A Chateau Heartiste accessory shoppe is in the works. Here is sample of what might be found lurking in the product line.

Love Logo T-shirt:

If you can confidently wear a t-shirt with this uplifting message emblazoned on the front, girls will be able to smell your heavy sex balls from twelve parsecs. The pheroMOANal assault could release dangerous shock waves of exploding vagina tingles. A warning label is included instructing the wearer not to wash the shirt for three months or to expect results if the shirt is accompanied by a defensive, apologetic demeanor.


  1. Well played, Château.


  2. For a moment I thought that was Jennifer Lawrence’s cum soaked face from the recent hacked pics… funny.

    Ah, off topic question. I’ve got a date coming over in 90 minutes… cute 21 year old, met online. She gave the mandatory warning early on about how she’s not looking for a hookup… and for first date, she wanted to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie/split a bottle of wine. Now it’s, “she’s coming over for a while, then we’re going swimming.” I asked, “want to meet at the subdivision pool or get a house tour first? :p”

    to which she replied, “oooh, house tour!”

    So… I’m a little unsure. (I’m a rookie 23 year old.) Do I make a move to escalate somewhat while I’m giving the “house tour” or wait until after swimming/drinking?


    • no need to overthink it man. always escalate. at the worst you’ll get a little rebuff till afterward, at best you’ll get laid without having to waste your time swimming.

      but either way, you’ll be setting the tone sexual early, which will make it much easier later.

      just be careful that she doesn’t see you as too much of a player that’s going to ditch her, and you’ll be fine.


      • on September 9, 2014 at 7:44 pm Johnny Caustic

        Agreed. The most important thing to understand is that “escalating too soon” is usually still a plus, not a minus–so long as you stay cool if she rebuffs you. Usually the worst that happens is that she resists and you back off and try again later. But even then, (1) now she knows you’re a man who will try to take what he wants, (2) now she’s thinking about what might happen so she’s warming up for your next attempt, and (3) women are instinctively turned on by being desired.

        So long as you don’t make the mistake of getting angry or hurt, escalating “too soon” and getting (temporarily) rebuffed almost always works in your favor.

        Escalating too late, on the other hand–that’s how billions of guys have lost billions of birds in the hand. Leaving them with just the hand.


      • Thank you for the advice, Tony and Johnny Caustic, I made sure to remember it. Sex didn’t happen, but had a fun date and she responded happily to touch. (hand on thigh, kissing her neck, getting touchy with her chest, like that.) Actually tried dating a girl just like her in my blue pill days, but wrecked it by not escalating. Never gonna make that mistake again!


    • Be ready for last minute “anti slut defense” resistance. Play it cool when that happens.


      • > “Play it cool…” THIS!!! If you get laid, great. If not, just keep that twinkle in your eye and that mischievous grin on your face. NO BUTTHURTEDNESS!


    • always be going for the bun in the oven brah.


    • make a move when she enters the door…push her against a wall and kiss. Step off and let her marinate in the rush your testosterone just gave her


    • And *then* you move in and… PUT A BUN IN THAT OVEN! The front oven, of course…


  3. NFL likes to pull back on blackitty black when it thinks it’s losing white appeal. A few decades back it started penalizing excessive end zone celebrations. Since then it’s done a periodic purge of a black player like Vick and now Rice.


    • Nawh, not really.

      You gotta hang ni66ers when you can (especially when they supply the rope) because one day you might be unable to do it.


      • The amount of blacks that were lynched in the South in total is about the amount of whites that are murdered by blacks every year.


      • Mordecai THWACKowitz, if I thought you were a real chimpanzee, then I’d feel pretty sorry for you. The Tribe is ditching the chimps and laying its bet on the SWF Sandra Flukes and on the Bawney Fwank Fags.


      • First the chimpanzees were obsolete farm equipment [s/p the mechanization of cotton picking], and now they’re obsolete victims discarded by the Oscar Mayer Wiener Academy.


      • Rabbi Thwack, isn’t it time for synagogue? Maybe have Axelrod and Sunstein over to split a bottle of Manichewitz?


      • Speaking of Ray Rice; Anthony Cumia got fired for getting in a fight with a black woman and tweeting about it.

        It is my opinion that black people are quick to violence because they lack the language skills to effectively express themselves. It was the black woman that physically assaulted Anthony, yet he was the one fired for using WORDS to defend himself.

        So to sum up; both Ray Rice and Anthony Cumia got fired for conflicts with black women even though they used completely opposite strategies to deal with the situation.


      • “It is my opinion that black people are quick to violence because they lack the language skills to effectively express themselves”

        They are a taciturn lot.


      • blacks are more impulsively violent than whites for the same reason pit bulls are more impulsively violent than golden retrievers:
        it’s in the blood.


      • soldiers are more impulsively violent than tailors for the same reason pit bulls are more impulsively violent than golden retrievers:

        They are often forced to fight.

        If I could lay around all pale and stiff like The English Patient and still collect a check I too would be flaccid like you.

        Survival of the fittest means “get in where you fit in.”

        You do want to survive don’t you?


      • on September 10, 2014 at 2:39 pm haunted trilobite

        You’d have to say, that’s a pretty well-argued point. There’s probably an element of slightly more rambunctious natures being indulged by TPTB. Similarly to how women’s feral nature is being whipped into a whirligig by feminism/communism.


    • @thwack reminds me of the old de La Soul Grind Date

      sadly this ethos seem slacking in black culture today.


  4. What’s love got to do with Pam Grier?


  5. Silly white man. Thinks that by over exposing Ray Rice’s “abuse” of wife that he is some how shaming Negroes and playing the “see ….they’re savages” card in order to justify harsh anti Negroe policing and social posture.

    But what the silly white man has down is show all of America and the world who the only real man in America really is……The Negro.

    Lets see. Places in the world where a rude bitch disrespecting her husband gets knocked the fuck out and society approves.
    1.Latin America 2.Africa 3. Asia 4. Middle East. 5. Russia 6. Eastern Europe.
    7. Parts if Southern Europe-Baltics

    Only in the pussified West is this an issue.

    As we speak. Women all over America are secretly rubbing one out to images of Ray Rice….He disciplined his wife and she takes her place at his side mouth shut of course. No doubt their make up sex was fantastic…this is what women are really thinking. Dark Triad wins.

    Silly white man still doesnt get it.
    Stop your obsession with the Negroe.
    Your wife and daughter are lusting after Negroes even more…..

    The Negroe. The only real man in America.

    Sharp enough to be a slick talking ivy league politician. And also Tough enough to be no shit taking brute who puts his broads in their place. All hite looking good and fit while doing it. THE PERFECT MAN

    Women are creaming their panties over this.

    White man. Stop it before its too late and you lose everything.


    • Don’t you already have a blog Obsidian? Take your black power crap there.


    • al, I’m pretty sure that you’re misreading Heartiste here – I’m pretty sure that he is in [near] TOTAL AGREEMENT with you.


    • Blah blah. Blacks pretend they are “da real man” by beating their chests and beating women who can’t fight back. Lazy, smelly losers.

      Of course women are reflexively disgusted by Blacks and by Black behavior. Even Black toddlers prefer to play with White dolls, because the Black ones are ugly. Toddlers of all races are disgusted by Blacks, showing that it is not something “racism” teaches us, it’s natural.

      Funny thing is, whether Whites take back their lands, or mass immigration destroys the West, Blacks are screwed. If the latter scenario, the Arabs, Chinese and others will kill off the Blacks. Their best bet was always to be subservient to Whites, but they always screw up their situation.

      Case in point: ebola spreads quickly in Africa because dumb blacks eat ebola-tainted monkeys. That’s cannibalism. But jokes aside, how can they eat a creature with arms and legs and a body generally reminiscent of a human being? Because Blacks do have cannibalism in their DNA. They are the only habitually cannibalistic race. Others have done it for religion – dumb Indians – or on rare occasions when facing starvation, but Blacks are the only ones who do it out of habit. So eating monkeys should come natural for them. And then they die from ebola.

      Cannibalism – not just in eating habits either. But in everyday behavior. Destroying the society that keeps them alive.


    • al, the t-shirt has nothing to do with that. it has to do with female nature. a lot of typing to miss the point entirely


    • Not sharp enough without affirmative action.

      As the State has taken the man’s role, men are reduced to sex objects. This is how clowns in feather boas can be “PUA” experts. A woman of yesteryear would have laughed at such an idiot.

      Perfect man? If you like low IQ, sure. Perfect if you like parasites and dirt floors. Perfect if you hate refrigeration and electric power. Blacks never accomplished anything without massive, systemic white help.


  6. Will there be a picture of your Jewish mom squeezing you out of her smelly vagina after 9 months of having carried the ugly bastard that her father jizzed her up with? rihanna would like to wipe her ass with it.


  7. I’d let her talk a minute then interrupt her with “Hang on babe, I gotta go take a piss.”


  8. From the feed

    “I believe some of the ministers were chosen because they are young and also good-looking,” said Rosy Bindi, a stalwart of the centre-Left party and now president of a parliamentary anti-mafia commission.”

    Like a retarded little brother of Odysseus who sails past the Sirens without plugging his ears, I scrolled down to see what Rosy Bindi looked like, and of course the Telegraph delivered.

    My advice: don’t. Just stop 1/4 of the way down and ogle the chick in blue.


    • check out the way she’s looking at the premier – i bet her facebook status is ‘e complicato’



    • Like a retarded little brother of Odysseus who sails past the Sirens without plugging his ears, I scrolled down to see what Rosy Bindi looked like

      Golf clap.


  9. Tsk tsk tsk!!


    • Yes, tsk tsk indeed – Black violence has to stop. Blacks are the most violent race by far, as statistics show. The most violent against their own race and the most violent against other races. This is true whether in the Americas, Europe or Africa. But of course, observing the truth is “racist” which the media owners claim is worse than the observed violence.


  10. A Chateau Heartiste accessory shoppe is in the works.

    Whats the hold up on my Nicole Simpson T-shirt?

    I ordered mine 2 weeks ago?


    If I want something late I’ll order it from ni66ers


  11. Rihanna shirt. Interesting.

    Didnt the Negroe known as Chris Brown smack the shit out of her ???

    and fell even deeper in awe. Even publicly taking responsibilty for her bad behavior and getting back with him.

    Watch what women do. Not what they say. They love a man who wont take their nonsense and who isnt afraid to pop ’em one.

    That’s why they drop panties for assorted thugs. Tuffs. Bad boys. Felona. Cons. Etc….

    American women are dying to be disciplined …. even physically.

    Looks like only the so called Negroe is man enuf to do it.


  12. on September 9, 2014 at 7:18 pm WilliamPerkins

    Never advocated it, but white trash guys use this method as often as “the negroe” and keep their women around.


    • Incorrect. Poor Whites do not commit as much crime as poor Blacks. Middle-class Whites do not commit as much crime as middle-class Blacks.

      Indeed, Blacks in Europe commit even more crime than Mestizo, Turkish, Kurdish and Arab immigrants, which is quite a feat. And they throw out trash and used diapers from the balconies and in the stairway in the apartment buildings. If Arabs and Kurds hate living in the same building as Somalis – and they do – then you can be sure that something is seriously wrong with Africans.


      • “And they throw out trash and used diapers from the balconies and in the stairway in the apartment buildings.”

        I was about to say the last people who did this predated the goddamn Renaissance, but apparently even they weren’t that bad.

        “The idea that people used to empty chamber pots out the window, in the street, is quite widespread. Usually, it is said that it was something practiced in the Middle Ages, and the image is often depicted in films evolve that period. Unfortunately, like many other popular ideas about the Middle Ages, it is false.”


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  14. can we get a t-shirt featuring derek rumpler? i can’t get enough of his scalziface


  15. The difference between true love and herpes…


    • Gentlemen,

      You must admit that the white American man has lost his balls. …

      One of the first rules of being a man is to keep your broads in line…..violence is generally discouraged, but just about every culture in world recognizes that at times the female has to be dealt with physically.

      All the feminazi crap could have been prevented a long time ago if more white men were willing to smack their broads in the kisser…..that goes for daughters too….

      Maybe its not too late. Remember, insults to honor were typically responded to with violence. This stands whether the perp is male or female.

      Women need to be made to understand that men arent tobe fucked with. Proportionate violence is part of the tool kit.


      • on September 10, 2014 at 12:04 am gunslingergregi

        no ya really can’t admit that
        white dudes are the ones in the warzone killing people it is not blacks
        so yea we def diferent from nigs and whoever else but yea
        we have balls just when we use em they actually throw us in jail or kill us
        white cops no balls?
        ya think
        who has security jobs who is secret service
        white dudes guarding Obama more than lkely
        and ye ai put it in google and white dude pops up
        so we have something to live for
        nigs really don’t care about going to jail
        so not a fair playing field
        even if the nig goes to jail for beating a bitch which is unlikely
        his drug dealing job will be there when he gets out
        white dudes job lot of times won’t be
        well when white dudes no longer have anything to lose I guess it will be diferent


      • on September 10, 2014 at 12:07 am gunslingergregi

        white dudes have families and responsibilities
        can’t just hang out all day with 5 other dudes with nothing to do
        and be bored and decide to go beat up a white dude walking with his girlfriend cause they jealous of him and his girl don’t need a train


      • Although you are correct in your assertion, I would be careful for what you wish for, black man. If white American men get their balls back, women won’t be the only people that get put back in their place.


      • black people have committed a lot of dishonors. I, too, welcome white men to get their balls back and after getting women in line, will get you back in line as well. NOBODY in this society is more uppity and in need of beatdown than negroes


      • al

        You must admit that the white American man has lost his balls. …

        The White Man: “thats a lie, thats a lie, thats a god damn lie! I haven’t lost my balls, I know EXACTLY where they are; they’re in my wifes purse and I can take them out when ever I want; see, see, she’s pulling into the drive way right now.

        Wait right here…

        Honey! Honey!


  16. Rihanna is ugly, even without a dinged up face. That is all.


  17. You are correct. The westen white man has been all but physically castrated. You should really hope he never gets those balls back. The future state of the negro depends on it.


    • The only “state” the negro depends on is the state of nature; which despite your best efforts to destroy it; continues to flow forth from him for the benefit of those who do not believe

      Cry havoc and let slip the Black Man


  18. OT:

    Here’s one for ya, CH: the Skoptsy sect of czarist Russia. They castrated themselves to be more holy.

    Sound familiar?


  19. Needs more blood and bruises.


  20. NO KIDDING – I’m ready to fight,
    I’ve been lookin’ for my baby all night.
    If I get her in my sight,
    Boom-Boom, out go the light!
    -Little Walter


  21. question for the seasoned lotharios here

    I have an attractive female friend that I go out clubbing with… sorta use her as a pivot for talking/hooking up with other girls in bars/clubs/whatever. One night a couple weeks ago we were riding in a cab after a couple of drinks and she out of nowhere asked “why did you flirt with my friend instead of me?” (I was sleeping with one of her friends for a couple of weeks when I first met her)

    While she’s attractive she’s not really my type so I didn’t really answer I just kinda went “uhhhhh…” I didn’t wanna be like “you’re not my type” since that would seem overly cruel but I dunno. What would a better response have been?


    • We’re just friends. Let’s not spoil that.

      Keeps her in, fries her circuits, powers her hamster, etc.


    • AlphaBeta,

      Remember grasshopper… Women NEVER EVER want a direct answer to a direct question. Your answer was acceptable because it was not a direct answer.

      Probable motive she did not get the male attention that she desired at the club you just visited. Therefore she wanted instant gratification that at least _you_ found her hawt. You denied her that instant gratification… so therefore you did fine.

      several ways to play this…
      Nice Guy way:
      I’ll flirt with you if you want… [fail – welcome to beta-ville]

      Alpha way:
      She is hotter and better in bed

      Golden Shiv way:
      You seemed off your game tonight so I didn’t want to take advantage of your weakness.

      I personally would bet the rpm on the hamster after the “shiv” reply goes to 1000+.


    • How bout….”I don’t want to get you pregnant”. LOL.


    • on September 10, 2014 at 12:14 am gunslingergregi

      yea I came close to pulling my dick out and putting it in my chick buddies mouth
      when she was talking bout she wasn’t my type
      I maintained though
      its nice to have an actual chick friend you don’t do shit with
      and she not my type she is right


      • on September 10, 2014 at 12:17 am gunslingergregi

        another chick buddy I did put my dick in
        and it kind of fucked up the friendship
        so it could get weird


      • on September 10, 2014 at 12:22 am gunslingergregi

        could of prob got away with it but her boyfriend my friend now
        so yea I got to draw a line somewhere
        yea they break up I might let her he he he


    • “gay”


    • Noooooooo don’t tell her she’s not your type. You want to stay friends, right? To club w her, use her as social proof?

      I have guy friends I do this with, but I still sort of need to feel like they find me attractive too. You should do the LJBF thing but fake-compliment her by mocking and laughing at her. “Yea, you are fishing for compliments… so used to guys hitting on you, aren’t you? Can’t stand it when they don’t. Wow, you have a big ego…” etc. No hurt or nasty edge, just laughing at her.


    • i heard you were born a man


  22. Got a question for the group. Yareally, SteveH and HABD especially. This is a lost set and I am doing some analysis and wanted to get everyones take on here.

    By the way HABD I took your advice and backed off on the hot little big boobie chick that was married. Hopefully I can maintain. lol

    On to the Macedonian chick. If you can remember we had started out good met on line she is 34 and very hot. Solid 8 blond thin perfect body with large natural titties. Educated speaks 8 languages small kid divorced and a little arrogant. Typical of FSU chicks. We had some good exchanges she sent me plenty of photos un solicited. This is the one that HABD you wanted me to get her to pay when we meet. Long story short we both had travel outside of the country and now back in town. Tried to set up a meet but timing was not working. I have gamed her hard. Text intervals, not falling into her frame, etc. And I was wondering if it was working. Not I think it may have been a little.

    So I pick up the phone and call her and we have this seemingly decent conversation about getting together. But she was shit testing hard bringing up a lot of money type things. She just got a new job from a Turkish “friend” who is wealthy she is his “personal assistant” lol and she knew him from long ago. Hmmm. Now she just kept bragging and I held my frame not acknowledging any of it. Now these turkish guys are serious pussy hounds and they like to buy it. And traditionally they scour the the FSU countries like Macedonia hunting for their own pussy that they can never get back home. So I wonder. Anyway.

    We agreed to stay in touch and when schedules worked or we were in the same city on our travels we would meet up. Call ends I write it off as a 1% of ever seeing or hearing from her again.

    Then the next day this text exchange ensues. Now I know my frame is not good on this. But in my defense 80% I fuck up a text exchange is when I am busy doing something else and text anyway instead of waiting to think about it. This was one of those cases. I literally had 4 other chicks blowing up my phone wanting to meet all in the same week and I was trying to work during all of this. Needless to say I am a little overextended. So lets listen in shall we?

    Her: Too bad u were not interested in sb relationship, my gf was available and yes she is amazing …beautiful and sexy 6:21 PM (i had specifically told her I did not want SD/SB at the beginning and she was ok with it then)
    Me: Send me her pictures 6:33 PM (tell her, but still stepping into her frame)
    Her: That’s her..but even if u like her she is not available any more 6:41 PM (shit test)
    Her: She is Serbian 6:42 PM (if my chick is a 8 this Serbian chick is a stone cold 9 fucking awesome)
    Me: Nice I love these Slavic women…did you send the pics? 6:43 PM (falling into frame)
    Me: What the hell? 6:44 PM (completely into her frame while displaying weak sarcastic humor, im not proud of this)
    Me: You trying to torture me? 6:45 PM (does not need explaining)
    Me: You are mean. 6:47 PM (beta whine)
    Her: I know…too bed u could of have both of us.. Lol.. 6:48 PM
    Me: Both of you? Why are you doing this? 6:50 PM (just a little whiny beta humor)
    Her: Because I can… 6:51 PM (she gets what she wants, later I realize that I was affecting her pretty well the last few weeks)
    Me: I would tear up both your little pussies…you would not know what to do. 😉 6:51 PM (trying to recover)
    her: Lol…blah blah blah…after yesterdays conversation, u cannot even have coffee with us…oh my gf just wanted me to show u what u could of have.. I am sure u will find what u were looking for 6:54 PM (shit test)
    Me: What do you mean after yesterday’s conversation? I wanted to meet and our schedule did not mesh so we were going to try to meet some other time. 6:56 PM ( i really did not get it yet)
    Me: Am I missing something? 6:57 PM (I should have said someone sounds bitter)

    I am still getting used to recognizing the subtle signs and I think that at the beginning I gamed her well. And she was into me. But she is very red pill. Most of these FSU women are. And I just do not recognize the signs. I also think I failed the rule of whoever has the strongest frame wins. And I collapsed my frame too soon. In my defense I did have a lot of women that were really into me and showing very very strong interest. Two Americans, one Asian, and one DR. May be getting some flags here shortly.

    I also think that she has fallen in with this Turkish dude who is ugly fat and bald in her words. And he is probably keeping her around as assistant and fuck toy and she is feeling shitty about herself. And was hoping I would have white knighted her and come save her from all the nastiness of having to have his sweaty, fat, smelly, hairy body rolling around on her beautiful petite little frame. Basically I was not into her frame and she doubled down and try to pull me into her frame. So give it too me. What do you think of my analysis and performance on this one.


    • So you didn’t put any buns in those ovens, dude? It’s okay, they were probably YKW anyway!


    • on September 10, 2014 at 12:51 pm having a bad day


      she sounds like an escort/hooker…lol…so you must have missed something in your original analysis…lol…girls that are into you don’t generally try to set you up with their friends…lol…and then generally not with hotter friends…lol…

      good analysis on the text exchange, but again, i think you missed something in the original exchange…girls that are looking for money also seem to be really into you…strange how that works…lol…

      now analyze what SHE is doing in the text exchange…assume that from the beginning of your exchanges she only wanted a paying arrangement…does that change your analysis of your overall interactions?…take yourself (ego) out of the situ and pretend you are doing the analysis for someone else…with the same situ/texts…(think about it like she is selling a rug at the bazaar…lol…)

      question – How do you know you were affecting her?…just bc a girl says something, doesn’t mean it’s true…lol…watch what they DO, not what they SAY…lol…

      also, you never lose by NOT texting right away…lol…

      props for doing the work and getting better…(even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes…lol…)


      • Thanks brother. Like I said I need to stop replying so quickly and especially when I am occupied with other things. Always fails. lol

        I believe you are right and I did not see it. But she is obviously bitter after she did not get what she really wanted. Being self aware is key also.

        I am thinking about fucking with her a little. Send her photos occasionally when I go someplace nice or exotic. Lifestyle high value stuff just to kind of dangle the carrot. lol

        But I do think this is a dead set.


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  24. on September 10, 2014 at 12:26 am gunslingergregi

    speaking of violence
    my friend told me my girl was prob standing over me sleeping with
    something heavy in her hand before thinking about smashing me
    but then thought naaa
    I don’t want the consequences of that
    he he he
    i’d say controlled
    I have really worked on not exploding in almost any situation

    I let the person choose whether or not there will be controlled
    non angry violence
    or just not be able to be in my presense if they fuck up
    or they go on time out for 6 moths


  25. How the fuck does a motherfucker contact your ass? I’m in an emotional ass state of mind and kind of need a kick in the ass, along with some useful advice. I’m a former Alpha who lost my mojo and has questioned everything about myself, and the world, since. I’m naturally aggressive, so I’m prone to do stupid shit, and need help before I fuck mine or someone else’s life up. I’m not just some meat-head, though. I have a damn heart which just fucks me up even more. If I were a heartless bastard this shit would be easy. But I knocked up an easy 9, probably an 8 now, because of the baby, which wasn’t planned, but I’m absolutely in love with this little girl we’ve made, no how terrible the mother is. Just need a vice and advice to get over this hump and back to the Alphe me, which I’ve drifted far from…


    • No matter* how terrible the mother is…


    • on September 10, 2014 at 3:48 am gunslingergregi

      watch men who stare at goats you will know what to do
      he he he


    • > “I have a damn heart… I’m absolutely in love with this little girl we’ve made…”

      LOL’ed. WELCOME TO THE CLUB! Bun -> Oven Game FTW. LOL’ed.


      • FINALLY….Zombie Shane has a point!!! Bun in oven…man up…


      • The two BPD Shit-Storm-from-Hell weeks will be on the downside, from Day 15 through Day 28, when you must have a spine of STEEL.


      • MEMORIZE the start date of each menstrual cycle, anticipate each ovulation two weeks later, and adjust your Female Psychologizing accordingly.


      • And your Spine of Steel must be STAINLESS – don’t let Mommy’s incessant whining and bitching and carping act to rust out your spine over the years.


    • “Just need a vice and advice to get over this hump and back to the Alphe me”

      To your daughter you are the biggest Alpha in the world. If you stay that way, the odds of your daughter going astray are small. If your situation allows it, make a few more babies with the mother. Including a son whom you will show the way to be an alpha like you.

      If you want to play the field instead, having a child increases your alpha cred with other girls. Girls like a preselected virile man.

      You can still play as long as you remember what your number one responsibility is.


    • If you wish to maintain a relationship, check out and the MMSL Primer. The book is $10 bucks and worth it. Very useful overview of evo biology and evo psych. Will cover alpha / beta mix, and why it works based on the dopamine, oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone floating around her system. Also will put you on a path to get back your mojo – leadership, mission, dominance, etc.

      The blog is good if you go back to the beginning and read forward. This year it’s kinda crap. Same for the forum. when it started 2 1/2 years ago it was really good, but since 2014 AK has been banning all the alpha guy posters (and some women) as his biz model moved from books to paid hourly consults, and turned the moderation over to a bunch of high sex drive women with low T husbands. They all must be SAHM’s because the will all comment on every post…

      Primer is good, give it a shot.


    • you put a bun in that oven!


    • You can contact him through the “About” page, but I would also suggest a family lawyer to discuss your options. Pick someone familiar with “Father’s Rights.”

      Why is the mother so terrible?


  26. This is whats called peacocking for alpha male


  27. CH, I would proudly wear a shirt with the cat pashing the woman – American Spinster Society


  28. you should bundle it with some GBFM merchandise. Just sayin’


  29. May I suggest money clip?


  30. There is an inverse correlation between one’s racisssmss and his outrage with Ray Rice.


    • That sounds about right: I have zero outrage over this latest monkeyshine chimpout. Just chimps being chimps, y’alls! Ship ’em all back to afreeka, yesterday.


  31. Off topic but not really:


    Read the comments.


    • Yeah, duh. Whenever a woman says she likes traveling with her girlfriends, an image of her every orifice being miscegenated by a train of swarthies comes to mind. Nasty.


  32. we recognize the picture but i doubt most people would. i still love it though. is there a picture of rice’s wife with bruises?


  33. Don’t want to hijack this thread, but first time commenter here needing some advice from experienced chateau dwellers:

    Met a smoking hot blonde HB9 at the bar the other night. Im not that experienced with pickup so I think it went well. She sat next to me with a friend, I open with cocky/funny which works great. Flirting, touching, sexualized the convo early. She starts opening up; tells me she had a 3some with her friend who is sitting next to her; just broke up with boyfriend, blah blah. Vibe is good, shes putting her hands on me all the time, saying im cute, etc. She also isn’t super hammered since she is DD; and is actually buying me beers after I bought her and her friend a shot.

    Got her to kiss me at the bar which sent all the other chumps into a frenzy (shes is easily the hottest one in the joint) yelling across the bar, trying to buy her shots. She whispers in my ear “douche bags” and pays them no mind, and is focusing on me. Got her to commit to coming out with me on my boat to fish/drink. (boat game usually works around here; I live on the water). She and her friend get up to leave, I go for a kiss; she turns her cheek but has a stupid grin on her face. ASD I assume since we were in a public crowded bar and we just met.

    My fuckup was logisitical; I didn’t have my phone on me. So instead of getting her to write her number on a napkin or something (stupid rookie mistake) I had her call mine so I had her number. Well I saw her punch it in and make the call (so I thought) Of course when I get back to the phone; no missed call. So; either she didn’t get the correct number (doubtful) or she was just flirting/having a good time and never really was interested in following up.

    I did find out she is going to be tending bar at a new joint opening in a couple weeks. She told me where she works (teacher at elementary school) so I can get her work email easily. She told me other personal details about her life and she lives about 10 mins away from me. Can’t find her on facebook. This is how I see my options:

    A) Show up at bar she will be working at and try to re-engage
    B) Send her an email. This seems try-hard/stalkerish
    C) Do nothing, she wasn’t interested

    Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated.


    • on September 10, 2014 at 11:20 am ALPHAbetacal Order

      I’d work the happenstance angle at her bar. Don’t show up alone


      • I second this, but don’t re-engage. Wait for her to approach and pull the aloof game while with a friend. Upon leaving in any case give her a long stare and end it with a dismissive smile.

        Repeat until her hamster shoots out of her left ear.

        Got to send the message that your attention is valuable and to blow you off is punishable.


      • BTW, better option with the phone is to punch in the number yourself, call it, and leave a message on your voice mail right in front of her.

        Something like “Hey, she digs you. Play it cool.”


      • I kind of figured my only option is the bar angle unless she hits me up which is highly unlikely. SatyrWolf; excellent suggestions, the voicemail to self is brilliant. I will remember that one. Appreciate the feedback!


      • Show up with another girl…

        and please for the love all all that is game DO NOT email her…


    • Sending an email is easier than getting your friends together and going out. Send a short email, without being sheepish. The worst she can do is not reply.


      • Lara,

        The only problem is: she didn’t give me her email. She just told me where she worked and the school has a staff email list. It seems like overpursuit to me; I want to avoid coming off as creepy or whatever. This chick is legit gorgeous and has dudes falling all over themselves to get at her.


      • I vote no email. Way try-hard. I wouldn’t like it.

        Can she find you? i.e. do you hang out at that bar frequently and she knows that? Because I’d give her the chance to find YOU first.

        After that, her bar is your only decent option but even then you really have to play it cool.


      • Amy,

        Yes she can find me; im sure she has a facebook but its probably private or something because she is a teacher. so she can easily find me on that since she knows my full name, and yeah i frequent this bar fairly often and I told her I live about 2 minutes away. I think the email idea is try-hard. I mean, she was enthusiastically giving me her number to meet her later, and my dumbass didn’t have my phone.

        I think playing this one cool and not even mentioning the botched number exchange if I see her again is my only plan of attack here.


    • Amy might be right. If you get to see her again, try negging her about being a female bartender. I took a bar tending class, and my old fashioned great grandmother made a comment about female bartenders being a certain type of girl. (Not a type she thought highly of apparently)


  34. Chris Brown’s greatest hits!



  35. I got smacked around once. I deserved it. Rhianna got a lot more than smacked around… he really beat her, cut her face. In my book, that’s a guy with a problem. But she’ll get no sympathy from me when he does it again, which I’m sure he will.

    [CH: sincere SJWs who want to end domestic violence need to attack the problem from both ends. it’s not enough to tell men to stop hitting. women also have to be told to stop fucking impulsively aggressive men. otherwise, what gets rewarded will remain standard operating procedure.
    of course, as this is likely to never happen, “””domestic violence””” will go on being a “””problem”””, and SJWs will continue to get their panties in a bunch for status whoring feels.]


    • “women also have to be told to stop fucking impulsively aggressive men. otherwise, what gets rewarded will remain standard operating procedure.”

      Agreed. “Impulsively aggressive” is the problem, not “aggressive”. I like a man in control, but that includes him having control over himself.


      • Bullshit Amy. You want an out of control man so you can TRY to control him.

        If you could you would walk down the street with a saber tooth tiger.

        [CH: women don’t want men they can control. a controllable man is a sexless man.]


      • “You want an out of control man so you can TRY to control him.”

        She wants a man out of *her* control. But, she does not want a man who is out of control. There’s a difference: the first shows strength, the second weakness.


      • on September 10, 2014 at 6:46 pm gunslingergregi

        If you could you would walk down the street with a saber tooth tiger.”””””

        true story the saber toothed tiger had to pull a knife on me
        he he he


    • The only women I ever see getting smacked for “no reason” are on TV Movie Of The Week and MSM schlock-flicks (the most recent example being A Boy’s Life).

      In the real world, they keep pushing the buttons, mouthing off, starting off with the passive-aggressive bullshit and escalating from there.

      So if you want to end DV, it’s not enough to tell women to stop fugging “impulsively aggressive” men… first, and FOREMOST, tell them to stop tap dancing on the landmine and keep their snarky yaps shut.


      • I concur. My bitchslap trigger, yet to be tripped, is a pointed finger in my face.


      • on September 10, 2014 at 6:41 pm gunslingergregi

        Greg Eliot
        The only women I ever see getting smacked for “no reason” are on TV Movie Of The Week and MSM schlock-flicks (the most recent example being A Boy’s Life).

        aint that the truth
        even the bitches in England could of went somewhere else but didn’t
        they know what their pussy was worth anywhere


      • Are you saying that the OCD horrorshow wifebeater husband in “Sleeping with the Enemy” was a lurid hollywood fantasy?

        Around that same time, Stephen King went on a feminist writing spree. He wrote Dolores Clayborne about a wife beater, daughter diddling dad. A subplot involved an approving reference to another character murdering her husband. “Sometimes, Dolores, being a bitch is the only thing a woman has to hold on to.”

        Then he wrote “Gerald’s Game” about a limpdick beta hubby and again, a daughter diddling daddy. Feminist agitprop aside, the novel was a great psychological thriller.

        Finally, he wrote “Rose Madder,” an over the top ripoff of Sleeping with the Enemy,” but this time with supernatural elements.

        King has always had a typical Sixties lib streak in his stories. One of his great and less noted skills was an ability to wonderfully depict American boyhood in seventies New England, like in “The Body” (remade as the movie Stand by Me.)


      • Indeed. Women provoke. Two things come to mind. An older Latina lady, friend of my parents was telling a story about her Puerto Rican husband and their early marriage… She said they were having an argument and she had a vision of those old Hollywood movies where the woman slaps the mans face and he takes it, so she slapped him. well he slapped her back and she DID NOT forget it. It left a mark… She was saying in this story she was wrong and got what she deserved.

        My wife was a bit of a hot head. Also early in our marriage we were having a heated argument over nothing in particular, when she raised her right hand to me. Out of reflex I grabbed her wrist as she swung forward and yanked her arm down across her body with my right hand, leaving her face totally exposed while I raised my left head to thwack her. it happened so quick in under a half a second. she was stunned. i will never forget the look of fear on her face. I stopped just short and pushed her backwards a bit. she crumbled….

        I seem to recall hot sex shortly thereafter. Going on 24 years, she has not pulled a stunt like that again. I felt no remorse whatsoever.


      • tell them to stop tap dancing on the landmine and keep their snarky yaps shut.

        Tap dancing?

        Pat Benatar is straight up buck dancin on this one:


      • How bout that nigger who did 12 Years A Slave? I think he took a few liberties…


      • Sentient has good examples. Women think they can provoke a guy, enrage him, or even physically hit him without consequences because that’s what society tells us we can do. But if men are supposed to restrain themselves from hitting us, we should have to restrain ourselves from provoking them.

        My scenario was like Sentient’s second example. There’s nothing like a little raw fear to crack the walls of princess entitlement. Sometimes we need to be reminded why you shouldn’t poke a lion with a stick.


    • on September 10, 2014 at 6:38 pm gunslingergregi

      see even amy admits she deserved it

      ”””””women also have to be told to stop fucking impulsively aggressive men. ””””

      wtf ch drank the coolaid
      men usually almost 100 percent of the time
      I would say really really close to 100 percent of the time
      do not get violent for no reason
      yea that really only does happen on tv
      but yea of course
      bitches want to get fucked the shit out of
      duh people talk spanking sheot
      lift you and the bitch off the bed in the air when you fuckin her
      missionary so she kind of like a part of you


  36. Re. “Is there an easier way to get gelatin into the diet? that prep effort is formidable.”

    You can make bone broth for high quality gelatine. The effort is worth it, it is full of minerals. Once you make a big pot you can add it to everything you cook or just drink a bowl a day.

    You can also make a fish head broth. Many cultures say it is the best for fertility.
    It is not so difficult, if you invest in a slow cooker you can put it to cook in the morning and it will be done by afternoon. (Depends on which bone you are using, chicken bones are faster.)


  37. How about “Love” and then below her chin “Hurts”


  38. ” FOREMOST, tell them to stop tap dancing on the landmine and keep their snarky yaps shut.”

    Beautiful !

    Women in all societies were taught just this until about 50 years ago

    at that point in the West somebody decided to change things…….

    and most likely a bunch of white guys too……..


  39. “She wants a man out of *her* control. But, she does not want a man who is out of control. There’s a difference: the first shows strength, the second weakness.”


    The more out of control a man is the more women want him.

    Serial killers and rapists have groupies by the hundreds sending them money, food, even marrying them ….

    Women don’t know what they fuck they want and never have, never will.

    Women only respond to men who can induce the “gina” tingles – they are like animal in this aspect – neocortex not necessary and ruled by the hind brain.

    I’d be curious to know how much female fan mail Ray Rice is getting about now ?????


  40. “She wants a man out of *her* control. But, she does not want a man who is out of control. There’s a difference: the first shows strength, the second weakness.”


    Women have no idea what they want. Never have, never will.

    They are like animals and respond instinctually to hind brain stimulation – not neocortex stimulation

    The more out of control the man, the more women respond.

    Serial killers, rapists, and assorted violent felons have groupies – even down to female corrections guards ……………….

    I wonder how much more female fan male Ray Rice has received since this video has gone viral ??????


    • Nope, Kate’s right.

      “Serial killers, rapists, and assorted violent felons have groupies”

      So what? Not all violence is impulsive and uncontrolled. And sure, there are women who can’t appreciate the difference. They’re usually pretty screwed up in the head.


      • @al

        “Not all violence is impulsive and uncontrolled”

        that’s true. serial killers and mass rapists are typically very controlled. that’s the appeal. women like power… controlled power.

        a man who is out of control of himself is no better than a child and women do lose respect and attraction for men like that. there are exceptions of course but why do you think frame control is such a big topic on here? it’s important because the majority of women want a man who is in total control of himself. it makes them feel secure.


  41. The Associated Press reported that a law enforcement officer said he sent an NFL executive a video in April that showed Rice striking his then-fiancee at a casino. Goodell has maintained that no one in the NFL saw the video until it was released by TMZ Sports Monday.

    Ruh roh?

    Are they gonna try and take down a top shelf white man?

    Good luck with that

    Goodell is “affiliated”; he knows where all the bodies are buried (he co owns the grave yard)

    I wanna see em try.


  42. “And sure, there are women who can’t appreciate the difference. They’re usually pretty screwed up in the head.”

    No. these are regular women. the types you see on the street everyday.

    corrections guards, secretaries, prosecutors, even public defenders have been caught fucking cons ……..

    women are attracted to dark triad. sorry.


    • You keep missing the point. Dark triads aren’t out of control hotheads.

      And yes, regular-appearing women with good jobs can be screwed up in the head and gravitate to the cruel dark triads (Ted Bundy types) or impulsively explosive hotheads.