A Sneak Peek At The 2016 Electoral Map

This is a map of all the US states with governors who have sworn to refuse Syrian refugees.

Prophetically, this could also be the 2016 electoral map. (You can liken the yellow states to those Trump-leaning “centrists” who will pull for Trump behind an anonymizing voting booth curtain.)

Some of you are saying there’s no way Massholeachusetts votes Republican. Remember that Massholes had the pleasure of experiencing Diversity™ up close and personal when the Muslim Chechen bomb brothers enriched a Boston fun run. Massholes are also keenly aware that the dreamy Tsarnaev family gained entry into the US under refugee status. But… ingrates gonna ingrate, and now Massachusetts natives are, shall we say, less open to Obama’s spiteful high yella crusade to shove ululating vibrancy down their lily-White throats.

Blood-spilling has a way of focusing minds and turning off the spigot on bleeding hearts, and Bostonians discovered that even they, ür-leftoid avatars of GoodWhite status whoring, have a ceiling on their moral exhibitionism.

So Massa is no longer willing to say, “Please may I have another, Massa Morgan Freeman”, and are instead in the process of quietly walking back their leapfrogging moral universalist preening as the consequences of their posturing become more palpable.

Given this development, here’s a deal worth considering: How about we bring into America as many Middle East Muslim refugees (and the assassins who swim among them) as obama wants to bring in, on the condition that they are all resettled into wealthy super zips in blue state cities. A few million put-upon Muslims in the loft condos of the Upper East Side, the historic Victorians of San Francisco, and the leafy suburbs of Connecticut. Money should be no object; after all, this is “the right thing to do”.

Raise the leftoid moral signaling calculus beyond their hearts’ carrying capacity. Let’s see, truly see, just how much Diversity™ they can tolerate. Call it the patented CH “Breaking Wheel Theory of Ideological Durability”. Leftoids have been pushing BadWhites into a corner for a long time. It’s only faaaaaaaiiiirrr to return the favor.


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with one word written on this blog from you CH…


    • I’m down the with black knight approach on this. Let’s let a few tens of thousands of unvetted refugees in, preferably males of military age. And let’s re-settle them in upper West Side Manhattan, Georgetown, and Beverly Park in LA. I’m sure we can find a nice affordable housing complex or three in which to lodge them.

      Then let’s sit back and cook some popcorn. No better way to disabuse somebody of really bad ideas than to give them exactly what they are asking for, and to give it to them good and hard.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 11:53 am George Washington

        And it can be called Moving to Real Opportunity.


      • Thats a nice fantasy, but we can’t control where these guys will plant their bombs. They aren’t going to necessarily attack the people right next door. They will drive by 20 packed whole foods and yoga studios to bomb a church or a nascar race.


      • balsac… That’s why you GTFU. If not out of the US entirely then at least out of the populated cities where they will launch these murderous capers. They aren’t going to pull off these audacious murder sprees in Boise ID or Lawrence KS or the hollers of WV. It doesn’t scale or draw enough attention.

        Nah, they will inevitably be drawn to either high pop. centers or decadent cities/events: NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, DC, New Orleans (during Mardi Gras), Los Angeles, etc. That happens to be where all the shitlibs are anyway so let them choke on their multiculturalism.

        This is a modified “going Galt” strategy but I actually believe this is how the white man regroups. I bailed on the U.S. almost a decade ago. I live overseas now in a community with white Europeans, Canadians, etc. who have done the same thing. Whites can do “diaspora” just as well as the Jews or the Lebanese. Hell, the Christian Lebanese don’t even really have a homeland and they are successful everywhere they go.

        No reason we can’t do the same.


      • @Balasac. Just being around the boring, smelly, filthy mudslimes will cure a liberal good-white. It won’t take bombs. Once they see that these grimlins will destroy their art districts, the music scene, and that all the bars and fine eating establishments will be destroyed they will want them all drowned in the ocean. I think the bombs etc, aren’t even the worse part, as that has so far been somewhat in frequent. The problem with muzzies (and blacks) in your area is that their un-cultured backwardness utterly destroys everything interesting on a daily basis.


      • The part of Paris that the Theatre Bataclan is in is a hipster/bohemian area. And that’s by Parisian standards even. Paris regularly votes Parti Socialiste.


      • That is what burns me up with pro-refugee crowd, the pro-homeless crowd, etc. They NEVER have to deal with their great ideas in THEIR neighborhood. I wish that they would move them in the same neighborhood with anyone that advocates this.

        I have a buddy that is a cop in the homeless capital of America. Really an affluent beach city and very homeless friendly; as long as they stay out of the rich neighborhoods. They pioneered locks on their trash cans. Anyway, he told me that his department knows when a homeless person wanders into their neighborhood is when their switchboard lights up and the 911 lines are jammed.


    • Ingenious take CH, prophetically relating the ‘Governor’s Refugee Map’ to the 2016 Electoral Map. Yet another reason to love this blog. I’m expecting Sailer or someone of similar reknown to h/t you on this one.


  2. We have a shit load of land in Alaska, right. How about above the Arctic Circle?

    Also, a Rep. Louis Gutierrez said not allowing the Syrian refugees in is akin to not allowing the Jews in before the holocaust.

    If my history is correct, didn’t the Dominican Republic want the Jewish refugees from the SS St. Louis to “whiten up” their country and the Jews said no?

    What does that tell you about the D.R. that the Jews would rather go back to Hitler than enjoy vibrant diversity?


    • Don’t wish that evil on us. Alaska doesn’t want them either.


    • Yeah, and Gutierrez even said that not letting them in plays into isis’ hands. Which is almost like saying, “if we dont’ let them in, the terrorists win.”

      Guy is spineless. He should import some into Chicago. Let that whole fucking city burn.


      • I’ve actually read the ‘if you don’t let the illegal migrants in, the terrorists win’ argument at Foreign Policy magazine. I believe it was some dude working for Soros though.


    • This false equivalence between the WWII era Jews and the Syrian refu-jihadis is a red-herring.

      A more apt question might be: would any of the Allies have been receptive to taking in hordes of blonde-haired, blue-eyed German “refugees” while they were fighting against … well, Germans? And even if they would have considered letting in the “good German” refugees … how many undercover Nazi werewolves would England have let blow shit up in London before they completely halted any such immigration plan?


      • Yeah, I was kind of thinking… turning the WWII era Jews away would be just like turning the present day Syrians away, if half the Jews had stayed behind in Germany to exterminate the Germans and any remaining Jews who weren’t with the program. Not a great metaphor.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 7:07 pm Captain Obvious

        Except that the Eskimos DID want to exterminate the Germans, just like they exterminated the Romanovs and the White Russians and the Ukrainians and the Armenians. Learn about anti-German Eskimo monsters like Rosa Luxemburg and Walther Rathenau and the secret Treaty of Rapallo which Rathenau signed with his Eskimo Bolshevik cousins.


      • And we placed Japs in camps, some Germans as well..and the Germans we didnt place in camps we kept under surveilance.


    • Dump the haji horde in Sosua, they’ll forget all about this jihad stuff.


  3. The Governors refusing the muslim horde is a great first step. Now we just need to make sure they don’t have short-term memory.

    And I also just wrote my Guv and said thanks for saying No to the muslim invasion. I know he’s only half-hearted, but his action warranted a kudos.


  4. on November 18, 2015 at 11:30 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    Memo to self: Must get more guns.

    Know where your mosques, muslim schools, and islamic centers are.


    • That approach will work, the rest is only nonsense.

      Worst of all…deep down everybody knows it.

      It reminds me of that old quote: “Americans always do the right thing, only after they’ve tried everything else.”


    • First steps are (1) to have at least one gun that works, and ammo, and (2) GET BETTER GUN LAWS SUCH AS CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY so that the good guys may actually have our guns with us to deter would-be criminals. Having 5 guns does you no good when you can’t carry them, for example, to a large sporting event or concert, and when even in the Southern States, one is still made to feel like a weirdo if one has a “concealed carry” permit and even if you carry, you live in fear of printing or an accidental display.

      We need an entire cultural transformational shift where people understand that good white fathers openly carrying a Glock in a restaurant or at a game is a good thing, so that would-be mass murderers would know that they will get shots fired back at them.

      Among many things, Paris illustrates the problem of a known gun-free zone. The terrorists did not seem to cared about any gun control laws when they acquired their AK-47s.

      Another example of libtardery (not actual retardness, but proof that there is a group that is actively at war with white men, which by extension hurts white women and children): the left’s official position is to: let in as many brown men as possible who are the angry/fighting 15-30 age group; not let in white European women; disarm white men and take away all good guys’ guns.

      When quite obviously the hunting communities in Pennsylvania and the flyover states show that the proper solution to violent crime is: have as few brown men in your society as possible.

      Then we get back to the original focus of this blog: game, women, feminism. If we were cured of feminism, then there would not be very many white mass murderers either (addressing a libtard argument), because all but the very most bottom omegas would have some kind of sex life or at least not be treated like trash all day by PC feminist libtardery female empowerment crap.

      There were guns and movie theaters in 1955. How many movie theater shootings were there in lily white towns where everyone had a hunting rifle (and a father and mother at home)?


    • Seriously, I don’t usually do this, but I’m seriously considering whether or not I shouldn’t notify authorities where you live.

      If you seriously consider killing children, you derserve to be skinned and salted.

      [CH: what if the kid is the baby hitler?]


      • 1. Many here are anti-semites. :^)

        2. We KNOW he is baby Hitler. If you have a time machine that shows us how a kid will turn out, I suppose it makes sense.


      • Ban this faggot


      • on November 19, 2015 at 12:32 am gunslingergregi

        ho hate to break it to ya bro but the us russia and france are killing syrian babies and they don’t give a fuck
        so shut the fuck up you aint said shit bout that you slimy piece of shit


      • on November 19, 2015 at 12:46 am gunslingergregi

        mosques, muslim schools, and islamic centers are””””””’

        and that seems to need to be said cause apparently in france those are the no go areas we keep hearing about right
        like something bad might happen to white people if they go there not the other way around
        white arming in self defense
        have you noticed the massive rape of white woman being talked about
        that you dont give a fuck about yea that thing that is happening in reality going on probably at this time
        yea nobody has been mass killing muslims for it have they
        they got away with it
        and they don’t even get a poo poo or flayed and salted out of you


      • on November 19, 2015 at 12:49 am gunslingergregi

        on anti semites”””””

        they point out shit from history that shows the jew killing the shit out of white people and that makes them theoretically anti semite
        the reality or not that it was jews involved in the killing of real people is no matter to you
        your basis of understanding is avoid any reality going on in the world
        but anyway
        you suck troll


      • on November 19, 2015 at 1:07 am gunslingergregi

        and if there was a world conglomerate bombing the shit out of the us i would be there doing my best to fucking defend the men woman and kids
        but that is not something i ever want to see so hopefully iron can man the fuck up
        but that is what makes the fucking syrian rape invasion so insidious is that they ain’t wearing army uniforms they are actually like spies at war with us but yet not wearing a fucking uniform nor shooting en mass or something or declaring it
        they kind of are kind of not its fucking sick
        so we can’t really defend ourselves or have honor
        its a sick world


      • Gunslinger:
        I’ve lived in nations with lots of Muslim populations. It’s not just anti white etc…they are just an aggressive religion. The Eskimoes have their aggression bottled up and apply it insidiously, the Muslims have it open and bloody.

        There are no-go Muslim zones in Every country there are Muslims, whether brown/black/white..if you ain’t Muslim you’re probably gonna get fucked up just cause.

        Historically though, when Muslims rise to power, their politics and philosophy mirror a less destructive and more artful form a.k.a diluted Nirthern-Europe versus the Eskimoes give us bernanke, emasculated Hollywood. Ball cutting bitches and ugliness of tremendous order.

        Just from a historical perspective, Muslims are forthright about their intentions and are a much easier enemy to deal with than the insidious,omnipresent Eskimo network.

        However, it IS admirable how deep they infest the world, learn from your enemies is what my philosophy says.


      • on November 19, 2015 at 10:45 am gunslingergregi


        I’ve lived in nations with lots of Muslim populations. It’s not just anti white etc…they are just an aggressive religion. The Eskimoes have their aggression bottled up and apply it insidiously, the Muslims have it open and bloody.

        they not really anti white it would seem to me i have met a lot of muslims but with the ring of killings of them some of them may hold a grudge as would be normal i would think

        ”””””’Historically though, when Muslims rise to power, their politics and philosophy mirror a less destructive and more artful form a.k.a diluted Nirthern-Europe versus the Eskimoes give us bernanke, emasculated Hollywood. Ball cutting bitches and ugliness of tremendous order.

        Just from a historical perspective, Muslims are forthright about their intentions and are a much easier enemy to deal with than the insidious,omnipresent Eskimo network.

        i dont think it would be bad for me personally with the muslims probably get to be a more manly atmosphere i think you are correct

        yea it just seems to always be true this shit i read about the thing people really want to kill people over is the other person living not like they live and still being happy because the person looks at them and wonders if they are living the wrong way and since they won’t admit they might be doing it wrong it makes em murderous lol
        or people can’t fathom people living in diferent ways under diferent rules

        ””””However, it IS admirable how deep they infest the world, learn from your enemies is what my philosophy says.”””””’

        i thought it was cool as fuck they opened business and then hired their people and paid all bills and let them save their money and buy their own business

        the muslims have family and community and such i guess why they had to be destroyed

        i don’t think i actually have an enemy wherever i roam noone kills me

        why aren’t people with all the education doing a better job with the world why are we still fucking living like in midevil times

        just accept people are diferent and are gonna wanna live diferent

        course i would not want the job of actually having to make the shitty descision to do shitty things

        but most people just living their lives and getting snatched up into bullshit by a relative few


  5. I wish I shared the optimism. I don’t see how we win this election given how culturally ascendant liberals are. Rest assured, if Trump can’t pull it off it is game over. Even if he does, it is probably STILL game over.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 2:19 pm Captain Obvious

      Comedy legend Mel Brooks… The “Spaceballs” and “Blazing Saddles” director said Tuesday that the Republican presidential candidate… is “grist for the comic mill and we need it, God bless him.” “I hope he never drops out of the race,” Brooks continued. “If I were doing a sitcom I’d do it about a powerful idiot like this guy, who’s running a big corporation or a big network and we’d get to see behind the scenes what an idiot he is.” http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3362100/posts


    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if Trump does not win in a landslide, it proves that the votes are not counted and the entire election is some kind of Hollywood production sham. I mean that literally. I would almost say that Ron Paul in 2008 proved that, but in 2016, after 8 more years of the internet’s growth and so many finding Heartistian ideas since 2012, more and more each day, things like http://www.thisblogisdangerous.com and many similar blogs, I mean, it is clear that we are awake. The United States government is openly hostile to the clearly expressed wishes of at least 55% of the population (and 90% of the host population). Same with France, Germany, and Britain. That’s enough even under the stupid system in which we find ourselves.

      By the way, I think Trump is pretty much a clown. Born into money, made his money in “real estate” (moving numbers around) and now reality TV shows, never did anything with his hands, lardass, not much of a man. Hitler, at least, was a true war hero who demonstrated great bravery repeatedly in World War I.

      It is sad that we need Trump to be “the savior”. Trump ain’t no George Washington. But he’s the best chance we got right now.

      At least he has moved the line about what can be talked about in the MSM a little bit, but not nearly enough.


  6. Think of all the Syrian food you could eat! Food being the only benefit people who love diversity can ever come up with.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 1:19 pm Dem Syrias Syrian Beats, Bro!

      Not true! They also love small shops where they can buy handmade crap and authentically source out their world music collection! Think of the great scarves, baskets & Syro-pop they can get in the shops of “Little Syria!”


    • I suspect the taste of goat and garbanzo beans tends to pall after a while.


      • Goat tastes excellent though.


      • I actually like the taste of both goat and garbanzos. I sometimes make a stew with goat, garbanzos, lentils, split peas and barley, heavily seasoned with cumin, garlic and onions.

        What I do NOT like, though, is Syrians.


      • Excellent taste, bud. (heh)

        I would amend your statement about Syrians with “I don’t like Syrians in the West in significant numbers”. Surely you don’t give a fuck about Syrians where they belong.


      • I would amend your statement about Syrians with “I don’t like Syrians in the West in significant numbers”. Surely you don’t give a fuck about Syrians where they belong.

        Yeah, my bad, I should have been clearer. I like Syrians just fine over there in the Levant where they belong.


      • on November 19, 2015 at 12:40 am gunslingergregi


        Excellent taste, bud. (heh)

        I would amend your statement about Syrians with “I don’t like Syrians in the West in significant numbers”. Surely you don’t give a fuck about Syrians where they belong.

        nobody seems to give a fuck about syrians where they belong why they are bombing the shit out of them whenever they feel like it
        the only way someone seems to be giving a fuck about them is if they can be used as a weapon against white men and woman


    • Because in the information age Americans can’t find and follow ethnic recipes themselves…


  7. As a show of gratitude for CH letting me comment here even though I leave too many comments, I will strive to make this my only comment today.

    1. The great state of Pennsylvania sticks out like a very sore thumb. WTF happened there? I have not studied the issue, but does anyone know how that great state got saddled with a leftoid Eskimo governor? Philadelphia is that Masshole-ish and dominates the population center of gravity that much? I would think Pittsburgh would not be blazingly leftoid, although it is a big city and has become hipsterish (factories turned into hipster lofts and coffee shops). Was it a close election? Because I have firsthand knowledge that the good people of Pennsylvania are “southerners”/midwesterners at heart. They are gun owners who hunt. The average Pennsylvanian is “occupied” apparently; not having his government represent his desires, kind of like the United States and Western Europe at the federal level.

    2. It is great to have CH back on twitter. Fight on, please.


    • One thing to consider with PA: I know a lot of NJ/NY people who retire and move to PA to make their pensions go further than they would in their home states. My dad worked for the state of NJ for 25 years, and the home and lifestyle he can afford in PA is far beyond what he could maintain in the Garden State.
      My dad is as fully based/red-pilled as it gets, but my siblings…let’s just say they brought their NJ mindset with them to the Poconos.


    • Jerry Sandusky. The last governor was accused of either covering up/or needlessly blaming all the administration, including Coach Paterno of covering up the child molestation there.

      Either way you see it, a lot of Republicans stayed home. Now, the A.G. is so corrupt she had her law license striped away. Harrisburg really is Tammany Hall on the Susquehanna.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 1:44 pm Captain Obvious

      Filthydelphia is a HUGE hub for Meyer Lansky Inc, second only to Chicago, and roughly even with Miami. One of the reasons the Sandusky mess got hushed up so quickly is because they were moving those boys into Filthydelphia and on up the Eastern Seaboard for the pleasure of on-the-down-low Eskimo lawyers.

      Liked by 1 person

      • on November 18, 2015 at 1:51 pm Captain Obvious

        CH: “Massholes had the pleasure of experiencing Diversity™ up close and personal when the Muslim Chechen bomb brothers enriched a Boston fun run.” ——— Also, Massholes are seeing Philip Chism’s mug on TV every night:


      • on November 18, 2015 at 1:53 pm Captain Obvious

        Also, the Masshole hindbrain has to be [at least subliminally] aware of the similarities between the two diarrhea skins:


    • They hushed that with the swiftness. I’m sure PSU board and government folks weren’t the only one taking advantage of those kids.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 1:57 pm Captain Obvious

        The worst thing is that they tried to blame it on Joe Pa, post-mortem. What a bunch of frigging cowards. At least the Paterno family is fighting back, God bless them.

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      • on November 18, 2015 at 2:03 pm Captain Obvious

        And of course the coup de grace: It was an ESKIMO, Louis Freeh, who was brought in to pin the blame on Joe Pa, and redirect attention away from the Eskimo lawyers who comprised the secret ch!ld m0lestation ring. Exactly like Eskimo Charles Krauthammer directing attention away from his former colleague, Eskimo Sidney Blumenthal, during the H!tlery testimony.


    • PA Gov got elected by babybrain boomers looking for more handouts- both from fracking and passing off their real estate taxes onto younger generations. Lotsa seniors here. I don’t think either will happen- oil prices too low for fracking to be reliable source of revenue and the economy in the shitter means younger people aren’t buying much property.


    • Heartiste is back on twitter? I can’t find his handle, is it a new one?

      Don’t be a tease Publius.


    • where is CH on twitter? I cant find him, only mentions of him


  8. on November 18, 2015 at 11:33 am Experienced Father


    Nice map.


  9. on November 18, 2015 at 11:48 am gunslingergregi

    where are whites gonna go when they become refugees?


    • I wonder if Mars has a refugee resettlement program…

      (I’m sure where I live the liberal governor will kiss Barry’ass to support the syrian “refugees”.)


    • If you could overcome your cowardice you wouldn’t need to be a refugee.

      Run white boy run.

      So afraid of an easy fight you’d run to space.

      You deserve this so suck on it.

      My advice is learn how to give a nice sloppy blowjob.


    • where are whites gonna go when they become refugees?

      Answer: back to where Whites came from before they entered Europe as refugees……

      Central Asia.


      • Back into the test tube of Yakub’s laboratory, amirite?

        /life at the chateau gets a bit tedious without these dumb n1ggers


  10. on November 18, 2015 at 11:51 am gunslingergregi

    Thought of the day: The Rise of the Pathogen will end the Reign of the R-Selected. ”””””’

    nope true thugs immune

    [CH: gibsmedats are a form of immunization against early death. remove those, and the thugs go with them.]


    • on November 18, 2015 at 11:59 am gunslingergregi

      course r selected having kids at 15 too so it not gonna matter as much as k who cheats he he he
      i dont think the male thugs get medical and yet there are a lot of old ones been doing same shit for a long time
      got 60 year old dudes like they drinking from the fountain of youth


      • Real thugs are rare. Even more rare are ones who make it past their youth without ending up in prison or dead. What’s common is state-protected squirrels pretending to be thugs.

        Yes, exactly. Hence the term “pseudo-alpha” used by some posters around here.

        I own several guns and am a lifetime member of the GOA (which is the gun lobby for those who think the NRA is too moderate) and I can’t count the number of times that some feral, mouthy dindu survived his encounter with me only because it was illegal for me to kill him.

        “Pseudo-alpha,” indeed.

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      • Jesus Christ Greg……….I was hoping you’d finally offed yourself after yesterday’s comments. Oh well, here’s to hoping!


      • on November 18, 2015 at 3:11 pm gunslingergregi

        come do it for me iron he he he


    • on November 18, 2015 at 12:05 pm gunslingergregi

      its like legends of the fall
      Tristans’s happen in real life and people just die around them while they do the shit they do


      • Real thugs are rare. Even more rare are ones who make it past their youth without ending up in prison or dead. What’s common is state-protected squirrels pretending to be thugs.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 12:19 pm gunslingergregi

        it doesnt matter whether they do to jail or not though
        qoute from a city we are gonna punish the drug dealers with 60 to 90 sentences and really make em think
        so treat em better than the army then
        im saying the ones who end up dead are not the tristans just average joe’s


    • amusing, if you check twitter of local DC bangers…they actually take ISIS threat seriously.


      • Anyone motivated by their belief is a far bigger threat than someone just looking to have material gains.

        I have no doubt that a neighborhood cleansing of n1gger gang-bangers would be a swift task for ISIS-type muslims.

        Coupled with the n1gger cleansing we’ve been hearing about in LA by the Hispanics, maybe these aliens are indeed here to do the job that the White man wouldn’t do. lzozlzol and more’s the pity.

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      • It would be a swift task for any type of Muslim. At least no Muslim I know of ever gave a fuck about being called a racist.


  11. Colorado and Nevada have been purpled up a bit for several years now, but Utah is a bit surprising. They’re usually about as red as it gets.

    Although I think there’s a lot of weird virtue signalling that goes on, especially in the relatively anti-Mormon Salt Lake City area.


    • CO govenor is a nut. CO should lean more red.


      • From what I hear, all the libs of CA moved to CO since CA was too expensive. Then they brought their disease with them.


    • Utah is not really a surprise because the government is still an appendage of the Mormon Church, and the Church leadership has gone all in for open borders. I’m sure if an anonymous poll were done of Utah citizens they would be overwhelmingly against refugees, but they’re not going to publicly pressure the governor unless and until the Church approves, and that’s not going to happen. In addition, the 30% or so of the population that is not LDS tends to be rabid democrats, so they’re certainly going to agree with the governor.


  12. I noticed that some of the don’t want states have a relatively high AA and HA population. 🙂


    • That’s because all AA and HA so called tough guys, gang bangers, pimps, and the like, are scared shitless of facing a true no-holds barred enemy such as ISIS. Muslims don’t suffer from ” white privilege “. Given enough time, and pressure, soon the Caucasians wot suffer from it either.


      • Hammer, here’s the thing though. As I told Greg, you value Arabs more than you value us. There has been no alliance with local African American leaders, or even regular folks, that would give us the confidence that we stand together against the threat of an influx of Arabs or other Asian or North African Muslims.

        Things got as far as they did partly because you like them better because they generally have paler skin, straight or easier to straighten hair, and many of them can pass. Forget that they want to convert or kill you, that didn’t matter when towns were getting filled with them, until someone got out of line and demanded that they have more halal food options on welfare.

        Even in this very site’s comments section, most of you had little to say about the proliferation of beige people in your midst. Some even proposed that maybe the Muslims had it right. It was African Americans who are the real problem on the ground in the U.S. We’re too criminal, uncivilized, subhumans who need to be deported back to Africa or exterminated.

        Now your favorite pets have bitten the hand that feeds. African Americans mostly at least try to be good citizens, and none but a few obviously mentally ill crazies have a “kill whitey” agenda.

        So I feel for you, I do. It must be horrible to be so gullible…but this is why I say you need to come out of the chimp level thinking. It has and will continue to fuck you. Someone looking more like you doesn’t mean they like you.

        …but anyway, cue the ridicule. I don’t know how, but somehow they will turn my saying that a bunch of murderous jihadis want to kill you into some leftist something. Whatever.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 5:48 pm The Other Anonymous

      Perhaps They’ve gotten used to the smell …

      Syrians are a whole other kettle of fish.


    • After the experiences of they bruthas getting ethnically-cleansed out of some LA hoods at the hands of Hispanics, them darkies surely don’t want to face any Die-fer-Allah muslims…

      /man, talk about feets doan fail me now!


      • If you were right, then California would be a no admission state.

        It is more likely that African Americans understand from observation and experience, that you place Arabs above us. We don’t need a buffer race of virtually “white” people in the south. If the Muslims come in, they will absorb the African Americans who haven’t been absorbed by Hispanics.

        Like Malcolm X once said, if he put on a turban, you wouldn’t have had as much a problem with him.

        I bet he’s somewhere among the Ancestors laughing his ass off right now.


  13. I think when more syrian sand riggers come here they will end up in the red. The fed dictatorship will get its way. Then when the sand riggers pathologies occur, and they most certainly will, count on a massive media cover up. We’ll read about it here of course, but the porn-obsessed pothead drinking buddy football fan fat asses won’t or they won’t care, their mental bandwidth can’t handle anything more than debating the cover 2. If Trump can pull it off it will be the only chance we have. And don’t count on libtards changing their views or actions, that would require logic and reason. Mass elected the Marxist warren.

    It would be great to put all the syrian sand riggers in blue cities, God how I wish it would happen (imagine 130+ shot dead libtards in Manhattan and/or SF), just don’t count on it. And don’t ever count on libtards waking up. Its never going to happen. The biggest threat, and really the only threat to Western Civilization and therefore the White race is liberalism. They hate you and me more than anything else. The rest is moot…

    Read Peter Hitchins admitting his delight as a student seeing some old Brit made uncomfortable by the diversity Britain allowed in in the 60s. He admitted his sadism.

    The best scenario I see is the sand riggers getting a nuke and taking out DC, the academy sham awards, Manhattan, and etc. When Boston got bombed I was happy, I just wanted a higher body count of dead libs. The muzzies need to do a better job that’s our best hope.


  14. on November 18, 2015 at 12:06 pm The Spirit Within

    FYI Last week McClatchey/Marist polls re: general election show the Democrat nominee beating the Republican nominee in every conceivable permutation of candidates…

    …except one. Carson v Sanders. And the margin was only 2.

    Trump is not the savior. In the projections, he lost the general to Sanders by 12 and to Clinton by 15. As his lack of expertise is revealed and as he makes more endless goofy speeches — he’s veering closer to Castro/Chavez/Camacho banana republic style politics — that gap will widen.

    Keep pushing that charlatan on your readership, Heartiste. I’m sure you have your perverse reasons.

    [CH: i’ll save your comment in the data bank, because i want to hear your squeals of emotional distress when trump wins and your words come back to bite you.
    ps the marist poll has a strong leftoid bias.]


  15. on November 18, 2015 at 12:20 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    Of course, there’s absolutely nothing to stop ‘refugees’ from moving from, say, California, to places like Arizona, Texas, Alabama, or Idaho.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 12:34 pm gunslingergregi

      well north dakota has somali refugees so yea uhh
      maybe not syrian though

      ””””””””FARGO, N.D. – A Somali man charged in the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old woman in northwest North Dakota is now accused of killing her mother, brother and the mother’s boyfriend, who were found dead the same day in mobile home across town.
      The Somali national has said he was in the U.S. under political asylum. He’s scheduled for a preliminary hearing June 19, and Larson said she expects the case to go to trial.””””””””””””

      so its allready happening maybe the syrian thing is a feel good cover up of all the other refugees allready dropped all around the place


  16. […] A Sneak Peek At The 2016 Electoral Map […]


  17. on November 18, 2015 at 12:40 pm gunslingergregi

    None of the 82 who have landed in Ohio are in the Dayton area, officials. However, nine settled in Cincinnati, 15 in Cleveland, seven in Columbus, 47 in Toledo and four in Westerville. – See more at: http://www.whio.com/news/news/national-govt-politics/us-82-syrian-refugees-resettled-in-ohio-none-in-da/npQW9/#sthash.cnzdiTHi.dpuf”””””””

    the lying liars so alleady took em in he he he


  18. Michigan used to be pretty lefty. Perhaps the continued Detroit-sponsored enrichment program helped change that. It only took 50 years.


    • Michigan is still pretty leftie. The Southeast Michigan black sump of Detroit and Flint, plus the proglodytes of Ann Arbor and other academic ivory towers create regional Leftist enclaves, while most of the rest of the state is relatively much more rural and conservative. None of that has changed, really, except that the dispersed majority has become a bit more motivated to be involved than they have been in the past.

      And Snyder isn’t much of a conservative. This was a good move, and the whole Right to Work business a couple of years ago was good, but other than that, he’s a textbook cuckservative.


      • @Joshua
        Right to work is also ‘right to get fired without cause’ and is just a term that was invented to battle union dominance. Having worked in both systems, my union experience was better. That’s just me, though. Funny how the anti-union people I worked with idolized movie stars and musicians, one of the strongest union groups around. Then again, at one time, the biggest union was the Soviet Union. I guess I have no point.heh


    • A burb near Detroit now has a Muslim city council majority.

      Jim Harbaugh wanted to screen American Sniper and that brought a furor. He went ahead and did it anyway.


    • I attribute Michigan and Maine to ‘please let it stop’ among poorer lefties. They are dumber New World versions of Denmark and Norway. Stupid fucking Minnesota never learns though. Kind of like Sweden. Hmmm . . . much Swedish ancestry in Minnesota?


  19. People must realize that it is the Federal Government that is the enemy of the people. The Globalists have completely taken over the government, using its power to implement these crimes against the people, and that ISIS is just another tool used against us.

    And while we must protect ourselves against the ISIS terrorists, we must never forget who the real terrorists are – those in the Federal Government that have created them and brought them to our shores. Who created and voted for the Patriot Acts, the NDAA, and other freedom-destroying “laws” in our country? Who gave Obama “Fast-Track” Authority to implement the Republic-destroying “Trade Agreements?” Who wants even more immigration in the US, in Both Parties, when 94,000,000 Americans are out of work?

    Who put vote-rigging machines in YOUR district?

    It wasn’t ISIS.



  20. Was having trouble finding photos of those dastardly University of Kansas student leaders who refuse to step down after charges of racism.

    But “The Daily Mail” has them :


    Racial tensions are growing at the University of Kansas with a call for three top Student Senate leaders to resign and a recent graduate initiating a hunger strike.

    The Senate’s Student Executive Committee is demanding that Student Body President Jessie Pringle, Vice President Zach George and Chief of Staff Adam Moon step down.

    The committee claimed Pringle and George did not ‘stand in solidarity with their black peers and proclaim that Black Lives Matter’ during a forum on race last week.


  21. on November 18, 2015 at 12:53 pm Experienced Father


    The Wall Street Journal has picked up on the Blue Collar Whites moving behind Trump, but won’t go there regards illegal immigration related crime hitting whites.

    Trump Rides a Blue-Collar Wave
    Fifty-five percent of his supporters are white working-class.

    “Although the Trump phenomenon has surprised nearly everyone, it becomes intelligible against the backdrop of recent American history. For decades, white working-class men have been the most volatile element in the American electorate. Changes in the economy have hit them hard, and administrations of both political parties have done little to protect or compensate them. They have lost status in our society and even in their own families, many of which have crumbled. Practitioners of identity politics often have fingered them as the adversary, and upscale environmentalists have been all too willing to ignore their economic concerns.”


    • Not one for hyperbole but I can’t shake the feeling that Trump is the last great hope of this segment before the shooting starts.


      • It feels that way sometimes. Lock and load.


      • I agree that’s he’s the last great hope, but I disagree about shooting. If Trump doesn’t succeed, it would actually be devastating to White interests in America, and I really mean that. But if they haven’t taken to arms yet, there is no reason to believe they will do so. Middle America will continue to be bogged down under the crushing weight of painkiller early deaths, urbanized brain drain of their best youth, cannon fodderization of their dumber youths, fattening of their women, and a poisoned evangelical christianity which prioritizes Israel ahead of their own. If by some miracle their fertility rate stays high through adherence to religion, they will just continue to be human fuel for the machine unless something else changes. I do believe there a few things which could incite White america to take up arms, but they won’t be prescient enough to do it over an election.


      • And should he win, would that spring forth a baby boom much like what happened after WWII?

        People have an internal optimism that dwarfs “hope” and while we cannot go back, we stave off the decline. So, instead of a 45 degree angle, we’re now at a smooth 30.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 1:48 pm Captain Obvious

        > “Lock and load.” ——— PURCHASE MORE AMMO!!!!! It is mathematically impossible to have too much ammo. And when in doubt, always BUY EVEN MORE!!!!!


      • Yes, that was my thought when I watched the walking dead.

        Ammo was more important than anything.

        And this is a walker situation if there ever was one.


      • Shartiste, what are they, other than collapse of the dollar and $300.00 loaf of bread?


      • Thats what I was thinking of Publius, and it has the fortune of being historically backed aka Weimar.

        Also a shrinking white population unable to keep diversity hijinx in check would force some hands, I’m talking Rotherham stuff. Brits are fags, that was an easy target. If they try that shit here on a girl with an actual family I have confidence that Jim and Bill from Nebraska would go in Desert Eagles blazing.


    • The WSJ is cuck-central.


  22. on November 18, 2015 at 12:59 pm gunslingergregi

    Currently 70,000 refugees from around the world are allowed to come to the United States. The U.S. will accept 85,000 people in 2016 and 100,000 in 2017. People fleeing Syria will account for much of the increase, though not all.

    Although more than half of U.S. governors have objected to plans to resettle Syrian refugees in the United States, with some declaring that they won’t allow resettlement in their states, the federal government controls resettlement programs. State authorities have no legal authority to bar refugees from moving to their jurisdictions.

    maybe tump wins but then what

    columbas ohio bishop giving out housing he he he


  23. Raise the leftoid moral signaling calculus beyond their hearts’ carrying capacity.

    Beautiful! Truth is beauty.


  24. Given this development, here’s a deal worth considering: How about we bring into America as many Middle East Muslim refugees (and the assassins who swim among them) as obama wants to bring in, on the condition that they are all resettled into wealthy super zips in blue state cities. A few million put-upon Muslims in the loft condos of the Upper East Side, the historic Victorians of San Francisco, and the leafy suburbs of Connecticut. Money should be no object; after all, this is “the right thing to do”.

    Damn straight, and those fuckers in Marin County need to get hit hardest. They moved heaven and earth to stop BART from expanding into their county and we all know why. Filthy fucking hypocrites.


  25. Do Parisians count for refugee status yet? Londoners? Madrilenians? (Had to look that one up!)

    Do the raped Swede women qualify for refugee status yet?

    Hold off 5 years on taking refugees. We’ll take the Getmans & Swedes & French.


  26. on November 18, 2015 at 1:19 pm Each Pond Gone

    In a way, we’re the ultimate optimists. Most of our forefathers who built this country would have gone back to Europe, or offed themselves if they were a given even a five-minute glimpse of our modern world. We’ve breathed the very airs of max-degeneration, and by and large keep pressing on. Maybe it was all just a test


  27. Heard the guv of VT. Wants to take in 5000! A state of less than 100,000. That’s insane. The funniest part is to hear all of the white bleeding heart lib cucks in that state supporting it. My response : Enjoy watching these barbarians raping your nubile daughters, leaving trash all over the place and shitting in your vegetable gardens -you stupid cucks.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 2:01 pm gunslingergregi

      About a third of the students in the Winooski public-school system [were] English language learners

      Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/08/the_word_bacon_banned_in_vermont_street_sign.html#ixzz3rsYwbbky
      Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

      where the fuck in vermont is that
      the seeds allready been fucking sown all across the us


      • on November 18, 2015 at 2:27 pm Lost in Moderation

        Up until a few decades ago, Vermont’s school districts were entirely local. The town ran its own schools. John Taylor Gatto was called in when the professionals started forcing the town schools, one by one, into big districts administered by faceless adminocrats far, far away. The articles he wrote about trying to combat it are worth goggling because they outline very clearly how popular movements are derailed, hijacked and defeated by the professionals.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 2:52 pm gunslingergregi

        ya know what is really fucking sick is what the politians who get caught sell their souls for like 10 grand and shit
        makes ya want to vomit


      • on November 18, 2015 at 3:07 pm gunslingergregi

        ya seems like people would of probably tried but tens of millions of little wars lost keeps leading us ever forward


    • “A state of less than 100,000.”

      What the fuck


      • What the fuck, indeed.You what they call mahometans down here ? Gator chow . Habib ,you forgot to tell people you like you goat with the “special sauce” you assholes apply before prepping said wife, I mean meal.


    • Happened in Germany. There was a town of less than 1,000 that were forced to take over 1,000. It was a small farming town and they had to convert barns and what not into shelters for them. Fitting that animals always find a home.


      • Ho may be referring to the fact that the actual pop’n of Vermont is just north, heh, of 600,000.


      • That’s because they’re idiots who are complicit in this. Instead of going along with it, every citizen in that town should have sued the city hall if they tried to compel them to do anything on their property.


    • I grew up in Vermont and still have family there.

      When I was a kid the state was over 98% white. It was so unusual to see a minority that you would gawk just because they looked different. The first Chinese restaurant opening in the 1980s was a big deal. We never locked our door. My mother left her car keys in the ignition every night. It was that kind of place, real Norman Rockwell.

      Vermont used to be rock-ribbed Yankee back in the day — mind your own business, govern locally, small government, help your neighbor. Then shitlibs from Mass and NY moved in big time in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

      They seized control of the Vermont state government. In fact, I recall some shitlib quote about how easy it was to take control of the state.

      The people doing this are trust-fund, rich Goodwhites(TM). They live NOWHERE NEAR the diversity they love to import and feel good about. They were behind opening a methodone clinic in the 90s and handing out generous welfare benefits.

      So what happened? Vibrancy happened.

      Crime in Burlington has skyrocketed. There are shootings now. There are aggressive pan-handlers on Church Street. The city tried banning them but some ACLU shitlib sued and got that overturned. People don’t bring their kids down there any more. Immigrant refugees from the Sudan just sponge off welfare and scream about racism so they get more goodies. The Bosnian and Vietnamese immigrants work hard and do alright. Recently some blacks claimed to receive letters mentioning KKK in their mailboxes and got #blacklivesmatter involved. I suspect it’s a false flag operation (Racheal Dolezal(?) was proven to do the same thing for attention).

      Increasingly, Vermont is a state of rich Goodwhites, poor working class whites and poor vibrants. The Goodwhites love the vibrants (but won’t live anywhere near them) and hate the poor whites. Taxes are sky high.

      I love my family, but they are shitlibs to the core. It’s been fun watching them struggle with the cognitive dissonance as reality collides with their shitlib beliefs.

      Vermont is getting it good and hard. They are a lot like the Swedes and Minnesotans.

      Let it run its course. It’s the only way for them to understand.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 7:43 pm gunslingergregi

        Increasingly, Vermont is a state of rich Goodwhites, poor working class whites and poor vibrants. The Goodwhites love the vibrants (but won’t live anywhere near them) and hate the poor whites. Taxes are sky high.”””””””’

        yea they fucking have an orgasm when they see a white person get fucked over
        if blacks really knew what they would get treated like if they ever really become equal in the eyes of whites they would shut their fucking mouths about what they think is racist now.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 7:56 pm gunslingergregi

        can you imagine blacks getting treated like a new white kid in school they would shit themselves thinking that whites are racist not realizing that is just how white people are to someone diferent that is white
        blacks been getting kid glove treatment by whites
        4th grade power struggle had to fight the whole class till fit in 6th grade
        6th grade not too bad switched to 7th grade mad fights
        all white kids
        standardized test always 1st or 2nd of class
        you come into a new place at the top and you got to fight for that spot i guess or some shit
        little bit of high school then boom finally accepted lol
        whites just need a bit of blood i guess
        it was easier to be accepted by the nogs


      • on November 18, 2015 at 8:04 pm gunslingergregi

        ya know iron never told a nog to off themselves he he he
        fucking white people what ya gonna do


  28. on November 18, 2015 at 1:59 pm gunslingergregi

    apparently muslims in vermont got a sign outlawed that had bacon written on it rofl where you been


    • No wonder they’re saying bacon is as bad as smoking ten packs a day.


    • I’m buttering up my bacon at every instant. Doubling up my bacon. Gonna buy my own pigs, feed them bacon and then eat those fuckers. Instead of a BLT, it’s gonna be a BBB. . . .


  29. Are we really taking in 100,000 Syrian refugees? Are we really that stupid?

    Didn’t Europe have a terrorist attack just DAYS after the big wave of incoming refugees? While the terrorists were embedded long before that, the refugees end up making it easier for terrorists to hide.

    I actually would not have a problem with CHRISTIAN Syrian refugees (assuming no Muslims are pretending to be Christians and we can verify this), but Muslim Syrians? Here?

    Surely at least 75% of Americans are still smart enough to know better.

    Then again, as long as Pizza can be delivered to their doors, and Netflix/YouTube has enough entertainment on hand, they won’t care.


  30. Interesting that Michigan is refusing them, given that MI is a blue state AND has the most Arab Muslims in the US.


  31. and now Massachusetts natives are, shall we say, less open to Obama’s spiteful high yella crusade to shove ululating vibrancy down their lily-White throats.

    er… no.

    NY/NJ did not turn red after 9/11. Not even in 2004.


  32. those hog traps aren’t going to bait themselves.


  33. on November 18, 2015 at 2:04 pm gunslingergregi

    suggest not google checking the shit its too depressing


    • It’s like a catch-22. It’s depressing to keep up with the shit going on, but one must be aware of what’s going on.

      That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men… cruel.

      Instead of cruel I’m going with focused. (Eh, need a better word. At work right now. Something’ll come up.)


  34. is there a bigger shithead on TV?


  35. on November 18, 2015 at 2:19 pm gunslingergregi

    so yea just make sure ya turn lib and get a job helping the new peeps i guess
    till they hack you to death with a machette
    the good part of this might be americans get to see what a real machette feels like compared to the toys in us being sold


    • on November 18, 2015 at 2:25 pm gunslingergregi

      making and selling the real deal might become profitable when the guns are taken away
      i guess for self defense take up sword fighting gonna go old school


    • on November 18, 2015 at 2:34 pm gunslingergregi

      so hold up the wiccans in army in germany were actually getting ready for the future going full go on sword fighting practice
      who knew they be the only ones ready to defend themselves in the event of no guns
      time to join up with the renaissance people?
      someone with wrestling vs someone without pretty much toast
      imagine having sword training vs those without yea brutal


    • De Blasio I should say.


    • There is no reason we should care about brown dead kids any more than we should care about the gazelles who are being eaten alive by big cats as I type this. This is a harsh world, full of pain and suffering.

      One appropriate solution to the civilized world’s problems, simply not sending trillions of dollars in aid to Africa while giving no real tax breaks to white adults who are married with white kids, leaving us feeling that we “can’t afford” more than two kids (if that), would collaterally “cause” millions of children to die. So what?

      The leftoid holding up that photo should be asked a 2-word question: “So what?”

      We have a right to care first about our own children and their future. Simple as that. Even letting the leftoids set the frame, we easily win the debate at such an extreme level that the CNN/MSNBC/Obama/MSM crowd literally humiliates themselves (if they are capable of feeling humiliation) with every word they utter. It is take without question that the following groups are perfectly reasonable in boldface advocating only for their own, based on race or identity: Jews, Japanese, Chinese, Hispanics, Africans, African-Americans, women. Only white people cannot have our own nation or openly advocate for our own interests, and here in our own nations we face the loss of livelihood (or Siberia) for doing things like leaving this perfectly accurate comment on a blog using our real name (or anonymously, even, if they track IP)?

      What we have here, on November 18, 2015, is nothing short of MADNESS.

      Everybody is awake. I’m tired of reading “wake up, white man”, well-intentioned by inaccurate. Before the censorship police come in, the comments sections on every MSM article, all over youtube, everywhere, clearly show that we all get it. We are occupied and controlled at this point, as white nations (United States, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany).

      Every. Body. Knows. It. Period.

      For some reason, our nation (white nations) are able to survive better. We invented steel, planes, and boats.

      Paris happened, and the Boston Marathon happened, and 2 days later leftoids are allowed to advocate for more madness in the real world using their real names, while truth talkers are reduced to commenting anonymously here for fear of having our lives destroyed? Even commenting anonymously does not provide relief from fear; they can track us.

      It is madness, because every word written by CH here and the commenters who agree with him is simply, undeniable, a fact based in logic, reason, fact, tradition, and every atom that leads to the best civilization a human nation can create in this dangerous world.

      Morever, everything written here was taken as common knowledge for all of human history for thousands of years until about 1954 or 1969 or so in the United States. As CH has written, our grandfathers (and grandmothers) knew all of this.

      You see, even Trump does not truly talk full-out, not-held-back realtalk (not that I’m suggesting that he could get away with it). He could have sacrificed himself by talking REAL realtalk at the first debate, when that playboy model who reads a teleprompter for Cucks News uttered the words “war on women” during the first televised debate of the white men’s party.

      It was madness.

      PTR Industries, who are patriots, recently re-located to South Carolina, because South Carolina is not openly hostile to the Second Amendment. She was welcomed by a Republican governor. That’s cool, except that the governor is an Indian HB6 (could have been) woman who appeared on Newseek cover (one of THE most evil of the weapons) as “the new face of the GOP”. She’s cool compared to libtards, but no, she’s not. Or if she is, then we need a new party, which unashamedly represents white men. Every other group has a party. But the Republicans are supposed to elect an Indian, African, women, Cuban (or some combo of these)?

      The MSM’s goals are laughably transparent, at this point.

      My point of this comment, however, is that again we see that leftoids pretend to be so stupid their own stupid arguments fail even allowing them to stupidly set the frame. Nobody thinks to ask him, why is it white men’s responsibility to save every child from every nation when those who control our culture have aggressively pushed our own women to not be wives and mothers and give us any children of our own?

      Three days after Islamic terrorists (or Jewish agents, not sure which) shot 350 white people out on a Friday night, in Paris, and this leftoid is allowed to pretend to think it is a credible argument to hold up a photo of a dead kid in the ocean?

      In short, the evil of the left’s positions, on every issue, are so transparently wrong that it is sad that debate is even allowed, at this point, after 61 years of failure after the communist takeover in 1954.

      The debate should be over by now. It’s beyond clear at a ludicrous level, at this point.



    • I’m pretty sure there are gory pictures of the people slaughtered in Paris. They should become campaign posters.


    • Suck this, ‘boon banger De Blasio.


  36. on November 18, 2015 at 2:23 pm Lost in Moderation


    Notice who writes the article about the muslimah literally wrapping her filthy head in the flag. How grossly disrespectful of the flag, and at the same time, what a pure example of the cowardice and lie involved in “wrapping oneself in the flag.”


    • She probably diapers her babies with it.


    • Lipstick on a pig


    • That is clear violation of US flag code. She is desecrating our flag twice over.


    • Yahoo News is engaged in a neck ‘n neck battle with Salon for the most in-your-face ridiculous leftoidism on Earth. Just laughably stupid.

      And Megyn Kelly should be unemployed, at a minimum.


      • Now that Megyn cut her hair, it really emphasizes her man-chin and she looks repulsive.


      • Salon likes John Oliver.


      • Like most women that cut their hair short, she looks like shit.

        And, there’s a fucking trend happening here at work. One lady with long, beautiful hair, cut it; my guess to look like the robot lady in Jurassic World. One lady that liked that lady’s hair, cut her hair all boy-cut style. Yuk!

        Then, our boss cut her hair. Then another lady cut her hair and looks like a guy. (She’s a pelegrino who walks like a man and always wears pants, but makes time to ensure her lipstick is on point…dafuq?)

        Shit’s disgusting.


      • I take it you’ve never heard of Alternet.


      • Megyn Kelly must be able able to suck a dick par excellance. Despite going to a 3rd tier law school, she landed a job with one of the top law firms in the country.


      • yeah girls with big or distinctive noses should never cut their hair short. No woman should, but big noses especially, it just makes them pop out. Megyn Kelly has a spear nose, anything that draws the eye to it is to her aesthetic detriment. And looks is all she had.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 3:58 pm Past Being Guilt Tripped

      A few years back in Afganistan coalition forces naively tried to give children soccer balls with flags of the world… “Here kid, a toy, the world is here for ya, you’re free!”

      An outrage ensued – the ball included the Saudi flag which has a Koranic verse…. So to kick that ball would be an obvious insult to… Yeah, you get it.

      And there she is. Just check her out.


    • “Notice who writes the article about the muslimah literally wrapping her filthy head in the flag.”

      Are you retarded? How is that disrespectful? I’ve seen some westerners wear shorts or underwear with their flag on it. A persons head is not so dirty.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 5:04 pm Lost in Moderation

        She’s a muslimah, so her head is dirty. Pretty fucking obvious.

        I had a muslimah war bride, I know.


      • Some people have good hygiene down there. You know, it’s mandatory when you get laid to not have a smelly dick and ass. lol

        This being said, it’s disrespectful because it usurps the meaning of a symbol, much like she’d take offense if I started crossdressing and wearing just a bikini and bra with Islamic symbols on them while smearing myself in bacon.


      • “She’s a muslimah, so her head is dirty. Pretty fucking obvious.”

        I dunno man. My impression of Muslim chicks is that they’re hygienic, but what do I know.

        “Some people have good hygiene down there. You know, it’s mandatory when you get laid to not have a smelly dick and ass. lol”

        Well yeah, but would you touch the dick or ass of the most hygienic man in the universe? Rhetorical.

        “This being said, it’s disrespectful because it usurps the meaning of a symbol, much like she’d take offense if I started crossdressing and wearing just a bikini and bra with Islamic symbols on them while smearing myself in bacon.”

        I don’t know, that’s a lot more than just wrapping a country’s flag around your head, but to each his own.


      • “I don’t know, that’s a lot more than just wrapping a country’s flag around your head, but to each his own.”
        Actually, no, fuckwit. She’s using the flag as a hijab, not just covering her hair, much like me crossdressing is a symbol of something she’d disapprove of. If you’re so dense all this flies over your head, maybe you should shut up.

        “Well yeah, but would you touch the dick or ass of the most hygienic man in the universe? Rhetorical.”
        Nice fallacy there. You made an argument about how clean things are. Since the gender is irrelevant to your argument, I surely would touch the pussy or ass of the most hygienic woman in the universe. You also changed the goal posts. Go back to high-school and take some logic classes.


      • I’ve this lying slimy bitch on the telly before. You muzzies and taqqiya, goes together like goats and sex. you know i.m right Mehmet .


      • The flag should not be used as “wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery”, or for covering a speaker’s desk, draping a platform, or for any decoration in general (exception for coffins). Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available for these purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top.
        Title 4 of the United States Code


      • Ho is a retard or about 16 years old. No way his IQ cracks 100.


      • Ho is a hoe. This guy is a fool. Get off the forum Ho.


      • on November 19, 2015 at 4:56 am Vagina dominator

        I’ve got a hat that looks just like that ka’bah building in Mecca.

        Got to take it off in the cinema. Blocks people’s view n stuff.


    • the only thing worse than the short cut hair is when you mix it with the beta boyfie long hair…. I suppose it’s one step above lesbos, but I don’t imagine the sex to be grunting much…


  37. It’s will be a far far more complete a rout that your map. MO is trump, after Fergie and NigZoo. CO will go trump as I see its White high tech worker shifting from liberal libertarian to dark side red pill. PA will go Trump. Outside of Philly and Pittsburgh that state is red as hell. Black males will not show up to vote without a black in the race. NV and UT are trump. And from what I saw in the 2014 race, VA has a red ‘edge” Most Hispanic growth is either concentrated in an already blue state like CA or in a RED.

    I am a data guy, I see patterns. I think most political people, writers, and party hacks are deeply unaware of the fundamental shift that has occurred in people since 2012, particularly in men, esp White men.

    I see the impact of CH in all sorts of far flung corners of the culture in deeply fundamental ways. But the most foundational is this “alt right will get you pussy; The left is a pussy”

    It’s almost impossible for an predictive entity to properly measure the full impact until that First Tuesday when the votes are counted. And even then, those pundits will be as clueless as they were in 2014. That was when the snowball grew enough to have an impact and since then it has turned into an avalanche. It is not measurable by polling because it it is so postmodern, so decentralized, so 4GW.

    A comment on MPC put it this way:

    “I predicted back in January that 2015 would be the lulziest year ever, and already it’s exceeded my wildest expectations. But the craziest and funniest thing of all is that a few hundred hardcore internet trolls are moving the needle on the culture. And we’re doing so in the face of overwhelming opposition and complete public conformity to the shitlib orthodoxy.

    By dissenting when no one else would, and by mocking when no one else dared, we’ve opened the door for change.

    It’s especially hilarious that all of those pompous proclamations about how the internet (especially Twitter) would bring about political revolutions have turned out to be true, but just not the way they thought! 😆

    Instead, it turns out that the people who are best able to use twitter and the internet for revolutionary purposes are the white dudebro shitlords, the same people who are the most competent at everything else (except basketball, manipulating financial markets, and ethnic nepotism). 😆


  38. Meanwhile, France’s dhimmi-in-chief sits on his cuckumber while his country burns:


    These shitlibs will never learn.


    • Le Pen has the election after the next one in the bag given the trends. Now it’s a certainty she’ll go to the 2nd election cycle and most likely lose, but two elections ago she was a nobody. EU politics will be hilarious when all these fringe parties will be ascendant. I can’t wait for the left and right wing parties in Sweden to govern together because Sverigedemokraterna has over 20-25% of the vote. lol. In the EU, there will be a lot of popcorn to be eaten over the next decade.


    • What a cuck. I knew his swift action was all posturing. All for show.

      Talk about pathological altruism at its finest.


      • Not a cuck. He is YKW


      • Jewish leftists are just as cucky as white ones. Have you not noticed that the same Jewish leftists who call for Western national suicide also call for Israeli national suicide


      • He’s not a cuck if it is someone else’s nation he’s destroying. It’s just typical ykw behavior.


      • No I haven’t noticed…

        But assuming true… if only for the sake of discussion… why don’t you folks take care of them yourselves in the same “Dynamic Silence” and/or “Never work in this town again” manner as you do to the goyim who get out of line?


      • Case in point: Jon Liebowitz aka Jon Stewart, is a liberal faggot who also hates Israel.

        Chuck Schumer, on the other hand, supports Israel and has spoken out against taking Syrian refugees.

        Consistency in both cases. There’s no Jewish conspiracy to prop up Israel and destroy the West. There is a leftist conspiracy, led in part by a leftist Jews, to destroy both Israel and the West. Pathological altruism and self-hatred all the way down.

        Then of course we have Jews like Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro, who are as rightist as any of us, love the West, and loathe Jewish leftists.


      • Nice try on the old “no conspiracy” and “it’s the lefties!” shticks

        History has shown that it’s not unusual… nor cohencidental… to find Sanhedrin and their useful idiots… be they fellow tribesmen or gentiles… working BOTH sides of the street…

        … and how the uber-propaganda agitprop of the MSM in general… and Hollywood in particular… throughout the West never quite target Israel or the skullduggery of your tribesmen with the same laser focus as they do gentile national interests.

        We’ve covered this territory before… coming back every few months and repeating the same canards don’t work, here at the chateau.


      • Do you read the news?

        Are you familiar with SJW pet projects like BDS? Did you notice Obama’s attempt to influence the last Israeli election toward Netanyahu’s opponents, the Israeli left? Did you notice that the EU elite is now labeling Israeli products so that their pet third world Muslim invaders don’t have to sully themselves with Jewness?

        Every time Israel bombs Muslims to protect herself, she gets excoriated throughout the left-wing press. Every Israeli leader who wants to protect the borders and the nation and the race is hated by the Left.

        The two state solution crap, the “settlements” whinging – are those coming from the crimethinking Right? No they’re coming from the Jewish (and non-Jewish) Left.


      • “we have Jews like Mark Levin and Ben Shapiro, who are as rightist as any of us”

        okay, stop pretending to be one of “us”. You’re a jew. Its obvious to anyone who has discussed these things with a diverse classes of people. Christians who cuck for Israel never use the arguments you are making, rightwing Jews, however, use these arguments all the time.


      • As JRR Tolkien said when he was accused of being Jewish –

        “I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people.”

        I listen to Mark Levin religiously. That’s why you get the impression. And besides, since when are right-wing Jews part of the problem?


      • Loyalty to Israel ahead of America is the problem. And I don’t believe you for a minute. Get a 23andme.


      • Jews, being the hypersensitive types they are, can quote jot and tittle of every news article they claim to be anti-Israel…

        … funny how no one else gets that impression from the “mass media”.

        Likewise, every seeming political machination against Israel-uber-alles pricks their radar…

        … but nobody else notices because it’s BAU on this side of the pond with PACs, the MSM (esp. Hollywood), and foreign aid.

        Nothing wrong with being ever-vigilant for you and yours… but don’t scheister us gullible goyim into thinking YOU’RE the ones who are put-upon by the PTB and their media stooges.


  39. on November 18, 2015 at 2:46 pm gunslingergregi

    More wars in the Middle East, possibly with boots on the ground: “We are in a world war, Pope Francis said so. Therefore the West should wake up and be ready to fight in a strong way on the ground too. The Islamic State is enemy number one.””””””””””’

    from tweet yea inundate all areas with foreigners
    take all the white men out that are willing to fight send overseas
    seen it a hundred times


  40. There’s a well-known quirk about Massholechusetts – they usually vote in Republican governors to serve as a (mild) brake on the Democrats’ total lock on every other level of the state’s gubmint.

    Once every 30 years or so, they put Democrats in charge of everything to remind themselves why they don’t put Democrats in charge of everything. They just went through one of those cycles with Deval “Obama Beta Test” Patrick, and elected a Republican governor despite Democrats winning every seriously contested Congressional election last year.

    I only know this because I’m a NH native and both of my parents escaped Massholechusetts. NH is going through the same thing as CO though, in that all of the Massholes are fleeing there and bringing their leftoidism with them.


  41. Re: Tsarnaev – a Federal jury of Massachusetts residents gave that little shit the death penalty. The death penalty is not an authorized punishment in the Commonwealth’s courts.


  42. syrians are white and many are even naturally auburn/blonde. but yeah, like the people of the caucasians/ukrainians (upon which the term ‘caucasion’ was based), syrians and kurds are white.

    [CH: syrians are not even mpc huwhyte.]


    • [CH: syrians are not even mpc huwhyte.]

      They are about as hwhite as Roosh.

      So if Syrians are not white, neither is Roosh. If he is, they are.

      Being Muslim is the problem, in their case.

      [CH: the muslim thing certainly doesn’t help. syrians are technically whyte. that is, they’re caucasian. but there’s a world of gene/culture difference between ottoman caucasian and northwest european caucasian.]


    • Maybe the top 10% are white. Most of them are more like brown.


    • I wouldn’t go that far. I maybe wouldn’t go this far, either: http://operationantioch.blogspot.com

      But quite a few of the Christian Syrians are in fact Greco-Syrians…i.e., some kind of mixture of ancient semitic tribe (Assyrian, Phoenician), Greek and Roman.

      Most modern Syrians are not white, though.


    • When we say White here, we mean something a bit more specific than “Caucasian”. We mean European, with Western and Christian cultural roots.


      • And I would say that *some* Orthodox Syrians and *some* Maronite Lebanese fit the bill. Many of the former have Greek blood and identify with Byzantium (go to an Antiochian Orthodox Church in the USA) and Hellenism and many of the latter have French blood and identify with crusaders. Think Mitch Daniels (Syrian Orthodox), Danny Thomas (Lebanese Catholic), Tony George (Syrian Orthodox), Dr. DeBakey (Lebanese Maronite but Orthodox).

        Again, I wouldn’t allow Muslims of these regions into our country regardless of their ancestry and we should probably be cautious with the Christians, but some of them are essentially an outpost of the Roman Empire in the Middle East.


      • Sure. I’m with Ted Cruz. I’d allow Middle Eastern Christian refugees, because I consider them brothers and sisters in Christ and not a terrorist threat.

        But still – I’d worry about ISIS terrorists posing as Christians and getting in that way.


  43. on November 18, 2015 at 3:43 pm Wrong Side of History

    Libs should be reminded how racist it is to support immigration seeing as third world immigration hurts already suffering Dindus.


    • Libs are first about power for themselves and destruction for the West.

      Minorities are their pawns that they use toward that goal and throw under the bus when it suits them.


  44. Reddit doing a lot of hand-wringing and mental gymnastics to justify taking in invaders right now. The more we take, the more welfare we can pay out, which is great for the economy, obviously:

    Money given out as welfare is not a strain. It isn’t destroyed. It’s spent immediately, mostly on food and housing. It’s an economic stimulus. It lets people stop being poor, which would not happen if they were not given welfare, because there are not enough jobs for everyone and never will be.

    People really think this.



  45. on November 18, 2015 at 4:04 pm Enfant Terrible

    This is how they used to keep control of third world rabble.


    • Worst possible example you could have chosen. This is a huge example of how whites sabotaged themselves.

      Putting aside the fact that you are not smart enough to have checked if the video will play here.


  46. What is sad is how many states would be red if not for urban negros. Red = cuckservative, of course, but still.

    IL, MI, OH, PA, VA, NC, FL, and MD only went for Borat Hussein Osama (twice) because of the Negro vote. Outside of ‘the smartest of all ape species’, those states would be red.


  47. The States’ rejection of Syrian immigrants is an important political statement, but unfortunately it is also one that cannot (yet) be enforced.

    Our betters at The Atlantic think they are being cute for pointing this out. In doing so, they relate the tale of Somali immigrants who were originally settled in Philadelphia but hated being surrounded by our dindus so badly that they relocated to some small town in lilly-white Maine (you know our dindus are fucking out of control when Africans straight out of Mogadishu can’t stomach living among them).


    I know that most folks here at the Chateau are fully cognizant of the insanity of massive third-world immigration to the West and need no visual reminder of this insanity. Nonetheless, I found the photo of Little Mogadishu-on-the-Eastern-Seaboard that accompanied the article so jarring I had to post it. This photo says it all.


  48. Someone in shock and awe regarding this news: http://kottke.org/15/11/americas-exceptional-exclusionism — “…taking a strong anti-refugee position is closer to collaborating with ISIS than standing up to it.”


    • on November 18, 2015 at 6:51 pm Captain Obvious

      About kottke.org – kottke.org is one of the longest continuously running blogs on the web, having been in operation for 17.6834 years. Approximately. It’s primarily written by Jason Kottke but has also been helmed by a number of guest editors over the years, including Ainsley Drew, Tim Carmody, Sarah Pavis, Aaron Cohen, Choire Sicha, and Adam Lisagor.


  49. I am amazed at the number of naive people who think that taking them in will result in any appreciation on their part, or that they will assimilate due to sheer goodwill.

    Diversity doesn’t care if you welcomed them with open arms.



    • As one liberal I argued with today said, “I support letting “innocent” Syrian refugees in our country.”

      I guess the Paris attacks weren’t enough of an example for them. Leftoids must be bloodthirsty.


      • on November 18, 2015 at 6:49 pm Captain Obvious

        What was the ethnicity [to include religious affiliation] of that particular libtard?


      • Cap, he was white. And he had a few j*ws backing him up. I try to stay off of online debating with liberals of late but we’ll ya know, sometimes you have to call these traitors out publicly when you get the chance.


      • I’m guessing he was J*wish too.


    • Yep. Reagan ushered in big time amnesty for illegals in 1986. No love. They kept voting Democrat.

      Minorities have always voted Dem. Always will. The sooner the GOP embraces itself as the party of White interests the better.


      • Yep. Reagan ushered in big time amnesty for illegals in 1986. No love. They kept voting Democrat.

        It’s even worse than that. After the ’86 amnesty, the percentage of Hispanics who voted Democratic in the next election didn’t merely stay the same–it actually went up.


      • To the strains of

        When will they ever learn?
        When will they ehhhhhh – heh – ever learn?


  50. No, the UES has enough annoying SWPL types, send the Muzzies to live with the shitlibs on the UWS–or better yet, send ’em to Brooklyn.


  51. Wisconsin resident here. Memo to Minnesota: WAKE UP you fools! Or we’ll have to tear down the bridges. I have never been so glad for the Mississippi River as I am today.


    • Well you are talking about Minnie -soh -tah . Can’t expect much, can you ?


    • on November 20, 2015 at 2:22 pm gunslingergregi

      that is whats needed people living in refional areas with boots on ground and lots of pictures of what the shit looks like like real news or something


  52. Think about leftoid antiWhite race cucking insanity.

    Seeing some of their insanity on Twitter and in milder forms among a few of the people I know in real life, I am close to certain that this shitlibbism is an enormous episode of mass hysteria.

    Fast forward several decades to this conversation in New Phoenix:

    “Grandpa, what did you do during White Genocide?”
    “I was a social jus… er, ahem! I mean, I read a lot of Hreatiste, and then…”


  53. Am I the only one who noticed the outright hypocrisy of the media when it comes to ‘omg, don’t politicize the Paris attack against the illegal migrants’? I didn’t notice such outrage when different crackpots politicized pictures of the drowned kids.


    • Things will make a lot more sense when you realize deserving got nothin’ to do with it.

      This is all about power, full stop.


  54. Fuck I would love to be a fly on Hilary’s wall the night Trump torches her second big chance to be the first bitch POTUS. Even nigs neg her: ‘oh you’re likeable enough, Hil.’


  55. Love The Trump! Brilliant….knocks that shit out of the park on the first paragraph:

    There are nearly 13 million concealed carry permit holders in the United States who are part of the 100 million gun owners who defend the Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms.” This fundamental liberty is held closest by those who have gone through the process of vetting required to be entrusted with the ability to defend themselves, their families and their property with concealed weapons.



  56. on November 18, 2015 at 6:29 pm The Other Anonymous

    I’d love to see a sprawling Syrian refugee camp on Marthas Vineyard.

    Better yet, force same sex couples to take them in.


  57. on November 18, 2015 at 7:24 pm Experienced Father


    For your “Cuckservatives just gotta chuck” files, spread it around far and wide what our new Cuckservative House Speaker is up too.

    Speaker Ryan wants more Muslim terrorists in America.


    Speaker Paul Ryan Plans “Meaningless Show Vote” To Provide Cover For Congressional Support Of White House…


    “Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is planning to hold a vote on a meaningless bill that holds no substantive policy “The American Safe Act” (All two pages of it) . Meanwhile he has tabled the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act also known as the “Babin Bill” as it was introduced by Rep. Brian Babin. Quoting a GOP House Staffer:

    “Putting Ryan in charge of a fight to block refugees would be like putting (Nancy) Pelosi in charge of fight to repeal Obamacare.”


    • I’ve been liking the ConservativeTreeHouse with its Trump coverage. One thing, though: You cannot discuss the jewish question there, and you cannot get into HBD (unless its strictly muslim-bashing). Even a comment as simple as drawing attention to a press member’s jewish last name, in quotes, without anything derogatory, gets quickly erased. When the comments turn to Israel, there are christians who justify support with bible passages, followed by an echo chamber of applause. Breitbart.. also Zio-cheerleaders.

      If they can help get Trump elected that is great, but always remember even the “silent majority” does not fully understand some of these deeper issues. If you are the type of guy who gets past gun rights, “illegal” immigration(not race), PC, the Karl Rove donor class, obamacare, and terrorism and you still ask questions, then you will not be part of the silent majority when you find your answers. You are still on the fringe.


      • Any right-wing movement that excludes Christians is doomed to irrelevance.


      • You use “Christian” as a generality, which is pointless in this context. Not all Christians have unwavering support for jews in Israel based on bible passages. The evangelicals are a fine people, but they really need to get their shit together or their kids will continue getting limbs blown off so that Abe can have more leg room in the Middle East.


      • Any American right-wing movement that excludes Evangelical Christians is doomed to irrelevance.


      • any religion that places another ethnic group ahead of themselves is doomed to irrelevance. Evangelicals are getting destroyed by their fealty.


  58. Best way to respond to a friend who recently put this steaming pile of cucked-out bullshit on facebook?:

    “I’ve never understood the logic behind arguments such as “why should we help Muslim war refugees when we have homeless war veterans and so many other problems here in America?” (which isn’t a new argument, 2/3 of Americans were against allowing Jewish refugees during the holocaust) Can’t we help both? This whole “us and them” mentality is divisive and doesn’t help anyone. If you find yourself on the other side of any argument that suggests helping your fellow man then you might need to take a look in the mirror. God is love, God conquers all, therefore so shall love conquer all.”

    Any help from the CH readership is greatly appreciated.


    • You have to think of the future. Do you want America to exist a hundred years from now, or should it be just a hodge-podge of squabbling, warring peoples? The Left is importing voters because that’s how they win elections, as throughout the West Whites have turned increasingly Right in their voting patterns. There was even a Labour document from the 1980s outlining this strategy in writing. But import a Third World majority and you get a Third World economy. And there will be no West to give loans and financial aid then, no West to sell exports to. It will mean poverty like we have never seen before. And not just in the West but in the rest of the world too.

      If mass immigration would “enrich” like the Left says, why doesn’t anyone suggest mass immigration for Somalia? Imagine how “rich” they could be.


    • If the go-to options of “delete facebook” and “ignore it” aren’t what you’re looking for, how about just posting “lol”. Its ambiguous enough, but possibly triggering enough to make him unleash another cuck word salad. You can’t logic these fucks and you won’t convince any cucked onlookers. He’s posting this for status, so only a jab at his status will be effective.


      • This.

        Engaging in debate on CuckBook is a waste of time.

        I use it for business as its got a lot of value there for advertising and networking (the business pages). But for personal shit it’s just a bunch of women, shit libs and cucks all swaying with the wind for ego feelz.

        Might as well post a cat pic. Go non sequitur.


      • No, but I think you can shame them with an intellectual/psychological shiv:

        “What you and others who post such nonsense are really doing is the most transparent sort of status signaling to demonstrate your moral superiority to your FB friends. There’s actually a term for it: ‘slacktivism’ – easy, feel good measures (changing your photo to the French flag or Eiffel Tower, or posting insipid “stop racism” memes, for instance) that have no physical or practical effect, other than to make the person doing it feel self-satisfied that they have contributed. It’s another form of ego-stroking and attention whoring – typically the domain of teenage girls posting duckface selfies – and it demonstrates the poster’s immaturity, fragility and need for outside emotional validation.

        You will no doubt feel very different the minute these Syrian refugees start moving into your zip code, attending your children’s schools, congregating on the sidewalks outside of the new hallal bodegas on your street, harassing your women for their immoderate dress, turning out your underage girls as sex slaves or child prostitutes – as happened in Rotherham UK, but was covered up for 14 years because the morally superior status signalers didn’t want to “give oxygen” to racism.

        But, by all means if you thrive on the ego-stroking do continue posting from the plush comfort of your cozy suburban home just how much you truly care about the plight of the unfortunate refugee. Just understand that it demonstrates to our enemies just how soft, decadent and self-absorbed we’ve really become. [Post photo of Pajama Boy]


    • Odds are he can’t be reached at this time and is an irrelevant late-adaptor of opinion, with no dynamism. Concentrate on people closer to the tipping point.

      In Game terms, next him politically.


      • Sadly, I think that’s what I’ll have to do right now. Sure wish he could be enriched with some Syrians in his home.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 8:23 pm Wrong Side of History

      “2/3 of Americans were against allowing Jewish refugees during the holocaust”

      Man.. it’s incredible to think how un-cucked we used to be.


    • NothingMan00 – A few suggestions.

      Ask them, “Have you ever lived in a neighborhood or nation made up primarily of Arabs, Mexicans, or blacks? Do you want to?” Then tell them, “If current immigration policy (both legal and illegal) persists, our children will enter the prime of their lives in a nation where over half of all neighborhoods in the U.S. are primarily made up of dark-skinned people. Then ask yourself if you want these people running your politics…like they do in their own nations.”

      Then tell them (if they accuse you of racism), “It is hard for good-hearted white people who have never truly been exposed to 3rd-worlders en masse to realize HOW DIFFERENT these 3rd-worlders’ MINDSETS and VALUES are from ours, and that this is WHY their nations are 3rd-world nations. Until these people PROVE that they are able to adopt the mindsets and values that build great civilizations (future time orientation and commonweal orientation) by BUILDING a great civilization in their OWN nation(s), they should not be allowed into ours to destroy it. It’s not a matter of being nice to people, it is a matter of protecting the greatest civilizations on earth from people whose MINDSETS and VALUES are destructive to and completely incompatible with those civilizations. We cannot help these people if we let them destroy our civilization.They can only be helped if they WANT to be helped and are willing to CHANGE their mindsets and values to match ours. The reason you don’t want to live in a brown-skinned neighborhood is because their MINDSETS and VALUES are different than yours. Everyone on earth (except maybe the Japanese) is a white supremacist, because NO ONE questions why these dark-skinned people want so badly to get into the U.S. and Western Europe; EVERYONE acknowledges that the civilizations we’ve built are vastly superior to the civilizations built by anyone else (hat tip to the Japanese). The reason our civilizations are vastly superior is we have great future time orientation and commonweal orientation (trust and strong ability to focus on what is good for the community at large), while these other people groups have poor future time orientation and instead of trust and commonweal orientation have familism/clannism (sole allegiance to extended family) and consider lying and hurting others outside the family unit to be standard operating procedure. Ask anyone who has lived in a 3rd world nation. This is why their nations are the way they are. Their MINDSETS. (Which are at least partially a function of genetics.)”

      I say this as a white man who grew up in a 3rd world country. I know. Trying to change these people’s mindsets is basically impossible, due to their pride (everyone thinks their nation and culture is the best, but only people of northern european descent have absolute proof of this as evidenced by the fact that everyone else wants to move into the nations we built as well as virtually every other wellness indicator devised to measure such things). The only exception is a very, very small percentage of people in these nations who are intelligent enough to HUMBLY CONFORM to the superior mindsets and values of the white civilizations when they move here. (Even these people don’t acknowledge it verbally, but they are just smart enough to conform to being honest etc. if they make it to the U.S. because they realize lying and cheating won’t get you ahead here, at least not til you get to the highest levels of power.) But these are not the people that are flooding into white nations. Look at the people flooding into the U.S. and Western Europe – do they fit the description of HUMBLY ACKNOWLEDGING the SUPERIORITY of the mindsets and values of white European-heritage peoples and the RESULTS these superior mindsets and values have achieved, and HUMBLY CONFORMING their actions and words and thoughts to ours? Rhetorical.


    • Go to thosewhocansee.blogspot.com and get some talking points and graphics.


    • This cuck said “the us vs them mindset is not helpful”. It is hard for good-hearted white people who have been shamed by media into feeling guilty about any protective feelings for the civilizations they’ve built, to realize that these 3rd-worlders have an “us vs them” mindset TOWARD US, and they DON’T GIVE IT UP when they come here. How many Mexicans, Arabs, and blacks do you see humbly thanking white people for letting them live in the fantastic civilization we’ve built? Instead they constantly criticize and bash us. Meanwhile, blacks from Africa, 50 years after colonization ended, are trying desperately to get into white-ruled nations, essentially saying, “Please rule over us again.”

      The greatest weakness of white people is over-tolerance combined with the utterly naive assumption that everyone is basically like us at their core. They are not. 3rd worlders cannot understand why white people wait in lines for things (“only suckers wait for others to go first”). They cannot understand why they shouldn’t throw trash into their streets (“if it doesn’t affect me and my family, it doesn’t matter”). If you don’t believe me, go live in a 3rd world country. A land where things work smoothly (without bribes!) is like magic, a miracle, to them, and they want to benefit from it, but still they refuse to show us respect, and they refuse to change their mindsets to match ours. Newsflash: “Privilege” did not built the greatest civilizations on earth, people of northern European descent did, because of two particular mindsets that 3rd worlders lack: future time orientation and commonweal orientation (high trust, honesty, consideration of needs of entire community).

      The white nations need to act like an employer: “You’re not getting in here until you show reasonable proof that you can add value. The greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Until you can prove your value by building something of value in your own nation, you are not allowed to come into our organization to destroy it.”

      The fundamental premise of bleeding heart liberal open borders ideology is that “It’s not these 3rd worlders’ fault that their nations are the way they are.” False. It IS their fault. Who else’s fault would it be? Arabs have had their own nations for centuries. Yet no one is dying to move there. Hellholes. Africans had their own nations for millennia, and since 1950, yet no one wants to live there. Decades ago Africa was freed from colonialism, and in 1945 Germany was devastated by war. Yet today Germany is the most productive country in Europe, and Africa is…surprise…still a hellhole.

      The key is to try to get people to realize that the 3rd world is the 3rd world because of their MINDSETS (at least partially a function of genetics, but you don’t have to bring that up if you think your audience will have a holy cow) which are totally different from and incompatible with what is necessary to build great civilizations. It is THEIR OWN FAULT.

      If a bleeding heart open-borders idiot starts with the feelzy feels, ask them if they would like a random 3rd world immigrant to live in their own home indefinitely, or multitudes of 3rd worlders to fill up their own neighborhood. It is hypocritical to claim some nebulous “we” should help the 3rd worlders by letting them into our nation. THE WAY TO HELP INFERIOR CIVILIZATIONS IS NOT BY ALLOWING THEM DESTROY OURS.


      • Shout it from the mointaintop Marky!

        Nailed it. 3rd world is 3rd world because the ppl living there are 3rd world. This is not difficult to understand.

        Without Western culture and whites Hawaii would be like the Philippines. Aussie would be like Indonesia. Texas would be like Mexico. Etc.

        [CH: such a simple, easily comprehended truth, yet SMRT shitlibs can’t seem to wrap their heads around it.]


  59. The Tsarnaev brothers were not behind the Boston bombings. Read this:


    They were however part of the CIA plan to bomb the Marathon race, but they were not initially supposed to be the ones framed. First, the names Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Trapath were given as the suspects, quickly provided by the authorities. But then the Tsarnaev brothers were recognized in pictures posted online, both wearing strangely non-descript black backpacks, and so they had to become the targets. They had to be silenced.

    A number of paid mercenaries from Craft International, a paramilitary private security contractor out of Texas (not unlike notorious Blackwater/aka Xe/aka Academi) were also spotted in photos wearing those same black colored government-issued-like backpacks. Try to find that kind of backpack in a store, completely black with no Nike, no other brand visible.

    What was the proof against the Tsarnaev brothers? There was no real, solid proof at all. Only a supposed witness, first presented by the fake name “Danny”:

    Later it was learned that Danny’s real name was Dun Meng. A Chinese national finishing his masters at Northeastern University in engineering, during his alleged carjacking, Meng claimed that the deceased brother Tamerlan confessed that he and his younger brother were responsible for both the Marathon bombings as well as the murder of the MIT campus policeman.

    Throughout his trial testimony, the key witness maintained constant eye contact with what seemed almost like his handler, Northeastern University criminology professor James Fox. Fox clearly acted as Meng’s coach and gatekeeper ensuring that Fox would be present in a tentative interview with WhoWhatWhy journalist Russ Baker though it turned out Fox made sure it never happened. In a television interview with the immigrant gas station attendant that Meng ran to when he escaped, it was Fox once again guarding his henhouse, making sure the attendant stayed on script, an odd role for a criminology professor. But in a case where the entire story was badly scripted by the feds, necessitating absolute control over all outgoing information to the public, Professor Fox was merely playing his part. And that part also included state propagandist. Samplings from articles he wrote for the Boston Globe, starting with his response to the difficulty of finding a cemetery that would accept Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s body, he wrote:

    I truly understand and appreciate why many folks want nothing to do with the corpse of a man who apparently hated America and our way of life… If and when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were scheduled to die, his name and image would be plastered all over the news, further increasing his undeserved celebrity in the minds of those on the political fringe who view our government as evil and corrupt… The bombing seems to have been an attack against American life, not specifically American lives. Those killed and injured were unfortunate surrogates of the intended target: America and the freedoms we enjoy.”

    When the strength of the state’s evidence to convict and execute a man relies solely on one incognito witness whose tightly controlled testimony repeatedly kept changing depending on whom he talked to, how can a guilty verdict be considered legitimate or fair? Virtually the entire guilt or innocence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev rested on what this one alleged witness claimed, yet he kept changing his story on numerous occasions despite his gatekeeper’s best intentions.

    The other so called incriminating evidence used against Dzhokhar was a bogus, totally unbelievable written confession that he is purported to have written in the dark on the inside wall of the boat he was hiding out in. Dzhokhar was supposedly laying there nearly bleeding to death from the alleged gunshot exchange with police a few hours earlier. Yet on video footage the young man is seen emerging unassisted from the boat appearing bloodless and uninjured only to be admitted minutes later to the emergency hospital room in critical condition suffering from a deeply sliced neck wound that prevented him from speaking for weeks. How did that happen while in police custody?


  60. Oh yes, let’s force them to settle among the elite liberal white classes…oh yes!


    • on November 18, 2015 at 8:44 pm Wrong Side of History

      I always thought encouraging the left’s ethnomasochism was the way to go. Push them to literal self-flagellation to prove their superiority to white proles.


  61. Everything about Obama’s psychology can be summarized thus :

    His father married a white chick and then left. His father had a number of other kids and was ‘alpha’, at least relative to other shitlib manginas his mother knew.

    He was unloved by his white mother (she later mudsharked with an Indonesian) and felt abandoned by her.

    When he came to the US, white chick’s didn’t want him. That bugs him to this day, especially since his father who was jet black still got a white chick, but mulatto Obama with an American accent, at a top University, could not get a white chick.

    A predatory, ugly black giantess saw that this introverted, whipped boy could be bullied into marrying her. She proceeded with this coercion and while Barack caved, he resented this his entire life.

    Now that he is POTUS, he could certainly get white chicks (status trumps all), but years with Michelle have killed his penis, and it has fully atrophied after having been away from female beauty for so long. Note that being married to the giantess is worse than being a porn-watching single incel.

    Hence, his inability to get white chicks = hatred of white people = desire to obliterate white civilization to the best of his ability.

    That is all there is to Barack Hussein Obama.


  62. Publius and several other commenters are right on about Pennsylvania.

    Pittsburgh has become rather diverse and hipsterish due in large part to Carnegie-Mellon University. Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto is hell-bent on importing the refugees.

    God Bless Joe Paterno and the Paterno family.


  63. on November 18, 2015 at 8:50 pm The Spirit Within

    Fact: in 2011, U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that the Hutaree Christian militia movement (based in Michigan) possessed more weapons than the combined weapons holdings of all Islamic terror defendants charged in the U.S. since 2001.


    • on November 18, 2015 at 9:16 pm Diversity Is Good



    • Fact: the strapon within’s comments serve little purpose but marginal entertainment while trying to squeeze out some try-hard form of thread disruption.

      The veracity of her/it’s replies suggest the strapon within is a mulatto transgendered jew that lives with Nicole in Tel Aviv.


    • Okay, this is beyond the pale of every Strapon’s usual inanity.

      I’m guessing the number of Islamic terror defendants charged since 2001 in America is a relatively small number.

      Likewise, this Hutaree group is ikewise, in the grand scheme of things, a relatively small number.

      What I can’t seem to grok is why the number of weapons in the hands of some week-end warriors… who have never fired a shot in anger and probably never will… have anything to do with the number of weapons in the hands of actual bad-asses who ARE willing to fight and die for their beliefs?

      The US military has been getting their asses kicked on a man-to-man basis ever since Vietnam, because they keep going up against lesser-equipped backwater boys who have more iron in their hearts than in their hands.


      • on November 19, 2015 at 2:12 pm The Spirit Within

        Very true. We actually agree.

        It is worth noting, though, that Hutaree was plotting to kill a cop, then use said weaponry to kill multitudes of cops at first dead cop’s funeral. FBI caught wind and swooped in. Nine were charged with a ton of stuff, but seven were acquitted.

        Islamic terrorists are getting all the press, and are more motivated and better funded, but we’ve got some Christian terrorists too.


    • TSW, the Israeli foreign service will cut off your 50 Sheqel monthly stipend soon if you don’t find a more malleable target audience. Everyone here just laughs at this shit.


    • on November 19, 2015 at 2:07 pm The Spirit Within

      I just wanted to see the responses I would get. You guys draw your own conclusions.


    • You synthetic state sponsored socially approved contrarian cunt.

      You’re a poor man’s Matt King.


  64. For me Obama should be impeached for his comment about the states not accepting immigrants as being afraid of ‘women and orphans’. What an insult that is to the French people who were massacred last week. 70% of this Merkel Youth are men between the ages of 18 – 49.


  65. Just got back from a work trip to an extremely remote small working waterfront town in a very White part of the country. Your salt-of-the-earth type people…resilient, smart, and hard working.

    I was told by my co-workers that one of the only few restaurants open in the area made fantastic coffee and had a “really cute girl” working there. Turns out that both were very true.

    So I order my delicious beverage as this dark haired girl with beautiful eyes and a great ass made my coffee and we chatted. I marveled at the beauty of our great land and the people who really live here.

    Just then a 6′-6″ tall black guy comes out from the back and says to her “I’m gonna go for a run and I’ll be back to pick you up afterwards. Love you.”

    “Love you!” she twitters back.

    He said hi to me and left…he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

    But even 5 hours from the nearest 4G signal, among the grizzled, hardened white men who continue to feed this land with the produce of the land and sea……the local lovelies are still choosing that black stick.



    • I’m not a huge fan of counter currents, but this is a pretty insightful article about a coal burner: http://www.counter-currents.com/2011/03/jean-seberg-the-making-of-a-white-liberal-2/

      There is so much pressure in our society to hate everything that makes us who we are. Our explorers are called rapists, our heroes murderers, our industrialists polluters, our art insincere and retrograde, and our spirituality fanatical and infantile. Human beings want to feel part of a group and morally superior and the message that is propagandized into most whites’ heads is that they can be part of a morally superior in-group by abnegating their white history, culture, and genes–this can be done in one fell swoop by mud sharking. One prominent theme in game is that women seek to raise their status through men–well, the Narrative states that riding black cock will do just that.


      • Well said.

        In short: It’s been programmed in over the last 40 years.

        Chances are the negro probably is the most alpha around as the fellow whites his age all cuck up to his basketball-football ni66nerness.


      • That’s a good point. There are a whole generation of men out their in their late 20’s to mid 30’s who grew up being told that they should aspire to “be like Mike.” Perfect training for future betas to black alphas.

        I myself had a pair of Jordans that I was quite proud of. I even got a job to buy them b/c my parents though it was insane to pay $140 for tennis shoes. Although, I grew out of it, a sunday trip to a bar in Anytown, USA will turn up a bunch of fat dudes on the cusp of middle age in Lebron or Sherman jerseys who never did.


      • on November 19, 2015 at 5:03 am Vagina dominator

        “It’s been programmed in over the last 40 years. ”

        Watch movies from the ’40s. It was in a lot of the programming even back then, even pre-Sidney Poitier. We’re talking easy 70 years of this stuff.


    • on November 19, 2015 at 1:24 am gunslingergregi

      i’ll give another scenerio white chick is beat down and the black dude goes to jail but doesn’t care because his job is to go to jail
      then he gets out and the same white chick is out
      well he can threaten to beat her down and she knows that he can and will and will maybe go to jail maybe not
      but she is getting beaten down
      so she has to get another thug for protection from getting beat the shit out of
      because the police do not offer protection only the ability to put someone in jail that does not give a fuck about spending 6 months or whatever
      if she has a white dude they will gang up on him multiple on one
      they will seperate the white dude from his bitch by having him arrested and as we all know white men get hammered to the wall for shit not a 30 day or 60 day or 90 day but a year gone
      then the white chick is by herself in an environment that sucks ass

      blacks also dont give two shits about handing white woman drugs and encouraging them to get on drugs
      and since the black dudes career is dealing drugs unlike white men who tend to have jobs again the black man doesn’t give a shit about going to jail or being arrested because that is in the job description

      but in that case id say because he is 6 6 lol


      • on November 19, 2015 at 1:44 am gunslingergregi

        people play around with zero fucks given attitudes but true zero fucks given is not giving a shit about the consequences of their actions being jail which a lot of white men tend to have to care about
        so ya really can’t get to point of totally actually not giving a fuck
        and that is why we are gonna have a problem with the invasion because they will be zfg for real and u will not be
        they can come up to you and slap the shit out of you and not care just actually not give a shit about it
        they can beat you down in front of your woman and kids and then be out to do it again


    • Cool story, bro. :duckface

      Bet you thought the irony of your monicker would get overlooked by us dumb goyim, eh?


    • The other white men could you know…but that would be wrong. lol

      And therein lies the problem.


  66. It’s been over four years since the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War that followed. In that time many Syrian refugees entered this country before the current influx we have fretted over in the last few months. Though Obama wants to go ahead with a plan to accept 10,000 more over the next year, I think it’s a bad idea. The new immigrants aren’t the same as the old ones. They will at best, become new additions to the welfare rolls, whose children may prosper here after they grow up. At worst, we are potentially letting in terrorist sleeper agents into this country.

    For example, around 2012 I got to know this family that fled Syria and settled into the high rise condominium complex where have a business.

    They were a well-to-do family in the pharmaceutical industry. The father owned a factory that manufactured pills and other kinds of medicine. His two daughters studied pharmacology and were probably going to help run the and take over the family business. They fled pretty soon after the war began and had to restart their lives here working as pharmacists in the NYC area where I live.

    This family is very different from most American’s perception of middle easterners. They are highly educated, relatively secular in their beliefs. Their physical appearance differs as well. They have pale rather than the swarthy complexions we associate with Arabs. The two daughters looks like young cute versions of Tina Fey.

    They stand in contrast to the rowdy mobs who thumb their noses and disrespect the same liberals who try to help them. The hivemind needs to realize they are about to bring trouble right to our door step.

    [CH: it was wrong to import muslim syrians into america before, and it’s wrong now. the only thing that’s changed is their importation now is more directly a middle finger to white america.]


  67. on November 19, 2015 at 2:25 am gunslingergregi

    my theory on how to help people not get to point of zfg
    create make work factories in zfg probable areas
    no time to show up anyone can show up and work the hours they want
    and accomplish whatever tasks are available
    not taxed
    doesn’t affect any bennies recieved
    and the ability to work there is affected by going to jail for periods of time
    may have somewhat of an impact and give an indication of what work is like because after generations of not working people might not actually have a clue


    • on November 19, 2015 at 2:53 am gunslingergregi

      make it a game with regional competition base on production
      fund it by doing the nfl team pick shit on how many show up to work and how much one region wins by
      hand out prizes rofl
      course might b


  68. on November 19, 2015 at 2:55 am gunslingergregi

    e cheaper to give them 200 in food to live on and absorb some added murders and pain and suffering


  69. Given this development, here’s a deal worth considering: How about we bring into America as many Middle East Muslim refugees (and the assassins who swim among them) as obama wants to bring in, on the condition that they are all resettled into wealthy super zips in blue state cities. A few million put-upon Muslims in the loft condos of the Upper East Side, the historic Victorians of San Francisco, and the leafy suburbs of Connecticut. Money should be no object; after all, this is “the right thing to do”.

    This bit of rhetoric is a bit empty. If “we” had the power to do that we’d also have the power to simply not bring in any refugees and not be having this conversation. This kind of whimsical thinking would sound much more fitting coming from the side with the boot not the side with the boot at its throat.

    Along the same vein, the actions of the Republican governors are purely symbolic. They can neither prevent the refugees from being settled in their state once they receive Federal papers, nor do they control the funding that will be provided for this effort. It is in fact for this very reason that they are making a ruckus: when it comes to immigration, our political puppets are sometimes allowed to make noise for the benefit of the public but never to do anything which might affect the only thing that matters, namely the total number of immigrants flooding into the country. You can bet your bottom dollar that if the governors actually had any ability to stop the Syrian invasion, their masters would not allow them to be making any noise to that effect. As it is, it’s just empty political posturing that changes nothing.


  70. Chances are the negro probably is the most alpha around as the fellow whites his age all cuck up to his basketball-football ni66nerness.

    There is no excuse to poast such utter nonsense. None.

    Stwap poasting!


  71. Great post. Keep up the good work in this area, CH. I’m phoning my governor’s office to tell them “thanks” for halting the immigration program. It needs to be carefully reviewed.


  72. California now? Shit, last map I saw the state was undecided or some shit. Not even remotely surprised though.


  73. His time is almost up, but Obama should be impeached. No president, not even FDR (and he was bad) has ever been so blatantly against the People.



  74. on November 22, 2015 at 3:13 pm Charlie Foxtrot

    Let’s not forget the Michael Jackson effect. When the late pop star was on trial for whatever sex offenses the State Of California was trying to pin on him, a lot of folks defended his innocene…but when asked if they would ever let their kids go to Neverland it’s, “just, y’know, not MY kid.”

    Is it a fair assessment that a lot of on-the-fence voters who openly support taking in Syrian refugees will change their tune when it’s just them in the ballot booth. Then it’s, “just, y’know, not in MY State.”