Less Human Than Human

A balnog belched from the foulest pits of hell was arrested in connection with the disappearance, (and presumed murder), of a cute white college girl this month — and now also with the death of another cute white college girl from 2009.

The feral predator:

The timeline of the crime is chilling, in more than one way.

The man is 32-year old Jesse “LJ” Matthew, who was arrested September 25 in Galveston, Texas on a charge of Abduction With Intent to Defile in the case involving the still-unexplained disappearance of second-year University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

Hannah was last seen by an eye witness walking with LJ Matthew in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 13. She appeared heavily intoxicated, the witness told me, slouched against him, not quite able to walk on her own. They were seen together outside Tempo, the same restaurant where just about an hour before, another woman had told him to get his hands off of her. I ask that young woman what one thing she remembered most about that night. She thinks for a moment and says with a steady stare, “That he creeped me the fuck out.”

I believe we will discover in the coming decades that some races are, on average, less disposed to empathic feelings for fellow humans. At the extreme left tail of this population-varying average moral sense you will find the demonic dumb beasts like the specimen above, who are “less human than human”. But despite the garish horrors of their crimes, their minds are uninteresting, bleak, dull, like the flat tundra under a starless night. They move on instinct; reason and thoughtfulness are as foreign to them as algebra. Like with any rabid animal lunging for your throat, the only life-affirming answer is a bullet to its head. Histrionic postmortems about the meaning of the animal’s life are as repugnant as they are ponderous and futile.

One individual told me LJ [Matthew] always seemed like “a gentle giant.” [ed: he was 270 pounds]

Meme-ification Protocol initiated. Activate “gentle giant” ridicule sequence.

More interesting than the mind of the gentle giant is the mind of the all-too-human victim, and the minds of those around her who swaddle her memory in a rootless victimology that excuses reality from any role in the drama. Hannah Graham was walking alone, late at night, drunk, when a large black man approached her. At the time she met the gentle grotesque, alcohol may have blurred her awareness of her surroundings, or she may have been lucid enough to agree to accompany him to a bar, out of appeasing fear or, more darkly, curiosity.

What Camille Paglia calls naivete, I call delusion. What was this white woman thinking? What were her immediate family, her friends, her larger family, and the culture that ensconced her thinking? That it was perfectly safe to stumble around at 1AM alone, in a drunken haze and a short skirt while the nighttime streets filled with remorseless, hungry prowlers? That “don’t blame the victim” means “don’t take any responsibility for your own well-being”? That adult women are to be handled like crying, soiling infants, coddled and pampered and indulged… and sacrificed by the dorm-load to demon butchers who didn’t get the Take Back the Night memo? That the “real danger” is the happy-go-lucky white frat bro who likes to make crude jokes? That accountability, reason, and personal responsibility are outdated virtues of a backward patriarchal past?

This is what following the Lords of Lies gets you… Death. What she needed to hear was “don’t drink until you can’t see straight”, “don’t go out alone”, “don’t pretend like the world can’t be dangerous to you”, “if you don’t want to be taken advantage of, don’t make yourself an easy target”, “don’t dress like a slut or men will treat you like a slut”, and most importantly, “if a large black man walks toward you in the middle of the night and puts his arm around you in fake friendliness, run and scream for help”.

This goes for the white college men who must have been in the area to see this American Horror Story unfold. Are you so brainwashed by equalist cant that the sight of a huge black guy confronting a drunk white girl in the dead of night doesn’t twitch your risk-assessment reflexes? I’m not saying you had to go mano-a-mandingo with the beast, but you could’ve gathered compatriots and moved in threateningly, which likely would’ve spooked the predator.

Yet even this target group’s great shame is tinged with tragicomedy. Decades of feminist filth poisons the mind, but decades of unleashed female sexual behavior, all traditional constraints on it vilified and tossed aside, hardens the heart. When generations of men witness their women degrade themselves and hook up, with cavalier disregard for any self-debasing consequences, with degenerates and monsters, the instinct to protectiveness grows numbly useless.

Feminists, equalists, and anti-reality delusionists, you have killed Hannah Graham as assuredly as LT “gentle giant” Matthew did. Your lies were his choking grip. Her blood is on your cowardly hands.


  1. Stop the presses.


    • on September 30, 2014 at 1:11 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

      One of da coolest thingz I have been to is da Dalrock’s & Vox’s MEN’s Night at the Church Bible Study Group where MEN go to get advice from prominent role modelsz and konwelegdable church leaders of da highest order and caliburz.

      There were about a dozen of us waitingz.


      wearing batman and robin masksz. were they dalrock and vox? or replacementsz substitutesz?

      i don’t know!

      One young man began with, “With the prevalence of the divorce industry and all the stories I have heard, I am reluctant about getting engaged.”

      “Do not fret young lad. Happy marriages are still possible these days. Just like in the past, the only difference being that today’s men must man up and learn game so as to serve a gina tinzgzlzlzozo as good as all the other 23 menz who pre-buttcocked and ebenrnkifieid your wives with lostas ockasz and desouled her,” the batman mask (dalrock?) said. “Christian men must learn game now, as it is your obligation to master the Gina Tinagallsoozololzolzozl so as to keep your wife happpppppy and family intact.”

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      “Not good enough!” Robin (vox?) laughed.

      “Yeah, if he had good game,” Batman smiled, “He’d be a happily-married father like me.”

      Another young man said, ” I thought Christianity was about serving Chirst Chrsistin instead of gina tinzgzlzlozoozoz?”

      “Idiot!” Robin said, “What are you trying to turn back the clock to the dark ages?:”

      “Yeah right,” Batman said, “The beta wants women barefoot and pregnant. LEARN GAME DUDE! HAve you not read Cosmo?”

      A third young man asked, “AS Christians are not supposed to have sex before marriage, why should I have to game a girl?”

      Batman staed, “To game her into marriag dude.”

      “I thought game was about sex,” the young man said. “If you read Heartiste, or Roosh, or any game blog then . . .”

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      One young college-aged man said: “I have dated three women, and I have found that they have all been buttehxted. I just got married and now it turns out my wife was bittehxted too. I don’t want to buttehxt just to keep her from pursuing it elsewhere and blowing up the family. I fear she will leave and take our newborn. What should I do?”

      Batman takes a deep breath and says, “LEarn Game.”

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      • I’m not sure this accurately depicts the view of Dalrock.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 1:52 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)





      • dear batman, i am married,my daughter is 18 and going off to college. what can i do to make sure she doesnt drink, get butthexted, or engage in orgys with numerous black neanderthal like men. ill hang up and listen to your answer over the air.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 2:05 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

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      • > “my daughter is 18 and going off to college” Nope. Your daughter is staying at home, attending a commuter college, enjoying a strict 10PM curfew every night, and you are going to screen all of her suitors. And if she threatens to pay her own way to college, by waitressing at Hooters, then you cut off the umbilical cord forever.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 5:56 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

        pray to GAME lzozollzolz


      • I usually don’t read your stuff but that was pretty good. Question is it possible to get a butt unhexeded? Also I never used lubed, is that unchristian?


    • I don’t care.

      For all the vets tossed aside after sacrificing their livelihoods, to only have their wealth, what’s left of their livelihood, children, homes, and benefits all taken away; feminists thank you for your service suckers. (I’m a vet this happened to)

      For all the men murdered, and still it is made to be about the women who will suffer for not having a useful tool around to provide for said fat ass.

      For all the men who are falsely accused, and met with not just silence, but feminist outrage that they were not also castrated…I feel for you.

      While these bitches are butt hurt about this, I am busy burning my utility belt for their bra.


  2. What, exactly, was the point of this post?


    • Asking that proves you’re part of the problem.


    • poor wittle lefty. DaveDavidDave dreams of one day being cuckholded by a black man.



      • More like cockholded.


      • So is Cheateu Heartiste a news source covering (fairly common) crimes now? This post is clearly an unsophisticated race-bait, lacking any substantive or analytical value whatsoever. You’ve resorted to calling me a lefty already? lol.


      • So is Cheateu Heartiste a news source covering (fairly common) crimes now?

        So you’re admitting white chicks getting kidnapped by black guys is a common crime now. I guarantee you there isn’t 1 story with the races reversed. My brief google search only came up with porn.


      • “So is Cheateu Heartiste a news source covering (fairly common) crimes now? This post is clearly an unsophisticated race-bait, lacking any substantive or analytical value whatsoever. You’ve resorted to calling me a lefty already? lol.”

        I smell a faggoty NPR listening faggot.


      • I listened to NPR for 5 minutes once. My ginormous penis then shrunk to a vagina and I had to go on testosterone therapy. Luckily I survived and my penis has returned to heretofore gargantuan proportions.

        Warning rape!


    • Are you really that stupid?


    • DaveDavidDave-

      The point of this post was to highlight several societal flaws of our modern culture that contributed to the apparent death of Miss Hannah Graham. So that there is no confusion, I will enumerate these for you.

      1. Hannah was drunk underage in a public venue. No person intervened on her behalf. Hannah was 18.
      2. Hannah was drunk underage and accompanied by a much older adult male who was clearly not a relative. That alone should have prompted intervention by bystanders.
      3. Hannah was a drunk underage white girl in the company of a black man. While miscegenation isn’t unlawful, it should still warrant some skepticism from among both blacks and whites alike when a 270-lb 32-year-old black male scores an 18-year-old white coed less than half his weight. Yes, I’ve got good friends in mixed marriages; the exception makes the rule that eyebrows ought to rise and people ought to start asking questions.
      4. LJ Matthew’s friends knew he was dangerous.

      “I knew LJ had wrestled in high school, so he would like that. Well, right away LJ shot in on the guy with a wrestling move, took him to the ground there in Blue Light. He pulled his head down to his leg into a standing cradle. My friend heard a pop and felt his hamstring go. So he was hobbling around all night, and for the rest of the weekend. It was an odd thing to do. It was an aggressive thing to do. It wasn’t really provoked. LJ just kind of did it.”

      How did this not warrant a battery charge? A conviction would have certainly led to a DNA sample, which may in turn have led to connections to other crimes we are now discovering. Instead, we are treated to another purportedly gentle giant – except the giant clearly isn’t gentle.
      5. Compared to the purported risk of date-rape I just endured some senior at UC Berkley describe on NPR, there is a real risk of death associated with young female co-eds partying off-campus with alcohol among adult men with no shared cultural values – never mind potential inherited mental flaws. Yet our culture spends considerable time warning young women about those awful frat boys that ply girls with drinks. This reversal of risk assessment creates these deaths of our young women.

      I could continue, but I’d like to know if any of this is reaching you first.


      • ” Hannah was drunk underage and accompanied by a much older adult male who was clearly not a relative. That alone should have prompted intervention by bystanders.”

        People like you are the worst.

        She was 18 you idiot. Old enough to make porn movies.


      • Yes, people like me are clearly worse than pornographers.


    • GFY Dave.

      The problem is that the deceased would have called any white guys who came to her aid WAYCISSS for oppressing that poor black man.

      She is now absolved of her perpetual crime against all other races by dying. This is what liberals want, to purge the stain from their souls. They want death, annihilation, oblivion. They are seriously that fucking sick.

      Look at Amy Biehl’s dad. I would break his skull with a rock if I got the chance. What a complete piece of shit. And the world is full of them.

      Go make hay on a black power website…on ABS I called them savages, monkeys, chimps, apes, the entire 9 yards- THEY didn’t give a shit. Wanna know who did? WHITE BITCHES and white manginas. THEY were the most vitriolic in their anger and disapproval.

      It didn’t matter to them if half the blacks in the comments said whites are evil cave people and need to die. That isn’t wayciss. You say the opposite, and they will attack you.

      The white race decided to commit suicide at some point in the past 100 years.


    • Aryan brotherhood racism. It’s because he’s black. Further up CH posts about “An Alpha male’s soft harem”. The same alpha male is a prime suspect also for murder “Arron (sic) Lewis, mystery meat marekiller currently suspected of murdering Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter.”.

      Note that Arron Lewis’s character and actions are praised mainly because he isn’t black. Both Arron and this black dude are both suspects in the same type of crime. The one is ostracized and the other praised. Race being the differentiating factor.


  3. We tortured and bombed all over the Middle East and Central Asia (for what again?), bit we are not going to lay a glove on this guy to at least give these girls a decent Christian burial? Does that add up for you?


    • Better to let him go and murder a dozen or more left-wing women than waste men’s money punishing him for doing us all a favor.

      Here’s hoping she suffered. greatly.




      • That is how you fix it. Politeness is just a way for the wicked selfish whore to survive if we make the circumstances that require politeness. Leaving an irresponsible delusional bitch to suffer the consequences and openly saying so does much to restore politeness and virtue. So much so that some white knight type would swear that women were the virtuous and civilized sex. A real man lets the bitch suffer in death and feels good. let a modern woman here you say that and she’ll be sucking in no time.


      • You know that conservachicks get murdered too, right?


      • If they dress like ho’s and/or hang out with darkies, they ain’t worth crap and deserve it.

        Truth rape!


      • I understand your anger, but you cannot apply the same amount of agency to women that you do to men, or informed people. At least the feminists have that right, although they would scream bloody murder if you point it out.

        Women are natural conformists and followers. We are the keepers of the zeitgest. Unfortunately the status quo is one of lies propagated by people who actively despise us.

        What the fuck did you know at 18? Do you have a child? Are you aware of the vast amounts of disinformation out there? Unless you actively seek the truth you cannot find it.

        Most people think they are being good informed citizens when they read the newspaper or watch the news. Even human beings that want to be informed fall into a trap of pure lies and propaganda. Compound that with the Bolshevik trash that runs our schools and really….WHERE was Hannah going to get the truth? And even if she encountered it from her parents or normal observation….it has become so contemptible a thought that I am sure she pushed it way down and reprimanded herself for it.

        This is getting long, but please bear with. About 7 years ago, I was “rear ended” by a Mustang full of black super ghetto teenagers. I use quotes as they only lightly tapped my car. My first instinct was to stop and roll down my window, but when I saw them get out of the car and make their way towards mine I gunned it. And I….as a total race realist and believer of most unsavory truths hollered out, “My car is fine forget it!!!” and sped off before they got any nearer.

        As I was driving away do you know what I thought?

        “Those guys most think I am such a racist. I feel bad.”

        Those who run the media/universities despise us and make sure we do too. It is so strong, you cannot discount that.

        (By the way, on the same street there were a lot of car jackings similar in style to mine….however, they were in a new mustang and i in a beat up lemon, so god knows. Being an ugly racist maybe saved my life)


      • on October 1, 2014 at 6:58 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Flavia, he isn’t applying the same amount of agency to women as he does to men. Not trusting strangers when you’re alone and intoxicated to the point you’re barely able to see straight is common sense stuff. Leaving aside the racial element here, she shouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. She volunteered herself for what happened much like beta men volunteer themselves for divorce rape.

        I agree with you that women are conformists. The problem is that this also means that insofar as they don’t get your dick wet, they are ideological enemies(unless you’re a conformist man) and you don’t feel sorry for enemies. The reality is that even if this girl has light hair and eyes like me, she’s not my kin. I probably have nothing in common with her besides shallow things and everyone learns through the course of their lives that you cheapen the feelings you have towards people that matter to you by wasting your time worrying and feeling sorry about dumb tarts. Plus, as I said before: people being burned by their own hubris is pretty funny. E.g. that Eve Carson girl that became student body president at UNC by campaigning for diversity got abducted, robbed and murdered by three black guys. Or that woman who was protesting that Haitian men are negatively portrayed in the media and went to Haiti and got raped. Or that Katie Piper model in the UK that got raped by her immigrant boyfriend and then still couldn’t help herself by going to meet him where a friend of his threw acid in her face. Feeling sorry for these women is akin to feeling sorry for a dude who doused himself in gas and started playing with matches. The world is filled with people who make good decisions and still end up getting killed or raped. Feel sorry for them. Or feel sorry for the millions of girls that weren’t even born because their mothers preferred killing them instead of nurturing new life.

        I can’t say that I wish harm on naive girls(the people who delude them are the ones worthy of hatred, while this is just sad), but I can’t say I care either.

        “Those guys most think I am such a racist. I feel bad.”
        I used to feel this way too when I wouldn’t trust a non-white in a situation where I’d trust a white person. Just re-program your emotions. Insofar as you think self-preservation is a good aim, you’re not doing anything wrong.


    • He was briefly on the football team at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty U, but sadly the girl he raped there was too cowardly [???] to press charges. http://wtvr.com/2014/09/25/victim-allegedly-raped-by-jesse-matthew-at-liberty-dropped-charge/


      • There are persistent rumors that Slick Willie Blythe Clinton raped women at Oxford [on his Rhodes] and at the University of Arkansas Law School, and we know that he raped Juanita Brodderick when he was Arkansas AG running for Guv. But all of those women were too cowardly [???] to file charges and stop his sociopathy in its tracks, once and for all.


      • And of course Hiterly Rotten Clitless got a CHILD RAPIST off the hook on a technicality. http://freebeacon.com/politics/the-hillary-tapes/


  4. on September 30, 2014 at 1:06 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    If you go to the ABC News stories (see below), commenters are trying to pin Hannah’s (supposed) murder on frat boys who “got her drunk” instead of this guy. They’re also blaming the bar for serving her — even thought she was underage and she was the one breaking the law. Under a different circumstance, she could have been busted for drinking underage. Is this still “blaming the victim?”



    • They probably also blame Sherry West for getting her kid shot in his stroller by not carrying enough money to satisfy her robbers.


    • on October 1, 2014 at 7:05 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Not surprised the commenters that do that are women. It’s all about them being little children and having no accountability.

      A funny side note here: how about lowering that 21 years old age limit? It’s so retarded, seriously. FYI, here both girls and guys start drinking at about 15(I routinely skipped classes to play sports, go to the movies etc, but also to go to a bar and drink when I was in high-school). We still don’t get ourselves killed by wandering about through unsafe places, alone and while intoxicated.


  5. on September 30, 2014 at 1:09 pm Jack the Ripper

    Damn shame…talking to your children doesn’t work. The brainwashing is complete. I have tried over and over again to explain to both of my beautiful tall daughters that evil lurks and going out at night dressed in skimpy outfits is simply daring evil. They look at me like a crazed old man too careful and too judgmental…John Derbyshire was right.


    • TIT PICS or GTFO.


    • Being a parent must be rough these days. Do the Mormons have these problems?


      • To a much, much lesser extent. We have our rebels, yes. But in Mormon culture, women are viewed with suspicion if they wear sleeveless shirts. They are ignored (if not actively avoided) by any good Mormon man if they’ve tasted alcohol or had extramarital sex.

        Good Mormon men want a woman whose faculties are devoted to raising quality children, supporting her husband in his profession and church duties, and maintaining an atmosphere of humility and righteousness in the family. On a very general level, our women respond to this and mold themselves accordingly. LDS women are taught from an early age to keep themselves worthy of a righteous LDS man.

        I know we’re oddball, but I say this as a devout Mormon who is happily married to a beautiful 105-pound blondie who spends her days teaching my three young boys about Jesus and math and cooking them meals while I work. It’s not a bad life.


    • Were your daughters not homeschooled? Oh, and lemme guess: Your boys are all narked up on Ritalin/Adderall/SSRIs, right?


    • this .. you can not compete with the environment

      whorefinder you are nothing less than a doooosh


      • As a father, your fundamental duty in life is to CREATE and MAINTAIN the environment. And if that means fundamentalist Luddism, then you go hard Luddite. 100% homeschooling. 0% Disney/Nickelodeon/iPhags/F*ckerbook/Tinder/etc.


    • Take a family vacation overseas, preferably a Third World country or Asia. Do not stay in the tourist areas. They’ll figure it out.


    • Felix: Before I went redpill I rolled my eyes at Mormons’ backwards ways. Now I see the wisdom. You have a healthy nuclear family in a land of fools broadcasting foolishness 24 7.


    • Show em crime stats. If they won’t listen cut em off


  6. Also, I thought this was a great post.


  7. All part of the ‘defile culture’ we live in.


  8. lol. got what she deserved.

    Sic Semper Liberalis/Kneegrophiliacas!

    Thus to all leftist/ kneegro-liking women!

    Here’s hoping said darkie gets out again and murders about a dozen more poor wittle white whores.

    No sympathy for her. Got what she deserved. I hope she suffered good and long and hard.



    • on September 30, 2014 at 1:45 pm Alex Jones SuperFan

      Fuck OFF. Women are easily victims of hivemind brainwashing, that’s just how it is. May Odin forgive you for your degenerate Judeo-inspired nihilism and guide you into a loving relationship with a White or Aryan woman.


      • Its funny how we attack those who we envy. Isnt it?


      • Its funny how we attack those who we envy. Isnt it?

        Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Schlomo… and we attack those who either provoke us or deserve our righteous wrath.

        You fairy.


      • We need our women to be strong though. The weak will be culled


      • on October 1, 2014 at 3:40 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

        So what if they fall prey to brainwashing? I fall prey to firm C cups. I don’t see women fretting about me falling prey to pretty tits and asses. Nor do I see them lobbying for polygamy in order to satiate my fondness of diversity(lol). Nor do they shower me in feminine affection, unless I work hard for it. So unless a girl works hard to earn my care, I don’t give a damn. They can get gang raped by 5 dudes and then tortured to death – unless she’s a relative or she offers me value somehow, I will sleep just as well. I don’t wish ill on them either, although I find it amusing when people get burned by their own hubris.

        And let’s stop this whole pedestal crap. Just because they’re sheep doesn’t mean we should be shepherds, especially insofar as they don’t admit they’re sheep.


  9. on September 30, 2014 at 1:12 pm Stg58/Animal Mother

    Back in the early 2000’s, I was stationed at MCAS Miramar, in San Diego. I was going to a Bible study mainly to meet women, but there also some guys I would hang out with. During one of the Bible Study sessions, one of the girls told us about some man problems she was having. She was a 5′ tall Chinese girl, who had been married to a former Marine who was a foot taller, 100 pounds heavier, psychotic etc. The marriage went sour, and they still both owned a house together. She was trying to sell the house, but he went to the house with a sawzall and a sledgehammer. He used the sawzall to cut every vertical 2×4 in the house in half, smashed every sink, light and fixture in the house with the sledgehammer, then wrote her name in red paint on the wall. “I’m coming for you” was written after her name, also in red paint.

    She asked us what she should do. I told her she should buy a reliable revolver, load it with hollow points, and learn how to use it in a high stress situation. I was immediately chided by the other women there, for overreacting.

    This rot goes back years.


  10. Went to UVA. There were probably no white frat boys around, as they don’t party on the Downtown Mall. It’s very strange she walked there on her own in fact.

    Read the earlier articles on the case. There was a white guy who can be seen to watch Hannah pass and then follow her on the downtown mall. He told police about seeing Jesse Matthew come up to her and put an arm around her, and then he walked away, satisfied she was with a friend.


  11. Aren’t the female population screeching for us to step back and allow them to throw themselves into the meat grinder? This is but one of the many tragedies that can be had for the low, low, price of free agency.


  12. Dumb nog didn’t even think about cutting off hid dreds when on the run. Scaled up: what’s gonna happen to the two billion Africans when Western aid ends?

    The late Lawrence Auster coined the term “dead white woman tax” for those incidents of BM on WF murder. He meant that specifically for situations where these girls or women failed to protect themselves because of fear of being raciss. More broadly, it is an indictment of liberal society for failing to protect its women, primarily by setting them loose and uninformed about racial hazards.


  13. DaveDavidDave- I believe this might be the opportunity to personally unite to enact the much-needed purge of CH followers. Is this post a little test of reader compliance and convictions, perhaps? How far will readers go to agree with CH and improve our lot in life?? Those who are not willing to follow -nay, to swallow, since I am female – the CH perspective opt out at this juncture via the “unfollow” button. Those who stay, by association, must be those who agree with this and similar posts.


    • Okay, fess up, you’re actually an Axelrod/Sunstein/Mossad Psy-Ops A.I. routine run amuck, right? http://reticentmentalproperty.wordpress.com/


    • Who are you?


      • Click on “her” blog, man – it’s too perfect – it’s like a museum of female narcissistic/borderline insanity. Axelrod & Sunstein & the Mossad need to work on their algorithms to make the software routines much more imperfect.


    • I must admit that Heariste has progressively become more like Stormfont than blog about Game advice. It appears the demographics of this particular formally prominent Manosphere blog has devolved into race-baiters, anti-‘leftoid’ activists, and unassuming psudo-intellectuals. It is honestly not worth coming to this site for Game advice anymore. These posts are a test of compliance, and I will not adhere.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wish you could see how concerned I look right now


      • I will not adhere.</blockquote …right after I hit send on this comment, I mean … right after I come back and check to see the comments, I mean. lol!


      • Get lost, leftoid.


      • This and other blogs are about the red pill not just game advice. You don’t know that by now?


      • No offense to you, but I’m personally grateful to anyone stating the forbidden truth and ending our political and cultural abuse.

        I have a daughter who is a ” cute white” future college student. And I’d rather all of Detroit get swallowed up than a hair on her head be touched by one of these vibrants.

        These kinds of articles serve to free discourse and encourage the victimized to face reality and stand up for themselves.

        This isn’t a ” test of compliance.” These problems were here before the blog, and these conditions were obvious then.


      • Randall, I appreciate your response and also wish that nothing happens to your ‘cute white’ daughter. Your concern for your daughter is event, as you would rather a major city disappear than your daughter harmed.

        However, what is the “forbidden truth” here? Is it a ‘forbidden truth’ that a crazed psychopath decided to kill another human being? Overemphasizing his race to instill fear is not constructive, but rather, is unfounded. Your daughter is not likely to be killed by a black man or a white man or a latino man. Your daughter is in the safest time in the history of the country (source:http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Justice/2012/0109/US-crime-rate-at-lowest-point-in-decades.-Why-America-is-safer-now).

        Who are the victimized that need to face reality? Posting what is essentially a news article is pointless.

        [CH: you are aware of the vastly disproportionate black-on-white crime stats, no? so even if overall crime is down, there remains the issue of racial differences in propensity to violent crime that no one in the legacy media will touch for fear of rousing lying liars like yourself to phony indignation.]


      • on September 30, 2014 at 3:13 pm depressed_danny

        >links to game related topics at top of website/no links to racial discussions at top of website
        >last 10+ heartiste posts about sex and women
        >next post is about sex and women
        >one post about a racial crime, which rightly places some of the blame on the ‘like, nothing can happen to me or whatever im an enlightened white woman or whatever’ mindset of the female

        “I must admit that Heariste has progressively become more like Stormfont than blog about Game advice. It appears the demographics of this particular formally prominent Manosphere blog has devolved into race-baiters, anti-‘leftoid’ activists, and unassuming psudo-intellectuals. It is honestly not worth coming to this site for Game advice anymore.”

        Dave you’re like a first month liftbro who goes to a power lifting gym and bitches about the two treadmills in the small cardio room way at the back. you want to read a disney game blog? tucker max is waiting to flick your peen for you

        [CH: good comment. i hardly get into it with poseurs like dave anymore, but maybe i should, since it’s worth pointing out that their “this site is becoming stormfront” schtick is a tired trope and an obvious lying ploy to separate readers from the blog. i don’t keep tabs on every CH post, but I’d bet the percentage of political posts is around the 10% of total range. fuckers like dave lie through their teeth about stuff like this because their egos are bruised and they want to lash out at the painbringer in any way they can.]


      • on September 30, 2014 at 5:24 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        What’s a race baiter? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Zombie Shane’s comments aren’t the most insipid things one can read on this blog: your comments are it now. Besides whining like an offended 12 years old girl and throwing around meaningless slurs, do you do anything else?


      • Yo! You be bitch and shit.


      • “I must admit that Heariste has progressively become more like Stormfont than blog about Game advice.”


        Because any syllable uttered by a Stormfront member (which I am not) is automatically wrong.

        I must admit, you sound like an asshole.


      • Enough of your speaking truth to power, Heartiste. Just stick to telling me how I can laid and only that. Ass.


      • Well, that might be a natural evolution. This guy is a realist, and has seen through the hypocrisy of women and gender behavior. Maybe now that he is older and not really so driven to seek out women, he has turned his pitiless gaze on our culture.

        Everybody who looks at our culture objectively comes to the same conclusions. Some just take longer to get there.


      • “These posts are a test of compliance, and I will not adhere.”

        Fuck off, you pathetic little mealworm.


      • drop dead Dave.

        At some point you have to accept reality, you fuckin traitor piece of shit belly crawling loser trash.


      • on October 1, 2014 at 1:34 am haunted trilobite

        Oh Davy,Dave,Doozy Dave,Diddums,Daveee? Enjoy the safety of your 5-man FEMA coffin. Hahaha, safe.


    • DaveDavidDave- I believe this might be the opportunity to personally unite to enact the much-needed purge of CH followers.

      Fairies of the world, unite!

      Show trials begin tonight… the purge is so on!


    • No attractive woman thinks like this.


    • on September 30, 2014 at 6:19 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      “Those who are not willing to follow -nay, to swallow, since I am female – the CH perspective opt out at this juncture via the “unfollow” button. Those who stay, by association, must be those who agree with this and similar posts.”
      That assumes there are only two types of people on this planet: people who agree with CH and bigots who unfollow people if those people sometimes write things one disagrees with. There’s also the third type of people: people that disagree with CH about this, but simply don’t care for this specific blog post and will just read the ones about game.

      Now, I’m not sure why one would want to be read by dumbass bigots anyway: if they agree with you, they don’t gain anything by reading your words and if they don’t agree with you, they’ll just turn deaf and not care for understanding what you’re saying.


    • if you got a problem with reality, bitch, don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out


    • What is it with people like you? The only options are “compliance” or “rage-quitting?” You seem unable to grasp that there may be an whole range of opinions about this article, spanning such options as “somewhat agree” to “don’t care” to “somewhat disagree,” or even “I vehemently disagree yet, somehow, find myself able to: 1) take the good with the bad, and 2) live and let live.”

      This kind of “purging” is necessary for leftists, in order to keep people in the cult. There must be absolute purity, with the expectation that people will either totally reject badthink or slavishly obey goodthink so that ungood thought processes can never even begin… because the one thing that sinks Progressivism is a good, long think; best to nip that in the bud! Healthy people do not see every expression of opinion as a flashpoint for galvanizing orthodoxy or exterminating heresy. It never occurred to Heartiste, I’m sure, to use this post as a “purge,” because, I’m sure, he has no expectation that his readers signal their total agreement with him simply by reading. What kind of moral moron thinks like that? Somebody whose entire worldview is shaped by a politico-religious cult, where right and wrong are determined purely by association – however loosely conceived.


  14. In very special (read horrible, brutal and increasingly common) circumstances, I think the following is a just punishment.
    Using surgical techniques, remove the offender’s testicles from his scrotum and place into a tea diffuser which is then sewn into the inside of his mouth which is sewn shut. I assume the testicular tissue will begin to break down and hopefully begin to rot and with no ability to spit, there’s only one way for it to go.
    The desired effect is a slow death from choking on the rotting flesh of one’s own balls. Pain management and I.V. fluids administered at your own discretion.


    • How does that apply to this situation at all?

      There’s always that guy. “They should be castrated!” “Hang ’em by their balls!” You probably sprinkle political debates by saying “Republican’ts” and “Democraps”, too.

      This girl’s narcissism is to blame. For getting hammered, for being out alone, for dressing seductively, and for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

      The guy is a shark and he should be prosecuted. But let’s not forget the person who put the smell of blood in the water.


      • Is this Mitch Cumstein from Cumstein & Cumstein?

        Man I love Lamont and Tonelli! And I also agree with you. I couldn’t care less that happened to her. Her parents are ultimately to blame though.


      • Way to much thought has gone into that


      • I’ve never, until right now, typed the words Obummer or Obozo or Democrap. Actually, I’ve been holding this idea for a year just waiting for an opportunity to put it out there.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 5:26 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        And what we do to animals that are in society, like sharks, is put a bullet in their heads. Or that’s what we did when we actually were members of coherent societies, not merely cesspools that will degenerate into nothingness.


      • dude…she was attacked by a fuckin n!gger. This shit never used to happen because we had segregation. Shit like this, or Detroit, Bodymore, Killadelphia, Chicongo, Camden, Bricktown is WHY WE HAD SEGREGATION.

        Nothing white people ever did made blacks into savages; they are that way naturally. In fact, American blacks’ DNA has been enriched to the tune of one sigma in IQ over their cousins in Africa.

        Black violence was well-known and written about before emancipation, dude. There’s no such thing as a legacy of slavery or institutional racism- there is simply genetics. Black savagery in Africa is legendary. But you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who knows a fuckin thing about the rampant cannibalism, genocide, and human sacrifice that was COMMONPLACE. Hell it’s hard enough to get morons to admit that the fuckin mesoamericans (injuns) were a bunch of homicidal savages that existed in a perpetual state of war only punctuated by savage empires like the Aztecs, who sacrificed humans by the tens of thousands.

        The girl was dumb, but that warrants a death sentence ALL so a pussy like you can avoid having to ACCEPT FUCKING REALITY?

        Calling this monkey a shark is an insult to sharks.


      • Yeah I’m tired of being upset by stories like this. The recent Emma Watson speech was the last straw for me, these bitches need to grow up. If they get killed they get killed, fuck it.


      • trav777 if any white man would have tried to set her straight she likely would have called him a racist, that’s why we don’t care.


    • “In very special (read horrible, brutal and increasingly common) circumstances, I think the following is a just punishment.”

      Thinking clearly isn’t your strength.


  15. If only there were a way to genetically engineer whites so that we would eventually be unable to interbreed with blacks and other low-IQ, criminal-prone groups.


    • Black genes are r-selected, no doubt.

      If LT were back in Africa, he’d fit right in — and would have no legal troubles at all.

      It’s impossible to pencil around human DNA.

      Instead of Procrustean public policies, Blacks should be repatriated back to Africa — on our dime.

      This would make them happy — us happy — and not break the bank.

      We’re ALREADY spending a life-time stipend for most Blacks — right now — at American prices. Imagine how far the money would go back in Africa.

      To top it all off: most Blacks currently in prison would’ve never had any legal troubles if they were back home in Africa. More than half of all Black males spend time in jail or prison during their lives. (!)

      Black cultural norms do not equal White cultural norms. They never will.

      Progressives can’t take a hint.

      They’re as bad as any slave holder in the Antebellum era.

      If you troll through the ancient writings, you’ll find that said owners wrote and thought EXACTLY like today’s Progressives.

      Particularly: about how they were providing free everythings — and giving their slaves a much, much, better life than any African had ever known.

      That was actually a true statement!

      America’s slave population had explosive growth — the only slaves to do so. It was so great that shortly after the Revolution, importing additional slaves was banned. Read Lincoln’s Cooper Union tract — it’s on the Web — for what happened next.


      Until Progressives wake up, save your daughters/ sisters — stop their cross-racial socialization — while drunk. It never ends well.


  16. lol at those lips


  17. What’s the difference between this “gentle giant” in the article and, say, a Ted Bundy?


    • A hundred pounds and dreads


    • What’s the difference between this “gentle giant” in the article and, say, a Ted Bundy?

      Nobody white is making excuses for Bundy… and if the cops gunned him down like a dog who needed gunning down, not a white community was raise an eyebrow in ire.

      You fairy.


    • about 100 IQ points and the fact that Ted Bundys are rare and LJs aren’t. They are probably 5% of the US population. In some cities, far, far more.

      I encourage ALL motherfucking white morons to go for a walk in tha D at night. The po-lice will tell you not to fkin do that and to take a weapon, but hell man…we’re “all the same,” right? Nothing could happen at all.

      Fuckin all progs, libs, should do it. Go walk right up to your brothers and say hi and shit.


  18. CH you are right! First off lets make sure all white men are watched so they are not going to pull an Timothy McVeigh, monitor their calls and watch their movements. Definitely watch Ted Bundy types who use very expansive vocabularies and have a way with women, wait a minute..CH I think we need to watch your ass. CH is smart, white, successful with women, would do anything for clicks( like pretend to be a white nationalist when he is a crypto jew who hangs out with VK), and displays anti social behavior (narcissistic, dark triad, educated and often projects negative attributes onto others ) . Now that the the public knows white, educated, smart and popular men are the perfect predators, I think you need to submit a DNA sample CH, white men (possibly crypto Jewish) are a threat to to pure, beautiful, drunk white women everywhere.

    [CH: another numbskull tries to play the “but white guys do bad stuff too” card. Yeah, no shit. did i claim otherwise? the point, since it has sailed over your sloping brow, is that black guys commit this kind of violence FAR MORE than do white men as a proportion of their total population. and blacks love to target white women for their very special lessons in animalistic savagery.]


    • Any evidence to back up your claim that black guys commit abduction and murder of white females more than white males?


      • on September 30, 2014 at 2:02 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        Why would you even ask a question like that when you have Google within one mouse click? This isn’t 1972 — the answers are out there instantly. The FBI stats are accessible.


      • “It is honestly not worth coming to this site for Game advice anymore.” ~ DaveDavidDave 2 minutes prior to this comment. lol!


      • This isn’t 1972 — the answers are out there instantly. The FBI stats are accessible.

        Sigh… you can’t fix stupid…


      • “If a person asserts an esoteric or apparently unreasonable claim, then yes, the burden is on him to provide documentation.”

        100% incorrect. Obviously sir, you have never wrote a research paper nor academic publications. All assertions must be substantiated with documented facts. However, I do commend you for your feeble attempt to sidestep with your argument that that that substantiation is only necessary for “apparently unreasonable claim[s]” (whatever unreasonable means, it could mean different things to different people). Let’s stick to proper research and writing methods.


      • @ Dave Cubed: I bet he’s “wrote” as many research papers as you have.


      • All assertions must be substantiated with documented facts.

        *Ahem* FBI crime stats *ahem*

        Oh wait, those are factual and not leftoid propaganda, so those don’t count. /sarcasm

        [Ch: i really gotta laugh at disingenuous liars asking for “proof” of higher black violent crime rates and higher black interracial crime rates. as if the data and the real world observational evidence hasn’t been out there for decades. no, they aren’t interested in the facts, they just want their egos stroked.]


      • My question was as follows:

        “Any evidence to back up your claim that black guys commit abduction and murder of white females more than white males?”

        Everybody who has responded to the comment, including “CH” merely says ‘isn’t is obvious’, instead of producing any evidence whatsoever.

        [CH: careful shyster. it’s not the absolute numbers, but the rate that matters. if say half of white woman abductions are by blacks, and black only constitute 13% of the total population, then the rate of black abductions will be higher.]


      • on September 30, 2014 at 3:27 pm Turner and cooch

        Ask and ye shall receive my young (troll) shitlib.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 5:30 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Learn to read, you knuckle dragging imbecile(assuming you’re not dishonest trash). What you need to ask evidence for is black men having a higher propensity to commit ‘this kind of savagery’ than white men. And the data is online. It would have taken you less to find crime statistics than to menstruate all over the comments section of this post.


      • Turner and cooch == King for Today. Supremely awesome JPG. Regal, really.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 6:16 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        Are you autistic? This is a blog, not a scientific paper. Even if it was, you’re wrong.

        It’s transparent you haven’t written a scientific paper either. What’s considered common sense in a field doesn’t need citations. Considering CH didn’t mention a specific data set, citations aren’t needed and this is common sense because all the data sets I’ve seen agree with his assertion. I don’t know a single researcher of criminal behavior that would find it shocking that blacks have a higher propensity for this type of criminal behavior than whites.
        Go read when you have to use citations.

        It’s also unclear why it’s so hard for you to use google.com. These aren’t some obscure facts – maybe they are to out of touch liberals, but they’re easily found if you’re curious. If you paypal me $30, I will teach you how to use google to find any available data you want. lol


      • PWN: “I don’t know a single researcher of criminal behavior that would find it shocking that blacks have a higher propensity for this type of criminal behavior than whites.”

        Quite true. The thing to remember when arguing with anti-whites is that they are all, virtually to a man, pathological liars. They feel perfectly free to make outrageous, illogical and patently untrue claims, yet they demand the other guy provide proof of everything, from the sky is blue to 2+2=4. When solid, irrefutable evidence is dutifully presented…they promptly ignore it and move on to their next whopper. It’s lie after lie after lie, like a squid squirting ink.

        Normal people experience shame when caught in a lie. Not the anti-white. Again, it’s pathological. They are a people without shame.

        The anti-white operates on the axiom that a lie can get around the world before truth can get its boots on. You can’t have an honest discussion with someone like that.

        That’s why I abandoned taking yet another dutiful trudge up prove-it-hill (h/t Linder). The anti-white doesn’t deserve that level of respect. Instead, I prefer to point out obvious mendacity and dishonesty, in ways that the casual reader will understand. It’s better to simply expose and mock the anti-white as the lying piece of trash that he is. When the reader can see the anti-white lying, evading, distorting – the point is made, and chalk up another one for Team White.

        In the exceedingly rare case in which the anti-white is not purposely lying, he reveals himself to be so stunningly ignorant that he belongs at the kid’s table. He’s simply not fit for adult level conversation. Perhaps he’s a cultish lunatic, but one thing is for certain – he’s too short for this ride. As long as the reader can see this, chalk up another for Team White.

        My advice to pro-whites: don’t debate, at least not as you would with an intelligent and honest person. Instead, just help onlookers see the shameless dishonesty, or at best the astonishing ignorance and lunacy, of the anti-white.


      • Turner and cooch FTW

        I make it almost my hobby to get into arguments about black vs white…anyone who knows me knows I am legendary about this shit.

        bear in mind that “white” = white and Hispanic in MOST of this data. This is because LULAC wanted Hispanics classified as white long ago and the USG acceded to them. FBI will begin segregating Hispanics/whites/blacks in 2013 data reporting year.

        Gonna be an eye opener.

        Whites SO DRAMATICALLY UNDERCOMMIT crime that you’re going to see that 75%+ of the “white” crime rate was actually miscategorized. So, be prepared to NUKE motherfuckers who step to you in this type of discussion and have the 2013 data on speeddial.

        NYC and other states and municipalities have LONG kept separate stats for Hispanics vis a vis whites…they tell this tale amply. In NYC blacks have been 50% of violent crime by themselves, Hispanics 35% or so, whites almost all of the rest, Asians a tiny fraction.

        People who claim “whites” commit more crimes than blacks (despite being an utterly meaningless statement) are wrong. Dead wrong. Whites, despite 70% of the population, commit LESS crime than blacks. Miscategorized Hispanics are the reason for this.

        Nevermind the stupidity of “more white xyz” because of the per capita irrelevance of such a thing- EVERY SINGLE fking time, people come back with this.

        “oh there are MORE white serial killers.” Actually, there are not any longer, blacks are the majority as they are with all homicides, but in any event they were always grossly overrepresented compared to their population share. But once you actually break out the Hispanic numbers…most “white” crime is actually Hispanic crime, the large share of it.


      • post got flushed- vast majority of “white” crime is miscategorized Hispanic.

        NCVS and FBI UCR will change as of 2013. LULAC 50 years ago wanted Hispanics called whites. They actually do 70-80% of “white” crime.

        No longer will idiots even be able to use the “more whites do xyz” canard.


      • Any evidence to back up your claim that black guys commit abduction and murder of white females more than white males?

        our lying eyes?

        and then there’s you yourself. I’ll bet you avoid blacks like the plague.

        and then there’s blacks themselves. they live in a no trust culture and are under no delusions.


      • Gotta love “you have never WROTE a research paper nor academic publications”.


    • The obvious answer to why I am asking this question is because the burden of proof to substantiate one’s claim is on the asserter. In this case, that is CH. Fact-based argumentation dictates citation at all assertions.


      • “These posts are a test of compliance, and I will not adhere.”
        Dude! This is your third comment. You are adhering to Heartiste’s balls like a sucker-fish cleaning the side of a fish tank!


      • It’s not like you’re going to accept the premise no matter how much evidence is presented to you. You didn’t come here to have your mind changed, just to exercise a lil butthurt and show us what a beacon of enlightened tolerance you are. Why not go to the dozens of other “Game” sites that aren’t covering this story? You can have your worldview validated almost instantly if you surround yourself with other singleminded PUA autistics.


      • DaveDavidDave: “The obvious answer to why I am asking this question is because the burden of proof to substantiate one’s claim is on the asserter.”

        If a person asserts an esoteric or apparently unreasonable claim, then yes, the burden is on him to provide documentation. But that’s not the situation that we are in, as massively disproportionate black criminality is extremely well documented and widely known.

        When someone such as yourself either disputes or dishonestly seeks to distract from incredibly well documented and well established reality, then you expose yourself as deceitful and disingenuous. Either that, or just shockingly ignorant.

        Nobody here is your research monkey, tool. You can use google just as easily as anyone else to establish disproportionate black criminality, in the highly unlikely event that you don’t already know this to be the case. Just as you can use it to establish the shocking reality that 2+2=4 and the sky is blue, or other obvious information that you affect to be unaware of. Have it, moron/liar.


      • You’re a Brony, aren’t you? Come on, fess up, we won’t judge you! Okay, I lied, we will…


      • DaveDavidDave-

        See Turner and Cooch’s comment, above yours here.

        CH- I nominate Turner and Cooch for an award.


      • DDD is the type of disingenuous son o’ Satan who will gleefully shout “SEE!!! THERE ARE MORE WHITES STEALING BICYCLES!” when it was found that for every hundred bikes stolen, 51 were taken by whites and 49 were taken by negroes.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 11:04 pm Days of Broken Arrows

        Don’t even worry about it. Now that it looks like the perp in this case wasn’t a “frat boy,” it’s going to disappear immediately from the media. They’ll find you a great white perp soon enough.


      • dave,

        How about this, in the city you live you go and hang out in the hood for a whole night. You can film your experience with your cell phone, that is until its taken from you. Oh, you think you’ll be fine. Then take your love ones? Wife, daughter, boyfriend, pet dog, whatever. I dare you. I really really do. In fact, you could set up a paypal account that we could all contribute to as we watch a live feed of you in the hood.

        I know I’d certainly do this to hang out in the trashest white trailer park.

        Whadya say, term paper writer?

        No need to respond, we all know the answer. I’ve ran this scenario by many a n-lover at parties. Its so much fun.


    • Wait – CH is a jew?


    • All these “Adam Lanza” type arguments are analogous to other issues. It’s like saying “What about leprosy? ( white male violent crime),” to derail a discussion about cancer. For some reason it can never sink in that cancer kills so many more, and is so much more destructive, and that we are actually encouraging its spread through poor policies and delusion, because someone brings up leprosy. And like lynchings, sundown towns, etc., you have to go back in time a good bit to find severe incidents.

      Truth is leprosy/ white violent crime happens, but cancer/black violent crime, is so much more destructive.


    • Go back to that low-rent ghetto poser site ROK where you and Athlone verbally caress each others fragile whiny little egos with your puffed-up black BS.


    • turner and cooch – as u seem knowledgeable on stats – any stats that show from 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 00’s – that might show IF this epidemic has skewed upward with the advance of liberalism ..thanks


      • I am the guy to ask about this shit. Answer is NO. Demographics matter, political systems do not. Black crime rates vis a vis whites have been relatively stable. Niggas gon’ nig no matter who da man beez, dig?

        the REASON we had segregation was because our ancestors knew reality about blacks from observation. This is why they sat at the back of the bus and got hoses put on them. It wasn’t because their color was hated, but because of their behavior.

        You can read old supreme court cases where the violence and weed usage of “the negroe” is mentioned by Holmes or Brandeis. People used to know these things, but Marxists have eradicated them.

        Read about Lysenko and what he was able to do in the USSR…


    • on September 30, 2014 at 4:22 pm Frank Discussion

      “and blacks love to target white women for their very special lessons in animalistic savagery” Right CH.
      Remember the ooks and eeks of Eldridge Cleaver : “I crossed the tracks and sought out White prey” I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically. Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women.”


    • CH: if what you say is true… then perhaps the target of WW is because “their” curiosity is being played upon by such a beast… he doesn’t have to game… just use his physicality… and she will welcome it because she thinks she going to experience is animalistic savagery that takes her to new heights, but not death… which makes you wonder… who likes variety more WW or BW?


  19. I’m not sure there even is a double standard with the expectation that women ought not get extremely drunk and go about in public alone. I think if a straight man got black out drunk in a gay nightclub and fell asleep on a couch, most other men would “victim blame” him if he got sexually assaulted. But this is why straight men don’t get black out drunk in gay districts. They know the risk and they accept it. Why should women be told they ought to be able to take more risks with themselves?


    • on October 1, 2014 at 6:58 am haunted trilobite

      Good point. Regrettable as these cases are, the basic premise of “live by the sword, die by the sword” applies. We assume we are entitled to safety and are free to partake in govt-condoned pharmakea (alcohol inebriation), yet all the many examples of violence and death that occur whilst ‘under the influence’ of the ‘DEMON drink’ shouldn’t come as a surprise. A man was raped in a field at Oktoberfest 2 days ago. He might be a little butthurt, but should be glad he wasn’t killed.


  20. I don’t know that black people are genetically prone to less empathy or whatever stat. Not enough space to discuss. In the UK, there is a similar white group that behaves just as savagely known as Glasgow Neds. All over Europe, apathy breeds where handouts lie. I do think accountability and morality go hand in hand. But more importantly, I can’t stand the feeling of not being safe in this country. All that platonic nonsense about how humans are not evil but social structures are.


    • I’m from the American South, but I’ve spent time in Glasgow – all over Glasgow – at all times of day and night. Not ONCE did I fear for my safety. For one thing, your Neds don’t carry firearms. Our blacks do. The closest I came to a fight was Halloween laughing at a Ned in a Penis costume. I told him it was the best costume I’d seen my whole life, and we were buddies for the next hour. That’s not how things go down here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Somebody would have gone home with bullet holes.

      Check the crime rates for Glasgow, then check the crime rates in Pulaski County, Arkansas. The Scot’s have got nothin’ on us scots-irish who settled here. We know violence and from whence it rises.


      • They are something to see aren’t they? But violent and gun crime rates are just higher in the US than the UK. Guns are illegal in the UK anyways. But the problem with the neds is that they pay them to fight in the streets with knives essentially. It’s pretty easy to create an immoral criminal class by subsidizing them regardless of what they do. That was more my point, maybe the blacks commit crimes because they get so much from welfare.


      • Alright, I’ll relent to your intent. You have, after all, identified an important truth: when we pay for idle violence, get get idle violence. The solution, I’d wager, is that we ought instead refuse to pay for anything but labor or goods in trade. Then, when some few won’t labor or produce goods for trade, they’ll predictably resort to violence, and we may respond with violence sufficient to end any further threats.


      • Martin, do Neds act like this?


      • violent crime is higher in the UK…apples to apples, the USA is the best educational system in the world and has some of the lowest crime rates and highest wealth. AKA, use only Asians and whites and compare to other white countries like Finland.

        We dominate them. White men here are #1.


    • But they are at least 20 times as prone to violence as whites, and that was before the race baiter in chief took office. The MAOA gene….


      • When it comes to crime and evil, the white man is 2nd to none.


      • Anders Brevik murdered a lot of people who looked like himself. I don’t mean “white”; I mean people who looked like they could be his sister or cousins…

        I wonder if he told them why he was killing them before he shot them?

        What good is it to punish somebody if they don’t know why they are being punished?


  21. Definitely was the case with a cousin of mine, divorced with 2 kids – I got told off when I pointed out that, you know, drinking a lot in a bar with people you don’t know maybe wasn’t always safe?


  22. Feminists, equalists, and anti-reality delusionists, you have killed Hannah Graham as assuredly as LT “gentle giant” Matthew did. Your lies were his choking grip. Her blood is on your cowardly hands.

    They can never acknowledge that. Instead, they will find some way to superficially blame The Patriarchy™. See, if only The Patriarchy™ would “teach men not to rape,” this gentle giant predator would have been manning a rape crisis phone line in his spare time.

    Or something.


  23. Brotiste – you -know- this ..dawg… is gonna attract more poosy in the slammer than the above average 9-5 betaprovider.

    Psychokiller game. Bad for unsuspecting chicks – good for propagating genes.


  24. on September 30, 2014 at 2:15 pm Rusty Shackelrod

    Liberalism and political correctness leave trails of dead white women in their wake.


  25. I wonder how CH feels about us sub-human non-whites learning game from this blog and using it to seduce and defile his precious young white women


    • The ones who would allow a non-white to defile them are already lost.


    • you’re only sub-human if you act that way .. otherwise you are just another black guy.. sounding easily hurt by words


      • All while clicking and whistling on about muhdikking daughters like the impertinent beasts CH is evoking. Of course, Kant has the posting profile of an incel with repressed anger issues. So, one wouldn’t take his braggadocio seriously.


      • All while clicking and whistling on about muhdikking daughters like the impertinent beasts CH is evoking.

        Yup… and then they wonder why people are (ahem) prejudiced.


      • on October 1, 2014 at 11:22 am Hymen Mingesky

        Moreover, black males are only some 5-6% of the college pop. Just assuming no racial or gendeted mate preferences, the probability of any one chick having fucked one brotha is some 54%. (1 – (1-.06)^10.


      • Do you guys know how insecure it makes you look that you’re so worried about this?

        I’m not black btw, in case that makes you all feel better. lol


      • Do you guys know how insecure it makes you look that you’re so worried about this?

        You disingenuous cocksucker, this Cathedral shaming meme has been tried innumerable times at the chateau, and the reasons miscegenation bothers healthy white males have been outlined ad nauseum… for reasons which, go figure, were never further challenged, because they are of high evolutionary and moral sense.

        So go over some of the past threads and pay attention, or just STFU.

        A third alternative is to come get one in the yarbles, if’n ya got any, eunuch jelly thou.

        I’m not black btw, in case that makes you all feel better. lol

        And while we’re on the subject, do you know how pathetically dweebish your “lol” and “I’m-not-black-but-will-try-to-shame-other-white-men-for-being-attuned-to-the-14-words” makes YOU look?

        You fairy.


    • The fact is :

      Blacks are inferior to whites, yellows, and most browns by a huge margin.

      But the top 1% of blacks (athletes and music sellers) are high enough in SMV that they fuck a lot of white women.

      Hence, 80-90% of white women nowadays have had sex with a black guy. He is probably a top black, but she did it with him nonetheless.

      The typical cute white college chick, by graduation, has done :

      8 white guys
      1 black guy (probably a football player or track star)
      1 ‘other’ (a very rich Chinese, Arab, or Latin American international student, who has far more cash for partying than anyone else on campus).

      Total : 10 guys.


      • Interesting math; definitely nothing I recall from my stats, probability, and econometrics courses.


      • Stop with the Common Core math already.

        You do realize blacks are well under 20% of total population, don’t you?


      • You do realize blacks are well under 20% of total population, don’t you?

        13%, to be precise.

        er…. dumbass, you are aware that a single black athlete or musician can sleep with multiple white women, don’t you?

        Wilt Chamberlain slept with 5000 women. Most were white..


      • If we’re being precise, it’s closer to 13.2%.

        Simple math dictates that every black male would have to have sex with about eight different white females if we just use rough numbers and split the population 50/50 by sex and use the 13% figure.

        Mudsharking is a real thing but the numbers do not fall in favor of the high percentage of white women having sex with black men claimed. Wilt was an anomaly, an outlier. Perhaps he made up for some of his brethren but I’m also guessing he didn’t sex up only the white girls so he can’t be given full credit for all of his insertions in this equation.

        His claim has also never been proven.


      • Hence, 80-90% of white women nowadays have had sex with a black guy.

        And how many times have you rubbed one out with that thought in mind?

        You fairy.


    • Why don’t you seduce your own sub human women?


    • I wonder how CH feels about us sub-human non-whites learning game from this blog and using it to seduce and defile his precious young white women

      The only women you were ever in was when you visited the Statue of Liberty.


  26. I see the point of this story far simpler than most. It’s just another great example of the never ending contributions to the gene pool. Thank you dumb person.


  27. Word Press has quite a political filter, I say.


  28. Ill take the other side of the race is to blame.. imo its much more the loss of values ..that has accepted any stupid ignorant behavior .. by all that has led to the embrace of prison culture as acceptable in daily life.. thats has poisoned everyone..

    yet I do understand the statistics on black crime well .. but that assuredly was to be expected with the lowering of social standards and building a mindset of irresponsibility and lawlessness .. meaning w/o liberal poison those stats would be controlled and way smaller


    • black crime rates are worse in Africa. black crime rates have always been skyhigh. Your thesis is simply incorrect.

      You idiots who cannot stomach placing the blame where it belongs, and trying to make “liberalism” a stand-in. Portland OR is liberal. Pre-diversity Sweden, Norway, Finland…liberal. Iceland is liberal, Switzerland is liberal.

      You really need to man up and face reality. It’s blacks. It’s always been blacks and it’s always gonna be. Nature created this and no amount of strenuous wishing will make it disappear.


      • “The white race decided to commit suicide at some point in the past 100 years”

        “People used to know these things, but Marxists have eradicated them.”

        these are the points I was trying to get at Trav.. thanks for your responses.. I lived/experienced the Giuliani change in NY city and it was amazing.. suddenly no more bullshit was acceptable and even people with a propensity towards uncivilized behaviors ..KNEW what was expected of them..

        I have many blacks that work for me.. there is zero tolerance for BS in any form .. they perform their work well.. are eager to please ..and live respectable lives.. why..b/c I shaped them that way..

        but the potential to go either way is in them

        if you looked at all people as tools..I mean in a good sense..not in the insulting way.. is a computer better than a hammer..well depends .. if you need a hammer ..no? that was what I was trying to get to..


      • ps Im not a liberal or an idiot..or a person who denies reality.. leave that language for the enemy


      • one more thing.. when I look at companies that are under – performing .. It is never the rank and file .. even though they appear disorganized uncaring irresponsible lazy .. this is always the surface problem(s) .. the real issues are with management.. 100% of the time.. and maybe out of 100 low level workers – 3 are truly bad apples and need to go.. the rest are human with varying moods circumstances and degrees of ability


      • on October 1, 2014 at 11:26 am Hymen Mingesky

        It is definitely a management issue most the time.


  29. […] Did a Bad Thing – Guy Fawkes blogSource: DNA links Hannah Graham suspect to Harrington killingLess Human Than Humanbody { background: […]


  30. I’m not saying you had to go mano-a-mandingo with the beast, but you could’ve gathered compatriots and moved in threateningly, which likely would’ve spooked the predator.

    In a gender-role normal society, and if this were a small town where she is part of your ‘community’, yes.

    But this woman is not owed anything by white men. She was probably a feminist herself.

    Men are not required to whiteknight for women anymore.

    [CH: i agree with you that this is one cost among many of feminism that doesn’t get picked up in social science studies.]


    • CH,

      Oh, I think withdrawal of chivalry, whiteknighting, favors, and other things men used to just ‘do’ for women is a large part of defeating feminism.

      I don’t help women that I don’t personally know, like, and am getting some benefit from… Period.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 5:38 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        “I don’t help women that I don’t personally know, like, and am getting some benefit from… Period.”
        I always was a firm believer of this and thought chivalrous behavior is moronic. It’s impossible to act like a gentleman towards the dumbass women of this century anyway. Take these dumb broads who get themselves raped or killed – if they can’t be reasonable about the risks they take, why risk yourself for them? I could care the less what happens to them.


      • I open doors for girls so I can check out that ass.


      • Men did not ‘just do’ for women. Chivalry was a system in which both sexes participated.


    • I was looking for this post, b/c I was going to make it, if it wasn’t present. For me, in this situation there are two options:

      1. If that girl is my kin*, either that guy dies, or I do.

      2. If she’s not my kin, then the most I do for her is drop a dime. It’s not worth the shit storm you’d be liable to get if she’s (a) some swipl tramp out sampling some chocolate, or (b) she gets “convinced” after the fact by the PC crowd that The Jolly Black MoFo was just some poor, misunderstood “Good Samaritan” who was trying to help a lost little lamb back to her flat, safely.

      Why do I want to be the next contestant on “DASS RAYCISS!!”? Right, I don’t.

      End Transmission,


      *Which she won’t be, because the ladies in my family aren’t swipl “give peace a chance” fucktards.


  31. “It is not God who kills the children. Not fate that butchers them or destiny that feeds them to the dogs. It’s us. Only us.” — Rorschach


  32. Those lips are just grotesque… Strangely, his nose is not the typical ‘bellpepper’ nose that they have…


  33. People are more afraid of white criminals because white criminals are smarter.

    How much smarter?

    White criminals can get people to kill each other.


  34. This monstrosity appears to have brutally tortured the first girl he killed.


  35. The white man is BETTER at everything including crime and evil


  36. on September 30, 2014 at 4:32 pm Beautiful Truths Ignored

    The gentle giant was just trying to save her from the real killer, a White man.

    Also, the gentle giant has healing powers, and he can make your pet mouse live 100 years.


    • Golf clap on the magic negro reference… now if we can just get a couple of white prison rapists references in, the Hollywood exacta will pay off. 😉


  37. yeah, im on board with the importance of “accountability, reason, and personal responsibility ” . however with this story i keep coming back to the fact that this chick was 18. i did all kinds of retarded shit when i was 18.i learned with time and experience.


    • Wonderful. Finally we have viral equality, and now it won’t be just monkey-eating Africans who get the ebola. Oh, thank Science! Because there’d be no justice in this world if white people weren’t suffering from a disease just as much as Africans. Heck, if ebola didn’t spread naturally into the US, it’d be incumbent on Bathhouse Barry to send some people to Africa to bring it back to America so we may have viral equality now!


  38. What was this white woman thinking?

    You assume she was “thinking” at all – I’ve found that women rarely think of the long term ramifications of their actions. Heck, I live for it. If women thought of what may happen, I wouldn’t have half as much fun in life as I do. They come back stage because they enjoy the excitement and exclusivity. What happens after that, if beyond the scope of their ability to see. That is why NO grand-masters in CHESS are women – ZERO. The reason is simple – women cannot foresee several moves ahead – if they can see even one step beyond what they WANT it’s a miracle.


  39. As a black guy who frequently tries to convince his own people with your material on race, as much as it hurts when you read between the lines and look at the statistics. I 100% agree we black men are r-select and we are definitely filled with greater levels of testosterone than white,asian, and middle eastern men.
    I know what Im gonna say is going to piss you off but hear me out.

    Black men are violent because we are raised in matriarchal society. Black American men have no avenues to demonstrate their masculinity, therefore most of my kin look toward Gang culture for their own masculinity. Black women are simply without a doubt, terrible, r-selective, obese, and have no empathy for black men whatsoever. The black women’s ego is the white woman’s ego on overdrive with upgraded technology, Black men that deal with and choose to date high quality black women are forced to either join gang culture and become “Hood rich” or give up. Not even professional black alpha males can get high quality black women, that says a lot about the state of the black community.

    The reason why Black Americans are seen as neanderthals is because our culture and natural biological/evolutionary state is matriarchal, and r-selective.

    This is why black men raised in prestigious white neighborhoods or charter schools (such as myself) are k-select and we have no problem acting civilized and dating white women is no problem for us.

    Black guys who grow up with gang/ghetto culture from infancy to age 18 are doomed.


    • on September 30, 2014 at 5:44 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

      Prestigious white neighborhoods? lol. Leaving that aside, the more plausible reason black men like you are different(or Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and other black men like them) is because you’re different genetically from your racial kin too, which made you fit in in those neighborhoods and schools.


      • Unlikely, brown skin males all over the United States are considered black without hesitation. I’m 100% black both my sides of the family trees say otherwise lmao.
        There is native american genetics deep in there, not aware of what specific tribes though.

        Theres plenty of black guys who grow up predominant white areas who are just like me, I dont see whats so hard to understand about this.


      • on September 30, 2014 at 6:01 pm Pijama Wearing Ninja

        obeyx, yes, but there’s within race genetic variation too. You’re probably more similar genetically to Thomas Sowell than to this dumbass, for example. In the same way, the black men in the NBA are closer genetically to each other than to random blacks(because they’re selected for athleticism).


    • > “Black men are violent because we are raised in matriarchal society.” If you’re going to be brutally honest with yourself, then you have to force yourself to spend a great deal of time contemplating the possibility that the matriarchy and the violence are merely symptoms of a much deeper and more visceral curse, which was 130,000 years in the making – or in the festering. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2610571/How-man-left-Africa-130-000-years-ago-Humans-arrived-Europe-multiple-waves-earlier-previously-thought-researchers-claim.html


      • Definitely gonna look into that study, I still firmly believe that sexual evolutionary pressures play a great role into why violence occurs in Black American/African culture but I’m still open to all research such as the article you listed.

        Good article btw.


      • White men are violent for no reason at all.


      • thwack: “White men are violent for no reason at all.”

        As opposed to the highly nuanced and rational reasons that blacks slaughter one another – bro scuffed another bros sneakers. Bam!!!


      • Sheriff John Brown always hated me.

        for what?

        I don’t know.

        Everytime that I plant a seed; he say kill it, before it grows.


    • If your theory about black crime being caused by the “matriarchy” amongst black women in the USA were true, then black crime in Africa and elsewhere would be low. Black crime is not low, it is high globally, and therefore your theory is false.


    • dude….South Africa was the murder capital of the world until they stopped keeping stats. All of West Africa is murder central. They are WORSE than black americans. And they have big chiefs and get to beat their women. A black woman in Africa is more likely to be raped than graduate highschool.

      I’m going to let you all in on a secret- the way people behave betrays their CORE INNER values. Blacks value RAPE more than education. Simple point of fact; it is what it is!

      If they valued education, they would do education.


      • > “the way people behave betrays their CORE INNER values” Again, brutal honesty requires you to consider the possibility that all of these attributes [to include behavior and values] are strongly [if not completely] determined by the DNA. It’s called Biological Calvinism – the idea that people are [and will become] largely [if not completely] who they were wired to be [and to become].


      • on October 1, 2014 at 2:05 pm Snarky Rat Smugbucket Jon Liebowitz

        “A black woman in Africa is more likely to be raped than graduate highschool.” Dat mak it difrunt from DaUSA becuz…



      white people be like “you know, brah, before, you were a menace to my society, and all of that. But at least I respected you as a threat.”

      More seriously, if you told the truth in your post, then you need to know that not everyone will like you. Who gives a shit? This country runs on merit, so if you have the talent (or “are hella tight,” to the layman) you will reap rewards — grudgingly given, but given nevertheless. So stop trying to convince people you are worthy of their approval; instead, use their rules to force the money from their pockets into your pockets.


      • “use their rules to force the money from their pockets into your pockets,” and go get on welfare lol.

        I just thought of that joke after I posted and lolled. Ah, see…none of this shit can be that serious.


  40. CH: “Decades of feminist filth poisons the mind, but decades of unleashed female sexual behavior, all traditional constraints on it vilified and tossed aside, hardens the heart.”

    This is very true. It’s one of the main reasons that anti-whites love to see racial mixing, particularly if one of the mixers is a white woman. They know that this has a demoralizing effect on white men, but more to the point, tends to cause them to hold white women in contempt. It thereby undermines the fundamentals of society, and even the ability of whites to perpetuate themselves. It destroys the sublime and beautiful, replacing it with the crass and ugly. Our ancestors were wise to forbid this destructive behavior.

    As a Gen Xer, I’m just old enough to remember the tail end of an era where white women were not regarded as sluts and whores. It was an era in which few white men held their own women in contempt. I’m not talking about the 1950’s, but rather the 80’s, maybe into the early nineties. I was in school then and, believe it or not, we liked girls. We didn’t speak of them as sluts and trash (beyond the minority that actually, literally were those things). Importantly, there was no miscegenation to speak of.

    The girls seemed to like us, too. It was simple enough to get along, and the laughter came easy. The mutual contempt and animosity that exists today would have seemed very strange to us. I had heard that black men and black women were nasty to one another, and I remember thinking that quite odd. I didn’t really know what to make of it at the time, as it simply didn’t apply to my world.

    And then, quite rapidly, it did apply to my world. All of a sudden, there was fairly large scale racial mixing with the age cohort a few years younger than me, and even larger scale negrification of the broader society. This was “progress,” we were strongly assured.

    Mutual respect and trust rapidly collapsed – more progress, I suppose. Today, we live in the ruins, as the anti-white laughs and chortles. He has spread his carnage well, and has made wonderful “progress.”

    Having said all of that, we shouldn’t play into anti-white hands by overstating the situation. It’s simply not true that 80-90 percent of white women sleep with, or have slept with, blacks and browns (as several posters – Hi Nepal! – disingenuously claim). That’s a pretty outrageous claim that would require serious proof, and I’m not aware of any that exists. But that’s how anti-whites work: they make outrageous and ridiculously untrue claims, but demand the other guy provide proof that 2+2=4 and the sky is blue. Liars and squids squirting ink, every damn one of them.

    Anti-whites really prove the saying that a lie can get across the world before truth can get its boots on. Fortunately, the internet provides rapid antidotes to the sort of lies that they could routinely get away with not so long ago.

    Even in a society saturated with anti-white propaganda, and particularly anti-white male, the vast majority of white women gravitate toward white men. But enough of their trashier sisters have behaved in such a way as to tarnish the reputation of the whole. If white women want respect, they should do more to rein in, or at least disassociate from, their scummier sisters. Being a mudshark is no way to go through life.

    But the ultimate responsibility rests with white men, for the simple reason that men are the real movers and shakers of the world. That’s not white knighting, it’s just reality. Men create civilizations, and also allow them to come to ruin. Women, at both the micro and macro levels, are just along for the ride, either way. In a healthy culture, women tend to behave well. In a decaying culture, they tend to behave badly. But it is men that drive, create and destroy that culture.

    Separation from non-whites, all of them, is the only solution.


    • on October 1, 2014 at 2:19 am Pijama Wearing Ninja

      The problem is that white women nowadays are sluts and whores, even if they don’t race mix. I live in Eastern Europe, which is a place that Americans consider some bastion of good girls, but you think they’re good because they’re playing you just like you’re playing them. Actually knowing them makes watching this amusing. Despite being a generation younger than you all these things happened in my life time too – middle and upper class girls in my generation were largely good girls(e.g. if you started your sexual life early, you’d be shunned by your female friends if a girl). The younger generation though fills the clubs with slutty girls.

      I do agree with the men are to blame bit though. The people who whine about women this or women that are people who don’t know women. On the other hand, you can’t change society by yourself, so just profit until you can. I can’t complain if I’ll be able to bang 18-22 years old girls in my 30s.


  41. I’m still researching the truth about the biological realities of race, studies are more hard to come by but if anyone has links to scholarly research on Race/bio/evolutionary studies, im all ears.

    I still very much hold the matriarchal position through anecdotal experience and observation within my own community, unlike most black people.
    This topic fascinates me instead of pissing me off, I’m definitely an exception to the rule due to my unique upbringing and growing up under both communities simultaneously.

    I’m in ultra-minority.


    • Excuse the spelling.


    • Simply walk through Detroit.


    • obeyx, there is a ton of material out there. For starters, you might find the recently published “A Troublesome Inheritance” by Nicholas Wade to be helpful, though it makes some unnecessary bows to political correctness. To maintain any respectability within the system, one must bend the knee, at least a little (and more often a lot). Always be aware of whether the person you’re reading is doing this, and adjust accordingly.

      It’s best to read guys that are very bright, but aren’t trying to maintain any sort of system respectability at all. The guys who will tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Those guys are rare, but they exist. They may or may not be in error, but they won’t lie to you. Unfortunately, most people will, to one degree or another. Bros before hos, but unfortunately, for most people it’s paychecks before truth.

      And while it’s not exactly what you are asking about, for a scholarly treatment of Jewish evolutionary psychology, some of the books by Kevin MacDonald are a must. Perhaps start out with “The Culture of Critique” and take it from there as needed.

      I’ll say this, though. Biological differences are interesting and important but, to me, it is far more relevant to observe how the current system promotes a particular anti-white agenda, up to and including the advocacy of our disappearance as a people. No other race (or ethnic group) has to prove that they are genetically superior to anyone else, in order to justify their existence and continuity. Neither should whites.

      To steal from the white nationalist writer Matt Parrott, some of my favorite whites are short, fat and stupid. Even the least amongst us are still our people, so long as they are loyal. In other words, there is much more to this than statistics. There are numerous websites dedicated to the “more” of the struggle. Some of my favorites are Counter-Currents, Radix Journal, Alternative Right, Majority Rights, and The Occidental Observer.


    • dude, first off, you have abundant white DNA if you’re African American.

      Secondly, if you’re smart you hit the genetic lottery. It’s as simple as that- most behavior is hereditable. You are mixing cause and effect…shitty genetics CAUSE these broken homes (not matriarchy at all).

      PEOPLE CREATE CULTURE, culture does NOT create people. Stupid IS as stupid DOES. Smart people have smart cultures that value smart shit. Dumb violent people lionize dumb violent shit…rap music doesn’t cause men to be violent bro, men who ARE dumb and ARE violent, love music that glorifies these inner, core values.

      These aspects of culture are a reflection of people, not the other way around.

      Look up Minnesota transracial adoption study (a massive longitudinal analysis)- this is a humdinger to start. It will take a dump over ANYONE who thinks environment means shit.

      For example, it showed that kids who believed themselves to be 50/50 B/W and were raised as such, but who were really 100% B had the same average IQ as kids who were 100% B and knew that they were. Likewise, kids who thought themselves to be 100% B (two black parents) and raised as such but who were actually mulattoes had the same average IQ as kids who knew themselves to be mulattoes. The GENES KNEW even if the kids and the parents and the ENTIRE ENVIRONMENT didn’t. The genes won’t be thwarted. You can believe yourself and be raised by people who agree but what you REALLY are is what matters.

      Most racial environment studies use kids- when they use adults, they see that ALL environmental IQ boosts vanish for adopted blacks.

      Blacks are simply a lower IQ species of humanoid. This merely means that black AVERAGE is lower; it says nothing about any given individual.

      Your upbringing was the way it was because your parents were civilized due to genetics. If they had not been, it would have been just like ANY of the bazillion “blacks adopted into high income families” studies, none of which have ever shown much more than a marginal environmental improvement.

      Nevermind adopted twins…this is a deep rabbit hole


      • Interesting, I agree with Trav777, I have deep native American ancestry in me and my great-great grandparents were a interracial couple so that might mean a lot, Im sick of the pc, liberal research all over the internet.

        Thanks for the tips guys.

        Any more authors, writers, sources of information that I can catch up on, just comment.


      • My grandmother is a goat.


    • The realities were documented by JP Rushton.


  42. on September 30, 2014 at 6:57 pm liberalwhiteboy

    I don’t care what you say on your stupid blog! There is a growing number of white males who celebrate the sexual relationship between the black stud and white females!!!

    The black alpha studs are taking over!!!! The cuckold relationship where the white male celebrates the woman’s sexual freedom to sleep with black alpha studs is becoming the most common type of relationship in the USA! Deal with it!!!


  43. White culture is nothing special without rationalism, based on evidence, and justice based on no reasonable doubt from evidence. Let the evidence get presented at trial before this guy is tarred the poster child of the neegazz. We even got the showcase of a woman’s feelings of being ‘creeped out’ as somehow relevant evidence or argument.

    I think in the haste of OP to show black < white we got black men < white women, but anyone who has had any success charming women with Red Pill seduction knows AWALT and in character and culture women are less than men, even tribal savage men. Women are not cultural; the dregs of black men are. With a conviction, the exhibition sans the female feelingz would be tenable. The valid point is the one at the end given little emphasis, that white men don't give a shit to protect what is of such little extremely negative civilized utility–cute white women–and how low are cute white women that I would not push a button to help if I had to take a step first? I don’t pick up what old ladies drop. I’ve had to pick up the shit pile on white men from day one in my life, so I’ve given more than the average Murican could ever pay back.

    That point was worthy of more e-ink, CH. Your emotions and prejudices got the better of your intellect on this one, imo. If both women and most black men are animals that can’t help themselves, then white men can look in the mirror and know where the solution lies, patriarchal brotherhood with civilized standards based on reality speaking for itself. However, first Rome’s gotta burn and the animals have to thin each other out before any patriarch can be established. The wisdom of grin and bear it and of enjoy the schadenfraude, a.k.a. sitting poolside, would have been better than anger not yoked to constructive purposes for those poor helpless women that were sufficient to ruin Western men and Western civilization itself. The last thing your readers need is sacrosanct emotionalism. It is by manipulating emotions on purpose with reason that a man may be civilized, starting with himself.


  44. BLACK wif da dreds= = = = = = = GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. Well, this guy’s not exactly Tyson Whatsisname (Black swimsuit model), but he’s huge, he’s Black, he’s got dreds – that will open many White legs in the West, ca. 2014.If the girl’s drunk, she’ll be humping his leg before they turn the first dark corner.
    Any attempts to intervene in cases such as these – and I do speak from experience – are, sadly, doomed to failure, because the girl will be siding with the predator and gigglingly march off with the object of her desire into SingleMomistan, STD-Land or – in extreme cases – even death.
    It isn’t cowardice or apathy that stays our hand, it is the pointlessness of trying to ‘save’ someone who does not want to be saved.
    The only guy who might have a shot at rescuing girls like the one in the story would be the super-tall, extra-handsome captain of the football team with the expensive car, the rich daddy and the law career all lined up, because the girl would want him even more than she wants the troglodyte.


  46. what does “balnog” mean?


  47. CH, powerful. Should be the lead editorial in the NY Times. But we know it will not be.


  48. Outstanding insightful post weaving together the threads CH’s wisdom about our PC culture deceiving young women with you go girlism, blinding them to the risks, while throwing them to the wolves. More applies to middle/uppermiddle class girls whose parents have the options; lots of poorer whites who didn’t have as many options are well aware of these facts.

    Anyway, I did not see if it was covered above, but another thread is the role that white women administering the welfare state over, I mean for, their black clients. There is definitely some kind of instinctual desire to prey on women from another culture but is amplified by the media megaphone of white guilt and white fault for every grievance real or imagined, which gives them the historic basis for righteously punishing random whites, but there is also the present.

    These black kids grow with single mothers — so are already defiant with female (ODD) plus frequently a healthy dose of whuppin — and then go to schools where most or many of the authority figures are white women and administrators. (Lots of reasons for this, e.g., I am sure that many in DC government would love to have the schools be as black as WMATA and DMV, there just aren’t enough qualified blacks, even bending rules.) White women are doing the same thing at pretty much every level of the welfare state. Of course, I need not mention their prominent role in the divorce/alimony/child support system that we all love, properly distributing cash and children in accordance with their technocratic expertise and unbiased criteria.

    I can’t leave out cops of course (though contrary to the Ferguson hysteria, it is pretty infrequent that there is such a racial mismatch — the product of RECENT white flight — and not much evidence that black cops are less brutal than whites.)

    Heartiste and commenters are on target, but education/healthcare/social welfare/social engineering complex is largely staffed by women at every level and especially white women, and in a lot of cases they also have the true power in the agency or company in question. This is the white government authority running their lives, and they are way easier to get at than a cop if you want payback. (Not the actual one; any white chick will do and bonus points if she’s young and vulnerable.)

    This guy is a monster and probably no such thoughts ran through his head, but as far as reducing the danger of violence and protecting women, I would have to believe that, at least at the margins, if we let Blacks run their own communities, with their own teachers, police officers, etc. It would suck, but then it would be their problem. But we can’t, politically. Trillions of dollars and millions of public sector jobs (and corresponding amounts of votes and political contributions, not to mention the votes and cash of beneficiaries) are at stake. The welfare state in addition to being tremendously inefficient is an enormous source of political conflict and quite possibly racial violence. And oh yeah all these same teachers and social welfare agencies are inciting racial grievance and/or inculcating victimhood that will keep the money and votes flowing. It’s got a while to go yet unfortunately.


  49. Hold on here for a moment. In the Leo Frank trial (which was the OJ Simpson trial of its day) They tried to blame the black janitor, and they actually got him to confess by threatening to harm his grandmother and brother.

    But they couldn’t accept it because the evidence indicated a criminal level of complexity and foresight this low IQ negro could not achieve in a thousand years. They called him “dumber than pot liquor”. But most importantly, he couldn’t provide any NEW information about the crime other than what they told him.

    Always remember that prosecutors are under great pressure to “get somebody”; sometimes ANYBODY for these types of crimes.


    • Was Frank guilty, thwack?


      • I don’t know. I got most of my information from a book called “And The Dead Shall Rise” which I highly recommend.

        The book falls short of declaring Frank guilty or innocent; but they give the reader facts and info to decide for themselves.

        I hope Frank was guilty because if he wasn’t, they hung the wrong man from a tree.


  50. http://truenewsusa.blogspot.com/2014/09/mudshark-mother-33-year-old-jessica.html
    America has lost a beloved 30-something bimbo cashier. Where were you when the world stopped turning? It’s time to shut down the ISS and space program; our intellectual giant Jessica has met her untimely passing.


  51. Civilian American men have neither the formal authority nor the informal power to do anything at all in situations like this. We would receive no thanks for trying to do the right here. And this state of affairs is utterly the fault of our women. It still burns me that a black man killed and raped a white girl. I still have sympathy for her parents, and even for her (disgusting mudshark though she was). But I won’t be pulling a Zimmerman any time soon and I hope none of you do either.


  52. “This goes for the white college men who must have been in the area to see this American Horror Story unfold. Are you so brainwashed by equalist cant that the sight of a huge black guy confronting a drunk white girl in the dead of night doesn’t twitch your risk-assessment reflexes?”

    My local college has an ad for the student store that consists of a two-story-high poster of a giant black guy (dreadlocks included) in a football jersey posing with his arm around a blond white girl. Imagine what would happen to any white male student foolish enough to complain about it.

    “Yet even this target group’s great shame is tinged with tragicomedy. Decades of feminist filth poisons the mind, but decades of unleashed female sexual behavior, all traditional constraints on it vilified and tossed aside, hardens the heart.”

    And your twitter feed is festooned with the blue balls and cracked skulls of chumps who were misguided enough to white-knight for modern women.

    All risk, zero reward. Let it all burn.


    • on October 1, 2014 at 7:35 am haunted trilobite

      Take a picture of it for ‘goodbye america’. There’s an ad campaign in the NY subway where a goofy unshaven white guy is being arrested by tough, serious black cops. It’s pure Frankfurt brain-rinsing


  53. women luv da dark triad alphas


  54. In the past I would get angry about crimes like this, but now I consider it just desserts for all the single white slits who vote Democrap, worship Bathhouse Barry, and look to Uncle Samantha as a surrogate father/husband for their every passing Earthly whim. F ’em — to me they’re hardly better than shitskins at this point.


  55. My mother grew up in Flint, Michigan in those evil 1950s that liberals hate so much. A couple nights a week, she and her brother (10-12) would take the bus downtown to ice skate etc. They would come back, after dark, and often walk several blocks to the house. She has told me that nobody worried about anything happening and if a black man approached you on the street, it was to see if you needed help.
    Fast forward 25 years to my youth growing up there, and it’s the murder capital of America. Thanks Great Society!
    Let’s get this straight. Babies are animals that want everything now. If they aren’t civilized, they grow up to be wild beasts. Very few of these violent criminals come from stable two parent households.


  56. I wouldn’t step in to help her. Why risk my life for some drunk slut that most likely wouldn’t even give me the time of day. If it was a friend or family member I would.


  57. Pssh This dumb black guy has nothing on Ted Bundy or the other more Machiavellian white serial killers; they killed non drunk white women back in the era of “wholesome good girls.”


  58. That big black cock tho


  59. White man arrested in murder of blond Arkansas dairy queen:

    Arron Lewis, the suspect in the abduction and slaying of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter, told reporters Tuesday that he pleaded not guilty to the charges only because his lawyer told him to. He said he wanted to plead guilty because he just wanted “this to be over with.”

    White men should NEVER plead guilty while there is still a chance the crime can be blamed on a big black man with dreadlocks. Just sayin.


  60. I intervened once when a black guy shoved a white girl out of a slowly moving car. she immediately started cussing me. fuck ’em.


  61. Damn

    where is a white criminal when you need one?


  62. He a gentle giant! He a good keed! He didnt no nuffin!


  63. Well, as a suburban white girl who’s stumbled out of bars drunk and taken rides from guys she doesn’t know and other stupid things, and miraculously never been harmed, I can tell you it isn’t necessarily feminist defiance that causes young girls to put themselves in harm’s way. Sometimes it’s just severe naivete. I grew up in a world where men like this didn’t exist and it was just incomprehensible to me that there might be people out there who have no empathy or conscience and just kill and rape for fun. I was too sheltered to understand what was out there. I still struggle with it. In a way *I* put men on a pedestal. The men I know would never do this so I assume no man would do this.


  64. “I believe we will discover in the coming decades that some races are, on average, less disposed to empathic feelings for fellow humans. ”

    The Native Americans
    The Aztecs
    The Africans
    The Jews
    and other groups already have good idea of which race is less disposed to feeling empathy for fellow humans. The know the true less human than human.


    • Get a load of this faggot.

      Nevermind the fact that whites are some of the most mentally ill, self hating “lets fuck over our societies cuz if we don’t some negro/muzzie will have to suffer” people on the planet.

      You ought to be exterminated, you know that?


    • ehab,
      that’s probably true, but i’d bet it’s more due to culture than genetics….. not enough time to make a genetic imprint, as empathy is a relatively more recent development of human communication (or at least is the form of it that you say may distinguish one ethnicity’s from another’s level of it, etc.’


  65. Goodbye America


  66. @PijamaWearingNinja

    I couldnt reply to you upthread….while I do understand the initial sense of satisfaction one gets from these libtards comeuppance I just cannot condone the statement that these people deserve it.

    As far as I know, I am a pretty intelligent person…certainly above average, and I assume you are too. And honestly, I can barely function in the world around me and form a coherent opinion. There is so much disinformation and propaganda out there. Now, think of what a 90 or even a 105 IQ person can decipher. How much propaganda do they take as face value? There is too much freedom and misinformation out there for even people of average intelligence, especially those that attend university.

    There is no advocacy for women. No REAL advocacy. Feminism seeks to destroy women just as thoroughly as it does men, and one could argue even more. A few cads benefit from sexual liberation, I do not know a single woman who does. Women do not benefit from being made into consumerist wage slaves, mudsharks, childless ex sluts, embittered single moms, or victims of interracial crime.

    We must be on OUR own side. Enough people hate us and advocate for our destruction, and that includes white women. Hannah Graham was stupid and ignorant, but she is only the product of misinformation and active destruction. What were her intentions? Again, what did you know at 18? I can only speak for myself, but I thought reading the NYT made you smart and watching CNN made you informed.

    Most people I know want a decent life. They want to be safe and have their kids grow up to have a better life than they did. But they literally cannot navigate the oceans of bullshit that gets them there.


    • F, do you still have a fertile womb? And, if so, is some dude knocking you up? Because you need buns in your oven. Lots and lotsa buns.


    • Good comment.


    • “Women do not benefit from being made into consumerist wage slaves, mudsharks, childless ex sluts, embittered single moms, or victims of interracial crime.”

      They don’t benefit in the long run, but in the here and now they are getting exactly what they want. This is why things will never change (for the better).


  67. Late to this one, but great post, CH. Everything you say is true but remember from the day that girl was born she’s been brainwashed to jettison centuries of acquired wisdom and to believe all blacks are wonderful intelligent and kind people.Brainwashed. The perpetrators of this brainwashing are the real criminals who quite literally should be executed for their crimes.

    This Mathews guy is only slightly more culpable than a wild beast that kills its prey. Blacks have smaller and less developed pre-frontal cortexes and this, coupled with high levels of testosterone makes them ‘human’ time bombs.


    • So what is the white mans excuse when he engages in the same behavior?


      • It is much much rarer. Facts not excuses cupcake.


      • white savagery is not rare; its just that white people hide it behind WORDS.

        indeed, the white man is worse because his savagery is with foresight and malice; he thinks about it first, specifically about how he can get away with it; or make it look like someone else did it.


      • You mean white men have the CAPACITY to think and use foresight. I agree.

        But yes the ACTION of savagery is MUCH MUCH rarer, as the statistics prove. Nice try though.


  68. Joran Van der Sloot


  69. Trainspotter,

    I figure you must have a blog. Where can I find it?


    • “I figure you must have a blog. Where can I find it?”

      Don’t have one. A mere and humble commenter, for the present.


  70. OK white man, you had this nog for a week and he aint cracked and shown you where the body is.

    You sure you got the right man?

    Come on now; either he knows or he doesn’t; don’t punk out, be “creative.”


  71. Actually, its more complicated because they hafta be careful they don’t charge him with a crime they’ve already framed another negrow for


  72. Can’t believe all the white-knighting for this girl. Gets drunk, goes to a sketchy part of town, picks up a random black guy. Winds up dead.

    I am supposed to care? Why? Shall we white-knights strive to make the world safe for drunken sluts (aka white girls) to pick up black guys on the other side of the tracks? If anybody should strive for this goal, it is the young black male population. This gives them all a bad rap, and some white girls may avoid them now. They are the ones who should be outraged and crying for justice. The fact that they aren’t just illustrates how stupid those people are. (Hey thwack, that one’s for you. Not kiddin’, my man.)

    But me? Why should I care.


    • OldGuy
      it is the young black male population. This gives them all a bad rap,

      young black males have had a bad rap for decades; why is this the dead white girl that breaks the camel toes back?

      What country you from?


      • Like I say, they don’t get it.

        If black people (think Ferguson) were taking to the streets to demand justice for this girl’s murder, it would reassure the sluts it was OK to hook up with them. But, since they will defend their brother to the end, it will just make brothers seem better to avoid.

        I come from a country that no longer exists.


    • OldGuy: “Can’t believe all the white-knighting for this girl.”

      I don’t see a lot of white-knighting going on around here. Rather, the issue is how our people have been brought to such a low point where the behavior that you describe is now rather commonplace, or at least not particularly unusual. It was not always so.

      The more important issue is how we can move forward, onward and upward out of this cesspool. Let us not be mere mumblers and grumblers, even witty ones. Instead, let us look to solutions. In the short run, we must look after ourselves and those closest to us as we navigate through the sludge and flotsam. But we also need to create a vision of a better future on a grander scale, though its realization may seem a hopeless pipe dream as of today.

      The Big Idea: a land of our own, for our people and ours alone. Separation is the only solution.


  73. Let me get this straight, you expect black guys to get out of bed and go march for some dead white girl?

    As CH would say, you’re reading the book upside down.


    • Right, because that is reserved only for black men who assault store owners and cops.

      Cuz raaycizm


      • Wrong again; thats just Jooish theater. Black people don’t care about black people. If they did they would not teach their children to act like ni66ers.


      • Thwack is right. To ascribe abstract political objectives onto the behavior of the Untalented 90% blacks is to anthropomorphize them. They don’t care about principle, they just like to burn shit and yell.


      • I didn’t see the jewish people marching, but I saw an awful lot of blacks.

        I will agree with you that they are galvanized by an anti-white mainstream media. That doesn’t leave the blacks blameless in the support of their “gentle giants”.


      • PA: “To ascribe abstract political objectives onto the behavior of the Untalented 90% blacks is to anthropomorphize them. They don’t care about principle, they just like to burn shit and yell.”

        Absolutely, PA. Many white people are so meticulously law abiding that they don’t understand a very simple truth: breaking the law is fun. It’s genuinely pleasurable, sort of like good bourbon and a fine cigar. I’m sure even those are more enjoyable if they are stolen…or at least unlawfully imported.

        A civilized man, even if he realizes that it would be enjoyable to break the law, is normally able to restrain himself from doing so. He is capable of grasping and processing a wide variety of perfectly good reasons for exercising this restraint. It’s probable that his genes don’t even require his reason, they’ve already got it figured out.

        Doesn’t change the reality that breaking the law is fun. Burning shit is fun. Beating someone to a pulp is fun. Looting is fun. For immoral degenerates, it’s got to be mighty tempting. Talk about a good time.


  74. Do you blame your dog for chasing a load of coal down the street?


  75. “What was this white woman thinking? What were her immediate family, her friends, her larger family, and the culture that ensconced her thinking? That it was perfectly safe to stumble around at 1AM alone, in a drunken haze and a short skirt while the nighttime streets filled with remorseless, hungry prowlers? That “don’t blame the victim” means “don’t take any responsibility for your own well-being”? ”

    Dr. Drew has some news show where he’s surrounding by at least 4 female anchors and commentators (white and black) at a time and they all said the same thing.

    Actually the Drew and the 3 white women said it first and when the black woman said it, in a much more direct and clear way, one of the the white women said, “whoa that sounds like victim blaming” but she was just re-articulating what they all had said.

    Personally I think women should be concealed carrying a gun at all times when out walking about in public.


  76. Genocide as defined under international law:

    ****Article II****: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    ****(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;****
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Article III: The following acts shall be punishable:

    (a) Genocide;
    ****(b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;****
    (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;
    **** (d) Attempt to commit genocide;****
    **** (e) Complicity in genocide. ****

    Right now the leaders of Western Countries; the Elites, from Politicians, Bankers, and even Royalty are absolutely chargeable. Many of the Western countries are historically White countries. That means for several thousand years had populations that were 98%+ White or European peoples.

    Today these people, my people, in their ancestral countries are facing a future where they are becoming minorities in their own countries. This is due to Deliberate policy of Mass Immigration and Forced Integration. That is Assimilation and it is a form of Genocide.

    While at the same time ANYTHING that counts as Racism (a purposely dynamic and vague term for any banned speech about RACE), is punishable. Either by loss of employment at best, OR in many countries Prison.

    It doesn’t matter to me if the “Intent” of the Elites was just divide and conquer, to flood White nations with non-Whites and then rule over the conflicted areas. The RESULT, is Whites becoming minorities in their won countries.

    Genocide need not get rid of every single last White person. Again, under international law, “whole ****or in part****”. Reducing us to a minority in our ancestral countries is just THAT.

    The ****Mental Harm**** is teaching unquestionable, yet contradictory ideas. The idea that ALL Whites are inherently racist, guilty for all atrocities of history, privilege etc… and that they ALSO do not even really exist… for example. Followed by movies that continue to vilify and glorify the degradation of their own people while they have been taught to cheer. Programming people to feel so ashamed of their own people they would deny their own right to exist.

    Here is in short:

    This is a clear and consistent Targeting.

    ****Step 1: **** Vilify Whites as a Race
    ****Step 2:**** Find a reason (like economics, asylum, whatever) to flood ALL White countries
    ****Step 3:**** When this creates conflict Vilify whites MORE and institute a policy of integration where Whites having anything anywhere exclusive is illegal.
    ****Step 4:**** Use TV movies and other media to promote intermarriage and Vilify all Whites who oppose
    ****Step 5: ****Deny said Whites even exist

    Nobody is targeting ALL Asian countries, or ALL Black countries for this program. No, its targeted by Anti-White elites (guilty even if they too are white) consistently at White countries.

    Most Whites these days have felt the sting of Anti-Whitism, and live in constant fear of being labeled with “Racist”, because it can destroy their lives.

    SO they decide to become brave Anti-White crusaders supporting their TV, Movies, and Elites, to demonstrate how much they love to go with the program and how good they are silencing all who oppose with the weapon of Ad-Hom.

    Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.

    Anti-Whites support White Genocide.


  77. Today these people, my people, in their ancestral countries are facing a future where they are becoming minorities in their own countries. This is due to Deliberate policy of Mass Immigration and Forced Integration. That is Assimilation and it is a form of Genocide.

    Your words sound so familiar but I just can’t seem to place them… I know Ive heard them somewhere before…?