COPROP Update: Realtalk™ Image Warfare

The Chateau COPROP resource is regularly updated with new counter-propaganda weaponry to neutralize and destroy the equalist leftoid anti-White meme machine.

Courtesy of MPC, a thread dedicated to “realtalking image macros for shitlords”. A few choice samples:

There are many more great examples of Realtalk COPROP at the link. I really enjoy the appropriation of shitlib language in this png street art that is sure to drive the right sorts of flaming iphags insane in the memebrain. For that, CH awards MPC the Shiv of the Week. Tip it with venom and wield it with style.

It’s time to take the war to the enemy (which probably means somewhere up their asses, the only battlefield with which the enemy is well-acquainted).


  1. An M 4, with an ACOG, and a Titanium suppressor can all be instruments
    of gods will.


    • on October 18, 2015 at 9:19 pm Captain Tautological

      Apparently the Phuckerberg/Eskimo partnership with Angela Merkel is now recycling Barry Soebarkah Dunham’s “Yes we can!” as “Wir schaffen das” (“we can do this”):


    • Instruments of gods will are only as good as the person willing to utilize them.


    • lots of talk, no action…

      Mexicans ethnically cleansed S. Central LA because they acted, without fear of reprisal from “the system.”


      • A solid point… one of the “dirty little secrets” that the Cathedral dares not mention.


      • They had nothing to lose. They don’t care about having a criminal record.

        Most white men–under attack for 100 years–do.


      • Yes, unfortunately us white boys have that damn future time orientation thing going on that prevents us from doing that. We shouldn’t be blamed for it, though. It’s also what enabled us to do things like build the Parthenon and the Colosseum and invent penicillin.


      • The sooner we Whites get to that “nothing to lose” stage, the better…

        … and by all signs of the current malaise, it may be approaching sooner than most think.


      • lol…women aren’t going to give you pussy for all the fear and conformism you exhibit.

        Oh, you like flush toilets and space flight? Sorry.

        Who carries water on their heads for 3km every day so everyone can drink in Africa? WOMEN. What do the men do? Lay around, fight, get crunk, and bang the women.

        THAT is your role in this future society. Always complaining about how women are going for the criminals, the losers, the “jerks,” and how they are ALL working, going to college, blablabla?

        They’re giving you white Africa. Your role is not to work; that was a temporary glitch in white society. Your role is to get laid and get crunk. There is no downside to your reproductive future in this Brave New World. The bantus have shown this to immense reproductive success for millennia.

        Women will do the makework; nothing new will get built. And you will get to be a man. The system is already your enemy.

        Fearful men stink to women like fat, old women stink to men.


  2. We need more of this. One theme I want to explore is that the equalist really isnt interested in “equality” or “fairness” – they want to create a “board of equity caste” that everyone is supposed to be subservient to. You dont even need race realism or traditional morality to see this. The entirety of history must be thrown aside because some people marched in the 60’s – thats their religion not ours. The activist who declares that large organizations not be allowed to use IQ testing is more equal than the man who cures cancer.


  3. How long until we’re back to distributing pamphlets?


    • CH and others provide our virtual forum for leafleting. That’s what we are doing. We just need to get more shitlibs to read this site. Not Jews, who have done this on purpose, but the brainwashed white people who can be saved.


  4. “Dysgenic fertility matters”


  5. […] COPROP Update: Realtalk™ Image Warfare […]


  6. on October 18, 2015 at 9:26 pm Captain Tautological

    G0d [email protected] it, “K!ke” must invoke the filter. Sh!t.


  7. You should really come up with two covering how people desperately ignore the links between violent crime and race and the muslim invasion for those who try to help the Muslim invaders


  8. There is an incredible method, almost quite sublime, that MPC and other twitter rebels follow. You have to hang around MPC for a while, then slowly you can see the sheer brilliance in the nuance of what they do. I have no idea if they follow Alinsky’s rules deliberately, but they do follow them, intentionally or not.

    Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals and has been the marching orders for the left. Obama is a student. The book is handed out like candy in the internet.

    But I notice that people like Ricky Vaughn and folks on MPC appear to be following them also. I list some of them and I think you can see them implement in the graphics shown in this post.

    (1). Politics is all about power relations, but to advance one’s power, one must couch one’s positions in the language of morality.

    (2). There is only three kinds of people in the world: rich and powerful oppressors, the poor and disenfranchised oppressed, and the middle-class whose apathy perpetuates the status quo.

    (3). Change is brought about through relentless agitation and “trouble making” of a kind that radically disrupts society as it is.

    (4). There can be no conversation between the organizer and his opponents. The latter must be depicted as being evil.

    (5). The organizer can never focus on just a single issue. He must move inexhaustibly from one issue to the next.

    (6). Taunt one’s opponents to the point that they label you a “dangerous enemy” of “the establishment.”

    It is pretty obvious that this site, MPC, twitter edgelords all follow some form of these rules as general tactics. The issues are driven from the edge into the consciousness of the middle class as is specific in Rules 2. Agitate into the mind of that class and you control the issue. To me, the Trump run is the anger of the normally quiet core of the middle class. You can read Vaughn’s twitter feed and he jumps everywhere, everyday all over issues. There is no one driver except probably immigration is King among all issues, but all are inter related; all drive at morality, against degeneracy because the low birthright is the driver of immigration and loss of the country to brown hordes without a shot fired.

    And as this site shows daily, the left must be mocked, taunted, pissed off, because they are truly evil.

    At this point, there is no “too far”, there is no “too much”. The left fights this way and the alt-right is doing so also, …

    and winning.


  9. I can’t be the only one too paranoid about printer tracking to post this sort of thing, can I?

    But to watch someone on a large university campus squirm with the cognitive dissonance…


  10. My kinda scum…MPC is…my kinda scum..

    (Sung to the tune ‘Chicago, My Kind of Town’ – Sinatra)

    Well done, i salute you.


  11. “We live in a world right now where Thor is a woman, Captain America is African American and where the strongest character in the Marvel Universe is the 19 year-old Korean-American, Amadeus Cho, who’s become the new Incredible Hulk,”


  12. Somewhat related,

    and I need to vent anyway.

    I have been seeing this woman for a couple months and even though everything in this story could be called anecdotal it is so typical, it is like a text book example of what decades of feminism, multiculturalism and liberalism have created.

    The woman I am seing , (I will call her S) is a bit past 40 years old ( I’m 56 to me she’s young) she has a damn nice body, breasts like a 20 years old, nice blue eyes, the sex is great, she loves having it often.

    She was a single mom ( now kids are adults), the kids are from two different fathers, one father disappeared never to be seen again, the other father was in jail for a short while ( fraud about inssurance or something ) she raised the kids alone.

    The boy as a teenager became a very violent kids, always in fights, always in trouble, he did not finish high school

    the daugter did worse, she joined a girl only gang street, they beat up another girl so bad, even broke bottle beers on her face,that she ended in a sort of jail for minors ( she was 16 )

    After that she was behaving better for a while but started to get more and more tattoos, and developped a fascination for both bad boys and for any boy that are non-whites ( the daughter, the mother I am dating and the father are all white/caucasians )

    so the daughter – a blue eyed very prertty female ends up in relationships with bums, most of them non-whites, mostly from south america,

    She developps a fascination for south american bad boys

    she gets pregnant from on south american bum, has cute daughter that does not loo caucasian at all, not blue eyes, no blonde hair, nice white skin, she looks much more south american than anything, at some point the father returms to south america for a few weeks for “”business”, he gets murdered, ( obviously he was a criminal )

    a couple years later, the daughter has more tattoos and his raising that little girl without the murdered father

    she falls in love with another south american bum, he gets her pregnant, they keep it, it is another girl that looks much darker ( no white skin, no blue eyes, no blond hair, she does not look neither like her mother nor like the grand mother,)

    so both daughters have dark brown eyes ( the nice blues eyes were not transmitted obviously)

    both daughters have south american dads who are bum, one murdered the other a small criminal that never stays long in one spot and is a dead beat father

    Well it gets worse, in recent week the daughter has again fallen for south american bum, she is neglecting her kids. she quit her job and is either drunk, stone or is at her south american boyfriends place having sex and refusing to answer her cell.

    I know it is anecdotal and non scientific, but every thing we worry about that feminism, multiculturalism and liberalism are doing to society are in that particular case.

    PS: It is late I am tired, the sleeping pill I took is starting to make me feel “stone”, the above may not be well written, maybe I will improve it a bit tomorrow.


    • Single moms are shit who generate more shit. Social decay illustrated, over and over.

      Once you hear there are multiple baby daddies involved, you can pretty much predict the rest. I bet the daughter got banged at an early age by one or more of mom’s special friends and who knows what happened to the son.

      The upside, such as it is, if you get any of them pregnant they obviously won’t expect you to stick around. Even if they may pretend otherwise, their expectations of you will be astonishingly low. Advice to the confused but well-meaning reader: Don’t see it as a long term relationship, because it won’t be. Don’t be the beta bucks or captain save-a-ho, don’t try to fix anything. Maybe not even give out your real name, he he.


      • “He said his name was ‘Red’ and now his phone isn’t working.”

        Also, to hell with Akismet. Pre-approve me.


    • so both daughters have dark brown eyes ( the nice blues eyes were not transmitted obviously)

      Blue eyes are a recessive trait/mutation towards albinism and lack the visual acuity of brown eyes.

      just lyin’

      [CH: ftfy. you lie like a dog. not only is there no evidence that brown eyes have better visual acuity, there is some evidence that people with blue eyes are more tolerant of pain. i.e., brown-eyed muds are whiny faggots.]


      • T-h-w-a-c-k up to his ol’ “albino” neener-neener that gains no traction, no matter how many times he tries. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        How’re your red cells doin’, boy?


      • the neanderthal-originated MC1R mutation that produces red hair/gingerness is associated with higher pain tolerance. Unsure if the causation is the MC1R gene itself, or the neanderthal connection itself because it obviously hasn’t been studied thoroughly enough. But yes, evidence exists that (at least some) white people feel less pain.


      • William Shockley is the source of the quote.


    • Pump and dump.

      The apple does not fall far from the tree.


    • What is your girlfriend’s attitude toward ther brown grandchildren?

      Over here, we had our first wave of b/w mixing in the early 1990s. In cases I am familiar with, the mudshark’s parents were devastated by those developments but they assumed the grandparent’s role. One sometimes sees an old man or woman with his dark grandchild. There is always an air of humiliation in such a scene.

      It is hard to disown a child or reject a grandchild. Especially if you blame yourself for the child’s shitty decision. A generation later now, a White parent has to be prepared to do the hard thing though, and reject a cuckoo egg grandchild.


      • My “girlfriend” does not like her daughter dating non-whites, she herself never dated non-whites.

        She is a bit discouraged that her daughter has a fascination for south american bums but she is very how do I say? discreet about it.

        She did tell me once that she does not understand why her daughter who is very good looking always dates ordinary looking guys who are no good bums.

        This new “experience” only makes me even more convinced that women need men’s guidance and protection, that women’s liberation was the worse thing for women and for society.

        Stupid immature women like her daughter ( who is about 21 can’t remember her exact age ) are only accelerating the demise of Western Civilization and the demise of the white race,
        and although I doubt she is responsible enough to vote, if she did she would vote for any party that would welcome millions of non-whites into Canada.

        Funny ( well not so funny ) thing is that while the daughter has two mixed race bastards ( that look way more south American than white, they have very dark features; eyes, hair, skin ) her brother ( a caucasian ) who has a very nice looking blue eyed blonde caucasian girlfriend, says he will never have kids.

        All this is of course anecdotal, not scientific but very typical of what is happening in all white nations.

        If nothing big happens we are finished.


      • It’s really not that hard to understand. Broken kids fuck nigger/spics/criminals because inside they hate themselves. They perceive their SMV as very low, so the best they can get is society’s toxic waste.

        If there has been any kind of abuse or toxic family life, get these kids into therapy before they ruin their lives. It’s too late by the time you notice lots of tats, drug use, or sex with brown rats.


    • on October 19, 2015 at 8:00 am Captain Tautological

      CF, the takeaway from your post is that if a fertile but at-risk White girl is given the choice between 1) A well-mannered gentle thoughtful well-edumakated well-credentialed law-abiding future-oriented yet EFFEMINATE soul-castrated White pseudo-male on the one hand, or 2) An ill-tempered vulgar short-attention-span short-time-horizon law-breaking barbaric yet MASCULINE free-thinking subhuman male with non-zero sperm count on the other hand, then the fertile but at-risk White girl will choose “MASCULINE & free-thinking” over “EFFEMINATE & soul-castrated” every day of the week.


    • White girls getting numerous tattoos always struck me as the girls trying to look more like their less white boyfriends. Almost maiming the beauty to fit in more.

      I would bet the 40 year old does not feel that she can have any control over her daughter. Because she remembers when she was that age and that she herself was uncontrollable.

      Which is why you don’t control the behavior of your offspring you control the environment. If daughter were brought up in an area where South Americans were rare she might hook up with a white bad boy and at least have a daughter with better looks to perhaps break the cycle… Blue eyes could do that. Or even better live in an area without public transportation so the not-whites can’t make it out to court your white daughter … but that’s me.

      I will say this pointedly to any fathers out there. Go to your daughter’s school and LOOK at the student body. That is the gene pool of your potential Grandchildren. It takes like 2 minutes to go to the local high school website and look at the graduating class picture. COUNT the colors and do the math. If there is a high probability of you getting a diversity package delivered by the Stork… MOVE.


      • “Almost maiming the beauty to fit in more.”

        The rare high-end mudsharks (ones who consort with Talented Tenth or high functioning coloreds and remain members of White society, generally keep normal grooming habits.

        The much more common low-end mixers, ones who assimilate into the male’s usually ghetto society, will NEVER keep their hair long and pretty.

        Even if in many cases that’s their sole physically attractive feature. It’s usually the Mudshark Facelift, with hair pulled up tight to a bun on top of her head.

        As I figure, they do that to avoid antagonizing the black females they socialize with. Also, it’s slovenliness — laziness about grooming — which is congruent with their other defects of character.

        But I hadn’t considered your more transcendent point about self-maiming before.


      • “Almost maiming the beauty to fit in more.”

        I do not know who was the first to come up with such a theory but a couple years ago at Lawrence Auster’s site a thread once exploded with people trying to explain why tattoos have become so popular – especially with white women – in recent years, and the most popular idea was exactly that; white women are making their almost pristine skin uglier to fit in better and to make the non-whites feel better about their less appealing skin tone ( and general appearance).

        Some said it was self inflicted punishment for perceived ” white privilege” some said it was making one look less civilized so that the immigrant from a barbaric culture would not feel too inferior.

        Although other factors are at play those are certainly important ones if not the most important ones.

        And aren’t liberal “maiming” white man civilization as well so the third world immigrant will not feel so inferior?

        That white guilt in the end will cause more destruction than Mao, Stalin and Genghis Khan combined.

        Unless something big happens that changes things radically… before it is too late.

        [CH: self-maiming (to alleviate the envy felt by the lesser races of women) and slut signaling (to attract the attention of alpha males on the prowl for easy r-selected sex) are the two big subconscious reasons tattoos became such a cultural marker for white women.]


      • I once made an extended argument that the so-called White guilt isn’t over any historic actions. Rather, it is mere awkwardness at the face of manifest or perceived inferiority of the darker races.

        [CH: Related, those who are quickest to denounce their enemies as “white supremacists” are themselves projecting a very powerful feeling of innate supremacy over their non-white status whoring props.]


  13. I like this stuff CH I say stuff like that all of the time. Believe it or not you and the fellas here are the new cultural future of the west. Stay hard and stay armed. Don’t give up the humor of the truth it is soothing for the red pill soul


  14. I thought the idea was to best the enemy, not fall for their diversion tactics.


    • But, but… girrrl power ..?


    • +10 on this here. The best thing for a woman is stay at home mom with plenty to do.

      If your kids work in high school or college have them be nannies… They learn so much without knowing it.


    • Pretty young women already realize this deep down. Hot girls don’t follow ugly ones like alpha males don’t follow betas. This needs to be targeted at the 5’s to 7’s who are dropping out of the dating market by getting fat, tatted up, and dying their short hair neon orange. They’re the ones who get pumped, dumped, and end up hating men.


  15. Rape culture, social justice, the sex assault epidemic, and creepiness all have the subtext that white men are the problem. HR departments, twitter idiots, and the government won’t prosecute/persecute minorities for desiring sex. If a minority approaches a woman that doesn’t want the attention, it is a cultural misunderstanding but if a white man does it, it is sexual assault. That tells you how concerned the movements actually are for women’s safety. It is not surprising then, that under threat of humiliation and possible punishment that we see men acting with trepidation. A minority in a western nation has a free pass to say and do whatever he or she feels like.


  16. while the general idea is good, these are all way too wordy.

    [CH: that’s partly intentional. the appropriation of shitlib stylistic elements means that the parody will necessarily be wordy.]


    • “The Authoritarian Personality” was a huge tome, turgid to the point of being unreadable. Yet it changed the Western World. Now I know that Adorno’s and Levinson’s co-ethnics pushed it like hell. But still……..


  17. That was some epic ShivTalk ™.


  18. Looks like we need more nigger “teen” control.

    Funny, I was at a shooting range last weekend surrounded by 50 white men with lots of guns, and nobody got shot. Funny how that works.


  19. These are legit headlines too!


  20. Do you think this thought I had is good enough to become a meme:

    The only difference between an invasion and immigration, is that the former is enforced by foreign soldiers, and the later is enforced by local traitors.


  21. on October 19, 2015 at 8:18 am .-.-.-.-.-.-.

    That meme about good feminism vs bad “third-wave” feminism has to go, tho.

    Feminism was a problem right from the beginning and there has never been a good kind of feminism that has been taken over by the Jews or the lesbians and turned into something bad only then.

    Even the idea that you’re not born but made a woman is way older tumblr.

    Women’s suffrage is the core problem.


    • Agree. Women should not be allowed to vote and they certainly should not be able to serve on juries or be judges or lawyers. All civilized cultures for 12,000 years know this. When they forget it, it is the start of that civilization’s collapse.

      An increase in the influence of women in
      public life has often been associated with national
      decline. The later Romans complained
      that, although Rome ruled the world, women
      ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar
      tendency was observable in the Arab Empire,
      the women demanding admission to the
      professions hitherto monopolised by men.
      ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian,
      Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk,
      tax-collector or preacher to do with women?
      These occupations have always been limited
      to men alone.’ Many women practised law,
      while others obtained posts as university
      professors. There was an agitation for the
      appointment of female judges, which,
      however, does not appear to have succeeded.
      Soon after this period, government and
      public order collapsed, and foreign invaders
      overran the country. The resulting increase
      in confusion and violence made it unsafe for
      women to move unescorted in the streets,
      with the result that this feminist movement


    • Beautiful! I like the fact that the more they’re demonstrative about their lesbianism, the more they know their full of shit. Sad, actually. Very sad.


    • Good way to troll lesbians:

      “you’re not lesbian enough/ you’re not a real lesbian.”

      Watch them flip out and try to qualify themselves.

      good way to troll gay men:




    • Ever notice that lesbians you see in public are almost never higher than an smv 6?

      And hot women that are ‘bisexual’ almost always have some distorted childhood of sorts. Or a rich alpha, or alpha handler making things happen.

      [CH: 90% of lesbians are fat, ugly bulldykes. 5% are thin but weird looking. 5% are sexy lipstick lezzies who are probably in an experimental phase and will return to cock soon.]


  22. Like

    • Yeah, I will do that “fuh” you, bitch.


    • This is why I avoid all “diversity days” at all events.

      Just open season on whitey at that point.

      Wildebeast non-rape!


    • Lines be rayciss.


    • niggers…lol


    • Typical chimp out behavior.

      Female emotions + black low iq impulsiveness = public screaming chimp out.

      Thing is I bet she was actually trying to cut in line. Lolz….


      • Of course she was… no question. She herself admitted it, though with an excuse that I didn’t really get the gist of.


    • High IQ, High T (Europeans)
      – Men: die Herrenvolk
      – Women: virtuous, inspiring

      High IQ, Low T (East Asians)
      – Men: diligent, passive
      – Women: cash register for soul

      Low IQ, High T (Africans)
      – Men: virile, destructive
      – Women: “de mule of de world” [Z.N. Hurston]

      Low IQ, Low T (Southeast Asians)
      – Men: amiable layabouts
      – Women: pleasant, promiscuous

      [CH: heh. realest of realtalk.
      i just read sailer’s post on minnesota gov mark dayton, the 1%er GoodWhite who said he basically wants to cast fellow whites to the icy wastelands if they hold BadThoughts about turd world invaders.

      bottom + top versus middle. the rope was made for the soft necks of traitorous filth like mark dayton.]


      • I also read that piece at Sailer’s and the comments. Don’t know whether things like that are depressing because of the actors’ sheer determined malice, or hopeful as a sign of arrogant, pig-stupid overreach on their part.

        (The SE Asian women line would be more elegant as “cute sexpots”)


      • Minnesota is as close Scandinavia as you get in the US, and like Scandinavia itself, is being destroyed by pathological levels of white Lutheran guilt (the difference between Catholic and Lutheran guilt is that Catholics internalize their guilt, while Lutherans project their guilt onto society as a whole).

        Dayton is an over-medicated sock-puppet for the Frankfurters, and will probably not even serve out his full term. They already have his replacement lined up as Lt. Governor, and Dayton will no doubt step aside early so she can run as an incumbent.


  23. Great job on these. Can’t wait to see more of them.


  24. Here is a good article on the origins or “cultural marxism” –


  25. Iranian guy who fuck east european girls is not a kind of cuckservative**


  26. For Canadian readers, an interesting fact was released today. Andrew Coyne, an erstwhile “conservative” columnist, has been a Bilderberg attendee. Coyne has taken increasingly, er, lliberal stances on issues such as allowing the niqab and opening the floodgates to Syrian “refugees.”

    Bilderberg involves influential and up-and-coming journos, politicos, academics, industrialists, etc.

    I’m starting to think that the chairman or the meeting says something like this: “ok we want to deluge the west with the brown hordes over the next year. Opinion makers, you write columns in support of this to sway public sentiment.” And if they don’t, well, they don’t get invited back next year.

    I’m sure it works wonders for compliance, particularly with the up-and-comers who stoke dreams of joining “the elite.”