The Wall In Song

Via reader Red Eleven, a 1996 outtake of bluesy female singer Eva Cassidy cooing the song “Tall Trees in Georgia”, a somber folk tune about The Wall.

Tall trees in Georgia,
They grow so high
They shade me so
And sadly walking
Through the thicket I go

The sweetest love I ever had
I left aside
Because I did not want
To be any man’s bride
But now I’m older
And married I would be
I found my sweetheart
But he would not marry me

When I was younger
The boys all came around
But now I’m older
And they’ve all settled down
Control your mind my girl
And give your heart to one
For if you love all men
You’ll be surely left with none

Tall trees in Georgia,
They grow so high
They shade me so
And sadly walking
Through the thicket I go


sniff. I’m all choked up like Boehner when his daughter first brought home her rasta boyfriend.

With rare exceptions, a song like “Tall Trees in Georgia”, about a woman’s precious few peak pulchritude years on this earth and the risks of riding the cock carousel, would not get recorded or promoted today.

Post-1990, female singers became strident, bitchy, and vengeful, rarely missing an opportunity to slip quasi-radfem and penis-resenting talking points in their lyrics. Before then, their songs’ themes were vulnerable, feminine, and filled with genuine affection for, and loving exasperation with, men.

Feminine women are unafraid to confront the realities of the sexual market. Their femininity and trust in the good of most men allows them the psychological room to be honest artists, telling it like it really is for women. Unfeminine women like we have today, full of sound and fury and marbled fat, are so enraged with their lot in life and with the men who, unsurprisingly, keep letting them down, that they have no psychological space left to explore themes and tell of experiences that might put them in an unflattering light. When you are a loser, or you feel like a loser, you struggle hard against admitting flaws in yourself and against inherent, immutable unfairness in “society” and in the human condition.

This, btw, is how you know the bravado of aggro sixth wave tankgrrls is a smelly crotch of shit. Bravado in women is especially off-putting, because everyone instinctively knows that this is a pose struck by bitter harpies who can’t afford even a tiny bit of introspection. When a feminist loser peers into the abyss, she gets sucked all the way down to the bottomless void.

So what happened around 1990? GenX and Millennials happened. That’s one thing. Another is that the dynamic of the sexual market changed. It turned coarser and sluttier (in proclamation if not in actual PIV) and more marriage-averse (age of first marriage for men and women has been steadily increasing for decades). CH has explored this theme many times in previous posts, but I’ll quickly summarize the working hypothesis:

When men are denied their deepest desire — sex and romance with a cute slender young woman — they become embittered and prone to dropping out.

When women are denied their deepest desire — romance and family with a strong, charming, admired man — they become embittered and prone to lashing out.

The sexual market we have today is one that, incredibly, manages to deny men and women both of their deepest desires. Men are deplored and effeminate, withdrawing to pron and Halo 19. Women are desperate and aggressively slutty, obese, and ill-mannered, withdrawing to tumblrrea and fifty shades of sadistic billionaire cock.

I expect this state of no affairs to reach a breaking point within the next five years, to be replaced by lucifer knows what, but probably something worse thanks to the added spice of open borders and the Randi Lee Harperization of American culture.

PS The stereotype is true: Southron women are earthier and more “real” than Northron women. The branches reaching skyward from Albion’s seed slung heavier in the South.


  1. on September 24, 2015 at 9:17 pm Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus

    Feminism – teaching women to be second-rate men instead of first-rate women.


    • lomg story short
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      the eskimoes profited vastly
      they profit off ashley madison and all the sex marketplaces
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      they profit off the divorce industry complex
      they profit off the welfare statesz
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      hye profit off the tVS moveis selling sz sex
      they profitz off the decline of the father and growth of the weksiomo statesz
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    • COTY


  2. hey ehartessietses!!!!

    my fathersz snoop doggy dogg teaches the same thinzg!!!! wity a beatz!!!



  3. What a gem, CH. indeed, Alanis Mortisette ended this sensibility in 1995. All downhill hence. More’s the pity.


    • on September 24, 2015 at 10:34 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Alanis was actually a watered-down, commercialized version of the riot grrrls from the late ’80s and early ’90s. So this had been going on underground for a while.

      Who were the riot grrrls?

      All you need to know about the riot grrrls is this: They were ardent feminists led by Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill (who were more about politics than music — they never wrote a song worth remembering). Anyway, Hannah went on to marry Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys. He was the one who wrote the song that went “Girls…to clean the bathroom” (etc.) and the one that mentions screwing the sheriff’s daughter with a wiffle ball bat.*

      That right there sums up the hypocrisy of feminism.

      * I have the 12″ singles of these, which preceded the LP, and on the labels, these songs were credited solely to Adam Horovitz and the producer. On the LP this was changed to credit the whole group.


    • on September 25, 2015 at 7:00 am Obviously Cap'n

      Something horrible happened to USA culture when Slick and H!tlery ascended to the throne in 1993. It was as though the Eskimos knew that there would never again be another “Meese Commission” [Reagan anti-pr0n initiative], and that they were free to unleash the poison upon Shkotzimville. Resulting in “Friends” [1994] which I really think was the point of no return.


  4. Its becoming more obvious that all the shrill, bitter, feminism is just a woman’s defense mechanism to avoid confronting the reality of her own low SMV (the old and fat), or low MMV (the slut). If you empathize, it is a somewhat rational self-preservation response as tricking herself into believing she isn’t low value is the only thing that keeps these zeros from slicing lengthwise in a hot bath. Being reminded of the truth is when they get the angriest, they have to, because you are quite literally almost killing them.


    • men have a huge advantage with the internet… even with bad upbringing and pozzed media we can start figuring things out in our 20s or later. if a woman has a late wake-up moment, even in her 20s, her SMV can already irreparably damaged and depleted. traditional culture and grandma wisdom is far more important to girls because they may never figure it out on their own and even if they do, the truth may be far to difficult to accept without great psychological cost.


  5. The Slutranalia will continue apace, for the near future. I agree that an inflection point must come soon, although I keep thinking that we may end up with an unholy mixture of Victorian moral energy combined with degenerate lefty “values”.


    • on September 25, 2015 at 7:22 am Obviously Cap'n

      > “an unholy mixture of Victorian moral energy combined with degenerate lefty “values” ——— Have you read the recent threads about the coffee shop in Asheville NC? That’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s as though Eskimo Psychiatry identified this propensity for Nurse Ratched-istic “Victorian moral energy” in the traitors of Our Race, and realized that they needed to invent a New Religion [hyper-sluttery, Political Correctness, Eco-Paganism, NGOism, GLBTism, pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, etc] and then re-route our traitors’ “Victorian moral energy” into the New Religion.


      • on September 25, 2015 at 7:31 am Obviously Cap'n

        H!tlery Rotten [the quintessential traitoress of Our Race] entered Wellesley as a “Goldwater Republican” and exited Wellesley four years later as a Mother Superior in the New Religion, with a senior thesis on frigging Eskimo Uber-Sanhedrin Saul Alinsky.


      • Moralistic socialism is the worst possible combination for men.


      • Didn’t watch One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but it didn’t suprise me very much to see Nurse Ratched sounding like she’s from the Souf.


  6. That was a sad and beautiful song. I choked up too.


    • 1. The song was written by Buffy St Marie; an Aboriginal Canadian woman.

      2. Eva Cassidy died os skin cancer

      3. kcawht turned you onto this song at least a year ago.


    • on September 25, 2015 at 7:43 am Obviously Cap'n

      CD, it’s like going to J00tube and re-watching the 1992 debates and there is [ostensibly] batsh!t crazy Ross Perot screaming some lunacy about how our elites would use the “free trade” agreements to gut the USA middle class. Structurally and morally and symbolically there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between this chick’s lyrics and one of GBFM’s masterpieces [other than maybe GBFM’s emphasis on student loan debt].


  7. I may be mistaken but i believe that Eva Cassidy discovered her inner lesbian shortly before her untimely death from cancer. Not that it matters because she was a *superb* singer. A loss to music on a par with the loss of Karen Carpenter.


    • I wasn’t even born when Karen Carpenter died but I know she had a great voice. I doubt anyone would be lamenting the death of Kesha or Katy Perry


    • I’d like to see CH or Rollo try to digest the phenomenon of late in life lesbianism; it seems that fairly regularly a lifelong heterosexual woman with many past relationships with men “realizes” she was a lesbian or bisexual all along. (This is clearly post hoc rationalization and an attempt to fit their experience into the GLBT approved narrative of oppression and suppression – recall Cynthia Nixon stated originally that her divorce from a man and relationship with a butch woman was a “choice” until she recanted after GLBT uproar).

      Another who immediately comes to mind is Maria Bello – a very fine and feminine piece for a long time. Obviously, the “born this way” lie is being exposed to some extent and it is becoming more obvious that culture is a large determining factor which directs with whom or what people will have sex. (E.g. the Afghan Bacha Bazi thing where hypermasculine warlord types keep young boys as lovers is clearly a cultural layover from classical antiquity which remained undisturbed due to Afghanistan’s cultural and geographic isolation).


      • Culture and environment does seem to play a big role in some homosexual behaviour. With men it seems to be more about a lack of access to females (think prison or some ME cultures) and they very often switch back to poon the second it becomes available. The phenomenon of the “late in life lesbian” doesn’t seem to have a male correlate. I can’t think of any male equivalents to Cynthia Nixon or Meredith Baxter. Women seem much more willing and able to engage in this “sudden realization” though this could just be the influence of a culture that encourages and glamorizes women who do so. Then again, even if the culture had the same attitude towards men, I don’t think most men would engage in gay sex. They’d still be repulsed by it. Men seem much more hardwired in their sexuality (or less easily manipulated) and unless the environment is so extreme that they have no other options, even a pro-gay culture will not create a marked increase in straight men choosing to go gay.

        However, there does appear to be a small subset of the male population, throughout history, who are exclusively and/or inherently gay, even when females are readily available. Whether this is an effect of biology, culture, or environment is unclear. I don’t think the mechanisms or causes for lesbianism are quite the same as they are for being an inherently homosexual male (if there truly is such a thing). Lesbianism often seems to have a “choice” element that is often preceded by a political position like feminism, claims of male abuse, or lack of male interest due to appearance, etc., something you don’t hear from men who claim to have been gay from birth. I’m sure all of us can recall boys when we were growing up who were clearly effeminate and turned out queer. I don’t think the same can be said about girls.


  8. If I may be so bold…..I don’t think any kind of breaking point is coming soon.

    As washed-up hoes come face to face with the reality that they’ve been duped as they finish another bottle of wine in their quiet apartment….finally giving up on trying to hide the wrinkles….they will do nothing to warn the one group of people they hate the most….pretty young girls.

    Those same pretty young girls are slutting it up on campus and in the movie theater the same way today’s 35 year old lonely gurrrls did. Their daughters will do the same.

    I think the breaking point is only going to come in a generation or two when the plummeting birth rates of “progressive whites” finally leads to the breakdown of civilization as humanity has knowing it for 300 years when the dindus and muzzloids realize that precious few of them know how to run a nuclear power plant or fast-food chain without a white man telling them what to do.

    At that point Something will happen.


    • No one does “misery loves company” more or better than scorned women, and of the set of women none more than women who are past it.


  9. Don’t you get it? NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. The world will not end. It will just become shittier and shittier, but it will go on. We will become a giant Brazil with the wealthy elite behind their gates and the brown/mixed hordes in the favellas.

    The idea that there will be a breaking point or that “something” will happen is wishful thinking.

    America and Western Civ was a fluke. Mongrelization, corrupt ruling class, and poor masses is the true state of humanity.


    • We will become a giant Brazil

      We’ll become worse than a giant Brazil. In Brazil, the average guy actually has a chance of scoring with halfway-decent looking chicks who are still in their prime.

      If you want a picture of our future, imagine a hypergamous coalburner’s stiletto stomping on a beta male’s face–forever.


    • on September 25, 2015 at 7:08 am Obviously Cap'n

      > “a giant Brazil with the wealthy elite behind their gates” ——— Remember that after the Sephardic Eskimos were kicked out of Spain in 1492, they set up shop in Holland, and from there they controlled the entire Atlantic chattel slave trade, from Holland down through the Caribbean and all the way south to Brazil. Point being that the wealthy elite in Brazil is precisely THE ESKIMOS.


      • on September 25, 2015 at 8:28 am Obviously Cap'n

        BTW, I suspect that that’s why they want Marco Rubio so desperately – the Sanhedrin have looked at their genealogical records from their old Cuban synagogues and they know that Rubio and/or Rubio’s wife are upwards of 1/2 or more Eskimo by blood.


  10. I have to disagree that the souring point that female music reflected took place in the early nineties. The mistress of mediocrity known as Madonna was promoting female devaluation long before then She single handedly began the normalization of low value the single mom sluthood with one song. Just do a check on the increase in illegitimate births before and after Papa don’t preach, if ever there was a music industry psyop she was it.


  11. on September 24, 2015 at 10:36 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Help! Caught up in moderation again!!


  12. Men and women


  13. The saddest part of that was hearing her introduce the song. No woman talks like that anymore, with a mix of slow, softspoken charm and feminine vulnerability.

    Cassidy’s no looker but that ten seconds of speech tugged my heartstrings more than a two-hour date with a catty, outspoken pre-law bitch. Is that really what just 20 fucking years have done to our women?

    Now, the freak show of losers and deviants irks me. Our leaders’ suicidal (genocidal) altruism sickens me a bit. Seeing my generation, my brothers, walk around with their nuts cut off, literally ignorant of what it means to be a man boils my blood..

    But ten seconds of hearing this girl speak broke something inside me. The true evil is what the cultural poison has done to the average girl, forcing them to draw out their natural reserve of yang, exhausting it, contaminating the yin. They’re miserable having to act like men. Look at the depression stats, that medication that the average college girl is taking just to prop up her fake masculine facade.

    Men do not build civilizations per se, masculinity does. It necessarily does so, because masculinity or yang is what we call the primal, testosterone-fueled energy that desires to shape, control, and make sense of the world around it. For women to participate in civilization-building they must become masculine, which they cannot do without putting a ritual dagger through their yin, in the name of an ideology that bears its name. Absolutely twisted.

    We truly live in the age of the Lords of Lies.


  14. For if you love all men. You’ll be surely left with none

    Hahahaha… Yeah – pretty much tells it like it is. Now if I could just manage to care… As long as the young ones keep spreading their legs for me, I’m pretty much a happy camper and really don’t want anything to change…


  15. on September 24, 2015 at 11:26 pm Alfred Rosenberg

    That was some nice singing! Anyone know what the time sig on it is? Parts felt like they were in 6/8: maybe it was freeform?


  16. Love your posts, CH. You have a wonderful brain in the head of yours. Keep up the awesome work.


  17. Feminists have claimed that Feminism is more than limiting male parts.

    And truth be told they have not just limited male parts. They attempt to grow their own male parts.
    But since their new found male parts can only been growing for a little while. Women find themselves self conscious when measuring their male parts against the great urinal of historic accomplishment.

    Feminists today can best be described as having a male part inferiority complex.

    And much like a Junior Varsity player, Women at the wall realize that they don’t “measured up” to a real man and should have probably tried to be an exceptional woman.

    But exceptional women usually have a thriving family at wall time. Thus cats and medication are introduced to help the aging Donna Quixote deal with her failed quest to gain a respectably sized male part.


  18. I tend to agree with some of the commentators and think this story is an ancient story, especially if you “spin” it in a palatable way acceptable to today’s feminist-rule society, namely:

    ah, the follies of youth.

    The older generation — such as the aging spinster set — may very well warn the younger generation, but if that ever did happen (however unlikely), it’d fall on deaf ears. After all, I’m young! I’m free-spirited! My possibilities are endless! Most youth think they’re young forever and are immortal. So promiscuity, recklessness, etc. — all go into it. It’s that classic “you live only once” mentality. So what if I’m boyfriend hopping! You live only once….

    And so on.

    Of course, the way biomechanics works –and as CH describes it — the peak of power for either gender happens at different times and at cross purposes. But I feel the machinery will go tottering on…I don’t know how a break is going to happen unless that sexbot thing really turns into Spielberg’s AI. And it won’t be Gigolo Joe. It’ll be Strumpet Daisy.


    • ‘If I could travel back in time I’d tell myself to…’, it doesn’t matter. Nobody, NOBODY, not even ME, was going to tell 19 year old me what to do.


    • you see this on Tinder…the 30s are all looking for a “serious” relationship. Sure you can pretend and still get them naked easily but they don’t go for the aggressive wanna hookup approach

      [CH: you need tight game to bed an early 20s woman. all you need to bed an early 30s woman is a vague allusion to wanting family some day.]


      • CH, LOL! what a difference 10 years makes ha?
        The opposite is for men… a 20’s just-starting-in-career man will take most pussy, 30’s nicely established alpha will be much more selective. you should do a graph of age-on-X and standard-on-Y for both men and women, then overlap, would look like a bug X 🙂


      • @CH Didn’t you say once that it’s easier for you to land 21 yos than landing 31, because the former don’t want you as a husband? Like, older women being hesitent to spreadem, because they don’t wanna be seen a sluts and therefore, non-marriage material.


  19. Compare the endearing performance of that lady with the haughty squealers who pass for artists these days.


  20. On another note, to CH et al.,

    seeking advice, and if it can be expanded into a post by CH, all the better.

    My game-related questions (touched upon previously, I’m sure):

    1. How fatal is it if on a first date there is mild kino but it fails to escalate? Would that basically shut down the works and you end up losing the girl?
    2. How fatal, following # 1, is it to get the dreaded “hug” (CH has also written about the scrotum-shrinking properties of the girl hug) at the end of the date?

    I ask because I had gone out on a date that ended up with the above. Now the lame mild kino (touching her hands and arms) I did do she was receptive to but she did not “reciprocate”. She seems very passive. I have no excuse for escalation except for plain cowardice / lack of intestinal fortitude.

    She did comply when I told her to sit next to me in the bar rather than across from me and she did wrap her arm around mine when walking when i gestured to her. She didn’t balk at this.

    I texted the following day later in the afternoon (i.e., today) to find out her schedule. Her response: busy this week, busy next.

    This is the same girl who balked at texting me back when I asked for dates and times last weekend when she said she couldn’t meet because she was away that weekend in another relatively far-off city (i.e., San JOse to my San Francisco).

    Though the sample size of behavior is small, her saying she’s busy this week and next without offering some times to meet suggest either extremely passivity to gain complete hand over me, or she simply isn’t that into me and is maximizing her options.

    Note: she’s 29, I’m 41. when I told her my age after forcing her to guess, she said it wasn’t such a big gap, though I don’t know if she said that to make me feel better or to make herself feel better. I couldn’t tell.

    she’s divorced (!) and from North Carolina. She does freelance video work…I don’t know if any of this is pertinent…..

    So I seek analysis of where I went wrong and to what extent. I guess it’s the lack of escalation, but how damaging was it?

    And to follow:

    should I just let go of this girl? It’s starting to seem like a time-drain.

    Thoughts? Thanks….


    • Short answer – alpha fux beta bux. Which were you in this situation? How is she viewing you as a lover or as a provider?

      You have her answer…

      Longer answer… Really need more info on how you met convo etc.

      You should simply delete her contact info now. If she ever gets back in touch you can pick up then.

      In the meantime get the to the Marina District… The Bal Blow Ya and environs and do cold approach every weekend for a month or two.

      All will become clear.

      Have fun!


      • Noel – always a good one to watch…

        On this topic – how did you set up your “date”? was it a result in itself – “i got the date!”? If so – this kind of “stair step” success ladder will limit you because your subcomms will be off. You will have pocketed a “success” instead of continuing on focus to your real goal – PiV. Something to think about.

        In other words – who cares she texts back, who cares she meets up, who cares you make out etc. All that stuff, when you strip it back – is just neediness and validation seeking. There are no second place prizes though. Feels good at first, but realize your motivations for stair stepping.

        When you are focused on the end game, these interim steps won’t mess up your subcomms as much. Yeah you still need to execute tactically (A&A, Push pull, pass ST, spike temp, DHV etc.) to get to where you want to go, but it can all flow together more naturally. When you come across as authentic she can feel it. solid frame.

        So next time try being a bit bolder, self amuse more, start kino earlier, move places in the venue, bounce to another venue and lead the interaction like you know where you want it to end up.


      • Noel – always a good one to watch…

        That was fun and educational. I’ve seen this dynamic in my relationships, and the negative reaction is even starker when a girl reassesses her initial perception of you. If her hindbrain could talk it’d say something like, “OMG, I was wrong! He’s a yucky beta. Ew ew ew!”


    • on September 25, 2015 at 8:34 am Obviously Cap'n

      The biggest thing you’re doing wrong is that you’re worrying about any of this nonsense in the first place. You simply cannot become a Master Alpha Uber-Sh!tlord until you ditch the self-doubt and fully embrace the Dark Side of the Force:


    • on September 25, 2015 at 8:56 am having a bad day


      do the analysis first…

      she’s 29 and divorced, so she hasn’t hit the wall just yet, and it’s still far enough in the future that she can pretend she has lots of time left to get beta bux provisioning so she’s still ‘chasing alpha’…

      she’s been divorced = she wants to ‘upgrade’ = hypergamy in motion…bc even if the guy she married was ‘alpha’, bc he committed to her, she knows she could do better… bc girls can ‘get’ better guys than will actually commit to them…but her hindbrain doesn’t care about legal status, it just cares about the tingles…

      you obviously didn’t ping her hindbrain, so she’s passive…she doesn’t want to have sex but she doesn’t want to ‘actively’ discourage you either bc she needs orbiters/future beta providers…and they have to come from somewhere…lol…but she also feels that she’s far enough away from the wall so she doesn’t really have to actively put you into ljbf zone orbiter status bc she isn’t panicking yet…and she doesn’t yet feel the need to have a ‘bf’…

      she went on a first date with you, so she’s ‘keeping her options open’…but you didn’t lose this on the first date. you lost it here:

      “This is the same girl who balked at texting me back when I asked for dates…”

      you didn’t have enough attraction built up…and ‘asking’ for dates (plural?) means you are already chasing her = you are already in ljbf zone/orbiter status…

      her ‘busy this week…busy next week’ is just a subconscious stalling tactic, so you go away ‘for awhile’ until she needs you to be there…(if you haven’t read any The Rational Male stuff, go there and get up to speed bc this is classic situ…the link is on the right there…)…and then if you DO go away, she can contact you later and say “why did you stop calling me? i was just busy but REALLY interested in you…” (so, it’s your fault you didn’t get her then…note – this is a form of shaming you…)

      i ALWAYS recommend trying to turn situs around bc that’s the best place to learn…and that’s my advice here…BUT, two things…1) know that this is most probably a lost cause bc you are stuck faaaar into the beta zone…and 2) bc of your beginner red pill status = if you ARE going to turn it around, you need more info/red pill goodness, so read, read, read Rational Male and the archives here…

      while you are doing this ‘go dark’ on her = just stop texting/talking to her…if it comes up in the future, just say you were busy (which is true) and leave it at that…and ‘just stop’ is exactly what i mean…do NOT return her ping texting/calls…do NOT originate texting/calls to her…bc you are busy with being awesome in living your life…

      then ‘spin other plates’ = you need to interact=flirt with=date at LEAST 6 girls before you even think about contacting her again…by that time you should have a better handle on how girls work…and you might have even moved on…lol…then, after those girls, you can ping text her…for HER to meet YOU out for coffee/drink/etc. bc you will just be going about your life having fun and thought it would be fun for YOU for her to join you…

      props on putting in the effort to get better…and 41 for men isn’t old (that’s another shaming tactic of the feminine imperative)…you should be pinging college girls’ hindbrains before too long…it’s fun…lol…

      good luck!


    • on September 25, 2015 at 9:02 am having a bad day


      in the stack…


    • Her response: busy this week, busy next.

      That’s really all you need to know. Also, stop using online dating as your primary means of meeting girls. I sense it’s a crutch for you, as it was for me.


    • “I have no excuse for escalation except for plain cowardice / lack of intestinal fortitude.”

      No. First issue is that you’re berating yourself and 2nd guessing your actions, which is the wrong ‘head space’ to be in. Second, you need to build attraction (i.e. show higher value) before escalating and you probably perceived that your value was still too low and thus made the right call. Third, next time avoid the hug at all cost; offer your hand, stiff arm, mock punch to her jaw or elbow blow to her head, tell her you don’t want to smell like perfume or don’t want all the makeup to smear on your shirt.

      Major points though for kino and getting compliance.

      Sentient is right – avoid further contact. To her you are low value to be used only as a last resort. Apply your skills to the next girl. Soldier on good man


    • “1. How fatal is it if on a first date there is mild kino but it fails to escalate? Would that basically shut down the works and you end up losing the girl?”

      Not necessarily. Although you need to get used to try to kiss on the first date if the vibe is reasonably well. Optimal: Go in and kiss, or she cheek turns you, you laugh and just keep talking like a normal human being. The fact that you didn’t get jittery or in your head about it bodes well. Not optimal: her sensing fear that you wanted to escalate but did not.

      “2. How fatal, following # 1, is it to get the dreaded “hug” (CH has also written about the scrotum-shrinking properties of the girl hug) at the end of the date? ”

      Not always, but in this situation that tiny bit of uncertainty that you had could have her thinking “Ummm he’s a nice guy and all but I don’t think I’m really feeling it” aka you weren’t the boss of your own domain therefore it was tough for you to take risks like teasing her harder or going for a kiss. All that being said, you should stay on her radar with off handed texts and push again for another meetup because…you just never know 🙂

      “Now the lame mild kino (touching her hands and arms) I did do she was receptive to but she did not “reciprocate”. She seems very passive. I have no excuse for escalation except for plain cowardice / lack of intestinal fortitude. ”

      All good man. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You know what to do next time with this girl or another and just think “haha screw it why not…I just wanna see how far I can take this tonight as long as she’s complying…no big deal either way” See it as an experiment rather than your identity is riding on this particular girl’s reactions to you.

      “Though the sample size of behavior is small, her saying she’s busy this week and next without offering some times to meet suggest either extremely passivity to gain complete hand over me, or she simply isn’t that into me and is maximizing her options.”

      Try not to speculate what someone else is thinking too much. It will only get you in your own head too easily.

      “Note: she’s 29, I’m 41. when I told her my age after forcing her to guess, she said it wasn’t such a big gap, though I don’t know if she said that to make me feel better or to make herself feel better.”

      Who knows, who cares. I usually get with girls 6-10 years my junior, and only a small percentage of those had a deal breaker with an age gap. Next time, tease her harder with an age question. Absolutely convince her that you are younger than she is…like you are new to drinking and Smirnoff ice is the jam.

      “should I just let go of this girl? It’s starting to seem like a time-drain. ”

      She’s just one option in your portfolio. Keep at it, don’t care either way what happens, and always give yourself other options. The cream will rise to the top, and the ones that don’t work out won’t matter.


    • short answer…too much analysis. Move on to another ho. Circle back to this one. Hoez are like planting crops…you can’t sit there and expect them to grow on your timetable


    • @Noel There are few great escalation models. Sounds like you didn’t move this along in a sexual direction and ended up “Friends”…

      Yes, drop her, with the next one, learn the escalation models. Krauser has a great one in his book Daygame mastery. There’s also one on his site if you look through it.

      It rarely fails me. If a girl does refuse most of the time she doesn’t on the next meet up.

      You’ve got to be thinking in terms of bold moves…kino, escalation, sexual spikes, moving in closer, reading for IOI’s.

      In one case I did most things right but the girl gave me your response. But she still meets up with me when i’m in her city. We have lunch, she spends tons of time with me….she’s coming to my city in a few weeks for a holiday.

      I can always use a hot looking pivot for parties and going out. Also, some girls just no matter how well you pull off the model will flake. Game is a set of tools, it’s not a total solution. You’re still working with a human being who may be subject to any number of sudden mood variables.


  21. What’s coming is a tipping point of an uncontrolled critical mass of single, miserable old insol women.

    Women having a second wind of cock carousellry skating on the thin ice sheet of alimony and free time since their kids are hs/college aged. They spend hoards of cash on stupid crap like anti aging lotions and botox and spa treatments while guzzling wine and diluting themselves of the pain they truly face.

    The anger brews in them like a daytime crock pot stew. They ride the secondary cock market of hopping from beta cuck to beta cuck who watches their kids while they get fucked in the ass by guys like me who don’t spend any money on them and stop calling them cold.

    And for the ones in their 30s that have no kids the time bomb is set. The ones who do have kids either spend themselves into sickness or take refuge in their kids lives and eventually fall back into a feminine roll of grandmother hood. The ones that continue botoxing and attention whoring past their 40s who don’t have kids or have bad relationships with them turn into cunt demons. Unchecked emotional rage and zero SMV turns these 50 something shrieks into societal destroyers. From HOA nags to community dregs and oversized clitoral business women they waste away an insol life and take down everyone around them.

    This is the emerging population class that is new. It’s the beginning of the end.




  22. CH what’s with the SS style mod lately?

    Mein mod kempf


  23. Great post.

    Younger women need to be taught yo be the “classic” females of yesterday year, and stop being the modern day skanks that exist today. Men have turned into X-box betas because there is NO motivation to attract fatties w/purple hair that exist today. Nowadays marriage for men is obviously suicidal.


  24. Check out the comments section here. Women going nuts over Heavyweight champion (admittedly a true Adonis) Wladimir Klitschko:

    I’ve had it with men being objectified! We’re not pieces of meat!


  25. I actually really like Lily Allen’s “22”, another song about the wall. The video is amazing and incredibly sad.


  26. Not all women who are close to hitting the wall are bitter. Sure, it’s not fun. In fact, it is a sad walk..but it’s life. Those of us that have maintained other interests and stay well rounded can understand men and the fact that it’s in their nature to be visual creatures and sexually attracted to pretty young things. I’ve never supported feminists who try to pound men down by shaming them of what makes them men. I have sons, I don’t want to raise them as daughters.


  27. It’s amazing how quickly dating disappeared. In 2000 the cool guy at college was the one with the hot girlfriend. In 2010 he had a harem. If social change continues at the present pace, by 2020 he’ll have a robot and a jar of peanut butter.


  28. Trying to understand your ‘Gen X… happened’ comment. The early 90’s were certainly a poon boon for me & my X mates. But it wasn’t like we weren’t doing well in the 80’s. It was more of a traditional HS boyfriend/girlfriend relationship then versus the one night stand nightclub bangs of the early 90’s, but it wasn’t any more difficult than it was in the 80’s?


    • The answer is on your question….the culture was still somewhat leaning back into a more feminized, nuclear family time in the late 80’s, early 90’s, so it was more bf/gf LTR dynamic. You almost HAD to romance a girl in my experience back then and they expected it more. Mid/late 90’s, the culture started leaning toward what we have now, also known as “Slouching toward Gommorrah”.



    Great podcast with F. Rodger Devlin.

    Just pretend Spencer’s a hetero, I guess.


  30. The song was actually written by Buffy Ste Marie, and I think her version is better –


  31. “Post-1990, female singers became strident, bitchy, and vengeful”

    I remember the wistful “Where have all the cowboys gone”; the exception that proves the rule. I remember it because it sticks out for that reason.


    • That song was a major offender! It’s an over entitled bitch complaining that her husband turned out to just be a working class guy.

      One surprisingly sweet Alanis Morrisette song was the late 90s “Unsent,” about her ex boyfriends. Good video too, a study in alphas and betas.


  32. ” The branches reaching skyward from Albion’s seed slung heavier in the South”

    This line gave me a tingle, and I’m a guy.


  33. White privilege has almost nothing to do with an individual’s wealth. I’ve heard and engaged with white people who felt that white privilege does not exist because they grew up poor. But that is where white privilege kicks in. The fact is, there are more white people on welfare but it is people of color who are known for it. It’s the same with crack. More white people abuse crack but it is synonymous with people of color. White privilege is being able to walk around with your friends, and not being thought of as a gang. White privilege is being able to sit on the train and not have the lady move her purse because she thinks you’re going to steal it based on the color of your skin. White privilege is being about to live your life without having to think about the color of your skin creating barriers for you. It being able to live your life the way you want it

    [CH: if troll, well done!
    if not troll, look up the term “disproportionate”.]


    • “White privilege is being able to walk around with your friends, and not being thought of as a gang.”

      White people have paid for this privilege with years worth of the sweat & cultural equity EARNED from not joining gangs and jumping people and playing the knock-out game.

      “White privilege is being able to sit on the train and not have the lady move her purse because she thinks you’re going to steal it based on the color of your skin.”

      White people have paid for that privilege with years worth of sweat & cultural equity EARNED from not stealing purses and consciously increasing the value of our skin equity.

      “White privilege is being about to live your life without having to think about the color of your skin creating barriers for you.”

      White people have paid for that privilege with years worth of sweat & cultural equity EARNED from being boring model citizens that ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE TO LIVE THEIR LIVES WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT THE COLOR OF “OUR” SKIN.

      We EARN our privilege. Non-whites EARN their distrust.


      • Here, here! Good stuff.

        There is no White privilege – only White will to power called WORK!


      • You’re missing the woods for the trees. There shouldn’t ever be any kind of privilege, even if you think your people”earned it”. Everyone should be treated the same and no race be held in higher esteem than another. What you’re just spouting off is the typical racist bs that purports to elevate your ilk above all others

        [CH: no purporting required. some people are better than other people. your equalist fantasy is just that. innate, inborn superiority isn’t a privilege granted by society, it’s an advantage granted by nature. deal with it.]


    • Was wondering whether being sold wholesale to Warlord Stalin by Massa Roosevelt and Massa Churchill also part of the “whyte privy-ledge”?


    • Being White


  34. The worst hit states from the civil war were southern ones. Economic hardship+male deficit=sexy women.


  35. what shifted in the 90s is that employed women became the new, dominant consumer market, and advertising followed suit.

    free market efficiency quickly figured out that promoting women to be more like men (sexually aggressive, career-driven, muscular, etc.) moves a lot more wall-oriented products off the shelves than the “your-over-the-hill-pitch” does.

    moral of the story is: if you wanna get rich, sell products that cater to women’s insecurities. (I’ve made a fortune doing just that)

    you gotta love capitalism


  36. “The sexual market we have today is one that, incredibly, manages to deny men and women both of their deepest desires. Men are deplored and effeminate, withdrawing to pron and Halo 19. Women are desperate and aggressively slutty, obese, and ill-mannered, withdrawing to tumblrrea and fifty shades of sadistic billionaire cock.”

    Brilliant. A GPS-guided shiv into the heart of exhausted social doctrines such as egalitarian equalism, the third-wave of Feminism and popularized intergender, but misguided, meme’s that divide and alienate. The requirements for successful relation outcomes between the sexes already require steep psychological capabilities, in addition to (as men) coming to terms with extricating from and dismissing said social doctrines (unplugging) that are destructive.


  37. …”[The] commander of the Navy SEALs is recommending that the naval special warfare units be opened to women, but warns that women will have greater risks of injury and the service will be pressured to adjust or lower standards for the jobs.”

    Enjoy the fucking decline!


  38. “The stereotype is true: Southron women are earthier and more “real” than Northron women. The branches reaching skyward from Albion’s seed slung heavier in the South.”

    A war decimated our population, introducing selective pressure. The weak stock was sifted, wheat from chaff.

    Meanwhile, Yankees imported German Jews and 48’ers yearning to destroy hierarchy and beauty. Congrats, ya’ll succeeded: chaos and ugliness reign.


  39. The sad contradiction of the carnal pursuits of game-savvy men…

    How many of these women approaching or having hit said wall were once sweet, demure, feminine, and looking for love and commitment to one special man?

    They are berated for their promiscuity, but I would bet that some of them wanted badly to settle down with a charming, charismatic, high-value womanizer who instead broke their heart and embittered them.

    These lyrics are sad, man.


    • This happened to many of my friends actually because they are quick to do the wrong things with guys to seek validation. This in my opinion is why a girl needs a good father figure in her life. I was raised by an alpha male father and knew early on to respect men but also to respect myself. Once these girls start the vicious cycle, it’s very hard to stop.


    • I’m with you Dirk… I’m with you…


  40. for comparison, this fat, tatted up, NB2 thinks shes a 10 and will always remain so:


    • on September 25, 2015 at 6:03 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      That’s the daughter of Deuce Bigalow, so add a side dish of nepotism to any complaints you might have.


  41. “…full of sound and fury and marbled fat…”

    I almost spit up my mouthwash at that part. You’re hilarious.


  42. “She weepeth sore in the night, and her tears are on her cheeks: among all her lovers she hath none to comfort her: all her friends have dealt treacherously with her, they have become her enemies.” – Lamentations 1:2


  43. beautiful song, thank you. I’ve lately while studying been listening to 90s stars including alanis morisette and jewel and sarah maclaughlan and others like Natalie Imbruglia and Cranberries and even Sheryl Crowe…, that I grew up on in the nineties. How have things changed in such short time! Those artists also are of definite euro extraction in strong ways. They were sweet. They were feminine. They would emote. Women used to emote. Now they don’t emote, they are shelled, they have body armor as defense. They all I had warm feelings for, not those who are all about the bass, not those who are sassy beyond reason. I don’t need that. I do like some personalized sarcasm that shows she’s paying attention, but that’s different. I was going to write about the change in music, about these 90s artists, and this presented me with the perfect opportunity. Also check out Triakel’s music, from Sweden. It’s beautiful and soft. Is this music not being created, or just not being promoted? The artists may not think it is desired anymore! We must inform them that it is!!