Trump And The Revitalization Of The Sherman And Clayton Antitrust Acts

Trump should revitalize the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts passed in 1890 and 1914, respectively. This is how he can repeal and replace GayMulattocare with something much better for the middle and working classes.

A commenter from Lion of the Blogosphere explains,

Trump needs to enforce the Sherman and Clayton acts against hospitals and insurance companies. That would drop healthcare prices by about 60-80% making insurance unnecessary. Basically prices would return to their 1960s levels relatively speaking (indexed for normal inflation). Medical care outpaced real inflation by 3-9% annually the past 50 years, hence why it’s so expensive now and why there are calls for socializing it.

Trump cratering interest rates by putting an end to the .gov debt machine should also be helpful. Right now we have massive job destruction occurring because of interest rate distortions. Example:

Microsoft purchases LinkedIn in what is probably the most non-accretive deal ever. Who benefits? Microsoft execs. Who suffers? All the people who lost their job due to redundancy. That includes many high paying middle and upper middle class management jobs. Repeat this 1000 times throughout the economy and multiply by unreasonable healthcare costs and you have millions of jobs being restored.

Why does Apple’s CEO need to run a company that runs 40% profit margins and is a $500B cap? What if we had 10 apple’s with a 10% profit margin (down scaled efficiencies) with 10 CEOs making 10% of Tim Cook’s salary?

Velocity of money would skyrocket multiplying GDP by a factor of 2-3 overnight.

There are surely non socialist ways to do this and normalizing interest rates is the first step.

Co-sign. Antitrust should be a priority in the Trump Administration. Enforcing these pre-post-America laws would also go a long way to breaking up the internet and media monopolies, reducing the stranglehold that the shitlib Left has on national discourse. And antitrust would redirect power from traitorous Silicon Valley oligarchs to the rest of the country. It’s all upsides.

Trump, I know you and your people are reading us. We on the alt-right — or heritage America, as I like to call it — want you to be a great President. Not just good; great. You can be a great President, but it will require massive balls to face down the corrupt self-enriching elite establishment for the next eight years. Which I know you have.


Reader robpaxton gets at the heart of it.

I don’t care if something is socialist or capitalist. The Age of Ideology is over. The only pertinent question is: What is good for my people?

The Age of Tribes is back. Now is the time for choosing sides.


  1. […] Trump And The Revitalization Of The Sherman And Clayton Antitrust Acts […]


    • on November 13, 2016 at 12:26 pm Captain Obvious

      BREAKING: Trump says he will ‘immediately’ deport two to three million illegal immigrants


      • on November 13, 2016 at 12:27 pm Captain Obvious

        In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes that airs on Sunday – his first since winning the election – Trump insisted that he will build the wall that was a vital part of his presidential campaign. ‘What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate,’ Trump said. ..


      • This is great.

        What argument can the left have to defend violent felon illegal immigrants from being deported? LOL

        And this will shine the light on how many there are.

        Liberals are going to start self imploding from illogical cognitive dissonance.

        The space time continuum physically won’t be able to allow them to use matter and they will evaporate from existence.


      • What argument can the left have to defend violent felon illegal immigrants from being deported?

        TAKE A GUESS


      • librage: DISPARATE IMPACT!

        Trump: Good point. We’ll close the prisons and ship all our other violent felons to Mexico too.


    • This is some EPIC trolling. lolz…

      Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder

      “People with Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder are characterized by a persistent unwillingness to accept that Donald Trump is going to Make America Great Again.”

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  2. on November 13, 2016 at 12:26 pm Cultural Resilience from Mobile.

    Couple this with the outlawing of Fractional Reserve Banking and end modern debt creation slavery.


    • Sorry for you and us all, but that’s not going to happen.

      First round, you solve the problem with SJWs POLITICS and federal agencies.

      The FED and fake money thing is for the second term.


      • The Fed is the real third rail of American politics. You threaten to touch it, you actually die.


      • Greenspan was on the idiot box the other day bragging about how hard it would be for Trump to impeach Yellen.

        He should just walk into their next meeting wearing a purple suit.


  3. Other Ideas:

    Media: Open libel laws. Trust bust the media conglomerates. Require all news agencies to report their major shareholders/owners are and who their workers donated to and their percentages as a watermark on every news cast/article.

    Corporations: Trust bust the corporate conglomerates that pushed for globalisation. Paying particular attention to major Democrat donors.

    Social Media: Trust bust facebook and Twitter.

    Colleges: Defund the Humanities and all SJW studies courses.

    Mandate ideological/viewpoint diversity amongst teachers/research grant boards for conservatives to end the bias in funding and research in favour of SJW ideology and against anti-SJW science and ideology. See the stuff written by Jonathon Haidt on this. (

    Legislation: Expand discrimination law to include belief in SJWism as racial/sex discrimination against whites/men. Meaning anyone who hires SJW’s or promotes SJWism can get sued into bankruptcy (i.e. Colleges and Government Departments).

    Pass legislation to get Corporate money and special interest/lobbies out of the influence game in politics.

    Retroactively remove birthright citizenship for children born of illegals or use the Supreme Court to interpret birth right citizenship as only apply to those born of parents legally in the country.

    Also obviously build the wall and deport illegals.

    Decrease taxes paid for each child you have as a way to increase white birth rate. Focus the tax breaks on the middle class so we don’t get a champagne/limousine liberal/trust fund baby boom.

    Put Clinton and her surrogates in jail and heavily investigate and prosecute Democrat corruption in media, corporations, colleges and government departments.

    Only allow immigration from culturally similar countries. i.e. UK, Australia, Canada, NZ Europe. (with a bias to the Anglo countries.)

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  4. Antitrust is an anti-capitalist liberal ideology. Let Darwinism prevail and the strongest survive. Government interference is a tenant of the Democratic party:

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  5. While these anti-trust acts would help, the problem is much greater. Especially at the state level where new hospitals etc are governed by Certificate of Need legislation that gives existing healthcare IDNs & hospitals an ironclad monopoly against competition. Many a physician has wanted to open a specialized hospital/facility that treats specific subspecialties only, where care can be delivered better and much less expensive than existing heritage hospitals. But the effort always fails as the existing care facilities lobby the state govt to deny the issue of a new CON. CON laws are the fat girl friend that cock blocks the enterprising physicians from scoring. Not sure what could be done at the Federal level to take care of this. Healthcare is a hydra with many heads, each one representing a different cause as to why our system is so expensive.

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  6. this is also how DJT can break up the stranglehold that, to be subtle about it, ***THE JEWS***, have on the public discourse, university education, drug-driven healthcare, and the debt-driven economy.

    after busting up the healthcare mafia, next on the list should be:
    1. break up the collusion between media, telecom infrastructure, cable and internet providers, and social media. (Trump already mentioned blocking the ATT-Time Warner merger. he’s thinking along the lines.)

    2. break up the collusion between mega (((donors))) and universities.

    3. break up the collusion between big pharma and hospitals

    4. break up the collusion between wall street and the fed

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    • for those who think the only peaceful way for whites to get their own country is to secede and create their own ethnostate I suggest this: first eviscerate the one (((group))) who is more responsible than any other for weakening and dividing us, and THEN decide whether we really need our own smaller state.

      if we have control over the public discourse, and the (((nation wreckers))) have been neutered, things just MAY work themselves out.

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      • Yes, we have to make the majority of (((them))) who are clearly in the enemy camp so damn-awful uncomfortable that they leave the Nation and go to Israel. I hate to see them flee to Europe, as that just shift the shit to another person (in this case, our racial brothers and sisters) to clean up.


      • on November 13, 2016 at 2:35 pm Pepe's s l k e

        Are you really so dumb as to not have realized this blog’s owners is a Jew himself?

        [CH: no]

        Dudes, Jews are excellence made person.
        Sure, having 80% of them against us is a little of a trouble, probably more than a lil indeed.

        But the best anti-libercrap discourse on our side comes from, heh, mostly Jews.

        This blog owner, the subject of IQology, Milo (and Breitbart as a whole), Unz (and many of his columnists), David Horowitz, ….
        Whites are brain-dead. Only Jews can save whites from trotzskyjews.


      • We’re still reeling from the literary excellence of Robert Zimmerman.

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      • My ethnostate is the current U.S. minus (temporarily) the city limits of LA, NYC, DC, Boston, Philly, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago and Miami.

        Let the urban shitlibs feed themselves on heirloom tomatoes from their balcony gardens. Our kulaks are heavily armed and food is the key to the realm.

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      • on November 13, 2016 at 3:53 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “Dudes, Jews are excellence made person.”

        What can I say?

        Being of TheChosen is worth the trade-off of my schnoz, big lips, and prognathism.

        But it is probably time to stop subjecting the world to trash TV and the stupidity of Judith Butler.

        Hell, I believe that we can all manage to get along under the same roof. No cattle cars necessary.


    • 5. Hollywood cease all depictions of “I.T. Niggums” and Black Sidekick movie characters.

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    • As to #4 – No, he needs to end the fed and bring the monetary system (the actual printing of money) back under the Treasury department, proper. The unconstitutional assignment of this function to a private institution, owned and operated by Jewish bankers who have very little, if any, care for the American people, is one of the greatest scandals in this Nation.

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      • any ideas how he can do that? or, better, how Congress can do that?


      • Without having a JFK event occur…no, I do not. That will be an open act of war against (((them))), because that it (((their))) endless money pit. All bets would be off at that point.


      • some smart guy here a couple of months ago suggested the US default on its debts. would that do it?


      • Plumpy, that would instead be an act of war against China, which holds a huge chunk of our debt. It would also immediately and permanently end the petro-dollar monopoly, and drive our economy into a tailspin. Our economy simply is way too fragile at this point (on life support) to take that kind of hit. Again, in addition to it most likely leading to a military conflict with China.


      • Johnny: interesting.

        selectively default on those debts held by enemies, but with plausible deniability? for example, we gradually repackage our debt and then sell it to onshore companies like goldman sachs, and (((others))). those proceeds go to China, then we default on those shite bonds that GS is now holding. and we’re like, “uh, yeah sorry. outta money.”

        it would take awhile, (10-20 years), and we’d have to spread that $20 trillion around, but it could be done, couldn’t it?

        sorry, my macroecon is not very strong.


      • plumpjack,”any ideas how he can do that? or, better, how Congress can do that?” [get rid of the FED and the debt]/

        Here’s a guy who has lots of ideas on exactly that and he ran for President.

        We also should all realize that the majority of the debt is held by the FED. They have been issuing bonds and just sticking them in a drawer.

        A understanding of our monetary system in necessary. It’s stupid. The Treasury asks the FED for money and the FED prints up a bond for the principle plus interest. The Treasury then just prints the money. Where does the FED get money from? Thin air. THE most important point you should get from this is that ALL money is debt. If we pay down the debt we will have NO money. All this talk of paying down the debt will never happen because it would extinguish ALL money. I know this sounds stupid but it’s just the way it is. The present system is unsustainable.

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if all money is debt ,the FED gets interest from every single dollar ever issued and the only way you can pay the earlier debt is to go into more debt creating more money then eventually the interest will compound to consume all money. For the people who own the FED this is not a defect it’s a feature. They knew this when they started the system.

        What they have for us next is the same but worse. Special Drawing Rights (SDR). It’s more of the same but global and controlled by???? [others].


      • Sam J. has missed one crucial point. All of what he said is true IF you don’t have a solid backing standard. We used to use gold, but realistically virtually any precious commodity could work. We (the US of A) could stockpile anything of value… maybe that’s what the Homeland Security people were secretly doing when they bought all those bullets… ammunition-based currency rape!


    • With Bannon as chief of staff, and DJT trump they can launch Breitbart Cable/Streaming news into the stratosphere. Directly fight (((the msm)))

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    • If you magically took all Jews out of the universities, you would still have universities filled with socialists, whether national or global.

      And breaking up the collusion between mega (((donors))) and the universities will still leave you with mega [[[donors]]] and the universities. As well as the Saudis, who probably give more funding than both ((())) and [[[]]] combined.

      The problem with the universities is the same problem that exists with any system whose funding is not connected to real world results. All federal funding of universities, scholarships, etc. Must be cut off.

      As an example of what is wrong. If the Fedgov is spending more on universities than the local State’s are, then guess who the universities are going to take orders from?

      In this case, because the payout comes from politics, the universities are more concerned with what the fat cats and politicians want, then what the students want. Cut that out, and they will be forced to care a great deal more about being useful.

      Next, you must get rid of all bankruptcy protections for student loans. The banks have been able to give out bad loans, because they know students must repay those loans. And who takes out bad loans? Morons. And what sort of classes do morons take? Womyns’ Studies, Ebonics, Sociology, etc.

      The reason the banks have these protections is so the morons will take useless filler courses that will fund the universities.

      Those apparatchiks that get more funding, get more power in the university, if they get more power in the university they have more political power as the university is part of the political structure.

      So all such protections against Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws have to go bye-bye.

      Once you do both these things, no morons will be able to get loans to go take worthless courses, and the universities will ahve to slim down and focus on being economically competitive to achieve useful results. That is, teach things people who have sane lives think are worth knowing.

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  7. I would like to see President Trump roll back all things feminism:
    – repeal Affirmative Action
    – repeal Title IX
    – repeal Child Support and Alimony
    – repeal Women’s Suffrage
    – repeal VAWA
    – penalize all false sexual harassment and false rape accusers to the full extent of the accused

    feel free to add anything I forgot.

    [CH: there’s so much false and destructive shitlibbery that needs rolling back, it boggles the mind. at least trump has begun the reckoning.]


    • Federally fund and quadruple the number of abortion clinics in blue states.


    • [CH: …at least trump has begun the reckoning.]

      Agreed, and do everything we can to keep this momentum going. Hold his feet to the fire rape!


    • In being, probably, too optimistic, once you correct the little things and/or demonstrate that there’s a true leader in charge that means business, most things will fall in line. A realignment so to speak.

      Granted, that’s a glass-is-overflowing viewpoint, but we’re seeing residual effects of Trump’s victory already and it’s not even a week since the election.

      This shit could ramp up exponentially (or geometrically in honor of T2). I mean, the day after, even us fellow Chateuans felt better, our walking and talking was stronger than before, and we heard stories of similar from all over the blogosphere/twitterverse.

      I do recognize that some pockets of this nation are metastasized beyond anything chemotrumpery can mitigate. They’ll be left to their own destruction.


    • on November 13, 2016 at 2:38 pm a i r oM Bros.

      Repeal women suffrage?

      Lol, trying to prove the “Fascists have no right to speak” 60’s mobs or what?

      Repeal child care and alimony? Why conflate the 2?
      Alymony is, most times and nowadays, robbery.
      Child care is something no man unless a one-testicle variety of man wants to be exempted from.


    • He would be finished the next election. WW tipped the scales. God Emperor has to go balls out against feminism, but not against women.

      It is crucial to prevent indoctrination and benefits tempting women to become office childless drones, or single moms. Goal is : happy patriotic women with children and family.
      Already existing fat blue-haired SJWs are irrelevant, they will die out. Bitter, lonely and triggered, with bunch of cats. They are useful as great source of memes, and perfect reminder for women not to join the cuck side.
      OTOH, termination of affirmative action is a must.


    • I am perfectly OK with all of those existing – ON THE STATE LEVEL WHERE IT BELONGS.

      The problem with all of these stupid policies is that they are enacted on the Federal level, as a result it is impossible to see what is good or bad. Which is exactly why libs have been pushing all their worthless ideas on the national level. They know very well that if they enact welfare in only one state, then that state will get all the parasites. If they push minimum wage in only Wisconsin, then all the jobs will go everywhere else.

      But that was the point of the union to begin with. To have multiple nations working within a loose framework that provides for the common necessities that no one State can do on it’s own.


  8. This times 1,000! I see it in my own multi-billion $$ corporation as middle management. I see the top executives making obscene amounts of money (including stock options and year-end bonuses) that make my good 6-figure income look like McDonald’s pay – and for making, on the whole, shitty decisions. They act like they created and own the company (like a Bill Gates), but they did not. They were only selected by their club-member, asshole friends (and make no doubt, they MUST be in the same club as I see complete morons bounced around from one VP position to another), and did not create anything. And yet, everyone below needs to “tighten their belts” and “make important cost/budgetary decisions” to save as much money (to increase their bonuses) as much as possible. This is the problem with the GOP (before Trump, at least) – they are aligned with these crooked, worthless business leaders (big $$ contributors), and forgot about the average Joe and Jane out there. Dickheads like Romney just could not get that.

    And these business leaders, are by far, all on board with the diversity (fuck the White man) pogrom that has been in play for the last 50 years (and being planned for 50 years before that).

    As for insurance, I have had a feeling for the last 10 years that high insurance premiums (including COBRA costs) were simply a tool to keep employees in place so that they would not say, “I have enough money to survive for a while, so fuck you and your shitty job”. When one asks, “But how will I pay for insurance for me and my family, and not go into debt if something terrible happens?”, it tends to keep the sheeple in their cubicles.

    And don’t get me started on the supposed insider trading laws! They certainly exist and apply to you and me, but if you think SOBs like Warren Buffet and George Soros don’t pay for information before it is made public to Joe Sucker who plays the stock market, you are naïve. You don’t get that rich by being lucky.

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  9. We can expect Trump to make antitrust moves.

    If the tech industry is smart, they’ll see it as win-win-win: break up the monopolies, reduce the stupid 35% corporate tax rate to 10-20%, repatriate their cash and use the taxes to prevent budget deficit increases. They still get to keep their sizable salaries, just with smaller fiefs.

    Trump has lots of bargaining chips, including the mandate to punish those who continue to invest abroad and export cheap products and services back to the US. Let the Dems run against this; let them argue that 35% tax on nothing is better than ~=15% tax on something.

    2020 will be an even bigger landslide.


    • Corporate tax (despite whining from the Left who has used taxes as the teat to suckle the socialist hordes that vote Democrats with various “social programs”) should be close to 0% since it basically amounts to double taxation when the remaining profits are provided to shareholders. And the employees are already paying (too high of) taxes on the income from their work. So why are corporations even taxed at all. 5% tops. Business growth (including from foreign companies relocating here) would go through the roof!

      Problem: “But Johnny, what if a foreign corporation relocated here, and most of its shareholders are not US citizens? No taxes from it being here?”
      Answer: “First off, you could put a low tax cap of 5% on profits from foreign corporations located here, as well. Secondly, as long as they are employing American citizens (there should be rules in place that at least 80% of the workforce – and 50% of management – must be American citizens), the taxes will be received from employment taxes, and the economy will grow as those people have money to spend on services and goods of others.” And that is where the victory comes – not in taxes (which only helps the government and not the economy), but in people being gainfully employed and having spendable income.


      • “since it basically amounts to double taxation when the remaining profits are provided to shareholders.”

        Isn’t that what franking credits are for?


      • Health companies should be allowed to come here as long as they employ American workers. Break the cartel that currently exists. France and Germany have the best healthcare systems so open up the market. A knee replacement costs 17k in Europe…here it’s 49k. Why?


      • “A knee replacement costs 17k in Europe…here it’s 49k. Why?”

        A lot of different reasons, but one of the major ones is the toxic nature of US medical litigation. In Illinois for example, the average yearly medical malpractice insurance premium for an orthopedic surgeon is $73,000. I doubt European docs have to worry about that.


  10. From Trump’s 60 Minutes interview- Re: the wall:

    “I’m very good at this. It’s called construction.”

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  11. Repeal the Hart-Celler Act first.


  12. on November 13, 2016 at 2:10 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “I don’t care if something is socialist or capitalist. The Age of Ideology is over.”



  13. SJWs would be stupid enough to say that it should be referred to as the Sherperson Antitrust act.


  14. But did the cost of healthcare go up because of price-fixing/ lack of competition, or was it because new medical technologies and procedures were being invented and they happen to cost a lot of money? They didn’t have MRI’s in the 1960’s, did they?


    • That, population growth, and the chronic illness “boom”. All totally new variables that caused the cost of care to mushroom irreversibly. No amount of tinkering with laws can change it. It’s like expecting to pay a dime for a cup of organic free trade Yirgacheffe, which you and the millions of other connoisseurs couldn’t get in 1960.


  15. Its starting. Sweden is getting their balls back.

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  16. Mugshots of the 21 people arrested in Portlandia


  17. I’ve been going out almost every night since the election and the tensions are high. The cuck-leftoids are ANNNGRRRRYYY! lolz. Shit is going to get much worse (for them). They’re going to blow themselves out and its going to be great.

    Cant wait for the national guard to be in the streets. Let’s start the cleanse.


  18. Anti-trust sentiments straight out of Bernie Sanders’ playbook. They are quite correct by the way, it’s just funny how stalwarts of counter-liberalism took less than a week to reverse their positions. There is so much confusion among the folks out there, including CH unfortunately.

    “God Emperor” is a corporate hack, but the bulk of his constituency worships him because of feelz. They love the free market above all… except when they don’t, because they got fleeced by it. Break up those cheating corporations and redistribute the wealth to the real scions of America!! Lol, it’s just too much!!

    What CH wrote and quoted above would have been a run of the mill opinon piece at Huffington Post just a couple of weeks ago.


    • Again, a large segment of this readership does not give a good goddamn about your ideologies and economic theories. What is good for my people? That is the only valid starting point for any political discussion worth having. It may be that capitalism is best for my people. Perhaps the answer is socialism. I don’t care. My political decisions will not be guided by “what is best for free enterprise?” or any other theory. Rather, my first concern, always and forever, is whether or not the path that we take is good for my people. Every other nation that has ever existed has always been guided thus.


      • It’s not ideology. It’s common sense. The only problem here is that a “large segment” of readership have lost their collective marbles. By all means, go ahead and create your socialist utopia. I can guarantee that you will not be one of the few benefactors of the deal as long as you have an ounce of integrity in your bones.

        I have to say that this thread has been unintentionally hilarious in a very unexpected way. CH and his cohorts became aparatchiks overnight, lol.


      • Shrike- You still don’t get it. I don’t care if an idea is socialist or capitalist and I have no intention of setting up a socialist utopia. I’ll be happy with any solution that benefits the American people rather than a lot of worms in human suits. My particular problem is with people like you who believe in capitalism more than they believe in their own people.


      • Actually, I understand you perfectly well – you are merely clueless. I am simply amused that all of a sudden liberal ideas that have been espoused by Democratic politicians for many, many years have suddenly become so palpable to the self-described alt-righters here. The ideas on how to tackle income disparity, corporate hegemony, enhance anti-trust laws, and so forth. You should know very well that the very mention of wealth redistribution would have been met with utter scorn around here up until about 5 days ago. I am not so much ridiculing what you are saying as I am laughing at the overall response to the original post by CH. Of all the times when it could have happened, suddenly socialism is an “option” to be considered, lol.


      • Shrike- You must be a woman because this is like talking to a brick wall. You appear to worship capitalism. I see it only as a tool, which is probably the best one to protect my heirs. But I will not blindly adhere to capitalism just because some financial guru assures em that it is right. There have been recent examples of powerful, European nations which sought to preserve their heritage while utilizing combinations of capitalism and socialism.


      • on November 13, 2016 at 5:38 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Capitalism sucks.


    • The Shrike.
      The thing going on here is not “conservatism” as it has been espoused by Republican stalwarts for the last 3-4 decades.
      The reason is that if our American society attempts to digest too much of the wrong demographics and wrong idea-ologies(ie Islaaam) it will die. A dead thing is not thereafter going to be “conserved.”
      Once upon a time, someone said,”It does not matter if it is fixed price or a free market price. What matters is that it is a German price.”
      Even knowing that quote would have gotten me arrested if HRT had won.
      Nonetheless, when biological survival is the question, that is the kind of answer that comes up.
      Hint: If you do not threaten a peoples survival, all this unpleasantness can be avoided.

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  19. Prices won’t return to 1960s levels “relatively speaking” with xx,000,000 more “Americans”, massively indigent negroes, and chronic illness cases weighing it all down. Too many people seeking care. Cutting salaries would help it some, but nowhere nearly enough.


  20. Well TPP is dead. So he’s already done enough for me.
    No idea why corporation tax is at 36%. Ireland’s is 12.5% hence why so many American companies go there.


  21. Zactly. Bust the trusts!


  22. ROFL:


  23. I really like that– “The Age of Tribes”. My tribe always has been and always will be evil YT, the most effective killing machines in history. This coming from one whom googles and skittles have tried to kill. White is right. Never forget it.


  24. Brothers, this is OT, but I was driving home from work today, the sun was shining, perfect weather. I was thinking about the night Trump won and I was watching his election HQ. There is a woman in the video, tall, short black hair, wearing white, when our victory was realized and everyone there was cheering, the camera focused on her as she had her hand over her eyes, in joy, as her lips mouthed “oh my God” ever so slightly. As I was thinking this RUSH 2112, “Discovery” was playing on my stereo. I realized I had tears in my eyes. I will never forget that moment. Stay frosty brothers and stick together.



    Zerohedge and RP are right as usual. This is my concern. If Trump can’t resist them then no one can. Truly they feared him because he was someone who thinks for himself.
    I have really enjoyed seeing the cognitive dissonance cluster bomb hit the shitlibs. With that said the neocon deep state is more insidious, dangerous and harder to eliminate.


    • Would be nice if Trump could take on RP in some advisory capacity. It would take a lifetime to catalog the damage done to our economy by distorting the interest rate. It’s the same thing as ObamaCare – you distort prices and you end up with gluts on one side and shortages on the other. Distort the price of money and you propagate the damage throughout the economy. Of course idiotic socialist regulation like the CRA only exacerbates things.


  26. I thought the 60 Minutes interview was very good. It should have reassured alot of doubters.
    Donald Junior was great…each family member introduced and they smile but Junior looked like he wanted to smacksmack the presenter.
    I’d knew he’d also jump in about the protestors.
    He’s probably getting dressed up in black as we speak and his crew are going out in a van to smack some skulls like a JG Ballard novel.


  27. drawing a clear distinction between public service and special-interest service:

    “President-elect Donald Trump stood by his promise to reject the presidential salary, during an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes.
    “The answer is no,” he said, when asked about his campaign trail promise by CBS interviewer Lesley Stahl. “I think I have to take by law one dollar so I’ll take one dollar a year.””

    “Speaking to the entire family, Stahl asked Ivanka Trump if the campaign had hurt the family’s business brand.

    Ivanka Trump replied that she didn’t think it mattered.

    “Who cares? Who cares?” Trump added earnestly. “This is big league stuff. This is our country. Our country is going bad. We’re going to save our country. I don’t care about hotel occupancy. It’s peanuts compared to what we’re doing.””


    • My elderly mother (may she RIP) effing loved it when I drove her to church in a blood red hyper-exotic sports car.
      I like to think that it all reminded her of my dad (may he RIP).


  28. I just watched the 60 minutes interview. President Trump. Feels good man.


    • I got a cute 20-something’s number after a couple weeks of good old workplace flirting. I texted her after work:

      Uh – “It’s me”
      Her – “I figured.”

      Oy, right off the bat. But today, the weather was perfect and I had fun with one of my friends. That felt good. I was reminded that nature will shine on you when poorly socialized millennial cunts won’t.


  29. Quoting a commenter elsewhere, with my full approval:

    Over at OD, they quote Alexandr Dugin saying the new phrase (per the God Emperor) for the psychopath genocidal establishment should not be “the Cathedral” any longer, but rather, “the Swamp.”


  30. The best thing there is, maybe the best thing there is in the universe, is to find that you have raised a son that GETS IT without any extra effort on your part.
    Like, you effortlessly end finish each others ruthless, cruel, horrific, shitlord thoughts/sentences out-loud in front of a whole clutch of terrified yet eager/open womb bearers.


  31. You should take a look at Milton Friedman’s speeches on YouTube,the man was on our side and could see through the economic cons going on. Great Depression? Fed purposely putting a choke hold on money supply to drive down prices for the elites to buy America. Doctors? Number two monopoly in the US in his opinion, we should eliminate licensing for health. Minimum wage=There has been no greater anti-negro law passed(blacks had a higher employment rate back in the 50’s). Effect of trade unions? 5% decrease in pay for unskilled labor, 5% increase for unionist(so much for being for the little guy).


  32. NYT: ‘There is talk of Breitbart bureaus opening in Paris, Berlin and Cairo, spots where the populist right is on the rise. A bigger newsroom is coming in Washington, the better to cover a president-elect whose candidacy it embraced.

    Those who consider Mr. Trump, who has vilified the news media, a threat to the free press view Bannon’s appointment as more cause for alarm. Critics say Breitbart now has the potential to play an unprecedented role in a modern presidency, as a weaponized media adjunct for the White House.’

    They of all people should know a weaponized media adjunct for the WH when they see one.



  33. Saying doctors make too much money is unpopular but imo true. Saying hospitals make too much money is obvious. No politicians have the guts to call it out. People don’t take care of themselves, and new technology is expensive, but dealing w this would bury a yuge chunk.


    • Medicine has to attract the brightest minds. You want intelligent and dedicated people to work in your benefit rather than become insurance or bank scammers.


      • @mario no it does not. the vast majority of health maintenance is cut-and-dry diagnosis followed by standard-procedure treatment. only a small percentage of problems require true expertise, and we don’t have much of that either; our system is segmented by specialist disciplines. it’s rare for doctors to collaborate for the sake of a patient or to consider a paradigm outside of their safe little vacuum. go ask a cardiologist some questions about nutrition and exercise. they will just recite tired old AHA recommendations. the future of medicine will naturally democratize itself; unless the industry gets its way. if you think autonomous cars are a threat to taxi drivers, wait and see what AI will do to radiology. trump is in a unique position to tease votes out of both parties and put a cap on this madness by addressing the fundamentals.


      • A lot of radiology services are already outsourced to India, and I believe the image recognition technology for tumors, lesions, etc. is around the corner. Radiologists are the wealthiest and most secular of all physician specialties, this will not end well.


    • I’m an insider here. As an ER nurse I can tell you that the money is insane. I am not talking about anyone’s salaries but just about the cost of everything. I get people in with chest pain or abdominal pain several times every night and just a few minutes after I walk in the room I have already done thousands of dollars worth of work: EKG, IVs, blood draws, etc. Then the doc walks in and order tens of thousands of dollars worth of CTs and X-rays. And folks, most people are just not paying for this work (hell, I couldn’t and I make decent money). I don’t know what can be done but we have to do something. The only idiots are the ones that think everything is OK. This shit is not being paid for except through the printing press.


      • I know that in the three years it took me to track down a diagnosis for my disorder, I racked up about $50,000 in debt, largely through a short-term insurance scam I worked out on the fly.

        That’s about 20 doctors (mostly specialists), a dozen MRIs (no flexion or standing – so expensive they avoid it), innumerable blood tests, EKGs and so on.

        Too many people, too many problems, it will just never be cheap.


  34. Getting rid of the Fed would also be a great idea, considering its a private entity that we no longer know who owns it(Bankers most likely). Crazy idea-we print our own money instead of paying this parasite to print money. “Largest Hedge fund in history” is what Buffett calls it,with around 2-3 trillion in assests making around 60 billion a year.


    • Nonsence. I am an American Doctor. My daughter is one as well. One of my wives was one also and I still care what happens to her. So, The money is good. Very good if you do not eff upp.
      So what are we talking about??? I forgot. Is 500,000 usd/year an adequate starting salary?


      • Are you saying that doctors are overpaid or not overpaid? And how to you consider $500,000. I cannot tell from this post.


  35. on November 13, 2016 at 9:37 pm John Bonaccorsi, Phila

    “Medical care outpaced real inflation by 3-9% annually the past 50 years, hence why it’s so expensive now and why there are calls for socializing it.”

    Really–over the past fifty years.

    And I guess that had nothing to do with this …


  36. Karl Denninger has been talking about this for about 5 years. Here’s one example.


  37. Comparing medicine now to medicine in the 60’s etc. is a waste of time and pointless. Back then we did not have CT, MRI, Ultrasound and much of the high tech very expensive tools we have now that allows us to diagnose diseases much earlier now than we did half century ago.

    Back then either your malady was fairly simple…a broken bone fixed with a cast, an infection that was cured with antibiotics (before abx resistant bacteria had become commonplace) etc. Frequently if your problem wasn’t simple it was not diagnosed till it was terminal. Not a lot of money spent on healthcare thus costs were low compared to today even adjusting for inflation.

    Now we can find your problem earlier, intervene sooner and if not cure you at least keep you alive much longer…..all at a vastly greater price than the ‘good ole days’.

    So STOP comparing now with then. If you want to go back to the prices of then you must accept the mortality rate and higher death rate from the many things we could not treat or cure then.

    Obamacare is NOT about healthcare….it’s about control of the money spent on healthcare. There is a huge difference between the two.


    • on November 14, 2016 at 12:56 am Vagina dominator

      “Comparing medicine now to medicine in the 60’s etc. is a waste of time and pointless. Back then we did not have CT, MRI, Ultrasound and much of the high tech very expensive tools we have now that allows us to diagnose diseases much earlier now than we did half century ago.”

      1. Death rates for humans are 100%

      2. Do you mean that many people are living much longer than formerly? Well, that’s true but who knows why? But we’re certainly not HEALTHIER than we were in the 1960s.

      And if people are living out their last two years as vegetables in an old-folks-last-savings-extraction-complex, is that really a positive health outcome?

      3. What are the real purposes of the shiny expensive machines and the fantastically expensive drugs? It can’t really be HEALTH because we all already know perfectly well how to massively improve the health of the general public, and it has nothing to do with medical care. It’s what we put in our mouths.

      But you’ll never get the medical establishment to tear down those food pyramid posters that have adorned their waiting room walls these last five decades despite the fact that the more the belief in the food pyramid spread, so did diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and an endless array of inflammatory diseases.

      And then too we must question the role of the medical establishment in turning large sections of the population, including school children, into psycho-tropic drug-dependent up zombies. Never had that in the 1960s. Is that a positive health outcome?

      Big med with its big tools and big propaganda and big prices is no better than big weapons and big press and big education and all of the other big lying fraudulent rackets that pollute our entire society.

      Go back to sixties healthcare? Yes please! Can we also have sixties food and sixties levels of corporate ownership of our entire civic life with all of its lies, some of which it seems have come to pollute this site.

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      • The pyramid itself isn’t strictly the problem; it’s primarily that they modify everything and add shit into everything so that unless you’re paying 3-4x the price for food, you’re really just eating chemicals. And we all know that chemicals are so healthy.


  38. And get out of NATO immediately! Stop defending people who hate us.


  39. on November 14, 2016 at 10:36 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Our dysfunction boils down to long-held liberal notions of property – not the scheming of Talmudists. The Western world is constitutional anarchy. Any restraint on power is in effect anarchy.

    The best thing Donald can do is to assemble a large army, wipe his ass with the constitution, abolish government, and forcefully take ownership of every inch of the U.S.

    Fuck a Fuhrer. I want a king who rules according to his own self-interest.


  40. Getting the government out of our lives is the most important thing, anti-trust is a cornerstone of liberal ideology. What we need to do is remove the corporations ability to influence our elections. Remove the ability for corporations to spend millions of dollars in super pacs would be much better than breaking up these monolpolies. I don’t want job redundancy, and apple got where it is for being the most company, not putting out the best products by any means but having the best marketing strategy. They have earned their position as a top company, as has microsoft. Why would we deny the progress these companies have made?

    Government regulation and interaction will ultimately be the downfall of the right. Any conservative should realize this.