The Great Men On The Melting Pot Myth

Tucked into an epic post about the myth of immigrant assimilation into America over history, written by the blogger and hatefact analyst M.G., is a shivvily shimmering quote by late 19th-early 20th Century economist (and progressive) J. R. Commons:

We find that our democratic theories and forms of government were fashioned by but one of the many races and peoples which have come within their practical operation, and that that race, the so-called Anglo-Saxon, developed them out of its own insular experience unhampered by inroads of alien stock. When once thus established in England and further developed in America we find that other races and peoples, accustomed to despotism and even savagery, and wholly unused to self-government, have been thrust into the delicate fabric. Like a practical people as we pride ourselves, we have begun actually to despotize our institutions in order to control these dissident elements, though still optimistically holding that we retain the original democracy.

M.G. adds, “Commons wrote these words in 1907; he may just as well have penned them last week.”

Commons understood the threat of open borders and the danger of demographic replacement of the native stock of people who created the civilization that attracts the world’s benighted. He, like, ahem, we here at CH, understand all too well the abiding truth of the formulation


and that this WAR can manifest in many ways, including as a slow but inexorable corruption of the civilized institutions which must accommodate, with increasing tension proportional to the numerical pressures, the different and often antagonistic values of the genetically and culturally distinct migrants.

And just how much danger is there of the dispossession of America’s NW European White Man creators, builders and maintainers?

The term “self-cucked” comes to mind.

Bonus: Commons nailed the motivations of the ruling elite and reasons they embrace open borders and try to sell their self-interest with equalist rhetoric.

It is an easy and patriotic matter for the lawyer, minister, professor, employer, or investor, placed above the arena of competition, to proclaim the equal right of all races to American opportunities; to avow his own willingness to give way should even a better Chinaman, Hindu, or Turk come in to take his place; and to rebuke the racial hatred of those who resist this displacement. His patriotism and world-wide brotherhood cost him and his family nothing, and indeed they add to his profits and leisure.

Where are the men of Commons’ perspicacity today? If ever the nation needed their clear thinking and their courage, now is the time. Perhaps Trump will pick up the banner of Realtalk™ and march with it over the battlefield, crushing ethnomasochistic, autogenocidal shitlibs underfoot. We’ll see.


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    • “Where are the men of Commons’ perspicacity today?”

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  2. on November 10, 2015 at 3:55 pm Captain Obvious

    It’s basically what I’ve been calling “Biological Calvinism” – almost all peoples, at almost all points in recorded human history, wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Limited Government and The Rule of Law – they wanted [and received] unlimited government and the Rule of Kleptocrats & Mobs. And that desire [and outcome] seems to be burned into their DNA – when Dubya 43 kept blathering about, “I believe that all people want to live in freedom”, he left out the part about “freedom to steal all of our belongings, freedom to rape our wives, freedom to butcher us and our sons [although they’ll keep our daughters; cf wives, as above], and freedom to burn all of our history books so that there will be no record that we ever even existed”.


    • on November 10, 2015 at 4:02 pm Captain Obvious

      That deep-seated desire to adhere to and to cherish Universal Principles, it’s so very, very rare in human history – you see it in Athens, and Republican Rome, and briefly circa 1776 in the West [although Magna Carta was a big victory which preceded 1776]. But everybody else? They’re all Tribalists, acting on deeply-embedded Darwinian algorithms to infiltrate and corrupt and destroy The Other. For all intents and purposes, they’re almost innocent of any Guilt in the matter, since even the concept of “Guilt” is a uniquely Western idea – to all the Tribes, there is no “Guilt” – there is only Victory or Defeat.


      • It’s Lucifer at work, corrupting man in his free will.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 5:20 pm Captain Obvious

        No, my point is that even “Free Will” is a uniquely Western idea. The Tribes don’t have “Free Will”, ergo they can’t have “Guilt”. The psychopathy is burned into their DNA. If you want to quote the Bible, then you’re looking at John 8:44 – they’re just doing what the Darwinian Nihilism dictates that they do, at a very basic biochemical level.


      • If you want to quote the Bible, then you’re looking at John 8:44
        Out of curiosity, how do you square the antisemitism with the acceptance of Christianity? Even if you don’t believe in god, the Church built western civilization, and the church began as just another sect of Judaism. Likewise, the verse you quote records a scene in which Jesus is defending himself against the Pharisees, or an example of Jews arguing with another Jew.


      • No Mel. It’s animals vs humans.


      • I’m with benson.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 6:41 pm Captain Obvious

        Benson, Jesus was a Sadducee, NOT a Pharisee. And the great anthropo-/socio-logical mystery of the 1st Century Eastern Mediterranean is: Why did the Sadducees vanish into extinction within a few short decades after Jesus’s passing? The naive answer would be that they became Christians and started interbreeding with the Greek & Roman Christians of the era. But the Darker [and probably Truer] answer is that they were butchered by Pharisees like Saul of Tarsus. Now fast forward two millennia, and behold the Pharisees continuing the slaughter, as they butchered the Armenians, the Romanovs & the rest of the White Russians, the Ukrainans, the little defenseless shkotzim babies in the ab0rtuaries, the Aramaic Christians via the Mossad’s ISIS subsidiary, etc etc etc.


      • Benson, “Judaism” is merely a sectarian response to Christianity and to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70.

        Israel’s raciss protection of their precious Cohens from dilution by intermarriage, even with other, insufficiently pure, Jews is a response to the destruction of the Levite geneaologies, an existential problem for the Jews which the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews tried to preempt by getting through their thick heads. No such luck.


      • Well, as tempting as it is to say that genetics/destiny overrides all else, one must either believe in free will of ALL peoples or the entire Word of God, indeed, God Himself is a sham… and the only thing that matters is the law of the jungle.

        The entire history of Western Man, for all his weaknesses, foibles, and villainy, is the quest to vindicate God as the God of the Universe and everything and everyone within it.

        The enemies are great, ourselves notwithstanding… but no other type of Man has striven so mightily to be true to both the “God is within you, you are like God” and “God is my Father” paradigms… models which are easily and often at odds.

        Our flaws are great, yes… but our strengths are great as well… and over the history of Mankind, that line in the sand has been fine indeed…

        … but it hasn’t been invisible.

        There is a battle going on… one which has been raging for upwards of 6000 years or more… and the time is coming soon for all men to choose which side upon which they will stand.

        If anyone think it wrong to serve Jehovah, then choose this day what gods or man-made -isms you will serve… which includes The Self.

        As for me and my house… we will serve the Lord.


      • Jesus more than likely followed Rabbi Hillel’s school, certainly not making him a Sadducee.


      • Ok, you’ve identifed some avery positive traits about western culture, but due to an incomplete consideration of human history and philosophical variations, have dismissed eastern thought with a careless sweep. In depth cannons of philosophical treatises have been documented throughout 5000 years of China’s history. Yes, that’s 5000 years. Of course they’re going to be a highly civilised culture with a historic span of that length. Guilt: you had stories of monks following from one life of the country to another in search of forgiveness. Warriors who dug holes through mountains to attone for killing someone, or placing themselves under the instruction of the parents whose son they killed in Japan. And of course they had their deities to which they built monasteries that rival or surpass western religious creations, as well as scrolls and religious texts. Since communism forbids this area of investigation, as well as destroyed too many temples and priceless religious artefacts, this culture isn’t presented to us with the same prestige and reverence as christianity is. Appealing as it might be to believe that we’re the greatest, it won’t hold up to scrutiny over a longer course of history (though may be true for the last 500 years of history)


      • on November 11, 2015 at 8:28 am Captain Obvious

        The level of biblical illiteracy on this board is simply flabbergasting. And then there’s Director Tamir’s Pardo’s professional trolls, who will feign all sorts of idiocy in order to f*ck up the discussion. For anyone who actually cares: READ THE NEW TESTAMENT!!!!!


      • “The level of biblical illiteracy on this board is simply flabbergasting.”

        Lol, maybe so. I agree with some of your precepts but let’s refine this into some simple thoughts. Do you believe in Evolution? And I am not talking micro but the macro where complex organisms where created by chance out of non living materials. In other words a dragonfly with all its complexities evolved from a distant creature which was created by chance. Generally basic Darwinian evolution.

        Now let me say that I am just asking the question, so please, IF you are an evolutionist do not fly off the handle.


      • I’ll chime in, as a past quoter of Scripture, and say that I see no reason why evolution contradicts creation…

        Evolution, that is, as ongoing mutations and development of flora and fauna to better fit a given environment as an improvement, or to degrade at a commensurate level to said environment which has been altered, for whatever reason, natural or man-induced.

        It is quite reasonable to think that any true God who can create things will likewise include mechanisms by which said things are self-sustaining and continuously developing, once “let out of the gate” as it were.

        I part from what most laymen consider evolution as a concept that somehow said flora and fauna merely came about “by chance”. “In the beginning there was nothing, and then it exploded” is a Genesis that I think is a greater leap of faith (some might term it illogical stupidity) than that attributed by nonbelievers to those with faith in our so-called :”invisible friend in the sky”.

        This topic, obviously cannot be addressed in a few paragraphs, but that’s the short version from my point of view… perhaps others as well, for I have heard tell that some scientists, credentialed and respected, are actually men of faith.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 3:30 pm Captain Obvious

        > “one must either believe in free will of ALL peoples or the entire Word of God, indeed, God Himself is a sham…” ——— GE, everything comes in bell curves [or probability densities analogous to bell curves]. Just because the African-American mulatto/melungeon subhuman hybrids can produce a single Thomas Sowell [who appears to act as though he has Freedom of the Will] does not imply that they can produce 1,000,000 Thomas Sowells. Heck, in theory, there might even be one or two Eskimos somewhere in the world today who aren’t raving lunatic psychopaths – but I sure ain’t gonna hold my breath waiting for someone to prove their existence. Again, read John 8:44 – Jesus was very clear in stating that some folk are just born bad – and he clearly singled out the Phariseeical Rabbinical Talmudists for that accusation. Furthermore, the history of the last 150 years of our encounters with those Talmudists makes it abundantly clear that Jesus was completely accurate in his assessment of them.


      • “Heck, in theory, there might even be one or two Eskimos somewhere in the world today who aren’t raving lunatic psychopaths – but I sure ain’t gonna hold my breath waiting for someone to prove their existence.”

        Whoa…alright I am going to say that I know a couple of so called Eskimos who are night and day more sane than many of our white European leaders. Are you kidding me? Ash Carter, McCain, Nuland, etc….talk about psychopaths. It does not get much worse. Sorry but the whole Eskimo thing really hurts the credibility which is what I have thought from the beginning.


    • Did you used to be an Evangelist or was that another poster?


      • Question was for CO


      • on November 10, 2015 at 7:33 pm Captain Obvious

        Putin, in a formal sense? I don’t even know what to call the things that I think anymore – other than trying to understand [and especially to perceive] Truth Itself, no matter where that journey leads me. Moreover, I don’t know what the he11 purpose it serves to “evangelize” people like the Northern German Lutherans or the Southern Mediterranean Jesuits, if the Eskimos can just waltz right in, and the Lutherans and Jesuits will dutifully flip on a dime and go from being ostensible “Christians” to being children of the Father of Lies. For Christianity to thrive, Christians need both an innate Moral Compass and also innate Common Sense. Which gets you back to Biological Calvinism – some people just aren’t born with what it takes. [And Kant thought that logic was a subset of morality – go figure.]


      • Captain, maybe it was PA who told me that.


    • Build a fire and sing a couple of songs


      • Paul Reiser as the antihuman Burke may be one of the most “incorrect” casting decisions of all time.

        Trying to breed out a little blonde girl to a monstrous alien entity?

        What was it Ripley said? “I don’t know which species is worse. At least I don’t see them fucking each other over for a profit margin!”


      • Paul Reiser was nowhere near as bad as casting Sophia Coppola in Godfather III.

        Reiser wasn’t that bad and I can see why you’d say that, but he was supposed to play a prick/asshole and Reiser just naturally has that look.


      • Reiser was perfect. The money grubbing jew looking to sell out the crew for a weapons contract. Lol…

        Maybe not the best actor but appropriate stereo type made it work.


    • Benson, “Judaism” is merely a sectarian response to Christianity and to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70.

      I would be curious to read more about this, should you have any recommendations.

      I’m still not sure what that has to so with my question, though. The Jews operate an international, centuries-long conspiracy to thwart the west, while also having ushered in the religion that built it. The cognitive dissonance is too much for me to handle, so I’m wondering how you resolve it.


      • E. Michael Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History” might be up your alley. It’s a big ass book that could have used some tighter editing in my opinion, but it has a ton of great info, covering Jewish and Christian interactions from the beginning to the present day. It’s written from the perspective of a strong Catholic, as opposed to the cucked-out philosemitic horseshit that most Christianity has become.


      • E. Michael Jones is great.


      • Maybe the god of Adam and Eve was not GOD at all but a demon. Maybe the sayings of the the god of the old testament are nothing but a rant by one of Satan’s demons. People often tie together the old and the new testament but why? Jesus didn’t. Others didn’t.

        The Cathars were killed down to the last man, women and child by the Jesuits. That’s where the phrase, “Kill them all, God will know his own” comes from.

        Here’s what Jesus said to the the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)


    • This.

      I used to believe deeply that goatherders in Iraq and Afghanistan yearned for, and were capable of, democratic freedom.

      14 years of American failure to make Jeffersonian democrats out of said Afghan and Iraqi goatherders has showed me I was wrong. Wrong, as in not right.

      America and Western Europe and their constitutions and laws are the freakish outliers. The tribal rest of the world is normal.


  3. I have been telling people for a long time that the people’s being imported are the ones most given to easy manipulation through class, racial, and religious differences.

    The weapons-grade systems of mass control from Tavistock and others have proven dangerously inadequate at completely controlling the Anglo-American. Too many resist it, and they make enough noise to cut through the subtlety required in such systems and call attention to it. Subtlety is required because overt control has been proven to eventually stir up the pitchforks and hangings once the people have had enough.

    Not so with those coming in now. They stand no intellectual chance against the Hivemind and will, nearly to a man, become complete automatons sedated by the beads and trinkets of modern entertainment.

    The clock is ticking between this inrush of psych warfare cannon fodder and the rising rebellion of Anglo-Americans.

    It is going to get Sporty, one way or another.


  4. “His patriotism and world-wide brotherhood cost him and his family nothing.”

    We grow none the less…


  5. on November 10, 2015 at 4:07 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    There’s so much about this that we can’t really discuss here, or else we’d come across as psychopaths or lunatics. I think we’re in for some real surprises. Keep an open mind as far as the resistance is concerned.


    • on November 10, 2015 at 4:12 pm Captain Obvious

      LBF, let’s just all swear to ourselves that we won’t go down without The Mother of All Fights. There is never any guarantee of Victory in life: The only guarantee is that if you quit, then necessarily you lose.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 4:25 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        True. I’ve found purpose in struggle. Our mission is war.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 5:42 pm Captain Obvious

        And LBF, for many, the “Fight” could be as simple as following the lead of the Amish, and turning away from all of this Nihilism, and homeschooling, and protecting your loved ones from the Vaccine Industrial Complex and Weaponized Psychiatry, etc etc etc – with a zero tolerance policy for iPhags and Scr0tial Media and Selfies and computer games and HBO subscriptions and Disney movies and all the rest of the poison.


      • We already went down. We talk talk talk talking every day when the Miley Cyrus bullshit has been in power for 30 years Still we do nothing after they have stolen everything in our country


      • No kids, boycotting Walmart isn’t going to do it this time.

        You may actually have to do something mean to the bad guys like the history books say.

        I’ve been waiting 15 years for you to get this and you are SO close.

        I can’t be this much smarter than everyone else.

        Please, for pete’s sake get it together.


      • Agree Benny. Equally smart here.


      • Yes, Captain Obvious, it is fortunate the Few like yourself see the tragic hidden truth.

        You sit with broadband humming, with 50 varieties of virgin olive oil at the nearby grocery, but you aren’t lulled by the deceptive appearances of wealth and peace!!

        The Lord of Lies ( nice phrase) looks over your shoulder, potentially leading you astray.

        In the usa There’s more food than anyone can eat, the labs are filled with geniuses, (but they’re doing silly things like medical research, not concerned with great eternal issues like you.)


      • “We already went down.”

        Exactly. The talk is just a way to psychologically deal with the pain. The only chance is from an outside force, ie Putin.

        Americans are to drugged up on pharmaceuticals, GMO foods and propaganda to discern fantasy from reality.


    • “. . .or else we’d come across as psychopaths or lunatics. . . ”

      Once this current crop of college losers get to power, we’ll be lucky to considered lunatics. 20 years from now these hate crimes will be punishable by death unless our current course changes.


  6. It’s weird to be mentioned alongside slants and bindis.

    Btw, I think that when he was talking about people incapable of self-government, he included Germans. Interesting, to say the least.


    • I mean German immigrants really didn’t do the whole “Rights of Englishmen” and “limited government” thing either. At least Vox seems to think so.


      • Modern Germanic peoples include the Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Icelanders, Germans, Austrians, English, Dutch, Afrikaners, Flemish, Frisians, Lowland Scots and others (including diaspora populations, such as most European Americans). Self-determination, guilds, and self-government are an ancient Germanic thing haters wouldn’t/don’t wanna understand.


      • The second any pundit talks about “Germans”, put up the radar.

        Germanic peoples ARE the Europeans about which we speak when we speak of Western Civilization…

        From the ancient Aryans to the Romans to the Greeks to the Angles to the Saxons to the Lombards to the Merovingians to the Carolingians to the Normans to the Rus to the Danes to the Norwegians to the…


      • Speaking of Germans, a despondent-sounding commenter on Vox’s blog says he is a 19-year-old-German soldier, assigned to processing the invaders and handing them passes to move as they please about the country. He asks what to do.

        It’s easy to counsel a stranger to go out in a blaze of glory, but it’s more difficult to tell him how to be shrewd and effective. One thing he could do is make a show of disobeying his orders and encouraging his comrades to do the same.

        Other ideas?


      • Tough call… he can request transfer to a different unit and perhaps even a different MOS (or whatever the German equivalent is termed).

        But if his superiors just tell him to shut up and do his job, well… this is a hard moment for every man on when to cross his personal Rubicon.

        Hopefully, ONE of his superiors will be of like mind, and help the young man out to a different task in which he can feel proud serving the Fatherland.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 8:59 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

        @PA ~ So many questions for this young man.

        Are there other Germans with him who feel the same?

        Is he armed?

        Does he have access to weapons?

        Would he be able to identify ringleaders among the invaders?

        Does he have a map of where the invaders are being housed?

        Would he be able to identify German collaborators in the area?

        Etc, etc.


      • God forbid he tried to help his nation in some way.

        Just run away white man, run away.


      • Good God.

        No, Anglo-Saxons arent literally Anglo-Saxon, any more than modern Turks are Turkish.

        It’s called “acculturation”. Brits are way too redheaded to be proper Germans. They are Celts forced to speak English.

        And Germans DON’T have the things that made Britain special. Free speech, limited government, guns etc. The American Constitution would never fly in Germany. Again, VD argued pretty effectively that letting in non believers of various Anglo institutions like Germans or Swedes was the cause for the disintegration of America as it was intended to be.

        Germans might be the potential master race, all things considered, but they are in a way alien enough from Anglos that their addition has made America a lost cause.

        Just ask a German what he thinks of responsible gun ownership or Nazis having the right to their own opinions.

        Then again, as we mentioned in the Deluca thread, Anglo institutions aren’t necessarily the best. Maybe the continental Euros are the right ones.


      • For example, what would a subject of the Habsburg Empire know about the Bill of Rights or the Magna Carta?


      • The Bundeswehr soldier should monitor the system and the people he is in charge of for weaknesses and points of vulnerability and levels of hostility. This will be indispensible information rather soon. Never show overt hostility to the system. Think of the Assassins and the Old Man of the Mountain as your guide.


    • I agree with that. As incredibly talented as the Germans are, I dont think that they are capable of self government. I think that the Northern Italians were at some point however.


      • Are you retarded? Germans picked Hitler. The problem is that white men killed white men so the Jew could destroy our civilizTion, as it has done.


    • on November 10, 2015 at 5:22 pm meistergedanken

      Uh, Anglo-Saxons ARE Germanic. Crack open a history book sometime. FFS, there’s still a state called Saxony there.


      • If it were not for the large % of German/Nordic stock in the British population (from ancient invasions and settlements of those warriors – necessarily some of the strongest of their people), they would have never been able to stand up to the German army as they did. For the most part, it was cousins fighting against cousins. I am guessing that many, if not most, of the most manly, tough Englishmen alive today have a high % of Germanic and/or Norse ancestry in them. Remember, most of the British Isles were pretty easily conquered by the Romans (those damn Irish being a notable holdout), and after the Romans left is when the Saxon (450 AD, onwards) and Viking (9th Century AD until 1066 AD) invasions began. Those invasions, combined with the bastards left behind from Roman soldiers, made the British a much stronger stock.


    • Germans make up much of the Anglo-Saxon root stock. You know Saxon…Saxony!


      • on November 10, 2015 at 5:49 pm Captain Obvious

        The Northern German Lutherans are proving to be beyond worthless, from Merkel in Berlin all the way up through Stockholm and on to the Arctic Circle – something is badly wrong with that Lutheran stock – they’re so [email protected] malleable that they’re like silly putty in the hands of the Eskimos. BTW, the USA founding stock Germanics were NOT Northern Lutherans – they were Southern German and Czechoslovakian Hussites and Anabaptists and Mennonites. Completely different bloodlines and traditions and outlooks on life.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 5:59 pm Captain Obvious

        The huge question with greater Germany is: Who [or what] was the House of Orange in Holland? I have a nagging suspicion that when the Sephardic Eskimos relocated to Holland, they set about inspiring and funding the 100 Years’ War as a means of wreaking vengeance on the Hapsburgs for 1492. In my mind, it’s an open question as to whether Christianity would have “flourished” in Holland in the absence of [what I now suspect to have been] Sephardic troublemaking. Certainly in this country, the Dutch families, like the Rockefellers and the Roosevelts, have shown not even the slightest hint of existing in a state of Grace.


      • So they did DNA testing on two medieval graveyards in England. one about 40 miles south of London and the other about 100 miles north of London and they found that those long dead English people were 99% Celtic.
        This area was conquered by Anglo-Saxons and then by Danes and then by Normans.

        P.S. All the average Englishman got out of the occupation of Ireland was higher taxes and the occasional dead relative, sort of like what the average American gets out of sending troops to Afghanistan.


      • CO, you do not understand Germans. They are very obedient and faithful to orders once they accept the legitimacy of a leader. They are very slow to question that faith once they take it on. However, they are also very violent when they realize they have been duped. They are still in the denial stage and emerging from it. Riots are coming unless they are avoided ahead of time, which is a possibility. I predict Merkel will be thrown out of office and her career ruined. North Germans are probably the most taciturn of all, so they seem complacent when they are actually stewing with anger. Give it time.


      • CO, you mean the 30 Years War. The 100 Years War ended before 1492 and didn’t involve the Germans or the Hapsburgs at all. The Hapsburgs were not yet the Holy Roman Emperors in 1492 to my knowledge, the Stauffens still were. Your hypothesis is an interesting one regarding the Dutch. They were keen Calvinists during their Golden Age and War of Independence from the Spanish and didn’t get involved in the 30 Years War until the second half. It also explains why the Dutch went to War with Britain during that era.


      • CO, look up article about khzars on Henry makow site. In the comments section, someone addresses will of orange and cromwell revolution as city of London bank easy being established. Dunno if it’s accurate but it deals with your topic, at least .


      • Nope. Anglo-Saxon share roots with your kind, my dear paddy. Difference is that they are less Catholic and less inbred.


    • It IS weird how that kind of flattery is freely dispensed on undeserving Africans, yes.

      But then they don’t have enough sense to know they’re below everyone else’s league


  7. Derb said it, back in 2002 (one of his first articles I ever read and I’ve been hooked since), as cheerily as he is famous for:

    “Only Anglo-Saxon countries can do democracy. The natural state of human society is despotism. If you tally up all the human lives that have ever been lived on this planet under organized systems of government, no more than five per cent were lived under consensual systems…”

    By some combination of coincidences, England remained un-invaded since 1066, gave parliamentary power to at least some of the citizenry, kicked off the Industrial Revolution, was the first to experience dramatically lowered infant mortality and colonized the globe as a result, and along the way, established America.

    We don’t realize how lucky we are.

    I, too, am concerned that our ancestors’ ideas of freedom from despotism may end up being nothing more than an accident of history, likely to be extinguished both by forces from without and within, and certain to be extinguished if we do nothing…


    • on November 10, 2015 at 10:12 pm The Spirit Within

      Great comment.

      Democracy is dependent upon a strong middle class, which is dependent upon a whole host of things that England was in the fortunate position of possessing. Among them: geographical isolation, cold winters, coal deposits, natural system of rivers, etc. The perfect storm to revive democracy.

      We are lucky to be their ideological heirs. (tips hat to Oxford and Cambridge)


      • These things are not accidents. You keep missing that point for the sake of ideological comfort.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 4:08 am Vagina dominator

        I wouldn’t want to trigger anybody but I’m just wondering, how would things develop in the Congo if the blacks were cleared out and a million japs dropped in to take their place?

        I’d say world industrial and agricultural powerhouse inside twenty years.

        Not that race matters.


      • Shouldn’t you be in Missouri protesting against waaaaycism, you fucking race-cuck?


      • In Strapon’s world, it’s all luck… and oh yeah, guns, germs and steel.

        One would think that, given the nature of luck, it would someone change for a given folk over the span of 5 thousand years. lzlzlzlzlzlzlzlzlzlzozzozl


      • on November 11, 2015 at 9:35 am The Spirit Within

        If you guys can’t recognize the role of geography in a society’s success — which is an accident of nature — then there is ZERO hope for you to become well-rounded intellectuals or even amateur historians.

        I’m not going to argue about this with idiots. If you’re SO fucking blinkered, if you can’t fucking understand that infections lead to death an order of magnitude times more often in sub-Saharan Africa than they do in Norway, and that this is a function of geography and climate, and that these effects compound over generations, until they become what we call cultures, some more sophisticated (Europe), some more primitive (sub-Saharan Africa)–

        –if you don’t understand the role of *happenstance* in determining our cultures–

        –then you deserve to hop on this karma-go-round of reincarnation a few more times until your pitiful, blunted souls get it right.


      • Arid, remote South Africa run by Boers: one of the world’s most prosperous nations. Same place run by Africans: an outer ring of Dante’s twerking inferno.


      • “then there is ZERO hope for you to become well-rounded intellectuals or even amateur historians.”

        Strapon, you’re late to this game. The Left had abandoned any claim on reason, intelligence, and scholarship a long time ago.

        Your appeal to rational thought sounds like a fat mudshark single mother’s “man up an marry me!” appeals to successful young men.


      • TSW, you must understand, these people believe that some aliens or angels intervened and created Aryans, and that they’ve always been an advanced society that was superior to everyone else. For them, all of history and science is a lie except what writers claimed that they are superior to everyone else…or what they decide implies that.

        They are convinced that they are right. So it’s best to focus on the reality of what we’re dealing with today, than to get into arguments with them about a past they either can’t or won’t accept. I learned this the hard way.

        You see Miss Scarlet is still here embracing or denying HBD whenever it suits him to flip-flop.

        So now it’s somehow genetics and yet not at all the selection pressure due to the environment…Okay…


      • “then there is ZERO hope for you to become well-rounded intellectuals or even amateur historians.”

        Strapon, you leftards ceded any claim on reason and scholarship a long time ago.


      • The same might be said for your Weltanshauung, Strapon… if you replace “luck” and “geographical location” with “race”.

        But it would be said with more elan and less petulance.

        Get off the disingenuous SJW bandwagon, if you would presume to lecture others about being “well-rounded intellectuals”. You know damn well nobody is claiming race is everything and environment is nothing.

        The only thing the nature > nurture crew is maintaining is that you can take the equivalent populations of, say, Nigeria and Austria, swap environments, and within a generation or two you will most probably find an Austria in Africa and a Nigeria in Europe.

        Your ilk’s insistence that environment plays the vastly predominant role in human development and society has pretty much been proven a canard of the rankest sort, especially over the past century.

        And try to recognize the irony within your own statements… your posts have pretty much given indisputable proof that your own education and points of view lack the “roundness” and breadth prerequisite for any rank above sophomore.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 10:43 am The Spirit Within


        Geography is key. That’s no canard, moron.

        If you can’t understand that (off the top of my head)–

        1) Cranial capacity
        2) Distribution of fat (evenly distributed in white cultures to preserve body heat, unevenly in African cultures to lose body heat)
        3) Bone density

        And a host of other human attributes are actually DETERMINED BY ONE’S ENVIRONMENT — and selected over compounded generations —

        –and that these things eventually end up determining things like RACE and CULTURE–

        — if it is SO fucking HARD to understand, even to the thick reductive skulls of newly race-aware knuckleheads who think they’ve suddenly got everything figured out–

        –that GEOGRAPHY and PROTEIN-DENSE ENVIRONMENTS played a role in creating races, and cultures, the way they are now–

        –then sit your ass back down school. To what do you prefer to attribute the differences between the races? God’s volatility? ROFL.

        You people. Jesus fucking Christ, pry open your goddamned minds. And stop calling leftoid equalists “my ilk” when there are undeniably clear physiological differences between groups of people, and investigating those differences is in fact what currently constitutes half my income and makes life so interesting. Find a different boogeyman to project your fears upon.


      • “the the role of geography in a society’s success”

        So that would explain the success of Japan, Switzerland and Singapore. And the non-success of Liberia, Somalia and Bangladesh.

        Right…… it.


      • “Arid, remote South Africa run by Boers: one of the world’s most prosperous nations.”

        Yes PA! Few people realize how great that nation was at one time.


      • I don’t think you guys are getting what The Spirit Within is saying. He’s talking about thousands of years of adaptation. Not just a few hundred like the Boers move to Africa.


  8. Harry “A-Hole” Reid is going after Trump (& Carson) on a Twitter rant now that appeals court blocked Obama’s and dem’s executive amnesty.


  9. Imagine charts that show that every African in Africa is being replaced by a white person who will vote for the party who wants to have more white people come to Africa and replace more black people.

    And imagine the government of Africa telling blacks they will have to step aside and let white people have the jobs, even if those white people enter Africa illegally.

    Imagine the African entertainment business making blacks the bad guy in every movie or tv show.

    Imagine the African education system teaching blacks that they should hate their race and their history and that the world would be a better place if there was less blacks and more whites.

    Imagine the African media lying about events to always make black people evil and guilty and make the white people sweet pure little angels and innocent victim.

    Imagine that, and imagine how liberals would react. Imagine their anger, their rage, imagine how far they would go to stop that. they would protest violently, they would commit acts of terrorism, possibly assassinations.

    Well… it is happening to us white people…no need to imagine it for us ; everything I said above is exactly what is happening to us white people.


    • No need to imagine. Apartheid South Africa…the Belgian Congo…


      • What happened in South Africa after whites were left vulnerable to the nigger? Are they safe?


      • No, Anonymous, the kaffirs are committing genocide against them in South Africa, mainly against the Boar farmers (Dutch heritage), without barely a peep in opposition from White Western nations to stop it. I guess we are all worried about ‘evil Assad’ instead.


      • you stupid bitch, blacks had a higher standard of living under Apartheid than under self-rule. JFC you are a moron.

        NONE of the things you claim EVER happened in RSA. In fact, they tried to EDUCATE the tire burning savages, provided them running water and sewage systems and electricity.

        Just STFU nigger


      • Well Trav, one could say that you have a higher standard of living since integration. Are you feeling the higher standard of living? Do you feel safer? Less “racist”? How’s that diversity working out for you?

        Is the issue freedom, or is it more fancy stuff?

        My point is that when Europeans invaded Africa, and made it shit for people, liberals didn’t like it.

        …and you hypocrites, if you’re against uppity foreigners taking over a place, don’t run back under the diversity multikult just because it’s Africans having to deal with Europeans.


      • you stupid bitch, blacks had a higher standard of living under Apartheid than under self-rule. JFC you are a moron.

        NONE of the things you claim EVER happened in RSA. In fact, they tried to EDUCATE the tire burning savages, provided them running water and sewage systems and electricity.

        Just STFU nigger

        Yeah, blacks in apartheid RSA were treated so badly that there was a huge illegal immigration problem into RSA from the nearby black-run countries.

        I remember reading somewhere that most blacks in South Africa today would actually vote to put whites back in charge of things but for the fact that they believe the ANC have some sort of magical juju powers and can tell the way they vote and will come and punish them.


      • You who want to justify diversity and multikult when you think it profits European people, but then condemn it when non European people are going into your countries.

        You are full of shit…just crybabies with no real principles.


      • Oh, and Some Guy, there is still a huge illegal immigration problem in South Africa. They recently made serious moves to fix it when African South Africans started busting up the camps, forcing the illegals to have to turn themselves in or face possible death.

        Some of the (mostly European) wealthy figured they’d get around the new policies by hiring cheaper foreign labor. The people weren’t having that.


  10. Why not just quote Aristotle, one of the founders of Western thought and philosophy,

    Another cause of revolution is difference of races which do not at once acquire a common spirit; for a state is not the growth of a day, any more than it grows out of a multitude brought together by accident. Hence the reception of strangers in colonies, either at the time of their foundation or afterwards, has generally produced revolution; for example, the Achaeans who joined the Troezenians in the foundation of Sybaris, becoming later the more numerous, expelled them; hence the curse fell upon Sybaris. At Thurii the Sybarites quarrelled with their fellow-colonists; thinking that the land belonged to them, they wanted too much of it and were driven out. At Byzantium the new colonists were detected in a conspiracy, and were expelled by force of arms; the people of Antissa, who had received the Chian exiles, fought with them, and drove them out; and the Zancleans, after having received the Samians, were driven by them out of their own city. The citizens of Apollonia on the Euxine, after the introduction of a fresh body of colonists, had a revolution; the Syracusans, after the expulsion of their tyrants, having admitted strangers and mercenaries to the rights of citizenship, quarrelled and came to blows; the people of Amphipolis, having received Chalcidian colonists, were nearly all expelled by them.
    Aristotle, Politics

    p.s. It is funny how times don’t really change.


    • on November 10, 2015 at 5:33 pm Captain Obvious

      Cue GBFM. All we’re doing in the Dark Enlightenment is reverse-engineering a century’s worth of cultural poisoning and, in the process, re-discovering the Foundational Truths.


    • on November 10, 2015 at 6:00 pm gunslingergregi

      yea what the lol
      people kept getting expelled

      ””””””””It is an easy and patriotic matter for the lawyer, minister, professor, employer, or investor, placed above the arena of competition, to proclaim the equal right of all races to American opportunities; to avow his own willingness to give way should even a better Chinaman, Hindu, or Turk come in to take his place; and to rebuke the racial hatred of those who resist this displacement. His patriotism and world-wide brotherhood cost him and his family nothing, and indeed they add to his profits and leisure””””””’

      yea it seems like it but now ya seeing the lawyers professors employers and investors getting expelled and gonna happen at a faster pace and where are they gonna live?
      if ya read aristotle there is no room for them once the scales tip a certain point either


    • This is why I decided to read a lot of ancient history many years ago.


      • on November 11, 2015 at 4:39 am gunslingergregi

        so the elites have all the info and stilll doing it what is the reason


      • on November 11, 2015 at 6:57 am Captain Obvious

        > “what is the reason” ——— Because they’re monsters. Pathological liars. Psychopaths. They want to destroy the White Christian middle class because that’s the only group of people which is capable of rising up and sending all the elites straight to the gallows.


    • The Eye of Soros is upon thee, Missouri.


      • on November 10, 2015 at 6:44 pm Captain Obvious



      • on November 10, 2015 at 7:18 pm Captain Obvious


      • on November 10, 2015 at 7:20 pm Captain Obvious

        Dr. Melissa A. Click earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst… Current research projects involve 50 SHADES OF GREY readers, the impact of social media in fans’ relationship with LADY GAGA, MASCULINITY and male fans, messages about class and food in reality television programming, and messages about work in CHILDREN’S TELEVISION programs…


      • on November 10, 2015 at 7:24 pm Captain Obvious

        I have no earthly idea whether “Click” is an Eskimo name, or if she’s just another malleable Lutheran who gladly swallowed the poison which was offered her. But this shiznat is beyond surrealistic – it’s not even funny or troubling or noteworthy. It’s just another [email protected] Eskimo or Eskimo Marionette which needs to be culled from the herd. He11, the entire [email protected] herd can be driven over the cliff as far as this wolf is concerned.


      • Every single stereotype confirmed
        Mellisa Clit another lunatic enraged feminist bitch
        graduated from the Ministry of Truth aka Department of Communication
        Graduate Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
        “Advanced Feminist Studies” looollzzzzzzzz


  11. Seems incredible that Commons could have written this more than 100 years ago. My God!


  12. Gibbon (of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) said it another way—he blamed the corrupting influence of the East (especially, in his view, the “eastern religion” of Christianity) on the West’s downfall.

    Basically, Gibbon thought that that Eastern peoples were naturally given to obsequious servitude and womanish yielding to autocrats, while Western men (in the Western Roman Empire) were more naturally independent and desired self-rule and restraint. Gibbon blamed the downfall of Rome on the influence of Eastern emperors, religion, and philosophy, which made the naturally independent Western-European into more of the slavish Eastern man.

    Food for thought, even for us. Gibbon, for all his faults, is not a man whose ideas can be dismissed lightly, even among the religious Christians.


    • If memory serves, Gibbon mentioned multiple reasons for the decline and fall… foremost of which was that the aristo Romans stopped having children (lead in the dinnerware made them sterile, for one), and the Christianity of “eastern” peoples is one thing, but quite something else in the hands of the men of the West… (can you say Martel, Crusades, Inquisition, Manifest Destiny, etc., etc., etc.?)

      But truth be told, the Punic Wars were the watershed that made the Republic become an Empire, and the countryside men had to go to the cities for employment, so that only a handful of rich plantation owners could afford to wait out the 20 years or so it takes for the olives to start producing again after the scorched earth.

      There’s no pat answer, and certainly nothing to be laid on the doorstep of Christianity.


      • The interesting thing is, no one in Rome at the time appears to have seen it coming. Even after Alaric sacked the city, most folks saw it as just another episode to disappear in the rear view mirror.
        My favorite explanation: Italy was very dependent on north africa for food (2 growing seasons/year) and tax revenue. The empire over-grew what could possibly be supported by the economy and agriculture and industriousness of Roman Italy per se.
        Then they lost control of N. Africans to some “barbarians” in a sea battle. From then on, the sand was running out. They were over-extended in multiple ways and had lost the stoicism that had enabled their earlier advances.

        Imagine America losing the reserve currency status of the USD.

        Jus sayin.


      • So long as there are wine & cheese parties to attend, high-priced private country clubs with queerly dressed golfers, and little coffee shops with internet service and ironically bearded (or oddly mustachioed) baristas, cuckservatives and liberals give zero f5cks about society or what becomes of it, and will most likely would overlook the apocalypse as merely a temporary inconvenience.


      • Putin and China are doing exactly that. The RKM world currency regime createda fter WWII for their benefit is being bypassed with a better system. Our reserve currency status is based on our ability to kick anyone’s ass who declines to use it. This was Jonathan Cahn’s true shemitah event and he didn’t see it coming. He was too focused on the stock market. Our defense sales will now suffer as well. I would be buying Russian hardware myself these days. That Su-35 is a sweet jet. Putin will be developing Israel’s oil for them too before it is over.


    • on November 10, 2015 at 6:34 pm Each Pond Gone

      The East — now on the grind exponentially in furnishing the postmodern paradigm (with its ubiquitous submission to e-life) with yoga centers, “ego transcendence,” and What’s The Difference?? welding of the landscape…
      We need some John Zerzans of the right. Someone totally dedicated to clearing out this bad dream, but in a way Plato would approve of.


    • The corrupting influence of the East came far before Christianity. Read Cato the Censor’s comments about Greeks. They were seen as the purveyors of homosexuality and were despised as effeminate by traditional Romans. Did you also not know that Mithrism and Christianity were the two most popular religions in the legions and competed neck and neck for converts? The West fell because it was depopulated after the 3rd century plagues and ceased to be economically viable. The Arena was an abomination. It deserved to be ended.


      • I’m not saying Gibbon was right, to be clear. I think the Diocletian economic/social reforms (i.e. the beginning of feudalism)+ the use of foreigners in armies + the refusal to enforce their own borders was the end of it. People just stopped caring about other “Romans” and just became loyal to the local lords who would keep the invading Barbarians out.

        The Roman withdrawal from Britain is illustrative; the Roman armies admittedly abandoned defending Roman Britain from invaders, telling them to go it alone. So when later Rome sought to have Britain come back in, there was no upswell of support among Romano-Britains; having been abandoned before, they simply had no loyalty to the empire.


    • Livy says much the same thing, and he was contemporary. Everything in Rome was fine until they conquered the Seleucids in what is today Turkey. With that, the Roman citizen-soldiers were exposed to the East.


    • I started a Roman history book making the same argument.


  13. Trump realtalk train rolls on.

    Yesterday he said “One of the reasons Hillary is running is to stay out of jail.”

    I love that guy.


  14. Where are they? We are here.


  15. Most dangerous and fallacious of the several misconceptions of Americanism is that of the so-called “melting-pot” of races and traditions. It is true that this country has received a vast influx of non-English immigrants who come hither to enjoy without hardship the liberties which our British ancestors carved out in toil and bloodshed. It is also true that such of them as belong to the Teutonic and Celtic races are capable of assimilation to our English type and of becoming valuable acquisitions to the population. But, from this it does not follow that a mixture of really alien blood or ideas has accomplished or can accomplish anything but harm. Observation of Europe shows us the relative status and capability of the several races, and we see that the melting together of English gold and alien brass is not very likely to produce any alloy superior or even equal to the original gold. Immigration cannot, perhaps, be cut off altogether, but it should be understood that aliens who choose America as their residence must accept the prevailing language and culture as their own; and neither try to modify our institutions, nor to keep alive their own in our midst. We must not, as the greatest man of our age declared, suffer this nation to become a “polyglot boarding house.”

    -H.P. Lovecraft, “Americanism,” 1919


    • Tbh, it would be hard for me as a, say, German inva- er, immigrant to stop speaking my language just because some wannabe limey said so. And before WWI, most German invaders agreed.


  16. As far as I know, no African has ever driven around the Nurburgring. Much less put up a good lap time. Or even, most likely, have any idea where and what it is.
    Or why it matters.


  17. People routinely prefer their own kind (or “pack members”). It is human nature, or even creature nature. (See: dogs.) This had been repeatedly demonstrated, in areas as trivial as left-handedness. “Embrace diversity” is the siren call of the naive and ignorant.


    • on November 10, 2015 at 10:15 pm The Spirit Within

      But we’ve had a hell of a good time taking and impregnating out-group wimmenz… Explain that please.


      • Don’t project your Jewish male obsessions on everybody else, Desperately Seeking Shiksa Within


      • I’m just going to sit here and exist.


      • Strapon playing the smarmy neener-neener game again.

        This is yet another of the shitlib’s “asked-and-answered” disingenuous tripe attempts that seem to spring up every few months at the chateau… go figger. 😡 (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        It’s no secret that men afield (conquest, exploration, etc.) will eagerly bed down with and, yes, sometimes even marry foreign women. DUH!

        The author (his initials RH, it seems when I type his name it sends the post into limbo… probably something about WordPress preventing “personal attacks”) of Conan and many an adventure tale from the old school, had a telling passage in one of his stories (which unfortunately slips memory at the moment), which I’ll paraphrase:

        A man will sit and drink with another from a different tribe; he might even consider him a brother-at-arms as ally for a particular skirmish; and the women of that foreign tribe will often appeal to him.

        But when he sees an outsider looking at the women of his own tribe with intent, a special hate stirs in his soul, one that raises a blood-fury like no other.

        Perhaps you want to wring your hands now and gnash your teeth at such an egregious “double-standard”? :duckface


      • This is yet another of the shitlib’s “asked-and-answered” disingenuous tripe attempts that seem to spring up every few months at the chateau.

        It’s no secret that men afield (conquest, exploration, etc.) will eagerly bed down with and, yes, sometimes even wed foreign women. DUH!

        Robert Howard, the author of many an adventure tale from the old school, had a telling passage in one of his stories (which unfortunately slips memory at the moment), which I’ll paraphrase:

        A man will sit and drink with another from a different tribe; he might even consider him a brother-at-arms as ally for a particular skirmish; and the women of that foreign tribe will often appeal to him.

        But when he sees an outsider looking at the women of his own tribe with intent, a special hate stirs in his soul, one that raises a blood-fury like no other.

        Perhaps you fairies want to wring your hands now and gnash your teeth at such an egregious “double-standard”?


      • Imagine that… men afield in the endeavors of conquest, exploration, and colonization will fuck women that don’t look like the women back home.

        Film at eleven?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Not Africans. Pretty olive skinned Latinas, yes. It was our right after we won the land in a fair fight. Dur.


  18. “It is an easy and patriotic matter for the lawyer, minister, professor, employer, or investor, placed above the arena of competition, to proclaim the equal right of all races to American opportunities. . . .” This is basically the EXACT point Senator Cruz made when he called out Senior Jeb Bush and the weirdo Governor of Ohio, Kasich, as the amnesty traitors that they are, pointing out how (if I recall) hordes of lawyers, regulators and broadcasters were coming across the border suppressing THEIR wages, then suddenly you would hear about how bad illegal immigration is.

    All agreed that Bush and Gov. Kasich did poorly, with Gov. Kasich rambling on like an Obamabot about how he would save the Big Banks, if need be, by determining which investors should be protected and which ones should not. Holy crap, did that fool actually say that? And, waive that damn cuckservative, big business finger one more time (I hate finger waivers), and I will break it off and shove it up your cakehole.

    Trump did well, even though it appears the audience had way too many cuckservatives, and probably a good many Dumbocrats, in it, who you could hearing booing Trump at times, when he was making good points against amnesty, or to stop the constant interruptions of old blinky-eyed, horse-faced, Fiorina.

    Why do we have live audiences for debates?? I do not need to hear them clapping or booing, or care one iota (ZFG!) what they think! Have the debates at a large round table in a private auditorium, and let the answers stand on their own. I HATE it when people clap about the ignorant and naïve “evil Putin”, “Bad Assad” or “Let’s stick our noses and military wherever the hell we damn well please”, responses. Pro-war / Love Israel = easy claps from the peanut gallery.


  19. Scene from this past Saturday. A bit of racist IDGAF game:

    At an outdoor night festival with date. Pass by MLK memorial.

    “Yeah, I don’t know how much I like MLK. Do you know that he used to have sex with prostitutes…”

    Pass right by older black women and raise my voice really loudly…

    “But he always f*cked the white prostitutes. And he would call them dirty racist names. I mean, I can’t blame him. I only f*ck white women. White women are the best. So I guess at least he and I have that in common…”

    Jaw drop from older black woman. Arm punch and ‘gina tingles from date.


    • If you’re going there, it helps not to look like a tool while doing so. MLK was a cheater, but there is no clear evidence that he was into prostitutes of any color. Women were throwing themselves at him all the time, and sometimes he took advantage, but the whores thing, nobody will have a chance of actually knowing until 2027 when the audio tapes are released.

      I would like to hear those tapes because I have a suspicion that one reason he was successful is because he was in bed figuratively with the right people, who thought he would be useful to their agenda. This may be the reason they’re being suppressed. I don’t think the government really cares if he got some play for pay.

      His entourage certainly did like the European ladies of the evening though. That is a solid known.


    • @ Nicole, did you know that in public schools, MLK day and black history month lasts 7 months? Yep; 90% of everything communicated to my white children at school is that MLK was a saint and white people are evil.


      • Anonymous, both of my parents are teachers, and even though they live in a predominately African American city, “black” history month is only one month. So if it’s somehow 7 months where you are, you know this is some brainwashing.

        So you either need to homeschool, or have a serious counter to the brainwashing they’re getting in public school. Some African Americans have done this partly because of “gimmie culture” brainwashing, and partly because their children are simply not getting the education they need.

        You can team up with other parents and do group home schooling, or depending which state you’re in, your church or a community organization can start a private school. It’s not how things should be, but this is how they are at the moment. If enough parents do that, it also sends a message.

        My parents helped their church start a private school when I was a teenager. It was an awesome time, and I learned a lot.


  20. -H.P. Lovecraft, “Americanism,” 1919. The McLovin of an earlier age?

    Live in Sweden. Was thinking the other day about our lands being converted into half-way houses. Our economies converted to support these outsiders. So much energy and focus on supporting alien peoples. The word “cuck” is so appropriate. So much energy of native peoples used to hatch these cuckoo eggs. The offspring to hatch and eventually make these lands their own, house by house, street by street, continue.. Their future behaviors determined as much by their DNA as their exposure to Swedish harridans.

    So for now Whites are destined to be handmaidens to other peoples. Roadies, techies, cucknitions for the coming President Camachos and Queen Beyoncees.



    This explains why we have the state of affairs we have today. Jim Dean is always a trip to read. Truth is stranger than fiction.



    [CH: the tech oligarchs hate White (Goy) America.
    they at least should know they are hated back.
    and the rope is ready.]


  23. Just texted that quote to half a dozen cronies. It’s almost the same thing that we often say among ourselves. Commons would be shitting himself in modern times.

    P.s. My city is slated to receive about 1000 Syrians over the next couple of months. The local news radio station keeps putting this guy on who repeats how excited everyone is to get them and then asks us for donations of food and housing. Awesome planning right out of the gate! I’ll be willing to bet that this cheerleader falls within one of the five categories listed by commons.


    • Lol everyone is excited to get them huh? Just make sure your womenfolk are equipped with these:


      • It might just help to tell them how Arab men regard non Arab women. Those stories one sees on documentaries about European women converting to Islam and becoming happy wives are actually quite rare. It almost never happens unless the woman was a virgin when they first got together. I heard once and only once of a Russian Christian divorcee with a notch count of one getting married to a Muslim, but it was clear that half his fun was stealing her from a Jewish man. Eventually she had to run away from him because he was beating her.

        What usually happens is that the woman is used for awhile until he marries an Arab Muslim woman who is reliably a virgin.

        Even if she converts, she’s non Arab, and there is not the same starting with a clean slate as there is with Christians. It will take her years to even be considered passably marriageable, and her age is a factor since most want to have children.

        If your town is getting even 100, you MUST get your community together to either prevent it or do everything in your power to make it clear that they will assimilate or they will not be happy there. Do not allow a mosque to be built in your town’s main areas. Say it’s because of the noise. If they want a community center, make it clear that they must not disturb the peace.

        Do not make any allowances for their prayer times. Make them have to find an appropriate place to pray like everyone else.

        Allow the women to wear whatever modest clothes they like, but in security guarded places, they have to get patted down by a female.

        If you have any Pagans in your town, this is a good opportunity to make them work for you. Encourage them to wear their pentagrams if they’re more western, and their Hoodoo and Voodoo gear if they’re more country and/or African oriented. If you’ve got Native Americans, they already know what they’re up against usually. As ironic as they may find your situation, encourage them to visibly represent as well. Make Hallowe’en/Samhain a big party, because spiritually and psychologically, it’s your Ancestors who are your back.

        …and make sure your African Americans get some kind of information blitz that Arabs were heavily involved in the slave trade. There should not be one who does not know this. Run some documentaries on the local channels, and bring it up in meetings of pastors.

        Basically, they need to know they’re not just up against “whitey”. Nobody but nobody is giving any ground, and they have to earn their place like other Americans.


      • Spread the rumor that Vagina Dentata is rampant amongst the female population… have the kiddies sing nursery rhymes thereof, to the tune of Hakuna Matata.


      • “… to the tune of Hakuna Matata.”

        Or more accurately “Lacuna Mentata.”



    Diversity has it’s limits. Only fools don’t see that truth. There is a lot of self-hate among the people who welvome everything different and have an aversion against everything homogenous. Among the lefties you find a lot of fetishist of the exotic. .


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  26. All the liberal-left wingers who push for mass, third-world immigration live in the absolute whitest areas.


  27. Hello people,

    Lay into me thick, I acted as a beta. Lay some wisdom on me. I want to be ripped apart. Its not that I do not understand game, but when push came to shove this is how i reacted.

    I had been on a few dates with a woman in my office.We made out. Long story short, I left that job and moved to another city 4 hours away.

    After, moving to the new city, I went back to the old city to collect my belongings, (I was moving house). She very enthusiastically wanted to meet me. We met and we made out.

    15-20 days later, I texted her, “Movie this saturday” . A day later she replied, “Sorry I have other plans”.

    I didn’t have any contact with her for the next few days. She texts me,”someone was supposed to meet and me take me to movie. Looks like he is kidnapped.”

    So, I replied after a couple of days on text. This is the conversation that ensued:

    Me: Coffee,Thursday, 5 PM

    Her: Sorry, Wednesday and Thursday I have holidays and we are planning to shift house (She had to to shift within the same city). So will be busy packing and loading

    Me: U don’t have to explain, I get it.

    H: Unlike u my dad does not approve of movers and packers. Get what?

    M: When a girl meets she wants to meet

    H: Oho

    M: Else excuses galore

    H: Don’t analyze girls. No one has been successful so far

    M: Babe, I have been with quite a few. I am not naive

    H: Oh don’t overreact. We are moving from one house to another

    M: That’s good

    H: so you can come here

    M: No sorry

    H: y?

    M: U think I wanna meet your family?

    H: Oh u don’t? I thought u wanted more than friendship

    M: U want me to ask your hand or what!

    H: If u want more than friendship, u will have to ask the whole of me not just the hand

    M: That’s a better one. u mad me smile

    H: 🙂 Oh I am here to make me smile

    M: Do u even wanna meet or am i pushing you?

    H: No, I do want to meet. But really I am shifting. u can always come to my house

    M: we will c abt that

    H: ok let me know. u haven’t seen my house. So u will get a chance to meet my whole family

    M: no, not now

    H: Hmm…

    M: i have some work in your city…..maybe we will c then.

    H: ok

    M: gtg, enjoy your life, bye.

    H: u too, bye

    That was the conversation we had. A day earlier, we were talking and when I asked her what she did on sunday, she said she had gone on a long drive with a friend. That made me feel a little insecure.

    A spoke with one of my old colleagues on phone, and he tole me that this woman had a new guy in her life, though he was not sure.

    Comments, please. Should I hit this woman up in a couple of week’s time or should I let it be? I really want to bang her and I have no other options at present.

    [CH: first, get some options. second, it sounds like she isn’t joking about wanting you to meet her family. a girl you haven’t even banged wants to introduce you to her family. that’s strange. really strange. unless this whole thing is taking place in another country with more traditional courtship mores than the US. and you’re a 4 hour drive away from her. she doesn’t want to be your fuck buddy, those are the signals she’s sending. a girl who isn’t interested in occasional hookups with you is not going to be keen to establish a long distance sex agreement. i’d say next her.]


    • a girl you haven’t even banged wants to introduce you to her family. that’s strange. really strange.

      Sounds to me like he’s deep in the friends zone and is being set up to be the emotional tampon and cuddle bitch. If I were him, I’d cut my losses and get the fuck out now. If he’s willing to try, a good way to get out of the friends zone might be to arrange that meeting with the family and then stand them all up. Then, when she calls him to bitch about it, run ZFG game.


      • Yes, I think she has lost interest. She was in an off and on relationship with some guy for 6 years. When we first met her on a date, she told me the guy was an ex.
        After, I moved to the other city, they continue to talk. My ex colleagues tell me she has been fighting over the phone with her.

        Over the past one, she has not been sending whatsapp kisses either. When I ask her, she says she is not comfortable. She used to send kisses earlier.

        Also, the last two times asked her what she did (both days were holidays), she said , she had gone on long drive with some friend.

        I am not going to push it. But any way, I come put of it with my head held high?

        I feel like a fucking loser right now.

        What do you guys do when you are rejected?


      • Also, from the text conversation, did I come out as needy?

        How would you guys have, replied to her statement of being busy?

        For my closure, I want to ask her if she is seeing someone. but would that help, or would it make me an even bigger beta than I currently am in her eyes?


      • Walk away. Don’t look back. You have oneitis. Flirt with pretty women and enjoy their smiles. You’ll get over it.


  28. A bit off topic but Jesus Christ read the comments on Fuckin Barack Obama agreeing to appear for the queer mag in Yahoo. Oh boy has the tide turned, we are witnessing something special. He is getting slaughtered there. The lame duck has become the game fuck. What a joke if only he didn’t represent us.


  29. Hey CH,

    Check out the image on the Google start page for today: Veteran’s Day:
    seven people in military uniform; either women or minorities (or both),
    with just one white man in the back.
    Gee, I hope the white guy didn’t get in their way
    when it was time to do stuff like win WWII.

    Looks like the writing is on the wall.


  30. […] [email protected] (VD) The Chateau digs up an early warning about the inevitable effects of immigration on America:We find that our democratic theories and forms of government were fashioned by but one […]


  31. (I submitted this to Goodbye, America)

    Hivemind propaganda, particularly the anti-white male type, is easy to spot these days and I usually pull the {shakin mah head} Greg Eliot move, but seeing the Google doodle today kinda pissed me off.


    Anyone with a functioning brain knows white males have and – despite efforts to diversify – still are the vast majority of the military. Yet you’d never know that from this Google doodle.

    Facts from a 2012 DOD report: Males make up 84 percent of the entire miltary. Whites make up 70% of the military.

    It’s not just a misrepresentation of who’s in the military and who WAS in the military (afterall, we’re honoring our veterans who served in the past, too, back when America was white and devoid of Cultural Marxism), but a blatant lie. It’s disrespectful and disgusting.

    (FYI: This was last year’s Google doodle –


  32. Today’s Google doodle:

    Not a single white man.



    Playwright director casts white man to play MLK in a campus play, predictable outrage ensues.

    “I didn’t want this to be a stunt, but a true exploration of King’s wish that we all be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin,” Oatman said. “I wanted the contrast … I wanted to see how the words rang differently or indeed the same, coming from two different actors, with two different racial backgrounds.”

    RoK published a story recently about the deliberate removal of white males by (Jew) director JJ Abrams from the new Star Wars movie in favor of blacks and women, and it (along with commenters) asked how blacks would react if whites were re-cast into famous roles by them (such as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air). The Hivemind would shit a brick (as they will certainly do with this MLK play).


    • on November 11, 2015 at 12:19 pm Concerned Citizen

      This despite the new show “Hamilton” on Broadway about Alexander Hamilton and his life, but featuring all minority actors playing the Founders. It gets nothing but rave reviews and blatantly keeps the role of George III played by a white guy because he is the only enemy that the rest of the characters have in common.


  34. I always “like” to see just how disrespectful Google can get with their “doodles” on Holidays. Today is Veterans’ Day. They have a doodle of “Veterans”. Not one single White Man in the whole thing.


    • Yeah man, I came here this morning to discuss it and saw someone above already did, and some responses ensued.

      Once you see the code of the Matrix you can’t unsee it.


  35. A great book to read on the potential future for America is Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa by Ilana Mercer.
    This book details how South Africa was turned from a civilized nation into a a hell hole after the ANC took over.


    • Europeans in South Africa should just be happy any of them were left alive after all they did and were complicit to.

      “Civilized”…You say that like it’s the be all and end all of what makes a good society. How about humane. Humane is a good standard.

      Now, I suppose since Africans aren’t human to you, it doesn’t matter how you treated them, or the scars from that treatment. However, now it is irrelevant. Africans are in charge, and they will work it out. It’s not your business anymore. There are things going on in Europe that are more your concern.

      You lost. Do like you tell others to and get over it.


  36. The Harbingers’ of Diversity primary weapon is words. Words that they use to corrupt the youth through the media-educational complex. But we must relentlessly adulterate their sort of language by reversing the meaning they’ve assigned to it.

    For example, we should refer to the muslim hordes that have recently swarmed upon Germany as, “Non-indigenous people exploiting the resources of the native Germanic peoples.”

    Or, “affirmative action is a systemic form of discrimination against the rural working class.”

    And I believe you get the idea. The point is to disarm them using their own tools.


    • Hell, THEY don’t listen, and the regular man in the street zones out at all dem big woids.

      The proper tactic is to NOT debate them within their own frame, but just to mock and disdain… the shorter and pithier the barbs, the better… use of pictures best yet.


      • One recent example was when that mewling shitlib tried to shame the Donald about his use of the term “anchor babies”.

        Don: “What would you call them?”

        Shitlib: “Uh… the children of undocumented immigrants.”

        Don: ‘Pfft… I’ll just say anchor babies.”


      • Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer does a great job using those tactics. He has a strong grasp on the use of rhetorical persuasion.
        Also of course, the same applies to our host here.


      • I misquoted the shitlib… what he said was even more obtuse:

        “The natural born children of undocumented immigrants.” lzozlzozlzolzozlozlozlozozlozlozl


    • Time for talk passed. War is hot now.



  37. Speaking of the melting pot, look at today’s (Veterans day 11/11) Google doodle. Looks like all white men have been melted down. The one white looking guy actually looks more East Asian to me.


  38. [CH: actually, the indians are lesson number one in the perils of open borders. but you as a shitlib wouldn’t grok that simple inference, so carry on being a complete morality whoring tool.
    ps indians overran other indians as successive waves poured in through the bering strait.]


    • CH, don’t be so butthurt.

      [CH: you wish.]

      At least most of them died fighting or fell to diseases imported from Europe.

      [they died, civilization thrived.]

      How many people in history self-cucked to death like the Anglos ?

      [it’s our only weakness.]

      P.S: I am not a liberal or “shitlib” as you call me but nice try nonetheless.

      [if it quacks like a cuck…]


      • [they died, civilization thrived.]

        If it’s thriving, what are you complaining about?

        [CH: the threat level rose. but thx for playing miss disingenuousness.]

        As I see it, civilization isn’t thriving at all because man can’t be civilized and stay man.

        [the past 1,500 years in europe would disagree with you.]


      • @Nicole

        No it cannot stay man but it can revert to boy: useful, educated law-abiding boys.


      • [the past 1,500 years in europe would disagree with you.]

        Europe has seen a lot of barbarism in the past 1500 years that was not all due to non Europeans. Neither Europe nor the Americas have eliminated poverty or crime among Europeans.

        There is a sweet spot between civilization and barbarism that keeps a relative peace, but nobody has yet created the utopia that does not eventually implode.

        I understand this is mostly a difference of perspective. Maybe you haven’t suffered enough at the hands of liberals yet to get what I’m saying. They’re annoying pussies to you…death on legs to me.

        I get called a nigger here, but I get treated like one more often by people who believe they are tolerant and progressive. Man, the stories I would tell if I thought anyone here gave a shit, and it wouldn’t ruin my vengeful fun offline…


      • @Nicole, Europe did indeed see a lot of barbarism, because Jews were there. What are your thoughts on Jewish kidnapping and murdering of gentile babies by pricking them 1,000 times to extract maximum blood?

        Why does the bible have to mention Moloch?


  39. [they died, civilization thrived.]

    Irrelevant, in nature what matters is adaptation and reproduction,

    [CH: there’s more to civilization than is dreamt of in your biology 101 darwin knob-jobbing].

    your 1.4 children per couple is not helping on that front.

    [nice goal post move.]

    Nature doesn’t care of how many 747 Boeings your autistic countrymen can churn out.

    [only a sperg would awkwardly insert the autist insult where it makes the least amount of sense.]

    [it’s our only weakness.]

    Delusional at best, your country burned itself out in less than 300 years.

    [yeah but we flew higher than anyone else. and that really chaffs your roadworn catamite bum.]

    [if it quacks like a cuck…]

    Liberals doesn’t even exist anymore in my country.



  40. [CH: there’s more to civilization than is dreamt of in your biology 101 darwin knob-jobbing].

    American civilization is below most Major European civilizations maybe higher than Bulgaria.

    [CH: and you don’t have a micro.]

    [only a sperg would awkwardly insert the autist insult where it makes the least amount of sense.]

    But that’s all you can churn out, do you think your literature or “art” can compete ?

    [is english your first language? you’re babbling nonsense.]

    So what you have higher culture than a bunch of goat-fuckers in Iraq ? Big deal. typical example of american “exceptionalism”.

    [did an american woman reject your suave eurocuck come-on?]

    [yeah but we flew higher than anyone else. and that really chaffs your roadworn catamite bum.]

    Middle Class Family, white picket-fence & cars and credit cards is the pinaccle of civilization to you ?

    [i was gonna say 300 million guns in the hands of private citizens, but ok those other things are nice too.]


    • Micro what ?

      [is english your first language? you’re babbling nonsense.]

      Lol, nice try. You spend too much time among these “libs” & your little “red pill” clubhouse.

      [CH: you don’t sound too bright.]

      [did an american woman reject your suave eurocuck come-on?]

      No and they are gross.

      [the boys only treehouse is open for business.]

      Why bother when there are Baltic, Celtic, Russian chicks ?

      [who said they weren’t fine pieces of ass?]

      [i was gonna say 300 million guns in the hands of private citizens, but ok those other things are nice too.]

      Africans got more AKs than you in the hands of “private citizen”.

      [per capita? doubtful. anyhow, don’t you know it’s different for White people?
      ps i should warn you now you aren’t going to get the last word. so you may as well save your breath. you’re not saying much of worth, so this should be no big loss to anyone.]


  41. [CH: you don’t sound too bright.]

    Neither do you or your followers.

    [CH: so you don’t deny being none too bright.]

    [the boys only treehouse is open for business.]

    nothing wrong with it if not a bit annoying.


    [ps i should warn you now you aren’t going to get the last word. so you may as well save your breath. you’re not saying much of worth, so this should be no big loss to anyone.]

    Of course I won’t, I am just passing by. Is this blog your second-job or something ?

    [i wonder how long you’ll keep trying to get the last word in, mr just passing by.]


  42. [CH: so you don’t deny being none too bright.]

    Touche, english is not my first language. I fell for that.
    No but prolonged time here on this blog is damaging to one’s IQ.

    [CH: chateau has electrolytes!]

    [i wonder how long you’ll keep trying to get the last word in, mr just passing by.]

    Yes, it seems it’s your second job. have fun saving the American Dream or whatever.

    [still trying, i see.]


  43. [still trying, i see.]

    It was fun for a while, you’re not the only troll on the web.

    [CH: still trying, i see.]


  44. Damn, this sunhater is an even more persistent asshole than, well… you-know-who. 😉


  45. Don’t let sunhater drive a wedge between Europeans and Americans. We need to pull together as White people.

    For what it’s worth, while European countries have demonstrated far more creativity in the arts over the centuries (we have great writers though– Mark Twain and Herman Melville, anyone?), Americans are very strong in science and technology. Also, our White people do better on standardized tests than any other country’s except Finland– It’s the non-whites who drag us down and give us our reputation for stupidity.


    • on November 11, 2015 at 9:03 pm sunhater the swarthy troll

      Ohhh so now we are one big happy white family !

      [CH: crisis has a way of focusing minds.]

      A century ago Southern Europeans were considered “legally niggers”


      but now it doesn’t matter anymore, right, right, of course.

      We Europeans fought eachother for 99% of our history, endless competition and innovation gave us the edge to conquer the world.



      • on November 11, 2015 at 9:17 pm sunhater the thwack sockpuppet swarthy troll

        Crisis created by a bunch of spineless Anglos.

        [CH: wrong. decadence was responsible for that.]


        [those guineas weren’t lynched because they were “negro southern europeans”, ya dumb disingenuous fuck. they were lynched because they were perceived as collaborators with the anti-segregationists.]

        Yes we.

        [no, not we. just you thwack.]

        PS: I am not swarthy,

        [how about dusky.]


      • A century ago Southern Europeans were considered “legally niggers”

        Purest horseshit. Under Jim Crow, even Mexican-Americans were not usually considered de jure colored.


      • Damn, you are dumber than a bag of hammers, and far less useful.


    • Of course. White Americans are descendants of Europeans who moved to America. We are cousins.


  46. CH, Im not “sunhater”.

    I stopped posting because everybody was duckin me.

    Im flattered so many people assume Im any person that gets the best of them.

    [CH: i see your exquisite sense of delusion hasn’t left you.]


  47. “Gen X not even in power yet. We are junior partners at best.”
    Thank God . I am so sick and damn tired of some of you [ not all your generation whines as much as you do.] Every damn thing in the world is the Boomers fault, and I call bullshit on that, hoss. Take that pacifier out your ectasy eating mouth and grow the hell up. Or do you want to sound like one these sorry -assed millenials ?
    Think about it , numbnuts.


    • WELL THEN YOU ARE WRONG, PUSSY DELUSIONAL BOOMER. I DON’T BLAME YOU BECAUSE YOU LACKED INTERNET AND THUS HAD ONLY ESKIMO LIES IN THEIR MEDIA, BUT THE FACTS ARE FACTS. The western world was given to the Jews from 1960 until now. Dur. We born in 1975 were not in power and are still not in power. We are the first generation of lawyers to go to law schools with 60% of the class being dumb, entitled sorority bitches who are good only for getting fucked, and then they get the jobs upon graduation because short skirt/legs and tits, literally, hired by the boomers still in charge of course, said boomers having lived the good life from 1960 until now.

      OUr generation got fucked by you pussies who gave it all away, boy.

      Yes, boy, it is OFTEN the case that we 40 year old men are having to teach these truths to our boomer clueless pussy scared ass fathers.

      Don’t give me any more lip, son.


    • I never once took ecstasy or any other drug, not even pot, you hippie loser piece of trash. Nor a cigarette. It is my generation and the millenials who have woken up and will take this world back, even though yours and the “greatest” nearly destroyed it. Dur.