Cognitive Dissonance, Narcissistic Rage, And Psychological Projection: The Trifecta Of Liberal Neuroses

The dawn of Trumperica and the collateral empowerment of Shitlord, Inc. has supercharged three stereotypical neuroses of the Left, pushing them to the brink of mass psychosis and mental breaks with reality. These neuroses are cognitive dissonance, narcissistic rage, and psychological projection.

Bixxy Noodles explores the topic here, and it’s well worth reading in full (including the follow-on comments).

Cognitive dissonance is a major problem in our over-SCALEd society. The information control systems (education-media complex) used by our governing order to manage the people and keep them in line lead directly to the people adopting a lot of conflicting and wrong beliefs in order to adapt to the system and get by. The indoctrination of these conflicting beliefs happens mostly in education, while the purpose of the major media has been to reinforce them via “the narrative” and provide a vehicle for the management of any cognitive dissonance which does arise.

This election has been a case study in this dynamic. The regnant orthodoxy demands that its partisans believe all sort of incompatible and false things: everyone is equal except white males, faggotry is normal and healthy while traditional marriage is rape, debt is money, and way too many other examples to list. Because of the constant, competing cognition these nonsensical and contradictory beliefs generate, the people who hold them are in a nearly constant state of emotional disequilibrium. They are temperamentally brittle, and easily perturbed into emotional outbursts as their cognitive dissonance essentially causes their brains to lock up and blue screen.

The old media narrative control system evolved specifically to mitigate this problem. By dramatically narrowing the Overton Window and ruthlessly deprecating everything outside of it, the amount of contradictory stimulus and information generating dissonance was reduced. They also provided mantras as tools for people to use to insulate themselves from dissonance: extremist!, racist!, conspiracy theory!, dangerous!, insane!, etc.

The advent of the internet undermined and routed around this control and management system, to the point where, in The Current Year, the only people still using the old media are the ones who need it most to manage their dissonance problems.

When there is no direct threat or stimulus generating dissonance, their attitude is what I like to refer to as “aggressive complacency” or “belligerent apathy.” They are comfortable in their bubble and aggressively reject, ridicule, or ignore anything that might endanger it.

This was on display everywhere over the past 18 months, on both the establishment left and establishment right, as well as the major media gaslighting the whole nation right up to the end (and beyond at CNN).

This is a great point about “aggressive complacency”. It’s the same emotional phenomenon that explains the reaction of lifelong beta males upon exposure to realtalk about the true sexual nature of women. Betas love their loser comfort bubbles (after all, those bubbles serve to absolve them of personal responsibility for their romantic failures), and will lash out indignantly at the bearer of new information which challenges the primacy of their pussy pedestal ideology.

When aggressive complacency fails to insulate and cognitive dissonce occurs when conflicting and false beliefs run smack into cold, hard realities, you get strong emotional reactions.

Now, a psychologically-healthy person will generally respond to cognitive dissonance emotions by recognizing something is wrong and adjusting their beliefs and behavior to adapt.

What we’re seeing with these meltdowns is a long way from psychologically healthy. Light years away.

What it DOES resemble, quite closely, is Narcissistic Rage.

(Narcissistic rage) occurs when the narcissist perceives he is being personally “attacked” by someone else. Grandiose self-worth, vanity and entitlement are basic characteristics of this disorder; when these are challenged it often leads to narcissistic rage. Narcissistic rage is a reaction to” narcissistic injury”- a perceived threat to their self-worth or self-esteem. Their rages can be of two types: explosive or passive-aggressive. The explosive rages are just as they sound- explosive, volatile outbursts which may be verbal, physical, or both. The passive-aggressive rages are exhibited as withdrawal into a sulky, silent treatment as the means to punish the offender.


…they have strongly encouraged those partisans to closely associate the beliefs with their personal identity and self-worth. E.g. “I am a good person because I hate racism and vote for Hillary Clinton.”

This naturally leads to the narcissist’s flip-side of the equation: “Anybody who opposes these beliefs is an evil, bad person.”

The recent meltdowns we’re seeing are a perfect storm of these two dynamics. In the one hand, we have a belief system so contradictory and out of touch with reality, that a situation in which reality has contradicted it has generated mass cognitive dissonance. On the other hand, the people experiencing that dissonance emotion are treating it as an existential threat to their personal identity and self-worth, so they can’t respond in a healthy manner and are instead freaking the f**k out.

Reality — and the thrusting of reality into the faces of libtards by sadistic alt-righters — has forced the equalist leftoid bubblebitches to grapple with their amplified and aggravated cognitive dissonance. This unfamiliar threat to their cortical stability results in a narcissistic self-protection cascade; essentially, race and sex equalist shitlibs feel like they are under physical attack (even when the attacks are only verbal shivs) and that their worth as human beings — as reproductively judged human beings — is questioned and found wanting.

The political is personal for libs, and therefore the massive dissonant mental break between their signaled virtues and reality makes it feel to them as if their sexual attractiveness has cratered. They are in a state now that is not unlike how a fat chick or a loser man feel when her or his sexual worth is suddenly and unappreciatively thrown into stark relief by exposure to higher SMV women and men enjoying the romantic adventures that they futilely crave. This causes a bitter series of contradictory reactions to unkind reality that manifests as, for example, “fat acceptance” hitched to “thin privilege”, or to bring it closer to the origin source of this blog, as Game denialism contradictorily coupled to jerkboy shaming.

The one libshit neuroses I would add to Bixxy’s thesis is psychological projection, which is universally evident in liberal mental gymnastics, and never more so than now, when they are being undermined and subverted to a degree that they haven’t experienced in generations by an unleashed force of impertinent shiv-wielders. Psychological projection, like narcissistic rage, is the liberal’s emotional defense to cognitive dissonance. When the real world won’t align with one’s cultivated virtue-world, and one’s beliefs and actions are exposed as the menace to healthy society they are, then psychological projection becomes an ego emollient that spares the liberal any need for self-reflection, or even self-awareness. When one can readily project one’s personal malevolence (intended or coincidental) onto a perceived enemy, a release from guilt and shame is achieved.

Furthermore, psychological projection has the added benefit of opening a pathway for liberals to recommit to their virtue signaling and slandering of non-liberal realists. If you have tricked yourself into believing your foes are the shitbags that you really are, then you can return to the pleasure of feeling smugly moralistic.

So what does all this mean for the nascent White Awareness rebellion? When equalist leftoids are experiencing acute cognitive dissonance and narcissistic rage, the correct response is….


Cucks had it all wrong from the get-go. You never give emotionally breaking shitlibs an inch. Feed a rabbit a blade of grass, and he’ll pop out ten more rabbits to devour your lawn. When the rabbit warren is on the edge of annihilation, you put foxes in holes and wipe out every last one of them. Metaphorically, of course, by completely frying their ability to bunker their egos behind a gaywall of narcissism and projection.

Metaphorically…….until only the alternative option remains.


  1. “The dawn of Trumperica and the collateral empowerment of Shitlord, Inc. has supercharged three stereotypical neuroses of the Left, pushing them to the brink of mass psychosis and mental breaks with reality. These neuroses are cognitive dissonance, narcissistic rage, and psychological projection.”

    Old friends and a sister are off of my Christmas card list because they can’t get past “thecunt should have won”. I am now an enemy of the Left like never before.

    Life is good. No more leeches in my life.

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    • on November 14, 2016 at 5:25 pm Captain Obvious

      After suffering through this entire debacle, I don’t think I could ever again date a chick who had fallen for the Frankfurt School propaganda – being Pro-L!fe, I wouldn’t want to risk the possibility of introducing her genes into my family tree. At a bare minimum, I feel like the m0ther of your ch!ldren has to come pre-equipped with a Hamster which has sufficient innate Common Sense to see through all this nonsense and sniff out the Truth of the matter.

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      • Good point, Captain. Maybe the only way this mental illness survives, and is passed on to the next generation, is through trapping a lower Alpha male or beta conservative with sex, then sucking the life out him. We truly need to let that gene die out. And I have no doubt that it in true Leftists whites (which excludes the obvious ‘chosen ones’, as they have other cultural-religious-racial reasons behind their machinations, in addition to being mentally deranged) boils down to genetics.


      • Cap this reason is also the reason for why I’ll have kids with a girl from a big family. I don’t want self-destroying dna mixed with my self-replicant one.


    • Some would say that you’re taking “politics” too far; I don’t. It’s easy to draw clear lines like this once you realize that these people are siding with those who would enslave and murder your “evil White” children in a heartbeat for their preemptive racism, if given the chance.

      No mercy. None.

      Go back and report that to your paymaster, Jewess Within.

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      • This. I’m glad some of us get it.

        Get ready, (((MSM))).

        If Trump is not Hitler, then many of his supporters will be disappointed.

        Things are that bad, and the Jew did this.

        Just turn on any TV at any time or go to any college liberal arts class; it’s the Jew telling us what to think (that white people and everything that made this country great are bad).

        Let me be clear. We don’t need ovens. We do need confiscation of titles and ill-gotten gains. We need relentless truth telling so that 90% of (((you))) will voluntarily go to Israel.

        Except you won’t, because you would not want to go to that shithole.

        The next 24 years sure are going to include a lot of fireworks.


      • “We don’t need ovens……We need relentless truth telling …”

        This is so true. If for example the average White person could understand the truth behind 9/11 and the Holocau$t™, shown how skypes run the banks, media and ‘news’ (and how their intentions are hostile to the rest of us) the skype problem would solve itself.


      • That’s exactly why I told my little brother to take a hike, lose my number etc. My family was stupified when I did it and I told them that he votes for that which wants to destroy you.


    • Do you think that I came here to give peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division! From now on, five in one household will be divided: three against two, and two against three.

      They will be divided, father against son,
      son against father,
      mother against daughter,
      daughter against mother,
      mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law,
      and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.

      Luke 12:51-53


    • Being women, they can’t stand not being the center of attention and will snoop around your life. You should tell those in your circle to be aware of this and to report to the snoops that you are the happiest you’ve ever been.


      • on November 16, 2016 at 4:58 am rationalisationhamster

        Women will always be the Centre of attention because they have the valuable womb. The womb turns resources provided by men into children.

        Women are doing a totally shithouse job of it. They are not having replacement levels of children, the recent University study in New Zealand show they pay no net taxes (only men do) and they are using the resources that society (men) have provided and handing them out to foreign monkeys.

        In other words the average woman is now shit at work because she consumes more than she produces and shit at making babies.

        There are of course other layers to this such as banksters and corporate exploitation of differences in western wages and exchange rates which enriches an elite positioned to exploite the money flows and assets divestures,


  2. on November 14, 2016 at 4:56 pm Captain Obvious

    The Frankfurt School has been studying this for more than 100 years. Probing the weaknesses, learning how to mold the indoctrination to fit the patient, which emotional buttons to push, how to torture the patient, how to reward it with a food pellet.

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    • on November 14, 2016 at 4:59 pm Captain Obvious

      My impression of the behavior that I’m seeing is that The Frankfurt School has created something of a secular religion for these shkotzim nutcases to adhere to, and the group hysteria & panic & fury is very much a religious response in nature – a [email protected] mirror image of Charismatic Christianity [speaking in tongues, handling of snakes, healing of the lame, etc].

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      • on November 14, 2016 at 5:10 pm Captain Obvious

        I go back & forth in my mind on this “virtue signalling” thing – it might be more of a “social echelon signalling” – but if you guys are correct about virtue signalling, then it fits very cleanly into a larger framework of an artificial religion and concepts of “holier than though” [respectively “my children attend better schools than your children”].

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      • on November 14, 2016 at 5:10 pm Captain Obvious

        holier than thou


      • on November 14, 2016 at 7:02 pm long dong silver

        Yep. The phenomenon described in the post mirrors religious zealotry. People who I thought I knew for years are acting crazy jihadists.

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      • The Century of Self by Adam Curtis..a must watch


      • You may be giving them too much credit.
        Who knows. In Europe especially in the middle ages they were the unloved outsiders, the wandering diaspora.
        They were not accepted in Europe. The loan shark who lived up the hill for kings to borrow from …the wandering door to door salesman.
        They are outsiders…they are physically weak. They are neurotic. They have a natural affinity with the other weak members of society…gays, blacks, refugees, women. They invented the kibbutz.
        They long to be accepted by the goyim. They crave our women.

        They are smart but not that smart.
        Remember they are leaving France because they are being attacked by muslim migrants they let in and their policies have stirred up nationalism. A two pronged attack.
        In Israel they are not like this because they are not the unloved outsiders there.
        I worked with about 50 of them. Some of the nicest almost naive people I met.
        The naive SJW bluelrint in a heartbeat.
        I’m blonde and the women all wanted me. They may be more devious further up.


      • And just to add…I work with a former (((senators))) daughter.
        When she turned 30 and single with no kids this year she had a meltdown. Now she is engaged to a lesbian.
        So her (((culture))) has destroyed her.


      • You are correct. The new religion is called Holocaustianity.

        “Auschwitz replaces Calvary, the gas chambers replace the cross, and the six million replace the suffering redeemer.”

        — Bishop Richard Williamson

        … no Rejection of Christ as savior in favor of Babbaras, no “his blood be upon us and our children”… most importantly, in the new religion, white people have become the irredeemable enemy of mankind who committed the unforgivable sin of all time.

        The lie is a very clever one but of course is easily debunked if one is allowed to speak the truth. That’s why the holocaust is the only historical fact in the human history protected from further examination by criminal laws. The new religion must be protected at all costs. An entire (monstrous) post war world (with the Jews as its masters) has been constructed upon it.

        Time to speak the truth without fear.

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      • on November 16, 2016 at 4:35 am rationalisationhamster

        As “long dong silver” pointed out in this thread the behaviour and purpose of the SJW mirrors that of the Zealot. The job of the Zealot is to turn the pronouncements of the Priests (left wing academics) into simple dumb Black & White actions such as kill, intimidate, punish, enforce.

        Liberals are demonising and dehumanizing us. This is a prelude to extreme violence or genocide. We think they are idiots, they think we are evil.


      • “The Frankfurt School has created something of a secular religion for these shkotzim nutcases to adhere to…”

        Well, that’s half-right. Captain, what makes you think it stops at that boundary? Memetic warfare is very similar to biological warfare – once you unleash it, you have no idea where it will go. Observe that ex-KGBer Putin is now fighting to keep Russia together against mind-viruses spread by… the KGB (web search “Gramscian Damage” and “Bezemenov video”).

        The Jewish community is suffering tremendous damage from Cultural Marxism, and the Frankfurt School is and always has been happy with that. Ditto many Christian sects, which are doing the same things.

        Cultural Marxism IS a religion, and holiness spirals are a central pillar of praxis. But it craves blood sacrifice – and its idol is a jealous god.

        Good cautionary lesson for the Alt-Right there. Just because a meme-virus is destructively effective, doesn’t mean you automatically spray it on your enemies.

        What, then, is to be our war? Perhaps it is closer to Phage Therapy, rather than safeties-off infectious warfare.


    • on November 14, 2016 at 5:31 pm Enfant Terrible

      No doubt about that. The poisoning of the natural relation between men and women, and family dynamics has done unmesurable damage to countless people.

      In fact, I think modern society is simply driving some people utterly insane, especially women. The more freedom they have, the more miserable they are.


      • on November 14, 2016 at 5:36 pm Captain Obvious

        This. And so much of it is by design. Arguably just about all of it. It would be hard to think of anything for which the Frankfurt School was not directly responsible – maybe iPhag addiction – but the very moment a new opportunity like iPhag addiction shows up on the radar, the Frankfurt School will be all over it like flies on sh!t.

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      • on November 15, 2016 at 8:20 am Enfant Terrible

        Speaking of Iphag addiction. I take public transportation to go to work, and I live in a big city, so lots of diversity here.

        Anyways, it’s astonishing how many people are hunkered down looking at their iphags, with the headphones on, and totally oblivious to the world around them. They are in a lonely bubble surrounded by people, where nobody, in the real world, either talks to each other, or looks at each other, it’s sad.

        Sometime ago, while looking at all the iphag junkies, it dawned on me that, unlike in the Matrix movie, the machines will not have to resort to violence to enslave us, because there are millions that will willingly enslave themselves to the matrix.

        I purposely put away my phone in my briefcase, and will not use it while going to work, unless I absolutely have to talk to someone. Fvck those brainwashing machines, and resist the assimilation, lol!!!

        Anyways, it’s a crazy world.


      • This and also affirmative action. Right now there are millions of missing families because of affirmative discrimination against white men.


      • Men are qualified for civil liberty in exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their own appetites…in proportion as they are more disposed to listen to the counsels of the wise and good, in preference to the flattery of knaves. Society cannot exist, unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without. It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetter

        E Burke

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      • Tidings of joy, gents: a chink in the frankfurter armoury. They introduced snarkasm as the liberal default argument. Well an anti trump supporter was making a sarcastic speech about trump, and a fellow hillary supporter with aspergers didn’t understand it correctly and tackled him

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      • White Women 😉


      • on November 16, 2016 at 6:17 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        White women acting like cunts with impunity.


      • Kike, you sure you ain’t uh?

        When they fight FOR us against mystery meats and shitskins, they AIN’T cunts. 😡

        I thought (((you))) folks were supposed to be smart, yet between pleas for acceptance, you keep insinuating these little antiWhite attempts at zingers.

        But oy, ve are soooo poisecuted, and dindu nuffink!

        /Jews be the new dindus rape!


    • Its all in the Protocols, the whole plan.


  3. […] Cognitive Dissonance, Narcissistic Rage, And Psychological Projection: The Trifecta Of Liberal Neuro… […]


  4. on November 14, 2016 at 5:19 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    Good stuff.

    There was a time where I hated race realists.

    Over time, I realized it was just a visceral response to intrusive truths that jibed with my own experiences, but I couldn’t accept.


    • How did you feel when you read the Culture of Critique?

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      • on November 14, 2016 at 5:25 pm Captain Obvious

        LOL’ed. Can a mere question be COTY?


      • In fairness to demon side of twatstory, she’s still working through her one-handed reading of “Diary of Anne Frank”: her heady teenage hormones might make McDonald too demanding a field to plow.


      • lozzozlozoz


      • on November 14, 2016 at 7:53 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        My Alt-Right experience has been traumatic to say the least.

        But I can’t turn back.


      • @ (((Deranged Kek)

        You’ll have to start accepting and calling out your (((own))) if you want to make any gains here.

        We call out ours. And hang em if they cant see the light.


      • “My Alt-Right experience has been traumatic to say the least.

        But I can’t turn back.”

        The saruhcide gang’s feminine tells are endless, but they boil down to: me, myself, and I, twenty-four seven three-sixty-five.

        But you just get your Soros-funded ass back out on them alt-right blogs in your “Just Do It!”(TM) yoga pants with the cookie dough stains on the crotch and burn through all that trauma, sweetie. You can’t turn back now!

        Not, at least, until you land a steady to pay the rent . . .


      • Lucius has the best takedowns… kekekekekek.

        Oy Vey, does he poisecute our resident scapegoat who neffah did nuffink!


      • on November 16, 2016 at 5:02 am rationalisationhamster

        Culture of Critique CoC was an ephifany to me. It gave flesh and completeness to what I had already seen.


    • Well (((divine son))) … you can rest easy knowing you already have your own ethnostate, so it can’t be all that traumatic.


    • on November 15, 2016 at 10:04 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      Maybe I don’t feel like being uprooted and dropped in the middle of an ethnoreligious war zone.

      Maybe I’ve been here for generations, followed the laws, consider myself White, and earned the right to stay.


      • “dropped in the middle of an ethnoreligious war zone”

        Then you should be publicly (since you’re a Jew yourself) pushing back against all the Jewish subversion and perversion of this country you profess to love.

        Because an ethnoreligious war zone is precisely what (((your chosen people))) are actively working to create in the United States.


      • In other words, name the Jew and rail against them if you want to consider yourself on our side. Otherwise, fuck off, kike.


      • I’m a lot more charitable towards than most here. But tell me, what have you personally done among (((your own kind))) to counter their nation-wrecking proclivities?


      • I’ve seen him do nothing thus far except act as weak-sister apologist of the NAJALT vein…

        … with a dollop of how great (((we))) are and how much (((we’ve))) done for you, but oy vey, you poisecute (((us))) so…

        … or otherwise attempt Swamp shaming language of the “white trash” and “1488 lemmings” variety.

        But aside from that, yeah… he’s a hail fellow, well-met… an honorary one of us! :duckface:


      • If you dont have a family with children, and especially if you are still in your early twenties, then you should move. Its not like it was 20 years ago. And you will not be the same man after you move.

        Its hard, but everything worth doing in life is hard.


      • Consider yourself a yid, that’s what you are.


  5. I’m curious if these “peaceful protests” will tamper down after about a week or two like the ones with blacks after a law-breaking negro is put down by a police officer. I know negros are lazy so I’m not holding my breath. This could be more like Occupy Wall Street, except more blood.

    Uncle Rush suggested today that Trump tell Obama and Clinton to have these losers stand down or he’ll give the signal to law enforcement to take care of it with the promise he’ll have their backs (specifically) on it after Inauguration Day.


    • Now that I think of it since there’s proof these are paid agitators just like BLM or Trump rallies then I guess they’ll last as long as Soros keeps the money flowing…

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      • on November 14, 2016 at 5:28 pm Captain Obvious

        The are supposed to be federal laws on the books about the interstate sponsorship of rioting. Of course, President GayMulatto Reggie Love Comet Ping Pong Pizza Boy ain’t gonna enforce ’em.


      • on November 14, 2016 at 5:30 pm Captain Obvious

        TheRE are supposed to be ——— my brain is fried.


      • On the upside, winter is coming. That should put a “chill” in the protests. At least the ones in Chicago, Philly, NYC, etc.

        And I keep thinking what is Soros trying to achieve with the protests. Short of pissing people off worse I am not sure I see an upside to them. Maybe he is trying to soften-up Trump? Who knows.. bad strategy. The PD needs to knock some heads. Where are the water canons?


      • Winter is coming, but so are the holidays, namely Black (heh) Friday and the Christmas shopping season–that in many ways is already taking place.

        I have no doubt we’ll see rampant protests at malls much as they’re happening right now.

        We will say “Merry Christmas” to them all, but they just won’t quit. We’ll see what happens when it hits businesses bottom line.


      • He’s a Jew, a man without a country. Any disruption of a Trump admin is good. TJB, but at a very high level.


      • There should be angry protests outside of Soros’s house. (Well, one of them in Manhattan at least.) If not now, when?


    • on November 18, 2016 at 9:30 pm rationalisationhamster

      BLM is funded by the (((banksters))) and is a distraction from occupy Wall Street and anti-globalization protests. People with High IQ can full those with a low IQ.


  6. More good advice from based Pat Buchanan on the potential for Trump to realign our foreign policy to more sane ideals:

    “We do not regard Russia or the Russian people as enemies of the United States, and we will work with President Putin to ease the tensions that have arisen between us. . . . No other nation’s internal affairs are a vital interest of ours. . . . Europeans have to be awakened to reality. We are not going to be forever committed to fighting their wars. They are going to have to defend themselves, and that transition begins now. . . . In Syria and Iraq, our enemies are al-Qaida and ISIS. We have no intention of bringing down the Assad regime, as that would open the door to Islamic terrorists. We have learned from Iraq and Libya.”

    Buchanan is 78 and sharp as a tack. No one could blame him if he opted to pass up on a position in the Trump Administration, but he would be my short-list for a cabinet position, if he were interested.

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  7. You are 100% right about increasing the voltage on shocked rabbits.
    I’d rather have these reality retards lobotomized and drooling in a stupor than running around and flinging shit at actual human beings.


    • on November 14, 2016 at 5:44 pm Captain Obvious

      But are we getting into “You break it, you own it” territory? If you utterly break a sh!tlib chick, do you have a moral responsibility to hang around and help her put her life back together again?


  8. ‘The indoctrination of these conflicting beliefs happens mostly in education’

    Which is why Trump needs to put people in the DOE who will de-poz the school system. I never realized how fortunate I was to go to school pre-poz until I looked at a modern kids’ textbook.

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    • The Jew deserves Hitler. Again.


    • Thanks for the link.


    • ‘When there is no direct threat or stimulus generating dissonance, their attitude is what I like to refer to as “aggressive complacency” or “belligerent apathy.” They are comfortable in their bubble and aggressively reject, ridicule, or ignore anything that might endanger it.

      When aggressive complacency fails to insulate and cognitive dissonce occurs when conflicting and false beliefs run smack into cold, hard realities, you get strong emotional reactions.’

      See also bluepilled betas who choke on the red pill and either puke it up (NAWALT/”game pedestalizes women”) or end up blackpilled (ranging from bitterness to nihilism). In both cases, presumably, the longer you’ve been bluepilled or the more emotional investment you’ve made in it, the harder it is for reason/evidence to overcome your painful emotional reaction to the red pill.

      ‘Now, a psychologically-healthy person will generally respond to cognitive dissonance emotions by recognizing something is wrong and adjusting their beliefs and behavior to adapt.’

      I overcame what comparatively little poz indoctrination I got in school (wrt history, economics, race, etc) with some reading, but then I didn’t have much emotional investment in it.


    • Here’s one for you gents to think about. Rural vs. Urban folk. People in large cities, for the most part, drink fluoridated water, and are more likely to get (or be forced to take) ‘flu’ shots. Funny, both begin with “flu”. Connection between those and the increased perversions and acceptance of shitlib dogma, in big cities, or just a coincidence?

      Also, to the photo posted a couple articles before, regarding the 71 arrestees in Portland. Most of them, if not all, look like they are on illegal substances, or prescription (legally obtained or not) anti-depressants. I wonder if Soros’ organization supplies these freaks with drugs and alcohol as a form of payment? Also, I wonder who (or better yet, what organization) paid any of their bail amounts. Now THAT would be a could story to investigate, and I think someone needs to pass that question on to The Donald. Follow the money…I bet it leads back to Soros or another one of (((them))).


      • Yeah, I know a BLM bail bagman. Not your common or garden variety lib. Skype ethnicity, 50s age, short, scrawny, disturbing stare, nasal voice, southern commie / civil-rights upbringing, pacifist, activist, sometime D.C. lobbyist, makes most of his $ doing odd jobs for law firms, surprisingly not PC doctrinaire (it interferes with seeing the angles) but has a visceral fear of alphas like a rabbit’s of a German Shepard; pot-smoker, dry drunk, knows where the protest money comes from but keeps his mouth shut, 5th columnist in a shitlib church, who knows what his real loyalties are, if any – probably even he doesn’t.


      • Reduce insurance coverage of anti-depressants and HIV meds. Let the shitlibs pay their way for their freak pleasures.


      • Actually, I think the Teetotaler Don could lead a rejuvenation from the pharma/drug binge Choom Gang years. Rural whites, this is the time to get off the heroin. Mexico, take the opportunity to crush the cartels while the Wall is built. Shitlibs … well, just die painfully, OK?



      That post says in effect people in modern society (and, I gather, libs more than conservatives) are so atomized that they go years at a time without talking to people from the other side, so all they know about them is what they hear from the megaphone.

      Admittedly our chief interaction with shitlibs likewise consists mainly in trolling and deriding them. But I also suspect a lot of us started where they are (thanks to poz indoctrination), realized something didn’t add up, and had enough curiosity to start digging, which is how we wound up here. Once you realize the megaphone lied to you about X, the floodgates are open.

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    • Exactly. Removing the poz from public skoolz is top priority. Can’t have idiot Millennials and whoever comes after them screwing things up after we’ve been fixing them.


  9. What Trump accomplished was a Black Swan event…for shitlibs and useful idiot/cucks, that is. For those of us who were aware of the campaign fundamentals, this was not a surprise. For us, it was more like a clutch .300 hitter getting the winning home run against an average pitcher. We kinda expected he’d be the hero and win the Series.

    The left had been busy for generations feeding an enormous number of lies to the public: the daily repeated lie that ‘polls are predictions’. A poll is not a prediction; a poll is a reflection. Necessarily, a poll can only reflect what peoples’ attitudes are at an instant or over a short period in the past. And that’s ignoring partisan weighting of the results.

    I paid mild attention to Trump’s polls in the primaries, and once he won, I ignored the ‘tracking polls’ and the ‘national poll average’; these are used to push the prediction industry sophistry. It’s the mentally healthy thing to do.

    The libs don’t do the mentally healthy thing. They accept the sophistry because appearing to be on the winning side with Science and Truth and all that is Good is so important to their self-perceptions.

    They daily ridiculed us, and rejoiced in theCunt’s imminent victory over the troglodytes. The more poll opium they got, the higher the high they experienced; it looked like this:

    Until election night.

    In a span of perhaps two hours, it all came crashing back down to reality, exactly the way you see on the right side of this graph. That’s why they’re losing their shit in a way they haven’t really done so before.

    Just for fun, you can explain to one of them that the poll graph is an illusion – – for the purpose of predictions. If you believe the data, you expect to cruise to victory. But there is nothing in that graph line that predicts the ‘catastrophe’ at the end: the Black Swan strikes, the turkey loses its head, pick your metaphor.

    I expect they’ll go on, though, believing the official lie, and be ever more determined to push candidates who ‘poll well’. More amusement for us!

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    • Confucius say: shove head up ass, all swan rook brack


      • You know what’s funny? Listening to Japanese women at work, I’ve begun thinking in their accent. “Rooks-a-good” is something I said today. “Grasses” for glasses slipped out the other night.

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      • @uh
        YOU work with jap chics?


      • “You know what’s funny? Listening to Japanese women at work, I’ve begun thinking in their accent. “Rooks-a-good” is something I said today. “Grasses” for glasses slipped out the other night.”

        From The Four Phases of Saruh, we make the logical, indeed inevitable, progression to: The Four Faces of Saruh

        Quit blathering all over the internet, sweetcheeks, and get a room.

        A padded one


      • on November 15, 2016 at 7:28 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


        Do you have any advice for coming out as gay to my parents


      • twatstory asks: “Do you have any advice for coming out as gay to my parents”?

        Make out with your girlfriend at the dinner table


    • I think we are astonished to find out that the libs actually believed it all. We thought it was a well-coordinated disinformation campaign to discourage Trump voters. But the libs believed she had a 90% chance of winning so a lot of them stayed home. Plus the media hyping long lines and voter intimidation. Where I voted in Texas there was no line at all and everyone was very polite.


      • Was the same in my precinct in Illinois. I haven’t seen any kind of line since 2008 Obongofest; after that they split into 3 polling places rather than just the 1.


    • well said Hackett…

      so much joy at reliving all the expert pollster and pundit failure with my erstwhile deluded colleagues… I criticized the polling for many reasons and they were to a person “yeah well you are not a serious scholar of this stuff” and “Hillary is going to win because… uh, just dude you are not serious”…


      Still looking for my money bitches… Pay Up Rape!


    • Psychology seems to have emerged recently, which is a good thing, in explaining how the stage is being set. I guess it first started out with arguments and debate, then when the one side, the left, began to lose, it started to cheat.

      Cheating and other tools used to skew things way leftward to where they see the Right as evil. Arguments explained from a psychological effort means people have not been given the tools that a healthy society needs to flourish. Psychology is the atheists of the Alt-Right unpacking this scenario.

      I guess when these fail, start watching for people on hills blowing trumpets for the hearkening.


  10. to Israel


    • She had another butthurt tweet that had the same pic CH used for “act like you’ve been there before” with the script perfect cry of not a single person of color.

      But, I see tons of color in that photo. Some peach, light beige…a touch of rouge.

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  11. Just a thought, you had the 9 arrestees a few posts ago, but the expanded 71 is just as um… revolting. But I did notice the unusual amount of fair skin among the collection, and I dare say that Trump without even being President is making a solid dent in the racial criminal divide.


  12. on November 14, 2016 at 7:11 pm JenkPac Shakur

    Hate to rain on everyone’s circle jerk over your “god emperor” Donald Duck but when all is said and done even IF (and thats a big IF) this latest zionist puppet/stooge/lackey with the golden combover somehow keeps his promises and builds the wall and deports every last illegal…

    To quote Aragorn from the LOTR’s film trilogy: This “will not be enough to break the lines of Mordor.”

    Which in effect translates to the fact that ZOG’s black and brown bioweapons that are already here will continue to breed and racially displace whites and continuing to create mongrel babies with our idiot females at record rates.

    What are WE going to do about that?


    • Sheeeeeitttt…

      2 + 2 = chicken


    • Aren’t you one of the guys who said Trump was only running to insure the presidency is won by Hillary?

      That said, you’re absolutely right that the demographics of America have already turned and Whites only have another generation or two before becoming minority… unless something catastrophic happens, like a civil war or a true Ausrotung of nonWhites, the latter being HIGHLY unlikely.

      And yet, how many times have I and others stated that Trump can’t save America, he can only give us more time to escape? (barring the above scenarios, of course).

      In short, you’re not telling us anything new, you’re just proving that you shoot your mouth off before truly absorbing all that the chateau has covered, and often before at that.


      • You should start slipping in that extra t in “Ausrottung”.

        And you really ought to stop acting like you were there first. Maybe you were. Maybe someone knows more than you do, or says it better. Maybe some reality checking is the kind of thing everyone needs to avoid the narcissistic rage you yourself exhibit. Who cares?


      • Why is Uh such a faggot?
        I never see you add anything to the discussion. Just flapping your cock holster.

        Trump represents hope, a hope that America will come to Her senses and inspire Her men to fight for her. There are the silent men waiting for the chance to vanquish Her enemies. I say the day is inevitable, but hope beyond hope that it can be put off for just a little longer.


      • on November 15, 2016 at 12:10 am Vagina dominator

        Whatdayamean he never adds anything? Didn’t you read his comment about Jap women he works with?

        He told us that…uh…what was that again?

        Anyway, it was real good.


      • You should start slipping in that extra t in “Ausrottung”.

        uh caught spelling error… uh wins. :duckface:

        And you really ought to stop acting like you were there first. Maybe you were. Maybe someone knows more than you do, or says it better. Maybe some reality checking is the kind of thing everyone needs to avoid the narcissistic rage you yourself exhibit.

        Yeah, real RAGE there, all right. :duckface again:

        And maybe you shouldn’t attempt the lame ass shaming language of the Swamp if you don’t like being accused of being a shill.

        Who cares?

        Glad to see, once again, how little you care.

        Imagine the insipid effluvium coming out of your mouth that we’d have to bear if you DID care!

        And btw, I don’t remember asking you a god-damned thing.


      • Easily triggered bunch. You’re literally what this post is about: tender souls in a bubble of defensive narcissism. Anyone who disagrees is a faggot and Jew — just as anyone who disagrees with them is a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

        There, I contributed perspective. Duckface.


      • “Anyone who disagrees is a faggot and Jew ”

        what if they are faggots and jews?


      • There you go again, uh… “easily triggered” attempt at shaming language for the well-deserved barbs, jibes, and annoyance directed at the dweeb who gets called on his bullshit.

        You’re at the point where you’re not even recognizing the irony in your posts.

        :ducface: (don’t forget the colons)


      • “what if they are faggots and jews?”

        They’re not. None of us is. You just have an overactive imagination using a narrow heuristic bias to account for unwelcome perspective – just like the opposition.

        I’m not saying it’s any benefit to recognize it and say “you’re right, uh”, only that that is what happens here. And it makes you all look every bit as paranoid, bizarre and dumb as them.


      • @uh

        Weve tried time and again to rationally debate with you and wont accept hard truths.

        You constantly bash white women, only, for some odd reason.

        So now is your chance. Please outline in more detail what your positions are.


      • on November 15, 2016 at 6:16 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “You constantly bash white women, only, for some odd reason.”



      • A reform of welfare which drastically reduces the incentive to have children will solve the demographic problem.


      • I see the Kike chimes in again with his tikkum olam…

        You fuck, don’t come ’round chere anymore pleading NAJALT.

        And RIpp, no… we don’t want to hear any more of uh’s “positions.” VagDom gave an excellent rundown of the shill, and nothing more needs to be said.

        The only thing merited for BOTH of these dweebs is banning and shunning… mock and disdain, if you must, but they’ve both earned persona non grata status.


      • on November 16, 2016 at 4:57 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Go for it.

        Fuck you and your 1488 religion.


      • on November 16, 2016 at 5:07 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Excuse me

        Your 1488 cult.


    • “What are WE going to do about that?”

      Stop subsidizing their breeding and eating. Mandatory birth control.

      Whitey on the moon, brah. Don’t think this challenge is insurmountable — that’s skype talk.


    • He won’t save America for us while we scarf down burgers in front of the game, but Trump is a damn good excuse for us to get off our asses and turn the country around.


    • Ask not what the Golden Don can do for you, but what you can do for him.


  13. The national religion is Political Correctness. Anything that contradicts it, no matter how truthful, is heresy and must be suppressed.


  14. “Cucks had it all wrong from the get-go. You never give emotionally breaking shitlibs an inch. Feed a rabbit a blade of grass, and he’ll pop out ten more rabbits to devour your lawn. When the rabbit warren is on the edge of annihilation, you put foxes in holes and wipe out every last one of them. Metaphorically, of course, by completely frying their ability to bunker their egos behind a gaywall of narcissism and projection.”

    Vae victus.


  15. It burns me that Trump is getting the amount of hatred an actual White nationalist would receive, but he probably won’t even pursue that agenda. You’re paying the price regardless; just do it.

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    • Agree, Cavoritegroup, they have already called him every name in the book, including naayzee and Hilter, so he may as well live up to their expectations.

      Idea for a new slogan: “When they go low, we go heil!”


      • Honestly, it’s not something that would concern a billionaire, and probably contrary to his interests in many ways. If it’s not in his heart, at least his sons and Bannon might rub off on him.

        BTW, just watch Harambe Obama run in 2020. Libs are already giddy about black muzzie Ellison taking over the party. At this rate they’ll be running Leslie Jones/Lena Dunham in 2024.


      • Oh, I am sure there are thousands of gay mulattos that they are watching, sifting through, for the next great liberal hope. I think old nasty White women are out of the picture for a while.


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  17. Donald J. Trump = Quanah Parker, the last chief of the Comanche people.

    In Texas, there is not, and can never be, a stronger compliment.

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  18. You can see this lib programming when you witness someone come close to race-realism, you think they’re about to make a breakthrough — then days or weeks later he or she reverts to elementary shitlibbism.

    I’ve written off one person like that. CH is right: don’t give them even one blade of grass.


  19. Another contradiction…
    ‘There is a (white male) rape culture on college campuses’
    ‘We want unisex bathrooms’


    • Of course their ultimate contradiction is being tolerant to muslims and their culture of misogyny and homophobia. Not to mention their ideological radical death squads.


      • this.

        Its a paradoxial nuke for shitlibs. Ask them to be tolerant of muslims that either practice sharia law or dont practice it, but arent against those who do.

        themal nuclear cognitive explosion.


    • the unisex bathroom is used easier accuse said white male rapists.


    • Not really; they are trying to create the situation so they won’t have a false narrative anymore.

      All these things they cry about are what gives them attention, money, views etc…..and the best way to defeat arguments to the contrary? Frankenstein-Rape Culture into existence.


      • It’s simply having to cave to the most annoying, pestering, cranky people: feminists and lgbt. To get them off your back, you just sigh and sign the bill.


  20. Part of me wanted the Cunt to win so she would enable a Bataclan moment in this country. Omar Marteen was close.
    Imagine the Cunt is President and she does a Merkel and opens the borders…and Isis go on a rampage in Portland killing thousands of shitlibs. They would have a complete meltdown. That would be their total moment of realization. Their ideology would be dead too. Trump winning the election is a severe blow. I just hope it’s terminal for liberalism.


    • on November 15, 2016 at 8:24 am Captain Obvious

      > “Omar Marteen was close.” ——— Can you find any evidence for that in the voting data from a week ago? Did The Emperor G0d King receive a greater percentage of the Phag Vote than did Clitt Romney in 2012?


  21. “Isis go on a rampage in Portland killing thousands of shitlibs. They would have a complete meltdown”.

    Far from it. While that scenario would be hilarious, the blame would go to White male intolerance of diversity/Islamophobia; and it would be swallowed 100% by their voter base. They have been indoctrinated to think White men are the only socially acceptable target for any anger. Forget that it’s the googles/skittles that women should fear, or Skypes who control international finance.

    They do have their hooks in pretty good, I must admit.

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  22. There’s only one real enemy. The Synagogue of Stupid. The monkeys just being monkey is a problem that can be solved by not feeding them. They’re just violent tribbles. Islam is only a problem if they get allowed in. At home they can worship the moon god and we’ll not care. Mestizos are closer but dumber. If we can firebomb Japan, Taco Hell should be like nothing.
    Women follow fashion. Burn the enemy media down, and we can call the fashions ourselves.


  23. Kind of OT, but I was just looking at deadspin. The commenters there (90% white cucks) just line up to make shitty White jokes. No matter how absurd. Pokemon Go? Too bad Blacks can’t play or they’d be murdered by racist police. Kirk Cousins wins? Racist whites sleep with their cousins, lol. L.T. Niggums suspended for wife beating? If he was Gronkowski everyone would be laughing.

    I have never seen a more clear example of conditioning.

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  24. IMO it’s just a swan song of beaten hamster. These sjws are repulsive outcasts (see Portlandia degenerate pandemonium). And they know it. Only way hamster can somehow attempt to fabricate their esteem is the mentioned . “I am a good person because I hate racism and vote for Hitlary”. That’s for swpl libs spectrum. Tribes joined only because they were promised more by hrc. Blacks don’t even riot for her (what an oxymoron). Had it been Ben Carson as the opponent. 95% of them would vote R.

    Anyway, we just witnessed the most epic election in the history. For those sh1tlords who haven’t had enough of A-class comedy, I highly recommend “Jeb is a mess” video.


  25. “You never give emotionally breaking shitlibs an inch”.

    now’s the time to capitalize on their weakened state and drive the shiv through to the other side. mercy is for humbled people. false ideologies know no humility, and so must be destroyed.

    along those lines, we should dig up every fucking cultmarx slogan that was shoved down our throats for the past five years and make them our own, in terms they can understand.

    from a few recent examples:
    “have you thanked an alpha male/deplorable/pussy-grabber today?”
    “not-giving-a-shit-about-your-feelings is our greatest strength”
    “pussy-grabbing is our greatest strength”
    “deplorability is our greatest strength”

    there must be a trove of these which can be used to administer large doses of cogni-cides. this IS the new reality. let’s not drag it out. time is money.

    starting today, every feminist gets a complimentary “have you thanked an alpha make today?” bumper sticker. their rage can only help our cause by exposing how absolutely unhinged they are.


  26. h/t Saucer Lord

    PuffedHo: ‘Dear White People, Your Safety Pins Are Embarrassing

    Let me explain something, white people: We just fucked up. Bad. We elected a racist demagogue who has promised to do serious harm to almost every person who isn’t a straight white male, and whose rhetoric has already stirred up hate crimes nationwide. White people were 70% of the voters in the 2016 election, and we’re the only demographic Trump won. It doesn’t matter why. What matters is there’s a white nationalist moving into the Oval Office, and white people — only white people — put him there.’

    How dare you exclude People of Color who voted for Trump, you vile ray cist.

    ‘And make no mistake, that’s what the safety pins are for. Making White people feel better. They’ll do little or nothing to reassure the marginalized populations they are allegedly there to reassure; marginalized people know full well the long history of white people calling themselves allies while doing nothing to help, or even inflicting harm on, non-white Americans.

    [G]o ahead and wear your safety pin. I’m sure lots of white people will smile when they see it. They might even congratulate you. But immigrants and people of color will recognize it as a symbol of your privilege.

    I know, I know, you’re uncomfortable. You feel guilty. You think people are going to suspect you of being a racist, and you want some way to assuage that guilt and reassure your neighbors that you’re one of the good ones. But you know what? You don’t get to do that. You need to sit in your guilt right now. You need to feel bad. So do I, so do all of us. We fucked up. We didn’t do enough to change the minds of our fellow White people. We unfriended them instead of confronting them. We looked the other way or laughed uncomfortably when our aunts and cousins made racist comments. We were content then to be one of the good ones and now we want congratulations — but we fucked up, and now other people are going to pay the price.

    Because guess what: Even if you aren’t a racist, you still benefit from racism.’

    Nnnggghhh! I…will…cuck…harder!

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    • we’re getting new pins made: “have you thanked a racist deplorable today?”


      • That’s a great idea for a post-campaign button. Even just watering it down to “Have you thanked a Deplorable today?” would trigger shitlibs to no end.


      • That’d make a great pin, “Have You Thanked a Deplorable Today?” with the Uncle Sam pointing image, only have Trump’s face superimposed.

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      • We need Trump-era propaganda like this. Wearing the MAGA stuff has been fun, but now we need to take it to the next level.


      • “We need Trump-era propaganda like this. Wearing the MAGA stuff has been fun, but now we need to take it to the next level.”

        amen, Corvo. time to ratchet up the maga rhetoric, with the general theme being “we’re going to do what’s best (for us) and it’s not up for discussion (by you).

        so far to the right that merely arguing with it is absurd. the holohoax weapon turned back on them, with a humorous shitlord twist.


      • nice!


      • that would work well also on the photo someone posted here couple days ago, of the shitlib screeching at the smug cop


    • Because guess what: Even if you aren’t a racist, you still benefit from racism.’

      I wish White folks would get this into their dumb Dutchy noggins.

      There is NO winning with The Other… they will turn on you the moment they can get away with it… it’s not about fairness or justice or righteousness…



  27. Total destruction of BBC leftoid by Marine Le Pen
    Make France Great Again

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    • Man, she’s good.


      • I do not know if you are familiar with this arrogant shitlib Sucker Rarely did I see somebody destroying him in such complete a fashion
        Marine’s mastery of French language is admirable
        Having seen how Trump won I hope she will abandon the idea of making Le Front National more “mainstream” and become closer to her niece and father


      • mmmm….Marion Le Pen…

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      • Sounds to me as if Marine is the most moderate of the three, and that Marion is taking a much harder line on Islam.


      • Marion Maréchal Le Pen ought to be the Face of Europe over the coming decades.
        A new French Revolution is WAY overdue.
        Based on what I’ve heard, she’s a much better speaker than her auntie, who has done a good job as a rabble-rouser, but kinda lacks the sophistication for the bigger picture.
        And heck, LOOK AT HER !
        I can see millions of White men going in to battle for her.
        They will need to.


      • -My responsibility, as a French leader, should be first and foremost to think about the well-being of my own people.-

        Has ANY US leader made a similar statement in the last several decades?


      • It’s surprising France are in the mess they are. In Europe they are considered rude to foreigners, snobby about their superior culture and they rarely travel outside of France. All healthy nationalistic ingredients.


  28. Came across this passage in the book “Two Years Before the Mast” by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. that I thought was timely.

    Commenting on the city of San Francisco in the early 19th Century, Dana states that while the city is “most quiet and well-governed” for its size at the time, it had not become so peacefully.

    He writes (bold emphasis added):

    “It has been through its season of Heaven-defying crime, violence, and blood, from which it was rescued and handed back to soberness, morality, and good governance by that peculiar invention of Anglo-Saxon Republican America [ed: Americanism is Anglo-Saxonism], the solemn, awe-inspiring Vigilance Committee of the most grave and responsible citizens, the last resort of the thinking and the good, taken to only when vice, fraud, and ruffianism have entrenched themselves behind the forms of law, suffrage, and ballot, and there is no hope but in organized force, whose action must be instant and thorough, or its state will be worse than before. A history of the passage of this city through those ordeals, and through its almost incredible financial extremes, should be written by a pen which not only accuracy shall govern by imagination shall inspire.”

    This is what probably would have happened if Hillary had been elected. However people want to feel about him, Trump’s election forestalled this for at least four years.


  29. Brilliant insights here.

    It’s incredible that the cucks really believed “more hispanic outreach” was the path to victory. What super dumbasses. Non-whites vote *overwhelmingly* for Dems and bigger gubment. I dunno why that is, but it is.

    The problem with cucks is at their core they don’t have the confidence of their ideas. They’re clustered in blue cities and surrounded by shitlibs. They want to be liked by shitlibs, want to be invited to the right parties. They actually like being the “controlled opposition”, like a pet. So when push comes to shove and shitlibs scream “racist!” they piss their pants and can’t get on their knees to beg forgiveness fast enough.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it: The Right/Cucks had no frame. Every time cuck frame collided with libshit frame, libshit frame dominated.

    This realization is the gift the God-Emperor has given to us.

    A few years ago I was talking with a young Asian-American colleague. Somehow racism/politics came up. I told her “I’m proud of being white. White people have made incredible contributions to the world.” After she got over her shock she agreed with me. This is frame.

    If you work in sales you’ll understand. When the customer complains and tries to frame your service as no good (which they often do even if your service is awesome), you do not accept the frame. Keep your own frame. Say instead “I’m proud of what we’ve delivered to you.” Stay strong. Most of the time they will accept your frame.

    Same in politics. Same in sales. Same in life.

    Trump knows this. Really looking forward to the next 4 years.

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  30. Re: cognitive dissonance

    My mother (God bless her) is a product of the 1960s and a shitlib. Always has been.

    She’s 70 now. She’s begun to see cracks in the shitlib narrative. I’ve done my best to nudge her along here and there.

    One big point was immigration. She’s always adhered to the shitlib narrative that open borders are great. Muslims, Somalis, whatever –> it’s “who we are.”

    She’s always lived in 100% white neighborhoods in a very white state.

    Recently an Indian family moved in next door. Very nice professional people, I’ve met them. But a different culture. They like to have really loud parties blasting Indian music. They tend to socialize with other Indians.

    My mother made an offhand remark about how she couldn’t relate to them like she could with the other neighbors.

    I pounced.

    “You’re a bigot!” (Obviously kidding, but making a point)

    I asked her if she would like it if all her neighbors were Indians. She said no.

    “Wow, you’re really a bigot!”

    I made the point that she’s not comfortable having all Indians as neighbors, but she wants more to come to America as long as they don’t live near her.

    “Not only a bigot, but a hypocrite too.”

    Then I laid off. I pointed out that wanting to preserve your culture is normal and natural. She’s not a bigot. I pointed out that no other cultures on Earth (except white western cultures) would happily accept outsiders moving in and changing their fundamental nature.

    All the dots were connected, gently. The logic and reality were irrefutable.

    Then cognitive dissonance reared up. She just couldn’t take it. Said “I’m not a racist” again. Then she voted for Clinton.

    Some people are too far gone.


    • My mother (God bless her) is a product of the 1960s and a shitlib
      Which one is your grandmother 1960’s or a shitlib?

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    • “All the dots were connected, gently.”



    • I have parents about the same age as yours, so I’d guess we’re about the same age.

      Thankfully, my parents are conservatives (albeit of the “basic” school) and always vote that way. But if my parents pulled that voting Hillary shit with me, they’d never see their grandchildren and could go fuck off and virtue signal to their Indian neighbors and their pets.

      My first loyalty and responsibility is to my children, and I would not tolerate people who side with those who want my “evil White” children dead or enslaved. Lines must be drawn.

      But, to each his own.


      • While I prepare my children for my parents’ insanity, part of that includes pushing the baby hippo among the crocodiles so it learns it’s bigger than the reptiles.


  31. I wonder what proportion of Trump votes were from defected shitlibs.

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  32. Still. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. I’m reading reports from people with info regarding Billary the night of Trumpenkrieg. She, apparently, was whacked out of her mind, loaded up on booze and benzos. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH.. Even though these reports are relatively old, they are confirmed by the giant dump the entire left is taking in their diaper right about now. You know what they say about shit…….

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  33. Vox Day and the Anonymous Conservative are right. Read their books, and use their techniques. SJWs Always Lie is destined to become a very common how-to book that future historians will hold up as a social-changing book.

    To the future rape!


    • A good editor easily could have cut 1/3 of “SJWs Always Lie” and magnified its punch. I didn’t care for all the extraneous personal Scalzi vendetta detail Vox Day put in there. It made him seem petty, even if justified.

      Still, a great read. Vox boils it down succinctly:

      1) SJWs always lie
      2) SJWs always double down
      3) SJWs always project

      Since I read the book I’ve seen these truths borne out time and again.

      You see it right now as the media double down on their narrative, lie that the riots, erm I mean “protests” are “spontaneous” and not the work of Robert Creamer types and project violence onto Trump supporters even as they attack.


  34. on November 15, 2016 at 12:53 am Vagina dominator

    Pls excuse the OT.

    People who are interested in the basics of how to fight for self defense – e.g., if googles don’t like your Trumpishness – might like to look at my new video introducing some of the more basic important concepts of fighting.

    I have uploaded the video to youtube where I will leave it for a week. Replace the asterisk with the letter “y”.


    Anyone who wants to address me directly about this stuff can email me at openhand01(at)

    If I have somehow f*cked up the upload, pls let me know.


    • This video contains content from UFC, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
      Sorry about that.


      • Yeah blocked…


      • on November 16, 2016 at 1:16 am Vagina dominator

        Really? Contains UFC content? No it doesn’t.

        I suppose they must use some video recognition software that has made a “mistake”.

        Hmm. I will think about this.

        Of course. Rahm Emanuels’s brother Ari is the owner of ufc so i suppose that may mean that he now owns all fighting video of any kind.


  35. OT: John Derbyshire’s RadioDerb post-election podcast on Trump’s ascension, to the Cherry Blossom Throne, posted 11/11/2016, was the best joyous celebration yet of Trump’s win.

    Victory lap rape!


  36. Glenn Cuck, who lost and is not qualified to comment on Trump’s picks, is being paraded around (((MSM))) saying that Trump’s pick of Bannon is “horrifying.”

    President Trump, please take on Glenn Cuck by name and ensure that he has no career ever again.

    Enough is enough.

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    • paraded around as a “conservative” and what’s frustrating is that 90% of the sheeple don’t read this blog but do still think (((NBC))) is a reporter of news.

      they don’t know how hard Cuck opposed Trump or any of the other things we know

      fuck this jew earth


      • there are no conservatives who opposed Trump. literally no possible.

        because it’s about who he represents, not the man himself. all real conservatives get it.


    • “President Trump, please take on Glenn Cuck by name and ensure that he has no career ever again.”

      Well Glenn has done a huuuuuuge job of this already himself…


      • Except that he’s being paraded around MSM today as a “conservative” bashing Trump’s pick of Bannon.

        Even though we won, barely, it is still the case that 80% of folks watching MSM do not know the things that we know, and they think MSM is a legit source of objective news, and they think Glenn Beck is a conservative.

        Glenn Beck has to be top 5 in the list of traitors, as far as media people outside of government. (I have no idea if any of this “pizza” pedo stuff in the government is real.)

        Beck has been destroyed by conservatives on twitter telling him that Trump would win for at least a year. He should be ashamed to show his face.

        But the commies will never stop.


      • “He should be ashamed to show his face.”

        he has had this problem for a long time too…

        Punchable Cuck Face Contestant


      • Glen Beck just wants to be liked by the blue city elite. Is that so wrong?


    • Glenn Beck used to pose as an outsider. When did this change?


    • Glen Beck is Mormon convert from Papism.

      Two wrongs don’t make him right: they make him a fool who repeats mistakes.


    • on November 15, 2016 at 5:30 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      “It must be made clear at the outset that the Jewish community is not monolithic, and, as discussed below, there may be some Jews who are wholeheartedly opposed to the de-Europeanization of America.”


      • Maybe their voices are being suppressed by eeevil antiseeeemites.
        Or maybe … there ain’t no sich animule.
        Heck I don’t know of any who are even vaguely disapproving of the de-Europeanization of Europe. Particularly the North.


      • Doesn’t matter. The outcome is the same.


      • on November 15, 2016 at 7:25 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “Heck I don’t know of any who are even vaguely disapproving of the de-Europeanization of Europe. Particularly the North.”

        Look at the last 1000 years of European history. When the Jew hasn’t been your golden goose, he’s been your scapegoat.

        Counter-Semitism is rational and so is Counter-Gentilism. You’ll never get this because that’s the luxury of never knowing what it’s like to live a day, let alone centuries, as an outsider.

        But it doesn’t need to be this way.

        Reassure Jews that they’ll be brothers in a New Europe, and you’ll have its most passionate defenders.


      • Sod off.


      • DSK,

        Oh, brother…


        You are not talking to typical millennial dishrag rubes here. Lots of these guys read real books about real history. They understand math and statistics and they have balls, which means they can’t be shamed for noticing how the real world works. Your lies are comedy here.

        Back to the drawing board for you.


      • on November 15, 2016 at 8:06 am Enfant Terrible

        You are being very dishonest. The USA has treated Jews BETTER than anybody else ever since the Romans kicked them out of Palestine, and how have Jews repaid that kindness?

        There was not a single Jew among the founding fathers of the USA, but yet, nowadays, the Jew feels it’s his/her right to denigrate, the descendants of that original people, by dictating to them, while using the very institutions created by those said people, what it means to be an American. It’s absurd, and you’re lucky Americans are in fact a tolerant people to allow this dynamic to take place.

        Plus, tell the truth, the Jew only sees another Jew as his or her brother. All the rest are goyim. Of course, people can be friends, and even family, but there will always be a distinction between Jew and Non-Jew.


      • Holy Hannah! Chutzpah of chutzpahs!

        Our “golden goose”? When, when they were buying influence from greedy short-sighted kings, with ulterior motives based solely upon benefiting themselves by debt-enslaving said royalty?

        And “scapegoats”? Oy vey, ve are soooooooo poisecuted, and dindu nuffink!”

        Geez, Louise, why do we even bother answering this disingenuous shill? If the peanut gallery hasn’t “gotten it” by now, they never will.

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      • All anyone needs to do is study some history, I recommend Spain ca. 600-1500 for especially good insight.


      • The story you (your people) consistently tell us is, we lurve you america, america is a goldene medina! And what have we gotten in return for the last 100 years of pretty much full acceptance? (But we are SO SORRY about the country club 😦 All the forms of tikkun olam that the Cap summarizes under the term Frankfurt School. It’s not like you and we disagree on what you did. You BOAST of it and are proud of it. We just happen not to like it — and that surprises you, that intelligent, well-read people have reasons not only for their dislike of your accomplishments, but specifically for your role in all that. Find me one, just one, prominent member of your tribe who thinks your 40 year push for Hart-Cellar was not just a bad idea, but none of your goddamn business. You ruined our country, just so that you could feel even safer in your goldene medina. Do you feel safer? Well, do ya, punk?


      • Again, TSW, nothing you state is either true or can be proved. Once again, what is your source of information?


      • on November 16, 2016 at 5:58 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        I can see uh, but I don’t know why anybody would suspect me of being TSW.

        That’s just stupid.


      • You argue similar. No proof of your random statements.


  37. In 1923 he (Freud) added that “a child gets the idea of a narcissistic rage through a bodily loss from the experience of losing his mother’s breast after sucking, & from the daily surrender of his faeces” – losses that would then feed into the castration complex when “this idea of a loss has been connected with the male genitals


    • And we took this guy seriously?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Nobody who understood the scientific method and the concept of falsifiability ever did. Ever.

        (((These people))) have no equal in shameless self-promotion. Fraud er Freud is one of the greatest examples of this.


    • The Jew is obsesses with white boobs, penis, anus, and feces. Literally.

      Try eating a meal with a Jew and see if you get through it without it mentioning all four of these things in some type of sexual way.


    • One could argue that Freud’s writings were in fact one big freudian slip, admitting to the world that he was a huge faggot and liked sucking beaucoup de jeunes pénis

      it’s just a theory though…


      • sounds about right…


      • I think, back in the day, Wilmot Roberson in his The Dispossessed Majority did a deconstruction on Freud which tl;dr boiled down to the yids in Viennese society used to lurv sitting around listening to his theories because he was actually projecting the swineries of the kike id, ego, subconscious (etc) onto Gentile Society.

        And from what we’ve seen over the centuries, but especially the last one, nothing tickles (((them))) so much as corrupting or lampooning the straight-laced.


      • Cuddihy’s Ordeal of Civility talks about this aspect of the problem. Another nose-breather, I’m sure, you may safely ignore him …


      • Fuckin’ Nora. All me juicy Clement Freud (((idiot nephew?))) links got ate. Just Goebble it. And Praia de Luz, Margaret (((Hodge)) etc.


      • Liberal projection in overdrive.


  38. (((They))) will never stop attacking us.

    Here is what the left is going to have to understand: “racism” is not illegal.


    Blow your mind, Jews?

    All nations in the history of the world, in every continent, at every latitude, have had the obvious right to want to be surrounded by their own people.


    CH, one request from one of your regular readers: as we go forward over the next months, please keep up the heat. We have not won the war, not even close. (((They))) still control nearly everything, literally, in terms of jobs and careers and livelihoods in both the public and private sectors.

    We don’t even know yet whether Trump will be able to help with things like this, or whether he will even try.

    Many folks on the right (and this would not be Trump’s fault necessarily) think this election just gave us a reprieve. But conservative white people will not be lulled back to sleep. We know that even Saint Reagan did not really do anything for us.

    Our people have been under attack for 60 years. Period. Period. It is still happening.

    There will not be justice until everyone knows that calling a white person a “racist” is not a legitimate to make any point, at all.

    There is nothing wrong with being pissed off, as a white person, knowing what we know. Everything that white people knew in 1892 was correct, including the state of the law. We have a right to insist on segregation.

    We have to get to the point where people don’t drop their jaw and gasp at hearing such a “backwards” idea.

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  39. Need to dump Paul Ryan. Having him around is not good news.


    • Yeah… for all the treachery and perfidy, at least ONE big head should roll, as an object lesson.

      Actually, more heads should be avalanching down Mt. Oblivion… but if only one, then let it be Ryan’s.

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  40. […] Or “belligerent apathy.” Take your pick. […]


  41. If Kellyanne Conway opts out of a White House gig to be a stay-at-home Mom to her 4 kids – I move for her immediate enshrinement in the Chateaus’ Hall of Victory. The alt-right needs a female archetype.


  42. Somewhat OT, comment a couple posts back stuck in mod (= forever):
    MAGA by explaining to people how the electoral college works and why we have it.
    Many do not understand and the libs will NEVER stop trying to get rid of it, because it’s the only thing that stands between us and Merkel’s Germany.
    Or a Somali Sweden.
    Pakistani Britain.
    Moroccan Netherlands.
    You get the idea.


    • Pakistani Britain is about as feasible as a Gypsy Britain in the 1600s.
      Same people, same smell. Coudenhove-Kalergi Annihilation Plan only works if you actually get drunk and desperate enough to fuck these retards using real live cunts and wombs.
      Go ahead, after you, Claude, be my guest.
      I’ll be over here, with the Welsh, and the Herdwicks, for preference.


    • you can’t really explain things to shitlibs and expect them to understand, cuz their feelz are more important. if you try to explain the electoral college to them, they’ll simply say ‘it’s an outdated system and needs to be abolished blablahblah’

      instead, simply say ‘if it was hillary that had won the presidency instead but lost the popular vote, would you still be crying about the electoral college? no? then SHUT THE FUCK UP!’


  43. On the topic of the MSM doubling-down:

    I glanced at the front page of USA Today, and the lead headline said: “Obama: ‘Trump won, accept it’… which I thought was pretty white of him.

    But the BIG PICTURE… and I mean BIG… was one Megyn Kelly, in her bestest smug go-grrl pose, taking up at least half of the front page, which the headline:
    Megyn Kelly Survives The Year Of The Trump, or something along those lines.

    kekekekek… reminded me of some of the dweebs that pester the chateau, getting they azz handed to ’em, but coming back the next day and declaring victory.


    • let’s hope they keep doubling, tripling, quadrupling down and feeding the fire. they’re making our job of redpilling normies that much easier. shekels can’t BUY a better contrast between truth and (((lies))).


    • She may have “survived” but her ratings sure didn’t.

      And that special event that she had with Trump that was supposed to make waves and grab tons of ratings….that shit bombed!


      • Well, you know… mere “survival” is always roundly celebrated by the MSM.

        Did you see the size of the picture on the front page of USA Today?

        One would have thought SHE won the election. kek


      • No, didn’t see it. Went to the website to see if they had a version of it there, but that article is nothing but how she’s the victim and it was a tough year for her.

        Perused some of the comments. Some people get it. Others still think Trump’s gonna take us to war.

        It’s so much easier to see everything now.


      • @mendo I was just looking at Democratic Underground. To my surprise most of the comments are articulate and somewhat well thought out (of course I’m biased because I disagree with their premises). They certainly strike me as less pozzed and less mendacious than the professional propaganda in the MSM.

        One of them points out a lot of Dem voters were disheartened by how the DNC railroaded Sanders (though they still won’t call it out as such, which is odd given the Wikileaks evidence). Another talks about the jobs lost in their area (coal, etc) and how Trump spoke to those people and Hillary didn’t.

        Some of them might get it, given time. The puppet masters pouring poison in their ears, on the other hand, should be bullycided without mercy.


    • Well, they paid protesters to smash shops , destroy cars etc. Think how many of those belong to dem voters or people who didnt vote. Love trumps hate. Yup. Thats the kind of Love they got for ya.


    • I just read that Obama gave a speech in Greece, birthplace of democracy. He jabbered about how it’s important for democracies to have non-violent transfers of power after elections.

      Yet his supporters have turned violent. Kellyanne Conway has called him out on it. And still he and HRC are silent.

      Just like women — don’t listen to what they say. Watch what they do.

      There is ZERO compromise with an enemy like this. They would destroy and enslave us if they could.

      Can you imagine if HRC won and Trump supporters were rioting? There would be no end to it in the media.


    • on November 16, 2016 at 7:22 am long dong silver

      Homework assignment for anyone who has an axe to grind with the MSM: Check the FB feed of your local tv station. Are they baiting everyone with anti-Trump re-posts? Are they re-posting news from progressocommie sources? One of my locals is doing that. I checked the FCC file on it, and it is owned by a subsidiary of Gannett. Local stations are not locally owned anymore. There being snapped up by giant media corporations. Funny thing about Gannett. There is nearly zero criticism about them on the net. Looking at their board of directors, its packed with progressocommies. Any good takedown of Gannett out there that someone to which someone can direct me? Also, any news of what happened to local news anchor in Nebraska who called out the dumping of refugees in middle America? Is he still on the air?


      • Great questions from a woke man. Love to hear the answers, esp about the Nebraska anchor who opposed dumping 3rd world refugees in his town.

        Funny story about Gannett.

        My buddy’s wife is a reporter there, at USA Today. Great girl but total shitlib. I was at his house a few years ago. My buddy griped that he can’t put political signs in the yard or anything because Gannett’s prohibition on outward political activity by staff extends to spouses.

        I quipped “Yeah, that’s because they don’t want America to know 95% of media people are lefties.”

        If looks could kill I would be dead. My buddy’s wife shot daggers at me. That’s when I knew I had hit close to home.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — when you’re getting flak it means you’re over the target.


  44. Hey dudes, this is way OT but I have a gift card to barnes and noble and was wondering if anyone has recommendations on a good biography/autobiography of some of history’s greatest leaders/warriors. I really enjoyed Gates of Fire although it wasn’t a bio. Most of my reading has been fantasy/sci fi/fiction. I hear that Roger Stone is working on a book that is supposed to come out after the inauguration and that’s one i’d like to read but i’m on vacation for a week and would like a good read. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. #MAGA.


    • on November 15, 2016 at 11:52 am Enfant Terrible

      If you liked Gates of Fire, you may like Caesar’s Commentaries, and you can even get that one for free from the internet. Another one I like is, “The Conquest of New Spain”, by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo. The Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire is a true EPIC story of blood and guts. Another book I found very interesting was “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World”, by Jack Weatherford. There are so many, the list could could go on.

      If you want to read historic fiction, then almost any book by Bernard Cornwell is great. I really like the Last Kingdom Series, which is all about the wars between the Saxons and the Danes. I don’t know how accurate it all is, but they are fun to read.


      • “The Conquest of New Spain”, by Bernal Diaz Del Castillo. The Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire is a true EPIC story of blood and guts.”


        +1 on Cornwell’s Saxon Chronicles/Last Kingdom series. well researched historical fiction, suitable for deplorables.


      • I was thinking of Cornwell’s Sharpe novels set during the Napoleonic wars, I’ll have to check out the Saxon ones.


      • Reading Conquest of New Spain now. It amazes me how men simply departed their homelands and went off seeking adventure and income at the drop of a hat. They suffered terrible casualties but never turned back. For them, there was no choice. It was fight or die.


      • Sharpe’s is definitely enjoyable both in written and video formats.


    • Well, if we’re allowed to count historical novels then:

      A Struggle For Rome (Ein Kampf um Rom by Felix Dahn) – Goth 6th century struggle against internal Italian forces and the Eastern Roman Empire.

      The Warwolf (Der Wehrwulf by Hermann Löns) – peasant novel of The Thirty Years War


    • Fiction along the lines of the Cornwell rec’d above and set in the same time period – the Horatio Hornblower series rocks.
      And following up on the Diaz rec – VDH’s Carnage and Culture will explain, contra to some of the shills here, why history is not made by counting noses and why we will in fact win. Yeah, Sherman is his hero but you can ignore that.
      Any good bios of Lee, Stonewall Jackson, JEB Stuart, or Nathan Bedford Forrest, but as a mere copperhead I’ll defer to our Southern friends for specific recommendations.
      Not a warrior really, but — T.J. Stiles’ Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War is a fascinating read, setting James in the context of the (Missouri and Kansas) civil war within the broader … War of Northern Aggression.


    • The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer is brilliant

      Liked by 1 person

    • Alfred the Great of Wessex (in Englandshire) was a fairly good model of a “muscular Christian” ruler who fought the (Dane)law, and his law won.
      Alasdair MacColla (“The Achilles of the Gael”) is another William Wallace type native leader of some distinction (although The Wallace, like me, was “mixed-race”). How about Arminius/Hermann, who fucked up Varro’s 3 legions. Bigly.


    • burzun’s from dawn do decadence
      It is a biography of western culture
      though may be a heavy one for a dude


    • I really enjoyed Chuck Yeager’s autobiography “Yeager”. There is a no holds barred, balls-out red-pill man. Inspirational take-the-bull-by-the-horns stuff.

      Follow his twitter feed

      He regularly slaps idiots and SJWs upside the head. Goddamn red-blooded American hero.

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  45. on November 15, 2016 at 1:02 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    Despite being surrounded by many in these parts who would be happy to see me dead, I never hated them for it. I never wavered in my belief that White Christians were good people who didn’t deserve to have their ancestral lands diversified against their will. I recognize the role that many Jews have played in the assault on White culture, and I can’t possibly hold them any lower.

    What have I done in terms of concrete actions? Like you, I voted for Donald Trump. Not because I thought he was the cure, but because it was the morally correct choice to make.


    • The only cure for what ails this omega welfare-leech is a blanket party.


    • thanks, but just send cash next time. gift cards are okay too. empty sentiments are no longer accepted.


    • Don’t try to Jew us with disingenuous arguments or hack into our altruism.

      You’re a Jew and you wear a magical coat of armor against claims of “anti-semitism” — so you should be out there publicly railing against the anti-White propaganda and White genocide your people are hell-bent on carrying out.

      We’re facing White genocide orchestrated by (((your))) people. Show us where you stand or fuck off back to your “birthright” ethnostate. I don’t need you dead — I just want you gone.


    • “Despite being surrounded by many in these parts who would be happy to see me dead, “ DSK

      “Don’t give a fuck about your dreary, foreign, childish, chalcolithic tribal fanaticism” TTB

      One of these is not the same as the other.

      You can join the gang anytime, same as your average African* nigger or scheming slope. In small, well-mannered, genuinely classically-educated numbers .. over time.
      Subject to Certain Conditions …
      *Any negro west of Dakar was selected for disposal as rejects, by the Dark Continent’s indigenous masters, and boy were they savvy ..


      • “were” ..gotta get back on the sauce, this Clarity of the Trumpenreich is fucking up my grammar. Big league.


    • on November 15, 2016 at 3:57 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      I burned bridges and disappointed so many people by publicly supporting Trump.

      And you know what? I’d do it again.


    • Well, I suppose Trump administration is the answer. The deal. You deport all the invaders from the West and US will assist with Putin, China and Iran to secure your land. Your last ally in Islamic world, Saudis are being succeeded by Iran. Who do you think keeps the Persians on ice? They would eat you alive. Who saved the day, when Pakis and India almost nuked each other? Weak cuck dems couldnt handle Assad. I wonder that only 18% of yall eventually got that.


    • Good on ya Kek. But answer me this — why do Jews work tirelessly to spoil white Christian lands? Why can’t they leave us alone?

      To my knowledge, Jews are the only ethnic group to have been thrown out and/or barred from dozens of countries, multiple times throughout history.

      Yet everyone but they are to blame?

      Don’t tell me it’s about their religion. No one gives a fuck about what G-d they believe in. There are plenty of minority religions yet none inspire the same enmity. It’s about their behavior.


      The only explanation I can think of is the parable of the frog and the scorpion.


      • Btw don’t be so dramatic. I don’t want to see you dead. I rather like most Jews individually.

        But as a group? You hate me and my kind. Leave us alone.


    • Apparently the Jews never did want a country of their own…

      … they merely wanted a headquarters.


  46. I will make a prediction today that the Democrats will turn to NJ Senator Corey Booker as their new Magic Negro. Expect to see him run for president in 2020, or be put into he VP slot.

    The Democrats will not run a White ticket again.


    • Good. I’m pretty sure yet another factor that sunk Hillary was the novelty of diversity hiring for POTUS has worn off.


    • Crazy, how the political competence is absolutely irrelevant. Just mix gender, race and sexual orientation to cover the most of the quarreling tribes.

      Trump = White straight male.
      They lost election on: Latinos and Women.
      So the best chance to counter will be Tribe: Latino, Gender: Female, Orientation : Straight, Religion : Cuckservative quasi-christianity
      Mark my words. Thats the profile of the next dem candidate.


    • Welcome to the new America.

      It’s all about race. The sooner White Americans realize this, the better. Because non-whites have known this since forever.

      Only whites maintain this fiction that “race doesn’t matter.” You may not like race, but race likes you.


  47. It is a fun time to be alive but also dangerous, as it is impossible to predict how bad a reaction we could see from shitlibs over the next 10-20 years as the reality dawns on them that White countries are not going to allow any further non-white immigration and will re-commit to ensuring a White (and otherwise normal/non-corrupt) future.

    It will be interesting to see what comes of these anti-Trump protests. I’ve heard speculation of a manufactured ‘Purple Revolution’ coming to America (courtesy of Soros). If that’s the case, who knows how bad it could get.


    • Errm, a vast horde of unarmed fuckwitted peasants tries to rush a settled society of well-fed, heavily armed descendants of the very people who invented cavalry/chariot/lancer/archer/armoured warfare?
      “They got the guns, but they got the numbers”, as Jim Morrison never said ..


    • America will split, that’s what will happen. Whites in one part, vibrants and GoodWhites(TM) in another part. The GoodWhites will emigrate when they realize the vibrants will not be magnanimous to GoodWhites when they are in power.

      Re: the movement in CA to secede, someone remarked “Who’ll serve in their military? Mexico will invade them immediately.” I lol’d at that because it hits pretty close to the truth.

      Can you imagine blue state America fielding an effective killing army? It will be quota-full of fags, transgenders and women.


      • Wouldn’t it be less costly, and certainly more humane, just to conquer Mexico? Establish the Rule of Law, taxation, the English tongue and compulsory cricket, like the Brits used to before they gheyed it all up.


      • Heh. heh… Tam may have just proposed an Idea Whose Time Has Come!

        Still, the trouble with conquering is we never seem to do it right… and the conquered arise stronger than ever generations later to badger our children and grandchildren.


      • that’s what I was saying the other day. we really should be thinking of owning the whole continent, and the Panama canal. who says you have to allow migration into white areas? we can control the whole continent, and have regional segregation, which will likely happen by itself anyway.

        this might be the surest way to stop globalism in its tracks, by taking them at their word. open borders? yep, sure thing. we’ll take Mexico and Canada thanks.


      • Can you imagine blue state America fielding an effective killing army? It will be quota-full of fags, transgenders and women.

        i think having an army of biological dirty bombs would be very effective.


      • on November 16, 2016 at 12:48 pm Enfant Terrible

        The biggest problem with Mexico is corruption. It’s no exaggeration to say it equals some African country on how pervasive it is in their culture. It goes from the little people all the way to the top.

        It’s a shame, because there are a lot of good, honest, hard working people in Mexico. The country itself is beautiful, but, the problems of the country are enormous.

        Maybe the US could setup some sort of Marshal plan for Mexico to develop it, and bring it to first world status, but how can progress be monitored. The corruption and lawlessness would guarantee that the development funds would be stolen, and nothing would get accomplished.

        Maybe conquest is what they need. Kill all the local leaders, and put the gringos in charge.


      • “Kill all the local leaders, and put the gringos in charge.” That’s the ticket, old sport. Once you’ve tossed the Top Wog and his clan to the crocodiles or alligators or whatever it is they have there, our chaps (or rather, your guys, sorry) breeze in as District Officers. With the required minimum amount of squaddies, obviously.
        Bad news is, compulsory khaki shorts combined with long woollen socks, at all times. And you need a decent stick of some sort. No bizarre foreign drinks made from moths, or beans, gin all the way. All day, whisk(e)y after sundown.
        ¡Ay caramba!


      • A Marshall Plan for Mexico would be a great way to way to sell semi-voluntary mass deportations. “your country needs you! mucho well-paying jobs! free one way bus ticket, amigo!”


      • the thought of extending our borders seems terrifying to the generations who’ve grown accustomed to weak, incompetent govt. tell you what, though…if we now enter an era of governance by strong men, and we get America back on track, expansion will come naturally, as it did to the founding fathers. manifest destiny 2.0 (sans parasites).

        Mexico and Canada are the final pieces to the North American Geopolitical Bloc. But, unlike the (((EU))), there can and will be fierce protection of local values, workers, economies, and culture (ours). migration will be restricted. laws in place that encourage people to stay put and build their own communities. we still build plenty of walls.

        shrinking empires are dying empires. living empires are always expanding. DJT knows this. watch and see.


      • Mexico…the irony is in October Amnesty International published a report stating that Mexican police have a culture of corruption and rape. The MSM ignored it if course.
        I work with Hispanics not by choice but I have noticed a more friendlier attitude since the election. A case of they depend on us so gonna be nice to gringo.


    • If you havent learned nothing from Trump victory, Iet me enlighten you :
      “What will be their reaction?” – NO ONE CARES
      Of course, adjustment of strategy may be needed. Denial of reality will have you on a CuckNN downward spiral. But whatever reaction should not push you into corner, You lose only when you quit, but who cares. Balls out and go win.


  48. Personally I still think it’s funny that the one group no one gave a crap about and no one ever visited – the amish won it for Trump.


  49. on November 15, 2016 at 3:46 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    Thank God for Senator Rand Paul. He is fighting to make sure our new secretary of state isn’t a neocon.

    Thank God for Congressman Walter Jones. With his long history of supporting an America First immigration and foreign policy, he understands the importance of neutering the influence in Washington of Wall Street money.

    Term limits wouldn’t “drain the swamp”, they’d remove influential patriots like Rand Paul and Walter Jones from congress, leaving behind a pliant institution unable to resist the globalists.


    • Total crap. You infantilize adults.

      Term limits are absolutely necessary. After 10 years or so in power politicians lose touch with reality and regular people. They are also completely captured by special interests. It’s like a ruling class.


      • on November 16, 2016 at 8:11 am Beautiful Truths Ignored

        Curb your scatological hysteria, Moses.

        Long serving congressmen are the closest thing America has to an aristocracy, and as such they are an important check on plutocracy.

        Consider, for instance, the two best congressmen in the house of representatives – Walter Jones and John Duncan. Both men have A+ scores from NumbersUSA, and both men are consistent opponents of unnecessary wars.

        Why have they successfully resisted the blandishments of your Adelson, Singer, Soros, and Shaban, when so many others could not?

        Both men have served for decades, and both men inherited their seats from their fathers, who in turn served those same districts for decades.

        That is why Jones and Duncan are able to take the long view, ignore temporary pressures, and reach correct conclusions on big issues like immigration and foreign policy.


      • Oh, look… BTI found Waldo… twice!

        For every “good” congressman you can name who has served awhile, there are probably two or three that were bought-and-paid-for since Nixon took a shave.

        Hasn’t the past 50+ years of (ahem) progress in this country given the lie to your “Hey, I found a couple-three GOOD ones!” shtick?

        And btw, save the shaming language attempts (“scat hysteria”)… that’s the mark of our enemies, in case you hadn’t noticed.

        Why have they successfully resisted the blandishments of your Adelson, Singer, Soros, and Shaban, when so many others could not?

        Whether you realize it or not, you just made your opponent’s argument for him… so much for them thar “beautiful truths”, eh?


      • on November 17, 2016 at 7:56 am Beautiful Truths Ignored

        We didn’t need term limits to send your boy Eric Cantor packing.

        Dana Rohrabacher, the best of the rumored possibilities for Secretary of State, developed as a statesman thanks to his decades of service in congress.

        America needs an immigration moratorium and a non-neocon foreign policy. Term limits make these goals harder to achieve, since freshmen congressmen are more dependent on big donors and favorable media, while long-established statesmen are less dependent on big donors and favorable media.

        If you really want to “drain the swamp”, destroy the wealth of the globalist neocon big donors and media barons. Lawsuits against the likes of Gawker and Rolling Stone are a good first step.

        Ancient Anglo-Saxon traditions of representative government, without term limits, are not the problem.


  50. ‘After exchange w Trump transition team, changed my recommendation: stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming “you LOST!” Will be ugly.’

    I can’t imagine where they learned that.


  51. This French “survey” contradicts fundamental CH doctrine. Naturally I don’t believe one word of it.


  52. 8th day of smiling… Looking forward to tomorrow… 🙂

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    • can’t wait to wake up tomorrow myself! forecast says it’s gonna be another a great day to be white male.


  53. CH, I’m not a gamer, but I really enjoy your political posts. I agree with you a lot. You are a brilliant man in my opinion.


  54. on November 15, 2016 at 6:41 pm Captain Obvious

    Rob Reiner: Trump Represents Last ‘Fight of the Civil War’ ||| “…the last throws of people who are just desperately hanging on…” |||


    • on November 15, 2016 at 6:41 pm Captain Obvious


    • on November 15, 2016 at 7:10 pm long dong silver

      Beverly Hills is 60% white jews. Rob and his buddies need some diversity. Perhaps some Somali muzzies that were dumped on Omaha, Nebraska could be resettled there. Perhaps we could take some Palestinian refugees and put’em in Beverly Hills. This should be prong one of the Trump immigration plan. The tribe would be too busy trying to maintain their property values to continue making political propaganda films and tv shows. Prong two should be to admit only hot, white Eastern European women for a couple of years. Slim, feminine women = white baby boom. Crimethink rules!

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  55. on November 15, 2016 at 6:48 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    I wish these fucking idiots would stop poking the beehive.


  56. on November 15, 2016 at 6:53 pm Captain Obvious

    Obama: Merkel was my closest ally


  57. on November 15, 2016 at 6:54 pm Captain Obvious

    Megyn Kelly Reveals Daughter, 5, Is Scared Of Trump, Wants To Know What A Bimbo Is


    • on November 15, 2016 at 6:56 pm Captain Obvious

      “Uh. Well. Sit down here, little girl. Ahh. Hmmm… Well, ya see honey. Uhh… Your Mom. Your Mom’s a Bimbo. Yep. Your Mom. She’s a Bimbo. And that’s what a Bimbo is, honey. Your Mom.”

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    • Well shit, Megyn helped to stir the pot to demean Trump as a monster every chance she got on her show and I”m sure added more when she was home with her daughter.

      But of course, it’s Trump’s fault. Damn these women….

      She’s such a cunt that it’s a boner killer…even when she had long hair.


  58. Speaking of cognitive dissonance, has anyone got status updates on our nation’s haughty Arbiters of acceptable discourse? I am concerned that we haven’t haven’t had a major post-election press release from the Elder Statesmen of the legacy media: Garrison Keillor, James Fallows, Jeffrey Goldberg, Ken Burns, Jack Beatty, Bob Schieffer, Tom Brokaw, and Nina Totenberg. Are they at a Sedona retreat for meditation and grief counseling? And what ever has become of Tom Hanks since his tut tutting of the Trump supporters 2 weeks ago?

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    • Ken Burns chimed in and said he’s afraid of Trump, or some such thing.

      But who gives a rat’s ass about him or the others you mentioned, when it comes to Trump?


      • Yeah, before the election Ken Burns was indignant about Trump’s role in galvanizing public opinion against the Central Park 5…..thirty yrs ago. Since there was almost no rigorous criticism of Burns’ documentary on the 5s exoneration, he remains in a delicate bubble. The reason for the list is that these folks typify the smug paternalism, and faux rigor in the soon-to-be former ruling class. Their betrayal nearly caused the country to founder on a reef, and become a permanent Brazil-like corruptocracy. I wonder if any of them, even the likes of Robert Redford or George Clooney will ever issue a mea culpa. Not holding my breath, but it does seem tragic just how many of the culture’s icons were totally worthless when the moment came to defend western civilization. And I am not just naming a few actors, directors, or pundits. There were so few “captains of industry”, scientists, professors, even the living members of Reagan’s first term cabinet. All cowards. A near complete betrayal by the country’s ruling class.


      • Correction, there were a few brave pro-Trump souls from Reagan1: David Stockman, Paul Craig Roberts, Elizabeth Dole. It is sobering to see how many gnomes there were from that era though. Bob Dole really redeemed himself by sticking with Trump.


  59. The liberal media have not learned any lessons. Today the Guardian the ultra liberal Koran has ‘Trump transition team in disarray’.
    Their attacks have not let up. They are our enemy.


    • on November 15, 2016 at 9:29 pm aloysius vistan

      The mainstream media is pushing this nonsense as well. No Trump supporter should pay any heed to their vitriol. They will stop at nothing to kindle any feelings of doubt and uncertainty about the God King. “His transition team is in disarray trying to pick his cabinet members.” FALSE. Next week it will be some other bullshit. Do not let them make you second guess yourself – they have been studying how to do that for decades. They can’t stump the trump and they can’t stump Trump supporters. Breitbart already reported today that upwards of 67% of Americans think the mainstream media has been discredited. This is mostly among Trump voters who have yet to be woke by the REALTALK promulgated on the alt-right, which is gaining followers by the second. People need to look no further than Breitbart, CH, Paul Joseph Watson, and Stephen Molyneux for a healthy dose of reality.

      You have it right, the Guardian and its kind are the enemy. They know exactly what they are doing and the narrative they are trying to spin. You shouldn’t think for one second that it is in their earnest desire to absolutely, in every conceivable fashion, destroy you and humiliate you in any way possible. The thing that triggers them the hardest is the success of any straight, white, Christian, attractive, male. Bullets haven’t been flying (much) yet and most likely the occurrence of an all out civil war will not happen. However, if you think these people don’t want you to die you are mistaken. Lena Dunham has actually called for the end of white men – in a posted video. This is a cyber war. They are losing. Do not take your foot of their neck – they’re still holding their knives.


  60. I predict that a quarter – perhaps even half- of all single shitlib white women would not vote democrat or even be shitlibs if they were happily partnered up with a shitlord, or even getting a lot of casual sex from one.

    Very few shitlib women are stuck like glue to the cause. They’re shitlibs because the media and the government are their substitute husbands.


    • on November 15, 2016 at 9:33 pm aloysius vistan

      When Hillary lost and all the shitlib women were crying over themselves in the corner, they were all weeping because they all just lost their husband – big centralized government. “Oh no, now I have to go to the gym and not act like a bitter, entitled slag every fucking second.” “How are the alpha shitlords that I would die for COMMITMENT FROM not going to judge me on all of my one night stands?”

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    • on November 16, 2016 at 7:41 am Captain Obvious


    • true, but isn’t that a bit like saying very few shitlords would fight for their countries if they had an hb10 to plow every day? there are very, very few shitlords/hb10s to go around, and an absolute plague of vacant or semi-vacant vaginas out there. we’re as rare as hb10s.

      there will never be enough shitlords to keep women from stirring up trouble. but there ARE enough beta providers. but now we’re getting into the realm of how birth control/abortion exaggerates a woman’s perception of her SMV.

      and yes, a shitlib might not vote dem while getting “casual sex” from a Shitlord if she has hope of him eventually settling into a partnership, but she’ll be a lifelong dem party extremist after he nexts her.

      the Democrat party might as well be the devil’s party in the sense that they sell the dream of infinite power (high IQ, high SMV) for the price of one’s soul, and, of course, never deliver the goods.

      hence the ‘dissonance’ part this post. the ‘dissonance’ between truth and reality.


      • a further thought…most shitlords will de facto reject a shitlib female because of her sluttiness. so there’s another dissonant dream they’ve been sold: that she can cock-carousel to her dark heart’s content and still land an alpha provider.

        the whole thing is just a mess. somebody is in for a big letdown, and it’s NOT our side.


  61. on November 15, 2016 at 10:52 pm gunslingergregi

    maybe President Trump can implement covering the desserts in solar panels and free power


  62. on November 16, 2016 at 5:37 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    “A source told The Hill that Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson has been strongly advocating for Giuliani to have a top position inside the Trump administration. Giuliani is a pro-Israel hawk, which would make him a top choice for the Jewish casino owner.

    Adelson is also advocating for John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, to assume a major foreign policy or national security role under Trump.”


    • That’s all MSM bullshit. Everyone is throwing their hat in the ring to be part of something great.


    • Overriding concern of all Jews all the time: “Is it good for the Jews?”

      Not “Is it good for America?”

      Always Jews first, Americans second.

      Or as Thomas Jefferson wrote: “Dispersed as the Jews are, they still form one nation, foreign to the land they live in.”


    • (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      I haven’t paid much attention to your posts until the past day or so, but I’ve been catching up on reading the blog and have seen how you’ve just suddenly started throwing up a high volume of posts in recent weeks.

      You’re not some “kike with a heart of gold” who feels bad about what your chosen people are doing to the goyim. You’re another paid shill / infiltrator, the latest in a long line of kikes to try to cozy on up to folks at CH and sow your kike disruption among the goyim.

      Others quicker than me have probably reached the same conclusion already.

      You’re a Jew infiltrator and will be treated as such.


      • on November 16, 2016 at 8:44 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Think about it..

        If I were just a Jew infiltrator, and I believed there was a possibility that Trump is beholden to pro-Israel interests, wouldn’t I prop up your little Trump personality cult and not link articles like this?


        You lot are as feelz-oriented as the SJWs you deride.


    • on November 16, 2016 at 8:38 am Enfant Terrible

      The more the MSM invents bs news about Donald Trump, the bigger the shock it will be when the truth, lolololoolo….

      MSM Truth Rape!!!!


    • America is for Americans. Israel is for the Jews. Solved it for you.


  63. Damn I wish I was not so busy these days and had time to be here more,

    I will just post this ( from Fortune, seen at goggle finance ),

    “…Longtime Donald Trump supporter and activist investor Carl Icahn confirmed on Tuesday that the president-elect is looking at Wall Street veteran Steven Mnuchin as his choice for treasury secretary and billionaire Wilbur Ross for commerce secretary…”

    and say this,

    Is Trump hiring the best people to make America great again or what?

    Trump will be a GREAT President.

    and the spirit withins of this world will cry in their pillows…



  64. You forgot extreme self-hate.


  65. Speaking of the Liberal mental insanity and lack of reality – enter Elizabeth Warren again.

    She sent an open letter to Trump complaining about the Wall Street lobbyists that he may/may not pick for his team.
    Makes sense since Warren endorsed and campaigned for Trump …wait one second…what? Didn’t she campaign for the biggest Wall Street puppet of them all Hillary Clinton?
    Is Warren insane?


  66. on November 16, 2016 at 8:35 am Enfant Terrible

    One of the best things God Emperor Trump can do for our European cousins, is to kill NATO once and for all. Although I support the idea of NATO, the truth is, it has become an excuse for European governments to not spend enough on defense, and instead putting that money into welfare schemes to pay for gypsies and third world rifff raff to keep on having babies, instead of that money being given to true Europeans so that they have more babies.

    Alternativelly, if not kill NATO, then kick out all those that do not spend at least 2% to 3% of total GDP as they are supposed to.


    • Russia isn’t the enemy anymore, right? Or should I ask the New York Times?


      • on November 16, 2016 at 1:01 pm Enfant Terrible

        Lol, ask the New York Times.

        Russians are not enemies of the west.

        Nowadays you can even go on river cruises that travel through historic, beautiful, Russian cities, and we’re about to go to war with them, lolololololololo!!!!

        The Soviet Union is finished, and the Russians just want to enjoy life like everybody else.


    • End the $50 Billion in foreign aid every year and give it to white males.


  67. Drink. Rape. Love.

    “The woman was travelling with a relative after having ditched her job as an IT consultant, hoping to travel the world.

    She met the two men for a drink at the hotel they were all staying in when they allegedly lured her back to their room “


    • 25 year old “Brit” woman raped in Dubai by two “Brit” men?

      And then the grand finale to the shitshow… SHE’S arrested for extramarital sex, and the two “Brit” men are already back home.

      No pics, of course.


    • Yeah, no pics. That’s why I first read the article to see if any were included.


  68. on November 16, 2016 at 9:47 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))



    I’ve posted here for years as Wrong Side of History. I did the whole tasteless oven jokes bit and everything.

    I recently admitted to being Ashkenazi. But I’m also Scandinavian. Jew by blood – not identity. It’s been pretty amusing seeing how I’ve morphed into the archetype of the untrustworthy Jew overnight when I was treated like one of the boys just the other day.

    If you don’t realize that you’re participating in a cult by now…


    • All your insipid shaming language aside, I remember distinctly that WrongSideOfHistory often got his (her?) azz handled to him (her?) on occasion when he (she?) let the mask slip a bit.

      And the fact that you are playing these “Well, I used to be X and and made oven jokes, but now I’m (((Y)))…” proves you’re a troll at best, or the shill we call you out to be.

      Posting an occasional pro-Trump link or making an oven joke is the oldest sub rosa insinuate-my-yid-ass-into-the-club gambit known.

      Avaunt, already, shekelgrubber.


    • Haha

      Are you guys really this fucking lonely?

      Switching identities and then playing neener neener… This shit takes time and effort and planning?

      Fucking Uh posted his personal telephone number the other day…

      You poor bastards. Go meet some people in real life.


      • Ok I’ll go for beers with you


      • Well, in fairness to uh, he DID get ONE phone call…

        … I believe it was either Carlos Danger or Cap’n Obvious, who earned the much-sought-after monicker “stand-up guy” by our resident Eeyore.

        I tried to call, but he wouldn’t accept the reverse charges… KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEK


      • Most droll on the extra charges there, GE.

        (I’m still laughing.)


    • Wrong Side of History = Jon Stewart

      (((Divine Son of Kek))) = Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz

      Of course (((those))) that know the (((signs))) knew all along… so why then friend for the mask?

      To confuse? For what benefit?


      Mike Wallace said it best…

      It all comes out in the end [times]


      • Who’s Kek?


      • on November 16, 2016 at 12:05 pm Enfant Terrible

        What a video.

        A Jew telling a Black guy why he should be resentful of white society in the USA, the country that has done more for blacks than any other country on earth.

        (((These people))) are the biggest shit disturbers on the face of the earth, and are the culprits behind all the racial problems that continue to plague the US.


  69. Elizabeth Warren to Donald Trump

    I will track your every move

    Is she going to cut up his clothes as well?


    • Tell Baron to watch out for his pet rabbit.


    • Y’know, I’m already sick of everybody mouthing off to Trump… especially these mayors of sanctuary cities telling him they won’t obey the law… and if I hear “undocumented” one more time… why is no one challenging even the use of that word? Even that Carson Tucker guy, or whatever his name is, who seems like he puts up SOME resistance to the shitlibbery, just let’s them get away with talking the same stuff after he’s already make them look foolish.

      Anyway, Trump needs to use the full arm of the law and crack down on some of these folks right away, just to get them in line. Otherwise the damn media is just going to keep playing the “can’t break up famblies!” muh-civil-rights shtick, like it applies to people who shouldn’t be in this country to start.

      He needs to have troops, if necessary, go into the first city hall that refuses to obey fed law and arrest the mayor… and follow through on the charges… not just threaten to withhold fed funds.
      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


  70. on November 17, 2016 at 6:19 am The Ferret Within

    ohhh, my mum came into the room and sucked my tiny nob…