid bargoers into dancing.

    Set 2: 6,6,7, 2 bros.

    “Hey.” [Hey]. “I don’t know if you all noticed, but we’re having the time of our lives up there. You should come up and join us.” [6: uhh…in a bit. I can get a group. Give me a sec.] “Ok cool.” I eject.

    Set 3: 6,6,8
    “Hey.” [Hey.] “Did my friend just come by here? Cute guy. Tried to get you to dance?” [6: Haha, yeah] “But you didn’t come dance! Ugh!” [6: lol] “But here’s the thing, he didn’t show you my move. It’s amazing.” I show them my move. It’s wildly gay and bombastic. [6: lol what’s your name.] I say my name. Turns out there’s some sort of school function at the bar; she wants to know if I’m part of it. We chat about that for a sec and then I eject.

    Rest of the night boring. HB7Dutch and her friend are with us on the dancefloor. My people just wanna dance, and I like dancing too. Eventually HB7Dutch looks like she’s gonna leave, and I go up to her and say, “Hey I come to town once or twice a week, you should give me your number so we can hang out.” She’s kinda like “oh okay uhhhh I don’t actually have a phone etc etc write down your name so I can add you on facebook.” So I do.

    Eventually we leave. End of night. DanceBro gets a number from random HB7 he chatted with earlier. She blows him a kiss goodnight.

    I’m not sure if I learned anything tonight other than: 1) People are pretty happy to talk to me. 2) People like to be pulled into my high-energy adventurous universe. 3) I don’t know what to do after I open a set. haha. 4) Trying to convince people to get on the dancefloor is not a good pickup tactic.


  22. To add to your toddler game. I was dating a girl and she was nagging me about something shortly after I picked her up. I might have been late or I forgot to bring something I said I would. I admitted my error, but the nagging persisted so I told her if she didn’t quit I would turn the car around. 15 seconds later I turned the car around.

    Now this was back in the late 90s so people still actually made the phone calls, I ignored the first couple and picked up the third about 90 minutes later. She was saying some naughty things to get me to go back to her place. I told it was now late and I had work in the morning, but she could come over to my place the following day. She did, and even brought takeout.


    • lol I have turned around and left chicks for not being where they said they would be on the minute we said we’d meet. I just say “I’m headin home.”

      You did the right thing.


      • I generally have a 15 minute rule – If she does not show up within 15 minutes, I leave.

        If it is an LTR then it becomes deserving of some ignoring until proper apology and no reoccurance the next time.
        If she is genuinely late, fair enough as long as I can see the effort was put in to not be late in the first place. Punctuality is generally inexcusable in my opinion for if someone really wants to be there, she will be early not on time or a remote possibility of being late….


  23. OP I can only assume that EE means eastern European and not that she is an electrical engineer. 🙂

    She does not sound Eastern to me. More like a Russian? or Belorussian? Frankly most Eastern European countries before the wall fell didn’t tip. Is she in a line of work which tipping is a big deal like stripper, or pre-stripper waitress?

    Anyway I would take the “hear of tipping” comment after walking away from the taxi as the Shit Test it probably was. And since you bring it up YES the language barrier is a big obstacle with any subtle “tabs on money” comments.

    Which leaves you with really overt displays. One trick I have tried is flashing your wad of cash at her. Then asking her how much she has. If the point needs to be driven home further. Do flash again and add “Don’t tell me anything about money”. This will stop the money banter. But realize that Eastern girls are all mixed up about financial things.

    A great example of this is dining out, in most Eastern European (not in major cities) this is the ultimate in luxury. Food is so expensive that going out is a real special deal. But with exchange rates it’s not any more expensive than going to Dennys in the US.
    The same girl who would think you are rich guy for taking her out spending 30 bucks. Would not really be impressed with a 2 hour car trip that could set you back 100 bucks. Because… she would have no reference to know how expensive car travel is. See?

    I advise you to realize that with a language barrier male to female interactions are more straightforward than you realize. If she is with you, You are in. Just keep plowing and mostly ignore what she says… good advice for most women issues really.


  24. on August 29, 2014 at 11:22 pm Mean Mr. Mustard



  25. What to do? You wouldn’t ask what to do if a child acted up, would you? That’s because you’re not seeking a child’s approval: so why would you seek hers?

    Just be comfortable with your boundaries and how you enforce them. Keep your cool, but let her know not to question you. A simple “this is not up for discussion” will suffice.


  26. on August 29, 2014 at 11:35 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Alternatively, you preempt such potential behaviour.
    I once said to an ex of mine, while having a coffee, in a neutral scenario.

    “If you have a problem with me, you let me know in private, one on one; but do not try and scold, embarrass or shame me into action in front of other people. I will not tolerate it.”

    Set the fucking ground rules.


    • Sounds like an ultimatum to me.

      I’m still a strong believer in chicks treat you right when they respect you without you having to say shit.


      • Whether its an ultimatum or something BETTER depends on the volume and eye contact you use to say it.


      • on August 30, 2014 at 7:09 am Mean Mr. Mustard.

        I was prepared to make good on my threat/ultimatum.
        The reason for her being an ex (I left her) was that despite being a solid HB8 she was half bat shit crazy and I had enough red pill thinking (courtesy in part to this very blog) to walk away and cut my losses.


      • I’m still a strong believer in chicks treat you right when they respect you without you having to say shit.

        OK scray, but you don’t start off at that point with a girl; stard and I are describing how you GET to that point.

        But you are correct on the back end. As a child if my dad stared at you without saying anything; you learned to stop what ever you were saying/doing and back track to the point before he looked at you without saying anything.


      • I think you ‘get to that point,’ by just having tight game. I don’t think rule-making sessions are a part of game. Game is mostly indirect behavior.


      • Historically that might have been true. But women today achieve social status Brownie points with their girlfriends for “managing” or “teasing” their men — and it becomes a habit they don’t even know they have, once they meet a man they like or respect.

        We can see this in the culture. Was watching football yesterday and it was one mocking advertisement after another: woman smart and clever, man dumb (or occasionally dangerous). This is a social norm now.


  27. […] Slap a ho! I keed I keed. But you should do the verbal equivalent of a firm pimp slap. A reader emails, Here’s a topic you haven’t covered directly: how do you handle a girl who reprimands you?  […]


  28. A friend gave me a great insight once… There are basically four types of intelligence (or lack thereof): fast-smart, slow-smart, fast-dumb, slow-dumb.

    Fast-smart is quick witted. Slow-smart more deliberative. Fast-dumb is impulsive and stupid… Slow dumb is self explanatory. I’m slow-smart, so coming up with these quick witted responses to shit tests is really a challenge.

    Any thoughts on a few “all purpose” shit test responses? Love the responses here to the taxi scenario, but I could never come up with those in the moment… I’ve used “hold your tongue woman” with a smirk as a general response in the past. Usually gets an inordinately outraged response… Not that I care. But any others?


    • Roll your eyes like she’s a mentally challenged child and add a simple, emotionless “no” or words to that effect given the context.


    • “are you havin a laugh? Is she havin a laugh?”

      This is a great all purpose comeback to this kind of behavior. I use it all the time on the wife… No matter what she was like before, after I say it, just like the below, she usually can’t help but laugh. Now understand when she does so, she is laughing at herself, at how silly her ST was and how non plussed I was…


    • “You’re free to….”

      If any chick criticizes you about anything, just tell her that when she does X, she can do it however she wants. This instantly reminds her that you make the decisions, not her, and that you’re in charge. Panty peeler.


  29. see a lot of posts about HB x, usually HB9 I’m gaming etc… Here is an HB9 to my view… Ms Charlotte McKinney. enjoy

    Scale – 10 – unicorn

    9 – model hot. Will literally create a buzz when entering a room.

    8 – Hollywood Pretty – Usually great face, but body has some scale issues, either height or dimensions. Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Isla Fisher etc.

    7 – Co-eds – the “hot” girls in your local bar.

    6 – Pretty girls, may tend to a little thickness in hip and thigh

    5 – Plain looking girls, some weight likely.

    4 – really? let’s just leave it at this…


  30. on August 30, 2014 at 8:23 am gunslingergregi

    these the kind of shit tests I deal with
    my bitch everything I do in my life is to make you happy

    my kids miss you more than me
    kid says wishes I was real daddy

    how you even deal with that lol she says I should visit the kids even though we ain’t together ight now they miss me and talkin bout me
    should I say to the little midgets


  31. on August 30, 2014 at 10:00 am gunslingergregi

    chick visited I maintained when she wanted to give me bj
    she came back
    now what do ya do when chick grabs your dick but you wanna maintain
    I really didn’t have a prepared defense on that one
    she got her way
    at first I was like wtf
    then yea game over fuck it lol


  32. on August 30, 2014 at 10:16 am gunslingergregi

    more irony I guess female rape culture
    bitches don’t take no for an answer


    • they really dont lol


      • on August 30, 2014 at 1:16 pm gunslingergregi

        i’ll admit I had my soft pj pants on no underwear
        she tried to say I had a hard on
        but either way how she know unless she was just dick gazin
        he he he
        like its my fault she grabbed my dick
        imma have to start taping him to my ankle


  33. Just don’t engage, look at her and smirk. Maybe even throw out a “lol”. Why take what she says seriously? Her opinion on what you do with your money is irrelevant.


    • along the lines of this.

      The fact that she is even trying to lecture you about finances is a joke. If you have a good sense of humor make a bigger joke out of it. I’m a weak tipper and get this shit test more often than not. After a while they go along with it and even agree with my decision not to tip.


    • What a fucking waste of resources. Fighter jets scrambled because of two drunken hos. In an earlier time, some male passenger or pilot would have just slapped the shit out of them and told them to sit down and shut up as they sobbed all the way to Cuba.

      But then the solution to air terrorism was discovered on Flight 93. Passengers (men) willing to beat the shit out of would-be terrorists. Simple cockpit doors would complete the picture, so you don’t lose the plane too. Instead we squander billions in “security” that feels up your privates and xrays your genitals.


  34. Hola Pistolas,
    A bit off topic…
    I’d like some gaming advice.
    I work as a contract telecommute programmer. Currently, I have 2 European clients. One of which I may lose on Monday. Here’s what happened. I was assigned to validate another programmer’s output. I am supposed to program my output independently and then verify our results match. I didn’t exactly do this and got busted for it. Instead of independently programming my own output I used the original programmer’s for part of the work. However, probably 85-90% of my work (other programs) was my own. Why did I do it, because I could, I’m a lazy bastige and have another fulltime client, and their programming specs were sheeyit to program off of which pissed me off. And yes I’m also a greedy conniving self-centered ahole who wishes at times I could go full sociopath. So, I got found out. I received an email on Wednesday from a Swedish wench informing me so. She has the evidence. She CC’ed a Brit dude, who is a higher up, on the email. So, I responded first with an apology if I had caused her team more work. Secondly, I denied the first instance she mentioned in her email because I don’t think I actually did this instance, but another validating programmer who took over validating further versions of the program did. The other 2 examples she showed I fessed up to, with a slight explanation that the specs kept changing and we had deadlines. But I accepted responsibility and stated I should have slowed down and asked more questions and I promised this misstep would not be an issue going forward, I would re-program on my own time, and hoped my relationship with the company was not going to be terminated. Thursday the Swede wench set up a teleconference for us on Friday. In this meeting she again went over her evidence. She told me the team lead I was working under in Sweden, another wench, did not trust me to validate more programs and that her watch dog team had already spent the time to re-validate the programs in question. She wasn’t sure what the company was going to do with me because that was up to my boss (I knew there was a reason I was immediately fired). My boss, who is at her level, is away on vacation and will be back this Monday. This is also a woman. She’s French of some sort, I think with some exoticness because her surname I don’t think is exactly French but Indonesian of some sort, and she’s in their UK office, where the higher up Brit dude is. So, on Monday we’re having another meeting. Attending is supposed to be the Swedish wench who found me out, the Swedish team lead wench, and the French wench. But she told me the decision to fire me or put me on another team are up to the French wench. My time on the team I’ve upset was really over this Friday anyway. I’ve also sent an apology to the Swedish team lead wench.
    Social dynamics, I’ve gotten along with the Swedish Team Lead fine up until this point. She’s been satisfied with my work. The French wench likewise. Additionally, I don’t think the Swedes, women or men, are much into confrontation. It’s not part of their seemingly collective namby-pamby personality. The Frenchie though has gotten a little testy with one of the Swedish dude programmers in teleconferences. She’s always thanked me for my work and never gotten confrontational. I’ve been working for this company for approximately 6 months. Even though I’m fairly socially maladjusted due to my seething misanthropy, I can play the personality in an IT setting, they are typically a bunch of betas, and I’ve gotten Frenchie to laugh in our 1 on 1 meetings… From what I can tell from their online company pics, the Frenchie and the Swedish Team Lead are of middling attractiveness. The Frenchie I don’t think is married and is middle-aged. The Swede is younger and has a small child or children who are sick a lot.
    Advice on how to play this? I’m thinking of sending the French wench an email tomorrow apologizing for putting her in this position and stating I don’t want to make excuses and hope the company will give me a 2nd chance. Then in the meeting agree with the charges and just re-amp what I’ve stated in the letter. I could try to place blame and etc. but I don’t want to be a bitch about it…
    If you just want to insult me at least be funny. Also, I’m a big fan of CH and the posters on here, especially Whorefinder and GBFM. Admiration rape!
    Thanks in advance.


  35. on August 30, 2014 at 4:36 pm gunslingergregi

    stating to wonder if I should just get with a bitch I will never love
    should I settle for the beta female?
    and do what the fuck I want anyway


    • on August 30, 2014 at 4:48 pm gunslingergregi

      I basically did a dude a favor he was engaged to this bitch I know
      and found her texts to me on her phone
      so now he calling me and shit textin
      I gave him some suggestions about life and shit
      its fucking a weird thing when a dude is in love with a chick you don’t give a fuck about other than as a friend
      the diference is I would never lead a bitch on like that and tell em I loved em then do shit behind thei back a dn lie and steal
      American bitches sheot


      • on August 30, 2014 at 5:06 pm gunslingergregi

        woman have it so easy it is regoddamdiculous


      • So what did you tell him and how did he react?
        I bet he’s still going to wife her up, dudes seem to wanna be cuckolded these days I can’t understand it.


      • on August 31, 2014 at 5:24 am gunslingergregi

        he broke up with her
        she cant have kids so it don’t matter I guess at least he won’t owe her a check
        told him bout Asian chicks and shit
        he told me get aids test
        told him I been trying to get aids for two years so I have an excuse to go out hard
        told me to take care lol
        but yea he didn’t tell me who he was the chick did
        i’ll prob have him come down house and talk
        agreed and massively amplified lol


      • on August 31, 2014 at 7:52 pm gunslingergregi

        still callin be funny if I get shot over a bitch I could care less about
        but hey that’s life I guess
        my chick like don’t answer
        don’t try to help


      • on August 31, 2014 at 7:53 pm gunslingergregi

        well not my chick just my chick who is trying to get back in and always shows up when shit hits fan


      • on August 31, 2014 at 7:55 pm gunslingergregi

        dudes like save my life here tell me the truth

        only prob is the dude asked a woman to marry him after three months there is no saving his life


      • on August 31, 2014 at 7:57 pm gunslingergregi

        two dudes calling me all day
        it could be worse could be like 10 dudes


      • on August 31, 2014 at 8:01 pm gunslingergregi

        dude said I don’t want to be in the middle of you
        if you got a thing with her i’ll step aside
        I wanted to vomit


      • on August 31, 2014 at 8:29 pm gunslingergregi

        he wants to stay with her it would seem
        same chick that got her teeth beat out before
        for spendin too much time with me I think
        but maybe other reason too
        dude called me wanted to drop her off at my house talkin bout
        he bringing my girlfriend to me
        i’m like that ain’t my girlfriend
        wonder if my bitch involved in this one
        cause we were hanging out
        my bitch earlier talking about where I was last night she didn’t see my car
        the fucking intrigue
        guys take shit at face value
        there is no fuckin face value to a chick


      • on August 31, 2014 at 8:39 pm gunslingergregi

        im leaving cause of your mom im ready to end my life theres no sence of me being here””””””””’

        god dam
        first time I heard some shit like that from him
        normally he just leaves her
        she told him she want divorce covered up his name on her wrist
        told him she was mine and I owned herbefore

        so yea more dude have and got locked up over my bitches pussy than in the civil war
        shes fucking addictive


      • on August 31, 2014 at 8:43 pm gunslingergregi

        the husband took my advice before some of it
        got himself a chick job
        but yea now again back with my somewhat exchick gave up girlfriend prob gave up job
        I told him go do porn make some loot he didn’t listen on that one
        I can’t fuckin make the moves for people


      • on August 31, 2014 at 8:54 pm gunslingergregi

        imagine being married to a bitch that gets another dudes name tatted on her neck covers up your name and fucking gets a depo shot so you can’t get her pregnant cause she only wants another dudes kid even though you want her have more of yours

        she really making him pay for cheating god dam
        don’t cheat behind a bitches back it can turn you into worse than a bitch when they turn their eye on you


      • on August 31, 2014 at 9:16 pm gunslingergregi

        oneitis needs to start being treated as a real disease
        it can fucking kill you
        or make you kill yourself


      • on August 31, 2014 at 9:27 pm gunslingergregi

        twoitis or threeitis
        its the only way to fly


      • on August 31, 2014 at 9:29 pm gunslingergregi

        let a bitch break themselves on you instead of you breaking yourself on a bitch


      • “yes” Typical omega Tilikum post: nothing to contribute. No experience of what the rest of us are talking about. He even admits that he hates it when people use that strange thing called “facts”. Tili wants people to believe in “what I see with my own eyes” which is what every leftist/loser says. Dumb retard on minimum wage.


    • on August 30, 2014 at 5:03 pm gunslingergregi

      h asked her to marry him after three months
      its fuckin sad how thirsty dudes are


    • yes


    • Funny I thought about that too, but these girls have very low self esteem and that bomb is going to explode one day.


  36. Hold up your right index finger, smirk with dead eyes, and whisper: “That’s one”.


  37. I’d just assume that her out burst indicates that she’s a gold-digger.

    Any woman, in any instance, that is free and easy with my money — I’m reaching for the exit.


    The single biggest driver towards divorce is MONEY.

    The second you see that your love interest has a fundamentally different attitude towards ‘family’ money — just stop right there.

    Cast a fresh line, and start all over.

    Unless you’re conducting a field survey of STDs, there can be no purpose with such a self-identified skank, who can’t even keep her yap shut.


  38. if you find yourself playfully mocking a woman in a social context too blatantly to her face and she arcs up and tries to turn the mood against you, it is possible to totally neutralise her riposte by simply continuing to laugh, again right to her face.

    so long as you continue to chuckle playfully with that shit eating grin, then after a halfhearted ‘stop laughing!’ or two she won’t be able to help laughing along with you. don’t get drawn into a war of words if you can dig your way out of the hole with the exact same chuckles that got you into it.


  39. on August 31, 2014 at 7:12 am gunslingergregi

    my bitch over being a good little administrative assistant
    i’m getting a warm fuzzy
    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo[email protected]@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • on August 31, 2014 at 7:50 am gunslingergregi

      she pretty good though getting all the crap filled out I hate filling out
      making me 1400 on the veterans shit they giving out lol


      • on August 31, 2014 at 12:23 pm gunslingergregi

        came up with the only way she can get back at me for being mean is to hurt herself wtf
        she doesn’t beat me up yell bitch stop giving up the pussy
        stop taking care of me
        unless she leaves the only way she hurts me lol

        kind of true I guess what can she do to hurt me when she with me
        yea she ready to come back
        i’ll never be out this bitches web
        she came twice grinding on my dick with jeans on for fucks sake
        I was smiling in the car when I dropped her off and got back to my crib
        house all clean laundry folded put away cooked me some steaks
        got my shit organized
        maybe way it is supposed to be
        he he he
        said she wants to make me happy and if saving money is what makes me happy she’ll stay gone

        tears all over the house wish they worth loot
        I said I need a teammate
        told her I wasn’t jealous or wanted the life of anyone
        but I was jealous of her shit party like a rockstar get to get old and still have a dude waiting to spend loot on her ass

        still didn’t fuck her told her I won’t till she been an angel for about 50 years
        she like I still got off
        i’m like yea I didn’t say you couldn’t get off lol just I ain’t fuckin you
        she said I can be an angel
        yea she can little fucker


  40. Hunter, YaReally, reco, HABD etc – update on Saturday night date I posted about.

    Short version: took Hunter’s advice. It went well. Ended with v heavy makeout session on the street in a dark corner- she was rubbing my crotch and I had my hand under her shirt playing with her tits. Couldn’t try taking her home because of logistics (early morning work for her, bad commute etc). Tried to get her in the toilet of the bar for a BJ but she wouldn’t have it – she said I’d seduce her if I got her in there.

    Overall a good experience though. I’m definitely fucking this girl as long as I manage to get her out again (I’m just a bit concerned that the heavy makeout without sealing the deal might trigger her ASD – any thoughts on what I should propose for the next date? I’m assuming I shouldn’t invite her straight home as that will make ASD worse?).


    -sexualized immediately – guided her physically down the street to the bar. Stopped halfway there and told her I was going to look at her properly. She turned around herself and I told her she had a sexy ass and stroked it. She half-heartedly pushed my hand away and said something about how forward I was and I held my frame and she shut up.

    -Good banter at the bar, sitting next to each other. She’s actually quite a cool girl with a good sense of humour. Very sexual – telling each other dating horror stories. She’s bisexual and was talking about how she seduces straight girls in clubs and I was telling her it isn’t that different to what I do as a men (kissing necks to turn girls on etc).

    -Was telling her a couple of my standard DHV stories (involving a funny but cruel practical joke on a friend). She kept repeating that I was “evil” but you could tell she LOVED it.

    -We were sitting beside each otheron the couch and she was telling me how she turns on girls in clubs so I just said I’m going to do it and kissed her on the neck and she loved it. I said it was a turn on for me too and she was like “Is that a hint?” and I just looked her right in the eye – can’t remember what I said, and she just went and nibbled my neck and then asked if I liked it licked as well – and I said yes and she did it. After that, the kiss was barely a formality. She was really into it and kept telling me how good a kisser I was (you could actually see the surprise on her face after the first kiss) and how most guys are worse kissers than most women.

    -Sometime later I stopped just before the punchline of a really suspenseful DHV story and told her to kiss me before I continued (I do this quite often) and she was like “No” – she’d only kiss me AFTER I told her the punchline. It actually became a major frame battle for a good 5 min. I kept trying to sidestep the issue and go for a kiss and alternated saying I’d tell her when she kissed me but she kept pulling away and saying she can keep it up without kissing me (even when I was feeling her up and kissing her neck and turning her on). Then she went to the toilet and I was thinking about giving in because I didn’t want such a major stumbling block when I was going to try taking her to the toilet in 20-30 mins..and then I thought I could do a compromise – I’d tell her the punchline as she kissed me.

    -Fortunately, she came back and sat down and half-heartedly tried again to get the punchline but I just said no again and she gave in and pecked me on the lips…frame battle – SUCCESS. Then I told her the punchline. That was probably the most satisfying moment of the entire evening – winning that frame battle..:)


    • on August 31, 2014 at 1:48 pm gunslingergregi

      try having a bitch you love riding and grinding your cock and not fuck her
      now that is holding frame


    • I’m not really a fan of excessive making out on dates. Less is more imo. Also, multiple venues helps. Since your plan was not to go for the pull to your house you had two options as I see it. One, shortish date with light kissing, seed the next date at your apartment then end the date on a high. Two, gradual emotional escalation with incremental sexualization culminating with a bathroom pull (or other public location; ie a park).

      RSDTodd argues that it is better to start a date flatline and borderline boring then on a high. Women are creatures of the moment. They are sensitive to relative emotional changes. Therefore going from cool to warm to hot is better than going from “nice ass” (which is what you did) to even more sexualizing (with constant kissing no less). So start non-sexual after a brief hug. Then go into trivialities, then into simple topics then into deeper topics then into sexual topics (incrementally escalate kino and eye contact). Throw in a venue change or at the least an in-venue change. Then kiss, then pull.

      You are right to suspect that she will have ASD for next time. RSDTodd (a good source for info) says this is because “she knows how the movie ends”; ie you are now a foregone conclusion. She wants to see the whole movie not just the ending. I would do what Tom Torero does and that is plan an “adventure date” for next time. Take her for a bike ride or boat ride or something which conveniently ends by your apartment. Then inviter her up on a pretext then do all the rest. Don’t sexualize while texting either.

      Let us know if you close her. I’m rooting for you.


    • Awesome brother. I don’t think you are going to have too much ASD here. She is really sexual right away like this. Just take her out again make sure alcohol is involved and change venues and keep escalating. Don’t forget the comfort also. That is what makes women want to fuck you.


    • @Culum

      NICE! See you just had to relax 😀

      As far as the ASD stuff with heavy making out, never been in that situation. Isn’t this an online girl? I feel like the whole point of meeting online is to fuck, why would she back out?

      Let me know how you get to the bang. Great shit!


    • on September 2, 2014 at 2:33 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Good job, glad you had fun. 🙂


      • Thanks guys 🙂

        All a learning curve. Online can be to fuck or for marriage or anything in between – in this case, it was closer to the fuck side. I was pushing for the same day close (so I ramped up the sexuality) but now there may be ASD issues and/or the energy might fade as I have to travel for a couple of weeks and can’t see her til I get back. But still – was a great experience.


  41. Update on the Rotherham thing. Apparently over 100 babies have been born from the girls who were abused by the Asian gangs.

    Rotherham is only a small town in the north of England (already a small country). That’s pretty huge. So 100 babies, and 1400 girls who are now completely damaged goods for mating / relationship purposes, and those are just the ones they know about…

    Rotherham was one of the main areas that the government INTENTIONALLY dumped disproportionate amounts of immigrants and asylum seekers. This is what happened.


    • Btw a lot of news outlets are reporting Rotherham as a city, it is not. Sheffield is the closest city, that is big enough but is having major problems with Roma immigrants. Moreso to do with stealing and littering / nuisance with those though, they sell their OWN girls as sex slaves.

      Rotherham is an entirely different beast, the pakis own the entire town now. Tis weird seeing my little town pop up in world news, it’s generally unheard of. Even more amusing is that this is like the FIFTH (or more) times that this story has been broken. Search back a bit and you’ll likely see some older articles.

      Same as before over the years, (right back to 2000 and earlier), every time it pops up, the council and police act like it’s just a few “isolated groups” and pretend it hasn’t happened, and bury it back under the carpet. It has been in the news SO many times, just this time seems to be getting more international attention.


      • “Asians”? Try Pakistani muslims. Stop with the PC euphemisms.


      • I mentioned Pakis in the 2nd post.

        Amusing how all the media in all the previous reports tried to remove all references to race whatsoever heh.


      • I think it’s gone past the points of “vote the bastards out” or “throw the bastards in jail”. Authorities and media play dumb over and over again for as long as necessary. The inevitable conclusion is that council, police or anyone around or above them won’t do anything to inconvenience their pets and certainly won’t act against themselves. It won’t get any better. There will be no recovery from this sickness. Call it a post-democratic situation, if you will.


  42. Red Pill wisdom making a cameo in the mainstream – of course packaged and presented by the only medium possible (a woman).

    Also some interesting stuff that’s recently out about female consumption of luxury goods coinciding with ovulation in their cycle. Makes a case for daygaming at the mall .


  43. Interesting test case on British brainfart talent show ‘The X Factor’ this weekend. 53 yo with 28 yo wife (and kid off-stage) auditioned for the Mong Show as a double act doing a duet. Inevitably, the ageist hasbeens of the panel decided, in their role as God, that the bunny should drop her hubby if she wanted to go any further in the competition. It was even framed like this – “You’re nearly 60, you don’t fit, etc”. Do they go and chat about it? Does she ask him on stage? Does she even look at him for his thoughts? Not a chance. Within seconds she agrees to drop him for the slenderest chance of vapid pop fame whoredom.
    Question 1: Pretty Alpha as he may be to knock up a chick 25 years younger (and she was hot enough), but can anything out-Alpha any woman’s desire for the unlimited attention that comes with fame? What could have made her consult her bloke, or even better, turn down the request to drop him?
    Question 2: Game theory accepts female hypergamy as an inevitable result of feminist loosening of mating practices in female favour and male disfavour. Alpha fux Beta bux. But are there other variants of hypergamy which don’t pitch man versus man? In other words, was this chick hypergamous in dumping her Alpha for a shot of the fame drug, which she apparently yearns for even more?


    • Dollars to donuts the panel would have had a different opinion if the duo would have been Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night…..who are also 20+ years apart…….


      • Maybe, but the panel’s demand isn’t the question. That’s done for the TV drama. I’m wondering have we reached a societal stage where there are now contexts when even Alpha isn’t enough (or where Alpha is actually so irrelevant as to be ignored) by women?


      • on August 31, 2014 at 7:38 pm braveagnosticg

        By the way wolfie65, would you like to give me my first kiss :$ ?


      • on August 31, 2014 at 10:35 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

        “”I’m wondering have we reached a societal stage where there are now contexts when even Alpha isn’t enough (or where Alpha is actually so irrelevant as to be ignored) by women?””

        For a good proportion of modern western women, Alpha IS NOT enough.

        They want an ALPHA enabler-provider and the richer the better.


      • on August 31, 2014 at 10:58 pm Mean Mr. Mustard


      • Mustard – At the risk of sounding like a broken record – which are once again available, so Gen FB know what they are – what women want is the 22-year old 6’4 Enrique Iglesias clone with Donald Trump’s checkbook who will make them a star.
        It does often seem that NOTHING else is good enough.

        Agnostic- assuming you’re a girl, you should have gotten your first kiss around age 3 or so – one way or the other – so I’m sure I’m a little late to the party.


    • Dunno what he did. But what he SHOULD have done was go home (alone), clear out all her stuff and toss it out into the street. “Let The X-Factor support you; I’m done with it.”

      Then he should take all his money and take a LONG solo vacation. and if she reproaches him on his return, his response should be: “THIS is what you get for cutting my balls off on national TV. Now fuck off.”

      If I have only one piece of advice for younger men it would be: “Always, ALWAYS be prepared to walk away.” No matter how good you think you have it.


  44. More here: skip to the 2 min mark for her instantaneous “Yes, I would do anything it takes” comment when asked to drop her hubby like a hot snot.


  45. on August 31, 2014 at 9:42 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Sydney (Australia) journalist who became $5000-per-night call girl was “saving marriages”
    The Rationalization Hamster spins strong in this one.
    Note the prominent man jaw.



  46. “Dude, she wants to give you a blow-job.”

    Put the crazy on notice or be rid of it. There are better prospects out there, no matter how sexy this or any one might look.

    But then, I never liked putting my dick in crazy.


  47. @Habd, YaReally, immoral et al, thought I’d update you on my weekend so you can garner whatever learnings or insights you deem fit.

    To update you, over the last 4 months I’ve shifted my game from K-selected to R-selected with largely positive results. My game has been directed at a smattering of online, social circle and limited “daygame” or random approaches. This past week I lined up a 24 year old nanny I met online. Her only day off is Sundays so instead of “dating” her, I invited her back to my place to “chill”….This has worked quite well. Meantime I’ve been contacting a variety of girls with long-game on any given day. I’d been reaching out to a 27 year old who I banged once and who then flaked a second time.

    Long story short….the 24 year old flakes last minute. At that very moment I contact the 27 year old who just happens to see me on the ferry I was taking. This rather serendipitous situation is a bizarre turnaround. I invited her back to my place. She agreed, we met and I banged her for the rest of the afternoon.

    I say this because it is so hilarious that at the exact moment of one flake I was able to find a replacement at that exact moment. This is not likely to happen again in this way but it does illustrate the point about spinning plates.

    Later this week the 26 year old bondage freak I met online is coming over.

    There’s a few others that I text and have met up with that have not panned out. One 25 year old computer programmer I went on 2 dates with, k-closed first night and then invited over for dinner just didn’t go anywhere. She was so closed and unresponsive I said “I think it’s time to go” and got rid of her.

    Then the theatre student…I ping-texted her a few days back. She replied 2 days later. It was just a response without any action associated with it so I didn’t follow up. She’s been “Liking” many of my Facebook posts but then also posting maudlin nonsense consisting of sad songs and public invites to movies: “Anyone want to go to the movies?” I’ve gotten the impression she’s got some mixed feelings after breaking up with her long-time beta bf. In some cases chicks who break up I”ve found need time to get over themselves and want to get banged. On the advice of HABD I’ve just left this for now. Usually if I leave them they generally come back seeking attention.

    I also still see the crazy ex gf who makes eye contact with me or scowls when she sees me but I haven’t engaged.

    It’s taken a while to get out of my previous funk but the Fuck Ten Other Women advice


  48. What To Do When A Girl Scolds You…. love the title. 😀 Pull their hair and it will not be your fault if they will experience Hair Loss


  49. Gender Madness: Absurdity of the Chase For Equality


  50. My immediate thought was, next time you’re done having sex with her: Give her a 5 dollar bill and tell he she can keep the change.