The Accidental Approach

A quick story about the power of the uninhibited approach. This one time (in cad camp), a girl crossing my path on the sidewalk strongly resembled a girl I was dating, at least in profile and from the back. So much so that I thought she was my girl, and I hurried forward to catch up with her and deliver a warm greeting. She hadn’t seen me when I trotted into her view and said “Hey!” inflected with an intimate, and confident, familiarity.

From her vantage, this was a cold pickup attempt. From my vantage, I thought I was saying a surprise hello to a girl I was banging. For a flickering second, we eyed each other with disbelief — her trying to figure out why I introduced myself, and me suddenly realizing she wasn’t the girl I was dating at the time.

Then an odd turn occurred in the plot line. Instead of furrowing her brow with annoyance at the bother, or promptly dismissing my accidental approach, she parried my ‘hey!’ with an equally friendly and intimate ‘oh, hi!’, and stood still, planted to the sidewalk in front of me, looking like she was expecting more consent-defying magic to spring from my prolix tongue.

This girl was in it to see if I would win it. My instinct switched from ‘I should tell this girl I thought she was someone else’ to ‘Wait a sec….she thinks I’m hitting on her…and she’s open to it!’. Now aroused by the opportunity before me of fresh cleft, I hesitated to exit our fortuitous rendezvous with a curt explanation for my impudence. During what must have been just a couple seconds but felt like an eternity, I considered my next course of action….I could easily springboard from my accidental hello to deliberate pickup banter….but at the last decided to take the noble — or less adventuresome — route and excused myself on the wispy adieu of mistaken identity.

The scene reminded me of a truth about women and pickup that guests of the Chateau should know by heart. For all the talk of tactics and logistics and hurdling last minute resistance, indubitably all of it a valuable store of knowledge to the aspiring womanizer, one rule governs them all: the man who says something will always get further with women than the man who says nothing.

The world of women will only open to men brave enough to trek it. If you never invade a woman’s safe space, she’ll never post hoc rationalize your invasion as her invitation. Women’s safe spaces are essentially self-fulfilling until a man with a set of steel ones decides they aren’t.

This girl I thought was someone else had no idea I greeted her under false assumptions, yet the confident familiarity with which I made my existence known to her lithesome universe sparked something primal in her: a welling up of ancient desire that the expectations of modern society successfully suppresses most of the time. I’m sure vanishingly few men have ever cold cocka-ed her like that on the sidewalk. When one man did, it stirred a longing every woman shares to be the lust object of a man who takes what he wants. My accidental entitlement reminded me that deliberate entitlement remains the essential provocation of women’s romantic curiosity.


  1. Terrific story, and a glimpse into why day game is the most fruitful.


  2. At the end of the day, that’s what they’re secretly hoping for, some guy to take them out of the boredom of their life. to spontaneously just whisk them away for an adventure.

    Reminds me of something someone had on twitter a while back: she’s more insecure than you think. (And also hornier too.)

    2017—the year of busting more moves. Ah hell, I’m starting this shit today.

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  3. Same thing happened to me….I was on public transport and a girl walked by. I smiled, she smiled back and stopped. At that point I thought I knew her and approached to say “Hi, how are you?”

    She started chatting. We realized we didn’t know each other. I asked her to sit down and proceeded to game, number close, met up and banged her third meet up.

    The fact I thought I knew her took away the “approach anxiety”. Once we were already talking it seemed natural to escalate.


  4. on December 21, 2016 at 5:31 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

    Something similar happened to me recently.

    At a gathering of hipster elites, I saw a girl who from behind who looked very much like my main squeeze (tight white blouse, pleated polka dot skirt, same height, .65 waist-hip ratio, etc), who was with a group that were composing themselves for a photographer. So I came up, firmly and intimately draped my arm around her hip and drew her in for the shot. We looked at each other, me with sly surprise, her with a bit of shock. I kept my arm on her hip for a lingering few seconds. She didn’t pull away – most dominant frame always wins.

    I said, “Goodness, you have a twin! You must be the evil one.” She tittered. When she saw my girlfriend a few moments later, I could see her appraising glance – probably thinking “I’m younger, hotter, tighter.” (One of three in truth). I winked at her. She blushed. Fun times.

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  5. on December 21, 2016 at 5:32 pm Captain Obvious

    > “a man who takes what he wants” ——— You keep what you kill.


  6. Game deniers in 3.2.1…

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  7. Although this is an example of an honest mistake in identification, this is also an excellent cold approach opener.

    The ‘thought you looked familiar’ gambit.

    One great nugget of knowledge is that women love to tell the story of “I met this cute guy the other day by accident blah blah”. This plays right into her fairy tale plot line and curious excitement.

    Thing is, you can execute this ‘accidental’ opener over and over again. Works great.


    • on December 21, 2016 at 8:37 pm Captain Obvious

      “Well, you weren’t who I thought you were, but hey, here, go ahead and punch your number into my iPhag. Then I’ll send you some obnoxious TXTs, and you can get all angry and tell me what a jerk I am, but inevitably we’ll make up and decide that we have truly awesome chemistry together and live happily ever after. The End.”


  8. The kind of boldness they want:


    • I can’t find a separate video for it, but in the movie, William Hurt walks up to Kim Zimmer from behind, mistaking her for Kathleen Turner, and says “Hey lady, wanna fuck?”. Classic…


      • on December 21, 2016 at 10:33 pm Captain Obvious

        YEP. Can’t discuss it too much more for fear of giving away spoilers.


      • Ya’ll’s references to this movie and its actresses remind me of advice from my father, circa 1984.

        “The most difficult challenge of selecting a wife is knowing which women age well. Prefer classic beauty. Those facial quirks become bizarre deformities as women age. And always choose thin. At least there’s a reference point to which she can return.”

        A corollary, remark, when a woman strolled by us at the mall.

        “Plastic surgery never makes anything better. If her nose is crooked, it’s crooked. Breaking it won’t fix it.”


      • Check out her mother to get a preview of what is to come.

        Doesn’t always help, of course. One girl I dated a few years later decided to sterilize (yes) herself and after the operation ballooned to double size. Neither her mother nor her sister turned out like that.


    • on December 21, 2016 at 10:36 pm Captain Obvious

      Music by John Barry Prendergast. One of the great scores of the 20th Century – arguably the greatest.


      • Ennio Moricone might have something to say about that… among (many) others.

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      • on December 22, 2016 at 8:37 am Captain Obvious

        The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? That’s an entirely different genre. Not comparable. [SPOILER ALERT] This is Femme Fatale Film Noir. A completely different beast.


      • If you think Moricone’s catalog is simply spaghetti westerns, a la The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly… or that that film represents his best work, well… you can’t sit at my dinner table during a discussion of music.

        Body Heat was a seminal movie for the eighties, no doubt… but film scores for noir are so vast as to be uncategorized as such…

        … and you DID say “arguably greatest score of the 20th century”.

        If you want to limit it to film noir, I can think of twenty scores to put before Body Heat… from Double Indemnity to Kiss Me Deadly to Psycho to The Third Man to Touch Of Evil, etc., etc., etc.

        And we haven’t even gotten around to any Bogie or Mitchum flicks.

        /Okay, film sperg out rape!

        in real life she would have called the cops on beta William Hurt. he would’ve gotten arrested.

        Dude! She purposely put herself in that vicinity to lure Hurt into her web.

        Damn, what are they teaching you kids in the schools nowadays? Watch a film besides Transformers and Saw once in a while. 😉


      • Bond films aside, if you have to pick one of Barry’s scores for top honors, it would be Out Of Africa… no contest.


      • I always liked John Barry’s score for Dances With Wolves–content of the film notwithstanding, it’s a beautiful score.


      • “Bond films aside, if you have to pick one of Barry’s scores for top honors, it would be Out Of Africa… no contest.”

        Duh duh duh duh duh DUH-DAAAAAAAHHHHH
        (dah dah dah)
        duh duh duh duh duh duh-dmmmmmmm
        DAH dah dah dah dah dah
        (duuuuhh–duh duh duh duh duh . . .)

        Blew me away in high school. But I doubt I could stand it today.

        I’ll throw an out of the box Ennio Morricone nom onto the table, from the oeuvre of Mr. Polanski no less–“Frantic”.

        Positively, and appropriately, chilling.


    • in real life she would have called the cops on beta William Hurt. he would’ve gotten arrested. she’d be too embarrassed/repulsed to come to his defense. he’d have a criminal record with breaking and entering, stalking, and sexual assault. he’d be wearing an ankle monitor and be a registered sex offender for life. she would’ve filed a civil suit for the emotional distress and property damage. and then she would’ve spent the settlement on a vacation to Jamaica with her google boyfriend who beats her.


      • on December 22, 2016 at 8:39 am Captain Obvious

        Dude, remember that whole thang about the Trumpenkrieg & 4-D chess? [SPOILER ALERT] Hurt is 110% the Beta fool [who mistakenly thinks he has the swagger to be an Alpha], and the B!tch plays 5-D chess with his soul.


      • Kathleen Turner was pretty hot in the 80’s.
        Not sure I want to know what she looks like today or who she had kids with, if any.


      • on December 22, 2016 at 9:18 am Hackett To Bits

        She uses Ned for the $$$.
        But watch her last scene. Alpha widowed really, really badly.


      • Turner blew up into a real balloon in her later years… couldn’t believe it when I saw it (she had a bit part as a dog trainer in some comedy about 10 years ago, I forget the movie).

        Google Kathleen Turner then and now… I don’t have the heart to post the results here. Read ’em and weep.

        She was pretty much the undisputed babe of the eighties and early nineties… another lesser known film of hers that was most droll was one in which she and husband Dennis Quaid played clandestine agents, Undercover Blues.


      • Off the top of my head, I recall Romancing the Stone and Julia & Julia.


  9. Was at my happy place when a natural blond 9-10 sat down across from me. I sensed some IOI’s so started a conversation. To my mild surprise she was very responsive. In fact the eagerness to converse actually threw me for a bit of a curve and produced some nervousness on my part. The gal was early 20’s damn beautiful Swiss/German specimen. After exchanging business cards I finally had to bail. My feeling was that she was ready to escalate and would of easily given me her cell number or more. My nervousness surprised me given the level of game I have been at this year.

    Ended up leaving her a message at her work to text me her cell #. So we will see. Found her Instagram and was more hopeful after seeing she had posted several pictures of her big beta boyfriend she had been traveling with throughout Europe. Let me speak to this.

    1. 9’s and 10’s almost always have boyfriends, period.
    2. My experience is that these boyfriends are betas who will travel, dress up and shop with them. Many lovey dovy pictures.
    3. Many of these women will seek sex with an Alpha and have no shame that they are doing this to their boyfriend.
    4. Women are PGA and men are putt, putt. Just remember that.

    Btw, sent a link to my boyz and they were like “damn she is hot”

    We will see if she texts me. No guarantees especially since she may have sensed some of my nervousness.


    • Oh and when she first sat down next to me I could see all the guys in the place just giving me the death stare. It was a sight to behold.


    • on December 21, 2016 at 10:39 pm Captain Obvious

      Sometimes you can flip the table and use honesty as a form of Vulnerability Game – “I don’t what’s wrong. You’re making me nervous as he11. This isn’t supposed to happen to me.”

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      • on December 21, 2016 at 10:40 pm Captain Obvious

        “You’re throwing me off my Game.”

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      • on December 21, 2016 at 10:40 pm Captain Obvious

        “I feel different around you. And I’m not sure whether I like it. This is new for me.”

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      • on December 21, 2016 at 10:43 pm Captain Obvious

        Or: “This is uncharted territory for me.”

        Also: “You’re getting under my skin (blah blah blah blah blah)…”

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      • on December 22, 2016 at 8:45 am Captain Obvious

        FOR THE RECORD: Try as hard as you can to make sure that none of the above is actually true. But in the unfortunate circumstance that it is actually true, then push hard for BUNZ -> OVEN. ‘Cause if you’re lucky, then you might stumble upon true Natural Chemistry like that maybe once a decade. MAYBE. And for many dudes, maybe only once in an entire friggin’ lifetime.


      • “then you might stumble upon true Natural Chemistry like that maybe once a decade. MAYBE. And for many dudes, maybe only once in an entire friggin’ lifetime.”

        Hmmm, not sure what you mean by this. I had some pretty strong chemistry with a gal earlier this year. Are you talking about a different type of chemistry?


      • on December 22, 2016 at 10:25 am Captain Obvious

        Where the two of you slide into a groove, and everything is just about perfect. Naturally. Nothing artificial. No apprehension, no effort, no worries. It just happens. And when you bed her, she cums & cums & cums for you. Gives up her soul to you. And then you find yourself looking forward to being with her. You get lonely without her. And suddenly you start to realize that you want her to be the m0ther of your ch!ldren. Also helps if she’s a world-class cook [the stomach being the way to a man’s h3art].


      • on December 22, 2016 at 10:26 am Captain Obvious

        BTW, none of the above is an excuse for losing your edge and ceasing to be the master of your domicile. Even though everything is “perfect” with her, you still have to maintain proper Alpha frame.


      • on December 22, 2016 at 10:39 am Captain Obvious

        And in a perfect world, she will be both smart as he11 and also in possession of a sufficiently large Amygdala to see through all the Frankfurt School poisoning of the culture. You don’t want to have her b!rthing emotionalistically-burdened special-snowflake loser pr0geny which are handicapped by lopsided Insulae. Your k!ds need to be book-smart & street-smart & tough-as-nails. But obviously that’s asking a he11uva lot from one single isolated solitary female. Which is why you’re lucky if you meet one gal like that per decade.


      • Captain, have a question for you.

        Have you ever had “bunz” in the oven? Because as it is now I am not of the mindset that there is such a thing as you are describing for LTR’s.

        My life would probably be the closest to it


      • on December 22, 2016 at 2:57 pm Captain Obvious

        The Bunz -> Oven make the LTR. They bind the two of you together for all eternity.


  10. Similar thing happened to myself back in the day. Thought a girl was someone else I knew and struck up a conversation with them while walking.

    Got awkward when I realized she wasn’t and fumbled the ball. Before that it had been going real well.

    Just walked up and started talking to her.

    Like posted earlier; women like having conversations.

    Main reason it may work so well is because sure attractions there, your talking to a woman for most of them “some” level of attraction is always there, but you really “are” just there to have a conversation. ]

    Which makes them more receptive and comfortable to be around you or ironically enough, to even accept going on a date.


  11. on December 21, 2016 at 9:26 pm Kingsley Davis

    I’m sure vanishingly few high staus desirable men have ever cold cocka-ed her like that on the sidewalk.



  12. Nice game post!


  13. “The world of women will only open to men brave enough to trek it.”

    Alpha dares, beta stares.

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  14. Assume attraction. Assume familiarity. Assume the sale!

    Always Be Assuming.


  15. Self-fulfilling Prophecy™


  16. Do any of you guys have any stories? Using the “Sorry I’m late” on girls alone in cafes or sitting in general?


    • on December 22, 2016 at 8:32 am Captain Obvious

      Dude’s wearing some srsly GHEY PANTS. Also, in the real world, that sorta smothering of the nads will quickly send your sp*rm count right down to zero. Nads need to breath.


    • any kind of opening gambit is premised on the assumption that girls need to be tricked into interacting with you. they don’t. you just have to offer something worth interacting with. figuring out what that means, for you and for her, IS the journey. anything else is just a crutch. nothing wrong with a prosthetic opener, long as you know that ultimately any schtick is an obstacle if it’s all you’ve got.

      to really get good with women (and people) you have to be really present and calm under duress. a girl’s gorgeous tits staring you in the face begging to be squeezed is one of the most stressful situations on the planet. it’s supposed to be. being able to handle that calmly while interacting with her on a “deeper” level is 90% of game. (and by “deeper” I mean a girl’s idea of depth, which is about the equivalent of a midsummer rain puddle.)

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      • on December 22, 2016 at 8:48 am Captain Obvious

        “Is this the part where I have to drag my stare away from your bosom and look you in the eye?”


      • +100 Pro fucking comment damn plumpjack

        Fuck pickup lines. (Unless the opener is silly and fun and it amuses YOU and is making you laugh cuz you dont care if you blow it, then its ZFG fun.) Everyone goes through a phase trying to find the right opener. Once you realize its your energy not your words that matter, you level up and stop trying to use openers.

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      • on December 22, 2016 at 10:20 am Captain Obvious

        How’s that 24yo HB9 who wants to b!rth your huWhyte pr0geny?


      • wordpress can eat a dick.

        Lol Captain Obvious. She came by my house and left a note on my truck. I called her and told her to leave me alone, told her I am not a good guy and i am not looking to be faithful or settle down. Its been a week and she has left me alone so hopefully she gets over me and goes and finds a nice guy to put a bun in her oven.

        Meanwhile…I was on my lunch break yesterday, had to go in and order cuz the place was busy. I noticed a cute girl early 20s sitting on the bench near me as I stood in line. Didnt even look for I.O.I.s. I placed my order, sat down and took a second to look over and then said Hi with a smile. She smiled and said hi. I commented on the rain, she added her 2 cents. Then i let it drift…i felt her tripping over her words to blurt something out, anything to keep the convo going. She asked me what i ordered. I made her laugh with a silly answer. I asked what she was doing there. She said she used to work there and wanted to come visit her former boss. I said that was sweet in a warm and genuine way (I meant it). Then i left it alone. She asked me where i worked, where i lived, a bunch of interview questions. Easy close. Hook. Line. Sinker.


      • I was on my fucking lunch break. In a rush, not looking for girls, focused on getting a sandwich and STILL opportunity presented itself. Take action and have confidence. That is what it takes. This article is gold. To any noobs/lurkers, just do it. Go for it. Your first attempt is not going to be as smooth as CH’s written here. But eventually it will be if you stick to it. Just let your ego get battered. I promise it isn’t as bad as it seems. It makes you stronger. It makes you ready for the next time a girl tries that same tactic/insult/whatever. There are more women in this world than men. A lot fewer men with game. Tons of guys are in relationships, tons dont cheat, then theres gay guys, incels, etc. A man with the skills acquired at the Chateau are rare in this world and valued highly. Do your future self a favor. Take the tough hits today so that 2 years from now, you will be sitting down and reading an article like this and KNOW exactly how it will unfold. A smile crept across my face as I read this article because I have done it and i have seen it. I remember when i first discovered this place, a lot of the FRs seemed alien and impossible or too good to be true.

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      • “Can you dim your headlights? They’re blinding me.”


      • Great comment, pj.

        Way to get to the heart (heh) of the matter.

        I love this line: figuring out what that means, for you and for her, IS the journey.

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      • I’m still new to the game despite reading blogs such as this for a few years. I understand that it’s not the content of what you say it’s the way you say it and the sub-communication.

        You have to be comfortable as a man and show your intent in a calibrated way. Directly hollering at girls from across the street is the extreme and just a terrible tactic but so is hiding your dick by approaching indirectly then deciding you don’t want to kill the friendly vibe and good conversation with some good old sexual intent or emotional spikes.

        I know so many newbies hail pickup instructors as gods or look at them like super man but that’s because they aren’t comfortable as a man showing their sexual intent to a woman. I used to have paralyzing anxiety that I froze up every time I saw an attractive girl that I wanted to approach. I beat myself up in my mind and this went on for many years.

        Yesterday I literally did the most approaches 5-6 I’ve ever done in a single day and got two numbers. They were from what you would call a “weak” sets as in less than 5 minutes but I approached from behind and after getting their attention I opened with a compliment and said I wanted to introduce myself. Both are legit numbers.

        One set I ended too fast because I was just too nervous because it was my first “proper” set of the day. She was a tourist girl from Korea just casually strolling along with her camera.

        The other set I was sitting down just chilling and this Chinese girl in a sexy black dress hurrying along a main street grabbed my attention. I had an urge to go chase after her and I did. She looked in a hurry but she did stop for me when I motioned with my hand. I said I saw her walk by and thought she looked nice and then introduced myself and shook her hand. We talked for a little bit but I did call out elephant in the room. I know this is very random/forward and I can see you are in a hurry but I’d like to grab a drink sometime with you. She seemed a little bit hesitant but I said you’re free to leave right now while leaning back a bit and motioning in the direction she was headed. She still offered her contact details and gave me her number.


      • Does this mean I can stop opening with “who lies more, guys or girls?” and “do girls think David Bowie is sexy?


  17. I wish Le Maitre would stop posting so much PUA stuff and return to his WN focus



    • E-Z solution: Just post about 357 paragraphs about your harem of half a dozen or so 19-something swim suit models and how your bald, 5’4 frame emerging from a Ford Fiesta turns them on because of your level of Game and all will be well.


    • I’ve been consumed by politics for months and lost interest in girls which resulted in complete outcome independence especially when most women are shitlibs.

      Watching Project Runway at extended family’s house for first time ever. Jesus what a shitlib snowflake show. Full of queers, Nigs, kikes and hosted by chief mudshark herself Heidi Klum.
      These are shitlibs. Blue State TV. An infantile view of the world. God help them. Come the collapse they won’t survive.


  18. Since accidental meet-cutes with attractive women happen maybe 2-3 times a year in my world – and they are never single – I’ll stick the the FAR better percentages at clubs.


  19. on December 22, 2016 at 8:45 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    WP keeps eating my comments.


    The first time I signed up on a hookup site, it didn’t take an hour for my inbox to be flooded with black men hungry to fuck. I imagine this is what white women are bombarded with on a daily basis.

    White gals might see muds as second-rate, but second-rate will do if the alternative is a SM full of wallflowers.


    • on December 22, 2016 at 8:50 am Captain Obvious

      So (((who))) the he11 are you? Lena Dunham? Or Mark Phuckerberg’s Sister?


      • on December 22, 2016 at 8:56 am Captain Obvious

        Pro’lly just some 300-lb septuagenarian mustachioed yenta psychology professor-ette from Tel Aviv U.


      • It’s the Zuck. There is no other explanation to this abomination. Not even a queer would stoop so low just to troll a site at this pace. There has to be a profit motive involved. Either that or she is falling in love with these unholy beasts she is unfamiliar with in her day to day life and the longing is killing her softly.


    • on December 22, 2016 at 8:51 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      You have no idea just how many black men are down low brothas.


    • So you’re a gay jew? Everything makes sense now.

      Gay jews are the most insane, most bitter, most dangerous people on the planet. Every one of them I’ve had the displeasure of interacting with has been a batshit-obsessed anti-White hater, and a disgusting Negrophiliac.

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      • Krazy Kike admitted he was a fag hebe weeks ago… where ya been?

        Could just be a cover for the usual suspect adolescent yenta, though.


      • The goys around here kept calling out all their Jews and cunts/faggots … so the JIDF tried to “flip the script” as CH would say, and they sent in an uncloseted kike homo to do their trolling lolololzolzozlzoolzoll


      • I had not been apprised of that development Greg but it is not surprising.

        Kek, don’t you find it fascinating that nearly everyone here had you pegged as a Tribal after only one or two comments? Did you ever reflect on the implications of that?


    • ya’ll go easy on Dushka, callous brutes.

      I was not joking. Google Nicolae Steinhardt at ur leisure. (rabbis would say what they say, wouldn’t they?)


  20. @CH this has happened to me too haha.

    Also In the context of an LTR, you should do a post on *healthy jealousy vs jealousy that seems more like a tactic to build a case against you (lose lose situation) and then how to respond to both. For example if your main LTR brings up a random girl you hooked up with while you weren’t together etc etc

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  21. Yes yes a thousand times yes!
    The guy who says something always trumps the hordes of guys who won’t bust a move.

    I recently received confirmation of this simple but eternally true axiom.
    Warning: this isn’t a story of conquest or even success with women, just a brief anecdote.

    I work in a big hospital, many floors, many employees.
    There’s a cute young gal who works in a different department.
    We always flirt and laugh when we see each other but I didn’t know anything about her otherwise.

    Few weeks ago saw her in the hall, strode up and asked her out for that weekend.

    She blushed deep crimson, stammered a few seconds, then said she couldn’t because she has a boyfriend.
    It wasn’t awkward, no harm no foul, we chatted a minute or two more then I split.

    Hour later, she finds me. Says she really appreciated the way I approached her forthrightly, confidently, and that I didn’t make it weird when she declined.

    She went on to say that most men are “creeps” who stare or weasel around but don’t have the confidence to approach. It was clear she has zero respect for these nutless, gutless losers.

    I see her around work, it’s always warm and cordial, just like before.

    There’s a lesson there somewhere…….


    • That’s a perfect example. You young goys out there take note. As Der Trumpenfurher said to The Blacks: “What do you have to lose?”

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If it turns out she’s got a boyfriend or isn’t interested, so what — you’re in the same position you were before.


    • Major1, it goes deeper than that. Guess who she just positioned as someone she wants to keep as an option or who she may turn to if(WHEN) things don’t work out with the bf?

      You. Yes you separated yourself from the others.


  22. on December 22, 2016 at 11:25 am We are losing 1 IQ point a decade. Oh well, that rocks baby.

    “uninhibited approach”

    Reason (and its offspring consciousness) only impede natural processes.
    If you read Hesse’s The Man Without Qualities at a juncture he describes this in a very good, and hard-to-forget way.

    This why getting a little drunk will amp up your game wildly (while it dis-amps-up your prick, that is).

    Mating processes are pre-rational. Don’t think, and go.
    It’s all you need. And it’s the inbuilt thing setting apart the non-neurotic probably low-IQ “natural” (you wrote a post on him) and the neurotic high-IQ talented woman player who, as I and you know, needs many more years before starting to, well, reap good crops.

    We have to understand the whole thing.
    For you to succeed at it you have to either understand nothing of it and be thoughtless or to understand it in full.

    Read that book by Musil, by the way. You ought to read it, really.
    Artists (of his grade) kinda anticipate what’s happening in the (mostly subconscious) souls of rather average people one century later.

    On brother-sister sexual relationships (which are in Musil’s book, and play an extremely biologically and metaphorical signifying role in the book) see also some very good books by psychoanalysts.


  23. I was in Lowes of all places and thought I saw my girlfriend. I went up behind and my hand deep under her ass by her clit and rubbed backwards. The girl turned around and I had to explain mistaken identity . The whole time she has an earnest pleasant smile on her face like she was waiting for me to ask her out.

    [CH: i laughed.]


    • on December 23, 2016 at 6:16 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      Fancy that, visiting home after a long time overseas I was in Lowes yesterday buying a Christmas tree and an absolutely beautiful girl of Middle Eastern/Iranian (I know) extraction was working cash. You can travel the world but even in Bumfuck, Ontario you can find beauties.


    • pussy grabber, recognized


  24. On a side note, I don’t give a fuck who calls it “White knighting”…

    … I would have personally throttled those two yid faggots who had the temerity, on a plane no less, to approach Ivanka and her children.

    God DAMN that pisses me off. 😡

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    • on December 22, 2016 at 3:06 pm Captain Obvious

      Driving down the road today, I was absent-mindedly listening to a newscast on the radio – out of the corner of my ear – and I thought I heard something about a “Mattthew” somebody-or-other and HIS husband???


    • It’s a very weird story.
      Strange that she’s flying Jet Blue.
      Strange that she’s not in first class.
      Strange that her Hebe husband just stood there and did nothing.
      Strange that there were no real men in the vicinity to verbally intervene.

      I’d like to think I would have loudly insulted the idiot just for blocking the aisle, no matter who he was talking to.

      And I’ll bet you the [email protected] k!ke attempts to sue the airline for kicking him off. Just wait and see.


      • So far, I’ve only seen Mr. Ivanka once or twice on TV during post-election coverage.
        Which tells me she did not hook up with him because of his rugged good looks or his protective athleticism.


      • I fear for Ivanka. I think she’s is an ultra shitlib.

        I’m watching Project Runway at extended family’s house and Jesus what an ultra shitlib show. Kikes…queers…nigs…not one straight white make. Blue State TV. God bless them as when the collapse comes they will be slaughtered.

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      • And hosted by chief mudshark herself Heidi Klum


      • Of course Ivanka is a shitlib whore. All urban bitches are now. Where the fuck you been at the last ten fucking years?


    • Exactly. They could lock me up for kicking their asses. I’m bonding out and skipping town anyway. White men are fuuuuuuuuuuucked pussies. Scuse my french ladies.


    • on December 23, 2016 at 6:17 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      What fairies those two.


  25. James Marshall… executing the old “Sorry I’m late” bit perfectly around the 13:15 mark

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  26. i learned this as a teenager… it’s simple: approach & talk to every woman as if you already know her & you’ve already fucked her.

    it does 3 things: you’re naturally confident, you’re not nervous bc you seem familiar with her, & your ability to avoid & pass shit tests is easier (calm, witty, & nothing to lose bc IN YOUR HEAD, you’ve already fucked her).

    … you’re welcome.


    • i find that when talking to a girl, picturing her with my jizz on her face puts me in exactly the right frame of mind.


  27. The feminist spergs would call this street harassment because it’s “unsolicited” or “uninvited.” Well….fucking…duh. Nearly all human interaction starts out as unsolicited. If you wait for signals like the Femispergs suggest, THAT signal is an unsolicited overture. Somebody has to make the first, in-the-dark move.