Giving Up The Burden Of White Privilege

Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism.

Let’s teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish.

Giving up the burden of white privilege to “fight racism”, aka to “freely shit in the faces of flyover White goyim in perpetuity and pull the Eskimo card whenever there’s a faint whiff of wholly justified blowback against our machinations”. How magnanimous!

(If you wonder why I used the “our” possessive pronoun above, do note that the chosen-not-frozen author staked his dialectical ground using the royal “we”.)

Of course, this “white privilege” he wants to give up is actually the albatross of “white defenselessness” he doesn’t want hanging around his neck now that it’s open season on Whites in America. It’s easier to subvert the once-dominant-but-now-a-fag69 White culture when you can simultaneously evade collateral damage and also receive protection from return fire by claiming anti-White fringe coalition membership.

PS I’m gonna head off a stream of runny commenter shit and just remind everyone that genetic analysis has proven that Eskimos are predominantly half northern Italian-half Middle Eastern by ancestry, and are thus best described as being a distinct White ethnicity. (Also, later waves and generations likely absorbed a fair amount of Slav genes.)


  1. To be seen in two years: was the anti-White venom crescendo of the past near-decade a culmination of the past several decades of liberalism, or a collective manic episode that found its empowerment under an Obama administration and with its departure it will pass.

    Regardless, this is one fucking Jim Jones cult were living in.


    • on September 25, 2015 at 4:56 pm Captain Obvious

      French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen will go on trial for comparing Muslim street prayers to wartime Nazi occupation, party officials and the prosecutor’s office said on Tuesday.


      • on September 25, 2015 at 4:58 pm Captain Obvious

        Marine Le Pen


      • on September 26, 2015 at 9:03 am Obviously Cap'n

        François Hollande is almost certainly a Sephardic Eskimo out of – get this, Holland! [no, really] – where his Sephardic ancestors were running the Atlantic chattel slavery trade from Holland in the north all the way down through Cuba [hello Marco Rubio] and then south to Brazil [where “Brazil” is the ultimate goal of the brownification of the USA]. And of course this filthy Sephardic Uber-Sanhedrin will use every legalist mechanism on the books in order to destroy an uppity Shiksa witch like Marine [compare Eskimo-ess Lois Lerner cutting off the Tea Party movement at the knees and conveniently trashing her hard drive in the process].


    • eskimos revert to being eskimos whenever it suits them, for example when they get a racism accusation or when a big man dictator like putin runs them out of his country and they use their 2nd passports.

      whenever an eskimo does something wrong, he reverts to being white, like George Zimmerman (see even Mexicans can do it)


      • Or Donald “Sterling” Tokowitz. Look, another racist white man, goyim! When are you white male racists going to get with the program!? Just ignore the fact that he said they treat blacks like dogs in Israel and his racism is specifically Jewish, please.


  2. There will be a blowback and it is going to hurt, badly.

    Every action creates an opposite (but not necessarily equal) reaction. I would bet this will be a very punishing yet well-earned reaction the anti-whites will experience.


  3. Besides, if you want to re-direct the ire of the black community when it all goes to shit, what’s easier than pointing the Jewish finger at the white guy while yelling, “We’re a minority too! It’s ALL Whitey’s fault!”


    • The truly funny part is going to be when Sambo and Jasper cut Schlomo and Hymie’s throats, cuz they white.


      • Sambo could not even figure out that George Zimmerman who looks like a taco vendor is not white. You think he will be able to tell the difference between a Matzah ball and white bread???


      • You think these folks’ll be out on the street with the proles and trolls risking their necks? Typical of any multicultural diversity lovers, they will be enjoying the “diversity” of their own well protected & secluded enclaves.


    • Ni66ers, one of the jews’ in-house Golem in the late, great West, hate Whitey more than they hate the jews. A ni6 cutting a jew’s throat would be an inadvertent act and not due to the hebe’s jewishness.


      • You’re making my point for me… come the re–bo-lu-shun, a person’s skin is going to be their uniform… ain’t nobody in the ‘hood gonna stop and ask about variations o’ White.


  4. The comments section is pretty funny. Rabbi Pigfuck is being attacked from 20 different angles.


    • That sure wasn’t the impression I got…post some?


      • These were all on the most recent page. Go back further and it’s similar:

        Note that this rabbi’s indiscriminate attack on Whites would be unacceptable and “racist” if directed at ANY other ethnic group. Unfortunately, it has been clear for some time that a vocal segment of Jews, such as a Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev, are rabidly, virulently anti-White……

        Sounds kind of anti-white, which is racist.

        “Let’s teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish.”
        That’s funny. Seriously.

        Please don’t try to fix America anymore. You’ve just about destroyed it already.

        Another embarrassing rabbi with a stupid opinion. Does this guy even hear himself? I find rabbis generally to be incredibly ignorant and tiresome. No different than other religions but geez.

        A rather odd commentary, especially coming from a religious leader. All whiteness is privilege? Maybe he could drive his BMW out to Appalachia some time and check out the pockets of illiteracy and disease about three or four hours’ drive from his nice neighborhood in the D.C. area in West Virginia, western Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

        Let’s assume Rabbi Steinlauf knew that a good portion of his congregation, like most of the commenters here, would be offended by his offering up campus SJW drivel on Rosh Hashanah. …..

        Hang on a minute. I thought that the idea that Jews control everything was one of those “anti-Semitic” canards. And yet here it’s admitted as plain as day!

        Behold America, the Jew shows his parasitic nature. But the Jews can’t hide from their past and current crimes. Funny isn’t it how Donald Sterling was white to the world when the press was brutally chastising his racism, but as many of us know, Donald Tokowitz aka Donald Sterling was a racist Jew…….

        Self segregation masquerading under the banner of social justice.
        Deluded and entertaining at the same time.
        Nice job Rabbi !


      • I thought you were being optimistic…you weren’t. Good stuff.


  5. ‘s always been part of their plan. Obfuscate the surname, blend in your host’s territory when it suits. Once ingrained, and having secured the important strategic bridgeheads in media and holowood, stand apart from the new world ordure you’ve created, while pointing at the brain-dead blanks and shrieking, “they did it!”
    Sad but true, actually. The damage was done a long time ago, as whole generations of nominally white people forgot their heritage and sold their birthright for a mess of pottage.


  6. Hah. They wanted to be white just long enough to amass vast wealth and power, and a tax subsidised homeland. Now that they have it made, they want to morph into something else.

    Maybe they should give up the burden of their vast wealth first. That is the greatest of all privilege.


  7. Jews are copping some Cultural Marxist blowback. Some leftists are going off the plantation by boycotting Israel and Jews are being lumped together with whites in terms of their overrepresentation at schools like Harvard.
    I wonder if the Irish could still disabuse themselves of white privledge.


    • im irish, no mention of white privilege in our media yet altho it could be on the way..

      some feminist quack recently wrote the first book on rape culture in ireland…if the people of ireland actually swallow this horseshit ill be truly ashamed


      • Whites lost WW2. White people had the highest casualty rate.


      • Irish shame arrived in Ireland like a pack of syrian migrants the day eire approved gay marriage in that disgraceful referendum… Rip Ireland. At least ye can elect eskimos as senior politicians.


      • on September 26, 2015 at 9:34 am Obviously Cap'n

        > “Whites lost WW2. White people had the highest casualty rate.” ——— And the single greatest casualty of all was General Patton, who alone realized the horror of what we had done, and who probably also realized that Dwight “JUDEO-Christian” Eisenhower was the Eskimo’s man in the Pentagon. Then after they assassinated Patton, all the Eskimos had to do was emasculate & neuter MacArthur during the Truman Admin in order to install their JUDEO-Christian puppet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


      • on September 26, 2015 at 9:40 am Obviously Cap'n

        The Pritzker Family Crime syndicate, which emerged out of Meyer Lansky Incorporated [and which financed the Barry Soebarkah Dunham initiative], has a Pritzker Military Museum & Library in Chicago, where there’s an Eskimo named Michael D Pearlman who was bragging about how the Eskimos destroyed MacArthur.


    • I think it’s worth pointing out though that Israel and the Jews are not strictly one and the same. I’ve known several actual Israelis and they’re generally more conservative than their American-Jewish relatives. A lot of people might disagree with me, but really until Obama started handing out nukes to all his muslim buddies, Israel was our proxy for attracting all the muslim hate. Slick Willie started making noises about peace talks and a Palestinian state and that set the stage for 9/11.


      • That’s a key feature of Jewish hypocrisy: rightism for Israel but leftism for the Goyim.


      • on September 26, 2015 at 9:43 am Obviously Cap'n

        JG, you lost me there.


      • on September 26, 2015 at 9:44 am Obviously Cap'n

        Meaning that I need some further elucidation.


      • Exactly what I said. There’s a lot of Jew-hate here and while a lot of it is deserved, modern Israel is less reflective of the Jew-at-large than is generally assumed.

        Short version: don’t confuse Israelis (who greatly rely on a Strong America) with Jews (who have their own independent agenda, that only occasionally overlaps with Israel the country).

        Likewise, with a nuclear-armed Iran, Israel is no longer the deterrent power that it used to be in the mid-east. Liberal American foreign policy screws the Israelis by siding with Palestine (back during Clinton) and again under Obama (by giving into Iran on Nukes, more pro-Palestine-independent-country).

        Pre-9/11 we had no terrorism in the US because Israel was the incarnation of the West in the mid-east. With the US supporting Israel, the muzzies couldn’t break them, so they’ve targeted us because: appeasement.


  8. Right in the first paragraph that eskimo says something 100% false,

    …how, in light of Ferguson, Charleston and seemingly endless incidents of injustice against black people in our society, she felt a need to grapple with the racism that is so pervasive in this country and how it affects her identity…

    Wasn’t it in Ferguson that black giant Michael Brown tried to grab the gun from a police officer and that was minutes after that gentle giant had roughed up a store owner and this was captured on video?

    What was the racial injustice against Michael Brown?

    Had he managed to grab the gun he would have shot the police officer.

    There is no endless incidents of injustice against blacks, there is an endless number of crimes committed by blacks ( most of their victims are other blacks ) and an endless number of blacks who resist arrest or attack police officers.

    There is an endless number of journalists who distort facts to brainwash people into believing blacks are victims of some racial injustice ( they even doctored the 911 tape of Zimmerman calling for help to make him sound racist )

    There is no endless injustices against blacks.

    I stopped reading after the first paragraph, the whole article is based on something 100% false.

    [CH: 100% snow job.]


  9. on September 25, 2015 at 3:41 pm Alphanse Alephanse

    I’m Jewish, and 90% of my family were murdered in Europe for not being White. You know what really pisses me off? When people call me White. They didn’t call us White when it mattered, they didn’t call us White on Crystalnacht or in Auschwitz. But now we’re White? Fuck that noise.


    • Did your family have to swallow their jewelry and then sift through their Jewish droppings to pass down the family heirlooms???


    • Sorry about your family, but after Jews and Gypsies, the Slavs were next – are they white?


    • Why don’t you want to be identified as a member of the in-group if being identified as an out-group was the cause of historical persecution?


    • A bizarre statement and ultimately a vaporous misdirection. Please pray for the many millions dead because of the Enemy.


    • So STOP! finding the shortest path to the nearest strongman’s cock, for crying out loud! (Milch 8C~~<====Adolf; Molotov 8C~~<===Stalin; Kaganovich 8C~~<===Stalin; Morgenthau 8C~~<===FDR)

      stop front-running for every single harebrained scheme the local power-that-be puts out!


    • You’re White in America now. Maybe not in Germany in 1930.

      I’m a halfie myself, and I’m sick of hearing this crap from left-wing Jews who hate white people and want to hang out with NAMs so they can feel oppressed and virtuous. You were oppressed in Europe before 1945. True. Now, things are different. You can decide you want to stand with the NAMs for moral reason, but in a race war, your skin color is your uniform. You’re just going to get shot at by both sides the way things are going.


      • My great Aunt was a Modistinmeisterin – what was known as a hat maker in the day. I have photos of her and her fellow apprentices with her Jewish boss when he took them on a business trip to Paris in 1931 or so. I have a watch herJewish apprentie gave her when she was taken away.She wore thatwaththe rest of her daysover 50 years. The fahion industry in Frankfurt then was also heavilyJewish. In my many conversations with her, I never had the sense most Germans were anti-semitic even then. My grandmother even served as a shabbas goy sometimes for the family across the street. Her husband also had a lot of Jewish associates. My impression of German Jewish relations prior to the war,is one of being very similar to the US. In myopinion,it was leftwing atheist Jews who poisoned the well by starting the Russian Revolution unleashing the horrors that we are still reeling from. Czar Maximillion was a very decent man and determined to resolve the Jewish issue successfully for all. Even a grievance like the May laws could have been readily worked out. It became impossible to govern because the radicals were never satisfied. He was assassinated by the Bolsheviks. He was killed rendering aid to a wounded bystander from the first bomb by asecondbomb This all makes far more sense in light of the Fatima prophecy.


      • That oppression sword cuts both ways… they did their own fair share of oppressing, both in Germany and especially in Russia and other areas of Eastern Europe… well-before the birth of NAH-ZEEs and such.


      • on September 26, 2015 at 5:34 am Laguna Beach Fogey

        The Jews are not blameless and in fact could be said to be in large part responsible for the National Socialists. Hitler’s rise to power was a response to threat from Jewish-led Bolsheviks.


      • “Russia and other areas of Eastern Europe… well-before the birth of NAH-ZEEs and such.”

        The Nasties were well aware of the nature of the “Russian Revolution” and what these people had done in Ukraine when they wrested power from the Czar..


    • on September 25, 2015 at 5:00 pm Captain Obvious

      “Well, there is no famine” – Meir Henoch Mojszewicz Wallach-Finkelstein


    • on September 25, 2015 at 5:05 pm The Spirit Within

      I’ve been trying to make the point around here that the definition of “white” changes with the era. But these dudes just stick their fingers in their ears and squinch their eyes shut. Too much cognitive dissonance.


      • No, Strapon, the definition doesn’t change…

        The political rhetoric and jostling in line… especially post facto, to see who gets to play the victim card… may change.

        But in meat world, everyone knows at a glance who’s White.

        The problem you dweebs can’t wrap your mitts around is that Whites are the most diverse race in and of themselves, and run the gamut of in-group variations, from Amish to Castillian to, yes, even Jews.

        And we’ve never been shy about seeing our own kind as big an enemy, even bigger, than the blackest interloper.


    • stop playing the holohoax card, we know your not white…your tribe mass murdered over 60 million white christians in russia


    • The British murdered German civilians in droves by the hundreds of thousands; 100,000 in Hamburg, 150,000 in Dresden; thousands of provincial German towns without strategic value destroyed just for the hell of it; displacement, murder and rape of an entire German ethny (6 million +) that had lived in Eastern Europe for longer than the Jews; the mass murder of German POWs by Eisenhower’s neglect and brutality even though Allied (US and American) POWs were well treated by the Germans.

      Now we have a Germany that is prostrate before Israel’s Sampson option. You got your revenge. And are still getting it in the form of genocidal levels of immigration into Europe.


    • I remember that there was a move to count Jews separately from whites on the Census, but the Jewish elites themselves demanded to be counted as whites.

      But yeah, I refuse to identify as white either, least of all to be associated with the insulting term “whiteness”. I’m European.


    • I’m Jewish

      Of course you are.

      and 90% of my family were murdered in Europe for not being White.

      What are the odds?

      You know what really pisses me off?

      You’re going to tell us, right?

      When people call me White.

      Actually it flatters you – it is the most flattering thing that can be said about you.

      They didn’t call us White when it mattered, they didn’t call us White on Crystalnacht or in Auschwitz. But now we’re White? Fuck that noise.

      But you just said that you did not want to be called White – but when they don’t, you are unhappy with that too, so which is it? We call you White and it’s “fuck that noise” and when we don’t, you complain about that too.

      It’s almost like you don’t belong here. Or rather: You don’t belong here.


    • Unfortunately, it is very hard to visually tell Jews in the US and Europe apart from their evil, Nazi neighbors. For their own safety, they should start wearing identifying symbols so that everyone can tell who the good guys are.

      [CH: quick aside on this comment. if you look at old photos of groups of german jews circa 1920-30, you can definitely tell that they look phenotypically different than the surrounding non-jewish german population. the semitic features of their faces are hard to miss. this physical difference may be less salient today, what with the century of mixing that’s been going on, but even still you can tell that for instance american jews have a “look” that is often sufficiently distinctive from non-jews that one can make a visual guess of their jewishness from a mere glance.
      (this is true for a lot of white european ethnicities, btw. i can tell with decent accuracy an englishman from a greek.)]


    • … And of course you were angrily protesting being called “white” long before the anti-white agenda was being pushed, right?


      • LOL Just look at those old 3 stooges short films,the old Warner Bros cartoons.Go back all the way,in fact:when th e Jews were transporting them negroes across the oceans,were they claiming solidarity with the peeps of color? Jews are scum.


    • Guess what…to blacks, mestizos, Chinese, Indians, and Pacific Islanders, and genetics – you’re white. Good luck playing the guilt card with those folks.

      I worked at an Orthodox Hebrew school in Miami for a year…those Jews would think the Rabbi in the Post article was as Jewish as the Imam of Khartoum. These Reformed types would be considered like the Capos in the concentration camps; the Jews who helped the Nazis put the prisoners in the ovens.

      But you won’t be the only one jumping off the ship. I can’t wait until the Catholics declare they aren’t white either.


    • You stop being Jewish the moment you stop “acting the Jew.”

      In the meantime, we’ll take you at your word: you’re not “white.” Now that we’ve established that, let’s adjust your representation within our institutions so that it reflects your proportion of the population.

      That, and more bacon for breakfast, dinner, and supper.


    • Ah yes, another of the 6M Survivors.

      Hey, I had an uncle who died in a KZ… he got drunk one night and fell out of the guard tower.


    • That never happened, you lying weasel. Now fuck off.


    • If Jews don’t like being called White, why don’t they lobby the government to stop calling them White? Oh, I forgot how poor and politically powerless they are. But someone out there created a petition to do exactly that, I’m sure you’ll be glad to sign it:


    • The problem with Nazism is not racism is where it came from. Nazism like all socialism came from envy, Hitler took that and reconverted it to racial hate. The proof of that is that racial hate against other Semites didn’t exist historically. Just existed towards Islam and its brutal Conquers.
      Jews are hated in the same way that businessman are hated. In Spain Jews are thought to be rich who doesn’t share their wealth and earn it dishonesty, essentially what they think about white businessman too.
      The Spanish left hate Jews and Israel because they are not enough beta to be losers. But that also for white male in general with left blaming Spanish men because don’t embrace open Melilla and Ceuta borders and pay more than 200€ per day per nigga among other shit.
      Now that religious beliefs have fallen aside(poor’s envy aka socialism has not) between Jews and native Whites only remain their common racial cluster and being the socialist anti individual anti private property target.
      Jews have now the opportunity to declare themselves as Europeans the most exclusive group of all of times. Group in which they want to live because Jews have been in Europe more than 2000 years.
      Jews also have the same cognitive profile with Whites with their holistic verbal philosophical skill as the main brain skill in contrast with Asians who have highest spatial analytical skill. They haven’t neither philosophy or science. They only they have isolated artifacts and a “”” philosophy “”” which is a lot of statements of how to live. The superior holistic(holistic is not girly, intuitive is neither girly) abstract required by science and philosophy is shared only by Whites and Jews.
      Each moment matter to stop our internal fratricidal fight.
      P.S. Europeans have despised themselves all time. Nazis were particularly cruel to Slavs they thought that Slavs were also a inferior people. Are Slavs white? Aren’t they White due to the great amount of them who died in the war?? (20 millions). The prototype of a white women is a slav women


      • The problem with Nazism is not racism is where it came from. Nazism like all socialism came from envy, Hitler took that and reconverted it to racial hate.

        Ach, the ol’ “you’re just jealous” gambit. (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        And at this late stage. :duckface

        It’s a wonder those jealous Germans didn’t hang Goethe and Beethoven and Wagner, et. al., for being so damn successful.


    • Ridiculous lies. The Nazis were a pan-Germanic movement that didn’t talk or care about whiteness at all and their target list included a whole lot of white ethnicities, Jews among them.

      All this talk about “whiteness” is later revisionism meant to expand Nazi guilt to all of Europe and North America. You are trying to milk people who had nothing to do with the Holocaust and who may be descendants of either victims of the Nazi regime or those who sacrificed much to bring it down. It is going to bring another disaster upon you and it will be all your own fault.


    • Never stop screaming about what was done to you. Never talk about or allow others to talk about why.

      It’s a solid strategy and it works very well …. until it doesn’t. The coward who wrote the subject article senses that the tribe is once again nearing one of those historical eras when the plundered push back. And I think he’s right.

      The author’s suggested strategy is not new. Even reformed Jews have always taught their children (out of the earshot of whites, of course) that they
      are nothing like the goyim, they are better — yiddishe kop vs goyishe kop and all that… It’s been stated publicly in this case to try to take the moral high ground from bad-whites.

      Basic parasite survival strategy — blend with the host when advantageous to do so, separate yourself from the host when your survival is threatened.


    • I’m Jewish too. All four of my grandparents were killed by the electric floors.


    • Oy vey, goyim. I was gassed six times!


    • Tell me about it! I lost ALL of my family in the holocaust! Mengele himself chose ME to experiment on.Fortunately I was able to disguise myself as a giant dampfnudel and was able to make my escape to the surrounding forest where a family of raccoons nurtured me back to health.I still have Mengeles teethmarks on my ass to this day…


    • on September 26, 2015 at 4:51 pm Ed the Department Head

      Was your Uncle Schlomo turned into soap and your Aunt Sophie converted into an attractive and fashionable women’s purse? 🙂


    • Were they among the 4 million….I mean 3 million…, revised down again to 2.5 million…or the latest pulled-out-of-the-ass figure of 1 million for Jews murdered in Auschwitz?


    • You are playing with fire, kid. If Harvard and Yale and Stanford, etc. start collating “Jews” separate from “whites”, the massive Jewish overrepresentation in the student body and the faculty is going to be stunning. You very survival depends on your ability to be submerged in “white” and not distinctly “Jewish”.

      You weren’t killed for not being white, but for not being German, Polish, Austrian, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, etc.


      • Not only massive Jewish overrepresentation, but also massive white underrepresentation. In fact, negroes are almost twice as likely to get an Ivy degree than a non-Jewish white! Given the nuclear devastation those facts would wreak on the prevailing “oppression” narrative, you can bet they will never see the light of day in mainstream propaganda outlets.

        Oh, and Poles were killed en masse too – not only by ze Germans and their lackeys, but also by the (mostly Jewish) Soviets. In fact, not counting war casualties, around 6 million Polish citizens were murdered by the German genocide machine alone. Due to lack of documentation, we don’t know exactly how many were murdered by the Soviet side, but estimates are in millions too.


  10. Maybe it is time to refine White. Are you talking about White Christian civilisation? Because many pawns of the Enemy are white. This is why we cannot win unless we have the spiritual foundation above the Humanist, liberal. Imagine after the French revolution there was a time when Catholicism was the only recourse. Now look at the situation.

    Perhaps many are still under the shock that this is really happening. Right now, a rejuvenated cohort of Catholics (I’m excluding Protestantis) to build communities is what is required.


  11. As racial conflict heats up, they are distancing themselves from Whites. They have built a coalition of pissed-off non-Whites and, as in the Red Terror in 1917, will finally lead it in the final assault on White America. I wonder if anyone else senses where all this is going.


  12. from article:

    “The brilliance of being Jewish, though, is that we stubbornly refuse to fit into any social construct of power or oppression. We are simply Ivri’im, people from “somewhere else,” people who struggle with God and justice, who demand that the rest of the world does, too, and see every human life as sacred because we are all in the image of God. And the truth is, we have never belonged to one race alone. The Torah tells us that we left Egypt with the “erev rav,” with a mixed multitude of peoples. Around the world there are Jews of color, Asian Jews, Jews of all kinds. The idea that Jews are white is not only ridiculous, it’s offensive to who we really are! Yes, societies like America come along sometimes and give us privileges and powerful labels like “white.” In America’s racist social construct, Jews are very much white people, but we must never again think of ourselves that way — it’s time for us to opt out of that racist paradigm, because we are Jews.


    ”They are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race…



  13. You have to hand it to Schlomo he’s completely clueless. Remember that 60 minutes interview where the black guy was saying he wanted to kill all White people and Mike Wallace started laughing? A moment of clarity was had when the black guy told Mikey that blacks see the jews as White. Schlomo Wallace tried to do the Muh Holocaust and it didn’t work!
    The blacks judge everything by color. Marchin Lootin Kang said you should judge by content of character to hide the fact everyone who ever met a nigger should already know. The black judges everything by color. The only thing they don’t care about the color of is maybe Jordan shoes and perhaps paint, but everything else is color coded. You have to keep it simple when you’re dealing with STUPID.
    Maybe they can have a multibillion dollar education program to get everyone to see jews as not White? That way Whites know they’re an enemy and not like US at ALL!


    • on September 26, 2015 at 9:54 am Obviously Cap'n

      > “Muh Holocaust… Marchin Lootin Kang…” ——— Le Chateau est smokin’. The COTYs just keep coming. That was some funny funny shiznat.


  14. If you want to know where this is going, you should watch the Russian movie “Chekist”. It is freely available on the web with English subtitles.

    The Polish film “Katyn” is also illustrative.

    When the Esquimeaux are feeling their oats, its a bad time to be a shegetz…


  15. The author of the original piece is probably fearful of finding himself as a direct recipient of anti-white animus.

    I find it humorous that he feels that the pages of the WaPo is the best place to litigate his newly discovered unwhite status. His most dangerous antagonists are probably not subscribers.

    If the trends continue, expect this to become the most popular, if not necessarily the most talked about ‘trans’ procedure. All you need is a word processor and a graveyard to whistle past.


  16. These cowards need to be given the Cimmerian treatment…


    • on September 26, 2015 at 4:02 am Robert the Wise

      “These cowards need to be given the Cimmerian treatment…”

      Er… what does that mean exactly? Chopped up with a sword stolen from an ancient king’s tomb? Crucified? Beaten to death by a bronze-skinned, barbarian from the north?


  17. If only Barbara Specter would abandon any notions to Whiteness and face down the Putin In Berlin Germans as an acknowledged outsider. From what I understand, liberals aside, Jews never had Whiteness. I understand that they do have a semi-interesting culture of their own and they do believe they are superior to Gentiles but, they have always been envious of the fact that they had to be raised to the Greco-Roman standard and not the other way around. They are just taking their toys and going home without actually going home and making life easier for everybody.


  18. “PS I’m gonna head off a stream of runny commenter shit and just remind everyone that genetic analysis has proven that Eskimos are predominantly half northern Italian-half Middle Eastern by ancestry, and are thus best described as being a distinct White ethnicity. (Also, later waves and generations likely absorbed a fair amount of Slav genes.)”

    Which only proves anybody can be a “Jew” and we ought to use the word as a slur describing depravity and immorality, as does the Gospel of John.


  19. I got a lot of retweets on this “Two years ago misogynist lost its sting, after Ferguson, racist. We are on the cusp of anti-semite losing its punch.”


  20. Shalom, CH. This is probably in my top 10 favorite political posts. you’ve ever written, and I’ve been reading for over 5 years. You have clearly identified EXACTLY what is going on here. ‘We’re white when we want to be, but we’re Jooze when we don’t’

    Jewz are the Rachel Dolezals of society.

    I contend the point that Eskimo DNA is “half Italian half Middle Eastern” because it doesn’t control for the differentiation of Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazis. Plus, I’m partly Italian so I don’t want to admit that shit. Even assuming your statement is 100% accurate I take issue with calling any ethnicity that is 50% middle eastern “white.”


    • The Ashkenazi base may be half Italian, half Semite, but they mixed even more after that with Poles, Lithuanians, Germans, Russians, etc. LoL @ Bar Refaeli being “Semitic,” for instance. She’s about as Semitic as my Northern European ass.

      That being said, they are a hostile tribe that is genetically distinct and they must be regarded as the enemy. I’ll post this link once again:


    • on September 26, 2015 at 9:26 am illyrian bumpkin

      The relevant study is Costa, M.D. et al. “A substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineage”, and CH is incorrect in his summary.

      It doesn’t specify “northern Italian” because the classification is Mediterranean, and the theory it purports to prove is that a population of Near Eastern (not “Middle Eastern” i.e. Arab) intermarried with Italian or Mediterranean women for several centuries at Rome, whose descendants then dispersed along the Rhineland where they subsequently acquired German names. This is the “Rhineland Hypothesis”, and it was taken for granted by etymologists and historians prior to sensationalist fables of the twentieth century, like the so-called Khazar hypothesis.

      The study is significant for several reasons. One, it establishes once for all that Ashkenazi Jews, however disagreeable you may find their faces of their attitudes, are as “white” Italians — alternatively, Italians are no more “white” than Ashkenazi Jews, if that is one’s preference.

      Second, it also obliterates the hypothesis that the Ashkenazim absorbed substantial amounts of Eastern European blood during their sojourn in that part of the continent; it did happen, but as hbdchick notes, the Slavs were far more clannish, even up to the early twentieth century, than the cosmopolitan Romans two-thousand years ago.

      Third and most important, it completely upturns the Jewish fable that one is “Jewish” by virtue of matrilineal descent; the study mentions some Near Eastern mtDNA for Levites, but beyond that, tracing maternal lines of descent among modern Jews leads in most cases straight back to Rome. (This boggles me, as my own mtDNA haplogroup is Near Eastern.)

      It is worth quoting the conclusion at length, if anyone cares to pay attention:

      Jewish communities were already spread across the Graeco-Roman and Persian world >2,000 years ago. It is thought that a substantial Jewish community was present in Rome from at least the mid-second century BCE, maintaining links to Jerusalem and numbering 30,000–50,000 by the first half of the first century CE15. By the end of the first millennium CE, Ashkenazi communities were historically visible along the Rhine valley in Germany. After the wave of expulsions in Western Europe during the fifteenth century, they began to disperse once more, into Eastern Europe.

      These analyses suggest that the first major wave of assimilation probably took place in Mediterranean Europe, most likely in the Italian peninsula ~2 ka, with substantial further assimilation of minor founders in west/central Europe. There is less evidence for assimilation in Eastern Europe, and almost none for a source in the North Caucasus/Chuvashia, as would be predicted by the Khazar hypothesis—rather, the results show strong genetic continuities between west and east European Ashkenazi communities, albeit with gradual clines of frequency of founders between east and west.

      There is surprisingly little evidence for any significant founder event from the Near East. Fewer than 10% of the Ashkenazi mtDNAs can be assigned to a Near Eastern source with any confidence, and these are found at very low frequencies (Fig. 2). The most frequent, belonging to HV1b2, R0a1a and U7, are found at only ~3, 2 and 1% respectively. All are widespread across Ashkenazi communities, and might conceivably be relicts of early Levantine founders, but it seems likely that other more minor Near Eastern lineages are the result of more recent gene flow into the Ashkenazim.

      “I contend the point that Eskimo DNA is “half Italian half Middle Eastern” because it doesn’t control for the differentiation of Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazis.”

      Well, that’s simply because the Sephardim aren’t important. As WN, when we talk about “Jews”, we’re talking about Ashkenazim, i.e. German Jews, the group whom the study proves to have been formed by Levantine (again not simply “Arab”) men breeding with Italian women, who descendants then moved up the peninsula into Germany for business opportunities.

      And isn’t that all too familiar to us any way one looks at it? You got these Levantine merchant types at Rome, who probably had a hard time finding their own women because hypergamy (fewer women = raising costs of sex); and you got these local Mediterranean women, who probably had a hard time finding decent husbands owing to the onerous demands of the Roman state for soldiery, etc. It isn’t like mating strategies were essentially different in the big city back then.

      [CH: i’m not sure you’re disagreeing with me here. the genetic studies i’ve read conclude that jews are a european group admixed with middle easterners. the founding “bottleneck” groups of jews were definitely admixed about half euro and half levantine. and honestly a lot of american ashkenazi do have levantine/semitic facial features. ]


      • on September 27, 2015 at 11:03 am illyrian bumpkin

        Not disagreeing exactly, only adding some depth. Obviously they’re a “mix”, but we should be clear about the nature of that mix.

        One of the reasons Israeli geneticists have been so diligent about figuring out just what the Ashkenazim are, is obviously that they were eager to bolster their claim to Israel itself. If they weren’t part “Middle Eastern”, they’d never been there at all and were complete interlopers.

        Not surprisingly, they found ancestry traceable to the Levant. And while the Levant is close to Yemen and northeast Africa (the ultimate origins of the “Semitic” culture), there’s far from complete overlap.

        My point is that at the level of the nerds, “Middle Eastern” and “Near Eastern” or “Levantine” are certainly not interchangeable, no more than Jon Stewart is visibly interchangeable with the inhabits of Riyadh or Sana’a.

        These studies are endless, their teams aren’t omniscient and don’t communicate, and the point isn’t to arrive at a final consensus but to put out papers and justify allocations. The authors of the one you cite even ask:

        “When did the admixture process take place and to what extent was that process sex-biased, where men with one origin mated with women from another?”

        Which the Costa et al. study from just one year before makes quite clear.

        Not that I think Jews or Judaism can be confronted on the basis of a genetic study. You won’t win an argument citing anyone.

        Most interesting to me is the Y-DNA of Ashkenazim. I believe J2 and E are the most frequent. J2 is most frequent in the Near East and Anatolia: Crete, Cyprus, northern and central Turkey, northern Iraq, Lebanon, and above all among the Ingushetians and Chechens. In other words, it is a “northern” allele, relative to the Arab and Bedouin world.

        Follow me here if you want, because it’s interesting. While J2 is very prevalent among the two last folk, it is completely absent among the neighboring Dagestanis and Avars, where J1 is most frequent. Not surprising: because of the mountains terrain and extreme clannishness of these peoples, it is one of the most ethnically diverse on the Continent even today. Dagestan, remember, is just over a hundred miles from Grozny. So this is a very precise founder effect we’re looking at it: one day, a man with “J2” left what is now Dagestan with his family to found another people along the banks of the Terek.

        Now, I’m not one to look at historical records and make easy ascriptions of modern ethnic identity. Nonetheless, men of the ancient world kept real records, and there are abundant clues about the continuity of peoples. As a rule, populations don’t disappear or simply go extinct; they are taken over and become someone else.

        The cultural complex associated with the modern distribution of J2 are the Hurrian, Hattian (an offshoot subsequently dominated by the Indo-European “Hittites”), and Minoan. We know from surviving fragments that Hurrians’ original language was agglutinative. The Chechen and Dagestani languages are also agglutinative.

        To come to the point: I believe the Hebrews, or the “Levantine” men who eventually found their way to Rome and bred out with Italian women, were the result of the Bronze Age Collapse, where some Caucasians who some centuries before had migrated south (probably through one of the mountain passes into modern Ardahan) into Anatolia, become “Hurrianized”, carried on southward and later became “Semitized” — and this is, actually, the explanation favored by archaeology, historical record, and genetics.


  21. It certainly explains the post-WWII push for circumcision for all , doesn’t it? How many shiksas found out only after they slept with a guy, that he was Jewish?


    • It’s crazy how they were able to pull that off. Being circumcised is considered clean and civilized in today’s world (America anyhow) and intact is gross, while the Ancient Greeks held the precisely opposite and correct view. Thank god my Mother was a nurse and knew better and didn’t have it done to me.

      “If you don’t mutilate your infant he’s gonna get AIDS and cancer and die before he’s 30! Cleaning it is too hard! Plus girls won’t talk to him because foreskin is gross! Trust us!” –The Jews.


      • Yeah I want a goddam reparations check from the Tribe based on what they did to my johnson.


      • That both the Jews and the Muslims practice genital mutilation on babies and children as a religious ritual is telling. Also that they have laws that they must slaughter animals particularly gruesomely for god (Kosher/Halal). They are all Middle Eastern savages, this is why the Jews do these things to us because of their naturally cruel ways.


  22. That’s well said Heartiste. Lean and tight.


  23. Regardless of genetic analysis Jews certainly don’t consider themselves the same ethnic class (or even race) as those of European stock.

    Oops, I mean they don’t consider themselves European race unless it’s convenient for them.

    I find it funny that Jews are nearly always played by super WASP-y actors in films. Warren Beatty as Bugsy Siegel? Daniel Craig as a Jew in that WW2 film a few years ago? Please.

    It’s all part of the Eskimo plan to convince whites that “we’re just like you.” Whereas in the meantime they are telling their kids “We’re not like them at all.” They say so in the Old Testament and Talmud too.

    Kevin MacDonald writes about this duality.

    Jews want to convince everyone else they’re not a race while preserving a strong racial identity. Devious, and fucking brilliant.


    • Fifty percent intermarriage in US since second world war.

      [CH: i wonder if intermarriage causes a “boiling off” of the most secular and assimilated, leaving behind in the other 50% a more committed army of anti-gentile cultural marxists.]


      • Quite the reverse, really: the Jews most invested in preserving their identity and not assimilating — the Orthodox — are also the LEAST socialist, the LEAST PC, and the LEAST liberal. Their “assimilated” cousins are perfectly happy for them to get the Kristalnacht treatment from Al Sharpton, because assimilated Jews find it kind of embarrassing to be reminded of all that boring “pray to God instead of the Party” stuff.


      • Atheist Jews mimic a specific host behaviour and take it to a wild and often political extreme. White conscience and empathy become Marxism, our ego and ambition, Objectivist. In one way or another they seek to be whiter than white by spergishly focusing on very specific traits.


    • That only works when you keep your ladies in the fold. Too bad the Europeans can’t keep that in mind.


    • And whites always played by Jews.


  24. CH…how does one be alpha around chicks that are so darn smart?

    she is so hot AND smart….


  25. I don’t suppose that anybody would be interested in Benjamin Freedman’s far-fetched notion that the Khazarians and the Ashkenazy were the same? Would they? The video also goes on to suggest that Merkel herself is one of these people and that psychopathy is a genetic trait of theirs. The video is a guilty pleasure, the assertions require more verification.


    • One should rightfully call zhyds, Khazarim.

      There is a curious disparity in the mortality rate of sub-tribes. While treatment of Sephardim does raise the Holohoax concerns, the treatment of Khazarim was (with moderate exaggerations) about as described in mainstream history.

      tl;dr in wwii some jews were more jews than others.


  26. Ou vey just read the article. I’ll summarize to save you the trouble.

    The good rabbi says that Jews struggled mightily to assimilate into America. They too were barred from white (aka) wasp institution. But they overcame. They entered white society and prospered in America as never before seen in the history of the race.

    But in their struggle to “become white” they forgot the struggles of the colored in America. They forgot how American society is structured to keep the black man down. They must renew their struggle, this time for the coloreds. Jews will fight the badwhites(tm) will bring light to the world.

    Did i miss anything?

    Glaringly absent is any Jewish culpability for the “American power structure that keeps the coloreds oppressed.” This despite the fact that Jews wield tremendous influence over American society.

    No, it’s those badwhites. All their fault.

    Maybe someone can ask the Palestinians how they feel about Jewish racial justice.


  27. The revolution requires neologisms.

    SJW platitude: Narratude

    Spectrum of shame: Cuckservative, Catawhite, Bronyfant


  28. They’re aren’t a white ethnicity, they’re Semites. Their ancestral homeland is Palestine/Israel not Europe.


    • Wrong. Only the Sephardi Jews, who make <15% of total Jewish population are ethnically Semitic. The majority are Ashkenazis, who are of Caucasian descent.


      • So, Schlomo… you’re admitting the modern-day (ahem) Israelis have no valid ancestral claim to Palestine?


  29. By the way, this is how Jews feel about diversity in Israel:

    Israel is importing 20k Chinese workers to build housing. The Israelis forced the Chinese to sign contracts that prohibit them from sex or contact of any kind with Israeli women, even prostitutes.

    Yet Jews work tirelessly to flood white countries with non-whites.

    Draw your own conclusions.


    • Oops make that “did import.” The article is 12 years old Surprised it’s still up.


    • The Chinese signed the no-sex contract, but what about the Israeli women?

      “Hey, what’s going on here, Erving? You’re f#cking like a Chinaman!”


    • They also work tirelessly to tell our women to hate white men and mate with chimpanzees. Complete your thoughts. Things are serious now.


  30. on September 26, 2015 at 9:17 am skinnylegsandall

    Here good recent posting that opens up the old jew israeli box again


  31. CH, what is the reference to Eskimo you use frequently? Please explain the meaning.


    • It’s a codeword for “Jew”, originally used wherever “Jew” would be censored – and later morphed into a snarky in-joke to be used wherever.


      • The issue is, why would “Jew” have to be censored?

        Snark cuts snark, samizdat results.


      • Ask the “antisemitism” hustlers who see every mention of their own (unless fawningly deferential) in goy spaces as a threat to their carefully cultivated powerless victim image.

        Or in other words, try openly discussing the Jews in any mainstream forum, and see how quickly you get banned.


  32. We jews are (mostly) white.. My family (Kohanim on my fathers and Levites on my mothers) comes from Russia.. My grandfather has blue eyes and his mom had blonde hair.. Its just that unlike germans or englishmen or whatever we have more life goals and more things to be proud about than mere color


    • “Its just that unlike germans or englishmen or whatever we have more life goals and more things to be proud about than mere color”

      Oh we know that Shekelstain, as matter of fact we are discussing your goals almost on a daily basis here


    • Shameless self-promotion, theft, murder and incessant lying about it all can keep a fella busy and make for a full life. No doubt about it.


    • Obviously, the English and the Germans have done nothing, lo, these past few centuries but rest on the laurels of their blond hair and blue eyes.

      Schlomo, the only thing your ilk have as a goal is getting double the credit for half the talent in whatever endeavor you pursue…

      … because in all-too-many instances, the majority of your kind’s “success” comes from intra-tribal networking and nepotism.


  33. on September 26, 2015 at 12:09 pm Schlomo O'Schlomowitz

    “Struggled” to become white? Since when? This leftoid victim-status-whoring is yet another tacitical mis-step that is going to turn the country that his been by miles the most welcoming to a Jewish minority into one distinctly less welcoming. It’s just nuts. My wise old nana came from Poland in the 30s, so maybe she had the advantage of perspective, but she never understood all Holocaust-museum, anti-semitism mewling of her American co-religionists. “Why do they have those museums here? It’s like when the schwartzes say we’ve got to pay for slavery.” She wasn’t too keen on immigration either. Why change what’s as good as you’ve ever had?

    Doubtless, there are some who have ulterior motives or a hidden agenda — business barons who want cheap labor, Democratic hierarchs who want to leaven (ha) the electorate with more auto-Dem voters, or heck, even delusional paranoids who think that the Founding Culture of America is more of a threat to them than what would arise after a massive tide of non-white immigration. But I observe that for many Jews, this is just a question of guilt (something the Jews are good at inflicting on others, but also on themselves). They feel like they found refuge in America, and so they can’t advocate to deny it to others. They need to shift the frame: somebody welcomed you (almost inexplicably) into their home. What could be ruder than presuming you can offer hospitality to others against your hosts’ wishes?

    Side note, can’t teach my kids to be “not-white”, because their mother’s crossing ancestor was on the Mayflower. The same is true, though not to the same Pilgrim extreme, of nearly half of reform Jews in America. (Sad side note: so we send them to Episcopal School, and they wind up getting dosed with multi-culti nonsense. Suicide is everywhere)


  34. The Rabbi and his fellow Jews should think about a way to distinguish themselves from the White Goyim. I suggest a tattoo of the Star of David on a conspicuous part of the body.


  35. The problem of CH is that you look at everything through an American glasses. In Israel most Jews are not from Europe and are far from being white. That includes all the Jews from south of Europe, North Africa, middle east and the sub continent. In France for example the majority of Jews are from north Africa and look much more like Berbers than a European.

    As an Israeli I agree with the basic notion that each country should have mainly people from their own group, however we are not talking here necessarily about race but more about a nation. As a Jew I feel more solidarity with my fellow Jews, whatever their race or skin colour is than with some gentile who might have the same skin colour as me.

    I believe at the end all Jews will have to migrate to Israel which is our nation and land. There is no future for Jews in the US, they will either mix or in some stage their life will be horrible for one reason or another, Muslim immigrants, pissed off christians, whatever. We already see it with the Jews in France and we will see it also in the US with your cucked politicians who bring so many foreigners who will never contribute anything even remotely close to what the Jews brought to your country.

    [CH: if there ever comes a day when american jews are hassled and tormented en masse (not “watchoo doin rabbi” hassling, i mean the real deal), then they will largely have themselves to blame, for it was their prerogative to push diversity and multikult down white christian america’s throat for a century. they didn’t have to do that, but they did. it would be quite disingenuous to act surprised if there’s ever blowback on a widespread scale.]


    • “… Who bring so many foreigners who will never contribute anything remotely close to what to Jews brought to your country.”

      No 50+ million babies aborted?
      No pornography?
      No shit degenerate cinema?
      No shit degenerate music?
      No shit degenerate art?
      No shit degenerate literature?
      No shit degenerate architecture?
      No shit degenerate philosophy?
      No shit degenerate psychiatry?
      No neo Bolshevism?
      No destruction of the family?
      No surveillance state?
      No radicalization of blacks?
      No comidification of anything human?
      No shit bling culture?
      No gay mafia?
      No shit degenerate public schools?
      No more parasitic investment banks?
      No more spreadsheet mafia hollowing out the US economy.
      No more neocon sociopath politics murdering our children in phony wars for Israel?
      No more whiny, sniveling?

      Whatever will the white Christian people of North America do without you? Whatever will become of us?


    • CH, you took the words outa ma mouth. The destruction of the White race and our countries is the direct and fundamental result of Jewish machinations. The whole armoury of destruction has been intellectualised and driven by them. If the general public ever becomes aware of this role we’ll have 1930’s Germany redux.

      Maybe the rabbi who wrote this rubbish is getting a sense of this risk and hedging accordingly.


    • your cucked politicians who bring so many foreigners who will never contribute anything even remotely close to what the Jews brought to your country.

      Don’cha just LOVE the chutzpah of these people?

      Who cucked the politicians, Hymie?

      Who MSM-assassinated anyone who tried to speak out against the malaise, Schlomo?

      Who manipulates the strings behind every freakin’ organization and PAC that encourages… nay, demands… we forget about our White Christian heritage of Manifest Destiny days and welcome in the “wretched refuse”, Irving?

      And now that you Sanhedrin Sons of Satan have just about finished your nefarious tasks, you speak of how fucked up we gentiles are, and you’re heading home to country the West pretty much handed you on a silver platter?

      G-d damn! (((shakin’ mein kopf)))


    • CH, who says this blowback against the Jews isn’t *exactly* what the influential Jews wanted? Maybe the goal is to coerce as many as possible to move to Israel? Just a hypothesis…


  36. on September 26, 2015 at 6:53 pm Dindu Riot Squad

    They’re the Chosen People but they need out tax dollars and the backing of our military. Funny.

    So now I guess we can remind them that all their academic talk for years about race being a social construct was bullshit, as this proves it. If Jews feel they are different than whites despite being “white” themselves, than discussion of racial differences in all areas are now formally on the table. Thanks for opening the door, Shlomo.


    • Good one!

      My feeling about Jews are they make the same mistake over and over and over and over… It’s hard to keep blaming everyone around you for your problems when every single country they’ve been to in any large numbers they’re eventually thrown out. I think the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not every single one but a very large amount compared to people who are not Jews.

      If you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you’ll never be surprised. Amazing how consistent this one idea is towards revealing the truth.

      People don’t believe this because ALL of us relate to others by thinking that they have the same thinking patterns as we do. We even do this with Animals.

      All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter.

      Jews have the same pattern over and over because it works. They go to another country. They say the last country oppressed them and they’ve always been oppressed because they love God and only serve him.

      They rise to the top of the country by these methods. They flatter the people who control the country, get them in their debt. Possibly black mail them. They take control of the information and media of the country. After this point the country goes down rapidly. Here’s where the psychopaths always mess up. They have no off switch. Have you ever watched a documentary on wolverines? They are just like wolverines. Wolverines are insatiable eaters. They will eat til they pass out. The Jews are they same. Anyone can get rich if all they do is pursue wealth constantly. This obsession is worse for the Jews as there is nothing they will not do. Psychopaths have no shame so they will do any crime or break any taboo to get money and power. Psychopaths think that the rest of are stupid and we deserve to get taken for being idiots. It’s not really a crime to con people because victims deserve what they get.

      Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.

      Start over.

      Jews are always telling us they are not like us. I believe them. Maybe I’m wrong but you will find great coherence if you think of the Jews as a tribe of psychopaths and you will never be surprised.

      There’s a great book on Psychopaths by Hervey Cleckley, “The Mask of Sanity”. Here’s a chapter all should read. It’s about Stanley. Who does all kinds of manic bullshit and speeds all his time feeding people the most outrageous lies. Maybe it will remind you of a certain tribe. New meme. “They’re pulling a Stanley”. The whole book is on the web and worth reading.

      Henry Kissinger’s quote, “Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong”.


  37. One is reminded of iSteve, who spends all his time reading NY Times/TheAtlantic/Salon/HuffingtonPost, and act all butthurt about what they say.

    There exists actual WhiteRace-preserving “European-Americans” (the Amish) who live in actual “”Pioneering Little Europes”, And they don’t turn away newcomers.

    Of course, to join them, you would have to swear off all that JewMedia. But the commentariat here is rather addicted to it, isn’t it?

    How much of your time (the only thing of value in your life) didja all spend reading a story in the WashingtonPost? And remember, you knew before you opened the page, the kind of trash you would be finding therein.

    If you voluntarily fly into the flame…. you might actually be a moth. So don’t complain if the insectivorous birds look at you a certain way.

    The bugs delight themselves in imagining that, NEXT TIME, it will be the windshield’s turn.


    • Ask Koresh and the Weaver family how withdrawing from the grid worked out for them.

      Keeping tabs on the decline, speaking out against it, and biding one’s time in preparation for when more than words will be a viable option, is not some mindless “insect suicide” activity.

      You disingenuous SOB.

      C’mere and get one in the yarbles.


  38. on September 29, 2015 at 5:07 pm Rabbi: Jews Are Jewish Not White & Must Fight “Racism” | News For The Blind

    […] always insightful author of the blog Chateau Heartiste commented on this very sameWashington Post story earlier today by humorously noting that the Jews […]


  39. I bought a table a few weeks ago from a nappy headed eskimo salesman in a well known furniture store.

    The whole time I’m thinking to myself “fucking j*w, I’d rather eat off the floor”, but I do it anyway because she really wants a table and don’t want to hear my white power. lol

    She gets tired of when I always name the eskimo and always make excuses even though deep down she knows they’re shite. Typical females.

    4 weeks later we paid 1k and still don’t have a dining room table. She keeps asking where it is.

    I said dis morning “how do you like your j*wish table goy?”. haha