How Deep Is The Poz?

For new readers: “poz” is shorthand for the propagation of culture degeneracy, filth, freakishness, and antipathy toward normal, psychologically healthy humans. The epithet is retrofitted from its original use in the gayfag “bug chaser” sewer, where poz is a term of endearment for HIV positive gay men.

The poz is everywhere in America, but just how deep does it go? We turn our attention to the top five films hailed as “masterpieces” at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Synopses of each movie follow.

The Danish Girl – Set in the 1920s, a M2F tranny freak lops off his penis to become a woman. His wife supports him and takes photos of him in erotic poses.

About Ray – Three generations of single moms, bitchy lesbians, and proud sluts create a huge cunty hug box to help guide a F2M tranny freak teen girl through her testosterone therapy and tit chopping surgery.

Freeheld – Brave lesbian cop, compassionate gay rights activist, homophobic county officials, transformations, and payment transfers.

Truth – Historical revisionism recasting Dan Rather as noble truth-teller instead of as the lying, pathologically partisan shitlib in self-denial that he is and always will be.

Spotlight – Hagiography of Boston Globe shitlib journos who reported on child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. Not mentioned: over-representation of homosexual deviance in the ranks of the priesthood, Bryan Singer’s Hollywood boylove pool parties.

To answer this post title’s question: The poz goes very, very deep. If your girlfriend asks you to accompany her to one of these fruity, implicitly (and sometimes blatantly) anti-straight white man flics, tell her no way. If she insists, tell her you think less of her for wanting to indulge this garbage.


  1. And there’s Laurel and Hardy’s “Sons of the Desert”. Arguably the funniest movie ever made. Featuring mannish duck-hunting wives and sensuous brownskins :


    • The Scene where they’re all crying over the same girl that broke their hearts and made them join the legion is priceless.


      • on September 20, 2015 at 12:42 pm Obviously Cap'n

        After watching Chris “Wallace” Wallach et al on Fuchs Newz this morning: If anyone has an account at MPC, then could you make the case that every discussion of “sh!tlib face” begins and ends with Cuck-rl Rove?


      • on September 20, 2015 at 12:45 pm Obviously Cap'n

        Although Cl!t Hume is giving Rove a run for his money. By the way, Cl!t’s son, Sandy [what a sh!tlib nickname right there] committed suicide because it was discovered that he was a s0d0mite [back when a family’s “good” name actually mattered].


  2. Ayn Rand said that art is the barometer of a culture. She was wrong about a lot, but on the nature of art she hit the bullseye.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 12:50 pm Obviously Cap'n

      Evil Psychiatry Inc sent Alisa Rosenbaum into the breach to attack the Shkotzim from their right flank, in order to pick off any stragglers whom Karl Marx hadn’t destroyed with his assault from the left.


    • Speaking of Ayn, looks like Atlas is doing more than shrugging.


  3. You forgot to mention our fabulous new Secretary of The Army.


  4. You can also add a sitcom like The Big Bang Theory that depicts intelligent but clueless beta males behaving and acting in a way that I find offensive.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 1:34 pm Observasaurus Rex

      The first seasons were much better. Uber nerds behaving as uber nerds actually would, with an eye candy bimbo tossed in for contrast and comedic effect. Are they the ultimate betas? Absolutely, though Sheldon has often come across as alpha-ish in his disdain of all things female, with predictable tingle-induced followers appearing in a couple episodes.

      Scroll forwards a few years and they’ve added 2 more female cast members that are ball busting feminist bitches, and the pretty sweet blonde from season 1 has chopped off her hair, dropped her voice half an octave, and settled for the main character as her feminist harpyism meets the impending wall of doom.


  5. After the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling I thought the next push would be for polygamy. Instead it seems to be about “gender”. (Celebrating sex changes, redefining gender as “just a social construct”, etc). I mean it’s amazing. I don’t think it was even 48 hours after the gay marriage ruling and the next cause de jour was in our faces. I think I’ve heard more about this gender stuff over the past month than I have over the total of the rest of my life.

    This was obviously long planned and well orchestrated. But why? Why is gender neutralization the next attack front instead of polygamy?

    [CH: erasing sex distinctions is a feminist utopia. erasing race distinctions is an equalist leftoid utopia. erasing straight white men from the culture is an ejaculation of seething envious hatred.]


    • Interesting CH. So you would argue this is the next step in erasing straight white men from the culture? Makes sense.

      [CH: yes that is what’s happening now. if white men accede to their dispossession in the nation they and their ancestors built up from nothing, the fight will move to bloodier ground, and liquidation is a strong possibility.]


      • Straight, white males have done so well, in fact, they have essentially worked themselves out of a job. Time to level the Foundation and start rebuilding


      • One other thought I just had – All of this serves to destabilize the family unit, which is the fundamental structure of a functioning society. Gay marriage, redefining gender, rewarding single moms with welfare, at-will divorce…. all of it erodes the traditional family.

        You don’t have to be religious to understand that when families fall apart, society crumbles. I’ve lived in the nice section of three different towns and the one constant – you walk down the street and see intact families grilling in the back yard, playing at the park, etc. And Mon-Fri daytime you see the dad’s car gone from the driveway because he is out being productive at work.


      • ” to destabilize the family unit,”

        The irony is that most of the jackasses who are trying to destroy marriage and the nuclear family are doing so because they think it is fundamentally a religious institution, so it is a proxy in their war against xtianity. But the truth is that the marriage institution predates judo-xtianity, and was incorporated because it was so obviously beneficial to society. Only an ignorant or corrupt movement would dismiss it or try to destroy it.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 12:53 pm Obviously Cap'n

      Evil Psychiatry Inc’s fundamental goal is to DESTROY WHITE MASCULINITY. Polygamy empowers White Alphas like Donald Trump, whereas GLBTism empowers e.g. David Brock and Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner.


    • I must say I can’t wait for legalised Polagomy

      (and neither can all my boyfriends)


  6. Wow. This is some pretty bad degeneracy


  7. CH — “if white men accede to their dispossession in the nation they and their ancestors built up from nothing,”

    You didn’t build that “from nothing; you had black slaves and stolen red man land.

    [CH: i read something funny the other day: “slaves were to america’s success like cows are to mcdonald’s success.” heh.]

    The only thing you milkmen ever built was the bridge over river Kwia.

    [plus the entire modern world, but hey who’s counting (besides afrocentrist fabulists)?]


    • [CH: i read something funny the other day: “slaves were to america’s success like cows are to mcdonald’s success.” heh.]

      My favorite way to put it is, “slaves built this country in the same way a hammer built my house.” I read that one someplace years ago and never forgot it.


      • on September 20, 2015 at 2:55 pm Captain Obvious

        I’m convinced that 100% of the “afrocentrists” on this board are Mossad agents [either working directly out of Judea/Samaria, or else working through Mossad subsidiaries such as the SPLC or the SEIU or Soros Inc or Axelrod Inc or Sidney Blumenthal Inc etc etc etc].


      • on September 20, 2015 at 2:59 pm Captain Obvious

        And I am 110% certain that “nicole” is version 2.0 of the old “t*h*w*a*c*k” version 1.0 – a vastly more sophisticated reworking of the original Mossad initiative, designed to probe much further into our weaknesses than could “t*h*w*a*c*k”.


    • The only reason the red man was not forced into slavery was they are even stupider than nogs and are actually too stupid to be taught how to work. I mean they never even built a chair, just squatted on their haunches.

      [CH: whenever a shitlib brings up the indians in response to closed borders arguments, just tell him one of two things:
      – “yes, the indians were wiped out by immigration of foreign peoples, so maybe there’s a lesson there for the survival of our own culture.”
      – “indian tribes were genociding each other long before europeans arrived. where’s your outrage?”]


      • exactly, the (pre)history of the NA tribes was moving around, taking what they could, when they could. So, at worst, early Americans played by those very rules (and of course, in actually, by much more civilized rules)


      • Somewhat true but the real truth is that there weren’t enough redmen around to become slaves. The reality for most of the people’s of the America’s is that after 10,000+ years of being isolated from the rest of mankind, they lacked any defense against the diseases brought by the European explorers. In many places, up a 90% mortality rate. And it would have happened anyway at one point whether brought by Merchants from China(source of the Black Plague) or Arab traders(also ridden with the same diseases of the Europeans). The mass death of the people of the Americas was baked into the cake millennia ago.

        As for the red man being special little snowflakes, full of unicorns, puppies, kittens, and other goodness, remember, it wasn’t Cortez and his small band of conquistadors who overthrew the blood-soaked Aztec Empire. Rather it was many of the neighboring Indian tribes who were looking for way to throw off the yoke of the Aztecs after centuries of seeing people from their own tribes ritually slaughtered by the 10’s of thousands on some Aztec altar. Sometimes up to 80,000 captured enemies ritually sacrificed over a four day period. Cortez was their way out of Aztec tyranny.

        Hernan Cortez was a righteous man for what he did.


      • The indians would run away from the plantation, or so I read somewhere. They knew the land too well, i suppose.


      • Palm goes to juro. Amerindians, like all foragers at all times and everywhere, including our ancestors in Europe 10,000 y.a., had (and have) high time preference, low patience and highly impulsive behavior. Impossible to keep them down on the farm.

        It takes a few score generations of agriculture to select for a patient, docile population of natural serfs/natural slaves.

        Blacks are particularly interesting in this regard. On average, lots of patience for boring work through selection acting on their female ancestors’ capacity for agriculture, lots of muscle to do White man’s farming through their male ancestors being selected as Big Men. Give them Christianity to keep their natural misbehavior a little in check, let them get into the odd knife-fight, and presto – sustainable slavery (for awhile).

        It’s nobody’s fault – just Darwinism in action.


    • With or without slaves the white race – my race – would have accomplished just as much.

      The “slaves built that” argument is retarded..

      Slaves were convenient and cost peannuts, but they were unnecessary because white men could have done the same work.

      In the 12th century in Europe, whites built amazingly beautiful and complex Cathedrals that were as high as today’s 12 story buildings, there were ZERO colored slaves then. ( no electricity, no gas engines, only white men, nothing else, white men with their muscles and brains )

      The “without slaves you could not have accomplished that ” is a very retarded argument.

      It is something a child or a low IQ person would say because their understanding of the world is very limited.


      • on September 20, 2015 at 3:01 pm Captain Obvious

        CF, you’re wasting all that time [when you could have been doing something productive with your life] attempting to engage in discourse with a Mossad agent who is laughing at you for being such an idiot gullible Shegetz as to fall for the ruse.


      • Children and Low IQ people also make good slaves.


    • Why are you guys falling for t-h-w-a-c-k, version 4.0?

      And fair’s fair… when we gonna git Equine History Month a going concern? This country be built by horses and mules and such.


      • on September 20, 2015 at 5:15 pm Captain Obvious

        GE, “nicole” version 2.0 was such a vast improvement over “t*h*w*a*c*k” version 1.0 that frankly it’s a little troubling.


    • If we’re going to give forty acres and a mule to the Negros what are we going to have to give the mules?


    • The entire slavery discussion is irrelevant.

      Slavery filled the manpower gap in the South, but it also came with economic costs to non-slaves. Read Frederick Douglas’s biography, specifically the part where he talks about Southern craftsmen being underbid by owned slaves who were forced to work for nothing. The southern craftsmen simply couldn’t compete. And unlike todays fucked up black population, those were the black that actually knew how to get shit done.

      Which means that over time, the Southern craftsmen would have all become black slaves. Which means that over time, they would have necessarily gained tremendous political power since they would have been the only ones who could do a needed skill.

      At which point, according to Thomas Sowell is how slavery usually ends, when someone can do something you really need, and they all identify with each other, then it’s not such a simple matter to force them to do whatever you want. Unless you are in some Jihadi shit hole where slavery is a goal in and of itself.

      TL:DR the war wasn’t just pointless, it was a disaster in every possible way.


    • Nobody is saying that Europeans didn’t do wonderful things…just that you didn’t do it all with your own hands, and that you didn’t do it all by yourself.

      …and frankly, none of you living today did any of it, few of you even contribute to it, and I honestly doubt any of you could do it.

      So you have no business taking credit for it while what you’re doing is destroying it.


      • N1gger bullshit, as usual…

        Are you so dim that you don’t see the irony of you and your ilk always talking about “muh slavery”, and saying that YOUR kind built American… indeed, all things Western and wonderful…

        … and in the same breath say that WE shouldn’t take pride in what OUR ancestors thought up and, yes, built with their own hands?

        What next, all those European guilds and their works are to be credited to apprentices?

        The Scandinavian farmers of the Midwest who feed the world never owned slaves.

        For the nth time, Hattie… nobody is “taking credit” for having built or painted the Sistine Chapel here… but we marvel at the genius and take pride that those men were our forefathers.

        And nobody is resting on any laurels either… Western civilization had grown and prospered for hundreds and hundreds of years since, and most of us here are still holding down pertinent occupations, paying taxes, and contributing to our communities…

        Go thou and do likewise with your and your ilk… pick up a few trowels and brooms, and repair and clean up YOUR communites, rather than flapping your rubbery lips, merely walking around and “organizing”.


      • How can it be n1gger bullshit if it is the very words of your own actual forefathers? I guess your forefathers were n1ggers then.

        Read a god damn book.


  8. The “f*ck this gay earth” picture should have had the orifice in the Middle East or Africa. South America may be sketchy, but I wouldn’t insult it like that.


    • I kinda like the pic (If not taken in gay context) because it corresponds to one of the memes I have garnered from taking the redpill perspective – which is – “this is my world and it needs to be fucked, and fucked good and hard, and I am just the Man to do it”.

      I like to remind myself of this meme every once in awhile to cheer myself up and get my mind realigned with a more healthy orientation. The meme reminds me of the appropriate feeling for this.

      Of course the pic is way over the top because my world is no the whole world and though it needs to be fucked good and hard I usually interpret that very metaphorically. But now I have an over-the-top pic to go with the meme, thanks to CH. Thanks CH.


      • on September 20, 2015 at 3:04 pm Captain Obvious

        > “Of course the pic is way over the top because my world is not the whole world” ——— WM, now take that point of view, as experienced by you, a White Man with a conscience, and then transfer it to Eskimo Psychiatry Inc, which is run by genetic psychopaths, who very much see their world as being the WHOLE world, and who are not burdened by a conscience the way that you are.


      • Hello Captain Obvious:

        I see your point. My view is that western culture actually depends upon at least the majority of men partaking of said culture, possessing a deep-seated respect for the autonomy and agency of others, as being of similar value as oneself, from an existential point of view (i.e – by virtue of people other than myself being here alive on earth at this juncture, by whatever history has produced that outcome, I obviously must respect their agency as the same as mine. We are both obviously human being, so by virtue of being alive and able, in the most existential sense, we are the same).

        This deep-seated respect for the autonomy and agency of others, I believe is a higher level cognitive ability, that is dependent upon a degree of self-awareness, so as one can see the ultimate illogic of the “them vs. us” mindset, that we are all subject to, as a more basic default perspective (at least men are subject to this more basic default “them vs. us” perspective, it seems that this doesn’t work quite the same way with women, that “me” is somehow more hi-lighted in women’s default perspective, but I’m still a little unsure of the woman default viewpoint but am still trying to uncover it). It is ultimately illogical to acquiesce to the “them vs. us” default mindset because we cannot have the trappings of our western culture without the majority of men seeing past it, because so much of western culture is dependent on a collaboration that demands the respect for the autonomy and agency of others as being similar to oneself. The western law traditions (respect for personal property rights, innocent until proven guilty etc. etc.) demands this point of view, as does a properly functioning governance, the judiciary as a whole, the appropriate enforcement of law, and a properly functioning public media.

        I think the issue with some of the other cultures is that they don’t order the values (or virtues) the same, and thus do not produce an environment that fosters as much collaboration. It seems that some of the east asian cultures though might be similar to western culture in this respect. The arab world, and much of africa – it seems not so much. There are many individuals in these cultures that do have the aptitude to appreciate such things, but for some reason such is not appreciated to the same degree normatively. I think it is probably a matter of emphasis. Nevertheless, whatrever the reasons for these differences, I agree that the west should stop pretending that some of these groups match the west, normatively, with respect to our cherished virtue of tolerance. You don’t meet the challenge of intolerance with a show of tolerance beyond just a certain basic courtesy of benefit of doubt. Once past this point (and we are well past that when it comes to the arab issue), we need to be selective, and have those that wish to partake of out western culture prove out their tolerance. I’m not sure how we should go about testing this though. That is open to much needed debate I think. However if we do proceed as such, we will actually be behaving true to the west’s altruistic bent – by leading by example, which is that the only way to meet the challenge of intolerance is by way of excluding those that don’t display the appropriate appreciation for such.


      • on September 20, 2015 at 5:13 pm Captain Obvious

        WM, along the way in your intellectual journey, be forewarned that almost all of your assumptions about non-Western [such as Eskimo] motivations and thoughts and behaviors are not only wildly wrong [because your assumptions are tainted by the mere presence of your Western nature within the broader universe of your thinking], but, vastly more importantly than that, you won’t even realize that you have made these faulty assumptions in the first place. You’ll be thinking to yourself, “Well, the Eskimos must be thinking that ‘X’…” when, in fact, on the way to coming to that conclusion [about whatever the Eskimos must be thinking], unconsciously you have made countless different Western assumptions about what you perceive to be the True state of affairs, yet in reality you’re still blithely [arguably suicidally] ignorant of the fact that you made all of those grossly invalid assumptions which led you down the wrong path in seeing the True state of affairs for what it really is.


      • Hello again Captain Obvious:

        Which of my assumptions about the non-westerns are wildly wrong?


      • Captain Obvious – also, just to clarify so I can better understand your perspective – what to you mean by eskimo (I looked it up just now via urban dictionary but I can’t see an entry that seems to match the gist of what you are saying).


      • Hey Captain Obvious – OK, after coming back to the site here and re-reading what you have said – I see that by eskimo you mean jewish. You know, the jewish thing has been a bit of an enigma to me. Their religion (as well as Christian doctrine) states that the jews are god’s chosen people. Normatively, If that is the jewish shared deep-seated sentiment then that is quite fucked in my view as that will allow people that believe that about themselves to be intolerant in a very femmy way (the idiotic “I’m special” femmy type of narcissism that then excuses oneself from having to take responsibility for bitchy behavior). Christians that go with this sentiment are even more fucked in my view (putting others above themselves is just stupid). There is some evidence that there are jews and christians that are fucked in this way. Take a deep look at the Algemeiner Journal to see what I mean re jews with this perspective, that sentiment does bleed through in some of the writing there, and then for Christians, the fucked up view that Christians believe they are given free will by god except that if you don’t align it with god’s will you will go to hell, which therefore means it isn’t really free will but just a cheap facsimilie. I would venture that, psychologically, this is an appropriate meme for those that believe they are not god’s chosen people – you gotta have a real anxious type of martyrdom at work in your psyche, to pull that belief off. Wow – just shit upon your identity more you Christian idiots.

        OK – if that is where you are coming from Captain Obvious, I see your point.

        But it’s also clear that not all jews or all Christians believe this nonsense. For most western christians and jews the matter of religion is much more secular (perhaps seen as for hyper-personal esoteric consumption only but not to carte blanche mold moral opinion unquestioningly). I think the majority of westerners (the men anyway) do look to the respect for the personal autonomy and agency for oneself and others as more or less equal with respect to rights and responsibilities, as natural. I think we learn that when we are 5 year old. The men I know mostly fit that description (there are some that don’t, the minority, and they are fuck-ups in life for the most part). My ex-wife works with some professionals who are jewish and from what she says these are tolerant men. I am not personally closely acquainted with any jewish people but I can think of prominent examples of jewish men that are outspoken for tolerance – Noam Chomsky would be an example.

        I do know some very bright arab people and man I have to say – that Islamic ideology is strong and you do sense a high degree of intolerance. Their religious viewpoint has not been secularized to nearly the same degree of most other groups, normatively. That is a problem.

        Are you in disagreement with me?


  9. Even Doritos are gay now.

    [CH: i wonder if these kind of corporate stunts sucking the cock of pozdom will have any blowback in the form of native stock americans abandoning these brands, or if the sort of fat fucks who regularly eat doritos are so addicted to the calorie rush they will never care that their dollars support agendas totally at odds with their personal worldview?]


    • Establishing a connection between your product and sodomy sounds like a winning combination to me!

      Way to go after that 3% of the country that’s gay and offend most of the rest of the populace.

      caveat emptor


    • It’s a shame… I actually like Doritos, although I don’t eat them that often. But yup… dumpsville.


  10. on September 20, 2015 at 12:45 pm The Tasteful Thickness

    No!!!! Why is Don Frye butthexing da Earf


  11. at the top of the power structure is white men

    hence, the largest threat to this power structure is other white men

    in our period of cataclysmic change expect policies and general oppression to be directed towards… wait for it…

    white men.


  12. Someone wrote: “The opposite of manliness isn’t cowardice, it’s technology.” Remain detached and fundamentally distanced from the Ubiquitous Screen, don’t let this whole complex use your sensory stimuli like its personal chisel plough.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 5:20 pm Captain Obvious

      If we didn’t know that the MSM was lifting our material, then I’d agree with you. But VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE are following everything that we write here chez Le Chateau. Trust me on that. How long our influence will last, I don’t know, but we have got to milk it now, for everything that it’s worth. The stakes are just way too high.


      • I’m just saying to keep your ‘center of gravity’ in actuality. Be sufficiently aloof and able to autonomously use digitalia toward your own ends — not drown in this Brave New Worldian campaign like you’re somehow setting up permanent shop in a non-imposing Sili-Cuck Valley booze and schmooze


  13. Hello CH – Have you seen the documentary Kumare by Vikram Gandhi? This guy lays down some serious guru-game in this film and the depiction of how this plays out really belies pretty much everything you (and the Rational Male) have advised with respect to the woman’s perspective on human relationships. Gynocentrism just laid completely bare for all to clearly see. Fascinating. If you have not viewed it yet I highly recommend it.

    I can’t help it though – I still love this about the ladies. They are just so gooey and emotional.

    What do you think of guru-game? So fucked-up pandering to the female perspective like that (sugar-coating everything), but then you get to pierce that innocent narcissistic pussy real hard! And then on the surface at least, everybody is happy. It is still fucked-up though, because ti is manipulation and though it works real good, and on some level the ladies do want to be manipulated, I ultimately do expect more self-awareness from the ladies, and if I can’t infer or intuit that, I start losing respect for them, and I don’t like that, because I do love the fact that they are all gooey and emotional. Ughh. This is like an unsolvable dichotomy to me, and I wonder what it is from the picture that I am missing? What is it about that womanly innocent narcissism that is so damn enchanting? Like it is more than just the love of the physical pussy I suffer from and I can’t figure it out!


    • Meant to say – “this film and the depiction of how this plays out really reveals pretty much everything you (and the Rational Male) have advised with respect to the woman’s perspective on human relationships.”


  14. One of the local mega-mega churches (20k + attendance a weekend) in my area recently went full-on cuck when their weekly newspaper contained an ad for a ‘marriage’ workshop with a black guy/white woman. I laughed my ass off. this church is 99.9% SWPL suburban whites of the Starbucks type. I also noticed the on-line edition had a white male/white woman couple in that version of the ad.

    Its been interesting to watch this church slip into full cuck-mode since the old school pastor retired about a decade ago, and was replaced by a duo of two betas that are stereotypical to much of what is said here about betas & cucks in general. very sad.


  15. I think these movies arent really being made to mess with americans per se… i think they are being made to stoke the flame of islamic hatred for america…


  16. Queer cinema is nothing new. The French have been obsessed with it for decades.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 3:13 pm Captain Obvious

      Was it Director Pardo who thought that “JohnnyCage” = “JC” = “JesusChrist” would be a funny joke to play on the shkotzim?


  17. The degeneracy we see in the West today is a direct result of Jewish supremacy and control over our culture, coupled with a failure of the White man to recognize the destructive, subversive nature of the Jew. #WithJewsWeLose – every single time.



    “Dear Jane,

    I’ve been in such a state of perpetual turmoil ever since giving birth. My child, pronoun “they”, is now 3-years-old. I have been mired in a heinous state of chronic depression because “they” do not want to play with girl’s toys. It destroys me that “they” might be another white CIS male, and another future agent of the patriarchy. That’s just not the type of lifestyle I can support or agree with. ”

    “Ariana, thank you for your touching letter. Truly the phrase, “a mother knows best”, has never been more appropriate than here. No one wants a white, CIS male child, and the people who pretend they do are merely deluding themselves.”

    The anti-white crap Ive grown thick skin towards over the years. But these are the kind of things that still just make me furious.

    [CH: is that article for real? hard to take that at face value.]


    • Similar to yahoo answers. I was reading some question (don’t remember it now) and the answers ALL fell to the left. The related questions were obvious fakes. Some of the questions were so absurd… Basically like this: ‘I’m a drill sergeant in the army and I realized that I need gender reassignment surgery. Can anybody tell me the best way to tell my base commander that I need time to start hormone therapy and I’ll need extra time off?’. Really that obvious. And then there would be ‘real’ answers. This shit is a virus.


    • CH, have a look at some of Go-Ask-Jane’s other stuff. I think the column is written by a Heartistian red-piller.


    • It’s parody. Read her other articles.


    • This article is not exactly satire or a parody, its a trollish attempt to bait people into saying “you cant force him to be gay trans you have to let him choose!”

      At which point the troll says, “then you cant force children to normal, because thats just as bad!” or some such hamster logic.


  19. CH, you still have only peered into the opening of the rabbit hole.
    Dan Rather was the guy who went on screen to describe the Zapruder film, which he had seen but the public wouldn’t for years, and saying:
    “His head could be seen to fly violently forward.”
    when in the film it went back.
    Pathologically partisan shit-lib? Try agent.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 5:26 pm Captain Obvious

      The Eskimos sent in Eskimo Meyer Lansky’s man in Dallas, Eskimo Jack Ruby, to assassinate the only man who knew what actually happened. Assassination has been a staggeringly powerful tool for the Eskimos over the years. Solzhenitsyn felt that their assassination of Pyotr Stolypin, in 1911, was the Point of No Return for Russia. BTW, Zapruder himself was an Eskimo, from Russia, no less…


      • Assassination rarely has much effect on history. Brutus and Cassius thought killing Caesar would save the Republic. And plenty of people have been assassinated or attempted that were trivial: John Lennon, Larry Flynt, Gerald Ford, that My Sister Sam actress.

        Occam’s Butterknife, “obviously” it is good for an ethnic group to fill up France and Europe with Ahmedy Coulilaby because that’s so good for them. Occam’s Razor says technology and mass consumer advertising lifting women to be fully equal, instead of just a bit inferior, the average man generated tingle-related loathing of the West. Men who by virtue of just a bit of position upwards to most women were wanted by women’s grandmothers now being poison because they’re EQUAL.

        Your model doesn’t work — it lacks predictive power and smacks of voodoo and indeed is indistinguishable from the rantings of Louis Farrakhan or ISIS. My model works, and is supported by all those beta males out there. Obviously they were reproductively advantageous otherwise there would not be so many and the behavior not so hard-wired among Whites. Of course that was all predicated upon women NEEDING not just a man but support from his family in case of widowhood. Thus reliability not sexy straying was selected.

        The pill, the condom, the mass market advertising system, the welfare state, those are your enemies just as all that money from slave estates dominated by a few grandees were the enemy of the People and Senate of Rome.


      • on September 21, 2015 at 7:16 am meistergedanken

        Sorry Whiskey – on this one you’re way wrong. Assassination has had a HUGE effect on history, but opportunity costs are notoriously difficult to ascertain. Go back in history – the brothers Gracchus and Marcus Livius Drusus in the Roman Republic, or the duke of Buckingham, or Alexander II of Russia. James Garfield would have been a fantastic president if he hadn’t been shot. McKinley’s assassination allowed Teddy Roosevelt to reshape America in his image. Oh, and let’s not forget Archduke Ferdinand.

        Also, your counterargument that trivial people have also been assassinated is itself trivial.


  20. Even the best of women left listing in the filth of society will succumb. This is is a good opportunity for heartiste-men and red-pillers to put them on the path to Godliness.


  21. The hypothesis that black slaves were a necessary condition for USA success can be refuted from the observation that Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa developed similarly but without the institution of slavery.


    • on September 20, 2015 at 10:49 pm Observasaurus Rex

      If anything, slavery slowed down progress. A slave doesn’t need to be paid, but they need to be fed, sheltered, watched, supervised, punished, etc. Now sure a decent breeding program will get you more slaves, but such slaves will need to be fed and cared for until they are old enough to be useful (probably at least 10 years before their labor breaks even with their costs). A free man hired for work will be paid, but this cost is significantly offset by not being responsible for their food, lodging, medical care, and all the trappings necessary for a prison as well. Not to mention the costs of uprisings or escapes. In addition, free men know they can be fired, so their work will be of higher quality than the slaves who will do the bare minimum to avoid the whip. There had to be a margin of profit to have slaves though, or people wouldn’t have bothered for so many years (then again, astrology has lasted for millennia with zero benefit so…). I just don’t think it’s nearly as big a difference as people think.

      [CH: don’t underestimate inertia as a reason for the staying power of unprofitable systems.]


    • Really? I read that upwards of 80% of slave trade in the Americas involved central and south America. How many Americans could even afford slaves? Then there’s the fact that free Africans in Africa never accomplished anything. It would seem that the Americans who fell for the slave sales pitch were, actually, sold a mere bill of goods. They got gypped. Cheers


  22. CH, I think you need to address the issue raised in what I think is an important and timely blog post from Jim:

    He questions the idea of this evil Jewish Conspiracy and states that there is not an evil Jewish Conspiracy, but rather, as Mencius Moldbug argues, out of control runaway Christian descended holiness. He uses this metaphor of the cape and the matador, which is which? Is the matador progressiveness and jews are the cape or is the reverse true. He thinks that Jews are being used by progressiveness and not the evil perpetrators of it.

    I think this is a valid question to ask at this time. A lot of twitter has gotten bold and outright aggressive. And I think Jim’s question is valid. And it should be addressed immediately such that people have proper frames of reference at this key moment. This was some writing a short while back about Solzhenitsyn and his take on the role of Jews in the Russian revolution, and he tended to agree with Jim. And I think Solzhenitsyn studied the topic at length.

    Jim had a post on a review of Left Singularities. He claims one ended the Bronze Age and he referred to this famous scroll from the time “Admonitions of Ipuwer” which details the social collapse of the time of the Pharaohs. It detailed stuff like a destruction of hierarchy and egalitarianism, rejection of traditional sex rules,promiscuity, plummeting birth rates, rejection of society and authority, and economic collapse due to bad decision, poor governance, lack of hierarchy. I looked up the scroll and there was writing that says it parallels events in Exodus and that it is somewhat proof these events happened. So then I read this and thought, “Heh, Fucking Jews again. Is this what they do? Is this why throughout history, societies seek to run them off?” and I asked Jim in comment, “Did the Jews do it?” And he said, “Well they certainly were probably blamed.”

    So given what is happening in Twitter, how DangerAndPlay, Vaughn, MPC and others are going after Seth Rogen, the whole Ann Coulter thing, I think this issue needs to be addressed now such that people proceed with a “proper” sense of what is what. There certainly is a massive element of Poz that is Jewish. You can make a whole lot of linkages. But it is a valid question, “Is Poz Jewish? Or has Poz infected a lot of the Jews?”


    • The Red Shields love to brag about how their people have been kicked out of every country. So, there’s that.


      • So everyone else in the world is wrong!

        What would it feel like to be that arrogantly, obliviously narcissistic?


      • on September 21, 2015 at 5:50 am Mean Mr. Mustard


        This led me to revisit Wikipedia on what Frenchman Alain Soral said …

        In a report on the television programme Complément d’enquête (in its episode devoted to the controversial French humorist Dieudonné M’bala M’bala), broadcast on the French television channel France 2 on 20 September 2004, Alain Soral said:

        “ When you’re talking with a Frenchman who is a Zionist Jew, and you start to say, well maybe there are problems coming from your side, maybe you might have made a few mistakes, it’s not always the fault of other people if no-one can stand you wherever you go… because that’s basically their general history, you see… for 2,500 years, every time they settled somewhere, after about fifty years or so, they get their arses kicked. Surely something strange here ! It’s as though everyone is wrong except them. And the guy will start barking, yelling, going mad… you can’t be able to carry on with the conversation. Which, to sum it all up, tells you that there’s a psychopathology with Zionism Judaism, something that verges on mental illness…”

        Which then led me to the epic ….

        Some of you may have already seen/heard of him via his epic (subtitled) YouTube clip on why Feminism is Bullshit.


      • Another one of my favorites:

        Why indeed, Merchant? They must just be jealous of your success.


      • on September 21, 2015 at 9:07 pm Mean Mr. Mustard


        “Soral’s political positions are complex but can be summarized as a “French Third Position.” Practical policies include: National sovereignty, halt of immigration, bankster-free economics, social conservatism, non-aligned foreign policy, end to nanny-statism and feminism, return to virility, alliance with Russia, ideally the creation of “European protectionism” to organize the economy on a Continental scale.

        A major slogan is “reconciliation.” “Reconciliation” between the “Labor Left” and the “Values Right,” practically meaning a certain economic socialism and social conservatism. “Reconciliation” between ethnic French and Afro-Muslim French citizens around a civic nationalism. “Reconciliation” between the middle and working classes against speculative finance.”


        “Soral is considered a Satanic figure by the French politico-media system largely because of his withering critique of the pernicious effects of Jewish ethnocentrism and Zionism (both Israeli and international) on non-Jews.”

        I think I have just found myself a genuine real life (though by no means perfect) hero.


      • In my observation, one of the problems with Europeans attempting to analyze Jews is that you assume that everyone thinks like you do. You need to cure yourselves of this particular arrogance. It is rooted in the blank-slatism and equalism that Christianity infected you with. Even if you keep your Jesus, get rid of that belief that people have similar motives for similar behavior. Then you’ll be able to predict others’ behavior better, and form effective countermoves.

        You assume that because, in the same position, and given similar choices, you would do what you could for what you perceived to be the good of your race/ethnicity/nation at least.

        I would like to inform you that, for the most part, rich Jews with power and influence, do not give one shit about other Jews. Their fellows become an exploitable resource like everyone else as soon as they manage to get a pincer above the rest of the crabs in the bucket.

        I am positive that not all Jews are like that, but it is a very well known cultural phenomenon that plays itself out from the parent-child relationship to romantic relationships to the worker-employee relationship all the way up to our not so beloved prime minister in relation to the people.

        There is as much a Jewish conspiracy as WN’s are in partnership with PAN’s. Some interests (like sane separatism) may overlap, but we’re definitely not working together.

        No, what you’re dealing with, my silly blind co commenters is some rich people who happen to be Jewish doing what they can to cover their own ass while using their ethnic fellows as a human shield. Zionism is just a way to recruit suckers to be that shield.

        …and when things go wrong, you kick out and kill a chunk of that shield while the profiteers go scot free and nothing changes for the poor. Jews are not the best at forming conspiracies. Their elite is just the best at throwing their people under a bus to make that dough.


    • Conspiracies are only epiphenomena, playing out against a background of evolutionary strategy. Ultimately, the Jews can’t help themselves, which is why they always overplay their hand. Like right now – 97% of MSM, every Fed chairman, etc, etc.


    • Research the Prussian School reform movement and Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati. Weishaupt was trained to be a Jesuit. I think the common thread is actually Freemasonry with a very strong modern YKW influence among the wealthiest 0.0001%. The Communist Manifesto is essentially a retelling of Weisshaupt’s points for creation of a world government. These same points are also repeated in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Marx Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, all were Freemasons. Most of us are innocent pawns in this great game unfolding. Mice in an elephant stampede.


    • Your Freudian slip is showing, Minter.


    • is a reactionary. The same thing as the other isms- . Just another way to confuse people. Their big deal is that Democracy doesn’t work so we need a King. What stupidity. I pointed out that a qualified limited voters Republic, like we used to have, works just fine and has worked fine in the past for hundreds of years and their response is…crickets. I’m not sure if the Jews purposely plan to destroy everyone around them or it just some genetic super glitch but the result is the same. Lots of double talk.

      Like the very word the “Cathedral”. We all know it should be the #Neo-Synagogue. “The Cathedral” is a propagandist tool phrase not to illuminate but to confuse. Maybe we should see what a Cathedral really is. According to wiki,
      “…Although the word “cathedral” is sometimes loosely applied, churches with the function of “cathedral” occur specifically and only in those denominations with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and some Lutheran and Methodist churches…”
      So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run Harvard? So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run the news media? So Roman Catholics and Anglicans run the government of the USA? I don’t think so. The last time a fellow in robes strolled through a college the whole place was closed down with a Klan alert.
      So we don’t need to counter arguments that were not meant to be logical in the first place.


  23. >The Danish Girl – Set in the 1920s, a M2F tranny freak lops off his penis to become a woman. His wife supports him and takes photos of him in erotic poses.


  24. while black ‘supremist’ trolling is laughable in its face


    I take exception to ‘westerners build everything wit their own bare hands’ is silly.

    See slav(e)s.


  25. It’s honestly revolting how low people have sunk. When it comes to Jenner, let me say what I have told everyone since this whole shitshow blew;

    Every single thing that family does is for attention. Every. Last. Thing. The Jendashians are the most supplicant, status-whoring perverted household “family” name in modern western culture. But these liberals cream themselves as some testament of “true identity” why? Because Bruce was what they couldn’t be; he was white, male, and an athlete. God knows every perverted bumfucking fag is dying to screw the school jock; it is his dream to displace the chaste, beautiful white cheerleader from her position. And that’s what they got with some mixed up cross dresser in Jenner.

    The liberal family at its finest; a mudsharking daughter with a crossdressing white dad and drowning in fame. What else can they ask for?


  26. on September 21, 2015 at 4:37 pm King James Version

    This garbage is now plastered all over bus stop billboards in the capital of Canada:

    The “campaign”, which is being led by a local top 40 radio station geared towards airheads, features the following on its website:

    “Everyone should be able to live the life they were born to live, and with thousands of transgender people in our community, we want to help someone do just that.

    One person will be given $40,000 so they can better live the life they were born to live. Whether it’s offsetting the cost of hormone therapy, purchasing a new wardrobe, or anything else, this money is theirs to use as they see fit.

    The New Normal is all about accepting everyone. This is what the new normal should be. Acceptance for all. Period. Every one of us breathes the same air. We’re all normal.

    Let’s show our families, our friends, and our neighbours what The New Normal looks like in our community.

    If you are wanting to transition or are in the process of it and would like to share your story with us, please click here! (downloadable word document).

    Once completed, please send back to [email protected].

    Everyone should be able to live the life they want to live.

    The New Normal. The New HOT 89.9.”

    This radio station has a history of running “promotions” which turn out to be stunts intended to garner publicity. Stunt or not, that thousands of these posters are plastered over the city only serves to indoctrinate the masses with more poz.

    Some people need to swing.


  27. What the hell is that picture — the Homo Who Mounts The World?


  28. The title of this article should be sung to the tune of “How deep is your love” by the Bee Gees. I am sure some good wordsmiths on here can rework the words to the song a bit, to make it a bit more applicable.