The Rules Of Social Savviness: Rule #3

The King, (that’s you, bub), strides to the castle balcony to sonorously address the ear-pricked masses below. Your heavy velvet robe flowing around you, royal bling glittering in the sun, you gaze downward, lift your arms with palms to the sky, and say,

“What do you guys think of my rule?”

Ludicrous, right? A King would never speak to his adoring flock like that. He wouldn’t ask them their opinion; he would state outright what he was planning, and expect nothing less than enthusiastic reception for his nostrums. The King would not query. He would proclaim.

This is the last in a series on the Rules of Social Savviness. Rule #1 is here and Rule #2 here.

The third rule caps what I consider the winning trifecta of social behaviors that are characteristic of the socially savvy alpha male. As illustrated in the above scenario, it strikes us strangely when a high status man asks questions. We expect such a man to declare his intention or his opinion, not wonder aloud if his intention is workable or his opinion worthwhile. This natural human impulse to regard earnest questioners as innately lower status — an impulse that is especially refined in women as a psychological mechanism for determining bangable men in their midst — can be exploited by socially savvy men to their personal benefit.

Rule #3: Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead.

Before Team Autist shows up to bristle that this rule means a man should never ask questions even if he needs the answer to something he doesn’t know, recall that life is full to brimming with generalizable rules that must suffer the indignity of hard-to-square exceptions. Learn to deal with the dissonance.

Rule #3 is the least firm and most frustrating of the three Rules of Social Savviness for social misfits, even as it is the easiest to follow (with some practiced self-awareness). Think of Rule #3 more as a goal to strive toward rather than an ironclad dictum.

Reader Lorem Ipsum describes Rule #3 very well in a comment on this post,

One of the best things that I ever did to improve my texting was to delete all question marks, as the interrogative mood is indicative of the classic beta frame (even when used as a rhetorical device; your texts should be the written equivalent of the terse statements of a pilot wrestling with the controls of a wounded aircraft). It is at its core a submissive posture; someone else has information (power) and you implore them to share that power with you.

“Is this a trick question? I loved the spice girls”
“Trick question. I loved the spice girls”

The second is more powerful. The Alpha ALWAYS knows, even when he doesn’t.

Act as if you know, even when you don’t. Chicks dig overconfident men. Overconfidence is the heart of game.

So get in the practice of thinking before speaking. Make that split second adjustment that mentally switches your questions to statements. Avoid the question mark in any texts, chats or emails. If there is room to rephrase a question to a statement, do so. And as your tongue nimbly accommodates this improved, alpha, way of speaking, you will discover a new man emerging from the chrysalis of your beta shell. Fake it till you create it. And make no mistake, you CAN create a better man out of the man that is now you.

The Three Rules of Social Savviness

1. Don’t get defensive
2. Don’t force conversation topics
3. Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead

Abide these rules, and your social life will improve dramatically. Half of your game will be rendered obsolete because friends charmed by your company will go out of their way to set you up with girls they know. And they’ll make damned sure the girls are cute and feminine, because you wouldn’t want to disappoint the King, would you?


Mangan has linked to an article about “uptalk”, which is the linguistic habit of turning every statement into a question. Quote,

[Uptalk] is the very opposite of confidence or assertiveness.

Yet again we see that the landed gentry of the human sciences have ♥vindicated♥ Chateau Heartiste concepts, providing more ammunition for advocates of game as a legitimate fast-track seduction technique. Game denialists would weep, but their bodily fluids are empty on account of having shed their last post-coital tear of relief into their couch creases.


  1. Number 1 seems to be the biggest problem with newbies. The butt-hurtness trigger is feather soft with all the baggage they carry from being burned as nice-guys. Hence, they react so easily and are always looking to avoid getting “screwed over.”

    They learn the wiser path is to have more options and such a thought really never enters your mind.


    • on August 20, 2013 at 2:55 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      Rule #3: Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead.
      Do not: “Will you go see a movie with me?”
      Do: “bring da moviez. suckas my lostas cockskz lzlzozozo”


    • Even though I love chateu and everything he’s done for me, Im really getting tired of this “Science prove what im saying shit”, there is a truth out there that we all know parts of and science slowly proof of, knowing some of it before science gets there doesn’t make you datingjesus


    • on August 21, 2013 at 4:37 am Hugegamehunting

      Apologies for posting this in the comments section, but could you outline how to actually subscribe etc. I remember reading a post where a guy sent you transcripts of an sms exchange he had with a problematic target and I am in a similar situation with higher stakes but am confident that advice from the chateau could get me back on track. Failing that can I just post my problem in the same manner as I have just done this? Thanks in advance CH et al…… Huge Game Hunting.


  2. I feel like this is more of a game tip than a social skills tip. For raw social skills, be interested is key. Asking interested and interesting questions is fine. The danger there is that you’re falling fast into comfort territory. But actually, I’d recommend a lot of newbies learn this skill first.

    Yeah, wow, you will get friend-zoned for a bit. Who cares. You will still get women to appreciate your company. Once you gain this skill, then move on to making statements.

    Even the MM says that it’s for men who can already get women — usually betas who have mastered this social skill, but need the extra high-octane of game to take it to the next level. A shit ton of socially awkward spergies actually lack the ability to engage socially. Crawl before you walk.


    • Yeah, I’ve pretty much mastered this skill. Last weekend, I confirmed this lol. It was only at the VERY end did I even see glimpses of attraction… and I didn’t push because I was under the influence of weed i.e. way too out of it to really try (not for the whole night, just the last two hours).

      Was out from 8:30pm to 4 in the morning last Saturday. Talked to a shitton of sets. Fucked up with a drunk cute chick.

      ANYWAY, I COULD write an FR on this but not really anything new to report other than I need to follow the M3 framework. And I finally started reading up on DHV’s at seductionbase as well as the MM stuff and it’s all starting to make sense now. I mean, honestly, I’ve done this a few times BEFORE, which is why I’m confused as to why it’s taken me so long to get comfortable with this.

      I can talk and talk and talk now, and girls appreciate my company, but it’s time to add some sexual tension.


      • To clarify: There was only ONE set (two-set, Mexican girls) at the end where I could feel real attraction. The rest was just friend-zoney appreciation (at the end of one conversation, we both said “You’re awesome” at the same time lol… my ego likes this haha).

        Pretty early in the night I approached this drunk two-set at a table. The cute one I would’ve banged if my game was better, but I was COMPLETELY lost in how to handle the situation. She gave me a quick peck and I really didn’t know what to do 😛 And of course, she lost interest. She left me standing there with my dick in my hands 😦 lol


    • It takes awhile because being tight, “accidentally” and/or reading about being tight, is way easier than learning how to consistently be tight. You just have to get out there. And you’re right, now that you’ve got the basics of just talking to strangers down…it’s time to get to work. Go get backturned some….take some risks lol. Try to escalate and get shot down, etc. etc.


  3. 3. Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead

    “The Alpha ALWAYS knows, even when he doesn’t.”

    Do you folks realize this is exactly what kniqqers do?


    • When some anti-white hater comes back to this thread to claim that “white nationalists” ruined it by bringing up the race angle, I’ll point them to this comment. What is this comment, number two? Right.


      • I didn’t mean to annoy or anger anyone, but it is what it is. Black people attempt to hide their ignorance by refusing to ask questions. The result is black people are the least knowledgeable people on the planet.

        White people are smart because they ask question and by doing so, collect knowledge, which they use to ask more questions, especially of nonwhite people; eventually, they end up in a space ship heading towards the moon.

        Look around at all the great and vast problems white people have solved?

        They all started from a question.

        Being worried white people will think you are ignorant is the most beta position a black person can have.

        Who are you trying to impress?

        Those that care do not matter, and those that matter do not care.

        Sux to be you.


      • These posts are about social savviness, not about sharing ideas to progress humanity or start new businesses. I would hope that the reader would intuit the difference between chatting in a mixed group of peers at a party and brainstorming with academics or entrepreneurs.


      • on August 20, 2013 at 7:06 pm Lucky White Male

        CH, this is your blog, but I don’t understand why you don’t ban this clown already

        The purpose of his posts here are basically to demoralize your white readers – or what he thinks will do so. There is no real communication going on

        How many times can this clown throw the word “nigger” into any and every topic you post on

        You are my kind of guy because you appear to be lenient with the weak or well-intentioned but misguided. But you go for the throat with those who truly deserve it

        Time for a ritualistic slaying


      • Sucky White Male
        CH, this is your blog, but I don’t understand why you don’t ban this clown already

        How would banning me improve the readerships understanding and application of game in the real world?

        Its all fine and well if YOU want this blog to be a pep rally; but the majority of men here are better served training with live ammunition, and no “daddy” to run to whining like a bitch because your feelings got hurt…

        (((shakin my head)))

        Maybe you should put down the keyboard and hit the gym?

        If you make your body strong your mind will be more secure.

        *You’re welcome*


      • This is good advice in important situations, like operating heavy machinery, or flying a plane. In social settings, you can be more cocky.


      • Nonsense, who can argue against the sikk peer-reviewing forum your local bar provides.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 7:01 am Hugegamehunting

        CH sorry for posting you in this manner but I didnt see a surefire way to contact you directly and from my end, time is of the essence. Is this salvageable…….HGH

        HGH: Hey bud, this is the sexy, badass n’ SUPER modest English tourist you helped out today BUT seriously (insert her name here) you will not believe what happened to me just after I left you guys? 17/08/2013 22:55:00

        TARGET: Tell me then! I’m not so good at guessing ;). 17/08/2013 23:02:52

        HGH: Haha you are such a loser 😉 gotta tell me you are at least good at something: Knitting, Smurf wrestling, back rubs, torturing babydolphins…. anything! 18/08/2013 14:24:00

        TARGET: Haha but you still haven’t told me what crazy thing happened to you yesterday… I’m starting to wonder if anything happened at all ;). I have so many talents but I’ll only name one: I’m very good at painting my nails and nail art. Yeah I know you’re impressed, don’t try to deny it :P.
        18/08/2013 14:43:14

        HGH: Haha!! Not impressed no – you need to cook amazing for that 😉 but I won’t deny youre funnier than the other girls, easy. Is that down to your brothers or your dad? 18/08/2013 21:24:35

        Her prompt replies stop at this point so I changed tact and send a text meant for a girl I am boarding with to the target but realise in hindsight that it may have been construed as just meant for the target anyway. Regardless, it didn’t have the desired effect, which was to stir a little jealousy, pre-selection and increased DHV – if I’m even not showing any of this at all.

        HGH: I can’t make lunch, too much work to do and then I’ve got to save the world but pasta at the hostel later is cool! You cook, I wash.
        19/08/2013 14:10:00

        In retrospect I should have typed in the name of the girl I am boarding with, I imagine, to make it clear the text wasn’t meant for the target and I should have entered the name of the local 5 star hotel and put it down to flirting if it came up later. That would have been better DHVing. Anyway she does reply….

        TARGET: Lol too busy saving the world are you? Are you a super hero or an undercover spy? Oh and of course I get my humour from a guy, I couldn’t possibly have it on my own. I’ll spare you the feminist rant but only because you’re probably saving me from an alien attack right now 😀 .
        19/08/2013 15:16:08

        HGH: Alien attack? How’d you know? Lol Yeah they plan to abduct all the hot, sexy ass god fearing people! You’ll be safe, I just wanted to say goodbye x! Might be able to skype you from the mothership so sms it to me. Failing that DO NOT sleep with my alien doppelganger – coffee & nail paints is fine tho! 😉
        19/08/2013 15:33:00

        I’m messing it up at this point, but I just remember that YAREALLY advocates always push for the meet up and push forward (hence the coffee thing) and I’m getting palpably frustrated with text tennis at this point. The “do not sleep with…” part was an attempt to put a lay on the cards or plant the seed in a cognitively dissonant way. Like don’t think of a pink elephant. But instead you can’t help think of one. But I think I needed comfort before this, IF I’ve even got (enough) attraction at this point.

        HGH: Hey “princess” (feminists love that 🙂 is it true you stay up all night thinking up new ways to emasculate men – sorry equate the genders :)?
        20/08/2013 00:18:00

        Don’t even know the fuck why I sent this. Just to get a response and see if she is dye in the wool bra-burning inclined. Anyway, clueless as I am even I sense it’s on the skids and I am asleep by the time she replies with live ammunition that I supplied her with…..

        TARGET: Totally true. See it’s 2AM and I’m taking a break because the last guy whose life I’ve just ruined was a screamer and gave me a headache. I’m also humourless and hairy. Very hairy ;). Now you’re turned on, aren’t you, sweet pea? 😀
        20/08/2013 02:07:58

        Can’t give a shit about who she’s fucking tbh, unless it’s me. She’s a Juliet Binoche/Audrey Tatou cross BUT with the (bad) skin of Cameron Diaz and a body size between Ashley Graham (plus size model) and Spot the Alpha winner August 13, 2013 tbh. But there’s a reason why that’s acceptable in my circumstances and CH already outlined it in that particular post. WARNING! I am about to go all The Grinch on your beta gauge in the next two replies.

        HGH: HAHAHA!! Only if you can keep this up, Chewbacca. 20/08/2013 11:29:00

        I didn’t actually mean to send this but was trying to completely delete composition, as i was in two minds whether to go more tongue-in-cheek or more transparent in terms of making my motives clear, but pressed ok to send. Fuck it. But I take full responsibility for this hard-on hormonal cluster-fuck…..

        HGH: And the only reason u get away with the sweet pea not being in quotes is because u subscribe to a very unorthodox brand of feminism. Now where do I bring the migraine medicine to? PS you do realise it’s to be administered orally? 😉 sp 20/08/2013 11:44:00


        Absence of calibration, right? Am I in a position to be banging out flagrant double entendre. if that isn’t bad enough I undermine the consistency of my stance by projecting with the “sp”. That’s how I want her to refer to me or at least during the bloodrush I did. But now in this game of death-chess it’s “check” to the Grim Reaper, if not check-mate.

        If anyone thinks that they can regain the ground I’ve ceded please school me. (The goal is a lay. Failing that, circumstantial rape for anyone with a sense of humour.) Notice how the ratio of texts is now 2:1 in her favour. (I don’t intend to be her textual entertainment).

        If you need more details before you can weigh in, just let me know and I can fill in the blanks. And apologies again to CH for clogging his blog, but I wasn’t about to seek advice from the Agony Aunt pages of some fem-agenda glossy. And feel free to eviscerate me my skin is about as thick as my bone-headed approach.


      • I don’t have a lot of time to give this the measured consideration you want, but my immediate impression is that you’re intellectually connecting with her but not sexually connecting. She likes your mental whipsawing, but that won’t get her to tingle land. She knows too well you want her, and the dense texts you send are just confirming it for her. Also, drop the smilie faces. Your game comes across like a beta impersonating an aloof, carefree alpha, and your beta soul is occasionally betrayed by try-hard responses.


      • If I were the girl, I’d be a little turned off by how chatty you are. Definitely drop the smileys. If your previous interaction with her is just meeting her on the street, I also think you’re on the edge of pushing the sexual innuendo too far. I don’t want to feel like the guy is expecting sex when/if we meet up.

        When she sends you a long chatty message, you should throw in some short answers.

        Her: blah blah blah blah 🙂
        You: Lol


        Later if she doesn’t respond:

        You: So let’s meet up at x on x
        Her: blah blah blah blah
        You: Ok, see you then

        At this point you should just wait it out for a while, imo. You’re trying to hard right now.


    • no need to use that word. the word i see in the fine news media when every single perpetrator of a crime is the same predictable race is ‘teens’


    • Yeah, we know you’re good at pulling fat white women.


    • Interesting (small sample size) paper…
      Experiment was to put people into groups and see how them interacting/accomplishing a task played with ratings of physical attractiveness.

      “Initial rating of physical attractiveness accounted for only 9.3% of the variation in final rating of physical attractiveness for females rating females, 19.2% for females rating males, and 62% for males rating females.”

      “One of the five males was a ‘‘slacker’’ who obviously was not pulling his weight, either literally or figuratively. He was the primary object of negative gossip and social control efforts, such as teasing and inspecting his bedroom window when he failed to show up for practice. He was uniformly rated as physically ugly by team members. Another of the five males was the opposite of the slacker, working so hard that he was discussed as possibly a contender for the U.S. Olympic team. He was uniformly rated as physically attractive by team
      members. This large difference in perceived physical attractiveness did not exist for raters who knew nothing about the contributions of the two men to the team.”


      • Oh goddammit, didn’t mean to put it in this little thread.


      • Still, it’s interesting. More evolutionary evidence of game. Thanks for the link.


      • on August 20, 2013 at 5:49 pm FuriousFerret

        Yeah man. A lot of looks for men is the way they present themselves as in they present themselves as good looking and people buy in to it.

        Most of the ‘ugly’ people in the US aren’t ugly, they simply gave up.

        For men all you have to do to be ‘good looking’ is:

        – Not be obese

        – Wear clothes that pop out and make you get noticed

        – Hair style that actually suits you and your personality. Not every man should have the ‘Roman’ haircut even though it’s the most popular. This a critical mistake. Roman style is very masculine looking men.

        – Equally important is badass posture. Upright and chest held high like the fucking boss that you are. Without the pose, you will look like a try hard.

        I have wondered why since it’s so easy that most men fail and I concluded is that they don’t want to stick out. They actually want to be submissive. They know by styling themselves up the haters will come out and they can’t handle the heat.

        Same with speech. Speaking powerfully and slowly is a very simple trait that commands more respect and alpha cred yet most men want to speak nasally. They do this so they blend in and show everybody how they simply want to be left alone. They don’t want to give out signals of alphadom because that bring confrontation.


      • +1

        Solid, tight, unimpeachable


      • “I have wondered why since it’s so easy that most men fail and I concluded is that they don’t want to stick out. They actually want to be submissive. They know by styling themselves up the haters will come out and they can’t handle the heat.”

        Yep. In Tyler’s old 2hr audio he gives the example of “Why do you think a guy would CHOOSE a low-value identity, probably in high-school? Not just so that he’s liked by people, but more so that he’s not DIS-liked. The tall poppy gets cut.”


      • I think someone should compile a website of txt exchanges that go well leading up to a date – possibly also when in a relationship.

        I’ve had success with txting in the past but not been consistent. Been getting better at txts lately probably due to how good the interaction was on the initial meet.

        So moments of brilliance need to be archived for people to see because I swear it’s the one of the better ways to learn txting (I know krauser’s exchanges helped me quite a bit). Some shit exchanges need to be archived too but every single submission should have an introduction of initial conditions.

        You reckon it’s a good idea?

        How the feck do you copy paste from iphone on a computer? 😦


      • I’d actually say that that study proves that giving value is a huge determinant of a man’s attractiveness. With regard to looks, just try to meet the minimum required for a girl to take you seriously as a man.

        So contributing to the group matters most. What can you add to an interaction?


      • “I concluded is that they don’t want to stick out. They actually want to be submissive. They know by styling themselves up the haters will come out and they can’t handle the heat.”

        Oh yeah.


      • Woulda thought the slacker would be the guy getting the girls panties wet…


      • Nah, real life’s a little different.


    • Thwack, do you know why white people are smart and “have solved great and vast problems” and why “black people are the least knowledgeable people on the planet”?

      It’s not about asking questions, it’s about the Government.

      Necessity is the mother of all invention. When you need something, you’re going to find it or make it yourself. However, when the Government takes care of you from soup to nuts, and assumes the role of mommy and daddy, you have no concept of necessity. It all comes to you without you going and busting your ass and breaking your head to figure out what you need and ways to get it. When you get your needs met free from a 3rd party, as opposed to going out and getting it yourself, you don’t have to look for inventive ways to solve problems or issues, or even develop anything. Thus, your head is not used, or even needed that much. You become a simpleton.

      Hell, the Government has taken over Black wellbeing to the point that Blacks don’t need a flesh and blood father. The Government is their father, that’s all.

      Everything Whites invented, developed, or solved started from a necessity. There was a need, which acted as the facilitator.

      We humans weren’t meant to be kept creatures. We don’t develop unless we suffer. All the suffering, sickness, pain, needs, hunger, troubles, discomfort, anger, fights, hate, etc…. are catalysts meant for our development. We develop and survive when we have troubles and needs and must alleviate them; when we have to fend for ourselves. This works on the individual level, the national level, and the spices level.

      Thwack, if you truly want to figure out the world and your place in it as a Black man (which I think you’re trying to do), this is where you should begin. The Government is the main reason for Black failure in America. It’s not racism. That’s just a byproduct of Black behavior and government intervention. If you want to blame someone start with your own people first. Blaming other’s for one’s failures, while refusing to see one’s own complicity is a copout reaction.


      • Sure, Lily, Haiti is Haiti because their taxes are too high. Riiiiight.


      • Everything Whites invented, developed, or solved started from a necessity. There was a need, which acted as the facilitator.

        That’s how whites landed on the moon, after all. There was this tremendous necessity – it was either get to the moon or perish. Government had nothing to do with the moon program.


      • @ silver

        Of course, there was a need to go to the moon. A strong need, there was. We must investigate the universe, and our place in it. It’s the only way to figure out our origins. Unlike you, I don’t believe in staying deaf, dumb, and stupid. We’re not animals. We are intelligent creatures with souls. That soul comes from the infinite. By understanding the universe, we understand the infinite.

        It used to be that lone rangers like Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, and Copernicus, putting their funds, reputations, and very lives on the line, undertook these tasks. Since humanity as a collective has discovered the value in scientific research, including astronomical research, governments and academic institutions are now leading the way and putting our collective funds and brains to the task.

        This is not the same as the Government financially supporting a whole group of people at the detriment of others groups, as well as rendering the group it is helping ambitionless, uninformed, ignorant, and useless. Like animals, all they do is eat and breed. It’s no way for developed humans to live. We’re past the stone age. The best charity you can give someone is teach them skills or give them a job, as opposed to giving them that food or money so they are depended on you for life.

        BTW, the Government did the same thing to the American Indian. Look at the devastation that goes on in those reservations – the alcoholism and the degeneracy. It’s what happens when people are kept by “benevolent” 3rd parites. Their drive to learn and progress is neutralized. That drive is very similar to the sex drive. That’s why sex drive and creativity are closely connected. The most creative people were also very sexual. If the Left has its way, we’ll all be robots with no needs, drive, ambition, competition, etc…..

        We humans can’t develop under these conditions. One way to extinguish human kind is to remove all needs, drive, ambition, competition from our collective experience. To be a kept species, is to commit suicide. This is why socialism and communism don’t work. People living in such societies don’t fare as well as Americans. They didn’t call this country the “Land of Opportunity” for nothing. There was a very strong basis for it, while it lasted, that is. People made vast fortunes coming to America’s shores. Now, who knows how much opportunity there is. Let’s pray it’s not over.


      • Unlike you, I don’t believe in staying deaf, dumb, and stupid.

        You’re taking this a bit too personally, lol.

        The point was you were studiously ignoring the genetic factor pink elephant. No amount of “need” to land on the moon was going to overcome hereditary limitations in mental processing power if they fell short of the minimum necessary for the task at hand. Similarly with Haiti, many of their problems have more to do with hereditary factors rather than income tax rates or constitutional shortcomings.


      • Silver,

        I see what you mean. Sorry that I misunderstood you.

        Of course, what you are saying is 100% true, but I don’t want to mention it because then it justifies the government taking care of them. I wanted to leave out that very important factor for now.

        If you tell other races they are not as smart as whites, right away leftoids come to the rescue with protected class doctrines, affirmative action, food stamps, free medical and the like. Lesser races need to develop their skills and their brains to the best of their abilities. Everyone has to carry their own weight. I don’t like this parasitic mentality of a protected class. Eveyone should do what you can. Everyone has a purpose, even lesser races.

        Thanks for clarifying.


      • “Necessity is the mother of all invention. When you need something, you’re going to find it or make it yourself. ”

        Yes, but it still starts with a question:

        You can’t get past the WORD Lily; and that word is Logos.

        Stop trying to hit me and HIT ME.


      • No thwack, a question only arises after there is a necessity. If you don’t need anything, why ask questions. Do you want to stimulate question asking in Black people? Stop government benefits and the theory of protected class, for which the Constitution has been amended. When Blacks stat fending for themselves, as well as competing with the rest of the world, their success will rise. They will learn from mistakes and from trial and error, just like how a baby learns to walk.


      • Lily

        No thwack, a question only arises after there is a necessity.

        Thats what you believe because of your primitive cave woman genes.

        Did the first person (probably in Africa) to construct a musical instrument do it out of necessity?

        When your 7 year old son pulls out all your pots and pans and starts beating on them with spoons in order to make a song… is he doing that out of necessity?

        is he doing it to “get some pussy?”

        Please de-calcify your pineal gland and get back to me.


    • Do you folks realize this is exactly what kniqqers do?

      Did you know “kniga” is a slavic word for “book”? Excuse me, let me rephrase that. “Kniga” is a slavic word for “book.” (What a quick study I am.) I never realized I could use it as cover the way people use “Canadians.”

      Anyway, props for finding this creative “blame YT” angle in the OP.


  4. easy shortcut to eliminating question marks is eliminate all punctuation in texts, as has been suggested many times before. i think women will project whatever attitude they want to see onto texts that are more open to interpretation.


    • I already tore the question mark key off all my computers. Problem is I don’t have a forward-slash key anymore either.

      There should be an app that eliminates it from touch screens, amirite. [<– Q-Mark normally inserted there.] I am rite. See how it works. [<– You Know What normally inserted there.] I assert that you see how it works.


  5. I think you’ve stated in 3 posts what I’ve stated in one.

    But the advice is solid. Question is- how many men will really catch on and follow it?


  6. A good rhetorical question in reply to stupid ideas, solutions, or opinions is a decent. Like smuggling a declarative in the form of an interrogative. Think of it as educating the beta out of friends or coworkers, or the fitness tests from women.

    Socrates constantly fucked up people’s shit in a similar way and it shows how gloriously alpha the weirdo really was. If his dysfunction didn’t get in the way he probably could’ve had his pick of swarthy Grecian poon to delight in.


  7. A bit late to this

    >>>2. Don’t force conversation topics

    Sometimes, if you are cut off in mid-topic, and do a seque into another topic, the chicks will bring up the previous not-yet-finished topic. I take that as an IOI because they were paying attention to what you were saying, something very rare in women.


  8. on August 20, 2013 at 1:01 pm RappaccinisDaughter

    This. So much this. And, like all of these pointers, it’s good advice for women, too.

    Cool Story, Bro! time: A few years ago I required surgery on my throat. I’m fine and the exterior scarring is minimal, but there was one lasting effect: Although my speaking voice is unaltered, I lost most of my upper register. I cannot scream, I cannot shriek, and I cannot make the vocal tilt at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.

    In short: I am physically incapable of producing the submissive, feminine vocal pattern. You know which one: This one? The one that makes every statement sound like a question? Kind of annoying? Makes it sound like the speaker is sort of a ditz? I can’t do that.

    Within two years of that surgery, I got promoted three times.


    • Using these rules will not make you more attractive to men. However, if you are in a position of managing other women, they are good and necessary.


      • on August 20, 2013 at 1:21 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        I was thinking more in a business setting, where you may have to manage and/or negotiate with both sexes. However, “Don’t be defensive” and “Don’t be a bore” certainly won’t hurt you with men.


      • Had a male employee who always ended their sentences as if they were a question. Drove me nuts.
        I set him up with a single female friends once, she said after 1 date that he was far too feminine. She didn’t know why she thought that, but I knew the answer.

        I going to do this for 3 days to see how this goes at work and home.


      • Met some guys from Northern Ireland. Every sentence sounded like a question. I think it’s normal there.


      • Same with Aussies, even alphas.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 7:42 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Yeah, both the Irish brogue and the Scottish burr sound like that. It’s not a problem for them because in their home countries, it’s normal; in the U.S., the relative exoticism of the accent (combined with the racial homogeniety) is attractive to women and overwhelms any sense of “uptalk.”


      • And Canucks, eh?


      • True, being overly defensive is annoying in both sexes. Don’t force the conversation is something I’ve had to learn. I’ve had people come right out and tell me, “Okay, we’ve moved on now.”.


      • These social savviness rules are useful for women too, because, after all, women have to navigate their female social circles. But as a general guide for attracting men, the rules applied to women are mostly superfluous, especially if the woman using them is already physically attractive. A pretty face will coax a man to forgive a lot of personality flaws. At least for a while.


      • on August 20, 2013 at 2:08 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        It’s that last sentence that’s a killer.

        I’d be very interested in finding out how many of you guys have passed on an LTR with a woman who was very attractive due to her personality flaws. (I doubt any of you would pass on a ONS or a quick fling if she was good-looking enough.)


      • RD:

        There are only two reasons to pass on an LTR, RD, in my experience:

        a. personality flaws
        b. sexual dysfunction or incompatibility

        But really, it’s all personality flaws. I wouldn’t go out with her even short-term if I weren’t attracted — that’s a five second test — and sexual compatibility or incompatibility is usually revealed prior to the “Where is this relationship going?” moment. Last, except in the case of a sociopath or professional criminal, one will know also, prior to going exclusive, if there are morality/integrity problems. I suppose some people would disqualify on the basis of how much dough she has, which is fair — women do this to men all the time. But I don’t do wallet biopsies.

        So it’s all personality in my experience.

        Disagree with your comment on ONSs but I’ll get thrown off the board if I air it.


      • I like interacting with deadpan female execs. Your inability to, Like, Go like this? would be hilarious to write into a script. Can I steal this?

        It has the same effect on me that the eTrade baby with the smoker’s voice has. Picture and sound don’t match. Constant double-takes, so one listens to every word.

        Well, candidly, that’s not true. A female exec with a seen-it-all-monotone is a lot sexier. I fly a lot and of course this is how some of the women jocks sound on the radio: Chuck Yeager via Smith College. (The preferred tonal attitude on the radio is “I am so unimpressed by everything, cleared direct JFK Flight Level 230”.) Total turn-on.


      • on August 20, 2013 at 2:55 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        By all means, steal away. Do you need to know what the procedure was, for versimilitude, or are you just going to go with suspension of disbelief?


      • Please say, if you don’t mind.

        In general, I find women of feminine appearance but masculine/laconic in speech (I’m speaking about the public, not private sphere here) to be such an incredible relief and relaxing pleasure. It’s like a social vacation. The best example I can give is a woman who would say, “Please don’t do that. I ‘m not good with that.” Deadpan. “Tell me what you are really thinking about.” Deadpan. “I want to do whatever you want me to do right now.” Deadpan.

        She embodied CH’s #3, in the public sphere.

        It’s flipped around (feminine/masculine laconic) with a woman pilot: she’s wearing a man’s clothes and flying several hundred thousand pounds of metal through the air, but she’s kissing you on the lips.

        This latter can be taken too far, i.e., Marge in Fargo.


      • Please say, if you don’t mind.

        Two no-nos in one sentence!

        ***RED PILL FAIL*** ***RED PILL FAIL***


      • on August 20, 2013 at 3:45 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Partial laryngectomy. They took a piece of my cricoid cartilage, not the vocal cord itself.


      • Buena Vista, I met a stunningly beautiful Syrian girl once (top five women I’ve seen IRL easy). Very beautiful and very feminine. But she had this incredibly raspy/husky voice. It was like nothing I can explain or point to examples of. But take my word for it was sexy as hell.


    • “Within two years of that surgery, I got promoted three times.”

      LOLOL (?) 😉


      • on August 20, 2013 at 2:07 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        If you don’t end your sentences like this? You sound confident and trustworthy? And if your boss is a man? He might start to see you as someone he can rely on?


      • HAHAHAHA 🙂


      • lol


      • I don’t really care if it would get me a promotion. I am not comfortable in acting like that person (a socially dominant confident person). It makes me feel weird.

        I have reverse game or something. Like today, I told this guy he looked like Pee Wee Herman. I don’t know. I just blurted it out because physically, he looks like that actor and he was wearing tight grey pants and that was the association I made. He agreed and amplified (yeah, that’s what I was going for!), but I could tell he wasn’t thrilled I said it.

        So later in front of some other mousy guy I said, “I told Jeff he looked like Pee Wee Herman as a compliment!” me- big stupid smile. Then they laughed at me and were like “you’re silly. That’s not a compliment.”

        It’s like game to put yourself in a self deprecating position. What use it has I’m not sure, but it makes people laugh.


      • That’s not agree and amplify. That’s just rolling over and taking it, aka “being tooled.”

        The ultimate AA for a ‘you look like X’ is = “Thanks, you do too!”
        Before girl can respond, pick out random guy who looks nothing like X, “hey has anyone ever told you you look just like X? Cause she thinks you do. I can see it too!”

        Also….ya, that was kind of dick thing to say lol. It’s like telling a woman she looks like Roseanne Barr.


      • femx might legitimately have assburger’s. in addition to the other spectrum of disorders she has.


      • Was it that bad? I just remember that he was supposed to be funny in the 80s. Didn’t know there was such a strong negative association to him.

        Itsme, I get why you would think that, but I don’t exhibit the negative social traits of that disorder in general as it does not affect women in the same way. I am fairly socially fluid.


      • Yeah he was funny in the 80’s UNTIL HE GOT CAUGHT MASTURBATING IN A THEATER. Pee Wee Herman = pervert, in the public mind. Also pedophile, because he was a man doing something sexual who made a living off of entertaining children.

        Just generally, try to avoid comparing people you know to infamous individuals — unless the infamy is kinda cool. Pee Wee Herman’s infamy is lame.


      • That is not how you want to do self-deprecation… ideally you don’t insult the person first. No one would believe you thought calling a guy PeeWee Herman was a compliment. It’s like telling a woman she’s fat. If you blurt things like this out you have to practice thinking before you speak. Lol


      • you’re running game like a man. are you a man now?

        here’s female game:

        – be hot
        – be fit (lose the tummy, no more naan for you)
        – be feminine


      • on August 20, 2013 at 5:27 pm Imperial Leather

        ohhhh how they want to be men, with the amount of comments they write


      • Not every social exchange is a lesson in game.

        In fact, the more you tediously, consciously analyze the dynamic, the less natural all of these Tips4Playas come across.


    • You know which one: This one? The one that makes every statement sound like a question? Kind of annoying? Makes it sound like the speaker is sort of a ditz? I can’t do that.

      It’s called up-talk. I don’t put up with it.

      Along with “like” and “you know” and “sorta,” up-talk is a linguistic side effect of postmodern relativism. We can’t be sure of anything! Every statement must be qualified! every phrase must be validated! you know ?? I didn’t get into my car; rather, I, like?, you know?, got in my caaar? It is such an ugly, pervasive state of mind that it has affected our very speech tones.

      It’s on par with “really” and “seriously,” as if the default assumption were a frivolous imaginary opinion of things that must be distinguished from the rare times we are dealing forced to deal with the serious and the real, like uninvited interlopers.

      No comment on the commenters who deploy these words in their screen names.



      • Not that you need any advice on game (you need advice on the opposite- don’t condescend to men like you do to women), but advanced level alpha is that if you ask a question, you make the other person answer it. Like, if you ask “what kind of food are you in the mood for?”, the response by a lot of woman will tend to be indecisive to some extent like “I dunno. What do you like?” The alpha thing to do in that case is to make them answer the question as in “I already know what I like. I asked what you like.”

        It’s advanced level alpha I have learned as only the most alpha guys I ever dated would do that. It shows that you are so confident in yourself that you can afford to ask for your chick’s opinion- not for the sake of impressing her but just for the sake of amusing yourself.


      • you need advice on the opposite- don’t condescend to men like you do to women

        But what if the men are acting like bitches? That is, fatherless bitches raised by single slutmoms and Rick The Betasshole Stepdad? I can’t not condescend.

        (Please excuse my two interrogatories please.)


      • If you tell people the truth about their weak points in a way that bruises them, you know what the consequences are. You can accept those consequences (some would call it wrath. Some would call it whining). You are like that Socrates dude, who was vindicated in the end, but before that happened he did get himself enough enemies to get himself offed.


      • … you know what the consequences are. You can accept those consequences

        Nah. Out of life’s school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.

        Besides, chicks dig scars. My medicine stings but heals. I’m a humanitarian.


      • Feminist(butto)x,

        Detox my Buttox….


      • “Out of life’s school of war: What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”

        Wars are won by armies, which are built by fostering masses of loyalty.

        You are an agent provocateur, not sure if you are a warrior. If you are, I guess you’re a lone warrior. This is fine, but it comes with a price. You attract more enemies than followers though I think you don’t intend to attract either.

        The question I ask you (Lord be, that’s an act that does not diminish me)- are you as effective as you would like to be in achieving whatever your goal is in your interactions? Do you think the way you administer your medicine looks effective?


      • Projection?


      • Always a possibility. I can tell you I never had a stepdad nor was ever fatherless, if that helps.

        But maybe you’re unconsciously projecting the possibility of my unconscious projection. Like, meta, you know?

        What’s with the question mark, pal?


      • I am not a man. I am dynamite.

        I am here to sound out idols “with a hammer as with a tuning fork.”

        I am on a Mission from God, like Jake and Elwood, to see whether there are ten righteous men for whose sake “I will not destroy it.”

        This is the reconnaissance phase, not the mustering phase. I am investigating not rallying, testing not uniting. All of these little schoolboys are bent over and I am taking their temperature with my righteous mercurial probe.

        Attracting allies from this effeminate culture would be a bad sign. I am gathering all enemies to my master’s cross, conducting a Symphony of Sin. They can’t resist it.

        But sincere thanks for the counsel. It’s very good and honest advice (and in the form of a question!). I wish you’d bless me more often.


        — — —

        Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo (1888).
        ” ” “, Götzen-Dämmerung, oder, Wie man mit dem Hammer philosophiert (1888).
        The Blues Brothers (1980).
        Book of Genesis, chapter 18, verse 32.
        First Epistle of St. Peter, chapter 2, verse 24.


      • You are a wet, loud fart…..that’s as close to “dynamite” as you’ll ever get, you Jesuit freak.


      • You’re extremely tedious, actually, with your predictable, repetitive citations of obvious undergraduate texts.

        And see item #2, above: the colossal bore at the party who wanders demanding airtime, and actually not interacting with anyone. When an issue of note, or an amusing thread emerges, you talk about yourself and quote your sophomore year syllabus, while doing internet mind-reading and comment-grading. Take your red pencil and go teach second grade someplace, you’ll have a better chance of intellectually dominating your audience.


      • @BuenaVista: nicely done, and right on target.

        Matt IS just like the annoying guy at a party who constantly tries to impress people with his supposed intellectual superiority.

        It’s a bit hard to take in any event, but the more so from someone who believes a supernatural being created the universe.

        Matt needs to be in a subway wearing a “The end is near” placard.


      • “It’s a bit hard to take in any event, but the more so from someone who believes a supernatural being created the universe.”

        Stilicho, why are you all hounding him for his belief in God? You might not agree with his approach to Gaming women, or his idea of the alpha male. Why bring his religious beliefs into the mix?

        Billions of people on the planet believe in a Creator. Are you going to denounce all of them? Do you have proof there isn’t a Creator?

        As of yet, science has NO proof either way. Except, creationists believe the universe couldn’t have formed by itself from nothing. If you atheists opposed to this, so be it, but stop hounding people because they can see the evidence of a creator.

        Regardless, you’re being just as intolerant of him as you’re accusing him or his ilk of being. I realize Atheism (as all liberal positions) is a religion as zealous as any in history, but I thought we overcame all of that and we don’t persecute people for their religious beliefs.

        Laugh at him over his displays of arrogance if you are irritated with them, or disagree with him over his positions on gaming women and what constitutes alpha if you think they’re a crock, but harassing him over his religious beliefs makes you look very throwbackish. It’s unbecoming of Liberal open-minded men.


      • BuenaScheiße reprimanded:

        You’re extremely tedious, actually, with your predictable, repetitive citations of obvious undergraduate texts.

        It was a self-parody, school monitor. You can unpurse your bloodless lips. And you call me a “bore”?

        In any event, I can’t follow your contradictory suggestion. I can’t both be more advanced (than “undergraduate”) and less advanced (to be the unboring hit “at the party”) at the same time.

        Pick one. I’ll be sure to adjust my rhetoric either down to your least-common-denominator standards for “entertainment” or up to match your pretentious grad-school affect. Your choice!

        Like Schopenhauer said, “You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot please all of the people all of the time.”*


        — — —
        * from Die Kunst, Recht zu Behalten (The Art of Being Right) (1931)


      • @ LIly — you can’t be serious.

        Our dimwitted Jesuit insults, demeans, mocks, ridicules, scorns, all without need — and you say nothing.

        I take him to task for his supestition — and you leap to his defense?

        Did Matt tell you he “loved” you too? Just as he gushed to Feministx?

        Get a grip, dear. Matt’s only reaping what he sows. Besides: steel sharpens steel. Men — real men — test one another. And that’s exactly what I’m doing to our dimwitted Jesuit.

        If Matt’s religious beliefs wilt under my sarcasm, if he can’t stand up for his beliefs and justify them, then that’s his problem — not mine.

        He’ll just need to toughen up.

        Maybe then he won’t need women like you to defend him.


      • “It’s a bit hard to take in any event, but the more so from someone who believes a supernatural being created the universe.”

        Hey faggot, go be enlightened by your intelligence elsewhere.


      • Stilicho, I was worried you’d think I was defending Matt. I was neither defending him nor does he need me to. He is doing just fine answering all his detractors without any help (save for Gergi, his slave, that is 😉 ).

        My statement was more about the atheist mindset. It’s a very zealous religion, as evident by how each time you argue with him you bring in his religious belief, as if you’re harassing him because of it. You sound just as religiously intolerant as you think he is.

        If he insults you, insult him back – measure for measure. Make it count. Just to come after him and throw it all in the kitchen sink, is very ineffective.

        Furthermore, if you think he’s a beta because he professed his love to FemX, stick to to making fun of that. What does it have to do with his religion, or “superstition,” as you call it?

        You keep calling him a “dimwitted Jesuit.” How can you claim he’s stupid? He’s far from stupid. You just don’t agree with his positions, that’s all. People throw stupid too often in this blog against anyone they disagrees with.

        All I am saying is stick to the issues. Anyway, I am extracting myself from your fight. You guys duke it out. I just wanted to offer food for thought.


      • @Lily:

        “I am on a Mission from God, like Jake and Elwood, to see whether there are ten righteous men for whose sake “I will not destroy it,” said Matt.

        “I am gathering all enemies to my master’s cross, conducting a Symphony of Sin,” said Matt.

        Remind me again who’s injecting religion into this thread…..?


      • I do love Lily. Her crotch smells like a florist’s shop.

        Even though when I read this, I must confess she was the first person who came to mind:

        To they pay by the word?


      • @ Stilicho

        No question, he’s a religious zealot. He just disguises it better than others. However, I think the above comments are meant to pull your leg more than anything else. You hound him and he goes into a religious trance to drive you even crazier, and it works. You could always deploy “DA REV. PETER POPOFF’S MAGIC WATERZ” though. That was hilarious. It was ridiculing, not harassing.

        Unfortunately, the whole place has become the domain of the religious intolerant fanatics, whether they are pushing atheism or Christianity. This is what I meant by not harassing him for his religious beliefs. Open-minded people don’t harass others for their religious views.

        Have you seen the Jochen Peiper nutjob comment toward the end of this subthread? He is under the impression this is a Christian crusade of some sorts. Then he goes into the next CH thread and says the usual bullshit “The Sanhedrin AKA the Learned Elders of Zion.” The Sanhedrin and the Learned Elders of Zion are the usual bark of the powerless, the uninformed, the envious, the frustrated, and most definitely NOT the alpha. How can a man be a conspiracy-spewing complainer and an alpha? Alphas are hands on. They don’t bother barking.

        There’s one thing about Matt, he doesn’t bark, no matter how much you disagree with him. He mocks. I think you need to approach him differently. Mock for mockery.


      • @ Matt

        Yeah, I know it’s what many of you think. However, I vehemently deny it. I’m not working for any government. I am only sharing my thoughts and beliefs as everyone else is. I will not blame the Joo for our problems (caused by our own hands), and I support Israel because it’s fighting Islam – our common enemy. I’m Philo-Semitic. This is my position in a nutshell. Anyone with a similar position would be accused of working for Israel or the Jooz in these parts, so I don’t take it personally.

        However, I’m curious. Why aren’t you claiming the WNs here are working on behalf of their own agendas to try to foment useless Joo hate in the utmost Hit-larain fashion? Probably, because you support and agree with them. Otherwise, you wouldn’t bother impeaching me every chance you get. I can tell I upset you in some way.

        Sorry, my position isn’t popular here. I am also sorry, the most popular position is a bunch of joo-hate conspiracy theories de jure. It’s very unbecoming of high intellect, not to mention it’s lowbrow classless nonsense that appeals to ignoramuses and rednecks. It doesn’t contribute anything to the resolution of our cultural problems. All it serves is to substitute the leftist ideology culprit with the Joo. Our war is with the ideology of the Left, not the joo. Hey, if life was that simple and we could substitute Joo for all our problems and have them be gone, that would be great. But the Joo doesn’t remotely begin to scratch the surface. All he provides is an easy scapegoat – the oldest in history. Remember King Solomon’s eternal words whom you quoted recently? “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; and there is nothing new under the sun.” Joo hate is nothing new under the sun. It’s as old as time itself.

        How ironic! You enjoy quoting their ingenious words, BUT you hate them at the same time. If that is not envy, I don’t know what is. My observations are sharp, as always. The Joo haters are either envious of the jooz, or they are religious zealots who can’t convert the jooz. Which one are you? Save your answer, I already know.

        Anyway, FYI, I said in a recent thread I don’t care if people hate Jooz. The Constitution provides freedom of expression, and people are free to love or hate whomever they choose. This is still a free country and we don’t control thoughts. What I object to is spreading lies in the form of hearsay masked as news, and conspiracy theories masked as facts. Hearsay and conspiracy theories are not good for us. They dumb us down. Do you know which culture utilizes the most conspiracy theories? The Islamic culture. That should give you pause why that culture is so far behind the rest of the world. I hate to see us dumbing down like the Muslims.

        Of course, I’m sure you haven’t heard a word I said. Typical of you Matt. I often feel I’m speaking to the wall when I engage with you. If you heard anything I said here before, I often defend Whites, America, the troops, the Constitution, Western culture, Christianity, as well as joo issues. Yet, you only remember my stance against Joo-hate.


      • I do love Lily. Her crotch smells like a florist’s shop.

        And her breath stinks of gefilte fish.

        She denies any hasbara ties, but as the maxim goes, when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… give odds that it’s a f*ckin’ duck!

        Do they pay by the word?

        Doubtful, otherwise she would have long-ago made enough to retire comfortably on the Riviera.

        In lieu, her shul book is plastered full of gold stars… the six-pointed kind.


      • Gregi, How could a man be a conspiracy-spewing complainer and an alpha? Alphas are hands on. They don’t bother barking.

        You’re a barker, Gregi. You bark out Joo-hate and conspiracy theories. Maybe that’s the reason you’re in the sub position with Matt, eh? You must endure lots of stepping on. Does your master allow you to be self-helping and venture out on your own?

        BTW, my pearly whites don’t stink of anything. Remember, I am not a toothless redneck. Can you say the same? 😀


      • Deflection noted, Shilly.


      • You’re the last man I expect to believe me, gregi. After all, you believe rumor, conspiracy theory, outright lies, and nonsense concerning the jooz, so you would not recognize the truth even if it hit you on the head.

        It’s a simple fact – I’m not getting paid or represent any government, group, individual, entity, institution, corporation, etc. What I say here is of my own accord based on my own knowledge and common sense.

        I know it’s killing you that some of us gentiles don’t share your bullshit joo-hate ideology. That’s why you go on the attack and claim they’re Jooz. You’re as transparent as the spaces in your your toothless mouth.


      • Yeah, I know it’s what many of you think. However, I vehemently deny it. I’m not working for any government. I am only sharing my thoughts and beliefs as everyone else is.

        Confession part II. Your denial sounds like this:

        LIly girl, I’m just yanking your pig tails. I think you’re adorable. You know what my position on Jéwry is. I like the antisemites because I don’t get to hear anything about this stuff anywhere else. And when they stray into the overheated conspirazoid fever swamps, you can be sure I have independence of judgment enough to follow them precisely as far as I will. So put in a good word about me with your Hasbera minders, I may want to pick up a few shekels myself.

        On the other hand, I do like to see you worked into a lather. You sit up in your seat a little straighter, righteously indignant, cheeks hot, little salty trickles tickling your inner thighs as you pound at the keyboard… I just want to eat you up.

        Why aren’t you claiming the WNs here are working on behalf of their own agendas to try to foment useless Joo hate in the utmost Hit-larain fashion? Probably, because you support and agree with them.

        Women! Aiee. It’s them or me, pick one!

        What you’re really asking is why I don’t attempt to correct every person on the internet who has a different slant on things. I do not “impeach[]” you “every chance [I] get,” believe me. I hardly ever comment on your endless exchanges against everyone with an untoward word for The Chosen People, except to tell you how much your passion stirs me.

        I like their approach better than yours because they aren’t so damned grim, and the paranoid halfwits who mimic them are harmless. Greg writes with élan, a happy warrior. You write like you have a stick up your ass, an unappreciated secretary who has to proofread the whole website and never gets any credit.

        Well, I’m trying to give you credit. I do appreciate your diligence and indefatigable attitude despite the fruitless task you assigned yourself. And you think I’m a skinhead for not signing onto every clause of your endlessly bitchy manifesto.

        “I can tell I upset you in some way.” It is impossible for women to upset me, and you’re no exception. I think angry women are hot. I’ll fight you but only if I can fuck you when it’s over (or during). I want to taste the earned sweat on your neck after one of your pugnacious bouts with the fake Näzis. I want to guzzle your worker-bee honey direct from the tap until your fingers tremble too much to keep typing.

        I want to ease your tense flesh enough for you to unclench that dreidel from your kiester.

        What say jéw?



      • Confessions? Imagining yourself running the Chateau confessional now? The ego is strong in this one.

        Your days of bamboozling me with your sex talk are over, babe. My main response to you (and I warn you it’s harsh) is on the other thread. I stumbled upon one of your comment. Let’s say, it left me trembling of ecstasy after my virtual pummel 😀
        Wrong! Don’t twist my words. I don’t expect you to correct anyone on my behalf, or choose me over your WN buddies.

        If you want to pretend you’re not a WN, then I expect if you do criticize me when I disprove their ridiculous conspiracy theories, you will criticize them as well, or just don’t criticize me or them, and keep quiet on all fronts. This is why I say you probably support and agree with them. Your criticism only come in one direction, mine.
        And, as far as being grim and having a stick up my ass, half the time I make fun of them and most of my comments are tongue-in-cheek. Except, I make good arguments backed with facts that beat up your beloved WNs, and that’s why you cowardly complain about it NOT being entertainment worthy and being my “bitchy manifesto.” Please, don’t stoop to making a circular argument. I got your #. Furthermore, not everything is a joke, Matt. There are serious things too, as I am sure you agree. It’s unbecoming of a serious man like you to expect only jokes.

        In addition, I know that sometimes you deflect with your charm, as you don’t want to open a whole can of warms. I like and agree with that. It’s better that way. So don’t sell me your bullshit that I expect you to go to war for me. What expect from you is not to sell me a bill of goods. Let’s start with that.
        In other news, they’re not fake NZs, I’m not angry (on the contrary), I don’t sweat (so you’ll have to go elsewhere to taste that trickling dew), my flesh isn’t tense, my hands aren’t clenching anything, and I know your mind 😉

        Oh..….and I’m not ovulating, in case you were wondering.

        Otherwise, you haven’t heard a word I said to you, did you? Your sexual overtones will not save you this time around. Maybe you’ll listen in the other thread 😉


      • Silly Lily, the only things more inane and tedious than your bloviations are your interminable self-congratulations on nonexistent victories.


      • Sigh……I have an obsessed sourpuss on my ass. He’s resentful of my victoriessssss 😀

        As I told Matt, when WNs have no argument, they attack irrelevant stuff. Keep it up. With every one of your keystrokes, you prove you’re nothing but a wooden puppet being reduced to cinders.


      • More projection than a neighborhood $3 movie house.

        I know lasses often suffer from irony-poor blood, but don’t you find your accusations of obsession and stalking just a wee bit mirror-mirror-on-the-wallesque?


      • Lily panted heavily, lil’ bosom rising and falling:

        Confessions? Imagining yourself running the Chateau confessional now?

        Not “running” it! I was the one standing in need of confession, what with my lurid fantasies of you as a leather-clad Esti Ginzburg hasbara agent and/or Christine O’Donnell witchy spellbinder.

        Your days of bamboozling me with your sex talk are over, babe.

        Bamboozle? Moi? Have some Madeira, m’dear.

        I warn you it’s harsh.

        Warnings are not sporting. I like it when you’re harsh.

        If you want to pretend you’re not a WN, then I expect if you do criticize me … you will criticize them as well.

        It’s not all about you.

        And I would never pretend. Think about it. If I were the caricature bogeyman you thought I was, I’d play that angle up! I want you to be terrified like a child, bucking and flailing and screaming, when I penetrate you the first time.

        Please, don’t stoop to making a circular argument. I got your #.

        I still don’t have yours! Could you imagine our epic text game? And the things we could do with vibration mode?

        /mouthing “call me” *with phone-hand sign to mouth and ear*

        In addition, I know that sometimes you deflect with your charm, as you don’t want to open a whole can of warms.

        I want to open up a whole can of warms all over your chilly Lily skin.

        Your malapropisms make you even cuter.

        I’m not angry (on the contrary),

        You’re ruining my fap image.

        I don’t sweat (so you’ll have to go elsewhere to taste that trickling dew),

        I take that as a challenge. And not all of that liquid is perspiration.

        my flesh isn’t tense,

        But it’s taut.

        my hands aren’t clenching anything

        “Kiester” doesn’t mean “hands,” Liebschen.

        Otherwise, you haven’t heard a word I said to you, did you?

        Guilty as charged. I am in a trance when you dress me down.

        Your sexual overtones will not save you this time around.

        I’ll go for undertones then. Somebody save me / I don’t care how you do it.

        Maybe you’ll listen in the other thread.

        I’ll try, but my mahogany for you gets in the way of clear thinking.



      • “don’t you find your accusations of obsession and stalking just a wee bit mirror-mirror-on-the-wallesque?”

        No. Look in the mirror. Your alpha value depleting faster than a rusty abandoned car in the hood.


      • Heh, heh… just look at this thread, for the typical example of your obsession and stalking.

        Who brought up my name before I even entered? Matt’s whipping boy, followed quickly by you.

        Who then follows my posts to start the ball rolling on any further back-and-forth, when you’ve not been addressed directly? Hint: rhymes with silly.

        And who will invariably chime in to get the last word? Hint: the alleged non-hasbara, non-ooJ… who will do quite nicely until the ooJ gets here.


      • THANKS GREG. You Kraut Kock Blok! Now she’s deliberately ignoring me.

        I’ve been undone.

        I’m gonna orbit for a little while — okay, maybe a long while — to see if she reconsiders. She’s playing hard to get I know it.

        Now that I’m thinking clearly, Jéw persons are not so bad. And what’s with all this white pride, you guys? If there’s one thing I hate it’s nazís. What’s your deal Gregi! I can’t believe I defended you for so long.

        Am I right, Lily? Sorry for being so thickheaded, I don’t know what I was thinking! it’s really not me. I’m going to AA again I swear. Like, it’s cool to be just friends, what’s up with all those guys rubbing up on you like uh uh uh, you know what I mean? Like, really? REALLY guys? Respect her boundaries. I’m serious. Such desperate douche nozzles!

        What are you thinking about for Valentines Day? I mean, from friends I mean. No I’m not thinking about serenading you again, like, I totally sold my acoustic last February 15 anyway. Did you like it though? I mean, just strict sound quality wise? You have a great ear. And like the best eyes. Not in like a creepy I’m gonna rape your thigh on the couch kind of way, but like visions of coral reefs shimmering so so brightly and sparkleth in the tropical ocean sun, siren eyes of angels.

        If we were all like world leaders Gregi would totally be HitIer! And you would be Cleopatra mrow obviously, and I would be probably be, like President James Polk (1845-1849).



      • LOL! you guys are giving me headaches. It’s a full time job running form thread to thread answering your inanities.

        First, Gregi, as we have unfinished business.

        So, because I said this:
        (save for Gergi, his slave, that is ;)).

        That got your tail spinning, hysterically? You’re supposed to be alpha. Not my every bite should sting. It was a joke, and I inserted a smiley face for your benefit.

        OK, I’ll relent this time.

        You know, I have been thinking lately about your situation – what would benefit you most. You need to find a second “wife.” A concubine on the side. One that would provide a bit of excitement for you. You’re stuck with a 40-something or a 50-something whose bitchiness you are just noticing as she gets older, and 4 kids that don’t listen to you half the time. You need a younger woman to stimulate your testosterone production; to pick up where wifey left off, to fill where wifey leaves much to be desired. I really think you’ll benefit from having an affair, and she might just be thankful you’re off her back when she doesn’t feel like doing it as much. Consult with Matt. He’s well-versed in affairs. He’ll tell you how to pull it off.
        OK, I must move on. I got bigger fish to fry down below.


      • You require lots of attention, Matt. You’re keeping me busy day and night 😉

        These are the “themes” I got from your 2 comments:

        1) Don’t blame Gregi for cock blocking, you did it all to yourself. You imagining me as “Esti Ginzburg hasbara agent and/or Christine O’Donnell witchy spellbinder” disgusts me. Fuuuuui. There were no gina tingles generated once I imagined that horrendous vision. You’re skidding. Point loss alert. Do you wonder why I refused to reply? Yuck!
        2) Oui, Oui, Oui ! You were trying to bamboozle me, and still unabashedly trying. Nothing will deter your one-track mind. Now you’re acting gay and stupid. More gina dehydration, and points lost.
        3) You still take my words out of context regarding the WNs and how you treat me in their presence, and you still use circular and ridiculous arguments so as not to admit the truth. Don’t think I haven’t noticed your incorrigible behavior. Gina fiercely recoiling from your dishonesty. More points loss. You’re slipping on the slippery slope now.
        4) And yes, my warms instead of worms. LOL! I don’t know what got into me with the warms. Maybe the idea of pummeling you on the other thread rendered me flushed, blushed, and flustered. You do deserve a good thrashing, you know. Ooooh, I wish I could get my hands on you.
        5) You’re a bogeyman dreaming of PIVing me, and you want me terrified as you do it the first time. I’ll bring my bodyguard to your dreams every night. Let’s see what you do with him around.

        In other news, there’s no other news. Although, calling greg gregi is one step in the right direction. No, no, NOT, really. I need more stimulation than cheap shots and your latest lackluster offering in general. You’re not spawning enough tingles in me.



      • You imagining me as “Esti Ginzburg hasbara agent … disgusts me.”

        Wha? Me imagining you as this world-class piece-of-jéw-ass “disgusts” you? She’s a “horrendous vision”? Someone has body image issues.

        I’ll bring my bodyguard to your dreams every night. Let’s see what you do with him around.

        Sounds good to me. The more psychological defenses you establish, the better the eventual ravishment. You can imagine me persuading your imaginary “protector” to jack off in the corner while I rape you. And letting him have sloppy seconds for his troubles.

        But you don’t have a bodyguard, do you, except up there in your frightened little head? In “dreams.” A false sense of security against the bogeyman, against whom there can be no security. Because you’ve already given me inside access to your mind via conscious assent. Because you’ve underestimated how much a dashed off combox comment can do to a little girl who wants to be taken. Your political spats are sublimated sexual adventurism, you don’t fool me.



      • Now THAT’S how you go Beyond The Valley Of The D(r)olls!

        Well-played, Matt… well-played, indeed.

        My risibility has ne’er been thus cribbled.


      • Gregi, How come I don’t get a reply from you? I practically apologized to you, and you ignore me?

        Say something.


      • I was going to say something… conciliatory even… but no sooner did I regain my composure from fitful mirth over Matt’s missive, than I read your evaluation of my home situation… and the paroxysms of laughter began anew.

        I especially liked that usual suspect “tell”… when you used the word concubine.


      • Wait, wait, wait……..i said concubine because I didn’t think you’d want to divorce your bitchy wife. Now, if you have something more honorable in mind, I am with you. Get a younger more beautiful wife that will be a breath of fresh air in your life. You’ll get a masculinity boost. I guarantee.

        I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings by referring to a concubine.


      • What are you on about now, silly girl? You make people laugh and call that hurting their feelings?


      • I thought you didn’t like the concubine idea.


      • I said I liked the “tell” of it… your OT parlance… familiarity with Montreal… the (ahem) circumstantial evidence continued to mount. llzlzlzlzlzozozozozozlzlzlzozozlzlzlozoozlzl


      • familiarity with Montreal????


      • “Because you’ve already given me inside access to your mind via conscious assent. Because you’ve underestimated how much a dashed off combox comment can do to a little girl who wants to be taken.”

        Matt, I can’t believe you’re trying to game me lol. Oh, God, what have I gotten myself into?
        Wait….. let me reconsider that…………..

        Anyway, who told you I can be gammed. Your own mind?

        I said you lost lots of points with me; I didn’t say I was going to run to your arms. From where are you getting your info?
        As far as my protector, he’s no protector at all if he lets you lay hands on me, and you’re a lowlife if you let him have me after you had me. What is this, a sex dungeon? You’re going to pass me around? You’re losing points, fast and furious. Pretty soon you’ll be so low, I’ll be stepping on you as you ask for my pardon.
        I wanna see if you’re the man you say you are – strong and dominant. But I warn you, I put up a fight. It can’t be done properly without a fight. Too many bad connotations, if you know what I mean 😉

        I’ll be bringing my bodyguard tonight to your dreams and we’ll see how it all turns out. You’d be sure to report back to me, right? I mean….I will know how it all turns out because I’ll be there too in your dreams, but I like to hear it described from your point of view.
        Body-image issues? All women have those. I always have to be the prettiest woman around, or I’m not a happy camper. I’ll wear a sexy flow-ey dress for you tonight. No time to post it, though. I’m on my way out. Use your imagination. You’ll know me when you see me.


      • I’m not quite sure what being “gammed” is, but if you’ve got nice shapely legs, I’m willing to give it a go, ho.

        Describe the taste of your skin. I’m limping out over here.


      • “I’m not quite sure what being “gammed” is”

        Amnesia, all of a sudden?
        It’s very simple, I’ll explain.

        When you make statements that have elements of game in them, such as, insisting I already given you inside access to my mind via conscious assent, or that the more psychological defenses I establish, the better the eventual ravishment, or signing with “lust,”….etc., etc, etc, it’s virtual pick-up, or game…..kind of like playing the role of a doctor on TV.
        Anyway, we’re just joking around, right? No need to call me a ho. First a Joo agent, then a ho, what will be next? I shudder to think!
        BTW, how did we embark on this chain reaction of comment and counter comment (with a little bit of gregi sprinkled in between)?

        Let me remind you. I pointed out to your critics they’re attacking you because of your religious beliefs. They are not debating the merits of your ideas. That sent you into a highly jubilant bash-“joo”- Lily comments, which I said nothing against, except entertained you (as I always do), while you unabashedly went into another thread and preached to Nicole exactly what I was saying in your defense here.

        As usual, my canny observation abilities go unacknowledged 🙂


      • These ‘but it’s alpha to do questions this way’ posts confuse the issue. Yes, it’s true if you have value arriving from some other place, who cares if you ask questions? People will answer them. Especially if you ask them with authority. However, acting like authority is just an ex nihilo phenomenon is denying reality.

        To avoid further confusion, I believe readers should assume that the individual deploying this advice can only gain value through the advice’s medium (social skills, or more often, ‘game.’) Let’s assume that Larry Loser has a high voice, less than average height, average or less than average face, and skinny body.

        Can Larry Loser attempt to Cawkrates his way into positive pussy or people outcomes? Mundo doubtful. Because his only way to demonstrate value is superior social skills, he must actually demonstrate superior social skills.

        Some people can cheat, sure. Others lack the option.


      • Great observation on postmodern relativism. If it’s not about religion, I like trust your judgment.


      • Whew, glad my name doesn’t have “seriously” in it. THOSE guys are retards.


      • You solved the riddle! There’s a good boy!


      • Well it was VERY cleverly hidden. I’m always in awe of your incredible intellect. You must be a member of Mensa!


      • Can we table this already?


      • on August 21, 2013 at 7:45 am RappaccinisDaughter

        Shhh. Let them fight. I’ve got the kiddie pool and a couple gallons of KY all ready to go.


      • i wanna see matt take little bent over schoolboy yareally’s temperature with his righteous mercurial probe.


      • the alpha/sigma rumble…….


      • I prefer astroglide on a slip n’ slide.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 12:24 pm Jochen Peiper

        GBFM and Matt have both made huge inroads and converted more than their share of people here. I remember when both first showed up here a few years back. This site now discusses some weighty topics and stays focused on them. the Christian perspective is now well respected if not dominant here among the regular posters and the arguments made on its behalf are well made and defended. Not bad for a day’s work. I say hats off to you both.


      • on August 25, 2013 at 7:09 am Vegan Taxidermist

        Considering God described himself as “the alpha and the omega” 2,000 years before this site existed, it should be no wonder the Christian position is dominant here.


  9. A benefit from this is that when you start out you will find yourself redrafting text messages trying to figure out how to express yourself without in a question mark. In that process, you will take longer to reply. A small but real corrolary benefit in the early days when you have to consciously restrain yourself from texting back too quickly or asking questions (“Let’s meet up at 9ish?” vs “meet me at X at 9”).

    CAVEAT, I still believe that the terse, short text thing is best reserved for after you have demonstrated value to the girl. Typically by fucking her, but sometimes just through being a cool dude and going through the cocky funny text flirt thing first. Don’t go all Major Badass Terse Motherfucker when you are first texting some girl after getting her number in a bar, it won’t go well unless you have some major cred in her mind for some reason.


    • Um… redrafting text messages no longer works because iPhone shows when the other person is typing and backspacing….looks totally beta.

      [CH: Please choose a handle and stick with it. Sock puppetry will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And try to limit your comments to two per day. Quality over quantity, I always say.]


      • Two per day? You gotta give me like 8 comments per day.

        [CH: No. Two. So make them count. (That means, be funny, be witty, be pithy, or some combo of those three.) Are you sticking with Tim as your handle?]


      • Give him like three fitty


      • I really have only one or two handles (which regular readers know). I put in random stuff when I’m in a hurry, even “d;lajd” sometimes. But no I can’t use Tim…I’ll forget that one.

        [CH: Database archives show you have definitely used at least five different handles, and probably more like fifteen. Choose a name, and stick with it. Any further sock puppetry will result in your permanent banning. As will any attempts to use proxy ips. You have now reached your comment limit for the day. Regroup, and try again tomorrow. Remember, only two comments. Make them count! Good luck and God speed.]


      • Um… Ummmmm…. uhhhhh…. like… UMMMMMM… UHHHHH…

        These are mongoloid noises.

        And you presume to instruct us on what kind of texting “looks, um, like, sorta, totally, like, beta”?


      • Only if you use an iPhone too. And why the fuck would I use one of those shiny pieces of shit?

        Also, who edits on the screen? That’s like moving your lips while reading.


      • So write the draft on the notes app first retard


      • How rude. The PC term is “mongoloid.”


      • I thought the latest was Asian Asperge.


  10. if you must ask a question, use the phrase, “Tell me…” As in, instead of asking a girl, “What movie do you want to see?”say, “Tell me what movie you were thinking about.”

    It’s still beta-ish, but instead of asking, you are telling.


    • That’s pretty good +1. Questions are not totally avoidable (especially in relationships) and that’s a handy way of maintaining frame while soliciting information.


    • Not really beta…you are making a command.

      After all men aren’t mind readers.


    • That’s pretty good. Questions are not completely avoidable (especially in relationships) and that’s a good way to maintain frame while soliciting information.


    • “Tell me” is a great default response. I began using it years before the red pill was available, merely because I was tired of the situations people wanted me to ask questions.


    • Or go Jane Austen style: You want to tell me, and I have no objection to hearing it.


  11. “Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead.”

    Project Mayhem approved.


  12. Here are two words you should replace in your vocabulary…that tie to this topic.

    Could with would.

    Can with will.

    Could you do such and such…is a question. Would you do such and such is a command.

    Can you do such and such is a question. Will you do such and such is a command.


  13. For those new to the game, taking time to reformulate your texts to make statements instead of asking questions will also delay your text response time. This is a good thing, especially in the early days when it takes conscious thought to not eagerly reply to some hottie blowing up your phone.


  14. heavy velvet robe flowing around you, royal bling glittering in the sun

    gay. modern-day kings (dictators) don’t deck out in drag like that. Or maybe it’s wanna-be hypermascuine, in a rapper-in-the-club way. Pimp swagger does not project authority, though- mainly just bad taste and too much money.

    On topic: I remember an old Ross Jeffries maxim: “Combine commands with compliments.” Women respond to both, and they are more effective in combination.

    These three “Rules” seem somewhat arbitrary- there are many other aspects of game and social savvy that are both more detailed and more nuanced. The CH “Maxims” (which seem to appear and be numebred randomly) are generally better than these, for example.


  15. That includes an upward rising pitch at the end of a statement that makes you sound like a girl, a statement inflected like a question, gentlemen. Pure self humiliation. Don’t do it.


  16. These are great. Keep em comin’, Gleep-Glop!


  17. I would also add as an addendum to the question rule: Don’t speak in a lilting, uncertain cadence that sounds like you are asking a question when you’re actually making a statement.

    E.g. “So I think I’m going to get a daaAAWWG [?]” Instead of “So I’m getting a DOG.”

    Most Americans do this without realizing it. It’s fucking annoying.


  18. Native Pittsburghers have an odd regional quirk where they don’t uptick even for questions.

    So a normal person asks “Are you going to the store?”

    A Pittsburgher would state “Are you going to the store.”

    Pittsburgh: the land of spergs


  19. Regarding Mangan’s uptalk link–I understand that uptalk is considered a form of vocal fry, and is an indication of social stress.

    High value men don’t exhibit stress. We are icebergs, existing as massive, crystaline states, implacable. Stress is for the betas. Charlie don’t surf.

    That said, I’ve been working for several weeks to eradicate the uptalk linguistic weed from my verbal arsenal. It’s not easy, it creeps in. We have natural mirror neurons that cause us to mirror others, including vocal patters. This is how regional dialects and accents develop.

    I practice public speaking for a portion of my income, so I have a lot of time to notice my vocal patterns, and uptalk does annoyingly creep in. I notice I use uptalk when I’m trying to soften a statement, when I’m looking to develop rapport and convey empathy with the listener. Perhaps a near-homeopathic use of uptalk, less than 0.5% of one’s linguistic tonality, may be useful for strong men in powerful positions. Clooney doesn’t use it much, but I bet women swoon when he uses it sparingly.


  20. Most interesting. I need to reread 1 and 2


  21. I enjoy casually but confidently stating something that sounds outrageous yet vaguely legitimate as a fact, then when she asks “Really?” replying “Nope, made it up.”


  22. There’s a difference between interrogation and asking questions in search of validation. I do the former. Extracting intimate information — forcing them to react to your inquiry — is a form of control. It’s a bait and switch that might seem like flattery but ends in a dominant invasiveness, which ultimately leads to a call and response between Socrates and student, or master and slave:

    What’s my name? Who am I? What am I doing to you? They are commands that disguise themselves as interrogatives.

    — What’s your name?

    — Kunta … Kunta Kinte …

    — WHAT’S your name?

    … Toby … mah name … is … Toby …



    • Translated for the South Park Generation:


    • EFF YOU…that’s my name. You drove a Hyundai to work…I drove an 80,000 dollar BMW. That’s my name.


    • So which do you consider yourself, Matt: Socrates? Or a master?


      • Hard to take him seriously as either till we see the video of him and FemX banging lol. Come on Matt, you can censor your face out in it, for privacy AND so as not to terrify children.


      • Svengali of the ladies though I am, I can’t convince her to let me video us. Ancient Hindu superstition about capturing her soul or some shit. (Why do you think she never shows her face on any of her avatar photos? Yeah.)

        I keep trying to hint that she has no soul, but that discussion never ends well.


      • Sheldrake is THIS close to proving that photographs do steal souls.


      • Ha good one…I’m still chuckling over Matt’s fawning “I love Feministx” post on her blog. What was the other part of it…something about a love that was “boundless” and “without reservation?” Talk about being a Beta Orbiter. And he presumes to give advice on being Alpha….what a dipshit he is.

        The fact that he believes that a supernatural being created the earth and watches over all of us is just icing on the cake.

        Oh I just remembered — Matt said he was also a “big brother” to “many women.” Somehow…..I don’t doubt it.


      • Hi, Imperial Leather, Tertullian, Bel Riose, and half-a-dozen other drag disguises you so strenuously puppet through. I lost count. Are you Tim too?

        I think your 25th identity will finally shame me into silence. Get to work. I deserve more than a paltry ten. I will be deterred by nothing less!

        I mean, when you lavish me with so much love-hate attention, how can’t I “presume[]” myself “alpha”?


      • ….but do you really love Feministx?


      • I suspect that Imperial Leather is not one of the legion, but is actually convertible.


      • P.S. I don’t simply love FemmyX. I ♥♥♥luuuuuuuuuuv♥♥♥ my little curry honey hugbunny squeezemuffin. And there’s nothing you can do about it. 😛 😛 😛


      • Agree and Amplify? That’s the best you can do? Rather pusillanimous of you, I’d say. I expected some long flatulent disquistion on Eros vs Thanos, flavored with a dash of St. Augustine and a liberal dollop of Scripture.

        Try again, please.


      • Anything for a true fan. Stay right here while I think of something …


      • I’ll do it…but only if I get high fives and +1s from my internet bros.


      • You have a Greg Eliot too?


      • There is only one Greg Eliot and he’s taken.


      • Here’s one on account:


        No worries on me being “taken” either…

        Greg Eliot is a river to his people. 😀


      • That’s why God invented sump pumps.


      • Ah, (yet) another fan. Good one, Heimie.

        Here’s the homage reference… for you South Park snarkers.


      • I meant you belong to Matt. He’s always talking about being a master. You must be his slave, then.


      • “Master” is often a respectful term for a wise man and teacher… to belabor the obvious for those who paid a modicum of attention in grade school.

        You and the rest of the South Park clowns on this sight are never going to induce an inkling of shame with your snark about a subordinate position or homoerotic projection in re my oft-expressed admiration for Matt’s posts and formidable intellect and rapier-like wit.

        Indeed, the shame redounds back to all who attempt to belittle that which they cannot match.


      • “Heimie”
        Massachusetts Bay Company Puritan. There is a saying about assumptions.

        “Good one”
        But a bonus point for acknowleging the hit like a man. The trick is not to mind that it hurts.


      • “You and the rest of the South Park clowns on this sight are never going to induce an inkling of shame with your snark about a subordinate position or homoerotic projection in re my oft-expressed admiration for Matt’s posts and formidable intellect and rapier-like wit.

        Indeed, the shame redounds back to all who attempt to belittle that which they cannot match.”

        I can translate this for the youngins.

        Get off my lawn!


      • “Heimie”
        Massachusetts Bay Company Puritan. There is a saying about assumptions.

        I already praised you once before for being a better class of shill…


      • Get off my lawn!

        Heh, heh… yes… in the best Gran Torino essence of the expression.


      • The trick is not to mind that it hurts.

        And a “Touche'” for you on the counter-Lawrence reference.


      • Well, at least you admit he’s your intellectual superior and your subordinate position. It’s very rare in men!

        Ummmmm……you’re willing to take the backseat to him and let him rule you. I gather a lot about you, just form this little self-revelation alone.


      • Your reading comprehension remains not all it should be.


      • Oh…’s sharp alright. Too sharp for you to escape from your own unintended hints 😉


      • There you go again… hearing what hasn’t been said.

        The hamster is truly a farce majeure (pun intended) in its ability to discern what it knows to be the truth… not from what actually is said or occurs, but from what it deep-down convinces itself was the alleged actual meaning of said words or events.

        Heh, heh… not even 70 cents on the dollar.


      • It doesn’t have to be said, just subconsciously implied.
        And the masculine saving face is likewise in that pun.
        Wow! 70 c on the $ is still 70% good. Of course, I’m 100% accurate 🙂


      • You keep making my point for me, meshugah.

        The 70 cents remark was a barb at the fem whine that women only make 70 cents on a dollar to men for the (allegedly) same work.

        Thinking-wise, you broads are “not even” worth that much.


      • Didn’t know you meant women’s salaries. I’m good at detecting hidden clues, not mind reading. That, I leave to men.

        But…..honestly, you’re telling this to the wrong broad regarding women’s salaries. Honestly, I don’t think most are worth 70c on that buck. It’s rare to find one.

        I wonder how much you’re worth, gregi? How much would you give yourself? You’re pretty loyal to that master of yours. It’s got to count for something, no? Does he reward you often?


  23. Finally, something I’m good at. I know everything, even when I’m talking out my ass.


  24. on August 20, 2013 at 3:13 pm Rufus T. Harlemberry

    Good series. This is the type of entry level talk that I can share with my middle-school-age son. I will do all I can to be sure he will not walk the path of the chode that I travelled.


  25. jeopardy is beta


  26. A related, more egregious linguistic example of uptalk has appeared, observed especially commonly in west-coast and liberal islands in the midwest: the uptalking retort to statement, seeking validation: “Right?”

    As in: “Jeeze Louise, Obama has lot of haters on the NSA issue.”


    That sounds like a needy sperg. Don’t fucking do that.


  27. Uptalk you say?


  28. When did couch masturbation become a way to deny game?

    Where I come from we burn couches.


  29. … and sometimes you should just remain quiet, and let people come to you … but for that you must have poise, be a real empath, be non-judgmental, be willing to concede, be willing to listen, be gracious with your time … and hence

    … reap a bumper harvest of social proof …

    … that’s how introverts get women.

    [CH: Aww, so cute, right?]


  30. “…..know what I mean?” drives me nuts to hear that from another male.


  31. on August 20, 2013 at 5:38 pm gunslingergregi

    so this chick is getting a little nuts somewhat lol
    seein her tomorrow

    me you gonna hand feed me roast
    chick yes roast and goodies and me
    chick yes I will
    chick while im sucking you if you want
    me allright
    chick I knew you would like that
    chick you can give me lovin all night
    me yea need some cuddles
    chick ok you will get it
    me chick that packed shit walked and disappeared was telling people I kidnapped her took her to lake taped her up was beatin her lol
    chick oh my god pysco
    me she wished I would of done that rather than calmly pack her shit
    chick oh my well at least your away from her
    chick now you can focus on me lol
    me you not allowed to turn into a psycho crazy on me he he he
    chick I never will the way you seen me is the way I always am
    me im psycho sometimes klol
    chick I will turn you into a teddy bear lol
    me hahaha
    chick you will see
    me drama free sounds interesting
    chick oh yes and im interesting and fun
    me yea I don’t mind texting you a bit so that’s a start
    chick better more than a bit its more than a start
    me yea your cool person glad I met ya
    chick im glad too when im done winning you over you will love me lol
    me it would only be the fourth chick if that happens rare
    chick im rare so it will happen
    chick I give it after tomorrow you will be in love
    me and only marrying two chicks so far in afterlife
    he he he
    chick im one of them
    me you in love already dam
    chick you are too lol
    chick you know you are lol its OK me too
    me what you know about luZ
    chick I know about love
    me allright babe
    chick I know all about love
    me you tell me the ways while I do this meeting
    chick your in love with me you can say it
    chick I could give you all the love you need
    chick you want beer tomorrow too
    me some 12 pack dr pep would be good cold
    me and maybe some mgd
    chick ok I will have that
    chick what is mgd
    me mill gen draft bottle started drinking em Germany
    chick ok now I gotcha
    chick you have to give me love all night long for all this lol
    me yea you goin for 7
    chick ok im goin for 7 or more

    so yea now not about am I getting sex but she trying to do all that shit to get me to fuck/love her lol
    switch it up
    talkin bout love already yea right not a psycho chick my ass


  32. on August 20, 2013 at 5:40 pm gunslingergregi

    oh shit did the whole text exchange didn’t post grr


  33. on August 20, 2013 at 5:41 pm gunslingergregi

    chick already talkin love and begging for more smexytime
    this gonna be a money maker
    that’s what I never got alpha should be who can get the ho’s to pay for your time


    • on August 20, 2013 at 5:42 pm gunslingergregi

      or hos that get paid to do it for free


      • on August 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm gunslingergregi

        she like im doing all this stuff to get ready for you coming over you better love me all night long
        he he he
        but I already transferred whats gonna happen to my selfish needs
        so wtf she begging to please me
        I kind of like it


  34. The easiest version I used to switch from statement to question was the “Let’s…” structure.

    BEFORE: Do you want to go for drinks?

    Now: “Let’s go for drinks…”

    OR: Drinks. 10pm.

    BEFORE: Do you like mojitos?

    Now: Mojitos are awesome. Let’s go.

    I think there are times when a question works, but I’ve noticed a shift in how women respond when I use “Let’s xxxx”

    BEFORE: What time do you want to leave?

    NOW: “Let’s get out of here around midnite…”


  35. Aussies have a real problem with uptalk.


    • By the way; if you think American women have “Jumped the Shark”; you should see their sisters over here in Australia.

      Also, a good proportion of them tried to make the jump but landed on the shark; their weight killing the poor animal on impact.


  36. “I know, right?” is the newest form of “uptalk”, merely a mirroring vocabulary. I see what is meant, a flat declarative statement over a statement blanketed in question marks.

    The danger would be in becoming monotone in delivery instead of “wouldn’t the danger then be in becoming monotone in delivery?”


  37. on August 20, 2013 at 7:25 pm Anti-Blue Pill

    Alpha of tha month? hahaha that proud grin.

    “Schoolgirl Gives Oral Sex At Eminem Concert”


    • Although a 17 year old slut giving blowjobs in public is intriguing, the real story is found in the second paragraph:

      “The police are now involved, and are investigating whether or not the photograph constitutes child pornography.”

      Infantilization? Pussy pass?


      Know what i mean?


    • A source representing the girl told the Irish Sun: “This is a very sensitive matter and the girl’s family are distraught.This is so out of character for her. She’s currently very emotional and confused about the whole thing.”

      ‘she doesn’t normally do this’
      ‘she’s not that kind of girl’
      ‘it’s not what it looks like’

      why use your own hamster when you can use other people’s?

      clearly she was raped.


      • “She’s currently very emotional and confused about the whole thing” = She’s currently experiencing mega buyer’s remorse. (For getting caught, not the act itself.)


  38. on August 20, 2013 at 8:21 pm gunslingergregi

    never asked this chick to shave me before
    chick whats up
    me could use a shave
    chick lol
    me you up for it
    chick hell yea

    now that’s enthusiasm lol another chick getting me ready to see another chick might have it figured out


    • on August 20, 2013 at 11:26 pm gunslingergregi

      so chick that shaved me chillin at my place watchin movies but yea she said that other chick psycho talkin bout love so quick and I should run
      but then tells me If I want to mitigate that just treat the chick like shit
      never say I love you


  39. Think back to an occassion when you found a woman was asking YOU most, if not all the questions in the context of her showing interest in you; say based on preselection.

    Put aside the possibility (and likelyhood) that she was too far down the HB scale for you to even consider fucking. Some of these questions may have been shit test questions.

    Nevertheless; think ….. how great did it feel? (be honest)
    You wouldn’t have stooped down to her level; yet, the attention was great, the validation from her (despite the low HB/SMV level) was good and it placed you in a better state to pursue better quality pussy.

    Well, now you have an idea of women often feel when they are persued by a clueless man with poor game.


  40. Slightly off topic, but one shit test to end all shit tests is the inference of having a small and or not properly functioning dick. It’s the atomic bomb of all shit tests, and one they get giddy about using on alphas.

    The harder you run game on them, the more likely it is you’ll hear this one before the deal has been closed. Be prepared for it.

    In fact, I think we should have a competition for best responses.


  41. Did anyone else think of King Friday and his bass violin?


  42. […] Don’t get defensive. Related: Navigating the status minefield. Related: Don’t force conversation topics. Related: Don’t ask questions, make statements. […]


  43. Using statements instead of questions works great in business and negotiation.

    At the restaurant:
    “We want that table there” instead of “Can we have that table there?”

    Negotiating a job offer:
    “I was expecting more” instead of “Is there room to pay more?”

    You get the idea.

    After your statement, stop talking and look at the other party like you expect them to comply. Wait for their reaction before saying anything else. Done correctly, this creates real pressure on them to comply with your kingly wishes.


  44. lolzlzlz! MILF CEO of Yahoo does a photoshoot in Vogue, thereby managing to enrage her entire gender.


    • Her pose effectively uses gravity to reduce visible signs of aging on her face, boobs, arms…


    • The feminasties are blubbering that Ms. Mayer, by her act, is encouraging young women to dress like women. Oh the humanity.


  45. This is golden. I would suggest another rule that I have:

    Don’t smile or laugh too often.

    Your smile/laughter is your approval – it should be difficult to earn and thus handed out sparingly.


  46. Do you feel lucky, punk?


  47. “Advice” — cuckoldry must be kept secret even at the cost of allowing cousins to unwittingly marry:


  48. A psychology today article that fails to provide a study from the primary literature is not science “proving” anything.

    Seems like good advice, but stop bastardizing science at the same time. It undermines the integrity of the scientific process.


    • crouching manboob, hidden alpha


    • srsly tho, closed lip kisses don’t mean all that much to girls these days. if you come across as the cute little queerish brother or gay bff, you can easily get a girl to kiss you on the lips and more.

      now if he had his p in their v, then props to him.


      • Yeah, this. I was also thinking he might be a little developmentally delayed, too. The girls feel safe kissing and posing with him because he is so obviously not “real” boyfriend material. And they probably feel sorry for him.


    • on August 21, 2013 at 10:53 am RappaccinisDaughter

      I don’t know him. But I’ve known guys like him.

      Here’s my guess: He’s very, very funny. Extremely bright, but not in a pedantic or show-offy way…in fact, he probably gets through his schooling with the minimum amount of effort because he knows that whether he graduates magna cum laude or last in his class, he’s still going to have that diploma. He is most likely NOT wealthy, but has spare cash from working. In fact, said job is probably something very social that puts him in contact with lots of women. Bartender, say. He’s comfortable with the way he looks because ever since he was a little kid, his personality has been so outsized that people never paid much attention to the way he looked.

      And guys like that? Yes, sometimes they get friendzoned, but they don’t think of it that way. They think of it as having one more friend (can’t have too many of those!), and in exchange, they get the social proof of having lots of attractive female friends. This, combined with their outstanding social skills, means that they punch way, way above their weight class.

      After all, at least one of those photos is of him with someone he identifies as a girlfriend. And although she’s not as smoking hot as some of the women who are clearly just his buddies, she’s quite attractive. I’d give her a 7.5, myself, maybe an 8 (she’s not dolled up in the photo).


    • His gf is like a 6-something. He’s like a 4-something. Good job, my dude.
      Assuming they have the type of relationship that would indicate strong female-male attraction, I’d guess that he has strong social skills.


      • No, he’s gay.


      • Source?

        I’m not saying you’re wrong, given the alpha body language (that suggests he’s not turned on by hot chick) combined with omega looks (many queers were omegas before they got turned out by an older fag) and beta remarks (standard fare of the GBFF)… but I would like to see a source.


      • i don’t think any of us can really know for sure what the deal is going by some pics on facebook.

        but i do know i’m rolling in the aisles at the genuine raging going on in the bodybuilding forum.


      • That entire thread is hilarious. However, the reason why this thread is blowing up is that this situ is so rare. A dude with a girl ~2 points above him is an uncommon sight.

        And people need to differentiate between the phenomenons. For example, it’s VERY common for the male to be SLIGHTLY better looking than the female — like, around 1 point difference. However, the HUGE differentials of 2+ points belong to the realm of male uglier-female prettier.


      • I have no idea, it would just be my best guess.


      • I thought one of the photos ruled out this possibility. The one with the four pictures of his “girlfriend.”

        So it wasn’t his girlfriend, it was his *geerlfren* snap-snap.

        BTW WTF, they let 14-year-olds call themselves “gay” now? Slouching towards Gomorrah.


      • BTW WTF, they let 14-year-olds call themselves “gay” now?

        LET them? I bet they fully encourage it.


      • And a football t-shirt. Something is not adding up.


      • Either way, a section of the interweb combusted over these pics. So, that goes to show you how rare non-looks derived value is.

        [Ch: Certain quarters combusted. The bodybuilder quarter to be specific. Those guys are very looks-focused already, so their incredulity was no surprise. Anyhow, no one with a lick of sense says looks don’t matter. The reason these pics took off is because the spread between his SMV and the girls’ SMVs is so wide. Unattractive men with attractive women are a dime a dozen. But a level 99 zit-faced dork kissing 9s and 10s is a sight to behold.

        Anyhow, it’s been revealed the guy is gay, or part-time gay. Maybe he’s playing the hetero in homo clothing game. That strategy has a long history of minor successes.]


      • Who knows, one of the thread posts was about the kid going ‘all in’ as a homo, real or fake. But actually, the rarity of this setup — to me — is positive. It just demonstrates how much of an edge game, et al can be; it’s possibly more scarce than good looks. Or at least, the level of game/personality/charisma/whatever it would take to cover huge SMV spreads.


      • there was a screen cap of his facebook page where there were two photos of him kissing a different (hot) girl in each, and a commenter asked ‘so who’s the better kisser’, and he said ‘neither they both suck’. lozlzozlzlolz

        also, this:

        my money’s on this whole thing being a big troll job. joke’s on the entire internet.


      • lol….this is interesting.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm FuriousFerret

        “The bodybuilder quarter to be specific. Those guys are very looks-focused already, so their incredulity was no surprise.”

        Their version of the ‘red pill’ is that looks are everything. I’m serious.

        According to many people on the misc, if you are under 6’0 and aren’t jacked then you are doomed little man.

        It’s simply guys pressing their advantage. If you fixate on looks then you care about it in your competition and you naturally become submissive to what you view as superior men. So if you buy into looks are the main attribute in the game then you going to subconsciously defer to good looking men. It’s a racket.

        Also, it seems like people view looks as a zero sum game. Either you are great looking or you’re dirt. So it leads to fatasses not giving two shits about being presentable and falling down a black hole of sloth and gluttony. This obsession with being model good looking is fucking people minds. People should live up to their genetic potential and be ok with that. Instead they say fuck it and stuff ice cream down their throats. Women in general could be a hell of lot more beautiful but if they don’t have the potential to lock down alphas they simply don’t care about looking good because what’s the point.


      • ‘Also, it seems like people view looks as a zero sum game. Either you are great looking or you’re dirt.’

        This is true, with regard to you expecting your looks to do all the work for you. That’s what they fail to understand. Ya, if you’re a male model or at least 2 points above what you go after…then this will apply.

        But just getting out there will demonstrate that there’s way more to it than that.

        And it’s hard to convey to someone that ‘ya maybe you won’t get Megan Fox, but your life will be way better….trust me.’

        As a side q —- FF, you lift, brah?


      • on August 21, 2013 at 6:14 pm FuriousFerret

        “As a side q —- FF, you lift, brah?”

        According to the misc, I’m the worst specimen of man that’s ever lived at 5’11, 178 with body fat in the upper teens.

        The thing is that before I lifted and got into fitness I was actually cooler with my body image, then when I started to lift I developed complexes. If I have a layer a fat on my stomach I used to feel ashamed about it even though no one can tell the difference when I’m dressed. This is womanly behavior and is straight up disruptive for a man. Frankly I’m embarrassed for letting minor physical flaws affect my mentality.

        It’s just all bullshit in terms how they present being an Adonis as the path to pussy Valhalla. A lot of miscers have come out and called out the other bodybuilders for being obsessed for pretty much no reason and that women by and large don’t really care if you have 6 percent body versus 13 percent.If you’re going to have looks be your game you better damn well be a male fitness model with the facial aesthetics to go with it. Any thing less and you’re a god damn idiot.

        Take that Ronald McDonald looking fellow in the pictures. If he just took a little bit of pride in himself he could lose the chunk, ditch his glasses, dress with some style, get contacts and he would look two hundred percent better. He’s like most Americans, he’s a lazy fat fuck who CHOOSES to look like some mentally disabled freak.

        That’s the point most ugly people choose to be ugly and the zero sum beauty mentality is what helps perpetuate it.


      • on August 21, 2013 at 7:39 pm FuriousFerret

        Also, I’m pretty sure that facial aesthetics are by far the most important part of the be good looking equation.

        My rules regarding looks now are:

        – Dress in a way that draws attention and looks sharp
        – Be fit enough to look great in said clothes
        – Shave, get good haircuts, and other standard grooming
        – Always adopt dominant strong posture

        That’s it. I’m not worried about anything beyond that. I actually really like my face and while it’s very soft featured and not masculine, it appeals to a decent amount of girls that are into more feminine looking guys. If I do a search in facebook on my surname in Sweden, it’s a pretty typical looking face for that region.


      • Well it’s the misc…lol everything is exaggerated for the lulz. But yeah, body fat % is what counts for facial aesthetics and whatever. Ultimately, being fit is just another source of confidence. So ya, I agree that you can make dramatic improvements to your look with those tips you gave.


      • “The thing is that before I lifted and got into fitness I was actually cooler with my body image, then when I started to lift I developed complexes. If I have a layer a fat on my stomach I used to feel ashamed about it even though no one can tell the difference when I’m dressed. This is womanly behavior and is straight up disruptive for a man. Frankly I’m embarrassed for letting minor physical flaws affect my mentality.”

        lol this is VERY common. Part of why my looks don’t phase me is that I don’t value them. ie – in shape or at 300lbs, I’m still awesome in my mind…my weight doesn’t define my value anymore than what color of bed-sheets I have does. So I’m as confident with a bit of chub as I am in shape (I was in decent shape once, I swear lol).
        To me, my value is in my beliefs and my actions…so as long as I’m congruent in my beliefs and I take right action, I see myself as high-value.

        But when you subscribe to an entire value system based around looks, and then you eat a burger instead of a chicken breast before you go out, you feel like everyone can TELL, and girls will like you LESS, because in your value system, you aren’t high value anymore. Same thing with money, clothing style, what car you drive, where you live, your race, your height, etc. etc.

        You determine your own value system, and when your frame is strong other people will fall into your value system. This is why if you saw Donald Trump on the street objectively, you’d laugh at the comb-over’ed angry fat little man. But when you’re in his office, playing by HIS value system, you shit your pants when he bitches out your business performance. His frame is strong and you’re using his value system to determine your worth.

        Part of why we tell newbies to start grooming better and dressing better and going to hit the gym and shit is that we know they don’t have their own value system yet…their value system is society’s value system that’s been socially conditioned into them since birth. We know that it’ll take a while and a lot of mind-blowing reference experience before they start to believe that they can determine their own values, so until that happens, we encourage them to at least do better within the value system they currently subscribe to because, like the body-builder who achieves his perfect weight/musculature and is thus high-value in his value system, he will see himself as higher value and have more confidence.

        Once he gets good with girls and starts experimenting with going out dressed sloppy, going out in ridiculous outfits, forgetting to get a haircut, going out when he’s got an acne breakout, going out when he’s gained a few pounds, etc., but he’s built himself a solid set of game skills and applies them…he slowly starts gaining reference experience that he does just as well when he’s in a t-shirt as he does in a suit, or at 16% body-fat instead of 12%, and slowly over time he starts to remove those things from his value system.

        With girls, what you feel she feels. So if you fully 100% believe that a high-value man is someone who has a million dollars, that’s what she’ll believe, because you’ll sub-communicate it to her, and women ping off the world around them to determine their value system (“omg what does everyone think of my new shoes??”).

        Also I heart the misc lol The threads there are funny as fuck, but I always shake my head at how insecure a lot of the guys are under their looks…reading the Misc is a big part of why I’m not phased by better looking guys at the bar lol


      • on August 21, 2013 at 12:28 pm RappaccinisDaughter

        Damn Scray, you harsh.
        Must be one of those girl-pretty/guy-pretty things. Like most women think Gwyneth Paltrow is gorgeous, and most men are all “meh.”


      • I agree. That girl looks like a young Heather Locklear. I would give her a perfect 10.


      • I don’t think the blonde girl is his gf….


      • GP has a very pretty face and a ‘meh’ body — that could be the disconnect.

        To me, an 8 is where a woman can start making legitimate money off of her looks. 8’s in the club are almost always in mixed sets, surrounded by amazing dudes. Courtney Cox when she was young is an 8.

        A 9 is like, January Jones.

        Soooo….with that in mind, 6-something ain’t bad at all.


      • That’s true on an actual 1-10 scale. But most people’s scale in practice only runs from 4-10 (4-9 actually; 10s are only theoretically predicted to exist) so 6 isn’t all that flattering.


    • He’s a mascot.

      And the sexual-market-value gulf between the sexes in the teenage years has produced bigger anomalies than this.

      And the girls aren’t terribly attractive. They are in that modern sweet spot between “old enough to present themselves as sexually available” (makeup, slutwear) and “too young to be fully-formed ugly” (still in bloom).

      And there is a piece to this puzzle yet to be revealed. He is enjoying some set of circumstances that allows him to hang around with more girls than guys, like, say, being the only boy on the cheer squad. The adorable little brother type. Which is another way to say …

      He’s a mascot.

      Please don’t claim he has swagga or that he is proof that looks/status are irrelevant to a fourteen-year-old with hella game. But I withhold my final judgment in anticipation of the YaReally scroll-wheel post interpreting this simple if relatively rare phenomenon into RSD-speak.



    • Mystery solved, dudebro — it’s likely that he’s gay.


  49. It’s important to remember as well that one can easily modify a query to take the form of a statement, when you absolutely have no other choice than to solicit information.

    “What did you mean?”
    “Explain what you meant. ”

    Both achieve the same ends, however the second maintains alpha frame via couching it in the guise of an instruction.

    Incredibly small things like these make all the difference. Failing that, at the very least banish the rising inflection from your speech.

    Question marks should be treated like “I’m sorry”, you get only two freebies for the life of a relationship.


  50. on August 21, 2013 at 12:08 pm Heartiste reader


    What is appropriate language to describe sexual intercourse when shaming a girlfriend or wife for having slept with someone else? “Sleep with”? “Fuck”? “Had sex with”?


    • Did she cheat on you? The best way to keep her attracted to you: dump her.


    • i’m partial to more endearing terms like ‘smashed’ and ‘torn the fuck up’

      e.g. ‘honeybunny, did you get torn the fuck up by julio?’

      if you want that to sound more alpha, rephrase as a statement instead of a question.

      ‘julio and jose smashed you.’

      if texting, avoid using emoticons as it conveys betaness/neediness.

      ‘are you ready for julio jose and manuel to give you caliente chorizo injection in our wedding bed? ;)’ <– sounds approval-seeking.



      • I just gotta say it. You know what’s even MORE beta than apparently emoticons? Worrying about seeming “beta” by using an emoticon. Honestly, if you’ve got an alpha attitude, you can sprinkle your messages with a million of them and it won’t do a damn thing to affect your social value.


  51. Great example of nonsense chick logic, along with some fat shaming::


    While that thread is funny as hell — typical of the misc — I kinda think they’re giving her a hard time. It’s plain as day she was in a pissy mood and just wrote something mean. That’s probably the weirdest thing about women, to me. They’ll make a blanket statement like that, but in reality, it’s based off of some minor event that upset them and actually isn’t a rule they live by. That’d be my guess, here.


    • I disagree. She didn’t get even close to what she deserved. Can you imagine the shit storm if some dude said that about fat women? Eviscerated, publicly and with no remorse.

      In this case we have a woman getting 60 likes for berating short men, calling them ‘abominations’ for literally something they have absolutely no control over and is purely a genetic trait (or poor childhood nutrition, which making fun of someone for that is even more fucked up).

      This reminds me of Trayvon, where people were just spouting off whatever dumbshit opinion they happened let float between their ears and they just HAD to put it on Facebook.

      For the record, I am taller than 5’8″ and have no personal skin in this game, but have some honorable and good friends that are short.


      • My short buddies (5’2″-5’6″) who get laid (mostly by girls taller than them, including LTRs) would just lol at this girl’s post. It wouldn’t even occur to them to be offended because its just a silly girl saying silly things and they know it’s all irrelevant in person.

        Like, they wouldn’t be any more offended by this than I would be by a girl saying “guys who aren’t rocket scientists are losers, I would never date a guy who wasn’t a rocket scientist”. It’s like lol sure thing, because I know in person she would fuck any guy with game who wasn’t a rocker scientist. It’s just silly girl ranting, same as the 400 point checklist of the generic OKCupid 35yo wall-victim.

        Now if the guy is beta, ya, for sure he’s fucked. If he’s short, the shortness girl won’t have anything to do with him. If he’s not a rocket scientist, the RS girl will have nothing to do with him. If he doesn’t have nice shoes, a nice watch, a recent haircut, etc etc, he’ll get ruled out because the girls are so bored by him that they have time to even think about that stuff. But that’s because as a beta those other things matter.

        The PUA community used to have a motto of “PUA is the exception to the rule” but really it’s “alpha is the exception to the rule”.

        And even if this chick adamantly hated short guys, who the fuck cares? lol there are like 3.5 billion girls out there. This isn’t going to piss off a short guy who knows he’ll be getting attraction from girls when he’s out having fun and flirting with them every weekend.


      • Gents, I get it that in the end this shit doesn’t matter being spouted by some unattractive, hamster-spinning excuse for a woman. I genuinely do.

        But I am still of the firm belief that people should be shamed and crushed for such blatant rudeness. It isn’t about the truth of any of her claims, it’s about the disregard for human decency. I still believe in respect and kindness to those who haven’t demonstrated a reason not to be.

        Scray, that’s the primary reason I believe in retaliation against people that spout such nonsense. It’s because they have never been taught some basic human decency and manners. She will continue to be the way she is until a few too many deep cutting comments teach her the error of her ways and she decides to keep her nonsensical ‘opinions’ to herself.


      • My short buddies (5’2″-5’6″) who get laid (mostly by girls taller than them, including LTRs) would just lol at this girl’s post.

        Less than one in ten men are that short, which is why it’s noticeable when there’s even one individual that short in a group. You, of course, have multiple buddies that short, and that’s only counting the ones who get laid; to be sure you have others that don’t. This is right alongside all those other social circles you claim to regularly run in – bikers, truckers, midwestern cowboys, trapeze artists etc.

        I guess when you say we get to make up our own reality you really mean it.

        lol there are like 3.5 billion girls out there.

        But like only a quarter of those are within an appropriate age range. And maybe only in ten from that restricted group can speak passable English. So your remark is like totally something a sales huckster would say.


      • Go out a lot. Go to different environments and bars that you don’t “belong” in. Travel. Be social and friendly with everyone, even people who are different from the people you’re used to. Focus on making deeper connections with people instead of just idle small-talk. Grab contact info to hang out in the future. Arrange parties/events where these groups of people mingle with you as their social connector.

        Within a few months, especially if you actively make it an actual goal, you will have multiple social circles of a wide variety of people. After a few years, you’ll understand that this isn’t as impossible as you think it is.

        But most people go to the same 2 or 3 bars the one night every week or two that they actually go out, and they talk to one or two new people a night, usually introduced to them via their own social circles, who are all from a similar class/background/type, and when they do meet someone different they don’t make an effort to keep in touch or arrange future plans.

        So yes, I do know a handful of short guys, and tall guys, and rich guys, and poor guys, and have social circles of bikers, cowboys, blue-collar types, gangsters, different races, dive bar types, high-end nightclub types, etc. No trapeze artists yet though.


      • Good reply, yareally. You’ve got Rule 1 down pat, clearly.

        I do go out a lot (alone too) and I can feel comfortable in large number of different environments, even ones that aren’t much to my natural inclination. In the course of a night I’ll strike up a dozen or so conversations with male strangers (ie outside any PU attempts I make, the number of which can vary widely depending on mood and confidence levels), usually as a way to pass time between PU attempts, but also because I enjoy talking to people. Many of those conversations will go on for quite some time, and it’s not unusual for the other party to suggest we get together again some day. I only very, very rarely take people up on these offers though. For one thing, people make these suggestions when they’re inebriated, but will feel differently when sober; for another thing, the same applies to me.

        If I were to pursue this more forcefully I can see belonging to some “social circles,” but you’re constantly referring to “buddies.” For me, buddies/friends means more than someone I’m acquainted with and discuss interests we share in common over a drink from time to time. To me a buddy is someone I actually care about, for whom I’d be willing to get my ass kicked, whom I can rely on and can rely on me. It’s very, very unusual, imo, for a guy to have more than five friends who are that close. The larger circle can hold twenty or thirty people – hell even a hundred – but it lacks the true closeness I require to consider someone a serious friend.


      • Yeah but….it meant nothing. Here’s the problem, when a guy goes through the trouble to write a hateful screed you can be sure that ya….he’s pretty serious about that viewpoint. Women are less so.


  52. In regards to rule #1/not getting defensive, I’m quite interested in a good response to the following:

    Girl: You’re such a crybaby!

    I was thinking:
    Girl: You’re such a crybaby!
    Guy: You’re just jealous that I get whatever I want

    Is that a decent one? What are some better responses?


    • “Well are you gonna pop out your tits or not? Fuck….”

      “I know you are but what am I.”

      —> those work if you’re high value and she’s just teasing. If she’s serious….

      “It’s because I look hot when my mascara runs. Gawd.”

      “I’m not your baby. That’s a demeaning and sexist term.”

      “Is that you’re, as in Y-o-u apostrophe r-e, or your, as in y-o-u-r?” (Non-sequitur….fun stuff. Like it matters. If she spells it out for you, congrats…you just put yourself in a great position to build attraction)
      —> “Wow. you’re a really good speller. Where’d you learn to do that?”


  53. Something people need to realize is that the way you people are nitpicking apart the “alpha” and “beta” ways to say something is completely useless. You really think asking questions undermines your status? You really think using emoticons will make you appear more “beta”?

    You can sit and ask questions all day if you want. Say things however you want, wear what you want, like whatever the fuck you want, and so long as you’re a real motherfucker while you’re doing it, the chicks will come flocking. It is ALL in the attitude. It is ALL in the attitude. All those minor nitpicks are exactly that: Minor. By the time you’ve developed your attitude game to adequate levels, everything else becomes drops in the bucket you might as well not waste your energy on.


    • “Say things however you want, wear what you want, like whatever the fuck you want, and so long as you’re a real motherfucker while you’re doing it, the chicks will come flocking.”

      What is a “real motherfucker”?

      “It is ALL in the attitude. It is ALL in the attitude.”

      What kind of “attitude”?


  54. I remember reading something when I was younger to the effect of…

    When you are in a tough spot, the best defense is to keep a neutral expression.