What To Do When She Tells You She’s Pregnant

From Craigslist (remember that site?):

thanks again for leaving me out in the rain! w4m

my phone is now ruined, so I’ll have to resort to this – the way we first met. here.

we both knew the other was married… but now that I tell you I’m pregnant, you have nothing to say… your only reaction being to leave the bar and go hail a cab!?

i ran after you for about half a block until almost movie-like it began to rain and i just felt like a whore.

so i stopped.

those raindrops felt like an amplified otherworldly expression of my soul dying.

please at least talk to me through here. tell me how you feel. i think safer speaking here anyhow. more freely. quasi anonymously.

how we started…

“I’m pregnant.”

Another option is to toss her a Groupon for Planned Spinsterhood services.

It’s an interesting speculation if the gotcha pregnancy risk profiles of married and single women are the same. A single woman faces the prospect of raising a bastard on her own, which is a powerful disincentive to seeing it through. A married woman might similarly want an abortion before her beta hubby finds out, but then she also might calculate that a cuckolding is worth risking discovery say, ten years down the road. As a player cad, you must weigh the available incentives influencing the “accidentally” pregnant single or married woman, and decide which outcome you can most tolerate.


  1. on October 21, 2014 at 2:29 pm Lurking_Gorilla

    Tyler Durden said somewhere that he both pulls out *and* wears a condom. I suppose if you’re banging a lot it behooves you to be extra careful. Never just take a chick’s word for it that she’s on the pill, she might later “apologize” for having “forgotten” to take it that night.


    • got grief over pulling out not too long ago. when they ask “do you really think i’d get pregnant just to trap you?” that’s when you know they would.

      as for the married ‘ladies’ i’ve been down that road, and after i made sure it was done with cash, she decided to ‘forget’ and leave the records out for the husband to see. it was her way of getting out.

      so anyway, yeah. don’t trust.


      • with proper framing a man can flat deny her that you will be busting inside and ensure there will be no further mention of it, LTR even. that whole “heat of the moment” deal is bullshit. Don’t bust nuts in whores and girlfriends fellas. Ever. Even with a condom. Make sure you beat this in your sons heads too

        If you do bust in a condom, flush it. Do not ever throw it in the garbage.


      • “got grief over pulling out not too long ago. when they ask “do you really think i’d get pregnant just to trap you?” that’s when you know they would.”

        or maybe she’s trying to reassure you because she knows you’re already suspecting her…?

        jesus, if you suddenly start pulling out when you didn’t before, she is going to feel insecure about that. do you guys not understand women at all?

        the bitterness and paranoia is getting thick around here.


      • I have busted nuts many times…it’s not as risky as you make it out to be sheesh. The “advice” on here sometimes…lol


      • @ burke

        “as for the married ‘ladies’ i’ve been down that road, and after i made sure it was done with cash, she decided to ‘forget’ and leave the records out for the husband to see. it was her way of getting out.

        “so anyway, yeah. don’t trust.”

        oh really? you can’t trust a cheating whore who lets you knock her up, kill your child and then tell her husband all about it so she can get out of her marriage? surprising. she sounded like a keeper.

        @ Knowbody

        “with proper framing a man can flat deny her that you will be busting inside and ensure there will be no further mention of it, LTR even.”

        why the hell would you be in an LTR with someone you don’t want kids with AND don’t trust?

        what is wrong with you people? you’re acting like idiots and blaming the girls for it. here’s a thought….pick better girls.


      • “The “advice” on here sometimes…lol”

        yep, gotta take it all with a grain of salt.


      • I’ve never experienced such overt questioning from a women, surely this is a huge red flag.

        Personally, my girl who is “on the pill” will start begging me to cum inside her as I move towards climaxing. I’ll never forget the quick flash of disappointment in the eyes of one when I pulled out and unloaded on her body instead.

        Fuck I get so paranoid, if I get even the sightest vibe from that late 20’s woman that some trickery is afot – NEXT.

        It’s not the first time in my life I have considered vacetomy, and it wont be the last. If only raw-dog sex wasn’t so much better… sigh…


      • @Heisenberg

        “if you suddenly start pulling out when you didn’t before, she is going to feel insecure about that. do you guys not understand women at all?”

        nowhere in his post did it say this was an LTR or regular girl. you have a point about her asking questions if pulling out was new. girls notice…everything.

        but for all you know, this was his first time with this girl and he is justified in being suspicious.


      • on October 22, 2014 at 11:14 am Shortest_Straw

        You have about a 1/30 chance of impregnating on a random day in the female cycle.

        Women are more likely to seek alpha male (=casual?) sex when they are ovulating, so if one of you toad fuckers is doing her, she is more likely to be fertile. Still, on the most fertile day, it’s something like 1/6.

        Pull out, blow your load on her belly, her tits, her face, her mouth, the mattress below her, in your hand … she’ll never get pregnant.

        I got my wife pregnant four times and it always took multiple attempts, careful body positioning afterward, careful timing … if she had been on top when I came, or if she had gotten up and gone to the toilet afterward – odds of conception would have plummeted.

        Not saying it can’t happen, and the financial and life ramifications are immense, so be careful out there. Just don’t give in to the mindless hysteria about accidental pregnancy. All the stories of birth control failure are just excuse making.


      • @ K

        “why the hell would you be in an LTR with someone you don’t want kids with AND don’t trust?”

        i agree with Heisenberg that the paranoia is thick. some of these guys are getting worked up over something that, in reality, rarely happens.

        the fact of the matter is, some of us don’t want kids with the girls we’re with and we do get nervous that an “accident” might happen but that doesn’t mean we’re going to dump them over it.

        real life is not as cut and dry as a blog post.


      • “as for the married ‘ladies’ i’ve been down that road, and after i made sure it was done with cash”

        the cad’s mantra to feminist baby killers: abortion for me but not for thee.
        and so it goes and goes and goes…another generation full of men who are too weak to be fathers.


    • on October 21, 2014 at 3:05 pm Randy the Random


      It’s effective, its herbal, its reversible, and it’s here.



      We will deny them our essence. And thus they shall fall in line.


    • on October 21, 2014 at 3:53 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      “A married woman” might similarly want an abortion before her beta hubby finds out, but then she also might calculate that a cuckolding is worth risking discovery say, ten years down the road.


      wy would a man be talingz 2 a “married womenz” in da fifrts placezz!!

      don’t u know u can get it free younger hotter tighert fifty pounds ligehterz while unmarriedz?


    • “Accidentally ‘forgot’ to take it that night”


      My own flesh and blood sister’s exact words to her now beta bux husband.


    • on October 21, 2014 at 5:07 pm Shortest_Straw

      You should pull out no matter what. Condoms can break, and I can attest to never having felt the damned thing come apart.

      Whether you wear a condom or not in the first place is mostly a matter of STDs. The only way a girl is getting pregnant is if you actually blow your load inside her.

      Me, I got snipped. I don’t tell the girls I’m fixed. They really get off on taking the chances. Can’t wait for one of them to tell me they’re pregnant.


    • I find it mind-boggling that people who have ZERO interest in ever having children are not willing to take the effort to get snipped. Wearing a rubber *and* pulling out? Why even bother? Seriously?


      • on October 21, 2014 at 8:44 pm midnight toker

        “Why even bother? Seriously?”


        condoms do not feel good and pulling out doesn’t either.
        i got snipped. best thing i ever did.


      • yeah…wtf is the point of sex? Just take some test; it will lower your sperm count to negligible. Snipped? May as well have them chop off your balls too. I LIKE being able to impregnate women


      • Tray777 has the right Idea brother! Let GOD decide how much yeast to infect those buns with.


      • I do too, but if you really want to go screwing all these chicks, but don’t want kids, your options are limited…


    • Hmmm that’s odd, b/c it’s actually pretty hard to get a girl pregnant.

      She has to be ovulating first of all. Some girls can’t even get pregnant in their lifetime


    • Yup. That child support is no joke. Enforcement officers can bypass standard jurisdictional limitations and put all kinds of holds on your account.


  2. Vasectomy.
    Fuck this world and all of humanity. They want buffoons with giant wh7te watches, in YOLO glasses..

    Theyll GET buffoons in YOLO glasses


    • unless you are white, then find a good girl who will never cuckold you and put some buns in her oven to reserve you place.


  3. […] What To Do When She Tells You She’s Pregnant […]


  4. Us pro-life dudes ain’t gonna have much to add to this discussion – if y’all playaz ain’t overjoyed at the prospect of yer lady friend carrying yer progeny in her belly, then God have mercy on y’all’s souls.


    • Yer gonna just love the divorce industrial complex buddy.


    • I tried to find {Bonnie Bedalia} x {Max von Sydow} in “Needful Things”, and then I looked for Bonnie again in the original “Salem’s Lot”, but I came up empty-handed. Teh innert00bz has not been kind to the memory of vintage Bonnie Bedalia in her prime.


    • “pro-life” isn’t. You want a teenage girl to have a child out of wedlock? Because here’s a fact: PEOPLE HAVE SEX. That’s not going to change. And sometimes that leads to unwanted pregnancies. Saying “if you don’t want a child you shouldn’t have sex!” is like saying someone shouldn’t cross the road if he doesn’t want to be hit by cars, so now it’s his fault he got hit.

      You would force a teenage girl to have a child and raise it by herself, that’s the result of Xtian religious fanaticism. That greatly hampers her chances of getting married. She is likely to be a single mother with only one child instead of getting married and having several children with her husband.

      Result: one kid raised by a single mother instead of several raised in a family. Good idea.


      • Arbiter, there are two kinds of people in this here little world of ours: Those who murder their own progeny, and those who don’t. If you truly have the soul of a murderer, then there ain’t a damned thing that I can do to help you.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 5:40 pm Hymen Mingesky

        What are you talking about?


      • Well if a white girl gets pregnant by a knee-grow I am all for murdering the child.


      • This is a false dichotomy. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. Do you know what the waiting list is for a healthy white baby? All expenses paid and maybe even a few thousand in cash on the side…


      • it should be illegal to be hit by a car


      • I’m with Shane on this one…

        I am pro abortion for dusky races, especially blacks. For whites, abortion should be punished.


      • on October 22, 2014 at 8:00 am Joachim Peiper

        I would encourage her to keep it and raise it together with her. Children are a blessing and you get out of them what you put into them. Although I am a Christian, that has little to do with the decision i would make in this case. I like children and feel a strong moral obligation to raise them properly. I would feel that way independent of religion.


      • on October 22, 2014 at 9:58 am The Burninator

        Your pro-death pro-feminist stance is the reason white people are disappearing in the world Arbiter.

        Congratulations on siding with your own declared enemies.


      • on October 22, 2014 at 11:18 am haunted trilobite

        Not really related to the point you’re making Arbiter, but it is the case that if we don’t want to get hit by cars, we shouldn’t go anywhere near the road. It’s unassailable logic. The world is full of dangers that we should be fully aware of. ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’. We’ve displayed a huge amount of swords for ourselves to fall on in this modern society. It shouldn’t be any surprise if we die by one.


    • And good on him for putting a bun in that married womb so his evil spawn don’t grow up a bastard like I did.


    • It’s depressing users like Zombie Shane, who supposedly realize the cold truth of relationships/reality, are all pumped about God and offspring. Life is a massacre of senseless – and godless – sentient suffering, and yet people out there are still preaching the good word of its continuation. Makes no sense outside of ego gratification.


      • on October 22, 2014 at 9:59 am The Burninator

        God never promised you a world without suffering. Sorry.


      • Zombie Shane is a mark. He has practically made the comments on this site unreadable because he thinks if he rants about the Jews like a raging lunatic or shouts his mantra about putting buns in the ovens of attractive girls, he can be an exemplar of truth and virtue to us instead of coming across like an unhinged bozo.


      • Not only that, he came down his self and took a vicious beat down at the hand of the joos; looked the joo in the eye and told him the troof; didn’t back down, didn’t tap out…

        Today you ni66as get hurt in practice

        (((shakin my head)))


    • on October 24, 2014 at 6:29 am haunted trilobite

      There’s a slightly different ending in the book that this film was based upon. It is of course, an excellent novel.


  5. Hilarious. Blog that spews out endless litany of complaints about the world going to hell in a handbasket due to the rise in bastardy explicitly encourages men to fade out on their parental duties and become deadbeat dads.

    Nothing to see here, folks.


    • ooooh! It’s a new round of “Fundy or Feminist”…OK, I’ll play….(It’s always fun cause they are almost the same at this point)

      ….What’s your name honey?


    • Enjoy the decline.

      While my wife was off at a church retreat, I took my son for a long weekend at the family farm. While there, I spoke with my mother about the failures of the church and told her that I am more Baptist than anything else, sharing many beliefs, such as submission of wife to husband as foundational to marriage. She (born 1946) immediately objected to that submission part, complaining about men, generally, and my father, her husband, in particular. At which point I reminded her, “If a woman will not follow, why would a man bother leading her.” This remained a theme for the weekend, even overcoming her distaste with my atheism (the one point of departure I have with Baptists).

      I’ve watched my father endure my mother for 40+ years. My wife knows I will walk before I’ll endure a marriage like his. However, not all men are so well married as I am.

      So, when I read words such as yours, I wonder why there’s so much emphasis on the responsibilities of a man undertaking adultery, but no examination of the responsibility attached to a woman undertaking adultery.


  6. sounds like BS CL post to me – but so what interesting idea ..ZS..says step up and take responsibility.. I say be a man beforehand and dont put yourself in a ridiculous lose lose lose position for all concerned..
    *player cads like this should be shot on sight


  7. @LOL,

    When women have successfully removed all accountability from themselves, the system relies on men to hold it all together. In other words “keep manning up, no matter what happens”.

    And what do men gain out of this? Absolutely nothing. Women won’t change back to being held accountable until it all burns down.

    Do you want a solution to this mess? Or you want it to continue? The only solution is to burn it all down. How? Less dads and more cads.

    Society wants women happy.
    Cads make women happy.

    Fine, let women and society both choke on the cads they so desperately demand. Let’s put out the fire with gasoline.


  8. Whose the father?


  9. on October 21, 2014 at 3:06 pm When Negroids ATTACK!

    Her cunt, her problem.


    • on October 21, 2014 at 5:42 pm Hymen Mingesky

      That slogan, more or less, has been a winner before.


    • +1

      It might take two to tango, but she is an adult and knew the risks. She could’ve stayed at home with her hubby or her vibrator but NOOOO she had to go get banged by another guy. I only have sympathy for the spouses and the (likely) soon to be aborted kid in this situation (assuming it isn’t BS).


  10. I agree with @Danger, you don’t treat sociopaths with empathy. They want that world? They shall have it.


  11. on October 21, 2014 at 3:09 pm yournordicgod

    This is why you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use a burner phone!!

    You don’t have to go thru the hassle of changing your phone number, just toss out that sim card and call it a day.

    One of the things I remember my Father told me was ” be careful, you know girls, they’ll try and trap you, say they’re pregnant etc” and boy is that the truth.

    Almost EVERY single girl I’ve known has tried that crap after I lose interest, ignore her and eventually tell her to leave me alone..

    “but but..i’m pregnant!”

    Sure you are bitch.

    radio silence, disconnected number like you never existed.

    I have literally heard this exact same story from at least 50+ crazy bitches.

    Take my advice, learn the easy way.

    NEVER GIVE A GIRL YOUR REAL PHONE NUMBER! Use a burner phone if you must.

    (Although if you are a minority (jewish/black/mestizo/
    indian/asian etc).. do the right thing bro, give her some planned parenthood abortion pamphlets, steal a couple hundred bucks and take her ASAP to the abortion clinic. Immediately!) You will literally be dodging a bullet and you know I’m right.



    • on October 21, 2014 at 3:48 pm haunted trilobite

      For a brief while, in this world


    • Dude you don’t even need that anymore, there are plenty of faker apps you can use to text. Totally anonymous, number has some weird area code. Tell bish you moved from there or something.

      This tard probably gave her his full name and everything. For WTF reason does some slore on craigslist personals need to know that you’re married??


    • Lol. Most of you should do the world a favor and get a vasectomy; you shouldn’t be reproducing anyway.


    • 1. get better at breaking up with chicks.

      I have had that shit played on me too, girl even sent a pic of the sonogram. If she hadn’t been a total psycho, I may have believed her


  12. on October 21, 2014 at 3:22 pm yournordicgod

    In reality , you’ve got no business f&*king her if you’re not adequately satisfied with her popping out your progeny biologically, regardless of whether you died tomorrow or not.


    (BTW for those who like to go the extra step (like I do), it should go without saying that you should never use your real name either, of course..)


    • curious how do you get around the zero social media and zero internet presence? bitches always ask for my fb ig or my whole name. not that i care so much but it does cost me a few here n there.


      • “I’m a department of defense sub contractor and by contract I have to maintain a low profile until my project is complete.” Not even joking here…works all the time. Don’t say it like you’re 007, just matter of factly. That’s not really unheard of either.

        Really only works if you’re 25+ at least though


      • you don’t even have to lie. just laugh and say “i don’t have any of that stuff.” no further explanation required.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 4:54 pm yournordicgod

        facebook is basically owned & operated by the nsaciamossad. Only a fool would use it. Tell em you read the privacy policy & it basically says by signing up you agree to allow them (cia mossad et all) permssion to not only compile information not only from the site but ALL the internet & beyond(which is illegal without consent). Also, some of the initial investors on the Board of Directors can be thru public records found to be known cia & particularly famous participant movers & shakers in declassified cia mk ultra programs. So basically only a complete fool would sign up on fb.

        if they can’t grasp any of that, there’s still ways to keep them engaged & not lose them completely. Basically treat them as you would treat a small child with a short attention span & change the subject real quick until you’re on a new track.

        With these kind there’s obviously not a whole lot going on up there. Besides the often ignored fact that women generally have I.Q.’s WAY lower than mens (8-30 points!) there are some that are worse than others. With that in mind it’s not hard to trick them or distract them with shiny objects or a train of conversation that appeals to them/emotionally push&pull them.

        Basically deal with them as you would if you were trying to distract or manipulate a small child or someone slightly retarded but with one key difference. The difference being that women are completely run by emotions/ hormones and DO NOT use logic EVER.. PERIOD.

        It’s not too difficult to make them see what they want to see.

        That’s the whole benefit of the manosphere imo.
        To widely publish what women actually DO want.
        Obviously the last person who we would listen to in that regard is one of them telling us what “they want” because usually it’s the exact opposite in my experience.


  13. on October 21, 2014 at 3:38 pm Hammer of Love

    I have to agree with one of the comments above. Wear a rubber and pull out, then you shouldn’t have any problems. However, alot of the ” alphas “on this site seem to relish in the act of raw-dogging multitudes of women. Makes me wonder about the STD rates among the PUA community.

    Additionally, your child has your ancestral, genetic code, even if its unplanned. If you don’t have a respect for your own genetics, then you are a evolutionary failure on multiple levels. Some of the comments here reek of selfish negro ” mah dik ” behavior. Your ancestors must be proud.


    • Additionally, your child has your ancestral, genetic code, even if its unplanned.

      Oh, so holy. That means we must ban abortion, etc etc. Right? Sure.

      Abortions existed in biblical times by the way, and the bible says zero about them. (And don’t say “You shall not kill!”. That bullshit is something Xtians have ignored for two thousand years and counting. And the bible never said it applies to fetuses. Apparently it doesn’t apply to killing animals, or even other people, so it is clearly not meant to be applied everywhere.)

      People have sex. That’s a given. There is nothing wrong with that, it is in fact good as we are not robots and need that pleasure. You want people to be randomly paired up depending on who happens to get pregnant without planning it. That is not particularly good for society. Abortion are eugenical, they prevent children out of wedlock and therefore they are conservative. The fanatical xtian preachers are the ones who aren’t conservative, they have only attached themselves to U.S. conservatism, and take every chance to betray it.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 6:37 pm Hammer of Love

        Read my post more closely, I said nothing about abortions, nor am I a Christian. I understand accidental pregnancies, but men should wear rubbers and pull out, if they don’t want to get some random chick pregnant. Part of the problem with modern ” women ” is the fact that they have abortion to fall back on, when riding the carousel . However, many keep the bastards because of their female genetic imperative , which overrules their common sense. The option of abortion is destroying white societies at a greater percentage then non-white ones. Non-whites can absorb the population damage from abortions, since they breed like rabbits anyway. I also noticed that you failed to address the likely problem of STDs .


      • @Arbiter

        Your anti-Christian BS is about as ignorant as any I’ve ever heard. The Commandment is “Thou shalt not kill (innocent people)”. The translation is from old Hebrew from a word which is closer to “murder”, with connotations that the murder is of innocent people. Guess who that includes? Yes, babies, dumbass, including the ones in mommy’s belly. The use of the word “kill” was always understood to mean the killing of innocents for thousands of years.

        It is only the recent, deliberate obtuseness and ignorance that clings to the idea that it means killing ANYONE, EVER, just so those same ignorant screwheads can then claim that Christianity is hypocritical. For example, if you see a guy about to cut a screaming baby in half with an axe, not only is it morally OK to shoot him to stop him, but you are morally obligated to do it. The baby is innocent – the murderer is not.

        As far as the attitude goes that “everyone is going to have sex anyway”, that is particularly weak-minded BS. It suggests that humans are nothing more than animals who can’t control their own impulses. Plenty of humans can, and more would with the proper upbringing. Even if people slip once or twice in their lives, it is far better than giving up entirely and spending your life whoring.


      • > “For example, if you see a guy about to cut a screaming baby in half with an axe, not only is it morally OK to shoot him to stop him, but you are morally obligated to do it.”


      • “It suggests that humans are nothing more than animals who can’t control their own impulses.”

        Sure, that’s basically the view from the Cathedral. (Though they waver a bit about the straight white man, who is both an animal and someone filled with an evil cunning beyond that of any natural animal.)


      • on October 22, 2014 at 11:21 am haunted trilobite

        People used to say ‘what goes around comes around’ long before Cypress Hill made it into a song


      • And the bible never said it applies to fetuses.

        That’s probably because the primitives who wrote the bible have no idea what a fetus is. It’s pretty clear that they wanted their kind to multiply.


    • Toys R Us pulls ‘Breaking Bad’ dolls… The figures have a detachable bag of cash and a bag of methamphetamines….


    • Ya I agree. A lot of these dudes want to bemoan ‘the fall of society,’ then shirk any and all possible responsibility for their actions.


  14. If she is married it’s easy. ” What are you telling me for. That’s your husbands problem not mine. Look, If you wanna be a booty call you are going to have to be more responsible with that pussy.”
    The whole point of fucking a married slut is her husband is the one making the payments.


  15. Years ago I was listening to Tom Leykis as he gave some caller instructions how to obtain the abortion pill and slip it into his girlfriend’s drink. He commanded the caller to “kick that bitch to the curb” after the bleeding started, and never look back.

    I was totally incensed, angry beyond words, and almost started a hate mail letter writing campaign over that episode.

    I’ve come a long way since then. What else can a guy do? I have a friend who works 1.5 weeks every month to pay child support on kids he would have raised himself, but he doesn’t have the option. The legal and political ecosystem is totally stacked against men today, and breeding is extremely risky, no matter who you are. Sure, the species is doomed, but that just can’t be helped at this point. We’re going to have to reach the brink of extinction before people get a clue and reverse these stupid policies, and like the folks on Easter Island cutting down the very last tree, they probably never will.


    • The species isn’t doomed, it’s only White people who are doomed. The System won’t reverse these ‘stupid policies’ as long as they are able to import high-yielding populations from the third world.


      • So why don’t you bankster spread your seed to assist in repopulating whites? Seems the masculine and manly thing to do.


  16. .. those raindrops felt like an amplified otherworldly expression of my soul dying.

    Foretelling the amplified otherworldly scraping heard by an unborn child just as it’s tugged off the uterine wall – and it’s soul too, dies.

    So it goes. The fate of a shameless cuckolding whore. Die screaming you bitch.


    • Damn y’all know how to do this in your sleep!

      I usually just Tao of Steve it:
      Be desireless
      Be excellent
      Be GONE

      Sounds to me like this guy is on step 3

      I need to remember the burner phone stuff. There has got to be a good, cheap webservice for this. Any suggestions?


    • Yeah but she loves the drama. He is in trouble however!

      Her state sanctioned enforcers will be coming…

      It’s not worth it ya’ll. Consider a vasectomy before you play that game.


  17. I hope one day men will figure out that women have all the power in the sexual marketplace. This is why they had fewer rights back in the day.


  18. I would not mind having a child, just not a wife.


  19. Free neg. saw comment on exs new propic on fb:

    [slutty picture]
    xxx likes

    Damienthefaggot-so gorgeous xxx
    circlejerkvalidatingfemalefriend-You’re so perffff I wish I could be you
    Assholeintraining-somebody claim


    • I don’t get that comment… I rarely comment on attention whore’s photos. I sometimes like photos that are truly likeable or if it’s the socially appropriate thing to do. But for girls I’m gaming…or like…I rarely comment publicly. For the girl’s I’m gaming and banging…I will send a clip or clipping or some interesting photo with a one-word response: ‘cool’. “you” etc.

      Facebook and social-networking are part of the world of game. You can’t ignore it any more than you can ignore texting or any other form of electronic interaction.

      As I get better at game, my text game improves. I don’t comment randomly.

      Here’s an example of a FB exchange I had—with a friend of mine trying to AMOG me online. A photo from a recent Latin party was published of me talking to the cute girl I’m banging. I tower over her in height. The photo has me towering over her, looking into her eyes with her looking up, smile and one hand on hip…I’m gesturing something with one hand while holding her other hand in the dance embrace. It’s truly a candid moment and I think an “alpha” moment. It’s a very sexy look like I’ve just negged her and she’s turned on. You can see part of my face looking into her eyes and the profile of her big smile and beaming eyes. That photo immediately got tons of “likes”.

      A friend of mine wrote in Spanish what translates as “Gaming” or “Smooth talking” or “Talking to fill the space when you neither know nor care what you are saying but feel it is important to say something.” It’s a good tease.

      Me: It’s the reason we dance.

      Him: Champion.

      Me: Fortitude.

      That photo seemed to attract a lot of attention and my Spanish friend was trying to AMOG me online and I just went with it…agree and amplify….


  20. cuckoldery is better option now fr married women—because, in I think ALL u.s. states, if a man discovers a child is not his own AFTER he is listed as the birth father on the certificate, he is legally SOL—-he must pay for the full child support for 18 years, and has (thus far) no recurse against the mother or true birth father.

    But….if states enacted required DNA testing at birth…or an open window for a “father” to do such testing, r gave him the right to sue the mother/bastard father for the $$$$—then abortion WOULD be the better option for said women (assuming they couldn’t shame the betas anyway into providing for them.

    The fact that feminazis have fought such laws HARD—especially required DNA testing—speaks volumes both about them and what they think men will do.

    Either pull a Cappy Cap (vasectomy) or always , always, ALWAYS spray on the ace and insist on DNA tests right away. From 2 separate doctors.

    Men on strike rape!


  21. You break that sterility, you bought it. Buns in ovens. Sometimes, yes, at great financial cost. Pick yo babymamas very carefully therefore.
    On a separate point, professional fattitude advocate (inevitably American) lectures British blokes against saying hello to prettier women in public because yesmeansyes and manshame: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/21/attention-men-dont-be-a-creepy-dude-who-pesters-women-in-coffee-shops-and-on-the-subway


    • on October 21, 2014 at 4:35 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      Lindy West is just jelly that none of those “douchebag” men are lusting after her jelly rolls. So typical of fatties to lament their lack of attention from high-value men.


      • They won’t talk to me, with my bodypositive feistiness. So they should be BANNED from talking to ANY woman!


      • Also, while I endorse the totality of your comment, Hair Slicked, you coulda ended after the fourth word and it still woulda worked. Maybe even better.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 5:42 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh


        Good point. The succinctness of “Lindy West is just jelly” works as a stand-alone statement because it’s a double entendre that cuts twice as deep.


  22. I swear the following story is true.

    A friend of mine is an natural alpha. One day he entered a room full of guys and girls, and ignoring everyone he walked right toward one of his pal, asked for something with his direct, military voice, and went out.

    And that was enough. A virgin girl, present in the room, had a crush for him.
    She managed to finish in his bed, where he fucked her a few times, without condom. He warned her that he was not interested in any commitment whatsoever, and they soon separated.

    She got pregnant. Madly in love, she kept the child. Her family rejected her for sleeping with a white (she is black) and at 23 started her debut in life as a single mother.

    She never regretted it.

    5 minutes of alpha…


  23. why are any of you nerds defending a woman cheating on her spouse? he owes her absolutely nothing and ghosting was 100% the right move.


  24. Purchase one-way ticket to Brazil pronto.


  25. Statutory rape victim forced to pay child support

    Even the bump and grind for the 14 year old who hits the jackpot with the sexy teacher isn’t consequence free, even when he is the victim of a rape.


  26. Do not try and bend the poon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no poon.


  27. Abortions have always been a useful tool for a society. Abortions were a widespread practice in Biblical times and the Bible doesn’t ban them. (At this point someone will present numbers for some verses, hoping that no one will bother to look them up, as they in fact don’t talk about abortions at all. “You shall not kill” is clearly a rule Christians have had millions of exceptions for the past two millennias, whether it’s about killing humans or animals, and the Bible never says it applies to microscopic cells.) Abortions were used in the Roman Empire, and would anyone claim that Rome and other ancient societies were not conservative?

    Abortions only became an issue when celibate priests wanted to restrict the pleasure they could never have. It was also clear for all to see that they were only half-men when they weren’t allowed to do what everyone else did, so natural to men. So they started calling sex dirty, of the devil etc, to make themselves look morally superior instead of looking like men who couldn’t handle living a normal life. And they banned sex as much as possible. Banning abortions was a way they hoped to force people to stay away from sex.

    Another reason was no doubt that sex was something outside the church’s reach. They sought to inject their religion in everything – in art, in music, in politics – but they couldn’t reach what people did in their own bedrooms. And people who are sexually satisfied are less likely to be fanatics, the kind of supporters the church preferred. It is no coincidence that both Judaism and Catholicism have vilified sex and sought to restrict it. The most Jewish Jews, the Orthodox, only have sex through a hole in a bedsheet and only a few times for the purpose of having children, then no more.


    • If you want to claim, completely without proof, that fetuses have something called a “soul”, then shouldn’t you be happy that it will go straight to heaven where it will experience bliss for billions of years – forever, in fact – instead of going to earth and possibly be tempted by “sin”, then go to hell to be tortured? Or maybe you think, like priests used to claim, that a child that isn’t baptized – that hasn’t had its heathen soul symbolically drowned and replaced with a Christian soul – will go to hell no matter what.


      • People will have sex before they are married, that is a given. It is not a bad thing, it is good that we can experience pleasure, something that we need. Sometimes sex will lead to unwanted pregnancies, that is also a given. For thousands of years this has been solved by abortions. Those who want to ban abortions want to force unwed teenage girls to become single mothers – that is the result of their demands. Those single mothers will have greatly reduced chances of getting married. So you will create single mothers with one child each, instead of women who have several children later in life in a marriage. That is what an abortion ban leads to. No matter how much you hope (as celibate priests do) that it will force people to not have sex at all, except in marriage. Where (the priests hope) they will not be able to have sex anymore once they have the number of children they want and can afford.


      • Single mothers raising children on their own? I prefer not. Abortions have a eugenical effect and are conservative. It is only because of churches hijacking conservatism in the U.S. that the GOP has made it an issue. They could do this because a conservatism based on evolutionary facts that explain human behavior and disprove the Left was forbidden after WWII due to the racial knowledge that comes with it. “We’ve always done it this way” is an intuitive conservatism that has its point, but it didn’t satisfy people when the Left started questioning every practice. Explanations were needed for conservatism, and the only explanation allowed was “God wants it that way”. Churches stepped in, very loudly, and there was no opposing explanation allowed on the Right. With the churches came the priest-derived hatred of sex. And the Left cheered.

        It is very unfortunate that churches could hijack the Right in the U.S., as this drives away a lot of Whites who simply cannot accept an abortion ban and its consequences for those who live in the real world. With these White votes the Right might have stopped the Left before mass immigration started, and been strong enough that the conservative side of the aisle would never have been pulled to the Left. Instead of stopping mass immigration the GOP got abortion opposition pushed by pro-immigration churches. Not a very good deal.

        Abortion should in fact be part of the conservative argument for society – an argument about reducing unwanted children out of wedlock. An argument about eugenical practices. Opposition to abortion would have then very naturally been picked up by the contrarian Left, which would have wailed about the “equal value” of all people, including every single fetus, no matter what their negative effect for society. As it is, the Left picked up pro-abortionism because the Right served it to them on a single platter, a way to forever divide American Whites. It was a huge blunder by the Right.


      • Aside from religion, we sometimes hear the nationalist argument that we need more White children. But a young woman being forced to become a single mother – and yes, people will have sex before marriage, you can’t stop that, and it will lead to unwanted pregnancies sometimes – means she will live alone with one child, instead of getting married some years later and having several children in marriage. So the more-children argument doesn’t hold.

        Even if it did, it would be irrelevant, as there are more Whites alive today than ever. We don’t need more people, we need land of our own. The only way to get that is by changing politics, in ways legal or revolutionary. Not by trying to out-compete non-Whites in the number of children. That is impossible when the establishment can simply turn on the tap and let in millions more non-Whites from a pool containing billions.

        The argument especially doesn’t hold for those who have the most ideological knowledge and the ability to affect others. They are needed today more than ever. They should be encouraged to spend as much time as possible influencing others, changing minds, not changing diapers. Consider all the great philosophers who have been childless and therefore had more time to influence others. I would much rather have their wisdom in the world than a few more kids sired by them.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 6:07 pm yournordicgod

        Abortion is a tricky issue.

        Abortion should absolutely be illegal (for White people/barring extraordinary circumstances)
        Abortion should absolutely be legal &encouraged(for negros/jews/mestizos etc) if not mandatory.

        Since Roe v Wade how many babies have been murdered by abortion? 50 million +?? Maybe more?
        I’m presuming that the vast majority have been minorities and that it HAS been encouraged & used eugenically..

        Now would the USA be a better place with 50m-100 million more negroes etc?
        Of course not!
        But how many of these murder victims were white?
        Would USA be a better place with 50million more white people??

        It brings to mind the drug prohibition issue.

        Of course marijuana & heroin should absolutely be legal because first of all mj is harmless & heroins’ problems are 100% caused by prohibition(could be used for a lifetime healthily & if legal & $5-$10 a day no withdrawal/crime problems etc)..

        But cocaine is the one that should probably remain illegal because of the mass incarcerations(crack dealers black crack users).

        Did the mass incarcerations removing millions of american negroes from the streets lower crime drastically? Absolutely.

        Would it be a good thing to release them? Of course not.

        But back to the abortion issue; anything that takes some power away from women is a good thing.

        In reality women are quite twisted & sadistic, relish the thought of murdering at will especially if it’s an emotional vengence thing against a man.

        “I want the power(to murder your offspring) over my body(your offspring)”

        Take one small victory at a time, anything to reign their craziness in & take power away from them is a good thing.


    • People will have sex before they are married, that is a given. It is not a bad thing, it is good that we can experience pleasure, something that we need. Sometimes sex will lead to unwanted pregnancies, that is also a given. For thousands of years this has been solved by abortions. Those who want to ban abortions want to force unwed teenage girls to become single mothers – that is the result of their demands. Those single mothers will have greatly reduced chances of getting married. So you will create single mothers with one child each, instead of women who have several children later in life in a marriage. That is what an abortion ban leads to. No matter how much you hope (as celibate priests do) that it will force people to not have sex at all, except in marriage. Where (the priests hope) they will not be able to have sex anymore once they have the number of children they want and can afford.


      • on October 22, 2014 at 9:25 am Ed the Department Head

        Perhaps the most unsung disaster for the real Right was allowing tradcon prudes to dominate its socio-sexual discourse from the 1960s on. As you note above, people were having a lot more promiscuous sex during the Christian Era than the Churches and tradcons would like to admit. Prostitution was legal throughout most of the West from the dawn of time to the 20th century. The only way the sex hating Christian churches were able to keep some semblance of monogamous prudery was relying on the pre-scientific ignorance of most of the population and thus the fear of hellfire.

        With the rise of scientific education among the masses in the 20th century, coupled with the development of effective birth control and antibiotics, the overwhelming majority of people were going to follow their natural instincts and desires and thus we had a sexual revolution in the 1960s. The right stupidly thought it would score short term success by championing prudery and winning over religious fanatics and low sex drive tradcons. This was a disaster because it meant that the sexually healthy majority would default to the sexually realistic left that offered normal people the chance to pursue what their biologies defined as the greatest joy.

        This meant that the left could get a fair hearing on all its harmful policies because it had the public’s collective ear. It even managed to corrupt greater sexual freedom and point it in subversive paths because the right had surrendered questions of sexuality to the religulous and monogamist sex hating weirdos. I suspect one of the reasons why reactionary and racialist types never get a fair hearing is because the public has no intention of ever going back to hard monogamy and fears that the people who would protect our borders and protect white interests would also try to police our beds.


      • on October 22, 2014 at 6:45 pm haunted trilobite

        Arbiter, take the argument out of the scope of christianity for a second. The ancient egyptians believed there were 7 souls occupying the human body. That’s 7 lives to attone for, and if that is the case, imagine how much they’ll hate their killer, and how eager they’ll be to exact their revenge upon the abortionista, the doctor and the coward contractor who pays to get the job done. Buddhist thought focuses on the 6-fold path of transmigration, and a person can reincarnate as a hell-dweller, material, plant, animal, human, or heavenly being. This cycle of samsara cannot be broken until someone cultivates godliness and goes beyond the 3 realms, and that is the eternal ‘billions of years of bliss’ heaven. It’s a fallacy to assume this baby is automatically entitled to such a deal for simply dying. What about the karma he accrued over the course of repeated lifetimes that he must pay for? [By the way, reincarnation was originally a part of christianity until it was edited out under orders of emperor Justinian (at the behest of his concubine).] So now, these 7 souls were denied their opportunity to cultivate divinity. It might take thousands of years of reincarnation in lower order of beasts and malevolent spirits, death and suffering to gain a human body again. Thus this womb murder has royally fucked over everyone involved.
        You’re making some valid points, but are putting abortion forward as a sort of panacea, when the ‘shotgun wedding’ that has existed for hundreds of years worked just fine. You deride celibate clergy, yet lionise celibate philosophers, neglecting to account for some of the great ‘men of the cloth’ who were at the forefront of philosophy. I do take your point that many clergymen were forcing celibacy upon themselves and were jealous of the freedom of their congregation. But many genuinely elevated themselves above human desires, and in the past some attained divinity through arduous cultivation (as evinced by historical documents describing Christian, Buddhist and Taoist monks who levitated, or whose bodies never decomposed after ‘nirvana’ – they were relatively rare cases, of course).
        Even some of today’s most eminent atheist philosophers believe that future civilisations will look back upon contemporary society as being a shameful and barbarous one, as it’s ethically wrong to deprive a being of its life to fit one’s own script. Today’s mass abortion completely outscales the confined cases that occurred in antiquity, and is the expression of feminine evil (they’re the gatekeepers of sex, and have the final say whether their baby gets whacked). Abortion has claimed more lives than both world wars and may not be simply a benign scientific development, but rather could be an instrument of cultural directives. Women wonder ‘where are all the good men gone?’ ‘where’s my soul-mate?’. Answer is they might be waiting in hell getting the pitchforks heated up for the strong n independent sistaz who sent them there. Who knows?


  28. If she is married the response has to be hard and unromantic. “what are you telling me for? That is your husbands problem not mine. Look, If you wanna be a booty call you are going to have to be responsible with the pussy.”
    Married girlfriends best attribute is that her husband is the one making the payments. No ne to tolerate anything from a booty call not even a pregnancy.


  29. Been busy working and gaming and I came up with an intereresting one. Yareally, HABD, Walawala, SteveH, what do you guys think?

    Last week I was staying at this large very nice resort hotel with literally hundreds of people that work within my industry. And got some ok chicks in my rotation. Would like to improve my quality. So this one male coworker is a player. He is married also but he gets out and plays lots of fun. He is a true natural really good looking and is about 12 years younger than me. So it is a bit intimidating going out with him. But he is fun as hell and is a hard drinker. I am not a heavy drinker.

    Few nights ago things are starting to get interesting. Go to this dance club and my drunk buddy goes to work on the hottest blond in there very direct drunk game. She is so into it. He tells her how bad he is and she tells him how bad she is. Her other tall brunette friend comes over and starts flirting with him also. I attempt to try to get into the conversation just to wing and start talking. And nothing…crickets. These bitches are almost totally freezing me out. What is amazing is my buddy is not doing anything special just being an asshole and sloppy drunk but they love it. I am amazed and frustrated at the same time. I know I should not be but it does affect me. I eventually pull myself together and start to have fun with other people there. After about an hour we go to another bar. Just us two. Not the chicks. My buddy had insulted one by telling her he “just wanted to fuck her.” She said “fuck you” and stormed off. Thing is he would have had success with that if she had a couple of more drinks in her.

    So we are at the next bar. My buddy is barely coherent by now. I spot these two in the table next to us do a little eye contact and smiling but do not approach. One is smoking hot solid 8 with incredible titties. The other is a 6 and nice titties but a little thick. They walk by with their cigarettes and my drunk buddy opens them asking for a cigarette. We then follow them to the patio for a smoke. I do not smoke. So I just start gaming them. My buddy is babbling incoherently now. I am teasing and touching both. Wish I had been the one to open them. (I Got to fucking crack this sticking point somehow.) But the game was on. They were yes girls. So it was just a matter of not fucking up. Things are going well I joke and tease the cute one she is very receptive and is very witty and smart. Not in a bitchy way she is fun. They are from Texas visiting in town. Cute one is divorce raping her husband and appears to have a lot of money she looks about 25. Sweet girl at least to me lol. Turns out she is 33.

    We close the bar down and I convince them to come to my hotel room I have a bottle of wine. On the walk over my buddy is so fucking drunk that he essentially cockblocks me by upsetting them a little too much. So we head to our hotel and they go to theirs. Only about a mile apart. When I get to my room. I text them and offer to come over and slip in between them. And bring the wine they enthusiastically agree. I head over. They are dressed in skimpy little shorts and bra-less with tank tops. Pour the wine and the uglier one goes right to bed and asleep perfect. I start talking and touching and kissing the 8. She is very cool. Does not fight me. But not too responsive. She wants to talk and get to know me needs comfort. We actually have a pretty good conversation. Here is where I make a big mistake. She asks how long I was married. I tell her I am going through a divorce also. And it is not a very well told lie. I never lie like this this. Anyway things get hot and heavy. Tell her some personal stories to build lots of comfort and we talk about our lives a little. She is talking about me visiting her when I go to Texas, and her visiting me when she comes to Florida. Good future projection.

    We makeout more but she absolutely does not want to fuck but I am progressing. Got her top off and play with and suck those incredible titties. Little choking and she goes through the roof with lust. She is writhing on the bed like a snake. But she won’t let me have the pussy. She is squeezing and stroking my cock. Two hours of LMR only 6 hours of sleep in two days and she was repeating over and over again. “I want you to fuck me tomorrow.” So I just gave up I went to my hotel at 5:00 AM to get 2 hours of sleep for the next day. Planning on going out with her next night to fuck her. Couple of issues.

    1. I need to call her to tell her I am married. If she gets mad at me she could trace my phone number and get my wifes name and contact her and fuck me up. (I had a stalker once and it was not good. My first encounter with BPD, what a nightmare.) If she does not want to hang so be it. I do not get a shot at one like this too often but I have to cover my ass.

    2. I honestly think that this chick is really into me. Another reason she may get pissed. On the other hand she could make a really awesome fuckbuddy coming to town every month or so. My buddy says that if I come clean she will probably not freak out. She probably already knows the score because of my shitty story anyway.

    It did not go too well the next night. Couple of things happened I found out my drunk player buddy. Who was getting drunk the whole next day and night was texting her all day. And basically cock blocked me. Sneaky mother fucker. He is really good looking and a real player. I now know I can never trust him. I thought he would be good to hang out with but not anymore.

    Which was bad enough. In the morning she texts me all ready to get together that night. Then I call her that evening after my stupid so called friend has been texting her god knows what all day. I tell her about the married thing it does not go well. She does not get mad but she says she does not do anything with married guys. And we can hang out but nothing else. I figured we would just hang out and then I would start gaming her again and continue to escalate. But then she just flaked. Understandable.

    Shitty night overall. Shitty feeling. She was a really gorgeous and cool sexy chick and I could tell she was into me. But two things happened.

    1. I fucking lied when I should have just been straight with her.
    2. My “buddy” was working against me. Plus he is incredibly strong competition. This guys wife is a smoking 9, and his ex wife is an actual successful hot actress in Hollywood. He was married to her before she was famous.

    What do you guys think of my assessment? What could I have done different?

    This whole thing has been a learning experience for me as well as kind of disturbing. I am always loyal to my friends. And as I get more into this world I come into contact with more and more ugly situations. Not that I am completely innocent, but still not a good feeling. How do you guys deal with this? Its almost like I am not in the world I was in before anymore. But not really good enough or experienced enough to enter this new world. Kinda of in this limbo state.
    The next day things actually started to turn up with her after the cockblock of the day before. Next day I texted her. I had moved on to another city and she was headed back to Texas, but we struck up a fun and flirty text convo nothing too heavy. She told me that she enjoyed hanging out with me and comes to my town frequently and to stay in touch. I think that she realized what an ass my buddy was and warmed back up to me. Man what Roosh said about “no one wants you to succeed” is so fucking true.

    Chick is pretty cool and she travels a lot. So she would be a good one to fuck when she comes to my City, or to meet at other locations. She had a good sense of adventure and she is fun and spontaneous.

    So anyway I want to be able to properly game her for the future. So I want to ask the experts on here. How would you guys go about doing this? I have not texted her since Thursday, and don’t want to look needy. But want to re-engage and try to get her down here within a month if possible.

    My plan is to do a few ping texts about a week apart to stay on the radar. Maybe get into a couple of phone conversations. Then get some compliance out of her. Such as pictures or having her call me. Then maybe she will throw a few more shit tests at me, which I will have plenty of time to pass. Someone once told me one of the main things in getting an HB8 or above is just passing their shit tests. Then invite her down to kick it in my town show her around and have some awesome fun while she is here.

    So what do you guys think of my plan? Am I on the right track? I have been working on myself for two years now and I have seen great gains. But I want to get to the next level.


    • @Reco A few things. Don’t go out with drunk guys as “wing men”…it’s trouble. Secondly, why do you need to tell a woman you’re about to fuck you’re married? What purpose does this serve? If it’s an issue, find someone who doesn’t care. You seem to be overly invested—a habit have worked hard to break. See her or don’t but don’t over-plan this.

      Finally, regarding BPD…if you think this girl has BPD do NOT engage. But BPD has clear behaviours to watch for. And honestly it is not easy or fun to deal with.

      If you’re going to bang chicks while you’re married, don’t create drama for yourself. Make it easy. Most women don’t really care unless it’s a longer-term thing. The only reason it matters is if you promise her something and don’t deliver.

      It’s like the age thing. The 23 year old I bang asked me my age: “Does it really matter?” was my response.

      It’s the same with “Are you married?” “does it really matter?”


    • dude, TMI, seriously. Either you are ready to cheat or you ain’t. If ain’t, then get off the ride and make room for others.

      Stop obsessing over her and overanalyzing every little thing; just don’t give a shit and internalize that YOU are the catch. Use your player friend and get excess ass off of him. Game THAT dude in your favor- he did.


      • @trav777 good comment. I used to do this and with more success and sober reflection on my game, I stop over-analyzing.


    • on October 22, 2014 at 10:23 am having a bad day


      props on keeping up the work…lol…

      good self-assessment…your plan sounds fine…try it and see what happens…lol…try to stay in the r-select/lover slot and not the K-select/boyfriend slot…sexualize your conversations early and often…lol…

      ” Plus he is incredibly strong competition. ” …lol…no, he’s not…your buddy is a good-looking, non-calibrated beta…lol…he ‘gets away with’ being an asshole bc he looks good, but it doesn’t get him laid (as much as it should…lol) if he gets laid, it’s ONLY bc he looks good…lol…and doesn’t screw up…lol…he lost the first 2 girls AND the second 2 girls…lol…YOU ended up in the hotel room with them…lol…AND he actively cock-blocked you to save his ego of being the ‘natural’…lol…

      you failed with the girl bc you didn’t get over her ASD…lol… she thought of you as boyfriend material…lol…since you were getting a ‘divorce’…lol…you cock-blocked yourself…lol…if you own your desire (and are otherwise also alpha…), girls will want that, even if you are married and planning to keep it that way…lol…have you learned nothing from this site?…lol…you should have gone for the 3some…lol…

      repeat after me…

      ‘…not me, i’m married…and my wife is HOT!…i just like to flirt…normally, you couldn’t even tempt me…regardless of [whatever inner quality she has that she ‘earns’ you with…] but she’s not here right now…and you ARE starting to get to me…’ [then stare her down with your smirk…]…then escalate some more…and just let it happen…lol…

      good luck!


      • @HABD and Walawala, thanks for the advice. And you are right. I just let it get into the boyfriend slot too easily. And you are so right I cockblocked myself. lol I did need to sexualize it more. And I will do that from now on. My text convo was more sexualized.

        On the repeat after me thing. Believe it or not that helps a lot. Being the nice guy for too long creates a lot of bad habits. And with those habits come naturally beta actions. lol I have to break those habits. And that takes practice and trial and error.

        I will text her next week and start working her to come to visit me.

        @Trav777 if you have specific advice on how to game the player friend let me know. Because I know another “friend” just like him. These motherfuckers are used to getting all the attention and they really get envious as a woman when they are not in the middle of the pussy. So give me some specifics. It will be fun and I can report back here what happens.


      • @Reco as for establishing the “status” of where you are with a woman, here’s a thing I worked on a few times and it seems to have a “calming” effect or diffuses a woman’s hamster.

        When I get asked a question like “What is our relationship?” or some variation of that: “What are you looking for?” I now respond directly rather than beating around the bush: “We’re lovers…”

        My crazy ex gf in one of her distancing moves once asked “Are we friends?”

        I looked at her and said “NO…we’re lovers.”

        This idea implies: we fuck, but defines a status in an indefinable way.


  30. Pardon me for changing the subject a bit, but here is why MEN must vote November 4th in the US – http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/why-would-any-man-vote-democrat/


  31. so CH you agree that the way of the Negro is the right way?


  32. on October 21, 2014 at 8:42 pm reply to saboteur arbiter

    God will not be mocked, and God is on record as saying he cares as much about the least of those little ones as he does about you. And when God says least he means what he says. So abortion-lover-soon-to-be-getting-old-and-dying-old-fuckers, don’t say you haven’t gotten good advice. And Arbiter, you have done yeoman’s work at demonstrating the foolishness of the position you describe. Well played, pseudo-libertine saboteur friend of mine.


    • God hates half-breed babies. Thou shalt kill the abomination that dwells in a mudsharks womb…


      • Dash their baby heads, I’m playing to win…I mean I so love the world.


      • on October 21, 2014 at 8:59 pm reply to saboteur arbiter

        That half-breed jokiness is from Philip Dick on a bad trip or H.P Lovecraft, you wont read that nonsense in the Bible, also, Phil and H,P. were not alphas. They were scared but creative pussies, good for them they were creative otherwise theyd just have been scared pussies. The messengers of God, all of them were alphas. Just saying.


  33. Y’all talk a lot of “5 minutes of Alpha” smack, but nobody has confidence that they can keep a pregnant chick on the leash.

    Real pimps got 4 or 5 girls getting pounded nightly, handing over all the money and begging for some of it back, and then paying for their own abortions.


    • Great point. What I don’t see in the ‘Sphere (usually) is getting a woman to fuck on the man’s schedule. I think spinning plates is the end game for the foreseeable future. Not enough emphasis on retention and leadership after the first fuck. Maybe it is self-evident once at that level of getting the new lays often, but I wouldn’t know. Maybe that is just to advanced for the readers, half or whatever without any solo field work experience.


      • “Not enough emphasis on retention and leadership after the first fuck.”



      • Da fuq b da purpose of “leadership”? Esp when you’re just dumping your seed purposely in her various orifices? It’s not like y’all are actually hanging around for the birthing and nurturing and raising of yer progeny.


      • dumping yer seed purposeLESSly


      • The player portion of the sphere isn’t about leadership or retention. They are just as flaky and cowardly as feminists.


      • Teaching spergs and tards and betas how to get laid is a complete waste of time if they’re just gonna dispatch the poor girl off to Planned Murderhood at the first sign of any actual tangible meaningful adult responsibilities at the very far edge of the 9-month Event Horizon.


      • Sex has a three pronged effect.

        1) Procreation
        2) Bonding
        3) Pleasure

        In that order.

        But since a lot of us have been taught procreation is the worst thing to happen by our darkened elite overlords…we take that out as much as possible. Since women are told they are empowered by experiencing every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there the bonding is weakened significantly. The only reason there is the ‘5 minutes of alpha’ is how strong the bonding component is. All that is left is pleasure which is fleeting the minute some trouble pops up. Hello cads, divorcees, and broken homes.


      • > “Hello cads, divorcees, broken homes…” …and the carcasses of little babies left to rot in the Dempsey Dumpster out back behind Planned Murderhood.


      • earl yet again casts his pearls… comment of the month on the most recent.


  34. One of the saddest episodes of my life was impregnating a lovely woman who was recovering from breast cancer. We were careful and she had an IUD in-place so we thought we were covered. She was religious and socially conservative and not an advocate of abortion although not a fanatic. She was divorced and I was married.

    However, she was also on some anti-cancer drugs that lowered her immune system AND acted as fertility drugs. Whatever the reason, I blasted through and she was pregnant. Her doctor gave her an abortion the day she found out. I was at her apartment when she returned, crying and in serious pain.

    There was nothing I could do and no solace I could provide.

    We didn’t see each other again for years, at her choice, but later had lunch. She didn’t blame me (and neither did I) but it was a sad time anyway.


  35. Oh man… I used to have a field day with shit like this. If I found out a woman I picked up was married or engaged, then I hit it raw every time and never bothered trying to pull out. Never really spoke to them again afterward either. Who knows how many kids running around out there being raised by betas are actually mine?


  36. two of the biggest sluts I know managed to bang their 20s away without incident, and could you BELIEVE that they had a little accident once they hit 30? What a coincidence! Actually more than a few friends have had oopsie babies in their late 20s-early 30s.

    They were smart enough to not pick a man of dusty complexion, however, and they are now “happily” married. One just posted an instagram of her husband rubbing her feet though, so i’m not sure about how that’s going to work out.


  37. There there’s this guy: http://mom.me/baby/15259-life-changing-family-secrets/?ncid=webmail1

    Surprised the courts let him end his paternal rights.


  38. I just found this and had show it to others



  39. O/T:

    Professor (of what?) Michael Mark Cohen is now the leader of the Scalzi and Fat-trelle self-hating, libtard, feminized ManBoob brigade:


    And to think parents are spending good money to send their kids to the UC system to “learn” from this shithead.


  40. Heartiste, completely off topic, but Brazil is about to elect the next president and the guy who’s running against the actual president – an ugly dyke called Dilma Rousseff -, Aecio Neves, is a bona fide player. Check out the kind of pussy he used to smash (the last one is his actual wife, about to be the hottest first lady in the world…).


    • Since I don’t see the post I sent previously, here it goes again: the guy in the link above is running for president of Brazil. He’s a notorious player, and in the link there are photos of girls he dated (including Giselle Bundchen). The last girl is his actual wife, who can become the hottest first lady in the world. And he is running for office against an ugly leftist fug called Dilma Rousseff…


  41. we both knew the other was married…

    So what is the problem? She can do what women have done for the last million of so years – tell her husband that it’s his. End of problem… Of course, that only works if hubby didn’t have a vasectomy or other such thing so that she can’t take it home… But that is HER problem. Of course, there are states where even if he knows it’s not his – too bad…

    I’m always amazed at married women that step out and think that any man sees them as more than what they are – married sluts. Don’t get me wrong – sluts are fun, enjoyable, and always a good time for a night or two but really, what did she expect? A commitment? She’s a “good time” girl that happens to be married. And no married guy that knows she’s stepping out, will use her for more than a cum-dump.


  42. Some people here offer religious arguments against abortion. The problem is that those arguments lack traction with those who do not share those writers’ underlying beliefs.

    But there is a secular case against abortion. VERY briefly, Abortion is a species of homicide, like it or not. You may call it a trivial homicide (“It’s so small! It can’t think yet!”) but that doesn’t change the nature of the act. A society that accepts millions of ‘trivial’ homicides, for nothing more than convenience, coarsens itself culturally and over time becomes demoralized. Our current demographic situation should not surprise us.

    A grown-up is responsible for the reasonably-foreseeable consequences of his actions, and pregnancy-despite-birth-control is common enough to be reasonably foreseeable. If you are not willing to impregnate a given woman, if you don’t respect her as a prospective mother of your child, then maybe you just shouldn’t be fucking her.

    Yeah, that’s tough on the notch-cutters here. But Sex, real ‘P-i-V’ Sex, is for grown-ups, just like Guns, and one of the same rules applies: You are responsible for whatever is behind the target you shoot at, unless you’re shooting blanks. You can’t say, Oops, I didn’t realize a house was there! or Oops, I didn’t realize a fertile womb was there! Grow up…or leave those sports to those who have.

    ZS has one thing straight: A healthy bun in the oven of a woman you respect is good news, whether you realize it yet or not.


  43. Any “player” who would encourage the murder of an innocent, unborn child who is conceived as result of their “game” is an egotistical POS, a sad excuse for a human, and less than the most effeminate of omegas. Using abortion as the nuclear option, all in order to reduce a succession of vaginas to mere pleasure-holes, places your lot somewhere between a shepherd in Algeria, a Turkish bathhouse, and Afghanistan Man Love Thursday festival. You’ve lost all touch with natural law and the primal essence of sex organs. You have no honor, you are less than your biological call to manhood, and you leave nothing but emotional/spiritual destruction and death in your wake.

    Under a paradigm like yours, which hopes to eliminate any emotional or material obligation that may result from your “conquests”, you merely seek to replace your own hand with a woman’s vagina. You betray tens of thousands of years of mating cues and innate, human male sex drive and replace it with a system based on numbers and spurts of pleasure. To be sure, pleasure is a means in the sex drive of man, but the end is geared towards the immortality and possibility of procreation. To miss this point is to miss the vitality and uniqueness of being born as a male with the ability to impregnate and cooperate in the creation of life.

    In essence, you are not much different from a 13 yr old masturbating to porn; abortion is your Kleenex, except the “accident” isn’t just a stain on your jeans that mommy might see. It’s an innocent baby.

    Rule one of being a true alpha (or at least the accomplished but small team of fellow alphas that I respect and hang with and that other men and the community look up to and women want to be with) is to embrace the power of what nature made alphas for; passing on superior genes. I don’t deny the power and reality of your advice in gaining entrance to a vagina; however, your support of abortion makes it evident that you are less than your natural call to true manhood.


    • Select your women carefully. Young, hot, and reasonably un-crazy. Of course, to attract a young, hot, and reasonably un-crazy girl, you have to either have Game or learn it.

      Game is a dangerous skill to learn, for your own soul’s health, even if the women involved don’t care. But it’s part of the sin of Adam and an occupational hazard. We can’t date good girls from church any more.

      And yes, if you knock her up, you’re definitely responsible for the human life produced. So absolutely stay away from women north of 25.


  44. CL is still one of the best places to look for cars and trucks. At least in my city.


  45. […] From Craigslist (remember that site?): thanks again for leaving me out in the rain! w4m my phone is now ruined, so I’ll have to resort to this – the way we first met. here.  […]


  46. on October 23, 2014 at 7:17 am Once Bitten Twice Shy

    I will share what happened to me.
    It happened around the 5 month mark of dating my ex a few years back.
    She was in her late 30’s and wanted a baby (far more urgently than I realised).
    I always used condoms and would always flush them down the toilet afterwards.
    Anyway, one night, I accidentally put a condom on the wrong way around so I took it off and went to get another; on the other side of the bed from where I was. She was between me and the condoms so she offered to get it.
    So, I watched her (from behind) as her back was turned, she got a condom, tore the wrapping open and I could tell from the motion of her head etc that something was not quite right…. she was gently biting the end of the condom.
    She turned around and then innocently rolled the condom onto me.
    With the condom fully on .. I then “innocently” reached down, pinched the end if the condom and gave a fairly gentle tug. The end popped off with minimal effort.
    The game was up, I knew without a doubt what she had done.
    Without going into detail, admittedly, at the time my reaction was rather beta.
    She played it innocent but hardly said anything.
    The seed of mistrust had been sown.
    It ended soon after.
    A woman with baby rabies, will do just about anything, anything, anything to get pregnant. You being there is beside the point. She wants a baby for her.
    You will just be the chump that pays and MIGHT get to play daddy.

    One option is that If you can afford it, and the law allows it, get your sperm frozen and then get a vasectomy.


  47. Alpha fux beta bux corvinus edition:

    Three years ago: tragic, 29 y.o. 5 with lotsa baggage tries to nail me down quickly as a beta-sucker husband.
    Now: tragic, 29 y.o. 6.5 with lotsa baggage gives me a blowjob and dismisses me.

    Heh. And now I have to go to confession… at least I was pretty drunk and not expecting it.

    And also looks like I’ll have to tighten up my “if she’s north of 24, ignore” rule.


  48. That is why you never ever accept a child – doesn’t matter if it’s a one night stand, a girlfriend or your “loving” wife – without paternity testing, you don’t want to end up as a pay pig for some other dudes bastard.
    If you are in a relationship, make it clear to your woman that in the case of childbirth there will be a mandatory DNA test before a cent of your hard earned money goes that childs direction, lowers the risk of cuckolding since she knows she will be on her own if it’s not your sperm.