Women And Histrionic Personality Disorder

Kate writes a primer on histrionic personality disorder,

We had post about this on our blog. There is an actual term for what CH calls AWS and it is called Histrionic Personality Disorder.

It occurs at estimates of 1-4% in the general population.

And women are 4 times more likely to have it than men, One female psychiatrist said, “Society doesn’t tolerate this behavior in men like it does in women.”

And it is estimated that over 15% of those in treatment can be diagnosed with HPD.

So this means given women are 50% of the population then it can occur at something like 4%-16% in women and that up to 30% of women in treatment have some form of HPD. [ed: is this math right?] The women may be being treated for depression or another mood disorder, but often these are the result of the life choices and actions that the women take due to HPD. Depression is caused by repeated failures and constant fight or flight situations. These women tend to place themselves in more “Flight” situations than other people.

And the typical woman that has HPD is typically in the low 5 to low 7 SMV range. A more attractive woman needs not generate attention and the less attractive woman finds that nobody actually gives a crap when she does attempt to generate attention as a coping mechanism.

There is a very long list of symptoms but the two key symptoms are “impressionistic thinking” and “everything is a crisis”, often manufactured or caused by the HPD woman.

Impressionistic thinking is characterized by “feelings”, and a lack of quantification, a lack of actual data. So in the cause of this “harassment”, it is a “feeling” that men are overly harassing them and that this is a “crisis” that someone need to deal with.

One other key is that the HPD woman goes on the attack when challenged or the attention seeking behavior doesn’t result in the desired attention or response. Her responses can quite vicious.

I’ve known women like this. At turns charming and nasty creatures. Learn to identify them quickly and move on.

Our article actually used the woman in the linked CH article that had filmed her abortion. The entire film had her and her face in the center of the frame and the stills that accompanied the article often looked like selfie shots with her making eyes and smiling at the camera. Even in the beginning of the video, when she is driving to the clinic, the camera is on the dash, focused on her face. And the other examples in the article all had the same effect, the woman raising the issue had the image of the woman at the center point of the piece and not the issue itself. I think another example was some woman who had gotten fat after having two kids, some former bodybuilding competitor, itself a form of attention whoring, and the theme was how she was suffering now she was a pig in such a horrible thin-centric world. The stills released with her articles were of her naked in some sort of pose where her “ladyparts” were not shown to the camera.

So it could be questioned that any woman that releases videos or posts like this might be a woman that could be diagnosed with some form of HPD. And further, it could be proposed that a good number of female feminist bloggers have HPD, given the prevalence of it among women, and any activity in a public forum would tend to attract more women from the attention seeking side of the spectrum. So basically we could question if the whole internet feminist movement has been hijacked by women that could be clinically diagnosed as mentally ill.


So basically we could question if the whole internet feminist movement has been hijacked by women that could be clinically diagnosed as mentally ill.

Heh heh heh.


Is HPD on the rise? I bet attention whoring tech is causing the condition to explode in prevalence (or at least to explode in perceived prevalence).

Why does it afflict women more than men? AW/HPD is like “social butterfly syndrome” on steroids. Kind of reminds me of Williams Syndrome, which is a genetic disease that cause the sufferer to become highly sociable, emotional, and naive. The opposite of autism. (Williams victims also have very low IQs. HPDers share Williams traits but without the depressed IQ hit.)

Can HPDers ever be “fixed”? I doubt it. Getting old and invisible to men is about the best remedy there is.


Commenter blogster adds an anecdote of AW/HPD in the field,

I have seen this at my local cafe near where I work. Nice, leafy upmarket neighbourhood filled with consulting firms, boutiques, cafes, creative industry types etc. Filled to the brim with pandering beta types. Two guys make the coffee, another cooks meals and the one chick on every shift? Her job is to flatter the betas and get the validation of attention whoring.

She was a very leftist, cute(ish), but opinionated feminist type. her approach was dramatic gesticulation, tonal changes, using her loudish voice to be all dramatic and stuff. Seeing what was happening, I deliberately ignored her and only offered minimal acknowledgement and talked to the two guys, as they were interesting and had something real to say. One day she realises I don’t know her name and she is crushed. There was visible disappointment in her eyes because I had not acknowledged and played into her frame of awesome awesomeness. There was mock shock and pouting for not knowing her name. I started to say, “we’ll may be you should introduce yourself like most adults” and she quickly changed the subject to my coffee order.

From then on she works overtime to engage me, start conversations etc. It was quite hilarious and I gave her the distracted and brief attention of someone in the middle of something more interesting and would turn back to talk to the guys. And each time, she would try to insert herself in the middle. Pathetic.

So in short, chick offers nothing but dramatic phony interaction and expects acknowledgement. It would be like me just standing there and expecting her to blow me just for existing. But that’s how women think.

The tragic part is when women continue thinking like this long past the age they can plausibly get away with it.


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      • I love how she slowly but surely forces him to physically retreat. By the end the guy was almost out of the camera frame.


      • In a more civilized age somebody would’ve disciplined that kid and told her that it isn’t polite to yell at other people.

        Wonder if her SWPL parents would encourage her to yell at a Moslem Imam Street Preacher in the UK or France. “HASAN, CHOP!”


      • That little girl was an affront… sad that no one offered her corrective discipline on how to behave in public to adults.

        But the TRULY sad part is, many SWPLs and indeed, half of the South Park snarking twerps in this very chateau, would find her amusing.

        Exhibit A: Stillcho

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      • So much damage has been done to that child. Her parents or should I say parent (mother I’m sure) should be beaten to death. Just my humble opinion… I wonder if the parent will ever realize why her grown daughter is a wacko dope fiend or else afflicted…


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      • Kate, we ignore you to keep your AWD manageable.


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        I was thinking how amusing (in a schadenfreudelicious way) it would have been for the street preacher to suddenly break into that Samuel Jackson pseudo-Biblical diatribe from Pulp Fiction and then backhand the brat into next week.


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        I would have liked the Preacher to have turned to the little Miss, pointed his finger at her and preached some old school fire and brimstone style preaching. LOLZ


      • Heh, heh… Little Miss Sunshine, Heimietown regionals.


      • Using an amplifier is abusing the public sphere a bit but the brat is the one really overboard. You know some bitch of a mom is standing my egging her on.

        This would-be preacher, like a comedian, needs some practice dealing with hecklers.


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        No such thing. Kikes are very, VERY different from Christians.


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  2. Do women have any substance? I mean that’s asking for intelligent conversation from a dog, isn’t it?


  3. Bun -> Kate’s Oven or STFUI!!!!!


  4. How many of our female pop stars “suffer” from this?


  5. “It would be like me just standing there and expecting her to blow me just for existing. But that’s how women think.”

    This explains much of feminism’s accusations against men. Women expect men to think as women think, and therefore anticipate a non-existent entitlement complex. Men, who do not expect something for nothing, become defensive upon receipt of the accusation, confirming the female presumption of guilt by feigning (to feminine eyes) innocence when caught behaving badly, whereas male motive is defense of honor and trust.

    Further justification for agree and amplify.


    • on November 8, 2014 at 10:54 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      could u please wirtez dat in palin englishz for all us americanz menz? ttahnzk!

      i have no idea what d auck u ar syaigz?


    • “could u please wirtez dat in palin englishz for all us americanz menz?”

      It’s worth re-reading. Solid point by tteclod.

      Women’s solipsism makes it difficult for them to understand why we’re offended when they imply that our CEO position (or whatever) was handed to us the way guys hand shit to them, brushing off the thousands of hours of hard work and breaking our back working late nights and networking and negotiating to get there.

      That’s why they don’t just start their own companies and invest those hours and create CEO positions for themselves…they don’t realize that’s how we’re doing it, they think they should be handed a CEO position the way guys hand them their time/money/attention just for having a pussy.

      The 99.9% of guys who aren’t CEOs and are instead working shitty jobs and getting nowhere in life, don’t exist to them because those guys don’t fit their narrative.

      And then ironically our being offended at their not realizing what hard work shit took makes them go “SEE! They’re guilty!!” because in their world they’ve been handed free shit because of their tits and know when they tell themselves “no that guy bought me a free drink because of my charming personality” that they’re full of shit so they think we’re doing the same thing lol

      It’s a good thing they’re pretty.


      • Blackdragon calls this gender myopia over at his blog:


        I think this is a killer concept and as important as the hamster or hypergamy when thinking about relationships between men and women. It is a shame it isn’t written about more because it explains so much, particularly when you are talking about female gender myopia.

        All popular media, for the past fifty years has been harping on male gender myopia, although not using that term, so men have it pretty well drummed into them that they have blind spots that women can help them see. Also, seeing as how it is drummed into men as well that you have to prove yourself to make it in this life, men suffer from these blinkers to far less of a degree.

        Just as an exercise, read through anything written by a female or a blue pill male subconsciously aping her, with this concept in mind, and you will see how much of modern thought can actually be reduced very accurately down to women believing that everyone ‘thinks’ like they do.


      • > “It’s a good thing they’re pretty.” Right up until they hit the wall – thereafter they have to spend the remainder of their hideous lives dealing with reality.


      • BTW, there used to be a school of thought which held that you wanted to seek out the chicks who were late-blooming “Ugly Ducklings” because they didn’t have so much attention lavished on them in their formidable teen years – so much attention that the experience of it broke their souls for good – the way it did for the early-blooming cunts in middle & high school.


      • Shane, who is the woman in this photo?


      • @Kyo Its Charlize Theron.


      • > “@Kyo Its Charlize Theron.” Who, as recently as a few years ago, was on a very short list for World’s Most Beautiful Woman, but who now is suddenly just another aging old hag whose ovaries are shrivelling up and whose womb is drying out and going barrren.


      • Re ZS “another aging old hag”:I guess being pumped with gallons of Sean Penn cum doesn’t do much for a womans looks


      • Thanks, Prince. I’ve never liked her ever since I saw her play the female serial killer Aileen Wuornos (with whom we viewers were expected to sympathize) in “Monster”. Looking at her now, payback’s a bitch, huh?


      • “I guess being pumped with gallons of Sean Penn cum doesn’t do much for a womans looks”

        You would certainly know…


      • Have any of you Charlize haters considered that maybe she had a fertility problem?

        I know its difficult for y’all to accept that an Aryan wet dream could have a genetic flaw like a broken oven; but hey, shit happens, and “you didn’t build that”

        Wait a minute, actually, you did build that.

        Sorry, my bad.


    • Yeah I see this every day. It’s whatever at this point. Women will constantly question the shit you’ve earned because to them, everything anyone gets is handed to them. I can’t tell you how many times one has just wondered how I have what I have — I’m a short, normal-looking dude. So, automatically because I’m not a 6’5 jacked guy they’re like ‘you must not deserve it.’ At first.

      I could tell them how much risks I have to constantly take, how I have to constantly think outside the box, etc. etc. but why? Who gives a shit. Ironically, because they have that view of the world, I become attractive to them —- X has all of these things only attractive guys get, so he must not deserve it! Wait, to reconcile my weird way of viewing the world, X must just be attractive — in which case it’s not fair because attractive men get handed so much.

      If you want to see some wonky shit, you should look at how certain professions work. I’ve seen women turn in product that is adequate — decent, at least — and receive glowing praise from superiors. Unsurprisingly, the women are pretty cute. I’ve seen product that generates far, far better results (we’re talking $$$ millions) not receive much praise at all….more like grudging respect (lol).


      • When some woman starts going off about men running most corporations, my stock response is “women have been ‘free of oppression’ since the 70’s. Why haven’t more of you started your own damn corporation?” That shuts the smarter ones up, but the dipshits will prattle on with nonsense responses.

        Most women lack not only the drive and fortitude to forge a viable corporation out of nothing…they just don’t possess the creative will that enables men to author great feats of industry. That the male trait of creation evolved in order to impress women is lost on them. The further along we get, the more evident it becomes that women can only “succeed” when men provide them a framework to work within. Women serve the own special niche, yet their childlike frame of mind has inspired in them a hunger for male accomplishments. But the clock is ticking on their pussy pass, and they only push it forward further with their lack of real achievement.


      • on November 10, 2014 at 1:12 am Mean Mr. Mustard

        Has anyone noticed how on The Apprentice (tv series) the default position of the bangable female contestants is to use their sexuality to drum up “sales” from mostly male (chump) customers and rarely do they deviate from this or come up with anything intelligent/original in terms of concept or idea?

        Its titts and ass out, pretty much every time.


    • Yeah, massive projection on their part. You see this with the ‘nice guy’ argument, who apparently feel ‘entitled’ to vagina. By and large, no, it’s your expectation that you feel entitled to validation and attention without reciprocation and don’t like being called out on it, so you have to flip the script.


    • isn’t that the explanation for when women say, “You should know what I mean, I shouldn’t have to explain things to you.” and “What do you mean you don’t know what you did?


    • fucking pro-point here. A skilled rake seeks first to understand the damaged female psyche and then subvert it…..by demonstrating commonalities.

      naturals get this. we ARE entitled. we expect and feel we deserve what we have/get. we act better than everyone because we ARE in sense.

      the trick is turning it off to be able to deal with/relate to the average male. this of course is much easier these days since guys are such huge pussies.


    • This is very concise and well said. COTW. It’s the basic dilemma in a nutshell. Somewhere between boys and men was Aristotle’s measure of the situation.


  6. on November 8, 2014 at 9:55 am The Spirit Within

    We’re going to have a massive mental health problem on our hands when the current generation of Millennial women hits the collective wall and has either 1) lost the dopamine rush of getting liked online or 2) can no longer collect those likes and suffer total loss of identity.

    T minus ten years. Sell Apple and buy Big Pharma.


    • Big Pharma is already huge. It’s cat food that will explode.


    • I agree completely. If women freak out when a handful of men stop cat-calling them past 35 and like, bouncers don’t ID them anymore or men don’t offer to buy them free drinks…imagine what will happen when literal THOUSANDS, if not tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands (Megan Fox has over a million followers) of validation hits suddenly vanish. It’s going to be chaos.

      But it’s going to be fucking AWESOME if you’re a cool older guy (30+).

      ’cause all the 18yo’s are going to look at their crazy cat lady aunts and fucked up single moms and go “wow I want to avoid that shit, I’m going to learn how to cook and clean and that whole “sit at home watching DVDs with the kids while a man takes care of me, instead of being an unappreciated underpaid overworked nameless cog in a corporate machine” thing sounds kind of appealing compared to buying 8 bags of cat food a week like my aunt.

      And they’re going to turn to the guys around them to find some manly oak tree style dominance and alpha cores that gives them gina tingles…except feminism has ensured that boys will be raised entirely by women (and beta men, same thing) from birth to graduating university (if they haven’t been expelled for “eye raping” a girl with their oppressive “male gaze” of course). So they’ll be surrounded by lame beta schlubs who can’t provide that manly dominance that turns them on.

      So where are they going to turn? Older men. The guys who have their internal shit together and have enough life and game experience to have that dominant alpha vibe that the father they never had would’ve had.

      And those older men will want nothing to do with the fucked up post-wall harpies their own age. So it’s a mutual win/win for older men and next gen young women. The post-wall millennial women and the next gen feminist-brainwashed young men, however, are FUCKED.

      When these older men tap all this young poon, they’d better pass down game teachings to their sons…for the sake of the human race lol


      • More accurately, they are NOT fucked 🙂


      • I’ve been divorced for 20 years. I was married for 14.

        I have a cat.

        My son is 21, he has been raised to be a man in the traditional sense of the word. When he marries, his wife will stay home and raise their children. He will the the head of the home.

        My daughter is married to a seminary student, she is the perfect submissive, Christian wife.

        My husband left and thought nothing of just walking away, as feminism has told us that children don’t really need their fathers. He walked out on a 1 year old and a 8 year old, both his children.

        Feminism has polluted men and women’s minds alike. Male – female relationships are so messed up now. Totally bass- ackwards.

        My children have been raised to be different than American culture has told them that they should be.

        And I’m a crazy cat lady, their mother.


      • I have zero doubt that during Hillary’s reign we will see honest-to-God attempts to criminalize hetero relationships where the man is older.


      • “Hilary’s reign” …. You Pussy. Are you anticipating being led by a woman?


      • Well yes the post-wall women are out of luck, literally. It’s all uphill into an ever increasing cat collection from here.

        The young men are OK though. They’ll observe what’s happening with older men dating their classmates and workmates, and many will learn. And they have time to learn.

        And the stationary equilibrium will be reached where people marry fairly similarly SMV, the men older, the girls younger. Like the olden days.

        I already see this happening. Girls on places like reddit /r/relationships seem to value men. The only heavy “feminists” I see are those who are past the wall and basically complaining that they are owed beta males, like the generation before them got betas at their age. And they aren’t finding those beta males, and so on they hamster.


      • How on Earth did you get that? Nothing he wrote implies a desire to have the Hildebeest get elected.


      • I thought that Pluviophile was implying that it was about damned time that we tell all the maggots in the Emperess’s Walled City on the Potomac [to include the Emperess herself] to go jump off a cliff. If we continue to allow our country to be destroyed by Gay Monkey Marionettes and Bulldyke Terrier Marionettes, as manipulated by their Circumcised Puppeteers, then we deserve our fate.


      • Hillary will be our next president.
        And, yes, we are *so* fucked..


      • I’m in Seoul Korea a month now and I’m dating women more than 30 years younger than me. Plus, I have long discussions with my 18 y/o grandson about women.

        So you are right but its happening now.


      • Anticipating, yes, looking forward to it, no.


      • I can say the future depicted by Ya is already unfolding. As a 47 yo I see it all the time. What’s great for the guys who get it is your range is now everything from 18 to if you choose those still attractive 50 yo’s. Again if you choose.

        It struck me while out the other night, the average 25 yo dude is like a 7th grade boy and the avg 25 yo girl is like a smoking hot senior…. They don’t go together.

        The big issues for guys late 30s through 50s are 1. LOUD music in bars and clubs, which diminishes your verbal game and 2. Managing the girls peer pressure social circle concerns. They Will hook up but you have to do it away from their girlfriend’s prying eyes.

        Further proof of this, an article recently in a San francisco mag on 4 main sugar daddy dating sites. Some eye popping statistics, iir more than 50 % of bay area girls are on these sites. It’s not just looki g for money. It’s shallow I. Their end of the pool when it comes to alpha and passionate authentic and dynamic men. Not 25 yo boys.


      • already happening…..


  7. The real tragic part is when men act like this, a repulsive mode many defer to in 21st Century versions of marriage and the workplace. There is nothing for infuriating than watching and listening as a stupid he-bitch runs around like beheaded rooster, railing on about pointless shit best dealt with through stoicism and strength.


  8. “The women may be being treated for depression or another mood disorder, but often these are the result of the life choices and actions that the women take due to HPD.”

    Life choices and actions = sexual promiscuity and the pair bonds. They make women go crazy.


  9. Seems to me that AWD is very feminine, Every male I know who exhibits this trait, is gay. Known as a Flaming Faggot.


  10. On the math:
    If it’s at 1-4% in the population and women are 4 times more likely to have it than men, then 1.6-6.4% of women and 0.4-1.6% of men have it.


    • on November 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm teemubergkamp



    • on November 8, 2014 at 2:00 pm teemubergkamp

      Yes. And it’s not “up to 30% of women in treatment have it”.

      Assuming that men and women are equally likely to be in treatment, then it’s “up to 24% of women in treatment have it”. And if women make up more than half of the people in treatment (I think they do), then that number drops somewhat.


    • And those men … have sex with men.


  11. on November 8, 2014 at 10:24 am Eliezer Ben-Yehuda

    >> is this math right?

    Are half the world’s benign-prostatic-hyperplasia patients women?

    >> “Society doesn’t tolerate this behavior in men like it does in women.”

    the absence of whips is not the same as the presence of sticks. Anything first-world women do is “tolerated” at best, and praised at worst.

    So where are the negative incentives which can force REAL “social justice”? Well, if you believe that history repeats itself…. when the economic winds turn into a hurricane, change will occur.


  12. About 10 years ago (long before I was a ‘red pill’ guy) I had a fling with a woman with HPD. She wasn’t the best looking but was fuckable (~6). It started out all because I was playing around and flirting with her. I was giving her way too much attention. I was of the mistaken notion that if I told her that she was pretty and all that, that she would feel better about herself. The more attention I gave her the more she would demand. She was addicted to the attention because she just did not receive the type of attention that I was giving her from other men.

    Seeing where this was going, I broke off contact with her but she continued to call me, email me and stop by. It became a stalking situation. I had to change my number, email and even move. I didn’t want to go as far as filing a restraining order. Besides, I didn’t want it to be public knowledge that I had fucked this woman.

    After this nightmare, I read about HPD and saw that this woman definitely suffered from it. Avoid them at all costs


    • Especially these days as a person like that would probably have no hesitation about filing a rape or domestic violence charge against you. Scary stuff.


  13. “It would be like me just standing there and expecting her to blow me just for existing.”

    Shit you mean I’ve been doing it wrong??

    On JulienGate, if you read between the lines of how RSD is handling it, Tyler is basically doing a Freeze Out on the ENTIRE WORLD lol. His response to it is basically exactly what CH has been discussing about handling people who love drama: he’s saying “ok no one wants an actual discussion, so there’s nothing for me to bother responding to. The SJWs just want to be outraged, not to actually hear our side of it, so oh well let them have their witch hunting fun and when they run out of steam because we aren’t feeding them by responding or fighting back or defending ourselves, we can either talk to them at that point or continue doing our thing while they run off to start their next twitter campaign against the next big outrage of the week.”

    This is basically a huge Soft Next or Freeze Out lol. Same shit Ceaser does where he won’t pet the dog while the dog is out of control excited…he ignores the dog until it’s calmed down and THEN he rewards it with his attention.

    Same with the attention whore type chicks: they come at you with drama about being mad at you and you just don’t respond because they don’t actually want a rational logical discussion with you they just want to get their drama fix but they’ll calm down as long as you don’t feed it. If you engage their drama it’ll keep going because you’re giving them fuel. Then they’ll move on to the next big drama of the week in their lives.

    Julien hasn’t responded at all he’s gone total ghost. Same deal, just a huge freeze out. If he tried defending himself or engaging them or tooling them they would have fuel to keep the outrage machine going (“look what this misogynist scumlord has said about his actions!!”)

    I don’t know why but I just think it’s fucking funny that the way Tyler is handling this is to run a standard freeze out on EVERYONE lol like he’s an evil villain cackling to himself “first I’ll freeze out these bar girls…next, I freeze out THE ENTIRE WORLD!!” When space travel picks up, Tyler will use game to conquer the galaxy and bang hot alien chicks.

    The steam from this (search RSDJulien mentions on twitter) is already dying down. Tyler figures it’s about a 10 day news cycle these days and then it’s over. There might be a little damage done like Aussies may have to travel to attend a bootcamp and RSD is already experimenting with streaming free tour events so people could attend from the safety and comfort of their own home.

    Julien may have to lay low for a bit but being the most hated misogynist 50 Shades style pickup instructor in the world will probably get him laid. Knowing Julien, he’ll probably TELL girls at the bar to google him on their phones while he’s talking to them and get laid from the notoriety since women love the bad boy.

    But RSD isn’t going anywhere. It’s been fun to watch the panic tho. And to watch red pill guys condemn julien without watching all he (and the rest of RSD’s) content to see what they’re really teaching and the context of the choking shit and taking julien’s offensive twitter/Facebook self-amusement at face value instead of lol’ing at shit like “I like my women like I like my cell phone. Broken.” It’s like half the Manosphere is a bunch of secret-SJWs who don’t go out and have been having fun roleplaying being a “player” online but all it took was one little twitter campaign for those people to jump on board the SJW outrage machine.

    To the Manosphere in general and especially the RVF: “Don’t talk like you’re one of the socially approved good guys, you’re not. Even if you’d LIKE to have the MSM’s approval. To them, you’re just misogynistic shitlords, like Julien. Your red pill philosophy…it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. You’re only as red pill as the SJWs allow you to be. When the chips are down, these red pill guys? The ones who are supposed to live outside of society’s bullshit conditioning and trivial outrage over the cold hard shiv of what actually works? They’ll eat eachother, writing hit-pieces and angry forum posts condemning other red pill guys (especially with competing pickup products where there’s a financial gain to tearing them down), and joining the SJWs in slandering people based on third and fourth hand bite-size biased summaries instead of doing thorough research and deciding what to think for themselves.”

    hmmm okay that quote got a little convoluted lol

    A lot of guys are only red pill until shit hits the fan. Then it’s “how can I get society’s approval??” Same guys who end up caving to the peer pressure to get married after writing a bunch of anti-marriage articles. This is why I call the Manosphere PUA-Lite…it’s the safety-scissors version of pickup lol real talk but not TOO real incase the SJWs don’t approve.

    I’m not saying newbies should go out and choke girls, but neither is Julien. You (and the dipshit newbies who try that) would know that if you had watched his hours and hours of free content instead of getting your opinion from outrage clickbait and running with it.

    I also think it’s pretty revealing who’s in pickup to genuinely help guys and who’s in it for the eCeleb status/money and “belong to a group” clique mentality when guys celebrate the loss of useful content that helps men change their lives and take control of their sex life in this society that constantly tries to prevent that. If you think Julien/RSD videos are all just teaching guys to do uncibrated mass spam approaching and don’t cover topics like success in business and taking care of your health and hitting the gym and learning to calibrate and learning when to back off or modify your game for the situation etc and that all their content is under $3000 lockdowns, then you haven’t watched enough of their vids…which is understandable since they have probably hundreds of hours of high quality free content up as a company for guys to learn from and you have more important things to do than research the things you talk about, you gotta make sure your pocket square is at a specific 27 degree angle in your custom fitted suit so your clique approves.

    I would be the first one in line to oppose Day Bang being removed by SJWs, even if I don’t like the author. Men need red pill content to turn their lives around, that’s more important than petty Internet clique doggy-pile-ons.

    But hey, Tyler is probably paying me to say this just like he pays all the girls in his in-field videos lol


    • Fucking dead on brother, as always. We need to have you on the podcast. If you’re down sometime, hit me up holisticgame (at) gmail


      • No voice for me, text keeps me anonymous. But feel free to post some questions if you have any, always happy to answer shit.

        Good stuff on sexual escalation, my fav topic, on your last podcast. I do most of the shit you were talking about, seeding the interaction with sexual topics early is key and the stuff you’re talking about where you test the waters is important…if you can show her you have the self-control to back off, she’s much more trusting that you’ll back off if she gets uncomfortable later and she’ll be more adventurous because she feels like she can trust you to calibrate…breaking the kiss first, or tugging her hair as you nibble her neck then let go, or choking her lightly for a second then backing off to touch other parts of her and gauging her response for whether she liked it tells you whether you should push it or not and tells her that you’re concerned about how she feels.

        I balance rough sex out with cuddling after, to let her know that that was all just fun sexual roleplay (and to avoid Buyer’s Remorse), and while we cuddle I like to ask her if there was anything she liked and wanted to try more of and anything she wasn’t a fan of so I can explore her personal kinks further or tone shit she isn’t into down. Like I’ve said before, girls don’t come back to me for my 6-pack abs and BMW lol They come back because I give them better sex than other guys can and it has nothing to do with thrusting away like a jackrabbit for an hour (I’m too out of shape for that lol).

        Didn’t hear you guys address sub-comms or eye contact on the sexual escalation topic. Add the shit in this video to your game if you aren’t already doing it, demos start about 12 minutes into it but the first speech is good for general mindset shit:

        The stuff he does in this builds massive sexual tension. I don’t slow my speech down as much as him ’cause I’m a talkative guy but I add pauses. Keys are laser eye-contact, slow down your talking (let pauses linger), and cut the space (the further you get into her space the more sexual tension it creates).

        And skip to 26 minutes into this one for the same concepts with a demo by Gambler (the rest of the clip is cool, but his stuff with the girl from 26 minutes on is the key, pay particular attention to when he cuts the space on her while she’s talking, you’ve probably done this by luck before):

        These two vids super-charged the fuck out of my sexual escalation game. I don’t even bother with kino now, I can build enough sexual tension just with this that I don’t need it. It can get around needing to talk over loud music too. Great for using on staff (waitresses etc.) and in groups where you can’t blatantly kino, and when you get stuck on dates where you have to sit across from eachother (I actually prefer to sit across from the girl now, I used to sit beside them to kino but I find this is better). If you’re a smoker, bum a cigarette and do it while you and the girl smoke. Also good for older guys like me who aren’t congruent with the high-energy high-fiving handshake-spin-the-girl shit anymore. I’m not at the stage where I’m so old I have to just chill on a barstool in a lounge sipping a glass of scotch and flirt with the girl on the stool next to me, but when I hit that stage this shit is going to be what makes the difference.

        Anyway, Gambler’s point is key: “if you want to know if what you’re doing builds sexual tension, imagine doing it to a guy-friend. If it would be too weird, it builds sexual tension.”

        If you look your dude-buddy in the eye and talk about like, football, that’s normal communication…but if you look eachother in the eye and slow down your speech into that bedroom voice tone and add pauses, it feels pretty gay even if you’re still talking about football, and if you then move closer and cut the space as you do that getting your faces closer and closer, it feels SUPER FUCKING GAY despite the fact that you haven’t actually touched him and aren’t even talking about sexual topics.

        But do that to a GIRL, and add in sexual topics (and if you’re close to her go for your hands on her hips to pull her in like you already do), and she’ll cream herself. Skip to 1:30 and note how when he slowly closes that gap is when the tension fully skyrockets:

        If you cover winging like you were saying you might, plz mention splitting the set and turning the girls away from eachother to mentally isolate them into two one-on-one conversations (where you can apply the laser eyes shit I just linked). If I see one more group of 2 guys talking to 2 girls all facing eachother like a happy little hugbox at the bar, I’m going to fucking cry lol If those guys only knew how much of a difference taking a circle-strafe step to the side would make for their results…


      • Great stuff bud, thanks for all you do. There aren’t too many red pill dudes I truly like the vibe/mindset of, but you and Rollo are among them. I’ll watch those vids after the gym.


    • Fucking A+


    • on November 9, 2014 at 6:40 pm Randy the Random

      YaReally dawg you know I’m a big fan of your, Roosh and Tyler, so hear me out. if

      What Roosh took issue with is the perception of Redpill men that’s being demonstrated by Julien’s behavior. Obviously, as an individual, we shouldn’t give two shits about what another man does, to each his own. BUT, if we ever want feminist laws to be repealed (Title IX, divorce rape, custody, unequal legal outcomes, etc.), we have to start thinking ahead.

      Julien is well within his right to chokeslam and suplex any bitch he wants. But as a coach for one of the biggest dating companies, whether he likes it or not, he will be used as an example of the Redpill man. If Ron Paul fucked goats, you can’t just say “dude, the guy’s politics are stellar just ignore his goat fucking.” That’s not how humans work, and its not how society works.

      Roosh, myself and many redpill guys are worried about our future. Our LEGAL future. No matter how much we freeze out, we can’t ignore the fucking cops and judges. Julien got deported from Australia by the fucking Minister of Immigration. That’s some Bond-villian shit right there, all for playing rough with girls? This is EXACTLY what Roosh and Redpillers are worried about. And Julien isn’t helping our case.

      We need to transition Redpill into a political movement, so we can repeal these fucking insane laws. Look at the Canadian Association For Equality as an example. These guys are trying hard, and they have to be diplomatic. They still get fucking aggro feminists yelling and screaming at them, but they’re slowly making progress. This is what we gotta do.

      So for the greater goal, we have to expect our community leaders to just fly under the radar a bit and put on a good front just like a politician. Obviously, knowing Julien and how big of an attention whore he is (nothing wrong with that btw it gets him laid), that may be hard. BUT we still have to try.

      Look at this this way, do you think Obama is gonna go to town swearing and cursing at some KKK guy for calling him a nigger? No, he’ll deal with it diplomatically, cause he’s the fucking POTUS. He has to act like it. Conversely, Redpill guys gotta start acting more like James Bond, and less like Jack the Ripper if we want to get these laws changed.


      • @Randy the Random
        No disrespect intended here, I’m on a good ranting session tonight but don’t intend to be personally offensive or anything and appreciate the dialogue lol:

        “What Roosh took issue with is the perception of Redpill men that’s being demonstrated by Julien’s behavior.”

        What exactly do you guys think the perception of red pill men IS? Has Jezebel ever written an article praising Roosh? You guys are the bottom of society, you just don’t realize it.

        And if that’s the issue, what the fuck is Return of Kings?? Like, are you kidding me? Do you think “5 Reasons To Date A Girl With An Eating Disorder” and “fat shaming week” are painting red pill guys in an admirable light?

        Can you guys not see the cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy here?

        “BUT, if we ever want feminist laws to be repealed (Title IX, divorce rape, custody, unequal legal outcomes, etc.), we have to start thinking ahead.”

        Again I could point to Return of Kings, but MRAs can handle that shit. No one has called Julien an advocate for MRAs, or even red pill really, they expressly call him a PUA over and over. The only reputation being destroyed is PUAs, and PUAs have been shit on since the beginning of time, even by the Manosphere and MRAs and TheRedPill (despite the fact that 90% of the shit you all study is just regurgitated from PUAs in the first place).

        PUAs are fine with being the bottom of society. The less attention people pay to us, the better. We like being underground…our shit works, men who want to learn it discover it, and good game is invisible. We don’t need MSM approval, you can’t shove game down guys’ throats without heavily watering it down. RSD and PUA in general is tailored to the guys who are at rock bottom and looking for help and no longer care about social approval. We’re not trying to get “10 funky ways to land that girl of your dreams” articles on Gawker. We write what works, and if people are ready to hear it they’ll find it.

        It’s like shitting on MGTOWs. MGTOWs don’t care if you hate on them, they’re MGTOW, they’ve given up mainstream acceptance of their views and lifestyle a looooong time ago. They present their information for other men who need answers to find and spread it through word of mouth. Sandman isn’t trying to get an article up on Maxim.com about MGTOW.

        You guys are the ones striving to somehow get Jezebel to praise Return of Kings’ fat-shaming articles. MRAs are the only ones who have even a SHOT at mainstream acceptance (and they’re doing great, massive props to them) and MRAs hate the FUCK out of TRP/Manosphere/PUAs.

        “Julien is well within his right to chokeslam and suplex any bitch he wants.”

        shhh, don’t give him ideas.

        “This is EXACTLY what Roosh and Redpillers are worried about. And Julien isn’t helping our case.”

        Do you run around identifying yourself by name and photo as a pickup artist? If you do, you’re insane. First rule of Fight Club.

        How are the Return of Kings articles helping our case? How is all the race-baiting shit in the Manosphere helping?

        You guys are freaking out because someone ELSE is trolling the media instead of you, and that scares you because you don’t have control over what he does or how he handles it.

        “We need to transition Redpill into a political movement, so we can repeal these fucking insane laws.”

        No disrespect intended but do you even comprehend how insane that is? Do you think RVF is going to be the group that gets family courts to give men a fair shake on child custody and child support? Do you think anyone on TRP on Reddit is going to get courts to stop allowing divorce-rape? Do you think all the “men want to fuck 16 year olds it’s biological” articles on the Manosphere is going to make anyone stop viewing all men as potential pedophiles?

        Have you guys been sitting in your RVF hugbox for SO long that you don’t even realize how you’re perceived across the rest of the Internet? Like I don’t even want to pick on specific guys from the RVF community who’s photos/vids I’ve seen because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if you guys don’t realize how you look to the mainstream, I don’t even know what to tell you.

        “Look at the Canadian Association For Equality as an example. These guys are trying hard, and they have to be diplomatic. They still get fucking aggro feminists yelling and screaming at them, but they’re slowly making progress. This is what we gotta do.”

        “So for the greater goal, we have to expect our community leaders to just fly under the radar a bit and put on a good front just like a politician.”

        Like I say, when you guys are demanding a takedown of Return of Kings and books called “Bang Iceland” and all the race-baiting in the Manosphere, I’ll take these claims about how diplomatic we have to be more seriously.

        “Conversely, Redpill guys gotta start acting more like James Bond, and less like Jack the Ripper if we want to get these laws changed.”

        The problem with your guys’ perspective is that you still don’t realize that you are the ONLY ONES who view your community as international playboy James Bonds. I’m not trying to be mean here, but there is no one saying “wow that Julien guy seems like a shit-head, but those RVF guys who fly to foreign countries and take advantage of the poor destitute women there swinging their rich white male privilege around because they can’t get real American women, seem like stand-up gentlemen we should admire and praise!”

        You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world, just like Julien, just like CH, just like me…you just haven’t accepted that reality yet.


      • @Randy the Random
        Got some big ol’ replies for you and the RVF crew (hi Faust!) in mod addressing all your guys’ points. Check back in a day or two whenever CH approves them, I’m going to bed lol


      • There is a difference between people saying mean things about you and jailtime, much like there is a difference between saying mean things about others and assault.


    • I have entirely too much time on my hands tonight cause a fuckbuddy flaked on me so here we go lol:


      Yo. lol

      “What’s interesting though is that his complaint reveals the weakness of this “Freeze-Out” strategy. I watched the video, and I’ve seen the quotes, and I can’t come up with any kind of context that would make this behavior acceptable (or legal). But it’s also possible that I’m missing something, and I’d be willing to hear that argument. ”

      If you want to get into legalities, half of pickup is “illegal”. Touching a girl’s lower back in the bar as you talk to her, without her express consent beforehand? I’m not a lawyer so I can’t say that that’s for sure sexual assault, but I don’t think it would be much of a stretch for an SJW to claim it is…let alone motorboating a girl or escalating sexually on her when she’s being coy and you both know it’s on but objectively in a court of law what you’re doing is sexually touching/escalating without her express consent beforehand.

      When people go to a bar they expect to probably get touched a bit, but if the girl decides afterward that she’s not cool with touching that she may have been cool with a few minutes ago when it happened (but since then you’ve pissed her off), that touching you were doing is probably “illegal”. It would be silly to get up in arms about it, but that’s what SJWs do, blow shit way out of proportion into full sperg-land. Witness the outrage over Simple Pickup’s charity attempts that involve (even with full consent) motorboating girls or having them ride sybians for charity.

      So if you can justify touching a girl’s lower back when you talk to her, then technically Julien’s shit can be justified the same way: if you’re cool and calibrated and the girl is attracted, it’s fine and she’ll enjoy it. Even if you cross a line too soon, if you back off and apologize but keep gaming and smooth things over to show that you’re aware you crossed a boundary, then often it’s fine and the girl is attracted and you can cross that line again later in the interaction and she enjoys it.

      Tyler has mentioned on RSDN that in the full footage, the girls Julien is messing with love it and giggle and and ask to kiss him afterward etc. and that Julien purposely edited the video to not show those parts to make himself look as bad as possible to try to get MSM attention. Is that true? I don’t know, I can’t say Tyler isn’t full of shit. But I know:

      1) Often stuff that looks totally “wrong” to people who don’t have field experience doing it with positive results, actually works and the girls enjoy it. Witness this complete nonsense, where a virginy SJW starts a white knight campaign to defend this poor girl from an entertaining motorboat and gets smacked the fuck down by her. “get away from ur computer screen and meet a girl” lol:

      Half the guys in a bar are just seething with bitter rage at the “assholes” talking to girls and think everything those guys do is morally reprehensible. But when you’re calibrated and experienced, you understand when you can push boundaries.

      2) Julien describes his choke in his videos and he doesn’t go up trying to strangle girls to death. He says he goes in with his hand really slow so they have plenty of time to back away or ask “wtf” and he brushes it off, and he just goes in super slowly and isn’t even really choking them, he’s just putting his hand around their neck while they giggle. If they freak out he backs off, if they don’t and they’re going “omg you’re crazy lolol” and smiling it’s probably ’cause they’re one of the billion women who just read 50 Shades of Grey. lol Julien has calibration, and he tells guys not to do what he’s doing especially if they’re newbies.

      3) Julien has been trolling the MSM and Feminists for like a year+ now. He’s constantly been trying to get their attention by being as offensive as possible and trying to make himself out to be a monster. Even his first big in-field footage release was purposely edited to make him look like a huge asshole (telling one girl he’s walking home with “I never do this” and then cutting to a scene of him having a 3-way makeout at the bar, etc.). That’s been his gimmick for a while. So editing a video in that manner to play up his “evilness” wouldn’t be unusual for Julien. Even the titles of his videos and his marketing for Pimp has been purposely as “in your face” offensive as possible because it gets attention (in this case a bit too much lol)

      So I can’t say that the girls DID all react well after the initial shock of what’s going on…but I can’t say that they didn’t.

      So then the question is: “Well if they have video of these girls’ reactions afterward and they’re positive, why don’t they just release the full footage and end all this?”

      I don’t have an answer for that and them not releasing it weighs pretty heavily on the “because those girls DIDN’T enjoy it” side of things…but given how the SJW media shit-storms work, logically even if he DID release that footage: would anyone BELIEVE it now that they’ve already decided he’s guilty? Look at the “internalized misogyny” rationalization SJWs use to explain how women who say they aren’t oppressed just don’t REALIZE they’re oppressed. Look at the “a girl can have sex with you and go on 3 more dates and fuck you for a month and take you to her family dinner for christmas but then decide a year later that the sex was non-consensual and it was rape and she was just under a cloud of terror and shock and was acting irrationally and don’t tell ME how a woman would react when she’s raped, you mansplainer!!!”

      I mean with those Simple Pickup charity videos, where they VERY CLEARLY had womens’ consent, the SJWs were up in arms saying the women only consented because of the pressure of having a camera on them. They let a man physically assault them because they were scared of being judged on camera as “no fun”. They used the same arguements on the fucking “ride a sybian in public for charity” video. They actually think a woman would be SO terrified by the fear of telling some skinny kids with a videocamera asking if they’d like to ride a sybian to raise money for charity “No.” that they got on a giant vibrating dildo in the middle of a public street and rode it just to avoid the fear and terror of saying no.

      The charity rejected that money too, btw. Fucking amazing.

      Anyway, so if the SJWs can rationalize shit like THAT, can you imagine them ever saying “oh well now that we’ve seen the video of these other girls, we take back everything we said! Give Julien his VISA back! We’ll buy him a beer when he comes to Australia”? Has an SJW **EVER** admitted they were wrong about ANYTHING?

      Look at Sam Pepper. The dude released a 3 part video series with the first part being about men harrassing women, the second part being women harrassing men, and the third part explaining that it was a social experiment to see how the internet would react because as has been shown thru other experiments no one gives a fuck about sexual harrassment when a cute girl does it.

      But what happened? The SJWs launched their attack and despite him SHOWING extra clips of the girls from his video to SHOW that they were actors who knew what was going on, the SJWs got that shit taken down/deleted and spun their narrative over top of it and said retarded shit like “well if he REALLY knew them then why does he just have extra video of them smiling and waving at the camera instead of them expressly saying to the camera “I was cool with this it was a prank I was aware of ahead of time”??? If they didn’t do that then he’s LYING!! And I only see *2* of the girls from the video, so the OTHER 5 were clearly all actually sexual assault!!!”

      Like there is literally no winning with them. They will do insane mental loops to stick to their conclusion.

      So if you’re Tyler, and you’re sitting on footage of the girls liking Julien, and you watched the Sam Pepper and Simple Pickup shitstorms go down, and you know any communication you make with the media will simply fuel the hate train (even if a few SJWs were convinced, another 1000 of them would find a way to be further outraged)…you might say “ehh, you know what, fuck it. It’s not worth prolonging this. Let’s just let this thing die off.”

      Again, I can’t say one way or another, and it would be great if in a month Julien returned with a video of him banging all those girls, but I don’t think anyone who’s done pickup can say they haven’t done stuff with positive results that lame beta guys and feminists would be in an uproar over, so I can’t throw him under the bus on this one that easily.

      “And Julian’s too much of a coward to defend his own teachings. He’s gone total radio silence.”

      How many black dudes talked their way out of being hung by a lynch mob back in the old days? Sure, to convince some people on the fence it could be good to release statements or engage all this…but is another month of an angry mob writing articles and contacting embassies with their already-decided conclusions going to be worth trying to get YOU to say “ya, okay I get it now”?

      Is there ANY scenario you see in your mind, like think about this logically and rationally, where RSD could be painted as “good guys” by the SJW/feminist/MSM? There is NOTHING they can do. Even if Julien showed videos of the convenience store girl sucking his dick behind the counter, the SJWs would just latch onto one of the other multitude of things RSD has said that they can spin up more outrage over.

      There is NO way they would EVER get the mainstream writing a dozen “you know, we misjudged these RSD fellows, they’re actually pretty cool!” articles and people tweeting #iheartRSD on Twitter. It’s not possible.

      You’re asking a lump of stinky poop to try to convince people that it’s actually just old rotting meat. PUA knows it’s at the bottom of the barrel in society’s mind and will always be there so why attempt to fight back when everyone’s in the middle of their rage-gasm? Maybe address it in a month or two when things settle down, maybe have Julien come back all reformed, who knows, but right now there is really no benefit to prolonging this.

      “I’ll open the floor to any of his defenders who want to clear this up for me. How was this quote taken out of context?
      “When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.””

      He’s just trolling. For all anyone knows he ran disclaimers before and after that part of his talk, like he normally does. There are lots of vids where Julien stresses not to do half this stuff and not to be socially retarded and to calibrate.

      Put it this way, which is more likely:

      1) that a guy who’s been trying to goad the media into coming after him for a year+ edited a speech and some in-field footage of his to come off super controversial leaving out disclaimers and just showing the most outrageous parts trying to get Jezebel’s attention to write a hate article on him like they did for Jeffy that he’s been documented as being jealous of?

      Or 2) he’s actually decided to teach men to just go around raping women and no one at RSD is like “maybe that’s not a good seminar to teach, buddy” and he’s just gone so insane that he’s running around with a videocamera shouting “I can rape anything I want on film and there will be no consequences to this!!!”?

      I mean, MAYBE it’s number 2…but in my mind a person would have to have a pretty strong hate-on for Julien to make that leap lol

      “What was the “context” of him grabbing and kissing an unwilling girl at a cash register, like we see in the first part of the video?”

      Well, let’s take a look instead of relying on third and fourth-hand information:

      At 2:35 he does it 3 times. The only part he shows is the actual pushing down part and it’s one girl and then a second girl twice. The guy beside the first girl doesn’t seem to give a fuck and that first girl is smiling before he does it. Maybe he just randomly grabbed a random girl and sexually assaulted her and no one cares and it was completely out of the blue……orrrrr maybe he was talking to her already, and that’s why she’s smiling and the guy is cool with him fucking around, and she’s attracted so he knows he can do it and he cut the footage as soon as he pushes her head down instead of showing her smiling and laughing after because that doesn’t fit the trolling narrative he’s trying to bait the SJWs into.

      Which is more logical? Would you stand around while someone randomly walks by a girl you’re with (say your sister) and grabs her head and pushes it into his crotch? Of course not. But you might stand around if her boyfriend (or in this case a guy who’s been flirting with the girl) who you know she’s attracted to and you’re cool with was making her laugh and then pushed it down joking with her play-wrestling. You’d probably lol like this guy does and she’d probably be smiling.

      Now the girl with the short hair in the club, he pushes her head down to his crotch. He does it twice, from her standing. That means that after the first time, she had every opportunity to walk away, but didn’t. We can assume that the first clip of him doing it to her is the first time because she’s smiling (if the clips are out of order and had just been sexually assaulted with that 2nd head push actually coming first, she probably wouldn’t be smiling when he does it this time). So he did it once and then she’s still hanging out with him (who knows how much time passed between the first push and the second, but they’ve changed body positions so it could be anywhere from 10 seconds to 20 minutes, who knows), and you can’t see her face on the second time. Maybe she’s smiling and laughing, she’s been hanging out with him and hasn’t screamed or called a bouncer over and no one around them seems to give a fuck.

      Even if she’s polite, or just thinks he’s crazy, she was perfectly able to leave him. If a girl is into you, you can do stuff like this and it’s “omg you’re such an asshole lolol” and they love you. It’s like play-wrestling. Now maybe Japanese society is *SO POLITE* that nobody there cares if someone is just raping girls in the middle of a club and not even bouncers care or anything and girls will just stand around him letting him rape them over and over instead of walking away.

      …orrrrrr maybe there’s a bit more before and after this clip, where Julien has been flirting with the girl and knows he can do something like this and she’ll like it but it makes a great addition to the “troll the mainstream media to look like a monster” narrative he’s been forming for a year+.

      Cashier girl, he’s clearly whispering in her ear, you can see his cheeks moving and he’s positioned to be in her ear. At MOST he tries to nibble her neck. That’s a far cry from what people are describing it as and the clip starts when he’s already in there. For all anyone knows from the editing, he could’ve been flirting it up with her for a couple minutes prior. The girl in the background is giggling away. Has Japan seen so much tentacle porn that they’ll watch completely unwarranted rape assaults and just giggle? No one will say or do anything? And Julien was like “haha I’m going to try to rape this bitch, make sure it’s on camera!!! I’m going to put this rape in a video online and I don’t see any way something bad can come from that!!”

      …orrrrrr is it possible there’s a bit before and after this where he’s flirting it up and she likes him and he decided to do some sexy talk in her ear which is way out of comfort boundaries for Japan so her body language is a bit “wtf do I do”, but after this clip she’s giggling and likes him like the girl in line behind her and in making a video for the express purpose of trolling the mainstream media painting himself as a monster, editing just this part in is better than showing all that other stuff that would make it less shocking?

      “What am I missing that makes this behavior okay?”

      It’s not that he’s obviously innocent or that RSD handled this in the best way in all aspects etc…but if you understand what Julien’s been doing in terms of trolling the media, and you’ve gone out doing pickup and had people white knight on you for negging a girl (“you shouldn’t talk to a girl like that, bro!!”) when she herself loves it and fucks you after, etc…like, I wouldn’t say hold him up as a shining example of pickup, but I think the red pill/game guys falling over eachother to condemn and demonize him are just caught up in the emotions of the moment and not really thinking this through logically or doing their research.

      “Julien Blanc’s twitter is gone. So much for that freeze out strategy.”

      lol. Ya, can’t to much once your Twitter is deleted. They have EXTREMELY strict rules for making a Twitter account. I hear I’ll have to provide 3 forms of government ID if I want to start my @poopypoopoobumfart Twitter account…so, you know, I guess Julien is done.

      Let them have a few little victories. Start a new Twitter/Facebook in a few months, who cares?

      Like this is exactly the attitude I’m talking about when I talk about the insane hate-on for RSD. It’s like “lolol so much for THAT strategy!!” like you guys are just DYING for RSD to go under. “haha fuck those guys, they’re not UncleR and he wrote a biased article about them once that I’ve swallowed hook line and sinker and I’ve met some shitty students before (because an MMA school putting out a few shitty fighters means that they’re teaching garbage and couldn’t have anything to do with those fighters just being retarded and not paying attention in class)…so fuck them, I hope they go down ahahahaa!!”

      Like, c’mon man. Let them have Twitter and Facebook. Ok, way to go SJWs, you won, you cut the head off the dragon!! Post all over Twitter how you defeated the monster! Now off to your next outrage battle! …and then a couple months later, hey look, Julien’s back. Like come on, I feel silly even having to explain how insignificant a Twitter accout being closed is.

      “SJW strategy is to freeze you so your inaction allows them to railroad you. So a “freeze out” strategy helps them greatly.”

      What are they going to do? Send some change.org petitions around? Julien, if he had to, could teach online with someone else running his bootcamps. They’ve cut off their own way of attacking them…90% of the Twitter storm was “@RSDJulien fuck you you piece of shit you’re a monster”, but now @RSDJulien doesn’t exist so it’s like, they’re just shouting at eachother and confirming eachother and then they’ll get bored and go home. If anything they should’ve left Julien’s accounts so they could keep hating on him and keep their fire stoked lol

      You of all people know what it’s like to have most of the world hating on you. How has it really affected you? Are you unable to go out to bars anymore or sell your products or talk to girls? Julien kind of dwarfed you in the world-wide hate ranks, but it’s the same shit. You seem to be doing just fine and not only have you not convinced SJWs that you’re cool by issuing a bunch of self-flaggelating apologies to them begging for understanding, but you still ACTIVELY taunt them on ROK and Twitter, and no one really gives a shit.

      Surely you can see the similarities between yours and Julien’s situation.

      “Nothing. I actually stopped reading that guy’s long rant when he started getting mad at RvF, at that point you know that he doesn’t know. . .thing is HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW, that he doesn’t know.”

      Oh I know. I’ve been in pickup before Roosh had a blog and before CH existed. But I don’t expect you to read my shit. You’ve made up your mind, I wouldn’t expect you to listen to reason or do research or use your critical thinking skills just like I don’t expect an SJW to.

      “so yeah just “freeze” yarly out, he’s not a person worthy of respect anymore”


      “while we take the high road”

      You call that thread the high road? Really? Show me a single article where Tyler shits on you guys. He doesn’t, because he takes the high road himself. But as soon as the chips are down, in come the fucking bitter Manosphere guys to try to take their piece of flesh out of him. I don’t run a company thought, so I have no problem expressing my thoughts lol

      “AND point people in our community in the right direction. i.e. good game, self improvement, money improvement, etc.”

      This is exactly what I’m talking about. I literally posted like 5 videos from RSD about getting out of depression and improving your mindsets and outlooks on life in one of these threads. RSD covers all that self improvement and money and exercise shit. Tyler had fucking Elliot Hulse as a guest recently.

      It blows my mind how not only deliberately obtuse guys like you can be, but how you fucking REVEL in it. Like you’re proud of your ignorance because it gets you clique approval. It’s ridiculous. And you’re supposed to represent what a red pill man should be? Someone who’s too lazy to do research and spouts off shit that’s EASY to verify as wrong, and sticks his head in the sand saying “let’s kick that guy out, let’s make our hugbox tighter and not think at all!!!”

      I’m embarrassed for you, that you could spend so much time engaging the red pill and still have these kinds of thought processes.

      “Even with twitter down I wonder… at what point will RSD respond? If their YouTube gets taken down? If they have to switch hosting companies? If more live events get shut down? If their visas get revoked? If someone gets a false harassment or rape accusation?”

      In order: 1) there’s on point while the lynch mob is on hate mode and if the bad press stops by the time they’ve calmed down then why respond at all? 2) Vimeo, the THOUSANDS of other video hosting services around the world, putting them on DVDs, torrents linking the videos directly (it’s the internet so guaranteed there are at least a few hundred guys who’ve saved every RSD video ever made to their computer). 3) what does that take, a day? Two max? PirateBay is still running, do you really think the SJWs are going to take down RSD if PirateBay is still going?? 4) They just test-ran live-streaming seminars and will probably explore that more if it gets bad but do you really think the SJWs are going to hound them for years and be picketing outside every event? 5) This is so unlikely to begin with…like, seriously. Do you think Julien is going to get banned from the entire world because he said some offensive things and did some kino?? Mike Tyson was convicted of raping a chick and he’s running around making guest appearances in movies lol 6) That’s a danger ANYONE doing pickup risks…hell, that’s a danger anyone in the vicinity of GIRLS risks these days. That’s a danger that someone who’s never even been AROUND a girl faces these days (“oh I was raped by some big dude with a beard…what you found one? uhh ya, that’s him sure”). Ask any guy in California on a university campus.

      “You can’t freeze out the world.”

      No one’s ever tried it before lol That’s why this is so funny to me. Only Tyler would be insane enough to try it.

      “That said… RSD isn’t a media company. They’re a bootcamp and program company. They could hypothetically get their twitter, FB page, and all social media accounts shutdown and not have it affect their bottom line.”

      Well that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? They are exactly what you guys talk about in your forum about working for yourselves and building a self-sufficient business where you don’t answer to anyone. That’s exactly what Tyler’s made. The money goes directly from his students into his pockets. Julien’s Twitter feed was literally just a bunch of nonsense offensive (hilarious, Google them sometime) Tweets, he wasn’t pulling in dozens of students with it. The only people FOLLOWING his feed are probably already into RSD to begin with.

      Like, fuck, think about this LOGICALLY and RATIONALLY guys.

      “They think it’s going to blow over. It’s not.”

      This is the internet. Everyone moves on after a few days. No one is writing about Kony anymore, no one is writing about Tiger Woods cheating, no one is writing about Kanye dissing Taylor Swift anymore, no one is writing about Weinergate. No one is even writing about Sam Pepper anymore.

      “Every article ever written about RSD here-out will reference #takedownjulienblanc.”

      lol how many articles do you think get written about RSD? Before THIS event, maybe like, 5? 6? MAYBE. lol Even IF every article referenced it, who’s reading those articles? Either guys who are curious about pickup and have already figured out that mainstream society’s views don’t really benefit them because they’re still a 25yo virgin who will click a few RSD links to check out their material and decide for themselves and see all the useful high-quality content and go “hmm ok maybe that guy was a dick but I like this other instructor and this stuff makes sense to me”, or it’s SJWs/Feminists looking to get outraged that weren’t going to buy products or take bootcamps anyway.

      Everyone is running around like chickens with their head cut off. Just stop, take a breath, and think this through.

      “But if you read Tyler’s actual response, it is weak, rambling, and he says things to the effect that even if RSD goes down because of this, he’ll be fine, etc. It sounds pretty pathetic.”

      It’s a gay response, but he’s making valid points. The media wants their story. Search for #takedownjulienblanc right now and all it is is retweets of the “how the SJWs took down the evil pickup artist and won!!!” articles. They got their full range of emotions, they found a monster, attacked it, defeated it, and now they’ll run off proclaiming their victory.

      @Dismal Operator
      “The video itself just comes off to me as a giant troll video. I don’t see how one can come to the conclusion that his or RSD’s core tenets of game is literally to walk up to girls and shove their heads in your crotch while screaming Pikachu.”

      YOU WOULD THINK lol but read that RVF thread. That’s literally what half the guys there think RSD teaches. It’s so painful to even read, not because I wanna give Julien a BJ but because I look at you guys and think “you’re SO on point with all your red pill shit and you just completely drop the ball when shit hits the fan like this and revert to the silliest id-based “HE SEEMS LIKE A POOPY HEAD AND I DON’T LIKE RSD AND THEY PROBABLY DO PROMOTE RAPE!!!!”. Like, of ALL places I would expect you guys to be the ones going “lol shit this is just like when the media shits on Roosh for trolling them lol”

      You guys (not all of you, there are a few sane voices in the crowd) are literally doing what SJWs do. “Let’s toss out all rational thought and just go with the most offensive narrative to stoke our outrage!”…while being the exact guys who condemn SJWs when THEY do that. And you don’t seem to see the cognitive dissonance.

      “I’d wager that most of the people who were at that event forgot about that particular ‘advice,’ let alone rushed into Tokyo nightclubs en masse actually doing it.”

      This. Do you guys think newbies are out there running up choking girls as an opener just because Julien made jokes about it (possibly with disclaimers that we didn’t see in the two minute long video)?? Newbies are scared shitless to even go INTO the bar, let alone go up and say “hi, you’re adorable I had to meet you”. Do you really think they’re running in shouting “TIME TO CHOKE A BITCH!! PIKACHUUUUUUUU!!!!” and strangling women left and right?

      “The issue is that SJWs can take that video and go ‘SEE THIS WHAT THESE PUAS TEACH!!!’ and then tar everyone who has even so much as written a forum post somewhere about ‘game’ with the same brush.”

      Exactly. That was the point of my Joker paraphrasing in the original post. You guys are exactly the same shit-pile PUAs are, even if you want to think you’re “better” and have “real game” and have your custom fitted suits with matching pocket squares. Watching you shit on Julien and RSD is like watching the guy in prison for murder condemning the guy in prison for two murders and actively fueling the hate campaign against him lol

      “There’s no room for a nuanced argument”

      Pretty sure this is the basis of Tyler’s strategy. He may address this down the road when things have calmed down, but he knows he’s not going to talk his way out of a lynching. Sometimes at the bar you let the group of drunk angry overprotective AMOGs take the girl from you and just walk away shrugging, it’s no big deal unless you have a stick up your ass about “bro you looked like a bitch bro, what about your street cred, you should’ve just punched that group of 10 dudes whatever man you’re a bitch” in which case you probably have some more red pill reading to do about ego-preservation lol


      • Anyone with sense can see you represent the very best of what PUA is all about. You genuinely care about the people in your life: both men and women; you constantly seek to build others up instead of tearing them down. Others would be wise to emulate your generosity and humility.


      • on November 11, 2014 at 1:47 am Rockstar Steve

        RVF has been going down the drain for a while. Go over to their forums, and you can see the SJW-ism spreading slowly, like a cancer. It’s not quite in take-over mode yet, but there’s more and more of the knee-jerk emotionalism that is typical of the SJWs.

        BTW, if you want a laugh YaReally, check their forum thread on this whole RSD shitfest, it’s basically a whole load of circle-jerking. Some guy posted your comment, and everyone started tossing ad hominems left and right without addressing a single thing you said.


      • @Kate
        pffft, try telling Amy that.

        @Rockstar Steve
        ya, I lurk there once in a while ’cause I like to read different people’s perspectives (especially on a topic like this). I skim/listen to everything from MRA sites to MGTOW sites to feminist shit, TRP, RVF, etc. I’m big into consuming information and can listen to audio while I work so while other people are watching reality TV or playing XBox or watching cute kitten videos on YouTube, I just absorb this stuff because I think social dynamics and human psychology is fascinating in general (I was interested in it even before I got into pickup and found out I could get laid from it lol).

        I don’t think they realize that they’ve become the “close off our community bubble from outsider-think and doggy-pile anyone who disagrees as being a shill without addressing any of their points” club the SJWs are, but I get that it’s hard to tell when you’re inside the bubble. I don’t have my own blog/board because I’m lazy and I don’t want to lock myself down into group-think. I know that a bunch of guys here will debate my points and force me to be able to defend and be able to explain them, that’s a good thing. If RSD puts out something I don’t agree with, I’ll happily disagree with it. If another company puts out something I think is valuable, I’ll happily link it for people to get use out of. But acknowledging that I link lots of other shit doesn’t fit the narrative that I’m an RSD shill, so I know they’ll ignore that.

        “BTW, if you want a laugh YaReally, check their forum thread on this whole RSD shitfest, it’s basically a whole load of circle-jerking. Some guy posted your comment, and everyone started tossing ad hominems left and right without addressing a single thing you said.”

        lol ya I saw. The reality is even when I was writing it I didn’t actually expect any of them to read what I wrote, it’s a million pages long and I know from the start that they aren’t actually open to a logical discussion. They’re doing the same thing the media is doing with Tyler, just enjoying being outraged.

        I write that stuff because it’s interesting to me, I type fast as fuck, I have sick time-management skills (from learning to juggle pickup and a full-time job) to be able to write posts that long, and there are always a few lurkers around who like reading as much as I do or people who think the same thoughts they do and actually WANT to hear some possible answers, and actually will go through it all and enjoy the read. It’s kind of like Tyler’s long videos where he knows they’re appealing to a niche audience…if you’re interested in what I talk about then you get a huge dump of interesting content to consume…if you’re not interested in what I talk about then that’s cool, go do your thing lol

        Also, the 90% cut of RSD’s profits that Tyler gives me helps. brb, gotta’ go give him a blow-J.

        (for the record I actually like some of the dudes on RVF. I listen to Christian McQueen’s podcast while I work and I lol at Return of Kings. I just think they’ve gotten very myopic in their little bubble (“our game good, other game baaaaad!”), have a lot of unfortunate limiting beliefs and proudly stick to their comfort zones instead of experimenting to break those limiting beliefs (how about a no-suits-no-bling-month, gentlemen?) and have become more about patting eachother on the back than really improving their skills)


      • “@Kate
        pffft, try telling Amy that.”

        Is that any way to accept a compliment?


  14. Does it indeed affect all kinds of women, or just those of a – as our good host unce put it – “burgeoning new (or orthogonally ancient) race of whites”?


  15. This is just a FYI:

    As per usual, there is behavioral genetic research on the matter. A twin study out of Norway looking at the “cluster B” personality “disorders,” which are:

    Antisocial personality disorder (i.e. psychopathy)
    Borderline personality disorder
    Narcissistic personality disorder
    Histrionic personality disorder

    Found that the heritability of these (done in a manner to reduce measurement error) was in the 70% range (The study cites other work that found heritabilities in the 80% range for many of these), in line with the heritabilities of most personality traits.

    The Heritability of Cluster B Personality Disorders Assessed both by Personal Interview and Questionnaire

    As usual, shared environment was 0, which rules out parents and family environments.

    It’s not clear if these should be “clustered” for any reason beyond the superficial similarity in their traits (again, psychopathy and narcissism excepted); it would have been more interesting if they were able to measure the shared genetic liability to these, if any.

    Of course, I question of some of these, especially APD and narcissism, are actually “disorders.” Psychopathic traits, as captured by the Dark Tetrad are part of normal personality variation. It is possible that the others are as well, but at present I suspect they are more true disorders caused by genetic load. (See Greg Cochran on that: Intellectual Ambergris | West Hunter.)


    • Environment can not be zero.

      One can be born an alcoholic, have alcoholic genes/DNA, but if you raise him on a desert island where there is no alcohol, he will behave differently than his twin who lives in Vegas.

      Environment is not zero, it may only be 1% or 10% but it is not zero. This is beyond obvious.

      I don’t know why you obsess over environment being zero.


      • @Canadian Friend:

        Shared environment can be, and in fact is zero, which is what I said.

        This means nothing in the environment children growing up together share makes them more similar in these traits (relative to everyone else), beyond their genetic similarity.

        Of course, if the environment children growing up together share can’t make them more similar, it’s hard to see how it could possibly make them more different. What falls under “unique environment,” beyond which is simply measurement noise (which this study slices off), is the effect of developmental randomness or pathogens and other physical insults.

        This rules out environmental variation at any given moment in time making a difference, but, as you (indirectly note), environment that varies from time to time, between cohorts, does seem to matter. Much of that is through physical possibilities. But the rest seems to be simply a straightforward modification of the incentive structure.

        “One can be born an alcoholic, have alcoholic genes/DNA, but if you raise him on a desert island where there is no alcohol, he will behave differently than his twin who lives in Vegas.”

        The problem with this example, and the logical failure of people thinking of this topic, is that we don’t live on deserted islands. Nor do we live in past environments. So for our purposes, only the behavioral genetic equations of a given cohort matter. Who cares if living in the 1920s might prevent one from being an alcohol. We don’t live in the 1920s!

        [CH: if, for instance, it’s found that increased carb intake over the past 50 years is primarily responsible for the fatass epidemic, then it makes sense to look back at environmental conditions for previous thinner cohorts to, at the very least, stop creating present-day incentives that exacerbate the blubbery trend.]


  16. I have written at length about my crazy ex gf who had most of the traits of Borderline Waif. I won’t go into the details, you guys can look it up. But one key trait they’re great at is something called “Hoovering”—a tactic of trying to engage you when you ignore them for long periods.

    Sure enough, after 6 week freeze out, crazy ex gf comes over to me today at the weekly party social—to buy a ticket to an upcoming event I’m organizing. I engage in the same chit-chat I would with everyone buying a ticket: “Take the whole package not just one event ‘etc etc’. She leaves with a flyer, comes back a second time to pay.

    While all this is happening…one of the other girls I’m seeing just freezes me out. I have absolutely no idea why. She ignores me all night. I approach her to dance and she says her feet are sore, then dances with someone else.

    Fortunately…a smoking hot girl who was visiting and whom I gamed the previous night and invited to this gala was sitting with me drinking and dancing. Also, my ex ex girlfriend returned from a long holiday—we are friends and she came and sat with us—new visiting girl says “You are sitting between two beautiful ladies…” I smiled.

    So these Cluster B girls who are a mix of traits but display a lot of manipulative and selfish attention-getting behaviours only have power if you offer them attention.

    It was an awesome night because I didn’t let the drama queens interfere and was having an awesome time with the visiting girl and having drinks with my ex ex gf who is always good for pre-selection.

    The hardest thing about game is not letting girl’s weirdness get to you. The old me would have either got upset and called her out or sulked. I just let it slide and moved on. They always always come back…the question is do you want them back?


    • Here you go wala, good lyrics here “I’m a nightmare dressed as a daydream” stands out.

      Keep it in mind.

      PS – I think you are a guy who enjoys some drama, nothing wrong with it, just recognize it and you won’t get sucked in too deep.


      • @Sentient have you watched The Affair series? Very interesting look at the Borderline Waif and beta white-knight savior dynamic.


  17. Its on the rise. All female personality disorders are increasing, so are mens.

    Divorced or single mom raises the chance of personality disorder in any children (all rising)

    Being molested (see divorced or single mom above) raises chance of personality disorder.

    Strangely, living in a bubble where nothing ever pops it with how you are not awesome (see the lives of most women, best example: Lena Dunham) Raises the chance of a personality bubble.

    Living a life where there are no consequences for any of your bad behavior and you are rescued from it means you’re going to have a personality disorder.

    The more cads and thugs that breed the more personality disorders you are going to have in children.

    Now here’s the kicker.

    Male sociopaths can go two ways: They can be criminals, and they are certainly destructive, but the also can go the other way: surgeons, spys, captains of industry, salesmen, lawyers, dentists, athletes, leaders, generals, soldiers.

    Women sociopaths, well, they just wreck lives. period. They become feminists, and housewives, and everything else. And because they get a hall pass for their bad behavior, and because they are gifted by God or evolution to be more manipulative and duplicitous by nature, they’re capacity for indirect evil and destruction is 10x.

    Male sociopaths are the atom bomb, women are the neutron bomb and radiation poisoning that slowly kills afterward.

    I have known men to go to prison and make deals to insure their girlfriend or wife doesn’t get charged or convicted.

    I have never seen the opposite.


    • I strongly agree with your post. That said, I think calling these certain collections of traits a disorder is giving these women a pass.
      I was a camp counselor at a martial arts based summer camp when I was a young man. I had plenty of kids without fathers, behavior problems, etc. The worst was a mentally handicapped boy I’ll call Ben. I’m not sure what Ben’s affliction was but the result was a 19 year old man with the mind of a 8 year old who would often throw violent tantrums when he was upset. His mother (single) swore that the doctors and teachers couldn’t find a way to stop his violent outbursts and the best thing was to give him whatever he wanted. I had a shit ton of issues with Ben the first couple weeks. And then something magical happened.
      Ben was trying to beat up a younger camper. I grabbed him from behind, swept his legs and put my knee in his chest. From that day forward, at least in my presence, Ben never threw another tantrum.
      I’m sure some fancy name was given to his violence, but no matter how retarded that boy was he understood that he needed to keep his shit together or there would be real consequences.
      Its not surprising or sick for women to get away with what they can get away with. The sickness belongs to the society that believes the best option is to give the screaming retard whatever it wants.


      • There’s some people that can’t be fixed. Some that can. And you’re right, just giving them what they want is enabling the bad behavior. Some people need a beat down just to keep them behaving half way decent.

        And there’s no drug that fixes personality disorders.

        Although most of them are on antianxiety medication.

        The way I look at it sociopathic behavior is a bell curve, with everyone having some traits, some more than others.

        The problem is the female curve is already shifted a standard deviation toward sociopathic behavior as compared to men already (not the directly violent part, but the lying and manipulation part, the solipsism and rationalization parts).

        Add in a society that gives them a free pass on bad behavior, and even encourages bad behavior, and you shift everything again)

        More women are full on whack jobs than people would admit.


      • “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is ancient wisdom. Little people of all ages only comprehend through personal pain.


      • Ras Al Ghul
        There’s some people that can’t be fixed

        yeah; but I guaren-damn-tee they can be “unfixed” to the point they are no longer a problem?

        Like being beaten within an inch of their life and walking with a limp for the rest of it.

        The only really crazy people in the ghetto are the drug addicts; therapeutic beatings yield good results on everyone but them.


    • “Its on the rise. All female personality disorders are increasing, so are mens.”

      I agree. We live in a culture that basically encourages and REWARDS people for being dysfunctional (reality TV. Honey Boo Boo is sure turning out well lol)

      Most of this shit can be fixed if you actually work on it, but our culture shames people (especially men) for working hard and looking into self-help and admitting we aren’t perfect and trying to improve ourselves (how many guys trying to improve their lives have been bewildered by their friends trying to discourage them from it instead of supporting them?).

      Here’s a misogynist shitlord who rips off easily manipulated men by charging them thousands of dollars to teach them how to spam choke-approach harass women, taking a break from promoting rape culture to discuss this topic (for some reason this video doesn’t cost $3000 to watch, he must’ve forgotten to put that setting on it):

      “How To Be Happy And Fix Addiction To Bulls**t Thoughts & Emotions Without Pharmaceutical Drugs”

      And I found a few more, for some reason these don’t cost money either. Weird, I guess he was tired from spreading rape culture and conning guys into paying for teaching that totally won’t help them:

      This is some of those other RSD con-artists on this topic too, I’m not sure why these ones don’t cost money either. I guess it’s because it’s useless information about spam approaching and not about “How To Eliminate All Negative Thoughts” or changing your belief system about happiness or , ’cause I mean, how would THAT topic get you pussy, that’s all PUAs care about:

      Every chick these days has a pharmacy in her purse. I can think of maybe 2 guys I know taking prescription drugs daily. But the culture of “I’m a victim” among men who aren’t doing anything to actually improve their lives is just as bad. My life isn’t perfect, but I’m working on it and getting there slowly but surely over time and I don’t dwell on blaming other people for my failures. Take responsibility, acknowledge it’s a shitty situ, figure out how to solve it, and push forward.

      I used to be extremely pessimistic/negative and it took me a few years of work to fix that shit. But it took actual work (positivity challenges and purposely reframing things and stopping to think instead of engaging shitty thoughts etc.). People nowadays are just popping pills hoping the mindsets they solidify by entertaining them every day, are going to one day just magically 180 and they’ll just be a different person.

      I’ve known guys who had to take anti-depressants during stressful periods of their life, and that’s cool, but if you’re still on them years later and you need sleep meds every night to fall asleep and random pills to help your “mysterious illness the doctor’s can’t identify” etc., you aren’t making any kind of effort to handle your shit.

      …but why WOULD you? Another trip to the doctor and everything will be okay again!


      • @yareally

        Great videos. Before I found the community I suffered from some serious depression and anxiety, even to the point where I started seeing a therapist.

        Now a year into learning game I am way happier, no depression or anxiety.. I realize now that most of it stemmed from social anxiety, fear of being low in the social totem pole, fear of missing out on experiences–I was a weak person and of course I blamed all my problems on external things.

        In order to be attractive to women you need inner strength, core dominance and masculinity, and mastery over yourself and your domain. Anyone who works on these things will get rid of the vast majority of mental issues as well.


      • @YaReally/Kant two points: Knowing about Cluster B disorders is a key component of game. Identifying the behaviours now means that some women are ungameable and should be left alone. Funny thing….every hot girl I successfully game and bang—turns out to be nuts. What is it?

        Also, since crazy ex and all the coaching YaReally gave me (and was right about in terms of how to play it) I’ve moved into a new phase of my game….I’m so much more comfortable and am not obsessing over girls’ shitty flakey behaviours.

        Part of this is because 1) I know that these behaviours are like storms, if taken too seriously at the time you escalate a non-issues 2) girls with Cluster B traits need structure and a firm hand. They are often jello without the mold. By either ignoring them or immediately calling out their disrespect you establish a clear set of boundaries. These women are so used to having guys chase them (including their doting fathers) that the traits are like nuclear shit tests.

        Secondly to Kant’s point….for the last 5 months i’m off sleeping pills I was taking off and on after my break up. I sleep like a zombie. I also now train my brain to identify the “triggers” for anxiety and then stop myself.

        I never took medication, instead i resort to physical exercise and having a routine to get through tough emotional periods.

        What I do think is a cop-out is people who cite depression as an excuse or rationalization for bad behaviours or acting out. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.


      • “My life isn’t perfect, but I’m working on it and getting there slowly but surely over time and I don’t dwell on blaming other people for my failures.”

        I hear ya man; you done took the words outta my mouth. And as a previous poster put up, once I started taking charge of my life and get to work at making it better, my buddies would sneer or offer sarcastic quips. Part of my growth was being more judicious with whom I invite into to my life.


      • @kant
        “Now a year into learning game I am way happier, no depression or anxiety.. I realize now that most of it stemmed from social anxiety, fear of being low in the social totem pole, fear of missing out on experiences–I was a weak person and of course I blamed all my problems on external things.”

        Like Tyler says, “it’s funny how many disorders like depression and anxiety just magically vanish once a guy starts getting laid. WEIRD.” lol

        I’m not against therapy btw, or meds. But with therapists I’d say they’re probably pushing a feminized blue pill narrative that’s going to do most guys more harm than good, and if you’re swallowing the red pill they’re going to cause you more frustration than help and finding a red pill mentor or posting on a red pill/game forum where guys have swallowed the red pill might help you a lot more than a traditional therapist. And with meds I’d say if you’re on them for YEARS, you need to start looking at what you can change about your life that might help get you off them…personally I think something like an anti-depressant should be used to just help you get a foothold to handling your shit so you can get off them as soon as possible, not used as a constant bandaid for the rest of your life and to help build a victim complex.

        It makes me extremely sad that our default in society now is to just drug all our kids instead of working with them, like it’s too much hassle to actually parent your own kid. When half the boys in school are drugged up on ADD meds, and every chick past 18 has a pharmacy in her purse, that’s a sign that society is fucking up somewhere.

        But I’m not a medical professional so your mileage may vary lol


      • @walawala
        “every hot girl I successfully game and bang—turns out to be nuts. What is it?”

        Exactly what I said here: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/the-forms-of-female-attention-whoring/#comment-629387

        “Imagine if no matter what you did or no matter how fucked up you were or how boring a human being you were, hundreds of thousands of people a day were telling you you’re perfect and amazing and everything you do is genius. Every day since you were like 14. It would be hard not to come out of that with a warped sense of reality.

        Not to mention the other side of the coin that people often don’t think about: imagine how paranoid you would get if you knew that NOBODY around you was real.”

        Guys look at their average “HB6” chick-friends and are like “wow she gets a lot of attention” but they can’t even wrap their heads around how much a 9 or 10 gets.

        Here’s a newly MGTOW guy discovering how the internet/Tinder/etc. have changed gender dynamics now that he’s recently single and back on the dating scene:

        That’s an average chick, with 900 matches and basically every Yes she does is a match. A girl and I were on Tinder making fun of profiles together and I told her to hit Yes on a few dudes just to see and every single one was a match.

        It’s like imagine going out into the world knowing that you have 900 women dying to suck your cock, a text message away, and if you want more you can literally just pick and choose from a selection of pictures and any hottie that you pick will come over to suck your cock.

        So ya, the hottest girls are usually a little insane lol It’s almost not even their fault…like some of them instigate it on purpose for the attention and feed their own egos, but some just happened to be born with good genetics and they’re kind of like when a child star blows up and becomes famous before they’re prepared for what all that attention entails and they end up all fucked up but it’s like shit, how much of that was actually their fault and how much of that was the fault of our society in general?

        “and all the coaching YaReally gave me (and was right about in terms of how to play it)”

        NOW TAKE MY $5000 BOOTCAMP AND BUY MY DVD SERIES!!!!!1 lol. I’m sure our discussions have helped (or will help) a handful of other guys too, and I’ve respected you since way back because I could tell you’re actually going out and applying shit, so I’m glad I was able to help.

        “I’m so much more comfortable and am not obsessing over girls’ shitty flakey behaviours.”

        Ya man, I don’t even think about it. I was like every other guy, watching my phone waiting for that txt message notice to pop up, over-analyzing every second of why she hasn’t responded yet, analyzing her ambiguous texts, responding to her drama, etc. etc. and freaking out when they flake and getting furious that they didn’t show up to the date I planned out etc.

        But now it’s like, literally this weekend an old FB I have (young party girl type) was out drinking nearby and wanted to hook up and I KNOW she’s going to flake because she ALWAYS flakes, so I told her ya sure come over when you’re done and didn’t even bother showering up because I know she’s not coming over. She, of course, flakes, and sends a big apology the next morning and I make fun of her but like, I don’t care at all lol

        The biggest thing to understand is that they generally aren’t malicious and just trying to fuck with you…***IN THE MOMENT*** that girl really and truly DID want to come over and fuck me after the bar. But between that moment and last call she went through a dozen emotional shifts and when last call comes around she’s not necessarily in that same headspace she was in before and she flakes. But when she wrote her “can I come over later?” texts at like 9pm, she meant it…but girls run on their emotions and make their decisions based on their emotions in the moment.

        Same thing with dates and returning calls and shit. That’s why when you meet up with a girl, often you have to re-game her from the start, because she’s in a different emotional state than she was when you originally met her. Or maybe you made out at a club when you first met and she was super down to meet up with you in a few days, that night when her friends dragged her off into a cab…but then the next morning her emotional state has changed and she feels slutty about making out with you and boom, no response to your texts or she flakes on the date.

        “1) I know that these behaviours are like storms, if taken too seriously at the time you escalate a non-issues”

        Ya, people are giving RSD shit for how they’ve handled the whole take down Julien thing, but really the amount of fucks given about Julien have dwindled down to nothing. They got his Twitter and Facebook taken down so there’s no way to spout hate at him now (lol), all the articles have been written already, RSD has contained the discussion on their board to one thread which is basically just members posting in it, and while on day 1 Twitter was blowing up with like 40 Tweets a minute about it now it’s like 1 tweet every few hours and that’s just retweeting about how his Twitter was taken down and the SJWs “won”:


        SJWs/Feminists don’t have the attention span to follow shit for more than a couple days. If they were focused and productive they might actually contribute something useful to the world themselves, instead of wasting everyone’s time talking shit about and trying to tear down the men who DO.

        If Julien and Tyler had heavily engaged the SJWs and entertained their outrage and tried defending themselves or posting a bunch of rationalizations (that the SJWs aren’t interested in in the first place, just like I said on Rollo’s blog when that Manosphere guy went on the news segment anonymously and got tooled, you’re never going to convince the SJWs to agree with you, you just present shit and gather a few more curious men with each outrage storm), this shit would’ve escalated for months to who knows what end. But when the other side won’t engage with you, there’s only so much outraged shouting at a blank wall you can do before you all get bored and go home.

        Same shit with girl drama. If I don’t take “I’m mad at you…” seriously, it can’t become a big drama situ. Tyler’s Freeze Out on the world is working lol

        “2) girls with Cluster B traits need structure and a firm hand.”

        Ya, often these girls either have super beta fathers that let them get away with anything, or they have the opposite: super badass alpha dominant fathers who don’t put up with their shit and the girl is trying to find a guy who’s like that because she subconsciously knows she needs that. Now that I think about it, I find the girls in the latter category are actually the more “sweeter” drama (the silly kind) VS the former category which tend to be more “bitchy” drama (the total chaos kind). It’s like the girls with alpha dads are just playfully pushing boundaries to see what kind of guy you are and hoping you’ll take no shit from them just like their dads didn’t and love you if you don’t, and the girls with beta dads are just bitchy and used to getting their way and are attracted when you don’t take shit but hate that they’re attracted. Never really thought about that till now lol

        “Secondly to Kant’s point….for the last 5 months i’m off sleeping pills I was taking off and on after my break up. I sleep like a zombie. I also now train my brain to identify the “triggers” for anxiety and then stop myself.

        I never took medication, instead i resort to physical exercise and having a routine to get through tough emotional periods.

        What I do think is a cop-out is people who cite depression as an excuse or rationalization for bad behaviours or acting out. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.”

        Props on handling your shit dude. I agree completely on that last bit…that’s why I say like, I don’t have a problem with therapy or meds etc., but I think people forget that those things are supposed to help you get a foothold to fix yourself to where you don’t NEED those things anymore…they’re not supposed to be something you do your whole life and use as an excuse to play the victim or get away with shitty behavior. If you find yourself in a situ where you need those things, start looking into what else you can do on top of them to turn things around, like throwing yourself into physical exercise or routines etc.

        My buddies think I’m never depressed and that nothing ever phases me, but I’ve actually had some major personal setbacks in life this year that have been fucking devastating. But I just accept them and push forward. I’m not bottling up a bunch of anger and I’m not some emotionless robot that doesn’t get upset, I even give myself a day or two to let it all out and be angry and express that shit in a safe environment, but then I sit down and go “okay, now how am I going to recover from this” and start taking action. It would be SO easy to just give up and be like “fuck it 😦 this isn’t my fault and this is unfair and other people have it easier so I’m just going to lose myself in front of the TV and let everything go to shit” and people who were there for that stuff would probably go “shit man, I don’t blame ya, you got screwed over”.

        But life is short and it’s not always fair. All you can do is try to do better tomorrow and appreciate the good things in life with the understanding that one day they might not be there (whether that’s a person you care about going away, or whether that’s being able to sit on a roof watching the sunset with a drink in your hand and a smile on your face without a care in the world before you start buckling down for work)

        “I hear ya man; you done took the words outta my mouth. And as a previous poster put up, once I started taking charge of my life and get to work at making it better, my buddies would sneer or offer sarcastic quips. Part of my growth was being more judicious with whom I invite into to my life.”

        Props man, fuck those people. When you start improving yourself you see who your friends really are. The people who don’t support you or cut you down, cut them out of your life, they’ll hold you back. The people who support you and encourage you, hold onto them forever ’cause they actually give a shit about you.

        I’m extremely picky with who I let be a close friend for me. I would rather have 2 or 3 really good friends on the same page as me and who understand my goals in life and support me, than a couple dozen random friends who give no real fucks or actually hold me back.

        And that’s OKAY lol It’s okay to be selective. With dude friends especially, but even with fuckbuddies, some of them I keep at arm’s length and some of them, when they’ve earned it, are allowed a little closer to where I actually care about their lives and they’re allowed to vent to me about their week (and I may vent about mine) and I’ll cuddle ’em and tell them everything’s gonna’ be okay before we bang. But not every girl deserves that. Beta guys are basically feeling whores, handing out their feelz to and begging for feelz from every girl they interact with lol


      • @YaReally:

        “”I’m not against therapy btw, or meds. But with therapists I’d say they’re probably pushing a feminized blue pill narrative that’s going to do most guys more harm than good, and if you’re swallowing the red pill they’re going to cause you more frustration than help and finding a red pill mentor or posting on a red pill/game forum where guys have swallowed the red pill might help you a lot more than a traditional therapist.””

        One of the big problems with traditional relationship forums, therapy and counseling is that they’re all “logical” and Blue Pill: talk out your problems with your partner.

        I have to be completely honest…from experience this is the WORST advice. People, women know how to behave when they want something.

        When they don’t or they’re testing you, they act out. If the shit-tests are too extreme they sabotage the relationship.

        I am now reviewing my Red Pill and Blue Pill relationships. I cannot think of a single time when “talking” actually lead to a resolution. Usually the resolution came when after a period of time we met up and moved on OR….the girl explained her craziness…and I said “OK…don’t do that shit again”.

        Shark has a great post on his blog that “relationships are counter-intuitive” CH says “Think of what a jerk would do….and do that.”

        A lot of that feels weird because as guys we’re used to catering to the histrionic/bpd/ Cluster B types. I often will say “What’s wrong?” If I get a kind of grunt I say “OK and change the subject.”

        There’s a great scene in the latest Season 6 of Mad Men when Don comes how after work and asks Megan how her day was. She starts with “It was awful…” Don cuts her off with “What’s for dinner?”


      • @YaReally OK, question here. Girl I’ve been seeing as part of the rotation I’ve now deliberately created has been great when we meet up but otherwise cool. She’s not a texter so our texts consist of one word jokes or just “let’s meet up” Her: “Ok”. It’s solid. We do lots of stuff besides bang, go out, dinners, hang etc. It’s actually quite fun. Sunday she came out to a party I was Djing. After that…cool…distant, and on Saturday completely ignored me.

        I was with other people including girls so just ignored her and had a great time.

        But what gives? There is nothing in our interaction or my game I can specifically point to that says I made any mistake. I can make guesses but again I’d be obsessing over shit that may or may not be relevant.

        So I didn’t call her out on her shitty behavior, I just had a great time and left.

        So what’s my next move? Do I contact her? Do I wait for her to contact me?

        The next time we had a scheduled “date” is December 1st. She’s going away for a while or busy. I’m not into calling her if she’s just going to say yes or not to shit making me the one always proposing ideas.

        Thoughts? I can tell you that with the other girls in the rotation, it’s them who reach out to contact me. This one…has some complications. Great girl when we’re together but I think she has some other issues.


    • ‘Male sociopaths can go two ways: They can be criminals, and they are certainly destructive, but the also can go the other way: surgeons, spys, captains of industry,’

      Dude seriously what is wrong with surgeons!?!?!

      You watch Alec Baldwin in ‘Malice’ a few too many times or someting???


  18. The conventional view is that Cluster B (APD/BPD/NPD/HPD) women need therapy. Manospherians sometimes suggest alpha cock as a cure. Both are wrong. There is no cure, and the best thing is to stay as far away as possible from these sociopaths.

    So basically we could question if the whole internet feminist movement has been hijacked by women that could be clinically diagnosed as mentally ill.

    You could leave out the word “internet”.

    The high-functioning male sociopath may be a successful businessman, working wonders for his self-esteem (and the bottom line) by screwing over his customers and employees.

    The high-functioning female sociopath is more likely to be a social justice warrior of some description.


  19. More medicalisation of shit that isn’t medical (fun though it is to characterise the entirety of contemporary feminism as mentally ill.) Where is the inevitable pill big pharma has to treat this epidemic, I wonder? (Not as effective as the Wall, I’m guessing). I suspect some sort of mindfucking SSRI, but they might go all old-skool and tricyclic.


    • Female crazy cat lady calls police and says male sex bot hit her. Thanks to vawa and Duluth, one day we will get to see a robot in the back of a cop car.


    • on November 9, 2014 at 5:37 am L. Jon Hubbard

      Exactly. “Mental illness” is the only human disease category,

      Where none of the diseases can be definitively diagnosed on autopsy
      Where the diagnoses can’t be falsified
      Where not one of the diseases can directly cause death
      Where none of the diagnoses can be confirmed or ruled out with objective tests
      Where none of the diseases or analogues of them occur in all mammals with similar organ system
      Where diseases are put in or taken out of the diagnosis manual on the basis of voting
      Where symptoms or manifestations are routinely labelled diseases and labels not updated with new understanding
      Where the aetiology, pathogenesis and pathophysiology of the diseases is not understood
      Where physical causation research direction is often based on the general effects of palliative treatments
      Where behaviour and mental state and not merely symptoms, sequelae or manifestations but constitute the disease itself


      • 100%, L. Jon. We know next to nothing about neurobiology. Psychology and psychoanalysis are arms of the speculative humanities, not science. And we have been voting things in and out of the DSM. Your post is post of the fucking decade, if not century.


  20. If the jews keep murdering friends and family of mine

    And their leaders take actions that favour them as a whole

    Does that make it right for the majority of them to benefit from murder?


  21. OT: For a red pill night at the movies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QUwSlqKsak

    (clever and conversation worthy but NSFFirstDates)


  22. I immediately flashed to that scene in Boardwalk Empire, in the mental institution, where the woman emerges from surgery that was supposed to “cure” her illness, and she has a gigantic surgical incision across her belly. They never actually said what that was about in so many words on the show, but it was clear to anyone who knows history. That was an attempt to cure hysteria with a hysterectomy.

    Hysteria, hysterectomy, histrionic personality disorder… The nutty nature of the nurturing sex was no mystery to our forefathers.

    A hysterectomy for men is basically what I’ve been trying to do with my life over the past couple of years. My nurturing, caring side is at odds with the side that just wants to fuck cool girls and have fun, and I’ve got to turn every last thing into some complicated mental wrestling match instead of just taking my own advice and allowing myself to be led by my dick. It’s frustrating.

    I bought a hunting license. With luck, I’m going to go track something down, kill it, gut it, cut it up, cook it with fire, and eat it. I’m hoping doing more quintessentially manly things like this get me moving forward again. If I do bag a deer, I’m taking it with a replica 1892 Winchester with open sights. If I get one, it’s going to be up close and personal. Then maybe I’ll get a .270 with a scope for next year.


  23. ‘It’s a matter of definition. My proposal: 0–10 normally distributed w/ mean 5, SD 2 (stanine). 10 = 2.5 SD above’

    If we’re going by the mean, we must remember that 66% of women are fat. Objective beauty is not just a function of raw numbers. Therefore, I’d say the mean is around 4 with an SD of around 2. Therefore, a 10 actually is somewhere around 4 SDs above, which really puts the value of female beauty into perspective.


  24. […] folks, this is in answer to GBFM‘s request for clarification of my comment on Heartiste’s blog post. Biblical quotes from First and Second Books of Kings […]


  25. the part about this blog I like the least is the frequent things like “clinically diagnosed as mentally ill”, as if psychiatry is actually a real medical discipline and mental “illnesses” are actually real illnesses like cancer is a real illness. The DSM is a result of sitting around bargaining about what goes in, which particular types of behavious get called a ‘disease’ and which don’t, it;s a farce.


    • > “The DSM is a result of sitting around bargaining about what goes in…”

      The latest DSM is getting rid of the Personality Disorders because there are no treatments for the PDs and once the Witch Doctor returns a diagnosis of a PD, the insurance companies refuse to make any further payments on the case. So the Witch Doctors need a new lingo [doubtless in concert with new Obamacare regulations] which will force the insurance companies to pay up.


  26. The first time I had a black girl claim she gets carsick I didn’t challenge her cause I was staring at them titties.


  27. Single moms, Absent fathers, Bastard children – The odds are pretty good that 3 out of 10 chicks you meet have BPD, NPD or HPD. Hello America !


  28. quoting
    So basically we could question if the whole internet feminist movement has been hijacked by women that could be clinically diagnosed as mentally ill.
    This reminds me of ”the movement/effort” of a few women who protested at a video game design convention. These foolish girls ostensibly were protesting the depiction of women as maidens with big breasts needing male protection etc. Despite the obvious fact that the great majority of gamers are male ( and sadly, involuntary celibates or innocent adolescent boys working the joystick {no pun intended} ) who else would play these games? And what other kind of women are such males interested in?
    It seems the internet-female contribution is indeed nothing more than attention whoring or “It’s-all-about-me mentality”.


    • well apparently video game developers are paying attention to the protests – crystal dynamics announced that for the next tomb raider video game, lara croft will be more realistically and less cisgenderedly proportioned. as a result, lindy west will be the model for the next lara.


  29. ” “everything is a crisis”, often manufactured or caused by the HPD woman.
    Been there. Fucked that.

    This was some time ago – decades by now – but my typical reaction was often a rudimentary form of “agree and amplify” to underscore the utter ridiculousness of her imaginary crisis of the day..

    It never went over well.


    • @survivorman Agree and amplify doesn’t work with girls who are in an emotional panic. They can’t discern irony. There are three strategies: 1) if the girl is blaming you or acting out, say “ok” and leave/disappear. They will reappear. 2) When they are calmed, make it clear that it was not cool 3) if this happens a second time, bail for good.


  30. Here is a little-known early-90s band White Lion. They’re quire good. Check out their “Farewell to You.” The song shown below is called “When the Children Cry”. It’s a lament for the fucked-up world (circa 1990, when cold war ended and things seemed to look up). A meaningful passage, one that we now in 2014 see very differently, goes: “All that we destroyed, you must build again.”

    What were the song writers so offended by?

    Nobody back in 1990 imagined the brazen anti-white reality of 2014.


  31. 30 DAY FR:

    Hey all! It’s been a whirlwind 30 days… just kidding, had to knock out early cuz the 3-4 hour nights of sleep EVERY SINGLE DAY got grating on my body. Ended up being a 25 day challenge. I’ve been through a lot of… not exactly crazy experiences but there were a lot of things that got a lot easier to see and understand that I couldn’t really grasp going out only twice a week or doing slow ass daygame everyday.

    Now I’m not surprised that I would come back to the CH comments and bitch about not trying stuff 🙂

    Biggest insights I’ve learned (a shitload):

    Game is A LOT less complicated than I thought. I was so desperate for sex that I just couldn’t slow down and see how easy it really is to get laid. Granted I only fucked one new girl this month (and the lay was on Halloween), I’ve had several really close experiences where I could’ve fucked the woman I was talking to but tripped myself up by responding logically:

    At bar at 2AM. I open girl by trying to take her drink.

    HB7.5: (mean eyes… I stare right into them)
    Me: Gimme your drink.
    HB7.5: (smiles) Lets share.

    (sexual tension is through the roof, I can see her pokies through her skin tight black dress. I can’t believe it! What Ya says is coming true! Am I gonna fuck her tonight???)
    Then… I go seeking her validation… ya know, for comfort lol
    Me: How old are you? (slowly getting a little too excited…)
    HB7.5: How old are you?
    Me: Let me see your I.D. (smirk is turning into cheesy smile)
    HB7.5: (says nothing)
    We exchange I.Ds. She’s 29. I’m 24.
    More staring occurs… but at this point, my alpha facade is weakening… cuz she’s so hot and shit (can’t believe I’m writing this now)
    HB7.5: (backturn to her friend getting hit on by another guy)
    Me: (In my head: dammit!)

    Reapproach in 5 mins

    Me: (grab her by the arm and turn her around) Hey
    HB7.5 doesn’t really comply, is on her phone
    Me: (I see she’s texting her friend) You’re a really good friend.
    HB7.5: Of course, I am. (looks up at me for more masculine energy) You have pretty eyes.
    Me: I thought you were a bitch at first, but you’re actually a good person. (gay routine here, starting to get desperate for a reaction)
    HB7.5: Why did you think I was a bitch?
    Me: Uh… cuz you weren’t nice to me (logical response, it’s over)
    HB7.5: Yes I was, I said you had pretty eyes.
    Me: (Laser eye contact) Yeah…
    HB7.5: Maybe next time you talk to a girl (blah blah, it was over so I stopped listening)

    Different set, weeknight, out alone 12:30AM:

    Hot Lithuanian chick is dancing, male coworker is at nearby table. I approach by putting my straw into her drink and sipping it. She laughs, starts dancing with me (I just got in the venue by myself).

    Me: What are you drinking?
    Lithe7.5-8: Drink name
    Me: (more physicality, but nothing too aggressive… at this point in the 30 day, don’t care about getting laid)
    Lith: I’m divorced.
    Me: Me too.
    Lith: Where do you live?
    Me: I live north. Where do you live?
    Lith: I live here in the city. I have my own place. (looks away) My business partner is right there though. (leaves me)

    5 mins later, I reapproach.

    (More dancing. My leg is in between her legs, rubbing on her crotch with my knee. Starts rubbing her face on my face. As far as I’m concerned, I can fuck this chick. Watch how I fuck this up)

    Lith: She starts moaning and tells me—“I have to go get my car”
    Me: (I’m like, yeah, green light! However…) Do you have your own room? (she already answered this question. I began overthinking because I got excited)
    Lith: What?
    Me: Uh…
    Lith: I don’t do one night stands! (walks off)

    10 mins later, I see her leave with her business partner. Fuck my life, again?!

    Thankfully, I redeem myself Halloween night.

    In my head, wing pushes me into sets. Girls react well as I start taking each set less and less seriously.

    Last set I go into with “Hey, whats up?”

    HB7-7.5: I… need to go home. (her words say something random, but her voice says… I wanna fuck.)
    Me: Alright, let’s go. (grab her hand, lead her out the club)
    As soon as we get outside, she stops.
    HB7: Where are we going?
    Me: This way (random ass direction)
    HB7: Where specifically?
    Me: Do you smoke weed?
    HB7: No, I don’t.
    Me: Let’s go then.

    Took her hand, lead her to cab. We get in cab, heavy making out (first cab makeout! Wohoo!) We get to my place, proceed to have sex for the rest of the night. She was a squirter, left a huge ass puddle on my mattress. Was cool with it.

    Oddly enough, she kept trying to pull off the condom. I really didn’t know her at all (5 min pull). Then I one point, I think I cum but I feel nothing in the condom. Pretty sure I came inside her (third time cumming on my part). She lols and says she’s on birth control. Don’t wanna risk it, so I don’t fuck her again (even though I really REALLY wanted to try unprotected sex).

    Ended up getting tested that week. I’m clean (for now).

    These girls were all tipsy, if that matters. But even with sober girls, I can pretty much approach anybody. Everything’s so much easier now. My frame’s on a whole other level that I never anticipated. However, the types of girls I’ve been getting (7.5s) aren’t my ideal. I’m ready for younger girls (my age and below) and 8+ girls.

    Scray’s whole thing about giving value FINALLY started to make sense.

    Over the course of the 30 day, I got invited to a couple tables, plenty of free drinks, even a business card (didn’t go anywhere). All because I was trying to have fun and be a regular dude and relate to guys and girls.

    Body language, voice tonality are much better. Now working on standing up straight.


    I’m finding that sex is really all about me. Getting fucked/doing the fucking is awesome, but I find that that’s all I’m doing. Putting my dick in her, making out a bit, slapping her ass and that’s it. Seems boring. Maybe Sex God Method will help with this sexual expression problem I’m having.


    I’ve had several wingmen throughout this time. Biggest annoyance have been 1) wingmen who say they’ll show up, but don’t and 2) wingmen who act like retards. I’ve also had the luck of having wingmen who were really good at gaming. Me and GingerWing plan on being dedicated wings once he moves closer to the city. We’re the same age (24) and he and I have similar goals (main oLTR, hot fuckbuddies) so we’ll see where this leads.

    I haven’t hung out with AlphaWing for a while. Main reason was that we would never approach enough while out together. I’d do an approach, and then he’d lecture me for HOURS on why should do it with different context in mind. You are the lion, women are the lionesses. They want you to be strong. You should be giving value constantly.

    Trust me, I learned a lot from him, but both our games weren’t getting much better hanging out with each other (I would be really scared to fuck up in front of him, lest I get another lecture, and he wasn’t getting laid hanging around me). He also has a reputation in the nightclub scene (he’s in his early 30s) so him disappearing off of gaming completely with me is understandable.

    Never paid him either so I guess he got tired of it.

    I also realized that I never lead to the close before. It never occurred to me that leading the interaction forward meant leading to sex. I thought it meant lead to more time together to somehow have sex? I dunno, not sure why it took so long for me to realize that. Never did a lot of sexual innuendo until now.

    I’m also way more physical now than I was before. This may backfire with 8+ girls so I’ll have to continually learn to calibrate.

    Rereading Ya’s archives and Scray’s FRs… lol WAY different when you actually go out consistently.

    I don’t do a bunch of mixed sets still, I usually go in them to try and take the girl. I haven’t done enough with them though, need to do more.

    I’m finding improvements in my (limited) social circle as well. I’m pretty sure my friend’s gf very subtly was attracted to me (in the moment) cuz I had the balls to joke about sex. Hilarious. We don’t meet up very often though. Social circle still consists of just pickup dudes. I’m thinking of joining a comedy club or acting class, something like that.

    AlphaWing told me to take about a 3 – 4 week break from night game (still going out on weekends), and I’m not surprised. Going out every night (mostly solo) drains you.

    Now that I’ve mostly fixed my problems, I’ll jump back into daygame for like an hour after work and see how that goes.

    For those wanting to do a 30 day:

    – Plan out spots to go to every day of the week. I live in a big city not exactly close downtown, but I take the train 30 mins to get there. There are ALWAYS spots open (from a chill bar to a banging club for industry folks) each night.
    – Plan out your sleep schedule if you’re primarily doing night game. I didn’t do this and got sick in the end as a result.
    – It’s not as hard as you think. Just step outside your house, make small talk with people and start hitting up ladies.
    – Have fun! Take time to get rid of other problems with yourself as well if you have any (negativity, depression, etc.)
    – Go out with wingmen. They’ll help you spot problems you have since you can’t see yourself.
    – Have goals for each day and take notes each night/next morning.

    That’s pretty much it. Goals:

    – Start dating – I feel like I don’t have problems running out of things to say anymore, so I should be able to easily get Day 2s and leading them back to my place. We’ll see!
    – Be more social – do happy hours, clubs, stuff like that. Meetup.com is gonna be my friend.
    – Fuck more hot girls… maybe a black chick? Being black, I feel like I should’ve fucked one by now…

    I’m planning on doing another 30 day in a month or so. Gonna be awesome!

    Sorry if this FR is a jumbled mess. I’m about to head out for a small gaming sesh.


    • @YaReally just posted my FR!


      • TL;DR. First few pars indicate you’re on your way. Good man. Keep it going, but don’t fall into the sperg habit of overanalysing. If it’s gone, it’s gone and move along. If it worked, it worked, but might not on another woman, another night. Hold frame always, intuit your USP and your special vibe, and work it. Always be improving yourself. That’s all you ever need. ‘Field reports’ are for inadequate braggers to big themselves up or for pro PUAs to drum up trade from the incels. You can internalise what you learn without having to sperg it all out in an excel doc. Keep going.


      • Skinner hit it. I’ll add that you are dangerously close to letting this new identity you are creating become your next prison. Never forget, right after male weakness, bitches can sniff out a player almost as good.

        You are in what I call the “danger zone”.


      • @Hunter
        Massive props dude. I’ll do a big write-up for ya, gimme a few days.

        3 quick things:

        1) as you found, and for anyone wondering “how come he didn’t get laid more?”, the 30 Day Challenge isn’t really about getting laid every night or anything, it’s not to rack up a bunch of lays. By the halfway point most people can barely even function and are just forcing themselves to keep going and lots of people get sick (time management is huge if you’re doing night-game, as you found lol) so the last like 10-15 days of it you’re basically running on fumes. But when you’re running on fumes a lot of the bullshit in your head (outcome dependence, trying too hard, over-thinking in the moment, etc.) and you start to just entertain yourself because the whole thing has become absurd and you just kind of “do” things and you spend a lot more time “in the moment” than you did at the start or before the 30 Day Challenge when you were running around a neurotic mess.

        The 30 Day Challenge is to teach you a bunch of lessons that are hard to internalize when you casually go out once or twice a week for a couple hours. The real benefit of the 30 Day Challenge is AFTER the 30 Day Challenge, when you’ve rested up and recovered and start going out to do the shit you were doing before the challenge and the stuff you learned during that 30 Day Challenge starts kicking in. Like how lifting weights is destroying your muscles, but after you recover your muscle is stronger.

        2) take a break for sure. You don’t necessarily need to take a few weeks off or anything if you feel like going out, but get your health back to normal and get the rest of your life back on track if you had to sacrifice study time or work productivity etc., and like, just go out for a couple hours on Saturday night or something nice and simple. When you’ve fully recovered in a couple weeks, go back to the 2 nights a week or whatever you were doing before the 30 Day Challenge that fit your lifestyle.

        3) ignore the sperg comments. Every PUA who improved quickly wrote Field Reports, either for public consumption/critique or just in private as their own personal journal. It’s like an athlete analyzing videos of his performance to spot sticking points and patterns (good or bad) and figure out what to focus on to improve. The RSD guys’ Field Reports are the Hot Seat programs they run where they break down their video footage of nights out to a class. My good PUA buddy and I STILL send eachother Field Reports or go for 3am food if we don’t pull and break the entire night down set by set bouncing ideas back and forth in-between flirting with the waitresses lol

        Writing FRs is important, even if you aren’t posting them or sharing them with anyone but yourself…when you write shit out, you remember and internalize little details that would’ve escaped your memory. Like how if you want to remember a dream, you’d better write it down as soon as you wake up because a week later you’re going to remember at BEST a couple big moments from it but all the little details are going to be lost a few hours after you wake up. Writing about your night solidifies the reference experiences in your brain.

        It also helps you spot patterns like “hmm, why did I leave the set here?? I did that last week too…and the week before, lemme re-read that night…ya, here it is, as soon as the conversation goes onto a sexual topic, I get uncomfortable and run away. Ok, so next time I go out I’m going to focus on talking about sex so I can normalize this.” And then months later you can re-read your old FRs and go “shit, I’m still fucking this part up.” or “lol I can’t believe I used to do/think that! Got that fixed now, okay what else can I focus on now?”

        When you’re in the first few years ESPECIALLY, you should be doing FRs. Down the road when you’re getting laid more and have the main stuff all handled your FRs become a lot simpler and will be like, a general vibe of the night or one major interaction that made you realize something or has a puzzle you want to solve, or you might just be bouncing general ideas around. But at the start, write the fuck out of FRs.

        If you want to read Tyler, Mystery, Style, etc.’s FRs you can download their archives here (password is fastseduction.com):


        In the old days there was an entire section on the board for FRs, you could load it every day and find a dozen new FRs to analyze/critique and learn from. It’s why the community advanced so quickly, we were all comparing notes and figuring out what worked consistently and learning from eachother’s experiences. We used to write them as soon as the girl left, like guys would kick the girl out after sex so we could hop on the computer and type up a Lay Report while it’s all fresh in our minds lol

        Now you don’t want to think IN-FIELD. Like, in-field you want to just focus on execution and go have fun. But afterward you want to do your FRs, even if they’re private. Telling someone “don’t do FRs, that’s spergy” is like telling someone “bro don’t do specific numbers of sets at the gym and don’t write down your measurements or track the weights you’re lifting…just go in and swing some heavy shit around bro, don’t over-analyze. Don’t count your calories and track your macros, just eat “healthy” bro, don’t over-analyze”.

        Like ya, that’ll still WORK…but analyzing your nights and having a gameplan of shit to focus on when you go out is the difference between being jacked with a ripped 6-pack and just being “in shape”.


      • @Skinner “‘Field reports’ are for inadequate braggers to big themselves up or for pro PUAs to drum up trade from the incels. You can internalise what you learn without having to sperg it all out in an excel doc. Keep going.”

        Thanks, but I mainly write FRs for YaReally’s breakdowns. His content is really some of the best I’ve read on this comment thread (or really anywhere, cuz there’s barely any fluff and fully practical i.e. my kinda shit) so probably won’t stop doing that.

        I’m internalizing it, don’t worry 🙂

        [CH: if you don’t care about your privacy or risk of discovery by the women you bed, field reports are invaluable learning tools for men.]


      • “[CH: if you don’t care about your privacy or risk of discovery by the women you bed, field reports are invaluable learning tools for men.]”

        If this is a concern (and it should be), write your FRs for yourself privately for extreme security.

        But if you’re posting them publicly, don’t offer up details about what city you’re in or what bar you’re in or describe the looks of the girl (beyond whereabout on the 1/10 scale they land (to judge how other people perceive her and infer what type of life experiences she’s probably had for calibrating game) and what type of attitude they have (to judge how they perceive themselves and again infer a lot about their life for calibration), we don’t need to know she’s wearing a tiger print dress and red heels, we don’t need pics of her she’s sent you or pics of celebrities she looks like, or what type of drink you always order or what outfit you’re wearing (unless it’s relevant for a peacocking FR), or what industry you and this girl work in and where she was travelling from that you had a business conference at X hotel, or how far you and your buddy go back or what you guys were pre-drinking or what movie you watched before the bar, etc.), or name specific names of anyone.

        And if you post texts, reword them slightly incase the girl thinks you’re too clever and Googles some of what you wrote her, or post screencaps of the texts using a fake text image service like this:


        And post it to an anonymous image hosting service like imgur.com

        That way no one even sees what type of phone you have or any Exif data from phone screencaps and there’s no Googlable text because it’s on an image.

        The other reason not to write all the extra shit about the venue type and the girl’s look and how she reminds you of a sea-flower sparkling with fairy dust in under a warm moonlit night, or how you shake hands with Jake ’cause Jake doesn’t work at Bob’s Bar tonight and Jake always lets you in for free ’cause he’s a cool guy who does MMA and you two talk about MMA. So now to find you someone just has to Google Bob’s Bar and go there and talk about MMA with the bouncers and hey, there’s Jake, and here comes a black guy talking to Jake and shaking his hand and now your photos go up on the net and you get the RSDJulien witch-hunt treatment and your girls all see your Field Reports about them.

        lol, anyway the other reason not to write all that extra shit is that it generally doesn’t actually matter to the sarge. Here’s a secret: when people write “Hey YaReally can you tell me where I went wrong here?”, I don’t even READ the first half of their post, I just scroll right down to where I see quotation marks for the actual conversation and if I can’t figure it out from just the stuff in quotes, I’ll start reading upward sentence by sentence from there because that’s where the relevant information to figuring out where they fucked up is going to be (how the guy approached, what happened seconds before approaching, etc.).

        It’s exciting to be like “I want to share my life with this community!!” and go into all the little details, but keeping your anonymity and the anonymity of the girls you’ve been with or are seeing is important. We’ve had girls find their FRs in the community and guys stalk other guys or the girls from FRs and it ain’t pretty lol


      • @Hunter: Glad to hear it. Key thing is to keep going. Don’t get trapped into a cycle of self-doubt and need for validation. Learn by doing.

        [CH: if you don’t care about your privacy or risk of discovery by the women you bed, field reports are invaluable learning tools for men.]

        To a degree, yes. They call this reflective learning practice in other areas of pedagogy. The risk here as there is in falling into a cycle of unproductive reflection. My own reflection these days goes about as far as briefly thinking over a night out the following day during brunch while reading the paper. In times past, I might’ve mentioned it in a chat with a friend over a drink or coffee if I felt the need for external feedback. And these methods, though perhaps old-skool, are still more than fit for purpose and don’t carry the risk of sperging into an inward-looking spiral of reflecting on reflection.


      • @YaReally

        “But when you’re running on fumes a lot of the bullshit in your head (outcome dependence, trying too hard, over-thinking in the moment, etc.) and you start to just entertain yourself because the whole thing has become absurd and you just kind of “do” things and you spend a lot more time “in the moment” than you did at the start or before the 30 Day Challenge when you were running around a neurotic mess.”

        This is so true, pretty much what happened. I feel like doing a 30 day from the get-go would’ve been WAY more useful.

        The FR’s I wrote before were just seeking validation or looking for an excuse not to try things (at the same time complaining I wasn’t trying things). Another couple of 30 Days and I’ll be as good as Scray lol

        “Writing FRs is important, even if you aren’t posting them or sharing them with anyone but yourself…when you write shit out, you remember and internalize little details that would’ve escaped your memory.”

        I take notes pretty much each night afterwards. It’s been extremely helpful. I’m actually running into this shit test where the girls will spontaneously dance (if my verbals aren’t good enough). I’m thinking of just picking the girl up and carrying her a few feet away to continue the convo. Sort of an automatic reset on my part to say better shit and to break her autopilot response to rejecting lame guys.

        “If you want to read Tyler, Mystery, Style, etc.’s FRs you can download their archives here (password is fastseduction.com):”

        Awesome! I’ve actually been trying to get at these but thought the site was down permanently.

        “Now you don’t want to think IN-FIELD. Like, in-field you want to just focus on execution and go have fun. But afterward you want to do your FRs, even if they’re private. Telling someone “don’t do FRs, that’s spergy” is like telling someone “bro don’t do specific numbers of sets at the gym and don’t write down your measurements or track the weights you’re lifting…just go in and swing some heavy shit around bro, don’t over-analyze. Don’t count your calories and track your macros, just eat “healthy” bro, don’t over-analyze”.”

        I’m analytical by nature, as I tend to do this with everything I focus on. Working out, building a website, or game, it’s all the same goal… except one gets me laid more than the rest.

        “[CH: if you don’t care about your privacy or risk of discovery by the women you bed, field reports are invaluable learning tools for men.]”

        I try not to leave personal details in my posts.

        And thanks for those FR guidelines, Ya. I tried to emulate Scray’s writing but now I know it’s not necessary. I thought my FR didn’t have TOO many unnecessary spots tho, especially the convos.


      • “Massive props dude. I’ll do a big write-up for ya, gimme a few days.”

        Can’t wait, thanks man.


    • @Hunter – props for actually executing the challenge – good work on all the progress.

      Are you going to move forward by focussing a bit more on dates, or just improve going out/opening skills more?


      • @Culum

        I’m going to try and go for the close as often as possible, dates are actually too time-consuming. But instadates are ideal, as they can be led to the close IF led properly (forces you to handle logistics on the fly as well).

        “or just improve going out/opening skills more”

        These are kind of mandatory skills to have if you want to get laid. So yeah sure, but you can’t really AVOID improving on these things. What you can avoid is going for the close/approaching hotter girls/letting yourself be vulnerable, which is what I’ll continue to work on.


      • @Culum Day 2s that lead to closes are also ideal. I guess I meant going on dates without fucking are a waste of time. Not interested in long dinners or movies.


  32. on November 8, 2014 at 9:11 pm Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    If Miss Sarkesian had published her pseudo-intellectual feminist twaddle with no pictures of her cute-as-a-button persona, it’d have been merely mocked or at best ignored for lacking any rigour.

    But we gotta give the girl a gold medal for attention whoredom.

    I wish she’d go away if we ignore her.


  33. I have a problem with,

    … …

    That is way too low, for women that is.

    Maybe extreme cases that require professional help and medication are only 1 to 4% but at least 30% ( but I would say it is as high 60 % ) of women are – to some degree and at least occasionally – histrionic/attention whores who have unpredictable explosive tempers if they don’t get what they want, be it attention or free stuff or whatever.

    I have had conversations about women with men and with women for decades (I’m in my 50s ) and almost everyone – including a lot of women – agree that most women are a bit fucked up.

    Even those who are “moderate cases” complain about other women being attention whores.

    Here is a sort of analogy,

    If you want to know how many people run stop signs, do not look at how many the police has fined, sit at a corner and count them.

    The police catches a tiny percentage – they can not watch tens of thousands of street corners all at once – but in reality more than half of drivers do not immobilize the car at stop signs.

    The stats say it is a low number but we all know it is a high number.

    My point being; experts who tell us only 1-4 % of women are Attention whores only know about those who the “system” has caught and is taking care of.

    Take a look at the definition of histrionic personality disorder and tell me ( anyone ) this is not at least 30 % of every woman you have known ( girls you knew as kids, your aunts, grandmas, cousins, sisters, sisters in law, girls at school, co-workers, women on the metro and the bus or at the shopping mall, women at a bars, girls you approached or contacted online, ex-girlfriends etc etc)

    Histrionic Personality Disorder,

    —Is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention [ at least 30 % of females easily ]

    —Interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior [ less common but still much higher than 1-4 in 100 ]

    —Displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions [ about 50% of females ]

    —Consistently uses physical appearance to draw attentionto themself [ about 85 % of women are like that ]

    —Has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail [ Lacking in detail? about 90% of women on the other hand they go on all day with useless details such as who said what, who wore what, who had a dress too tight, who had new highlights in her hair… impressionistic? at least 60 % do that]

    —Shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion [ they cry at the drop of hat? they scream at the drop of hat? Just because they ran into a friend at the mall they had not seen in two weeks they scream of joy loudly as if they had just won 25 million dollars ? they threaten to call the police on their boyfriend/husband for a ridiculous argument? about 60 to 80% of them do that ]

    —Is highly suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others or circumstances [ again , especially in the presence of an alpha male, at least 30% of women are like that…and about 80% of them are very influenced by what other women say and do, which is why every fashion trend even if it is ugly as vomit catches on]

    —Considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are [ only 1- 4 women in 100 thinks that that one night stand she had with a pick up artists – much better looking than her – means more than he badly needed to get laid? really?]

    I could go on but I think that is enough

    Sorry but 1 to 4 % is a ridiculously low estimate.

    30 to 60 % is a better estimate in my humble/arrogant opinion, I wish I could prove it with studies and stats, but that is the problem, they don’t seem to exist, just as the number of people not getting caught running stop signs is not compiled.


    • Damn! Some words got deleted, and the Italics moved higher in the comment…

      what I was trying to say was,

      I have a problem with; ‘ … It occurs at estimates of 1-4% in the general population.”


    • Yes, a huge percentage of women behave in a way that could be considered HPD. It might even be a natural state, one that men have had to evolve systems of oppress lest it get out of hand (see: modern culture). ‘Women’s Opression’ might have been no more than Protection of Women; protection from themselves, that is, and their own solipsistic inability to behave within a progressing (not progressive!!) culture. Obviously, women and their histrionics are detrimental to a culture’s growth, as everything eventually comes to revolve around them and their neeeeeeeeeddddddsss


  34. I’d like to share an email exchange that I have had with a 37 year old woman that I stupidly made contact with on the RSVP dating site.

    I made my interest known, she responded with:
    “I’m glad I got your attention. Look forward to hearing from you”

    So, I took the bait and used up a “stamp” that I had paid for and sent her an email telling her about myself etc.
    A day and a half passed with no response, so I half sarcastically sent another message saying:

    “ok … let me guess…
    You’re a very busy woman!”

    After an exchange of a couple more brief messages, she gets back to me with:

    “One of the reasons I am on here is because I lead a very busy life and don’t have much free time to meet eligible men. Between work, the gym and my social life I don’t have huge amounts of free time especially during the week. I am a little concerned that maybe you need someone who is less busy and has more free time to respond promptly to your messages. I will leave it with you to decide but it may be another day or two before I can properly respond and if this dies not fit into your timelines or expectations I am happy to end it here and wish you well in your search.
    I am exhausted so I am going to sign off here. Take care.”

    I respond with a message saying that its ok and that I will also be busy for the next week.

    A week passes and I smell what’s in the air and think; f*ck it.
    So I send her a Heartiste inspired message.

    “Hey ***** . It just occurred to me in a moment of clarity.
    You are wasting your time in RSVP, you are far too busy being a social butterfly, doing all your “cool stuff” with your mostly divorced/separated friends (who frankly don’t care whether you meet someone or not because then you wouldn’t have time for them; so they secretly would rather you stay single),
    your pilates and yoga etc.
    You are here just for the attention and validation that the men of rsvp give you.
    Like the typical attention junkie, you can’t help yourself.
    You need an audience metaphorical male “pussy polishers” to give you the attention you crave because deep down inside you are empty.
    The solution for you is simple. Cats.
    You need to get yourself two cats. Two, because they can keep themselves occupied when you are not home and then when you do get home, they will be so happy to see you. After all, they do need to be fed.
    The “good guy” that you seek probably has better options and the good sense to avoid women like you.
    So, best of luck my dear.
    Cheerio, and remember…. Cats.
    Two cats.
    Bye. ”

    Now some of you will say …. Butthurt.
    That’s your call if you want to make it.
    At least I had the good sense not to waste any more time on the cow and hope that at least some part of my final message pierced into her empty soul.


  35. I think our culture is definitely causing a rise in histrionics. A sexually permissive culture can only exacerbate the disorder. Perhaps it once only truly manifested in a small segment of the population, in a time when cultural norms and biological realities kept female behavior in hand. Attention whoring outside the modern First World is only an invitation to poverty, hunger, and an experience in what one might call a “real rape culture”.

    That was long ago though, in a nation of industry and integrity. Now, the manifestation of HPD is on an unprecedented rise, catalyzed by cultural collapse. No doubt it was lying latent and ready to explode, waiting for a society that places no restrictions on the female ego and will to wackiness.


    • > “No doubt it was lying latent and ready to explode, waiting for…”

      …a bunch of Oscar Mayer Wiener Academy psychiatrists who had seen this insanity in their patients [mostly very wealthy and horribly spoiled Austrian/German jewesses] and who thereby knew precisely what would happen if only they could seize control of the culture and open the floodgates.


      • I don’t think even the frankfurt school knew what is was unleashing. Humans, it turns out, are a bunch of easily manipulated idiots. But a powerful nation filled with fickle fools is destined to fall.


      • Never ever ever misunderestimate the Evil of the Frankfurt School and Its Tribe – the ashes of legions of their enemies lie in charred ruins for having made that mistake.


      • Like

    • Histrionic shegro gets the shit slapped outta her


      • That pimp slap is gonna leave a mark on her first born.



      • He didn’t hit her hard enough… I still heard her talkin’.


      • on November 9, 2014 at 4:33 pm Reverend Pimp Hand and the Almighty Bitch Slap

        Oh shit! Oh Shit! OH SHIT!!!! World Star! World Star! hahahahaaalozzozlzozlzl!


      • Diversity is our greatest strength.


      • on November 9, 2014 at 6:29 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

        She got slapped like a red headed step child.


      • on November 9, 2014 at 6:34 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

        The slap was mostly arm and not enough power in the follow through.
        Still, made my day.


      • on November 9, 2014 at 8:27 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

        Take away the clothing, add some faux fur and you could broadcast this as She-Chips gone Wild on the Discovery Channel.


      • She was tough and didn’t want to back down under any circumstances. Hats off. She should pursue a career in MMA. She has earned my sincere admiration. This is the kind of woman who will pour hot grease on you just to win an argument.


      • Hey fellas, a pimp slap is a very specific slap technique. It is not designed to:

        1. Knock her out

        2. Break her skin

        3. Disfigure her face…..

        After all, you’re not trying to make it harder for her to earn money.

        The main purpose of a pimp slap is to send a message to the OTHER girls.

        You’re not trying to kill her; you’re not trying to knock her out…

        You are the father she never had giving her the discipline she never got and now needs so badly.

        1. None of those girls have a man.

        2. They all want a man.

        Now they ALL want pimp slap man.

        White knight man gets none even though he took a beat down for them.

        *Welcome to the jungle*


      • carlos danger, she was tough only because she had 6 of her friends around. watch her turn to a crying little bitch if things got serious (left jab-left jab-right cross)


    • on November 9, 2014 at 8:34 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      inexorablefate; the Frankfurt School has had powerful allies and enablers with mutually beneficial interests that are largely about consolidating the safety, influence and wealth of the Jews and their assorted cohorts.
      All manner of non-Jews have happily sold themselves, their souls and their people for assorted cash and prizes.

      With the infiltration into all spheres of influence (politics, education, marketing, media, entertainment) the average Joe Public barely stands a chance.


  36. on November 9, 2014 at 2:24 pm almondextract

    Need some advice. Can you give game/relationship advice for guys with “disabilities”? I know if you’re famous you can get girls even in a wheelchair, but what’s the best way to overcome a disability or a physical fault, even if it’s subtle, for someone who isn’t famous?

    My problem is a massive back injury. I can’t stand up straight, which already brings me down in the eyes of girls I think. They probably feel I’m slouching because of lack of confidence but in fact I just can’t physically stand up straight. Can I overcome this with persona or would a physical change (clothes whatever) be better? What about “amplify,” like somewhat exaggerate it even, to look interesting. Like a limping, elegant guy in a suit with a distinguished air haha

    A closely related problem is that my injury is bad enough to seriously stop me from doing all kinds of things but not bad enough to be *immediately* apparent to people who don’t know me. So I have guys ask me to spot them in the gym, which I can’t do, or an acquaintance ask me to go skiing with him, which is impossible. But when I refuse these things people just think I’m whining, and don’t realize I just can’t do it. Similarly this affects my ability to bang a girl with enough passion. I just can’t move my body the way that’s necessary, and am almost immobile in certain positions especially when lying flat. The girl interprets this as lack of passion or whatever. If they get to know me well enough they understand I have a serious problem but how do I let a girl I’ve just met know without turning her off? And even when they do understand, I think this is a problem, because if you can’t bang a girl hard enough she won’t be infatuated with you for long.

    It seems that whatever explanation I can consciously make is lame. I’d have to go around explaining to people: “see this being hunched over which you interpret as beta posture is just that I can’t stand up straight”; “baby I can’t fuck you hard because I have a back problem, see?” and so on. Not sure how to get around this.


    • Know just how you feel, Almond – I’m partially blind and have a lazy eye. It’s a killer when interacting with women. In my case I met a woman with the exact same condition, and we got together right away and eventually got married. Each of us claims that the other is extremely handsome/beautiful and if not for our eyesight someone else would have long ago claimed us.

      If you’re going my route, hang around in the waiting room of your chiropractor’s office and find a girl with the same problem you’ve got!


    • @almondextract

      Dude, I know what you mean. I have a pretty serious back problem too and have had it for years.

      It’s not as serious as yours – I can stand straight and look normal from the outside but (for example) I can’t lift standard airline carryon baggage for more than a few seconds. Opening a heavy door is a bit of a strain and so on. And yes, I’ve had the dirty looks from old ladies when I can’t help with their luggage.

      And there is no way I can throw a woman around in bed or pick her up or anything.

      Having said that, I don’t find it to be a huge problem. You just adapt your lifestyle around it. I travel very light. I satisfy women in other ways than just banging them hard.

      Basically, you can’t go around apologizing for it. It’s like being short, or being an older guy or whatever – you can’t change those things so you just go ahead and practice and game as normal with the knowledge that it WILL be harder for you than other guys. So what? You’ll still improve YOUR own results.

      The only thing I’d say is that you shouldn’t apologize for it or bring it up as if it was a big deal. Mentioning it casually on a date – that you have a back problem – is fine. APOLOGIZING for not being able to fuck her hard because of it – that’s a big no-no.

      Good luck.


      • Is there a cure for your back problem.


      • @almondextract – not really. There are some surgical options but I don’t want to risk side effects for uncertain reward unless I’m really in crippling pain (which I’m not). Apparently there are some extremely effective painkiller injections which you have every few months but again, I don’t want to be reliant on those.

        Long term it’s a question of strengthening the back and core strength to protect the injured area and working out does help but under STRICT supervision.


  37. YaReally, Kant and the gang – not really an FR as such, but of late, I’ve been hitting up girls in other cities online and getting phone numbers to practice sexualizing, sex texts and getting her horny enough to come over.

    I’ve been playing the questions game to rapidly sexualize and this stufff is pure gold. If you’r’e nonjudgmental and it is masked as a “game”, it’s amazing how quickly they open up about incredibly personal sexual stuff and how much they want to talk about it and get turned on by talking about it. Even complete strangers who’ve never met me.

    I had one girl who stopped responding when I proposed playing the question game, but the other 4-5 I’ve tried it on (so far) have ALL got really into it and got into sexual stuff.

    One girl literally masturbated as I WhatsApped her with a long and detailed dirty story about one of my (true) sexual experiences (I actually posted an FR about it here – the chick last month who gave me a toilet BJ). And sent me pics of her masturbating and a voice message of her cumming for me (if we’d been in the same city, she’d have been a lock for coming straight to my place right then and there while she was still horny).

    I find that most girls will start to drop hints about sexualizing themselves, even with innocuous questions but you need to see the hint and push (like if I ask what kind of holiday she’d like to go on with me, one described a weekend away and said what she’d picked would give us more time alone together – that sort of thing).

    Another girl – medical student, mid-20s, intelligent, bit reserved – exactly the kind of girl (albeit younger) that I’d meet in my social circle. Zero sexualization or hints dropped, but I decided since I’m not gonna meet her, I’ll push the sexualization in the question game..I really thought she was going to stop texting me, she was so formal. But BOOM. Within 30 mins she was telling me her fantasies and how she wanted to try being submissive since she was a teenager and all kinds of other stuff.

    I cannot WAIT to refine my skills some more and start trying it with girls in my city who I can actually get over to my place..

    A big key seems to be picking the right time – when she’s at home chilling out, ideally at bedtime (I can’t always do bedtime because the city I’ve picked is in a different timezone, but I make sure the girl is at home and not busy).


    • @Culum
      “but you need to see the hint and push (like if I ask what kind of holiday she’d like to go on with me, one described a weekend away and said what she’d picked would give us more time alone together – that sort of thing). ”

      Yup. Most guys miss these hints. That’s the point of them, they’re subtle to see if the guy will figure them out (then he’s a sexworthy alpha guy who assumes girls want to talk about sex) or blow past them (then he’s probably not a guy who gets laid much). This happens in real life sarges too. One of the major differences between the best Natural I’ve ever known and normal guys is that the Natural spots all these little escalation windows and takes them. So it looks like magic to anyone watching, but he’s just reading the girl’s cues and not missing any of them. Another guy might bang her after 3 dates having missed like 90% of her hints but eventually stumbling across the finish line. But that Natural (and a good PUA) is just not missing any windows.

      This is just field experience and doing what you’re doing: specifically watching for those windows and taking them to see what happens. I have an insane radar for those windows and constantly have to tell my PUA buddy “dude, go for it, she’s into you” while he’s still going “are you sure? I dunno man–” and in my head I’m like ahhhhh how can you not see these signs?? lol

      “Zero sexualization or hints dropped, but I decided since I’m not gonna meet her, I’ll push the sexualization in the question game..I really thought she was going to stop texting me, she was so formal. But BOOM.”

      Yup. This is basically what I did. I hated interacting with boring girls so I would try to just blow the set by talking about sex stuff and surprisingly they loved it. Now I talk about sex all the time and I know girls love it, but I had no idea before, I was legitimately just fucking around lol Same with online game, I would just spam message a ton of chicks, didn’t matter if they weren’t hot (don’t even need to use your real picture if you’re just using this for training purposes) and try to turn the conversation to sex as fast as possible to learn the calibration for how to smoothly transition into sexual topics. And because I don’t have a car and I’m too poor to go on dates etc. I would try to get them to just come over to my place to bang (also from other nearby cities).

      I wasn’t just spam inviting “hey wanna cum over?”, I was purposely strategically running game every time and honing the skillset, until I was consistently getting positive responses. Then if the girl was decent looking enough I’d let her actually come over and if she wasn’t I’d just vanish or make up an excuse to cancel on her lol

      This isn’t something you can learn from reading, you have to actively go apply it like you did and collect the reference experiences for yourself as they relate to you and your personality.

      Any guy who’s stuck inside for the winter too snowed in to go to bars should throw up an online profile (with a fake pic of someone who looks similar to you if you have a GF or don’t want anyone to recognize you in public), and just practice escalating to sex talk until they can do it smoothly, then when you get the training wheels of how to do it online you do it when you’re out in real life and start the whole learning calibration process over again in real life and by this time next year you could be routinely talking to girls you’ve just met about what kind of panties they’re wearing or whether they’ve done anal lol

      “A big key seems to be picking the right time – when she’s at home chilling out, ideally at bedtime (I can’t always do bedtime because the city I’ve picked is in a different timezone, but I make sure the girl is at home and not busy).”

      Yup. Read my shit about texting for more on timing. Sending a txt at 11am VS noon VS 5pm VS 10pm will all get you completely different results from the same text to the same girl. Girls run on emotions and like I mentioned to walawala about how they flake because their emotional state has changed, you want to try to time your texts to hit certain emotional states they’re likely to be in, for optimal results. Some guys would call it “over-thinking” and be like “I just txt when I feel like it bro” but I would bet my text game is light years tighter than theirs.


      • @Culum, @yareally

        Yeah, I spent so much time gaming tinder girls I know almost exactly based on their pics how they are going to react to a message I send now. So for some I will pitch an innocent coffee meet (near my place), some drinks at a bar (near my place), some threesome with my oLTR, some I just say “come for a drink” (directly to my place), some “let’s meet up for some fun” for insta-lays at my place of theirs.

        This intuition comes with practice and you can get crazy good at it. Last week I hooked up like that with a hot dancer type (she actually dances at the same company as the dancer insta-lay I had a few months ago, if anyone remembers that). I just pitched in a calibrated way for her to invite me over for sex, along with some minimal comfort texts, and she agreed. Meet to lay 5 mins. She was an amazing lay. Oh and she went to Harvard and looks like a “good girl”, for all you NAWALT guys (looking at you Will). She’s googleable..

        I don’t do the long ass sexting you’re practicing that Yareally does so well because I just don’t have the time to devote to it, but I know it’s effective. For most guys it’s probably better to just practice sending 3-4 messages then pitching a meet. Once you get good enough at getting girls to meet up then gaming them to bed in person is so much easier and more fun than text gaming. You know, unless you really enjoy writing erotic stories or whatever.


      • @Kant (& YaReally)- you’re right, the long texting stuff isn’t *necessary* (although you do need to set a sexual frame clearly), but in my case:

        -My logistics are shit (apartment far away, lots of travel for work etc) so it’s not feasible for me (most of the time) to tell a girl “Okay, come on over”, so I need to build up more

        -I enjoy it. It’s not a replacement for the real thing of course, but it IS a rush knowing that your words are getting a complete stranger horny and you can have that effect on her.

        -It segues into strong comfort type stuff quite often – you really connect with a “deep” part of some of these girls.

        So I think it’s still a valuable skillset.

        Having said that, when I travel for work and have a decent hotel downtown I am going to try your style and see how it goes on Tinder – I’ve tried it a bit but I’m pretty much a Tinder newbie (you wrote a post on PUA Zone – I’ve got it bookmarked)


    • I want to try and do more of this. Need to get my online profile straight. Don’t have the greatest pictures up.


      • @YaReally – thanks dude. I also do the other thing you suggest in your archives – to mix up innuendo and straight questions and see which one she bites.

        @Hunter – If you’re looking into online dating (treat it as a supplement to going out, but it can be a real time-saver in the sense that you can jump straight to learning day2/closing skills without the time spent in opening – but you’ll need to learn the opening too eventually) then I can recommend Blackdragon’s ebooks and blog.

        I’ve spent a lot of time online dating in the last 1-2 years because of my travel schedule and difficulty in finding good wingmen (I haven’t mastered going out solo like you yet) and I’ve improved a lot, and Blackdragon’s is among the best stuff I’ve seen, even though I’ve only got into it in the last few weeks.

        It’s not cheap but it is good. Then again I think you’re quite young so you can ignore his ebooks on getting younger girls online. I have actually read so much of YaReally’s stuff now that (backed up by my own experience) I think Blackdragon is actually too conservative in his model – you can go much faster and harder and more sexual than he suggests and still get results – but his overall system is great and is a very good percentage play.

        Tip: Pay $50 or $100 on Craigslist for a decent semi-pro photographer to take good photos of you, and sort out your fashion in the shots (Blackdragon has a lot of specific advice on this).

        And post here and we’ll try to help you out.


      • “I think Blackdragon is actually too conservative in his model – you can go much faster and harder and more sexual than he suggests and still get results – but his overall system is great and is a very good percentage play.”

        Well Blackdragon is conservative because 1. he’s messaging girls half his age 2. he messages hb8-10 exclusively and 3. He doesn’t want one night stands, he wants every girl he sleeps with to turn into a FB or mLTR

        Anyone else should be escalating to sex much faster than he does. Like within the first hour of meeting


      • @Kant – that’s spot on. But it’s also because he focusses on playing the percentages – he doesn’t do high-risk/high-reward. So he increases the average time spent per girl and the idea is that he ends up with more lays, while with faster escalation you (and I) will lose more girls.

        And of course if you’re doing such fast escalation it is essential to set the sexual frame early and screen aggressively.

        And your logistics need to be v good (I need to work on this – maybe when I’m next travelling on work and have a nice hotel room downtown instead of an apartment far away).


      • @Kant – can you say a bit more about how you pick up stuff from a girl’s picture and how it influences your strategy?

        Like I imagine some of it is obvious stuff like a girl with a picture of her partying in a slutty dress is going to be different from one with an arty headshot..etc, but there must be more nuances


      • @Culum

        ” that’s spot on. But it’s also because he focusses on playing the percentages – he doesn’t do high-risk/high-reward. So he increases the average time spent per girl and the idea is that he ends up with more lays, while with faster escalation you (and I) will lose more girls”

        Actually I disagree. BD only ends up laying about 30% of the girls he meets, because many drop out after the first date for a variety of reasons. In my case I lay almost 100% of the girls I meet up with because I escalate hard and fast on the first date and the girls think “oh well even if I’m not going to see this guy again because of xyz, I might as well get laid” (since I give off such a secret society vibe)

        “Kant – can you say a bit more about how you pick up stuff from a girl’s picture and how it influences your strategy?
        Like I imagine some of it is obvious stuff like a girl with a picture of her partying in a slutty dress is going to be different from one with an arty headshot..etc, but there must be more nuances”

        Yeah, like if she has a “good girl” image you don’t pitch drinks at your place, you pitch something more innocent. If she’s 24+ you can pitch sex directly (“lets meet up for some fun”), but you don’t do this with 18-21 year olds since they’re not sexually confident enough to go for it. Girls with “artsy” pictures will probably smoke up with you at your place. Etc etc

        You can still lay any kind of girl, the only thing that changes is how you pitch the meet


      • @Kant – is Blackdragon’s close rate really that low? I mean that’s lower than mine FFS. I’m reading his stuff right now and I don’t remember exactly but I could swear it is much higher than that. Maybe 30% is the rate for the number of girls he sets up dates with that he sleeps (ie, it is so low because of the number of flakes, not because of problems on the first date).

        Blackdragon also says you should kino solidly and talk about sex but not kiss *at all* on the first date. I get that you don’t want to trigger her ASD but not kissing at all seems to be a bit much.

        The way I see it, once you meet a girl (after setting such a strong sexual frame), your close rate on first meet is v high. But Blackdragon probably meets a lot of girls who wouldn’t have met you at all (because you didn’t build the comfort before pitching the meet). Of course, if his close rate after meeting them is low, that’s a real problem but there’s no problem in principle with pitching a wider net.


      • ” But Blackdragon probably meets a lot of girls who wouldn’t have met you at all (because you didn’t build the comfort before pitching the meet). Of course, if his close rate after meeting them is low, that’s a real problem but there’s no problem in principle with pitching a wider net.”

        Yeah, I think he says out of 10 women who goes on first dates with, he will on average sleep with 3 or 4 of them. It’s in one of the ebooks.

        It’s impossible for me to say how different it would be if I were building the comfort first, so I won’t comment on that. I will say however that even though I pitch meetups extremely fast, I still get every type of girl to meet up: good girls, young girls, older girls, preppy girls, artsy girls, etc. The lack of comfort building through text doesn’t seem to affect the yield too much as far as I can tell


  38. These women are a scary lot, a poison pill, because they are not only very quick to commit to you if you give them the time of day but they are also often hyper sexual, craving sex so much more than the average gal, that it might scare you. It should. I have a cousin with HPD comorbid with borderline and she is scary as hell. She is completely unable to control her emotions from minute to minute so he can be super happy one moment but then decide someone smirked at her and become enraged. Also, don’t assume these women are fat or ugly, my cousin is a hard 8. She’s had multiple babies by multiple guys but always seems to be able to find another chump to milk off Craig’s list or Ok Cupid (because her odd behavior is harder to conceal in person). Watch out guys. Also she is in love with firearms and I have no idea how she has one, whether it was a gift or what but it’s only a matter of time before she hurts or kills someone.


  39. on November 9, 2014 at 8:23 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    Time to bring out this old gem.


  40. on November 10, 2014 at 4:55 pm JenkPac Shakur

    “the typical woman that has HPD is typically in the low 5 to low 7 SMV range”

    Actually this is wrong.

    The majority of them are what most guys would consider to be HB 9’s or 10’s which along with their natural manipulative abilities helps them ensnare one victim after another into their web of lies and deceit.

    One of these Cluster B Personality Disordered wackjobs is the reason the entire game community is fighting against itself in the online world today via the pro GamerGate movement and the anti GamerGate movement and this dumb broad’s name is Zoe Quinn. Well thats her alias which is not at all surprising since most of these Cluster B freaks or at least the anti socials (psychopaths) have a trail of aliases that they go by.


    • Truth..these girls are sirens. Hot as they come. They are especially attuned to looking as best as possible to maximize their attention gathering


  41. on November 11, 2014 at 2:38 am Mean Mr. Mustard


  42. […] Kate writes a primer on histrionic personality disorder, We had post about this on our blog. There is an actual term for what CH calls AWS and it is called Histrionic Personality Disorder. It occurs at estimates of 1-4% in the general population.  […]


  43. I’ll bet there’s a significant overlap between males with HPD and male feminists.