“No Sex Tonight” Means “Sex Tonight”

When a woman in your company verbalizes her stray thoughts about sex, for whatever purpose, you can be sure that your odds of sex with her that night have risen significantly.

Reader Arbiter recounts,

Off topic: yesterday I stayed at a girl’s place, someone I had been seeing every now and then earlier this year, but hadn’t seen now for several months. So this was a restart of the booty calling.

So, while we were sitting in the couch watching Britain’s Got Talent videos on her laptop, and doing some other stuff, she told me “No sex this first time, okay?”
“Okay,” I said, naturally with no intention of sticking to that. But she got to do her no-slut thing. Then it wasn’t her fault when I went for it in bed later.

The thing is, I was actually thinking of CH wisdom about how “When a girl says ‘no sex tonight’ on a date, she is thinking of having sex with you.” I would have done the same thing anyway, but it was a reminder that you’re not out in deep water if you’re going for it in that situation.

For those who say that “this is all theory, you can’t think of it all in real life”, it’s like driving a car: You make the theory part of your own style. You practice and practice until following the theory in practice comes natural and requires little thought.

Yes, a girl who warns you, in so many words, “no sex tonight” at any time during a date (or quasi-date) is far more likely to have sex with you that night than a girl who doesn’t say anything about sex while on a date with her. Once desire is inflamed in a woman, a precious egg-protection mental protocol initiates a sequence of courtship flanking maneuvers that obstruct any clean pathways to her egg, including self-sabotage pathways. A woman prefers not to make it easy for womb raiders, or for herself. One of many sleights of white matter hamster she will perform to satisfy her self-perception (some of it grounded in biological reality) of high sexual worth is the preemptive rebuke. If she has announced her modesty, then anything she might do later would be a clear violation of her modesty boundaries, and thus not her fault.

Women only speak in these riddles when motivated by unmistakably hot feelings. A woman will never utter the cautionary phrase “no sex tonight” unless thoughts of sex tonight had already set up camp in her electric ham.

If you ever hear this from a girl you’re dating, the correct response is “OK”, followed by unspoken dismissal of her pretend boundaries. She wants reassurance before she releases herself to you. What she doesn’t want is you to take her words to heart and retreat from the fight.


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  2. I went to visit a now ex-girlfriend in Berlin after spending New Year’s in Paris. While speaking with her over skype, deliberating on whether I should go or not – she said, “But no sex”. I said, “Sure, okay”. My mind was made up right then and there.

    Glad I went. Glad I’ve been reading your blog for four years.



    • does anybody actually listen to or believe a single word that comes out of a woman’s mouth?? Who cares if she says no sex?


      • What’s amazing is that you can have these screaming bloody murder shit-storm fights and then suddenly five minutes later you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread all over again – simply because YOU HELD YOUR GROUND AND YOU DIDN’T BACK DOWN!


      • It’s as though the hamster is spinning furiously looking for the slightest signs of Beta and it needs constant reassurance that in fact it really is dealing with Alpha.


  3. on September 22, 2014 at 11:54 am Captain Obvious

    Well duh.


    • For husbands, “No sex tonight” definitely means “No sex tonight”. Stay thirsty my friends.


      • LOL- so true!

        No sex tonight means sex is on for lovers/off for providers


      • “For husbands, “No sex tonight” definitely means “No sex tonight”.”



      • > “For husbands” Here I have to plagiarize Shiksafinder: RAPE! [There’s a reason that 50 Shades sold a bazillion copies – just make sure that your wife has lots of orgasms].


      • Funny but are any of you guys married?


      • “Funny but are any of you guys married?”

        was married. won’t likely do it again.


      • @blart

        I hear you, I wouldn’t either, not because “marriage sucks” though. The thing is too many guys don’t lead their marriage. They have huge hand and then they squander it, once they settle in. This is the kiss of death.

        But if you lead, if you stay strong, if you follow the Poon Commandments, you can have a very happy marriage and a lot of sex.

        I’ve done it, frittered away my hand and built it back. It can be done and it isn’t too hard. You just have to realize “game” never ever ends.


      • @Sentient

        “The thing is too many guys don’t lead their marriage. They have huge hand and then they squander it, once they settle in. This is the kiss of death.”

        that was me alright. i didn’t lead. but unlike you, i was never even in a position where i was leading her. not even in the beginning. so there wasn’t going to be any building it back.

        i see now that i might have been able to change the patterns and switch things around if i’d really worked at it but to be honest, we are better off apart.

        we were friends and a relationship developed over time. i was her beta orbiter basically and was always there to pick up the pieces when she was going through another crisis. classic white knight syndrome. that dynamic carried over into the marriage and never really changed. even when i thought i was calling the shots, i was falling into her frame. always soothing her or comforting her because she can’t handle the stresses of daily life like a normal person. she was always overreacting or depressed or angry about something and everything was a crisis to her. just a really negative attitude in general and total victim mentality.

        she never really had many close friends or a close relationship with her family so i was the one she expected to make her happy and make everything in her life better. it’s never occurred to her that she might need to change something about herself. it was rush to feel so needed and like i was the only one who could make it all better for her but the burden of that weighed too heavily on me after awhile and i couldn’t do it anymore.

        she’ll never be happy so i was wasting my time trying to be her hero. even if she got what she thought she wanted, there would always something else. some other reason for why she was unhappy and bitchy. if i would just spend more time with her she’d be happy, if we moved or if she finished school or got that new job she’d be happy. none of that made her happy because it didn’t change who she was and how she sees the world. people with negative attitudes and a victim mentality as strong as hers aren’t happy because they don’t know how to be and they have a messed of view on life.

        but it wasn’t all her fault. i should never have been in a relationship with her. she isn’t healthy and i wasn’t when i was with her. i added to her dysfunction by trying to be her white knight and enabling her. feeling like someone’s hero can be really addicting so i won’t say i didn’t get something out of it. but over time it really took it’s toll. i was fighting a losing battle and finally realized how much of my time was spent on her and how many of my dreams and goals were put on hold because of her and it was all for not.

        sounds pretty pathetic with it all typed out like that…lol. but at least i can say that i have learned from it and i’m a better man than i was. i’m no longer the guy there enabling her and perpetuating the problem and i’ll never be that man again.


  4. i blew it on this just a few weeks ago. i have plenty of experience to know better, but age and infrequent use will atrophy your seduction muscles. fortunately i ejected in such a way as to put her on her heels and it’s a certainty next time, but still a waste. skills need to be exercised, even if it’s just banter with every woman you run into in your day


  5. when she talks about sex,feelings,men,relationships, or she’s even just with you alone anywhere, she’s up for some level of action. just beware sex-guiolt becoming rape claims.


  6. what about this situation:

    i go on alot of first time tinder meetups for drinks

    we drink and i game her, get her talking about sexual topics and physically escalating to making out in the bar. i also portray myself as extremely R selected (this might be problem as i may be activating her ASD at this point)

    after our drinks i say lets go and leave the bar with her

    outside i say, ‘lets go back to mine for a quick drink’ and start leading her towards a taxi

    sometimes the girl says yes, most of the time i get resistance like ‘im not going back to yours ya know’ or ”ye sure drinks, you just want sex’. i try to disarm it by persisting saying ‘no just a quick drink, i gotta be up early etc’

    i have never had a time where the girl has given me resistance and i have broken through to getting her back…usually had to day 2 her. is this just the luck of draw (ie chick dependant) or is there something better i can be doing here?


    • i was thinking maybe i should introduce the idea of her coming back to mine whilst we are having drinks and dealing with any resistance then and there rather than on the street when shes tryin to get away….thoughts?


      • Exactly. Don’t blindside her and force her to make a last minute decision. It must arise organically. The seed should have been planted early so she’s got time to get used to the idea.


    • That’s something I would do (minus the tinder part). In this situation she didn’t bring up sex though. You did.


    • You forgot to give her plausible deniability. If she can’t say to herself, “it just happened”, and she has to take responsibility for her actions, then she will balk. Have a conversation about something cool at your place and then suggest she come over to check it out. Fish tank, patio, garden, comic book collection. Whatever. It may also be something in your room. No chairs in your bedroom. Must sit on the bed to check out the thing she’s there to see. One thing leads to another. Set it up so that when she’s stumbling out at 6am she can say, “it just happened.”


      • on September 22, 2014 at 4:31 pm Modern Primitive

        Pulsotic has it. On date 2 with my girlfriend we had something to eat and then I suggested we go back to my place to watch the Lego movie. Ten minutes after I got home and after pushing through some ASDI was ploughing her.


      • Playing with plausible deniability and innuendo is like leaving food out for the hamster. A superior strategy than a last minute ambush as a taxi pulls up.


      • I forgot about an instance I used the “view from my hotel room”. Worked like a charm. Shitty view but as she was looking out I held her from behind and it transitioned seamlessly.


    • Yeah, you’re doing it all wrong. You’re spiking ASD for no reason.

      I do a lot of Tinder lays, did my fifth one of the month last night actually (100% lay rate for September so far)

      The way you’re framing it is that it is obvious that you are going to have sex. Don’t make out at the bar, if you do there’s no plausible deniability that she’s going home with you to fuck.

      I have a sexual vibe but I don’t do anything physical at the bar other than maybe light kino. When we leave the bar I tell her let’s go to my place to get my cigarettes, or something innocuous like that, and then escalate to sex while we’re in my room. That way she can say it “just happened” (they literally always use those exact words) and don’t feel like a slut


      • good advice- I used to make out with chicks constantly in tha club just for fun and kicks. But even my buds were like “man, you could date these chicks but you’re all about the pussy.” Girls can sense the same thing.

        The problem is that I don’t CARE about them other than their pussy and this bleeds through. I don’t want to date them or otherwise deal with their bullshit. Gotta be more patient with going for what you want to get, sometimes taking the bait from them is an ASD shittest thing.


      • This.

        1) seed the extract. You’re forcing a sudden choice. You’ll know you’re doing it right when SHES the one asking about that movie you said you had or that wine you mentioned you bought, trying to help you get her home.

        2) don’t kill the sexual tension by sucking face in the bar. There’s no reason to go buy a backscratcher if someone scratches the itch before you head to the store.


      • ok good advice here from everyone, i see where i am screwing up

        regarding setting the r selection vibe, should this be a very subtle thing? i often tell the girl i have not been in a relationship since i was 15 and stuff like that to let her know whats up…is this too overt?


      • too overt. just say you’ve met many wonderful girls but are still searching for that one you click with.


      • How can you seed the extract when you don’t have your own place to go to? I can only get a hotel room or go back to the girl’s place.


      • @anonymous
        Get your car windows tinted


    • physically escalate but dont makeout in the bar.


    • on September 23, 2014 at 1:57 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Considering she feels attracted to you, try to keep the sexual tension on by not making out with her really heavily and maybe build more rapport.

      ”ye sure drinks, you just want sex’. i try to disarm it by persisting saying ‘no just a quick drink, i gotta be up early etc’
      And I think that’s a mistake. Either own up to the fact you want your dick in her mouth or ask her what makes her think you’d have sex with her to begin with/what makes her think you’re that kind of guy(with a grin) etc.


    • Are you going straight from the bar to the cab? If so, you need to add some other stops in between so that her going home with you flows more naturally. So instead of bar > cab home, you do bar 1 > bar 2 > (…) > cab home.


  7. Text message from this chicks hamster who told me “no sex tonight” after I stopped calling her:
    “U handled the sex thing so so poorly. U never ever asked me if it was okay. U just physically pushed for it until I gave up. That was selfish and super super disrespectful ”

    Lol, she was way into it, I love the reframe of her giving up instead of the complete f*cking opposite of reality

    So, for future reference, if you do bang a girl that says “no sex tonight”, how much contact is required to maintain a sexual relationship. I’ve found I must see her in person within a day or two after sex depending on her mental stability. Two weeks has been way too long to maintain anything.


    • @pulsotic

      You have to give her some comfort afterward to avoid buyers remorse. Instead of kicking her out, go for a walk in the park or for some food afterward. Make her feel like a special snowflake. Or at least text her telling her you had fun and ask if she got home ok


    • its a good idea to go do something afterwards so ppl see you two together happy. that way if she has regrets like that n tells a friend then friend calls cops or whatever you got witnesses. even better to record audio or video. in most states you can record audio in ur own place. that way you can have some proof. most of the time you will be ok but it just takes once.


      • not saying i dont believe you, and that she is crazy… as your n count grows your eventually will get into sticky situations… ive gotten out of a few of them by luck mostly. im naturally slightly paranoid so i pick up on things pretty fast. most of the time ppl incriminate themselves directly or indirectly, so pay attention for ways you could be incriminating yourself, such as texting back, “sorry babe i thought you were into it.” or walking home instead of driving or getting a cab. all the prosecutor needs is a few bad texts some dna and some circumstantial evidence then bam, your doing 10 years, on the seck offenders registry, and your community hates you no job prospects ect. prob 90% of accidental crimes ppl incriminate themselves with and never get a chance to plea or get an accquital or charges dropped cuz they do something stupid or talk too much.


    • “Lol, she was way into it, I love the reframe of her giving up instead of the complete f*cking opposite of reality”

      The judge will love it too, a nice easy rape conviction. Learn to prevent Buyer’s Remorse or you are playing a dangerous game of chicken with false rape accusations.

      Learn to calibrate. You shouldn’t be getting a response like this.


      • Agreed. That text was after a day or two of texting me and asking to hang out. I had calibrated to the situation at the time which was both of us naked and her on top of me. She bought me dinner and paid for the movie and popcorn cuz I told her it was my birthday. After the movie we went to her place and after sex she made me coffee and cuddled up to me on the couch. So it seems to me that she was into me but I failed on follow up comfort which made her regret it. So key here is texting ain’t good enough, see her in person within a day if it’s the first time as CH said below, and maybe not be as much of an asshole.

        I already only see chicks at their place, give a fake last name and use Google voice but I think I’m gonna have to use a burn phone too.


      • on September 23, 2014 at 2:02 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        @pulsotic, here they raped us, the incognito brothers. They made pre-pay phones illegal insofar as you’re not already a client of the company(e.g. you can transition from contract to pre-pay). No more anonymous phones. 😦


    • ‘Lol, she was way into it, I love the reframe of her giving up instead of the complete f*cking opposite of reality’


    • “how much contact is required to maintain a sexual relationship. I’ve found I must see her in person within a day or two after sex depending on her mental stability. Two weeks has been way too long to maintain anything.”

      Wow, you think?


      • contact one day, and not longer, after first time sex with a girl is optimal for most situations. has added benefit of reducing chance of regret rape accusation. and if the girl turns out crazy, there’s always the option later to go dark.


      • Although there’s the tinder factor. It’s a hookup app so what can the girls realistically expect. Still, two weeks is a looooooong time. I’d be upset.


      • Better question: why you tapping chicks you can easily go two weeks without talking to?


      • @CH
        Thanks, that was the advice I was looking for

        Tinder thing was a different thread


      • “contact one day, and not longer, after first time sex with a girl”

        i think that’s a good rule of thumb even for girls you’ve been seeing for awhile. especially if she’s someone you don’t see often or someone who knows or suspects you have other girls.

        like kant said, gotta make them feel like special snowflakes or they’ll feel used. a little snuggling and conversation and/or something to eat and a next day check in text doesn’t take a lot of effort and it can go along way in making sure a girl is feeling positive about the experience. a little effort like that can mean the difference between a girl who ices you out and one who is begging for a repeat performance.

        someone else mentioned that a post about this topic would be good. i agree. i think a lot of us have problems incorporating beta behaviors because we are afraid we’ll fall into full on beta mode and lose frame. getting the right balance is tricky when it doesn’t come naturally and from what other guys are saying, it sounds like a lot of us are blowing it because we aren’t incorporating enough comfort.


      • @scray
        I interpret your comment as implying that she wasn’t pretty. Whether due to age or saturation, I physically can’t get exited for anything below a 7 anymore (this is the internet so I really mean a 6, amirite). I had a lot of fun hanging out with her and if I were a more naive man, we could have been exclusive. So you can trust that I’d have hung out with her again if logistics allowed.
        Life of a plate spinner, what d’you want from me.


      • Nah, not at all. Just didn’t seem like she got you going.


    • So much talk about overcoming resistance, but so little talk about managing the “I gave it away too easily” fear the morning after.

      YES absolutely you have to give her some face time the next day. If you really don’t want to spend any significant amount of time with her, here’s a trick I learned from dealing with my BPD girlfriend. You bore them into submission. Spend the time with them but be really bland and mild. Go someplace really boring for breakfast. Act like you’re completely in love with them. Smile sweetly, like you have Down’s Syndrome.

      They’ll leave you alone.


  8. Yeah, last night I met with a random tinder girl. She told me about how her friend had a one night stand with a guy from a club, but she’d never do that, she has never had a one night stand in her life.

    30 minutes later we were on my bed banging. You’d have to be a fool to take anything a girl says literally


    • @Kant two months ago…on Tinder I met a hot 27 year old visiting this city on business.

      Same thing. I chatted and teased her for 3 days. Then on her final night amped it up. Suggested she come over. She said no. I said “Oh well, all that passion and lingiere gone to waste.”

      She suggested drinks at her hotel before the bar closes. We bounced to another place, then bounced again to my place where I banged her.

      She of course had claimed to be resistant. Later she told me I was the first guy she’d done this with on Tinder.


    • @kant/Heywood

      Another one from my personal experiences. Two years ago I gamed a Korean flight attendant who passed through my city frequently. I met her at a party. She flaked on me the first time we were to meet. I never got fazed by it. I replied always in 1 word texts and when I did meet her teased her.

      One night she texted me out of the blue. “I’m in town, are you cooking?” This was her inviting herself over. “If you’re doing the dishes” I replied.

      She came over and I banged her. She would always invite herself over for “dinner” after that. I still meet up with her when I’m in her city.

      Someone wrote about “Plausible deniability”. This is true.

      As for the Vietnamese girl I met on Tinder …right…it’s her first time …lol.


  9. “No Sex Tonight” Means “Sex Tonight”

    unless she’s your wife.

    in an LTR it’s the reverse. sex tonight usually means no sex tonight.

    she’ll do it as a stall tactic when she knows you’re wanting some but she isn’t up for it. she’ll say now isn’t a good time but later for sure or after the kids go to bed or blah blah blah. without fail, something will come up and it won’t happen. she’s banking on that.


    • File under: Don’t get married


    • You still have to maintain frame control and bemused mastery in a LTR or marriage.

      Story from last night that relates to the main thread and this comment (though fiancé as opposed to wife…), a little bit after round 1, she decides to start playing with our new puppy in the bed. So I flip on the game and surf on the phone. Puppy starts to sniff her down there (I may have left a mess). She tells the dog to stop it. I say, “go easy on her, she thinks you hid her fish treats down there.”

      She explodes. “I do not smell like fish!!” followed by various other utterances about how clean she keeps herself down there.

      I just smile, keep surfing on the phone, and don’t look up.

      She hits me over the head with a pillow. I continue smiling and surfing without saying anything or looking up.

      She says, “that’s it! No sex for you anymore!” I continue smiling and surfing.

      5 minutes later she’s curled up on my chest. Another 5 minutes and round 2 begins. At that point, I’ve said and done nothing since the fish treat joke other than appearing pleased with my joke and continuing to do what I wanted to despite her hysterics.

      Now I treat her well, but if there’s ever any situation where I see the possibility of me sliding into a Beta frame, I reframe or deny her attempt to reframe (what I consider this example to be).


    • on September 22, 2014 at 6:14 pm AlmostAnonymous

      The trick here is not to ask, just assume the sale and get it.

      Never ask.


  10. I ran into this just a week ago. A woman invited me over to her place around 11pm(!), walked her dog, made out in the park repeatedly, went back to her place where her teenage daughter was staying and so had drinks on the rooftop of her apartment building, then she says we’re not having sex. We then proceed to make out on the rooftop to the point that, clearly if her daughter hadn’t been downstairs and logistics had been better, we would have sealed the deal. Women… funny creatures.


    • Uh, she wanted sex on the roof.


      • @Anon to be fair to Chicago…I’ve been in similar situations. Logistics don’t work or the woman is feeling weird because her daughter is downstairs.

        In the situations I can think of, the whole thing just seemed wrong place wrong time.

        I wasn’t there on the roof top. I can guess that early on in that rooftop encounter if Chicago had escalated faster it would have happened.

        My read is the daughter thing threw off Chicago’s game and he somehow lost his game/nerve. I’ve been in this situation.


      • give her the finger blaster.

        think about it, she invites a stranger over to her place where her daughter is. biches don’t do that unless they want the D. granted you can’t pound it out and make a lot of noise but there are positions that are fun and quiet. in these situations legs on shoulders or doggy at the edge of the bed. isolation = sex at least 90% of the time. was not her first time on the roof


      • Definitely. Or the stairwell.


    • on September 23, 2014 at 2:09 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I think she desired sex on the roof top too.


  11. I had this IM conversation this morning. Thanks for the knowledge I got from here:

    She: So would you like to see me this weekend?
    She: Sex is not compulsory…
    Me: You don’t convince me this way
    She: Look at my last picture (dirty) and think about it.
    Me: Tell me sex compulsory, send me another pic like this…And much better
    She: Ok sex absolutely compulsory!!!!
    She: But I would like you to be just here too.
    Me: We will see during the week


  12. I’ve noticed that girls will purposely wear mismatched socks, or not shave their legs or beavers as a way to try to avoid getting laid despite wanting too.


    • Yup. Or old underwear. Lol! Like a modern chastity belt.


    • everything you just mentioned isn’t girls…”trying to avoid getting laid despite wanting to”

      that’s girls trying to avoid getting laid because she doesn’t want YOU. if a girl is doing any of that to you, she is trying to repel you because she doesn’t want you touching her.

      if she’s a new girl pulling that right off the bat, you run and don’t look back. if she’s an LTR, you need to take a serious look at your relationship and decide whether is worth upping the alpha and sticking around or ditching her and starting over with someone new.


    • “that’s girls trying to avoid getting laid because she doesn’t want YOU. if a girl is doing any of that to you, she is trying to repel you because she doesn’t want you touching her.”

      Ummmmmm not always.


      • maybe not always but in my case i’m pretty sure it wasn’t because she was into me.

        this was a past LTR and i think other guys can relate.

        my ex was deliberately trying to look horrible to avoid sex.
        granted, this was when things had been bad for awhile so i know it wasn’t her sending mixed messages. she had been deflecting my advances for quite awhile already. always busy with something or tired or feeling “yucky”. she looked great for everyone else but she’d change into dumpy clothes the minute she got home around me. she took off the make up, put the hair in a bun. she would even tie the pajama pants super tight so i couldn’t try to sneak them off in bed…lol. she full on hated me and cringed when i touched her.

        some of that was justified. i had broken up with her a couple times and we had other problems so i think she didn’t trust me anymore or she had lost respect for me or whatever. at the end she had totally checked out emotionally so her “not tonights” and lack of grooming were pretty clear in their intent…lol.


      • “Ummmmmm not always.”

        so from a girl’s perspective, why would a reasonably sane girl deliberately try to look unattractive when she is actually interested in a man? is it all the brainwashing that girls get about having someone who loves you on the inside not for what you look like? so she’s testing to see if you really like her?

        or is just shit testing and that princess entitlement that all young girls these days have? that attitude that they can look or act any way they want and guys should still kiss their feet.

        that doesn’t work for me. it’s one thing to see your regular girl in pjs once in awhile or a little scruffy when you’re camping but i try to look good and take care of myself and i want the girl i’m with to care just as much. a girl who gets lazy like that all the time or intentionally looks better for everyone else but me is a goner. that’s disrespectful.

        my current girl wants to look good for me. i don’t even have to ask. even when we are camping she keeps herself clean and shaves her legs and all of that. i don’t know how she manages it but she does it because she cares how she looks and she also knows how much i appreciate the effort. on the very rare occasion that her legs or nether regions get a little prickly or unkempt (i think it happened once) she was embarrassed and apologized. she didn’t want me touching her until she showered and shaved. and she made it up to me after the shower…lol.


      • Nooooo we’re talking about two different things, nomad. I’m talking about little temptation-control tricks I use when I want to wait to have sex with a guy. I still look nice on the outside, but I’ll wear horrific underwear I’d be embarrassed to show or I won’t shave… so I can’t have sex even if I really really want to. Lol

        Of course if the girl is doing this to you in an established relationship there’s something very wrong. She should want to look nice for you always.


      • @ Amy

        i see. temptation-control tricks you use on…yourself…so you won’t have sex. because you know you wouldn’t want the guy to see your ugly underwear or that you’re unshaved. got it 🙂


  13. “We are not having sex tonight”

    Every single fucking time


  14. on September 22, 2014 at 1:07 pm Reformed Hippie

    one of the funniest moments of my life was discovering a funny variation of this. Started chatting up this fairly attractive late 30’s lady (me mid twenties). about a two minutes in, with absolutely zero sexual conversation, the following words came out: “I am not a cougar.” kinda regret not sticking around, but the bar was full of college chicks and I had to chase that instead.


  15. Didn’t someone recently say, “No means Yes if you know how to spot it”? LOL

    All this should be some indication of how well this whole college anti-rape campaign is going to go if the girl has to keep her thumb down on the dead man’s switch the whole time in order to keep the seduction going.


  16. I had a first date with a girl. The first date was just drinks at 2 bars before a return to my place. I hit that night, but it took hours of going for it, getting ASD, scaling back and retrying. Didn’t penetrate until about 6 am. Hung with her next day all day and hit it couple more times.

    Saw her two weeks later. She showed up close to hour late. She was using postures and positions on my sofa to avoid sexual contact. Must have felt too easy after first date lay. She suggested a drink, to which I happily accepted because I needed food after waiting for this tart. After drink, two on her part, return to my place, she falls into my massage chair. I start making out with her, feeling her up. She says, “I’m not having sex with you tonight. I have a lot of work to get done yet tonight for my job.”

    I continue with the feeling up and necking. “It’s okay,” I say. “We’ll go in the bedroom. It’ll feel relieving, and you’ll be able to do your work.”

    “I’m not having sex,” she said. “It sounds like you’re trying to brain wash me.”

    I’m sure I could have plowed through, but I wasn’t looking to put so much effort in, and she’s a little ADD annoying crazy albeit hot. I hit the button on the massage chair and watched it return to it’s normal standing position, as she realized what I had done. The look on her face was priceless, and little words were exchanged as she left.


  17. this is the kind of advice i wish i had access to 10 years ago. i was such a nice guy, that i believed it when they would say that to me & i respected their words. god, i was so stupid. so many missed opportunities.


    • Missed opportunities in rear view. Nothing but opportunities on the road ahead.


      • on September 23, 2014 at 2:30 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Yes, but the logistics you had in high-school and college won’t come back. Plus, it gets harder as the age gap gets bigger. On the other hand, I plan on sticking around to fuck young things for the indefinite future also.


  18. Some notes on this:

    1) CALIBRATE CALIBRATE CALIBRATE. Don’t be a sperg. Learn to recognize hard No’s and token resistance and back off if you get the hard No. I’ve seen enough spergtards running game to be wary of encouraging “no means yes” without stressing the nuance of “SOMETIMES”.

    2) Learn about Buyer’s Remorse and how to prevent it from happening and how to diffuse it in an emergency situ where it DOES happen. How about a CH article on that next that can be linked to in these types of articles?

    3) One of the biggest things to watch for is: Can she leave? If she says “we’re not having sex tonight” but she’s passively continuing the date thru your venue/activity changes etc or she’s ACTIVELY continuing the date like you were thinking “hmm I guess this isn’t going to pan out” and she orders another drink or suggests a new venue or activity etc, then it’s probably token resistance. Part of why Mystery’s freeze-outs worked is that he was giving the girl the freedom to leave so if she didn’t leave when he actively gave her the chance, then he knew the resistance was token. Some guys will “plow thru her resistance” when she has no ability to escape the situation and even if she ends up enjoying it or they smooth over her buyer’s remorse etc, they are rolling some extremely risky rape-dice that they shouldn’t need to roll if they run proper game where the girl ends up chasing them.

    LMR is generally an indication that you fucked up the sarge somewhere. If you had demonstrated more value, built better rapport/comfort, etc you wouldn’t get it…it’s an indicator that she needs something you missed. That’s why you’ll often get more LMR on a fast one night stand pull where you’ve only built absolute minimal comfort/rapport with her and you’re up till 5am with her diffusing shit before you get the lay. Even with a fast pull if your game is tight/efficient so you flip all the proper switches you shouldn’t get much if any LMR.

    I haven’t run into LMR at my apartment in years. Obviously there are girls (a lot of them) who like the “I’ll resist and you ignore it and dominate me” thing but if you run into that type, calibrate and make sure you don’t trigger Buyer’s Remorse. Kicking a girl like that out instead of going for breakfast together can be the difference between months of stress or months of sex.

    4) one of my personal rules is the more rough the sex, especially the first time (even if she consciously requests choking/slapping/etc the first time when we’re talking about sex in general), or the more LMR I have to diffuse/plow (back when I used to get LMR), the more “after-care” I do to avoid Buyer’s Remorse. So if there’s no real LMR and it’s a smooth lay, I’ll cuddle for a bit after and then call her a cab. If I have to plow thru a lot of LMR or we have rough sex, I’ll cuddle for longer and probably go for food up the street or order pizza for us and maybe watch a movie and go for round 2 etc. so she feels like she isn’t just a piece of meat.

    For my own safety I don’t do full out rape roleplays that leave hardcore marks until we’ve hooked up a few times even if I know from the start that it’s a fantasy of hers, so I know she’s mentally stable and I can trust her and even then I’ll do a ton of after-care cuddling and grabbing food etc while our adrenaline comes down and I can make sure she’s cool with everything we did and I can smooth out any jagged edges of the experience…and even then I’ll make sure to get txt confirmation that she had fun which brings me to:

    5) get txt confirmation that she had fun incase you fuck up or she turns out to be cluster-B etc and shit hits the fan. I tell them to txt me when they get home so I know they made it safe and when they txt I steer the convo toward getting them to admit they had fun and specifically ask/mention about particularly rough activities so I have actual confirmation that it was all consensual.

    After that, if I don’t want to see them again I’ll just do a slow fade away over the next few weeks and if she pushes to meet up again I’ll say my ex and I have been talking and we’ve decided to try giving it another go etc so I’m no longer available but she can’t take it personally…but I still micromanage this stage to make sure I don’t leave her pissed off at me and thinking about how to hurt me back.

    6) I know, I know, it feels very “cool” and “badass” to tell your bros about how that chick you banged last night was all “we’re not having sex” and then 10 min later you were bending her over your kitchen counter and then you kicked that bitch out like a boss what a slut lololllz…and your bros will probably fistbump you for it and all. But that’s a recipe for massive life drama. Naturals love doing that stuff but if you spend time around that type of Natural you’ll generally find that they have a TON of drama from girls in their life (a lot of them thrive on it too) and that a lot of the girls they bang end up hating them (or acting like they hate them but still banging them and they have to constantly plow LMR and there’s all sorts of emotional tears and drama from the girls).

    Again it’s rolling dice that you don’t need to roll and in today’s hostile feminist environment (look at university rape accusations and their kangaroo courts these days, and every girl seems to want to be a part of the “I’m attractive enough to have been sexually assaulted/abused” perpetual victim club these days), a guy should be avoiding that dice roll as much as possible.

    Have fun but be smart, especially if you’re a younger dude with a future to risk losing. A crotchety old Natural who’s business reputation extends to the local bar and a niche group of buddies, would probably call me a pussy for worrying about her feelings and being so cautious etc but if you’re in your 20s and your career plans involve public success where people are going to Google your name/photo/Facebook/etc down the road etc, then be smart about this shit cause one fuckup can haunt you for years and ruin your future and you’ll wish you had just gone for an Egg McMuffin with her. Even my longer-term fuckbuddies don’t know my real last name or what I really do for work. Be smart.


    • @yareally

      How would you a handle a high ASD girl who gives you LMR every time, but still comes over once a week? I think she has some serious mental issues about sex.

      It’s weird, I don’t get LMR very often these days (and most of my lays are on first meet), but she’s a strong exception. Hot as fuck though so I’ve put up with it.


      • “How would you a handle a high ASD girl who gives you LMR every time, but still comes over once a week?”

        I wouldn’t. She would have to be a phenomenal lay for me to waste my time on that shit after the first couple bangs. Like I’d get a lay or two so I know my game was tight enough to succeed (and to preempt the guys who are going to say “see YaReally only goes for easy sluts who put out the first night he couldn’t get a unicorn who has morals!!!” lol), and then lose interest fast. Life is too short for girls with mental baggage about sex, there are other girls just as hot who won’t waste so much of my time lol

        I don’t mind LMR/ASD the first couple times we have sex. That’s fine, she doesn’t owe me sex just because I approach her, she doesn’t owe me anything. But if we’ve banged a few times so we both KNOW we enjoy having sex with eachother and she’s STILL making me work for it every time then she can go sort out her sexual baggage on her own I don’t need to deal with that “I’m too immature or hung up to admit I like sex” shit lol

        I view it like if you dragged me out for beers and we had a blast but every week I kept making you drag me out and convince me to go for beer. Eventually you’d be like fuck this and tell me to call you when I’ve decided to quit being retarded and make a mature adult decision that I want to go get a beer because you’re investing a lot of energy and I’m not providing any real value that you couldn’t get from another buddy who’s eager to come out for beers.


      • Has she been trying to get you to do boyfriend-like things?


      • Honest question: WTF is the purpose of this shit? You guys write as though you despise the company of women. Hell, YaReally just wrote a frigging book chapter on how to fake a bunch of emotions which you don’t actually have for the poor girl. I mean, seriously, WTF?


      • “You guys write as though you despise the company of women” I enjoy the company of women…but not sluts. heh. “poor girl” heh. Daddys little angel has led a life of stringing betas along and god knows what else. poor girls…please.


      • Kant,
        ALWAYS pay attention to what a girl does
        NEVER pay attention to what a girl says

        She keeps coming over knowing you will be sexual with her. So…. she wants you and sex. Pretty simple.

        What is not simple is why she is pulling the LMR. Girls are fickle creatures. Most want sex… but not in an awkward manner. Girls/Women need a plausible deniable excuse to dodge their inner slut conscience. You can create less awkward moments by watching a movie “we were watching Donny Darko and BAM it happened!” Or you could use funny videos while she sits in your lap. Fireplace… listening to old records…truth or dare… twister… The possibilities are endless.

        What you don’t want is the awkward pauses where the girl openly acknowledges what is going to happen. So no pauses… no yawning “going to bed” lamer stuff. Just get your seduction on and get to it.

        In the female mind she gave you ALL the green light you needed by coming over to your place. I know this is counter intuitive but it’s critical with many women for the man to take the initiative. Most females cannot be aggressive in intimacy because of ASD.


      • @yareally, thanks for the reply, I think you’re right at this point will probably long soft next or hard next. she has too many hangups about sex

        @amy, sort of. she keeps trying to make me do “friends” type stuff and she claims thats how you develop relationships, you’re friends first for a while and combine social circles and then date. Obviously this is stupid and I ignore it

        @Ang Aamer, great reply but I’m not a newbie 🙂

        @Zombie Shane, you’re the village idiot here but I’ll reply anyway. I actually like her a lot, and would love to make her an mLTR, but the LMR every single time and the Disney princess shit is, like yareally said, probably a dealbreaker for me at this point


      • You have feelings for a Disney Princess? Sigh. PS: FTR, My comments were more directed at dudes who slay-fuck a bitch on an empty stomach and then think that throwing a couple of pieces of pizza in her general direction will fool her into believing her that they have sufficient “feelings” for her not to need to see the District Attorney about filing rape charges. PPS: Which would put us in the bizarre situation of dudes with actual feelings taking advice from dudes who have to fake their feelings. Strange bedfellows and whatnot. PPPS: Getting back to my original point, don’t any of y’all ever experience NATURAL chemistry with a chick? Does everything have to be faked and forced and algorithmed to death?


      • PPPPS: If you feel like she really is worth having feelings for, then tease her about the Disney-Princess/Barbie-Doll/Spoiled-Rich-Girl nonsense. Just alway stease from a light-hearted insouciant devil-may-care laid-back relaxed beach bum frame. But NEVER tease from even the slightest little bit of an uptight rigid butthurtness frame. PPPPPS: Helps to know about pop culture here; call her “Miley” [Cyrus] or “Taylor” [Swift] or something else which she would understand to be passe.


      • @Zombie

        “You have feelings for a Disney Princess? Sigh. PS: FTR, My comments were more directed at dudes who slay-fuck a bitch on an empty stomach and then think that throwing a couple of pieces of pizza in her general direction will fool her into believing her that they have sufficient “feelings” for her not to need to see the District Attorney about filing rape charges. PPS: Which would put us in the bizarre situation of dudes with actual feelings taking advice from dudes who have to fake their feelings. Strange bedfellows and whatnot. PPPS: Getting back to my original point, don’t any of y’all ever experience NATURAL chemistry with a chick? Does everything have to be faked and forced and algorithmed to death?”

        Yeah ok. You’re right that genuine feelings and natural chemistry are great things to shoot and hope for. CH is full of bitter betas and ex-betas (CH probably included, lol) who resent women so much for how they treated them in the past that they have this slay-fuck all the sluts mentality, along with find the one special chaste unicorn girl their madonna whore complex assures them exists and live happily ever after with her.

        [CH: no. you misread the mission statement of this site. sluts aren’t despised. sluts can make wonderful short-term flings. the despised are liars who claim that sluts suffer no sexual market hit or that men don’t care about women’s sexual histories.]

        In fact that’s how you know they are betas– alphas don’t have M/W, they know all girls are the same. Anyway, I think you might have accidentally made a good point here.

        By the way, did I ever tell you I’m Hispanic? How do you feel about me banging your high SMV ‘quality’ ivy league white women every week? At least I don’t put buns in their ovens 🙂


      • Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Poder De Dios? Pentecostalismo Unicitario? Just don’t put any half-Jesuitical abominations in their bellies.


      • @Zombie Shane
        “and then think that throwing a couple of pieces of pizza in her general direction will fool her into believing her that they have sufficient “feelings” for her not to need to see the District Attorney about filing rape charges.”

        Buyer’s Remorse didn’t originate in pickup, it originated in marketing. From Wikipedia: “Factors that affect buyer’s remorse include resources invested, the involvement of the purchaser, whether the purchase is compatible with the purchaser’s goals, and what positive or negative evidence the purchaser encounters post-purchase that confirms or denies the purchase as a good idea.”

        This is just understanding human psychology. It’s no more nefarious than someone saying “you look nice in that expensive jacket you just bought” instead of saying “wow, you spend all your money on THAT?? Why??”

        “Which would put us in the bizarre situation of dudes with actual feelings taking advice from dudes who have to fake their feelings. Strange bedfellows and whatnot. PPPS: Getting back to my original point, don’t any of y’all ever experience NATURAL chemistry with a chick? Does everything have to be faked and forced and algorithmed to death?”

        I care about and have feelings for the girls I bang and the chemistry we have is always real (I just build it faster than normal guys can because I understand how it works). But 1) I don’t let that make me make stupid decisions, 2) I understand I can get those same feelings from other women as well, and 3) Those feelings are not guaranteed, I understand their value and if she doesn’t deserve them or hasn’t earned them then she doesn’t keep getting them.

        You’re like the guy who thinks a girl deserves her drinks being bought for her just because she has a pussy. I value my money, she has to earn her drink. When I give her that drink, I fully mean it and hope she enjoys it, but if she doesn’t continue to earn more drinks then I’m not going to keep handing them to her.

        “PPPPPS: Helps to know about pop culture here; call her “Miley” [Cyrus] or “Taylor” [Swift] or something else which she would understand to be passe.”

        Are we in the bizarre situation of dudes who actually want to go out taking advice from dudes who have to fake going out? Strange bedfellows and whatnot.


    • on September 23, 2014 at 2:39 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Good post. If you’re not a sperg, it can be summed up thusly: if you already fucked her, it doesn’t mean you have to be a shit human.


      • No, quite to the contrary, it can be summed up as “Yeah, I’m a shit human, but here’s how I fool her into believing otherwise.”


  19. “No Sex Tonight” Means “Sex Tonight”

    Women mostly say such things to try to convince themselves that it will be true – or to convince you she’s not a slut – the fact that they bring it up already means that you have them, it’s just a question of playing them properly. The wise man understands that it’s open for negotiation.

    More than a few times I’ve been with women who either have a BF or hubby and they will say they “don’t want to cheat on him” – there are several ways to deal with that. My favorite is to have another woman with me, and I’ll just say, “No worries. My girl will take care of my needs.” IF that women is younger, the other will ALWAYS perceive her as more attractive – why else would your reject her? That gets the woman wondering if she’s attractive enough. Every time you reject her and concentrate on the younger/other woman – they become almost frantic in trying to get you to respond the way she wants you to, or expects you to. That is mostly so that she can reject you and feel good about herself – so the key is to NEVER accept her conditions. So she’ll usually go through a progression – of 1) you can have sex, if you wear a condom, or 2) if you won’t cum in her… Just keep saying, “No, my girl will take care of me.” She’ll eventually cave and tell you that she wants you inside of her – NOW!. Of course, the progression is different if you don’t have another woman in the mix, but the idea remains the same.

    I always take a “no” as a definite “probably, if you play it right”, and a “maybe” is a “yes”. Women will say it’s not true – but they lie to themselves, as well as everyone else… And they will always find ways to justify it to themselves later. That is where the morning after regrets come from…


    • “More than a few times I’ve been with women who either have a BF or hubby”

      Do you initiate with these girls? Or are you just minding your own business and these other girls approach you? Or do you intend to find these girls and initiate the interaction, only to find out they they have a bf or hubby?

      Just trying to picture a day in the life of Just Saying. With three girls in your harem, you probably don’t need to do too much initiating.


      • Do you initiate with these girls? Or are you just minding your own business and these other girls approach you? Or do you intend to find these girls and initiate the interaction, only to find out they they have a bf or hubby?

        I have dated a few girls who had boyfriends that they lived with. In each case I did the approaching, as usual. In each case she didn’t tell me first that she had a boyfriend, but told me the second time we met or in email.

        In each case the boyfriend had dropped the ball terribly, but since they were living together, and in one case had a kid together, it was hard for the girl to leave. There was one guy who was obsessed with playing an MMO, which is not unusual – I have heard of many relationships that sunk because the guy obsessed over MMOs. Another guy got fat and stopped being interested in sex. (In this case the girl had a few extra pounds but wasn’t fat.) In all the cases the guy lacked ambition and any spark.

        I learned of these things without prying. I never asked for the boyfriends’ names or anything else. I just listened politely if the girl brought up the topic, asked a few natural questions and gave a few natural comments, but then let it be.

        And in each case the dating fizzled eventually, like most dating does. Nothing dramatic. But I know that in one of those cases, seeing me made the girl realize that there was a world out there that she was missing, and it helped her finally take the step and move out of their apartment.

        Cheating is not always bad, that’s just something advice columnists say because it’s the safe thing to say and they don’t want to start a discussion and be targeted. Sometimes it gives a girl a boost in a depressing situation and helps her see that life doesn’t have to be that way.


  20. When you are going to your pad with a chick could be a good move to say BEFORE she does it , in a funny way

    “… but not sex tonight, I’m not that easy/I need time/blablabla” ?


    • Ya this is an old-school PUA move called “stealing her frame”. You predict what her objections will be and use them before she can. It works wonders and it’s hilarious to see them mentally register that they can’t object because you already did so you get exchanges where you go “but we’re not having sex tonight, I have to work in the morning” and she’s thrown off because she was going to say that but isn’t prepared with a comeback so she just goes “no we’re not having sex because **I** have to work in the morning” and you can make fun of her for copying you.


    • @YaReally

      Don’t know if you will see this but here we go.

      I know you run indirect game so I ask you how do you structure your indirect openers for nightgame, cause I cringe when I think about using an opinion opener lol and want to know the other possibilities.



  21. Funny, my wife and I were watching the Packers/Seahawks game to open the NFL season a few weeks ago and I started moving in and she said no, we’re watching the game and I said, there’s halftime. Then she said after that I will want to go to bed and I said, being on the East Coast, I’ll want to go to bed regardless right around then so what’s the big deal. Consummated during half time. Even after 17 years of marriage, thanks CH for keeping me sharp!


  22. reminds me of a beta memory

    pull a cute girl from the nightclub, she says on the taxi home ‘you can come home with me but we aint having sex’

    she brings me to her bedroom where we start making out hot and heavy but i dont progress it past that even though from her body language she is mad for it..eventually she gives up and gives a frustrated sigh…i ask whats wrong you said we werent gonna have sex…she gives me a look that says ‘you just dont get it’

    those days are long gone thankfully


  23. I dont understand the frame a guy is projecting if a woman says “..no sex tonight..” during a sexually oriented date.. like going to dinner and saying ..no chewing tonight ..I really cant remember in 35 yrs a girl or woman saying that except maybe when menstruating..never let a woman call the shots..and if its not a sexually oriented date..what r u doing..get a dog


    • Referring to the OP story? That’s because we were seeing each other for the first time in many months.

      and if its not a sexually oriented date..what r u doing..get a dog

      So every date should be “sexually oriented”, and if not, you should get a dog. Not even the top masters have sex on every date. There is such a thing as doing the groundwork.


  24. “No Sex Tonight”
    WWWFD? (What Would Whorefinder Do?)



  25. ps ..you’re a man .. develop the attitude she is there to serve you.. not the other way around.. there will be sex tonight ..if you make my night interesting enough vibe.. otherwise .. you come off with squirrel looking for a nut game.. and i rather be with a 6 that was interesting n jumping thru my hoops than a 10 and Im jumping thru hers


  26. agree with yareally, a CH article on preventing buyers remorse would be cool. my girls get it alot


    • “agree with yareally, a CH article on preventing buyers remorse would be cool. my girls get it alot”

      agreed. i would appreciate more feedback on that as well.


    • Can’t be fully avoided. Whoever breaks things off will make the other disappointed. All you can do is avoid making it too rough.

      Or you mean buyer’s remorse after sex? Just talking, spending time together the morning after.


  27. on September 22, 2014 at 3:54 pm When Negroids ATTACK!

    Old joke:

    Q: What’s the difference between a diplomat and a lady?

    A: When a diplomat says “Yes”, he means “Maybe”; when he says “Maybe”, he means “No”. When a lady says “No”, she means “Maybe”; when she says “Maybe”, she means “Yes”; and when she says “Yes”, she’s no lady…;)


  28. Off Topic: Just got back from Crossfit Level One Certification. Female to Male ratio was 3 to 1. As far as I can remember every box Ive ever been to has been that way. They are the one place you can count on not being sausage fests. I know every one rags on it, but its a good place to scout some tail.

    Not only that these chicks are no nonsense and will not put up with shit so your games gotta be on point. They are hot to boot too. Plus there’s always down time after the workouts to mingle, so you can game them under the radar and go unnoticed by the hordes. These are the lower and mid-tier girls. The upper tier ladies can get a little scary and have more test then some of the men there.


  29. So when feminazis march around saying “No more rape!” what they really want is..

    say it together everyone….


  30. One of the best compliments I ever got from a lady:
    “God, I can’t believe I’m this easy”
    as I was peeling off her protective tights.


    • @natphilosopher: And of course you said “I get that a lot”.


      • This was a woman who made a big deal about following “The Rules”, such as no sex till 3rd date. (This was 2nd.) If I had said that, even aroused as I already had her before attempting the tights-peel, she would have clenched her legs and I never would have seen her again.

        In the event I laughed, and since I had her stockings off used my mouth in more effective ways than banter.


  31. It is the nature of women to be contrary, even to the sabotaging of their own selves. Such is the price for embracing insanity. Ofter 39 years of extreme contrariness and fighting, the wife plays hard to get, and i roll over and tell her; Leave me along, i want my sleep. Even for months at a time. She finally convinced me to be a BITCH LIKE HER, and she is just miserable. and finally i found something that makes ME happy, HER MISERY.


  32. On a related note, what would you said it means when a woman you know is tipsy and flirty and bodily close, but says “I have a (new) boyfriend”. I have heard this statement two times recently from different persons. Is this some new kind of meme from 50 shades of Gray or some such shit? It cannot be a coincidence that I get this nonsense twice in two weeks.


  33. Out on the town one night, got introduced to an older girl (me 21, her 25) ended up hooking up at a club. Told her to come get some food with me, she agreed. Then started walking to taxi line, she says to me ‘you’re not staying at my house’ I said okay and continued on, got to taxi line, got the the front, hop in a taxi and she gets in with me. She says her address and looks to me and says you aren’t staying at mine, agreed again. Got to her house and got out, both of us walked in to hers. Started making out then BAM! ‘I’m not going to have sex with you’ 10mins later I’m pumping her bent over her bed.

    Girls are dumb.


  34. Why reward duplicity with renewed effort?

    When she says, “No sex tonight”, bid her good night and leave. To do anything else leaves her in control. If she doesn’t like it, you can find her replacement quickly.


    • on September 23, 2014 at 2:51 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      If she’s hot enough(8+) replacing her isn’t that easy unless one has a harem of 9s and who has a harem of 9s won’t get ‘no sex tonight’s. Do you think any of the girls tells Dan Bilzerian ‘no sex tonight’?

      Or maybe you didn’t screw a truly gorgeous woman with whom you have chemistry. That guy in Wolf on Wall Street wasn’t eating shit: her pussy can feel like heroin to you.


    • For us lower-SMV guys with less perceptive abilities, this is probably a smart strategy. If you’re semi-spergy, best not to risk rape charges–it’s hard to distinguish real resistance from token.


    • When she says, “No sex tonight”, bid her good night and leave. To do anything else leaves her in control. If she doesn’t like it, you can find her replacement quickly.

      Chest beating in forums is always fun, isn’t it?

      Those who date a lot know that women will occasionally say this. As CH and many others confirm. And unless you are a child who care more about tit for tat over imaginary insults and wounded pride, you know how to work around it.

      I suppose your answer to all shit tests is to bid her good night and leave, because she offended you, and you are such a Casanova that you can easily find someone else? Meanwhile every PUA, and everyone taking their advice – and they are many – brush off shit tests and work around them. Instead of beating the drum about their pride and high value.


    • “Why reward duplicity with renewed effort?”

      Because men generally don’t value themselves. And will attempt to shame those who do for doing so, i.e. the white knight phenomenon.


      • “Because men generally don’t value themselves. And will attempt to shame those who do for doing so, i.e. the white knight phenomenon.”

        good point.

        i don’t understand why men are putting up with this at all. there is no good reason for any decent man to play games in order to win over bitchy girls like this. they are not worth it and it lowers a man’s value when he wastes time on them.

        and these guys can try to reframe it and say they are getting the upper hand by changing the frame, or that they are just shit tests and it’s no big deal to play along, etc. but when it comes down to it, any guy who continues interacting with girls after they act like this needs to call it what it is. it is jumping through hoops to get a girl and it is contributing to the bitchiness.

        don’t think for a minute that she isn’t aware of that. they all know when they’ve got you. giving a girl attention after she pulls crap like this is rewarding her for acting like a bitch and she knows it. she doesn’t care if it’s good or bad attention. if she has a man’s attention, she knows she’s winning. she can act bitchy and men will still want her. that’s a win for her and every other bitch on the planet.


  35. If she has announced her modesty, then anything she might do later would be a clear violation of her modesty boundaries, and thus not her fault.

    Thus the potential for after-the-fact accusations of rape?


  36. CH speaks the truth. Even in my blue pill, inexperienced days, I knew this was true.

    The other sure indicator I learned while living in a foreign country was, “you teach me English and I’ll teach you X”. Sure, we would end up learning the language of love.


  37. @YaReally just to share some of my experiences:

    I met a cute 25 year old online. We went out twice for cocktails. I was doing it by the book: escalation, k-close, teasing, short texts, comfort/rapport–museum date. Then invited or rather she invited herself over to my place to cook dinner.

    Then…..nothing. She was ice cold. I could sense this when she pulled away when I tried to kiss her. I didn’t react. We both said “Oh well, I think it’s time to leave…” walked her to the bus and never, ever spoke to her again. That was 3 weeks ago. She was cute.

    The 27 year old Tinder girl—banged her. Next day she blew me off saying “I don’t want a boyfriend and don’t meet up with guys a second time.” Me: K. I texted her 3 weeks later when she was due to come back for a visit. She said “I’m very very busy.” Me: “k.” Never contacted her again.

    A 25 year old nanny who I also met in person. Then gamed by text. At first she was resistant about meeting. I held my frame and said “I have one day off and we both work hard, come over and let’s chill.” She agreed. We banged. Far from being clingy, she and I text maybe once a week “Hey babe…” and then try to make plans for a meet up. This was easier than I thought it would be. Learning here was to hold my frame and be ready to walk away.


    • on September 22, 2014 at 8:23 pm having a bad day


      you could maybe have saved both of the first 2…

      25 yo ‘chef’…ASD blow up…was YOUR focus all about the bang?…or were you actually expecting dinner?…lol…this situ SEEMS like she wanted some time to settle in…lol…think of it like a day 2…you don’t just do a big make-out at the club then expect her to go home with you…you get big ASD blowouts like that…lol…this situ seems like the same thing only at your place only instead of club AND your place…the ASD is the same…and for the same reasons you don’t want to jump into sex ASAP right after she gets there…lol…take your time (at least for a first bang)…lol…that’s calibration…lol…how else are you going to find out if she can cook?…lol…you could probably turn this around…text for a meet up where/when you’re going to be out anyway…just pretend that last interaction was a flake on her part bc that’s how her hamster spun it in her head…lol…

      27 yo…you might have spun this around…and maybe still can…lol…

      “I don’t want a boyfriend and don’t meet up with guys a second time.” = shit test = “lol” or “good thing for you i’m not a boy or a guy…lol” or “slut…call me” or “so the second times anal…gotcha…drinks first?’…lol…you get the idea….take control, reframe and assume the sale…lol…

      “I’m very very busy.” = shit test = ‘lol’ (isn’t that a GREAT all purpose text…lol) or “too busy to cook me dinner and clean my apartment…i think not…” or you get it, just make up some random alpha shit (remember it should amuse YOU) and send it…and see what happens, that’s 100% better than just going along with her frame and losing the bang anyway, right?…even if you don’t want to bang her again…spin her into your social circle…she might have some hot friends…lol…plus it’s good practice…

      those 2 ‘k’s’ didn’t really hurt you or prevent you from trying again…they were only slightly beta…lol…reengage the next time you expect her in town, then if she responds, go alpha asshole…lol…and violate some social conventions…lol…see what happens…and stay out of her frame…

      good luck!


      • @habd Good insights. On the 25 year old. I just got the idea she was more interested in “friends” than anything else. The first two times we went out it was for drinks and then the second was a museum visit where we spent an afternoon hanging out. I’d write that off.

        But I have a wider question on “busy” shit-tests.

        Here are a few recent cases that I’d like some insights on how to handle:

        29 year old nanny I banged in a SDL. I texted her a few days after I banged her and she said she was in hospital having her appendix taken out. I wished her a speedy recovery. When she got out she didn’t want to meet up after that.

        The actress: in person, it’s great, we have an awesome time, I gamed and banged her. Followed up text book with cool comfort text. But she’s legitimately busy and stressing out over her lead role which is coming up. I ping text her, sometimes she replies within minutes. Another time she replied like 12 hours later with “Things getting crazy…”

        I don’t know how to respond. In the past cocky-funny was over-gaming to girls and they balked.

        In the case of my crazy ex gf, she was a choreographer who was also always “in trouble” or stressing out about some production. I would be cocky/funny then she’d flip out. So then it would cause weeks of tension where we wouldn’t be in touch. Then we’d be back in touch. It was too much drama.

        So…what’s the right response structure for girls who are legitimately busy or wrapped up in stuff to display appropriate comfort WITHOUT beta supplicating?

        Actress is a good one to start with because she is attracted but waffling around in her own drama-filled emotional cauldron of Facebook posts that include: “No one understands my struggles” which are followed up with a ton of beta orbiters writing “Hugs”. No way I do that. I’m already showing support by going to her thing. How do I balance this out?

        The irony was in my Blue Pill days I was more the orbiter and didn’t get girls. Now I get tons of girls but they often don’t stick around much.


      • on September 23, 2014 at 9:27 am having a bad day


        on the 29 yo nanny…a few days are too long to wait after a SDL…especially for a 29 yo…she probably felt like a slut after that, when you didn’t text the next day…also, negative associations happen for a bunch of reasons. she might feel that you ’caused’ the appendix…lol…shit happens…lol…

        on the actress, or any busy girls…’i’ll let you focus on your busy life right now. text me when your life is less crazy…” (that’s straight out of YaReally’s play book…lol) then ping her in a couple of weeks for a meet up…

        also, just a note on ‘tension’ (or drama)… that takes 2…lol…if you don’t accept her offer of drama/tension/etc and just reframe, then you don’t have the drama/tension/etc…lol…of course when you’re beta and you live with scarcity mentality and believe you will never be able to replace her, then you can’t reframe bc she could leave/you might have to kick her out…lol…so you’re stuck with drama/tension…

        also…you’re NOT showing her support by going to her thing…you are going bc YOU want to see the play and she happens to be in it…lol…you can support her by texting her before the show…’break your leg…lol’ (or whatever good luck theater expression there is in china…) = no supplication…

        good luck!


      • @habd thanks. On 29 year old…wrote that off. With the abundance mentality I’m not so concerned about “losing” them, I just want to know how to keep them—if that makes sense.

        On actress…yes, I pace my texting with hers: she replies quickly so do I. She takes 12 hours to reply so do I. I just wrote: “aguante babe. off to Beijing” Aguante is “stamina” in Spanish.

        I’m viewing a lot of these interactions through the prism of crazy ex gf and the successes are huge but the shortcomings are overly analyzed.

        Will post if there’s anything interesting that develops from these interactions.

        By far the easiest to manage is BDSM queen. I see her every couple of weeks. She texts when she’s up for it. The raunchier the better, then she’s gone. It’s awesome.

        But each of these girls requires a different calibration of game. That’s where the “one-size fits all” doesn’t work. I’m now at that point in my own game where I dont’ need to over-plan.


      • @walawala

        Oh – she is a dramatic actress and loves drama in her life? Shocking!

        I think you hit it on the head with her. Low rapport. I think you are pushing too hard to get the bang and you are getting caught up in it and then you are left chasing them with follow up texts. You need to display more high value and draw them into your orbit. You do that by being a cool, sophisticated knowing older dude with an exciting life. Being authentic.

        Get the theater chick over again and spend some good time with her, get her to open up about her emotions and show her you are a mature rock with experience and wisdom. Don’t try and logic all her problems away right away, let her vent and when she is winding down you pull her in close and offer her your wisdom from an alpha frame “you need to do X to get this result, here is why” stuff. After she has an emotional venting session she is an empty vessel waiting and wanting to be given direction and leadership. Give it to her. It’s not easy to do from an alpha frame, but once you do she will want to be around you. Then you get to the situation of inviting her into your awesome life instead of injecting yourself into hers. she wants to trust you more.

        There is a line between being an emotional tampon orbiter and a solid, experienced dude who shows her you can handle her shit without submitting to her. You are on the right side of the line when after the venting and leadership display by you, maybe a a firm neck rub while she is venting, she turns to you and starts removing her clothes. a fuck after this type of thing will glue her to you.

        Try it.


    • You should have lightly intruded upon her while she was in the kitchen wearing your apron. Chicks dig that sort of patriarchical oppression. Speaking from experience.


    • “Then invited or rather she invited herself over to my place to cook dinner.

      Then…..nothing. She was ice cold. I could sense this when she pulled away when I tried to kiss her. I didn’t react. We both said “Oh well, I think it’s time to leave…” walked her to the bus and never, ever spoke to her again.”

      Two possibilities

      1. You fucked up big time at some point when you were cooking dinner at your place, but this isn’t a detailed FR so there’s no way to tell

      2. She was testing you for persistence. You try to kiss her and she pulls away, you laugh it off and try again in ten minutes, then again if you have to. Eventually she ‘gives in’. Like Sixty famously said, the first time you have a 50% chance she’ll kiss you, the second time it’s 75. You failed the persistence test here (which to her subcommunicates that you don’t have a lot of experience with girls like her, so she thinks phew glad I didn’t fuck him)


      • @kant I think honestly, I didn’t build up enough attraction. She was ambivalent and I was kind of turned off by her aloofness. Maybe I subcommunicated a clear lack of intent.


      • @walawala

        Some girls are just frigid / shy / aloof. IOIs don’t mean anything. The only IOI that matters is that she’s still standing there in front of you. If she’s not actively trying to leave, she wants to fuck you / is open to being seduced. Most likely she would have responded well to cavemaning

        That’s my experience, that’s why I hate that PUA teaches all this IOI shit


      • @wala- or you did something to turn her off while she was at your place. Up til then she had to be interested if she was inviting herself over to cook for you. Pre-sex we can lose interest over the stupidest things, as I’m sure you know. Before sex we’re looking for reasons to reject you; after sex we’re looking for reasons to keep you around.


  38. “Womb raider”



  39. Hey I have a question regarding “pick-up”. I was just recently lifting weights at a gym near a big city (I’m relatively young). I look good and probably half my ‘notch points’ have come strictly due to my body/physique–more an ecto who is athletic/cut. Anyways, this younger girl (probably 5-6 years younger guessing 5) comes over to my area of the gym and starts stretching and flaunting her body like never before. Anyone has seen this happen–the girl just puts her body out there in front of you cause she knows she’s sexy.

    I’m looking for good pick up strategies for places that are kind of ‘sleezy’–like a gym. I’ve noticed that pick-up is way more difficult when you’re in sleezy places where sex is on everyone’s minds kinda–bar,gym, party etc. I said something along the lines of ‘you are distracting me 10 foot rule” with a smirk. Then talked about her funny shorts etc then she literally bent over like she wanted to get fucked in a stretching pose.

    My point is this. How do I escalate in sleezy places like a gym. I’m guessing build comfort obviously, then number close. But a.) building quick comfort is hard to do b/c we both have our work out agendas and b.) she’ll justt think I’m that ‘random hot sleezer at the gym’ and that why would she go hang out with someone she just randomly met for 5 minutes at the gym.

    Was thinking think of a funny exercise and have her do it then compete with her and get her laughing.

    Idk though it all just seems like it could fall into the ‘creeper’ phase. I’ve heard a couple of my sisters say “I hate joining gyms like that cause guys just hit on you etc” they say this.

    But then again this girl is literally assuming the doggie style position in front of me.

    How do I escalate or get things rolling and suggestions?


    • Ch hasnt this been discussed before somewhere in archives? Advice on this would be interesting


    • First, congrats on having the girl come over and assume the position in front of you like that.


      I’ve noticed that pick-up is way more difficult when you’re in sleezy places where sex is on everyone’s minds kinda–bar,gym, party etc.

      Well, you may think of sex at the gym because of all the tight outfits on the women. All the YOGA PANTS the wear now. But for most women it is a place they go to work out, and they are annoyed at being hit on.

      Oh, of course they want you to look. Otherwise they wouldn’t be wearing those pants, they could just as well be wearing shorts. They get a kick out of it. But they generally don’t want to be approached. It is a place for hard work. Also, remember: “Do not shit where you eat”. Most dates don’t lead to success, and then you still have to run into each other at the gym. It’s awkward.

      Generally don’t want to be approached. If she gives clear indications it’s another matter. And you can always throw out a feeler with someone you see often, just a few comments.


    • @Will

      I had a long post to you a few threads back that got killed by the mod monster…. really disappointing CH that so many longer posts gets consumed…

      Anyway – shorter post for you this time. I assume you are not a troll, just a guy with some seriously bad internals. The good news is you can be fixed. The bad news is, from what you post, you will need to be fixed via your own experience. So get to it!

      ELIMINATE this thought process – “she’ll just think I’m that ‘random hot sleezer at the gym” …. If you think you are creepy or sleazy for opening women, it will come off that way. You are literally crippling your efforts. ASSUME she came over because YOU are AWESOME and SHE is lucky to be blessed with your attention. Get that running through your head 24/7 so it pours out of you. Walk with purpose like you own the place. BESTOW your gaze upon all who you see. They are so lucky…

      ELIMINATE this thought process – “I look good and probably half my ‘notch points’ have come strictly due to my body/physique–more an ecto who is athletic/cut.” Wrong frame. This is first deceptive, because you will easily be “beaten” by less good looking guys with better internals and game and second a terrible crutch, it tends to cause you to focus on reacting to IOI’s which will greatly limit your range and opportunities. Being “good “anything” is at best an advantage, if you can handle your internal frame, like good looking, have money, tall etc. All these things are at best like having a pocket paid in Holdem. Yeah maybe you have pocket aces but you will still lose to better hands. Help increase your odds by not relying on looks, where you went to school, affluence etc. and really try and understand the nature of women and how to build attraction and develop rapport.

      In your gym scenario,unless she is coming over to work a specific machine or station, proximity equals interest… You already opened her! Just follow up with you seem cool, let’s hang out sometime, give me your number.


  40. OT but hilarious
    I have no idea the lunacy has reached this point
    From a feminist blog
    17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls About Sex
    3. All Women Are Born with Vaginas

    Some items on this list focus on the anatomy of those assigned female at birth in an effort to illuminate issues that many girls don’t get to talk about enough, but the purpose is never to be exclusionary.

    Gender identity is different from biological sex, and trans women are women, period.
    6. Too Much Sex Will Stretch You Out

    Nothing like the old “hot dog down a hallway” analogy to scare young women away from safe, consensual promiscuity.

    The truth is, women differ in size just like men do. The vagina is like a rubber band, and unless you’re regularly getting down with a fire hose, you should be fine.

    Similarly, having a baby will not “ruin” your vagina.

    Many women report feeling different down there after childbirth (the post-baby healing process depends on a variety of factors like age, the size of the baby, and your commitment to Kegels), but we should really be teaching girls to accept their differences as normal and natural — not as new-found flaws.
    So please listen to the plight of those oppressed who are not assigned female at birth as well as those with stretched cock carousel vaginas

    But that is not all if you order know calling 888 666 SLUT we going to give 15 more for free.Just pay separate shipping and handling


    • on September 23, 2014 at 3:00 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Here IDs have ‘sex’ in them, not ‘gender’. The trans must be annoyed. 😛

      I don’t think being a slut will make you looser(not more so than being fucked by the same dude over and over), but how is having a baby wrecks your cunt a myth? All the fathers I know whom I talked to about this child ordeal said it’s looser after birth.

      Also, maybe these morons should get it: for most of humanity, gender = biological sex. The rest is pretending and I don’t see why others would have to put up with me dressing and pretending to be a dog less than they’d put up with me dressing up like a woman, cutting my dick off and pretending to be Joan. So no, all women are born with a vagina and all men are born with a dick. Everyone else is a deranged freak. Simple.


    • “assigned female at birth”. Fucking idiot socialist pieces of shit.

      Feminist scum will all die if they have their way. If they manage to make Whites a minority in the West it’s all over for the feminists, homosexuals and other freaks. Whites are the only ones peaceful enough to tolerate their stupidity, due to media brainwashing. And Whites then force other countries to tolerate it, by withholding trade and cooperation if a country in, say, South America wouldn’t comply. But with no more White countries that would all be over. The feminists and homosexuals will die in mass graves. They are digging their own graves right now.


  41. As someone here said a while back, even alpha fux < global attention whoring.


    "Jasmine Tridevil, 21, 'paid $20,000 to add a breast to become a TV star'
    She was 'rejected by 50 doctors who feared violating ethical codes'
    It took her two years to find willing surgeon who would also add a nipple
    She now has a film crew tracking her 'struggles as a three-breasted woman'"

    Even if it turns out to be a hoax, that it's within the realm of believable possibility at all = goodbye Amerika


  42. “No sex tonight” ===> translated through the estrogen filter
    IS “You _might_ get sex tonight if you play your cards right”

    Think of it this way… how many men and a club/party might a girl say “no sex tonight” to?
    Ding Ding: We have a winner… the answer is likely ONE.
    Think about it… For a woman saying ANYTHIING regarding sex is (in her mind) dropping MAJOR hintage. To the female mind addled by estrogen ruled by emotions saying the “no sex…” statement is almost like putting on hooker boots and turning on the red light. (yes it’s illogical)

    Smart savvy dudes know what a lady is really saying… Betas have no idea.


    • Exactly. Simply saying the word “sex” when alone with a guy is sexual. Talking about sex is sexual. If she truly doesn’t want sex she will avoid the subject altogether.


  43. For the record, the Britain’s Got Talent videos we watched on YouTube (in the OP story) were the shadow dances by Attraction, who won in 2013. Their audition video is great if you want something romantic and short to watch with a girl.


  44. she: “no sex tonight”
    you “of course not…i hardly know you”
    and the hamster goes into overdrive…
    “what do you mean? you don’t find me attractive?”


    • on September 23, 2014 at 3:02 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      I think they lie. The ideal woman is 18 to 23, but that would make most men feel like they’re admitting to being pedos.


  45. This is only true if you aren’t married to her. Otherwise no sex tonight means no sex for a lot longer than just tonight.


  46. Can anyone concisely explain where the conscious and unconscious denial on woman’s behalf is about being explicitly sexual, acknowledging directly a desire for sex etc comes from?

    Why the unconscious self sabotage etc.?


    • on September 23, 2014 at 10:40 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      If you wanted to buy my house, would you come to my place and bang my door begging me to move out because you really want my house?


  47. I sent CH an email about this (and hopefully it gets a response), but I need some advice on gaming foreign women. My experience is mainly with American girls, but I recently acquired numbers from a Colombian HB9 and an Estonian HB9. There’s a slight language barrier, too. Any of you gents have advice?


    • Nope. My Game has always been strongly verbal. Gonna hafta go strongly non-verbal and kino. Lotsa luck wit dat. Might try Honesty & Vulnerability & Acknowledgement Game: “What’s the cruelest thing that I could say to you in your native tongue?” and then say it to her with a big shit-eating grin and a wink; and after that,keep saying it to her all night, except slowly lose the grin and the wink and say it more seriously. Also tease her relentlessly about being a tard who can’t speak Engrish worth a damn. [“Well if you weren’t such a tard, then we could fight in a real language, like ENGLISH!!!”]


      • Zombie shame…ever notice how no one is ever asking for your advice? Even though you spam about 50 comments per thread.

        Hmmm…wonder why that is?


    • Visit the Swoop the World website. Two guys posting about their trips to South America and South East Asia, gaming women. With NSFW picture proof. Very interesting.

      However, they note that e.g. Mexican women in the U.S. are different from Mexican women who stay in Mexico. It is always like this. Arabs in the Middle East generally despise Arabs in Europe, and say it’s the trash who move.


  48. John “Race Cuckold” Boehner gets all 50-Shades on Joy “Show me the Uncircumcised Shegetz Cock” Behar:


    • She’ll never admit it, but I’ll bet that Ol’ Joy got the Gina Tinglezzzzz from that little display of Papist Kino [the Papist guys whom I knew were always real big on the physical stuff like that].


  49. Warning: massive hamster overload due to a pretty insignificant comment http://www.xojane.com/relationships/an-open-letter-to-a-guy-who-told-me-i-was-obviously-not-athletic-at-a-wedding

    This is your hamster on creatine, hgh, and steroids


    • Jesus Christ, I am getting sick of all these “open letters” by women who turn to the interwebz for “social justice and shaming.” Classic woman to try to get the whole world on her side.


    • on September 23, 2014 at 10:36 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      In my country we call that fat. And we call women who whine like that in public silly broads.

      And [email protected] people’s appearance aren’t for me to judge. We should all start walking around with our dicks out and when people complain, we can tell them this too. Your looks are for everyone to judge the moment you leave your cave, you vile beast.

      I like that she uploaded a couple of pics to show how wrong he is. Rather amusing that you can make a comment in passing like this and a dumb bitch will rave over it for days.


  50. Need advice for the day2!
    Hot hot hot 18 yr old HB 8 Mexican girl, 5,3′
    POF meet up for chipotle, Played honesty game and didn’t supplicate too much.
    Internal game is solid as stone, need work on verbal game to an extent.
    Met up, got food, went to a secluded spot on campus and went for the makeout. We got weed from her feminist liberal arts lesbian friend… Ugh.
    I’m good at making people feel liked though.
    Like I said, I need advice on a day two.
    Told her I would like to take her out to dinner on Friday, is that too Beta? Couldn’t see another way to make her bite. Sexual chemistry and attraction is there. I’m 23 and good looking, have a nice car to drive her and her friend around in, but short on dough. Told her we would go to dinner, than maybe clubbing?
    Logistics were not in my favor, I’m in town staying with my parents only for a few days. I leave Saturday for Denver, Friday would be perfect for the lay.
    Help me with logistics guys.
    I want to get in this girls pants like it’s my biological imperative.
    We both appreciate weed as well.
    We could party and take her back to parents house, but I know that I have to keep frame and lead throughout otherwise she’s gonna run.
    I knew I wasn’t getting laid last night so I didn’t mind initiating heavy petting multiple times( which she enjoyed).
    When I dropped off her and her friend, I believe her ASD was spiked in the way she bounded off, could tell she was horny. No hug or kiss goodbye, just a fist bump.


  51. on September 23, 2014 at 10:56 am Isaac Asstomouf

    I was taking a chick to the beach for a first date and she threatened to have me turn the car around and take her home after I made a raunchy joke. Over-the-top “I’m not that kind of girl” shit. I just laughed it off and maintained frame and less than an hour later she was slobbing my knob.


    • Good work. But that’s feminism creeping into and sabotaging ordinary interactions between men and women.

      Isaac Asimov? Wrote some good books, thought-worthy. I really like his short-story The Last Question, everybody should read it online.


    • ‘Over-the-top “I’m not that kind of girl” shit.’

      If you have to tell men to treat you like a lady, then you’re not acting like one. Feminism has really ruined the art of femininity. Women who “get it” know that’s not the way to handle a man who’s treating you disrespectfully.


  52. Issac
    The first thing you should say to a girl/woman when the door closes behind her in yur car is, :”Take yur top off.” It is OK to help her with the straps, etc.
    If there is a toll to pay to get out of the Garage; make her find the cash from in her discarded clothing bits to pay it = Rock & Roll.


  53. I cant even count the times a girl has said “im not gonna sleep with you” and still ripping my shirt off when i went for it. No when a girl i just met says those words i think “yes! Im in!”


  54. […] When a woman in your company verbalizes her stray thoughts about sex, for whatever purpose, you can be sure that your odds of sex with her that night have risen significantly.  […]


  55. What if an ex verbalises not getting back together? Lol

    I didn’t bring it up, she did