Girls HATE HATE HATE Indecisive Men

An 18-year-old girl got fed up with her beta boyfriend’s self-pitying mewling and figuratively threw the razor blade at him and told him to finish the job.

According to prosecutors, Carter pressured her boyfriend to go through with suicide for almost a week before he carried out the act. She counseled him to overcome his fears; researched methods of committing suicide painlessly; and lied to police, his family and her friends about his whereabouts during the act itself and after, prosecutors said. […]

For more than a week in July 2014, Carter and Roy exchanged hundreds of messages in which Carter insisted that Roy would be better off dead.

“You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain,” she told him in one message. “It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die.”

Damn, who bitch this is? Lucifer’s?

According to prosecutors, the two had struck up a romantic relationship — mostly online — in 2012. Her lawyer says they had only met a few times in person over the course of two years prior to Roy’s death.

“mostly online”. Translation: Dude was a beta orbiter driven to self-deliverance by the whiff of fine pussy so close yet so far away.

Text messages recovered by police, however, suggest that by 2014, Carter had gotten tired of Roy’s idle talk of suicide and she wanted him to go through with it  — now.

“You always say you’re gonna do it, but you never do,” Carter complained. “I just want to make sure tonight is the real thing.”

Another time, she texted: “You can’t keep pushing it off, though. That’s all you keep doing.”

Chicks HATE HATE HATE indecisive men. If you’re gonna promise an HB8 a suicide, you had better deliver.

Carter was insistent, even when Roy steered the topic to other things:

ROY: How was your day?

CARTER: When are you doing it?

Girl has tight Plow Game.

But Carter didn’t love that idea, either, because she feared that Roy would make up an “excuse” to explain why it didn’t work.

“I bet you’re gonna be like ‘oh, it didn’t work because I didn’t tape the tube right or something like that,’” she texted him “You always seem to have an excuse.”

Beta males have excuses. Alpha males bust a move.

They texted throughout the day about the plans, about Roy’s doubts, and about Carter’s insistence that “the time is right” and that he was ready.

Girl is leading the conversation, setting the frame, creating compliance tests, and disqualifying. She’s a PUA in drag.

After his death, Carter became a self-proclaimed advocate for mental health.

She organized a fundraising tournament in Roy’s memory and posted on Facebook and Twitter about her attempts to save her boyfriend’s life.

“Even though I could not save my boyfriend’s life, I want to put myself out here to try to save as many other lives as possible,” she wrote on Facebook.

😆 The best defense is a good offense. She’s a reframe master.

A photo of the lovely (for real, WB):

Does This Chick Have The Psychostare?

Sociopathic girls are interesting to observe in the field. They are sort of like regular women, but with all the intrinsic female attributes pumped up to orbital escape velocity. Regular women despise indecisive beta males, but usually express their feelings by withholding sex or romantic reciprocation. Sociopathic women take their revulsion up a notch and steer the indecisive beta to valhalla.

Question for our skilled CH Game practitioners: How would you game this girl into doting submission?


Here’s a photo of Just Do It Girl after she dropped the human being mask and put her sadist’s face back on.

I dunno, I’m getting a semi thinking about escorting this demon spawn to the exquisite purgatory between pain and pleasure. Maybe in another time — say, five years into the future — when the Diversity™ threatens White existence, women like Carter will come in handy as psy ops against the enemy hordes.

PS Is everyone seeing the poll included in this post?

PPS The perfect game response to this girl would be an insouciant non sequitur, like Birthday Cat or Lena Dunham in her gay boyfriend’s skivvies.

SATAN’S HANDMAIDEN: You can’t keep pushing it off, though. That’s all you keep doing.


SATAN’S HANDMAIDEN: Are you saying I look like that bitch?


SATAN’S HANDMAIDEN: *broken like a wild hellmare* I’m coming… over.

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  1. Wow, that is totally diabolical ( I hope she gets the death sentence, that’s just so sick and evil. What a witch! Grrrr.

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    • Well at least she got her sympathy tweets out…

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      • This just supports my on-going theory (developed after reading CH, by the way) that women are, above all things, attention whores. This young man’s death was not an ‘end’ for her, but instead a means to gain more attention. I bet she planned her posts/blogs/tweets long in advance, and got tired of waiting, tingling with the thought of all the attention she would be garnering after the act was accomplished.


      • She’s got that Munchausen by proxy syndrome-like thing happening. Different in that her actions were indirect but still she acted like a real reptile.


    • This article is a perfect metaphor for the murder of Western Civilization.

      The Eskimoes enlisted women via the feminist movement, desouled and weaponized them via bernakifiyingz buttockcingsz, and sent them forth to command white knights and men to crucify Homer, Jefferson, and Christ in the university, which the weak men did.


      • on October 14, 2015 at 7:40 pm Captain Obvious

        Violent mob of topless pro-abort feminists assaults praying men, tries to burn Cathedral


      • Captain, the women (losing the term loosely) in that video look like possessed people during an exorcism. They simply are repulsed by anything wholesome. Very sad these freaks exist. Can a civilization exist with only their kind? Of course not. But they take advantage of civilization to bring civilization down. ((George Soros rubbing his hands together with glee))


      • on October 15, 2015 at 7:21 am Captain Tautological

        JR, there’s a large portion of the female population [some cynics might argue that it’s the entire female population] which simply does precisely what it is told [and taught] to do. So that if they have, say, Aimee Semple McPhersons for their K-12 teachers, then they grow up to be Phyllis Schlaflys or Anita Bryants, whereas if they have, say, Gertrude Steins for their K-12 teachers, then they grow up to be Gloria Steinems and Naomi Wolfs and Lena Dungheaps.


      • Great analogy/metaphor.


    • Yes, death sentence. Please.

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    • steer her? By being a man, and not giving a fuck what she wants or prefers?

      I would be the one telling her to encourage that loser to off himself


      • “I would be the one telling her to encourage that loser to off himself”

        That is wormy and evil.


      • he was a bitch…instead of offing himself, he should have been like in Dead Heat and said, “but I think I’ll hurt YOU instead” and killed her. Murder Suicide would have been way more romantic


      • I’d simply tell her to get on the bed for massage, remove clothes, and after about 5 minutes her arms would be tied behind her back. Great fun for us both.


    • no.
      she’s a sociopath, but that guy made his own decision. he wasn’t forced to do anything. (& her lawyer is a scumbag for blaming the dead man for the girl’s texts.) nobody forced her to send those texts either.

      we all have personal responsibility. we all have the “right to life.” i even bought a girl a copy of Final Exit (unfortunately she didn’t use it).


      • Poor excuse. She needs to rot in hell, whether he’s weak or not. He killed himself for her approval which she made conditional on him doing so.


      • on October 15, 2015 at 7:40 am Captain Tautological

        > “but that guy made his own decision” ——— Z, I didn’t watch the Dumbocrass “Debate” the other night, but with the exception of James Webb, those men up on stage were COMPLETELY BROKEN PSYCHOLOGICALLY. H!tlery Rotten Cl!tless was by far the most masculine presence on stage, whereas what should have been Peak Alpha Males – state governors and US congressmen – were cowering in fear like little b!tch dogs afraid that their master would kick them in the ribs yet again with his steel-toed boots. If what ought to be Peak Alpha Males are cowering in fear like Gammas pondering a life of Bisexuality [or Tranny blowjobs or whatever], then what hope is there for little boys who have had the fury of K-12 and Undergrad and Grad School Gramscian Indoctrination and Eskimo Weaponized Psychiatry [Ritalin/Adderall/SSRIs/Benzodiazepines] and George Soros’s legalized marijuana and free methadone shoved down their throats for their entire lives? Oh, and we won’t play football, either, little boyz, we’ll play soccer, and we won’t keep score, and everyone will get a first place gold medal for participation, even the kids who didn’t actually show up for practice or games but instead stayed at home and played Angry Birds until their thumbs fell off.


      • “or Tranny blowjobs or whatever”

        Shane, you got no idea how right on the money you are. Trannies prowl places like /r9k/ CONSTANTLY to get attention from love and sex starved incels and weirdly, the incels don’t seem to be repulsed. At least a significant part of them doesn’t.


      • “her lawyer is a scumbag”

        That’s what’s known as a tautology.


  2. on October 14, 2015 at 11:02 am elmer t. jones

    Offer to kill someone for her.


  3. “It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die.”

    It’s interesting to note that, unlike most idiots these days, she seems to know (and care about) the difference between common homophones such as “it’s” and “its” and you’re” and “your.” I’m sure there’s something to that, but I don’t know what it is. This is definitely not a stupid or slovenly chick.


    • ETA: Incidentally, In case anyone wants to know (and I’m sure some do) I’m using Firefox to post now and comments are sailing right through. For me, it was Chrome that seemed to be causing the problems with moderation.


      • I’ve been using Firefox for years and I get many of my comments stuck in moderation here at CH.

        The moderator( moderatorette?) seems to be temperamental.


      • The Eskimos own Chrome while Firefox is owned by the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation. I’m not saying the latter are any less corrupt but their not Tribal the way Google are.


    • So she is minimally smart? So she passed 5th grade? I don’t think it’s all that significant or meaningful that she is aware of the most basic contractions in English.


      • I don’t think you realize just how stupid the average American has gotten and just how dumbed-down academic standards have become.


  4. 8====D


    • on October 14, 2015 at 4:24 pm The Other Anonymous

      “Even though I could not save my boyfriend’s 8===D, I want to put myself out here to try to save as many other 8===D~ as possible,”


  5. Game her:

    Those chains offset your eyes . . .


    • Though in seriousness, these types of women are extremely dangerous, they will continually look for weaknesses, they will find chinks in your armor and exploit them, and God forbid you become attached to them, See Marc Anthony and Cleopatra for an example of what happens to a seemingly alpha that gets attached to a woman that test poisons on her slaves.

      They are all the worst attributes in women redlined.


      • on October 14, 2015 at 2:25 pm Captain Obvious

        For a while, you might be able to redirect her Evil towards a third party, for instance by leading her into the BDSM torture of another chick in a 3-way. But never forget the Fundamental Law of Female Nature: THE DARKNESS IS ONLY AROUSED BY EVER GREATER DARKNESS. For her to respect you, you will always have to be even more ruthlessly Evil than she, and that holds true as she becomes ever more ruthlessly Evil herself. No way no how can this possibly end well for your immortal soul. Also, these chicks will be pathological liars, and will lie to LEOs and to District Attorneys and to Juries. So get audio/video/paper-trail of everything, and backup copies, and backup copies of backup copies etc etc etc, and store the copies in various different physical locations.



        this is true.

        gaming girls like this isn’t impossible but putting in the energy to deal with them long term isn’t worth it.

        i’ve never been with a girl this bad but i have had some with really nasty personalities. they were either rude, sarcastic, and shit testing me with an air of superiority. or they were needy, blaming me, and acting like martyrs who wanted everyone to feel sorry for them. no in between. no sweetness and light. no doing something nice just to be nice. selfish and manipulative to their core.

        eventually you have to leave them or they’ll make you bitter and turn you against other women. you can really ruin your chances of keeping one who doesn’t have darkness in her heart when you have that mindset. i made a lot of mistakes before i recognized that. blew it with a couple of great girls.

        when i finally left my last ex, i thought all women were evil. i saw every test as a shit test even when most of them were comfort tests. i was hurting my current girl right and left because she didn’t need me to be as much of an ass as my ex. i couldn’t even accept a kind gesture from her without being suspicious of her motives. took me a long time to shift gears and relax enough to recognize that i had finally managed to get a good one.


      • on October 14, 2015 at 6:32 pm Captain Obvious

        For the youngsters chez Le Chateau, there was a flash-in-the-pan chick [very briefly A-List], named Alicia Silverstone, out in Hollyweird, who once played a female psychopath, opposite Cary Elwes:


      • on October 14, 2015 at 7:51 pm Captain Obvious

        > ” took me a long time to shift gears and relax enough to recognize that i had finally managed to get a good one” ——— ***cough*** MOAR WHYTE BABEEZ ***cough***


      • Being involved with women like this is grasping a tiger by the tail or a wolf by the ears. CO is absolutely correct.


      • you guys are such pussies…this is because you have to GAME chicks like this. Try being a REAL FUCKING MAN and you won’t fear women so much. Guys with balls don’t need games. Figure it out. Stop IMITATING real men

        [CH: chicks dig charismatic men. game is learned charisma.
        what is it about this simple explanation that so befuddles you?
        ps stop being stupid.]


      • 88, AWALT


      • @trav777
        “you guys are such pussies…this is because you have to GAME chicks like this. Try being a REAL FUCKING MAN and you won’t fear women so much. Guys with balls don’t need games. Figure it out. Stop IMITATING real men”

        a pussy because i’m able to get better girls who i don’t have to game as hard instead of wasting my energy on broken ones? that’s called having options bro. gaming girls who aren’t worth it is for men who can’t do any better.


  6. Sounds like she needs some serious… “consoling”.

    Love the “who bitch is this” vid. Missed that one. Hilarious..


  7. The legal issues here concern me greatly. As evil as this bitch is, unless you are holding the razor or pill bottle over a dead body, no way you should be charged in someones suicide. Guy was crazy, end of story, no one can “Make” you do it.

    I mean, imagine Heartiste, for example, being charged cause some beta read the site and killed himself. Not that much of a difference, slippery slope and all that.

    [CH: agreed. she shouldn’t be charged with anything. hell, i’ve wished for the suicides of many enemies of truth&beauty. lock me up? (don’t answer that). now, the legality of all this doesn’t mean the girl isn’t a stone cold sadist who should be shunned from the commons. she should (but only after a ceremonial send-off bang).]


      • yeah if you are watching a fight and you encourage a dude to kill the other guy and it happens, you are an accessory.


    • This already has a legal precedent in the Pamela Smart case in New Hampshire in the early 90s. They even made a movie out of the story with Nicole Kidman as the lead.


    • CH, you’re not someone who has a personal connection. This chick personally steered a young vulnerable guy (feels weird to type that, but it’s true) into suicide. Maybe one shouldn’t charge her for murder, but it wouldn’t be unjust if she was behind bars for 3 years. IMHO.


      • I mean no personal connection with the people you suggest suicide to. (Have you ever met Hugo Schwyster? Doubtful.)


      • As usual the beta Ho is dead wrong. Be a man, pussy.

        The faggot is wholly to blame for killing himself and she, while a bitch, committed no crime other than perhaps lying to police about facts.


    • Correct. She’s a bitch but what she did was not murder or manslaughter.

      This overzealous showboating by the state should concern us.


    • Noble Ward, I would open and read that link, but I can only take so much of that depressing news out of Germany…especially in the evening before bedtime. Too upsetting to the dreams. That shit is really unreal.

      Camp of Saints Rape!


    • Damn you, Noble Ward ((shaking my fists at you)). I opened and read the story, and of course am now pissed before bedtime. As payback, here is some more insanity for everyone. Seriously, you cannot make this shit up. It is nothing but pure insanity…mental disease!

      First, for your viewing pleasure, the filth created by illegal aliens, and their total lack of respect for their host nation, Germany:

      And, next, a Bishop in Sweden (of course, Sweden, where else?!) orders that crosses be removed from a church (SERIOUSLY, CROSSES REMOVED FROM A CHURCH) so as to make muslim goat rapists feel more welcome. As a bonus, the Bishop is a dyke-looking female:

      The WEST is POZ!!!


    • No they really aren’t. Stop being innumerate.


  8. “How would you game this girl into doting submission?”

    Don’t stick your dick in crazy.


  9. “They say that the act of sex is the closest that mere mortals (like us) can get to heaven– Come over and let us go to heaven together before I leave on my journey alone…” — bang that broad silly and then go on deciding, ya know, that life just may be worth living. #fakesuicidegame


  10. Women hate betas so much they’ll help them self-deliver.


  11. I entered into a suicide pact with another girl online. As soon as she’s ready I’m going to go out and meet her. We have this beautiful plan… very romantic.


  12. Her face screams sociopath. Sometimes it’s fun to play with fire, though.


  13. Simple turn tables and act out offing her and you. Get her tingling with gun in mouth. Then noose around your neck and hers missionary. Come as you go so to speak. Your noose is fake hers will be real as will be the asphyxiation.

    I bet a girl like that will proudly wear those ligature marks.


  14. With this type, the only semi-lasting submission that might take would be way of crack-pipe + we gonna pimp your ass for the more crack baby = Girl: You’re my man!

    So the real advice: Stay away.


  15. How would you game a girl like that?

    Hardball. Play along and collect her texts. Coax her into sending you nude selfies. Then verbally blackmail her into slipping off her panties and letting you slide it in.


    • PA – ya I can see that would work too. The idea is that you have to make her complicit in her own undoing. That is what she respects. Only then will she submit. The crack-pipe thing wold have more staying power though (but way more fucked up).


    • As the tenor of most comments here suggests: even the denizens of the chateau are nonplused by this one.

      All these scenarios for gaming her come off like porn noir, or like something you’d find waiting in a brown paper bag on your doorstep like in “Lost Highway”.

      I think we’re taking the rhetorical equivalent of shoving that shit off with a broom and making the sign of the Cross.

      [CH: the “how would you game her” challenge wasn’t really meant to be taken seriously. although, truth be told, if an opportunity to have a (VERY) short fling with this chick presented itself, i would oblige, and be extremely vigilant about never letting her sleep over.]


  16. “How would you game this girl into doting submission?”

    If it was legal, I would slap her around as nothing else works with that level of crazy.


  17. I’m not sure I could fake being a sociopath for long enough to game this girl. I certainly wouldn’t want her to be the mother of my children, but she’s cute enough to tap.

    Maybe in her case, it’s not such a loss that she’ll likely end up a coal-burner.


    • To directly answer, “How would you game this girl into submission,”–and I’m hardly an experience game practitioner–I would fall back on personal experience.

      I had a girlfriend who could be reasonably described as a sociopath–though not nearly on this level. Throughout the whole affair, it seemed as if her entire purpose was to beta-ize me. She would make ridiculous demands, throw tantrums, and make my life as inconvenient as possible. My instinctual response was to act erratically, give her the cold shoulder, flirt with other girls in her presence, and be….demanding. She, almost by nature, became passive-aggressive and started trifling–which is a redline (and should be everyone). But the more outrageously I behaved, the more she dug her hooks in. Finally, I had to man up and explicitly dump her. A man should never become so comfortable with trim that he loses his courage to go out and find some new trim.


  18. Shes a 5 on a good day.


  19. With a club and a hair drag to my rape cave.


  20. Feminist activist has an obvious crush on an alpha male shitlord who crashes a Slutwalk protest:


    • At Miami University a frat used to play Nirvana’s song Rape Me at full blast when the local slut walkers would march. Unfortunately the Dean made them stop.


    • Fucking first-rate degenerate tattooed freaks on the left and foreigner spic harassing this guy for the crime of telling women to not dress/act like sluts and hang out with lowlifes who are likely to rape them. The fuckin’ foreigner and her broken English really burns me though.


    • @9:00

      The slurr trash bag basically admits she’s full of shit about her supposed rape and that she never pressed charges…lol…

      Goes to show the id of the attention whoring low life beta female hipster.


  21. […] Girls HATE HATE HATE Indecisive Men […]


  22. ” How would you game this girl into doting submission?”



  23. Smack her around


    • Yes. These types need and love a guy who slaps them around a bit then cries how sorry he is and how much he loves her but cant help himself sometimes. They crave lots of drama and lots of good sex. If the sex wanes then you had better get kinky or you will be discarded mercilessly.
      I used to date a genuine psychopath..she was so hot but so fucked in the head. Since then, she has left a trail of broken hearts and pain you wouldnt believe. She was even fired and then forced out of the doctor and nurses easy task. These types have zero zero zero sympathy/empathy for others but an unlimited amount of pity for themselves. I believe this is why they love to cry about old boyfriends that hit them or in this case, attention whore for dead bf pity because they perhaps subconscioiusly crave what they feel so very little of for others – sympathy and love.


      • I don’t get this…you mfers actually CARE about these hoez?

        Slap her around and tell her she NEEDS it, that she’s a piece of shit who is there for you to use. If she doesn’t like it, WGAF???? Seriously? Batshit women are a dime a dozen


  24. What defines sociopathology?

    Basic instincts taken to the extreme.

    It is a woman’s instinct to loathe the Beta — some women ignore, some women verbally abuse, others, like this one, drive a man to suicide.

    Morality exists to temper these basic instincts — for a man, it is to fuck beautiful women at any opportunity. The sociopath is a creature without morality.

    As far as not sticking your dick in crazy, I have done it…and it was mind blowing. You just have to be prepared to deal with the consequences.


    • Very few of us are stone cold enough to extricate ourselves from crazy after sealing the deal without sustaining damage. Maybe if I’d have been familiar with “game” beforehand I could have managed it.


    • Yeah good for you man. You really take the prize. An exemplar of darwinian fitness. Your “mind blowing” crazy-fuck vs. 150,000,000 Bangladeshi breeders.

      We should all be trying to overcome this shit.


  25. In the same court hearing, she went from sad face (pictured above) to this sociopathic shit:


  26. Her insistence that the guy kill himself is the ultimate shit test, and his doing so the ultimate shit test fail…

    As to gaming her into submission… looks like she would be susceptible to a total reframe and take away… she is just a bully who feels some power.

    So keep leading her down the road that you are going to do it, then tell her at the last minute you met someone else who has woken all these wonderful new feelings in you… and she is hot looking. When she comes round to convince you otherwise, after sex with her, turn the tables… ignore her texts… make fun of her… flake on plans with her a few times… then meet up sex again… then more take away and qualifying. Basic counter-bully stuff and she could then become your plaything.


    • on October 14, 2015 at 7:26 pm Traficante Musashi

      In another age, a guy like this might have become a war hero and lost his betatude in battle. She used his potential strengths as weaknesses, and the world has lost his naive earnestness and retained the Bride of Chucky – with asymmetrical features and a bad hairline at that, as others have noted.


  27. “Accidental” @nal when tapping her from behind.


  28. Now I know why she looks familiar: Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless.” Even the widow’s peak.


  29. WB? You can’t be serious. Are you pranking us? She looks like Manassas in one person.


    • Two questions:

      What does “WB” stand for?
      Are you referring to Manassas as in, the eponymous battle?

      At any rate, she is lovely. Pity. It’s probably the excessive entitlement and lack of boundaries that she’s been given, due to her beauty, that has made her so wanting in moral restraint.


  30. How to game this bitch into submission:

    Chop off her head, rape her corpse, then drag her outside


  31. Do something openly cruel and psychopathic in front of her or to her. Ordinary women like a little bit of that, but a chick like her would need a lot more.


  32. White women are fucking sick. Can you even imagine a black or hispanic woman urging some hapless fool on to suicide? Sometimes you gotta wonder if all our virtues are worth the cost of dealing with this kind of blasé malevolence from our “natural cohort”. I don’t want to be poolside with pampered little sociopaths. I question the integrity of men who do.


    • Are you fucking kidding me? I live in a ghetto and watch black and hispanic women constantly smack around and yell at their kids on a day to day basis. Raising little shits to despise and leech civilized society is more disgusting than urging a worthless nobody that will go nowhere in life to suicide.


      • on October 14, 2015 at 7:39 pm Bobby Cuddlefuck aka The Hamster Whisperer

        This. I have a theory that the reason whites have done more for civilization and are in general more pleasant to be around is the way they treat their children. Given that Europe was an inhospitable climate, and raising a child meant more investment, the people of the region treated their investment with greater care. I have been appalled at the utter lack of concern blacks, Mexicans and Asians have shown for their crying children in public. No consolation, barely even noticing their presence while their child cries out in agony. Pay attention to your fucking toddler!!! Show it some love for fuck’s sake. Now take these child rearing modes over the course of millennia and see what happens.


      • More proof of K-selection superiority. Whites make up around 10% of the world’s population and that’s plenty to wipe out all hordes of trolls and orcs. Even the idea that china’s sheer numbers could beat us is laughable.

        Our most violent stock can dominate multiple prisons with a small handful of men. We have ingenuity that the rest of the world envies to the point they would rather wipe us out and ride the wave of knowledge we’ve already created for them rather than know their place and appreciate all we’ve done for them.

        The ironic thing is, all this systematic resistance to my existence only fields me to push back harder, making my genetics even stronger.

        I question CH’s intentions when he says we should sit poolside. There’s no fulfillment in such nihilistic attitudes.

        I’ve secured a good mate of primarily northern European blood. She’s excited at the thought of my mini alphas. Once the buns start popping out the oven I will raise them into warriors that would make Odin proud.


      • on October 14, 2015 at 7:56 pm gunslingergregi

        i really dont think there are worthless people that will go nowhere in life mostly just lacking the purpose drive and motivation


    • on October 14, 2015 at 7:59 pm Traficante Musashi

      Black and Hispanic women will just straight up tell you when it’s time for you to kill yourself. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  33. “If you’re gonna promise an HB8 a suicide, you had better deliver”

    – Ayy Lmao. Sounds like you’re talking about a pizza
    – She’s definitely not a HB8. Looks pretty average to me.
    – Why would any Alpha male tolerate a sociopathic bitch. They lack the emotional intelligence and support an Alpha male demands from a woman. The amount of drama they bring isn’t worth a dry blowjob with dracula teeth.
    – You can’t fix broken people

    [CH: maybe an alpha just wants to bang a sadistic chick once for the novelty of it?]


    • CH is right. not beta to bang crazy or dysfunctional girls for fun once or twice. making them your girlfriend or wife? that’s another story.


      • wtf….?

        This game shit you clowns try is INTENDED to get pussy idn’t it? So WGAF if the chick is a psycho? Have you ALREADY got oneitis BEFORE you even hit it?

        JFC, this chick is a hit and quit….do you honestly think I would even PAY ATTENTION to the shit that came out of her mouth? Who effing GAF what she says, whether she’s a psycho or not? I won’t be around long enough to even care! If she’s good in the sack, I will fuck her when *I* feel like it.

        If a bitch was telling me to kill myself, I would use the tried and true reframe of sitting on her chest applying a rape choke to her helpless little self and snarling through gritted teeth saying bitch you better be careful when you ask for killing, you might just get it.

        TBT I am fucking WAY crazier than they are…don’t push me, bitch.


      • @trav777

        cool story bro


    • If she’s hot and he’s drunk, shit happens…. nomesayin?


  34. Fritzl game. Things would need to get sexy and kidnappy to tame this demon spawn. Out-sociopath the sociopath, it’s the only way to be sure.


    • You actually gotta get such a person to kidnap themselves via something like:

      – crack-pipe + we gonna pimp your ass for the more crack baby = Girl: You’re my man!

      She need to be complicit in the pimping of her ass. You put something like crack in the equation and there is the M.O. for that to happen. Completely fucked up. The mind-fucker mindfucking themselves. It is a sight to behold (monstrously beautiful in the sense that such depravity shows the depths of machaivellian intensity humans are subject to. Very Instructive but terrible. Stay away).


  35. Probably going Constanza on this bitch. Only way to be sure.


  36. on October 14, 2015 at 12:25 pm Each Pond Gone

    Hand her a book about Joan of Arc, and tell her that her that not everyone is understood in their century. Give her a firm, yet compassionate pat on the ass. Say your own mother did time and turned out the better for it.


  37. I’m not sure if I like this post.


  38. So she is the cute version of Randi Harper? She got some serious melonhead tells.


  39. Invite her out to my truck, get her drunk, and spank her to within and inch of an orgasm.


  40. I like this girl. I would put white babies in the oven and start a relationship with her.

    Nothing changes the nature of a woman like the birth of a child. (Well, at least for about four years…)

    P.S. Post more feel good pieces like this!


  41. “Question for our skilled CH Game practitioners: How would you game this girl into doting submission?”

    Who cares? At the slightest sign of weakness, she’d flake out on you. A chastity belt and lifetime commitment to a sanatorium is the only solution for this broken demon.


    • Unfortunately, I think that you’re right about her flaking out at the slightest sign of weakness. To capture her heart, you’d have to have on-point game every day of your life. That would become quite exhausting.

      Also, as others pointed out, I think that physical disciplining of her would be necessary, and given that this is illegal in today’s world, it simply wouldn’t be possible to be dominant enough to earn her continuing respect and deference.

      In another time, a more brutal time, she would be mastered by a Conan type. That’s probably what it would take.


    • My lady of the Various Sorrows
      Some begged, some borrowed, some stolen
      Some kept safe for tomorrow


      • All things move toward their end
        I knew before I met her that I would lose her
        I swear I made every effort to be good to her
        I swear I made every effort not to abuse her
        Crazy bracelets on her wrists and her ankles
        And the bells from the chapel went jingle-jangle


      • Great record. Of course it reminds me of a girl and a debauched summer in the Carolinas.


  42. She’s the guy in the statue, right?


  43. Somebody say that was an 8??? THAT might be an 8 in Massachusetts, but she’s AT BEST a 6 (and that’s if she gives good head) for us men on the Gulf Coast! Def not worth dying for…


  44. How would I game this psycho girl into doting submission? Same as any other…. strong frame, calculated neglect, deep conversation game, doses of dread, and dominant power fucking from dominant position


  45. If I were In his shoes, already in such ridiculous situation like suggesting suicide (SMFH), well…

    I would play that along. Plow the hell out, fish for more messages then report the b1tch to police. Its snitching but you have to be merciless. Thats all about Machiavellian sense.

    Then Id visit her in jail, and go home to laugh my a55 off. Case closed


  46. The question that will be answered in the next few months is whether she can game her jury. (and whether it’s the women or men that she’s got to win over)


  47. A psychopathic woman who can manipulate a man into self-murder?

    The sex with her, no matter how ugly she is, would be off-the-charts kinky and mind blowing. Anyone got her number?

    2 Psychopaths Fall In Love rape!


    • “Crazy = crazy in bed” is a solid rule.


      • As always, whorefinder is always right.

        Narcissistic rape!


      • True enough, but there’s a good kind of crazy in bed and a bad kind of crazy in bed. I was once with a crazy chick who wouldn’t let me kiss her on the lips (even while having sex), made snide remarks to me while we were fucking, and wouldn’t even let me see her tits. She had been raped multiple times, and one of them was a gang rape right before we got together. Now that I told you that, you’re probably wondering why I put up with it. It’s because I was very young and stupid, it was my first serious relationship, and I didn’t know any better. It actually fucked me up in the head really bad and I’m here at the Chateau for some group therapy. If dad was on in this radio market all those years ago, it might have saved me from a lot of years of pain, but unfortunately he wasn’t. Luckily for the younger guys, they have access to Heariste and other similar bloggers right at their fingertips and needn’t suffer for living in a metro area where they can’t hear dad.


      • it’s a solid rule but I have had enough batshit chicks to know it isn’t true

        maybe i just didn’t hit them hard enough…who knows?


    • on October 14, 2015 at 11:21 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      No, but you can probably soon find her at Columbia University taking the place of Mattress Girl. It’s not murder if it’s an “art project.”


  48. GAme her?


    Just say not sure if I want to fuck you or not.


  49. “Like, honestly I could have stopped it,” Carter texted Samantha months later. “I was on the phone with him and he got out of the car” because the carbon monoxide was working, she said. She added that she “told him to get back in.”

    Wow. “GTF back in the damn truck, you loser!”


  50. I swear Heartiste, every article you put up makes me LOL


  51. White people got the crazy down to a sweet science.

    I bet she has a line of guys who would like to tame this shrew.

    I would stay far far away from this crazy woman.


  52. you’d game her she as you would a girl from jersey, rough, critical, funny, an zfg. like it’s been stated here 90/10. 90% ahole 10% generous/kind n that’s about right

    her: does this tight dress make my ass look good?
    playa: its aight. your arms look flabby. why are you late? what the fk is up with your hair?

    her: I miss you
    you: fk off
    you 5 minutes later: comin over later?

    her: I got my nails done

    you do that shit over and over and over, wear her down, relentless. when she gets close to losing it you ease up. then hit the gas again when she starts to get full of herself. endless entertainment

    [CH: lol. amen man. asshole game works a lot better than most people believe, or are afraid to believe.]


  53. ” How would you game this girl into doting submission?”

    4-5 oranges in a pillowcase.


  54. And her defense is that he manipulated her into manipulating him to commit suicide. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for attorneys that defend these people. Just almost.


  55. on October 14, 2015 at 2:33 pm seah bean lives

    Whoa, damn, as if ya’ll White people didn’t already have enough problems to face, now your own girls are encouraging their white boyfriends to end their own lives. Harsh.


  56. Why would anyone…any man for that matter…waste so much as a “hello” on this…whatever it is? Game her??? Pfffbbbt…..Girl bye!


  57. Münchhausen by proxy.

    “After his death, Carter became a self-proclaimed advocate for mental health.” etc


  58. on October 14, 2015 at 3:08 pm Traficante Musashi

    The only way to game a woman like this is by demonstrating sadistic cruelty. Any long term “relationship” will require Sharia levels of discipline be exercised upon her and/or a confirmed kill count gained outside of the law. But to unlock the pussy, one need only terrify her kind sufficiently to make her submit – if she questions her safety and feels you’re in control, you win the battle. However, such mantis matrons punish weakness with violence – usually by proxy – and this can take psychological or legal forms. Expect orbiting crazy exes and family members who are consistently lied to.

    While I don’t entirely agree with CH’s assertions elsewhere about race, my theory is that the “lesser” races actually have a higher percentage of women like this in their ranks choosing which men get to pass on their genes. More cultivated races have used breeding (via societal strictures and ideals) to cull the severest of these kind, but get “wopped” once the influence of these Medusas are allowed to reign under the banner of civilization. (Think about female infidelity at the end of the Roman Empire.) These Mantises pick the most physically formidable and psychologically pliable men, and thus change the direction of a breed. This Medusan imperative is aided by allowing in outsiders who increase competition among men because of the reduced homogeneity in society. And the biological imperative of the feminine always benefits from male competition. This is why Feminists hate patriarchy: Patriarchy is a synonym for male cooperation, ie, brotherhood and civility.


    • TF – I don’t know enough about women of other races, but among the white ladies, you can’t deny there are a fair number of these malignant BPDers. It is the dark triad + sadism, girl-style.


    • If you get involved with a woman like this, you will then see all the redpill truths crystallized and on display in technicolor (but I would not recommend this).


    • “While I don’t entirely agree with CH’s assertions elsewhere about race…”

      You mean:

      “I’m still in denial at all of the overwhelming historical evidence that is discussed here at CH that shows there truly is a difference in intelligence and temperament between the races and that it is certainly a factor of genetics and not socioeconomics. Hopefully soon I’ll accept the truth.”



      • on October 15, 2015 at 1:49 pm Traficante Musashi

        I question the underlying mechanics and not the facts, ma’am. However, I did get booted off of Stormfront for politely asking why the superior Aryan übermensch always finds himself in debt bondage to the ignoble Jew. There could be a “rock, paper, scissors,” element to racial differences, though, as a guest here at the Chateau, I will plead the fifth on this point and opt for immediate deportation in preparation for my imminent return.

        Paz, Amor, y Grasa de Pollo


  59. on October 14, 2015 at 3:13 pm The Spirit Within

    That photo has magically turned her into an 8. Google her images and she’s a 5.

    I wish sociopaths had to wear signs identifying themselves.


  60. A 5?! She reminds me of a certain movie character who was chained up in the cellar of an old restaurant. “Ruth, Ruth, Ruth, Baby!”


  61. on October 14, 2015 at 3:36 pm its me dsaoqhoahw

    Just returned from business travel to a mid-west city that shall rename nameless, had to relate a story under anon to protect the innocent.

    Met a girl I banged a few years ago. She’s married now, but we’ve kept in touch, she wanted to meet up for an early dinner, I suggested the hotel restaurant but she specifically picked another place. Fine, whatever – she’s cute, I don’t have plans anyway, I’ll go out for dinner with her just to have something to do. Probably not a good idea to get involved with her anyway.

    Over dinner it’s obvious she married a beta schlub, big time “progressive” libtard kind of guy. She’s going on about how she “really really really” wants to get back to living in the city, doesn’t like living in the suburbs with all the “racists” and “stepford wives” and “conservatives” . . . I don’t really remember her being a flaming libtard but I guess we never really talked about it. Maybe she just assumed I was a fellow libtard all these years.

    ZFG … so I just asked her: “Why are you so so eager to go live in the city surrounded by niggers?” (It’s not even a slur I regularly use, but I figured if I said “dindus” it might go over her head.)

    Her: “OMG OMG I can’t believe you just said that! That is terrible OMG OMG” blah blah blah

    Me: (laughing) “What – are you triggered?”

    Her: “OMG OMG you don’t really mean that.” blah blah blah

    Me: “Yeah, I mean it. I don’t like them. Why would you want to live in a fucking ghetto with them?”

    Her: “OMG OMG that is so rude” blah blah blah

    Me: “Yeah, you’re triggered – that’s cute”

    Her: “You ARE racist!” (but now she’s kind of laughing) “I can’t believe it . . . ” blah blah blah

    Me: (shrug) “You say so.”

    (after a little more back and forth about it, she moves on ….)

    Her: (now skipping past the race talk) “OMG the suburbs are so boring, like the biggest news is that my neighbors are pissed at us because we won’t agree to a variance to let them extend their patio . . .” blah blah blah

    Me: “Hash-tag All Patios Matter”

    Her: (laughing) “I know right! Like, pass the salt, hash-tag all salt matters!”

    In the span of like 5 minutes she went from flaming libtard . . . to “shocked shocked!” at the racial real-talk . . . to joining in making fun of the #BlackLiesMatter shit.

    Then we went back to the hotel “for drinks” and instead of the bar went straight to my room. Another man’s wife; not proud of it, hence posting under anon (but in my defense he is a liberal douchebag).

    Why I felt compelled to post about it is that even after reading this site for a year and processing the information, I was still a bit stunned that the realtalk just seemed to amp up her interest and engagement in me despite her protests otherwise.

    Maybe we would have hooked up anyway even if I hadn’t given her a dose a racial real-talk, I’ll never know. Honestly part of me wanted her to just get pissed off and walk away thinking I was a terrible “rayciss” … but if anything it had the opposite effect.

    I’m not proud but I had to get it off my chest — this is just as much of a warning to married guys as it is an anecdote about real-talk and how most women just want to be led. Don’t become a feminized progtard because you think it’s what she wants. It’s not.

    [CH: i consider poaching a shitlib’s wife a ritual of manly honor that in its small way will help restore white western primacy.]


    • on October 14, 2015 at 6:50 pm ThreeTimesFaster

      Libtards are racecucks by default and there’s no shame in making them real cucks too.

      And even if he were not a prog, any man that lets his wife go have dinner with some rando kind of has it coming. The male version of a college girl dressing slutty and then getting blackout drunk in a dieverse part of town.


      • “Libtards are racecucks by default and there’s no shame in making them real cucks too.”

        I started replying but the above was perfect.


    • Just some std. A&A. Mrs. Gamer tonight accused me of being drunk. I said not merely a little drunk, but flaming-ass drunk. Didn’t matter what reality was, I owned the A&A and she backed down from her 5h1t-test.


    • Chances are the lib cuck husband is so clueless that his wives’ sluttery will actually improve her marriage with him…for a little while.

      Then the cycle will repeat with less frequency until the wall.


    • So common…

      First – she is married AND still willing to isolate with you at night. Yup. Huge tell right there. Women do nothing by accident. Her not going to your hotel right away was just a little ASD.

      Second – she is married to a non dominant man and tells you so, and feels the sands slipping through her ovary glass… let me guess she is early 30’s?

      Third – “OMG the suburbs are so boring” BINGO. Looking to be overcome with passion, find something beyond her pampered vanilla existence. Your challenging her earlier set the stage you are a dominant man and opposite of her husband. This here was her green lighting you. “i’m bored…. do SOMETHING”…

      Recognizing the signs is easy now, the big one though was her accepting the “dinner” to begin with. Tell us – what kind of underwear did she have on? She was prepared wasn’t she…


    • on October 15, 2015 at 8:17 am Captain Tautological

      > “its me dsaoqhoahw” ——— What kills me as a TradCon is the thought of my own flesh and blood growing up with that worthless Beta/Gamma sh!tlib as my child’s ostensible “father”. If you get a TXT from her that she’s pregnant, then you need to stay in touch for nine months and get a post-partum DNA swab and make sure that it’s not your kid. Because if it turns that it’s your kid, then you need to move in and take control of the situation, and especially get physical custody of your child.


  62. Two quick observations:

    First, good riddance to the guy. How pathetically weak. I could carve a better man out of a Popsicle. We’ve all been lovesick when we were younger and before we wised up but good grief.

    Second, to kill yourself over that? Kidding me? That’s, at best, a garden-variety white trash Walmart HB6. Go into any mall in this country and you’ll see scores if not hundreds of chicks that look just like her.

    And the corollary to number two….how to game her?
    Why for crying out loud?
    She’s an instant next.
    Two hours later I wouldn’t remember her name.


    • [/q] good riddance to the guy. How pathetically weak. I could carve a better man out of a Popsicle. [q]
      Yes, he’s weak and pathetic. Nothing a couple years in President Trump’s Marine Corps wouldn’t fix, though.


  63. I”d tell her I did it; I’m ghost. Now get in the sheets so I can pokergeist you… my wooden stake into your heartless body….but just one more thing….could you put on this mask…..your Frankenstinian features make me want to bolt


  64. on October 14, 2015 at 3:59 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Give her a necklace.



  65. She is really not that pretty. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to be found dead with her picture on you. That trail of messages to go with that photo. And cause of death suicide. I have kids no way in hell I would kick their genitalia like that.


  66. on October 14, 2015 at 5:32 pm Wrong Side of History

    She just looks jaded as fuck. I don’t see psychostare.


  67. Girls are vicious and calculating. Recently a girl I know planned a big event that attracted an international crowd. Another group of people who disliked her decided to have a “charity” event in a classless attempt to lure away her international guests and hijack the event. Another girl who it was clear had issues with the main organizer took charge of at least one guy who came. She went to great lengths to monopolize the time of one of the beta guys who came out with his female “friend”. Dude ended up missing most of the event while that girl took him out for a variety of dinners and tourist attractions. He posted photos of this and thanked the OTHER organizer for organizing the big international event.

    The OTHER girl realized what was going on with this hijacking and posted a response essentially saying that his photos had nothing to do with her event and the people who kept him away from her event obviously showed him a good time and she was glad he enjoyed himself.

    The guy truly had no idea he’d been used as a pawn by that second girl who had some issues with the female organizer of the other event and wanted to keep people away from it including this dude. The guy thanked everyone. Other girls who were behind the hijacking posted “poor guy, sorry you had to go through all that…”

    If that had been me I would have figured out quickly if i’m not getting banged why am I being treated to well, what’s really going on. But that’s the Red Pill in me now. Girls don’t do “nice” things without a reason…there’s always an agenda. Being lead around means you never have control over the interaction whatever it is.

    This dude clearly had a great time but he was also with another female friend who was the perfect cock-block….Girls using guys to get back at other girls for their petty rivalries…


  68. There’s this bodylanguage success dude who claims that psychopaths are more likely to do that thing with their foreheads you see in the first picture.


  69. I want to make sure this razors sharp enough first, see if it can shave that moustache


  70. On the plus side, Calibos lost on Jeopardy tonight.


  71. on October 14, 2015 at 6:19 pm Traficante Musashi

    Good White Knight,
    Thou mistakest the face of a brat for a woman jaded.

    Also, I have a giant wooden dreidel I would like to give you as a gesture of goodwill. It is by no means full of quasi-retarded peasant stock from Mexico seasoned with ambitious and kratocratic snobs wearing deceptively obsequious smiles.

    De nada.


  72. on October 14, 2015 at 6:47 pm Robert the Wise

    She’s not that good-looking. Take a close look at that second photo.
    Her face is asymmetrical. Her eyes are lopsided, one higher than the other, and asymmetry increases with age.

    She also has a face too big for her small features, it’s out of proportion.

    Poor Roy. If only someone had taught him that he could do better.


  73. on October 14, 2015 at 7:20 pm Anton Chigurh

    You’re on fire Heartiste. You’ve become one of the most important places on the interweb–up there with Taki’s, AmRen, VDare and Unz. How do you like them apples?
    You’re on the fucking level with Derbyshire, Goad, Sailer and Fred. For real.

    I actually worry for you. Someone is going to try to take you down.

    I’m dead serious brother. Watch your back. Please ensure your self-protection efforts. Your level of Thoughtcrime is approaching Red Ding Ding Ding Levels. You have become A Problem to the Cathedral, God bless you.

    On the same note, you need to start thinking of protecting your brand and becoming an actual voice–a Drudge source.
    Write me if you want ideas. I meant what I said last comment about Taki.

    Always a fan always tuning in, always having your back*.

    *PS. You once featured my Taki’s comment re: the West and Ebola, in case you were wondering if that’s me; yes Sir, it’s the same.


  74. Soft 6


  75. on October 14, 2015 at 7:28 pm Harcourt Mudd


    I remember some years ago that you might have commented on what it mean when your woman both expresses regularly that you might cheat and then also jokes about you cheating with someone who she thinks likes you. Can you explain the phenomenon and what it means? My woman was mad at me when I was late (by hours–but up to nothing untoward) and in the presence of this woman but now is asking me if I got a quickie in with the woman at some point (jokingly, I’m sure she’d be very hurt if it were true) a couple nights ago.

    Is this alpha mastery of a relationship due to dread game? I will flirt (or allow women to flirt with me) in front of her but I am never eager beaver in my approach and just let my natural charm come through, but I also don’t turn women down if they want to talk or engage me closely. Is that’s what’s leading to this regular mention of screwing other women?

    And does this mean I could actually do something and get away with it whereas another man could not?


    • ” what’s leading to this regular mention of screwing other women?”

      It’s a comfort test with a shit test inside… She wants you to say “oh no baby, you are the only one for me” which passes the comfort test but then fails the inner shit test where you beta qualify to her… Tricky ain’t they?

      They want it both ways, they want to know other girls want you and then they want to know that they have you, thereby simultaneously beating the other girls and securing alpha commitment…

      Best answer – “yeah I could screw that girl…. [pause] but I’m screwing you now… lucky girl…”

      “And does this mean I could actually do something and get away with it whereas another man could not?”

      Unfortunately if you are asking this question [permission seeking], by default it means you are not a guy who could do this, so tread lightly for the time being.


      • Sentient,

        Well, I must be doing well because I basically am not answering. There are times where she is more serious and I deny, but I also plant the seed of dread often enough.

        As for the permission-seeking, I am not asking for anyone’s permission here (and certainly not hers) but actually trying to understand what this sort of behavior means. Actually, I already did something in the past (and that is known to her) that I think has compelled some of this behavior, but instead of letting go and letting God, she has decided to make it a somewhat permanent feature of our relationship. Less in sincere accusatory tones than in giving vent to subconscious insecurity.


    • on October 15, 2015 at 9:17 am Captain Tautological

      Why are you in the LTR in the first place? If she’s youngish, and has a Good Heart, the MOAR WHYTE BUNZ in the oven FTW. Whereas if she’s wall-ish, and has The Darkness in her heart, then WTF difference does it make? [Although if The Darkness is manageable, then I might even reward her with a Whyte Bun or three].


  76. on October 14, 2015 at 8:09 pm gunslingergregi

    hey the dude must of wanted to die if he was able to do it she did him a favor helping him get the courage now he dont worry bout shit


  77. on October 14, 2015 at 8:24 pm gunslingergregi

    course my girlfriend when i met her talked about suicide and rather than telling her to do it
    i taped her ass up and was gonna kill her so she realized she wanted to live and not die so could move on from that point with the knowledge she was full of shit
    so yea i built her ass up told her she had some good qualities she didn’t believe me at first that she could change her life if she didnt like the one she was living
    was told by dad she would never amount to shit
    but she had done a lot of stuff in her life including like i did working for the family business when young
    so anyway yea she got off the drugs got a new drug money
    she worked 115 hours so far this week she getting the money together to buy herself a house cash like i told her to do so she will have low bills and then can move her kids there so they at least have a chance to not grow up addicts like she did with nothing else to do
    i was suicidal too so she stole my 9 mm i guess we helped each other stay in this shithole


    • on October 14, 2015 at 10:48 pm gunslingergregi

      shit that is 115 hours in ten days i thought a week so 11.5 average a day still not beating me he he he
      her voice getting harder on the phone and louder
      maybe chicks aint supposed to work that much


    • GSG – you made you girlfriend complicit in her un-undoing. Trumps anything I read here so far. Your frame is scary deep.


      • Being a combat vet gives you that kind of frame. Nobody kills Barnes but Barnes.


      • on October 15, 2015 at 7:34 pm gunslingergregi

        you made you girlfriend complicit in her rebirth
        is more like it
        give me the person most unlikely to succeed and i will make them the best they can be
        go back through archives ya can see how i did it he he he
        and some of her words i let her read the shit


  78. “Question for our skilled CH Game practitioners: How would you game this girl into doting submission?”

    Regular physical discipline, pain and punishment would bring this chick to a quick submission. She is a chick who is begging for bondage and discipline. Her ass needs to be spanked daily until it is bright with welts. And her pussy will respond with floods of pleasure. And that is only the beginning, and the only way she will be broken.


  79. on October 14, 2015 at 9:02 pm Mohammed Atta's undamaged passport

    She has that weird hyper neotonous head thing going on. Small child like face all out of proportion with the frontal and parietals. The morphology of her skull is almost like a giant fetus.


    • In other words, ugly.

      Her mother fucked animals and the dna got mixed in.

      She is literally an orc. Kill it with fire.


  80. [CH: she’s got charlie manson eyes. do do do do do do dooo.]


  81. on October 14, 2015 at 9:49 pm gunslingergregi

    this chick is actually kind of tame compared to the chicks i been dealing with


    • on October 14, 2015 at 9:56 pm gunslingergregi

      i been dealing with chicks i think have not told the dude to commit suicide but actually murdered them and took their shit
      or scheme too
      like if i would of married the girfriend i think decent chance she would of killed me and taken shit if she thought could get something back in the day
      or even faked a marriage cert he he he
      now that she has hope and change i think diferent maybe
      dont ever tell a bitch how much in your bank account lol


    • on October 14, 2015 at 10:22 pm gunslingergregi

      ya dont have to tell em though they will find out
      turned the wife into top 5 percent
      turned girlfriend into top 5 percent
      guess my natural ability is taking people in the wrong place and getting them where they can use their strengths to mean something
      so she spent 24 hours a day trying to scam people out loot
      now works 24 hours a day at legit job
      people opportunity i guess it can even change morals what the fuck is that


  82. If you want to see what it would be like to bang a sociopathic heavenly blessed beauty, watch the movie GONE GIRL


  83. A woman will forgive a man of everything, except being weak. I figure when this guy killed himself, she finally got wet. Best way to game her, punch her right in the face at first meeting.


  84. Sad really. Kid needed help. She didn’t exactly pull the trigger, but what kind of sub human encourages someone to off themselves and then say she’s now helping prevent suicide. She should focus on more important things now like renting out ad space on that GINORMOUS forehead, Eyes don’t lie, these are the darkest and most worthless of souls and Karma is a bitch


  85. on October 14, 2015 at 11:02 pm gunslingergregi

    Damn, who bitch this is? Lucifer’s?”””””””””’

    ahh saw the vid on that fucking funny
    think she was the dude he beats girlfriend or some shit lol



    Breivik did not act alone apparently. Another false flag opeation by Mossad?


    • on October 15, 2015 at 1:47 am gunslingergregi

      dam yea so everyone who goes against the shit been getting killed


    • With false flags like Brevik, who needs actual resistance?

      The meaning is that at some point, after so many decades of disposession and humiliations big and small, Europeans will start to consider violence against their enemies as a score for the home team, no matter who orchestrated it.


  87. on October 14, 2015 at 11:31 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    I doubt this will make it through moderation, but there is some video of her at the below link. She looks like she’s out of “Pretty Little Liars” or something, thinking the whole time “So like when will this be over so I can go shopping? I totes have nothing to wear!”


  88. She seems truly confused as to why she is even on trial. The sad part is, it is obvious that she orchestrated it so that she could get narcissistic supply from grandstanding as someone who is wrought by tragedy and wishes to lend her charity to others who are troubled. She is like the Zoe Quinn of Suicide Hotlines/Charities. She might not have stood to get money out of this in particular but, she stood to gain more than getting wet from a dead boyfriend. I think that once she realized what kind of weakling/unstable person he was, she planned his suicide instead of laying it out there like a non sequitur and planned what she was going to get out of it.


    • on October 15, 2015 at 3:00 am Carlos Danger

      The article I just posted is a full explanation of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, who we frequently refer to around here as YKW. Putin is actually at war with them out of theological reasons well known to any Russian Orthodox Catholic. The problem with the YKW culprit is that it is far too blunt and indiscriminate. Most YKW killed in the Holocaust were not in the club and died innocently. The Rothschilds who were interned in concentratino camps, there were a few, were given Special Treatment. I hada Boy Scout leader named Jack Barnhill, who’s father was in a unit that liberated one of them at Birkenau, I believe. He said the Rothschilds gave his Family a set of procelain as a thank you present. This was at Boy Scout summer camp at Camp PMI in Virginia when I was a Boy. Jack Barnhill is Jewish and a stand up guy, I would want watching my back in a firefight. I have relatives who knew such people personally. Mass murder is never right. Those who would bring back the Holocaust are misguided. I don’t doubt that many YKW might benefit as higher level slaves in the new system they seek to create, but they would still be slaves. I have often said the world’s problem’s could be solved with a few hundred targeted assassinations. More important than any revenge is seeking the truth.


    • on October 15, 2015 at 8:50 am carlos danger

      Jack wasn’t queer. He became an Army Infantry officer and had a family. I had a course with him a few years later when i was a 1st LT and wa serving in 2nd AD Forward in Bremerhaven. Sorry to burst your bubble. I know your were getting turned on just thinking about that hot ass.



    Evolution of immunity genes and white blood cell counts indicate humans have evolved for a one male mating system as opposed to a multi-male promiscuous mating system.


  90. Like the dindus

    Lack of disciplined upbringing. No wonder the more sociopathic do inane stuff.


  91. Those features look like they are fighting to get to the centre of the face


  92. No doubt that in a different era, she would have been accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Now, we talk about banging her. Bros before hos and bitches before witches.


    • In reality, she would be one of the unstable harpies bringing dozens of innocent women to the stake. The Salem witch trials were driven by just such a phenomena.

      [CH: maybe those salemites were onto something.]


  93. This post reminds of the best one ever here: “Your pussy rocks” which was blurted out by some grateful beta and turned out to be a pivotal moment in understanding game.

    A guy so excited by what he just experienced…that he forced himself into the position of being a puppy. “Your pussy rocks” guy would have done anything…literally anything to please a girl…ANY girl…


    • on October 15, 2015 at 10:41 am Subarctic Hillbilly

      Hehe … ur pussy rox game!

      I’ve used that several times via text. Then next text, birthday cat. Self amusement of the highest order.

      Can’t say it helped land any girls who weren’t already hooked, but it sure didn’t hurt.


      • “ur pussy rocks” was seen as an example of the worst possible text game.

        [CH: yes it is the worst but, paradoxically, also could be the best text game ever. the latter would depend on how ZFG the follow-up is.]


    • on October 15, 2015 at 7:28 pm Subarctic Hillbilly

      Yes I understand worst text game ever.

      Let me clarify, within the context of my situation 3-4 years ago, ur pussy rox texts to girls I wasn’t yet banging, then sending a minute later the birthday cat emoticon, served several purposes – chief among them to tease, to takeaway, and to display a playfulness and zfg attitude. Think cat with string.

      Now that I’m (mostly) on lockdown with my personal 10, I’m reminded that I should send her the ur puzzy rox text right now – keep the game going into overtime.


  94. Beware women with large foreheads.



    Jonah Goldberg enthusiastically endorses this moronic article about Snowden being the bad guy. It includes side-splitters such as “nsa had been the bulwark of freedom for decades.”

    Listen, traitors and cuckservatives. I don’t care If Snowden was a Russian agent, as you claim. Russia is not the enemy.


  96. Good day to all the master artiste’s here.

    When a girl asks me what I WANT, I am thrown off guard. My train of thought gets derailed – I can’t say something clever: this ends the mood of the interaction.

    Here’s the email exchange in question, (read from DOWN – UP. ):

    (what do I say)

    Subject: I prefer
    That alright. I prefer more spUnk anyway. So tell me, what usually gets u on and what gets you off? 

    Subject: We’ll see 
    Too bad I don’t hit; I spank 😉
    ..and that depends on whether you’re naughty or nice
    Subject: hazard reported ahead
    “Hit two birds with one stone. U just might get lucky” 

    Subject: proceed with caution 
    There’s a saying “with the right person, anything happen”

    (Walawala, i’ve used one of your lines here, hope you could help)


    • @estudiant My suggestions seem to be helping move this interaction along. She’s clearly hooked. This is where you ask her out:

      Her: …”So tell me what gets you on and gets you off?”

      She’s intrigued.

      You: oh, I knew you were trouble. but if you promise to behave let’s talk about it over a drink…what’s your schedule?”

      You’re in the situation where you’re using the lines, the routines the ideas and it’s great. They work most of the time on all girls.

      But what you need to understand and this took me a while is not the lines but the ideas and the flow.

      Krauser does a great job on his blog of explaining. I’d recommend you get his book Daygame Mastery which has clear step by step outlines of how to manage these situations.

      It’s: ping, she ping’s back…reframe….she responds….then you invite, set up logistics.
      Good luck.


      • Walawala I think she got turned ON really bad hehe:

        (read from down-up)
        Subject: Do you wanna play with magic?
        It’s in the palm of your hand now baby
        It’s a yes or no, no maybe
        So just be sure before you give it all to me
        All to me, give it all to me

        Free on weekends.
        Dont say you werent warned 🙂

        Subject: I knew you were trouble 

        …but if you promise to behave let’s talk about it over a drink – or do I have to come up with a corny pick up line to take you somewhere nice? Let me know your sched 🙂

        Thing is, today’s a weekend, but I’m planning to meet next weekend instead. (buy clothes, get haircut)…. Is this a bad idea (such that the spark will be lost and I’ll need to reignite it)

        About logistics: when I state and time and place should I be strict about it – like if I say 7pm then she suggest 9pm, can I say “sure, ok that’s fine with me” ? I’m aware that this is a dominance/frame thing(I might be analyzing too much I admit). I say this because she is obviously aggressive and bossy; one mistake of showing weakness then she’ll eat me alive… don’t wanna end up like boy in this article

        I have big shoes to fill – she described me as “Mysterious and dangerous” and an “old soul”


      • @estudiant good. Never draw attention to the “pick up line”…

        Wait for her to reply to this.

        She’ll offer some times. Find one that’s convenient and offer a time.

        “Let’s meet 7pm xyz”

        Her: I can meet at 9pm.

        You; just find a way to lock it down and confirm. if she’s ready and willing don’t over-analyze it.

        The outcome is all that matters.

        Girl buys me dinner, I don’t mind pouring her a drink when i’m having one.

        it’s not all ploughing. Use your intuition. Passing shit tests is about the balance of maintaining frame.

        But honestly no one goes through life saying “my way or the highway”….

        If a girl is there, with you, ready to meet, find a way to move it forward.


      • @estudiant I read this wrong. She’s keen. Just set it up and move it forward. She’s offering you a window. Propose a time. She says she’s free on weekends.

        You: let’s meet 8pm xyz.

        Her: she’ll agree or find an alternative. Don’t get too bogged down in whether she proposes a different time. She’s keen, ready to meet, move it forward.


      • Wala, thanks a lot for the feedback. Before I got hold of your last response I already sent a message – I was trying to get her number (she’s always hesitant to give it)

        subject: black magic woman

        put your number here
        and cast your best, perfect spell on me;)
        coz I’ll be seeing you this saturday
        no more replies from her. Wished I had seen earlier your suggested short n simple response.


    • on October 15, 2015 at 9:21 am Captain Tautological

      Researchers have found that the male brain is hardwired to seek out sex, even at the expense of a good meal, with specific neurons firing up to over-ride the desire to eat. Intriguingly, women do not have the same neurons, suggesting that sex for females comes secondary to sustenance…


      • on October 15, 2015 at 9:23 am Captain Tautological

        Although the neurons have only been found in the brains of nematode worms, scientists at University College London say that it is likely that similar mechanisms are at work in humans.


  97. This photo is from AP’s article about Hungary’s anti-migrant actions.

    Notice how the concertina wire looks like a row of hearts. They symbolize the Hungarians’ love for their nation and for their fellow Europeans, and a virile resolve to protect that which they love.


  98. How to tell if a celebrity is a slut:


    • “celebrity” and “if” in the same sentence?


    • Salman would know…

      [CH: are they fucking? if so, that is a demonstration of the allure of male status to hot women. rushdie is not exactly a pretty boy.]


      • She was one of his plates… now she is near the wall and with funny man Jason Sudekis… while Salman the rascal plays the field…


      • Behold the Salman

        – Dynamic – check! Passionate – check! Authentic – check!


      • I thought the Muzzie’s put a price on his haid?

        Yet he’s still not only drawing breath, but living the high life?

        Sheeeet…. Jihad, my eye.


      • on October 15, 2015 at 12:02 pm The Spirit Within

        Salman Rushdie has:

        1) Status: Top of his league talent. He’s a Booker Prize winner, as well as the best-Booker-of-all-Bookers winner.
        2) Bad-boy past — condemned to death by leader of an entire fucking nation, as well as millions of members of a major world religion. He was hunted and remained on the lam for years, never sleeping more than two nights in the same place.
        3) Intelligence and charm — Cambridge educated
        4) Former actor
        5) Huge preselection — Four wives, I believe, including Padma Lakshmi. Her divorcing him was the best thing that ever happened to his sex life.

        He’s a silent player. Moves like a ghost. Some of his writing is great too. I recommend East, West as an introduction to his work.


      • on October 15, 2015 at 6:16 pm mendozatorres

        One of his ex-wives was one of my writing professors.


      • Actually, Khomeine laid an egg when he made that fatwa.

        You see, you cannot sentence somebody to death over that, without him getting a fair hearing. I’m not making this up, lol.

        Even by Sharia standards, that fatwa was bogus.


  99. I’d game her like they do at hogtied dot com. Ugly , stupid, block headed bitch.


  100. @YaReally, HABD, Sentient a comment and some insights on the Red Pill to share. I was recently at a party. I was having a good time, gaming girls, dancing. My crazy ex was there with some dude. I have blanked her totally for 8 months now. I don’t look, don’t respond to texts or other lame outreaches. I’ve moved past the whole thing and am now able to see things in a clearer perspective.

    A friend of mine was there, older dude…she had apparently chatted to him….probably as a way of soliciting contact with me. He came over to me and said “Man your ex is HOT!!! Why did you ever break up with her” and kept gushing about her. I told him she was pushing 40 and I had no interest. Then I cut him off and moved on to something else.

    But the point I want to make is that girls get away with a lot of nonsense and bad behavior because of guys like my friend who fawn all over them. This attention gives them license to do whatever they want. When I ignore…when I move on…when I want nothing more to do with them…there’s always some beta orbiter or white knight ready to defend.

    I share this only because for a long time I hadn’t thought about her or really reflected on how far I’ve moved on. Seeing my friend acting like a total orbiter after she gave him 2 minutes of idle chit chat…now means that any guy with a bit of game and an understanding of his own value can get whoever he wants.

    Before I ejected from my beta friend’s presence the last thing I said was “I’ve done and seen much better since then”. My friend was surprised.

    I think as in the original post here, the indecisiveness serves to embolden women into thinking they are the prize. The idea of “frame” takes on new meaning when you’ve gone through the full gamit of highs and lows I did. I can now see a girl and just shrug and say…myeh, you’re hot….but can you cook?


    • Good for you Wala. Guys can be really really annoying to hang out with around women when you are RP.


      • Every week this girl has orbiters and dudes. But for the last 8 months I’ve completely ignored, avoided any eye contact or interaction.

        On her birthday I happened to be djing. She came over with a piece of birthday cake. She thanked me for the music and stood there holding out this cake like an Eve-bitten apple.

        I looked up from the console…paused looking at her and simply said “Just leave it on the counter”. I left it there untouched.

        On the night i’m referring to above she had an orbiter but was hovering around the area I was sitting near the bar…at exactly the same time I was sitting there. It’s impossible not to see her….which I guess would be the plausibly deniable idea. But I haven’t waivered.

        It’s been a good exercise in self-discipline: the stalking, the orbiters, the hovering, the solicitous text, the solicitous outreach with the cake….these aren’t accidents or coincidences.

        But my Red Pill knowledge knows that these are what’s known as “hoovering” attempts….attempts to get me to engage to put soothe some type of longing. But it never lead anywhere in the past. I got great advice here about ignoring and moving on. When I ignored that advice I relapsed and my oneitis continued. It’s a good lesson in contrasts. If you didn’t understand Red Pill, hypergamy, Cluster B’s and inner game you’d be like my thirsty friend—blabbering on and on about how HOT some older girl was while stuck in a rut of his own making.


    • Wala – when I get that sort of stuff, I just try and feel sorry for those guys in their ignorance. I try to drop some gentle real talk to see if they want to hear more, but most don’t.

      That’s why communities like this of men are so important.


  101. My heart has not hardened enough… not sure if it ever will.

    The young man physically resembles several of my youngest son’s friends and, indeed, he himself. They ALL could pass for actual brothers when you see the crew together.

    I feel as if something has been taken directly from my blood… I dread the thought of what the boy’s father has had to endure.


    • which is why it is so important to teach the young guys game and RP truths about all women…


      • The danger with “game and RP truths”, as too many here mean them, is that you mix with people and (((they haids))) instead of just knocking the dust from your boots and walking away from them.

        You become part of the proverbial problem, with the added karmic price of not really caring about the solution.

        I think a lot of the good ol’ fashioned common sense our grandparents used to tell us about men and women, along with a solid Christian foundation, is what’s lacking.

        And as several here at the chateau have been astute enough to observe, red pill wisdom is a solid subset of said old-time common sense.


    • Exactly. He’s a Boy and expecting him to be a man is unfair. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children would be the E-ticket for a kid like this. He never got proper guidance from a male father figure. Many here might have been in his shoes at one time. This Girl is evil.


    • A severing of young people from their roots occurred between the Boomer and the GenX generations.

      It had to do with the dissolution of the extended family and of community. Fathers generally didn’t devote much time to mentoring their sons in many facets of life. One, the dads themselves were young and had little wisdom to impart. Two, they were busy working. The slack was picked up by youngish (by current standards) grandfather’s as well as uncles, older brothers and cousins, and of course older boys/men in their community.

      This blood/soil network broke with social mobility, desegregation, and smaller families. Modern, hands-off dads were unaware of the fact that their social support network is not there anymore.

      Today, only older, more intelligent, and red pill fathers know that raising sons and daughters is entirely up to them. But a collective wisdom seems to be kicking in. Parks I go to are full of dads, swpl thru redneck, who look like they actively engage with their children.


  102. advice?


  103. Reblogged this on XWorkx.


  104. YaReally, Sentient, HABD, Wala et al

    Daygame progress – my first instadate from daygame last night! Some very interesting issues (FR Part 1 here, Part 2 instadate in next post)

    It feels a lot more *productive* in a way using my time for this than swiping on Tinder or whatever.

    Vignette 1 today: Eating lunch in a trendy independent coffee shop. Drop my fork by mistake and (very camp) barista comes over with a new one and asks “What *have* you done with your fork??”. Pretty much instinctively I come out with “This food is so good that I dropped it in ecstasy”. He starts laughing and the pretty HB7 at the next table also cracks up. And it wasn’t even that funny.

    Lesson is more that when I’m in the groove and feeling good, this kind of stuff comes out naturally and has a great effect.

    Vignette 2: Later in the afternoon, back in same coffee shop, I’m waiting for a friend and my coat is on the sofa next to me. Hot HB8 blonde comes and asks me if anyone is sitting there and instead of just jumping to grab my coat, I sort of pause for a second, smirk at her, make strong EC and then slowly say “that’s my coat” and remove it. And there was a moment there – an IOI. Hard to describe.

    I know it feels a bit like I’m describing events when not much happened..but actually something happened you know? And it is starting to come more instinctively…

    [CH: pickup is very much like this. a lot of unspoken (and spoken) signals of flirty intent are packed into a few magical seconds.]


  105. YaReally, Sentient, HABD, Wala et al

    So, Part 2: Instadate/Daygame FR. Very interesting girl/sticking point – why couldn’t I kiss her?

    Last night, had dinner with friends and walked round for a bit in the nightlife area (about 9pm). Standing next to a 23ryr old brunette HB7 in a meeting-point area. I make some situational opener about how people are always late and she blows open immediately.

    Fully engaged, friendly, I’m doing the old Mystery rock back/contrapposto and she’s engaging, asking questions, but very sassy and lots of attitude.

    Doing lots of making statements, some teasing comments, hardly any questions. She’s asking questions (who I’m meeting..where I’m going etc – I say I’m waiting for friends to go into the bar nearby and she says she’s waiting for friends to go into the same bar).

    Good EC but speech could have been slower and I could have cut distance more.

    Can’t even remember a lot of the conversation but I remember I saw a tattoo on her wrist with the year 1974 written and I touched it and asked about it..I was like “What does it mean? Is it your birthdate?” and her eyes just LIT up – you could just SEE the emotional zinger hit and she tried to pretend to be annoyed but I just started laughing and she came back and explained.

    I could have asked her name but remember YaReally saying better to leave that and see if they ask you as an IOI, so I didn’t. She never asked my name but asked loads of other questions. She guessed my age as 29 despite the grey hair (I’m 35 although I told her 32) etc.

    After about ten minutes I was like “okay let’s meet up for drinks and I’ll show you how to order drinks” (something we’d been discussing) and she was like “I already know how to order”. I replied saying “You’ll learn something” and she dodged the question, but then immediately she said she’s going into the bar to wait and asked me to come in and wait with her.

    So we went in and ordered drinks and it was SO refreshing to be with someone who didn’t expect me to pay or look at me as a Provider or even know what I did for a living (I was dressed very casual – nice tshirt, fitted jeans, trendy jacket).

    Chatted for about an hour. She has a pretty strong frame and was very sassy and I just hit her hard with the outrageous stories and comments and she loved it. Solid attraction, eye dilation, the works. She was cool with me stroking her thigh and putting my hand there but wouldn’t hold hands with me – kept pulling away. But then we’d have a frame battle and I’d keep saying “show me your hand” and she’d show it to me briefly (and once or twice I lost the frame battle too). She wouldn’t come in for a cuddle when I put my arm around her and tried to pull her in – many times.

    I told some outrageous stories and she kept calling me a bastard and inappropriate and stuff but she was laughing and lapping it up. She kept saying shit tests like “You’re old” or “You must have no friends” and I kept laughing at her for it which really puzzled her. At one point I said something like “Yeah, I’m old but I have a massive cock to make up for it” and she was in splits. I kept teasing her – for eg about being ADD with her phone and stuff. Lots of very hardcore borderline insulting banter and shit tests. Very high energy.

    She sexualized herself (after I started it). I told her I checked out her ass when walking up stairs. I told her a bit later it’s a pity she’s got her tits covered up and is only showing legs. I pointed at two women sitting opposite us and asked if they were lesbians. She started talking about how she’s bisexual when I said that and how she prefers women and likes tits. I was like “Yeah, me too”. She was talking herself about she loves sex and how she slept with an ex-boyfriend’s 5 friends when he hurt her and how one of the friends had to be pursued for 6 months before he gave in and how she played a joke on her tattoo artist by claiming at his shop he’d agreed to give her a free tattoo if she slept with him etc. I listened non judgmentally and made matter of fact comments.

    There was lots of laughter and jokes and I kept “mishearing” stuff she said said and interpreted it as sexual. She was like “Does everything have to turn to sex with you?” . I was like “Well, now you know how my mind works”. She told me a hilarious story about answering a Craigslist ad to move apartments and the reply coming from some guy running a nudist camp in his apartment with a spare room etc..

    She started throwing ASD type stuff up about half an hour in. Even before I’d really physically escalated – she was like “You know I’m not exactly single”. I shrugged and was like “Yeah, I’m sure he’s a sweet guy who is very much in love with you” and she looked SO surprised that I had basically ignored her defence.

    Then there was this hilarious cat and mouse game where (many times) I’d try to pull her in and/or go in to kiss her and she’d pull away and move away like clockwork and even use her hand to block her face and LOUDLY be like “No, I’m not kissing you”, and I’d just fall about laughing at how she was overegging the No in a very ZFG way (I genuinely found it hilarious) and she’d start laughing too. And start saying stuff like “You’re so’re too close” (And yet all this time her leg was shoved up against mine and my hand was on her bare thigh under the table with no resistance). It almost became like a game.

    A bit later on, (I assume she was getting even more attracted and needed to put up more ASD barriers), she said out of the blue “You know the friend I’m know it’s a date right?”. I was like yeah whatever and pretty much ignored it..think I said something like “I’m sure he’s a sweet guy” and just kept going.

    Towards the end of the hour (I’d told her I needed to go after an hour), I even said “You know you want to kiss me” after yet another failed attempt. And she was like “No”. I said “That’s BS – of course you do..” And she didn’t deny it because of course she did. The vibe was so different from the gold digger a few days ago – that was a brutal “no attraction” rejection to the kiss. This was so much better – loads of attraction and she DID want to kiss me.

    Anyway, pretty much right as I finished my beer, her friends (two early twenties guys) turned up (so was she BSing to me that it was a date just because of her ASD? Unless she was going on a date with two guys? And there was something right at the very end about how her boyfriend in her hometown had sent her money to have fun this weekend but she said she was actually using it to go on the date she was waiting for while she was with me? Couldn’t quite make sense of that).

    The first guy ignored me and she made no effort to introduce me. I considered doing the Mystery thing and ordering her to introduce me but decided not to risk it and so I just shook hands with the second guy myself and smiled at him, by which time she got up and left downstairs with them (and then came back up sheepishly to collect her handbag). I spent a few minutes finishing my drink and walked slowly past them and out. I’d love to know what explanation she gave the two guys for the strange older guy she’d been drinking with.

    All in all a fantastically interesting experience. Such a rush when this kind of thing works – none of the hassle/BS with sugar daddy dating and stuff. Just two people and the chemistry. I never closed – she probably wouldn’t have given me her number anyway in this context. And she still doesn’t even know my first name – she never asked. And I only knw her first name because she said it when describing some conversation she had.

    I’m trying to understand though, why she wouldn’t kiss me? She was obviously solidly attracted to me (and growing stronger over time as she mentioned the BF etc), and I’m pretty sure I was passing her (strong) shit tests quite well. Why no kiss? I’d say ASD about being kissed in a bar, but hard to believe – this girl is no shy maiden – she’s a pretty hardcore rock chick. Or maybe ASD that she didn’t want her friends to see her kissing me when they walked into the bar..but then she rejected the kiss even when she knew they were still atleast 20+ minutes away? Maybe she just didn’t want to risk them turning up a few minutes earlier and seeing a kiss? Or maybe I just didn’t build enough comfort with her..there was only an hour and so much of it was taken up with attraction and passing shit tests. There were one or two opportunities for comfort/connection and serious chat missed – she was talking (seriously) about her passion for travel and where she wanted to go and I could have taken it down that path perhaps?

    What do you think guys?


    • Good stuff Culum… yes game comes fast and easy when you get into state. So try to amp up your state. see RSD vids on social momentum and definitely get a pre game music playlist together to pump yourself up.

      No time to respond to this today… lot’s going on in your scenario. short analysis… where was the comfort and rapport? where was the compliance testing and the takeaway – push pull? Too focused on kissing her. and light on the dominance.

      But this here ^^^^^ is exactly why I’ve said go forth and do cold approach. These kind of short interludes happen all the time for me… worst case, you had a lot of fun and are amped to hit the next set on steroids…

      Great stuff…!


      • Think about this though… did she come back up alone to get her bag?


      • Thanks Sentient – hadn’t seen your reply when I posted my points below. Yeah, I think I got caught up in the attraction phase and didn’t really consciously step through the next stages – I remember thinking “there’s an opening here” when she started talking seriously about some academic interest of hers but didn’t go through that door.

        PS – Yes, she DID come up alone to get her handbag – that hadn’t occurred to me at all. She took it, wished me a good evening and left. I see now she probably wanted me to number close her..


    • So thinking a bit more about this, I think the issue was:

      1. Not putting her in defensive crouch enough. I did do some of it (the tattoo line and some others) but needed to do more – she wasn’t qualifying to me.

      2. I needed to more explicitly keep the M3 model in mind – I had attraction but needed to push forward and get her qualifying to me.

      3. Similar vein, needed to have taken the opportunities when she opened up a little to open that door wider

      4. Lack of time hour is generally around the time I go in for the kiss, here I went in earlier, but if I’d had another hour I could have probably pulled it off, if I moved into qualification and out of banter/shit testing.


      • Culum… Did the girl come back upstairs alone to get her bag?


      • Sentient – posts in mod, but basically yes.


      • Yeah mods gone full retard… Anyhow as I suspected she didnt leave her purse by accident. There are no accidents… This was the window for a dominant move… Pull in to kiss her and number close. Which reinforces the view that you needed more push pull and takeaways… She was responding to the constraint. Less time is better than too much time imo.

        I’ll put some other thoughts in a new thread.


    • @Culum..>Classic forebrain/hindbrain conflict. If she didn’t want to, she would have left. But you didn’t do anything wrong. You needed more time. Set it up again.

      I just had a bizarre experience. I went out for a show and then back to my place with a hot friend of mine…drinks, candles, listening to music….and I didn’t escalate. I was afraid of making a move. I didn’t want to ruin the friendship and wasn’t that keen on getting a notch. Familiarity meant I was more in the “comfort” than kino and escalation stage. I just didn’t want to.

      Last couple of girls I banged, all were great but didn’t stick around. So I use this girl as social proof and have a great time but was not that keen to move forward. I recognized a few times where I was getting subtle IOI’s, she touched me. Leaning back etc. I’ll see her again and probably have to start all over.

      This happened to me once before. I had a “friend” for several years. We would hang out, go for dinner. One day she came to visit, I isolated her, banged her hard. We’ve been banging ever since. She said to me “What took you so long?” So…lots of comfort…of attraction…..and the time apart was the “dread”.

      So, in your case, find a way to isolate her. Then escalate. She turned you down because of the pressure of waiting for her friends etc etc etc. You made the bold moves. Well done.


      • Thanks Sentient/Wala. This reminds me a little bit of one of Sentient’s FRs a while ago about meeting some girl and “frolicking in the surf” with her or something.

        Wala – I don’t think this is bizarre at all. I think your read is spot-on – she was interested and giving IOIs but you chose not to act. That’s the purpose of Game right? To give you the choice, to give you options. Not to just bang as many girls as possible. Pre-game you wouldn’t have had the you can choose whether to just keep this girl as a friend/pivot or not..and that choice is the important thing.


      • Culum – few closing thoughts on this if you see it…

        First – think about your frame. More and more it becomes apparent that the more solid frame will win. Not tit for tat stuff and you still need to execute, but frame is often the difference. A real authentic frame of superior value.

        In this story you were more in her frame, enjoying the ride. You need to give yourself permission to “be the prize” – exude that confidence and she will come around if you act like it. The girl that raped my hand in the bar, she gave me some shit test and I just cut space turned her chin and kissed her. Total dominance move from a solid frame of fuck you I will show you. If I half step this, poof – turns to dust…

        second – calibrate your make out attempts… Maybe you would do well with the Mystery lines – you start to kiss and she pulls back “you looked like you wanted to kiss me… I didn’t say I would but you looked like it” and then back off… for

        third – the takeaway. This has been a great revelation, and it did start with the beach girl you remember. So then I half stepped my frame, went to escalate physically three times and got shut down… then I backed off totally… teasing her that will will just be friends, good buddies etc. so that when the time constraint hit (like in your scenario – time constraints are good!) she was worried and turned her mouth to me when I was jokingly kissing her cheek goodbye. The takeaway worked again on the Westin girl… she threw two big shit tests storming off and I did not chase, and when i went to kiss her a second time she turned her head, so I just caressed her cheek and neck then PUSHED her away (not butthurt though) and withdrew… and she chased me down. There is a lot to the takeaway but it all comes back to the first point – you need to really believe you are the prize.

        Push pull. The cat won’t chase the string if you keep thrusting it at her.

        Have fun!


  106. “she’s a sociopath,”
    she’s a sociopath,INDEED.
    Culum, that fuckin’ that long winded drivel sounds like somehting from Cosmo from the early 70’s., Oh lord give me a fuckin’ break. You might want to buy u seff some pussy, FIRST GUY IGNORED YOU ? ARE YOU A FAGGOT ?


  107. […] du reparierst das Auto.” Der Satz, der einen Alpha am meisten konterkariert ist ein “Ist mir gleich, entscheide du!”. Es geht auch nicht um die Verteilung irgendwelcher Güter oder die […]


  108. Wala, thanks a lot for the feedback. Before I got hold of your last response I already sent a message – I was trying to get her number (she’s always hesitant to give it)

    subject: black magic woman

    put your number here
    and cast your best, perfect spell on me;)
    coz I’ll be seeing you this saturday
    no more replies from her. Wished I had seen earlier your suggested short n simple response. Still it’s something to learn from so it’s all good

    ps. the reply button doesn’t seem to show at the bottom comment of your reply so I just replied here


  109. She looks like Hillary Clinton as a lass.