The Wickedest Links

1. A feminist independent filmmaker now questioning her received wisdom is currently making a film about men’s rights activists, called The Red Pill. She is asking for donations to finish her project because, she claims, her funding dried up after word got out her film would not be a slavish encomium to feminism. Read about it here. I’m suspicious of her motives — this could be an ideological honey trap — but if you think she’s on the up and up, and she won’t just sabotage her red pillian donors with a finished product that horribly and unfairly smears them in feminist menstrual blood, then go ahead and donate.

2. Veteran blog commenter PA has his own blog. I say, let a thousand points of the shiv glimmer in the sunlight of Realtalk™.

3. Compare and contrast: National Defense Ministers.

4. What’s up with Charles Murray? You’d think personal entanglement with the madding SJW crowd would broaden a man’s perspective.

5. CH, and others like the aforementioned PA, have contended that one huge and (unsurpisingly) under-investigated negative externality of women in the workforce is the marital market disruption it causes. Working women (with working hypergamous instincts) are in intimate proximity to higher status men who aren’t their husbands for eight or more hours of every day, and that is guaranteed to have a corrosive effect on their marriages. The “work spouse” isn’t a concept lightly dismissed, and now the Hivemind machinery is gearing up to push a positive spin on supposedly platonic work relationships between men and women. It’s all in a piece with the general slouch of Western society toward the sub-Saharan Africa norm of mating (where paternity assurance is low and polygyny is high).

6. As the airwaves are occupied by edited viral videos of cops dealing with belligerent black perps, another black-on-white hate murder goes unreported by the major Hivemind misinformation organs. Of note: A scowling uruk-hai did not target a “random” White man, as police reps explain. This White man was not randomly chosen; he was killed in cold blood because he was White, and the dindu, fueled to spectacularly impulsive violence by whatever pre-hominid affronts boil in his enriching mental landscape, hated that Whiteness. The innocent victim’s Whiteness was all the raison d’etre the black killer needed. And a horribly tragic coda punctuates this racist killing: the grief-stricken wife of the murdered White man committed suicide because she couldn’t bear to go on living without her husband.

Thank a dindu today for all they do to show their appreciation for White-created and White-maintained civilization. You can start by doing your part to protect the 2nd Amendment from the grasping paws and parchment shredders of president Nullity and his Anti-White minions. And while you’re at it, thank a Southroner’s ancestors today for pulling what has had to have been one of history’s biggest, Merkelian boners.

7. president butt naked’s election pollster is worried that the voters are dividing into “tribes”, and politics is becoming more “tribal”. Well, no fucking duh! CH has been prophesying this for years. Diversity + Proximity = War, where War encompasses the myriad ways different human tribes with different values and lifestyles and psychologies and genes clash. Is this what the ruling class wanted all along? Or is the ruling class just that stupid and didn’t foresee what their Diversity-mongering would unleash? Either way, if beliefs don’t change soon, America and Europe are FUBAR.

8. One more. An image that represents real hope and change.


9. One more, again. The invasion of Europe, in boffo box office:


  1. America and the EU are FUBAR…only nationalist violence could restore them


    • “Where the choice is set between cowardice and violence, I would urge violence!”

      — Mohandas Ghandi


    • Which is why the psyops endlessly demonize those types of movements/people


      • on October 29, 2015 at 6:57 am Captain Tautological

        Which, in turn, is why we must be relentless in reminding people that – at least for now* – 100% of our opposition is nothing but psyops. As you peruse the following comments on Li’l Paris Airport Dude’s highly nationalistic essay, it immediately becomes abundantly obvious that Director Tamir Pardo approved overtime pay for any operatives who would stay up all night and keep hammering away at discouraging and demoralizing and discombobulating the Shkotzim readership chez Le Chateau.


      • on October 29, 2015 at 7:11 am Captain Tautological

        *HOWEVER, Page and Brin are moving aggressively into battle robots and battle drones, and Phuckerberg is putting together a facial recognition software AI database which will be able to recognize and identify at least 1 Billion of the world’s 6 Billion people. Page and Brin are also now moving aggressively into the Human Genome, the unravelling of which has almost limitless potential for the creation of biological warfare agents. And there is an equally aggressive move by the flat panel television manufacturers to install cameras and ethernet [wired and/or wireless] jacks on all flat panel TVs, which, in combination with J00gle or Phuckerbergbook software packages, will eventually give us precisely the surveillance state that so horrified George Orwell’s fertile imagination.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 8:02 am Captain Tautological

      ATTN TEAM TRUMP – Here’s your Chief Justice of the SCOTUS, to replace John Phagberts when he dies of AIDS: Kentucky Man Had Right to Shoot Down Drone, Judge Rules


  2. You can start by doing your part to protect the 2nd Amendment from the grasping paws and parchment shredders of president Nullity and his Anti-White minions.

    I’m already way ahead of you; I’m a life member of the GOA and the AzCDL.

    Incidentally, chicks seem to love the fact that I belong to those organizations, especially the SJWs and SWPLs. I guess opposites attract.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 7:41 am Captain Tautological

      It’s all about the Masculinity. Ultimately that’s the only thing which excites the Hamster: The smell of testosterone on you. And nothing says “Testosterone” quite like a deadly weapon in your possession – that, and your signalling [to her] of your readiness and willingness to put that deadly weapon to use.


  3. Whoa! This just gave me a very clever idea… Why don’t we Red Pillers, alt-righters, MRA’s, real-talkers, etc. use these Pajama Boy crowd-funding schemes for our own purposes.

    Lets get the leftoids to fund our books, movies, documentaries, investigative stories, etc. by providing blatantly misleading details. In other words, post a funding request for what appears to be a glowing, uncritical look at feminism. Then use the funds raised to do exactly the opposite: An excoriation of the leftist lies.

    Classic jiu-jitsu move… Turn your enemies strengths into weaknesses.

    [CH: good idea. but this would require right-leaning people become more sadistic and macchiavellian, which simply doesn’t come as naturally to them as it does to leftoids.]


    • what? Given the general temperament of the author of this blog and the corresponding rage shown by the commenters on here, I’m not quite understanding why you think sadism and Machiavellianism come easier to the opposition.

      [CH: i’m a unique snowflake.]

      Seems like most people here have a strong primary impulse to be mean to others.

      [the general observation stands. leftoids are more comfortable with macchiavellianism. they’d have to be, they lie so goddamned much.]


      • That’s because the right is still to scared to embrace the dark side…

        The last time they did, WW II happened. And they would have won had the whole world not been arraigned against them.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 1:08 pm Little brown bindi bitch

        Leftists have an intense need to deny the possibility that the truth of the workd does not conform to their fantasy of what is right or wrong. Generally they fear the idea that any disadvantaged group deserves their plight in a meritocratic world.

        Don’t know how well the alt right team does with irritating facts though. Here’s a fact: Ashkenazi Jews consistently are proven to have notably higher iq scores compared to other whites. Is this genetics or a conspiracy?

        [CH: nice non sequitur trolling attempt. here’s another TRUE FACT: the alt right (not the mainstream cucks) are far more comfortable with facts, irritating or otherwise, than is the equalist leftoid horde.
        ps iq isn’t everything, but thanks for playing sperggirl.
        pps jewish average iq is on par or even a little lower than the average iq of some White subgroups, like the episcopalians.]


      • Put another way, put a hardcore national socialist in a ring with a hardcore communist, and I’d bet money that the national socialist would be more ruthless and Machiavellian and would be the winner.

        The only advantage the leftist has in modern society is that they are more specialised in the female version of Machiavellianism, i.e. playing victim, manipulating emotionally etc.

        and it is this kind of machiavellianism that is not affected by the state’s monopoly on violence. Masculine machiavellianism however, which tends to the more physically brutal is affected by the state’s monopoly on violence.e sta

        All leftists cower in the face of physical machiavellianism though. The only reason they have any power is because the state is in the way.

        [CH: this is true, which is why i believe in the end the only way the equalist leftoid juggernaut will be stopped is through physical removal of them from their entrenched positions of power.]


      • k. I’m not really sure why, but you’re endearing when you are slightly irked like this.

        [CH: did you know street shitting is a common occurrence in your homeland?


      • glad to see that unique snowflake nature of yours is alive and well.

        [CH: glad to see you didn’t deny your true homeland.]


      • on Asheknazi IQ- see Ron Unz’s analysis of NMSQT semifinalists and jewish prevalence (or lack thereof) in the list vis a vis east Asian, juxtaposed against enrollment percentages at various universities. His assertion (correct) was that there is a de facto cap on Asian enrollment at universities in the ivy league and a jewish boost.

        Or you can just check the meritocratic schools’ (U of CA) enrollment data yourself.

        Then there is the national average IQ of Israel which can be compared to other nations.

        [CH: i read unz’s article about that, and others’ interpretations of his data, and the conclusion appears to be that White gentiles get screwed the most by ivy admissions boards.]


      • all that IQ and they still can’t play catch or make art.


      • “That’s because the right is still to scared to embrace the dark side… The last time they did, WW II happened.”

        Er, no. ‘The right’?

        National Socialism has the same root as every other kind of socialism.


      • [CH: this is true, which is why i believe in the end the only way the equalist leftoid juggernaut will be stopped is through physical removal of them from their entrenched positions of power.]

        This calls for an updated version of “Remove Kebab.” Remove Shitlib? Needs a better sobriquet to express the nastiness and how despicable Leftoids really are.


      • True about Eskimo IQ but even if we assume they have say twice as many geniuses as do we Whites (and it’s NOWHERE near that ratio) it would still mean that in absolute terms there would be anything up to 20 times more White geniuses.


      • “Don’t know how well the alt right team does with irritating facts though. Here’s a fact: Ashkenazi Jews consistently are proven to have notably higher iq scores compared to other whites. Is this genetics or a conspiracy?”

        You gotta love how this line is delivered. As though this is some deep dark secret that we are all living in denial of, and will blow our fragile little worldview out of the water once it is delivered. Anyone that knows shit from clay would know that among HBDers and alt-right communities, high Ashkenazi jewish IQs is something that has been widely discussed.

        The point is that Jewish overrepresentation in various fields cannot be explained solely by their higher average IQs. It is partly due to their superior IQ. But is also partly because they network better and promote each other. A group that is both inbred and high IQ will always have a marked advantage over other groups in any society.


      • “Here’s a fact: Ashkenazi Jews consistently are proven to have notably higher iq scores compared to other whites.”

        Here’s another fact: Ashkenazi Jews are jews with European (‘white’) genetic admixture and with higher rates of genetic inbreeding than non-jew northern European races.

        And lets qualify the historical patterns of ashkenazi jewish application of high IQ: used primarily selfish gain and exploitation of host societies.


      • “so many meanies here!!!!!” GTFO and make yer man a sandwhich, fuckin emotional wench.


      • on October 31, 2015 at 11:17 pm Subway masturbator

        Little spoon on self-labeled rightists rage: MRA as well as feminist political politicals are beset by paranoid personality traits , it’s another facet of narcissism, whereby a person thinks he is important enough to be plotted against. As I am a SJW, my assurances to Greg that have no interest in competing with his HVAC monopoly in Iowa fall on deaf ears. He is sure I am a Jew invader. And all Muslims are out to get you, white people are cuckolds. And SPECIAL SECRET KNOWLEDGE is needed so people feel entitled to engage in oh-so-regrettable violence.

        Required mention god wins law: hitler asserted in Mein Kampf he wished he didn’t have to hurt anyone. Poor hitter, forced by circumstances and his SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE to cause the death of millions of innocents.


    • Anybody who trots this Jewish iq thing is an idiot for multiple reasons:
      1)Ashkenazi Jews are a subgroup of Jews. American ones are a biased sample of Ashkenazi Jews. Indian Americans have high iqs too, while India is an intellectual toilet. It’s called selection bias. One can easily point out that urban west Germans have about the same iq(110-112).
      2)even if you’re willing to use a selected subgroup, it’s unclear to me how Jews use their iqs for human growth outside physics and mathematics. They seem to be completely unable to clear the waters instead of muddle the facts because with a Jew ideology always trumps reality(it’s why they side with outsiders that hate them in the West against white Americans who like them).
      3)given that they often use their high iq for corruption through lobbying, bribery twisting rules to suit their own needs etc, their high iq is an argument against them
      God, I fucking hate talking about Jews. They’re such a boring topic and petty people. And I’m of part Jewish ancestry. Stupid fucks who have their tongues up the asses of Jews are as annoying as people who make everything a Jewish conspiracy and it’s why discussing the Jews in any open forum is preposterous.


  4. To #7, you almost wonder if this is on-purpose, as a means to thin the herd..


  5. Poolside won’t be as much fun when the water’s colored pink and there’s dead bodies floating in it.


  6. #7 – convenient the left is concerned all of a sudden about people/voters being divided racially NOW that election year is rolling around and we have a white man presidential candidate leading in the polls (ie Trump).


  7. About #5…

    How would you change your game if you were dating a very successful career woman? When she is successful, how would you support her and would you add more negative game to the mix in order to balance out the differential?

    I’m dating a woman, on the verge of an LTR, who is fairly successful. I’ve dated successful women in the past, women who have hundreds of people working underneath them. In general, I’ve been extremely careful to nip any bossiness in the bud, fuck with her a lot, etc.

    However, when she has a big success, I feel caught between a rock and a hard place. I have to support her and congratulate her, but I also risk getting lumped in among the sychophantic betas and underlings that work for her.

    [CH: if she’s seeking validation of her careerism from you, then fuck with her expectations. the game-savvy way to do this is something akin to the cold read.
    her: “i fired ten misogynists today!”
    you: “nice. do you want a cookie or a medal? you’re so needy for acceptance sometimes.”
    otherwise, just smile when she preens. the worst thing you can do is act defensive, or resentful. treat her careerism like a cute hobby she took up.]


    • The only real success for a woman is reproduction… remind her of that.


      • According to US demographic data, women with masters degrees and those in managerial positions are those most likely to be childless. Therefore, they are the least successful women from evolutionary (nature’s) point of view. Their genes are the most unsuccesful, compared to those of all other women.


      • I generously offer my services to that lady should she require further reproduction.


      • A white woman has white children??? but but but that is racisssssss!


    • Have her treat you to an expensive dinner to celebrate. Maybe offer to pay the tip if you are feeling generous.


      • Lara positioned her face precisely within the blast radius of my buttox, nose pointed towards the epicenter.

        She received :

        Healthy exfoliation of aging skin.
        Teeth whitening from ultrasonic vibrations.
        Facial hairs and blackheads seared off
        Deeeeeeep aromatherapy.
        Spiritual cleansing.
        Free heat during the chilly fall.

        All for just $5000, which Lara paid in full.



    • get her to buy you a Ferrari to entertain your side hoez in


    • on October 28, 2015 at 5:51 pm The Other Anonymous

      Dump her immediately. I can’t explain at length but suffice it to say – I can still hear the echoes of those same words in my own head – some 20 years on.

      Caveat Emptor!


    • I openly tell women that their career means nothing to me. Can they cook or take good care of my children? Then I make a comment about career women ruining marriage and the world. This works very well because it plays on their latent fears of failure, which is where the gina tingles are.


    • Immediately go out clubbing…solo. Dread is the only way to handle this. And be complimentary, highlighting how not having kids gives her the career option. This works especially well around the major family holidays.


  8. I’m dreaming of #8. Well, if all goes well, I won’t have to. If not for LA and SF, Cali would be red as well. Same with NYC.


  9. @Oneway, you’re using a man’s definition of “successful.” A successful woman is a feminine girlfriend/wife who supports and pleases her man.


  10. Ben Carson is about to stump the Trump. Negro going out, another going in.

    [CH: nope. latest poll has trump on top again. carson is getting the abortion litmus test evangelicals in iowa. trump will clean up with every other demo.]


    • The establishment will coalesce around Carson if they think he’s the best shot at keeping Trump from getting the nomination.

      [CH: the establishment must die. death to the establishment.]


      • I think Carson has a chance. In addition to the religious vote, Carson will garner a huge swath of the white guilt vote. Republicans get real cuck-y when it comes to black conservatives.

        “Look! I can be a conservative, and vote for a black. I’m not racist!”

        [CH: we’ll see. i predict carson-mania will die down after the evangelicals in iowa blow their tepid load. but i could be wrong about how deeply race-cucked ostensibly conservative whites are. if carson gets the nom, hillary will win, and the US will be that much closer to the reckoning.]


      • not a chance. they will let Carson enjoy a brief ride in the lead before installing their Rubio or whoever because its a lot easier to take Carson down than Trump. They hope Carson their bull can do the dirty work in Iowa because they are true cucks and can’t take out Trump the herrenvolk themselvse.


      • if Trump wins in Iowa, he runs the fucking table. Mark it down.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 2:49 pm Experienced Father

        As far as the Establishment in Congress concerned…it is totally corrupt.

        Committee memberships, chairs of committees and subcommittees, and everything else is for sale.

        Price lists for those are available on-line.

        And the fat cat buyers speak only to the Congressmen they own, who tell them what they want to hear.

        Burn it all down.


      • True to alpha form, instead of petulance (¡Jeb!) or pandering (the whodat candidates in single digits), Trump basically negs the entire state of Iowa:

        “I don’t understand Iowa because frankly, I just left and we had tremendous crowds and tremendous enthusiasm…So I’m actually surprised, very surprised that I’m even tied in Iowa.”

        He won’t mewl for votes. For the next three months he’ll make the state’s voters qualify themselves to him. I love it.



      • “they will let Carson enjoy a brief ride in the lead before installing their Rubio or whoever”

        As a UK outsider looking in, I can see this is precisely what’s going to happen, and why, in the end, Trump will fail to get the nomination. The establishment will frantically rally around one of these tedious, hand-picked, continuity-candidate fuckwits. It’ll be someone like a Rubio versus Clinton, with the latter cunt being victorious. Even as a non-American, the thought of that makes me want to throw up things I’d forgetten ever eating.


    • Trump tried to undermine Carson by pointing out that his 7th day Adventist faith is less mainstream than trumps Presbyterian faith. This may or may not work with Iowa Christians. Trump has time so it wasn’t a bad move since the reason Carson leads there is because he is seen as the better representative for Christians.

      Carson was single digits until he made a point to emphasize the primacy of judeo Christian civilization over Islam with his comment about how there shouldn’t be a muslim president. This is what registered with voters. If trump wants to lead in Iowa and other more conservative states with primaries, then he probably should make it more clear that he understands the threat of sharia law against the western world. I’m sure he does, but he hasn’t really emphasized it yet.


      • meanwhile Cardboard Ben Carson has articulated nothing more than a a few broad statements and dreams on his “issues” page with zero specifics… and Cucks still blather on about TRUMP just being full of hyperbole and has no policy…

        It’s unreal…


    • carson is getting the abortion litmus test evangelicals in iowa.

      Not to mention the cuckservative feeeelz vote.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 5:23 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

      Trump is actually the best chance for the religious conservatives. He is the only candidate who would conceivably pull an Andrew Jackson: “The supreme court made their decision, now let them enforce it”.

      The court has been bluffing America into accepting unconstitutional usurpations of power since 1954, because no president has had the spine to call their bluff. When president Trump calls their bluff, conservative states will regain local control of social issues.

      This is what the Republican establishment fears. Take the social issues out of national politics, and the AdelZuck party will lose all its voters.


    • I agree that Carson will win. America must be desperate for another black AA President given the stellar performance of the incumbent.


      • I’m hearing too many alleged conservative White men saying things like “Trumps really shaking things up, but I like this Carson guy.”

        There’s still a deep-rooted faith in the “good negro” in this country. “Morgan Freeman Syndrome”, that’s what I call it.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Morgan Freeman syndrome. True that.

        Just another effect of the long hauled goody-negro propaganda that’s been spewing our of the jew media machine for decades. it’s like blacks that do anything even remotely medicore, they get an automatic thumbs up and cuck love response bc everyone’s afraid for the racist label.

        Carson is only where he is because of this. Is the cuck republican “me too” ni66er love bullshit.


      • Morgan Freeman never ducked me.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 12:47 am Modern Primitive

      Dude, you should know by now that you can’t stump the trump.


  11. 1. A feminist independent … STOP RIGHT THERE. Can’t be independent if linked to such a belief system.
    2.Interesting thus far.
    3.Women leaders treat their nations like betas.
    4.Probably bought and paid for like so many “conservative” pundits and politicians lately.
    5.Which is more destructive, facebook or work? Probably both.
    6,7. Just watch this on the regular for tribalism:


    • on October 28, 2015 at 12:53 pm Cad and Bounder

      Margaret Thatcher was as red pill as they come. A fine woman.


      • Thatcher was a man!


      • Thatcher was different. This is true. She’s not the kind of girl who mindless repeats fashionable lies. She wasn’t working to defend the UK because of a wage gap or other BS lie the left lies about every day. She was a real woman I guess.

        And I was thinking about women and their politics. Theory for the chateau, is being of a different political persuasion just a matter of being a different fashion circle for dealing with the ladies? Like mods versus Rockers or …. I am thinking of a monolog from SLC Punk…here it is:

        “Rednecks kicked the shit out of punks, punks kicked the shit out of mods, mods kicked the shit out of skinheads, skinheads took out the heavy metal guys, and the heavy metal guys beat the living shit out of new wavers and the new wavers did nothing. What was the point? Final summation? None.”

        If a bitch steps up to you for not being a fucking loser liberal dickless shit, it’s just like someone saying you’re wearing the wrong label. Not a game ender, just an opening salvo.


      • The only decent thing she did – the thing for which she nearly lost her Minister of Education job – was the abolition of school milk. After that who can forget such horrors as The Miner’s Strike, The Poll Tax and all sorts of other things I have forgotten. She was right however about Las Malvinas (which for some reason I can never find in my English Atlas).

        ‘Rejoice Rejoice’ yes that was her catch-phrase as well as ‘I fight on I fight on to win’ – she didn’t. The problem (as I see it) for male politicians was that any attempt to do one over on her would look like being cruel to a girl. That is one reason one simply cannot have female politicians; male protective instincts simply come into play. They are best over-ridden by their being no possibility of their arising.


    • per point 3, I saw that Merkel video.

      She reminds me of the admin at UVA, all closed minded with their hate. Hate towards men, merit, the past…but not to bitches who cry fake rape and not towards the invaders she invited to take over her country.

      Something about women leaders, especially childless ones, you can’t trust them. You did at your peril.


      • If white folks don’t start makin’ lotsa White babies, and soon, this whole world is doomed. White wimmen ,( not all, but they are a minority these days, sadly.) seem to be a self destructive beast these days, and I deduce it to a lack of home trainin’ . That’s my two bits on this.


      • on October 29, 2015 at 12:58 am Modern Primitive

        “Something about women leaders, especially childless ones, you can’t trust them. You did at your peril.”

        Man, so true. We had Julia Gillard for a while. She knifed a sitting PM in the back because she saw her opportunity for power and then hastily called an election in an attempt to try for an air of legitimacy. She ended up with a minority government partnership with the greens (communists.)

        She then introduced a tax she promised she wouldn’t and when the opposition heckling got too much for her she pulled out the sexism and misogyny card against them in Parliament. She disgraced herself with university level politiking and yet the left stream press hailed her for it and celebrated, as only they can do of course.

        Thankfully, Australians aren’t totally stupid and after all that we voted in a conservative government, albeit with a beta leader. Funnily enough our beta PM was knifed not too long ago and replaced with a cuckservative who appeals to women and the left.

        What I wouldn’t give for Australian politics to have a clear, strong, alpha male personality like trump.


      • You know what they say about red-head chicks….two more horsepower than the other types.


    • > Women leaders treat their nations like betas.

      A finely stated point, and not to be overlooked.


  12. Thank a Southerner. True, and ironic. The human resources policy of the rural South became the public order nightmare of the urban north. But now the firewall against the ultimate triumph of the cult of Diversity is the white South. It’s indeed a pity that two centuries ago, nobody was able to make a convincing argument that you ought not import as a slave (or guestworker) whose descendents you would not have as brothers.


    • That’s what you get in exchange for free labor. People really thought they could import people of color, kick Native Americans off their own land everything would go ok. All this backlash pales in comparison to the gains slave owners got from free labor. I see it as karma although there are a bunch of bad apples within the American black community, especially in slave states like Alabama and Mississippi. Then again, every segment has bad apples. In all fairness, Jim Crow laws and strict Reconstruction laws didn’t help them establish their own, although there is no excuse to blame the past for lack of success today. If immigrants can build Chinatown in New York/SF and also uplift their communities, blacks can do it to. They just have trouble working together as a race. You see this as less of a problem with foreign black people.


      • Nizzers are also subhuman simian savages. The maxim is, you can have civilization or you can have nizzers. They are mutually exclusive and never shall the twain meet.


      • Cause the foreign black people who come here legally are the cream of the crop in Africa. They aren’t representative of the other 99.99% of the population, who are little more civilized than a pack of horny bonobos. I know because I lived on that continent for years. Heck, if Africa was only composed of that 0.01% of fairly successful blacks that are able to immigrate here, they might have been able to create something akin to civilization.


    • While I think bringing dindus in the western world was silly, your argument is shit. There’s a logical gap between having slaves and them becoming your brothers. The real argument is that you shouldn’t give citizenship to someone who you wouldn’t want as your son in law.


      • I guess you believe whites can come over to America and justly kick Natives off their own land. If you don’t want to worry about giving citizenship to a slave, don’t import outsiders. They thought they could hold onto the gains forever. Not so much. People like to pretend they can hide from God’s wrath. Maybe they wouldn’t have jumped at the idea of free labor if they foresaw the diversity + proximity issues. Nah, I doubt it.


      • on October 29, 2015 at 12:15 am Bro Brosterson

        The blatant hypocrisy of northern white lefties was in full effect even back then. As they were agitating for giving emancipation and citizenship to blacks, they were speedily passing laws in almost every northern state saying that no blacks may relocate up here — free or not, citizen or not.

        Then as now, the real motivation of white lefties and Eskimos in advocating for non-whites is a power play — using them as a tool to weaken their enemies and strengthen themselves.


      • Yes, I believe I can do whatever I want. It’s called not being a subscriber to a moral framework designed by and for slaves. This being said, God has no problem with slavery.


      • The real argument is that you shouldn’t give citizenship to someone who you wouldn’t want as your son in law.

        That’s about as good a summation of the issue as any. +11

        Yes, I believe I can do whatever I want. It’s called not being a subscriber to a moral framework designed by and for slaves. This being said, God has no problem with slavery.

        “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”.
        -Aleister Crowley, avowed Satanist


      • Let me try to fill in the gap. It was foolish to think slaves were going to stay slaves forever. The historical precedent is pretty clear (look at Rome, say). Eventually, they aren’t going to be slaves anymore. And they don’t tend to march out to harass some other nation like in Exodus 🙂 So unless you are willing to have their descendants as brothers (or sons-in-law!), don’t bring them into your midst as slaves.


  13. Go Trump! God I hope he reaches the level where I believe his potential can take him.


  14. After seeing the European Defense ministers and witnessing the behavior of Mutti Merkel, I’m reminded of this rant seen at Heartiste.

    “Female suffrage has led to a feminizing of Western Civilization. That civilization is now entering its Crazy Cat Lady stage, that most female of destinies. Witness the hoarding of immigrants (rather than animals) that we don’t need, that we can’t properly house or care for, the self delusions, the unstable self-image and sense of self, the recurrent suicidal behavior and self-injuring behavior, the picking at scabs. Government is now the defacto husband. Immigrants the children that were never had.”

    Took a few years but we’re there.


    • the phase where cats devour the dying (dead drunk) lady is still to come.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 7:38 pm The Other Anonymous

      I’ve long advocated the weaponizing of cats. Small amounts of Plutonium in the cat food would turn these creatures into an effective delivery system for targeting spinsters. The more cats the faster the radioactive bioaccumulation and the quicker we’ll be rid of these feminists. Once it’s completed it’s mission – as oink says – the cat disposes of the inevitable soiling – then wanders off to acquire yet another target.


  15. Charles Murray is a sackless little bitch. I posted this over at AE:

    Murray has revealed himself as nothing more than a status-signalling sellout and has disappointed a lot of people.

    He obviously lying if he claims it is strictly a “personal” dislike for Trump… he is not making personal attacks. He is parroting the faux-arudite criticisms of every other sanctimonious political talking head, because he is at his very heart, a cuckservative who doesn’t want to win and see conservative ideas put into action. He wants to be the “badthink” who gets invited to cocktail parties while his enemy is in power and maybe he’ll get to say I told you so later.

    He is letting down a lot of people who looked up to him and he doesn’t realize the irony that if he had even a quarter of Trump’s stones and brazenness, he might not have been so marginalized and ignored his whole career.


    • To be expected from a think tank shill. Appreciate his scholarship, but your default attitude towards anyone in this business is that they’re whoring out their mouths for the biggest donor.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 7:01 pm Sean Fielding

      Murray’s in his dotage, and worried about his legacy, just like James Watson was. As if either of them will have any legacy at all if no Whites-who-were-once-men don’t renew their testicles and stand up against the dark tide swamping our civilization. Ovenworthy.


      • I think Murray is just too old to accept that the political landscape has changed. He’s strictly a blue pill conservative; he thinks each election we all start from zero and a generic Republican has an equal chance against a generic Democrat. He doesn’t get that demographics have made the electoral college bad for Republicans and it will get worse with each election.

        That’s why I don’t think, all things being equal, Republicans have a shot at the White House in my life time. Murray does, and so he wants a more ideologically conservative Republican, which Trump isn’t.

        So he doesn’t get that if Republicans are going to have any shot, the establishment must crushed under the panzers of the Trumpenkreig. Trump is a hail mary, and a hail mary is the only shot Republicans have. Unfortunately Republicans are too stupid to realize it and Murray is too old to accept it.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 10:56 pm Captain Tautological

        I dunno – I once had an email exchange with CM and he was rather c*ntish with me. There’s something really weird about that Establishmentarian mindset – Rush thinks they’d rather have Hillary than an outsider like Trump or Carson. The other night at a kleptocratic fundraiser, GWB-43 singled out Cruz for a vicious personal attack. And many people now feel that if Boehner/Ryan/McConnell push through this 2-year budget deal, then they will have not only have given Obama a 9th year of his presidency, but they will also have ensured a H!tlery Rotten Cl!tless victory, because their betrayal will render the GOP presidential candidate structurally incapable of distinguishing himself on domestic policy.


  16. CH

    Which western nation do you feel has the best chance to turn the tides?

    I feel as though Australia since they happily deport illegals

    [CH: the autogenocide virus infecting the west won’t spare australia. aussies import chinamen by the millions, don’t they? maybe australia holds out a little longer than the rest in the anglosphere, but they’ll fall eventually too. the more the insanity cranks up, the more strongly i believe that this pathological self-annihilation virus must run its full course through the white race. what survives after the fever breaks is anyone’s guess.]


    • @Heartiste, “What survives after the fever breaks is anyone’s guess.” It’s a toss up between 1488 and those crafty BB88 folks:


    • The nations that comprise the so-called “Visegrad Group”.


    • I don’t understand who decided a million immigrants a year were good for a country? Who knowingly signed off on this?


    • autogenocide, xenophilia, homophobos. You can pretend they’re forces of nature (just like migrants are naturally ocurring events) or pure evil.


    • the more the insanity cranks up, the more strongly i believe that this pathological self-annihilation virus must run its full course through the white race.

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Future White historians, if there are any, will write volumes attempting to explain how a the most successful and powerful race destroyed itself wilfully. Maybe Whites will learn, and maybe they won’t. In any case the die is cast.


    • Slovakia, the only nation in all of Europe that is mosque-free.

      That or a free Newfoundland.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 12:26 am Bro Brosterson

      Eastern Europe is already showing the most resistance, Hungary in particular. These countries are the least infected by cultural marxism in the white world. Ironically, being under the yoke of economic marxism for so many years spared them from cultural marxism. Here’s hoping they hold strong and their example spreads.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 2:51 am Modern Primitive

      Australia is not far behind the uk and America I’m afraid.


    • more and more I am convinced that we will have to hit the bottom and bounce. and that bounce will be ugly.

      but it will happen, and we will come back, because the leftist filth can only twist human nature so far before it snaps back in their faces.


  17. “Is this what the ruling class wanted all along? Or is the ruling class just that stupid and didn’t foresee what their Diversity-mongering would unleash?”

    I would argue the latter. They understand the concept of blowback about as well as they understand basic economics. When your ideology trumps the natural order of things and reality, you ignore whatever telltale signs exist that your plans are backfiring.

    Consider how hikers are taught to avoid at all costs trapping or backing a wild animal into a corner, where they have no means of escape and will lash out violently to free themselves. The leftist libtards are literally trying to force ordinary Americans into that corner. They have been persecuted them relentlessly, uprooting them from all their institutions where they would otherwise seek “legitimate” means of achieving their ends through the political process. The elite is removing the pretense that there is any hope for Americans to break free.

    When the pretense is fully removed, all there will be left is to resort to force.

    The elite don’t realize they are creating their own worst enemy, because it sure as hell won’t be the “wow, just wow” cuckservatives and limp-wrist country club Republicans who will eventually form an IRA-style organization and bring about America’s own version of The Troubles. It’s going to be those who know from their own life experience they don’t have any other choice left even if they wanted there to be one.

    Remember that Japanese admiral who worried after Pearl Harbor about whether all they had done was merely awaken a sleeping giant? Today’s elite will never achieve even that limited level of self-introspection (they should have considered the consequences of a sneak attack before they dropped the bombs).


    • on October 28, 2015 at 2:39 pm mendozatorres

      Today’s elite will never achieve even that limited level of self-introspection

      They’re too busy wondering why no one is thanking them, they’re that delusional.


    • I was explaining to my human rights advocate mother(she’s anti-migration, anti-Islam, anti-socialism, and pro real legal equality between men and women so sort of anti-feminism) that this migration, the ineptitude of the EU elite to understand where their electorates are coming from, and their preference to ramble about tolerance, equality and other values for slaves will make those same values victims in the near future. It’s hilarious how little foresight these little shits ruling the west have, but they’re only selected to do what their donors and corporate friends want.


    • The problem with “the question” is a failure to comprehend that a worldwide catastrophe killing billions of people would be celebrated by the elite because it furthers their plans. The general plan for many generations of the elite has been for a one-world government in which the people are enslaved and controlled. Centuries ago these men were quite open in their comments about it.

      What I see at every turn is a series of actions being systematically taken that are strategically piling up fuel and fanning the flames of anger, bitterness and hate. Why? Because people are sheep and when the storm comes they scatter and many will be killed. After the storm is over and the survivors are gathered they are very, very docile, having been traumatized by the event. There will be no “IRA-style organization” that brings about a US version of the troubles. It will be far, far worse than that.

      The problem with discussing it is the vast majority of people are incapable of imagining individuals being so evil that they could plan and shape events that would kill billions of innocents. It’s the same psychological quirk that makes the “Big Lie” technique so effective.

      In order to get a “new world order” and a one-world government a whole lot of people have to die and many nations must be destroyed. We see the US being invaded by immigrants while at the same time the US population (already the most insanely well-armed civilian population in the world) purchasing more weaponry and ammo every time the puppets dutifully speak of gun control. We see Western Europe (disarmed and mostly unable to defend itself) being subjected to the violence and humiliation of being invaded by aliens to the point they are almost up in arms. We see Russia being economically ruined with sanctions and manipulated oil prices that are destroying Russia’s external sources of income. China needs only time as it’s demographic ticking time bomb of well over 100 million men who have no hope of ever finding a wife grow more and more frustrated.

      All that is needed is the right trigger event, and the ideal trigger event would be the wholesale destruction of the US. Nukes? Biologicals? Chemical weapons? Completely unnecessary because far better weapons are available which cannot be defended against: The first is a piece of rock on the western escarpment of a volcano called Cumbre Vieja in the Western Canary Islands. One good earthquake and that piece of rock (25km long, 14km wide and 1.5-2km thick) goes into the Atlantic Ocean. Six hours later the East Coast of the US will be destroyed by a series of giant tidal waves. There goes the financial system and the little plastic cards don’t work.

      This could be accomplished with scalar weapons, which are able to trigger volcanoes and earthquakes. The other great threat is the Yellowstone Caldera, a super-volcano that has been rapidly growing more and more unstable. It is estimated that when it blows up around 250 cubic miles of debris will be thrown into the atmosphere, coming down later as ash that will cover the bread basket of the US. There goes the US crop production at a time when world cereal grain stocks are at an all-time low. Just for funnies those same weapons could trigger the San Andreas fault and finally Californicate the left coast once and for all. The Midwest can get it’s due comeuppance with the New Madrid fault and the result would be no financial system and no power, fuel, food or water just about everywhere in the US within a matter of days. If it happened at the beginning of winter, just think about how many people would die of starvation and cold before spring.

      The year of 1816 was known as “the year without a summer” because the explosion of Tambora threw so much debris into the atmosphere the earth underwent a cooling phase. There was snow on the ground in Kentucky through June and starvation was rampant in a primitive society that was well accustomed to privation. The explosion of a caldera like Yellowstone could easily have the same effect and weather modification wouldn’t be needed.

      But let’s not forget all those well armed people who have no food that are left with the choice of starving or shooting. My guess is it would only take a little weather modification under the described conditions (cold air down from Canada, huge hurricanes coming up from the south) and by Spring 80% to 90% of the US population would be dead.

      As for the rest of the world, the takedown of the US financial system would trigger a derivatives explosion that literally bring down the entire world’s financial system and international trade would stop. No oil shipments, no food shipments and with worldwide crop failures the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (War, Famine, Disease and Death) would be unleashed. Billions would die worldwide and with the US no longer on the world stage there would be a power vacuum. Wars and rumors of wars, and the stage would be set for someone to step onto that stage, tell the people what they wanted to hear and establish a one-world government.

      Is it any wonder that I’m a big fan of being rural, living in underground housing made of steel and concrete with the ability and knowledge to produce food in a self-sufficient manner along with the ability and tools necessary to defend such food and housing? Call me crazy but if half of what I see coming happens, things will be ugly on a scale that beggars belief. I don’t believe having a “bug-out” location at some distant point is viable and it seems to me the only reasonable strategy is being prepared to go into lock-down in a secure place for 90 days or so and let the killing and dying take place. There’s no way to stop it and no points to be won by participating.

      The Biblical lesson related to this, I think, is from Noah’s Ark. Noah obeyed God and prepared the Ark, God sent the animals to the Ark and when the rains began the door was shut. At that point there was no way to take on passengers and all the people who thought Noah was crazy (in a world that had never seen rain) died as a result. Noah, his wife, his sons and their wives all survived along with the passengers on the ark that Noah had prepared for (the animals). I suspect that Noah didn’t house the lions with the sheep, so if anyone contemplates building their own “ark” and taking in passengers at the last moment, make sure you know them well.


      • The tricky thing about the ark is that there weren’t anybody on the outside trying to get in, once the waters rose.

        And, of course, God was on his side. 😉


      • “the end is nigh”. another “revelation”: death comes to us all, and many wish for it, to cleanse the world of all its woes.


  18. Not surprising. Charles Murray has always been an extreme corporate, free market and open borders libertarian, so his hostility to Trump makes sense from that standpoint. Murray has never had loyalty to anything but the almighty dollar and his Jewish paymasters. Murray is also an ID dork otherwise known as a cognitive elitist. The corporate libertarians and IQ elitists are often fellow travellers. Those of you reading who are interested in white preservation and need another reason to abandon free market cultism and libertardianism, including the reformulated versions peddled by that loon Hans Hoppe, here you go.


    • He may have been libertardian, but he was never open borders:

      “4. Immigration reform must begin first with enforcement of existing immigration law. If it takes a wall, so be it.”

      In his defense, this was written 9 years ago so he may have had a lot of age-related Testosterone decline since ago.


      • There is a video on YouTube somewhere where Murray in a debate with Ralph Nadar backs H1Bs and forms of immigration that help corporations depress wages. Even in those comments from 9 years ago, Murray basically took a race-denialist position on immigration. He threw some dust at IQ trends but ultimately came down on the race doesn’t matter side. He also did a little status-whoring signalling about his preference for Asian communities to certain white ones.

        IQ has some importance, but it’s not a basis for community. Murray’s brand of cognitive elitism effectively divides whites by class and intellectual ability, which is bad for white preservation.

        I suspect one reason Jews and their allies and lackeys promote cognitive elitism is to sheer off the white cognitive elite from their natural constituents. That way, the white cognitive elite can be can be out-competed and marginalized by their more cohesive Asian and Jewish peers who are loyal to their natural constituencies.


  19. Victimhood is an external manifestation of a slave mentality.

    When you accomplish nothing in life, your only outlet is to tear down those who have, to bring them down to, or preferably beneath your own level.

    This stands in diametric opposition to the master mentality which says that what is good in life is to accomplish things and to use those who can serve according to their abilities.

    A master makes things happen. A slave complains that the master is somehow unjust and the effort unworthy.

    The irony is that the slave’s very existence is made possible through the efforts of the master and the current fashion of wanting to eliminate all the masters is merely a protracted, theatrical suicide.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 5:42 pm elmer t. jones

      Tell it bro. BLM is a mass tantrum of fatherless children.


    • Much Friedrich. So Nietzsche. Me likey


    • If the people who explain the legacy of slavery in these terms, I would be 100% in agreement with their argument. Slaves were legitimate victims, so it’s understandable they would have a victimhood mentality. It’s no surprise then that victimhood breeds victimhood for generations


  20. Truly shocked by the photo of the four grinning women – as if they are on a day trip to Ikea, or cougars about to go on the prowl, a final reformation of a 80’s girl band or delegates from the Women’s Institute – but who are apparently, all four of them, defence ministers including Germany’s (Yikes). Is it any wonder that Europe seems unable or unwilling to deal with the rag-tag crusade of Islamists and other South-of-Suez types so successfully and effortlessly invading.

    Let’s hope that Philip Hammond is made of sterner stuff; he certainly scares the life out of me.


  21. I read that crime story. I used to run around that lake when I was training for a marathon when I lived in Dallas. What a sad story. And I’m completely sick of these stories. I’m almost equally sick of the crap about mass incarceration. Mass criminality deserves mass incarceration.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 6:28 pm The Other Anonymous

      Now that it’s hit close to home – can you really say that justice is served by locking people up? In 10 years that murderer is going to be jogging through that same park with the same head full of bad wiring and ‘I found Jesus’ t-shirt.


  22. I noticed elsewhere that kids don’t go to night clubs anymore, preferring house parties.

    Gee, can the invasion of Europe and America by the diversity that enhances us all have any correlation? Why go out to get beaten and raped (like a certain US soldier was by asian wogs here in usa) in night club when you can be a little more exclusive at home?


    • Same reason people don’t really go to malls much any more. Easier to avoid the vibrancy by shopping online.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 9:26 am The Anti-Gnostic

      Yes. Whites are withdrawing from increasingly chaotic public spaces, into gated communities and high-rises. Amazon is a manifestation of this instinct as is the increasingly-tiered Uber.


  23. The invasion of Europe?
    Here is my theory why feminised society automatically leads to the destruction of that society.

    Women are less xenophobic than men. They are less interested in things such as ethnic differences or racial differences. They care less about things such as “my team” against “your team”. For every five men in a far right party you will be lucky to see one woman. You can see it in sports too. It is mostly men that are going tribal and fight over their sport teams, flags, countries, etc. Girls go to sport events just because they want to have fun, or because of the men.

    The more male influence there is in society, the more xenophobic that society is. The more female influence there is in society, the less xenophobic that society is. Xenophobia means dislike for people from the outgroup. The greater the dislike for people from the outgroup, the lower the acceptance for immigration consisting of people from the outgroup.

    Female influence in society corelates with the level of xenophobia in society. That’s why Japan, South Korea, Eastern Europe, muslim countries etc. do not accept immigration. Israel does not accept non jewish immigration. All of those countries are with low levels of female influence and almost no feminism.

    Studies show that women will try to help and support everybody in need (say hello to Refugee crisis), while men tend to help only those from their ingroup. Thus, we can expect an ingroup with high levels of female influence (have a look at Sweden) to be very interested in helping and importing refugees from other groups.

    Additionally, there is higher marrying out rate (or you can call it a traitor rate) among females. The majority of those who are marrying out and joining other cultures are females, 75 percent of converts to Islam in Britain are females, as well as the vast majority of whites who mix with blacks. In more patriarchal societies, such as Israel, or western countries in the past, marrying out is/was illegal or is very rare. In the past, when western countires were more patriarchal and xenophobic, anti-miscegenation laws were wide spread.

    Married women (those influenced by men), tend to vote to the right, unmarried women – to the left (70 percent of unmarried women voted for Obama, while 54 percent of married women voted against Obama). The majority of those who vote for diversity, multiculturalism, and left wing parties are women. You will often hear the phrase “women and minorities” or the accusation of “racism and sexism”. Those things go together. Women pay only 30 percent of taxes, but receive the majority of welfare, pensions and medical care, so they often support other parasitic groups and often work together with them to expand the welfare state and affirmitive action/diversity policies.

    Men are the immune system of sociey. They react against invaders and parasitism, women in general don’t. Men are much more hostile to foreigners and outsiders. So if you want to destroy certain group, destroy it’s immune system. Just like HIV destroys an immune system. Then various bacteria moves in and then the body dies.

    So it’s simple. If you want to destroy an ethnic group, simply increase female influnce in that group. Increase it a lot. Also get rid of marriage (less male influenced females). And voila. Since females don’t care about ethnicity that much, and are not xenophobic, the country will open it’s borders, and will welcome everyone. (have a look at Sweden)

    All kinds of other ethnic, religious and racial groups will move in, and will start vying for dominance.

    So we understand why jews are supporting feminism for others, but do not support it for their own country. Because it is a weapon of mass destruction.

    [CH: it’s time to start using the word xenophilic to describe open borders nutjobs. it has a nice malevolent ring to it. because it is.]


    • xenophila is a good way to describe the nutjobs’ mindset.

      I’ve been joking that women can’t be leaders bc the first thing they’ll do is open the borders to millions of swarthy men. I don’t know why, maybe they find their fecund women a painfree source of babies to oohh and ahh over, maybe the swarthy men are not turned off by physical flaws.

      But my joke is true. Europe opened its doors and the worthless pakis and who knows who else had nothing better to do than to drop everything and hike 1000 miles for a chance at a free dinner.

      How fucking pathetic.


      • “I’ve been joking that women can’t be leaders bc the first thing they’ll do is open the borders to millions of swarthy men. ..But my joke is true.”

        Very good observation, and it is absolutely true. The countries that are hostile to foreigners/immigration are those with low levels of female influence.


    • If xeno is ancient greek for foreigner, what is ancient greek for countryman/comrad/kinsman.

      Would be nice to launch a “something”-phobia back at leftists.

      [CH: sympatriophobe? gotta be something more lyrical than that.]


    • Only (white) men have an interested in preserving their (white) Y-chromosome.

      It’s like white women have unilaterally decided to kill it.


    • Women are hardwired to love the outgroup because it behooves their reproductive chances once the men of their tribe were slaughtered and their children put to the sword by the victors.

      When regular women, not just the Anna Stubblefields of the world, start to fuck the foreign invaders, we’ve already lost, our race turned into the beta in our own society. Those German women in the video give me hope. That’s hypergamy talking, and so far it does not judge the outsiders well.


      • Women are hardwired to love the outgroup because it behooves their reproductive chances once the men of their tribe were slaughtered and their children put to the sword by the victors.

        This. A thousand times this.


      • Women are hardwired to be cowardly and dependent and that’s why they won’t stick their head above the parapet. Whatever the status quo of the time the woman is more likely to be it.

        But underneath it all women are wary of and intolerant towards outgroups perhaps because they have sharper intuition and greater emotional intelligence. Women are creatures of us/them rather than autistic individualism.


    • Rollo Tomasi: “War Brides

      [CH: ‘xenophilic’ is nice; be sure to pair it with ‘oikophobia’.]


    • Men are the immune system of society.

      + 100


    • Why would they be xenophobic? That would only tend to reduce the sample size (heh) of potential alpha male mating options. Of course they’re xenophilic –at least until they have a few sons, maybe.


    • Those jews who support feminism in our country also hate Israel for standing up for herself. Example: Jon Leibowitz aka Jon Stewart.

      It’s the conservative Jews like Mark Levin who also support the Israeli Right, such as Netanyahu.


    • The life cycle:

      – Everything is shit
      – Masculine values raise (and if the men were capable)
      – Things start turning nice and comfortable
      – Feminine values raise (with Jews on the lead if they’re around)
      – Everything starts to fall apart

      (re-start everything… but what if the biggest masculine values won’t be coming from Europeans the next time? Their culture will die and as people they will be miscegenated out of existance. The last pure ones will flee to East (Russia) or be hunted down…)


  24. “And while you’re at it, thank a Southroner’s ancestors today for pulling what has had to have been one of history’s biggest, Merkelian boners.”

    Can someone please explain this comment? I am aware that Steve Sailer refers to the invasion of Europe as Merkel’s boner. What is the reference to the ancestors of Southrons about?


    • Slavery. Thus the stickers I see placed on stop signs and light posts occasionally in the area I live (New Orleans): “We should have picked our own damn cotton.”


  25. Another thought: These immigration policies are truly homohphobic. Fear of the self. Even if these shitheads consider other dicks to be the wrong kind of whites, the thing they all say is “we need these wogs to do the jobs we’re all too lazy and stupid to do”

    They hate their own self. This is a suicide.

    Another point, the goal of importing millions of people a year is to subdue the native stock. Subdue and dilute.

    And it’s happened in the USA and Europe. The use of immigration to buy votes…the worst sort of treason…treason so awful that no one had even considered it until now lest you end up hanging from a tree…it gave one party here and parties overseas the sort of power to eliminate free speech, self defense, national unity, meaningful national security, and a free market.

    Bravo. The only question I have is why didn’t the other side see this happening?


  26. on October 28, 2015 at 2:33 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

    A woman at work, she’s married, kids, about 36, nice little body, French, a manager no less, started flirting with me by email. In person, she told me her husband is away too much and she wants to get fucked. I wanted to, but passed. Probably still could.

    Another one, 30 yrs old, married, no kids, desk photo shows fat, bearded husband, lights and smiles like crazy when I talk to her. She comes to my office frequently, not vice versa. In fact she’s a few feet away from me right now. I’m cocky and game her and she loves it. She’s probably DTF but doesn’t yet realize it. She’s got a nice rump.

    Moral of the story is, letting your wives work is opening them up to male competition, far away from your prying eyes. And yes, they get surrounded by the powerful executives, etc.

    If they must work, let them be preschool teachers or other pink collar professions. Going into the corporate world will harm your marriage, for even if they aren’t seduced by office cads (even wives with good intentions can be seduced – game works) they will constantly compare you to the other men in the office.

    Office romance rape!

    (Always wanted to do that).


  27. on October 28, 2015 at 2:34 pm Benylin Extra


    I notice you rarely if ever blog about jews and your take on their involvement.



  28. on October 28, 2015 at 2:36 pm mendozatorres

    Can anyone translate in Cliff notes version what #10 says on its youtube page?


  29. Shartiste,

    Murray has been an intellectual inspiration for a long time, got me interested in quant analysis. That said, i don’t have a thing to dispute your assertions with. It’s really too bad.


    • Yeah, I’m in a similar boat, which is why I gave it such vitriol. Generic cuckservatives are just casual mocking material, but a guy who really gets it on a high level and chooses the Murray path for shekels and status, it is just profoundly disappointing and induces contempt. A man with brains but no integrity is worse for civilization than a score of witless poors.


  30. The males of military age that are actually from Syria amongst the invasion columns are either terrorist or cowards. Either way we don’t want them. Vlad Tepes now is the hour of our greatest need, return and save us I beseech thee.


  31. on October 28, 2015 at 3:10 pm The Spirit Within

    I notice that there’s no link to the totally verifiable and not-at-all-made-up “map” in #8.

    Just wait until the close scrutiny of Trump begins. The people aren’t gonna like what they see and hear. And he’s not used to explaining himself, to put it lightly. That’s the point at which he’s going to say something so horrible that his numbers tank.

    If he gets past that point and wins the nom, he’s not gonna like the $2 million/day price tag of running a major political campaign. He’ll have to liquidate some assets and make his brand look like a loooo-sah … or get down on bended knee and beg for money from the powers-that-be. Those powers depend on open borders.

    If he goes all the way, he’s gonna get flustered in the debates and make faces, which will become a meme. Don’t underestimate the power of that – remember McCain’s grimaces and Romney’s “binders of women”. Plus, no Repugnican can compete demographically with a Democrat. Especially not one who’s alienated 90% of all Hispanics and a fair share of females.

    Prediction: He gets the nom, but it’s an ugly process, the media turns on him (it’s inevitable, you know it’s coming), and he loses by a fair amount to Hillary in the general. GOP deflates by 2018 and becomes a local/regional party only.


    • my prediction is that you eskimos keep making predictions like this and keep getting proved wrong.


    • 1. You’re still a faggot

      rediction: He gets the nom, but it’s an ugly process, the media turns on him (it’s inevitable, you know it’s coming), and he loses by a fair amount to Hillary in the general. GOP deflates by 2018 and becomes a local/regional party only.

      2. The media already hates him

      3. Hopefully Clinton is nice and cozy in a jail cell where she belongs by then.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 4:41 pm driveallnight

      Sad day when I agree with sweetheart jason. Not exactly reliable reporting. Cmon CH, you’re usually better than this


    • on October 28, 2015 at 5:39 pm elmer t. jones

      He will get 30% of the Hispanic vote minimum.

      El Trumpe’ por Presidente’!


    • Just wait until the close scrutiny of Trump begins. The people aren’t gonna like what they see and hear. And he’s not used to explaining himself, to put it lightly. That’s the point at which he’s going to say something so horrible that his numbers tank.

      It seems that your frame does not compute what is going on.

      People like Trump. Trump likes them. Anything he says is secondary to that.

      Trump is not of the political mold where he has to lie all the time about everything, like our current politicians do because they are beholden to the oligarch class. So he speaks from the heart. It is that simple.

      He is sincere and nothing he says undermines that. For people who are constantly conniving, they can’t get their heads around it. But for a lot of (mostly white) people, that is the default mode, and that is Trump’s appeal.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 9:07 pm The Spirit Within

        You’re mistaking aspirationalism for popularity.

        He’s got what people want. That doesn’t mean the working poor LIKE him. Trump’s tone deaf about this because people exist to serve him, not the other way around. We got a taste of what’s coming when he referred to a million dollars as “a small loan” this week. He didn’t even think twice about saying that.

        In the end, people are hungry for somebody to tell them a good story — the same rags-to-riches, improbable success, only-in-America story of personal exceptionalism that Obama, Clinton, Reagan, and others have successfully told. Trump’s not going to do that, because that isn’t his brand, and it’s going to hurt him.

        Same problem as Romney had.


      • Romney’s problem was LDS… if not for that he would be Prez.


    • the media turns on him (it’s inevitable, you know it’s coming)

      The media is 100 per cent against him already. They have been the whole time.


    • The Hillary Within, typing anti-Trump drivel with her right hand while masturbating with her left.


    • Just wait until the close scrutiny of Trump begins. The people aren’t gonna like what they see and hear. And he’s not used to explaining himself, to put it lightly. That’s the point at which he’s going to say something so horrible that his numbers tank.

      Yeah I had the same thought.

      Hilary’s camp is digging dirt on Trump as we speak. After he wins the nomination she’ll begin slinging.

      That will be the defining moment. Does Trump double down, maintain frame and turn the tables or do HRC’s attack memes stick? The Clintons are mean motherfuckers, and much more experienced politically than Trump.

      The GOP is f*cked no matter what due to demographic trends. HRC will beat Jeb or Rubio like a drum. Trump is a Hail Mary pass.


    • Prediction: Strapon remains a dindu-loving faggot race cuck for the rest of its life, goes full Bruce Jenner, and has a rabbi officiate his gay wedding with a nog on disability in 2017 … regardless of who is president.


      • on October 28, 2015 at 11:37 pm The Spirit Within

        If you tighten up the first act a little and add a midpoint sequence, you could sell that to Hollywood.

        Nah … you’d rather project your fears onto me.



    • on October 28, 2015 at 9:51 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      In my humble opinion, a very plausible outcome.


    • I’m too lazy to go back and check, but I’m pretty sure not too long ago Strapon was predicting Trump wouldn’t come close to getting the nomination.

      Now we have him/her predicting “Nominated, but…”

      I guess when it looks like he’ll get elected, Strapon will chime in “But he’s going to be a lousy prez.”

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

      Me, I’ve said from the start that Hillary is slated for the job by TPTB, but then again, she was supposed to be a shoo-in 8 years ago when suddenly a ward heeler came out from under the woodpile.

      I, and I’m sure she, are still (((shakin’ our haids))) ’bout that one. lzlzozlozlozlozl


    • Sweetie,

      Michael Clarke Duncan deserved to die.

      And you are wrong.

      Faggot within rape!


    • just a bit of anecdotal:

      my whole family besides me hated trump when he announced his run. since then, my dad, and my brother are now pro trump. mom is on the fence, but dad will change that in time. only my mudshark sister literally can’t even at this point. A Bernie supporter, dating a JOO. go figure.


  32. on October 28, 2015 at 3:15 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

    My posts here never come out of moderation but I’m going to try one last time.

    My ex wife? Fucked her boss. My friend Andy’s ex wife? Fucking her boss. Tommy’s ex wife? Fucking her boss. My brothers ex wife? Fucked her boss. My friend James? Ex wife fucked her boss. My cousin Joe? Ex wife was fucking her boss. This girl MP I plated last year? Fucking me, her boss, while her hubby is at home. My mom? Was fucking her boss.

    I really think there is a pattern here.

    And it’s a pretty God damn good reason to keep these sluts out of the workforce. Or restricted to clucking hen jobs where there is no boss to fuck.

    It’s easy as fuck to run game on a girl who has to do what you say. You just boss her around with random shit and she gets wet. Give husbands that power and these sluts would be getting wet for their husbands. Women are attracted to power. Boss has power. Husband has the threat point and all of society ridiculing him.

    I’ve often wondered if one of the reasons women were pushed into the workforce was so their bosses could start fucking them.


    • I’ve often wondered if one of the reasons women were pushed into the workforce was so their bosses could start fucking them.

      That’s exactly why. You didn’t think that the women’s movement had anything to do with benefiting women, do you? The whole thing was for the benefit of alpha males, allowing them to entertain their sexual gluttony while robbing beta males of sexual access. This is also what weapons control is all about. The only reason that large numbers of beta males have not yet been enslaved and literally castrated is because in a very few countries (like the U.S. and Switzerland) beta males still retain the right to keep arms. If this ever changes, though, alpha males are going to take the gloves off and you will see literal wholesale eunuchry. Yes, power-drunk the elites who think they own us all are that fucking sick and crazy.


      • The reality is most guys in workplace affairs are beta, but merely situationally alpha at work. so they go home and get bossed by their wife, but at work they have status and the authority to lead and women respond to this.


    • I’d be satisfied if employing a woman required a license and malfeasance insurance.

      That, and bring back the death penalty for fucking another man’s wife.


    • Re moderation: always type posts first in a WP. Don’t open a CH dialogue box until you’re 100% ready to paste ’em in.


  33. Be sure to watch this video so we can ll celebrate diversity together! (hugs)

    [CH: there isn’t a facepalm big enough to convey my exasperation after watching that steaming pile of literal race cucking. sweden you dishonor your norsemen ancestors.]


  34. on October 28, 2015 at 3:43 pm elmer t. jones

    A man wants a wife, not a co-worker.

    As for working women, I got a wife at home and I don’t need one on the job.

    My ebook has finally made it to Amazon and will be available within one meme cycle. The book aggregator I chose is choking on my epub files but I will rectify.

    When my blog is up I will post a link to the free material.

    You are one of the few sites on the internet that hasn’t banned me. When I posted a link here to my prototype blog I got 100 visitors that day. Thanks for the traffic.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 5:25 pm elmer t. jones

      I was wrong. Amazon is hot to get my book to the masses :


      • Elmer – read the free chapter at Amazon, really looks enticing. I think you are going to kill it with this. Very The Anarchist Cookbook vibe to it…

        Best luck to you.


    • @Elmer, cool concept, cool title, and cool book cover graphic. In the preview I noticed something minor you should fix for the people who will peek in and see what it’s about.

      “Online Career Portals seem like a waste of ti (the “me” in “time” is cut off or forgotten, so fix this little gremlin so the grammar police won’t discount your book off the bat)


      • on October 29, 2015 at 8:22 am elmer t. jones

        Thanks. Having written dozens of business proposals it has always amazed me how there will be goofs no matter how many times you proof read it. If your brain thinks it knows what you wrote that is what you will read instead of the glaring errors.

        In the Make It Rain chapter I promise a life of wealth for anyone daring enough to pick up a pen and start writing :

        Write to Become an Earner

        Are you an internet troll? You may already have the right skills to bring money into your organization. Writing to bring in money is a personal development angle available to anyone. When you win project funding you move into the high level instantly. You might get a corner office out of it.

        Whether you have a job or are looking for work, proposal writing is a way to put you at a higher business level than your peers. Most people in tech never attempt it, preferring to await their next assignment so they can perform their work and get a pat on the back.

        It requires “adequate” writing skills but even that is not the most important thing. You only need to be able to showcase how your technology solves a known problem and provide a clear plan for how it will be done, who will do it, and what it will cost.

        If you have difficulty competing technically against your peers but have good communication skills, the ability to procure funding can make you their boss. Technically weak men with writing talent are valued in many organizations.

        In the Crafting Stories chapter we examined how telling stories instead of dumping data engages your customer physiologically. Proposal writing succeeds on the same principal. If you can help your employer connect his customers emotionally to his products, you stand a good chance of being able to write winning proposals.


    • on October 29, 2015 at 8:10 am elmer t. jones

      Thanks Sentient. My son and brother reviewed it and gave it high marks for being positive and practical.

      Amazon uses the first 10% for free content so all my anti-feminist ranting shows up instead of the useful job-hunting overview. I am going to re-arrange so the overview shows up in the free content and put the seething anti-feminism in the appendix and on my blog. Also my blog will have a pdf of free content that will contain more material than Amazon’s. I prefer pdf since I can control the formatting and make it look like a classic text but everyone is on smarty phones these days so I must play to the market.

      Overall it has been an educational experience writing and publishing a book. Generating criticism and mockery is easy. Writing fiction is like masturbating. But writing practical non-fiction describing concrete tools for a difficult problem is very challenging.

      I removed so much material that I have about a month of blog posts at least. Should have it up in a few days. Also will share my experience in the production side of writing the book.


      • @Elmer, you are DOING, while others are not. When you get criticism, and you will, just remember that you have created a passive income product that will help you laugh all the way to the bank.


      • on October 29, 2015 at 9:51 am mendozatorres

        Good stuff, elmer. I also checked out the Read me portion. I like your style and flow.

        newlyaloof has some good advice. Seconded!


  35. CH, when the female hindbrain assesses mate prospects is status a proxy for alpha or is alpha a proxy for status?

    In other words does she desire an alpha personality because it signifies a high status male or does she desire a high status male because it signifies an alpha persona? Which is the driving force of her hypergamy? I am inclining to the former, in my experience working in a top nightclub the hottest bbbz are often accompanying men whose beta stink wafts over the whole venue yet are loaded – the women are all over them. Doesn’t seem an act either…. Conversely several ‘alphas’ I know don’t hit these giddy poon heights even when in direct competition with the loaded betas in the same venue. They’re not interested.



  36. As far as the independent film by the chick, I imagine this will draw sneers from some hardline women-can’t-let-us-have-anything MRAs, and the bait and switch risk is real, but I think stepping stones towards getting these themes in popular culture are good.

    Milo, the sassy fag, sponsoring a feminist red pill take, yes this smacks of entryism and there is no way it will hit all the right notes. But MRAs have done jack shit and if it comes anywhere close it will be nice to get something fresh.


  37. on October 28, 2015 at 4:10 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

    It certainly does appear that every move the feminists have made has only desouled and sluttified women to ever greater degrees. It’s made women miserable. But getting them into the workforce so they could get fucked by their bosses sure does seem like a better explanation than women wanted to be cubicle slaves.


    • Don’t listen to paranoid, stupid fucks. Women were pushed into the work force because men were at war. You even had war propaganda in America over how being a good worker will land you a husband after the war(lol). Of course, once they felt freedom and boss dick, it got hard to restrain the movement for more, much like letting your dindu soldiers roam about freely in Europe inspired them to want to fuck your bitches at home too.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 7:20 pm The Other Anonymous

      They’re miserable!? What about me? I have to work with these harpies…


  38. CNBC’s GOP debate tonight. Nine candidates, Trump the main man of course. Does Jebby even deserve to be there?


    • on October 28, 2015 at 8:08 pm The Other Anonymous

      Well, here’s the thing …

      Politics is an ignoble profession, full of nepotism, cronyism and seediness. It’s a thankless job meant for middling bureaucrats – where not a lot is expected. Jeb fits the bill to a tee.

      On some level, it actually bothers me that a self-made billionaire has to leave the 100th floor penthouse of his own skyscraper and his beautiful model wife – to engage in this circus … but if he wants the job the;

      Let’s move the vote up a year – and be done with it.


      • The Other Anonymous – you’re right, of course.

        And CNBC was predictable in their handling of the debate (and Trump).

        One of the moderators asked Huckabee if he thought Trump had the moral authority to run the country. – I highly doubt they would ever ask Sanders the same of Hillary in a democrat debate.

        Trump handled it well though.


      • The Other Anonymous – you’re right, of course.

        CNBC’s handling of the GOP debate (and Trump) was predictable.

        One of the moderators asked Huckabee if he thought Trump had the moral authority to run the country. Would they ever ask Bernie Sanders that same question of Hillary in a democrat debate? Doubt it.

        Trump handled it well though.


      • The Other Anonymous – good point. And if only only we could move the vote up a year…

        My other comment about last night’s debate got stuck in mod but one of the great moments was seeing Trump give Kasich a nice little b*tch slap.


  39. on October 28, 2015 at 4:33 pm mendozatorres

    OT: we’ve got auditors right now and they finally sent over to good looking women. Well, one looks better than the other, but both are slender and young, with one being an Armenian beauty. The other one is Asian.

    The Armenian one was on my radar last time she was here but shit never materialzed from overthinking. She’s back and now, I’m busy as shit, but thankfully work in the area being audited.

    Just now, got done talking with the Asian auditor. She was making tea, said she had a sore throat and said way to make everyone sick. I was determined to talk just to talk, say something, anything.

    Since I was at work, just asked some generic questions, but made sure to look her in the eye as I spoke with her and I did hold her gaze. Then, Mr Beta appeared as I left and said “hope you feel better.”

    I got to my desk and was laughing at what I did. I was like, come on man, but at the same time was like eh, who cares. Just more of that killing the nice guy inside. Damn fucker keeps showing up at the worst times.

    But, I’m really after the Armenian gal. So no worries there. HAHA…ah, that phantom beta bastard….


    • Go all in Mendo and you will assasinate that mofo…


    • on October 29, 2015 at 1:49 am carlos danger

      Audit firms usually have a strict no dating client’s policy.


    • You might try a little “you look different” game…

      Y: You look …. a bit different….
      Her: I’m Armenian [works with anything] blah blah
      Y: Oh one of those… [eye roll]
      Her; What or similar?
      Y: I had a friend who dated an Armenian girl… he said they were a bit… different… unusual
      Her: Oh yeah… Why [or whatever doesn’t matter]
      Y: Yeah. He said they had square pussies… [straight face] Hard to get in the corners… [smirk]
      Her: !!!!

      take from there


  40. on October 28, 2015 at 4:38 pm The Other Anonymous

    The ‘work spouse’ is akin to emotional infidelity – the first woman I heard use the term later claimed to have been raped by her husband and had him arrested.


  41. on October 28, 2015 at 5:05 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    “And while you’re at it, thank a Southroner’s ancestors today for pulling what has had to have been one of history’s biggest, Merkelian boners.”

    With a big assist from the Sephardim. Charleston had the largest Jewish population in America from colonial times until the mid-1820s thanks to their prominence in the slave trade. The notorious Charleston Mercury, flagship newspaper of the fire-eaters, was founded by a Moroccan Jew.

    The Jewish re-infiltration of the Anglo-Saxon world began in earnest in 1640 (pre-Cromwell), when Jewish slave traders, fleeing a failed attempt to help the Dutch wrest control of Brazil away from the Portuguese, established a major presence in the colony of Barbados. At that time, Barbados was a majority White society.

    In the early 1990s, around the same time as the Crown Heights riot, the Nation of Islam published a history of Jewish involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Race realism suddenly and mysteriously became acceptable for a few years after that. Some of y’all might want to ask Charles Murray about that- and about why he objects so vehemently to living wages for working class Whites, and peace with Russia.

    “American” Enterprise Institute my ass!


    • The Crown Heights riots are the real reason Giuliani got elected, broken windows became a policy, and New York didn’t see a Democrat mayor for 20 years.

      Once the dindus literally start attacking eskimos in the streets, suddenly the latter all start voting (and donating to) K. Amazing what fear will do to a group’s strategy.

      Broken windows rape!


  42. #9 reminds me of this: (Skip to 32:46)

    Father Anderson, patron saint of shivs, battles poz’d Dracula and his migrant army in London.

    May he serve as an inspiration to us all.


  43. “the grief-stricken wife of the murdered White man committed suicide because she couldn’t bear to go on living without her husband.”

    Did you see the TV report on the case?? Totally fucking unbelievable. It was all about the poor perp and the incident which blighted his football career. This is truly mind-blowing.


  44. FU CH. Even blacks know better.

    “When Thomas Jefferson included a passage attacking slavery in his draft of the Declaration of Independence it initiated the most intense debate among the delegates gathered at Philadelphia in the spring and early  summer of 1776.  Jefferson’s passage on slavery was the most important section removed from the final document.  It was replaced with a more ambiguous passage about King George’s incitement of “domestic insurrections among us.”  Decades later Jefferson blamed the removal of the passage on delegates from South Carolina and Georgia and !!!!!Northern delegates who represented merchants who were at the time actively involved in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade!!!!!.”

    Who owned the slave ships and imported slaves in America? Answer that.


  45. Murray works for AEI. Anybody who works for a think tank is large a whore since they’re just a mouthpiece for the donors(shockingly, AEI, Cato et al all agree about everything despite employing different ‘scholars’; largely the same donors though). Do you think the Koch brothers or Soros donate to think tanks for scholarship? No, the Koch brothers just want to legally pollute like there’s no tomorrow so they’re against environmental regulations and they probably own Lockheed Martin and Haliburton stock so they want more wars and more gun sales.


  46. “but if you think she’s on the up and up, and she won’t just sabotage her red pillian donors with a finished product that horribly and unfairly smears them in feminist menstrual blood, then go ahead and donate.”

    LOL – dude. Do you write this blog while you’re asleep? No way a white woman is going to be fair to us. They hate us more than anyone else on the planet. Might as well flush that money down the fuckin toilet.


  47. “A man wants a wife, not a co-worker”
    Agreed. but, but a team cannot pull together unless it’s in the same direction.
    Wimmen have an innate sense of a mule, not my fault. Hell, mules ain’t that damn stubborn. Hell I guess I best shut up.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 9:49 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      The modern professional entitled woman expects capitalism in the workplace (as long as it suits her) and socialism (to her advantage) at home with her husband/partner.

      – Marc Rudov.


      • I’ll go one better:

        The modern professional entitled woman expects equality when it suits her, chivalry when it suits her, and pretty much thinks she’s superior to men under either circumstance.


      • I can assure you from my own experience that working in a female dominated profession, for a straight man; is to enter one of the outer circles of hell and damnation.


  48. on October 28, 2015 at 7:25 pm gunslingergregi

    i guess that is the army that is gonna kill the boomers oh well they should of had more kids


  49. From the article about Obama’s pollster who is concerned about “tribalism” in American politics.

    “If we don’t fix this and our politics is going to continue to be even more segregated and more polarized as the demographics of our country continue to change. If we don’t fix for this, I think our future in politics in this country is going to be problematic,” said Belcher, adding, “I think you will see more dysfunction. I think you will see our politics, our legislative bodies come to a complete halt, more so than they already have, if we don’t solve for this problem, if we can’t solve for the tribalism in our politics and be one big tribe and not several separate smaller tribes.”

    Typical academic idiot. Long winded yet short on any actionable suggestions for how to fix the problem.

    No mention at all of how his own black race votes 90% for Dems. If that ain’t “tribal” what is? Asians and hispanics also vote overwhelmingly for Dems.

    Why is that?

    Because as distinct ethnicities — “tribes” if you will — blacks, Asians and hispanics know they have distinct interests. And they vote those interests with the anti-white, pro-tribal Dem party.

    Only Whites historically have NOT voted as an ethnic “tribal” bloc. That is changing though. In 2012 60% of the white vote went to Romney vs. 40% to Obama.

    Expect in future years White voting patterns to change even more as (some) Whites begin voting more in their ethnic interest (against bulllshit set asides, affirmative action, open borders, general anti-white policies).

    Tribalism is part and parcel of human nature. When will the idiot lefties realize this? It’s blacks like Obama’s pollster who are behaving most tribally!


    • I’m no fanboy of Anne Coulter, but she has it right. Republicans should just forget about winning more minority votes. Losing strategy. Ain’t never gonna happen.

      Racial polarization is inexorable and inevitable. Republicans should embrace it and pander to the white vote. Whites are still by far the largest voting group. Use the Dem tactics of racial division to get votes.


      • I’m no fanboy of Anne Coulter, but she has it right. Republicans should just forget about winning more minority votes. Losing strategy. Ain’t never gonna happen.

        Indeed. After Reagan amnestied all those wetbacks back in ’86, the percentage of Hispanics who voted Republican in the next presidential election actually went down.

        In a way, cuckservatives are even more worthy of contempt than shitlibs.


      • Note to the young ‘uns here — Google “lee atwater willie horton” to see how pro-white/anti-minority vote mongering is done. Old time story from 1988.

        GOP needs to do that again.


    • on October 28, 2015 at 9:15 pm The Spirit Within

      Small note on Asians — they’ve grown from 31% Dem in 1992 to 73% Dem in 2012. That’s probably owing to the immigrant sense of unwelcome in the GOP establishment. Interestingly, though, they don’t identify with any party.


      • That’s owing to the way the anti-white winds are blowing in mass media. Ah how cute, they think they’re people(of color).


  50. Poor Jeb!



    Amen to that… Hopefully, he’ll get more candidates with balls – rather than the ball-less wonders on both sides…


  52. About # 9 , the video of “refugees”,

    With the internet these videos go around the world instantly.

    The more people see that type of video in which no one absolutely NO ONE stops hordes of unwanted ( by the majority of citizens ) invaders, the more people will invade white nations.

    The message is clear; no one will stop them, no matter how many there are.

    What we are seeing now is nothing compared to what it will be in a few years or months.

    It will get very ugly very fast.

    It is hard to imagine it will not turn into some very violent conflict.

    You can not pack more and more wolves in the same space where you have dogs and expect that nothing bad will happen.

    This will all end badly.


  53. I’ve said it before and I’m gonna keep saying it:

    White self-immolation is nothing more than a loss of frame on a massive scale.

    When whites began elevating other groups’ interests of White interests it was a loss of frame on a societal level.

    Other ethnic groups saw an opportunity to exploit White guilt and did so — and continue to do so — brilliantly.

    Non-Whites have only the power that Whites give to them. It’s true that Whites deserve whatever they get. And they will get it good and hard.


    • The French right had a nice phrase years ago, “Ils ne sont forts que de notre faiblesse.”

      They’re not strong but for our weakness.

      These two comments could serve as one’s entire platform when defending the pro-white position.


  54. Oh, the CNBC debate. I hate those disgusting libtards and cucks moderating on CNBC (especially some fat fake blond b!tch before and after the debate) pushing the meme that “Carson is in the No. 1 spot, not Donald Trump”……”not Donald Trump, not Donald Trump, cuck-a-cuckle-doooo!!”

    Trump did great. Solid Alpha performance, capped with a fake, sarcastic apology. Also doing well were: Cruz, Rubio, Cristie, and Paul. God, that woman…could her face be more twisted, and was she blinking 100 times per minute? Carson is a nice guy, but would be lost without his cheat sheet that he had to keep looking at for facts and figures. Carson seems to know the score overall, and may even know that he is a puppet being flopped around to compete with Trump, but he is not strong or popular enough to be a true Trumpinator. You cannot take out Kommandant Trump that easy, folks.

    This whole debate (hostile deposition + attempted cage match) was staged by the national Chamber of Commerce. Although pretending not to be, it was a “get Trump!” affair. Glad the audience understood. You could tell at the beginning and end of the debate that the audience loved The Don.


  55. “What’s up with Charles Murray?” asks the hosts of the Chateau.

    Incentives, misunderstanding, and a soft-spoken temperament.

    1. The reaction of the lukewarm, such as small L libertarian Murray, to criticism of their views as extremist is to point further down the spectrum and proclaim that that is the extremist. Forever vilified for one chapter in “The Bell Curve”, Murray tries to redeem himself of accusations of racism by painting Trump as the villain for opposing 3rd world invasion. Dinesh D’Souza tried it with AmRen and got the first run of his book pulped for it.

    2. Murray a White Knight in the Bill Bennett sense who urges men to “man up”. Like Bennett, Murray has no inkling of the sexual market forces that have driven men to abandon marriage. In “Coming Apart” Murray harangues us about the importance of men marrying and the evils of divorce. Enter Trump with three hot wives and a penchant for banging models and White Knight Murray is bound to hate him.

    3. Murray is a soft spoken intellectual who doesn’t even like to debate, who’d be comfortable with a POTUS who sips his tea quietly every day at 4:00 whilst chatting quietly with the cabinet. Enter the swaggering Trump who says rude things, has domineering body language, and has kept his name in the papers for years by picking fights with celebrities and the meek, like Murray, inherit conniption fits.

    4. Trump has been inconsistent over the years, which is bound to drive the pure crazy. So long as he keeps us out of brush wars, stops importing the 3rd world, makes our “allies” pay for their own defense, and protects our jobs WGAF?

    Murray is an important social scientist and his work is worth reading, but calling Trump a fascist is ridiculous. Fascist how? Banning usury? Installing a dictator? For a guy who generally speaks with volumes of data, Murray is more than a bit short on evidence of fascism.


    • Trump is the make the trains run on time side of Mussolini. Trump is the leader who will get things done. Sanders is the other side of Mussolini with the socialist like policies that fascism has. Neither one is the full package. Both are close enough.


    • Your allies already pay for the bases of your country they host. If anything, your allies should kick you out and build bridges with Russia and China rather than support the costs of you wanting to be the world unipower at the expense of their economic and geopolitical interests. Not to mention that tying yourself to a sinking ship is idiotic.


    • Your post is spot on except for one small detail.
      “and the meek, like Murray”

      Murray is not meek, he is a coward. Meekness is not cowardice. Meekness is restrained strength. You have to be able to curb stomp someone into the ground, to grind their entire existence into nothingness and then, without boast or braggadocio choose not to. That is meekness.

      Murray would cheer his own cucking and call it meekness, instead of the cowardly perversion that it is.


  56. on October 28, 2015 at 9:44 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

    It was refreshing to see/hear some truth talk about Islam on Australian television last night.


  57. Look, man, I would love to read your blog more. I try. And occasionally it is brilliant, which keeps me coming back on occasion. But all too often, it’s stupid-a## election stuff. C’mon man, if you’ve got to be this age and don’t know by now that your vote counts for jack diddly squat and all national elections in the US are rigged, then you really don’t get it. So I seldom stay long anymore when I check here. Like George Carlin said, even staying home and masturbating is a better use of your time than going to your local polling precinct and voting. Why endorse your own slavery? C’mon, man.
    Yeah, Trump’s a man of the people. That’s why he went to a Jesuit university and had a silver spoon in his mouth since birth. If you don’t think that guy is playing a role in a game played on you, then you still just don’t get it.


    • “Don’t vote. It’s a mug’s game. Give up. They’re all crooks. Give up. Don’t fight. Give up. You can’t win. Give up. Give up. Give up.”

      I propose a new category: Apathy Trolls.


  58. Talked with a well spoken black woman today. Her sister is a teacher at a black school in town. Hates it. Kids literally bouncing off the walls and destroying the school. Teachers resign or just don’t show back up. No parental involvement whatsoever, 90% kids living with grandma or auntie. No library in the school, no books because all have been destroyed or stolen. Entire wings of the school house “crack babies” who are kept locked down and on heavy drugs.

    The average middle class SWPL has no idea how bad, and unfixable the problem is.

    50 years of deceit and fairy tales of equality have made this situation possible.

    #DOTR is the only option now. Thanks libs.



    [CH: you don’t sound unemotional.]


  60. It seems weird to me that the drone getting that video never captured a frame of anybody looking at it. I mean, drones buzzing around people inspire hatred with stone cold predictability.
    Shooting a drone is almost always illegal. But it is almost always true that shooting a drone is very likely to be treated by LE as a temptation that no decent person can be expected to resist.


  61. on October 29, 2015 at 2:30 am I only say true things

    That Cassie Jaye broad is too attractive and seems way too sweet to actually be a feminist.


  62. CH, thank you for the shout-out. I got more than a thousand visitors from 20-some countries in just a few hours after you posted this.


  63. If race cucking and interracial marriage rates don’t pick up soon, we will eventually see miscengenation laws. Even full stop, all fronts culture war hasn’t changed the percentage much and it has done nothing to white women’s revelaed preferences for a partner. One drop rule:in order for two phenotypically white people to marry one must be at least a certain percentage of non-white.


  64. I personally believe tribalism is giving way to pragmatism and nationalism. In Britain we’ve returned one-nation conservatism to power with a strong majority. Ask young white kids from all walks of life what’s wrong with the country and their answers are similar. Hipsters still exist of course and Jeremy Corbyn demonstrates just how dead in the water that politic is here.


  65. on October 29, 2015 at 7:41 am carlos danger

    This what really happened to Libya and Dominique Strauss Kahn- Reserve currency shenanigans anyone?


  66. For the game haters, deniers and OLM he men…

    A great example of how someone with all the “ALPHA” traits can come off as a boring beta – in this case a rich, young, 6’5″, chiseled jawed NFL QB…

    Watch part one and two… and then imagine a Seth Green or a Jack Black in the room as well and it will make a lot of sense how guys like that can score over paper Alpha’s…

    Emotion is the only truth to a woman… emotion is always in the moment… If you can deliver the emotion you can win.


    • I didn’t watch, so I cannot comment about the betaness, but he dumped his smoking hot girlfriend (google Lindsey Duke) after becoming an NFL QB.


      • Do he dump her or did she dump him as she became an instagram sensation? IDK… the point though is not that a situationally alpha guy can’t ever get a quality girl, it’s that guys that aren’t can.


      • And they started dating in high school. fwiw.


    • Reminds me of a JJ Watt interview I saw about a year ago. This was when he was having a helluva season. So they ask him if he’s got a girlfriend and he says no, he wants to make sure he has time to treat her like the princess she is..or will be.

      Afterwards, I wasn’t sure if he was just saying that to say it or if he actually meant it. I’m guessing the latter.


    • Sentient – I only watched Part 2, but OMG.

      So many opportunities there, so many balls dropped. She was trying SO hard to flirt with him, but he had no idea. I mean, he’s got fame and social proof and he doesn’t NEED charm, but that was so cringeworthy. Reminds me of me when I was his age (23), only I didn’t have the fame and social proof and looks he has, so remained a virgin.

      He literally has no idea how to talk to girls. And she kept sexualizing and he kept dropping the ball. She was even negging him when she called him a boy. She absolutely OWNED the frame.

      My favourite bit was when she’s like “So, on a scale of 1-10, how vain are you?”. And he’s like “Err..what does ‘vain’ mean?”. I mean, okay – he’s a genius with a football and he doesn’t need to know what “vain” means, but I still lol’ed..


  67. I wish I spoke Russian. Every white man should. If I did, I’d try to go there now. To a future white paradise.

    The wrong side won World War II (we all should know that by now–the Axis powers fought simply for the existence of white families), but it’s not going to go down like that in World War III.

    Unfortunately, very, very unfortunately, after our occupied communist western nations–with militaries purposely weakened from within by traitors and infiltrators who hate Northern Europeans–lose World War III, we “redneck” white men, all white men who get it, who have been “awake” but enslaved for 30 years, will be lumped in as “Americans” with the Jew-Americans, as we already are by folks like Arbiter and, if I recall, PA, to whom you give press here.

    When the rest of the world complains about “Americans” and “America” and “American foreign policy”, they are, of course complaining about Jews and Jew-run policies. Some of the otherwise good commenters here do it and don’t seem to get it.

    The comment sections on libtard places like yahoo or wherever comments are allowed, before the censorship police come in, show that we are “awake”. We are enslaved and cannot do anything about it.

    We enslaved white “Americans”, however, who have just tried to live within the system and feed our children (if we are lucky enough to have any after the brainwashing of our women hardcore for 40 years), we who don’t speak Russian, we are in danger of being hanged or sent to the firing squad right along with our Jewish rulers.

    That royally sucks.


    • I have a question for those who know. I don’t, and don’t pretend to know. Serious question: do ordinary Russians, or does Putin and his men, the Russian military leaders, do they know about us red pill men in America and Western Europe? Will they understand that we are with them, after they win World War III?

      In other words, do they know that we (so many of us) *know* about the International Jew problem? Will they accept us into the group, or are we just seen as “Americans” by them in the problematic way I describe in the comment above? Who controls the news now in Russia? What do Russians get told and what do they think? Serious question for anyone who knows. Do many Russians speak English and have access to this very website?

      I see a little bit of “greetings, my white brother” exchanges on youtube, but not many.


      • I’m guessing it might not be a bad idea to, if and when the time comes, do a “Lafayette Escadrille”, Russian-style, and form a foreign volunteer corps…

        … if Putin will have us. 😉

        Come to think of it, weren’t there a few of those in the SS?


      • Greg, thank you. Had never heard of that. Exactly. Men, I come here to learn from even better-read men like Greg. What a place this is. Thank you, CH, again.

        Did those men speak French? Will we need to speak Russian?


      • Saving paper money instead of using it, while you can, to purchase usable hard goods made of steel, plastic, and wood, which can fire projectiles, could be a bad idea.


      • That’s why my fiat currency balance is lower than what Dave Ramsey would like.

        Fuck you, Yellen (and Fischer).
        Fuck you, Bernanke.
        Fuck you, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, etc.


      • Did those men speak French? Will we need to speak Russian?

        To the best of my knowledge, they did not… perhaps one or two, but I’m guessing there were numerous liasons in the French Army who spoke English and communicated the orders. Of course, back then it was all new, that flying stuff, so everyone learned from everyone.

        If memory serves, there was even a movie about the Lafayette Escadrille back in the late fifties, starring Tab Hunter. Clint Eastwood and Tom Laughlin (Billy Jack) had minor rolls and I seem to remember a scene or two where Laughlin was attempting to AMOG Eastwood.

        Maybe the interactions of the SS foreign divisions with their German commanders might be worth a study, to see how they handed the language barrier.

        I’m guessing there will be plenty of Russian officers who speak English and can direct things amongst any foreign volunteers.



    Thank you for this wonderful liks – checked them all and was very satisfied. There is justyfied hope for a better future. The illusions caused by brainwashing are on the retreat.


  69. Can’t wait for the CH post about the Hivemind hatchet job gone wrong last night.

    PS – Another boy in blue shot down by an unruly nigger. Nary a peep from the Hivemind.


    • Oh, the irony! In the final analysis, that “boy in blue” was protecting that orc from us, not the other way around. Such ingratitude!


    • who is a greater threat to my (occasionally brash) son?

      the orcs; or the pigs?

      White mortality secondary to pig attack and orc attack is similar (~3-500 per annum).

      I don’t think we have 40 million pigs trotting about, tho. And while the orc will be likely taken off the street, the pig will likely stay on the street, ready to punish the next helot showing a scintilla of disobedience.

      Helot – that means YOU, punk.

      [CH: bit disingenuous. the difference is that a lot of the victims of pig attacks aren’t innocent, while almost every victim of a dindu attack is.]


      • “Stop right where you are, Deckard! You know the score, pal! If you’re not a cop, you’re “little people.”


      • OTOH, many are mudsharks dead at the hands of their lovers (thanks CH for setting me straight on mudsharkery ~ bestiality). or those killed by orcs during drug-related interactions.

        etc. etc. etc.

        tl;dr to a white, pigs and orcs are threats of similar levels of magnitude.


  70. Baby boomers failed spectacularly in their parental duties.

    Milenials and the like are starting to tell them to kindly bug off.

    It’s about f’ing time.


  71. I would never trust a woman to honestly document Game/Red Pill stuff. She couldn’t even if she wanted to.



    Well that was fast.


  73. A bit off-topic but since Chateau Heartiste had mentionned Bella and the Bulldogs’ cuckoldry last May. Hard to believe, Infowars just covered that case. and in case if they delete it, it’s archived on and the Internet Archive.

    [CH: just remember who was breaking the news on all this race cuck garbage, even when it was still considered loopy to talk about it. the chateau!]


  74. 1. Zero Hedge ( clearly reads the Chateau. Clearly this post.

    2. My Magyars (Hungarians) are kickin’ it live:


  75. […] at Chateau Heartiste queried whether they realized this is a direct consequence of their own […]