The Progression Of Elite-Citizenry Relations

The relationship between the ruling elite and the citizenry needn’t always be rancorous or antagonistic. Racially and ethnically homogeneous societies tend to have better relations between elite and citizenry. But there does seem to be a trajectory that developed nations follow, especially the nations bedeviled by Diversity™, from a socially healthy and mutually beneficial regard between elite and citizen, to a total severing that pits elite and citizen against each other as domestic enemies.

As reader irishsavant notices,

It seems to be the case that over time all elites fall out of touch with their subjects.

The progression of elite-citizenry relations goes like this (using the history of America as a template):

  1. Colonialism, mass egalitarianism.
  2. The rise of an informal aristocracy of the more intelligent, ruthless, individualistic.
  3. Elite gratitude for their blessings translates into a social and self-guided expectation of noblesse oblige.
  4. The elite pull away from the masses in wealth and cultural practices. Complacency and ingratitude erode noblesse oblige.
  5. The citizenry revolts (in whatever form) against the heavy-handed rule of their elite. Today, this revolt takes the form of a regression among the lower classes into FUCK YOU DAD degeneracy.
  6. The elite are repulsed by the citizenry (and vice versa), and become increasingly disconnected from their nation, turning to rootless cosmopolitanism (and among the prole margins to wiggerdeath) as an escape and a kind of ego stroking.
  7. Over time, elites fall out of touch with their subjects and, worse, come to hate their subjects. That is when they start thinking only of themselves and do evil things like advocate for open borders so they can turn their billions into tens of billion. The citizenry learns to return the hate.
  8. War, (political, civil, jurisprudential, cultural).
  9. The Happening.
  10. The Great Reset.

This relationship isn’t linear or discrete. There is a cyclical nature to it. But over the long haul, the cycles amplify into ever-greater peaks and troughs, until the cycle busts and rebirth or replacement is all that can possibly follow.

We’re in the hatred stage now, and if there’s one good thing to be said about this stage it’s that hate is a magnificently clarifying elixir, focusing minds and instilling fear in coal black hearts that haven’t felt fear in a long time, and have acted in predictable accordance with fear’s absence.


  1. Do you really know how to shoot?

    Get your ass up from poolside for a week, go to Gunsite, and take a 250 class.

    Otherwise, when push comes to shove, the mob will roll over you.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 12:28 pm mendozatorres

      Thanks for bringing the site to mind. It’ll make for a nice week long vacation.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 10:50 pm Carlos Danger

      Shooting straight is only a start. Staying out of sight and using surprise are more important in a combat situation. You Need to have confidence in the firearm or you won’t use it effectively at all in a dangerous Situation.


      • In addition you should practice for “oh shit” situations like shooting with your left hand only (if you are right handed).; loading in complete darkness, shooting while upside down, laying on the ground; and shooting without ear protection


      • If you had been to Gunsite, you’d know that is over half the curriculum.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 5:39 am carlos danger

        I was in the Army. I didn’t need to go to gunsight.


      • LOL, so was I. When the Army and Marines need advanced training, they send men to Gunsite.

        Qualifying once a year on popups from prone supported doesn’t make you a good shooter.


      • on October 9, 2015 at 4:21 am Carlos Danger

        That’s not the full extent of my training either. I’m sure gunsight is good and I will check it out. You also need to practice with others. There are loads of good basic tactical films on Youtube.


  2. The extended vignette in this music video illustrates CH’s stage 3, a harmonious subject-elite relarionship. George Jones, here representing the elite, has a warmly cordial meeting with a member of the lower yeoman class, as represented by the gas station attendant. You can see deference without obsequiousness from the lower to the higher, and patronage without contempt in the other direction. Both men share an ethnic and cultural identity and venerate the same tradition.

    It’s a very good song too.


  3. on October 7, 2015 at 12:37 pm Napoleon's Horse

    Sitting in an airport. A fat dyke and her equally dykey wife, girlfriend, significant other, clam bumper… Both of them tatted up and sporting buzzcuts. And their little girl. Probably 5 or 6. Wearing earrings in both ears… Also sporting a buzzcut. I even took a picture.

    I held eye contact with one of the mothers… Stared at her with complete contempt and total disgust until she looked away.

    Utterly heartbreaking. How do you blame a child for the pathologies she will eventually inherit from the subhumans who adopted her?

    The Great Reset can’t come soon enough.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 1:02 pm mendozatorres

      Reminds me of the time I was waiting at a doctor’s office for an appointment I had and two ladies came in. One was fat with short hair. The other, average with long hair. The fatty had lezzie written all over her and I figured that they were a couple. The average one sat next to me and the fatty sat across. I could feel daggers from fatty.

      What stood out was that I went to get some water and afterwards, fatty gets some water, but for the average gal. Average gal is “what’s this for” and fatty snaps “I was getting this for you.” While waiting, I had made another appointment for later on in the week. Average gal had overheard this.

      Fatty’s chatting up Average gal about whatever and is trying to plan something on Tuesday…the day I had set up my next appointment. Average tells her she can’t, she’s busy on Tuesday and this is a surprise to Fatty.

      I didn’t stare down Fatty, but definitely looked her way with a knowing shit-eating grin.


    • To add to lesbian stories: commuter train about three years ago. I sit opposite of an obvious lez couple in their late 20s or so. There is palpable unease, as I ignore them and they converse obviously aware that I’m listening, out of boredom and because the car was quiet. I must have represented an ideological enemy to them, as a fit-looking White forty-something man wearing a shirt and tie, and a wedding band.

      The dome was athletically shaped, smartly dresed, with an intelligent face and butch buzzcut. The vibe was interesting, in that there was no seeming subliminal antagonism between me and her. It occurred to me that I could have a drink with her.

      The femme was a mess. Not fat, but sloppy, with long unwashed hair and bad skin. Baggy nominaly female clothes and she radiated insecurity. I felt disgust.

      So their conversation became stilted and almost as though a performance for my benefit. And on that note, the sloppy femme blurts out apropos nothing, since they weren’t talking about anything personal or politically charged: “I would never date a man, but I can see myself being very attracted to black men.”

      I didn’t flinch, poker face and looking off into space the entire time. The smartly dressed domme nearly choked on her WTF. Clearly blindsided, she stammered something diplomatic sounding.

      There was awkward silence for the rest of the trip.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 3:26 pm Captain Obvious

        PA, my experience with dyke couples is that at least one of them [the bis3xual one] badly wants your c0ck. And back in the day, you could even Game the mascul!ne one, but lately I’ve heard that the dykes are getting pretty dadgum ruthlessly violent – so if you dip it in a dyke chick, then you definitely want a CCW on you and eyes in the back of your head. Also, getting custody of the children afterwards could be very problematic – you might literally have to kidnap the kids and disappear into the underground economy – cause you know that the dykes in Family Law Court will rule against you.


      • Bet the more dykey ones know not to let their bi-baby get any of that sweet man oxytocin from you.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 7:08 pm Captain Obvious

        When I was younger, “the more dykey ones” tended to be slender slightly masculine uptight Cluster-C types: with some coaxing, you could get them to talk to you [whereas the b!sexual femme partner always swooned for you pretty much immediately]. But lately I’m hearing that “the more dykey ones” are like H!tlery throwing the lamp at Slick when she heard that Al Gore was getting a bigger office than she. Only instead of throwing a lamp at you, now you need to worry about “the more dykey ones” throwing acid in your face or busting a 9mm cap in your skull.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 1:34 pm Carlos Danger

      Good on ya. We need to take this as an example for civil disobedience. I despise these freaks and refuse to be ruled by them.


    • on October 10, 2015 at 8:37 am Subway masturbator

      Those with charitable and understanding natures like your own will lead the way.


  4. Chateau Heartiste – keeping your hate strong and your dick wet since 2008


    • Anger is more useful than despair.

      /basic psychology is among my subroutines


    • 2007*


    • Prove him wrong then. Or are you content whistling past the graveyard?

      What indicators would you go by to say the world is in a place you would like it to be?

      Go with the alien observer thought expirement. If you were giving a tour to visitors from another place, what current pop cultural icons would you show them? Daily Show re runs, Fux news, and piss Christ? 50 shades?

      What recent music would you feel represents our proud shared human experience? DJ Whatever PoppyPants featuring Empowered Flavor of the year female pop star? Pearl Jam does have impressive longevity and their own satellite station! Why not go a little old school and ‘rocky.’ Jeremy has been speaking a lot lately, so there is the current events tie in!

      Oh! Show them our schools! Show them what passes for average parenting these days and all our neet new super functional diverse family unit types!

      Show them all the new medical advances that we can’t afford. Maybe talk about the great recession that still hasn’t gone away and talk about the student loans that paid for stupid degrees for fake future jobs.

      Mmm. Obese people kinda look like sea creatures. They’ll think that’s cool I bet. And so many to choose from!

      Oh! Talk about how earth woman spend the prime of their lives receiving anonymous dick injections and learning to drink like sailors. The’re like a puppy mill bitchs! But with abortions, alcohol and weed!

      Tell them how well life has been for the average black person. Imagine if a slave could dream about his/her/ze’s ancestors living in Detroit! Liberalism been berry berry good to them.

      Dude! Don’t forget about the drug war and how it helps shape Mexico into a golden paradise. Speaking about living

      Ahh. Bro. You probably think all our problems are because of rapey white men and racism. So just skip to the gold and show them Williamsburg N.Y..


  5. CH’s progression strikes me as more political than economic. America is a unique experiment in that — so far maybe — some class demarcations are blurry. You don’t have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to wind up getting a few/

    Of course, that may be changing.

    As in the olden times, most rewards go to the smartest people. The potential problem today is that, economically, there just isn’t enough opportunity if you aren’t very smart. And the vast majority of the “subjects” are simply not very intelligent.

    In the past we had social stigma and conventional morals that acted as a check on the behavior of the hoi polloi. Susie empty headed shop girl in the 1940s and 50s would never get her ears pierced, and would never let Johnny Barkeep get to second base unless they were going steady and moving toward marriage.

    Now? It’s tattoos, nose rings, and single motherhood. And now Susie looks around and expects the State to take care of her, and Johnny rages against the unfairness of the economic system that has no room for someone of his IQ.

    War, in the forms that CH put it, is the next step. And maybe there is no reset. Maybe it’s just the dark ages again.


  6. […] The Progression Of Elite-Citizenry Relations […]


  7. this post by you from a few years ago hits the nail on the head


    • great comment from that thread

      “My question is – let’s say you have a magic wand and could make all the the Jews on the world disappear at once. What happens then? Renaissance and rebirth of the glorious West? Or just a light shifting of power within the ranks of the Left, and continued advance to left singularity?”

      Fair question, and apologies in advance for length of post, but this stuff is important. If Jewish influence on white societies completely disappeared, that would be a devastating blow to the anti-white Left. When one looks at virtually every destructive policy implemented in the West, Jewish promotion, backing and support of that policy was paramount. Dimwitted conservatives love to harp on someone like Teddy Kennedy, who I admit is easy to despise, but in fact it was Jewish support that was decisive in opening the floodgates to non-white immigration.

      For an international example, most of the revolutionary Bolsheviks were Jewish. No way could that faction have come out on top were it not for Jewish support, and the result was literally tens of millions of dead eastern European whites and untold misery. Jewish promoted policies and groups have been destroying white societies all over the planet. What else to expect when aliens are allowed to ride herd on the majority?

      If all the anti-white Left had to go on was a relative handful of white malcontents and defectives, along with a handful of corporate, money grubbing white scum willing to sell their people out, we would be in infinitely better shape. We could deal with that problem. At the very least, obviously, it is easier to deal with problem whites alone, as opposed to problem whites PLUS anti-white Jews. A normal person would rather have five problems, than those same five problems plus twenty new ones. Having a land of our own would remove 90 percent of our problems, and we’d only have to deal with the homegrown variety.

      However, at another level, I don’t think we disagree. Clearly there is something in Western culture (or genes) that has made it susceptible to opportunistic infections, of which the Jewish attack is simply the most severe. A good argument could be made that this problem goes back centuries to the “Enlightenment” bunk about universal equality, and the gradual downward pressure thus applied to tribal identity and responsibility. This manifested itself in all sorts of ways even without undue Jewish influence, not least of which was the imposition of Reconstruction on a prostrate South. Some of the stuff liberal whites did then was every bit as crazy as what they are doing now. So yes, there is a non-Jewish component to all of this, and I have no intention of evading or denying that fact.

      Combine this with an ideology of commerce in which everything of beauty is either commodified or simply destroyed as irrelevant, and you have atomization run amok. Pursuing an imperial foreign policy hasn’t helped either. There are no doubt many factors, but it all leads to the present state of affairs where whites don’t like or trust one another, and often for good reason. Most whites today have no comprehension that honesty, integrity and assistance from their fellow ethnic tribesmen used to be the norm. That’s as real to them as the Lord of the Rings. Instead they live in a world of ugliness, and to them it is normal.

      The result is that they can’t cooperate very well with one another for mutual protection. In fact, most of them have been successfully taught that it is wrong to do so, making them easy prey for those who can and will. Instead they follow the mainstream conservative pied pipers, who are leading them on the road to nowhere as the clock runs out. Or they just become hipster twits, imagining themselves as sophisticates when they are anything but.

      In any event, increasingly deracinated and rootless whites guided by nothing but their short term “self-interest” are easy marks for organized, cohesive groups that support one another and work as a team, animated by higher values than just short term gain. Jews are by far the most effective practitioners of this strategy, encouraging tribalism and solidarity amongst themselves, while discouraging it in whites, so as better to feed off of them. They get a tribe but, sorry, you don’t.

      In other words, libertarianism and atomization doesn’t offer a way out of this mess, in fact it is part of the reason that we are in trouble. But a well ordered tribalism can offer a path forward, where liberty is a happy byproduct as opposed to a fetish. Homogenous white communities typically have a lot of individual liberty, at least compared to non-white societies, because it’s just the way we tend to be. It’s our way. We don’t normally need metal detectors on our school doors and policemen patrolling the halls. We can usually police ourselves. Blacks love to mock Barney Fife, but the truth is that most homogenous white communities don’t need all that much more than Barney.

      There is no need to fetishize “liberty” or any other abstraction or nutty ideology. Instead, the physical continuity of the tribe must come first, and all other values must be secondary. Right now, most whites don’t understand this, and it is the failure to understand that is at the root of our problems, and opens the door to a variety of opportunistic infections.

      And who is invariably at the forefront of crushing any white who dares to point this out publicly? Jews.


      • And look at the thinkers on the other side of the spectrum who advocate for individualism (for you, not for my tribe), unrestrained flows of capital, goods and peoples. Ludwig Von Mises, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, etc.


      • Like

      • This whole “well, gentiles must have the seeds of their own destruction built into their DNA, to fall for the tactics of YKW” is true enough, so far as it goes… and DUH, all have fallen short of the glory of God.

        But just because Adam and Eve were corrupted, that doesn’t let the Devil off the hook.


      • Excellent comment… and yes, if we just had to deal with miscreant whites, the vast majority of the current malaise would disappear overnight.

        But when you’ve got yids and their minions ready to attack with MSM assassination… distractions in re RAY-CISM!!!… lawsuits to tie you up for years and bankrupt you before any whiff of justice can be discerned, well…

        Not forgetting (when deemed necessary), outright skullduggery and actual assassination.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 3:46 pm Captain Obvious

        > “And who is invariably at the forefront of crushing any white who dares to point this out publicly? Jews.” ——— ‘…DILLER vowed to pick up stakes if Trump becomes President Barack Obama’s successor. “If Donald Trump doesn’t FALL, I’ll either move out of the country or JOIN THE RESISTANCE,” he said.’


      • Excellent and very important comment, with powerful observations.

        Reminds me of chatting with a fellow last summer. He was in his late 70s, from Northern Ontario, retired school principal. I bought a used bicycle off him (he fixed and sold them as a hobby). He told me that there is no more kindness or friendliness in society. In his (and my grandparents) generation, which is the same, folks and neighbours would stop to shoot the breeze, help one another out, and just generally be friendly, even strangers.

        Pass an older white person on the sidewalk; they’ll likely smile or say good morning. A baby-boomer and younger, some chance that they’ll acknowledge you (depending on where you are), a young white person, very unlikely; someone of another race of any age – forget about it.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 3:52 pm Captain Obvious

        That’s a strange choice of words on Barry Diller’s part: “If Donald Trump doesn’t FALL…”. Assassination has been an extraordinarily effective tool for the Eskimos over the centuries. Jesus Christ, President McKinley, Pyotr Stolypin, General Patton, Lee Harvey Oswald, almost President Reagan. And after the Eskimos butchered the entire Romanov family, the Romanovs’ corpses where thrown off the edge, into the darkness, and literally FELL to the bottom of a mine shaft.


      • Now don’t be nasty to the Tribe. Look at how helpful they’re being to the poor refugees fleeing to europe.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 5:21 pm Captain Obvious

        Longer reply in the [email protected], but when Barry Diller talks about The Donald taking a “FALL”, that’s Eskimo talk for being assassinated.,_Inc.#Origins


  8. Too much segregation by social/income class like we have in America. People must be mixed together to a certain extent to ensure that the elite understand the problems of the lower classes, while the middle and lower classes have someone to emulate. A good model might be towns in England 300 years ago: Landowners and clergy as the elite, skilled craftsman and yeoman as the middle class, and peasants as the lower class. Class warfare is inherently Marxist.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 1:41 pm Carlos Danger



    • “People must be mixed together to a certain extent to ensure that the elite understand the problems of the lower classes…”

      I agree. Now that all the white ethnic and Catholic neighborhoods have been integrated and block busted out of existence, upper income gated communities with a plurality of Democrat voters should receive the blessing of mixed income living in the form of Section Ape housing.


    • At some point in the past, even the upper classes committed some of their sons to war. JFK’s father was already a tremendously wealthy man when Joe Jr. and JFK went off to WW2. From Vietnam (somewhat) to now (pretty much 100%) the upper classes leave the shooting and the dying to white rednecks who have a sense of honor, and brown people looking for steady employment.


  9. Let’s hope that AirFrance protest is a foreshadowing of things to come.


  10. on October 7, 2015 at 1:02 pm Each Pond Gone

    “rootless cosmopolitanism”

    The whole hypothetically split-off endeavor of anthropology seems to cater to this. A dandyism of the wilderness. It won’t last.


  11. Another example of The Decline…

    Atlanta sports talk host Mike Bell was suspended for tweeting last night about ESPN’s female MLB broadcaster Jessica Mendoza. He used an Anchorman joke and opined why ESPN wasn’t using a former MLB player to, you know, analyze baseball instead of a former softball player. Apparently, he was insensitive.

    The worst part? He apologized. Blood is in the water.

    Ever since Janay Rice “leaned in,” ESPN has pushed women into its platforms. They’re no longer Sideline Barbies. They are giving opinions, analysis and writing about men-only spaces as if they’re experts, just like the latest MLB broadcaster.

    I haven’t seriously watched ESPN in several years, but am aware of its ratings and revenue decline lately, and I don’t believe that’s a coincidence to its approach to forcing women in men-only spaces.

    PS – ESPN is owned by ABC, which is owned by Disney, which is ran by an Eskimo CEO. Not a coincidence.


    • This fat beta breathlessly defended Jessica Mendoza and cut down Mike Bell for his “insulting” comments.

      The fat beta himself:

      [CH: if it looks like a loser, odds are it is a loser.]


      • fat white hispanic knighting. she’d still rather fuck Mike Bell.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 2:37 pm mendozatorres

        Looks like a dyke


      • to the Jews at ESPN who are reading: Mendoza is good for fucking and making babies. That’s why she’s on this Earth. 😉


      • on October 7, 2015 at 3:38 pm mendozatorres

        She’s quite unattractive. Horrible smile.


      • soft, pudgy hands; not a trace of callus, even on the knuckles. I can’t get rid of it on mine, palms, phalanges, the lot (and almost no fingerprints). No use, it just grows back, even in slack seasons. It’s like I was some sort of ground-dwelling primate all my life. Betrays my class in high-end social venues, so I wear my cuffs long and go heavy on the Neutrogena. In extremis I practically sit on them.
        Women hate it, it shreds their stockings with the slightest contact.


    • Will they EVER learn that apologising only whets their appetite for more blood?


    • Another example of chics doing stuff just to be ‘one of the few chics that do this stuff! omg lollolzz’. Annoying as fuck. Masculinity doesn’t allow for men to do the opposite. Besides the fact that an high school male basketball player would destroy most of the wnba, it wouldn’t be allowed and the male wouldn’t have any interest in doing it. I’m speaking of masculine males, not the ‘everybody deserves playing time’ variety. I’ve been discussing with my friends things chics are objectively better at than men. Acting? Gymnastics? Figure skating? Musicians? Magicians? Any of the visual or written arts? In figure skating, only men can pull off certain moves. Same in gymnastics. I’d rather WATCH chics do those things, but that doesn’t mean they’re better at them. I just don’t think feminine chics are really interested in most of these things to the point where they want to be the best. Fight back against social pressure and psychological warfare that pushes you to accept ANYTHING less than an absolute masculine/feminine dynamic. If they’re pushing for sexual homogenization, the we MUST push for the absolute opposite. It’s about pushing the pendulum at this point. Cheers


  12. the open borders policy isn’t all bad. it’s the modern version of slavery, except you don’t have to house them.

    [CH: long-term externalities are a bitch.]

    think about it… you have a whole underclass of workers serving whytes who (in theory) can’t vote, pay into the system, and, until relatively recently, had few rights.

    you really want to deport all those hotel maids, slaughterhouse workers, lettuce pickers, gardeners, and elder care workers and fill those jobs with whytes??

    [when america was 90% white all those shit jobs were filled by white people, rendering your logic invalid.]

    and pay $25 for your dressed organic chicken (instead of $12 and putting the rest in your 401k)? Fk that.

    [false. as one example, a study showed that getting rid of wetback strawberry pickers would raise the price of strawberries by at most a few cents per pound. a price increase i’d be happy to pay for a homogeneous cohesive high trust nation.]

    I’m for keeping the open borders policy, but really tightening it up. NO rights, other than basic human rights.

    [there’s a lot of loony leftoid wiggle room in “basic human rights”.]

    Full registration and limited time worker visas.

    [how about closing the borders and allowing natives to take those jobs at higher wages? isn’t that more moral?]

    This country was built on slavery (aka cheap labor).

    [no it wasn’t. slaves were to the american economy like cows are to mcdonald’s.]

    Why stop now? Let’s just clean it up so whytes can have their servant class for generations to come!

    [i get this line of attack against the elite, but it’s not going to work. your premises are all cucked.]


    • IMO, the best way to keep whytes at the helm of the free world is to free up their time

      [CH: not every White will be an inventor or explorer. again, what you keep missing is the fact that White nations did quite well for themselves — shit work and all — when they were almost entirely White.]

      from doing shit work, and allow them to do what they can do better than anyone else:

      lead, think, invent, strategize, and conquer


    • lol fag.


    • Ach, the sophomoric shills that drop in at the chateau. 😡

      SuperFuckHead, keep on passing by until you get to the river… and then drop in.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 3:55 pm Captain Obvious

      > “it’s the modern version of slavery, except you don’t have to house them.” ——— Wong Kim Ark called; he’s holding on Line 1:


    • “you really want to deport all those hotel maids, slaughterhouse workers, lettuce pickers, gardeners, and elder care workers and fill those jobs with whytes??”

      To that question I always ask how White societies did better without vibrants all down the centuries – and still do in Eastern Europe to this day.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 4:41 pm gunslingergregi

      you really want to deport all those hotel maids””””””””””

      yea i would they too costly
      my one white girlfriend can clean double the new hotels they building by the thousands with three floors
      by herself
      so how the fuck they gonna have 10 to 15 or more people working on one hotel so 20 to 30 on two
      not saving any money at all might as well pay my chick 3 salaries or more and still save mad loot
      its actually kind of hillarious


      • on October 7, 2015 at 4:43 pm gunslingergregi

        so yea my girl can do the work of 20 tp 40 people common wtf is that wierdness


      • on October 7, 2015 at 4:49 pm gunslingergregi

        i always knew she was superhuman and shit but god dam come on
        nobody is saving loot on hotel maids or my girl is some kind of dynamo

        reminds me of when i came up with a plan for my company that would of gotten rid of shitload of uneeded jobs and was told they aint trying to get ridi of the jobs well just like i think they dont want to get rid of ilegals regardless of cost savings it is not about the money


      • on October 7, 2015 at 5:00 pm gunslingergregi

        they even actively changed her hours on the clock to not pay the time worked and changed the pay then the boss when she told em not gonna work any more hours there said i really need you well no shit but the chick boss lied to her face like 10 times but other than that was really helpfull to her even was gonna lend her money to get apartment its like crazyland shit
        but yea now she doing about 5 times better than they originally said somewhere else
        so why wouldnt they want to keep a worker who had the most positive reviews ever had it doesn’t make sense ecept that they need to have the mass employees for some reason that doesn’t include anything to do with saving money its really freaking wierd


      • on October 7, 2015 at 5:10 pm gunslingergregi

        1,400,000 hotel maids
        55k hotels
        25 maids per hotel


    • Also, if most white women stayed at home and raised kids as women have done for thousands of years until a few decades ago, there would be more jobs for white men.

      The economy would be fine.

      In large cities such as New York females earn on average more than men, sorry I did not keep the link, but it is a fact. All those women with nice jobs, it means millions of men without a job or a good job anyway.

      White men jobs have gone to Mexicans, to China and India and to women.

      That is not good, that is not healthy for a society.

      How long can that last ?


    • when america was 90% white all those shit jobs were filled by white people, rendering your logic invalid.

      When America was 90% white, there were many more young, healthy whites per every white who was too old or sick to work.

      [CH: when america becomes 90% white again and the people regain their lebensraum, their fertility rate will bounce back.]

      White the retirement of the boomers, however, there are simply not enough young, healthy whites at the bottom of the pyramid to sustain the economy.

      [bogus. japan is an older nation and they are doing quite well without millions of migrant stoop laborers.]

      This is because the stupid fucking liberal hippie boomers, the execrable “me” generation, aborted and contracepted all the white children who were supposed to be the future of this country. I really don’t see any way to prevent economic collapse except to import non-white labor.

      [you have been brainwashed by anti-whites.]

      If you have any other ideas, I’d really be happy to hear them, and I don’t mean that sarcastically.

      [yes. a natural rebalancing in the economy (including debt clearance) will follow the re-institution of a white supermajority. in the longer term, native population levels will rebound when there is more cheap and safe land to go around. in the shorter term, the US will do what japan is doing: automate or hike the wages of those jobs affected by a labor shortage. econ 101 right?]


      • when america becomes 90% white again and the people regain their lebensraum, their fertility rate will bounce back.

        Even if the fertility rate bounces back right this instant, it’s not going to save us, since it will take well over a decade for the first children born to enter the workforce and in the meantime, they’ll be net economic liabilities, just like the loathsome Boomers who are now retiring. The fertility rate needs to bounce back at least two decades ago to get us out of this predicament.

        bogus. japan is an older nation and they are doing quite well without millions of migrant stoop laborers.

        That will likely change in the very near future as the pop pyramid there becomes ever more distorted. Incidentally, Japan’s economy is quite different than the U.S.s. The U.S. likely has much more need for stoop labor, as we’re the one of the breadbaskets of the world, whereas Japan has very little arable land and thus very little farming going on. (Farming is very stoop labor-intensive, probably more so than any other industry.)

        you have been brainwashed by anti-whites.

        I’m as pro-white as anyone; I’m just stating some hard economic facts. IMO, the best solution to this problem is to adopt some sort of guest worker program that is lets these people in but severely discourages them from having anchor babies or putting down roots, and then sends their asses back home when they’re no longer needed. Or anyway, that would have been the best solution, twenty years ago. Now, things are so far gone that it’s probably impossible to prevent divcon one and reset.



    • so… let me get this straight… you guys want the world’s greatest race of people to spend their time doing all their own shit work, instead of exploiting the fk out of third world filth and having then do it for us?

      [CH: those fat chair-ridden post-humans in Wall-E come to mind.]

      while we’re discussing returning to the good ol days of whyte America, should we also bring back the draft?

      [false equivalency.]

      or would getting 30 days notice to go knock down doors in Fallujah to serve your country cut into your poolside time too much?

      [fallujah has nothing to do with building a wall and kicking out the invading migrants.]


      • while we’re discussing returning to the good ol days of whyte America, should we also bring back the draft?

        That might not be such a bad idea… two years of public service, in whatever sector, would do the youth of the country well. It works especially well in homogeneous nations, and until America gets there, it serves as a good wake-up call to young whites when they actually have to live side-by-side with nonwhites for awhile.

        My days in the Army woke me up, especially on that account.


      • so… let me get this straight… you guys want the world’s greatest race of people to spend their time doing all their own shit work, instead of exploiting the fk out of third world filth and having then do it for us?

        We wouldn’t be the world’s greatest race if we didn’t get our hands dirty, doing for ourselves.

        There’s an old Army maxim that I’ve never known to fail:

        The only people qualified to give orders are those who learned how to take orders.


      • while we’re discussing returning to the good ol days of whyte America, should we also bring back the draft?

        That wouldn’t be a bad idea… one or two years of public service, in whatever sector, couldn’t hurt the youth of a nation… all the moreso when the nation is homogeneous.

        And until America gets there, actually living side-by-side with nonwhites serves as a good wake up call and will soon dissuade any MSM brainwashing about the realities of diversity.

        I always considered that “wake-up” one of the side benefits of my Army service.


    • fuckin idiot…wetbacks are a NET COST to any economy.

      You HONESTLY think these fuckin fruitpickers don’t cost a fortune when they go to the ER?

      Berries used to be picked by whites. And they weren’t asininedly expensive. The decrease in labor costs AREN’T passed on to YOU, you stupid fuck, they are PROFITS.

      Any savings in labor is more than offset by an increase in education, medical care, and social spending at EVERY LEVEL.


      • After immigration halt and full repatriation (and restoration of freedom of association), any increase in the price of labor as passed on to the consumer will have been offset many many times over by decreases in the costs of living and family formation.


      • If things were to cost a bit much it would not be so bad.

        There is something wrong or even sick about people “upgrading” to the newest iphone/ipad every 6 months or so, to give an example of useless things people obsess about and spend their money on.

        On dating sites I see a lot of women mentioning they love to travel 4 – 5 times a year, that is another example of what I would call a waste of resources.

        Not everyone can live like an entitled king forever and use a large quantity of resources for their own little self just because they feel like it, eventually we will run out of something.


    • It’s not easy being a troll anymore. The alt-Right has developed a clarity of vision — with understood non-negotiable litmus test-like first pronciples — that makes it very difficult to subvert us.

      The evolved trolls can still do despair-sewing. The “compromise solution” shill above has no chance of being taken seriously.


    • We tried that slavery shit before and we just ended up with 40+ million retrograde dindus running loose in our lands, wreaking havoc and demanding gibsmedat. Let’s not do it again.


      • Exactly… for all the so-called wisdom of the Founding Fathers, they really screwed the pooch on that issue, and showed poor judgement in not outlawing slavery immediately, with commensurate repatriation tout de suite.


      • on October 9, 2015 at 4:33 am Carlos Danger

        Jefferson referred to slavery as holding a wolf by the ears.


    • Snark aside, SF’s post really does accurately represent the mindset of the elites, once you get a few drinks in them. In their minds, open borders herald a perpetual servile class of government dependents, reliably voting to keep their masters in power, whenever and however they get the much-diluted franchise.

      Because this reality conflicts with their equalist indoctrination, many elites suffer from cognitive dissonance, as reflected in the Hegelian Master-Slave paradox, and as penance enact ostensibly pro-vibrant social policies that, consciously or not, undermine their mastery. White guilt is a bitch.

      History shows that slaves have an uncomfortable tendency to revolt once they achieve a certain critical mass, and are particularly ungrateful to those who tried to perpetuate their condition by ameliorating it. Payback’s a bitch, too.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 9:34 am Captain Tautological

        TC, I used to believe in all that “cognitive dissonance” horsesh!t, which is maybe true of some of the younger crazier White chicks [although even they stay firmly entrenched in Whitetopia Bluetropolis and never wander over to Ch!mptown]. But I have long since come to the conclusion that they’re all a bunch of Psychopaths and Pathological Liars – they know [email protected] well what they’re doing, and they have a lengthy playbook of propagandist lies to justify it all.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 9:39 am Captain Tautological

        The place where maybe The Donald [and the White Revolution] could clean up is with the not-quite insane White Millenials who are carrying $250,000 in [non-dischargeable] student loan debt for a completely worthless degree in the Social Sciences or the Humanities or Junk-Science/Junk-Engineering. They’re looking at lifetimes spent clerking in [Eskimo-owned] Starbuck’s or REI or Old Navy, and living in their mothers’ basements, with no hope of ever paying off all that debt, and they’re realizing now that everything they were taught was an intentionally constructed Anti-Reality fabrication.


  13. The worst fallacy in this idiotic post: you are assuming all of these illegals will never be able to vote. As a guy on the radio said awhile back (in reference to uncontrolled immigration): “when everyone from there comes here, here *becomes* there!”


    • you haven’t thought it through

      it’s up to us to get off our fat asses and not ALLOW them to vote, or unionize, or attain any kind of political power

      and use the fk out of them. that’s what alphas do: they use people for their own ends

      if you weren’t such a pussy you’d realize that having a slave class is actually really fn useful. while I’m paying my gardener $12/hr to keep my house lookin nice, i’m inside bangin a hot chick.

      do the math, idiot


    • on October 7, 2015 at 3:58 pm Captain Obvious


  14. “Daily Bell: Is there a US republic?

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor: Well, there certainly are the outlines of one. I have great confidence and faith in the people who I call Americans. Not everybody in the United States today is an American, unfortunately. We have a country that is Balkanized and divided. Multiculturalism ultimately equates to multinationalism and a multilingual state. We’ve been on this road now since the late ’60s and early ’70s and I think the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. We have large numbers of people who are divided along racial as well as economic lines, and unfortunately, much of the economic divide overlaps with the racial divide. – ”


  15. The elite/media Hivemind has been forced to change its angle this time because the mass murdering fagboy is mixed race. Now the problem is that his mother was pro-gun and knew about gun laws. zlozlzolzozzlzo

    As CH pointed out, the left has the society it has fought for for 60 years — faggots raping children getting praised, half niggers mass murdering, sexless omegas having enough and mass murdering. The only shocking thing is that it does not happen more often. Oh yeah…. and these murders happen in “gun free” zones against defenseless children.

    And still Jewry, which has been in a war against Anglo-American law for 100 years (just in this country) tries to pin it on normal white men, pretending not to recognize and teaching the sheeple against noticing that the killers are all the creations or pets of jewry: niggers, retards, faggots, and omegas who have been shit on by women and/or niggers their entire lives.


  16. The Goth migration spelled the end of Rome.

    People forget history, over and over.

    The end of history rape!


  17. Tytler Cycle: and

    Spiritual Faith
    Then starting over with Bondage

    About 200 years to complete the cycle…


  18. I have come to the conclusion that if I do not live to see The Great Reset, I will be greatly disappointed. But then again, should I live at it, I would probably face death.

    Given how long societies have lasted from the beginning of unsalvageable decadence to the end, though, we might be forced to watch a lot more of this falling apart.

    Warn your grandchildren, if you have any.


    • Maybe we’ll get lucky and an alien race will attack the earth, bringing us to the brink of extinction… until we figure out at the eleventh hour how to defeat them, and we all learn our lesson about how we must all work together in harmony.

      War Of The Worlds Rape!

      Wait… what?


      • I’d prefer the extremely idiotic aliens from Signs.

        “Wait….we’re deadly allergic to a substance that covers 3/4 of their entire planet, permeats the atmosphere, regularly falls from the sky onto the land, is pumped into every human home or is nearby in a well, humans keep it around and drink it and even spray it from large hoses….and we’re just going to invade with no protection whatsoever?”

        “WHERE DO I SIGN UP, MUTHAF*****!”

        M. Night rape!


      • Hell, we go down into dangerous pits to dig out riches, drive around in combustible vehicles at breakneck speeds, and when we can’t find something to do overtly dangerous, we invent shit to threaten life and limb and call it sport.

        I’ll give those Signs aliens a pass, because they could have been desperate to find something/anything after their own planet proved unlivable any longer.


      • We at least have protective equipment that, ya know, will at least slow down any dangerous substances from killing us—and alert us to their presence.

        What the aliens did in Signs was akin to humans learning all the technology for interstellar travel and deciding to invade a planet that was covered in hydrochloric acid and not wearing any protective gear–not even a space suit for breathing. Absolutely asinine.

        Also, at one point, Mel Gibson foils the super-advanced aliens’ kidnapping techniques by locking the cellar door. That’s it. That’s all it took. I kid you not. Interstellar travel? We got this. But a locked door? Man, that’s too much for us to handle!

        Signs pissed me off to the nth degree, because M. Night was just jerking off onto paper and calling it a script after doing so well to build up the first half of the movie. Absolute contempt for the audience and plot coherency.

        Sorry about the rant, but plot holes are one thing, but gaping, anal-sex sized plot holes that completely take an intelligent person out of the movie are quite another.

        So, in conclusion, I’m sure it’s black america’s favorite movie.

        Plot hole rape!


      • Well, we could certainly go back-and-forth on this, but I don’t think it’s too big a leap in logic to think that the aliens didn’t even know what water was until they landed, and as soon as they found out it’s lethal effect, they hit the road.

        They may have been intelligent, but did not possess super strength, so there’s no reason to think a locked door would affect them any other way than it affects us.

        If you can see that humans evince extreme intelligence and extreme “dumbness”, why not aliens?

        We didn’t understand EMP and had integrated circuitry in all of our most advanced military equipment. It wasn’t until a Russian came over to our side with his “primitive” jet fighter, replete with small-version vacuum tubes, that the little light went on in our most brilliant scientists’ haids.

        Night sometimes apparently takes the easy way out, but further consideration of his alleged “plot holes” is sometimes warranted.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 5:15 pm Captain Obvious

      > “But then again, should I live at it, I would probably face death.” ——— The big game changer is the Eskimos moving into facial recognition software [Phuckerberg] and battle robots and battle drones [Brin & Page].


    • To beat a dead horse:

      1. They did have super strength. This point was made several times in the movie—these fuckers could leap onto roofs and run faster than men. The idea that locking an old wood door would stop all forward progress was mind bogglingly stupid. And furthermore they mastered interstellar travel but didn’t bring a tool or a weapon with them in case the humans resisted or threw up a very minor roadblock?

      2. If water really hurt the aliens, then all the scout teams at the beginning would’ve died just breathing in our moist atmosphere and having it on their skins, especially during rain or humid weather (except they didn’t, bizarrely, so again the movie makes no sense).

      So the head aliens would’ve had to have known about water’s deadly effects and it’s ubiquity on earth. again, once you find out a planet is permeated with HCL, you’d at least have some HCL_resistant suits—especially if you were going to kidnap the sentient, intelligent beings of the planet in broad daylight.

      3. Water makes up 60% of the human body, and even comes through our skin. Just picking up humans would burn these guys; it would be like picking up a guy made up of HCL who sweats it through his pores. You literally couldn’t do it, especially since, at the time you were picking them up, they were sweating profusely due to the adrenaline/panic of being abducted.

      It’s not merely that the aliens went from having a 250 IQ in the first half of the movie to a 50 IQ in the second half; it’s the fact that, given the movie’s own biological rules/water trump card, the aliens literally could not be doing what they were doing in the first 90% of the movie if the last 10% were true.

      Now, many movies have these “refrigerator moments”—moments of illogical inconsistency that ruin the plot. The good ones paper over them well so you don’t notice till later–after the movie is over, on your way to the fridge. The bad ones—like Signs have them glaringly obvious right in the film that take you right out of it. M. Night was metaphorically spitting on the audience by this act.

      Too much film geekiness rape!


  19. on October 7, 2015 at 3:45 pm gunslingergregi

    Yes, according to TeleSurTV, El Chapo has increased the bounty on Trump’s hair hat to a less-than-paltry $100 million. “He was mad,” a predictably unnamed source tells the publication. “He wants Donald Trump dead and will pay any amount of money to have Donald Trump’s head.”

    Meanwhile, the entirety of American politics wishes desperately for Donald to quietly exit the 2016 race for the White House, an exit that would essentially be a gift to the nation too precious for a specific valuation.

    you were right he might need to tighten security


    • you think Donald’s doing this as a joke? You know? Maybe he was, but now with the bullshit the left’s pulling on him and, jesus christ, el chapo? You may as well be in it to win it.


      • If, God forfend, this lowlife beaner gets some cholo, or whatever the fuck they’re called, to assassinate Trump, well…

        If there’s no extreme prejudice blowback by the ‘Murrican public, then fuck it all… all those “pry the guns from my cold dead hands” poseurs can live in infamy.


      • speaking of violent swarthy invaders:

        First, the community college one of the french train heroes attended gets assaulted by who really knows what his motivations were?

        Now, Spencer Stone, another French train hero, stabbed?

        Ok, then.


    • what’s sad is: like with Pam Gellar in Texas, the left will be cheerleading swarthy foreign hit squads as they attack americans.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 3:57 pm gunslingergregi

      thats messed up even el chapo still has a twitter page it looks like


    • Speaking of Trump , I just heard good news,

      On The Nightly Business Report on PBS minutes ago they said that Trump has not spent ONE penny on TV ads, while the other candidates are spending many millions of dollars.

      Not one damn penny!

      If Trump is ahead in the poll without ANY tv ads, imagine where he will be once he starts coming up with ads which I know will be good.

      Despite all their millions spent on tv ads other candidates are not nearly as popular as Trump.

      Trump’s my man.

      I wish I was American so I could vote for Trump.


      • Funny thing, my tv is playing in the background, still on PBS, and the guest on Charlie Rose this evening is Megyn Kelly speaking about Trump…

        she will surely semi politely bash Trump.

        It is starting right now… (11:32 pm Montreal time )


      • Just sneak across the border into Chicago… they’ll be happy to sign you up if you lie and say you’re a democrat.


      • Even better if you can show them a death certificate… then you get to vote twice!


      • on October 8, 2015 at 8:28 am mendozatorres

        I had read that at most, he’s spent $2mil. Not sure what it encompassed, but I can believe it. Man’s savvy, knows the value of a dollar.

        Everyone else is spending more than they’re raking in with nothing to show for it.

        Trump has played this well and is playing this well. It’s all about that campaign. Seems to be getting stronger.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 9:20 am Captain Tautological

        Plus just about 100% of those ad revenues would go to THE ESKIMOS!!! J00toob & J00gle ads, Disney/ABC/JooSPN ads, CBS ads, Time Warner ads, JY Times ads, etc etc etc. The Donald is a New Yawkah [from before New Yawk transitioned to exclusively Joo Yawk] – and The Donald grew up on concepts of ECONOMIC CHOKE POINTS and RENT EXTRACTION as the Mother’s Milk of his intellectual development.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 9:26 am Captain Tautological

        It’s a he11uva scam that the Eskimos run there – they give the “campaign contriubtions” as bribes to the Shkotzim politicians, and then those Shkotzim politicians have to turn right back around and spend it on advertising in the Eskimo media outlets [with the added benefit that the Eskimos get to veto any ad which is “too controversial”]. The more you study the Eskimo techniques for Racial and Civilizational annihilation, the more you realize that they thrive on this systemic and endemic “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” warfare.


  20. I’ll say this. The elites fucking hate us. We’re white trash or worse. They love their new replacement non-whites because it makes them enjoy smelling their own farts more.

    But they need us. I feel like Rorsarch saying this but the new diversity shock troops won’t fight for you like we did.

    I think they think they’re going to be isolated in District 1 while the rest of us are removed. I don’t think so. There’s going to be pain.

    I just wonder about the coming fight between the elite’s fat dumb domestic army of SWAT versus everyone else, potentially the army.

    These end of days times make people sound like retarded conspiracy theorists…shit…maybe the elites are right a few million more muslims,mexicans, and somali’s and we’ll all be skipping to work together with rainbows and harmony.


    • It’s Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart” leading into “Elysium.” Watch out for Jodie Fosters with hybrid accents.


  21. “We’re in the hatred stage now”. Well that goes for me anyway. In spades.


    • There is a word missing in the English language ( well… in French as well )

      When we defend ourselves from someone trying to murder us and we end up killing them, we don’t call it murder, we call it self defense.

      When we are hated such as we whites are now, what we do in response to that is not really hatred, it is something done in self defense, in self preservation.

      There should be a word for that.


  22. on October 7, 2015 at 4:37 pm The Other Anonymous

    The progression of elite-citizenry relations starts with colonization – The US, The British Raj, South Africa – trouble being, we’re fresh out of space – no place to go for the self-determanistic.


  23. This Trans Guy (i.e. mentally ill woman) Took A Selfie Every Day For 3 Years To Show How His (her) Face Changed


  24. [CH: file under: libartardians are tards.]


    • on October 7, 2015 at 9:48 pm Captain Tautological

      David Bier appears to be an Eskimo who writes for the Huffington Post and the Competitive Enterprise Institute and now for some Congressman named Raúl Labrador. Bier doesn’t seem to have much of a firm presence anywhere, in terms of having left behind a detailed biography of himself. The few papers of his which I could find were ludicrous propaganda and disinformation and counterfactual Anti-Reality lies. Apparently the Koch brothers were funding him at the CEI [???], so I guess the Koch brothers will be added to the list of people whom we will lynch, come the Revolution. And to think that their Father was in the John Birch Society – the old man must be spinning in his grave.


      • The Cuck Brothers. Sell your countrymen out along with your entire civilization to make a few dollars more.


  25. on October 7, 2015 at 6:37 pm Captain Obvious

    Kevin Corcoran, June 10, 1949 – October 6, 2015


    • on October 7, 2015 at 6:58 pm Captain Obvious

      Kevin Corcoran was the younger brother who tried to let Old Yeller out of the shed; Tommy Kirk was the older brother who had to shoot the wolf:


    • I really like that “To Zanarkand” composition. I remember when I played Final Fantasy X I would usually let the introduction play just so I could hear it again.


  26. Well, I am reading about Rome right now and the transition from Republic to Empire. In a nutshell, the Republic became corrupt on the wealth of their new Empire.

    Fantastic wealth went to the top men, who were able to form their own armies. The elite was divided against itself and competed viciously for the top spots. The democratic process (the people elected the consuls and so forth) was totally corrupted by money and violence. The courts were corrupt.

    The saying was that a man needed to be a governor of a province for three years to make it pay. The first year you looted it to pay your debts involved in buying the position. The 2nd year of looting was to make your fortune. The third year of looting was to get enough money to bribe the magistrates back in Rome because when you returned you would be sure to be accused of corruption.

    Caesar, after becoming dictator, was trying to run a fairly honest ship. He fired his Spanish body guard and went around Rome with only his personal attendants. He did not want to appear to be a dictator. That was why he was an easy kill for jealous Senators. Caesar thought that by being a merciful tyrant (he had pardoned men like Brutus who fought for his enemy Pompey), he would not become hated. And, he thought that no rational man would kill him, because that would lead to civil war.

    He was right on the last part. Irrational men killed him and it lead to civil war. And, there was no mercy shown henceforth. The fate of Caesar was instructive.

    The amazing thing is that Augustus threw himself into the thick of this situation when he was only 19, and considered virtually a minor.

    Anyway, there is no use about crying over spilled milk. America as we have known it is over. It was good while it lasted. Stop whining. Stop acting “white.” There is no “country” to save. Act like every other minority. Make money. Do for yourself and your family and nobody else. Vote your race. Make money.


    • How can we trust the accounts of historic events? Like, what exactly went down when Caesar was killed. They always give us some details about the ancient incident, but the media can’t even accurately report what happened last week.


      • on October 9, 2015 at 5:08 am Carlos Danger

        You corroborate several eye witness accounts. Appian has the best narrative on the big Civil War that ended the Republic. Caeser died like a man. He was stabbed over 30 times and they were amazed at how hard he was to kill. He was murdered by his likely son Brutus, who was duty bound to save the Republic because his ancestor had chased off the kings and established the Republic. It’s a great drama as well as a great story. His death created an enormous power vacuum.


  27. on October 7, 2015 at 10:05 pm Titus Maximus

    The problem is not the organic systems of history or the dynamic tension between the classes or the progression of the equinoxes or any other of the vicissitudes of fortune. The problems is real, blood and bone, non-abstract groups of humans trying to destroy one another. The problem is a real malice that has no interest in debate, no concern for the fucking overton window. White minority status in our own countries, plus a hostile alien elite controlling the media and higher education, plus degeneracy, plus deracination, plus a radicalized female population, plus more and more gun control, plus transhumanism and the direct technical management of populations….this all equals endgame. This signals the nascent transition from a slow-burn genocide to openly sanctioned policies of white population disruption. From covert psychological warfare to actual LIC (low intensity conflict) and/or gulags well within our lifetime. I know this sounds like alarmist larping, but honestly, look around you. It’s Camp of the Saints, it’s happening now, and it’s being shoved on us by wretched, conniving, covetous eskimos.


  28. on October 7, 2015 at 10:37 pm Lawrence Murray

    Related concept but applied to the state rather than society’s elites.


    • on October 9, 2015 at 12:49 pm gunslingergregi

      yea ch needs to do a book report on this 🙂

      The belief that their nation would rule the
      world forever, naturally encouraged the
      citizens of the leading nation of any period to
      attribute their pre-eminence to hereditary
      virtues. They carried in their blood, they
      believed, qualities which constituted them a
      race of supermen, an illusion which inclined
      them to the employment of cheap foreign
      labour (or slaves) to perform menial tasks
      and to engage foreign mercenaries to fight
      their battles or to sail their ships.

      we really are supermen and can do it all
      just need the proper purpose direction and motivation like i gave my girl and she is a monster now
      i think really it is a diferent age
      but yea the first to attack with anti ballistic missiles and drones will win
      but why cant we have utopia got to be posible just not in one place
      diferent places for people to go with diferent rules ok so i guess we kind of have that now
      but lets really make some diferent shit instead of trying to make everything the same and fitting square pegs into roound holes


    • on October 9, 2015 at 12:50 pm gunslingergregi

      The impression that it will always be
      automatically rich causes the declining
      empire to spend lavishly on its own
      benevolence, until such time as the economy
      collapses, the universities are closed and the
      hospitals fall into ruin.”””””””’

      he he he


    • on October 9, 2015 at 12:52 pm gunslingergregi

      The works of the contemporary historians
      of Baghdad in the early tenth century are still
      available. They deeply deplored the
      degeneracy of the times in which they lived,
      emphasising particularly the indifference to
      religion, the increasing materialism and the
      laxity of sexual morals. They lamented also
      the corruption of the officials of the
      government and the fact that politicians
      always seemed to amass large fortunes while
      they were in office.””””””””””’



      • on October 9, 2015 at 12:53 pm gunslingergregi

        Soon after this period, government and
        public order collapsed, and foreign invaders
        overran the country. The resulting increase
        in confusion and violence made it unsafe for
        women to move unescorted in the streets,
        with the result that this feminist movement

        in reference to baghdad


    • on October 9, 2015 at 12:56 pm gunslingergregi

      XXII The influx of foreigners
      One of the oft-repeated phenomena of
      great empires is the influx of foreigners to
      the capital city. Roman historians often
      complain of the number of Asians and
      Africans in Rome. Baghdad, in its prime in
      the ninth century, was international in its
      population—Persians, Turks, Arabs, Armenians,
      Egyptians, Africans and Greeks
      mingled in its streets.
      In London today, Cypriots, Greeks,
      Italians, Russians, Africans, Germans and
      Indians jostle one another on the buses and
      in the underground, so that it sometimes
      seems difficult to find any British. The same
      applies to New York, perhaps even more so.
      This problem does not consist in any
      inferiority of one race as compared with
      another, but simply in the differences
      between them.
      In the age of the first outburst and the
      subsequent Age of Conquests, the race is
      normally ethnically more or less
      homogeneous. This state of affairs facilitates
      a feeling of solidarity and comradeship. But
      in the Ages of Commerce and Affluence,
      every type of foreigner floods into the great
      city, the streets of which are reputed to be
      paved with gold.”””””””””””

      same same

      Liked by 1 person

    • on October 9, 2015 at 1:00 pm gunslingergregi

      In due course, selfishness permeated the
      community, the coherence of which was
      weakened until disintegration was
      threatened. Then, as we have seen, came the
      period of pessimism with the accompanying
      spirit of frivolity and sensual indulgence, byproducts
      of despair. It was inevitable at such
      times that men should look back yearningly
      to the days of ‘religion’, when the spirit of
      self-sacrifice was still strong enough to make
      men ready to give and to serve, rather than
      to snatch.”””””””””””””””””””’

      look back yearningly
      well shit ya do got to realize the reality too
      i mean there was no draft for iraq everyone was volunteer so in reality we do have the fighting spirit still just we dont fight at home we thought the people back there would do the right thing


    • on October 9, 2015 at 1:05 pm gunslingergregi

      Decadence is a moral and spiritual disease,
      resulting from too long a period of wealth
      and power, producing cynicism, decline of
      religion, pessimism and frivolity. The
      citizens of such a nation will no longer make
      an effort to save themselves, because they
      are not convinced that anything in life is
      worth saving.”””””””””””””

      holy fuck
      but yea when ya go to war against someone else yea it seems honor might be had how the fuck do ya go to war against yourelf


  29. What’s on the elite’s agenda? Perhaps a glance at the Bilderberg’s last meeting topics may provide insight.

    Just follow the stench…