The Great Men On The Sexual Market

Nor does the sexual promiscuity of Brave New World seem so very distant. There are already certain American cities in which the number of divorces is equal to the number of marriages. In a few years, no doubt, marriage licenses will be sold like dog licenses, good for a period of twelve months, with no law against changing dogs or keeping more than one animal at a time. As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator (unless he needs cannon fodder and families with which to colonize empty or conquered territories) will do well to encourage that freedom. In conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope and movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate.

– Aldous Huxley, 1947, sounding very much like archival Heartiste.

“The Great Men On [X]” is a new CH series. The “red pill” has been digested before by men of perspicacity, and as the night follows day it has been disgorged by shallow men who forgot or ignored the lessons of their betters. Once again, we wade through a putrid sea of slate blue filth, not content to merely dismiss ancient wisdom but to harass it for harshing our mellow.


  1. “But … but … but … where are the peer-reviewed studies? I must have peer-reviewed studies to pore over! I cannot draw conclusions or observe reality myself, lest I be forced to create general rules of thumb!! I must have surveys and metadata and stern people in white coats!!! Where are teh studiez??!!!?!1!??!?”

    — A Certain Sperg Commenter


    • on October 28, 2014 at 11:54 am Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)


      the peer review system
      put both
      Socrates and Jesus
      to death



      • If there’s ever a “Best of GBFM” this one is first.


      • We need a shirt, GBFM! That’s some poetic truth right there!


      • Greatest Hit on the GBFM’s album of Evergreens.

        If memory serves, it was some guy on his very list who mentioned brevity being the soul of wit… and wisdom.


      • Ha! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: GBFM is a genius. Possibly somewhat insane, but a genius nonetheless.


      • “the peer review system
        put both
        Socrates and Jesus
        to death”

        That was so enlightening, I almost transcended physicality.


      • the peer review system
        put both
        Socrates and Jesus
        to death

        What color were they?


      • Sharp!


      • Oh look, it’s little thwack with his anti-White hatred again.

        “What color were they?” They weren’t Black, since Blacks don’t understand what a peer-reviewed system is without Whites explaining it to them. And Blacks couldn’t read or write before Whites taught them, so they couldn’t have law or philosophy above their Stone Age level. Understand? I bet you don’t.


      • “Peer review” is kind of like a mob, they win because they outnumber you, not because they are right.


    • jheymon doesn’t brook these sorts of comments, but his antagonists have a point. if one waits for peer-reviewed studies before making any decisions one will be frozen in place like a robot waiting for instructions. there’s merit to just hitting the field and making observations with one’s own two eyes, and heeding the observations of (at least in the case of game) hundreds of thousands of other men.


      • The perfect is the enemy of the good.


      • The other problem is that studies opposing feminism, etc. will be spiked, so you can’t rely too heavily on them.


      • I’ll need a peer-reviewed study backing up that claim, DK.


      • and heeding the observations of (at least in the case of game) hundreds of thousands of other men.

        Which is in itself science. Science is observation, hypothesis, test the hypothesis. Game gurus have done exactly that. It’s not science that should be bashed, it just means methodical testing instead of jumping to conclusions. What should be bashed is (1) the guy who thinks whatever he believes is true because “he lives in the real world” and other people don’t, and (2) the ideological shill making a false study and presenting it as science. (Such as declaring that 20 percent of female college students are sexually assaulted after a voluntary survey at two leftist universities, where of course every feminist would fill in that they had been assaulted to falsify the numbers. Just like the survey that declared “10 percent of people are homosexuals” in the 1980s where leftists and homosexuals alerted each other and filled out the survey to boost the homo numbers.)


    • “GBFM” should be the red pill, anti-hivemind calling card. see it on a dude’s shirt or a pin, and you know what’s up.


    • I cannot draw conclusions or observe reality myself, lest I be forced to create general rules of thumb!!

      CH posts actual research supporting his observations on race, biology and human psychology, instead of making things up like leftists and other fanatics. I guess he’s lucky you happen to have the same opinions in general, or you would be mocking him for showing proof for his statements? Or perhaps you wouldn’t dare mock him for doing that.


    • on October 29, 2014 at 11:50 am Randy the Random

      LOL Nice one Heartiste! I posted this a week ago and the comment never showed up! Would it really hurt to just give credit where it’s due?

      There’s no shame in not having read every single one of the GBFM. A man who is getting laid can admit that, and let other men show him interesting tidbits once in a while.

      Stay classy my friend.


  2. […] The Great Men On The Sexual Market […]


    • Power is the greatest aphrodisiac.


    • burke

      women love an iron fisted lover

      and a big ten inch if you got one

      You DO have one don’t you?

      a forty five?

      An MP3?


      Do you even lift?


      • Every time I pee I lift.



      • His grandpaw might liftd a few tons of cotton though, nomsayin’ nugga?


      • on October 28, 2014 at 2:11 pm Hammer of Love

        Just in time, another “muh dik” reference. I could set my watch by your comments. Thwack.


      • Just in time, another white man with his mind in the gutter.

        (((shakin my head)))

        Whats black, heavy and 10 inches?

        The old phonograph records from WAY back in the day

        Jeez… some people…


      • on October 28, 2014 at 10:03 pm Hammer of Love

        ” The old phonograph records from WAY back in the day

        Jeez… some people… ”

        Give it up son, we all know what you meant. Black songs from yesteryear are notorious for sexual innuendo. What do you think the term ” rock and roll ” means ? Most old blues songs, use innuendo to describe sex also. You’re not fooling anyone.


      • Im not trying to fool anyone Hammer; what this guy is singing is literally true. Back in his day, having a certain record (10 inch) was a good way to meet girls.

        Girls you didn’t even know would come to your house just to hear your record.

        Life was very different.


    • damn. why didn’t i see this in my facebook feed last month? september was prostrate cancer awareness month. looks like i need to make up for lost time.


  3. The red pill has seemed obvious in many different times in many different places. Even in the Victorian era, women were absolutely not considered to be equal or similar to men at all. Really it seems like this comes down to a matter of civil vs feral. Civility assumes men and women are different in order to glue society together by asking people to act in certain ways. When there is no longer a reason to follow a social contract, such as not cheating, not divorcing, because a dictator is overwhelming then the feral nature becomes more obvious.


  4. Is anyone shocked that our little commie double agent PA is the one who “found” and pointed out the commie-style agitprop?

    The revolution is forever, comrade! Seig heil, mein obama!

    Commie-squealer rape!


    • Please explain. I’m fascinated by that side of me.


    • “commie double agent”? He is right-wing. You’re a neocon lover, so you are the leftist. It is a common leftist method to always accuse their opponent of what they themselves are guilty of. That way they hope to confuse an onlooker who will think that no one would lie so brazenly by saying the complete opposite of the truth. “No smoke without fire”, they will think. It is the Big Lie Technique which the Jews you love have used for a long, long time.


  5. I think deep down you love the drama of all this crap, CH. You portray yourself as someone who wants the system to do better, but realizing the system will always be screwed you’d think you’d denounce life.


    • That’s it? That’s all you got? So when you can’t attack the one pointing out what’s happening in any other way, you say “deep down you love it!” Bullshit.


  6. Schopenhauer would be great for this.


    • ——————————————————————————————————–
      It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race the name of the fair sex; for the entire beauty of the sex is based on this instinct. One would be more justified in calling them the unaesthetic sex than the beautiful. Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art have they any real or true sense and susceptibility, and it is mere mockery on their part, in their desire to please, if they affect any such thing
      This makes them incapable of taking a purely objective interest in anything


      • Very true. Almost all great art comes from men, and when it comes to poetry and philosophy, all of the great writings are made by men. Western men. Who generously try to find good sides and beauty in everything.


  7. > “As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.”

    Freedom to, or freedom from? Freedom to sin, or freedom from sin?


  8. “As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.”

    So if you can only have one or the other, which is Huxley advocating? I know which type sounds a lot better to me …


    • total sexual freedom tends to redound even more than usual to the benefit of alpha males and the detriment of beta males.

      ps sexual success does not necessarily mean reproductive success. and this is never more true than in a market saturated with prophylactics.


      • All I know is I’ve never given much of a damn for “economic freedom,” however that term is defined for us by the aristocracy


      • > “to the benefit of alpha males”
        1-Man/1-Woman is the bedrock foundational principle of Western Civilization. It is what distinguishes us from all other cultures. If we degenerate into Big Man R00lz, then we will lose our Occidental Republic and become just another Orientalistic sewer.


      • This is why alpha male needs to be redefined. How can an alpha male be one that promotes his cultural and societal destruction.

        [CH: alpha males can be good or bad, virtuous or evil. please consult the archives for a fuller explanation.]


  9. “…under the influence of dope and movies, and the radio, AND………..(wait for it) the internet!”


  10. on October 28, 2014 at 1:36 pm mendozatorres

    OT: now this is some bowlshit! The height of feminist run courts!


  11. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask advice on a piece of conversation that I had today with a girl (women? much older than me i.e 32 ). Little background on this.

    I am from India and things are not as bad as they are in America. But one can’t possibly deny the upsurge in feminism here in the past couple of years. I was LJBF’d by this girl while we had worked together and being the unaware regrettable piece of shit that I was, I accepted the bait.

    One day, we were hanging out in office late night and we were being playful. I had some knowledge from this blog about assertive masculinity and I had pinned her down and we had made out with each other that day. She disappeared for 4 days after that and she again tried to LJBF me when she returned, only to find me leaving the place ( takeaway ). She grabbed hold of me and we made out again and that continued for another week until my last day in office. Now here is a conversation that took place today after I had visited the office for some documents and didn’t talk to her.

    Girl : Hey, sorry about today. Wanted to come and say hi but it was pretty awkward.
    me : ( a day later ) gay
    Girl : ( 2 min later ) Had my doubts but glad u realised!
    me : ( 1 hour later ) C+, sassy, but not sexy
    Girl : ( half an hour later ) R u high!
    me : ( 1 hour later ) hmm,,text me back when you have something sexy to say
    Girl : ( 15 min later ) Freak!
    me : ( 15 min later ) Improve your definitions! Redmi ( a phone she had asked me if I was selling a week back ) on sale, if you haven’t got it yet.

    I don’t want to bang her ( not that I wouldn’t if the opportunity is there ) and neither do I want to develop an onieitis for her again. Couple of things that would be help me improve my inner game.

    1. Is this an example for over gaming ? Is there a point I could have stopped.
    2. I realize the only time she has not replied is for the last one where there isn’t any sort of game used ? Does this mean anything ?
    3. Why after the make out and my escalation to bring her back to my place , did she have last minute resistance for sex ?

    I am new to this and have shown or realised a lot of beta tendencies in my behaviour before understanding the concept of game but I see the day to day implication of game in my life and I find this astounding. Would definitely appreciate if the readers and the CH himself can comment on this and show me the way with future girls that I would want to bang. Where can I improve ?

    P.s I am 22 ( Decent looking ) and the youngest manager in this company. I left this company to start something on my own.



    • I would say you didn’t escalate fast enough (or at all). Making out for weeks? Gotta make a move or move on.


    • —————————————————————————————————-
      I don’t want to bang her ( not that I wouldn’t if the opportunity is there ) and neither do I want to develop an onieitis for her again.
      you are totally confused but hopefully some of the experts will come and explain everything in 15000 words
      The only thing I remember is that you have to maintain the frame or perhaps steal the frame but do not steal anything yet you may end up in prison due to my misinterpretation of 7th commandment


    • me : ( 1 hour later ) C+, sassy, but not sexy
      Girl : ( half an hour later ) R u high!
      me : ( 1 hour later ) hmm,,text me back when you have something sexy to say
      Girl : ( 15 min later ) Freak!

      You had already said something funny before this. But here you just kept doing it. By insulting her, twice. She was trying to hold a conversation with you and you refused to answer, instead just commenting on how bad she was writing. And you wonder why she got angry?


  12. on October 28, 2014 at 2:19 pm yournordicgod

    “men who forgot or ignored the lessons of their betters” : “not content to merely dismiss ancient wisdom”

    You see this is the problem. It’s not that we forgot anything though really,.. the problem is all the deliberate infiltrators of our education system & media who have purposely pulled the wool over our eyes and hidden our illustrious past & nature from us.

    As for us white europeans,. there is so much to learn from our ancestors. They were far greater men than us as a whole today. Men whose nature needs to be taught to us truthfully & whose ways need to be reinstated.

    For instance, I, being of Scandinavian descent, look to my ancestors (who were all Vikings) & find many answers & solutions to what ails society today.

    There is no better example of a society of alpha males living in concert with their natures than viking society.

    One of the best examples of this is because of POLYGNY (multiple wives).

    Polygny IS the natural instinct for european males and has historically ALWAYS have been the way things were done.

    it’s a historical fact that practically ALL VIKING MEN HAD AT LEAST 40+ WIVES EACH. And this is not even including all the concubines who were traded away/couldn’t fit on the ships return voyages etc.

    (practically all europeans have a large % of viking blood.)

    It’s a little known scientific fact that blond hair & blue eyes originate solely from one specific(scandinavian)race of people yet it is found strongly in almost all european countries.(because viking men really got around).

    Also it has now been proven that english itself is a scandinavian language such as Norsk/Svensk/Dansk etc..

    Anyway… regardless of my self congratulatory [email protected] the point is: Polygny is the natural order for us, is the way things have always been done, is better for men AND women than the ways they teach us it’s supposed to be and IS the solution to what ails us today.

    Men DO have a natural instinct to f%ck new women constantly & spread their seed worldwide & women DO want to nest& be committed to ONE alpha male who is wanted by many women if they don’t fear him abandoning her to the streets once she loses her looks.

    Men(white men) also DO have the instinct to rear their progeny and teach them to be the best men they can be & not abandon them.

    This reminds me of the last post(about women aging/losing their looks), I’m sure women read that and freak out. But they don’t understand that’s not the way things are supposed to be.

    We all have mothers.

    How much would you think of your father if he were to abandon your mother to the streets of poverty once she hits 55 and is repulsive physically?

    You would hate him and think him a [email protected]@er. But that’s not how things were done. If you were him you would still keep her of course and of course she wouldn’t expect you to not bang other young hotties & add them to the harem because that would be cruel OF HER to do.

    Women love polygny because it’s their nature and their place is secure & so she can relax & be the women she is supposed to be.

    An alpha male is not petty nor pernicious nor cruel. Part of being a leader is being compassionate to weaker members of your group, being inspirational and encouraging them to become their best by following your example.

    And in reality, is this not what we all our going for?

    Do you think your a player because you’ve got 3-4 girlfriends who don’t know about each other and would leave you if they found out?

    Well no. You’re not.

    Now if you have 4 or 40 girlfriends and they not only DO know about each other but they KNOW each other well and they babysit each others kids of YOURS and do work to help out the family and are each others friends like family then yes, NOW YOU REALLY ARE! But this is just how the average man was, how our ancestors were..

    For those of you who will say “oh well that’s only for rich men etc” that’s not true and that’s a double edged sword.

    How do you think all those mormons get rich and why do think they all own contracting companies??

    Because well I have 55 sons who will work for free and do all the subcontracting jobs and I can underbid everyone and get EVERY job & stack the cash.

    So it’s a moneymaking enterprise in itself and the women (as often mentioned here: the Boss Secretary sexual dynamic) can provide benefits in working for YOU in either a money making or money saving way and NOT work for some OTHER MAN who they will eventually f%ck(boss/secretary sexual dynamic).

    If we really want to make progress changing society we need to work collectively to make women accept this again.

    This is the one reason I liked Mitt Romney. OBVIOUSLY Mitt Romney was a 100% sleeper candidate who would do or say whatever to get elected because his #1 and only goal was to change laws get polygny legalized & allow the mormon church to accept it again & become a hero.

    A obvious sleeper candidate.. like Rand Paul. As for Rand, you know he’s smart enough to know what it takes to get elected. Why do you think he’s kissing AIPAC @ss and off in israel wearing the little j$w hat? He knows what he’s gotta do. Of course he’s gonna stab them in the back once in but hopefully they won’t figure that out.

    Anyway, as for the polygny, this is my goal. It should be every mans goal. I hope others here and everywhere embrace it, do our best to change the world and defeat feminism, one woman at a time.

    ((BTW to any haters out there who will inevitably say, “oh look see its Christianity that defeated europe & monogomy is a Christian invention, all european history for last 2,000 yrs is null & void blah blah.”

    That’s just more leftoid “historian” alternative history BS too because A. If there is a true & continuous church its the Orthodox Church(Eastern Orthodox) not the RC or any of the protestant sects and B. Orthodox Church never had any such council nor condemned polygny, it was always a historical fact & the only thing haters say to try to disprove that is one verse in the Bible that says that a BISHOP should only have one wife because he is too busy caring for the church etc. so that is not a valid critique.))


    • “That’s just more leftoid “historian” alternative history BS too because A. If there is a true & continuous church its the Orthodox Church(Eastern Orthodox) not the RC or any of the protestant sects and B. Orthodox Church never had any such council nor condemned polygny, it was always a historical fact & the only thing haters say to try to disprove that is one verse in the Bible that says that a BISHOP should only have one wife because he is too busy caring for the church etc. so that is not a valid critique.))”

      That is false. I am Greek Orthodox and I know this is simply not true. The Orthodox Church is against polygamy. If a polygamous man decides co convert to Orthodoxy, he is able to keep his FIRST wife, the others are no longer recognised as wives in Orthodoxy.
      You might think this is interesting. 🙂 .

      And also this thread,

      With that said, were there Orthodox men with more than one woman? Yes of course, but it was not authorised by the Church. St Augustine of Hippo himself kept a concubine for many years of his life, but a concubine is very different matter than a wife, and he was very repentant of it, according to St Augustines “Confessions”.

      Polyamory is understandable from evolutionary perspective, much more so for men than for women. And the control on polyGAMY by the Church exists for reason.


      • on October 28, 2014 at 3:59 pm yournordicgod

        I guess that’s not really the main point except like I said, to counter leftoid propaganda that dismisses all of western civilizations accomplishments.

        You may be right that you would be hard pressed to find a priest who will marry you to two women at once because it is probably too controversial.

        Although you WILL easily find a priest who will marry you several times and allow you divorce no problem unlike RC. I know Orthodox people who have been married twice by the same priest for both his first and second marriage.

        It IS also true that there are no councils specifically prohibiting polygny and you will NOT find one saint or even a priest who will say that any old testament saints were sinful by having multiple wives.


      • I have pointed out in other places that the worldview of the individuals who came up with the prohibition on polygyny had a great deal to do with how they viewed and interpreted Scripture in a way that was consistent with their organizational goals. I turn to Dr. Kevin MacDonald, from his paper “The Establishment and Maintenance of Socially Imposed Monogamy In Western Europe” published in the Journal of Politics and Life Sciences, February, 1995. It is an excellent and well cited work that is well worth reading in its entirety. Also well worth reading is “What Makes Western Culture Unique?” A few “money quotes” on sex below:

        “One of the prime goals of the medieval Church was to repress the pleasure of sexual intercourse even within marriage. Married couples were always being exhorted to continence. If they disregarded that admonition, they were threatened with begetting monsters or at best children who were sickly. Married couples were only to have sex the minimum number of times necessary for procreation, in a restricted number of positions, with the minimum amount of pleasure, and only on certain days and times.

        …the medieval Church developed elaborate ideological structures to promote monogamy and sexual restraint. These writings were extensions of the writings of the church fathers during the Roman period, which were themselves strongly influenced by the Stoic writers of antiquity. In general these writings emphasized the moral superiority of celibacy, the sinfulness of extramarital sex of any kind and typically viewed sexual pleasure itself, even within marriage, as sinful…. Marital sex was viewed as a regrettable and sinful necessity, and excess passion toward one’s wife was considered adultery.”

        Dr. James Brundage has pointed out that the goal of the church following the Roman period (that would be before the great schism) was to become a monolithic, powerful organization. That put them squarely at odds with the nobility. Traditionally, in western and northern Europe, it was only the nobility who could afford polygyny. By restricting the reproductive options of the nobility a significant number of nobles died without heirs and the church was often the beneficiary of their wealth. Enforced monogamy was also a powerful political tool to use against the nobles.

        It is the teaching of almost all the churches that polygyny is either sinful or forbidden. Yet, in Exodus 21:10 God regulated the practice, as in other places in the law (can’t marry sisters, can’t marry a mother and daughter, etc.) God does not regulate sin, He forbids and condemns it. I, for one, value God’s opinion more than any pope, patriarch or pastor. The opinions formed on this subject 500 to 1500 years ago (with motives that are highly suspect) belong in the history books, not in modern day.


      • If there is a true & continuous church its the Orthodox Church(Eastern Orthodox) not the RC or any of the protestant sects and B.


        Did Jesus found a church? He doesn’t even say there should be a church organization. Well, we don’t really know, since the whole story comes from the tentmaker Saul instead, taking his proselytizing to the road for coins. That was a common form of entertainment in Israhell in those times: preachers would entertain by the road by preaching doom and gloom and the destruction of the hated Romans by the Jewish god, and people would throw them coins. The Bible mentions John and Yeshua (Greek name “Jesus”) who both were part of this roadside business. Saul brought the business to other countries, figuring that he could get coins by the servants in Roman marketplaces.

        That’s your only source of knowledge about the original roadside huckster, of which there are no historical records. Most likely he was an amalgam of various preachers, made up by Saul.


      • Arbiter

        That’s your only source of knowledge about the original roadside huckster, of which there are no historical records. Most likely he was an amalgam of various preachers, made up by Saul.

        White people describe Jesus as some kind of hippy, or as underbiter says, a “huckster.”

        I suspect he may have been more like Farrahkan or a young Hitler ; well mannered, pays his taxes… but the potential to become malignant at any moment and by that time it might be too late to take him out.


    • Sorry to continue, but yes, priests are able to marry in Orthodoxy, you are correct. (Which is good).
      But you will not get a Orthodox priest to marry you to multiple wives.
      It is extremely difficult to obtain divorce in the Orthodox Church. I mean, it can take years. And that is a good thing.

      But to summarise, humans are not naturaly monogamous, for the most part. I stand by my point that I said before, women will be more more inclined to monogamy. (Hypergamy not polygamy). Because they have more reason to be. (Men can move on once the babies are in the womb, technically).

      But imagine how bad it would be for society in there were no rules against polygamy. We will have a minority of “alphas” with all the women, and many many “betas” with no woman. Society is not much better than that right now, because alphas ARE able to do that, while there is lonely men who do not even know the touch of woman.
      Overall, it is terrible for society, and so for that reason, and also other ethical/Christian reasons, it is necessary for the Church not to condone polygamy.


      • on October 28, 2014 at 3:52 pm Carlos Danger

        Can I just shack up with a bunch of women and not marry any of them?


      • If I’m not mistaken, an Orthodox priest can marry only BEFORE his ordination to the priesthood, not AFTER. If the wife of an ordained priest dies or leaves him, he can’t remarry. Bishops in the Orthodox churches also can’t have a living wife – they have to be never-married men or widowers. (A subtle distinction between married men becoming priests, and priests being able to marry – the latter exists only in Protestantism.)


      • You are correct. He must be married before ordination.

        As for bishops can not have living wife – I am not sure of. But I know priests can, my neighbor is a priest with wife and children.
        I really think it is for the best that Priests marry. Saying priests can not marry keeps men away from the priesthood, and we need more priests.


      • on October 28, 2014 at 6:06 pm FuriousFerret

        Welcome back, traditional Greek hottie.

        The only attractive woman that isn’t a total fucked in the head sloot that is under 30 years old that has ever posted here. There should be some kind of award for that but it’s probably more of an commentary on the anglosphere than anything else.

        Still thinking you might be a 45 year old 300 pound neckbeard.


      • Lol. thank you. Actualy I was commenting under this nick for some time, eofahapi – E O F (embracingourfemininity) ahapi ( agapi meaning love in greek, except i pressed h instead of g. LOL).

        And thank you for the kind words, and no, I am not a 45 year old male, but believe as you wish. LOL.


      • ahh.. pardon my response, I replied before realizing I was responding to a woman, I had just assumed you were a man because we are talking about Manly stuff & all.

        Now, now, young lady you must be careful, you should know better than to be giving out false information(such as priests not being able to marry post ordination & the Church’s “canonical” ordinance against polygny(that you are NOT able to prove).

        You should also know better than to pretend to be some sort of authority on Church matters (which although neither am I nor am I wanting to be) you know for a fact that you have absolutely no right to even insinuate whatsoever that you are, considering your gender of course.

        BTW this is one of the other reasons I respect the EOC (besides their no nonsense approach to the protocols of zion world jewry foe)..their no nonsense approach to women speaking out in church/ none of that women “priest”(or [email protected] “priest”) garbage that certain imitators allow either.

        Of course I should’ve known once you said “polygny would be terrible for society because of ___feelings this &__ vague ethical” that instead of any logic whatsoever.

        Although it is telling that you DiD speak the truth (and prove my point) right before when you said that men are not naturally monogamous yet women ARE.

        Now I’m not trying to be mean or anything. Honestly, I think you’re probably a sweet & possibly feminine girl,writes poetry & it’s a possibility that you may be kind or have more depth than some girls, but I certainly hope you don’t second guess your fiancee like this or give him loud opinions like you do here because I guarantee you he won’t be your fiancee long if you do.

        No man likes to be second guessed by a woman or told that he’s wrong and no man will tolerate that for long. Men are naturally leaders & women are naturally followers and people are happiest fulfilling their natural abilities.
        Of course this is not the proper venue for a discussion on religious matters & I’m sure people aren’t interested in hearing that but if you would like to IM me & if you live nearby we could meet up & discuss all you like.

        In fact I only mentioned it as a side note to my point which is:

        and that

        It is doable and the reason I know it for a fact is because I personally see just how many girls are interested/willing to do this.

        Granted I was born with advantages in that I’m very tall, well built & extremely handsome, so I’ve always had girls falling into my lap all my life but it’s no different with game. Game is 100% vital, it’s just that for a natural it’s all laid out for you like a map & you just have to see it all collectively to grasp it(& you’re a f&%king idiot if you don’t at that point).

        But I guarantee you “Eofapi”/Eofahapi” or whatever your name is, if you were to meet me in person at a party or something, and you meet several women there(who are usually the hottest in the room) and they all identify me as their boyfriend and you asked me about it and I told you, ‘yeah I’m in a committed relationship with them & all my other girlfriends & I am interested in meeting other women to have committed relationships with’, I guarantee you would be MORE intrigued with me and NOT LESS. The reason why is because it’s an age old thing deep down this is the females true nature.

        Women do want to be with the alpha male that all women want and want to be part of his harem. They’d rather have that than anything else in the world.

        The absolute key to it is this caveat: as long as they don’t fear that by adding another you’re getting rid of them. This is the key to it all. as long as they know they’re secure and they know their place in the order(and have the appropriate amount of wanting to please you & dread of displeasing you) then women are at their happiest.

        That’s actually the best part about it and fixes all the bad dynamics in male/female relationships these days..

        when you have 40 wives, you don’t have a whole lot of time with each of them individually so they’re sitting there, thinking about you all the time and they know that when they see you, they’re gonna be on their best behaviour or they know you won’t make time for them next time for awhile, so they’re gonna do everything they can to please you.

        They’re not gonna give you their worst and their bitchiest their gonna give you their best and their nicest everytime they see you. All of them will.


    • It’s a little known scientific fact that blond hair & blue eyes originate solely from one specific(scandinavian)race of people yet it is found strongly in almost all european countries.(because viking men really got around).

      You sure about that?

      Did they get as far as polynesia?


  13. Thought the Chateau would appreciate this one, given that it relates to the false-rape charge registry…

    For the past couple of days, Canadian media has been covering how a popular radio host, Jian Ghomeshi got shit-canned because four anonymous women, who never pressed charges, claimed he was sexually violent towards them.

    So the man loses his job, and get publicly tarnished…without having been convicted, or given the chance to square off with his accusers in court.

    I think this editorial summed the situation up quite well:


    • what color is he?


    • i’ve watched his show. he’s an excellent interviewer and had a lot of high profile guests. the situation sucks but is expected when you brainwash girls into thinking any kind of ‘bad’ feeling after sex is rape.

      his mistake: rough fucking then probably didn’t follow up with a “that was fun hun” txt the morning after. then left his personal facebook open to the world so the girl, trying to get back at him, snooped around looking to put together a crew of other jilted groupies to take the guy down. also, the chicks never filed rape charges.

      Molon labe.


  14. Interestingly the Weimar hyperinflation resulted in German women eschewing marriage and increased promscuity, while today it is the UMC that seems to be following the traditional marriage trajectory.

    Is there a correlation between low economic prosperity and promiscuity?


    • Interestingly the Weimar hyperinflation resulted in German women eschewing marriage and increased promscuity,

      Also, the former Soviet Union in the 1990s, and possibly the good ol’ USA right here and now.


    • Inflation destroys traditional society. In all times, the conservative wisdom has taught that it is good to save money, which is indeed the foundation for a healthy family life and old age. But with inflation you can’t do that, because the money saved loses value. Instead you have to spend it as fast as you can. It is best to spend it on things you can sell later, but there are only so many thing you can buy to sell at a later point. And things are worn down and lose value with time.

      So people give up and just spend the money on pleasures for the moment, while hoping someone will fix the economy so they can go back to frugal saving and preparing for the future. But as inflation continues indefinitely, they give up that hope.

      And by then they have been seduced by the pleasure-seeking lifestyle. Especially since society by then will be dominated by those leftists selling pleasures and easy living, and by those politicians and media that mock the frugal conservatives. The ones still being frugal will be mostly old and living in the country, as the club culture is not for them, so conservatism become associated with being old and weak, while hedonism is associated with the young and strong. The leftists who have now come to dominate will do everything to reinforce this message. In Weimar Germany they did it by mocking conservative country folks in their varieté shows, their night clubs and newspapers. Have some more alcohol, have some opium or cocaine. Spend your money, “who knows what tomorrow brings?”

      All this becomes reinforced by leftist thugs whose political parties are promoted by the leftist media. Attacking conservative and nationalist party meetings, beating up dissenters, attacking shopkeepers and journalists who won’t play along. The laughing club culture always has a dark side.


      • Very well stated, Arbiter. The PM of my adopted nation (Japan) is trying to destroy two decades of price stability and bring back inflation, and the media have been running psy-op-like articles to convince hoi polloi that inflation means a good economy. Japan has a lot of stored-up social cohesion to eat through before it collapses like the US seems to be doing, but the collapse will still come.


  15. on October 28, 2014 at 3:55 pm Carlos Danger

    Aldous Huxley was married and his wife was bisexual. They kept a long ongoing threesome with her lesbian lover. Huxley dropped acid too- he wrote the Doors of Perception where the Doors’ name comes from. He was way ahead of his time.


  16. LOL: “… as you will notice, there was a certain je ne sais quoi about each of these bottles that drew me in”


  17. sounds like the great books for menz finally rubbed off on heartiste



  18. on October 28, 2014 at 6:08 pm Modern Primitive

    OT: Australian senator uses government funds to pay for tryst with alpha male athlete from Trinidad and Tobago, emails found saying she can’t wait to cheat on her white (presumably beta) husband. She forgot their 9 year anniversary. the beta hubby got her a gold bracelet and roses.


  19. “You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady.”

    – Sinatra


  20. CH:Hey buddy,liked your tweet re the plain jane walking the vibrant streets of NYC.I wonder what these bitches say bout immeegration?


    To lead the women, learn the special feeling!
    Their everlasting aches and groans,
    In thousand tones,
    Have all one source, one mode of healing;
    And if your acts are half discreet,
    You’ll always have them at your feet.
    A title first must draw and interest them,
    And show that yours all other arts exceeds;
    Then, as a greeting, you are free to touch and test them,
    While, thus to do, for years another pleads.
    You press and count the pulse’s dances,
    And then, with burning sidelong glances,
    You clasp the swelling hips, to see
    If tightly laced her corsets be.

    That’s better, now! The How and Where, one sees.

    My worthy friend, gray are all theories
    And green alone Life’s golden tree.”

    ~Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, translated, of course


  22. “As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.”

    This right here explains the conditions of blacks in America, as it is now explaining the conditions of whites in America. It is a HUMAN response, not a race response. And race baiters wept.


    • you freaking clown- blacks have ALL the economic and political freedom they want. For 60 years, we have left no stone unturned trying to uplift and prop up this failed race.

      We diversified NASA to the point where it cannot launch an astronaut into space. 40 years from the Moon Landing. We have a black President, black CEOs, black judges, black gov workers as fkin far as the eye can see and despite ALL of this, you goddamned white traitor belly crawling scum continue to see “oppression”? Why, because the OUTCOME wasn’t what it was supposed to be?

      Blacks and whites are not equal; they never were, and they never will be. Nature made this gap and the gap won’t be closed by men.


      • Especially the big 10 inch gap


      • on October 29, 2014 at 2:38 pm Hammer of Love

        ” Especially the big 10 inch gap ”

        There you go again with another ” muh dik ” reference. At least your annoyingly consistent.


      • Regarding Thwack’s comment, “Especially the big 10 inch gap”

        *Muh Dik*

        If you ever peruse a race realist website, a common refrain you see in the comments is “Muh Dik”.

        It has to do with the Negro’s preoccupation with the baser parts of humanity, such as sexual activity. and their inability to create civilizations. It’s as if in the Negro’s mind the ability to have sex in itself is their crowning achievement – one that they need to brag about and remind everyone of. Lest you think that the Negro’s obsession with the base parts of sex is exaggerated, bear witness to Thwacks remark which is basically just saying…

        “MUH DIK!”


      • Diversification keeps NASA from launching astronauts or is launching space rovers and robotic machinery a wiser, safer, and more cost-effective method of space exploration?

        trav77 you are missing the point: no matter whose president or CEO of a company, when women have access to welfare and daddy government, and when women make their own money, said women will abandon betas and chase thug alphas. Men will become what women chase……this is precisely why you are on this blog.


      • Joe

        It has to do with the Negro’s preoccupation with the baser parts of humanity, such as sexual activity.

        Excuse me “Wally”, but this entire blog is devoted to the “preoccupation with baser parts of humanity, such as sexual activity.” Indeed, the very logos of this blog, “game”; is nothing more than ni66er slang for how to get and keep pussy with the least amount of effort.

        How can you kill the ni66er when you want to be the ni66er?

        Hating players only tells people you don’t even lift.


    • love the black sympathizer fools who claim victim status while ignoring billions in welfare, head-start hiring practices (aff action), and the kiddie-gloved media that can’t put ‘black’ and ‘criminal’ in the same sentence.

      molon labe.


      • 80% of aff action benefit white women not blacks. If aff action benefited blacks, why is it that black males have the highest rate of unemployment?


    • Blacks act like animals no matter where they live. In the U.S. or Canada, in Mexico, in South America, in Africa, in Europe. But you are too dumb to see the world farther away. I’m pretty sure you can’t even find Africa on a map.


      • Don’t you pussies ever get tired of glorifying your weakness?

        Your whole argument for “whites” being better than others is that you are more docile slaves and vehement mercenaries.


      • You don’t understand, Nicole. Nobody cares what you call us or how many scare quotes you put around words.

        Why are you angry anyway? Our governments took away our freedom of dispensing rough justice to the so called animals.


      • nicole, you should update your avatar, surely greenpeace has gotten you pushed back in the water by now


    • on October 29, 2014 at 2:40 pm Hammer of Love

      “As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.”

      So according to you, Blacks had more economic, and political freedom in the past ?? Are you stupid, or just pretending ?

      [CH: he’s quoting aldous huxley. huxley’s perspective when he wrote that was of a white man in a white culture. i doubt blacks were even on his radar.]


      • on October 29, 2014 at 5:14 pm Hammer of Love

        ” This right here explains the conditions of blacks in America ”

        I understand. I was responding to Mr. Mitchell’s inane comment.


      • Yes, Hammer of Love, blacks had way more political and economic freedom in the past…particularly during segregation, and blacks were a conservative and religious people back then…their moral compass was far superior then than it is now.

        As far as your comment CH in response to Hammer of Love: though Huxley’s intended his words to apply to the white man, his words can apply to ANY man. Words of truth have no skin color and belong to no one race because the speaker of said words want it to be so.


      • on October 30, 2014 at 11:22 am Hammer of Love

        ” Yes, Hammer of Love, blacks had way more political and economic freedom in the past…particularly during segregation ”

        Then how to you explain the so called “need” for affirmative action and political correctness ??


  23. CH needs to comment on this video:

    10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman


  24. did this ni66a get laid? he was an ugly muffukka


  25. Women peak at personalities and looks at 18. It is a long and painful road down. Does anyone seriously think that four years of college, random hookups and binge drinking does them any favors? In their 50’s they just are better at hiding their bitterness. You are a feminist stooge.


  26. […] Nor does the sexual promiscuity of Brave New World seem so very distant. There are already certain American cities in which the number of divorces is equal to the number of marriages.  […]


  27. on October 29, 2014 at 3:50 am Captain Schlamered

    It is all fun and games until betas move into positions of state backed power. They won’t be in elected positions because that requires at least some charisma. But imagine a scenario where you’re scamming a chick who is on some beta cop’s radar.

    Just pay attention to what your local authorities are getting away with in your town. And no that this only gets worse over time


    • This made the front page of Reddit yesterday.

      A few things to notice:
      1) All but one where brown males, who usually have no shame or respect
      2) Most of these blacks and Mexicans are your typical feral savage type who hang out on street corners or store fronts
      3) This is a self-fulfilling prophecy as her predetermined intent was to show catcallers, and therefore her video only showed such actions
      4) If that was any man with status – such as an actor out for a morning coffee – hollering at her or walking next to her she would’ve been smitten with such lines as “hello, beautiful,” etc.


  28. All i can gather from this video, given that the girl supposedly feels harrassed, is that from her point of view it is an advert for:

    A: White natonalism, in my white neighbourhood, people don’t loiter on street hollering at girls, especially slightly overweight 6/10s

    B: dressing modestly in public, not in figure hugging jeans

    C: Having a chapperone, male escort, family, friend or spouse when you walk the streets for extended

    feminism doesn’t figure into it…..if she doesn’t like it, or them, she knows what to do, ABC as i listed. None of these guys are breaking the law.

    What are the chances that as a dark featured feminist, she’s also a rabid multiculturalist, who likely has all manner of “exotic” sexual encounters in her history….

    put 2 and 2 together, and what do you get with feminist logic? OMG poor black and latino men harrass me, all mens are bad OMG OMG!!


    • If feminists really cared about women they would oppose mass immigration. Instead they hide the crimes committed by immigrants against women. And when they are forced to comment on an immigrant crime, they hide the fact that it’s a non-White perpetrator and only accuse “men” and Western culture.


  29. The solution of course is to send her money


  30. Diversity’s working well in London!

    The area to the East, chock full of Bengali’s, has had a fair amount of news coverage in the UK recently as (surprise surprise!) it appears that having a large number of immigrants from a corrupt third world country results in corruption of politics in the host nation. Who’da thunk it?

    The punchline is that the same political party that encouraged unchecked immigration into that borough (Labour party) is the same one that’s now been replaced by a party comprised of Bengali’s who turned on them once inside the castle walls.

    “The dossier also alleges that Rahman supporters were allowed to conduct “campaigning inside polling stations”, handing out leaflets and telling voters that the Labour candidates were racist or had “sided with a non-Muslim”.”

    Talk about chickens coming home to roost.


  31. New York Ebola doctor ‘LIED to police about his travel’: NYPD discovered he rode subway, ate at restaurant and went bowling after cops checked his MetroCard


  32. This poor man isn’t even the father and he’s being forced to pay child support. The woman lied on the child’s birth certificate, has even admitted it now, a DNA test has proven he’s NOT the father, yet the state still requires $30K from him.

    Of course you might not feel as bad for him when you realize he was in prison and couldn’t answer the summons two decades ago.


  33. libido dominandi


  34. Another reason not to marry women over 30: if they’re not already married by then, there’s usually a cause for that. Women are constantly reminded of our narrow fertility windows and the compounded health risks of pregnancy past age 35. That means women who ACTUALLY prioritize marriage and children will make the effort to lock down a man by 30. If they haven’t, there are 2 main reasons: 1) she couldn’t find a man, or 2) it wasn’t her first priority. Even today it’s still pretty easy to snag a decent beta for marriage, so if she couldn’t find one she likely has some severe personality flaws (picky, crazy, controlling etc.) that scared other men away before you. And if marriage was never a priority before, there’s no reason to assume she’ll suddenly change her stripes and prioritize you over her career or social life after you marry her.


  35. The Irony here is that by constantly chasing pussy, the readers are dooming themselves to said servitude; but then men of the caliber of Huxley and Orwell never expected anything meaningful to come from the Prole class of humanity anyway.