Rationalization Hamster, Meet Psychological Projection

For those of you new to the Chateau, the rationalization hamster (original hamster — O.H. — introduced here) is a descriptive term for the typical woman’s tendency to rationalize her decisions to fulfill herself sexually such that her personal culpability in making the sex happen is removed or reduced. Since that original definition, the rationalization hamster has come to acquire a broader meaning, encapsulating all the odd little mental tricks that women (and sometimes men) do in service to their glowing self-conceptions.

Psychological projection, in its conventionally understood sense, is attributing to others feelings or motives that you yourself possess, but are uncomfortable acknowledging or unable to perceive in yourself. In dating market parlance, projection is a form of rationalization for an opposite sex’s idealized behavior. For instance, women often project onto men their own expectations and attraction triggers, fooling themselves into believing that what they desire in men is what men must desire in them, (or, similarly, that what women dislike in men must be what men dislike in women).

FYI, men, especially inexperienced beta males, project their desires onto women as well, though this particular self-deception is more commonly found in use among women, (for reasons that have been explained in previous posts, namely, the paradox that women have more to gain from their self-deception). A good example of a low N beta male projecting his desires onto women is the man who believes that women will only be intrigued by him for his looks, because that’s what he primarily desires in women.

The reason I bring this up is because I swoon with anticipation in presenting to you, CH celebrated readers, what I consider one of, if not THE, best representations of female psychological projection ever put to print. The article is titled, ‘8 Reasons Why You Should Marry The Complicated Girl’, and, if you check the authoress’s accompanying photo, the listicle was compiled by what appears to be a high testosterone woman with a glare so evil she could make the Grinch recoil in horror.

First, she begins by explaining the basis for her theory,

I am not simple. I am a challenge for any man, I will admit. As hard as I try to be the simple girl, it is just not in my nature to be one. I demand more from everyone because I see great potential.

I only want the best for myself and for my partner, so I will never just go along with some semblance of a mediocre, passionless relationship.

An unevolved man or a boy will always want the simple girl. He doesn’t want to have to work hard for anything, especially not a relationship. He doesn’t want to be challenged or confronted.

But, a real man knows that by being with a complicated girl, he will be better for it.

So, essentially, slander is the basis for her grand theory of male-female relationship dynamics. “Unevolved” men want simple (i.e., kindhearted) girls; “real” men want complicated (i.e., drama-prone) girls.

Her eight points are a gold mine of accidentally revealed preference… that is, her own revealed preference for what SHE wants in men, not what men want in women.

Marry the girl who tells you exactly what she expects and follows through.

Men who aren’t named John Scalzi despise domineering women. Women, in contrast, have shown a noted proclivity for enjoying the company of decisive men with leadership qualities.

Marry the girl who demands your respect.

Girls are respected when they earn that respect, not when they demand it. However, men who make inordinate demands on women do tend to get rewarded sexually for their impertinence.

Marry the girl who can talk politics, even if her opinions are different from yours.

Again, pure female projection. Nothing, other than obesity or a secret penis, kills a man’s incipient boner faster than a girl who is jabbering about politics on a date and is making a point of defying the man’s opinion. Women, otoh, do feel delicious yearnings for men who have strong opinions and stand their ground in the face of opposition.

Marry the girl whose eyes flicker with passion about a number of different subjects.

Translation: “Please marry me for the same reasons I want to marry you, oh passionate and learned man whose eyes flicker with life about a number of different subjects.”

Marry the girl who won’t let you get away with slacking on your talents.

Nag. Even a died-and-uncool male feminist will weary of a nag in time. But women do love a man who qualifies them as worthy partners.

Marry the girl who pushes you to be better every day.

Demanding potentate. But women do love a man who keeps them on their toes and away from the pints of ice cream. What she’s really admitting is that she wants to craft a man to be more like the type of alpha male who turns her on. This doesn’t translate into what men desire in women, though.

Marry the girl with whom you sometimes fight.

Drama queen. These kinds of girls love the pre-sex fight as much as they love the post-fight sex. Men just love the post-fight sex. Most men would be glad to jump straight to the post-fight sex without actually having the fight.

Marry the girl who is your equal or greater.

And here it is. Distilled female rationalization hamster projection. Pure femergy. Men don’t want women who are their “equal or greater”. Men want sexy, pretty, young(er) women with a feminine, more or less submissive disposition. It’s women who strongly desire an “equal or greater” lover, because women are viscerally attracted to mentally, physically, and emotionally strong men.

Post-list, the funny keeps on giving:

My dad always says the thing that attracted him most to my mom was the fact that she was smarter than him.

Gullible, thy name is desperately ego-assuaging woman.

Only a real man can say that and know it’s good for him.

Or a smart man who knows that empty flattery works on aging wives.

Don’t get me wrong; a complicated girl who is not yet mature will be a pain in the ass.

Define “mature”. (Answer: It never arrives.)

She will pick fights with you about everything, and you will always feel like a failure in her presence because you won’t know how to make her happy. But, with a little experience and wisdom, this is the girl who will become wife material.

Maybe the reason why men don’t want to commit to attention whores like herself is because they can see the writing on the wall. Just a thought?

And, once she’s at that point, you better never let her get away, or you’ll risk losing the best thing you ever had.

High blood pressure?

In some respects, this is one of the saddest, and most textbook, feminist limbic blurts I’ve read. Pained by men who have rejected her need for screed, she, like many women, refuses to look at herself squarely and instead puts all the onus on men to accept that they are really attracted to girls like her, and only men’s unevolved immaturity is holding them back from realizing this about themselves.

Yet again, a sterling display of a woman avoiding the consequences for her actions. The best thing she could do for herself — deep examination of her off-putting drama whore behavior and steps to correct it — she won’t do. Those eyes say it all:

“I am woman, hear me roar for validation.”


  1. Finally some feminist devaluation instead of the usual white supremacy crap


    • cracka please


    • We can’t help it if we are supreme.



    • Finally some feminist devaluation instead of the usual white supremacy crap

      Finally? You really should pay attention, if you would talk.

      The past week has been rife with feminist deconstruction. UVA Rape Scandal, How Women Avoid Consequences, etc, etc.

      You dim darky… you pusillanimous pismire… you dense dastard…

      You fairy.


    • Uhhh…please point out the last CH post that was about white supremacy. Perhaps a few posters enjoy pointing out the manifold achievements of the white man (including the nation in which you live, the computer on which you write, and the internet that allows you to access this particular fountain of wondrous wisdom), but I can’t recall any of the site author’s posts that call for white supremacy, never mind ‘usually’.


    • in other news, Alisher usmanov buys james Watson’s nobel prize and hands it back to him. Despite being a muslim married to a jew. The Russians have no SJW issue in their country.

      Guy got paid. He should sell it again.

      The sentiment. F*ck n*ggers.


    • Femkuntism, multikultism, and sozialism are all members of the unholy trinity. Smash whichever slime-dripping tentacle presents itself.


    • Black supremacy is a joke of note…


    • I am a challenge for any man

      They always say this as if it’s a good thing.


      • I love my wife. We do okay relationship wise. She’s a challenge sometimes.

        But if I was going to do it again I’d marry a happy girl. Yeah, pleasant would be the top personality trait I’d be looking for. I work with a woman who is cute and always always happy. She’s absolutely a joy to be around, like a human can of Red Bull. Picks up everybody around her.

        I suspect genuinely happy women are as rare as hen’s teeth.


      • @Joey

        total agreement. a girl who is pleasant and happy is a true prize. unfortunately there are so few of them these days that i’m not sure i’d know what to do with her if i found one. probably screw it up thinking she wasn’t the real deal…lol.


    • Finally some feminist devaluation instead of the usual white supremacy crap

      Butthurt much, kaffir boy?


    • history is white supremacy…who invented anything else?

      when your people notch inventions as the airplane, the light bulb, electricity, the car, and the computer, and such conquests as the moon, how can you NOT consider yourselves supreme?

      Show me ANYTHING OF NOTE that ANYONE ELSE did


    • on December 10, 2014 at 4:38 am L. Jon Hubbard

      Heartiste is no supremacist because if his political “I’ll have a coke!” wishes were to come true, those he supposedly wants to rule over would be half a world away.


    • well… white supremacy means civilization. no whites = no civilization. so you should really hope we turn around the decline.


  2. Very witty. Great post.


  3. What a freakin’ train wreck she is! And women wonder why “There are no good ones left” and blame men for being too shallow, stupid, childish, “unevolved” etc when in reality, any guy with half a brain and at least one functioning nut knows to avoid brats like her like ebola!


  4. on December 9, 2014 at 1:38 pm Great Books For Men GreatBooksForMen GBFM (TM) GB4M (TM) GR8BOOKS4MEN (TM) lzozozozozlzo (TM)

    Why do they have Cosmo, filled with sex and beauty tips, in the grocery store checkout lines, instead of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Shakespeare, Newton, and the Bible?

    Because the grocery store is where women, who are smarter than men, shop!



    • Someone got my wife a subscription to Cosmo. It just started coming one day. We have no idea who did it…doesn’t matter. I throw that shitty rag out ASAP. The mysterious subscription to Women’s Health, however, is welcome to stay. 😉


    • Because women need their daily reminder how worthless they are. From the photoshopped D list celeb slut on the cover looking all fake to the 2,000th different thing they can do to make sex hotter…women can live in a fantasyland of despair.


      • Uhm excuse me but there are great empowering articles in Cosmo mag! Like the ones that go over the top make up and beauty products that season or month!!!💃💅💄

        But IN STYLE magazine is QUEEN. 👑


    • if its you, good to see ya


      • Funny how Tilikum only has two kinds of posts: one is licking someone else’s ass in the hopes of getting attention, and the other is venting about how he hates women because they won’t go near him. Typical of the old loner omega. His lack of education and his low intelligence show clearly in how he never has anything to contribute. Only “women are not human! Hurr!” It would be funny if he wasn’t so pathetic.


    • http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2014/12/gruesomely_killing_your_children_now_an_art_form.html

      ‘[R]enowned political endorser and bizarre sex tip promulgator Cosmopolitan elected last week … to show us the true function of art: to serve as a vehicle for fantasizing about murdering one’s spouse and (born) children.

      Per Cosmo, actress, photographer, and apparently reluctant mother Susan Copich has put together a series of photos titled Domestic Bliss, featuring images of herself strangling the family dog, caressing the abdominal muscles of a faceless man as her children watch, and brandishing a plugged in hair dryer while sharing the tub with her two little girls.

      Cosmo calls the photos “Stepford Wife-esque” and said, “but that’s the point – personal, social and cultural pressures” make homicidal thoughts against one’s family prime humor fodder, and constitute “What It’s Really Like to Be a Mother.”


      • I am sure those women at cosmo would be screeching in horror about rape humor and battered wife humor photos.

        because equality and all that…


      • Well, seeing the photos and the attitude and the doctored phiz and what her sprogs look like, I’d guess YKW.

        But occasionally one of our own can prove to be the pupil that surpasses her master.


      • on December 10, 2014 at 6:56 am Whomever Wherever

        > “But occasionally one of our own can prove to be the pupil that surpasses her master.” YKW are glorifying the behavior of Andrea Yates. Everything that Jesus warned us about YKW has proven to be true. YKW are the greatest monsters ever unleashed upon this Earth.


      • So being a mother supposedly makes women want to kill their children? Just wretched. So what exactly IS the point of a woman, then? Living like a narcissistic slob and pretending to be independent in a world created, nourished and maintained by men? Claiming one isn’t a sex object while acting like a sex object? Demanding power than doping nothing when you get it? Failing to compete with men on a level playing field? The stupidity is astounding….especially when you consider how many cheerleaders a piece like this is bound to have.


      • Googling ‘Susan Copich’ with YKW finds no evidence she is.

        BTW, I think those videos are photographic evidence of child abuse. Just putting kids that age into photo tableaus with that content is really over the line.

        I mean, I could see a horror movie director doing something like that with his 13-year-old son and the kid having fun…but 7-8 year olds? Ugh.


  5. But, a real man…

    I didn’t need to read beyond that.

    Imagine the screeching from a man writing…

    But, a real woman…


  6. Safter to walk around Ferguson with a “Darren Wilson rules!” sign than follow her advice.


  7. Could this possibly be intentional parody? Unbelievable…


    • I would have bet a month’s pay it was an Onion article.


      • I have bought a subscription to a dating site and have been busy at the forum section over there, which is why i was not here at all the last few weeks, and you should see the comments women post there.

        Not only do they say the stupidest feminist crap but the next day they say the opposite and are too dumb to realize it.

        I would copy and paste examples but it is a french speaking site as it is in quebec.

        in short, they post comments where they are horrified that men say they should be the dominant one in the couple (or similar stuff).

        the next day those same women say they hate men who do not have a spine and do everything they tell them to do.

        and none of them ever admits women can be wrong about anything, it is always the man’s fault…she does not reach orgasm? the man’s fault? the relationship has lost its magic? its the man’s fault…and it goes on and on for pages and pages

        they sound like 4 years old trying to explain rocket science.

        My god women are weird ( and irrational ), but damn when I can have their naked body in my bed, I freakin’love them!!


      • It’s the old truism… if they didn’t fuck, there’d be a bounty on ’em.


      • It just happened again!

        A woman who 5 days ago was scandalized I said a woman who shows up at a first date with short fingernails and no polish is less attractive and less feminine just posted, minutes ago, that she LOVES making herself pretty for her man.

        Gold fish and (most) women; same brain.


    • on December 9, 2014 at 4:23 pm mendozatorres

      The whole website is great comedy.


    • It’s definitely not intentional parody. There are millions of American girls who think exactly like this.


  8. “the rationalization hamster (original hamster — O.H. — introduced here) is a descriptive term for the typical woman’s tendency to rationalize her decisions to fulfill herself sexually such that her personal culpability in making the sex happen is removed or reduced.”

    I wonder if this internalised lack of culpability has anything to with false rape accusations…

    Either way you get fucked.


  9. Madame, fear not. Your cat delivery will be with you shortly.


    • Hey, man… lighten up!

      What did cats ever do to you?

      Then again, a real woman wants a cat that shits the bed.


    • Sadly, as much as we laugh and make cat jokes, a lot of these woman who could have become harmless cat-coddling spinsters instead manage to become the single mothers that blight the landscape.

      In years past, a woman so unhinged would have trouble getting a man, as men were raised to recognize and steer clear of this kind of shit. But in today’s world, good little tolerant ‘men’ would date this girl, fuck this girl, and even fall in love with this girl. Believe it. The thirst is real, as they say.

      The woman either gets knocked up by some god-knows-who dude she shacked up with, and becomes a single mom, or she has a brief (2 years or whatever) relationship with the more trusting tolerant dupe and has his kid, and then breaks up with him.

      A woman who in the past would have become a spinster, a wacky aunt character at best, instead becomes the horrific mother of an innocent child who then typically grows up completely broken, mentally and spiritually, and thus continues the cycle.

      If only we were so lucky as for this woman to only have cats. But if I had to wager, I would guess that she will manage to reproduce.


    • Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism: “The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.”


      • Pretty smart observation by Sailer.

        Though if you think about, it’s just the female analog of all the articles by men arguing for social restructuring so that the man’s group rises in esteem, i.e. most opinion journalism (and it’s not just the Left, either). Remembering that men use power to get sex and women sex to get power…

        Liked by 1 person

  10. No doubt this macro-clitted hirsute harridan lies in bed with her cats most nights, wondering where all the good men have gone, wondering why she’s never more than a pump-and-dump, and wondering why her lovers never leave used condoms in her trash.


  11. “if you check the authoress’s accompanying photo, the listicle was compiled by what appears to be a high testosterone woman with a glare so evil she could make the Grinch recoil in horror.”

    Man you weren’t kidding, most guys don’t have a jawline that masculine looking. Probably just another example of why men should avoid women with a masculine facial structure.


    • on December 9, 2014 at 3:14 pm mendozatorres

      Looks like our new marketing officer. Woman’s got a face you can cut a roast with. Deep voice and has a more mannish walk than most of the dudes that work here.


  12. She’s a divorce in the making.


    • You know, if more people were willing to read without prior bias, they’d see that my advice is as helpful for women as it is for men.


      • It’s not about the nail, CH. 😉


      • I find it helpful, because, as this post elucidates, both sexes have a tendency to project their own mode of thinking on the opposite one. Understanding both male and female strengths and weaknesses usually makes relationships between men and women stronger. Something neither feminists nor the occasional bitter male commenter here lamenting female hypergamous tendencies cares to understand, which may be why they seem so unhappy. Living your life in a constant fight with reality is a losing and unhappy proposition.


      • Yeah but I feel bad for the poor LGTB people : ( all this knowlodge and no post to help them : /


      • @Alexandra Hamilton Born in 1987

        Yes CH does help us in “Understanding male strengths and female weaknesses”… fixed that wording for ya there!

        But one wonders if women actually have strengths…

        And Alexandra dear… please remember that as you debate a woman’s “strengths” carefully consider the wisdom of indicating your age in your name (strong move there!). At 27 you are post peak and well on your way to slamming into the wall. Thus dear your “understandings” are suspect given your desperation.


      • on December 9, 2014 at 6:21 pm The Spirit Within

        @Ang Aamer

        She might be born on August 7.


      • on December 9, 2014 at 7:32 pm FuriousFerret

        “At 27 you are post peak and well on your way to slamming into the wall. Thus dear your “understandings” are suspect given your desperation.”

        The wall is softer to actual genetically good looking girls.

        For the average 27 year old it’s coming full steam ahead but the Alexandras of the world are probably in the best shape to take the hit and still get a relatively decent guy i.e Greater Beta.

        I think that’s the last bit of the Red Pill guys got to shallow. The super entitled genetically good looking girls are for the most part going to win. I mean as far as a girl can. They might not score the manicorn alpha guy with all the right beta traits in all the right amounts but it’s not like they are going to drown themselves in the wimpiest of wimpy betas like the dumb average sloots are.

        The only way she could mess this up is by getting fat. If she can avoid that life will still be a box of chocolates besides the fact she has to live it as a *shudder* irrational female.

        We don’t live in the FSU where age is a disqualifier. Thin is the new black my friend. Thin plus genetically aesthetic face is the equivalent to a guy that has a couple million in the bank. You might wish karmatic justice on him if he acts like a douche, but that’s all it is, a wish and a stupid wasteful one at that.


      • Ang Aamer

        Actually, it’s a reference to the Constitution being “born” in 1787. But I also happen to have been born 200 years later, although I’m technically 26 for a few more days. And would you believe it, my name’s not even Alexandra Hamilton? What is the world coming to; maybe you’re not even really Ang Aamer?

        Please recall – it is far more embittering to live a life desperately fighting reality. I don’t mind being almost 27 because I am happily en-fianced to the man I’ve been with since I was a more youthful 23, and not scrabbling around in a younger woman’s dating market.

        I don’t think CH would dispute that women have some strengths vis-a-vis men, along with the converse. It is, in fact, possible for men and women to make each other quite happy, you know. The current f-ed up state of affairs between the sexes hasn’t always been so.


      • And would you believe it, my name’s not even Alexandra Hamilton?

        Alexander Hamilton was bankster federalist scum.


      • Corvinus,

        Is that you, Andrew Jackson? If so, I’m unlikely to prevail, since Mr. Hamilton’s dueling skills were clearly not up to snuff.


      • I think you meant Aaron Burr.


    • Furrious Ferret,

      Or, even better, the Alexandras of the world followed CH-worthy advice and committed to good men while still in their early 20’s rather than riding the carousel, ensuring that the men have a solid decade and a half or so of pre-wall memories to sustain them both when they are old and gray.

      Isn’t that the point CH was making with his comment? Not lying about the realities regarding men and women is really kinder to everyone as it gives them at least the opportunity to capitalize on their strengths.


      • on December 9, 2014 at 8:19 pm FuriousFerret

        It’s way easier for a legit hot chick to cop to hard cold realities. You don’t get a shiny gold star for owning up to how to world works when it works in your favor.

        It’s like some billionaire telling some peasant that money doesn’t buy you happiness.

        The hamster roars in all of it’s furry glory when it has the opportunity of freedom and has enough value to delude itself.


      • The recognition of male and female realities has positive social consequences regardless of SMV. No one actually changes their sexual paring reality by covering over the realities of it to themselves instead of dealing with it and doing the best they realistically can.

        However, the recognition of the biological realities by social institutions used to have positive effects on people’s behavior. Understanding that women are biologically vulnerable when they are older and no longer sexually attractive led to the institution of marriage placing a premium on male long-term commitment. Understanding that men are biologically vulnerable when women have many partners and/or cuckold them led to the institution of marriage placing a premium on female chastity. These premiums were enforced by the much-maligned but ultimately non-coercive method of social opprobrium, i.e. shaming, and on average, we were mostly better off for it.


    • I meant what I said. Mr. Burr was a dandy and still shot Hamilton. Jackson was the survivor in at least a half-dozen duels. Besides, Mr. Burr had nothing against banks, he ran one himself although it was disguised as a water company.


  13. Capricious, self-centered and nasty is not complicated, it’s arrested development.


    • Baggage is not maturity…

      … and it certainly isn’t a challenge eagerly sought after, nor accepted.


      • The challenging part with a girl like that is getting your pants on quietly and escaping her apartment before she wakes up.


    • on December 9, 2014 at 6:26 pm The Spirit Within

      To that recipe you can add two spoonfuls of drama major, a cup of fake blonde hair, plus an apartment in Hollywood.

      Check out the videos on her Twitter, especially where she “plays” guitar and “sings” Jingle Bells.


      She’s basically a child.


  14. “Marry the girl whose eyes flicker with passion about a number of different subjects.”

    Blowjobs, threesomes, and cooking? Can’t argue with that, a woman only interested in blowjobs wears you down.


  15. She looks plenty old enough to know better. To be charitable to her intellect, perhaps she’s just trying to hamstring the younger competition in order to improve her own rapidly cratering SMV.


  16. If for no other reason, you should avoid these dramatic types because they’re more likely to be sluts. There is a study that proves this. It makes sense when you think about it – higher levels of testosterone equaling a more confrontational woman.

    I agree with the female projection argument. For instance, women say ‘Confidence is sexy’, seemingly with the conviction that if they walk to you in a confident manner all their ugliness flies out the window.


  17. These articles are basically cries for help. Women communicate covertly. This one is begging for someone to come save her.

    Spoiler: It ends in tears for both parties.


    • I’d agree. She’s reciting her Lean In talking points with the fervor of someone experiencing an extinction burst. Translated: ‘why doesn’t it work why doesn’t it work why doesn’t it work’ — like the psycho who thinks the elevator will arrive sooner if he or she just keeps pounding the button.

      “An extinction burst will often occur when the extinction procedure has just begun. This usually consists of a sudden and temporary increase in the response’s frequency, followed by the eventual decline and extinction of the behavior targeted for elimination. Novel behavior, or emotional responses or aggressive behavior, may also occur.[1]

      “Take, as an example, a pigeon that has been reinforced to peck an electronic button. During its training history, every time the pigeon pecked the button, it will have received a small amount of bird seed as a reinforcer. So, whenever the bird is hungry, it will peck the button to receive food. However, if the button were to be turned off, the hungry pigeon will first try pecking the button just as it has in the past. When no food is forthcoming, the bird will likely try again … and again, and again. After a period of frantic activity, in which their pecking behavior yields no result, the pigeon’s pecking will decrease in frequency.”


    • They are not genuine cries for help. If they were, they would accept the assistance.


      • She doesn’t know she needs help. And considering her occupation, she’ll probably never figure it out. I feel sorry for her.


      • Of course I feel sorry for her. Its pathos at its height. But, nine times out a ten, a person in need will attack you for noticing their pitiable condition rather than accept you as an opportunity to become something better.

        They don’t actually want to get better. They like their misery. They need their misery. Letting go of it, well, without it, who would they be?


  18. Regarding men projecting values: I certainly did this up until recently. Men want exclusivity and beauty and certainly relationships are normal activity. So it is very easy to believe that if you do normal things, inevitably, you will find what you are looking for. If there was one thing feminism is right about, it’s that men don’t control women. I learned that I won’t inevitably wind up with a woman as if by magic. They are out doing their own things in a dynamic universe and will happily exclude you. Unlike a degree of some sort, which can seem inevitable, women are not.
    Regarding the writer: I certainly see some “hamster” activity in trying to validate herself as being worthy. It takes deep insight to see that. But I do think a challenging woman can be sexy to some extent, it makes things interesting. I certainly don’t mean the disgusting, fat, slut type is sexy. I did look up the writer’s name and if those google image search images are her, she is attractive.


  19. If you replace the word “girl” with “man” in those reasons to marry you now have a check list on how to be a high value, attractive Man. (flip the script game) Then sit back and enjoy all the women worshiping you.


  20. Bang on. All hail Heartiste and the universal truths he shouts from the mountain top.

    How many women will read the article in question and think men really want, or should want, the uber testosterone laced woman she’s advocating?

    What fucked up times we live in.


  21. “Marry the girl who pushes you to be better every day.”

    That’s all fine and dandy in theory, but we all know that that really means nagging you to better at things that are important to her. I’m sure if she married someone who found a cure for AIDS that she would still find something to bollock him about.

    “I demand more from everyone because I see great potential.”

    Potential for what? To be the best butler she’s ever had? Once again, the whole potential line sounds great on paper, or maybe a pep talk from your father, but how does she expect one to become great if she’s constantly riding his case?

    Men with options won’t settle for her charade….


  22. Great deconstruction… need for screed, heh, heh. That’s gold, Jerry… gold!


  23. on December 9, 2014 at 3:03 pm Shortest_Straw

    She used to be a dude.


  24. Hahahaha, arguably one of the best reads of 2014. I urge everyone to check out her pic, it speaks for itself. After navigating through the bullshit of an article consisting of her psychological projection of why guys should be with a demanding and emotionally confused brat like herself, she gloriously contradicts herself by concluding:

    “Don’t get me wrong; a complicated girl who is not yet mature will be a pain in the ass”

    Oh you dont say?! Bet a lot of guys have been given you some “pain in the ass” over the years (check out her other article)


  25. speaking of post-fight sex:

    just got denied what i thought was going to be a pleasant afternoon romp. her excuse: “i have a couple projects to finish and i don’t want to have all that on my mind and feel guilty.”

    predictable, if somewhat believable. however, she then curveballs, “we can have fun in a couple hours when i’m finished, before you play bball.”

    it’s weird because it’s not a straight-up denial, but at the same time it’s not exactly what i want. do we accept compromises of this sort? i don’t. she should just blow me if she’s not in the mood for anything else. so i erred on the side of not good enough, smirked, said an over-the-top, flirty “see yaaaa,” got up, and left.

    very difficult to accept denial of sex without getting angry. but the absolute worst response has to be just conceding and waiting with my dick in my hand for 4 hours, right? seems like that would set the tone for a “you’ll get sex when i feel like it” catastrophe. i’d rather be the insensitive asshole who bails when he’s not getting his dick wet than the nice guy idling respectfully in the buffet parking lot before the doors open.

    what’s the girl gonna do, leave me for being too sexual? fine with me. tell your friends too.


    • @ radagast
      brushing her off is the right thing to do. she’s putting you off because she’s not interested. there is no hidden message there. she might have said she’d do it later but she’s probably hoping you’ll have lost interest by then. and if you haven’t, she’ll make up some other excuse for why it isn’t a good time. used to do that with my ex all the time.

      ignoring her and acting like you can take it or leave is the best way to get her interested again. i think you handled it exactly right.


    • You did OK, always better to have things on your terms. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness (or need) of A&A and flipping the script. So get out of your head for a moment, about the rejection, about how she is putting “projects” before you (and if these are work projects, the demands of an alpha boss) and deal with her like you would some girl in a bar… Leaving is important, but how you exit is just as important. Banter, seduction, charm these things can be tossed into your exit, which will ramp up her hamster…

      “gee none of my other girls make ME wait, curious????”…

      “Hmmmmm. Not so sure I will be in the mood later, you are risking a lot here, smirk”

      “Pretty sure your mid will be blown when I am done with you, nothing to worry about” (with caveman escalation.

      Etc Etc.

      Try and tease and seduce and if that fails, be chill shrug, and take some space. Preferably someplace where younger hotter single women will be in abundance.


    • “…predictable, if somewhat believable. however, she then curveballs, ‘we can have fun in a couple hours when i’m finished, before you play bball.'”

      Yeah, you played it well because dollars to doughnuts that in a couple of hours, she’ll find some other excuse not to go for the horizontal refreshment (“I feel gross, my head hurts, etc, etc, etc.”) and as you point out, you’d be establishing the precedent that you’ll get sexual crumbs when she’s damn good and ready. That way lies beta hell.


      • “dollars to doughnuts that in a couple of hours, she’ll find some other excuse not to go for the horizontal refreshment (“I feel gross, my head hurts, etc, etc, etc.”)”

        like i said before. used to do this kind of thing to my ex all the time because i didn’t want him. i would have sex to get him off my back sometimes but i never wanted it or enjoyed it. there were even times when i’d say we could do it when i come to bed. then i’d stay up watching television or something long enough for him to fall asleep so i wouldn’t have to. a lot of you guys will think i’m a bitch for that but i hated having him touch me. having sex with someone you can’t stand is the worst thing in the world and the more you do it out of obligation instead of desire, the more you hate the person and feel disgusted with yourself. bad situation all around.


  26. oh… this post makes me miss BOTM contests even more


  27. hehe yeah and also this article:


    she admits to have been a cum dumpster for guys, she was too scared to make pressure for commitment,


    • Spot the contradiction: “While I was seeing my not-boyfriends, I was very faithful.” Versus: “I’ve dated my neighbor, your brother and everyone in our class.” For added value, I’m going to throw in “being single for almost six years”.
      For all this to be true, she must be Legion, for she is many.


      • so many gems, i love the ones where she will contradict herself almost in the same sentence:

        “You go solo and decide you don’t need a man to accompany you anywhere to have fun. Of course you don’t, but wouldn’t it be nice if you did?”

        These are not articles. These are more essay like piles of endless waste, rubbish and chaos spewed out by her identity crised infused/confused hamster going apeshit on the wheel


      • You can actually see the hamster spinning in real-time.


      • “These are more essay like piles of endless waste, rubbish and chaos”

        yes but she is clearly writing from experience she definitely knows the ins and outs of being a pump and dump/late night drunk dial jizz rag

        “actress” can’t afford a therapist so she spews her emotional vomit onto the web at least we can learn something from her “efforts”


    • plus this article


      Reminds me of Pacino in Scent of a Woman. “I always knew what the right path was. Without exception, I knew. But I never took it. You know why? It was too damn hard.”


  28. “Lonely Lover Lo” is one bad holiday away from pulling a Miss Kubelik. I pity her. Her worst flaw is the way she encourages others to make her same mistakes. Those who exploit her (Elite Daily et al) are vile.

    In the war of the sexes, Lo is the moral equivalent of the widow strapped with explosives and sent to the playground.


  29. If you read her Bio she is everything except married. The truth of her article is, as always with these crappy feminist checklist articles, in the comments. Not a lot of men feeling her in the comments…


  30. on December 9, 2014 at 3:45 pm The Burninator

    The comments are heartening, there are plenty of men calling this shriveled shew out on the carpet.


  31. And, once she’s at that point, you better never let her get away, or you’ll risk losing the best thing you ever had.

    High blood pressure?

    No, your hard-earned assets and self-respect.


  32. Like the kung fu master, I again have the beginner mind, which is to say I prefer uncomplicated girls.


  33. The one advantage with complicated girls

    She will pick fights with you about everything, and you will always feel like a failure in her presence because you won’t know how to make her happy. But, with a little experience and wisdom, this is the girl who will become wife material.

    is you will for once be looking forward to the divorce. Or death.


  34. “Marry the girl who can talk politics, …”
    what she needed to add before the comma: “intelligently”.
    But then, that would have disqualified her.

    “Marry the girl who is your equal or greater.”
    Problem is, she doesn’t want to marry you; or if she does, pretty soon she’ll ask herself: what am I doing with this dolt??


  35. on December 9, 2014 at 4:58 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    The irony is that back when I was “unevolved,” I thought I wanted the exact kind of woman she described. Then I turned 19 and realized I wanted a lover, not another mother.


  36. I only want the best for myself and for my partner

    A shitlib tell: referring to a heterosexual romantic companion as “partner.”

    It may only be second to posing for a portrait photo with your hand on your chin in a “thoughtful” pose as a dead giveaway that someone is a liberal.


    • “wife” comes with responsibilities, such as wifely duties. “partner” allows a woman to reap the rewards of a relationship with having the burden of responsibility.


    • Another shitlib tell: using the word ‘gender’.

      It also scrapes my bacon when reading one of those ‘you go freak’ articles about some courageous trans weirdo and they refer to them as their imaginary sex, just call them ‘it’ already.


  37. on December 9, 2014 at 6:18 pm Just my two cents

    I don’t think it is projection as much as a masculined heterosexual woman wanting a man to out-testosterone her.


  38. A recent LTR of mine was not dissimilar to the way this woman describes herself.

    It occurred to me as I was channel surfing late one night, and came across an episode of Sex and the City. Some of the behaviours of the lead character, Carrie, were eerily similar. “Independent,” and totally not in control of her emotions. A neat combination indeed….

    Men are guilty of projection too though. All those dudes with topless selfies on their Tinder profiles, I’m looking at you.

    When you master game, one of the difficulties you experience is ridding yourself of your own ingrained projection. A poster on here once said that his game breakthrough occurred when he started treating women in ways men would find annoying.

    That’s one of the reasons the modern version of game doesn’t come naturally to most. You’re doing things to women you’d absolutely be disgusted with having done to you, and worst of all, they’re working.


  39. What a horror show Lauren Skirvin is. Notice she starts off quoting some dialog from Sex in the City. Huge tell, right there. Lauren is a divorce waiting to happen. All that’s need is (1) a marriage and (2) 1.5 years. Done and done.
    She is easily worse than anyone I’ve ever dated or been married to, and that’s saying something. Whenever a women tells you she or her life is “complicated” run like hell, because that means she is a drama queen. Not only is a complicated woman with a complicated life not worth marrying [*shudder*], she is also not worth fucking. Believe me.

    My kingdom for a submissive woman. My kingdom for a non-horse face.


  40. Great .. another cum-dumpster with an over active desire to be a cum’me’dee’on .. errr I mean actress (bio).


  41. Her FB shows a single female actress, in her mid 30s, living in LA.


  42. The red pill from the Koran

    “I was shown Hell and I have never seen anything more terrifying than it. And I saw that the majority of its dwellers are women.”

    He asked, “Why? O Messenger of Allah (pbuh).”

    He said, “Because of their ingratitude (kufr).”

    It was said, “Are they ungrateful to Allah?”

    He (pbuh) said, “They are ungrateful to their companions (husbands) and ungrateful for good treatment, if you are kind to one of them for a lifetime then she sees one undesirable thing in you, she will say, ‘I have never had anything good from you.'” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1052)


    • And I am ungrateful for the Koreans laughable misunderstanding of science and history…


      • Koran’s…I promise to master the autocorrect by new year’s


      • on December 9, 2014 at 7:33 pm sanjoaquinsam

        The Koreans don’t care what you think.


      • Well here is a non-Korean red pill verse from the bible

        “It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.”

        Proverbs 21:19


      • I was looking for that Proverb after having read this entry. Thanks.


      • Proverbs 12:4
        A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown,
        but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.
        Proverbs 27:15
        A quarrelsome wife is like the dripping
        of a leaky roof in a rainstorm;
        restraining her is like restraining the wind
        or grasping oil with the hand.
        Ecc 7:26-28
        I find more bitter than death
        the woman who is a snare,
        whose heart is a trap
        and whose hands are chains.
        The man who pleases God will escape her,
        but the sinner she will ensnare.
        “Look,” says the Teacher,[b] “this is what I have discovered:
        “Adding one thing to another to discover the scheme of things—
        while I was still searching
        but not finding—
        I found one upright man among a thousand,
        but not one upright woman among them all.

        hm… one for the choir
        Proverbs 18:2
        Fools find no pleasure in understanding
        but delight in airing their own opinions.


    • Sounds butthurt to me. Although given the source, perhaps being butthurt is only to be expected, if’n you know what I mean.


      • Sounds like wisdom for the ages to me…

        Doing one’s best, only to have one’s heart broken by ungrateful and contentious people is not “butthurt”…

        ,,, in fact, it’s a sorrow and anger that even God Himself knows, in the myriad disappointments provided by Mankind.

        He tells us of His heartache in Scripture, right from the start in Genesis.


      • Here is some more Koran red pill advice for how to fix ungrateful women

        But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them.

        Surat An-Nisā’ 4:34


      • Go back to Mohacs.


    • Muslims are/the Koran is weird in many ways but that part about women is true.

      I have not read the Koran but this is not the first time I see something from the Koran that is 100% correct about women.

      In the West we have completely lost control of our women, and since women are like 4 year old toddlers, the whole place is going to hell.


    • Samson and Delilah is a better object lesson…see men in B-i-b-l-e had actual value not like the silly excuses for human beings found in the Koran…


    • That’s not the Quran bud, those are Hadith.


  43. on December 9, 2014 at 6:54 pm The Spirit Within

    And 3 … 2 … 1… until Greg Eliot snarkily points out some connection between the author and the Tribe.


  44. What about this horrible list (written by a female doctor):


    At least the recent commentorshave it right, why female doctors are terrible to date or mary


    • Chick docs aren’t as bad as most of the other high-income professions–some in traditional female roles like pediatrics actually retain some femininity. And the high income makes it a lot harder for her to collect alimony.


      • “Chick docs aren’t as bad as most of the other high-income professions–some in traditional female roles like pediatrics actually retain some femininity. And the high income makes it a lot harder for her to collect alimony.”

        true. medical school isn’t for lazy, entitled people. it takes dedication, intelligence and anyone who invests that much time into something (college, medical school, residency) has obviously got some strength of character and a real passion for helping others. all good qualities that carry over into personal relationships as well.

        nurses on the other hand i find to be very lazy and entitled in general. always claiming that they are equal to doctors but don’t get the respect they deserve.

        they tend to have very little compassion or understanding for the people in their personal lives. probably because they become hardened and bitter from taking caring of others. my sister is a nurse. if me, her husband or anyone else in the family ever has a cold or an injury or something she will minimize it and say something like…you don’t know what sick is, or you don’t know what real pain is like, you should see the people i deal with every day, you have no idea, etc. etc. etc. no sympathy or compassion at all. and the pompous arrogance is unreal.

        nurses are basically overpaid waitresses who think they are in the same league as doctors and deserve equal respect because they wear scrubs to work every day.

        sorry but a two year nursing degree that teaches you how to change bedpans, serve food and give people meds to a doctor’s specifications is not equivalent to four to five years of pre-med, another four years of medical school, three to seven years of residency and then later the responsibility and difficulty of being a doctor who holds the lives of others in his or her hands.

        nurses are overpaid waitresses like i said but in all actuality, most waitresses have them beat in every way. sweet disposition, humbleness and good bedside manner. qualities you’ll rarely find in nurses.


  45. “Here’s a thought: We wouldn’t be arguing over CIA torture today if those 9/11 hijacker Muslims weren’t able to acquire visas to the US.”

    Borders are forcibly held open for a good reason: the Leader and his fellow elites aren’t the ones getting third-world pozloads shot into them, but they get off watching it happen to their enemies (i.e. normal Americans).


  46. Ms. Skirvin is not “complicated” at all… in fact, she’s utterly transparent.


  47. 19 year old mudshark breaks up with her jigaboo. The good news is the jig retaliated by burning her alive: http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2014/12/09/she-couldnt-breathe-the-brutal-murder-of-19-year-old-jessica-lane-chambers-with-video/


    • every white “mudshark” i have ever seen had that same zonked-out facial expression.


    • Am I supposed to care? Good riddance. I’m glad he burnt her alive and I hope every girl like her gets the same treatment. She can go sing negro spirituals with Amy Biehl in hell.


    • I’m glad they linked to Channon Christian’s murder. Have you heard about that? Bet you haven’t. Pretty middle class young college girl and her boyfriend are carjacked, kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed by three (4?) black men, while their black girlfriends puttered around the (tiny) house and claimed they didn’t know what was going on. I’ll spare you the horrific details. I saw a 48-hours type show on it last year and couldn’t believe I never heard about it when it happened. I still can’t believe it.

      Reverse the races? It would be all over the news as a sadistic hate crime.


  48. Game in action:

    I was in line at Starbucks and this older guy was in front of him. He took a long time ordering one particular item, and he acted like he was pretty ignorant of what the order meant. He explained ‘I want X and Y with Z on the side, and I was told that you would know what that means.’ She looked at him, a little puzzled. He shrugged “I don’t know, you girls are always putting in fancy orders.” So they go through the order and they get it right, and the barista starts to ring him up. He suddenly holds up his hand and, in a very firm tone, says “hey, I’m not done here.” For a second it changed everything….lots of tension, and you could see her clench her teeth in a smile.

    He points and starts laughing “hahahaha look at those dimples, such a cutie pie…..go ahead and just let’s get….”



  49. on December 9, 2014 at 8:59 pm themanofmystery2

    Womyn readers of the chateau: commit harikiri.
    Women readers of the chateau, on the other hand, listen up.

    Here’s a handy, succinct guide to what men find are attractive personality traits in you vs. unattractive ones. Yes, all of you. No, men who oppose this list aren’t telling the truth. Yes, we are all like this.

    -Feminine. We, like you, are attracted to our opposites. We like women who look and act like women.
    -Submissive. If you’re currently cringing at this one, congratulations, you’ve failed. You know how you like dominant men? I’m not talking about the pajama gram betas you tell your girlfriends are sweet…I’m talking about Sean Connery forcing himself on Pussy Galore in the haystack. Well, we like the opposite of dominant men…
    -Pretty. You can’t do much to help your facial attractiveness besides staying in shape. I’m of the opinion that makeup only helps average broads, and only marginally. It doesn’t do much to augment beautiful faces and it can’t save ugly ones. You can, however, control your body fat and tone, skin health, wear feminine clothes, etc. Pretty is mostly how you look and partially how you carry yourself.
    -Thin. This deserves a category by itself. Excess fat is the #2 diminished of your SMV behind age. If you weren’t blessed with a fast metabolism, well, how do I put this eloquently? hit the gym and go on a fucking diet.
    -Young. The younger the better. Totally out of your control, and more of a PSA that your SMV depreciates with time independent of all other variables. You can help mask aging by not smoking, not guzzling shots every weekend, avoiding tattoos, staying in shape, and not burning the tar out of yourself in the tanning bed.
    -Long Hair. Cannot. Stress. Enough. Short hair on women is ALWAYS LESS ATTRACTIVE THAN LONG. It’s not that some women can “pull it off.” Pulling it off is tantamount to “getting away with it,” I.e. Inherently recognizing that it’s surprising when a woman is attractive in spite of her short dyke / 12 year old boy haircut. No woman alive has ever looked better with short hair than long. Ever. Remember that if you care at all if men are attracted to you. Ever notice how women from the south used to really show off their long flowing locks? Rock the Dixie cut, not the pixie cut.
    -Introverted. Nobody likes a loud mouthed bitch that acts like an AMOG.
    -Not a slut. If you even want to think about ending up in a long term relationship with a high value man, careful how many cocks you let between your legs. The more the scarier.

    OK. That list covers 90% of the bases. Now, the ugly truths.


    Seriously. I am not joking. If you want to make yourself attractive to the kind of man that makes your pulse pound like Starr Jones eyeing a Stromboli, just think “what would an entitled, intolerable feminist cunt do here?” And do the opposite. Examples below:

    -Dominant. Nothing is less attractive to a man than an aggressive, masculine woman. We like to compete with other guys, not you. A woman is a safe place, a support person to us, not one more wolf to keep at bay. “Strong independent woman” = this.
    -Masculine. Your short hair, man jaw, flip flops and sweatpants do not make me attracted go you in the least. If you look like you rolled out of bed without showering in preparation for your job as manager of a ghetto Burger King, RIP your SMV. “I can do anything a man can do.” Yeah, including looking like one.
    -Fat. The fatter you are, the less attractive you are to men. There is peer reviewed research that supports this. “All bodies are good bodies” tripe and the like. Not all bodies are attractive bodies.
    -Old. The term “cougar” was coined as hamster spin to show that older, declining attractiveness women could still pull high quality men. The problem is that the fundamental premise of cougardom is that women want one night stands and hookups as much as men. In reality, commitment of a high value mate is the true sign of a woman’s value much like bedding many hot women is alpha street cred. A high SMV man dumping a backlog of sperm in an acceptably attractive receptacle =/= a high SMV woman being taken by an alpha male. “Age is just a number” according to delusional feminazis.
    -Slutty. “Liberated” = cock carousel spinning faster than a pulsar
    -Extraverted / loud. Outgoing is one thing, but a woman being “loud and proud” is gross, annoying, and off-putting to men.



    • I have a hair question. If a girl’s hair is, say, a little below shoulder length, which is technically “long”… is that the same to you as *very* long hair? Just curious.


      • on December 12, 2014 at 6:49 am themanofmystery2

        Personally, anything shoulder length or longer looks the same to me. I don’t buy into that “for each inch of hair you gain .03592 SMV points” bullshit. As long as it’s below the shoulder, no difference to me. In fact, I don’t want a girl to trip over her own hair or resemble Cousin It – that’s too long. It’s just like a girl likes a toned, muscular man, a muscle-bound freak with 0.3% body fat and 250 lbs of pecs isn’t turning her on. Same concept.


      • If we can see the back of her neck, it is definitely too short.


      • Thanks.


      • yeah, as long as it makes it to the shoulders it’s pretty much fine. i’m the same as themanofmystery2 in that regard. it all looks pretty much the same to me as long as it’s below the shoulders. my girl will go get a trim and say she cut soooo much off but unless it’s above her shoulders, i can’t tell the difference.


  50. Kate and Will, the global leader of all white people meet Lebron James in the US.

    Lebron PUNKS the future king of England.

    British royalty meets basketball royalty: James asked William what size shoes he wore, to which the Prince replied, ‘Half the size of yours,’ while pointing at the star’s huge feet (pictured)


    Hahahahahahahahahahah !!!!!


    • on December 9, 2014 at 10:42 pm Hair Slicked Back With Swag So Fresh

      Will has the body language of a cuckold as Kate eagerly cozies up to LeBron.

      As for the comment of shoe sizes, they might as well have been referring to their dongs.


      • jeezus Christ, LeBron pulled her right into him…what a complete smack in the face. That was more than just an unintentional protocol breach.

        Boons are a walking, talking breach of etiquette. Any standards of civilized behavior, they will take a shit on.

        Lebron was like “come here, you little starstruck groupie,”

        remind me why the fuck real royalty should give a flying shit about bakkabaw players and an imminently bankrupt league?

        Oh yeah, because the UK’s Marxists let in an assload of Africans who they have to be seen as relevant to.


      • that’s funny, but she don’t look that comfortable to me dog. I think she likes Dikembe Mutombo instead


    • he’s on a full-on nigger tour


    • Here’s what William would have said (with a smile, of course) if he’d been Putin.

      “My people — and that’s literally my people, by the way — owned your people for a couple of hundred years. Then we didn’t feel like it anymore, so we turned you out, and here you are. Playing basketball. Me, I just left training in my armed forces recently. We’ve had a tough time, nothing like you Cavaliers, I’m sure, but we’re still among the best in the world, land, air or sea, and we kill losers every day. Oh, that reminds me, I also have a few hundred men who work day and night to covertly destroy my enemies, in every way possible. Take care, basketball player. Love your game.”


    • “MUH DICK!”

      “I can’t breathe”

      -the unabridged book of lebron James wisdom, (c) random House, 2014.


    • The whole thing was absurd. Why on earth would the prince want to go to a basketball game? They met entirely with black people while there, now what are the chances of that? Why on earth would someone ask what size shoes someone has? Really what an odd question to ask. Lebron must have been trying to prove something. Not to mention that presumptuous pose he did, putting a hand on someone else’s wife. This was just a big chest beating display. Saddening state of affairs.


    • Kate and Will, the global leader of all white people meet Lebron James in the US.

      Lebron PUNKS the future king of England.

      Hahahahahahahahahahah !!!!!

      You might want to check your grasp of Realpolitik, Sambo.

      And when you’re done giggling like a stooge, you might then ponder the complexities of why people hate n1663rs.

      Dusky fairy.


    • I’m sure Lebron James’ IQ is about is half of Prince William’s. As is his ability to remain faithful inside of a monogamous marriage.


  51. “Complicated woman” is a snarky version of the more honest phrase, “Undomesticated Woman”. Kinda like a not-really-housebroken pet.
    “Real men should prefer to hang out with petulant little dogs that crap on the floor and in your closet !!!!” Whatever…
    FWIW, I have a part Australian Shepherd, part Malamute that (who) is fascinating to be around. Sometimes he barks; sometimes he howls. Sometimes he bonds with strangers, sometimes he dozint. Sometimes he makes these crazy high jumps in the air to come down with all 4 feet in one small spot – to break thru ice and snow so as to eat the lesser creatures that would hide there-under..
    He has never seen ice and snow.


  52. Ch, thanks for this. I read a feminist blogger’s post, got angry, frustrated, and depressed, then you put it all back in perspective. Joy!


  53. all women are complicated. they make your life complicated.

    the simplest solution is the best solution.


  54. “An unevolved man or a boy will always want the simple girl. He doesn’t want to have to work hard for anything, especially not a relationship. He doesn’t want to be challenged or confronted.”

    I am challenged and confronted every day out in the world, at work, and the commute to and from it. The only challenge and confrontation I want at home is the job of raising children, and I want a wife as a co-pilot in that, not an enemy combatant. But I come and go from MGTOW, each time trying to find someone who’d be that safe harbor where I can rest my warship’s crew, get the maintenance and repair my ship’s needs, then come morning I go to battle again for that safe harbor. This warship can take a lot, but even the USS Enterprise needed basic maintenance to make it the length of WW II. But each emergence from MGTOW ends up in “yup, touching fire still burns the hand” and so I stayed single. The incredible drive to have kids is the sole reason for leaving MGTOW from time to time. But the demanding harpies who have a number of kids by whomever, but laugh when I ask if they’d think of having more by me this time, drive me back into sweet solitude. They don’t realize I have but one sole freaking job for them, make that “down there” make me little ones, and in return you got me for life. They have 101 hoops for me to try to jump through that’ll allow them to keep me if I get 100% right; I have but one for them and they can’t do even that for me. On the other side of town, every gangbanger has a slew of baby-mommas and a line around the corner of girls dying for him to put a bun in their oven…

    These entitled women think they know from “intelligent, strong woman.” My grandmothers came over from the Old Country when told to do so once their respective husbands established a nest egg in this country after working a bit where they hot-cotted it with a dozen other day laborers in a cold water flat, then graduating to a mill job. One raised 8 children (birthed 12, but 2 died stillborn and 2 by flu), the other 7. Then came the Depression. One nearly lost the house he built from a kit, the other lost his, and went to another mill city on a relative’s tip, then hailed the wife to bring the kids once that worked out. Yet blowing up the marriage was not even thought of. These were hard bonded families and the kids still had mom AND dad even if a bite of bread and a cup of watery coffee was every day’s breakfast. Then came WW II and though immigrants, every son on each side served, even to the last sole surviving sons, which was an out back then. And momma at home worrying over each son, luckily, none got the gold star. That is strength, and always finding a way to raise the kids and care for the husband and keep her own wits, that’s intelligence. Yet those “shackled, enslaved” women, I never heard a word of them being bitter, instead, their families were their lives, and they died happy and fulfilled. Today’s modern, independent, strong womyn, I wouldn’t give her a week in either grandma’s shoes without a nervous breakdown herself and a legion of Ritalin addicted trainwrecks for progeny. Strong, my ass.


    • on December 10, 2014 at 2:15 pm The Spirit Within

      COTW candidate here.

      I’ve thought much the same.


    • This is what I don’t like about the whole MGTOW crowd – they pine for a yesterday they never knew and they place all the responsibility on the women to meet their needs, instead of leading, being masculine and of course being a dynamic, passionate and authentic man.

      You know what your great grandpa did, and maybe your grandpa – well they led their women. They may have smacked Gama a time or two. They for sure did not go sulking off in a corning all bitter about how they were treated by women and women of their time.

      You see women want to FOLLOW strong men. They want to and WILL be subservient and submissive – check out all the office girls putting out 110% effort for their bosses (usually Alpha of some stripe or in context). They get off on it. They want that Alpha DNA more than you want to spread your seed.

      You just need to be that guy. Oh yeah this :

      “On the other side of town, every gangbanger has a slew of baby-mommas and a line around the corner of girls dying for him to put a bun in their oven…”

      Guess what, that gangbanger, he may have a 75IQ, may be a criminal, a liar and a thief… but i GUARANTEE you he is dynamic, passionate and authentic.


  55. I blame Alanis Morissette.


  56. Thing is, most men could do with a woman who pushes them to be better, who challenges their laziness or comfort, who is happy to play Devil’s Advocate with them. After all, the comfort of an easy relationship is what makes most men and women let themselves go and/or get bored of their partner. However I don’t think that she means “challenging” in the way a guy needs “challenging”. A woman who lets her man do as he pleases and waits for him to invariably return to home comfort and laziness is a zero-challenge woman. A woman who supports a man’s decisions or who encourages him to return to a prior hobby is challenging him in a good way. A woman who nags him about every little thing he does and tries to get him to go to zumba with her is challenging him in a bad way. A woman who silently lets a man talk about whatever he wants and doesn’t really listen or understand and who proceeds to babble on about makeup and work drama is a zero-challenge woman. A woman who listens to what he is saying, asks for more information and politely and appropriately phrases her disagreements is challenging him in a good way. A woman who is knowledgeable enough to openly agree to playing Devil’s Advocate and not get too wrapped up in the game is challenging him in a good way. A woman who hardly listens to what he is saying, disagrees on principle and argues every point, regardless of her knowledge, like a sapient bulldog, is challenging him in a bad way.

    Therefore, these: “Marry the girl who won’t let you get away with slacking on your talents. Marry the girl who pushes you to be better every day.” are definitely true. A woman who does these things in a feminine manner is going to be a good, solid support for a masculine man with ambition, a-la-50s-housewife. And these: “Marry the girl who tells you exactly what she expects and follows through. Marry the girl who can talk politics, even if her opinions are different from yours. Marry the girl whose eyes flicker with passion about a number of different subjects.” to a lesser extent are also true, again, provided she’s carrying herself in a feminine manner and not trying to take over debates she has no actual interest in. However I doubt that most “complicated” women are supporting their man’s decisions, enabling his hobbies, using Devil’s Advocacy to improve his debate skills, doing research with him, asking relevant questions and doing everything in her power to keep him doing the things he loves. Most “complicated” women will use the word “complicated” to justify nagging, domineering, controlling, shouting and basically browbeating a man into doing whatever she wants and constantly agreeing with her.


  57. Sounds like a certain authoress of this article just got told by her ex that she’s too complicated to marry.


  58. Is it just me, or is the following really not that bad?


    What actually impressed me most is her not slagging on the real (thin) models.


    • WTF???? A seemingly grateful woman???? What’s the catch with this broad?

      Me ? 30+ years with one wife; three successful, well-adjusted, college-educated with-no-student-loan-debt children, all employed; one beautiful grandchild; same paid-for house in the ‘burbs for 28 years, professional neighborhood, w/ pool, tennis courts and expanse of grass for play, 120 steps away from the front door and in a state with great weather that many are dying to live in; professional self-employed, always have a paycheck; decent autos (Volvos!)…what’s my “appreciation?

      “You’re a freak and a weirdo!” “Don’t touch me!” “I’m too tired” “That stuff you do with your hands on my back is annoying and boring.” “Hurry up, I want to shower and sleep.”……………….

      Example for the younger set deciding whether to swallow the whole red pill—-Do it!


      • @okaydave – you need to work on you, not blame your wife. she is just no longer attracted to you – why? Because she HAS everything she could want! You have given her everything, so she gets lazy and unattracted. Women are not long haired men. She will never thank you for all you do, you know logically as a guy would think of it – she wants to be led, to qualify, to work for it, to be denied etc etc.

        And young guys – this will happen to every woman in a LTR, no matter how you start off…. because HYPERGAMY is REAL.

        Your situation is totally reversable but it all starts and ends with you. Check out MarriedManSexlife.com – read the early blog stuff up until end of 2013, and check out the forum, especially the older posts and the ones from the banned guys (and Fredless). I was where you are now, almost four years ago. Since going deep into game and focusing on my stuff, wife is totally back inhand, sex is 3-4 times a week for years now, I am the prize and she knows it.

        Good luck.


      • on December 10, 2014 at 10:01 am The Spirit Within

        Congrats on your accomplishments. At this point, it seems that you are perfectly justified in finding a side dish.


      • And don’t try to hard to hide the side dish either…


      • “…too hard…”


      • @olayDave

        Let’s talk about Dave for a moment yeah?

        Height and weight?

        Have you bought any new clothes in the last year, if so what?

        Do you complain about work?

        Do you get IOI’s from younger women?

        Does your wife see them?

        If she did, would you apologize?

        When she asks “what do you want to do”? Do you Say ” IDK, What do you want to do”?

        Who is the leader of the relationship?

        Who manages the finances and pays the bills?

        Does she do work around the house? IF not why not?

        When you get turned down for sex, what do you do, how do you act?


      • on December 10, 2014 at 3:35 pm having a bad day


        not sure if you’re just bitching or really want some actionable advice, but your situ is pretty typical, so here goes…

        “You’re a freak and a weirdo!” “Don’t touch me!” “I’m too tired” “That stuff you do with your hands on my back is annoying and boring.” “Hurry up, I want to shower and sleep.”……………….

        these are standard variety shit tests…from a woman who desperately wants some alpha D/attention…but is stuck with a flaming beta…(unless they just started recently. and then it might be hormonal…)

        you CAN turn it around, you ARE in the right place, but you’ll need to put in the work…mostly to be able to see these shit tests in real time and be able to handle them…and to be able to have congruence enough to sell your response as real…but the good news is that girls have a VERY short reference time frame…

        the proper responses to shit tests are agree and amplify…

        “You’re a freak and a weirdo!” ‘don’t forget to add…pervert…’ [smirk…and stare her down…(you can stare her down can’t you?…)]

        “Don’t touch me!” [hovering your finger around her shoulder…just like when you were a kid…(playground game)] ‘i’m not touching you..i’m not touching you…’ [smirk…and stare her down…]

        …or some form of take away…

        “I’m too tired” ‘GREAT…my conscience is clean…’ [backturn…and leave the house for a couple hours…with NO explanation when you return…] (when she brings it up/shit tests you about it…just smirk and back turn her (yes, it will seem very rude…)

        “That stuff you do with your hands on my back is annoying and boring.” ‘that was your back?…’ (you can laugh at your own joke, too…lol) [backturn/rollover and go to sleep…] (and don’t apologize/negotiate…if it escalates, just leave the house for a couple hours with no explanation = removing your attention)

        or start to set up her chasing you…

        “Hurry up, I want to shower and sleep.” ‘wow, you really know how to show a man a good time…’ [backturn/rollover and go to sleep…] (do NOT sound butthurt…just matter of fact…your attitude is that she missed out and that in order to get you to sex her up/show her attention, she needs to treat you right…almost as if you are getting sex somewhere else to keep you satisfied = abundance mentality = outcome independence…

        the guys here are willing to give advice, since we’ve all been there, but you are going to have to put in the work…

        good luck!


  59. on December 10, 2014 at 8:12 am HipsterInTrainin

    What strikes me is that even though she presents herself as an accomplished woman, she still expects some kind of fulfillment from this projection-born man.

    That I think is the most fundamental difference between men and women: women expect fulfillment from men in many more ways than one (good sex + psychological challenge), while for men, coïtus and all its avatars are only ONE aspect of life.

    It is both ironic and tragic that a high-T women such as the authoress senses that something is wrong (thanks to the high-T), yet cannot escape her reproductive nature.

    Reptilian vs. neo-cortex: the reptilian wins most of the time.


  60. A female replies to the topics’article:
    The only thing I’ve determined from reading this article is that the writer is a whore who can’t keep a man interested. The rest is a string of ridiculous generalisations…. just because she’s going to die alone doesn’t mean you need to.

    Ach, how I wish my daughters to be able not only talk this talk, but to walk this walk.


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  61. An unevolved man or a boy will always want the simple girl. He doesn’t want to have to work hard for anything, especially not a relationship. He doesn’t want to be challenged or confronted.

    But, a real man knows that by being with a complicated girl, he will be better for it.

    Um… An evolved man has better things to do with his time than be ‘challenged and confronted’ by an undersexed ballbuster.


  62. My previous comment was either stopped by the spam filter or censored. Nonetheless, the internet has made it very easy to print things. The barrier to entry is low enough that now virtually anyone can have a podium they can use to share their expertise. Except that most people don’t know anything and are in fact probably using their podium for attention-seeking and self promotion. If women are using the internet to justify their choices, the counter-part to those idiots for men is the so-called sperg. The sperg doesn’t actually have asperger’s, in fact, that disease doesn’t exist anymore. The sperg is just a pseudo-intellectual who is trying to appear to be wise by nitpicking to discredit people. They might reference studies without having read them, or use highfalutin terms specifically to sound smarter. It is making the internet a difficult place to connect with people because everyone is becoming such an intolerable bore.


    • Excellent comment. I’ve always said the ‘net is an amplifier of the human condition, for better or for (mostly) worse.

      I wouldn’t be heartbroken if the only thing that got through my firewalls was the chateau and YouTube DIY videos.


  63. This is a long comment and I plead indulgence. Please read it. I know this isn’t my blog but this is a key audience.

    I offer the idea of the reverse form of projection from women, and a negative one that is projected out onto other women and society at large.

    I believe the psychological basis of Egg Protection, and the antipathy at one end of the spectrum and the visceral revulsion at the other, that most women feel towards really about 75% of men, is creating a legal and social situation that impinges, fuck impinges, crushes the natural and civil rights of most men and is the underlying basis of many many encroachments on men.

    And frankly this has become a driving idea for me. I believe it should become a public cause of male bloggers. Because I think when you scratch the paint of a lot things, even a lot of policy and legal outcomes, you can find this bias at the heart of the matter.

    I believe this bias should be called out, over and over, as endemic in the driving motivations of women, and that it constitutes a violation of the natural and civil rights of men.

    And that it need be recognized as a “given” by society as a negative driving motivation of women, and that the existence of this bias, need by taken into consideration by the legislature, by the courts, by business, and the greater society at large.

    And actions must be taken to minimize the effect of the bias by women towards most men, that we as a society should listen to our “better angels” and not allow this bias the run rampant in the ways in has done so for past 50 years.

    It is equivalent to the idea of Affirmative Action. AA was recognized by the courts and the government that ethnocentrism as an organizing principle was so strong in people, that racial separation was so ingrained, that it became necessary to create Civil Rights that superseded Natural Rights or Natural Tendencies, such that some equal opportunity existed for all. And courts and the legislature took action to impose institutional changes in schools, at work, in housing, in lending, many many other areas. It forced consideration and consciousness in lawmakers, jurists, companies, that not only penalized for recognized practices, but literally compelled institutions to search out, even project where practices might be construed as potentially violating the civil rights of individuals.

    And I think the impact of this bias is heightened due to the female “opinion makers” that drive many of these sorts of things. I was just reading Mangan. He associates high IQ in women with lower fertility as does this post indirectly. He lists deferment of breeding and hypergamy as key causes.

    The high IQ women that is attractive as well as smart receives attention from high status males in droves because she not only has what they seek, but she is able to put herself in the position by her IQ of being where those high status men are. And she is less apt to be out in the street screaming about “Those men …”

    The other side of the equation is the high IQ woman that lacks the qualities that high status men seek and she is subjected to those lower status men that trigger her Egg Protection instincts. And she screams as loud as possible at anything that permits those “creepy”, yes “creepy”, men to get close to her.

    The whole “creepy” thing is used over and over and over and over whenever some man that the corpus of women universally deem as low status attempts to gain access to women. “Creepy”, a visceral feeling, hair raising on your neck, nausea, a spider crawling on her, walking in spider webs, ghosts, monsters, haunted houses, “Creepy”. It is physical thing, or at least a psychological thing manifested in physical ways.

    Bumble is the Tinder like phone dating app that is a direct rip off of Tinder, started by the woman that claimed gender bias and sexual harassment at Tinder and claimed she was forced out.

    A write up on the app by another woman said “A less CREEPY (emphasis mine) alternative to Tinder”. Less “creepy”. The key difference was that only women were allowed to send the initial contact. So therefore “creepy” men, in an App devoted entirely to assessing the worth and merit of a potential mate primarily on visual cues, could not dare attempt to approach a woman and trigger her Egg Protection instincts.

    These High IQ/Low Attraction women are the prime movers and shakers in the Feminist cause and they project their visceral disgust out onto the larger body of women, assuming that all women feel the same as they do. And often a good portion do, maybe not as strong, but once the seed of an idea is germinated, once those feelings are vindicated and justified as “correct” then the stage is set to impose on the opportunities, liberties, and status of men.

    This is the projection that Heartiste writes about in this post, her feelings out onto others.

    Just for a timely example, it is the whole basis of Rape Culture. Marriage is Rape Culture. Dating is Rape Culture. Approaching is Rape Culture. The Gaze of Men is Rape Culture.

    If she were the type of woman that receive offers of marriage from sexy, successful, high status men and she would be able to use the custom, convention, and acceptance of the monopolization of the resources, affections, and attentions of that High Status men, she has a totally different tune about marriage. But if societal and religious constraints, and especially economic constraints force her into a union with a “Creepy” man, even the “Creep” her formerly attractive husband turned into her eyes with time and reality, then RAPE RAPE RAPE. You can say the same thing about all of the other items, dating, approaching, even proximity of low status males.

    And indeed what is Rape, but the manifestation of this bias. Men don’t have this bias and even feminists say “Men cannot be raped” probably because attraction is shown in an erection. And this lack of bias in men was captured succinctly by my high school buddy from Texas, Shorty Jones and his maxim was, “Hell Mark, the worst piece of ass you’ll ever have is still gooood.”

    One one side, the sex act of rubbing parts of a man’s body on parts of a woman’s, with the “right guy”, the high status male, can be bliss for her, so blissful in fact that it can imprint her for life and turn her into an alpha widow. Yet the same act, with the lower status male, is so “horrible”, so “damaging”, that again she is ruined for life, often recalling that horrible awful experience anytime any man (probably not a high status man) even lays a hand on her.

    And the crime, even if she was laying around the guy, kissing, fondling, her body pressed against his in the intimate forms, if the guy pushes past her final barrier of egg protection with her vocal and absolute consent, is so heinous, so horrible that the guy can get a sentence to jail for a longer term than a man that takes a weapon and robs a store, threatening the lives of people in the course of doing so. The trauma left in those people that experienced that frightful experience of having a gun pointed at them by a nervous, jittery, aggressive, often unstable robber is less traumatic, supposedly, at least under the law assumed by the punishment handed out, compared to the trauma of the sacrosanct Egg being violated by a guy she knew, she willingly was with, willingly was close and intimate physical contact.

    And the importance of Protected Eggs is so great that little distinction is made under the law between a stranger that brutally abducts her, uses violence or the threat of violence, and the drunken encounter that she has and can’t exactly, positively remember that she might have given consent or acted in manner that conveyed consent by her equally drunken partner.

    And it is so important, that legal rights of that partner, due process under the law, equal treatment without regard to gender guaranteed under TItle IX must be suspended, 100 innocent men must be burned at the stake so that one innocent egg be protected from interloper stinky beta sperm.

    And the past two weeks are illustrative of this bias. Public condemnation. Media condemnation. Protests and vandalism at the supposedly site. Suspension of the legitimate functioning of university organizations, editorials, hand wringing, in fact, the biggest witch hunt in the 1950s, all based on this female bias.

    I am going to paraphrase Moldbug about the strength of this bias. If the witches were so strong then why do we not see witch hunters hanging by ropes from trees, heads shrunken from power of witches. Why instead do we see witches huddled in corners, powerless, victims of mobs of witch hunters, all armed with torches and pitchforks, driven to a frenzy on the basis of this female bias, one that is deep in the minds of women, one that obviously clouds judgment, prevents logic, common sense.

    I am going to make one more example of this bias in a more subtle and further removed manner. IMBRA, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. Women noted this high amount of Mail Order Bride reported domestic violence. ICE immigration officials explained it as the conditional status of the woman’s visa for two years could be exempted if there was a charge of domestic violence, so high numbers of women were filing false DV charges to use the loophole. No fucking matter, women could not accept this justification because Egg Protection is stronger than facts. “Those men”, those “loser men” that “had to go overseas and exploit a lower income woman to bring her to America and make her his sex slave, were beating them to control them and RAPE them.” Never mind that his race, his nationality, his higher SMV in the foreign woman’s mind, even her cultural tendency to readily accept the sexual bargain and willingly make that trade in exchange for the improvement in her living standards and in the better future for her offspring.

    No, the Egg Protection bias in women, bolstered by her indignation that other foreign women might compete with her for her own access to Higher Status Men, lead her to assume that American men were so vicious, so violent, beta geeks that finally found someone to be with them that would dominate and abuse these attractive women that agreed to come to America to live with them, in spite of the testimony of government officials, in spite of what common sense dictated. And in fact, the whole policy of immigration and even tourism visas is dominated by this Egg Protection fact. Single Women are not allowed entry in the United States for most visas, certainly not Tourist visas or short term Business Visas. I know of many women denied entry to attend a conference, degreed professional women, for conferences in their demonstrated field of work, merely on the basis of being single. And this bias is over a 100 years old. She could slip off, disappear, pulled into the home and protection of a man, and turned into a SEXUAL SLAVE, subject to Stinky, Horrible Low Status Sperm, and she must be protected from HUMAN TRAFFICKING in slave women who must be so horrified at repeated instances of being abused in such a manner.

    So in the end, the liberty of men to go abroad, often forced to so by the Egg Protection bias of American Women, and to find happiness and companionship, to generously open his home, share his resources, love, honor, respect, and do his damnest to make the life of a foreign woman better than it would have been where she was, is now limited, restricted, with extra processing and complexity, cost added to the process, all on the basis of the psychological bias.

    I could go on and on, work situations, social situations, academic situations, all based on mistreatment, prejudice, and exclusion on the basis of these psychological projections causing encroachment, elimination, affront, and usurpation of Men’s liberty, rights, and definitely opportunities, both economic and social to find life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, declaredly INALIENABLE rights afforded in the very seminal and founding documents of this nation.

    I know this comment is getting long and I know this is not my blog to hijack but I ask CH to give me this moment.

    Two days ago I asked for the Manosphere to support and defend Julian from RSD on Rational Male. I haven’t been back to check comments for the reception.

    The justification of some writers is that he undertook actions that went so against the prevailing social attitudes that he shouldn’t be protected.

    I say fuck that, he broke no laws, his comments and actions were taken out of context, and the Egg Protection Moral Panic crucified him unjustly. And I hold that if his actions were so heinous IN JAPAN then the Japanese women would have reacted to him in a manner that caused him to cease. But instead, they giggled, were shocked and delighted, were affected by his race, his passport, his size relative to Japanese men, and his show of masculinity, of attitude, and it was successful for him.

    Now we may not agree with his Game, or RSD ideas, but that is irrelevant. Those ideas are field tested with 10 years of experience. And the men that attend those classes have a fucking right to use them.

    But even more, regardless of what we personally may think of Julian or RSD, I liken this to the Larry Flynt/Hustler magazine case that came in front of the United States Supreme Court.

    Bear with me.

    Larry Flynt spoke to the Justices. And he said “I am trash. I am the worst. But by protecting me, the law also protects the legitimate forms of speech that may be suppressed by the majority that deserve and require the protection under the law.” (I paraphrase but this is more or less what he said).

    What RSD teaches, and even the specific instance of what Julian said and did, are specific implementations of tactics and practices that are based on science, on experience, on fieldwork. NO WHAT AMERICAN WOMEN MAY BELIEVE.

    And the underlying hostility to him, the foundational basis of the screaming and shrieking was Egg Protection, the resentment and hostility towards the fact that using tactics and practices, then men “Creepy” low status might slip by that wall of Egg Protection.

    And if women had their way, then men would be segregated when possible, walk around with heads lowered, gazes at the floor, humbled, docile, only to be allowed to interact with women, when like the Bumble app, she determined, the vast majority excluded from any contact.

    And this attitude is beyond creeping into societal values, this UVa case and the whole Rape Hysteria is the biggest and most strident example. Men are being targeted in Universities and whole groups and classes of men are maligned to have their rights, not just trampled on, not merely denied due process, but fucking stomped into the ground by government, by the media, certainly by schools themselves with almost nothing pertaining to truth, evidence, fair play, justice, even fucking common sense.

    This Egg Protection bias against needs to become the equivalent of Civil Rights, the freedom of men not be persecuted by female hysteria over this insane need for Egg Protection.

    It needs to be recognized as a real tendency under the law, and accepted and codified as something that is at least anti-democratic and definitely a Sexism that suppresses both natural and civil rights even more than Racism.

    It creates a majority oppression with all the women and some of the men to suppress the minority of rights of men in attempting to enter into the most natural of human relationships, the most key relationships in finding and having human happiness.

    This is not a trivial subject as the last weeks have shown with this campaign against “Street Harassment” (low status men daring to speak to egg protecting women), this whole UVa thing, …

    And for me, Julian and RSD is the battleground to say he has the right, the liberty, and the freedom to pursue his desired sexual and social ends using the knowledge based on real truth and not hysterical ideals of the feminine imperative.

    I say we do not allow the line to be drawn at Polite Chit Chat Indirect Day Game in selected locations, because no telling where it will get pushed to in the future, when the next hysterical push will come.

    I ask that other writers consider this topic, this idea of Sexual Rights as equivalent to Natural Rights and Civil Rights.

    We get further and further pushed back and back. It is time to draw the line here.

    Defend RSD as the base case for your Sexual Rights.


  64. Ehh…I like a girl who actually UNDERSTANDS when I want to talk politics with her. One of the reasons I’m divorcing my wife is because shes just too empty headed.

    But yeah, I don’t wanna hear a girl’s politics on the first date.


    • Seriously? There’s millions of people to talk politics with. If she’s not fat and treats you well, you shouldn’t divorce her.

      You can go find one of these ball busting cunts to talk politics with.


    • i agree wholeheartedly.

      i would never get involved with someone i strongly disagreed with politically because politics are a reflection of a person’s values, work ethic, etc. i couldn’t be with someone i can’t respect or relate to in that regard. but talking about politics with a girl who has a good head on her shoulders and a good value system is something i enjoy.

      dumb girls are boring and they can be exhausting to deal with. in real life it takes a lot more than a pretty face and a thin body to keep you happy. no fun being with someone who you can’t hold a decent conversation with.


      • “i couldn’t be with someone i can’t respect or relate to in that regard. but talking about politics with a girl who has a good head on her shoulders and a good value system is something i enjoy.”

        It’s nice to hear this. I like to talk about politics and current events. It doesn’t have to be combative or a debate. I like to get my bf’s opinion on things. I get that a girl is never going to be a substitute for a man’s friends, colleagues, hobbies, etc. but it seems strange to me that a smart man would really be ok with being married or in a LTR with a girl who is genuinely stupid and uninformed, even if she’s pretty. If it’s just a sexual relationship it doesn’t matter, but if you’re spending time with her outside of the bedroom… don’t you want someone you can talk to?


  65. Projection works the other way too.

    You see it in white knight, blue pill pansy men who think supplication will win women over.

    Good luck with that.


  66. oooh nice rant about the hapless harpy..


  67. on December 10, 2014 at 2:02 pm DoublePlusGood

    And, once she’s at that point, you better never let her get away, or you’ll risk losing the best thing you ever had.

    (i.e half your shit)


  68. The entry Anderson Cooper read said, “Beaten to death by a negro.”


    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


  69. I am woman. Hear me snore.


  70. My dad always says the thing that attracted him most to my mom was the fact that she was smarter than him was…….smh


  71. This is in some way fitting:

    Haiti is complicated. Even Haitians will tell you that. Each time we thought we grasped something about Haiti, another event would intervene that would help us realize we had only just peeled back one layer of our understanding [=it sucked in yet another way]… As my new Haitian saying goes, ‘It’s not how much you win, but whether you win at all.’


    Mind if I call you Haiti, baby?


  72. on December 12, 2014 at 5:57 pm kobayashii1681

    Reblogged this on 254MGTOW and commented:


  73. on December 15, 2014 at 6:29 am Abie Gefiltefish

    She’s not for you. She’s Jewish, a theater major from Indiana U, who has been living in LA for ten years+ trying to be an actress. She has been in 3-4 TV episodes and cranked out a couple “shorts” to get an IMDB listing for writer/director/producer. It looks better than just “actress”.

    The “complicated woman” shtick is a dog whistle to middle-aged Jewish guys with a bit of money who are looking for a rather bossy Jewish girl (like their own mammele) to manage them and their lives.
    Really, this isn’t for you goy guys. Reading Lauren’s advertorial and getting cranked up about it is as silly as reading an Indian [dot] matrimonial ad in the Hindustani Times and thinking it applies to you.

    You just need decode the article to know what’s going on. Translate “simple girl” as “blonde shiksa” for starters.

    I wish Lauren luck. There have to be hundreds of 30- or 40-something Jewish lawyers/dentists/accountants in LA who are going to read this and thrill at the opportunity to have mammele in charge again, telling them how to dress, what to say, where to go, where to live, etc.

    They miss it. They need it.


  74. Watch the original Sleeping Beauty by Disney. The movie is essentially a blueprint for the type of woman to avoid: Intellectual, demanding, self important, man hating. Though the original Maleficent had the self awareness to state openly that she worked for the forces of evil. Today’s hard-hearted intellectual women style themselves the angels of righteousness, when their actions mark them as angels of destruction.