Grocery Cart Game

This is a fine example of tight grocery cart game by reader Sentient:

An example from today – getting groceries, nice skinny 7 walking around pushing a cart – tight pants and heels. We leave the store about the same time, she is walking up one aisle of cars, me on the other side. Going the same direction and pace, then she turns and cuts across to my aisle, she is parked next to my car.

I say I knew it looked like you were racing me. she’s all I know right titter titter titter. I tell her “yeah you were definitively speeding up trying to win? super competitive huh” She’s laughing shaking her head yes – titter titter. I tell her I have to watch out for her or she’ll ram into me. Just to win. More laughter.

I left it there (local grocery store) but that was a good open, no need to neg hard if they are laughing. Could follow that with more statements – cold reads – misdirection stuff. Then the question – so what are you making tonight/going to/etc etc.

If you think you need to be in a bar to pick up women, you have already failed.

When reading this anecdote, pay attention to the demonstration of Sentient’s situational awareness. The typical beta boob sees an attractive woman pushing a grocery cart into his car lane and he has one of two reactions: Freeze in hypergonadal fear, or say something boring if he does manage to untie his tongue. That’s because the typical beta boob has no INNER GAME. He’s always thinking of ways to impress women instead of what he should be thinking of: ways to amuse himself in the company of women.

So we see Sentient understands the laws of flirting very well: he is fun, cocky, and teasing. He allows her to contribute to the conversation with a cold read (“super competitive huh”). He lightly disqualifies her and flips the chaser-chasee script, (“I have to watch out for you”). He doesn’t interrogate her with paint-by-numbers, fun-sapping résumé questions. What more could a woman want?

I think Sentient could have easily moved to a number or even an insta-date close from this flirtatious foundation. Anything that segues from her good feelings/amped buying temperature would have worked. “If you want another chance to take out your competitive aggression on me, we should meet for drinks yada yada.”

Stop waiting for 1 AM garbage hours in bars to hit on women. Women are everywhere, and so should be your impudent, ever-ready masculinity.


  1. “…He’s always thinking of ways to impress women instead of what he should be thinking of: ways to amuse himself in the company of women.”

    bingo – direct hit.


  2. on October 7, 2015 at 1:47 pm Hook or Crook

    He had attraction and that’s awesome, but multiple attraction spikes are going to fizzle out if he doesn’t build some rapport and show that he’s real. A few more of those hits and he would come off as “gamey” and the girl would shut down.

    Major props to Sentient, but as for Heartiste’s suggestion that this was now a done deal: he had another 5 or 10 minutes of rapport and vibing work to do before attempting an instadate or getting a solid, non-flakey number close, and those 5 or 10 minutes are harder and full of infinitely more variables.


  3. I like elevators. When an attractive woman gets on the elevator with me, I’ll often say, in feigned resignation (and with an almost-deadpan smirk), “look, just don’t hit the button for every floor, okay? I hate when women do that.”

    Typical reaction is a startled smile and a not-too-well concealed reappraisal. Helps that I’m older, typically dressed in a good suit. Banter usually results – “oh they do, do they?” “Yep. Don’t know what it is about me.” etc.


  4. “He’s always thinking of ways to impress women instead of what he should be thinking of: ways to amuse himself in the company of women”

    Some men complain about how annoying game is to run. I know at first at can be, much like lifting weights sucks at first. But once you get into it, you starts to genuinely enjoy it and that’s when the success starts for real, just like lifting.

    [CH: 100% correct.]


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  6. on October 7, 2015 at 1:52 pm Carlos Danger

    Bars and Clubs are crappy places to meet women. Too loud for conversation and too many distractions otherwise too.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 1:57 pm The Spirit Within

      That’s the point of some of those places. They’re silent parades of female fertility indicators and dominant male body language.

      I do a decent caveman swagger, but I run verbal game a lot better. Daygame and online for the win.


    • on October 7, 2015 at 3:10 pm Captain Obvious

      Back what seems like years ago now, we had a poster who was a clerk in a Walmart near Denver Colorado [maybe?], and I was telling him that he should be flirting with EVERY piece of tail which came through his checkout line. And that if a nice piece of @$$ was coming through right at the time for his break, then he should ALWAYS walk her to her car and help her pack her groceries and whatnot [especially Momz with chillunz]. What would you rather do on your lunch break: Gnaw on that bologna sammich in the conference room, or talk up a fine piece of @$$ in the parking lot? The Good Lord only gives us one Life to live…


      • on October 7, 2015 at 3:11 pm Captain Obvious

        Where “Momz” == MILFs.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 3:15 pm Captain Obvious

        And BTW, she doesn’t have to break her marriage vows with you [although she will break her marriage vows with YaReally]. Just get to know folks, and get introduced to their friends – who knows, that married MILF, which your morals prohibit you from tapping, could very well have an even cuter younger sister whom she can introduce you to. You never know until you know.


    • I’ve always said this to my English friends in loud L.A. nightclubs– they were trying to WORK being a small fish in a big pond when all these L.A. hotties were looking for the BBD: bigger better deal. And you can’t leverage whatever game you have trying to compete with loud music systems. You just look like you’re trying too hard.


      • on October 7, 2015 at 5:06 pm Captain Obvious

        > “trying to compete with loud music systems” ——— That’s been my point since forever when dudes start talking Night Game. Ain’t nothing verbal gonna transpire if them speakers are blaring at 120dB – you’re stuck with Body Language/Eye Contact/Kino Game. And you better be at least a passable dancer. I would so much rather be sipping a glass of wine in an outdoor café with a chick at 2PM than trying to chase the very same chick in a 120db disco at 2AM.


  7. The party is wherever I am any time, day or night, whoever is around.


  8. I was recently told that if you put an upside down pineapple in the child seat of your shopping cart that you are DTF, and if you’re with your significant other that you’re in for swinging.

    If you have tight game, you could probably pull a couple then make the (clearly beta) male sit in the corner while you pound his wife.

    Whole Foods Cuckold Rape!

    (did I do that right whorefinder?)


  9. on October 7, 2015 at 2:17 pm Just Some Guy

    For grocery store game, it’s hard to beat, “Excuse me, do you think (insert any ridiculous unhealthy product here) is gluten free?”

    I’ve also used (in the past)… “Excuse me, my wife sent me shopping and I don’t have *any* idea what I’m doing… can you please help (insert whatever here).” — Most are happy to help, are disarmed and willing to help since you said ‘wife.’ They (typically) don’t consider it deceptive when you escalate the conversation and admit you don’t have a wife.


  10. I , Albert De Salvo, like to pick up my women in their apartments.

    Too close to reality rape!


  11. on October 7, 2015 at 2:55 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    Tease them, be playful with them.


  12. Timely post, boss. Was at the grocery store the other night behind a 5/6 and kind out of it. But I noticed her cart was filled with Rice Krispies – and let no good opportunity to interact go to waste, right?

    “You’re a crackle kinda girl, aren’t you?”

    Confused look and a giggle

    “I mean come on – you’re clearly not a snap” followed by my best ghetto “ohnoyoudinnit” head snap

    And then laughter as she figured it out. Game on, bantering ensued and the outcome didn’t matter.


  13. I have *so much fun* in grocery stores, gaming whoever’s there.


  14. yep, have fun, amuse yourself, make a girl’s day – they dig that shit.

    grocery store game is great cuz women generally have their bitch shields down and when they’re shopping they tend to focus on shopping (the only time girls can ever really focus on one thing) and their situational awareness is way lower.

    so if a girl nearly hits you with the cart put your hand firmly on it and say with mock authority ‘license and registration, please’ or ‘you just ran over an orphan back there!’

    another thing i’ve done that usually works really well but can blow up in your face depending on the girl’s mood/time of the month/etc and your calibration is to go up next to her and just start taking things from her basket/cart one by one and putting them into yours…

    she notices – ‘hey, wtf!’

    respond with:
    ‘busted. damn, i was _this close to having my shopping done for the week’
    ‘(mock reading label out loud of some processed shit taken from her cart) diethylhexaniplactate…seriously girl?’ – especially if she’s fit and in her workout clothes
    or straight up
    ‘just wanted to see if you’d notice’

    just roll with it, keep it light and flirty.


  15. Won’t come out of mod in the OP.

    GLL stealing a shopping cart and a heart…


  16. Hit the grocery store at 5:30-6:30 or whenever the single ladies are heading home from work… all dolled up. The local Piggly Mart will be stacked but the Whole Foods/Fresh Markets… they will have the real hotties…

    The Whole Foods on Houston St in NYC should charge a cover… unreal…


  17. OT: but hearing 29 yo blue city chicks speak like Valley Girls, IN PERSON is even more shocking than hearing it through a digital filter.


    • American guys have no excuse whatsoever, if they’re scared to do DG. Wenches be extroverted as fuck with desire to talk.


  18. gold. I think most of us dweebs could use a lesson on insta-dating. Frat party game doesn’t really need much of that.


  19. I have done plenty of cold opens leaving grocery stories at the same time as a girl and talking to her on the walk toward the student dorms nearby. The walk takes about fifteen minutes. The openers are not fantastic, usually there is nothing to pick up on like Sentient’s comment about the girl racing him. So I have just commented on the weather with a broad smile. The only time I slept with a cold-opened girl within three hours was after doing that. She told me later that she had liked me because I had seemed so happy when I smiled. In that word, happy, there are many ingredients: self-assured, pleasant to be around, used to this, good at talking to people.


    • “grocer stores”

      These are two grocery stores, both of them close to the student area. Loved living in that area, and afterward I lived not far away from it. That’s another thing to think of in pickup: logistics.


  20. OT:
    Russians understand who runs ISIS


  21. Number closed a really cute Bulgarian girl on the train on Saturday, ironically after having just got kicked out of a bar for ‘insulting” a black girl lol.


    do a post about alpha widows



  23. This situational tease is how my game works best. A few situations and some sample openers:

    Buffet line, waiting in line for something like a water cooler at work, the communal soft-drinks at a party. If a hot girl is standing in front of me pouring herself something. Me: “Hey save some for us…” That “neg” always sparks a reaction and then I can open.

    Then Krauser’s: “I knew you were trouble…” another opportunity for her to qualify herself. More banter.

    If I’m at a party and people are dancing, I make eye contact and then say “You looked like you wanted to dance…”

    I usually wait for or force an IOI: usually eye contact. If you look into a girl’s eyes, if it widens, that’s an IOI.

    The way I close an interaction and get the number is to wrap it up: “Well, if you promise to behave and not steal my drink/burger/whatever, let’s meet up, what’s your number?” By then attraction has been sparked and comfort has been established.


  24. This isn’t new but can anyone explain why, when I see stuff like this it’s always one of the Chosen… a queer.. or both.

    It’s about your favorite feminister, Hugo Schwyzer.
    Well, Hugo (((Schwyzer))).


  25. Not since Dear Woman…

    An Apology From One Man For Us All


  26. This alpha beta thing seems a little overdone,

    [CH: a lot of people need the lesson hammered home.]

    as if learning to talk to women and get sex gives you some special status that sets you apart from ordinary men.

    [it does. look around. not too many men know how to talk to women in a charismatic way.]

    Narcissists like to feel that they are superior to most other people so maybe that’s what this is- a way to feel superior.

    [you’d rather go through life feeling inferior?]

    The fact is that there is no clear dividing line between mid betas and high betas and low alphas etc.

    [true, but no one here claimed otherwise.]

    There are men who have had 1 sexual partner, men who have had 2, men who have had 3, right up to 100, 200, 300. Its not like 90% of men have had 10 sexual partners or less and the other 10% have had 100 or more.

    [actually, reality is pretty close to that.]

    Or anything like that. Its fairly gradual- I’ve seen surverys.

    [so have i. plus, i’ve seen attack ships burning off the shoulder of orion.]

    The dividing lines and therefore the categories themselves are somewhat arbitrary if you define it only in terms of sexual success.

    [it’s not just sexual success. you are confusing a potential consequence for a first cause. see the ch archived post “defining the alpha male”.]

    Furthermore, just because you have worked out how to get laid a lot in the modern environment doesn’t make you a leader, an alpha in the zoological sense.

    [for the 1,000th time: alpha does not necessarily mean admirable.]

    I will concede that making a distinction between alpha attitudes and beta attitudes may be a useful teaching tool, a necessary oversimplification,

    [you write like a snarky millennial. how about this… try simplifying your own trollery and dropping the “over-” prefix from your sneer.]

    alpha-ness an ideal to aim for. I will even concede

    [“i will even concede”. first words of the concern troll.]

    that women are inherently attracted to those alpha attitudes, to confidence, to the insouciance of somebody with many options, to men who are secure and unfazed, to men who are dominant. But the reality is more varied, more complex, that there are two or three types of men with clear distinctions…like the three kinds of ants.

    [hey that’s a great field of strawmen you’ve constructed there.]


    • You trying to convince us or you?


      • ….And once again the tilicum troll has zero to contribute, so he just posts some copy-paste snark, reusing the same over and over again. Note that that’s all he ever does, aside from venting his hatred over women, poor old incel. You can imagine what that kind of disturbed individual looks like.


      • Being mistaken for an eskimo is novel but not guilty I’m afraid. He sounds charming though.


    • I suppose I am a bit of a snarky millennial (I’d like to get that on a t-shirt). 😉

      Snarky though I may be when the mood takes me, I assure you my only *concern* is the truth. I go where the facts take me.

      Thanks for pointing out the redundant prefix by the way.

      I wont get into every issue that was raised. The thing I’m most interested in pursuing is this:

      “There are men who have had 1 sexual partner, men who have had 2, men who have had 3, right up to 100, 200, 300. Its not like 90% of men have had 10 sexual partners or less and the other 10% have had 100 or more.

      [actually, reality is pretty close to that.] ”

      I think it would really be worth exploring this. I’d like to know if the hypothesis can be confirmed scientifically, as far as that is possible. What data is available?

      Based on a closer look at the survey data (not sure how valid) I referred to, it looks like 10% of men aged 30-34 have had over 30 sexual partners.

      A further (roughly) 10% have had between 20 and 30 and a further 20% between 10 and 20. So that’s 40% over 10 sexual partners by ages 30-34.

      Perhaps the top 10% with over 30 sexual partners are the alphas but then is somebody who has had 30 sexual partners more like somebody who has had 20 or somebody who has had 50?

      Maybe I should conceptualise it as continuum of very beta to very alpha characteristics. Kind of like two colours that are distinct at the poles and gradually merge into each other.

      I never meant to imply alpha means admirable, just that in the animal kingdom it means social dominance and leadership…and that’s what gets them sexual access.

      I can’t shake the idea that dominance is somehow essential to alphaness…and that in any human social group, the dominant person could be identified as the alpha, regardless of how attractive they are. Maybe its just different meanings of alpha, but there’s probably a link too as social dominance is attractive to females from an ev psych point of view.

      I’ve got no axe to grind. I’m just trying to work this stuff out and I appreciate any clarification you can provide.


      “I’ve been accused of being a lot of things. Inarticulate aint one of em.”
      – B. Crowder.

      [CH: for a link to research on sexual intercourse distribution in males, try this:
      summary: most men aren’t getting much action.]


      • Please understand that your snark is not a feature, it’s a bug.

        The old axiom that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor is an old axiom for a reason. That you can snark on a topic does not grant you authority or superiority, and for those of us like me, your snark does quite the opposite.

        Respect your elders, child. Curb your tongue and you might learn something.


      • Anonymous,

        Lighten up, man. I didn’t even mean to be snarky and I’m not stupid enough to think snark in of itself wcould win any argument.

        I wanted to discuss it.


        thanks for the link. I’ll take a look.


      • I looked at the study. Here are the relevant results:

        males 30-34, number of sexual partners:
        0: 2.8
        1: 10.7
        2: 6.9
        3-6: 28.5
        7-14: 21.9
        15+: 29.2
        median: 6.4

        females 30-34, no. of sexual partners:
        0: 1.9
        1: 20.5
        2: 9.4
        3-6: 38.8
        7-14: 18.0
        15+: 11.3
        median: 3.8

        30% of men have had over 15 female partners. The study doesn’t give us enough info about the upper end. We can certainly conclude that most men aren’t getting much action and that there are probably some men who are getting a hell of a lot. (This is actually consistant with the other data I mentioned. Probably 15-20% have had between 15-30, leaving 10% over 30 and most of that 10% will be 30-50.)

        As for the women, only 11.3% have had over 15 sexual partners. Conclusion: most women aren’t slutty and then there are 10% who must be having sex with an awful lot of men. (Alternative interpretation: they are lying in the study).

        If this data can be trusted, does it show female hypergamy?

        [CH: female hypergamy isn’t necessarily proved by sexual consummation. careerist women who wait and wait for years to find an alpha male their equal or better, leaving earnest beta male orbiters in their wake, are exhibiting one of the classic signs of female hypergamy.]

        The bottom 90% of women have less sex than the bottom 90% of men. 70.6% of women have had under 6 sexual parnters compared to 48.9% of men. 88.6% of women have had under 14 sexual partners, compared to 70.8% fo men. It actually shows a top bracket of women having sex with a larger share of men.

        here is the other data: its just an internet survey but it broadly matches the data in your study, for male and females.

        p.s. it would be nice if some of the quantative rigour of hbd blogs was brought to this subject.

        [are you a troll? sincere question. this last line smells of troll.
        ps don’t trust self-report sex surveys. people lie. and trust them even less when examining female sexual behavior, because women lie more frequently and egregiously on these surveys than do men. check the ch archives for the relevant studies. (hbd approved. heh)]


      • Ah, yes. “Lighten up”. Good one. I felt that in my panties.


      • CH,

        an accidental troll I guess.


        you’ve still got your panties on?


    • you are not obligated to agree with 100% of the things you read, you can pick any percent between there and 0 and still benefit.


      • on October 8, 2015 at 10:46 am mendozatorres

        “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


        Or better…”test all things and hold onto what is good.”


    • my first reaction – whshaming attempt?! in the Chateau?!! by ordinary shil for TPTB

      But then – it is our old esckimo pal “Steve”!

      Hi, Steve!


    • also “reality is complex” – “but can be cut to two types of men” (some complexity! and “or three” how magnanimous for schlomo))

      “guess what type you are, GOY, so bend over and take it quietly…”

      sure, zhyd shill 4 TPTB, what you say.

      NAJALT, but boy oh boy, their shrill front-running minority is gonna land Eskimos in serious trouble.


    • Ahhh, still suckin’ on the blue-pill-teat.

      Look, I’m an old married guy, have watched the cycle of society through my own eyes, and then through discussions with my parents (who were born in the 30’s).

      There’s great accuracy in the Alpha/Beta, but only because that’s the way *women perceive men*.

      What’s funny to me is how my own experiments with this work out – on my wife, her friends, women I meet in public (of all ages). I’d never cheat on my wife (because she’s a rare gem who I continue to manage via these techniques), but I still flirt, using these techniques.

      They work.

      -Signed, Old Married Dude


  27. I’ve dated a lot of good looking girls. Never once have I asked for a girls number in a bar. In fact, unless I’m out with friends after some other social event, I actively avoid bars. Highest competition level is present, and girls know why guys are there so the bitch shields and slut shields are strong.

    Why would you go to a place where:

    (1) you’re expected to spend money to have a conversation with someone who may or may not be interested in the form of a cover charge & buying them a drink
    (2) A bunch of other thirsty idiots and try-hards are there all vying for the same scarce resource [the best looking girls]
    (3) women know your approach is with the intention to bang them so SHIELDS UP CAP’N
    (4) you may have to deal with their friends and open a set full of girls with the intention to bang only the hottest one
    (5) music is so loud nobody can hear shit
    (6) a real possibility exists that your vision is messed up because you’re messed up and you wake up next to something Linnaeus couldn’t name
    (7) your judgement is impaired so you don’t bother to check if the broad has an STD or an N=entire football team

    When instead you can playfully ram a girl with a grocery cart, smirk at her, and ram HER 2 hours later after much flirting and witty banter? I mean, come on…isolation is often one of the most critical stages of seduction and if she’s shopping alone, she’s already there. Think about how many of the above bullshit steps you just skipped? Bars are for no game having turds that need alcohol to loosen up their own insecurities and loosen up women, not taking into consideration why bars are one of the worst pickup venues.


    • Yareally has covered the day vs night game argument in detail over at RM in September (check his archive if you want more), so there is not much to add to that except to point out it’s a false dichotomy. Game all venues all the time, you don’t have to choose one form over the other – Club game, bar game, day game, social circle, online and tinder all are good. They are just different in tactical ways.

      That said Ya sums up the benefits of club game well here:

      ” I said it’s a good idea and it teaches you things like how to deal with cockblocks, AMOGs, mixed sets, difficult venues, difficult girls who shit-test hard, massive environmental distractions/interruptions, etc. that running low-key low-emotional-impact daygame on easy solo targets doesn’t teach you.”

      Definitely I find club game the hardest environment for exactly these reasons. It has two massive compensating benefits though, first it will teach you the tightest game, so that all other environments become much easier and second it has the highest number of quality targets anywhere… you CAN run 10 or more sets easily in an hour in a club on high quality (looks) women because of the number present. Day game / social circle you are going to just have much fewer opportunities.

      I actively hit clubs just because they are really hard and I haven’t gotten consistent with this type of game, so blown out a lot but always learn a lot.


  28. My parking lot thing is to wheel your cart parallel to hers – close enough to be noticed but not right on top of her – at precisely the same rate of speed. If she slows hers down or speeds it up, follow suit immediately. Usually that’s enough to make her crack up and spark a tingle. Total non-verbal teasing.


  29. Found this one, Alpha Male and Alpha Female in one statue, notice the way one compliments the other.


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  31. What do people think of Bob Murray’s game here? Present, passable, or am I reading to much into it? Scarlett shit tests him about a mid-life crisis and he doesn’t blink. But I’m thinking he is a little too low energy.


  32. good story Sentient. so trying to impress women is what I would think they want. but there is a correct and incorrect way to do that. simply ignoring that urge and carrying on just to amuse oneself in the presence of women is an interesting idea I would like to hear more about.


    • martin – all you need to realize is that women are impressed merely by a guy who can confidently speak to them and does not take the girl too seriously. That kind of male energy gives her the freedom to express her female energy – emotion, feeling, being in the moment. That is what they are looking for. Girls just want to have fun and all. This goes for the obvious smiling hippy chick all the way through to the careerist feminist cunt. You need to draw it out.


    • My greatest successes have come from being focused on playing/toying with them (essentially having fun with the interaction, the tease, the flirt). We ALL know the “goal”, but they want to play and have fun first (always). Just a matter of differing perceptions – men tend to be goal oriented, women are more process oriented. (Note the difference in communication style).

      Watch an old Cary Grant – his characters never directly hit on a woman – he’s ALWAYS teasing them, ALWAYS in his own frame, ALWAYS operating on his own goals, her’s aren’t even (overtly) considered (Check out His Girl Friday or To Catch A Thief).

      PS. This all works in ANY environment, even if you’re not trying to pickup a woman, say in a work meting. Knowing how to play like this demonstrates the difference between alphas and betas in the boardroom. Source? My work experience as a (now) upper-beta.


  33. For checking tities start at the far end of the aisles and work down. For ass views go with the traffic.


  34. on October 8, 2015 at 7:42 am jessie pinkman

    I walk into the grocery store.I see HB7 standing at the deli looking at ready-made meals.I catch the corner of her eye,she sees me and curls her hair behind her ear as i walk towards her(perfect cue to approach).I immediately recognise her from the gym i frequent.Never greeted or spoke to her before,i ignore her and walk past to do my business.As i make my way to the check-out,i see her looking through chocolates in the candy aisle.I walk up to her.

    ME: I dont like those,i think you should get me this one(I hand her a PS Chocolate,they have printed messages on them.The one i chose says “Let’s have fun”

    She: Excuse me?

    ME: You get me a chocolate,and i’ll get you get to pick one too(I force her to pick one that says “Be Mine”

    SHE: Lol ok.

    We banter about the silly messages on PS chocolates and check-out together.I got her number,two weeks later we were butt naked on her couch.

    [CH: nicely played.]


  35. Cannot be stated how important it is to teach ones children the correct female nature.

    See the Thioro Mbow story. Imbecile simp husband is agitating for the release.


  36. I recently learned that if you put an upside down pineapple in the child seat of your grocery cart that it’s code for you being DTF. A lot of swinger couples do it.

    If you have tight game I bet you can find a couple with a (surely beta) husband who would rather masturbate in the dark corner while you bang his wife.

    Whole Foods cuckold rape!


  37. “The typical beta boob sees an attractive woman pushing a grocery cart into his car lane and he has one of two reactions: Freeze in hypergonadal fear”

    SSRI’s get a bad rap, and deservedly so for the most part, but for the 6 months I was on one this “fear” reaction completed disappeared. It was only a low dose and the effect was pretty incredible in this regard.

    [CH: i’ve heard of experiences like yours from people i know. very interesting.]


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  39. Opportunity is where you make it – plain and simple


  40. *hypogonadal