The Young Alpha Male

A reader watched a future heartbreaker lavish alpha male love on a hot woman.

Witnessed this pre-Alpha moment at a family restaurant waiting area last week:

HB8 sits down next to a ~5 year old boy

Boy: Hi

Girl: Hi!

Boy: You smell like my grandma!

Girl: What! That’s not very nice.

Boy: I love my grandma

Girl: Oh ok! Well that is adorable. What is your name?

Boy: You’re…goofy! *walks away*

Perhaps a loyal young reader?

When I see the tightest of game in action, it’s like listening to the crescendo in Beethoven’s Ninth through noise canceling headphones in a living room dimmed by twilight. Time slows, the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight, and all the beauty and love and possibility of the world pour into my heart in that moment. This boy, practicing an ancient art which comes naturally to his sex but which he will probably relinquish as he grows into a young man assaulted by schoolmarmish do-gooders, weak beta males, and feminist propaganda, has crafted a work of seduction art so pure, so innocent, and so transcendent that Ovid himself would honor the young ladyslayer in poem.

There’s the bold approach…


the teasing neg…

You smell like my grandma!

the refusal to backpedal and the accusatory reframe…

I love my grandma

the swatting away of the beta bait, the teasing escalation, and the magisterial takeaway…

You’re…goofy! *walks away*

My Son, I am your Father.

Naturally, spergs and dweebs and misfits will cry up to the heavens from their dank fap prisons that the caprice and recklessness of the boy child holds no lesson for the adult man. To act like this boy, they would claim, invites disrepute and women’s scorn. They know so because they were told so by the skepchicks and gothghosts passing through their lives.

Experienced men know better. This conversation would fit right in place between a scrotally vital charming tomcat and his curious field mouse. About the only thing that would be different is the sexual percolation powering the words into a froth of raunchy promise, and the “incidental” erogenous touch that would accompany the grown alpha male’s playground ponytail tugs.

“You smell like my grandma” is hereby declared “Neg of the Year”. Thank this precocious boy for showing you how to act more like a sexy man.


  1. on October 6, 2014 at 12:43 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    You smell like my grandma!

    Nails it.


  2. CH, the things you say are beautiful but when the hopeless bodylanguage/communication assburgers start doing this kind of shit they only come off as what they are: assburgers

    On a blog you can write what to say, you can summon imagination, but you can’t cure the automated response of the limbic system


    • i can give you the tools. it’s up to you to decide to put them to use.


    • Assburgers? Do you mean aspergers. If so, it is not something to joke about. People with aspergers suffer imensly with the lack of social skills ability.

      And even aspergers can become relatively charming, especially in some parts of game, aspergers could even work to one’s advantage. They have aloof game natural to them. “I am too good to even look you in your eyes”. 😉 .

      There are a number of solutions to your question, could you be more specific?


      • This place helps immensely for spergy people. The slight ribbing one has to take to get advice to not be spergy is basically how men get each other to change their behavior.


      • Yes, you have a good point, everybodyhatesscott. I have “spergy” traits myself, I am very socially awkward and struggled with it, but society tends to more forgiving of awkwardness in women. I just get a little defensive when I think people not the most socialy adept are being spoken of in bad way.

        I am really happy if aspergers guys learn to be more socialy adept and find a woman, from the help of this site. So many of them are lonely and have great difficulty with it.


      • And really, I do think some aspergers men have advantage. (They just do not realise it). 1. Less eye contact 2. Accidental “negs” in form of just speaking their mind 3. Mysterious air 4. Less demonstration of empathy (not necesarily less empathetic but demonstrating less). I think Heartise wrote a post about that recently.


    • Big deal…in a touchy feely society where everyone gets along an aspie sticks out like a sore thumb. Guys that like to do what they like…and don’t feel the overwhelming emotion to follow the herd in all matters. In fact if more soft men had a little more aspie type personality in them, they might be better off.


  3. You small like my grandma.

    Well, considering that a five year old nowadays probably has a grandma no older than 32…



  4. > “listening to the crescendo in Beethoven’s Ninth through noise canceling headphones in a living room dimmed by twilight”


  5. I just don’t know where to put it except to say that it applies to everything that is wrong with this country.

    The federal government is spending nearly a half a million dollars to find out why obese teenage girls have a hard time getting dates.

    “Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences, but more sexual risk behaviors (i.e., condom nonuse) once they are sexually active.”


    • Oh jesus tapdancing christ – okay look – one of you beta hipsters working at a non-profit and sneaking peeks here – write up a grant proposal for our esteemed host, will you? This is A) fucking retarded and B) the money might as well go to CH who can scribble out a series of posts about this topic.

      Aren’t you glad you pay taxes??????


    • The fatties know where to put it
      In the biggest wrinkle


  6. Speaking of family restaurants, this young alpha better learn how to handle this type of *lady too:

    *What happens when no buns are in their ovens, I guess.


  7. “To act like this boy, they would claim, invites disrepute and women’s scorn.”

    Well we wouldn’t want them to have to embrace conflict now would we.


  8. on October 6, 2014 at 2:46 pm The Spirit Within

    You can adapt the grandma neg to just about anything, ergo “My grandma has ______ just like that.”. I usually go straight to the shoes, since so many women feel insecure about shoes and/or have foot issues.


  9. We kept seeing this annoying commercial for K-Mart yesterday, and after the third time or so, I stood up, whipped out my cock, and started flapping my cock and balls like a puppet mouth, giving some speech about how orgasmically exciting it was that K-Mart has layaway. I followed the routine by saying “Yaaaaay!” while swinging my dick around in circles. Later, she did something slightly obnoxious, and I “piss-pole whipped” her.

    My wife almost pissed her panties laughing yesterday, and she stayed up three hours past her bedtime to get some of that cock.

    If I can ever do stuff like that with a hot chick, her panties will melt too, but it’s really hard to overcome the many high barriers. You can’t just whip out your cock and piss-pole whip some stranger off the street.

    Actually, you might could if you chose your target well, but woe unto he who chooses poorly.


  10. but the kid in the story ..wasnt happy because he’s not alpha..and the woman wasnt a 10 ..right? ..


  11. CH/Guys can someone gimme some advice please.

    Long story short, a year ago i dated a girl for 6 months, she made the move on me when i was with another girl. At that time i was alpha, unknowingly, and used many game concepts unknowingly. However 3 months in i got massive oneitis for this chick and turned into a disgusting beta, going against every poon commandment! Funny enough, 3 months later she broke up with me.

    I was heartbroken, but obviously didnt show it to her, then I stumbled across this very blog and my eyes were open to reality. Anyways, so I’ve been working on myself a lot over the past 6 months; career, social, physical and confidence. I’ve been posting loads of cool shit ive been doing on facebook with other girls/buddies and generally social pictures. I also posted a half naked pic of me in the gym. I recently got ripped 8% bodyfat for the first time although ive always been muscular and worked out.

    So today she messages me saying ‘hey howre u”.

    How do i reply to her?? I don’t want to get in a relationship with her again but i do want to “revenge” fuck her one last time.

    Thanks, Jay.


  12. I sometimes wonder if the space program of the 60’s had an HR dept. Then I realize that it would have been impossible to accomplish what we did if indeed NASA had a modern day HR dept. You know those guys ribbed each other and occasionally pranked each other to help ease the strain of the tremendous pressure they were under. Chics and minorities would have complained to HR, men would be suspended, more money would have been wasted on tolerance and sensitivity training, etc. Fucking marxists. Slowing technological advancement through said programs more than the Christianity they despise ever could. I’m sure the churches were the only places that saved more records and artifacts than they ever (supposedly) destroyed. A bit of rambling, but I believe I made my point.


    • Not so fast buckeye. Read this and you’ll see NASA was fucked from the get go.


      • So much for that “Failure is NOT an option!” stuff. lozlzozlzolzolzol


      • Am I buckeye? Anyway, thanks for the link that helped to prove my point. Tangentially reminding me of the entire bs Tuskegee narrative and the bs Michael Sheppard hogwash. When I try to point these things out to like-minded friends, the real stories have to push through an entire lifetime of disinformation. Even then, they usually rely on my research and trust my conclusions, but they are still loathe to take any action. I don’t know what actions to take either, but I get damn tired of only talking. I do understand that the truth needs to be spread, but I want action and not words.


    • on October 6, 2014 at 5:16 pm haunted trilobite

      You have. Just to sum up: Marxist, Freudian Frankfurters understood that by destroying the stability of Western family-based culture, they could finally gain an edge on their previously untouchable rivals. As women flocked into the workplace, twice the tax per household was now expected and the cost of living continuously rose. Western men, the drivers of unparalleled progress over the last 300 years, were increasingly forced to become wage slaves, and were also stifled by ever-voluminous bureaucracy. Populations were quickly enslaved by promotion of sex and drink&drugs (pharmakea). Diversity/open-border immigration further fragments society, and Hollywood (the spell-caster’s wand is made of wood from the holly tree) propaganda creates frankenstein tattoo-collecting consumer automatons. Divide and conquer – they are absolute geniuses.


    • In the 1960s NASA engineers didn’t hug each other awkwardly after successful mission completion.


  13. The kiddo is going to need it with crap like this SOP for adults:

    ‘Back-up husbands,’ ‘emotional affairs’ and the rise of digital infidelity


  14. The kiddo is going to need it with crap like this SOP for adults:

    ‘Back-up husbands,’ ‘emotional affairs’ and the rise of digital infidelity


  15. The veil has been lifted. I now think I get the art of the neg. You say something ambiguous, they get upset. You make it so it’s ok. They readjust to your frame. You act like they’re weird for taking it the wrong way and need to regain your approval.


  16. Boy: You smell like my grandma!

    Heeee… I was sitting next to a woman at a play once – she was with a couple of other women, and quite cute. My girl was on the other side so she figured I was “safe”, so I comment… You smell like something and I can’t place it… Dang… It was when I was little… Visiting my grandmother… She quips in with – “It’s Gardenia”. I go – “Oh… But what does it remind me of? Can’t place it…” So they are tuning instruments, so I stick my nose in her hair and take in a lung-ful… And go.. “Ah… I’ve got it… My grandmother’s outhouse.” She’s like, “WHAT?” So I’m like, “Yeah… That was what she used to cover the odor.” She’s getting PO’ed, so I say, “Mmmm… Can I smell again?” She’s like, “Why? Do you like outhouses?” I say, “No. My Grandmother’s was where I felt safe and knew I was loved unconditionally. Smelling your hair brings that back…” Then I go off into, “Did you know that smell is the strongest sense linked to memories? It brings back other things – feelings, everything. Sorry for how that sounded, but can I ask you what perfume it is?”

    Quite a few studies have shown that women that initially dislike you, tend to form the strongest bonds to you. So the fact that I went to something that made her resent me early worked to my advantage. Then when I diffused things by describing why it was meaningful she felt bad about her reaction, taking offense where none was meant. I still see her when I go to plays and opera, and she loves telling the story of “How we met” to her friends.

    The the “neg” can be a powerful play if the stars align…


  17. That’s outstanding.

    My new goal for this week is to use that at least once.

    I live in a town full of hipsters so it’ll be totally congruent, too.


  18. on October 6, 2014 at 5:29 pm haunted trilobite

    I pray to the spaghetti monster this poor, already-misguided soul finds ambiguous mentoring when he’s old enough to read this gem of jewnited queendom wisdom


  19. My grandma is six feet under, so


  20. So after swallowing the red pill, discovering the Chateau and learning the power of negs, a couple of hot young things come into the store I work in. The prettier one is classy, wearing high end stuff with frills and fancy fabrics. One day the pair come in and some light flirting starts. At some point, I decide the prettier one is a bit too full of herself. I touch her shawl and tell her how nice it is. She begins to thank me and I let her know my mom has one just like it.


    The uglier one literally guffaws and turns away to contain herself. The prettier one goes a bit pale, hangs her head and the air drops out of her. So I guess the lesson is, if you want to bring them down a peg, compare them to mom. If you want to destroy them, go grandma.


  21. […] A reader watched a future heartbreaker lavish alpha male love on a hot woman. Witnessed this pre-Alpha moment at a family restaurant waiting area last week: HB8 sits down next to a ~5 year old boy Boy: Hi Girl: Hi!  […]


  22. Sounds like your average pre-sex hormones boy, who still thinks of girls as useless, no-fun, potential cootie-carriers. If only we could maintain that attitude when the sex drive kicks in around 7 or so, because it’s actually pretty close to the truth.
    I told one girl who frequents my favorite haunt that she looks like my aunt (which she does, sort of) and that that creeps me out (which it does).
    She keeps trying to dance with me, I keep avoiding her.


    • Heh, cooties.

      I offered a woman at work a taste of a competing brand to the coffee she said was her “favorite”, telling her she hadn’t tasted her “favorite” yet…

      She hesitated at first and asked if I didn’t mind her “cooties”…

      I replied, “It’s okay… they’re Aryan cooties, so they’re compatible with mine.”

      Her eyed widened, as if some taboo had just been breached, and I just gave her the ol’ Jack Nicholson grin.

      She came in the next day with two boxes of her new “favorite” brew… and a gleam in her eye, when e’er ours did meet.

      I have thus gained an ally in future professional intrigues.


  23. Kids really do have the best game… I was reminded of this playing Dead Island online, and some chipper 8 year old joined my game. He just would say whatever, but it was idiotically charming, as I remembered past readings on kid game. Like, the kid would be trying to get a door open,
    “Open up you ugly gate, no one cares about you!”


  24. Most women would say “thank you” and leave it at that.


  25. got a decent one off the other evening, some great-looking girl acquaintance sisters, neither of which is overweight but one (my target) is curvier than the other, with the jugs to match. anyway they were talking about clothes and she says something like

    her: “i just order online because i know how these fit”

    me: “yeah i heard the lane bryant website is getting really good”

    her: (pissed but not, because she’s not actually fat)

    her: naked til 4am

    anyway probably narrow in possible use but it definitely gets under the skin, got an email from her today “I decided I needed to lay off the coffee and drinking and start eating better since I am not too happy with my current Lane Bryant body.” pretty sure she’s looking for reassurance, but reassurance ought to come from your erection, not from kind words


  26. on October 8, 2014 at 10:21 pm Shortest Straw

    I’m with you, CH. I adore this kid already.

    My 12 yo son is starting to get it. He and some friends heard that 5% of girls are gay, so they walked around school today going, 1, 2, 3, … 20! Hahaha!