The Attractive Person Stock Photo Snow Job

Something I’ve noticed, and which has been increasingly evident of late, is the leftoid legacy media’s penchant for leading off their lifestyle and culture stories with un-captioned and unidentified stock photos of attractive people intended to mislead readers into assuming the photo is of the author[s] or of the people covered in the article.

This stock photo snow job is legacy media SOP now, and the purpose is to fool the reader about the ugliness of the author[s] or of the people interviewed for the article, for if readers fully grasped that almost all feminist-friendly and shitlib-gratifying culture and lifestyle stories were written by warpigs, about warpigs, then there might be fewer credulous readers lapping up the legacy media’s runny gruel.

Polyamory stories are a classic case of the stock photo snow job, in which one will often see a good-looking couple at the header of the article, only to discover upon further investigation that the featured polyamorists are all physically as well as mentally repulsive.

See through you media, we do. This is pure narrative conditioning, meant to impose a gaslit clown world on gullible readers and exploit their natural human instinct to associate beauty with truth (and hence with social acceptability). I guarantee that if every dumb shitlib article extolling degenerate “progress” had the zoomed-in photos of the authors and subjects occupy half the page, public support for the Narrative would collapse to single digits.


  1. They do the same thing when they want to imply mudsharkery.

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  2. on December 7, 2016 at 2:30 pm Carlos Danger


  3. on December 7, 2016 at 2:54 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

    So liberals are smart, whereas Alt-Righters can’t see why Roman salutes might be bad for their brand.


  4. x10 for any race related article. If it’s a story about how dreadful Detroit Public Schools are, the photo will be a classroom full of White kids.

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  5. Propaganda everywhere you look… seems nine out of ten TV/print ads now feature gay parents, mixed race families, or some other “coexist” nonsense. You’d think white families are a small minority of the country by looking at any screen or magazine.

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    • Someone suggested we quit patronizing businesses that push the invariable BM/WF/MB propaganda. Where I live you’d have to become a fucking subsistence farmer.

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      • on December 7, 2016 at 3:41 pm Captain Obvious

        No kidding. It’s ubiquitous. On the other hand, subsistence farming has worked wonders for the Amish…

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      • Captain…know what really makes EVERY girl in that photo beautiful? Knowing that each one is gladly willing to have 5-8 children for her man. Now THAT gives me a boner…not the dried up wombs of the 37-year old bitches in the Viagra commercials. Viagra exists because many women are not attractive or sexy…not because the men don’t having working parts (although some don’t, of course). Give a 60-year old man a thin 18-year old girl, and I goddamned guarantee that his pecker will turn oak (or at least a good pine) without any pharmaceutical intervention!

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      • on December 7, 2016 at 7:40 pm Captain Obvious

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      • on December 7, 2016 at 7:42 pm Captain Obvious


      • Start with the obviously guilty: Starbucks, Apple, Facebook, et al. As you building alternatives, add more “do not support” to your list.

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      • I’ve noticed Starbucks ads lately are featuring really ugly, liberal degenerate looking people as their baristas in the ads. Like Lena Dunham-looking degenerates (and I’m not exaggerating). It’s like they’re trying to test the waters to see if America is so cucked that we’ll see this a victory for diversity and tolerance or something and be more likely to buy their coffee rather than being repulsed like healthy, normal people.


      • Frankly, I’m baffled at the way otherwise sane people blind themselves when it comes to getting their fix of the overpriced muck-in-a-bucket at Shitbucks. People, who should be downright offended at the positions taken by that company, ignore the facts to get whatever chemical additives (heroin perhaps?) come laced in those cups.


    • These past few years, I’ve challenged my daughter to identify contemporary mixed-race fictional couples where the woman is black. Doesn’t happen.


    • More than just print ads and commercials. Look what they tried to pull on the Gaines’ Fixer Upper show. Attacking them for attending a church that holds a position that 95% of the churches in the world hold.

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    • I caught myself being refreshed just to see an ad with a black man /black woman couple instead of some mix.


  6. ‘I bring this up b/c my impression is that female fashion is currently at Peak Slutwear and signs of modesty are starting to appear.’

    They managed to get sluttier than the 00s? That must have taken some doing.

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    • I saw a pair of yoga pants (the tea leaves of the slut curve) the other day that were printed to look like blue jeans. subtle, but it might indicate that a low slut pressure system is moving in.

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      • “but it might indicate that a low slut pressure system is moving in.”


        And now we turn to meterosexologist plumpjack for the forecast…
        ‘Well after a high pressure system of blue haired fuglies were looking at a low pressure slut system of jean disguised jeggings with low SMV to continue on through the weekend. Scattered hotties with an 80% chance of sluttery in the coastal areas.’

        In other news…weak resistance was met at the final stages of the Trump Wall Construction, which were obliterated by US Border B2 stealth bomers using daisy cutters turning the shitlibs and mexicans into human salsa.

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      • Rational, realistic or not, I think women are afraid modesty makes them invisible.

        I’ve noticed a trend toward looser cuts and more coverage in women’s athletic clothes. Sweats and a tee or tank have always been fine for me, but some women in my gym have the low cut mesh paneled leggings paired with sports bras that look like S&M lite. Recently though a surge in workout skirts over Capri leggings has happened. Tops are fitted enough to not interfere with movement but don’t show off every detail.

        And, something I’ve wanted forever is finally available almost everywhere: the lightly padded sports bra to cover your headlights. It’s not enough to artificially boost cup size appearance, jus cover up. Little things!

        So yes, overall, hemlines are dropping, necklines are rising. I wonder if it’s partly fatigue. I find it unnerving to walk around overexposed, even at the gym. I don’t know how some women do it.


      • “Scattered hotties with an 80% chance of sluttery in the coastal areas.’”



      • Nice one, Ripp!


  7. on December 7, 2016 at 3:18 pm Otis the Sweaty

    “You’d think white families are a small minority of the country by looking at any screen or magazine.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. Trump would never have gotten elected if not for the media inadvertently letting whites know that they are under siege. There is a great article related to this very point at Vox:

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    • Great article at Vox….

      lol. fag.

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    • ‘Here is an unsettling reality for many liberals following the election: It is entirely plausible that Donald Trump will succeed on his own terms, and will flourish politically for it.’

      Shitlibs have been threatening for years to end the S-corp loophole to fund student loan bailouts. Trump should just skullfuck them by ending the self-employment tax completely. With any luck it would then be political suicide to even try to bring it back. Boomers will scream about MUH SOCIAL SECURITY but so fucking what, they voted for TC anyway. Gen Xers and afterward know we’ll never see a dime of that money again.

      I hope he presides over an historic economic expansion (and not the heroin junket we’ve been on since March 2009) not only for its own sake but to further shit on Bongo’s “you din build dat” Marxist lunacy and to consign moonbats like Krugman to the outer wastes for a generation.

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      • Trump should also cut-off the student loan scam full stop; it’s just a subsidizing of the anti-White Jewish-controlled propaganda-indoctrination machine of American (((Academia))).

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      • For that matter, get rid of the entire residential mortgage scam. Borrowing money to finance consumption is insane. Prices will implode, Boomers will shriek (see above), and people who work for a living will actually be able to afford property by saving instead of going ass over teakettle in debt and paying 3x the sticker price over time to bankers. Oh, and the six percent mafiosi will be unhappy. As with Trump’s presidency, you’ll be able to judge this plan by its enemies.

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      • There’s a simple solution to the housing finance problem.

        Permit everybody to depreciate the improvement of real estate, then deduct that depreciation from income taxes.

        I love my S-Corp and my S-Corp loves me. Eliminating that “loophole” would fuck all small business nationwide.


      • Stock market is in a massive bubble now, thanks to eight years of the Fed giving away free money. It’s going to crash, and there’s not much Trump or anyone else can do about it. But maybe after that he’ll let interest rates go back to normal and allow the economy to rebuild organically.


    • That whole article should be ripped apart… sentence by sentence… and remember, when they want to portray white folks, they have no trouble selecting the images…

      “typical” Trump supporters… per (((Dara)))…


  8. I turn on the TV to get some laffs over “Quantico”. Opening scene is two dudes kissing passionately in the shower. This is network prime time.


  9. Of course they’re not going to use real pics of the sibling fuckers. I don’t think this was meant to be deceptive.


  10. [swerving into the O/T ditch here, Frosters].
    There’s a big hoo-ha being fomented the last day or so by the #vileBBC about educational “attainments” in English high school kids.
    It’s all dreadful, of course, and like policing, health, military, roads, railways, cat rescue, etc. etc., can only be resolved by devoting 106%, ring-fenced, of the entire GNP to each “problem”. Every year.
    Point being, my Chateau-honed scheissherrenoehre pricked up as the list was solemnly intoned.
    20+ points ahead; Singapore, Japan, Estonia, Japan
    10+ points ahead; Finland, Macao, Canada, Vietnam, Hongkong
    Ahead; China, South Korea, New Zealand, Slovenia
    The report was slung together by a pair of recent grads now in place at UCL, one possibly an English pikey, the other a skypess from US as far as I can see.

    Riddle me this;-
    What is the correlation between White or East Asian ethnic monocultures (or near-fascist city-states, huzzah), devoid of almost any Diversity, and a successful educational system?


    • “What is the correlation between White or East Asian ethnic monocultures (or near-fascist city-states, huzzah), devoid of almost any Diversity, and a successful educational system?”

      None (or hopefully not much) of this:


  11. Bugger, that was meant to append to Mr Frosty’s 02:55 pm note


  12. yep, the conditioning is everywhere.



    • One white male surrounded by a potpourri of B-model chicks and minoritized, pinked-out Brady Bunchy boys. Truly representative of the NYPD.

      My keyboard smells like bullshit.


      • Yeah it’s weird, with all the bright colors and the way people are positioned,.the big smiles, it’s like something aimed at children.

        Did whoever they pay to do this intentionally sabotage it?


    • on December 7, 2016 at 11:21 pm The Happy Hindoo

      Haha. Wtf. Asian chick on the left has a photchopped head at least 2x too big for her body. Just look at the difference between her head and that of the white chick next to her.

      Yup, an entire squad of abnormally-big-headed Asian chicks is just what the NYPD has always needed.


      • The real NYPD is a solid core of white males and pale hispanic males with Asian males doing computer work.


  13. O/T. Something squirrely is going on over at Weasel Zippers now that the election’s over… they’ll ban you if you post stuff supportive of Mattis like this:

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  14. on December 7, 2016 at 5:22 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


    Listen to all this seething Jewish hatred of Christians.



  15. I don’t pay much attention to commercials, but I caught one today during the evening news (waiting for the weather forecast) of what looked like a perfectly good-looking, apparently normal White family at dinner.
    No idea what they were advertising, but that was a sight for sore eyes.


  16. Perfect topic for some notes that I took at work today! CH is reading my mind.

    First, the new comment: They use the same stock photos on any corporation’s “careers” website page. Happy, multi-ethnic folks working closely together…some even laughing (at the idiots who actually hired them to walk around all day and do nothing!).

    My notes from this morning: I may have mentioned this before, but since Christmas (“the time for giving”) is almost upon us, I see that pretty much every advertisement directed to DONATING money or items features poor White children (especially when directed at the general public, and not retarded race-hating religious nuts). This is meant to especially tug at the heart-strings of Whites. Why? Because all the non-profit organizations and charities know the big difference between who GIVES money, and who are the recipients of money, goods and services.

    This correlates to the advertisements we see for BUYING things, which contain a lot of interracial images and other races. Why? Well, besides the obvious psy-ops by (((them))), these types are pure consumers, as opposed to givers.


  17. …so glamorous


  18. The music video for Adele’s song “Hello” popped up on YouTube’s front page the other day and I idly clicked on it. Holy crap! The “love interest” flashbacks were totally jarring. It was just not computing for me mentally. I thought it was some sort of joke, a satire. I followed up with a search to find out if anyone had commented on how bad it was, and all I found were variations on “who is that hunky actor in the Adele video?” stories. It’s a concerted, blatant, propaganda campaign.

    Feast your eyes:


    • Depends; it’s a “soft” black guy in decent shape that knows how to dress and he “still” can’t manage to keep an obese land-whale if she happens to be white.

      Not sure for which race this is the worse message for really.

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  19. There still are some good commercials. Not sure if this one is due to the Trump effect, but this is a GREAT commercial for….yes…the iPhone 7. Could not believe it:

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  20. Game question was out late and the bar was empty except one guy to my right and a couple on my left chatting. So i made conversation with the guy and in the course of it, I said i went out with the absolute belief that i was getting laid that night. The girl, who was next to me, of the couple heard that and said that was great. So i started chatting with her, realized rhat she was with a guy and apologized if that was her boyfriend (it wasnt). So at this point the guy to my right starts horning in to talk to her. I ignore him and wait for a pause then start chatting her up again. Then the guy to her left starts chatting her up. I wait again calmly, then start up again.

    So im mostly dominating. Im doing kino, im getting her to talk about herself more and more, actually enjoying it. The other guys are falling silent.

    Then the guy she was originally chatting with starts up again, interrupting rudely, being insulting, but doing it in a funny way. I admit it, i got pissed, decided to walk off, the girl was actually shocked, so i think i was misreading my situation.

    Anyway, here is my question. If you are chatting up a girl, and a clownish retard comes in, how do you deal with it? How to brush off a moron while not losing the girls attention? Or, failing that, what should a man do? Stay, go?


    • on December 7, 2016 at 9:59 pm long dong silver

      That is the “amog” problem. In my experience, it’s mostly in your head. Remember you are the prize. Check chateau archives from 10/18/2011. It takes experience to size the amog up and know which tactic to use. If in doubt, try interupting the conversation to tell the girl you’re headed to bathroom or going to make a call and to save your seat/watch you beer. It will give you a sec to cool down and for the amog to fizzle himself out. If its still going when u get back. Announce yourself “im back. Miss me? What we talking about?” from there you can try some of the amog tactics


      • on December 8, 2016 at 12:23 am Days of Broken Arrows

        To shut anyone up, just bring death into the situation: “Excuse me, my dog died tonight” or “We’re just discussing our uncle’s suicide.”

        That’s why Beatles songs were so effective. They constantly slipped references to death into them. Gets people’s attention and makes them shut up and bow down.


    • on December 7, 2016 at 10:35 pm Captain Obvious

      Get her number and leave. [Unless you know that you can kick both of those dudes’ @sses. At the same time. Which is unlikely.]

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    • If you’re feeling good, go for the nuclear close. “This was fun, guys, but we gotta go. Come on.”

      If she asks where, you can say anything you want — to another bar, to my car, to that table over there.


    • Of course if she balks then you’re mega-chump, but that’s why it’s the nuclear close.


    • Best AMOG advice neutralizers ive ever heard was from a PUA named asian playboy. He prob learned it from someone else but who cares.

      1 befriend
      2 ignore
      3 tool

      At first try and befriend the dude and dominate the frame. Comment on a subject or start a thread where he comments, then engage him, get gim to have a convo with you, control frame then after hes done go back to convo with target. Keep him involved but dominate frame.

      Next is to ignore. If hes trying to goad you and hate (because hes irritated youre in on his shit) literally act as if hes not there. Talk over him, interupt directly, dont acknowledge him. In your case you were patient and waited for conversation pauses. No. Interject with a louder initial inflection while hes talking. Start a complete new thread. Physically position yourself as to show your body language to him as if he isnt even there. For example if hes to the left of the target at the bar, and youre on the right, turn around so your back is now against the bar and position so her head is in between you too. Interject his concvo. Kino. Whisper in her ear “hey look blah blah” literally erase acknowledgment of him.

      The point is to piss him off so he blows himself out. If he loses his cool, he loses.

      Lastly, if hes got some game and hes throwin tools, or if hes trying hard and blowin himself out and trying talk shit, tool him. But do so in control. There are some great old skool videos from Tyler durden and mystery days of this stuff.

      My favorite is this: after he talks shit like says youre a pussy loser etc etc blah blah….pause. then say….”oh, but youre cool man. Youre cool…” with a little smirk then go right back to new thread with target. Show your unphased. Or you can just pause. Then go back to convo with girl.

      Things is 80% of the time befriending works. Make friends with the dude. Shell like you even more especially if she gets to watch you dominate frame and see that the guy she came with is inteigued by you also. Tingles.

      If hes super beta hell blow himself out.

      But yeah, AMOGing isnt always about being a dick etc, it can be, but its mostly being smart. Dominating the conversation. Being interesting and friendly…even to men. and if need be using a dudes butthurt against himself so he lowers his value.


    • Ron

      If you are chatting up a girl, and a clownish retard comes in, how do you deal with it? How to brush off a moron while not losing the girls attention? Or, failing that, what should a man do? Stay, go?

      Say stuff to her like “Oh sorry is this guy your boyfriend?” and she will usually blow him out. “no? You sure… this looks like love about to happen here?”

      Also you can tool him with things to her like “oh hey, this guy is really into you. You would make such a cute couple, you should definitely go bang him…”

      Or to him, put him on the spot “so loverboy, what are your plans here for my girl… wine an dine, tru lurv… or just bang?”

      also to her with him listening “hold on… this guy has some good lines… you should def hook up with him” and to him “come on, let’s hear some more man, you are doing great…”

      very few guys can respond to being put on the spot…

      The important thing is to NOT LOSE YOUR FRAME… don’t get angry, don’t compete… be amused, like the two of you have an inside joke… lay down some things like above and then just keep talking to her and ignoring him. But keep talking to her… “so anyway, check this out” is an easy constant attention grabber… and just launch into your next story. also while doing this, when her eyes are on you, ROTATE your body if you can so she turns towards you more and away from him…

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    • Here’s my original post from 1/2000 that was incorporated into Maniac High’s Pickup Guide ( It was also where I first coined the term “AMOG”:

      “I can offer three proven tactics to counter Alpha Male Other Guy (AMOG)

      Typical Situation One: your above “I was working her and this AMOG
      moves in”

      Solution: As soon as the AMOG inserts himself, and, she pays attention
      to him, do the following:

      Smile at the AMOG and say “hold on a sec OK”. Touch her shoulder and
      turn your body so that you’re between her and the AMOG. Then, lean
      forward and whisper in her ear: “I don’t want to share your attention
      with anyone else. Let’s continue this some other time” She’ll either
      respond positively or not. If negative, smile at her and say, “he’s
      all yours”. If positive get the #, smile, and say “I’ve got to run but
      I will see you again” Use a strong hand pointing gesture when you say
      the “See you” so that it places a verbal anchor and also asserts your
      dominance over her vis a vi the AMOG.

      TIP: it’s fucking vital in these situations to always whisper in the
      chycks ear. Why? Do you remember from elementary and middle school
      how the chycks were always whispering in each other’s ears? They love
      it! It creates an instant atmosphere of intimacy and “specialness”.
      Plus, tactically, you want to keep the AMOG shut out and guessing. I
      call this the “whisper close”.

      Two other typical AMOG competitive situations and how to deal with them:

      Typical Situation Two: You’re sitting at the bar with two chycks at
      adjoining bar stools and you’re working them.

      Solution: If it’s two chycks that you started chatting up at the bar
      with you and them sitting on the adjoining bar chairs, always move so
      that you’re positioned between the two chycks. This means that any
      AMOG has to choose one or the other to approach.

      IF the situation is that you’ve been chatting up two chycks and some
      AMOG comes along and exploits your mistake and inserts himself between
      the two chycks before you can position yourself between them (as
      happened to me very recently), here’s what I did:

      I touched the chyck (whose back by then was to me ” don’t you just hate
      that) nearest to me on her shoulder and whispered in her ear: “I’ll
      bet you that he propositions you and your friend to a threesome”.

      If she’s like this chyck, she’ll immediately turn to face you with a
      laugh and and a “How much do you want to bet kind of reaction”. I
      said, “Since I won’t be here to verify the bet, let’s just make it
      buck. That way, it won’t be the amount, it’ll be whether I was
      right or you were right. I’ll trust your honesty!” (I had already
      closed and was going to meet her the next night at this bar where the
      other woman was bartending). I left by saying “I gotta run but I’ll
      see you both in Ridgefield (a nearby town where the other woman

      Typical Situation Three: You’ve been chatting up some chyck and you
      have leave for moment (maybe to hit the men’s room) and when you
      return, there’s this AMOG that’s moved in

      Solution: Approach from the AMOG’s blind side and visually get her
      attention from a slight distance away, from behind him. A sharp
      “Yeo!” and a finger point at her should do very nicely to get her
      attention. From there, your alternatives are:

      If you didn’t already do the close (shmuck! it’s almost never too early
      to do a trial close), then move in per Situation One above and do a
      whisper close.

      If you already had gotten the close (attaboy for that), then say “Gotta
      run. See you like we planned”. Use a strong hand pointing gesture when
      you say the “See you” so that it places a verbal anchor.”

      Yes, I’m “that” Old_Dog…


  21. I certainly wish one day that every jew is appropriately identified on relation to theae articles.

    If this were so…the (((pattern))) would be impossible not to notice.

    I wonder why its so “anti semetic” to make this observation. Hmmm…..

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    • I was thinking something similar when I read about Scorsese’s “Silence” film.

      It changes everything to know that a Jew actor plays the part of a Jesuit who must tread on an image of Christ as an act of apostasy.


  22. on December 7, 2016 at 9:39 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Great topic for a post, but why didn’t you mention the article that clearly inspired it: The Washington Post’s “Soloish” column by single mother Stephanie Land titled “Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner.”

    This column came with a stock photo of a nice-looking woman with sunglasses and a would-be stud in the background. But the actual photo of Land on her Web site isn’t nearly as attractive.

    I assume you left all this out to avoid potential lawsuits?

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  23. on December 8, 2016 at 1:42 am Vagina dominator

    @ Ripp

    Off topic

    In a recent thread (parasite by the dashboard light) Ripp wondered why it might be – if what I say is true – that white boys are holding their own against coons in “fair” street fights. Here is my answer. It’s long but I think there is some meat in there.

    Whites kids do well against or come off equally against black kids when they are not sucker punched, ambushed, ganged up or jumped or when it is not the case that some comparative giant has hunted about looking for someone small and weak to bash.

    Why is this? It shouldn’t be so. Objectively the black kids have some huge advantages. Many of them are really fast of foot and elusive. That’s just an observable fact. Sometimes I seriously wonder whether the video has been sped up.

    And they also have a lot of experience with fighting and violence. From what I can see, raising your hands to someone appears to be accepted as completely socially normal among blacks.

    So we see insane things like extended man-on-man fights in suburban streets and brawls in restaurants featuring men, women, children. Incredible. They raise their voices and swear and swing their arm around when they are displeased, even in places like public streets and public transport and in offices.

    For most whites, the way blacks behave is just mind-boggling and incomprehensible. I can’t imagine what a Japanese must think.

    On the other side of the ledger, it is easily observable about blacks that

    1) they are very, very risk-averse when they fight.

    2) they are easily discouraged by setbacks.

    What this means is that they won’t enter/engage at arms length unless they absolutely believe they have the advantage.

    This is a high bar in a “fair” fight.Consequently, their entire strategy falls back to trying to tempt the opponent into a counter-punching trap.

    If the opponent declines to chase them around (it is very dangerous to follow an opponent in a street fight unless you have, for example, clipped them or they are falling or stumbling and you are following up right on top of them as they reel away bcs – here is the trap – they can simply halt at any time and hit straight and you’ll get KOed with your own momentum (I call this “piking”, analogous with pikesman impaling oncoming cavalry ), or they’ll step to one side and hit you with a wide shot, again exploiting your momentum) and they’ll then also have your flank.

    The other counter-punching trap has them getting onto the rear leg and leaning back. If the white guy declines to walk directly into that buzz saw, the black guy is left with nothing.

    The answer for the white is to step/pivot outside their lead foot, or, if the opponent is standing flat – common – we step to or pivot outside either of his feet while maintaining a cover guard. You can finish the pivot/step on your front or rear leg, as you like. I’ll do a short video on this. Every man should be able to do a long lead step where he hits with the same hand but keeps his weight on the back leg and can move down the outside. So many uses in street fighting. It’s a key step with maybe a dozen follow-up possibilities.

    On the issue of lacking emotional resilience, If a black guy does get into an arms length melee and gets clipped, it is not rare to see him simply straight away stand up, turn his back and walk or run away.

    This is as common as their behavior before a (arranged, one-on-one) fight, where they signal they are ready but no, wait, got to take off these pants, then walk over to a friend, and then tie their other shoe or hand over their phone, turn a few times as if testing that the legs still work, shake the shoulders, take a stance, wait for the opponent to approach, turn away, opponent stops, then the black turns back to take a stance, and then, at last, the fight starts.

    Meanwhile, the white (or “Hispanic”) is standing there waiting. It’s bizarre, but this really is a consistent behavior that you see from them when the fight does not involve either an ambush or a heavy outmatching in their favor. I’m not making this up. These are things that they consistently do *as a group*. Why is it? Is it learned behavior? Well, careful, in some cases it is a setup for a sneak attack. But it is probably also an attempt to psych out the opponent. And I also think that some of it is nervous energy from fear. But I can’t really know.

    The whites (and “hispanics”) have a contrasting approach. They may or may not be able to fight better, that varies, but they don’t fight to live another day and if they do get non-KO clipped they don’t take it too badly. They just keep fighting. You see some surprising comebacks and some really stupid bravery from some kids.

    Anyway, this kind of resilience is advantageous if you are going to mix it up at arms length. Arms length is not a safe place for anyone but in smaller spaces it’s the only choice. (Note how often black guys like to fight and perform better in much bigger public spaces. A fight might drag out over 50 meters down a public street or across a park. The smaller the space, the more it suits someone who is willing to go forward.)

    In any case, if you are afraid of risk, you won’t fight at arms length. If you won’t fight there, you give up a lot of opportunities to win.

    In short, this kind of what I call “folkfighting” (i.e., it isn’t just an outright assault, but it isn’t a sportfight either, nor is it self defense bcs in self defense situations, it is not voluntary for one participant) seems to reflect what we see in the professional boxing ring, the risk-averse black style (boring to watch) and the more or less mix-it-up styles of the other races, with the Japanese fighters at the suicidal end of the spectrum.

    In conclusion, if I must have one, it seems that the results of fights between acceptably-matched blacks and whites – when owing especially to social factors (experience) blacks should in fact win overwhelmingly – may be explained by how different fighting strategies are either risk averse or risk-taking. But that’s just my guess.

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    • great insights. i need to study fighting more.

      im pretty sure it was a CH thread from a while back. but someone was saying that blacks go down easier when hit in the dome relative to whites.


      • Part of the problem is that (western) Whites have had unconditional pacifism forced down their throats for at least 80 years now, perhaps more, whereas ruthless violence at the drop of a hat comes natural to Arabs, Pakistanis, Blacks, etc.
        They do back off pretty quickly, though, when faced with Whites who fight back HARD, it’s like they’re amazed such a thing is even possible.
        Another problem is that Whites have been forced to not help each other because it’s ‘racist’, so we’re looking at 5 or more generations of Whites who have had their natural instinct to help another White who is being attacked by non-Whites, suppressed.
        A phenomenon not found in any other ethnicity, and not in eastern Europe, either.

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      • blacks go down easier when hit in the dome relative to whites.

        They haids be a bit thicker than ours…

        … it’s their jaws that are glass… especially right below the ear..


      • They have 70 IQ. Fighting takes a certain amount of raw intelligence (car mechanic intelligence instead of college physics intelligence), which blacks do not have.


    • My youngest son is a professional boxer and he says the blacks are mostly pussies. He’s knocked out so many of them inside the ring and out it’s hilarious. The blacks think the white guy won’t stand up to them and before they know it he’s flat on his back in dreamworld. Most of the blacks will try to intimidate the white guy before a fight starts when he realizes it’s not working you can see the change in body language and in their eyes they know they fucked with the wrong guy.

      My son works at a bar and some blacks were running in and out of the women’s bathroom. One of the girls that work there asked him to take care of it. He went over asked them nicely to stay out of the women’s bathroom and they started mouthing off saying they’ll go any where they want white boy and that sort of thing. My son hit the one guy with one shot he was flat on his back out cold for a good 15 minutes. The police show up and drag him out by the feet and as they are putting him in the cop car he’s screaming he’s going to get his gun and he’ll be back. The fact is most of them are all talk and that’s about it.

      Liked by 2 people

      • He must know where to smack ’em. In a street fight with a moon crikit, you never ever waste time going for the body or upside the head. You smack his ass in the nose and uppercut his jaw, and never let up once you start. I fought many a nigger back in the day, and never lost a fist fight to one of their cudgel head asses. These days ( I’m an old man now, ) I would just stab or shoot , prolly both.


      • jOHN, first shoot, then stab, just like hunting deer


  24. as maximum leader Trump once said,”with the right woman you don’t need Viagra.”


  25. I only saw a few clips of Spencer at Texas A&M but loved the part when a negress asks him if he thinks whites are superior.
    The panic in her voice like that dindus interviewer who interviewed him the other week.
    They know the game is up.
    Spencer’s comment at the NPI that ‘we don’t need you’ is one of THE quotes from 2016 for me.
    Also him telling his snowflake crowd they are nothing special …nothing at all really.
    You just sensed that cold bitter reality hit home.


    • The Aggies who are protesting and whining on facebook are hilarious. It’s one of the most socially conservative schools in the country and they can’t help but bitch about the guy. They outed themselves as sjws, I live down in TX so I know a bunch of them


      • Those crybaby fucks won’t last long in Aggieland. They best transfer to UT in Austin where sjw faggotry runs rampant.


    • Spencer’s ridicule of a degreed professor is equally entertaining.

      But his answer to, “Do you think Whites are superior?” was sage.

      “There is no objective standard by which to judge the superiority of a race.”

      I think this is a dare, i.e.: “Is there an standard by which you SJW’s judge each race?”

      When the black woman didn’t get the yes/no answer she wanted, she would not release the mic to the next person who wanted to ask a question.


  26. Jewish MP’s fears over far right

    It must be all those far right death squads out in the streets causing jews to fear for their lives, right?

    ‘…after the JAILING of fellow far right extremist Garron Helm in October…’ ‘…Helm, then 21, from Merseyside, had admitted sending a picture on twitter depicting the MP with a holocaust-era Star of David on her forehead and the hashtag ‘Hitler was right’.’

    ‘As we have seen from this conviction, this is not tolerated in (((Britain))) and there are means and ways by which people will be held to account’


  27. Tucker’s gonna get laid!

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    • Tucker’s face is meme worthy in this… that blank disbelieving stare into the mouth of vapidity…

      “you don’t actually know anything about what you are talking about…”

      Thank you Lord Trump for the rise in RealTalk…


    • on December 8, 2016 at 9:23 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      Something adorable about her pouty face.


    • Who is this bitch-faced, smarmy little cooze that she deserves the megaphone?

      Not matter how much youse yeggs think this Carlson fellow “destroys” these people, it’s all just playing into the Synathedral frame, acting like these liberal assholes… ESPECIALLY the young cunts who bring nothing to the table besides their orifices… merit debate, such as it is… which isn’t debate at all, but both sides talking over and past each other.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • “Not matter how much youse yeggs think this Carlson fellow “destroys” these people, it’s all just playing into the Synathedral frame, acting like these liberal assholes”

        We’re grown men here, perfectly capable of deciding what’s valuable and what’s not. Start a babysitting blog, since that’s what you like so much.

        BTW, how does that babysitting schtick work on the ladies, Greg? Bet you’re a real lady-killer with the adult diapers-wearing crowd, eh?


      • You still here, dweeb?

        I seem to recall you got booted out the door. Whad’dya do, crawl back in through a window?

        I bet you were one of those annoying shmucks in school who, no matter how many times he was told to beat it, kept trying to insinuate his unwanted self into the cool-kid crowd.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • “I bet you were one of those annoying shmucks in school who, no matter how many times he was told to beat it, kept trying to insinuate his unwanted self into the cool-kid crowd.”

        mirror mirror on the wall…


      • Those sort of “I’m rubber, you’re glue” neener-neeners only work if there’s ANY possibility of the original barb NOT sticking to its target…

        … and are usually the last retort resorted to by said annoying dweebs trying to hang with the cool crowd.

        /I rest my case rape!


      • on December 8, 2016 at 10:45 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        streetsweeper with another dominating performance.


      • on December 8, 2016 at 10:48 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        I can tell SS has read The Art of War.


      • DKike, is he actually your sock-puppet?

        Or are you up to your usual queer dictionary denotations in which someone gets their azz handed to them several times over and then is declared the winner… by you and you only?

        I can tell that both you and he have read nothing weightier than MAD magazine.

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      • on December 8, 2016 at 11:08 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “is he actually your sock-puppet?”


        But I have to say that I’m becoming a bit of an admirer.


      • “Those sort of “I’m rubber, you’re glue” neener-neeners only work if there’s ANY possibility of the original barb NOT sticking to its target…”

        /I rest my case rape!”

        can’t stop defending himself rape!


      • You must be sock puppets, you’re both using the same verkakte dictionary.

        Clue for you: kicking your virtual ass every time you start in with your inanity isn’t mere defense, not matter how try-hard to try to paint the situation.

        So keep yapping like a puny mutt and keep getting kicked your master.

        You have the same sort of insatiable taste for humiliation that DKike… indeed, MOST gheys… evince… and I can always use the exercise, especially for the amusement of the peanut gallery.

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      • “I can always use the exercise, especially for the amusement of the peanut gallery.”

        behind the curve and can’t read the audience cuz he’s a baby boomer-with-no-game rape!


      • Refresh my memory on the question you’ve studiously avoided the past few days…

        … which one of us was voted off the island, after YOU called for the vote?

        /shakin’ it and kekkin’ it rape!


      • “… which one of us was voted off the island, after YOU called for the vote?”

        STILL can’t stop defending himself rape! try-hard rape!


      • You act as if it’s some sort of victory to get your azz handed to you whenever you dare to address your betters.

        I’ve never understood that odd Cyberian mentality… it’s like Kevin Bacon in Animal House wanting to be part of the jock fraternity so much he just keeps bending over and cries “Please, sir, may I have another” with every stinging paddle.

        /Noted continued avoidance of the question rape!


      • on December 8, 2016 at 12:08 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        Appealing to the crowd

        Come on, Gregory.


      • Queer, disingenuous, and dumb is no way to go through life, kike.

        I wasn’t the one who asked for the vote… short attention span on top of disingenuousness makes for a truly vapid display.

        And as far as appealing to the crowd goes, well… a certain capo di tutti shitlord did just that for about six months straight, to packed stadiums no less, and it seemed to pay off.

        Instead of constantly talking out your ass, save it for your boyfriend’s input.

        (((shakin’ it yet again)))


      • What’s a Synathedral?


      • Since several expressed concern about the term “Cathedral” to describe TPTB and all of their henchmen and mechanisms of poz, and wanted it to be known as the Synagogue, for obvious reasons, I decided to be fair about it and take into the consideration that the puppet masters often had some willing puppets, hence:

        Synagogue + Cathedral = Synathedral

        /DUH rape


    • Tucker is doing god’s work. these MSM takedowns where our side refuses to back down are being seen by a lot of normies.

      (((Erin Schrode))) got vaulted into the spotlight simply because of her tribal connections.

      Dailystormer has given her special attention on a few occasions:


      • Tucker is doing god’s work. these MSM takedowns where our side refuses to back down are being seen by a lot of normies.

        PJ, I luv ya like a brother, man… but giving this bitchy yenta a megaphone AIN’T God’s work, it’s merely carrying water for the Synathedral.

        And Tucker needs to work on keeping the frame solely within his sphere, rather than chasing her points the minute she brings them up.

        And note how he let’s her speak her piece, for the most part, while she starts in with the interrupting when he tries to reply.

        There’s no winning in debating with the Left… I thought we all understood that by now.


      • The point here is that, when they start in with the NAH-ZEE and Hitler stuff in re Trump, you laugh at them and boot them off the podium…

        … you don’t ask them to “explain themselves”. In this case, it merely gave her the opportunity to mouth some shitlib feelz platitudes and then steer the discussion towards green matters and “the right to breathable air for American families”.

        It’s like stepping on a hornet’s nest and then trying to chase down the ones hovering around waiting to sting you.

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      • Greg, maybe I’m too young to know, but after years of seeing the complicit MSM throwing puffball questions at propaganda hitmen, this seems like a step in the right direction, does it not?

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      • To your point, it’s certainly better than nothing… even a thimble of water looks refreshing to those stuck in the desert.

        But my point is we have to get out of that being in the desert mentality and just knock the dust off our boots, as it were, from (((these))) folks and their approved opposition channels… Fox being the premiere example.

        If you’re going to give a forum to this sort of thing, Tucker should have merely stated something along the lines of the ridiculous try-hard nature of such comparisons… a true insult to any intelligent mind… and not then ask any question, as if she’s an equal and her voice is worthy to be listened to.

        Let her then begin her sputterings and pontifications, if you must, but don’t ASK for them.

        But as I said, we of the RealTalk contingent have progressed beyond these sorts of talking head shows.

        “Meat in due season, rather than milk for babes”… and our season is long overdue.


      • Cucks always have girls.


      • Leave it to uh to try and throw dirt on a picture of a beautiful Aryan family.

        Looks like he’s back to his old tricks, and I’ll have to withdraw that Honorary-One-Of-Us application.

        /More’s the pity rape!

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      • The blogger has some posts about it, actually. Trivers-Willard Hypothesis. You haven’t noticed that goodwhites tend to have more girls than boys? It’s pretty standard evolutionary biology.


      • The great Kanazawa:

        ” … the logic of the generalized Trivers-Willard hypothesis (gTWH) leads to the prediction that physically more attractive parents are more likely to have daughters than physically less attractive parents. The gTWH proposes that parents who possess any heritable trait which increases the female reproductive success more than the male reproductive success are more likely to have daughters. Physical attractiveness, while advantageous for both boys and girls, is even more beneficial for girls than for boys. Men prefer beautiful women for both long-term and short-term mating, whereas women prefer handsome men only for short-term mating (casual affairs and one-night stands), not for long-term mating, for which other traits, such as wealth and status, become more important. Thus the gTWH predicts that physically more attractive parents are more likely to have daughters than physically less attractive parents, and, as I explain in the earlier post, the analysis of the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) confirms the prediction.”


        So if we do indeed live in a quasi-gynarchical society, where women are favored and men disfavored, this is bound to be the result — and again, something this blog has observed several times in recent years.

        Thus, you can shove the ad hominem up your ass.


      • Your backpedaling sophistry aside, the point is, you merely made a snarky comment to a picture of a beautiful Aryan family…

        … and it wasn’t the first time you pulled that shtiick. Do did the same thing on an earlier thread when someone posted a picture of a group of beautiful Amish young women.

        /So fuck you rape!

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      • Nice try at the squid ink, but what does all that (ahem) science have to do with you making a snarky remark that those children aren’t the offspring of the man in the picture, i.e., “cuck”?

        Stop digging the hole, dimwit.


      • It means all those girls would be sitting ducks – and maybe wouldn’t exist – without Tucker’s bank account. A few rungs beneath his paygrade, you still see the girls being churned out by attractive goodwhites — and they’re not all going to find white husbands.

        Granted, Carlson uncucked himself a bit during the primaries, but he still wears a bow-tie to the office.

        It means the more attractive the white people, the worse they are for the majority of white people. Did you miss the “deplorables” thing?


      • whether or not Tucker is doing God’s work… he looks like the type of guy I wouldn’t mind raising a Sea Breeze with and BS’ing…


      • “Cuck’s always have women”.

        Incorrect, “Cuck’s always LIVE with women”.

        They often are in sexless relationships devoid of any affection, physical, emotional or otherwise while they support the woman’s brood of children, none of which are their own.


      • Cucks always have girls.

        Second one in wearing blue is Carlson’s son, he has three daughters and one son.

        as a former Trinity College guy, he probably has some latent shitlord in him…

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      • But you guys get my point. I’m sure you’ve noticed it. Go to any diner or coffee shop on a Saturday, the cuck families with their hordes of little blond girls clamoring for shit. Go to a trailer park, it’s little blond boys in crappy clothes learning to fight and smoke cigarettes.


    • All these communist airheads are chimping out and whining about nazis thinking thats going to change anything. We don’t care if we’re called racist, that’s the whole point of our movement, how dumb are they to keep repeating that.


    • Goot gawd that is one butt-ugly bee-otch.


    • Like this comment if you would bang her.


  28. bahahaha!

    God bless the boys at /pol/

    Have you seen this yet CH?

    My sides


    • CH posted about it early November,


      • Ya I remember when the article came out, i didnt know that since then the guy who fucked her had announced himself with proof. Lol dizzy socialist Canadian ho fucked a level 1000 MAGA shitlord.

        Imagine that: the men who know how to fuck like cavemen act and think like cavemen too! never woulda guessed! Well chop my dick off and call me caitlin


    • on December 8, 2016 at 5:08 pm (((Divine Son of Kek)))


      What an empty-headed slut.


      • You just pissed you stood no chance of tappin’ it, Hymie. Nobody likes a limpwristed kike faggot, not even your fellow travelers.
        Remember, It’s down the road , not across the street.
        Do it, we will all be better off for it, you yid fuck.


      • on December 9, 2016 at 5:18 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “You just pissed you stood no chance of tappin’ it…”

        “You would find her comely , you degenate kike pickle puffer.”

        Make up your mind, dumb goy.


  29. ‘Chance of out-earning your parents by age 30, by year of birth: 1940: 92% 1950: 79% 1960: 62% 1970: 61% 1980: 50%…’

    The “American Dream” used to be to live better than your parents did. Of course, Boomers were the last people do that, so the six percent mafiosi were able to steal the slogan.

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    • Good stats- you have source link?


      • It was in CH’s twatter feed.



        ‘The phrase “American dream” was invented during the Great Depression. It comes from a popular 1931 book by the historian James Truslow Adams, who defined it as “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone.”

        Among Americans born in 1940, by their thirties, 92% were making more than their parents had.

        Among Americans born in 1980, it was a fifty-fifty tossup whether they’d be doing better or worse than their parents had.

        As usual, I did a text search on the string “migr” to see if there is any mention in the lengthy NYT article of “immigration” or “migrants” or similar words.

        Of course there is not.

        Today, however, “American Dream” has been retconned 180 degrees to mean the Zeroth Amendment: the unquestionable civil right of foreign citizens to move to the United States without so much as a doubtful glance from Americans, much less a skeptical op-ed.’

        Which is of course orders of magnitude more pernicious than even the NAR definition that involves going six figures in debt for an overpriced crackerbox.



    Looks like a huge mistake. Bombard his Twitter over this. And is there a petition up somewhere?


  31. on December 8, 2016 at 7:39 pm Captain Obvious

    Mick Jagger welcomes baby no. 8


  32. OT:

    This pathetic ‘fake news’ narrative is so sad. It’s like the whaling and screaming ghasps of a dying fat blue haired shitlib as the Trumpenreich slowly pushes its boot further on its fat neck and clips its trachea.

    I cany wait for Trump to be inmaugurated ad slowly cut off the MSM from any POTUS news.

    The left is getting desperate. Obongo and his leftards are now trying to flood the bloated bureauocracy with shitlib cronies. After Trump fumegates the ni66er stench from the White House he needs to do the same to Obongos rank and file.

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  33. Christ, I stopped watching TV years ago. I have not seen the commercials such as the ones posted in the comments section. I did not realize the cuckenrot was that bad.


  34. another one for Dean Wormer


    • If all you’re doing is posting these incessant pizza-gate videos merely to “have fun”, then your mentality is that of a teenaged girl…

      … a very young teenaged girl.

      And you’re getting dangerously close to admitting that you don’t really believe all this stuff yourself, you’re just having a ball with distraction agitprop.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on December 9, 2016 at 8:26 am streetsweeper

        “If all you’re doing is posting these incessant pizza-gate videos merely to “have fun”, then your mentality is that of a teenaged girl…”

        If all you’re doing is critiquing other, more interesting, guys’ posts, while not sharing anything of value yourself, then your mentality is that of a needy, attention-seeking, insecure, post-wall spinster.

        go get em, Greg! way to misread the crowd!


      • on December 9, 2016 at 9:12 am streetsweeper

        your (((shakin my finger))) schtick is getting mighty stale, Greg. Jesus would cringe at your pedantic deficiency of charisma.


      • Aside from trying to keep the thread on topic, Greg posts more value than you do, since all you do is quote everything he says. At least have the decency to italicize your quotes.

        And one the reasons Greg mentions the above is to keep the thread somewhat on topic. There will be a few off-tangent comments, but for the most part, many of these have stayed relevant to the theme.

        Not to mention a big to-do was made that several weeks ago arrests were imminent and nothing came to pass.


      • go get em, Greg! way to misread the crowd!

        Sez the clown who called for a vote on who’s more welcome at the chateau, and who didn’t get one “aye” for himself.

        Stop embarrassing yourself. You’re making douche chills look like global warming.

        Your (((shakin my finger))) schtick is getting mighty stale, Greg. Jesus would cringe at your pedantic deficiency of charisma.

        The day your pathetic judgment could accurately discern the mind of Christ, or even open a simple dictionary as to the actual meaning of words like ‘charisma’, well… we’ll sooner see unicorn races ’round the rings of Saturn.

        My “stop the insanity” shtick is for the benefit of credibility… that of Herr Danger’s (which has already suffered mightily, especially because he still can’t admit he was wrong about the promised bombshells before the election) and ultimately the chateau’s itself.

        This is, what, about the tenth pizza-gate video? Show me some arrests and I’ll be the first to REITERATE my hope that I’m the one who’s wrong, and that the miscreants will indeed be grasped by the erstwhile long arm of the law.

        Until then, the burden is on you stupid fucks who disingenuously claim to enjoy this folderol, but whose only intention is to shill for the Synathedral and upend the topic at hand.


    • on December 9, 2016 at 8:11 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

      I enjoy what CD is posting.

      Relax, content nazi.


      • on December 9, 2016 at 8:49 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        But I understand that it’s in your programming as a Christian fundie loon to shit on everyone’s good time.


      • Don’t worry you dirty kike, a few of us are building an oven to put you out of your misery. We’ll toss in JB for you to help ease the pain


      • Relax, content nazi.

        I was talking to Danger because he addressed me (albeit in his snarky manner). Butt out, fruit o’ the loom.

        I enjoy what CD is posting.

        OF COURSE (((you))) enjoy inane YouTube agitprop that does nothing but distort and distract… it saves you keystrokes and does your job better than you ever could!

        But I understand that it’s in your programming as a Christian fundie loon to shit on everyone’s good time.

        What’s understood is that this sort of shilling inanity is deeply imbedded in your own DNA, as a kike and a queer (self-admitted on both counts).

        You’ve already admitted you only post here to troll, and agitprop distraction videos are only a “good time” to shills such as yourself, or (giving a very LARGE benefit of doubt) to naive allies who don’t realize they’re carrying large buckets of water for the Synathedral.

        Why CH allows your kind to keep shitting in his nest I’ll never understand. (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • “My “stop the insanity” shtick is for the benefit of credibility…”

        “Why CH allows your kind to keep shitting in his nest I’ll never understand.”

        weren’t you banned here for awhile, oh great bestower of credibility?


      • weren’t you banned here for awhile, oh great bestower of credibility?

        That’s been explained numerous times, disingenous ass.

        Once more, for the peanut gallery…

        Only CH can answer if he actually banned me for that month I was unable to post here, and he never said he did…. which made sense, because the last post I made before it occurred was actually a pep talk to uh, who posted a particularly personal tale of woe that many of us felt sympathy towards, and there was nothing egregious in any other of my posts at that time.

        After the fact, it appeared that, rather than a ban (which CH seldom resorts to, I might add), it was merely a glitch in Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

        The inability to post occurred after updating the version… and “miraculously” reappeared upon another update about a month later.

        So, given that I apparently wasn’t banned, which you well knew, since it appears you follow my posts religiously, what say you now, fool?

        And on a side note, what does getting banned have to do with credibility? Often banning is merely the result of affronting the blog-owner’s sensibilties, or making too good an argument against whatever the owner is preaching and/or selling.

        As stated, you’ll notice that CH is a cut above the usual Cyberian blogger in that his tolerance appears limitless except in the case of disingenuousness or sock-puppeting so egregious that he feels he has to step in… and then usually only with scathing comment.


      • on December 9, 2016 at 10:48 am (((Divine Son of Kek)))

        “You’ve already admitted you only post here to troll”


        “OF COURSE (((you))) enjoy inane YouTube agitprop that does nothing but distort and distract… it saves you keystrokes and does your job better than you ever could!”

        Carlos isn’t doing the devil’s work by posting a video at the tail end of a 200+ comment chain. You’re going out of your way to be a cunt.


      • The fuck you didn’t admit it on an earlier thread. And because of it, several posters exhorted CH to put a damper on your shillery.

        Carlos isn’t doing the devil’s work by posting a video at the tail end of a 200+ comment chain. You’re going out of your way to be a cunt.

        More Alinsky squid ink, go figger.

        The point, as you well know, isn’t merely the posting of a video at the tail end of a thread… the point is the SUBJECT of the video, and how it’s been an ongoing bone of contention over the past month, with broken promises and empty assurances of “imminent bombshells” and such.

        Fail more.


      • “Once more, for the peanut gallery…”

        if, by that, you mean giving a prime example of thin-skinned, butthurt beta behavior, then you’re doing an excellent job.


      • You keep trying to paint getting your haid handed to you as the other person being butthurt… go figger.


      • It’s foolish to think Greg was banned. Clearly just a glitch. It’s also foolish to give a shit about anyone being banned in a comments section.


  35. Not having much luck with posting links here, let’s try again:
    German school arranges ‘welcome events’ to bring school children (read: German girls) and ‘unaccompanied juvenile migrants’ (read: Arab men 16-40) closer.


  36. John Glenn RIP.

    I was wrong about something – I predicted Gay Mulatto at some point would have ordered NASA to fake a Mars landing with an all negro crew.


  37. Morning boys, happy friday. Great image to start the day 🙂

    credit to /r/the_donald:


    • heh! excellent, quix!


    • Excellent! Good way to start a Friday.


    • What she needs is a smaller sign…

      … or at least to hold it lower. 😉

      /I’m a tit man rape!


      • Greg you are a far better contributor to this blog when you chill out, like this, than when you piss your time away responding to the faggot trolls 20x per thread.

        Don’t get bogged down, man. Speaking for the younger guys here, most of whom probably occupy the ‘peanut gallery’, we can and do learn a lot from the older guys like you.

        Don’t make enemies of other legit regulars like Carlos. Ignore the pizzagate stuff and the (((intellectuals))) and just be you.


      • You’re entitled to your opinion, but when you ain’t the one getting bullshit flung at you, it’s a lot easier to be “chill”.

        As far as Carlos and the pizza-gate stuff, well… as you get older, you’re going to find a lot lower level of tolerance for stuff that doesn’t seem to pan out, especially when your so-called friends and allies are assuring you it’s the truth.

        And Danger, friend if he is, should at least own up to the fact that his assurances of “be patient, I know whereof I speak” in re bombshells that were going to fall BEFORE the election didn’t come to fruition.

        THAT much integrity I demand from allies and friends… if they be allies and friends.


      • Just out of curiosity, I HOPE you were being ironic when using the term (((intellectuals))) for dweebsweeper and DKike.


      • Greg – I’m not disagreeing with you. But anyone who comes here even semi-regularly knows the score re who the parasites are around here and what you think of pizzagate.

        And if this blog shows anything it’s that we have a lot of battles to fight and few men with which to fight them so sod picking fights among our own and inconsequential trolls.

        Those two lovebirds can be described as intellectual in the same way Strapon can be described as a prescient political forecaster (RIP).


      • Point taken, but I wasn’t picking a fight with Danger… I was playing the Dutch Uncle, in the best spirit of Hebrews 12:11


      • Nice verse. I’m not a believer but I’m inclined to read the Bible cover to cover some time.


    • Meh. To hell with “4th Wave Feminism.” What she needs is White Nationalism.


  38. “Our ancestors had a belief in their people; their way of life…. They weren’t simply “allowed” to do it, they were expected to do it.”


    • “And our ancestors were the most successful. They spread civilization across the world. The demographics of Europe and the European people were booming.

      But, our thinking has changed, while other people’s didn’t.

      The best example is in regards to Islam. Muslims still have the belief our ancestors did; to be successful is to expand. They are colonizing and replacing us in Europe. Muslims are unapologetic about their settling of our lands; they believe it is right and just for them to expand and take over other peoples and cultures.

      And, to the Muslim’s credit, they are doing a good job of it.

      To be the best, you need to expand in every aspect in life. Currently we are contracting and this is a mindset and thinking problem.

      Donald Trump says dream big.

      If you can’t think and dream big, you can’t accomplish what you actually want. To dream big and think big is to be able to find ways to accomplish huge feats. When you finally know what you want, only then can you begin to find a way to get it.”


      • “It is human nature to follow the strong; to bet on the strong horse.

        There is much talk about getting our women back on our side. For our women to stop siding with the invaders and globalists, and start coming back to us; the side of their men.

        Projecting strength, and power, is the quickest and best way to accomplish this.

        Our thinking must be fixed, and it must be fixed quickly.”


  39. Molly Howell isn’t too shabby.

    Blonde in the belly of the beast?

    Yes. I do associate beauty with truth;););)


  40. This is how Hollywood and the televitz brainwash us. They have gorgeous, likeable actresses playing slooters on TV- no thousand-cock stare, no soulless personality from ruining themselves sexually, and selecting the most beautiful and youthful-looking 35 year old actresses to hide the fact that most 35 year old carousel-riders are hags. Watch any Aaron Sorkin show. They’ll have Rob Lowe or someone similar who looks cool playing a slimy Jewish liberal. Then the only conservative Christian will be played by Randy Quaid.


  41. My two cents on pizzagate

    The emails are bizarre but having worked in DC this is very DC speak for a exaggerated passion be it pizza or golf. There are very few true friendships in that city so people show a fake interest in something to avoid awkward silence and a means to fake bond and kiss ass. I knew one boss who went shoots deer which very few do in that city so any time he appeared people were asking him about deer.
    Just fake friendly shitlib bullshit.
    The Instagram photos are weird but just seem superficial art wank. But there seems general affection for the kids pictured and gay men do like young kids in a maternal way.
    The German baby with the price tag could be a bad adoption joke.
    These are shitlib fags so their quirky unfunny sense of humor is just that.