The Forms Of Female Attention Whoring

Attention whores — and here we’re mostly talking about women, as the sex likely to exhibit both commonplace and extreme versions of attention whore disorder (AWD) — exploit a plethora of psychological ploys to get their external validation fix.

Reader walawala describes a few of the most recognizable AWD symptoms,

Attention whoring takes on a variety of forms and social media enables it. Some examples beyond this [Shoshana Roberts catcaller] video which is extreme:

Revealing photos on FB crying out for thirsty man comments: “wow” etc

Mentions of health issues: “Headache now…so painful” crying out for sympathy. Sympathy helps keep the attention pipeline flowing without any requirements for reciprocation.

Mentions of work stress: “So busy!!” etc—same as above.

Achievements: [ed: this was blank. maybe walawala will clarify.]

Photos with new shit: new iPhone.

Food they ate or cooked.

Generally I ignore all this unless it’s the occasional well-placed “like” if there’s something unusual or particularly noteworthy.

Feigning illness, mental or physical, is classic AWD behavior. So is exhibitionism. The cruel streak in an attention whore is evident when she acts indignant that you admired whatever naked body part she “accidentally” displays. Attention whores are selfish, narcissistic, often manic-depressive, and prone to cycles of angry blow-ups and pleas for tolerance. Generally, they prey on weak beta males who fear losing the pussy. Experienced men rarely get ensnared for long by the manipulations of ego-gluttonous attention whores.

Attention whores share a lot of traits with women who have BPD (borderline personality disorder). AWs usually are not as scheming as BPDs, which means they can be more easily and quickly identified and avoided or, if you have the COINTEL chops and a thirst for adventure, toyed with for sexual bennies.

Some other forms of female attention whoring are:

– Cutting into conversations with a frequency and assumed authority that could be described as pathological.

– Evincing an astounding lack of self-awareness or humility.

– An inability to listen while simultaneously demanding rapt attention from her human sounding boards.

– A facility tossing out breezy insults that stands in stark contrast to her thin-skinned pique when she perceives herself being attacked.

– A curious lack of fulfillment when she receives the attention she was goading, and a spiral of excitement when her attention seeking is ignored or cavalierly dismissed.

– A preternatural talent for getting into “scrapes” and making “scenes” where she is cast, yet again, as the wholly innocent flashpoint of the drama that magically follows her everywhere.

– Aggravating her mark to the point of exasperation or even anger. An attention whore prefers positive attention but will take negative attention if the former isn’t possible to bait.

– An eternal martyr complex she leverages to push unwitting accomplices into guilt and acquiescence to her theater of the hamster.

– Gossip. Backstabbing. Feigned naivete to encourage the spilling of secrets. Sowing discord is the invidious fuel that feeds the attention whore’s thirsty heart.

If any of these AWD symptoms manifest in a girl during a date, you are in for a storm of drama queen bitchery, endless games of one-upmanship, and passive-aggressive emotional blackmail if you later decide to pursue a long-term arrangement with her. Most attention whores age into certifiable nutcases as their looks fade and they have to go to ever more absurd lengths to receive ever less satisfying hits of validation. The old attention whore is not unlike the mentally ill homeless bum screaming obscenities at passersby.

Every woman has a little attention whore in her. The trick is to avoid those women who have allowed that precocious child inside to grow into a ravenous beast that consumes more love than it can give.

The key to fucking attention whores, (in the figurative and literal senses), is to NEVER satisfy her demands, no matter how appealing her acting method. You treat attention whores like you would an annoying, insufficiently respectful child: With amused disregard sharpened by a hint of contempt.

AW: “LIKE me!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “I LIKE your stubby eyelashes. If you require further compliments, I charge by the word.”

Low effort parrying of attention whore antics is good enough to get you the lay, but after a few weeks of quality time you’ll have to raise the stakes and firmly slap down any of her feints toward egotistic head games. When you’re pushed to this level of engagement, she’ll wail to the high heavens. Copious tears may flow. Weaker men will cave and renew her cycle. Stronger men — that is, men with an abundance of pussy mentality — will savor her tears and try to squeeze out a few more drops for entertainment purposes and as a lesson served that the sell-by date on her low self-esteem shenanigans is come and gone.

AW: “LIKE me!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “But you’re not likeable.”

AW: “Waaah!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “That’s not helping your cause.”

AW: “Fuck you!”

Beelzebub’s Beneficent Boner: “Charming.” *leaves*


  1. Achievements: [ed: this was blank. maybe walawala will clarify.]

    Photos with new shit: new iPhone.

    Food they ate or cooked.

    I think he meant they think having a new iphone is an accomplishment. it is certainly more of an accomplishment than a gender studies degree. the government won’t give you a no credit check loan to get an iphone.


  2. CH you really need to familiarize yourself with the term histrionic. Histrionic personality disorder, which is very similar to BPD, also known as “Daddy issues” are a dangerous trap for men. This personality type stems from a lack of father in the household as a young girl, and is prevalent among a large number of women.

    They typically flaunt sex for attention and then don’t give any after the honeymoon period.

    The definitive attention whore.


    • Learning what kind of relationship a woman has and has had with her father is a strong indication of potential success for a LTR. No dad = no good.


    • I love that word, and even used it on an AW I briefly dated. She was a psychawageeee major, yet didn’t even know what the fuck the word meant.

      Women earning a degree in psychology are second only to wimmin’s studies majors in their uselessness to society. “Yeah sweetie, I know. You’re going to be a psychologist one day. Your dad’s money, and my tax dollars, are contributing to the next Freud.”


  3. This pretty much describes every American woman under 50.

    “Charming.” *leaves*

    Heh. I’ve actually used this on occasion.


    • on November 7, 2014 at 10:20 am The Spirit Within

      In the last six months, I’ve felt my patience with attention shores begin to dwindle. I’ve started openly challenging them. It costs me the lay but I sleep better at night, and a few of them occasionally circle back around.


  4. Heh, this pic always reminds me of such bitches:

    She sure has no problem flapping around her pieces of meat though does she..


    • on November 7, 2014 at 8:53 am mendozatorres

      Good example. Also, she needs to slim down some more to really make that swimsuit work.


    • “would bang on a dry spell.”

      and then pretend it never happened.


    • look closely.

      “peace” of meat.

      rhodes material for sure.


    • would bang on a dry spell?

      lol 99% of the guys on here would probably wife up this chick.


      • The suit has unique architecture but the colors and trim are horrible.

        You need a nice waist for the suit.


      • >wifing up a retarded attention whore who in all honestly needs 15 whiplashes

        No, son. Fuck, yes. Wife up? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


      • her tits are decent and her face is decent, ergo 99% would wife up. c’mon, just admit you’d give her a nice BLT.


      • “99% of the guys on here would probably wife up this chick.”

        white men don’t stick it in every hole offered to them. 60+ years ago, maybe, when chicks in u.s. were white, thin and pleasant. this chick is not thin or pleasant.

        white men with options turn down unpleasant/no waist 6s because they can. they may not admit it as that would sound unalpha, but every single one of them has passed on girls that a brother would jump like a dog through a hoop for.

        if more men adopted a true abundance mindset the u.s. hbs would quit attention whoring and start acting feminine, watch their figures and never get on the carousel in order to get their needs met by a real man in real life.

        thirsty betatude created this situation and only discriminating alphatude can fix it.

        “The suit has unique architecture but the colors and trim are horrible.”

        seriously? never heard a straight man say something like this.


      • yes, well the men with game and “options” are usually the top 1% anyway, so there’s room for both of us to be right.


      • cave man
        “The suit has unique architecture but the colors and trim are horrible.”

        seriously? never heard a straight man say something like this.

        Im a black man and as such I can express my superior knowledge of design, form and definition without YOUR fear of being mistaken for a faggot.

        White men really need to get over this worship of the vulgar and profane as an antidote to their own sexual insecurities.

        “Im the heavy weight champeen of the world and Im still pretty as a girl; I must be the greatest!” — Muhammad Ali


      • WTF is this troll posting under my handle??? I’m lucky to be able to use two syllable words, much less all the stuff he done wrote, yo.


      • Why are all you numpties arguing about how hot she is lol.

        Focus on the topic, look at the silly bint. Putting on a swimsuit that shows off practically everything, purely to snap a pic in a BATHROOM, then complain about being treated as “meat”.

        What did the silly bitch expect people to say, oh this shows so much of your lovely personality? Hardly just a random beach snap.


      • on November 12, 2014 at 9:48 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        “lol 99% of the guys on here would probably wife up this chick.”
        I would. If her daddy is rich.


    • Whassa matter babe…can’t find anyone else to take a picture of you?


  5. on November 7, 2014 at 8:37 am Reservoir Tip

    Listen to this:

    I spent the past couple mornings in the school library studying for a few exams that I had this week. I’m sitting at one of the computers when another older lady sits down. My first thought is that she’s a teacher or something. Gray hair, wrinkled skin, walks all hunched over. My guess is that she had to have been in her late 50s / early 60s.

    She sits down at the computer, throws her stuff down, and begins pounding away on some essay. It was clearly a paper for a class, so it turns out she was a student. Then she starts playing dub-step so loudly I can hear it through her head phones. She was also really careless and rough with all the equipment and her own belongings.

    I was a bit taken aback by the scene. Some hag back at school listening to dub-step.

    Only an old liberal fart can convince themselves that “education” at that age is rewarding, or that it has any sort of value.


  6. im confused: is not everyone an attention whore, given the egos by which we are all controlled? I haven’t met anyone who was trying to get an ego fix in one way or the other, and given the demonstrations on Facebook I think it’s safe to say that humanity itself if an attention whore


    • on November 7, 2014 at 8:59 am mendozatorres

      I’d say Facebook makes it more accessible for one to whore themselves out. It’s solely based on getting feedback.


    • you are confused if you can’t see the stark difference in male vs female attention-whoring. original post is about female attention whoring, and does indeed say all women have some. plenty of men nowadays are close enough to being female that there is some male attention whoring. but it’s like a candle compared to a lighthouse.


    • The reason women are by far the biggest attention whores is simple. Women have always survived through other people. While men could survive alone, women could not. Back in the Stone Age they needed a man to take provide for them, and they would move to a household dominated by the mother-in-law while the man was out hunting.

      They also needed the approval of the other women in the tribe in order to get help with their own children. Their concerns were to a great deal social, and the most efficient way to increase their children’s chances was through social means. The ones who excelled were the ones whose minds were geared for the social.

      We see the effects of this in several ways. Women use a larger vocabulary in a day than men do. Women are far more interested in living in cities. On vacations, women are more interested in going to social places like the beach than to a place where you would, say, visit the old buildings that are part of your people’s history. In politics women vote for those who promise togetherness. (If it weren’t for women’s votes in the U.S., the Republicans would win at all times.)

      Women are the ones who are the most positive toward psychotherapy. They are the ones most likely to join cults of various kinds – togetherness.

      If you look at internet forums, you will see men focus more on the issues at hand while the women network more. The networking part is, of course, also more prevalent among leftists, Jews and the other usual suspects. The conservative men in the forum think people are there doing what they do, focusing on finding out the facts and sharing them instead of focusing on who says what. Alas. The other groups prefer to attack in packs.


      • “The other groups prefer to attack in packs.” Which is why we must support the 2nd amendment and keep those large capacity magazines legal. It’s the only way to cull the packs.


      • Funny, I was thinking about this at the gym this morning.

        I’ve noticed that most men work out in a solitary fashion, alone on a cardio step machine or in the weight room. A lot of guys wear headphones.

        Women, OTOH, tend to congregate together in groups of cardio machines or in classrooms for group-oriented activities such as aerobics, yoga, or zumba. Females are herd creatures.


      • > “The reason women are by far the biggest attention whores is simple.” Arbiter, it helps so much to adopt the classical Greco-Roman point of view here: The feminine is Chaos [insanity] whereas the masculine is Eros [the purposeful impregnation of the insane]. And the HUNT is overseen by the Goddess Artemis/Diana, whereas the HARVEST is overseen by the God Cronus/Saturn. So it is literally the women’s duty to whore the attention of the man, and lure him into the hunt, whereas it is the man’s duty to [purposefully] corral, tame, plow, seed, and harvest [the insanity of] her womb.


      • The catastrophe comes when the attention whoring is no longer directed outwardly, to induce the HUNT which ends in the purposeful HARVEST of a live birth nine months later – but instead, when a group of particularly evil Oscar Mayer Wiener Academy psychiatrists poison the entire culture and convince legions of young girls to redirect 100% of their attention whoring inwardly in purposeless acts of solipsistic self-obsession and self-idolatry.


      • The other tragedy, of course, is when the poor girl is poisoning her body with chemical abortifacients like the birth control pill [often prescribed by Oscar Mayer Wiener Academy pediatricians and family practitioners and internists and ob/gyns] so that the attention whoring necessarily remains purposeless simply because the HUNT cannot result in the HARVEST nine months later. To that extent, the trailer-trash prole-ette AWs who refuse to poison their bodies with chemical abortifacients are leading infinitely more purposeful lives than are their over-credentalized barren spinster cat-lady hipster elitist AWing sistren.


    • You are right to some extent when you say all people want attention but there are different ways to garner attention. Some ways are more negative than others.

      Women or…men who try to gain attention by complaining about their stressful lives, aches and pains, illnesses or bad relationships or by posting endless selfies and posts about new acquisitions are far different than the people who gain attention by actually accomplishing things or sharing ideas, inspirations, useful information, etc.

      The first group of people I mentioned are the attention whores. They are sometimes self involved narcissists but more often than not, they are insecure basket cases who gain all of their happiness and fulfillment from external factors instead of internally.

      Many of them know deep down that they have nothing of real value to offer that actually justifies getting attention ie: accomplishments, ideas, inspirations, useful information, etc. or they are simply too lazy or selfish to actually do anything of value so they create drama or ask for sympathy or pats on the back from people in an attempt to convince themselves that they are worth something. It’s shallow attention so they always need more. That’s what makes them attention whores not just normal average attention seekers.


    • Women attention-whore simply for the sake of attention. If a man accomplishes something, he can expect to earn respect for it. That’s not AWing, it’s just the natural order of things. I suppose the same goes for a woman, on the rare occasion she accomplishes something other than:

      “Look at my new bikini!”
      “Look at my new panties!”
      “Look at my new Wimmin’s Studies degree!”
      “Look at my new puppy!”
      “Look at my new duckface!”
      “Look, I woke up this morning! Gimme Likes!!!!!”


  7. on November 7, 2014 at 8:52 am mendozatorres

    “Gossip. Backstabbing. Feigned naivete to encourage the spilling of secrets.”

    Worked with a Filipina girl who was like this. She got promoted into a job she was not qualified to do only because the boss lady like her; despite two other candidates being better skilled, one of which was a woman.

    Poor girl is past 30, not married, has done hit the wall and had always hoped I’d ask her out. She was too ghetto and Westernized for my liking and she wasn’t that pretty. But that quote fits her too a T, especially the feigning naivete.


    • > ““Gossip. Backstabbing. Feigned naivete to encourage the spilling of secrets.””

      But as I was saying to “InexorableFate” on the previous thread, you can use precisely those qualities to manipulate the ever-loving daylights out of them. Get two [or more] AWs like that in the same organization and manipulate them into histrionic competitions [if not outright eyeball-gouging catfights] with one another and end up fucking both of them. And all of their friends, too.


  8. I think a few of these, but not all, are natural traits of women, taken to a level of neurosis in this case. But if someone has all the traits it seems like NPD.

    This one, for example.

    ” – Gossip. Backstabbing. Feigned naivete to encourage the spilling of secrets. Sowing discord is the invidious fuel that feeds the attention whore’s thirsty heart.” .

    Many females are like this, with gossip and talking about other people behind of their back. I hate to say it, but it comes very natural to women. So much so that some women try to call each other out on this. My sister is great with saying about this, if we are having a conversation and we start to talk negatively about another woman, my sister will remind that if we would not say something to one’s face, we shouldnot say it behind of their backs. Whenever I am with a group of women who start to b*tch about another, my sister’s words come to my mind.

    I also think, for the point “lacking humility”, many women are told to pretend to be confident. I know a woman who says the one thing she hates about many women is their low self esteem, and says repeatedly how we all must love ourself as much she loves herself. She says, well, who would not love me, I am so beautiful. Personaly, I think that internally she hates herself and saying how she adores herself is a defensive mechanism.
    But women always say this to each other, have high self esteem, love yourself.
    I think it is the case of the lady doth protest too much. If one thinks they are beautiful, surely they do not need to constantly remind themself.

    Overall, much of this, in my opinion is the negative qualities of femininity taken to a neurotic level. Maybe due to cultural impact, hormones, etc. And it is negative qualities, but femininity also has many beautiful qualities. So feeding the negative qualities of something will make it grow strong, that is why it is important to neglect it. To “starve the sin in order to kill it”.
    Maybe when this neurosis is stopped being portrayed as a “norm”, by men feeding it and validating it, people might become more normal.–heres-scientific-proof.html


    • Well, eofahapi, as I’m saying immediately above here, you want to be ever-vigilant for us players who would manipulate precisely those natural aspects of your personality to be used against you for our benefit.


    • on November 8, 2014 at 5:59 am dreaming13000

      Very easy for women to get sucked into this cycle of gossip and backstabbing. As a woman it takes physical and mental awareness to NOT participate when the conversation drifts towards badmouthing another woman. Most of the time I try to steer the conversation back to other more productive topics, but if the need arises I will scold and point out that gossip is listed right next to murder and adultery as a sin in the bible. (I live in the bible belt hehe)

      As a woman in a workplace dominated by women, 3 men and 20 women. I can tell you that the true glass ceiling for women in the workplace is….. (drumroll please)…. other women!!! That’s right girls! Such insecurities and low self esteem that they cannot handle another woman succeeding or getting promoted!

      I received a promotion a couple years ago, I was informed I was the only person who applied, plus I had seniority and I was more then qualified, yet the tension and jealousy is STILL evident and hostility reigns. Attention whores unite!! How dare another woman rise up in ranks and leave the herd behind!

      Maybe this happens in the male dominated workplace, I wouldn’t have any experience in that.


      • As I’d commented on a previous post, I’m a man in a workplace of women, and their love of backstabbing, badmouthing, behind-the-back-bitching is incredible. The place is owned by a woman, managed by two women, and staffed by eight women…and me, the lone man in the front of the house. If something opther than ass-kissing or gossip gets done, it’s by me.

        Of course, the owner is smart enough to have a man as the chef, and all men as cooks…girl power only goes so far


      • Bravo for your promotion. 🙂 . I can imagine that other women were jealous.
        It is a good idea to try to change the topic of conversation when people start gossip about others. But, I am sure you know, as women we risk the rest of the “herd” then talking about us when we leave the room, because we dared to not join in on the b*tching session.

        I will tell a example, at a salon I worked at (all female work place), we would have a “friend” who would come in for coffee and chat every 2 or 3 days. She is a nice woman. So one day, my colleage who loved Virgin Mary icons bought a very expensive new Panagia/ Virgin Mary ornament for decoration in the manicure room. When our friend arrived she remarked several times,what a beautiful ornament. When our friend left, the ornament smashed. I did not see how it happened (but I assumed that it was not placed securely on the shelf). So immediately, my colleagues and the other women in the salon said it was the “evil eye” of our friend who had just left.

        I am not sure if you are familiar with the “evil eye”, but it is a superstition in my country, it is believed a evil or jealous gaze from another woman can be enough to break something or cause a person illness. It is recognised by the Orthodox Church, but it is something that lay people abuse a lot, a kind of passive agressive bi*chyness. You can read about it here.

        So basically, what happened next, was the women in the salon sprinkled holy water everywhere and insisted we sprinkle the holy water every time before this woman arrives.
        It was all passive agressive bitchyness and bullying. And blasphemy and wasting Holy Water.

        I would assume, that even in traditional circles, in the workplace men do not do that to each other. But women do this all the time, they will talk about each other and claim the other has the “evil eye” and to be careful about her, etc, etc. I have two close friends in particular who were friends before but are no longer friends but they still love to talk about each other.


    • Yea, usually people who have to go around declaring how much they love themselves actually despise themselves. Self-love is best displayed through confidence. *(well, the good kind of self-love is)


  9. I tend to rely on amused mastery and minimal interaction around attention whores. One tried to call me out on it once at a party by loudly proclaiming that I was treating her like a child. This resulted in me nodding and agreeing followed by putting my back to her. She spent the rest of the night pouting and when I left tried to resume her antics. From what I understand she got zero results.


  10. […] The Forms Of Female Attention Whoring […]


  11. First time commenting here–I’ve been visiting the site for about a year and it’s definitely opened my eyes up a bit and helped me to rediscover my social confidence, which I thought to be inexplicably lost forever. It’s appropriate that I voice my concern regarding attention whoring and both its perpetrators and facilitators.

    This will come as a surprise to none, but I see attention whoring on FB daily and it’s always been the one thing that makes me mutter “time to fucking delete this account right now.” I’m always absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the amount of guys feeding into it and commenting as if by simply acknowledging the mighty attention whore’s curves, one might check another box on the list of awful things you have to do in order to never even get a passing glance at her moldy meat muffin.

    Yes, it’s been said that ignorance is bliss for the guy who wants to proclaim how beautiful she looks, but that ignorance is surely building up the AW’s ego to an unrealistic level in relation to her actual rank, at least in the early stages before she reverts to more drastic measures for her fix. A 6 acting like a perfect 10? Man the battle cannons. (I won’t go into 6s acting like 10s, that’s been covered here before and it would be redundant).

    Speaking of, that endorphin fix must a) not last long and b). provide diminishing returns of ego boost, even if the amount of likes or attention in general increases with each subsequent picture. My guess is that it works a lot like an opiate would. Your first use/hit of it, from what I’ve read, is pure bliss. The second time, not as great as the first, and you’ll need more to actually reach the feeling you had when you popped your drug cherry (and you won’t even reach that level anymore, unfortunately). Your 1000th time? You’re probably doing it just to get out of bed and maintain upright status for an hour or so.

    I don’t think a true addiction to hard drugs is a particularly funny or laughing matter and I don’t use it as an example to mock or belittle it. What I’m illustrating here is that if a girl’s happy chemical rushes from constant social media validation are anything like drug addiction, then we, ladies and gentlemen, have a problem on our hands. Don’t at all be surprised when your news feeds are eventually taken over completely by yoga pants and duck faces just begging for some baby batter on them. Or instead of vacation pictures with her fiancé, Mary McWhitebread posts videos of that 12 on 1 bukkake scene she did overseas in Spain.


    • Ah, Facebook. A girl posts “…” and gets five likes. As you say, a list of things to check off on the road to never having sex with her. The difference between beta game and alpha game couldn’t be clearer.

      Beta game is the belief in reciprocation: if he pays enough in flattery, attention, money, food and favors she will pay back in sex.

      My guess is that it works a lot like an opiate would. Your first use/hit of it, from what I’ve read, is pure bliss. The second time, not as great as the first, and you’ll need more to actually reach the feeling you had when you popped your drug cherry (and you won’t even reach that level anymore, unfortunately).

      Indeed, here you also have the explanation for tattoos.


    • I’m always absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the amount of guys feeding into it

      You’re right. Hence the dire need for the Red Pill.


  12. Facebook seems like it may have some use outside of attention whoring whereas instagram does not. Instagram is easy and free, within minutes you have an account. It is so cheap to set up and begin taking pictures, that I would surmise a minority of attractive women do not have an instagram account. Whether that is economics or awd remains to be seen.


    • on November 7, 2014 at 10:16 am The Spirit Within

      Social media use is inversely correlated to self-esteem.


    • “Minority of attractive…” ???

      There are zero women younger than 40 in the United States who lack an instagram account.


      • not sure if you misunderstood me but that is pretty much exactly what I said but in more absolute terms. the benefits of having an instagram outweigh the negatives by far. Which women wouldn’t have one? those who can’t fool cameras.


  13. A facility tossing out breezy insults that stands in stark contrast to her thin-skinned pique when she perceives herself being attacked.

    So true. I remember once in college, a chubby girl going on fat proclaiming that “skinny women aren’t beautiful”. Note of the blubberati always say the insulting “skinny”, never the factual slim. She said that “guys don’t want to get bruises when having sex”, something she claimed they get from “bony” women.

    This mention of sexual details was at a meeting for a group project.

    No one said anything, except me. I told her that was ridiculous, that the only “bony” parts are elbows and knees, and those are just as bony on fat women. I also said that we have an instinct imprinted in our genes to look for slim women with hourglass proportions, as that signals health and ….

    And she freaked out. “How CAN you say that when I am feeling bad about my weight?” Then she went out the door and started bawling, prompting a beta in the group to go after her to comfort her.

    Instant prickliness and making it personal. I didn’t say anything negative about her, or even anything negative about fat women, just something positive about slim women. Instant claim of victim status. And “when I am feeling bad about”, talking about feelings as if they mattered. Not a factual “when I am overweight”. That way she didn’t even have to admit to being in bad shape.

    It was a text-book example of self-centered, hateful, unscientific, sneaky, manipulative speech. Needless to say she was a feminist.


    • on November 7, 2014 at 10:15 am The Spirit Within

      Been there too. There is nothing you can do in that situation except be the oak tree. She’s deformed on the inside.


    • like i told you, women aren’t full human. they are empty vessels reflecting whatever you (or some other dude) has put in her in that moment.

      when you say: “I didn’t say anything negative about her, or even anything negative about fat women, just something positive about slim women.” I worry that you are really purple pill at heart, and thats why you have a hissy when I say stuff. its almost chickish and desperate when you try and lash out at me, and then predictable start with the weird Joo and nig talk.

      seems prevalent with guys who struggle with the Madonna/whore complex. I know, man, its very hard to reconcile that your mother (and mine) were likely ho’s.

      I’m trying to coach you. think about what I’ve said.


      • Ah, here comes the incel Tilikum eager to vent his hatred of the women who wont touch him, and to show himself as the most likely next Elliot Rodger. An old, out-of-shape Elliot Rodger with no education, but still.

        when I say stuff. its almost chickish and desperate when you try and lash out at me, and then predictable start with the weird Joo and nig talk.

        Notice how it’s I, I, I, me, me, me with Tilikum. He lives in his own little world. When he is rightfully laughed at and his errors are pointed out, he has nothing to reply with. And he HATES the fact that we point out racial realities here. If only his beloved neocons would come and save him.


      • Note how the Jew lover Tilikum can’t write the word Jew. He has learned from his teevee that you are not allowed to talk about Jews, and like all leftists he can only muster the courage to write “joo”. He has a mental block against spelling it correctly. He simply can’t do it!

        Come on Tili, try it. Try to break through your cowardice. I know you’ve moved down the same tracks for years, but try.


      • dude, in 2 consecutive posts, you’ve called me a neo-con and a leftist. i’m flattered i discombobulate you but holy shit this is INTERESTING.

        A. you are ESL (I hope so cause at least that would make some rational sense, if not I’m confused how you feed yourself)
        B. you are really, really young.
        C. you have suffered a head injury or have experienced developmental issues (IE. chromosomal damage)

        Either way, you should IMMEDIATELY sterilize yourself to stop the spread of your DNA.

        seriously you weird crazy fun-to-observe bastard..what is going on! Fuck cat, I wanna party with you! Kinda like rappers and Kid Rock hang w midgets you know?!!


      • I probably would put it more delicately, but the guy is right: women take cues from their environment. They switch identities when they switch lovers. Again, this stuff is like red pill 101….maybe 102. That’s why having a strong frame works, etc. etc.

        To dispute this is almost to dispute game.
        Altho, the jew-joo-nigger-nigga stuff is funny.


      • I know, man, its very hard to reconcile that your mother (and mine) were likely ho’s.

        I tip a cap to your self-awareness in re your own familial traits, ya bastid.

        All seriousness aside, both of our mothers may indeed have had shady pasts… but at least mine didn’t bark.



      • That empty vessel analogy is good but not perfect.
        I’d picture women as being mirrors. They constantly mirror your behavior and look on your face to hijack what you’re thinking and to avoid being rejected at all costs.
        It happens a lot to me, when you look at her with a blank face then that’s what you get. Smile and they will smile as well.


      • heyjay’s onto something… I invariably get a mirror-image of whatever face I happen to be turning to the ladies.

        Mock severity is my favorite… they look so cute trying to screw up their eyes and be stern.


      • “women aren’t full human. they are empty vessels reflecting whatever you (or some other dude) has put in her in that moment.”

        empty vessels you say?

        “Man can never know the loneliness a woman knows. Man lies in the woman’s womb only to gather strength, he nourishes himself from this fusion, and then he rises and goes into the world, into his work, into battle, into art. He is not lonely. He is busy. The memory of the swim in amniotic fluid gives him energy, completion. Woman may be busy too, but she feels empty. Sensuality for her is not only a wave of pleasure in which she is bathed, and a charge of electric joy at contact with another. When man lies in her womb, she is fulfilled, each act of love a taking of man within her, an act of birth and rebirth, of child rearing and man bearing. Man lies in her womb and is reborn each time anew with a desire to act, to be. But for woman, the climax is not in the birth, but in the moment man rests inside of her.”

        ― Anaïs Nin, The Diary of Anaïs Nin, Vol. 1: 1931-1934


    • fat chick: guys don’t want to get bruises when having sex

      response: yes, we’d rather have all our bones crushed


      listen to her like she’s 2
      treat her like she’s 10
      fuck her like there’s no tomorrow

      (last one strictly optional)


  14. For a great example of attention whoring, look at these pictures of mostly ghetto women with steatopygic asses getting drooling comments from their fellow homeboys. If you ever hear Blacks brag about how “Black men invented game, yo”, just link to this.

    “I just left my number on all of your old pics”

    “I would love to be that thong for a day”

    “Dam hun ur beautifull is there a way we can talk more”

    “I will lick the mans semen out your ass the mab that is fucking you that is, becayse he me must be blessed i. Just a good ol cuckold boy”

    “I put my tongue in yo azz come n fuck me”

    “I’d lick the sweat right off the crack of yo ass”

    “Will you marry me? I only work for a small company called Mircosoft.”

    “I would kicc my moms in the head while she was sleep if it meant I could eat that thang”

    ….And it goes on like that. The women want attention and the hoodrats are eager to give it, in the most pathetic ways possible.


  15. One predictable way of attention whoring in the internet age is baby blogs. Women have really struck gold here. Got a baby? Go online and write about it! You can get all the attention you desire without the need of having something to say, without the need of gathering facts about some difficult topic. No one can complain if you post minutiae about your baby, because babies are above reproach, so that’s something you can hide behind and exploit. “You don’t hate babies, do you? Do you? Didn’t think so.”

    Google baby blogs and the list is endless. There are even subforums in baby forums where women roleplay being babies, using stolen baby pictures they find online. Other women post comments like “U R adorable! Do you like flowers?”
    The roleplayer posts back as the baby: “i wuw fwowers!”

    You would imagine these posts to come from childless middle-aged women, but apparently many are teenage girls.


  16. My favorite form of attention whoring is straight girls kissing with each other. It usually happens when they are drunk and they are feeling that they don’t get the attention that they feel they deserve from the males around them.

    At first sight it’s entertaining, but on a second tought it’s just funny to see.


  17. “Achievements: [ed: this was blank. maybe walawala will clarify.]”

    Or he left it blank because men only really need to see that word before their brain sorts it into the – “who cares, show us some tits” pile. With the exception of gymnastics possibly.


    • Or because 90% of women’s “accomplishments” are only possible because:

      1.) Men bled and died to create a safe society for them to operate in. With the sweat of our brow and the strength of our will, we conquered nature, built civilization, and told women: ‘here is our gift to you; don’t fuck it up’.
      2.) Men pay taxes which are diverted into the endless pockets of female students to blow on useless degrees, which they utilize just long enough to scratch their ‘careerist’ itch and get hitched to a high-value man.
      3.) Diversity laws force men to raise incompetent women to levels above their ability to avoid egregious lawsuits. Workplace productivity drops, but who cares, as long as the wimmins feel empowered?
      4.) A man was willing to support her.
      5.)…or she is the one in a thousand women who actually earned something useful. Though that statistic may be off


  18. Epic! Perhaps the greatest post I’ve ever read. Mandatory reading for every male. Tonight at bedtime – I shall read this to my son.


  19. Achievements: some award she received in a contest at work, or at a bar, some graduation ceremony type thing, some recognition which is all about her not what we would call DHV….

    I was looking at my own photos…usually they’re stupid signs, goofy items I’ve seen in my travels, the occasional photo of me on location somewhere. Then me with girls….or preferably a girl I was with posts and tags me…that’s what I prefer. It’s DHV as opposed to those gay photos you see of attention whoring guys mugging for the camera leaning with huge faggot grins—don’t do that.

    I rarely respond to provocative photos. One of a girl I’m banging featured here attention whoring with some neighbourhood kid in the living room I banged her in. In the background was a bottle of Bailey’s on the mantle.

    20 guys responded with: “cute”…”Wow” etc…I replied with: “Oh…Bailey’s”


  20. Evidence that game could save lives:

    This mean was ready for the end, and some cocaine and hooker sex pulled him back from the edge. He says that he was depressed because of his “abusive childhood.” Doubt it. Assessing what cheered him up — wild party sex — leads me to conclude that he wasn’t getting that here in the states.

    So, there you have it. I’m sure ex-pats might love this. “See, you can live a different life elsewhere,” they will declaim. Or you could live a different life here. Regardless, behold the power of getting poon.


    • He is a reddit user with the handle “plzendhalp”. Male attention whore. He SAYS he went to Mexico to kill himself, to get sympathy. As with women, “watch what he does, not what he says”. He went to Mexico and slept with prostitutes. Period.

      Or at least, that’s what he says in his attention-whoring online post. Most likely the prostitutes mentioned were in a video online.

      He says he did cokaine. Well of course. You wouldn’t say you did meth. Cokaine sounds more cool. It is also a lot more expensive, so I doubt it.

      Next up: he’ll tell us he has Apache heritage. Because why not. Every other attention whore has it.


      • I have never mentioned my Native-American heritage here.


      • @ elmer I hope it’s from a tribe with a cool name. People always have heritage from tribes with a cool name. Not from tribes with names like Pince-Nez. Not cool to come from a tribe that actually took a name given by the French. It shows Indians actually looking up to Whites, totally forbidden. And also Pinch Nose doesn’t speak well of a tribe’s accomplishments on the planet. (Would that there was a tribe with the name Discover Wheel or Create Electricity, but alas.)


      • Yaqui Indian. My grandfather worked for an American railroad in Mexico and married a woman of Yaqui and French/Scandanavian blood. My dad was thus fluent in Spanish, leading to stints in post-war Germany and Spain in the nascent CIA. Recently saw his official CIA photograph, a serious man in hornrims. I have stolen many of his fine stories :


    • It seems like your entire comment boils down to the fact that he could be lying. Okay, sure. Seems like a trivial point.


      • Did I hurt your feelings?

        “comment boils down to” is an attempt to belittle, okay, I get it. Problem is, that works only if the explanation doesn’t contain relevant points as to why I make that claim. But I suppose you just grabbed whatever insult you could think of.


      • dude seriously loves to hear himself bloviate. he has got to be super fucking annoying IRL or some Omega Nerd kid. it’s actually getting pathological and kind of interesting.


      • “Comment boils down to” means “to summarize.” I have no idea how you’d take offense to that, but hey, whatever. The only information you provided to support your “claim” that he may be lying is the fact that cocaine is expensive.



  21. By such criteria, Obama is a female attention whore…


    • An amusing thing about the recent election is that you know Obama will be tortured about it. Despite the fact that he is already pushing through mass immigration and should be able to take comfort in the prospect of creating permanent leftist election victories in the future. But no. Every hour of the day he will be fuming over this as a rejection of him, personally, of who he is and not just his policies. It will eat him. He will hate the White voters “who did this to him”.

      And his wife will look down on him just a little bit more. “Go and take some more selfies with White women, why don’t you.”


      • on November 7, 2014 at 12:32 pm The Spirit Within

        You’re full of shit. President Obama is about as removed, detached, and cerebral as a man can possibly be. He takes almost nothing personally, and he’s surely aware of electoral trends, e.g. the spanking that always happens to the president’s party during midterm elections.


      • Oh right. Bathhouse Barry is a clinical example of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He isn’t ‘cool and cerebral’, he’s just a lazy fuck, who gets his panties in a wad when things don’t go his way.


      • on November 7, 2014 at 2:44 pm The Spirit Within

        fake thwack, you’ll have to do better than that if you want to troll me… you sound like a first-grader…


      • Avaunt, Marxist shill!


  22. on November 7, 2014 at 11:59 am Proper Villain


    A synopsis: I spend a month in a different state, engaging in villainous business, the specifics of which will remain nebulous. In my leisure time, I meet femme fatale. As I depart she tries to play the trade picture game. I cannot hold her culpable for maintaining my attention despite my transient physical presence.

    She sends me a non-explicit picture, I reciprocate once. She then begins to get suggestive via text, “teasing” me so that I’ll beg for the explicit picture. I raise the buying temperature then cooly dismiss her, asserting my disinterest in such frivolities..

    She texts me continuously for three days, her emotions ranging from mild shock/indignation to respectful agreement. I cannot help but think her lust for me has grown after my aloofness.



    • on November 7, 2014 at 12:35 pm The Spirit Within

      Being sincerely uninterested in a girl’s naked selfies is the most aloof behavior available to men in the sexual market.


      • “Being sincerely uninterested in a girl’s naked selfies is the most aloof behavior available to men in the sexual market.”

        almost. being sincerely uninterested in a girl’s naked body (in person) is the most aloof behavior available to men in the sexual market.

        imagine if we did not bang once all the clothes came off and she had even just an extra five pounds in the wrong place (and we told her this).

        within a year our women would be the envy of the world instead of the bloated sacks of feminist crap they are now.


      • on November 7, 2014 at 2:14 pm The Spirit Within

        But that wouldn’t get the bang. You *have* to show interest at that point.


    • Cool story, bro.


    • The redolence of your mendacious verbal flatulence has cribbled my risibilities.


  23. I knew there was a reason I liked this guy.… 22 minutes ago

    notice the publication gave him a Hitler mustache with the words “person of the year”

    un-jew-believable. they don’t even try to hide it.


  24. I have a coworker that does regional modeling. Twenty years old, college girl, 8.5 face/7 body. Every 2-3 weeks she puts a picture of herself dressed up on Facebook, or Instagram, looking dour and forlorn. Within minutes she’ll have about 80 likes. I know that her self esteem is low, despite her looks. This is a bit different than the party girl who throws up pics with her grrlzz at the club, throwing back shots.
    In a recent conversation with this girl, she insisted that she quit using Facebook so much, because drama, and prefers Instagram. As I think about it, Facebook actually has words, and argument and shared articles to read…and Instagram is all about pictures, and the emotions you can attach to them.


  25. Speaking of attention whores and Game, it’s Friday challenge time. Imagine you go out to the bar and you see each of the following attention girls from the link I provide. What will you say to open them? Each girl has a personality, so “Hi,” Hey,” or, “How ya doin'” might have different effect. Which opening better matches their personalities? Can you think of a neg for each? Scroll down and hold eye contact with each one while you do this in your head OR out loud. Good practice for the bars tonight.


  26. Just want to mention that often these girls are smokin’ hot and pure feminine id unchained because the hottest ones go through life getting thousands of Likes (metaphorical or otherwise) a day for everything they say and do no matter how stupid or shitty or mundane it is where an average/ugly chick will still get 1000x more than a guy would get but it’s not quite as insane as the hot girl.

    Imagine if no matter what you did or no matter how fucked up you were or how boring a human being you were, hundreds of thousands of people a day were telling you you’re perfect and amazing and everything you do is genius. Every day since you were like 14. It would be hard not to come out of that with a warped sense of reality.

    Not to mention the other side of the coin that people often don’t think about: imagine how paranoid you would get if you knew that NOBODY around you was real. NOBODY would tell you their true feelings, EVERYONE was telling you what they think you want to hear. No matter how shitty you acted, and you KNEW…you KNEW you were doing something horrible and shitty, but EVERYONE around you from your close friends to your family to your orbiters to Facebook people etc., were ALL telling you what you did was fine…and you KNEW they couldn’t POSSIBLY **ACTUALLY** think that because what you did was horrible, so you KNEW they were lying and no matter how much you called them out on it or BEGGED them to get mad at you or discipline you or tell you you’ve hurt them, they just keep telling you “no no, it’s fine” with a weak smile and will never tell you how bad you’ve hurt them or when you’re fucking up or doing something wrong or crossed a line because no one wants to critique the pretty and popular girl.

    Imagine what spending ages 14-25 would feel like going through that daily. Celebrities surrounded by Yes-men probably experience a similar thing. It would be like Jim Carrey in Pleasantville where he knows something is going wrong and everyone is acting strange but he can’t quite figure it out. You would never feel “normal”.

    I used to bang a smokin hot girl who confessed to me that she would purposely be shitty to her close girlfriends because she was DYING for her friend to just bitch her out and call her out on being a bitch and make her feel like a normal human being who gets called out on her actions. This is often why when you call a girl out on her shitty behavior (like she’s on her period being a bitch and you tell flat out that she’s being a bitch and to txt you when she’s calmed down and freeze her out), she’ll actually THANK you and be like “I’m sorry I WAS being a bitch 😦 It’s just that bla bla– Thanks for calling me out” and she’ll respect you more and stay attracted.

    Now a lot of guys write these girls off as crazy bitches and just don’t want to deal with them because they want some quiet nice submissive chick, which is great for a long-term relationship, but sometimes the hot crazy chick is fun to have as a casual fuckbuddy in your life because she’s usually energetic/bubbly and full of cute emotional feminine energy, is hot to look at, and often the sex is intense (though that same “praise them no matter how boring they are” thing can make them shitty lays because no one expects them to be good lol), and you can generally trust that they don’t have many sexual partners and won’t cheat on you because most men can’t get through their first line of shit-tests let alone hold their frame through all the chaos to where the girl is even sexually attracted to them…for a girl fucking a boring/lame/weak-framed/supplicating guy is like a guy fucking a 300lbs land-whale…you’d rather go home solo or text the hot chick you met at the bar last week instead of waste your time.

    These girls bowl over most guys because most guys aren’t prepared for their personality type and get caught up in their drama etc. because they wanted the girl to be the quiet Good Girl type and have no idea they’ve walked into a minefield.

    But what I wanted to point out is that these girls are TOTALLY manageable if you’re prepared and understand their psychology. These types of girls love me because I’m one of the few guys who doesn’t flinch at their crazy or get sucked into it or give them unwarranted validation etc. So they have a dozen guys begging to take them to expensive restaurants and begging to fuck them and begging to do favors for them, but they’ll brush those guys off to come over to fuck me and want to fuck me because I’m not handing it out for free to her like other guys, I’m making her earn it. No one values a prize they didn’t have to earn.

    As long as you understand that they’re GOING to constantly try to shit-test you for validation/attention, because they want to see if they can get you to validate them and give them your time/attention for nothing like all the other guys, you’re fine and you can enjoy the benefits of having these girls as FBs.

    All their “mysterious illness the doctors can’t figure out :(” texts, all their “look at me I’m at the gym working up a sweat!” pics, all their “I’m mad at you…” vague txts you’re “supposed” to be curious about etc. All of that is just to see if you’ll react. If you ignore it all or lol at it or tease her about it etc., she’ll love it and be super attracted because you’re the ONLY guy who’s validation/attention she has to earn.

    So when she texts “I’m mad at you…” most guys will text “why?” or worse “why babe? whatever I did I’m sorry” and enter her frame. But YOU text “lol you’re always mad at me. Are you PMSing or what” and she’ll pretend to be outraged that you aren’t taking her seriously so she’ll shoot something like “this is SERIOUS” and you go “lol” and then just stop texting…like so you’re not ASKING her to tell you why she’s mad. If she wants to tell you, she’ll just tell you. This is super frustrating for her in an attractive way because she isn’t really mad at you or if she is it’s over something silly like she dreamt you were cheating on her or whatever.

    So when you actively DON’T take her bait, she loves it, and your life stays drama free. If she txts “I think I have ebola” (actual txt one of these girls sends me every few weeks lol) most guys will reply with “babe are you okay? are you sick? do you need me to come over?” but I’ll reply with “you don’t have ebola.” and she’ll say “no seriously I’m really sick :(” and instead of something like “aww what’s wrong?” or “do you need me to come over?” I’ll say “that’s cause your diet is shit” and just completely not take her pretend issue seriously. If she sends a pic of her food I’ll tell her “how come you never cook that for me. never gonna wife you up at this rate” or just not respond at all. If she sends a sexy pic I’ll often just not respond for a few hours until she txts “FINE THEN ignore me wow we’re done” and a few hours later I’ll just txt “lol no you love me” and we’re back to normal with her fully attracted.

    It’s like always staying one step outside of her frame. Kind of like Cat String Theory where a cat will ignore a string that’s in reach but it’ll drive itself crazy trying to catch a string that’s always just barely out of reach.

    If you can internalize the mindset of not taking her validation/attention bait while not taking anything she says seriously at all, it’s entirely possible to make these girls fuckbuddies or even have a relationship with them. If you go for an LTR you have to understand that they will NEVER LET UP. Ever. They will test you like this until the day you die when you’re both 80. This is just how they communicate and interact with the world and how they test that their man’s frame is still strong and attractive and they can still trust that nothing phases him. They’re not necessarily bad people (but watch out for the ones who go into actual cluster-B territory where they’re actually doing damage like they’re trying to get your attention by actually cutting themselves instead of just by telling you they’re mad at you for ignoring the pic they sent)…guys just don’t understand how to handle them.

    Whether this is worth it or not is up to you and your personal tastes. I’m not saying these girls are ideal or anything, I just want to point out that they can be handled if you understand how for the sake of spreading that game knowledge. For me, some of my favorite girls have been this type because I like being around that bubbly chaotic feminine energy. Keeps me on my toes and challenges me and strengthens my frame (it’s like lifting a heavy weight at the gym (a girl who constantly shit-tests me and forces me to not break my frame) VS a light weight (a sweet Good Girl who doesn’t test much)). They’re often good people underneath with a strong nurturing instinct that comes with that feminine energy…but most guys never get past that “this bitch is crazy” wall lol


    • on November 7, 2014 at 3:52 pm mendozatorres

      “for a girl fucking a boring/lame/weak-framed/supplicating guy is like a guy fucking a 300lbs land-whale…”



      • A lot of guys have trouble grasping this concept because we project our biological values and society’s social conditioning on women.

        So it’s VERY difficult for a guy to wrap his head around how a guy who’s 6’4″ super good-looking jacked with a 6-pack driving a BMW wearing an expensive suit can still repulse a girl with beta behavior the same way we’re repulsed by a 300lbs land-whale with makeup and corset on. Under all that other stuff is still the boring/lame/weak-framed/supplicating guy, just like under the makeup and corset is a 300lbs land-whale.

        Like, they COULD fuck the guy, easily, they snap their fingers and he’ll come running to fuck them. And they know it. And you’d think “well he’s this 6’4″ super good-looking jacked with a 6-pack driving a BMW wearing an expensive suit guy, so if she’s horny and lonely one Saturday night she’s going to call him over to bang her.”

        But force the analogy to stay consistent in your head and you’ll understand: Just how horny and lonely would you have to BE to fuck a 300lbs land-whale even if she’s wearing makeup and a corset? You would probably choose to masturbate and be celibate for a year over sticking your dick in her flabby sweaty-fold cheese-curdled pussy, instead you’d probably hold out for the hot 10/10 chick you’re working on who you almost have but is just barely dangling out of your reach but you know you’ll get her sooner or later and it’ll be 10000x more rewarding than fucking that 300lbs land-whale.

        That 300lbs land-whale could put on heels and lingerie and you STILL wouldn’t want to fuck her because she repulses you and you think “god what a waste of a sexy outfit, for it to be on this 300lbs land-whale.”

        Exact same shit for a girl except the 300lbs land-whale is beta behavior. One of my girls met a hot guy who was just lame/beta (dude got super clingy on her) and she was just like “god what a waste of good genetics” lol

        They would LOVE if the alpha dominant dude ALSO had all that money and looks shit, just like you’d love if Megan Fox begged to suck your dick and was also wearing sexy lingerie…but they’ll still happily take the alpha dominant dude without all that stuff over the other guy with beta behavior, just like you’d still take a BJ from Megan Fox if she was wearing an ugly dress over the 300lbs land-whale in lingerie.

        This is one of the hardest concepts to get guys to understand because a lot of guys don’t spend time around women talking about this stuff and you need to see/feel this in action to really internalize it because the social conditioning that told us “the good looking rich guy will always get the girl even if he’s beta or has no game” is strong. That guy will definitely get the girl…as long as no one interferes and she has no alpha options available. In an empty room with 1 alpha ugly guy and 1 beta good-looking guy and a girl, if the alpha ugly guy sits in a corner and lets the girl focus on the beta good-looking guy, she’ll probably choose that guy. But the second that alpha ugly guy AMOGs the good-looking guy or teases the girl or a playboy model comes in and hugs him and walks away or he in SOME way demonstrates high-value to the girl, that beta good-looking guy is just “a waste of good genetics”. You might fuck that 300lbs land-whale if you’ve been a virgin for 20 years and have NO other options at all…but the second even a 6/10 walks into the room, you’ll focus on that girl and the 300lbs land-whale isn’t even remotely an option in your head anymore.

        Often the guys who bang a lot of girls often are still doing it from an “I don’t want to hear about other guys” and “you better only be fucking ME” frame where the girl doesn’t feel comfortable telling them she banged a lame but good-looking beta orbiter a few weeks ago because she was horny or used one of them for a free expensive dinner without putting out etc. and he was there and the guy she REALLY wanted turned her down (so he wasn’t an available option) or she isn’t impressed with any of the guys around her (so again she has no better option) and shows you that she hasn’t txted the guy since because she isn’t actually into him while you both lol at his sad “hello?” “do you want to go out?” “did I do something wrong?” “hey are you mad at me? what did I do?” texts filling the screen.

        The reason I’m not insecure, despite the fact that anyone looking at me would be like “uhh, this guy is average looking at best and should probably lose a few pounds and buy a new shirt” is because I fully understand how this dynamic works. This is really just Hypergamy in action, but Hypergamy is based on internal core alpha traits, not socially conditioned external values (which spending all your time trying to achieve often results in you not spending enough time achieving those internal traits since there’s only so much time in the day and a lot of guys hit the gym or work hard to make money to get girls and not for their own benefit so they’re already starting from bad wiring they’ll have to undo later).


      • on November 7, 2014 at 4:57 pm mendozatorres

        “But force the analogy to stay consistent in your head…”

        It’s such a beautifully succinct and logical analogy that it will be forever seared in my head. This right here just added further clarity to everything I’ve been doing. Like them Clariton commercials….shit’s clearer!


      • YaReally, I’ve got a comment in the stack to the effect that everything you’re saying here about masculinity and determination and social leadership applies to the discussion below about choking and 50 Shades and all that dark triad purposelessness – if nothing else, a woman wants a man who will take charge of a situation and get a frigging outcome from it.


    • YaReally Great post as always. As a follow up to my original post, I would say never ask: “What’s wrong?” when a girl starts bitching. Big mistake. The answer will always be “nothing” or some accusation that puts you on the defensive.

      A few anecdotes connected to it. I was seeing a girl at the start of the year, 34 teacher, quite attractive, slim. I pulled away because she was starting to get too clingy at a time I was in my “FTOW” stage. She would send texts like: “I’ve found a lump in my breast I need to go to get it checked tomorrow, so worried.”

      I wouldn’t respond immediately. she’d follow up with “Don’t you care?”
      Me: Drama queen. or some other non-sequitor.

      Far from being mad at me it only made her chase more. She would also send texts like “I think I’m about to be fired….” That also was my cue to follow up. I didn’t. Always, the drama will end. Rarely is that drama anything serious.

      Second point, my crazy ex gf was hot and a dancer so I suspect no guy ever said no or called her out on her crap—apart from me. The minute I bought into her “You’re the worse boyfriend in the world” shit…was the minute I totally lost frame. Her favorite trick was to text me: “I’m in trouble”…. I would always say “Why?” and then it would start..

      Finally my oneitis has been cured but it was a huge struggle.

      Finally, a cute girl I’ve now got in my rotation has “issues”—claims to me she’s seeing a shrink, is depressed and on medication. Thought up to now she never displayed any of that flakey behavior the other day we took a class together and she was completely aloof to me to the point of being rude. I left without saying bye, left it for a few days, sent her a ping text, she didn’t reply so I left it.

      The point of all these stories is that now by feeding the beast in these girls with attention, I doesn’t do any good.

      Your advice of the “soft next” works, but it only works if it’s congruent with being a cool guy from the start. In the two above cases: teacher and cute girl, I was always using amused mastery so their distancing antics never warranted any sort of serious reaction. In the case of crazy ex, I was overly invested and quite serious about that so I think she flipped the script and I lost hand in that situation.

      Never ask a girl “What’s wrong?”


      • @walawala

        Agree completely. A big part of why I know not to take any of this shit seriously is just that I’ve spent a lot of time around these girls. Most guys are blindsided by them because they’re expecting the Disney Princess nice girl they visualized in their head before they started going out and actually talking to girls.

        I think girls always DID this, but it didn’t provide the extreme validation it does now…before texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. a girl could like, phone you up to tell you she thinks she’s getting fired or her tummy hurts and she thinks she has ebola. But now she can shoot that out in a mass text or on social media and get dozens of concerned/validating responses, if not hundreds (if she’s a popular chick like a bartender).

        The good side for us is that ignoring their shit is even MORE powerful because of that. Instead of being the 1 guy out of 3 who doesn’t care that she has ebola (lol), we’re the 1 guy out of 1,000 men who doesn’t care. In a way their expectations artificially inflate our value and understanding “you don’t have to reply to every text” and “never ask what’s wrong” and “never take them seriously” becomes even more vital. That doesn’t mean being aloof and never texting or only texting laconic texts, because as I’ve said my texting is extremely verbose, it just means only respond to stuff that isn’t drama or if you respond to drama with verbosity make sure that it’s actively not taking her drama seriously.


      • Wow though. :/

        The level of penetration of feminist bollocks is quite unnerving now, they even have police chiefs openly on their side.

        Ain’t going to be long before anti-male thought police is actually openly applied.


      • Immigration ministers too.

        If this was anyone else, (not the target of feminists), such official figures would be “declining to comment on individual cases”.


    • You make a of good points, but I think most extremely hot women getting thousands of likes a day are, in most cases, too solipsistic to question the veracity of those likes, except in rare cases


    • FR: Speaking of that, I went out solo last night just to unwind at happy hour. I initiated small talk with several mixed groups at the bar. After about an hour, this 9.5 blonde decked out to the T in the most expensive of clothes sits next to me with a 6′ 2″ dude on the other side of her. She had a huge ring on her wedding finger. Must have cost 10K. She wasn’t a perfect 10, but damn close. Anyway, I remembered the conversations here about attention whores and your comment here, and a voice inside my head for some reason said, “Don’t open her no matter what. Resist the temptation and see what this super hot girl does.” I was in a chill mood so I figured what the hell, just chill some more. A few time I got the urge to chat her and her guy friend up but I resisted. For the next hour I didn’t say a word to them or even make eye contact with her. I swear she must have looked directly at me at least 5 times and numerous times with her peripheral. I noticed all this in my own peripheral vision as I watched the television and such. It was as if she couldn’t believe ANYBODY would completely ignore her. I got a kick out of the experience.The dude she was with looked like a real successful Jewish dude, but he seemed to force his conversations with her almost as if an attempt to inject more life into the ho-hum conversations than was necessary to keep her focused on him. He was probably a 6 in looks. She wasn’t an attention whore by what I gathered from hearing her conversations, but I could tell she wanted more attention from a better looking dude.
      Game is a trip!


  27. It’s basically about exploiting the white knight reflex to get some cheap dopamine.

    [CH: pro pith.]


  28. Like

  29. on November 7, 2014 at 2:45 pm Hammer of Love

    Lest we forget …………………….


  30. To touch on the taking bad attention or negative over no attention at all. Girls are good at spinning negative attention or feedback as simply “they’re just jealous haters.” Even if it’s obvious the person who calls em out on shit isn’t jealous or has no reason to be..there is still an army of orbiters who will supplicate.

    I’ve seen young single moms, with kids from different men, broke, no job, acting like badass bitchez who everyone is jealous of. Hahah self delusion is off the charts. Yes, everyone who thinks you’re a piece of trash is jealous, SURE lady.


  31. Another name for this is histrionic personality disorder. A crazy chick that I pegged as an attention whore after 15 mins of talking was telling me she had no spleen and how it really causes no problems except fever if she gets exposed to something. Apparently the last time she came down with a fever the doctors were concerned it was Ebola…lol. She told them not to worry, as she always gets fevers. She then said to me, “they would know if they just checked my histrionics”. Of course she meant history, but I did my best not to laugh and ended the conversation. It’s not uncommon for these crazy checks to let a Freudian slip or some other type of slip out every once in a while. A BPD girl I dated did the same thing. I consider these messages a gift from the Gods, and run like hell. Used to entertain the idea of sticking around for some crazy sex but just dont want to waste the time.


  32. I stumbled onto this site by accident and all that I can say is “holy crap”. Misogynistic perhaps? Some good points are made here. But, my advice for men is this…if you want something real, court a woman from the Midwest. The Midwest isn’t what it used to be (thank you meth). But there are a lot of Midwestern woman who are real, salt of the earth decent human beings. The men here are too.


  33. We had post about this on our blog. There is an actual term for what CH calls AWS and it is called Histrionic Personality Disorder.

    It occurs at estimates of 1-4% in the general population.

    And women are 4 times more likely to have it than men, One female psychiatrist said, “Society doesn’t tolerate this behavior in men like it does in women.”

    And it is estimated that over 15% of those in treatment can be diagnosed with HPD.

    So this means given women are 50% of the population then it can occur at something like 4%-16% in women and that up to 30% of women in treatment have some form of HPD. The women may be being treated for depression or another mood disorder, but often these are the result of the life choices and actions that the women take due to HPD. Depression is caused by repeated failures and constant fight or flight situations. These women tend to place themselves in more “Flight” situations than other people.

    And the typical woman that has HPD is typically in the low 5 to low 7 SMV range. A more attractive woman needs not generate attention and the less attractive woman finds that nobody actually gives a crap when she does attempt to generate attention as a coping mechanism.

    There is a very long list of symptoms but the two key symptoms are “impressionistic thinking” and “everything is a crisis”, often manufactured or caused by the HPD woman.

    Impressionistic thinking is characterized by “feelings”, and a lack of quantification, a lack of actual data. So in the cause of this “harassment”, it is a “feeling” that men are overly harassing them and that this is a “crisis” that someone need to deal with.

    One other key is that the HPD woman goes on the attack when challenged or the attention seeking behavior doesn’t result in the desired attention or response. Her responses can quite vicious.

    Our article actually used the woman in the linked CH article that had filmed her abortion. The entire film had her and her face in the center of the frame and the stills that accompanied the article often looked like selfie shots with her making eyes and smiling at the camera. Even in the beginning of the video, when she is driving to the clinic, the camera is on the dash, focused on her face. And the other examples in the article all had the same effect, the woman raising the issue had the image of the woman at the center point of the piece and not the issue itself. I think another example was some woman who had gotten fat after having two kids, some former bodybuilding competitor, itself a form of attention whoring, and the theme was how she was suffering now she was a pig in such a horrible thin-centric world. The stills released with her articles were of her naked in some sort of pose where her “ladyparts” were not shown to the camera.

    So it could be questioned that any woman that releases videos or posts like this might be a woman that could be diagnosed with some form of HPD. And further, it could be proposed that a good number of female feminist bloggers have HPD, given the prevalence of it among women, and any activity in a public forum would tend to attract more women from the attention seeking side of the spectrum. So basically we could question if the whole internet feminist movement has been hijacked by women that could be clinically diagnosed as mentally ill.



  34. This could easily go for the majority of American men I encounter on daily basis as well. I overheard one of the females at the office the other day calling the men out on their gossip. Strange times we live in.


  35. To summarize a post to YaReally in mods, the follow up to my post is never ask a girl:

    “What’s wrong?”


    “Everything ok?”—is iffy but rarely produces a positive result.


    “Why do you say that?” It puts her on the defensive.


  36. This totally deserves its own post. Check out how the feminists and white knights protest Julie for the seminars he gives about game. In his videos I don’t see the women he’s teasing being “assaulted”. But it’s hard to explain to a Blue Pill world, Red Pill thinking. Also, check out the “protester” smacking some game-seminar-going guy—ironic no? I don’t see any of the game-seminar goers smacking women.


  37. Julien blanc of RSD holds conference in Melbourne, authorities cancel his visa after media blows up about misogynists who teach abuse of women. Female protestors abuses male in hilarious double standard.

    Now, I know boongs and this chick definitely isn’t aboriginal. She looks like she came in on a humanitarian visa from some war torn African nation. Funny how behaviour prevalent in Americas blacks repeats itself in Australia isn’t it?


    • Julien, if you’re reading this, next time you have one of these demonstrations with people yelling, “Sexual assault is not okay.” Hold up the 50 Shades of Gray book over your head and point to it. No words necessary.


    • on November 9, 2014 at 12:20 am Very Mean Mr. Mustard

      Would it have been ungentlemanly of the guy being slapped by the black female ape with the brightly coloured hair to have responded by kicking her in the c*nt?


  38. I didn’t even know who Julien Blanc was until 10 minutes ago. Wow. And sad to think it is women running out and buying crap like 50 Shades of Grey. I think that over the past four decades women have created this problem that they so despise.


  39. Heartise, do you think that outsourcing jobs is a good analogy for the growing tendency of white men to marry Asians chicks? Are these Asian immigrants doing the jobs that American women won’t do?


    • on November 8, 2014 at 7:09 am Modern Primitive

      A more accurate analogy is trading in your 2 tonne gas guzzling Yank Tank SUV for an efficient and reliable asian car.


    • Dumb analogy and bullshit premise… outsourcing wasn’t to fill jobs “Americans wouldn’t do”, it was to drive down wages (and the white man) and inflate short-term profits, while pulling an Esau on the nation’s birthright.

      And there is no “growing tendency” of white men to marry Asian chicks… unless by “growing” you mean a handful per year increase compared to white-white unions.

      Relative terms like “growing” is just another form of Cathedral canardism.


  40. The autopsy results are in. Robin Williams had no drugs or alcohol in his system, his medication was at a normal level. His addiction to marriage killed him, not the drugs.


  41. Not sure how well that fits simple attention whoring? It sounds mostly like how my sister behaves, to the point where I disowned her in front of our parents. It’s not just about attention, it’s a full on mental disorder and it exists in every single western woman to varying degrees.


  42. […] Attention whores — and here we’re mostly talking about women, as the sex likely to exhibit both commonplace and extreme versions of attention whore disorder (AWD) — exploit a plethora of psychological ploys to get their external validation fix.  […]


  43. on November 8, 2014 at 5:32 am Mean Mr. Mustard


    5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos And Piercings Are Broken.


  44. I have seen this at my local cafe near where I work. Nice, leafy upmarket neighbourhood filled with consulting firms, boutiques, cafes, creative industry types etc. Filled to the brim with pandering beta types. Two guys make the coffee, another cooks meals and the one chick on every shift? Her job is to flatter the betas and get the validation of attention whoring.

    She was a very leftist, cute(ish), but opinionated feminist type. her approach was dramatic gesticulation, tonal changes, using her loudish voice to be all dramatic and stuff. Seeing what was happening, I deliberately ignored her and only offered minimal acknowledgement and talked to the two guys, as they were interesting and had something real to say. One day she realises I don’t know her name and she is crushed. There was visible disappointment in her eyes because I had not acknowledged and played into her frame of awesome awesomeness. There was mock shock and pouting for not knowing her name. I started to say, “we’ll may be you should introduce yourself like most adults” and she quickly changed the subject to my coffee order.

    From then on she works overtime to engage me, start conversations etc. It was quite hilarious and I gave her the distracted and brief attention of someone in the middle of something more interesting and would turn back to talk to the guys. And each time, she would try to insert herself in the middle. Pathetic.

    So in short, chick offers nothing but dramatic phony interaction and expects acknowledgement. It would be like me just standing there and expecting her to blow me just for existing. But that’s how women think.


  45. My influence is subtle but effective. None other than Steve Sailer has a post about the new DOJ appointee Loretta Lynch, in which he wrote: “I wonder if it’s really a setup by the thinner-lipped sort of Talented Tenth Harvard African-Americans…”

    Did you see that? He said Talented Tenth. Nobody was saying that since DuBois’s original coinage of that term a century ago. Nobody, that is, until I began to popularize the concept at GLP two or so years ago. Much to the “protest too much” objection of articulate black commenters, might I add.


  46. In the context of attention whoring I ran into this OKC profile by accident today as I was randomly messing around looking at girls from diff countries on there.

    The level of sheer unpleasantness and negativity in the profile alone is enough to put me off, no matter how attractive she is. I don’t have a problem if a girl has standards – I have a problem when they are actively unpleasant about it. And she’s NOT attractive (a 5-6/10 fatty – she’s young which is the only good thing).

    But what I found more interesting is the v.high level of hamster spinning contradictions – so she “hates men” and is “repulsed” by how men want sex and is a major feminist..but she also wants someone to do daddy/daughter roleplay and choke her?

    If she were more attractive I think she’d be the kind of girl who’d respond well to a *rock-solid* dominant frame like YaReally’s talking about (it probably wouldn’t work well online on her because much harder to transmit it online)


    PROFILE (I’ve edited out some of the longer bits – it’s insanely long):

    If you don’t know, or can’t work out why someone would be interested in animal tail butt plugs, then you’re probably not the one for me.

    Just so you know, me and my girlfriends all have a facebook album based on screen shots of the most ridiculous messages you send us. Maybe if your message baffles me completely, I will submit it for approval. You dick swinging ape-men need to see how backwards your behaviour is. Come on now, sort it out, or you might end up in the OKC burn book.

    My bisexuality is not an instrument with which I torture pathetic men who assume that any display outside of the heteronormative way of things is a display to boil their blood and entice them into having sex with me. Nuh uh. I like girls because they are sexy, they understand, they’re pretty, and they’re different to men. Not necessarily better, but definitely different. Do not approach me asking you to be your unicorn, or help you to resolve your marital differences. If you want to have sex with a bisexual woman, hire a prostitute, if you want to resolve your family issues, call a couples’ counsellor. I am neither, please don’t treat me like one.


    UPDATE: Men disgust me, for the most part. OBVIOUSLY this highly sexualized profile is just a ‘confused character test’.. yes I like sex, yes I like it a lot. Yes I have had threesomes, foursomes and orgies. Does that mean I want to fuck you, and you in particular? NO IT DOES NOT SO DONT SEND ME SMUT, I will cut you down to size.

    If you ‘enjoy banter’ we probably won’t get on. Sexism and misogyny is usually disguised by shallow ignorant men as #bants, don’t even bother.

    I’m a blue haired maverick bad bitch, who loves lipstick, smoking, whiskey, coke and other illegal substances. I’m filth, and that’s the way I like it. I’m a feminist, who is fluent in Spanish and learning Italian. I’m bisexual, with a preference towards men, pretty women make me all tongue tied, silly and shy. I’m not afraid to chow down on a steak or drink a bottle of wine in front of you.

    I’m a weird mixture of angry feminist, and disgusted at the world we live in, sexually liberated and still struggling to come to terms with my sexuality, and how fierce and all encompassing it is/can be. Men see me as a sexual object, which I’m not; sorry (not sorry) to break the dream, shatter the illusion, but I eat and drink and shit and fart and piss and sweat and cry and have feelings like everyone else. I despise men on here, and in general, who assume that because/as a result of me being open about my sex life and my sexuality, that I will sleep with them, because I WON’T. Not unless you really do catch my eye. Sometimes I just want to howl and scream at how unfair it all is, how ridiculous men are, and how revolted I am by everyone and everything. I am not an object, a prostitute, or your fantasy. Drop it.

    Despite the tough exterior, and the stompy Doc Martens, I do have a heart of gold and I will do anything for my friends. Also I like sushi, sex, wasabi and Johnny Depp. and being spanked and choked by a strong arm… I’m gonna leave it there, wouldn’t want to give too much away…

    Where does all the anger come from? Mostly comedowns, and a lack of control. Anger and snappiness is the flipside to fun, interesting and spontaneous. Whilst my experiences of being a modern woman in this day and age are not as difficult as my peers’, the way men behave in such a casual manner, in terms of rape discussions, misogyny and perpetuating gender stereotypes revolts me, and I will probably not have anything in common with you if you don’t know what any of those words mean.

    I also write a sex blog.

    I’m really good at

    Getting trashed but never being trashy.
    Getting myself into all sorts of filthy trouble.
    Getting rid of a bottle of jack Daniels in a night.
    Speaking Spanish.
    Doing my hair blue/purple.
    Fighting the patriarchy.
    Pokemon battles.
    Sexy times.
    Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
    The vagina monologues
    Harry Potter series
    Girl on the Net’s kindle book
    Cien años de soledad
    Spanish literature…

    You should message me if

    You’re not a misogynistic dickhead.
    You can do daddy daughter role play with me.


    • I’m really good at

      Cien años de soledad

      Fortunate for her, because I suspect this is what lies in her future.


    • The spawn of a single mother, I bet.

      If you’re latino in your 30s or upwards, put on your suit and have your macho way with her (in spanish, of course). Seems like an open goal if I ever saw one.


    • Fat ugly alcoholic repeats 1000 times “I want chickitas,. No sex on the menu for men”. How to take half a week to say “I don’t do guys, period”. Fucking pre-nexted with extreme prejudice. And a faint smell of chemical toilets haunting my mind.

      “Getting rid of a bottle of jack Daniels in a night.”
      Dead and yellow in two years tops. Unless it was just the once, and thinks it’s more than a mere aperitif? Nasty sugar-allie-watter it is too. [Expert on both subjects certificate?: I am Scottish]

      Only wealthy effete metrosexuals wear Docs these days. Not even cops do anymore. [My quallies?: building trade also]

      Verdict? Probably subnormal. May suck thumb when asleep. Call the vet.


    • on November 12, 2014 at 9:56 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      She probably doesn’t afford enough cocaine to be thin and not being thin means she doesn’t get free cocaine. This is her conundrum. lol


  47. I’ve noticed a whole lot of ‘negative attention-whoring’ in my day. When I was younger, I couldn’t understand why uggo women/fatties would treat men they were attracted to like garbage, until I realized it was just another form of AW’ing. “If ya can’t beat ’em, make ’em wish they were never born’

    In fact, I notice almost as much negative AWing as I do positive, at least in my industry (bars/restaurants). If women of low character aren’t getting what they want, whatever it may be, they quickly resort to hateful slander, pouting, whining, etc. Those girls who lack the cleavage/tight ass to entice customers with are notorious for negative AWing


  48. on November 8, 2014 at 3:01 pm Modern Primitive

    “If you don’t know, or can’t work out why someone would be interested in animal tail butt plugs, then you’re probably not the one for me.”



  49. on November 9, 2014 at 5:08 am Mean Mr. Mustard


  50. Speaking of Ms. Shoshanna, she, like, totally doesn’t like attention. She doesn’t dress like this and bounce around in a public park and let strangers take her picture and then happily post about it on a public post on Facebook. Nah.