Create Your Identity To Attract More Women

Üntermenschlet Michael Cera once starred in a movie called Youth in Revolt. It wasn’t half-bad by the standards of his usual sackless oeuvre, but the best thing about the movie — a quasi-parody of indie flics disguised as a romcom — was its exploration of the Game concept of Identity Creation. In this way, the movie is actually a hidden gem of masculine awareness. Cera’s character is a hapless beta male with oneitis who creates an alter ego of himself as a suave, smooth-talking, slightly douchey badboy. The girl, naturally, falls for the new and improved Michael Shitlord.

Identity Creation is a big deal among the Game intelligentsia. That’s because it works. Crafting a recognizable, even mythological, persona and skillfully conveying it to women will provide a big passive boost to your charisma. All women — not just slutty bar skanks — love a dollop of drama and pretension, and are intrigued by men who embody sexy archetypes. Those men stand out from the mediocre masses of beta male boobs, and this is crucial in a saturated dating market that is nearing an effective sex ratio which is extremely favorable to prime nubility girls.

Women imagine that men possessing powerful identities live in a more exciting world than the plebes — a secret society, to borrow a PUA term — and as is the wont of women they desire badly what they think is being denied them. They want into that mysterious man’s world.

An identity is part of both inner and outer Game. A strong identity allows you to know yourself and thus act with purpose; your frame will be solid with this self-aware knowledge. As an outer game strategy, your identity — aka your core personality — is communicated via style, behavior, attitude, and body language. The better you can convey your identity, the more women will autonomically moisten in your presence.

The Cadfather of Game, Mystery von Mystery, was a two-bit magician who used that seedling of a self-definition to grow a much stronger and more seductive identity which he whimsically deployed in da clubs to the delight of boner fried hotties. Here’s Mystery on the importance of a well-honed method to conveying your identity,

I will attempt to resolve his misunderstanding between STYLE and METHOD as well as reveal some insights on how to specifically customize material to convey a unique identity (for both you and my friend Thundercat). Once you customize your material to fit your chosen “strong identity” will you no doubt make others who watch you work wrongfully assume it is your particular identity that gets you the girls and not the method that powers the conveying of it.

As those who have taken a Mystery Method seminar know, MM consists of three main areas:

PART 1. A format (or game plan) which has 3 stages, each with 3 phases.
PART 2. Mental tools to get you from phase to phase (isolation tactics, kiss tactics, extraction tactics, etc).
PART 3. Scripts and personality conveying material (content) to fill in each of the 9 phases.

While parts 1 and 2 (the MM format and it’s tactics) don’t change from person to person, part 3 (personality conveying material) does. We each possess a unique identity. You are not me. I am a magician. My wing Style is a writer. Tyler D. is a public speaker. Does this mean you have to be a magician, a writer, or a public speaker in order to attract women? Of course not! But what you DO need is what Style, Tyler D. and I share in common: we each possess a strong identity.


I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a set and have reached the point where your target says, “What do you do?” You either give her your honest but lame answer like, “I’m a student”, or “I’m a system’s administrator”, or worse, you try to circumvent the question entirely with “I’m an ass model.”

The problem is you don’t have an attractive identity, or if you do, it’s not a strong one. Some guys will experiment with “I’m a rockstar”, or “I’m a promoter”, or “I’m a public speaker”, but your target will either feel you are lying (in the same way we believe an “actress” is likely a “waitress”), or if they DO believe your evidence, they become intimidated when you get weighed down by the stereotype they have of you.

If instead of answering her question “What do you do” with “I’m [x]” you can ground your present identity to her reality and harness the opportunity to convey a much richer personality. Here’s how you do it.

Instead say:

1. “Well when I was little I wanted to be a [x].”
2. “When I was a teenager [x] happened.” Tell stories about how you got from 1 to 3.
3. “Now I’m [x]. Can you believe it?”


So this is what you must now do to improve your game:

1. Figure out who YOU are by looking at what you DO repeatedly – something you can say in a word or two. (ex: magician, writer, toy inventor, CEO, hacker, rock climber, rapper, public speaker, traveler)

2. Come up with several stories that convey how you got from being a normal kid to doing what you repeatedly do.

3. Practice telling these stories to others to make the stories enthusiastic and natural.

OK, you now know grounding — i.e., delivery style — and self-tailored stories are important to conveying your identity and triggering or amplifying female attraction.

There are two pathways to Identity Creation:

  1. Reframing your already existing identity as one that is sexier than an objective analysis would indicate.
  2. Choosing a fresh identity that is attractive to women and complements, rather than contradicts, the general contours of your personality and worldview.

Crafting a completely novel identity that is so unlike yourself no one would recognize you can be done, but it’s difficult, particularly at the beginning before you’ve built up the mental muscles that will internalize your new identity and enable you to express it congruently. The more practical goal is to work within the confines of your resting personality state, knowing that at the margins your personality is sufficiently flexible. And the intensity and zero sum nature of the sexual market means that a small change at the margins can mean a big change in the quantity and quality of your notches.

First, take heed that some identities are more equal than others. Proudly assuming the look and lifestyle of a basement porn consumer isn’t a golden ticket to gushing tingles. Most people instinctively know which identities are timelessly sexy to women, but as a reminder here’s a short list of some of the most commonly perceived sexy male archetypes:

  • adventurer
  • corporate titan
  • brooding artist
  • street tough
  • Machiavellist
  • world traveler
  • rock star
  • jock
  • ladies’ man
  • tormented writer
  • photographer
  • rugged outdoorsman
  • social linchpin (bartender/promoter/event planner)
  • cult leader
  • spy/shadowy figure with a murky past
  • ex-con
  • war vet (“i’ve seen things…”)
  • Jeb Bush….. HAHAHAHAHA

Unfortunately, there’s a new persona/identity taking the culture by storm.

  • SJW

No one will ever mistake the typical SJW for a sexy male (or female) archetype. So why does it now flourish? The answer is simple once you recognize that SJWism is a siren song for humanity’s dregs. The ugliest, fattest, weirdest, gooniest LSMV losers adopt the SJW identity to raise their own status and knock down the status of their betters. These degenerate freaks on their own would go to the grave incel, but with a Tumblrrea and a passion for poopytalk the Crouching Manlet Hidden Dildo sees in the SJW identity a chance — the slimmest possible (but still better than zero) — to get a drunken pity fuck from a bluehair fatty before his dick stops working from cheeto-clogged arteries.

This is how dysfunctional the American sexual market has become: the SJW identity is a legitimate recourse to escape lifelong involuntary celibacy.

Let’s pull one random sexy identity from the above list and I’ll run through the process of building upon and eventually conveying this identity to intrigued women:


You can completely fabricate a persona as a photographer, but it will be much easier to pull off if you actually have some experience at photography, or have some genuine interest in the subject.

Now, you’re not going to walk around with a honking DLSR everywhere you go. But you will deck out your bang pad with the accoutrements of the accomplished photographer. The sexier, the better. Keep a personal photo album on the coffee table. Have a few B&W photos of naked exes on the wall. Have a dedicated studio room, where you take your unsuspecting prey dates and slyly suggest they “have the right skin tone for indoor shots”.

When you go out, have stories ready for girls.

“Well when I was little I wanted to be a painter.”
“When I was a teenager I was introduced to the modeling world by a cousin who worked with models. I went on a day trip to see what it was like. I had a point and shoot with me and just started taking snapshots of girls getting ready for shows. They loved it, and I discovered I had a better eye than a painter’s hand.”
“Now I do photo shoots for aspiring actresses. It’s great to be able to have a passion and make money from it!”

Seal the deal by taking your dates to local venues where you have agreements with the managers to hang your photos on the venue walls. Nonchalantly at some point during the date gesture to a photo hanging on the wall and tell her that’s one of yours.

Fashion-wise, cop the stereotypical garb of artsy photographers. All black outfits, slim fitting pullovers, sneakers for that high-low style contrast, a lethally steady gaze.

Related: Persona contests are the new medium for status whoring. As the niches for status striving exploitation have filled up, Americans have moved from materialist status competition (McMansions) through lifestyle status competition (home brewing) and now to persona status competition (“black lives matter”). Charisma has long been a defining feature of all three Prime Identities, but it is predominant in the persona, so it’s not a coincidence that Game has risen in esteem with the rise of the cult of the persona.


  1. There’s a simpsons episode where Milhouse does the same to attract Lisa but ultimately reverts backs to his beta self at the end of the episode. I recommend watching it!

    Episode title: What animated women want

    “Milhouse emulates Marlon Brando as a leather-jacketed Stanley Kowalski, ordering Lisa to get him cartons of milk and abandoning her in the woods during a nature walk. Uncharacteristically, Lisa is drawn to this bad-boy persona. ”

    Maybe the Simpsons writer read CH and understand chicks dig jerks


    • Reminds me of the film Can’t Buy Me Love which was Pygmalion in high school, only roles reversed and done well, I should say.

      To recap: a oneitis nerd makes a proposal to the hot girl at school, that they pretend to go out so he can be popular, then stage a breakup and he’ll have built-in validation as a result.

      After they fake break-up, the girl, who by now sees the guy for who he is–happens at the scene in the airplane graveyard–tells him not to change. He does change and it’s a 180 from the goober he had been. Granted, it’s all try-hard on his part, but, with the built-in validation, becomes more popular than the girl.

      He has his fall from grace, she learns her lesson via the stagnation of her friends, and both wind up together. Not shmaltzy, just satisfactorily.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 4:22 pm Captain Obvious

        Got a longer reply way down below, but the only thing on CH’s list which is worth faking is “ex-con”. Just having some [email protected] sh0tg*ns lying around your pad ought to be enough to convince the typical sh!tlib SWPL HB7+ that there must be some twoof to da story. Cue [email protected] river and furious ex-con f0rnication. Also, if another HB calls during a date, then look down at your [email protected] and say, “I gotta take this – it’s my parole officer – I’ll be back in just a minute.”


      • on November 12, 2015 at 4:23 pm Captain Obvious

        Also, when you come back and sit down with your date, say to her, “Listen, if you ever talk to my parole officer, then do me a huge favor and don’t tell him that I took you to a restaurant with a liquor license. Thanks.”


      • on November 12, 2015 at 4:27 pm Captain Obvious

        “Oh, and do NOT tell him about that shotgun back at my place. I should never of let you seen that. Just keep your [email protected] mouf shut, m-kay baby? I’m countin on ya, girl.”


      • Just having some [email protected] sh0tg*ns lying around your pad ought to be enough to convince the typical sh!tlib SWPL HB7+ that there must be some twoof to da story.

        Amen brother. I broadcast that shit far and wide. I got one of these in my living room window, facing outward, of course:


    • how about just being yourself? Ok, if yourself sucks, then that is your problem that you need to fix.

      Remember that all these vaunted PUAs are concocting an alter ego because who they ACTUALLY are sucks. I’d really prefer not to suck.


      • Read ch more. Fake it until you make it is backed up with science. Selftalk and creating habits will change you. If YOU SUCK then these information is key.
        And please reread it is stated to not wonder far away from yourself.


      • Being yourself? Really? For a man who wants to fuck a woman, or multiple women, there is no “self.” There is only persona. She thinks she wants to fuck your soul, but in reality she is fucking what she imagines you to be.

        This is THE profound truth — harrowing, yet liberating. It is positively existential.


  2. Awesome post CH.


    • agree really good, i actually have trouble with this because i make a lot of money but it couldn’t be in a more boring industry. the ‘when i was a kid’ stuff is a good helper on that, although i still have to pretend i have a passion for what i do now

      the house i’m buying at the moment may obviate the need for hard work though. i need to get some passive pussy income streams going


      • I tell girls i am a drug dealer because that’s a more respectable profession than the government agency I work for. EVERYONE laughs at this. But really it’s probably in the delivery.


      • I’m in the same position, but just reading this post showed me that I can take my yawn-burger job that sometimes pays over a grand a day into something that actually sounds sexy.

        Just think outside the box about what you do….add embellishments as necessary….and you might be surprised at what you can do. As has been said….sexual strategy is amoral.

        One of the biggest points here is that a basic hobby can become your strong identity. Just about any hobby can be molded to fit a basic archetype on that list. Even if its sporadic, a woman will quickly gloss over your boring day job that is actually 95% of who you are. In CH’s example, the guy could be a sysadmin 9-5 but all a chick will come away with is “He’s a photographer that has some boring day job that pays well.” She doesn’t care, because women classify people by their highest point of social status….whereas men classify each by what they do.


      • Burke – the best thing you can do is NOT tell them what you do… The Bean Farmer routine is the typical way I respond to the “what do you do” question… You want to play with emotion and fun.

        Example (from prior post):

        1) Throw out something incongruous to how you come off, I like “bean Farmer” said dead straight and stop talking and hold eye contact. So straight you can see the hamster churning. “really? you’re a bean farmer?” and you can hold it and go into the types of beans a bit more to tease her or just chuckle and laugh and say kidding, which breaks the tension and usually she will laugh at that point. Often get an arm punch.

        2) at this point you can make her read you “What do you think I do, you tell me?” and you can again see the hamster churning. They don’t know if they should be funny (or if they can be) or they try to really come up with something but they have no idea what guys do (I am in finance and usually look like it) and say things like “something with money” or “lawyer” and you can play this off as well… to

        3) if she says money related you go [playfully] “really, are you a goldigger or something [pause – eye contact – smile ] that’s the first thing that pops into your head isn’t it. Maybe I am teaching little kids or working with the poor or something to make the world a better place [best delivered with a smirk so you both know this is impossible], girls are so judgmental!”

        if she says “lawyer” you can go with “do I look that boring to you or have you watched too much TV?, really that will hurt a guy” – again, best delivered with a devilish grin that it is soooo obvious you are not a boring guy.

        Much better than merely evading. done well, if you light the spark by this time she is laughing, tingling and thinking who the hell is THIS guy?


        Most successful ONS seductions, once you get through something like this she never even knows what you do or even your name… doesn’t matter at all…

        Now for a girl you will see again, yes you will eventually need to tell her what you do but you can relay it in a more interesting way… which was the main takeaway from the Mystery post (do read the linked post). There is a good Mystery video out there where he describes how a computer programmer might describe what he does, I’ll see if I can find it. It’s one of the seminar videos (there are like 6 of them on Youtube).

        The biggest problem most guys have though is they are pretty boring… Most guys like stability and routine… it makes sense, but isn’t attractive.


      • One caveat on the above Bean Farmer… if you are clearly much higher value than the girl, it will fall flat… because she will go along with it (LOL), believing you earnestly… “Really. wow that’s so cool”… stuff like that… which is a great sign that she is interested in you so you can work less on building attraction at that point.


      • I just paint myself black; then I roll and I stroll with a slight limp flyer than any big city pimp.


  3. Watching talented actors portray these archetypes is food for practice.


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  5. Really though, photographers? What a bunch of pansies. They are responsible for most of the gay-assed stock photos that pollute every web page on the internet.

    It’s women’s narcissism and the prospect of being photographed that makes them tingle for photographers. If it works use it though. Far be it for me to to tell anyone not to adopt some stupid getup for romancing the babes. I have been known to act the fool myself. Best one was the “dance instructor” persona.

    Criminy I remember reading advice in “Playboy” almost 50 years ago about how women just melted over some guy in a black turtleneck who is holding a “Nikon F”. And nobody was buff back then. Have you ever watched 70s porn? Anorexic I tell you. Maybe it was all the cocaine.

    It was it all just another way to move product. Playboy was in the business of selling accoutrements. Flipping through one of those old mags will have you howling with laughter at some of the adverts.

    [Ch: all true, but there’s no man who’s lived a day that said women’s choices in men make any logical sense.]


    • Have you ever watched 70s porn? Anorexic I tell you. Maybe it was all the cocaine.

      Fucking brilliant! COTW!


      • on November 12, 2015 at 4:38 pm Captain Obvious

        Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I’m something of a genius with a Nikon and B&W film. It’s not that hard, but you do need to suffer a few mistakes before you reach Apex 35mm Sh!tlordery. Now do you guys care whether she eventually realizes that you don’t have a clue what you’re doing? Or are you going to fake it til you make it? Once you master focus and f-stop and shutter speed and lighting, 99.99999% of photography is getting the correct angle. Which is going to require MASSIVE hypnotic psychiatric deepest-n-slowest-voice bullsh!ting to get her to pose well for you.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 4:47 pm Captain Obvious

        I suppose you could work negs into your routine: “No, you’re going to have to swing around 180 degrees here; I want the light from the window falling on the more feminine side of your face.” [OR IF NUDE – “falling on your larger breast”.]


      • I’ve got my sister’s old 35mm camera. I need to learn how to develop my own photos. Now that’s some shit you can have laying around, or at least devoted to a room, that will get some dialog rolling.

        Nice camera too and a strong lens. It was fun just futzing with it. Should buy several hundred rolls and just go to town. Tell people I’m analog…fuck DSLRs.

        Start with the video geek talk: film’s all about 4-4-4 color space, babe. Life is analog! HAHA


      • on November 12, 2015 at 6:08 pm Captain Obvious

        MT, just FYI: The most serious B&W photography is done on PLATES [“large format”], not on ROLLS [like 35mm]. If you hit on the high brow Art History majors at the Getty or the Huntington, then they likely will know this. A few years ago, there was a famous set of B&W versus Color large format plates of prominent p0rn stars, but I’m not having any luck finding it. And of course everything that John Muir did in Yosemite would have been on large format plates.


    • But there are different kinds of photographers, just like there are different kinds of writers, etc. As for pictures of attractive women, I do not disapprove.

      Have you ever watched 70s porn?

      Ugh, no one had come within walking distance of a razor. They might say, that’s how it is in real life, but what is okay in real life doesn’t always work well on the screen.

      It’s like that thankfully short-lived 1990s idea to have a moving camera, flinging back and forth between characters in a police station to look “realistic”. “That’s how the human eye moves!” Yeah, but when your eye moves like that, YOU decide where it should move and your brain is prepared for it.


    • I tried GoogleImages(“sexy photographer Nikon F”) expecting to get some funny photos of Austin Powers-types wielding their Nikon Fs but instead it’s nothing but women doing cheesecake.

      So it’s true. No need for over-analysis to talk yourself out of it.


    • You know who takes pictures?

      Annie Liebowitz… that’s who takes pictures.



  6. Once you get a chick back to the bang palace and undressed make sure you rub that clit. The jewess master must be appeased before you can ask permission to finish the deal. Heh


  7. A good, long post. However, a note about Mystery’s advice there. Mystery, Style and Tyler D. probably already had the personalities, and the brains, needed to pull this off, but not everyone can do it convincingly. A guy could try, fail time and again and then say screw it, this is nonsense. I have always been a fan of building up, not fake it. You will push yourself to change your personality but you will do it slowly.

    And you will go for other accomplishments that build up your belief in your ability to change. That doesn’t mean work or studies, which you would do anyway, but to find a hobby that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise. The unfamiliar surroundings, and succeeding in those surroundings, will help you feel that you can succeed in the unfamiliar situation that is a cold open. You also talk to new people that you wouldn’t normally have been talking to.

    The problem is you don’t have an attractive identity, or if you do, it’s not a strong one. Some guys will experiment with “I’m a rockstar”, or “I’m a promoter”, or “I’m a public speaker”, but your target will either feel you are lying (in the same way we believe an “actress” is likely a “waitress”), or if they DO believe your evidence, they become intimidated when you get weighed down by the stereotype they have of you.

    If instead of answering her question “What do you do” with “I’m [x]” you can ground your present identity to her reality and harness the opportunity to convey a much richer personality. Here’s how you do it.

    Yes, this is similar to what I mean: Change your personality slowly. You build on what you have – push yourself to improve it and to improve your presentation of it, but you don’t do something far-flung. I think a lot of people won’t read the whole OP and won’t catch this, and they’ll think the OP advice amounts to going haywire.

    You can completely fabricate a persona as a photographer, but it will be much easier to pull off if you actually have some experience at photography, or have some genuine interest in the subject.

    Now, you’re not going to walk around with a honking DLSR everywhere you go. But you will deck out your bang pad with the accoutrements of the accomplished photographer. The sexier, the better. Keep a personal photo album on the coffee table. Have a few B&W photos of naked exes on the wall. Have a dedicated studio room, where you take your unsuspecting prey dates and slyly suggest they “have the right skin tone for indoor shots”.

    Also similar to when I say you should improve, and build your confidence and your style on that. In this case you build on your interest in photography. You don’t just walk around telling people you’re a photographer without having anything behind the words. You don’t have to be an expert, but you build.


    • Like

    • I am being overly harsh on photographers. Women love to be photographed so it’s a natural. Learn a little bit about lighting and composition for portraiture.

      If done correctly, the list of personas has the advantage of putting you in the vicinity of women without having to contend with so much stiff competition, as well as not being obviously on the prowl. Taking artsy classes at your local uni is one of the best ways to surround yourself with quality women.

      It almost doesn’t matter that your guitar playing, poetry, or graphic-arts endeavor is horrible. She thinks it makes you cute and interesting.


    • on November 12, 2015 at 4:30 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

      Absolutely but you do have to push yourself. But you need realistic accomplishable goals. I recommended getting a white board for some private space you can go to and see your real goals in writing.

      They just need to be something you can accomplish tomorrow.

      Big things happen because you’ve got all the small this taken care of. Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. To truly know your own strengths you have to take a good hard look at yourself. You have to be able to look at your own soul and see it in the nude and at its most vulnerable.

      Start by making damn sure you are not lying to yourself. Do not lie to yourself. Accept the truth. Live through the pain of the truth and come out the other side something else.

      ROK has a good article about how to be more honest with yourself.

      If you can look inside yourself and accept what you are and where you are, and not lie to yourself, you can find your strengths and build them up. You can also find your weaknesses and obliterate them. Destroy your weaknesses.

      The inner comfort you have by accepting what you are and what you want, and being able to express this congruently, will make women crave you. They will feel the depth you have and crave for you to let them dive in.

      Hence game and learning to dole out pieces of your personality. That not only have you crafted but you have built. Stone by stone, day by day.

      And then the trust issues with women begin. How much about myself dare I let them know?

      A good magician never reveals his tricks.


      • Yes, this is what I mean. And I have seen a lot of PUA blogs, temporary or longer lasting, saying the same thing, or with the owner doing it without explaining that that’s what he’s doing. In short: you gotta have substance. You gotta build up substance. Learn what to say and how to say it, yes, but you need substance as a platform to stand on. And if you aren’t used to cold-opening hotties, you need to build up your social confidence in ways other than “fake it”, or most guys will fail a dozen times and then say screw this, those guys on the internet don’t know what they’re talking about.


    • on November 13, 2015 at 5:32 am Captain Obvious

      > “Mystery, Style and Tyler D. probably already had the personalities, and the brains, needed to pull this off, but not everyone can do it convincingly.” ——— As far as “faking it til you make it”, I’m all in favor of well-mannered hyper-polite high-squeaky-voiced Nice Guy WASPs [possibly STEM majors in college] learning how to fake Ex-Con until they make it. Deep voice, slow delivery, implacable ZFG attitude, dress blue collar not white collar, heavy on the manual labor and the power tools around the house.


      • on November 13, 2015 at 5:41 am Captain Obvious

        Also, on your 2nd Amendment fakery: It is far better to have one quality gun/rifle and 10,000 quality rounds of ammunition for it, than to have 100 guns/rifles, in completely different different calibers, with only a single round of substandard ammo for each. Without quality ammo, and lots of it, a gun/rifle is just a ridiculously overpriced piece of pipe metal lying around purposelessly gathering dust. And for the sake of God almighty, if you’re going to be obsessive about anything in life, then make DAMNED CERTAIN that none of your 2nd Amendment accoutrements, lying around purposelessly gathering dust, were accidentally left with live rounds in their firing chambers.


  8. on November 12, 2015 at 3:10 pm gunslingergregi

    my captain save a ho persona worked too well no hos left
    its a self defeating philosophy he he he


  9. How about Hemmings in Blow Up.


  10. In addition to profession, why not add some great hobbies? I’m thinking World of Warcraft, chess and stamp collecting. 😉

    Seriously though, why not add one of these jobs as a hobby? Get a twofer.


    • If that’s the case, go with a hybrid, say street tough stamp collector…

      Growing up, I always wanted to a pediatrician since most of my friends were always sick and couldn’t go out to play. I’d spend time out by myself and one day, found a letter nearby a mailbox. Either the postman forgot about it when he picked up the rest or it fell out somewhere along the lines.

      I saw that stamp on the letter. It came to life. Felt like it zoomed in all around me and I was transported there. Ever since that day, I’ve been walking around the streets, collecting lost letters and their stamps.

      I still have that first stamp

      Something to that effect. (I’m a fan of Bartleby, The Scrivener.)


      • I prefer not to is a powerful frame…


      • “The phrase “prefer not to”, or what Gilles Deleuze has called the “Formula”,2 recurs throughout the story and its repetition drives Bartleby’s colleagues to combative fury. In their simplicity and politeness, these five words -“I would prefer not to”- and the use of the verb “prefer” most notably – achieve a paradoxical significance within the narrative. The statement juxtaposes a conditional with a negative sense, and this lends the reply its force. On the one hand, Bartleby refuses politely, using the conditional form “would” suggesting that there might be a choice in the matter. On the other hand, this choice and therefore expression of politeness is an illusion, for Bartleby blatantly refuses to do anything asked of him. What we witness in the story is a form of resistance based on the paradox of appearing to yield while yielding not at all.3 Bartleby’s politeness is browbeatingly powerful, disarming both the reader and the narrator. How could one fault such a genteel reply? Even when challenged “You will not?” Bartleby counters with a quiet “I prefer not.” Like the semblance of choice in his response, “prefer” is both illusive and allusive. Unspecific in what it refers to, the word alludes to a choice which it denies. The implicit suggestion that there might be something Bartleby would prefer to do is an illusion. The use of the word, “prefer”, then, appears contradictory and strikes an ambiguous note in the story. A comparative verb is articulated by Bartleby as an absolute. The narrator declares that he is “More a man of preferences than assumptions”, but Bartleby effectively turns the expression of preference into a statement which has the force of an assumption. This small verbal paradox is just one of a whole set of tensions which shape the narrative”


      • Sents, never thought of it that way, but when I read the story, I did love how that simple phrase drew everyone up the wall. I liked how even the other scriveners were saying the phrase and it was infuriating the narrator.

        Thanks for the link.


      • Melville: Startlingly original American genius. It always amazes me that Bartleby appeared in 1853! James was all of ten years old, yet forty years later he woud still be extolling the image of the American abroad as highly dynamic, highly responsible or both. Kafka the Eskimo’s ‘Bureaucratic Man’ archetype would not appear for another sixty years. And now, as Amerika spirals further into de facto corporate-ruled socialism to support black/brown gibsmedat, uninspired Bartleby can only resonate more and more with young White males.


    • “Proudly assuming the look and lifestyle of a basement porn consumer isn’t a golden ticket to gushing tingles”

      yeah, this was funny.

      I saw one guy,after I gave him Mystery Method, he may even have read the links to this place…switch from fattie gormless oneitis to swell bon vivant identity. It worked. I think he just figured his city is big on girls with college degrees and pretense and went with it. Go to art museums and whatnot fag shit. Monied swells wanted that validation. If you’re in a city with a younger culture, then jock it is. Coed kickball leagues are full of secretaries looking to get it in, amirite? I guess if you’re in a dumber city, then ex-felon it is.

      Jason Bateman to Matthew McConaughey (Tripp) to Niko Bellic or Rocky


  11. Hey, You forget the ever sexy Men’s rights activist.


  12. This is where lots of approaches and lots of conversation with new people in general comes in. You need to figure out which jokes, stories, and witticisms work consistently. Men with no game all have one thing in common, I’ve noticed: they can never tell an interesting story.


  13. on November 12, 2015 at 4:16 pm Captain Obvious

    This whole theme of inventing fake life stories feels very “How shy, polite, well-mannered WASP Nice Guys can learn to become proper Ashkenazic psychopathic con-men.” In the old days, the Western ideal was not to fake being Mr Awesome, but to actually be Mr Awesome. Now I am perfectly well aware that the Darwinian nihilists will all come along shortly to declare that a dude is awesome if and only if he slays teh finest p00ntang [although don’t bother trying to get a Darwinian nihilist to come up with definitions which can distinguish “fine” from “hideous” – that would require the nihilist to admit to abstractions of Beauty, which in turn would require the nihilist to consider committing the cardinal sin of contemplating the possibility of the existence of Truth Itself].


    • on November 12, 2015 at 6:21 pm The Other Anonymous

      I’m Mr. Awesome – I slay the finest pooontang … nothing matters.


    • And, there is the hamster.

      Wise as snakes, pal.


    • I don’t even talk to women or anything anymore I just walk up to one and start rubbing their clit. Then I drag them to my house and show them my Jew hate shrine. That really gets them going.


    • Now I am perfectly well aware that the Darwinian nihilists

      So, everyone who doesn’t believe in your religion – which is focused on following an arbitrary set of rules in order to get an imagined reward – is a “nihilist”? Okay.


  14. Fantastic post CH, I was just thinking to myself about the main male archetypes that women naturally are attracted to and you hit the nail on the head. Here are a few more I have encountered:

    “Thug” (may or may not be an ex-con, not everyone get caught)

    “Prom king” (similar to social lynch pin, a mix of jock, ladies man and usually either a true nice guy or a secret sadist)

    “The Man of Few Words” (Usually this is try-hard posturing like YaReally has talked about, going the James Bond route. But I know a few guys, like my brother, who literally give one word answers most of the time, very curt and intimidate people unintentionally. It helps if you are tall, swole and have a naturally down turned mouth so you come off as “Man of Few words” instead of “shy guy”) Both my brother and my uncle are like this, and both of them are Taurus signs. Chicks go crazy for it; the hamster never knows that they are thinking. I have heard it’s a common trait for people with that sign.

    “Drug dealer” (self-explanatory)

    “Party boy” (ravers and DJs, the guy who is always going out, knows all the cool new spots and shows, also he always meeting and inviting random chicks to events so he everyone love him cuz guys have more girls to hit on and girls have insta-drama when the new random hoes are getting attention)

    “Scar guy” (CH has posted on this before, having a noticeable scar or injuries; I have earned a reputation at work in the last 3 months because I have had a black eye one week, then a few weeks later i had all the skin on my knuckles scraped off (so many girls asked or just plain assumed it was from fighting haha, lots of indicators of interest. From little girls all the way to little old ladies, it was a constant topic they brought up on their own), then a knee injury and finally I fucked up my back. I got all these injuries doing cool stuff but I don’t like to talk about my personal life with my co-workers so their hamsters run wild with the mystery injuries. Now two girls at work ask me each week, “So what happened this weekend? How do you keep getting into trouble?” Weeks later I still hear them wondering to each other how I got that black eye lol.)


    • on November 12, 2015 at 4:36 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

      Black eye game is tight. I got a serious beating in high school and was walking around with a busted up face and black eye for a week. The girls were all over me. I had never been touched that much in my life.

      This was eighth grade though.

      Black eye game. Step one: get drunk with some friends. Step two: go fight club with them. Step three: profit.


    • And the answer to every “Scar guy” inquiry is – First Rule of Fight Club:


    • “Nature guy” should be on that list, I think. Also “Real nature guy”. One likes flowers and psychic connections with octopuses, the other cuts down trees for a living.


  15. Building an identity, the wrong way:

    Although, women would find caveman-at-dinner dude the most attractive one here…


  16. on November 12, 2015 at 4:20 pm snowdensjacket0x0x0

    After my divorce I did this. Changed my personality completely. I used to be a social anxiety beta feminist manlet. Afraid to go outside.

    Has been quite the journey forcing myself to go out five days a week, over and over, and run into so many prime situations. Youngest was a nineteen year old girl that lived with her skinny AF Asian boyfriend who spent all day playing league of legends and her meth addicted, already had a baby but not a mother, STD ridden eighteen year old roommate. She gave me her bed when she moved away.


    Nice to have a bed after being divorce raped for 100% of my stuff. One hundred percent.

    I’ve been knocked out cold, won several fights, lost two, fucked married girls, done what I’ve wanted to in bed and I have the videos to prove it.

    But inside I’m still just a quiet guy who wants to sit with my dog by a fire and watch the stars later, with no light bleeding in from a city.

    But do I have social anxiety anymore? Not at all. I know my value and I handle it.

    You know divorce was the most explosive nuclear thing, the most destructive, most powerful, most devastating thing to ever happen to me.

    It is also the best thing to ever happen to me. To have my ego reduced to nothing. To a pile of dust. And to be able to forge myself from the ashes.

    The guys on the TAM coping with infidelity forums brought me to the red pill (only) two years back. Damage control.

    Thank God for the manosphere. Saving lives and shit.


    • I stumbled on le Chateau via the TAM route about three years ago. CH is much more enjoyable.


    • on November 12, 2015 at 10:15 pm The Spirit Within

      Congrats on the hard work on yourself. It’s not easy to adjust a personality, and sometimes it can feel like falling endlessly through space. You’re in a better place now, I see.


    • Divorce just made me even more of a prick. Because I played the long game and I won. I get paid child support, I got the kids. I took most of the property, most of the money. Sure it was a financial setback. Sure it hurt the kids.

      But, damn, bro…you can’t get that rolled up in your ho like that. Drugs helped manage whatever stress there was, it was all kinda like a haze, but I think well on them, so was no problem.

      I see so many men go through what you went through, maybe this is my calling to be a divorce consultant, but hell the times I’ve tried the dudes didn’t listen. They went all emotional and their wives went clinical and they got raped like anyone will who loses their cookies.

      I’m curious to know exactly htf you lost 100% of everything.


      • Hey Trav when are you going to do some more divorce consulting on here. Or start a blog. I can think of few things that would be of more value to men and their kids. Future as well as current husbands.


      • Trav, good for you!


      • My divorce went cool too (fair split of assets, joint custody, even incomes = no support payments).

        Once the writing was on the wall, then the key was just seeing the right exit strategy

        1) Don’t marry a cunt in the first place – mine was just a bit of a bitch because I was too naive to see that she wasn’t going to grow out of her false low-self-esteem problem she had because of her crappy-mommy issues – but if I was more redpill knowledgeable at the time – who knows – maybe I could have helped her with this. That is a big question mark. But once the writing is on the wall after many years of marriage, it is too late for all that anyway. I’ve had cunts on occasion, before and after marriage = get rid of forthwith once you know they are of the cunt nature, and slap yourself for being too stupid to see it in the first place.

        2) very smart wife – encourage her to leave her hobby job and get something inline with her aptitude

        3) no point trying for promotion myself – chill at work

        4) smoke a little weed on the way home, and later go out to the garage and smoke a bit more (best if she doesn’t know) = chill attitude = all this feely bitchin talk then becomes kinda fun in a bizarro-world sort of way (think southpark). I think sometimes, you do have to medicate yourself to find the fortitude to engage in the long term strategy of not getting fucked over (but booze or cocaine would be the wrong meds for this circumstance.

        5) when she finally comes around to seeing it your way (i.e.- let’s split), it’s her idea because you didn’t suggest it, and now she is raking in the same dough as you.

        6) when she get’s dragonlady lawyer, counter with country joe lawyer who say’s – if you want a fair divorce I’m your man, but if you want to fight – you both will loose and only the lawyers will win and I’m not up for that (an actual good guy – rare quality to find among the lawyer class)

        7) I draw up the fair agreement documents, country joe edits, we meet at his office = soon to be ex-wife is charmed (but the thing is nobody is fucking her over, we are just doing it 100% fair all the way – she is the mother of my son after all). She tells dragonlady lawyer to comply.

        8) She does more for me now than she ever did (besides sex, but that was for her too so it doesn’t count) = Friends. Good for the son. Good for me. Good for her.

        9) Drop the weed (not good for the aggressive attitude you need to get on with it). Took me awhile to figure that out though.

        10) In this day and age it seems like you almost have to try for zen master or something, not to get fucked over, divorce-wise. Who knows maybe it is just better to get fucked over like snowdensjacket says.


  17. Off topic, but I’m loving the mass waking up going on over at this reddit thread:


    • ya the sjw black hole is starting to collapse into itself due to weight of all the bullshit.

      “A man who decides to call themselves a women is a women”
      “fat people are attractive”
      “fat people are just as healthy as thin/athletic people”
      “biology is not as real as feels”
      “black people are not responsible for their behavior, white men are responsible for all the ills in the world”
      “Women are equal to men, except when it involves icky stuff or personal responsibility”
      “statistics/generalizations/reality doesn’t matter, only MY individual personal experience matters”

      check out the subreddits “fat logic” as well as “tumblrinaction” if you guys need a laugh/want to weep at how far we done fell

      America 2015: Lower standards, higher taxes


      • I got banned from posting in /r/tumblrinaction, and the irony of being silenced by a group making fun of the fascist SJWs was lost on the mod, but oh well. Still enjoy seeing the posts there.


    • on November 12, 2015 at 5:30 pm gunslingergregi

      well i think the white liberals in acedemia are realizing that the schools probably figured out how to get rid of tenured professors and their jobs might be in jeapardy and 50 percent minority might be enforced for them whoops


      • The big tell of Evil is that it always end up killing itself as well.

        The Ouroborus is a good pictorial of this concept, even though in ancient mythology it is allegedly meant to represent the cyclical nature of things and birth/death symbolism.

        But there’s a reason the ancients chose to use a snake/dragon… and while the cyclic nature of the seasons and such is neutral, the origin of death comes from one source and one source only… sin through the machinations of Satan.


  18. This is why it’s critical to be able to understand and pass shit-tests. Girls will always be testing that persona to see if it’s congruent with what she fantasizes and sees in a man. This is the basis for “buyer’s remorse”.

    In another note, I cockblocked myself the other day while out with a girl I was banging. I went to a show and invited a male friend of mine along to this thing I was involved in. Afterwards, the girl and I are about to leave and the guy is hanging around. In a bid to get rid of him, I suggest drinks thinking the guy would pick up on the cue and leave because he doesn’t drink.

    This is why it’s vital to have friends who are game aware. To my surprise the guy said “Sure”. Me and the girl were both surprised because the ruse was we go for drinks then I bounce her back to my place. Asking him out was a way to relieve her natural ASD and for me to find a convenient way to bounce.

    Anyway, my friend was clueless. Lesson learned.


  19. Yes, but how to portray a congruent identity when your life is composed of many things, some of them sounding like classic meal-ticket “nice guy” pursuits?

    I am in chemistry as a day job (do not ever try to explain your scientific passions to women you are chatting up), so I’ve learned to be vague about this “I’m a scientist, it’s complicated…etc”

    Outside of work, I draw, make digital art, and play guitar sing. I am really good, but would never want to make it my day job.

    Seems you have to pick something, while avoiding being pegged as one dimensional. Also, regardless of what you do, if you exude passion, they seem to light up because the proxy for a source of vitality, energy, and resources has just appeared.

    I volunteer to teach really sick children how to compose music, but that either gets an “awwwww how nice and sweet” or it gets you pegged as a wuss.
    I’ve found it effective to be unapologetic about having nerdy interests and acting as though she is the fool for not understanding how awesome what I do is.

    Also, let’s say your identity is that of a dentist, or a doctor or a lawyer (meal ticket professions), how do you keep from getting put in the “make him wait seven dates to show him I’m marriageable” slot?

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Also, let’s say your identity is that of a dentist, or a doctor or a lawyer (meal ticket professions), how do you keep from getting put in the “make him wait seven dates to show him I’m marriageable” slot?”

      You avoid this by sexualizing your interaction from the outset, and not talking about your job. Most guys think blue pill in that they convey their “status” by spouting their credentials and viola – legs will part, missing that this also changes her approach to you.

      You convey higher status through your actions and demeanor while avoiding the provider trap. You can also run disqualification game, like saying you aren’t the type to settle down, give off a player vibe, reference “this girl you know” or “that girl last month” etc.. For me I’m married so disqualifying is easy.


  20. Did “DLSR” bug any other men here, or am I the only autistic reading today?


    • My first camera was a folding 35mm that my dad picked up in Germany after the war. I longed for a Nikon F SLR but I learned everything about photography from that little camera.


  21. One of the best i’ve read.. awesome ch.


  22. on November 12, 2015 at 5:44 pm HowlingManTodd

    Imagine if more young women picked up math textbooks instead of coloring books!


  23. on November 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm gunslingergregi

    how bout a man so liberal he gets everyone to step down from their positions of power as an identity
    the super liberal go way past left and do not stop

    and now to persona status competition (“black lives matter”). ”””””’

    this is looking like the start of a witch trial salem type situation on a grande scale

    i dont usually like to see people get shit on
    but i i kind of get a tingle thinking about all professors and teachers having to abdicate the throwns and politicians

    let em eat what they preach
    i mean it is realistic that those people do make blacks feel like whites are racist those two groups actually do have power over blacks

    imagine being black and all your teachers the cops the people in power the people in welfare the psychologists everyone that had power over you was 99 percent white it might make ya feel a little oppressed


    • on November 12, 2015 at 6:46 pm gunslingergregi

      Studies: Left-leaning colleges only hire 4 percent black full-time faculty

      hahahahahaha ok 4 percent


      • 4%, is that the percentage of blacks that can read? Dude, I live in DC, 40% of the city black population reads at like 3rd grade level or lower. The written word wasn’t indigenous to Africa.

        ABUNDANT SJW white liberal school teachers who care like nobody’s business, and at times the highest spending per capita in the fuckin nation.

        We’re STILL “Waiting for Superman.”


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:16 pm gunslingergregi

        i bet i could teach those people to read he he he
        and im not joking
        maybe i should go make over 100k teaching black kids in the ghetto
        shit my whole squad in ft hood was all black and a mexican
        had them working as the best we were getting off at 5 every day
        after i was in a squad that got off at 9 lol
        yea i expected the shit to be done right every time
        and explained how doing the job right was actually easier than fucking it up the first time
        yea ok one tried to call me racist but the other blacks put his bullshit down
        told him every time you talk about something you learned you say greg taught you it
        blacks took over the whole drug trade in my town they are supermen
        they are also diferent
        whites gonna be in their shoes we may have to resort to running around in gangs ourselves to protect ourselves and making examples of people so others know not to fuck with us
        yea its a fence i ride on one hand like wtf but i can understand where they come from
        i know they can show up on time and work
        so really all the money going into college educated chicks riding the system collecting a check supposedly trying to help them has failed them
        so wtf white people again who say they not racist but riding on a blacks back for generations


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:18 pm gunslingergregi

        so why aren’t the white people making money on them fucking fired just like all the white people working in the drug rehab trade that have nobody get off drugs
        cause they dont care cause they are fucking liars


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:19 pm gunslingergregi

        cause having them not read and people be on drugs is job security for white people all down the line


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:22 pm gunslingergregi

        why can i leading by example get blacks to work and get people off drugs with my limited resources accomplish that and the gov with unlimited resources cant cause they dont want to


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:52 pm gunslingergregi

        ABUNDANT SJW white liberal school teachers who care like nobody’s business, ”””””

        their version of care is not the version that works then obviously
        yet dc would not make me the fucking superintendant of school even thouogh i could guarrantee i could raise the dam reading levels


      • I understand how you think you could. But there is too much inertia in the system.

        CLEARLY calling blacks out and making them show up on time would improve scholastic performance. But you can’t do that.

        Someone once said man we should MAKE people who collect welfare have to work…my reply is yeah we did that once it was called slavery.

        You had blacks in the military; they could pass an ASVAB. There’s an entire iceberg below that waterline who would slit your throat.

        hell, men in the schools systems are an endangered species….the women have taken over with all their bullshit. Segregation was masculine…inclusion is feminine.


    • on November 12, 2015 at 6:49 pm gunslingergregi

      If students protesting nationwide want to see more diversity, they should start by looking at their liberal professors and college presidents.

      The higher education industry — which preaches about inclusion and diversity — is among the least diverse professions in the country.

      i mean really the whole thing is a fucking joke


    • on November 12, 2015 at 7:34 pm gunslingergregi

      no wonder the educated people looked at me funny when i was talking bout the shit a while ago nowhere that requires an education has a percentage of blacks
      total insulation from the reality on the ground
      no wonder they say racists uneducated the educated dont talk about their actual and active racism rofl
      it fucking hillarious


    • on November 12, 2015 at 7:37 pm gunslingergregi

      and now that they in process of about to be fucked up they gonna be like gee i hope these rednecks man up and save us


    • on November 12, 2015 at 7:39 pm gunslingergregi

      my eyes are finally open


    • on November 12, 2015 at 8:22 pm gunslingergregi

      anyway this my new persona im gonna try out


    • dude, imagine that you come from a race with an average IQ of 85- would you really expect overrepresentation in these types of professions?

      Oppressed? WTF does that word even fuckin mean? The average black QoL and standard of living was higher under apartheid; I mean, FFS, RSA for decades had an illegal immigration problem coming from the north, inc Nigeria. Life under apartheid was BETTER than “freedom” under black rule and always has been.

      Black infant mortality, crime rates, literacy, etc., were all better under segregation.


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:02 pm gunslingergregi

        yea but the swpls call people like you racists when you prob have no power over fucking up black people like universities and schools do
        see the people living near them that point out fucked up shit going on are called racist for pointing out shit that is going on to people they know
        the people who are calling you racist are not in any way interacting with blacks anywhere and are actually actively racist see my point
        i cant fuck up a black persons life really a politician can


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:04 pm gunslingergregi

        put yourself in their shoes they are in college and the university has very few black professors to brainwash them yet tells them about racism and shit while at the same time the colleges are fucking racist its got to be some shit going on in their head


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:35 pm gunslingergregi

        i think you might be right that segregation might help them to keep them away from the actually racist white people who actually hate them
        why are all the jobs blacks naturally good at illegal
        why is it that they have no problem opening businesses but that the ones they can easily do put them in jail he he he
        or poor white people for that matter too
        why did white people shit on them for years with the adds with the african kids with the distended bellies
        the people that did that need jail time if they cant prove how much of that money went to africa for blacks having to watch that crap on tv


      • you been smoking man?

        white people aren’t the problem with blacks, dude…blacks are.

        They’re not fuckin victims, ok? The system has been set up to BENEFIT THEM at every turn, yet they still fail. Colleges aren’t fuckin racist because they don’t hire blacks, they’re just realistic.

        Black institutions are a catastrophe.


      • why are all the jobs blacks naturally good at illegal

        Conversely, why are blacks good at the jobs that are illegal?

        Blacks have learned to hustle and sling because it suits them and that is what is available to them, and because it pays well.

        I think whites and browns can and will do those jobs just as well, but when they have other options, the disincentives are discouraging enough to keep them away.

        Also in re drug dealing, the role of blacks as compared to whites and browns is over-estimated because the blacks are visible at the street level; whereas the higher up distribution which is controlled by whites and browns is out of sight.

        Blacks control the market at the street level because they control those streets.


      • on November 13, 2015 at 1:24 pm gunslingergregi

        taking an alternate tack
        reality seems to be that yea it goes to all black
        but then white apparently can come in with money and move them out
        i actually did see the university near me close down a project that was near them people actually protested they lost it
        which put the lack of freedom in america in the open in a way
        cause they also got rid of bunch of busineses people owned and built hotels
        so really america not free at all and you can steal land as long as you have more influence
        so really in america because it is not a free country can always apparently just move people the fuck out of any area you want if you have the power of money as white people with money tend to have
        so yea the pain only felt ever really by the people who dont have the power which i guess is the way of life but not the way it is supposed to be living in a place where people are told they have some sort of rights but in reality dont even have a right to property if someone stronger wants to steal it


  24. Field Report

    There have been some epic reports I have been involved with over the last 2-3 months which I have elected to keep in the vault for now. With that said today’s situation is one for the books.

    At the HP and finished up doing some game on a fine gal from India which got a little weird. Stayed around for a while and saw two gals walk in. One of them had striking features which made me have to make sure I really saw what I thought I saw. Sure enough I would say a 10. The thing I noticed was that she did not know it. I was to find out why. Was a little hesitant but decided to do a walk by and say hi. As I did my first walk by to check it out I smelled some Russian poon. I walked by again and said hi and immediately asked if she/they were Russian. She said yes and then I said I have met a lot of Russians as of late. Did some little verbal stumbling and then continued chatting. Found out she was a 10 visiting her sister in the states. Was weird how pristine she looked compared to her Americanized sister. Anyway asked for the number but it was a Russian phone number. Said what about sisters number and she said her husband would not like that. I agreed and touched sister. I finally pulled out my business card and handed it to her. She said she will be visiting for 2 weeks and will be around. I said that I hope to see her as I usually hang there at xx time. So I go and sit down by the door feeling like I am in the twilight zone. I do not ever look over at them. After a while they finally get up and start walking to leave. I notice them in my peripheral. The 10 flips her hair then looks at me and says she really liked meeting me. I jump up and go to her and ask if she likes to go dancing. She says that she is really not a night person. She then asks if there are places around the area for dancing. We talk about that and then restaurants. We agree that we will see each other again at the times discussed. She reaches out to shake my hand. I feel good. Very good.

    Make enough casts and you will catch a whopper.


    • Putin, isn’t it amazing how being around the right woman (a real, FEMININE woman) actually reminds you how great life is, and how stupid the rest of life is without one (or with the wrong one). Whether you’re 15 or 80, your heart starts to pound, your body flushes with heat, your testosterone starts going into overdrive, and the world seems great.


      • no truer words said


      • Absolutely


      • on November 12, 2015 at 10:22 pm The Spirit Within

        It’s weird when it hits you, that *this* is how it should be. On those rare occasions, it feels predestined. Man and woman.

        Last time for me was a year ago. It felt like we were tied to the nose of a rocket, holding hands, and then blasted into outer space.

        I haven’t seen her for almost a year, but she was blowing up my phone this week with love texts (it was my birthday). Neither of us can forget the other. I wouldn’t call it love, though. It’s something else. Totally different.


      • Yes, TSW, when I think back to the times that I have been with women just because I was bored, or because they were “good enough’ vs. the very few times that I was with a woman who made me feel like I was 15 and no other woman came before her, there is no comparison. It is a higher level of experience, for sure. Sometimes, that would not last as time goes on, but while it does, it is a rush that makes each new day a special one. I can see going to war over women like that – like for Helen of Troy. Sometimes, a man is willing to lay waste to a lot of things to get Her.


    • Field report- I was in Moscow a couple months ago and the hot chicks there are unaccountably numerous.

      If you want to bang hot chicks and work up a self-entitlement, go to a place like this, or Belgrade, anywhere like this, Prague, or any of a number of Brazilian places. And just go on Tinder.

      Tl;dr- the USA sucks shit.

      [CH: one day the world will have the answer to why huWhyte women east of the hajnal line are in general hotter than women anywhere else on earth.]


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:36 pm gunslingergregi

        no matter how much ya love fucking em it still gets old the most fucked up part of life there is


      • on November 12, 2015 at 11:49 pm gunslingergregi

        unless it is just me and i hope it is he he he


      • Female beauty is definitely a product of two simultaneous factors: male scarcity + K-selected environment.

        By itself, male scarcity through die-offs won’t produce more beautiful women in a population because even in mass die-offs, the surviving men would just boff all the women, with harems including marginal ones or even downright ugly ones just due to The Fundamental Premise, sperm is cheap.

        But coupled with a K-selected environment, where resources are scarce, sex has a cost and children don’t survive without high male parental investment, the scarce men are forced to choose few mates or even one monogamous mate, and they will choose the most beautiful and the girls with ugly genes will die off.

        The modern aloof jerkboy takes an r-selected sex strategy, but holds girls to K-selected standards. Namely: young (high residual fertility), thin, high emphasis on face. Things that matter when you are choosing one partner to have multiple offspring with over a long period of time. True r-selected impulses would place higher value on indicators of immediate fertility like big hips and ass, promiscuity, less care about face. Breed now with a woman who can support a child before you get gored by hippo tomorrow. K-selected societies produce K-selected women, r-selected socities produce r-selected women.

        Thus the player is exploiting a loophole of modernity that was unavailable to men in the pre-contraception, pre-urbanized/mass transit era. That is, he is enjoying the hedonistic benefits of r-selection with beauties who have been honed and sculpted by many generations of K-selection. Think of how amazing this is because its hard to really grasp in passing. If you make it to the upper echolon of alpha, you are enjoying sexual frequency, variety and quality that was literally impossible to men in any previous century.

        Also, the rule in the animal kingdom is bland females, decorative males (in some human populations too). That small segments of humans have managed to flip this dynamic should give an insight into just how precious, rare and valuable European genetics are, and gives obvious commentary into why a visceral negative reaction towards miscegnation, especially any miscegnation involving a White girl, are valid not just instinctively but philosophically.

        Neither of the factors required for female beauty, male scarcity and K-selection, currently exist in the west. It is possible that the volume of female beauty has peaked, we have may squandered it, and that is tragic in a very real way.


      • what’s the old adage, greg? For every smoking hot chick you see that’s single, there’s some dude out there who is just flat tired of fucking her?

        I can’t imagine wanting to chase this tail 7 nights a week…too old for that shit. I had an Asian piece, not a looker at all, but she was the only one who made me laugh. Didn’t work out but in the end they all end up ugly, may as well find someone who’s entertaining. Trying to be a PUA at 70 is embarrassing.


      • “I was in Moscow a couple months ago and the hot chicks there are unaccountably numerous.”

        The rumors are true.


      • “Trying to be a PUA at 70 is embarrassing.”

        I know a 68 year old that is a pimp. Banged 4 different women in one week last month. Some are actually good looking. He created an identity.


  25. Don’t forget “mass murderer” or “serial killer”, CH. It seems women line up for them, too. Problem is, you actually have to kill a bunch of people (I could give suggestions on who, if interested), and go to prison, so….


  26. on November 12, 2015 at 7:24 pm Vagina dominator

    While loathesome, SJW is certainly a game archetype for some men. And it no doubt has a long tradition. For example, the philosopher J.S. Mill was no doubt such a softcock.

    How does it work? Well, in game, Attention is power. Attention assigns status, who gives it, receives it, or can deny it. So for some guys SJWism is a type of beta game for getting attention and status to raise SMV. It is similar to Rollo’s idea of identifying with the feminine.

    In short, SJW game is just a kind of peacocking, in this case via the conspicuous consumption of society-damaging stupidity. But I am sure it could get gash for anyone who could pull it off.

    It is a particularly female type of game. Someone like Strapon Within no doubt builds his “harems” this way.


    • On the upside, SJWs (or millennial shitlibs, same difference?) are easily tooled. One important note: push with reason, punch with rhetoric. They are slippery fucks and you will never pin one down with a dialectic discussion.

      [CH: tooling sjws is similar to gaming women. logic, reason, and deliberation will bounce right off them. teasing, flirting, feinting, disqualifying, push/pulling… these are the things that will shake them out of their smug self-regard.]


      • And use the same tools they use… See Saul Linsky’s Rules for Radicals, especially Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.


      • Frito- saul is a joo in an era where people stopped using the counter to ridicule- violence.


    • on November 13, 2015 at 1:58 am Vagina dominator

      Three uses of “no doubt”. Drats.

      Epistemic modality rape!


  27. on November 12, 2015 at 7:32 pm Imperial Leather

    Want to create a new identity.

    Figure out whats currently holding you back your current one from smoothly accepting your new one.

    I recommend Robert Kegan’s book – Immunity to Change, use your fav search engine to find it. Go straight to chapters 9 & 10 for the exercise, then go back and read from the beginning if your mind wants to know the theory.

    Should anyone be tempted to really address this with the method described in the book (it’s easy to do), be prepared for a temporary current identity meltdown while your your biology and neurology adjusts.


  28. on November 12, 2015 at 8:32 pm Johnnie Walker

    This is great, but what do you say when the story of your “identity” is self-incriminating?

    [CH: depends on the nature of the incrimination.]


  29. Exercise that worked for me, since I fly a lot. Every time I board a plane, I make up a new BS name, occupation and life story and see how long I can play it out. Women, men, doesn’t matter. Get practiced at making shit up. I started with things close to what I knew, and branched out from there.

    You can do this anywhere you aren’t likely to run into the same people again.


  30. You’re forgetting one very important, very sexy identity, CH:

    The Fascist.

    Every girl loves one.

    Also, get your ass back on Twitter already.


  31. “It wasn’t half-bad by the standards of his usual sackless oeuvre,”

    Agree, was worth the watch.

    It is hard to find movies with any redeeming value but there are some out there. I don’t expect perfection but there does need to be something worthwhile and most movies don’t have it.


  32. You’ve talked about it before but it bares repeating. A guy I know of just died, he left 3 children and an ex wife behind. Guy never worked a day in his life. He beat them stole from the exwife and kids. Would disappear for months at a time come back, steal the wife’s car sell it and disappear again. I witnessed a lot of it first-hand. Everyone went out if their way to help this guy get jobs or borrow money. Eventually they had enough and moved to the other side of the USA to get away from him. I’m watching the things people are saying about him and how the ex wife and kids are talking about him like he is some legend or rule model type guy. It’s crazy stuff.

    The more I think about it the more it makes sense though. The kids all turned out to be similar to the guy. Basically proves that everyone likes jerks.


  33. Photographer game FTW. I left Wall Street 9 years ago to become one.


    • The photogs I’ve known of were banging models…just keep some champagne for after the shoot. Same script from multiple sources.


      • on November 13, 2015 at 9:59 am The Spirit Within

        I used to know a famous photographer. The girls, the girls, the girls … Jeeeesus. On location shoots they used to literally break into his hotel room and climb into bed with him. Like, there was no escape. The dude gave in easily and shat on his marriage a thousand times over. His wife never left him, which was a flat fucking miracle, even for an alpha.


  34. I think I read in here a response to the famous female question “so what do you do for a living” being “I’m a drug dealer”. I tried it.

    I quit my job, finally made up my mind regarding what I want in life. Decided I’d come visit my brother in Ukraine. I’ve been here for three months.

    I’ve been seeing two girls, 20-21, I’m 25. I’m coming back to my country in a week, so I decided I’d do a little experiment.

    In the middle of our deep conversations I told them I had something to tell them. That I had not been honest with them, etc. “What, Fernando, what?”.

    “I’m a drug trafficker”

    Given my nationality, looks and thanks to my brother’s apartment and car, they bought it. They were in shock. When things calmed down and after my surveying, one of them told me “you’re crazy, but perhaps I’m crazy too, I want you” or the likes.

    The other said nothing but when I told her she could leave, I wasn’t going after her, she said no, she stayed too.

    It’s crazy, really crazy what girls will do if they like a man. Fear the day when your daughter meets a real drug trafficker with tight game.

    Sadly I have to go back, but I’ll come back and marry one of these porcelain skin beautiful daughters of bitches.


    • I find your story a bit odd, Fernando. If you were “seeing” these girls, that could mean running into them occasionally with no deep conversation, or actually dating them. If dating them (i.e., laying some pipe), I doubt that it would take more than one day for them to ask what you do for a living, and so that must have happened early on, if at all. That said, they are/were attracted to you because of your Spanish/Mediterranean looks, and so maybe you saying that you were a drug trafficker already fit their stereotype of you and your swarthy people, and was what they were seeking. If you were a blond, blue-eyed German, I doubt that you saying such would fit their stereotype, and they would probably be shocked. In short, you met a couple of nutty girls, with no pride or dignity.

      That said, unless you actually become a drug trafficker (not a good idea, of course), you now have no shot at marrying either of them, because they will not be staying with ‘drywall salesmen Fernando’, or whatever other stable, boring 9-5 job you do. So, in the long run, senior, you have effectively ‘screwed the pooch’.


    • They take anything.

      If you’re really game to experiment to see how far you can push, tell one you’re a child porn trafficker or something way way way the fuck out there just to gauge their reaction.

      “I don’t kidnap the children, I just distribute the videos”…lol


  35. If you’re REALLY into the build a new personality thing, you’ll move to a new city where nobody knows you. That way, they only know the new you and your life will be better from then on. You’ll lose all your old friends, but honestly if you’re that far gone then it won’t be much of a loss. Far better to have a life where you are a desired person than to live the familiar life of failure.


    • Well said, sir, well said. Better to be an Alpha bear in some new woods, then remain a beta bear in the old one.


    • The same goes for career advancement, if you’re of such a mind.

      No matter how good you are, your current employer has already pigeon-holed you to your current position and related positions.

      Sure, there may be a few minor status “bump-ups” here and there, and a bit o’ gelt.

      But if you want to go to the next level, you gotta start off somewhere new.

      Guys in their twenties should be changing jobs every three years or so. And remember that by the time you’re in your thirties, you only have one or two more shots left at climbing the ladder.

      Then again, this might be a bit optimistic the way things are nowadays. Best yet to start seriously thinking about being your own boss before the age of 35.


      • Damn straight, Greg. Oftentimes more than not, being great at your job past a certain point (i.e., at the point of becoming virtually irreplaceable), creates an inverse relationship with your chances of being promoted. One thing that I have noticed over the years of virtually every VP position and above at most medium- and large-sized corporations (and the larger the corporation, the higher the chance of this being 100% accurate for each officer) – they ALL have very clean desks and offices (barely a paper, folder or other actual worl-related project in sight), and they can easily pick up and move from a VP/President of one department of another, one subsidiary or another, and oftentimes to different states (or countries). Because, in short, they do very little actual work, and therefore can easily float about. Meanwhile, I see lowly office clerks, who keep entire departments running smoothly, stuck in the same positions for years (some in the same sad jobs for 30+ years without barely a promotion).

        Corporate scam rape!


    • Yup. Working on such a plan.


  36. I’m hereby nominating Lew Rockwell and his website as part of the Alt-Right zeitgeist. is the flagship of libertarians and Paulistas online, and now the founder has started attacking the doctrinaire libertarian position of open borders. if you read his Political Theatre Blog, he is constantly praising Trump and spewing hate-truths about Muslim immigration, Transgenders, etc. The Murray Rothbard wing of libertarianism has always been politically incorrect, but the Trumpening has allowed Lew to openly defend white civilization in ways he never has before.

    This is an important development for those of us on the Alt-Right who still identify or sympathize with libertarians. I know Heartiste and MPC like to mock them all as spergy/faggy Bryan Caplans, but those guys are a minority.


    • If they’re quiet on Race, they’re an Alt-right disgrace.


    • I agree, Faber. LRC has included a lot of anti-immigrant posts the last few months. Finally daring to say that again. It used to be anti-immigration many years ago too, but then went quiet on the issue. Perhaps because of the owner’s personal situation, but that seems to have changed now.

      They frame anti-immigration as being against welfare seekers. Which works.

      They have always included anti-immigration writers though, like Bionic Mosquito and Pat Buchanan. What people should understand is that this is not just any libertarian website. Lew Rockwell worked with the anti-immigrant Jew Murray Rothbard, and these people were allied with Buchanan at one point, all part of the paleoconservative movement. It was Rothbard who expanded that by inventing the word paleolibertarian.


  37. The photog archetype is among the best for slaying poos actually. From a game perspective it makes perfect sense.

    It makes for effortless openers; it allows you to demonstrate expertise and passion; it also allows you to immediately establish a dominant frame (and her a submissive one)…. “Move here, put your hand there, etc.” it plays perfectly into a woman’s inherent solipsism and propensity for attention whoring; it allows for almost effortless negs…. “this way so we can get your good side”; and it allows for amazingly simple ramping up of sexualization and sexual conversation. I’m convinced “Make love to the camera” is a cliche for a reason… Some photog early on realized it made their subjects wet.

    Look at a “classy” nude photo shoot sometime and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that in a high % of cases the photog got the bang afterwards. Think about it… The whole situation is highly sexualized and brimming with sexual energy.

    Tim Ferriss had a story a few years ago about a hayseed kid from Montana who saw a photo of a Brazilian beauty online, quit his boring 9-5 and moved to Brazil to photograph hotties on the beach. He got very good at it… Didn’t even pay his subjects. Just tapped into that innate attention whoring and they posed for free. Ended up banging his way through dozens of the models, made a fortune by creating a best selling calendar of hot Brazilian bitches in bikinis, and married one of his hottest subjects.

    What a life…


  38. I think that it is important to set yourself off as unique in something, anything. For example, I have climbed a mountain a few times. How many men can say that? Not a lot. I have also been to Ireland. Although many men have not done so, that is not a special accomplishment, for it just takes buying a ticket and flying over.


    • I think women like men who are ‘accomplished’ in something, anything, You know why? In their hivebrain, they understand (maybe without consciously knowing) that when a man accomplishes something tough, like climbing a mountain, sailing boats, long-distance runner, black belt in a martial art, etc., it shows a willingness to take on a challenge (the tougher the task, the better), fight for it, master it, and succeed/win. In short, it shows commitment and Alpha status. Do you not think the stories of the trials of Hercules did not give women tingles for the last 2,000 years? Most women want a man who has proven the ability to commit to tough tasks, because most of them see themselves as a high prize (often in a very delusional way) that needs to be sought after, fought for, and eventually won. To them, they are that mountain, and they want you to show some good perseverance and fight to ‘scale’ them, or at least know that you are a man capable of such feats. Looking at it from a ‘Natural Law’ perspective, it makes sense: Women want the seed of an Alpha Man who can face down and overcome challenges, and not just beta man who just happens to be the first one to show up one her stoop.


  39. I used to write this blog called “The Alpha Persona” years ago. I wrote a post on that blog called “Personality Anchoring” that deals with this subject. The idea behind the post was that “finding yourself” is pointless, but “creating yourself” can have lasting impact on your life.

    I shall repost here, maybe someone will find it useful.

    Seventh grade was an awful time for me. I was a low alpha with heavy beta tendencies who hung around this high alpha all through 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. This kid was popular, funny, cool. He was all of the things I ever wanted to be. However, about half way through sixth grade he began talking to me about public school, saying that there were parties and drinking and lots of pretty girls at public school. Really, it was just less restrictive than our private school and the copious amounts of attractive women could be attributed to the fact that our entire high school was half the size of the public school’s senior class.

    At some point during the summer he managed to convince his mom that he needed to go to public school. I didn’t see him again until – literally – about a year ago (we ran into each other at a party, talked a bit, and that was it). It was pretty devastating for me initially. I didn’t really know what to do with myself because I soon found out that I didn’t have any real friends of my own. I had friends by proxy, so to speak – that is, he had friends that I hung out with. Once he left, though, I was alone.

    Not knowing who I was, I receded into myself. I started to get picked on, became the low man on the totem pole. Oddly enough, my religious affiliation made me an outcast among the popular kids (at my private, Christian academy. Go figure).

    It wasn’t until I got to about eleventh grade that I really began to realize who I was: Whoever I wanted to be. I realized then that it simply didn’t matter what the cool kids thought of me (I have since branched this out and realized that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me save my own mother). In 11th grade I began to emulate the qualities in a man that I wanted to display. I picked men that I admired, picked apart what I admired them for, and then began to mix and match those things together until I firmly decided what type of person I was going to be. And then I started to emulate those things.

    I call it Anchoring.


    Anchoring is a technique that I developed (I suppose it would be more of a coping mechanism) to deal with and eliminate my introverted nature. You see, after putting together qualities that I wanted to reflect to others from myself, I realized that I was compensating for a shy nature by being extremely outgoing. I figured if I acted very outgoing and confident, no one would realize that truly I was shy and unsure of myself. It was a façade. An act. A Persona.

    I used to love watching the Twilight Zone when I was little. That show seemed so horrible and terrifying to me and to my little child mind it was like glue: I was stuck to it, obsessed and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There was this one episode that I’ll always remember. Guests are invited to an eccentric man’s party and, upon their arrival, were each given a mask. The masks had this hideous and disfigured faces on them that the guests found repulsive. After a while they were asked to put on their masks and not take them off for the remainder of the evening.

    After the clock struck midnight and the party was drawing to a close, the host explained to everyone that the masks represented their inner selves and that their true faces were now permanent and would be displayed forever to the world. The guests removed their masks in horror only to find that their faces had become permanently disfigured, matching the masks.

    The point being: if you wear a mask long enough, it becomes a part of you.

    You see, I’m not the one who has to put on the fake ‘persona’ anymore. The Alpha Persona isn’t a hat I put on in the morning and then take off at night as I prepare to cry myself to sleep. For better or worse, an Alpha Male is what I am now. It has been so many years for me of practicing, eliminating old, bad habits, implementing good habits and characteristics and so on, that I no longer have to fake anything or put on some sort of mask – it is simply who I am. If there is anything about myself that I desire to change now, I tweak it and practice that tweak until it works itself into my nature.

    That is what The Alpha Persona is really about: anchoring. Find a personality, real or fictional, and anchor yourself to it. It may be God, it may be a book character, or a political figure (though I hope not), it may even be me, but whatever it is you have to make sure that you begin to identify yourself with something stronger, greater, and outside of yourself. Choose wisely something strong and powerful to emulate, pick a person (real or not) who has personality traits the line up with who you are, and emulate them. Anchor yourself to them and emulate them at every turn.

    This blog, the alpha persona in general, is something I’m giving to you so that you can emulate and practice it. Something you can take from my years of hard work, and wear until it becomes you and makes you something you want to be. The beauty is that you can take away certain things and add others that fit you better and make it your own.

    Everyone tells you the importance of taking time to find yourself. What no one tells you is that a great deal of ‘finding yourself’ is really making yourself. I would say a small fraction is finding someone that you want to be like, and the rest of effort in “finding yourself” is molding, through hard work, your own personality into the mold you’ve chosen or made.

    Become whoever you want to be, and until you get there pretend you’re already who you want to be. I don’t mean lie about accomplishments, or anything of that nature. I mean, act as if you are already there. Walk into bars and parties like you’re being applauded and act like the party didn’t start until you stepped in. Approach every girl that you like, and close her hard. Live like you mean it.

    Put on The Alpha Persona and become the outgoing, fun, and confident commander of your life that you were meant to be.


  40. This is the rationalization hamster of the century, you all have to read this one


  41. Love it, but too much work. I’ll just continue being myself…a racist shitlord bodybuilder. It’s been working great thus far.


  42. on November 13, 2015 at 6:37 am gunslingergregi

    Nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration this year, leading to speculation by active and retired members of the military that a purge of its commanders is underway.

    really dang what the hell is coming


  43. To our Jewish communist-dictator friends who monitor this blog, research the War of Flowers between Austria and Germany. But don’t believe the communist propaganda you read on wikijewpediazlzozz. Use real sources that are not tainted by Jewish/Neanderthal anti-caucasianism. lzozlzozzlozlzlzoz.

    This time, we are not going to kill our brothers and cousins to save your right to impose depravity on our nations. Your control of the dinosaur media is just the control of only one source of information now (obviously).




    lzozlzlolzoz #weknow 😉


  44. on November 13, 2015 at 7:15 am gunslingergregi”””””’

    well uhh how bout 19 boys and 6 girls in a class in england holy shit that is lopsided


  45. I have but one identity to get women….

    and they always scream in delight when they see it….

    anyone care to guess what it is???


  46. We all become what we we pretend to be.


  47. Behind all of these “what women find attractive in men/masculinity” posts are the same three elements – Dynamic, Passionate and Authentic.

    Dynamic + Passionate + Authentic = alpha.

    The specifics matter a lot less than men think, and there are underlying reasons for this…

    Dynamic – a bias for action, initiation, invention. These are male life giving and sustaining traits. A man siting on his ass ain’t bringing in mastadon meat or discovering how to make fire or exploring and conquering new territories or defending existing ones. Male dynamism is the corollary to female reproduction and nurturing.

    Passion – a hunger for increasing knowledge and skill. Passion is the fuel for dynamic endeavor, informing and amplifying. Passion brings life to the male trait of mission, which drives the larger society forward in the same way a female’s biological mission is to bare children – but on a broader basis. Passion reveals the mysteries of the cosmos underpinning navigation and exploration, the relationship of musical notes creating Bach’s fugues and the development of medicine.

    Authentic – male truth, the counter to female truth which is emotion. Being who you are by living as you say. This is independent of any moral judgements. Authenticity is the bedrock of leadership. So when you declare to drive your enemies from their land, raze their buildings and salt their fields you mean it AND you do it. Walking the talk even when difficult.

    So you can see why SJW is as an effective persona as drug dealer, if it conveys the three elements.

    The rest is Frame + Contrast + Game (technique) in how you relay the above… cover that in another post…


    • Sentient – you are saying it here in a way I can understand. I am going to mull over what you wrote here.

      I have been thinking along the lines of: exuberant aggression (at least the way healthy manhood feels to me). Maybe: dynamic + passion + authentic (outward behavior) = exuberant aggression (inward feeling).

      My more detailed idea about the inward feeling is:

      – Emotive disposition of healthy man = exuberant aggression, an aggressive attitude, realizing and embracing an inner potential for violence, to be used very judiciously, more so as storehouse of emotive power, as a potential, that provides confidence in one’s ability to prevail in the face of changing circumstances in such a way that will allow one to act in ways congruent with one’s abstract convictions around personal integrity. The feeling of “exuberant aggression” in more succinct terms. It is the feeling in a man that requires a foil or a frontier to act upon.

      For me, I find it helpful to focus on the origin first (how is it supposed to feel), and when I get that right – I think the outward behavior will naturally begin to align. But I was still nebulous about defining the outward behavior (how it might appear to others), but I really think you are on to something good in this respect. Thanks for that.


  48. Faggot ass millennial movies.

    In spite of their problems, those faggot ass guys have a sensitive self-referential capacity for making movies that are about to them, and also to Gen-X’ers who are not too fucking old.

    Hot Rod (2007) with the faggot ass millennial lead Andy (“Big Jew”) Samburg. 1 of 2 stars, recommended. A-list talent actors in the supporting roles such as Sissy Spacek. Spacek’s agent might have said to her “this script is really sharp and you will be hip to the kids as the one is ten-thousand moms who can still.”

    Samberg is on a father quest, but he can’t even grow a mustache! – he has a hormonal imbalance. He “rage dances” his feelings into place, and then explains to this posse that he feels better after having rage-danced. It is a parody of Footloose, which movie is another dance.

    You will dance in the night
    Dance away the gay
    Dance away the gay
    Fancy pants! dance in the night

    The Big Jew is fright
    He’s (not) alright
    He’s (not) alright
    Big Jew is fright in the night!

    A leather jacket in stripes
    Stripes and stars
    Stars and stripes
    Motorcycles and ramps
    bikes and likes



    What we all knew is now coming to the mainstream.

    Also, Trump is right about those two administrators who resigned: they’re weak and pathetic. Not good leaders, I believe he added.


  50. Been around for a while, The Nutty Professor – handsome, but obnoxious, Buddy Love. ..


  51. on November 13, 2015 at 9:59 am Fredo Pendayho

    “Fredo” because my comments are constantly eaten by the stack…Trying this on Tor now. I must have really pissed off the proprietor.


    The photog archetype is one of the absolute best for slaying poos IMO. From a game perspective it has so many built in advantages:

    It allows for a natural and very easy approach… “Hey, I’m a photographer and you look interesting…” It allows you to demonstrate expertise and passion in real time and using her as the subject. It plays directly into a women’s innate solipsism and attention whoring nature. It allows for almost effortless negs… “You’re interesting looking”… “Turn this way so I can get your good side”… “Your imperfections are what make the photo so artistic”… It allows you to easily establish dominance and elicit her submissive nature… “Turn this way”, Put your hand here”, “Jut out your pelvis more”.

    It also allows an easy glide into sexualizing with plausible deniability. “Make love to the camera” is a cliche, but I’m convinced some early photog figured out that it made women extremely wet. If you ever look at artistic “classy” nude photo shoots you can almost sense the sexual tension between subject and photographer in a lot of the sets. Guaranteed that the photogs are banging out their subjects in a very high % of cases.

    Tim Ferriss had a story a few years ago about a schlub hayseed from Montana who was sitting around his cubicle surfing the net and came across images of beach babes in Brazil. He quit his job, bought a camera and moved there… Started photographing beauties on the beach. Didn’t even pay them. They were so flattered they posed for free… He ended up banging his way through dozens of his subjects, created a best selling calendar of Brazilian beach babes, made a fortune and ended up marrying one of the models.

    Photog game for the win…


  52. I don’t know about today, but back in the 90s I knew several alpha SJWs who got laid quite regularly by hot women. It was in trying to emulated those guys that I temporarily fell into leftistism. It was my actually getting laid that kept me there for a decade.

    Fortunately, I realized that the ideology was bullshit and I could just as easily get laid paying a different game. But the point stands, you can absolutely get laid with SJW game.


  53. One I used recently with moderate success right after adults went full retard over the lion getting shot:

    Professional Poacher.


  54. Great post, CH! Well past the beginner level. I loved the creativity of this phrase except I suspect the last part is too harsh: “The Cadfather of Game, Mystery von Mystery, was a two-bit magician”. I have two interest for discussion:

    (1) Supposing I had some professional identity, do I want wmn knowing specifics about our private or work lives? That is dangerous. The legal torture tools wmn have are dangerous and their toolkits will only get more menacing with time of decline. I would like to see some analysis on how to have a compelling identity without advertising exploitable particulars. Wmn always catalogue intel about people for later deployment.

    (2) Let’s suppose there was this guy, call him CH, and he was a blogger/writer. How would that make female tingles and not male mincemeat? My suspicion is it can’t be done. The question is then: how much real world proof of success do you need? There is having evidence of money and evidence of knowing people. Ultimately, I think platonic game limits sex game and those limiting areas of identity must be addressed for real, not simply repackaged to show how you feel about yourself, which is the core of game. I think maybe I have answered my own question. You can’t recalibrate what is not first relevant. And it is in the MM book. I guess nevermind, I got this one.

    That leaves the privacy/safety concern. I know the Leykis 101 rules. Why TF would she take a stranger to her place for sex? I wonder if the decline is moving wmn to expect beta provisioning more an more? I don’t know from my limited vantage point.


  55. What do you do?

    You don’t want to know… Is a good way to build interest. To really get them going make sure to find out what they do any make fun of it…

    If you are in a destination location, Vegas, Miami, tell them you travel. Vagueness is key. Then again neg on what they do…


  56. Late to this thread, but..

    I am an actual writer, published, work did well with critics. I also lift, surf and am decent looking, 6ft tall. I took the redpill about 2 years ago. Usually I don’t tell girls this and let them find it out for themselves, but lately I have been experimenting with telling girls I meet at clubs straight out what I do when they ask me.

    They literally don’t give a f*ck. They rarely even ask me what I wrote. I find it more effective to just tell them I am a pimp or give some other silly answer or just evade the question altogether.

    [CH: creating your identity is not really about knowing what to tell girls when they ask you what you do. it’s about exuding an identifiable, sexy aura that INSPIRES girls to find out more about you. it’s much more encompassing than just having a snappy reply to questions about your job.]


  57. ‘What do you do?’ Pause and look directly into her eyes and say,’ Whatever I want’. Try for that almost glare Orson Welles has in Citizen Kane when he tells his former guardian that he would have liked to have been ‘everything you hate’. That or just say ‘why?’ and let your smile fade while holding her gaze. We’re not supposed to jump through hoops, they are.


  58. […] Instagram would go well with a Photographer Identity3. […]


  59. I would like to hear more of machiavellist.